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Unstoppable - The Call to All, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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June 1, 2021 6:00 am

Unstoppable - The Call to All, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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June 1, 2021 6:00 am

You have a big decision to make. You’re looking for answers. You get counsel from friends, family members, and, even, experts, but for some reason you just can’t finalize it. If you’re not sure how to hear God’s voice, or to discern His will for you, join Chip as he shares four keys to knowing and living God’s agenda for your life.

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You have a big decision that you need to make you talk to friends you got counsel you maybe even write a book you figured out the pros and cons but you still can't hear God's voice, you're not quite sure that you stay with me. Today's message is. Thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram Living on the Edges of international discipleship ministry focused on helping Christians live like Christian just the literature continues a series of unstoppable by examining God's rescue mission for planet Earth started.

Let me encourage you to download chips message living on there absolutely free and include his brief outline and all the supporting Scripture references to download his notes go to the broadcasts tab at Living on the Edge.or helplessness Filling notes that once joined ship for part two of his talk the call to all from acts chapter 1 to pick up the story. Verse 21. Therefore, it's necessary to choose one of the men who been with us from the whole time the Lord Jesus went in and out among us, beginning from John's baptism to the time when Jesus was taken up from us for one of these must calm and become a witness with us of his resurrection.

By the way, to get their mission, their mission wasn't. Let's start a religion and be a little bit more than other people. Let's start a religion to be really kind and nice. Let's just start a religion and see if we can help the world out in Nikolai's more comfortable. They said no no no.

There's 11 of us and we been given a global assignment. We are to be witnesses were to what we hear what we see what we experience of the resurrection that there's life after death the Savior came redemption occurred reconciliation. I mean, these people are positive focused and mission in the now notice what happens. He says, so they propose two men, Joseph called bar's office and also justice and Matthias and then they pray Lord you know everyone's heart show which of these two that you have chosen to take over this apostolic ministry with Judas left to go to the place where he belongs. Then they drew lots in the lot fell to Matthias. He was added to the 11 you might ask. You know what why would they draw lots because that's the Old Testament Way to discern God's will. When you're not sure. I mean, I knew both of these guys were qualified, but from the time that Jesus was baptized by John to the time that he ascended the they've all been in these groups together. Both of these guys are as far as we know very very qualified and then there's this very interesting word. It says that you oh Lord, and theirs is very interesting word, but you are the God who searches the heart, only you know who have you chosen Lord you know people's motives.

You know what's going on down deep inside and so because the Holy Spirit hasn't come, and when he comes, what's the promise Jesus said in John 16, he will guide you to the truth but but right now is Old Testament saints waiting for the Holy Spirit. They cast lots and what they did is obey. The next thing God showed and what he said was go pray they prayed and they did it for 10 days together and then I said oh the Bible is clear that the next thing to do is not go not talk. It's to replace Judas. Here's what you can understand all through the book of acts. It is both descriptive and prescriptive.

And so what what you do is you look through a lens and you say in acts chapter 1 we have Jesus giving his agenda for the planet to the very first followers of Christ. This is exactly what your to do now. The question then is how you take what are the principles from acts chapter 1 to what is Jesus words to us. His body now. The 21st century, and I like to suggest there's four very clear applications to what Jesus wants this unstoppable tsunami wave of grace to build up in and through us and to go out from us for things number one we are to be confident in Jesus presence and purpose. If there's one thing I observed more and more about Christians is like we have a self image problem. Roy is concerned about what people think and what I can do that or I'm an adequate and you know I'm sure God uses other people but not really me in this sort of this passive the world's a really hard difficult. That's not how they felt there is a reason that Jesus for 40 days tops them Bible studies about the kingdom reign of God and did miracles.

Why does 120 of them and they can reach the world. By the way 2000 years later doing pretty well why they had confidence in the person of Christ, and they had confidence in the purpose of Christ. Here's the principle principal from the very words of Jesus, his kingdom will come, and his will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

You know that great movement of God from Genesis chapter 3 that went through the Old Testament and there were prophets in the Old Testament and in Jesus comes in there's a supernatural birth and there's a resurrection and then there's movement of the early church. I want you to know this suit tsunami wave of grace. It's gonna happen and he's got a return and you either jump on and ride that wave of grace and be a part of God's kingdom agenda for your spectator and you want to go by and the enemy of your soul will lure you into thinking that their security in a 401(k) or if you can get into that score had that girlfriend or that boyfriend of your kids turn out like this and seduce you in all kind of things that may be good things is a byproduct, but they're not the unstoppable agenda and he calls you and he calls me to ride the wave to get on what God is doing because it's gonna happen.

It's a done deal. The score you may not know all the plays. The score is final and God want you know his kingdom will come in the keywords faith's keyword is when you believe me and so we need to be confident. We need to ride the wave you need to begin to live in such a way where you expect God to do supernatural things you expect him to open the hearts of people you work with you except and expect them to provide your needs in ways you didn't understand you expect that things you think it never changing marriage actually can and then you begin to step out and take steps of faith, and you know what God will honor that he's pleased to without faith it's impossible to please but boy those who do we take tiny steps. Her father's heart rejoices and he's there to help the second part of God's agenda for 21st century Christians is to be clear on your calling. When we called to do the principle here is that every believer is a full-time missionary bearing witness to Jesus supernatural life in them.

Acts 18 is as true for us today as it was for them you have received power the Holy Spirit is in you and the issue isn't are you going to quote witness for him. You are a witness.

If you're part of his family and all of us. We have good days and bad days but were either a dynamic, positive witness or bad witness. There's people that meet me or meet you or see me relate to other people and they come to conclusions about Jesus. The church grace and life when they look at me and when I look at you because my prayer is that the great majority that time to be positive but there's there's a whole world out there. They just think Christians are nuts. They just think were narrow, prejudiced, bigoted, unkind, uncaring, racist, and you know why because a lot of people who name the name of Christ, like that and the breakthrough will come when legitimate followers of Christ like you and me, we Christians live like Christians but your missionary you know what he what he what he had to help them understand. Back then was it's not about your political national interest and that's that's true for us. There's a global agenda there's lots of good causes. There's this because this could and there's lots of good causes that can get us off track.

We have spent decades attacking rotten fruit. The rotten fruit of that in our society. The rotten fruit of that in our society. Rotten fruit bats aside and rotten fruit of that society. Jesus is on the root not the fruit when when people's hearts get changed. Communities change and the laws may change the laws may not change, but the supernatural work of the tsunami grace of God didn't come politically and it didn't come legislatively. I think it is made of new work, but it came because people's lives were changed.

Keyword here is an additional we get to be a people 24 seven. I want to be a missionary in my home. I want to be a missionary in my neighborhood. I want to be a missionary where I work out I want to be a missionary 24 seven where people see the love of Christ. The holiness of Christ. But you know what if we what you have is a churches as soon as you get a little bit of success. We start thinking about how do we protect our staff.

This group didn't have any buildings didn't have any staff didn't have any money did have a DVD then had a satellite and hounding Bibles to change the world. Why is informational.

They were trying to figure out what works for us and if we had a bit more.

This would be more comfortable. They were saying the risen Christ lives in me.

Now, through the Holy Spirit and I'm on task and I'm a part of the synonymy grace of redemption and reconciliation, and by the way, this doesn't mean that tomorrow you need to share the four laws of the bridge illustration how about get to know your neighbors names, just inviting some people over and said I love to hear your story, how long you been in the area just befriend people be nice to people at work, get out of the cubbyhole mentality, my world, my stuff, my pressure my emails be mission.

Third, he says be dependent on the Holy Spirit.

I just want to remind you we can't do this. I can't do it. You can't do it in the principle here is apart from him. You can do nothing.

Jesus, the last time when they turned the Passover to the Lord's supper for the very first time he'd already washed their feet and then he walks with them as he walks within the they go to where he's gonna pry and this will be his last night, and as they go there. He begins to talk about him being the true vine, and his father being the vine dresser about all that you men need to know. I've taught you a lot. All you need to do is abide. You just need to be connected to me annoying to be connected to me as can be in the power the Holy Spirit is me in the context of my words and if you will just stay connected to me, all produce the fruit through you apart for me. This isn't about getting Rob Robison's and about your fleshly energy. Anything that you start in the flesh.

You have to remain and sustain the flesh. Anything that is launched in the spirit is maintained and sustained by the spirit. This is about trusting God to do supernatural things in you and through you as you before God in community on mission allow the word of God by the Spirit of God to take birth in your heart and you take steps of faith and obedience. Keyword here is prayer had a chance to speak at liberty University last Friday and a young 24, 25-year-old who went to school there and now works in sort of a convocation Department of unit have about 10,000 students come in the basketball arena every Friday for devotions. Actually Monday when the Friday and I had a chance to speak to the students. But you know came in kinda late so we got to talk to this young gal and yet within like in about a 50 minute ride interest.

I got out of the car and thought and she is one godly amazing young woman and you know how you meet someone and you think this conversation with way deeper than we should ever go in like 50 minutes and then we got to know them just little bit and we we met her boyfriend and little bit of their journey and then we had a 50 minute ride back in a cut way way deeper and I just thought I mean it was like I know their vision is to have 85% of all the students graduate and go to quote the marketplace as representatives and ambassadors for Christ.

I said minute they produce. People like her.

They are going to shake the world and as were going.

She said you and I grew up in a good Christian home and you know it was a different story that you not come close with my dad my mom and dad are still married. I had devotions. I went to this Bible college and in unit was pretty pretty strict in some ways and but you I got up every morning and I read the Bible, but she said one day the president of our school did something change my life. I said was that he said he he held up this tiny little book. It was an old, old book by EM bounds called the power of prayer and he challenged us in chapel if you will read this book and then pray 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at noon and 10 minutes at night just for six months. I'll give you this book. She said I just felt like God prompted me so you and I went down and I picked up this book and if you ever read the book I mean is like is a really powerful book on prayer very challenging and and so she said you know I was reading my Bible.

Candidly, I was a very good moral person. She was I read that book on prayer and you begin to see God's promises, and to expect supernatural things and you 10 minutes.

Doesn't sound very long but like for 10 minutes deeply and then 10 minutes at noon and then like 10 minutes at night she caused my life changed my view of God changed I saw God doing things I never seen before. I came out of it at home. I'm in a Bible school comes reading the Bible, but the power of God.

The supernatural power of God. In my view of him and what he can do and what you want to do with me. It was revolutionized when I began to really pray that's God's agenda for us in 21st century church. We need to be confident.

We need to be clear, we need to be dependent and probably the greatest evidence of my dependency in your dependency is the depth extent, and even at times length of your prayer life. If it's always on the run and there's two kinds of prayer. There is that the deep secret prayer. You know I mean you get in your room, you sit quietly before God you at this adoration. There's confession, there's Thanksgiving.

There's intercession for others and then there's quiet, listening, Lord, what would you want to say to me you want to give me direction you want to convict me.

You want to show me anything.

And then there's the getting your car in meetings, traveling, talking with God throughout the day. I'm talking about the first time right now. How you do that that becomes a part of the culture.

More and more and more and more and more and your personal culture. You'll see things happen that you think only happened other people be confident, be clear, be dependent. And finally, be obedient, but not in general be obedient to today's truth.

Did you notice as early disciples love this Peter didn't say hey Jesus ever supposed to reach the world. Come on guys, let's go for what is it what's the first truth you just go and what we learn about the next 10 days and you just go pray that just wait and why they're waiting Peter says will is there anything in our Bible.

He had the Old Testament. Is there anything our Bible that we should be doing now. Well, you know, the passage in Psalm 69 is clear about the one is going to try and resolve it before venture let you open my mind the Scripture Lord and then it in a passage in 109 that were supposed to replace him. God's will. Today is to obey the next thing I say that because this is a confession so please don't think too little of me if I be just a bit honest here.

There's times where God speaks very clearly to me about doing something but I don't want to do it so I read two more chapters of the Bible. He speaks to me about doing something and I want to do it. So I say to myself you honey were given to the church and faith promise Living on the Edge you want to think about why don't we just write a check here. He said he tells me something wants me to do and I think this up, you know, I wonder I'm gonna text so-and-so just encouraging you hey brother how you doing this was think I met him upright for Mina that I really will know and I'm doing all these sort of things that are chronic good Christian sort of things that I know, but they're not.

The next thing and sometimes we play games with God and and and honestly, you know how you become a rigid, legalistic, uncaring religious person. The drifts far away from God and and convinced that you're really close to him is when you haven't obeyed.

The next thing is, your heart gets heart and then you stuff all this religion and it and then you play all these games if God tells you to confront someone and you read more the Bible you sent of God is telling you you know what you need maybe to someone that you realize their drifting away from the Lord. I do want to talk to him.

God you know might ruin the relationship. I don't know what to say if he's telling you to talk to someone to confront him do it face telling you today. You need to apologize to someone or forgive them do it do it today if he saying I want you to share the gospel with a neighbor or coworker you know we got a relationship.

I know just just do it get on your email site can we have lunch. Can I buy you coffee and then you open the question with has anyone ever shared with you how much God loves you and how to have a relationship with him and if he says no and I don't want to, you're off the hook but do it. God doesn't put this promptings in your heart unless he's been preparing someone. If God says to you deal with the porn issue get counseling start getting your finances in order today. Whatever it is to do it because if you don't do the next step where he speaks. Here's the principle Mark chapter 4 from the lips of Jesus. If you do not respond to the light or the truth. God gives you that he'll take away the truth that you have.

If you respond to the light, but he gives you to give you more light to the organ of spiritual growth is not knowledge. Here's the key word the organ of spiritual growth is application Jesus would say after his greatest sermon.

Let me show you too, people some built on the rock. Some built on the sand. It all looks the same, the activities of the same. There's one difference. This group applies if this group doesn't what would happen if every one of us just in quietness before the Lord said, would you to show me the next thing by the way, that's white hard pray you want hard, pray is when you get real quiet, it reveals your spiritual poverty in my spirit to poverty what it reveals is that none Lord I if I get real quiet.

I have this deep down sense that I'm to hear something I don't want to hear.

I don't want to apologize to my wife.

I want to hear go to counseling. I want to say I want to forgive my dad is a jerk right I don't get my finances in order. I know I got a lot of debt that you know guys who can be a pain to have to own up to some stuff I want to do with my diction take this you take the next first step and got give grace got a bring people and you have freedom of the truth and the truth will set you free. And you know what you experience something never experience. Guess what now your witness because when they took the early disciples and said shut up you can't talk about this anymore.

They said we should we obey man or God. We can't stop talking about this Jesus why because they were experiencing only experience him if you obey the truth you're listening to Living on the Edge you will be right back with his application for this message call to all from his series, unstoppable God's agenda for planet Earth, including you of your thinking how I'm a part of God's agenda. This series is for you because the fact is, the disciples were regular people to have their struggles, hardships and pain just like everyone else, but they remained faithful to God and that's the heart of the series when ordinary people like you and me continually depend on God, he will use us in extraordinary ways. I hope you make time to join us for each part of the series as we explore what it means to depend on God and stay focused on his mission for this world. For more information about our unstoppable resources visit or call AAA 83336003 Apple listeners tap special offers will ship today were kicking off our midyear match which will be talking a lot about this whole month. You know the heart of what Living on the Edge does is help Christians become true disciples of Jesus. In fact, you wrapped up your message today talking about discipleship, but when we say discipleship. But what we really mean by that.

Will Dave when I think about discipleship I think of what the word means. It means a learner. Jesus said, follow me and I will make you fishers of men. He he didn't say it's very important that you listen to what I say and agree with me intellectually and trying be a good person. What he said is I want you to follow made the idea of a rabbi is that you would enter into his path that you would meet with him personally that you would meet with him in the context of a group and have discussion and it was all for the purpose that when you got done you would be more and more and more like your rabbi and one of the things that came out of the covert crisis was something I would've never dreamed of. We did one on one mentoring or discipling through thing that we called daily discipleship with Chip.

I literally sit down with a couple coffee and happen have a camera crew and I look into the camera to just one person and teach people how to study the Bible and and and talk about my own struggles and how to hear God's voice and how do you actually grow and just mentoring people one on one and two are just exclamation and glory to God in this last year, over 100,000 people have joined me in these daily discipleship's that we've created and that the responses just been so encouraging and so I want to invite you to join me in that you can get that on the Apra but I want to invite you to join me in making disciples so I ask you to pray and I'd ask you this matters to you, or if you're one of those people that have benefited one of those hundred thousand have done with me, would you really pray today about giving a financial gift so that we could help others in whatever God leads you to do. Thank you, thank you very much. What a great challenge if you want to help us pursue our mission to make disciples.

We'd love to have you join us right now, thanks to a small group of financial partners. Every gift we received between now and July 6 will be doubled to make a donation. Just give us a call if triple late.

333-6003, or if you prefer to give online, go to Apple listeners just Donate what we thank you in advance for your generosity. Okay Chip, let's get to that application. We promised as we close today's program.

Let me do a little review about God's agenda for every single follower of Jesus Christ. First, just be confident in Jesus presence and purpose in the principal simply this, his kingdom will come his will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

And so what you need to ask his faith in my living by faith. Second, be clear on your calling the principles every follower of Christ is a full-time missionary you're on mission.

Your mission, a loving God gifted you. He's got a plan for you. Don't just go through life trying to figure out how to be happy.

The people who do that are miserable you find your purpose and happiness will be a byproduct. Third, be dependent on the Holy Spirit. Yet here the principle Jesus taught is apart from him. We can do nothing.

And so the key word there is prayer so you can live by faith.

You are a mission on purpose from God with a calling and you say God I can't do this but I'm gonna trust you and then fourth be obedient to today's truth from God in us. So often we think about all this stuff we might do some day, some way. Just listen to his voice today. Get already be before God even as just a small time in his word and once your before God asking what do you want me to do. How can I apply this, that is the key.

If you will begin to apply the word of God to your life, you will experience tremendous tremendous power and you will experience God's presence is a let me just encourage it, but those are very basic things, but unconsciously our culture and often it's just crept into the church is we think God is really about solving our life's problems and making us kind of happy campers and the fact of the matter is, is there is a unstoppable tsunami mission old wave of grace that God wants you to be a part of and when you discovered that purpose and get in line with that, you will then discover the life that is truly life as we wrap up today's program. I want to say thank you to those who make this program possible through your generous giving. If you've been blessed by chips teaching you'd like to bless others in the same way. There's never been a better time because as you heard earlier today is the first day of our midyear match, and thanks to some very generous friends of the ministry. When you make a donation during the month of June, it'll be matched dollar for dollar to become part of the team. Just go to Donate all the app or give us a call at triple late. 333-6003, on behalf of everyone here. Thanks in advance for your generosity will that wraps up this program until next time, this is Dave saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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