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Easter - You Gotta Die - You Gotta Die, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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April 2, 2021 6:00 am

Easter - You Gotta Die - You Gotta Die, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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April 2, 2021 6:00 am

The world’s chaos and dysfunction can be pretty overwhelming. But when we see chaos and dysfunction in our own lives, we can feel paralyzed - like there’s no hope. In this program, Chip tells us God’s shouting from the rooftops, “There’s hope! I sent you hope!” Where’s God’s hope? How do you get it? That’s where Chip’s headed - don’t miss it!

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When we look around and see all the dysfunction and chaos.

It's overwhelmed. But when we look closer to home and see the dysfunction and the chaos in our own lives is sometimes can paralyze us, make us feel like there's no hope. I want you to know that God is shouting from the rooftops. There's hope. I sent you. Hope where Scott's hope. How do you get it. That's what were going to talk about the next 20 minutes statement welcome to the special Good Friday vision of Living on the Edge with shipping Living on the Edge features the Bible teaching of Chip Ingram on this international discipleship program and chips picking it up for he left off in our previous program. If you missed it, it's on the Chip Ingram. Here's the truth. When Christians talk about Jesus being raised from a lot of pushback. Sounds crazy, but God's ways are not our what we think is what he thinks.

So that's what you're talking about God's counterintuitive path to life and peace. So let's try to melt part two of his message got a guy you know what Easter is God looking down from heaven, the father the son and the Holy Spirit, of seeing all people of all times simultaneously in all of our needs and seeing the chaos and the destruction both personally and globally in the sun saying all go. Let's do an intervention. Let's help them see that they are messed up and they are selfish and I need to die and receive life so they can be resurrected. So Jesus came and he did the intervention to rescue us his life mission, he said was I came to seek and to save those which were lost as of the first thing he offered was life on death patterns for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever underline the word believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life and what you can learn as he went to the cross and he died on the cross for you. He intervened and said what you can't do for yourself.

I'm going to do and he literally paid. That's what the word redemption means he paid for your sin and paid for mine and then he rose from the grave and says luck free gift, but he says not just life him and give you hope. You need hope that there is someone whose personal and real and who is the God of the universe who made you who is preparing a place and once you with him.

Once you with him as he loves you. That's the message of Easter and the question Ya be asking is if that's the message of Easter. What gives this Jesus the right to make that outlandish offer other religions have offers about peace in life and hope only what what makes you think this was real right that was my question.

Jesus makes his offer based on four things. First, his life sinless, revealing God's character if we could have found if his enemies could've found one sin, the message of Jesus and all of his claims go out the window, but instead, Jesus said, look, here's the deal.

I've come to do an intervention and you have death, life you and see what life looks like. See the poor. I feed them see the hungry. I feed them see the people that have lost close I raise them from the dead. If you've seen me, you seen the father you want to know what God is like. You see this prostitute in the messed up like she's had in the four partners go and sin no more. You see this lady whose hearts are broken, and this guy that's just lost his daughter, I raise her from the dead, you see what I have purpose in his religious people and all the pious stuff I shoot straight with them to quit pretending quit posturing quit being a hypocrite. His life it marks ADB see all of life is around the single solitary life is change the world, and second, his death plus.

Chapter 2 makes it clear that when he died he didn't just physically die because he was fully God and fully man being man he could die. Being godly could be a perfect sacrifice and he covered sin, he broke the penalty of sin. He conquered death and destroy the works of the his life, his death and finally he proved it all with his resurrection. Read the book of acts chapters 1 and two. This isn't some weird religious philosopher that had dreams and told people. There's a new way to God.

This was someone who was outrageous.

He said on the Savior of the world. Untruth incarnate. There's no other way that me he's either right or wrong or a lunatic, but you can't you can't even admire Jesus as a as a teacher.

What kind of teacher would lie to you.

The resurrection proves what he said was true. God visited the planet you talk about an intervention. He visited the planet and suffered and live the perfect life for you for you personally for me 500 eyewitnesses for over 40 days. They could touch his hands.

They had meals with.

There's a reason worse that in this room. It's not because were on the salad bar of the philosophical religious views of our day were sitting in this room because a real God visited a real planet and died on a real cross and came back to life and walked around for 40 days with eyewitnesses and their lives have been completely transformed the tragedy as we've taken that and made it religion because the final point is. It's our union with him what God is always wanted.

The reason he did the intervention. When you don't do an intervention so that people end up in a treatment center and there were no messages. Hey, I go to treatment centers hi go on Mondays and Windows and Fridays I go through the 12 steps.

That's a great treatment center. Have you ever been to a treatment center treatment centers left me treatment center people what you want to do is have an intervention can get whole and come back and love you and be connected to you. The tragedy of our day in the reason that I opted out of Christianity as a young person all they want to do is talk about their religion telling me that I wasn't moral enough. I knew I wasn't moral enough. Okay give me a break God's not trying to improve your morality.

God is not trying to get you be more religious. He wants you to be in union in relationship with him.

And when that happens life. I am crucified. See you got the I'm crucified with Christ.

Nevertheless, politics. I live how Christ lives inside of me. What how does that work up a diverse and it sent Corinthians 5 verses 14 and 15. The apostle Paul, the same one who gave us the secret counter intuitive means to life and hope and peace. Is this the love of Christ controls us. Having concluded this bit one died for all, that one Jesus noticed the result. Therefore, all died. Why had he died for all, so that those who live might live no longer for themselves just to feel the die is not about you.

Can you imagine living a life that is not about you it's not your dreams and your goals what you can get who can oppress one died.

Jesus therefore all died and he died so that we can live no longer for ourselves but for him who died and rose from the dead. Therefore if any man or any woman is in Christ. He's a new creation the old things passed away, behold, everything becomes no.

He wants the old you to die and he wants to allow his spirit to enter your life and take up residence in you and make a brand-new you that little word in Christ or in him happens to hundred times in the New Testament the message of the gospel the message of Easter isn't this is what I grew up. If your good deeds are more than your bad deeds. I guess you get in, and since were all in denial, no matter what I did. I thought well it's getting kinda close but I think I'm doing pretty good right God says let me give you. I am holy I am pure one single bad deed one single thought. Because I'm absolute pure in my Holiness you can have a relationship with me. I don't want you trying to get better or to prove or to perform. I want you to be connected to me and I will do for you what you could never do for yourself.

Let me give you a picture. This is this is just help me so much. Imagine if you will. This is a bold got that. Imagine this boat is is you or me in there certain properties of theirs in nature to to a bowl correct is made out of metal pellets.

But let's imagine that that this little fish tank I think is what we've got here and this water is staying on top of the water is being a good person. A righteous person the loving person.

A person that cares about others. A person is pleasing to God left to yourself and your power and your effort. When you try and do that. Does anybody have any production predictions about where the bolts going okay let's let's check this out. Make sure you happen it's down there will hold it what it is you own enough will. Maybe we should paint or maybe Capello cross on it and maybe the boat to go to church now or could really try me to give away little money, no doodles, you can do all, little things with the ball but okay. Let's pretend it's painted is really pretty and it's even religious books discuss the problem because the nature of the bull in and of itself is powerless. The here's the intervention. The intervention is the very life of Jesus fully man and fully God, who died, and says when he died. When a person by faith, trusts in him you died with him.

Your buried attempt so you can be resurrected with him now. What's the nature of wood. When I put it in the water predictions. It's the fundamental property of the wood that will always float now get this. This is the gospel.

This is the good news. The good news is not that you can try hard become religious read the Bible go on a missions trip. Give some money and trying to earn your way to God. The gospel is none of that can ever work but by faith. You can turn from your sin and you can be united with him see this rubber band was blue and here it's face. It's that moment in specific space, time, history. When you hear and understand that God in the person of Jesus Christ died for your sin rose from the dead and offers you new life free of charge that you could never do and you turn from your sin and you say I can't live this life, but I want to be connected to you and you said whoever believes in you could be connected to you.

I want to be in union with you. See the Scripture says very clearly.

He that has the son has life he that does not have the son of God does not have life. These things are written to you. The apostle John would say that you might know you have eternal life.

And so when you have relationship with him all the properties now and what's true of Christ becomes true view when you turn from your sin as Christ to come at your life, you're atoned or forgiven. The spirit of God enters your life. He begins to form the life of Christ in you, he sealed you with the spirit he takes you from the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of light. He breaks the power of sin, death forever never can reign over you again. The moment you die you will be ushered in the very presence of God forever and ever. But he you are crucified with Christ.

Nevertheless, your living, but it's not you, it's Christ in you, that the message and offer and so the question I have for you is do you have the sun do you have the son of God living in you. If you do you have eternal life. If you do not you do not have life.

Notice I didn't say do you go to church.

I didn't say are you moral I didn't say did you read the Bible.

I didn't say if you give to United Way, all those things may be very, very good, but none of them have the power to give you eternal life. And just like when when you make a major union with another person. It's not just for a certain day or point in time it's for a new life. There's a new path. It's not about coming to some service and realizing all I need to be united with Christ, O father, please forgive me and then go off and live the same way I died to my old way of life. And I said to a cute little blonde haired girl I would like to be united with you all the rest of my days and be on a new path with you. I did not say honey I want you know for this day that I'm given up all girlfriends and I want to be married to you, be united to you and thank you. I'm glad were married. Nothing him to go, she would've not been happy with that. Nor me her doing that what I committed to us a new life gave me new power to be on a new path and that's our final question what's the path what's the counterintuitive path that brings life and hope and peace, and it summarized in Romans chapter 12 the first two verses the same author. He says I urge you therefore my brother and her brothers and sisters, is the idea in light of God's mercy. Another words, in light of what he's done for you.

Here's the path that you're on so the receive life and you getting it right back to St. Francis. Offer your body or present your bodies as a living sacrifice wholly acceptable to God and get the last line. This is your spiritual service of worship translation. This is what God really wants once you turn from your sin and receive the gift on a certain day at a certain time you ready for this, you gonna die. The reason there are so many Christian to say I love God, and they prayed a prayer done this and done that and they live their own life and their lives don't resemble Christ in every time you gonna die. You say God, not my will but yours. Jesus died before he can be resurrected in nature. If it doesn't die. It doesn't produce fruit unless a grain of wheat fall into the earth and die it remains by itself alone. If it dies, brings forth much fruit are you ready to die. You know what God may be very gracious but are you ready to die.

To some things that you think will make your life work see any person or anything that your life revolves around you what that's called you orbit around the hold you up. That's what you worship some people. They worship their job. Some people worship their mate. Some people worship the fantasy of the success the wind and syndrome.

When I get the big job when I get the house on the hill when we get the kitchen remodel. When we finally have children. When I finally get married when I finally make a lot of money, you know, if I keep working out if I can look like this then we spent our whole days answering emails and responding to voicemails from his busy busy busy busy. Go Google Google Google Google for what so I can own control. Close pretend and try and in my own energy be good enough to get people to love me and all the while the one who came to do the intervention is standing back Jesus saying I watch this movie. A lot of times there is not a happy ending coming.

There's not a happy ending in this life and there's a tragic ending in the next will you allow me to forgive you and do for you what you can never do for yourself, and will you allow me to come into your life.

And after I do would you slide over and let me drive and I will tell you this if I loved you enough to die for you where I'm going to drive this car is better than you could ever dream the roads will not always be smooth and they will not take the turns that you always like, but if you listen to what I have to say you'll do some counterintuitive things like give annual receive. You'll love in your marriage and forgive even when it doesn't come back in this bizarre thing happens you get love back you will live the kind of life that your kids will say wow. That's the kind of person that's the kind of dad that's the kind of mom I want to be.

Guess what you can't do this.

Christ in you the hope of glory.

Would you like to have eternal life. Getting today.

If so, I like to lead you in a prayer and for some, let me tell you, I note you know today's the day. The Bible says of salvation.

You may not be ready.

You know it, but I don't know when your next Windows, and intervention occurred option a I will remain in denial.

I'm not okay everything's okay. I don't have a problem. Option B. I'm sick and tired of living the way I am and I need life and I need hope and I need peace that I can get for myself I'm gonna die. To my way and ask God come into my life about Dozier. Let me ask today on this Good Friday which road you take option a or option B you know we all face these windows of spiritual decision. It's not an accident that you're hearing my voice right now the God of the universe made you created. You loves you.

He sent his son to die in your place for your sin. He rose from the dead. It's historical it's factual.

It's true. But all that is not a move from your head to your heart and today is the day is what the Bible says of salvation. So what will you do will you receive his offer and if so, do it right now with me in our church.

I prayed a prayer with a number of people whose entire eternity changed because their trust shifted from themselves to Christ and that's what you need to do right now. You can pray if this is the desire of your heart. Dear God, I admit today before you that I fall short that I've sinned that I'm not the man, woman, the parent, the person that I know I need to be. I want to ask you right now to forgive me for all of my sins. I ask you to come into my life right now and I believe and trust that your son the Lord Jesus died to pay for my sin.

I believe he rose from the dead to give me eternal life. Please make me your son make me your daughter. I trust you right now in Jesus name and father, thank you for your forgiveness grant me power and strength to walk with you all the days of my life. If you just pray that with me. You can go to our website and there is a portion there were. You can click for new believers, were we can give you some help. And secondly tell someone today what you've done the person you think is the greatest Christian that you know tell him I prayed to receive Christ today, and then this Easter weekend find a good Bible teaching church and celebrate your new life if you prayed with Chip hope you'll take a minute and call us a 8883336003. We love to talk with you and get a free resource in your hands little help you understand what you just did and where to go from here if you'd rather go to the new believers tab on our website or tap special offers only a real find that same resource. We just want to help you get started on your new journey of faith. Ships talk today is you gonna die. The counterintuitive path to life, hope and peace. You know the significance of Easter is oftentimes lost in the commercial obscurity of new clothes, baskets and bunnies and special treats. But the reality of Jesus resurrection confounds those distractions. If you really did rise from the dead.

We have sobering reasons to grapple with the implications for us personally and for those we love to hear this message again. Just go to Listen online or download the MP3 which is always free for additional help for more information just give us a call at 8883336003 that's AAA 333-6003 chip we have a brand-new resource designed to help people get into scripture and process the kinds of things you shared in your teaching. It's a journal, but I think the idea of journaling means different things to different people. So what's your approach to journaling Dave.

It's interesting that you would say that because I think this is something we need to clear up about journaling or not journaling my wife uses her journal completely different than me okay and so her journal is primarily writing down specific prayer request. It's very brief and it's very focused. Mine is there's lots of words there is.

This is what I'm thinking this is what I'm feeling.

Here's five concerns that have come to my mind that I'm distracted by night right.

Each of those down and turn it to a prayer list. My point is this. Journals are a tool, it doesn't make you spiritual to write in the journal they need to be a unique tool to help you connect with God.

So it's it's used in a way, by way of our personality and what God is doing in our life but what I do know whether you write a little or a lot whether it's more of just a prayer journal or whether it's a life journal is there's something to be said for using a tool that is tracking your journey with Christ and I believe that that is really the role of the journal so if even for those who've never kept a journal.

I would encourage you give it a try and don't feel like you have to write every single day, but again a rhythm or a track record. Maybe it's true three times a week or you do it when you're compelled or becomes your prayer journal, but were just encouraging people. We want you to be connected to God and you just can't say a little prayer and read a little something fast and expect to have a deep, powerful, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ our hearts desire is to help you to be connected deeply with the living God, and we believe this journal could be one small part of that journey for you. Really helpful.


Trip will it's easy to be excited about our new prayer journal chips given you a few of his journaling tips inside the cover. And while there are a few scriptures" here and there. There's plenty of room for you to write out passages or prayers, or just whatever's on your heart. Between you and God become a couple of different colors with embossed gold or silver trimmings and the whole thing is beautifully finished and bound for a limited time.

These new prayer journals are discounted so we hope you'll check them out today. You'll find all the helpless nurse just tap special offers for more information give us a call.

Electrical 83336003 that's AAA 333-6003 that wraps us up for this program from all of us here Living on the Edge. This is Dave. Wishing you a very happy Easter and saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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