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Breakthrough - Absolutely Small - The Birthplace of Breakthrough, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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March 15, 2021 6:00 am

Breakthrough - Absolutely Small - The Birthplace of Breakthrough, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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March 15, 2021 6:00 am

Do you wish your neighborhood was safer? Or maybe that your kid's teacher wasn’t so anti-Christian. Or that you could reach the people you work with for Christ? What if God wanted you to be the one to lead the change? Where would you start? Chip explains how you can be the catalyst for positive, God-honoring change, in your neighborhood, school, or community.

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If you can see a supernatural breakthrough in one area of your life. Your relationship your work, your ministry, what what unfortunately when people start to think about that. You begin to ponder some really big thing to have to happen what I want you to know almost always just opposite is true today. When you learn how that really works stable. Thanks for joining us for this Edition of Living on the Edge with your finger tips are Bible teacher of his international discipleship program and I know if you're new to Living on the Edge you can learn more about the ministry of to find hundreds of free resources and Bible studies on a wide range of topics, marriage and parenting. Learning how to hear God speak directly to Scripture were in the middle of a series called breakthrough unleashing God's power into impossible situations we've already learned about the first steps to breakthrough and how to make room for breakthrough this program to picks it up with part two of his message absolutely small birthplace of breakthrough. And finally, what about breakthrough I think Jesus wanted them to learn the breakthroughs start small. A man and woman have a conversation like a mustard seed start small and a few people come out and it multiplies the other thing he wanted to learn about breakthroughs is there not something that can happen someday, some way out there. You say disciples your mindset.

Your paradigm is in four months. Then comes the harvest numbered.

Someday someone like God to do something in a week. There's been things in the Old Testament and from their world for us it was, yes, there was a great first awakening the second lightning and there's that Lehrman Lehman's prayer revival in the Wesley's did things we've heard about things in Korea and these movements in Africa breakouts and in Latin America.

I bet just mystically somehow someway God is that in Jesus and say no, God is already working breakthroughs are not about someday. Someway. If we do XYZ, GM, and God mystically blows on it. God is already working. He's looking for regular ordinary people to just believe. In fact, notice the timeless maxima put on the bottom of your notes. Unlikely supernatural breakthroughs are not dependent on a future work of God but a present work of one see the difference. I believe he's working in the Muslim community in our area and the Chinese community in the Korean community. I think the spirit of God is working everywhere.

He's looking for an unlikely person like you or me, whose ordinary who feels unworthy like this woman to say I'm going to just go tell them to take a step and I might get rejected but will probably find this, he's already been working and he has hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of people who are struggling in their marriage and hurting and have health issues and unresolved issues with their parents and kids and their confused in the work and the money and all that stuff really isn't delivering and God just is looking for a messenger, a man, a woman student who just do what an immoral woman did today faraway group of people from God, and who breakthrough but here's the deal takes a small group for break at half that that dream will dine your heart in a New York minute, and you'll be afraid to take the step lessers through four people praying with you and you take the first one gets harder before it gets better and you're ready to quit you group people say let's hang in there or you think and you chip your like on on the rounding third I'm coming out of the batter's box and back.

I'm not sure about the plight. I have a sexual addiction. I got a problem in my marriage. Actually I have a problem that I'm not married because of how I'm living or not get this problem over here or you know no one knows already been cheating on her taxes. Just what I do. How could God ever use someone like me will I need a group of people that will help me go through the journey and love me the way Jesus love this woman and realize no one has it together and I can be real. God's plan.

Breakthroughs in us have always been and always will be. Design breakouts through us. So let's shift that's how Jesus didn't see the disciples learned anything about how breakthroughs happen. How did his followers reach the world and what I would say to you is if you would turn to the book of acts for just a minute, I'd encourage you to relax.

Maybe later this afternoon and and read the book of acts release the first six or seven chapters very quickly. Let me give you an overview and I think you get to see that everything they saw Jesus do they begin to do the same thing and then there's a timeless axiomatic principal that we learn from them as you open. Acts one.

Jesus is in a resurrected body. He's going to say goodbye to his disciples, that you can open the text there and just follow along.

I'm going to give you the. The thumbnail sketch and he tells them that I want you to hang around because for 40 days. I've been explaining the kingdom of God. I've been teaching you about the mission to go to all the world that every ethnic people needs to hear that I am God. I paid for their sin. I've risen from the dead, and the power is in and you the powers in the gospel the announcement of the good news and you will be my witnesses beginning here in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world and you be given power. The word is Dumas we get our word dynamite you have dynamite supernatural power inside of you. All you do is you don't convince anybody you don't twist their arms. You have the unit tell them how terrible they are his. What you do, you just testified what I've done, you but here's what you do want to hang out here in the spirits can come to give you power and get and then he goes up into the sky. Literally he ascends looking up the sky couple Angel say guys, why are you looking up there this same Jesus who is ascending is going to come back. So take what he said seriously, so they do what good disciples do you know they're kinda check in the Old Testament realize well we don't know what to do while waiting, but we know that the Old Testament says clearly that no one is going to go south and we need to replace that person. So they just obey what they know, and Matthias becomes one of the 12 and they wait. And then we have a big breakthrough right acts to the Holy Spirit comes there there hanging out praying just doing what they know to do the spirit comes and unbeknownst to them they start speaking in multiple different known dialects and languages because it's Pentecost in Pentecost as a religious holiday when people come from all over the world to people from all over the known world care about Jesus the Messiah and the praising of God in their own language and I think some people think they're crazy and drunk and Petersons were not drunk gang in this cowardly Peter steps up and becomes bold Peter with God supernatural unleash power and breakthrough, and he gives a great sermon and 3000 people come to Christ and after 3000 people come to Christ at all what to do with them and they don't have a game plan.

There have a lot of programs and, well, let's just do two things for sure. It's keep meeting at the temple and will keep teaching the people God's word and let's have people meet in homes house to house will break bread together. The apostles teaching will share life will help people that are hurting will love one another in homes and let each one of us go out of our homes and were at with other people and so they start doing that well and it's a normal day.

Chapter 3 opens up in Peter's go so when we do what we used to go to prayer meetings. Everyday I guess we should go time to pray.

He's on his way. The temple, there's a lame guy that ever since he was a little boy you are.

He's been there long time peters walked by him, everybody walks by with a lightly and Peter realizes you know there were no venture capitalist back then to say you know what we believe in this mission. We think this Jesus, things can go.

We think it's a good idea. We think it can really work so we can fund God said, I will find whatever you need. Just trust me. So Peter says to a lame guy silver and gold have I none because he didn't have any. But what I have I give to you in the name of Jesus be healed supernatural. He's healed God authenticating it's an act of compassion like Jesus was compassionate. She gets up leaping and praising God and comes into the temple, hello, hello, my land what's happening this little Jewish sect believes in this risen Lord. It's going nuts so we threatened him, don't you ever do this again and then they go back motivated.

They pray and they don't pray.

Oh God, it so difficult it were being persecuted. It's wow this is awesome how the world can we be so privileged to get persecuted for you, and after their prayer meeting it says like God saying amen the rooster is earthquake and the prayer that Craig was a protected. It says make us bold make a strong give us power allows to proclaim your name in a company with signs and wonders and what all that you want to do God answer you to see this pattern compassion breakthrough compassion God spirit God's provision. So much so that no one has need. They love one another. They keep meeting in these homes ethnic groups by chapter 8 are added the Samaritans by chapter 10, the Gentiles are added by chapter 28 the known world.

Paul is in that strategic city called Rome and the clearing the whole future of all the rest history and so city after city after city after city starting in these little small groups and notice the lessons. The lessons are very similar to the ones we learned word to break to begin with God. They always do. He loves the world so much that he sent his son, whom did Jesus choose 11 unlikely candidates. All Galileans. How did they make room.

They obeyed what they knew they were conflicted. If we do this just obeyed what they knew and they waited and they prayed, what courageous step did they take. They identified with what God was doing, even in the face of persecution, they radically shared their resources with one another, and they kept their focus on external acts of compassion, meeting the needs of others, but after the persecution. Chapter 4 before it opens in chapter 5 the apostles people coming from everywhere like they did to Jesus. Needs are met. People were healed.

God is working. What did Jesus want them to learn. I love the world. This mission I gave you is not an option in all the power that you will ever need to do everything I call you to do already have what did you want them to learn about themselves. You can't let your lack of faith in your prejudiced in your view of the world to keep you from doing what I want you to do. You can't let your little agenda about my world and my stuff and my family and my future and my money if you do that, you'll seek to save your life and you lose it you need to lose your life for me and then we often lead out the second part of that passage in the gospel we give our lives to announce the good news to other people.

Sometimes our lives as a reputation sometimes it's risky. Sometimes it's very very hard and sometimes were persecuted and that's normal and it's also awesome. It's like holding that new baby is my old coach used to say, no pain, no gain about breakthrough, they start an absolutely small groups. It was with the three than the 12 than the 120 in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, global. That's how it always happens to have three years ago. Three people had a dream to reach an apartment complex for young professionals put on a DVD and invited their neighbors who they didn't know three or four came the next week 12 came pretty soon they were filling a house pretty soon it was 3456 houses and pretty soon a young professional ministry was built is how God works. Notice what it says timeless Acxiom breakthroughs are fueled by compassion and birth in biblical community breakthroughs are versed in biblical community there fueled acts of compassion, fuel it, followed by biblical community to figure out what it had to do how to do it. I'm afraid I've got a deal with my own stuff. See some of you are pregnant with an idea and the rapid pace of life. You thought multiple times about your neighborhood or workplace, you just haven't taken the step. I want you to know the spirit of God is working in your neighborhood. I have a meeting of this week with two couples who believe that both pretty recent in their faith and really walking with God and were meeting together and relaunch a Bible study are non-Christians in our neighborhood and their little uptight about it. And honestly, you know, they think I'm not your pastor. Are you really get this right, yeah, I'm a little uptight about but here's what I know God is working in the families in our community. I have another neighbor that I build a relationship with the I love him I love him and his wife they've never been in her home. Yet, to that I say shame on you chip meet maybe they won't come but you know what, someone to say hey you want to come over just have coffee tell us your story telling you live here you not talk in the driveway for ever with them when you the potentiality of God wants to do something in you first get your conflicted is like oh man, I need to I need to I need to. I know what's right but and you know write about after week after the series is over a year from now I can interview you. You don't act you been exact same spot except you always reap what you sow and so you think how it is as good as they how to know know know know when we know what to do and don't obey things don't get easier or the same, they get worse because God in his great love doesn't allow us to stay the same. The velvet vice of his discipline. You know he's bringing truth to your heart and your life, because he wants to do good member. He's good. He's a good Shepherd. He can take care of you provide for you, lead you into the valley of the shadow of death, even when it's hard.

Even if you know what to guide you member all that will, if we don't listen to his voice. Sometimes we get to feel his hand but but admits his heart is not that he's not trying to mess over your life.

Just doing with you what we do with our kids here some consequences honey, you didn't listen. The first 11 times.

Can I give you some very specific action. Pray fervently and desperately.

Can I ask you because it doesn't happen all at once, and as you pray you will find will start speaking.

You probably more than he does anything else but pray for 30 days fervently unleash your power Lord in my situation.

Second, extend God's compassion to someone or group in need this week. A lot. It just get the ball rolling. We do something. Love someone. It's it's legal. I just knew I just just love someone if you're in a small group right now that you know what were having a great time watching, we do. We love somebody every time you just go out and extend compassion. The spirit of God begins to explode and then finally join or start I like the column, not just a small group a life action group join or start a life action group what to pursue breakthrough in you and through you and what you need to do is prioritize and say I need to get in a group to get loving healing, encouragement, and if there's people you already know, say, can we do a group there's others of you and your thinking if I could just find two or three other people were I talk casually or I mean I think Bob would do this or Mary would do this or there's these two people you know in our company and their Christian to go to different churches great absolutely small everything new everything. Birth any innovation any cultural good any movement of God gives birth to smoker this application just a quick reminder this message absolutely small birthplace of breakthrough is from his series breakthrough unleashing God's power into impossible situations. Maybe your impossible situation is a relationship an addiction or a painful event in your past will. Here's the truth breakthrough isn't something we sit around and wait for it happens when we trust God for the impossible and start cooperating with them to make it a reality in the series chip helps us take the first steps toward breakthrough in our relationships, our habits and our attitudes. Breakthrough resources are available in both audio and video formats including online streaming with the study guide for previews and ordering details, check out special offers on the chipping remap or give us a call at AAA 83336003 that's AAA 333-6003 will chip in today's message you made the point that breakthroughs almost always begin now with the big major event, but absolutely small burst inside a person's heart, and then in the context of a small group in the last year we seen some of the biggest breakthroughs happens with a brand-new daily discipleship with chip were people of been meeting with you one-on-one a could you talk a little bit about what they are and where you're headed with those while Dave, you know, because of the pandemic.

We literally just said, Lord, how can we help people at all. I can tell you is is I have never seen such dramatic specific testimonies of life change because it was personal. It was one person meeting with me and we just in small little ways built these building blocks of faith were people begin to grow and build the habit of meeting with God, and then tremendous things happen in their life and their families, their communities, sometimes it was a pastor in the whole church and this year will provide for daily discipleship is where I will meet with people, mentor and disciple them and that's gonna require a significant amount of new resources were growing at such a rate that not knowing when and how the monies going to come in makes it really difficult to plan what were asking you to do is, could we start small and with hundreds and then thousands of monthly partners who each month. Whether it's a big or a small gift would say let's partner together and little by little, regardless of the amount it would make a huge difference as we press forward and help individuals really learn to walk with God helping Christians here in the US and around the world is what God is called the ministry of Living on the Edge to do if you like to help us fulfill that mission. We love to have you join the team by becoming a monthly partner to set up a recurring donation, call us at AAA 83336003 that's AAA 333-6003. The donate button on the app or donate online at Thanks in advance for doing whatever God leads you to do without her strip with a final word. As we wrap up today's program and as we get near the end of the series. I've talked about a number of things with regard to breakthrough and you heard me today talk about the absolute critical nature of having a small group, a band of at least two other people. A cord of three or or 3 to 5 people that when you begin to pray about a breakthrough when you begin to focus on what you're asking God to do when you come to the point where you realize God is good God wants and desires to do a supernatural impossible thing in me and through me and then when you begin to move toward that end and recognizing of you can't do it and you come to the end of yourself. Here's what I want you to remember every major breakthrough always had this very small group of people. I put it this way, the birthplace of breakthrough is always small and if you're asking yourself, you know chip. I still don't quite get I mean where should I focus what should I fuel. Let me ask you two questions that have really help me. I don't know where you're at. I don't know what season of life but leaned back just for a minute and let me ask you when you hear about X, whatever that is and you get so angry inside that you just can't contain it. I'm going to tell you that that may be an area where God may want you to make a difference or when you watch this or experience that and it makes you begin to cry. In other words, your heart goes out your it still with compassion.

It just so deeply touches you the things that make you angry and the things that make you cry are often indicators of areas where God has put inside of you a special passion a special concern that anger is about usually something that's wrong or or injustice that needs to be fixed or what brings you to tears are the needs and the hurts of somebody or something.

It could be in your family could be in your neighborhood could be in your church. It could be an issue and it might look so big and so overwhelming. But every major thing that has happened has started by a man or a woman who saw this overwhelming problem. The stories of every major movement begin. Are you ready with someone just like you someone that refuses to let the status quo be the story of their life, and he says God I am available. I'll do whatever you want me to do and finds one or two people that would believe that with you and sometimes the gestation and birthing process is more than nine months five years 10 years and they don't give up, and they don't give in and then later we see the hand of God because her work in you deeply and then significantly through you go for your breakthrough. God is good and is for you at Living on the Edge we want you to know about an easy way to listen to our extended teaching podcast here chip any time on Amazon's Alexa echo and echo.just say Alexa open Living on the Edge and you'll hear that these extended teaching any time you want well for Chip and everyone here is really saying thanks for joining us for this edition of living will be a

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