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Discover Your True Self - You are Called, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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January 22, 2021 5:00 am

Discover Your True Self - You are Called, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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January 22, 2021 5:00 am

Remember the first time someone hired you? They looked you in the eye and said, “You’re the one we want”? In this program, far beyond a job, Chip explains God wants you on HIS team… to belong, to be secure, and to share His love with others.

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Do you remember the first time someone hired you, they look in the eye and said you're the one we want. Or someone picked you and said we want you to be on our team there something powerful and affirming about being called out to be a part will today. You gonna learn what it looks like when God says I want you. You are called to be on my you don't want to miss. Thanks for joining us for this Edition of Living on the Edge with Living on the Edge features the Bible teaching of Chip Ingram others international discipleship program. This program she wraps up his series discover your true self is been a great run in this message is a powerful ministry majority of the last several programs along the way. The map is a great way to pick them up later. Just before we get started, let me remind you that after the teaching chips always with us here in studio to bring our final thought in his application, so be sure to stay with us for that Ellis get going and let's join them for part two of this message, you are called from Ephesians chapter 230 called you. You never have to be alone, into new family. Chapter 2 verses 11 to 22 new family now I can't read the whole passage but so let me give you context is you're looking at your Bibles. Look at verses 11 and 12. Basically Paul is writing to this Gentile church and they receive the gospel there now are followers of Jesus, but do remember Jesus was a Jew, the Messiah, he fulfilled all those Old Testament prophecies. And so basically he says his like you guys. You need your memory came from you or formerly, haters of God, alienated from God. You had no hope, no promises. You were on the outside looking in, and that he says I am what you choose. Get a life. Do you understand what Jesus did. He broke down the dividing wall. In fact if you look at your text and notice peace, peace, peace, peace, and the word unity is what he says is that Jesus came and broke down the wall and the barrier between Jew and Gentile, and made one new thing one new man. Then I pick it up Balaban's I read this notice what that one new thing is consequently you are no longer foreigners and aliens you Gentiles, but your fellow citizens with God's people. Your members of God's household in the notice when he goes on to say, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets, with Jesus Christ himself as the cornerstone in him, Christ the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple. What the template what white people and temples to worship experience God's presence. Jew and Gentile. One new family in him. You two are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives in us. God's presence dwells in you as a believer, individually God's manifest presence. When we come together two or more, three or more. He didn't dwells and manifest his power and his presence. Now here's what you need to get Jew and Gentile, because our our cultures. Most of us don't have a clue this this would be like this. Hundreds and hundreds of years of not. I don't mean they don't like each other on talking hostility if I wasn't you I would not walk into the house of the Gentile have a Gentile drink out of a cup I would not touch the cup.

I wouldn't drink out of it.

Jews call Gentiles dogs what what he saying is Jesus now has taken all these people from different places and now there's unity in him. This is like someone from Hamas and the head of the Israel state saying we are now family.

This is like it's 1950, and the KKK and NAACP the two presidents come together think we are now family.

That's how radical was here's what you need to get yes were multicultural here were multicultural were by and large, Korean, Chinese, Indian, black, white, rich not so rich single married married again get what were really really really diverse, but what happens in churches and ours is no different buying large you stay in your affinity group. I hang out with these people. We all speak this language. I'm with people I like and so we have all these little silos of all these different people and you like each other and there are some exceptions, here's the deal. Being in a big room with people from all kind of backgrounds is not the same as being in a room we get to know where you learn to love people that are different for you learn things that are different where you hear words and backgrounds and hurts, and where we actually you what happens what will happen. Here's what happened there. Can you imagine your Roman soldier for you to stuff a person in Judea or Galilee.

And all of a sudden, these Christians, these wacko people that say this guy rose from the dead. There's a Jew and a Gentile, a slave and a rich person are Rabbi and literally they had the Hamas of their day. One of the disciples basically was a zealot.

That's that's called a revolutionary and they're all arm in arm in their walking into the stadium singing and that motley group of people that would hate each other apart from Jesus, singing and praising God and asking God to forgive the people that are about to kill. And God doesn't want you thinking following Christ is coming to weekend services may be being in a group giving a little money and going your way. He want you to get connected in community he want you to learn to love and experience the kind of things and people would say, gosh, are you both from India but in India. These two groups don't get along.

How does that happen. Oh, aren't you from Taiwan and you know you're from mainland China and isn't there some rubber, some of that stuff and you aren't you black and aren't you white are you ready for this, aren't you a Republican and he's a Democrat and you pray together and love each other. I'm not kidding you can talk. That's what God wants to do. Now you might be thinking, how would that happen on glad you ask because I want to ask and what you think I really want to change it is what one what what if the problem is not the Internet.

What if it's not lapsing back into the third or fourth or fifth drink. What if it's not anger management.

But what if, in the heart of it's not about how much you work or why what if it's not about ego. What what what what if what if all those things are symptoms and if you would ever come to the point where you could grass in your head and your heart.

I am secure in love. I don't need people to like me. I don't mean all my circumstances to work out perfectly. I have all that I need in him and I give my life away and as I give my life away. I do not understand in any way, the mathematics of the kingdom of God. But every time I give my time every time I give my heart every time I'm willing to serve God chooses to multiply that back and give to me far more than I gave. That's the call of God. He called you to a new purpose to a relationship to new family and he called you to new plan. Chapter 3 opens up in this. This is a very interesting the apostle Paul basically is is explaining to this group of Gentiles look you know don't don't feel sorry for me. I am a prisoner of the Lord here has I gotta tie this first one in the next little section is you look look in your Bibles look at the word mystery mystery mystery happens either through four times. The Greek word doesn't mean it's mysterious, it's been something used to be hidden. It used to be a secret, but now some secret anymore and Paul saying God had a secret guy had a secret in his eternal plan for all mankind and the secret is the church and the church is Jew and Gentile, all people becoming one new family and noticed that this new family has an agenda. He says he has a plan and this plan has a purpose. Pick it up in verse 10.

His intention with this new plan. The secret Jew and Gentile. See God's angina blessing was Israel, and they fumbled the ball and so I said you know what I'm come to fulfill plans for you that would later. Right now I'm getting put someone new in the game is called the church and here's why. Look at verse 10. His intention was now that through the church the manifold mystery of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.

I know that sounds like sort of religion speak you know what that's saying. The Angels, that's who the rulers and powers of the Angels are in heaven and there you like to know what I mean. We worship you in a week. We cover her eyes are so holy. These these people who were angry and they did this in the you you for gave them he became a man, and then this these two groups of and hate each other. They love each other and angels don't understand grace part of our calling. Are you ready to go. Part of our calling is to educate angels to give them access into a side of the manifold wisdom of our God in his infinite wisdom and grace and power and glory that this is what his heart is like by how he changes us and by what happens to us together and then notice why look right in your notes. He says according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord is just absolutely amazing. It's this new plan. Your part of an eternal plan of God and you have a unique role to give your life away that the plan is to go to all the world and make disciples. It's Jesus's last words baptized in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit in teaching not to highlight their Bible teach them to obey all the things Jesus says I thought you helping the Christians that lived like Christians and by the way I'll never leave you.

You got the power we've got this together. It's really hard to be discouraged, depressed and feel like meaningless life makes no sense when noted on called to be his friend. I'm called to new purpose. Am called to new family called me part of an eternal thing in this tiny thing called time for all eternity.

I am called by his name to be part of that you wanted on that are not the whole world that looks at their naval narcissistic consumer church, what you do for me.

It wasn't that interesting musically little bit long and I think I think the numbers need to be low, but begin the childcare help with Lord God's calling so big so magnificent so amazing.

If you would lean into it and experience it.

When have you ever pondered this a I'm like to read history and ever wonder why like mega mega wealthy people Christian or not they realize life's got to be more than just making money and wealth of houses and planes and cars and and and so weather was Pulitzer or whether was Carnegie or what it was for or gates when you make billions and billions and billions of dollars and you can do anything. There's a void secular people understand the only thing that delivers a sense of meaning is when your life is about helping someone else or cause bigger than yourself and the biggest cause in the world is what the gospel it's the God who came to the planet and died in the place to pay for all men's and of all time who rose from the dead and said here's the plan. Go get him team.

I'm with you. Don't you want to be a part of that. I do.

Finally he says, God calls us to make our hearts.

Christ home. He starts with relationship and then he ends with this amazing amazing prayer, let them pick it up this when we need to read together, look, look at verse 14 he starts this is for this reason, another words in all of these callings. For this reason he goes. I bow my knees before the father from whom every family in heaven on earth derives its name that he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner man never said you can't do this. I can't do this.

Everything I said I know I can't do.

Oh God, you give me the power boom will, the desire to take these kind of steps in ways in the notice.

I put in your notes.

Why so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, put a circle around well and above it right be at home what it means, so that Christ could be at home in your heart. Yes, he's absolutely awesome, transcendent and holy, but he wants to be your friend to be at home where you driving the car you talking to you mess up with one your kids all Lord. I'm sorry you make it right yet something comes out of your mouth and he's not down on you don't have to clean up Lord he's at home in your heart.

It's is why the metaphor the whole bottle you walk with God while because baby steps walk has trips walk has some skipping to journey and I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, something where you have may have power.

Notice, this phrase together with all the saints. Everything I've described is impossible by yourself. It's not heart impossible. There's a reason the early church met house to house.

See there's times I got. I want you to hug me got. I want you to answer prayer guy, would you give me wisdom got. I want you to provide for me. Guess what buying large apart from some very, very unique supernatural times. Guess what he hugged you through another Christian, he provides for you through the time the energy the gifts and the money of someone in this a while, I just I just was with a guy two days ago and there's these orphans in Zimbabwe and there's people on the streets and you decide you can't give me this money. God's going to provide through me the way that he gives you wisdom.

It's a conversation in a group and you're having a struggle in a marriage and guess what, everyone has those but someone in your group coaching about seven years ago.

That was our issue.

You want to get coffee after this group. Maybe sometime this week and pretty soon someone talks to you and God gives you wisdom and all this and while it gets even better because everyone here's been through some stuff you get coffee with someone and you're sharing something in their guilt really think I'm just a regular person that wasn't that profound. But you made it, God spoke, he grew you see, that's the plan is dwelling together and the notice that we would know the love that surpasses knowledge not just intellect that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. He starts with were called into relationship here.

Here's the end we all have these holes and we fill in the stuff like this container and you know I filled it with worker filled with TV or fill it with NFL refill it with food or fill it with something or fill it with the third or fourth glass of wine really. We all got you all the stuff and he goes, let me let you gaze down at your soul and if you could see yourself the way I see you and then I'm to fill you with my love I can fill you with my love fill you with my left all the fullness of God.

So all those things that you tried to fill in will just be like that stuff but it's a journey. It's a process can ask you really personal question, even though there's a lot of you and just wanted me. Do you want that you can listen to it. You can be inspired a minute to make it it now cannot is that is that like pondering reflecting on the magnitude of your calling, but is that just like okay you everywhere you go to get a good one. Or is that okay God I think I need to have a good one have four questions to help you take the next steps.

Question number one, if you really want to get rid of the angst the struggles in your life in these areas.

Have you responded to Jesus calling you to himself, realize I need Christ. I have sinned. I'm not who I need to be. Please forgive me in the empty hands of faith come into my heart Lord Jesus. Second, have you discovered Jesus purpose for your life. Connie went from a Christian doing a lot of good things who narrowed it down realize this is what has made to do. We have a course on the website called your divine design that would help you.

Third, are you an active connected member of Jesus family connected. Are you connected is you have rural community and forth. Are you actively a part of God's plan to reach teach and serve others. Churches have helped people come to believe either explicitly or implicitly, that being a follower of Christ is coming into a big room hearing someone that is least fairly interesting having good music you kids taking care of and checking a box on a follower of Christ is it's called consumerism. Nothing could be farther than the truth. We created that if you're not teaching, serving, caring, giving your life away you're not experiencing the Christian life and and there's these pieces of the puzzle.

They're not there. See the are you ready for this. You are now. This is not theologically correct, but this is practically correct. You are indispensable for God's ideal.

Now you know what you cannot do your thing, you think God's got a hold up his whole plank is you and I don't do what were supposed to. But you are indispensable to this body indispensable significant needed read the truth slowly, profoundly, the sense of God called my name. My life has an eternal purpose to fulfill. Is that awesome. I have been created equipped and called by God in this moment of history to fulfill a unique role in his body that will demonstrate his mercy, love, diversity and unity to the world.

That's why I'm pursuing my holy ambition I love what I'm doing but I only get to live in this tiny thing and here's eternity.

I have to like you have to do what ever God calls you to do to make the greatest impact in the deepest impact on the most people with whatever he's given you and the reward will be beyond our wildest dreams, both now and forever Lord, will you please please open our minds and enlighten our hearts, Lord, I ask you for those that are sitting in this room are watching or listening and they have never crossed the line. They never confess to you that they need you that they're not perfect that they've done things wrong but I asked that they could in this moment in their own words, say, oh God, I'm sorry.

Would you please forgive me, based solely on Jesus work on the cross and his resurrection, and where you come into my life. Would you help me understand what means to be your daughter or son. Lord I pray for my brothers and sisters that they cross that line and you so long for them to see themselves the way you do and they just need to take the next step going to be just a minute as we close to just say to the Lord call my name Lord, would you call my name afresh.

Call me shall show me what what part of this.

Whether it's friendship, whether it's community, whether it's family, whether its purpose would you just call my name be taken just pray this in Jesus name be back with his just a quick reminder this message, you are called is from his series discover your true self. At some point in our lives. Most of us go through all of the clutter to ask a very important question, where my in this series chip opens the book of Ephesians to explain that the answer to that question changes when you become a son or daughter of the most high God issues of worth and belonging take on a completely different meaning when we give our lives to his son Jesus, but we don't know that we tend to get bogged down in the doubts and struggles of our past. If you long to break free and truly live in the power of Christ. This series will help you do that you check out your resource options for discover your true self.

Just go to or Special offers, discounts are available for a limited time. For more information just give us a call at triple late.

333-6003 will ship your last application for this series is going up but we should take one more opportunity to talk about the daily discipleship sessions that go with the series and a lot of people have heard about daily discipleship, but maybe they think based on past experience that they will follow through work think the Bible is too hard to understand how someone is out there. Think of those, thoughts, and you got a word of encouragement for I sure do day in fact I think there's two things that keep us from really meeting with God hearing his voice and drawing close to him. Number one when we start doing it. Our motivation is really hot but often we don't know how to read the Bible.

I sure didn't and we don't understand what reading and then pretty soon we feel like what's the use of reading this I don't understand it and I don't know what it means. The other thing is sometimes we understand it and we get busy and then you know it's just like working out physically. If you don't have a workout partner.

Most of us don't last very long.

It's just human nature. In fact, this four-week study that were doing daily discipleship with me. It really works best if you do it with someone else. We did this in the fall of 2020, and Leslie wrote me and she said that chip I feel like after four weeks we actually know each other first, I want to thank you for putting this study together and offering at no cost. My prayers that tons of people will take you up on your offer.

My sister and I have done this together.

It's been long distance. I live in Maryland. She lives in Tennessee is been a growing opportunity for me.

In addition, I'm planning to use this as the basis for our January ladies retreat.

The group is about 10 to 25 women and I can't wait for them to learn what I'm learning about how God sees me.

Let me encourage you find one other person. Maybe it's is a couple maybe it's with one of your teenage kids.

Maybe it's just with a friend.

Maybe you do this a family.

I think if you find a partner and you do this together. You will develop a habit that will change the course of your life daily discipleship with chip is a course of 10 minute videos were chip walks you through how to study a passage from the Bible and really hear God's voice of the sessions are designed to help you get into the practice of doing that every day. The study trips. Recommending is based on his current series discover your true self because you see yourself as God sees you, is an essential to overcoming your deepest struggles.

Having healthy relationships living in freedom and fulfilling your life's purpose to find the daily discipleship with on the homepage Listeners just tap discipleship as we wrap up today's program and actually were coming to the end of the teaching of this whole series. I want you to lean back because this is very important and let me ask you some of those vital questions that I ended this message with that remove the angst in her life and there's a lot of angst out there, and yet God says that were competent, valuable, were significant, more secure, so here's the questions.

Have you responded to Jesus calling to himself. Are you a believer you been listening human tracking if you cross the line and ask him to forgive you for your sins, or as a as a believer have you surrendered that a separate step if you told him I am all in and I really want to walk with you. I'm going to obey. No matter what.

Second, have you discovered Jesus purpose for your life mean he's made you special and the greatest joys and the greatest impact to get a come as you discover that purpose then fulfill it. Third, are you an active and connected member of the family of God. You know, we come to live in a day where I read the Bible and I'm spiritual and I'm kinda doing my own thing you are a vital part of a thing called the body of Christ. There is this huge building Temple puzzle body you choose the metaphor and we need you and you need us.

That means you don't do it on your own you're actually connected in real relationships where they know you.

You joys your challenges and your hurts. And they have the freedom to encourage them to speak in your life. That's a part of what it means to be a follower in community and forth. Are you actively a part of God's plan to reach and teach and to serve others.

You know it's so easy when we talk about all I want to discover these things about myself or I took this personality test are this is my number on the anagram thing and you know we can get so consumed with me me me and this is what I'm like in this is what will make me happy, and all of that focus completely misses the purpose for why you are in Christ and why you are called your called first and foremost to the Savior of the world because he loves you and wants an intimate relationship with you.

And second, he has gifted you prepared you, and prepared a purpose for you to make a difference and so those lies like I'm not wanted and I'm not needed by anyone in my life has no purpose or meaning, and I'm a victim and everything's unfair is a lie. Stop it. The truth is, my life in your life has eternal purpose to fulfill. We've been created, equipment called by God in this moment of history to fulfill a unique purpose that only we can and as you look around the world. As I look around the world has there ever been a time that you can remember where we need to step out and be followers of Christ, not just in word but in deed to love our neighbor as ourselves, to care for one another to model what it means to be light and salt to be the Jesus and all the stuff that's happening in our world today, you matter to God and he wants to use you like never before. You know an easy way to share Living on the Edge or any of ships messages is with the chipping remap with just a couple taps any message you choose is on its way to your friend, someone in your family or on social media to help others who could benefit from the truth of Scripture and its encouragement.

And don't forget to include a quick note about how it made a difference in your life. Well it's been great to be together until next time, this is Dave brewing saying thanks for listening to this edition of thing all the

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