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Discover Your True Self - You are Valuable, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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January 12, 2021 5:00 am

Discover Your True Self - You are Valuable, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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January 12, 2021 5:00 am

Did you know there’s a lie most of us believe, that destines us to search for significance but never find it? The lie goes like this: "Other people’s opinion… plus my performance… equals my value." Join Chip and learn how to bury that lie forever.

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Did you know there is a universal law, a formula that most of us believe that destines us to ever search for significance never find it goes like this, other people's opinion.

Plus my performance equals my today will learn how to do that statement.

Thanks for joining us for this Edition of Living on the Edge with children Living on the Edges of international discipleship featuring the Bible and in this program. She continues his serious discover your true self, by giving us a super simple tool to bring about true life. We get so wrapped up in so many misconceptions about ourselves and others about God, about the way life is tough to break free of those false impressions were about to learn how it's possible.

Just before we get started, let me encourage you to try using chips message notes while you listen, full of scriptural references and chips detailed outline of this message. Their quick download when you go to click listen now Listeners just Fill in notes were in Ephesians chapter 1 the Bible turn there. Now let's torture for part two of his message, you are valuable.

Third, your redeemed big word means you been purchased out of the slave market of sin by Jesus and underline this you are infinitely precious and treasured possession is that the opposite of you only matter if you can look good. Are you only matter if you can do this or do that. It's the opposite of your performance. There's one person's opinion, your heavenly father you are infinitely valuable and you are precious to you believe that you really believe that you believe it to the point where you can say you not love people's approval and I know this is my folks dream for my life and I know everyone at work feels like. Unless they do this and do that and until they live in this neighborhood and get the ZIP Code and Lester kids go to this school and that school and in less this and that less my two-year-old is a star on the soccer team. I understand everyone thinks that way I don't need their it would be nice, but I'm on the precious treasure of my heavenly father. Some my priorities and my family and my future is independent of what my parents think or thought or what anyone else does or what anyone ever says is cool or in or right or wonderful. I'm human.

It would be nice, but the Bible says in him. Christ you have been redeemed. How through his blood. What is redemption, the forgiveness of our trespasses, literally the word is, is when you know what's right and you cross a line. According to the richness of his grace, which he lavished upon us is a very interesting passage especially for the apostle Paul, if you lived in the first century and you heard this letter read, you would immediately hear the word redemption and your your mind will go all that's the exact same word that when you would go into the streets into a marketplace. It's called the Agoura and Agoura is a is a is a marketplace where they would sell and you can go there and there would be little platform and there be men and women and and they would be slaves and you could buy them. That's where you went to buy slave and you could buy a man you could buy woman you want to buy a servant going to buy a whole family and they would cost so much money and the money you would pay to redeem the slave. Is this work you ransom them and he says are you ready you and I and every single person in the human race has been in the slave market of sin. You know what's right to do and you don't do it you know some things you audited want to do on yourself not doing it. You can make up rules he can keep your own rules alone. God's we have fallen short of being perfect. We are slaves to sin and Christ came and when he died upon the cross he atoned. Literally he ransom he paid for the purchase price of your salvation and freedom was the death of the perfect son of God now got no illustration because your you.

Not quite the emotional impact of this yacht is not getting it. Okay I know it's theology. But if you understood theology is what really creates right thinking and right thinking is what changes, emotions and right emotions is what motivates right behavior and right behaviors. What produces great consequences great consequences of the things that truly transformed your life. So let's get back to the out ready. There's an imaginary box. I'm going to put it right appear as though I was an illusionist it's floating and you got it on the top right. It says box number one. Keep your eyes are over here box number two there exactly the same size on the front of this box. The cost of this box says $1000 you got vigilant in your right it's floating right over there.

It's white by the wafers of either colorblind over here box number two is white and it cost $1 million for those over 50 that still remember let's make a deal if I was asking you.

Do you want box number one, you don't know what's in it, but it cost $1000 hovering over here or would you like box number two hovering and is worth $1 million if you want box number one. Raise your hand. Okay, how many want box number two. Raise your hand. My gosh your genius is your amazing room number two.

Why why if it cost more. It's worth more. We always judge the value of things by how much it cost. If your fianc gives you a ring that cost $30 instead of 3000, it says something about your fianc.

Now let's move our theology to our emotions. What are you worth the God you and I cost God.

The precious blood of his son.

You are of infinite worth. I don't care what anyone has ever said about you. I don't care what problems, what emotions, what struggles what pain, what lies you today are worth the blood of Christ, a perfect life leaving heaven killed for only loving people and have never sinned, because that's how much you matter you start believing that you are chosen and adopted and redeemed, you will begin to get the message. The real you is free and valuable to you are now you can say, well, you don't really understand ship because I had a very difficult childhood and in my right and I went through this and then out of there's a drunk driver in you know what, I'm not telling you that life isn't hard in their sin and people haven't done you wrong. I'm just saying you can either believe all of that defines you or you can believe what God said about you know it will if there's not a button you can click I wish there was. I would've click it long ago. It's a journey it's a process it's replenishing. It's identifying the lies calling them lies identifying the truth and replacing the lies with the truth, and as you do that as you do that it will go from your head to your heart from your heart to your mind, your emotions, you'll change what matters you won't need people's approval, but it gets even better. It's not just that you're redeemed, he says, you were redeemed for eight purpose there's a lot of people that wonder why my here what's life all about me for something Goodman really really successful. It's like there's gotta be more to then so many patents and so much money and having a second house, and for others is like a I've tried this and I've tried that, it got me more than what I'm getting because I feel like a failure. Why my really here, he explains, notice what he says in all wisdom and insight. He made known to us the mystery of his will, like that's the truth. All the words underneath that are clauses that define what he just said and a walk through those here's what you know. Okay member only diagram sentence in ninth grade, he subject redeemed verb you now. Here's what he says he God made known the mystery of his will in the word mystery circle. It just means secret not mysterious what it means is that up until this point, there was a part of his will that no one knew about and he's now made the secret don't you he made known the mystery of his will to you now, let's define what his will is and what he says. How according to the kind intention, which he purposed in Christ. So whatever this will is that has to do with you it was God's kind intention in bringing Jesus to earth and saving us okay will then what's after that, with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of time.

I know you what you think of one world that me put a box around the word administration. It's an interesting Greek word literally means a household economy or capital house anomalous law number words when your children were like three years old.

They had a bedtime and so you had loss of the house they go to bed like 630 or seven when their teenagers who knows when they go to bed okay but but is not the same and what he saying is in the progress of revelation as God is revealing himself. The purpose is God revealed this Mr. you the secret. It's it's all about why Jesus came and what he wants to do and in his household economy notice it's in the fullness of time, not Chronos time, but Kai Ross. This unique opportunity of all of life and what is it it's the summing up of all things in Christ, things in heaven and things on earth, so he read deemed you made you adopted as a part of his family.

Jesus came to create this brand-new thing that no one knew about and is called the church as you keep reading this book, Gentile, and you become the new agent of blessing in this thing called the church all of the covenant was Israel was the agent a blessing new covenant, the church, so he redeemed you for a purpose that everything Jesus came to do in his physical body you are now his spiritual body. He fed the poor people, people who the father was he show them who the father was. He loved extravagantly. He was generous with his time and his money. He demonstrated what what the salt of the earth and in the light of God. And so you have been called your purpose is to take the mission for which you been redeemed and this isn't just about you in your life and your happiness and your satisfaction so that you actually become an agent of light and salt and love and so until the moment you cross the threshold and see Jesus your indispensable. I don't care what your job is.

I don't care what your background is. I don't care what your color is unclear what your IQ is. Jesus says I'm putting this puzzle together and I'm redeeming whosoever will and in putting the puzzle together in such a way that it will be up become a collage of the grace of God, the people would see who Jesus is, how much he loves others, and that the people at your neighborhood and at your work. The people were you work out the people you drink coffee. The people were you wash your clothes the relatives they all through and in you would understand. They can be redeemed if they would but believe and trust is what it says is you are the real you is needed and you are worthy you needed it. It's an interesting thing.

If you ever want people to stick around in a group. Don't do everything for people come over the house to start a small group week number two what we all struggle with, you know, am I accepted unit you what's easy to accept the pay could you could you bring salad.

Could you do this, could you do that a lot of them. The biggie I don't know if I'm really going to feel that comfortable.

Now I gotta go. Why because I think why because you know what we feel a part of things that were needed in we all long to be needed for our self-esteem and are worth comes from not just who we are, but what we do, but what we do in the right way. Your worthy in your words, and this is not about your performance. It's not about what people think. Turn to the back page and let's get to how do we get this from her head to her heart. The principal is, you replace your warped mirrors and miss beliefs by the truth of God's word so you write what I put in this box a little card and you make a little stop sign and you read it in the morning and read it night.

You don't even have to memorize it, but the miss believe is I must avoid failure at all cost. I must work harder and longer to be successful and prove that I'm not a failure that's compulsive people like me. For others, I must avoid failure. All cost. It's better not to try and to try and fail if people really knew and got to know me.

They would reject me stop you right that when you say stop out loud because here's what you want to do this psychologically you want to recognize the lie and you want to parent in your brain with stop and you flipped the card over and you say out loud the truth. I am now a righteous person in God's sight since I've trusted Christ's redemption and sacrifice for me.

I am covered by the robe of his purity and goodness. Also, since I have a new nature I'm a good person in my general practice of life. As I continue to grow in Christ.

It's a long paragraph he just read it over is think about while I'm a righteous person. God's sight don't have to earn his favor to impress anyone else. Second Corinthians chapter 5 says God made him who had no sin to be sin for us here in this so that we in him might become the righteousness of God. The moment you trust Christ. There's a declaration a legal declaration that your righteous in his eyes and then you start that's positional righteousness, and in his spirit living in you as you get into God's word in the community of God's people, then there's a practical righteousness where you live this out any changes you from the inside out. Now there's always a temptation when you teach on something like this to think well I used to have these issues when you know 20 years ago and then I read this passage and I don't have any issues, but those you normally would know that's not true, but this is this is one that I wrote last year. This is a lie that I believed as late as last year and I share this just so you realize this journey never ends.

But you keep working on it you you actually believe different lies in different seasons of your life and at different points of maturity and I went through a process reevaluating my life last year right after major surgery and I realize here's a lie that I believe I am a prisoner of the opinions of the important influential people in my life.

I agonized when my best judgment and direction from the Lord is different from theirs disagreeing with them will harm our relationship here. Apparently so I attempt to please everyone creating an unhealthy lifestyle, but there's a lot of people to get identify with that one and see different seasons in your life. The important people they just change in this important person in China and the support person the least, and support person here. And there's a very important person on the front row, my wife is important people call my kids and all that so I'm a prisoner, no, no, no, people love me and are for me. Here's the truth and want me to live a life of joy, rhythm, rest and fruitfulness in all areas of my life I don't need to prove my worth through hard work were extraordinary productivity. I'm accepted love and greatly valued just for who I have been reading this over for the better part of the year and I'm I'm guessing there's probably some freedom I'm experiencing, that is, identifying that lie.

Recognizing the truth, renewing my mind a couple that Tresa put on her cards. These are, miss beliefs that are often people who withdrawal, I should be upset if I make a mistake, but if you like that like you Set just make a mistake, stop the truth. This is a human being I'm not all-knowing, mistakes are not necessarily sinful people make fun of me that's their problem.

I need only Christ approval and I have apart from my works. Another one of hers that I watched her share these with our daughter for three years. Miss beliefs. If I cannot do something well. There is little point in doing it at all anybody feel that way to keep you from taking risk.

Stop I'm willing to risk trying to do things without the assurance that it will be a good job. I can give my best effort in getting good experience that will help me grow review you and I are desperately searching for significance and value and importance behavior issues that you're working on emotional issues that you struggle with problem relationships and for many addictions are only symptoms at the core and the heart you're still living by the formula that your value is other people's opinion in your performance with come here together to learn what God says this shows you I adopted you I redeemed you, your value is for you with the blood of my son chips good to be back with just a quick reminder this message, you are valuable is from his series discover your true self. Know at some point in our lives. Most of us go through all of the clutter to ask a very important question, where my in this series chip opens the book of Ephesians to explain that the answer to that question changes when you become a son or daughter of the most high God issues of worth and belonging take on a completely different meaning when we give our lives to his son Jesus, but we don't know that we tend to get bogged down doubts and struggles of our past. If you longer break free and truly live in the power of Christ. This series will help you do that you check out your resource options for discover your true self. Just go to or Special offers, discounts are available for limited time. For more information just give us a call at triple late.

333-6003 chip. I know you talked about this before but so many times I'll listen to a message and think okay I got it and I'm really going to try to do better or remember that and that works for a little while, but then I fall back into believing the same old lies again. It's so frustrating. We stop that vicious cycle. Will Dave is a matter fact until we renew our mind, not just intellectually believe that God loves us, but believe deep in her heart and her convictions that were valued for wanted were chosen were secure were beautiful were called for the purpose by the God of the universe, then you can listen to these things and I mean personally, I have had the seasons.

I remember reading through the book of Ephesians and studying these great doctrines and going. While this is really great. This is amazing in unit two months later falling back into my performance orientation, and so I began to write these truths on cards and then pretty soon I began to write in my journal, and out of all that. What I realized was for me and for others. I needed to write this in such a way that I could review it and really get it from my head into my heart and out of that came a book in the book is called discover your true self and so the broadcast that people were hearing actually became a book and what I find with a book that's different than hearing is I can underline a book. I put study questions inside the book all the different little cards I talk about in terms of here's a card where the lie and then you turn the card over those cards are in the book.

This is a book that you can do with other people. What I've learned over the years is I have to ponder soak in meditate and renew my mind and the Bible promises that if were not conformed to this world but if we are transformed by the renewing over a mine then will discover the will of God. The good acceptable and perfect will of God and I just long for people to actually experience the joy and acceptance of being wanted and loved and valued, not because of how they look or what they do or how much money they have, what they've accomplished, but simply for who they are when that ever gets from your head to your heart. It just changes everything over. Ask for that. Well, listening is a great way to learn. But we also know that some like to read and underline so for a limited time, we discovered chips book discover your true self.

Besides the content you find study questions on the cards trip and Teresa have found so helpful for all the details, go to Special offers on the up or give us a call at AAA 333-6003 that's AAA 333-6003 as we wrap up today's program. Let's do a little review before we think about the practical way to get these things from your head to your heart because you are in Christ, your chosen adopted and we talked about that powerful words your redeemed you been bought with a price and we learned that the message is the real you is free and valuable think that so can you are free your free of expectations of people you are valuable before you do anything accomplish anything before how anybody thinks how you look before how much money you make anything you are free and you are valuable and because you are redeemed you are needed and you are worthy, you are a person that matters.

And I can just see some of your faces. Believe me, I can. I've taught this live and I looked in the people's faces and I know some of you in your heart of hearts are going well, that sounds good for other people but not me. I'm telling you that if you are in Christ. If you are a genuine follower of Jesus Christ. These things are true of you and God want you to live out of them and at the very end of the message. You know I went through those missed beliefs.

Sorta Teresa's big miss believe than my Miss belief. Hers was withdrawing and she was afraid to try anything because you know all fail and I don't want to look bad and mine was trying to over perform and overachieve all the time to prove to people. I was a someone. Both of us were prisoners. And as we begin to read daily that Miss belief and then read the truth.

I want to tell you that it can move from your head to your heart. Can I encourage you to get to our website to download the message notes everything I talked about is right there and you will see the content of these cards and just start reading them over. It took months before we saw progress, but I want you to know that you are a righteous person in God's sight. And since you've trusted in Christ, redemptive sacrifice, you are now covered by the robe of his purity and goodness you have a new nature. Are you ready you are in general practice. A good person as you continue to grow in Christ. You don't have to impress anyone. You are a daughter you're a son of the king of kings and the Lord of lords.

You'll find the message notes trip just mentioned it a couple of places online.

Just go to and click on the broadcast stab app listeners will find them by tapping fill in notes the Miss belief cards chips talking about throughout the series. All of the Scripture references and much more. Are there to help you get the most out of each message will be sure to join us next time and until then, this is Dave really saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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