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Jesus Unfiltered - Testify - The Time is Now!, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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June 26, 2020 6:00 am

Jesus Unfiltered - Testify - The Time is Now!, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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June 26, 2020 6:00 am

Do you ever wonder what Jesus is doing this very minute? In this message, Chip reminds us that scripture says Jesus is actively engaged, right now, in something that involves YOU, personally! Join Chip as he reveals what Jesus is up to and how your awareness of it can change your perspective on everything!

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Did you ever wonder what Jesus is doing right now if you been a Christian for some time.

You know, he ascended to the father is at the father's right hand, but he's doing something he's actually doing something you're involved he's doing something that you can understand that today stay with welcome to this Friday is living on the ship and living only a national discipleship featuring the Bible. This program continues a series of friends a long time ago.

If I only know things be different if only know you want to sit up and pay better attention. I thought about that many times. Well today's kinda one of those game changer type. So let's torture part two is a message from John chapter 17. The time is now. Jesus came to give his life to pay for yours and mine and for everyone. Whosoever even people that reject me.

Still lots he's made the offer. He's praying back then was praying for us. God knew that we would be in this room in this place. This time of history with all this happening in America with all that's happening in the Middle East. With all that's happening with terrorism.

With all this happening with the movement of technology with all the things that are happening in terms of morality and family. He knew that we would be here and so since our time is coming, you know what Jesus is doing right now he's at the right hand of the father making intercession for us with the Holy Spirit is doing. He leads us in our prayers and we don't quite have the words know exactly what to pray in Romans chapter 8 in groanings too deep. He's praying for us. I don't know how all this works but we must need a lot of prayer and must be supernatural to live this life and notice he said that I might be in them Jesus as his praying he wants us to understand like you.

One of his disciples understand it's not just that I love you.

The father loves you in the same way that he loves me. Can you get your head around that if you ever get lonely you feel insecure you wonder about the future. Jesus said that my heavenly father actually loves you as much as he loves me and I love you.

That way, what we are looking for in life.

We honestly just looking to be deeply loved and accepted and have a purpose and a plan and Jesus and that's when I came in so here's the what the parade for us. He prayed that we be unified with him and unified with each other. He also pray that we be glorified that there would be a day that year we actually would be glorified because first John, what's a little bit later. We don't know what will be like. But here's what we know when we see him Jesus. We will be like him and that will share in this new kingdom and that we would experience the love of God, by the way, this idea of oneness may be the most poorly interpreted or misused verse in all the years the unity he's talking about here is not uniformity he's talking about a union of mind and heart and will he sank just as the father and the son have a oneness of heart, a love for one another.

There one in that way.

So I want us to be one with him in and you think of the oneness, think, think of. If you could just quickly in your minds eye go through the book of John and listen to all the times Jesus said I can do nothing apart from the father. I only act as I see him act. Jesus lived in total dependency on the father. Jesus lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. Here's what he's actually saying he's praying that we would be so in sync with the father and the son by the power of the Holy Spirit in the same way that Jesus would in other words, we would obey from the heart out of a love relationship that our decisions that our lifestyles that the words that come out of our mouth would reflect our relationship with God. This isn't some ecumenical sort of everyone will be wanting is one big organization. He's not saying that all he saying that we would be so connected in our hearts with God the father with God the son and the spirit living within us. Are you ready for this, my translation would be that we would be Christians that live like Christians. That's what he means by being one with him and then he says I want you to be one with one another. In other words, that we would love each other the way Jesus love the disciples would he do he lay down his life for he spoke the truth in love, he made a radical radical sacrifice being a follower of Jesus isn't coming to meeting and it's not just some sort of external morality. It's it's it's not even being a part of a cause and in helping people become a follower of Jesus is having your heart in your life so connected to him that what matters to him matters to you and so the poor matter. A lady with two young kids that has cancer matters, someone that can't pay their rent matters school of people and of common it's a lousy school and the facilities are terrible, it matters to him. So, it matters to us so we step out and it's always both things it's always by our deeds and by our words we proclaim clearly this is who Jesus is and this is relationship with him and this is the power and this is why we do what we do. But here's the deeds that demonstrate it's not just talk doesn't make sense. Review Jesus is going to walk through his test. He will after all these years be betrayed of always by kiss because the lights will be low and nobody a pretty large group of people with weapons and Judas will kiss him. He's the one everyone willfully to be absolutely alone go through three mock trials will be falsely accused will be beaten with an inch of his life. I mean it's humiliating for anyone to be stripped and beaten, but can you can you can you fathom can you even fathom the creator of the world so loving the object of his creation, but so allowing us to have choice but his own plan would be to fully man and fully God and be stripped and beaten and rejected by the very people that he made in order that his death could accomplish the payment price.

To redeem, whosoever would the humility of God is staggering. The love of God is just it's it's beyond comprehension. By the way, all all of your real spiritual growth.

Life transformation.

It is rooted, it is rooted in understanding and grasping that God loves you totally apart from your performance. He doesn't love you if he doesn't love you because and when you and I little by little by little by being in his word and encouraging one another and taking steps of obedience, the more and more we begin to experience that. Then we can love and we can love people that are different than people who disagree and even people who might even hate you were disagree and invite Weiss raises the question for me if this is how Jesus responded, and this is how he prayed.

How should we pray, I'm guessing there's more than a few of us that are facing difficulty right when Jesus faced difficulty, pray for himself. He prayed for others and he prayed for future believers that will come out of the ministry selects too little application. How should I pray for myself will.

Here's the what out of this passage I would suggest that you need to pray that you might know Christ and making no I've heard people talk about like it's unholy and I never pray for myself what Jesus prayed for himself. I'm thinking maybe if you don't gotta start right it's not spiritual not to pray for yourself, Jesus prayed for himself and I would say the number one thing you can pray is if he came to give eternal life and eternal life is a growing dynamic developmental thank I wouldn't begin to pray God I want to know you. That's what Paul prayed in Philippians 3, right, compared to everything else. I want to know you dated.

Pray this one thing I ask of the Lord that I'll seek that I may dwell in the house of the Lord, to behold the beauty of the Lord, to meditate in his temple. The something ask God to create a desire ask God to open your mind open your eyes that you might really know him and testify, and that you would make him known you making them how you talk making know about how you drive making known by what you do with your money making number how you interact with your family making known by what you specifically say about him working in your neighborhood. Pray, ask God. I want to know you and only make you known. The second thing I would encourage you to pray is that you would finish the work assigned you and you might jot down Ephesians 210 were saved by grace. Ephesians 289 and the very next verse says that we have been we are his workmanship, literally the word is a poem more his work of art created unto a good work that God has prepared for us in the ideas before the foundations of the earth.

There's something is. It's amazing. There's something only you can accomplish in the kingdom of God, your background, your hurts, your difficulties, your pains, your personality, your spiritual gifts, this time in history. Everything leading up to. There's something that God he has a work for you to do. I would pray. God help me to see very clearly what it is and help me not get distracted into finish the work. I said that a lot of times I'll keep saying it. One of the greatest gifts Teresa gave me was she put it in little frame and its acts 2024 as the apostle Paul and the apostle Paul writes my life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by God.

The work of telling about his love and wonderful kindness to everyone. I like you to bow your head as I want you to start practicing.

I want you just right now you quietly in your own mind and heart. You can whisper if you like, but I want you to ask God to help you to know him as he is to making known and want you to ask God to show you what your individual work is and probably a lot of you already know what it is and to do it.

I want you to pray for you right now.

Oh God, I don't know that there would be anything that you would just love to answer more than hearing one of your daughters or one of your sons. I oh God, will you please help me to really know you, what would you give me a hunger for your word would you help me to talk with you all throughout the day, would you help me to rub up next to people that know you even better, and then Lord, would you would you use me to make who you really are known to people at my job, people in my neighborhood people at the gym people at the coffee shop people at the dry cleaners people where I hobby Lord I pray that even this week in a fresh way you'll do that in every single person's life we come boldly in Jesus name. Second, I think we need to pray for others and I think Jesus gives us a good model. He prayed for protection and he prayed for sanctification.

It's kind of one of those big words.

The word literally means to be set apart.

In fact, you might writing a note in this context, it has the idea of being consecrated or literally dedicated what is praying is that they would be personally pure, but they would step out to the task of testifying by the power of his word and fulfill the assignment that God is given them sources. Lord, I'm praying that you'll set them apart.

Not just for their relationship with me, but for the task that I've assigned to them and then he says do it by your word because your word is truth in the notice, the very was now. I'm sending them forth just like you sent me, so this is a prayer for their personal protection within and without, but it's also a prayer for their personal holiness before God and is also prayer that they wouldn't boldly carry on the mission that they would continue to do what was started. This is really a picture of you know and track where the guy runs with the baton and the guy puts his or the gal puts her hand back here.

This is a passing of the baton where he's taking the mission to reach the world with the truth and the love of God and he's taking it and placing it, and he's praying that they would be effective in doing that.

He's also praying for protection are the two people you can think of right now that need prayer for your protection and prayer that they would fulfill what God wants him to do with their life.

Maybe there best friend. Maybe it's a roommate. Maybe it's someone at work. Maybe it's when your kids say I if we have a nice message about all this was nice. Jesus prayed and this doesn't change how we pray that we would totally miss the point because I've actually been tempted to do this with myself and you get in ruts in your prayer life okay known that what I get in ruts in my prayer life and it been tempted to like record. My prayer wonder how many people where in heaven it's an Lord, and Lord, and Lord, and Lord and and we help me with this.

We help me with that. We help with that we be happy would you make this work out and you know me, gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme wonder what would happen if we set I'm gonna pray for myself, to know God and making known I'm gonna pray that I figure out exactly what he put me on the earth. And I finish it and do it and I'm gonna pray to pray for others that God would protect them. Give them joy within and protection from evil without and I'm gonna pray that they discover exactly what he wants him to do and that you will set them apart and make them holy and pure and stay on task. Guess what were to do. You got it like you to bow your head and want you to pray for a couple people if you don't have time for one that's fine but I want you to pray for someone spiritual protection and for their sanctification that they would be dedicated to the calling that God has upon their life and be faithful to it and be empowered to do it.

Father, as I pray for my kids and just people. I feel responsible for. I think of Colossians 1 verses nine through 11 and so I want to pray that for everyone in this room. Lord I pray that everyone in this room would grow in the real knowledge of who you are that you would give them with spiritual wisdom and understanding exactly to know your will that they could walk in a manner that is worthy of you every minute of every day, and that that would result in you being pleased with every aspect of their life and that they would bear fruit in every good work. Living in such a way that they would grow in the real knowledge of who you are God. When that happens, like the first domino all the other areas of their life will fall into place so increase their faith. Father, help in the know your will help them to follow it. Help them to get through barriers help them to trust you when they struggle remove fears, and I ask you to do that in Jesus name.

The final thing that Jesus prays for his future believers and how should we pray about the future. I would guess that maybe two things we could prays that God will give us a testimony with the outside world and he would give us a testimony with one another. So the two things I pray about in a Jesus prayed. What he prayed that they would be one like the father and son is that they would live their life, and that they would love one another, two things I want to pray for us is that we would be bold, the God will give you a bold testimony to testify with integrity to testify with your life to testify with your words to be that unusual person in your neighborhood or at the gym or at the coffee shop that you would boldly and unashamedly. Yes, I'm a follower of Jesus Christ I believe is fully man and fully God he died for my sin rose from the dead.

I don't have to preach at all.

I just want to tell you what I've seen and heard and how is change my life. That's God's desire just coming back with God. But if you're just joining us, you're listening to Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram's message today is from testify.

Volume 4 of a series Jesus on filtered the very last thing Jesus did was to task us with a mission a mission to testify for each of us that takes on a different look at the common denominator is to speak the name of Jesus and tell others what is love is done just listening to this once. Probably won't give you the confidence of the boldness to take the next step toward fulfilling that mission. So let me encourage you to get the free chip Ingram up and go through the series again. But the Holy Spirit build your confidence so you can testify in a confident winsome way for discounted resources of the series.

You'll find testify on our website will chip the courage to speak up for what I believe can seem great theoretically, but then in the moment just kind of seems to evaporate. There are all kinds of reasons, most of them not true that stop me from doing what I know I'm called to do yesterday I think that is so true. I mean this is very strong, clear teaching from Jesus himself, and at times I feel overwhelmed that I get convicted, and I realize I'm trying and trying and trying in some areas and then I just feel stuck while want you know I developed a habit about 30 years ago when I would get stuck what I realized was I was believing lies or I'd had struggles that continued over and over and over and I need to attack the lies not just my behavior or my emotions and so I came up with these these cards and I we call them the Jesus unfiltered truth cards. For example, I get frustrated when people interrupt my schedule when they cut in front of me because, down deep, what I believe is my stuff.

My time in me is more important than other people know that's hard to actually admit.

So what I wrote on the card is.

I get frustrated and angry when people interrupt my life… And then I write on the bottom stop that. I flipped the card over and from John 13 Jesus says if I being your Lord and Master serve you.

Blessed are you when you do this for one another. So what I realize is that blessedness comes from service.

But instead of trying hard and beating myself up. These truth cards are read them over in the morning. I read them overnight.

I had den if I a few lies and then I get the truth and so we made these up for you and let me tell you it has radically changed my life. The Jesus unfiltered truth cards are available to you. Love the put them in your hands because transformation doesn't happen by trying hard transformation happens by renewing our minds will the Jesus unfiltered truth cards are available now while supplies last. When you go to your website. each of these 21 cards is a common lie or spiritual battle we all face and on the flipside, it has a passage from the Gospel of John to help you renew your mind with the truth whether there for you or someone else. Order your set of Jesus unfiltered truth cards and get free shipping by calling us at 1-888-333-6003 or order online at will now here's strip with a final thought as we wrap up today's program. I want you to think through what it means to testify boldly and to be a person of integrity who follows Christ you know is you come in contact with people I mean today, not tomorrow, not next week but just today as you come in contact with people. Here's my prayer that they would sense tangibly, the love of Christ. They would sense there's something about you they they can even put their finger on and you might actually verbalize something or you might be in a situation where you need to express it to some acts of kindness and back are you ready let's let's all agree together to do some things and really make a difference.

How about someone you know that's really struggling you buying some groceries and drop it off or I did this the other day. Just out of the blue. My drycleaners is a really nice guy and all the people who work there as far as I know are unbelievers and I went and got a box of doughnuts and I just said hey, here you go. It's for the Dean and he said what he done. I said will you notes Friday you guys been working hard all week. I thought you want a little break and they looked at me like, you know, had taken some drug but every, go in there.

Now there's a relationship and I can't figure out that loony pastor who brings doughnuts to them or how about you now buying coffee for the person behind you and just what the a quick word, not a not a you know, praise the Lord type thing but just a little prompting. That says yeah I wanted to do that for you today that God has been so good to me. I just sensed I wanted to bless you what specific act of kindness could you do and let someone know that you are a follower of Jesus.

Be bold today.

God will use your acts of love to draw people to himself just before we close over to say thanks to those of you who make this broadcast possible through your generous financial support.

If you found today's program helpful but have never supported us financially. There's never been a better time than right now. When you give a gift to Living on the Edge. It'll be matched dollar for dollar, thanks to some very generous friends of the ministry making a donation is easy just go to and click the donate button on our homepage or give us a call at 1-888-333-6003. Thank you in advance for your generosity will on Monday.

Chip continues a series Jesus, unfiltered soil will make plans to join us that for now, this is Dave truly say it's for listening this Edition of Living on the Edge

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