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Fired Up about Jesus – Part 1

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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June 20, 2021 3:00 pm

Fired Up about Jesus – Part 1

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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Welcome to living in the light with Bible teacher and Graham Watts for things I see in this passage that helps Peter maintain a sparsely reflected on the one you were like on the grace of God in his life. Julie reflected on the gifts of God in his life to really reflect on the glory of God in his life and, for he reflected on the gospel of God in his life. Welcome to living in the light in the Bible teaching ministry of and Graham was.

Today's message is titled fired up about Jesus can have a godly legacy of an ungodly world. There is not a vibrancy in your faith and that's exactly what Aaron wants to talk about from first Peter chapter 1 the last seven years of my life very difficult, and for three years. I stepped aside from traveling and speaking I concentrate on social media and radio and stay home to take care of my husband and he was in deteriorating health, but it was a joy in my life to take care of Danny lots for three years full-time and then I found the husband unresponsive in our pool and I rushed into the hospital on life support. Two days later we disconnected from life support and my husband went to heaven. Danny went to heaven also and 99 you think we were expecting actually, we weren't expecting at that time that morning and the thing about my husband and my daddy they both left without saying goodbye, and I don't know if you had that experience but there's no closure. You just collect one more time you like to say I love you and miss you and thank you and you know that you have that chance because they're gone and then I was diagnosed with cancer and very same day years previous. I found my husband and went through surgery and follow-up treatment. Send all of the rest. And so as to spend years with horrendous challenges and I want to say as clearly as and emphatically as I can fired up about Jesus never trust. I've never believed in them, or have never one to serve as for me and my house we will love think you can leave a godly legacy world. If there is not your faith in your relationship with Jesus is all and boring and ho-hum about a ball game or something you see on TV or the stars and about the Lord Jesus Christ, then how can we pass the next generation.

They will care. So for you and me. I think it's imperative that we be fired up about Jesus. If were going to leave a godly legacy ungodly world and this is something I wanted to ask the apostle Peter. You know you to the end of your life and at the end of his life. The apostle Peter was imprisoned he was facing execution. Tradition says he would be executed by crucifixion upside down. He was living in an ungodly world because Nero was on the throne of God told people to worship him.

When they didn't import up persecution on the Christians he burned them at the stake truths about them on cross the line. It was a very ungodly world in which Peter lived in Peter imprisoned facing his own execution of crucifixion upside down just standing there with his arms crossed and looking down through the centuries that you and me and long gray beard, weatherbeaten face maybe still tan from his ears on Galloway eyes twinkling and same have been beaten up and imprisoned been flogged up and persecuted and I want you to know something I'm still fired up about Jesus and we would say Peter how do you maintain your fire, and therefore, things that I believe he reflected on that help them maintain a sparse if you turn to first Peter chapter 1 the first 12 verses read them to you. Since you may not be as familiar with them as other passages and then I'll pull out the first thing that I think help to maintain as far as he reflected on basis. Peter and apostle of Jesus Christ to God's elect, strangers in the world, scattered throughout Conchas glacier Rhodesia Asia Bithynia who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the father through the sanctifying work of the spirit obedience of Jesus Christ and the sprinkling by his blood, grace and peace be yours in abundance. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ in his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God's power under the coming of salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time in this you greatly rejoice now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These income so that your faith and greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire may be proved genuine and may result in praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. You have not seen him, you love him even though you do not see him now, you believe in, and you're filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls concerning the salvation, the prophets who spoke of the grace that was to come to you, searched intently and with the greatest care, trying to find out the time and circumstances to which the spirit of Christ in them was pointing when he predicted the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow. It was revealed to them that they were not serving themselves but you, when they spoke of the things they have now been told by those who have preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. Even angels long to look into these four things I see in this passage that helps Peter maintain as far as he reflected on the one he reflected on the grace of God in his life to inflict on the gifts of God in this life. Three were like on the glory of God in his life and, for he reflected on the gospel of God in his life.

The let's look first of all, the grace of God in his life.

He says has three aspects during the first is Peter says I was chosen by the father and we could go back and remember when Peter was chosen when he first became aware of it.

He was on the Sea of Galilee amending his nets and his brother Andrew came up well I actually don't know he was his little brother. Not for some reason I think of Andrew's a little brother but it doesn't really say that he was his brother and he came up to Peter and said Peter, the Messiah, and Peter looked Andrew, how would you document the Messiah are not just coming see. So he took Peter and Andrew introducing the Jesus of and I think Peter might've said he is a good man. He might've been a prophet but he would never say he was the Messiah.

So Peter went back to his fishing boat and several days later he is mending his nets and he sees the same man, Jesus of Nazareth walking along the shore and is followed by this great crowd of people.

Jesus called out to him and said Peter cannot come in your boat and preach from your boats are like a floating pulpit and Peter said sure nothing better to do on so Jesus climbed in his bony preach the crown after he preached the turn to Peter and he said Peter he said let's go fishing and Peter looked at him and said Jesus, I'm sorry the fish are biting seven fishing all night. Haven't got anything that would be futile.

Jesus, I wonder if he just looked at him and asked, twinkling, and said that Peter let me take you fish and Peter might've thought, you know what is a city boy from Nazareth know about fish but anyway so he said okay so they pushed out from shore and they went fishing and when he fish the way Jesus and he put down his net they brought in so many fish thing that broke an impact on Peter's life was dramatic because he fell down on his knees and he said get out of my life. You make me feel so dirty and Jesus said some your name means wishy-washy impulsive compulsive I'm going to change her name to Peter because you're going to be so steadfast in your faith you're going to be like a rock, Peter. You follow me and I'll make you a fisherman, and Peter dropped his fishing nets and he conned out of that fishing boat and he left his father's fishing business and he became a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth. Think about it for moment out of all the people living on planet earth and all the people living in Judea, and all the people living in Galilee and all of the people and how was it that Peter was chosen by the father to be a disciple of his son. That's just God's grace is you. When did you become aware that you been chosen by God to belong to James, when did you first.

Who is your Andrew who told you about Jesus. Maybe it was your pastor and church are youth leader in some church camp or may visit your mother's watching daddy on television or one of his meetings or reading a book reading your Bible and somehow you knew that Jesus was your Savior, your Lord and you claimed them for yourself and asked them to be your Savior and commend your hardened born again into his family and when was it that you became aware that yes you chose Jesus to be your Savior and Lord. But yes, God chose you to the belong to the son, don't get all weirded out by predestination.

I love what Jerry Falwell said he said the more he preaches the more God chooses so, but it's a blessing for the amazing grace of God that all the people living on planet Earth. All the people living in the United States. All of the people living in your state. All the people living in your city. All the people living in your neighborhood. Why would you be chosen by the father, the belong to the sun and yes, you chose to.

You heard the gospel you received Christ by faith. Whosoever will make comments a very conclusive invitation, but you turn around and walk through that door of salvation. You turn around and those whom he foreknew he predestined from the foundations of the world you found you were chosen by the father put securities God doesn't make wrong choices chosen by the father is a love gift of the sun not only chosen by the father, but he was being sanctified by the spirit. He said, and to be sanctified in a word change from glory to glory in the we become pleasing to the father and conform to the image of Christ. And Peter, I can imagine how much that meant to him because he was such a failure and remember when Jesus took him up on the Mount of Transfiguration and Peter went to sleep in the middle of the night. Is this blazing light and he looks up and he sees Jesus transfigured in his glory and his light coming from and was as brilliant as a son, but wasn't reflected it was coming from with in Jesus and you stand there with Moses and the logic here just blurts out in all my goodness, three tabernacles, one for Moses and the logic Jesus God leads out of heaven and is Peter would you get with you know Jesus is one of the boys is like one of the profits he stands in the solitude of himself. This is my son, you listen to what he has to say. And then Jesus asked Peter you say I am Peter said, I believe you're the Christ. I believe you the Messiah. I believe your God walking there is any human body. And Jesus said Peter you said well only God could reveal that to Peter. I'm going to the cross and Peter who had just said. Jesus was the son of God said no you're not. I got a better plan for your life.

You sit on the throne and rule the world on the road with you and Jesus said Peter Satan is speaking through you and remember when Jesus warned Peter you going to deny me.

Peter said Lord Allen about these other disciples what they're up to, but I will never deny that for you before the cut crew that Friday morning tinnitus with Rita.

We Jesus to go to the garden of Gethsemane, said Peter.

I need someone to pray with Peter went to sleep and Jesus came back and will commence a Peter I just need someone to pray for me and Peter went back to sleep third on Jesus and even bother waking him up. But when Peter finally did wake up, he saw the Roman soldiers placing Jesus under resting.

So I pulled out a sword and aim for the nearest St. Peter you've been sleeping when I should've been praying and when you do that you don't know what the will of God is ever done that you sleep when you should be for have no idea what God's will is and so we went to find the Roman soldiers and cut off the ear of the servant to the high priest and Jesus said Peter, put up your sore Jesus healed Marcus his ear even while he said I could call on 12 legions of angels if I wanted I intend to go the cross. The cut of the fathers given me shall not drink it. Peter was a failure again and again and again was sort of his MO and what wave you failed if you failed as a parent if you failed as a sibling is a boss is a church worker as a ministry leader in business as a neighbor failure so painful, especially when it's repeated, you begin to listen to. This whispers in your ear you just a failure would never amount to anything or just a failure never amount to anything just to fail. I failed in many ways, recount them here, but made a very special setting an audience like this and Darrell Dr. Alan Redpath was preaching a great preacher from Great Britain, and he asked the audience in which I was seated this question. He said what you think God expects of you, and I was thinking of obedience in holiness and peace asked again what do you think God expects of you, nothing will read my Bible and praying he asked again what you think God expects of all God ever expects of you is failure and I wanted to say I can do that.

I can live up to the expectations of God and then he said he's given you the Holy Spirit that you need never fail in our flesh in our old nature. We can do nothing to please the Lord just failure after failure. After that, even if it looks like were successful on the outside of God's nothing we do amounts returned but in the spirit.

When the spirit takes over and the spirits leading us them working through a second Corinthians chapter 3 says were being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord who is the spirit and as we behold him in Scripture and reread our bottles with flower problems and where they are about as we live it out no matter what it cost, and we live it out.

Then the Holy Spirit changes us from glory to glory character to character one day. John says in first John, that old nature is going to drop off and were going to be like cheese. Praise God would be sanctified if you've been failure and take a lesson from Peter doesn't have to be fun.

You turn your life over to the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit and if he can make something out of Peter even make something out of you and make something out of and he gets the glory doesn't and the third thing, he was not only chosen by the father been changed by the spirit of the clans about the son by the sprinkling of his blood when I was a little girl lived right across the valley was eight or nine of remember was a good Friday for the exact year is watching a picture of Jesus about Jesus on television and came to the crucifixion scene and felt deeply convicted that Jesus was dying because of massive and I got on my knees beside not that in the upstairs room and I told God I was sorry and asked him to forgive me that I wanted Jesus to be my say probably did that for me, and asked him to be my Savior coming to my heart.

I believe I was born again.

On that day when I was eight or nine years of age and at that time.

At that point in time when I asked for forgiveness I was forgiven of all of my sin, because all of my sin, past, present and future, all of it was fugitive Jesus 2000 years ago when he died right so many died any offers you forgiveness for your sin is not just the sin of that day or you not been to that point in your life is all of your sin. For all of your life is under the blood of Jesus, you are forgiven you are forgiven you can just live in your forgiveness, but we continually cleanse about the sun because we still see about you, but I still sin. And when I said I need to come back my face to the cross and confess my sin, not for forgiveness. I'm forgiven. You understand I don't have to repeat that prayer the sinners prayer because I know I'm forgiven but I come back for cleansing that my relationship with the Lord might be fresh and clean and that there might be that intimate fellowship between us that sin can hinder and block Peter and John chapter 13 Jesus was washing the disciples feet and came to Peter and his home not wash my feet and Jesus of fear of not wash your feet, you have no part in me. And so Peter said will the Lord wash all you from head to toe in Jesus and Peter.

You've been locked or mad all you need is your feet to be washed and in other words, when we come to the cross and were forgiven of our sin. All of our sin is forgiven and we'll have to come back to the cross for forgiveness. We just come back to have her feet.

We just come back to confess our sin that we would be cleansed and restored relationship with God, Ray truth doesn't like me to use this illustration, but she was a student at Baylor University and I was on the phone with her. We live in Raleigh North Carolina long way away and we had a disagreement on the phone about her courseload.

I think it was that we can't really remember the details but anyway disagreement. She hung up and I tried to call her back and I couldn't get her left messages or the roommates she would call me back in as happened I was speaking in Dallas and so she was at Baylor and so I got in the car and I drove down to Taylor showed up on her doorstep and she was surprised to see millions. I cried and she cried. Not sorry for pushing courseload that I thought she should take and she said she was sorry for the way she handled them anyway. We both cried and prayed together and our relationship was restored to the point I want to make. She never cease to be my daughter and I never cease. The lover, but our fellowship is broken because of that situation. If you been born again into God's family. You will never not be born again. Okay, you can you cannot lose your rebirth, you cannot lose your salvation. Once you are born again that's forever in your child of God. Yes, you are but sin will come up when it comes in your life it can make you feel like you've lost your salvation, and even the smallest skin so come between you and the Lord that you lose that sweet tender fellowship that you had when you were first.

So who here needs her feet washed before you go to bed tonight asked the Lord to bring your conscious mind. If there's some sin some habits and attitudes something you've done something you haven't done he saw anyway he knows about it sooner going to be telling something does already know, but he's waiting for you to come and confess that the he is faithful and just to what claimed you all unrighteousness. But you have to come in as prescribed.

Peter, can you imagine the grace of God in his life that he was chosen by the father to be a disciple of the song that he was being sanctified about the spirit and the spirit would take this failure.

Who would repeatedly fail then turn them into the apostle that preached at Pentecost established the early church and opened the door for the gospel to go to the Gentiles who would think of failure could do all that, except for the sanctifying work of the spirit.

He was being continually cleansed by the sprinkling of the blood. So as he reflected on God's grace in his life. I think he was fired up about two and then it wasn't only God's grace in his life, but God's gifts.

Capt. fired up and in verse three he talks about the living hope of the resurrection. You can imagine Peter here after the end of the cross and see Jesus die you. He was buried, and Sunday morning he heard Mary banging at the door. We was held with the other disciples. The upstairs room opened the door. Mary was saying something about grave robbers. The tomb is empty and he and John ran through the early morning streets. They came to the tune.

Peter ran inside it was empty just like Mary said. He went out and could make sense of it, and then later the women came to the tomb and remember, they came in, the angel said to them, Jesus is not here he is risen, go and tell his disciples and Peter that he is risen from the dead and remember the two disciples. Later that afternoon, Sunday afternoon. Those two disciples were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus and Jesus came and walked with them, but they did not was Jesus sensory talk to them along the way and they got to their house broke bread with him when he broke the bread they eyes were open, they knew it was Jesus that he disappeared from the turnaround. They ran all the way back to Jerusalem and the bursting that upstairs room and he said we've seen the Lord. He's appearing and to Peter so somewhere in between.

When the women sign and when the disciples only Ms. Rose on he had a personal, private encounter with fear and Peter had experienced the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Can you imagine when you do the last thing Jesus ever heard them say without knowing knowing I don't know when Jesus was being led from the house of Caiaphas to the full Sanhedrin. He stopped and just looked at Peter, searching gaze of love and Peter I told you I warned you say is designed to sit you like we cannot pray for you and when your faith is strengthened to be strong enough to strengthen others, not Peter was in front experiencing the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Can you imagine the thrill of the living hope of the resurrection. Fear of facing his own execution meeting Jesus alive after death was confirmed in the fact that there is life after death. This life is not all there is.

The best is yet to come through this drill even when were not facing us good just to know at this stage in my life.

I know it sooner than later, but I know that I'm going home that I have eternal life, and because of the resurrection of Jesus is open heaven for me and for you and not only that, but I think the resurrection the living hope of the resurrection means that failure is not final that God gives a second chance Peter beside gallantly driven when Jesus came to after the resurrection, and Jesus fixes breakfast for him and asked him three times. Peter do you love allowing Peter to confess his love denied him three times and in Jesus and Peter if you love me do something about it.

I want you to serve and Peter. I wonder if he thought me you want me after what I have done.

After all my failures abducted Nigerian Lord you will and he serve you all this has been living in the light please take advantage of all the free resources that and Graham to help and encourage you in your walk with God and in your study of his word.

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