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Jesus Prayed

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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August 30, 2020 3:00 pm

Jesus Prayed

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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Jesus and you know what Jesus pray if he felt like he needed to pray. Jesus gets the message today on living in the light with Bible teacher and grandma with a look into Jesus prayer life turning about most of the gospel of John chapter 17 gospel of John chapter 17 verses 1 to 5 after Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed father.

The time is come. Glorify your son that your son may glorify you.

You granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ and you have sent.

I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do and now father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began, and Jesus encouraged my heart by telling me that he was inviting me to enter into this wonderful personal, permanent, privileged, purposeful relationship with himself, with his father.

With this spirit but I want to set this chapter up so he starts out with the first phrase he said after Jesus said this, so I immediately want to ask after what did he say and I go back to chapter 13 and Jesus had told his disciples he wanted to have a last supper with them.

Not sure they knew it was a Last Supper, but he told them to prepare the upstairs room and they went upstairs and you remember that there was a basin of water by the door. There was a towel but there was no slave to wash their dirty feet Debbie were clowning around the table and and that would be a necessary thing to take care of and that another gospel tells us when they went into the room.

They were all arguing about who was the greatest. And you know it's because peters and Andrew wash my feet and Andrew said not made Matthew you do it that Matthew said, not me. James what you doing and you know they're all arguing that they're the greatest not about the stoop to do something that lonely and she the Lord of glory.

The night he was betrayed right before he went to the cross got up he took off his robe. He picked up the town the basin of water in Jesus washed his disciples feet, including Judas. Within moments would betray him, and he taught his disciples. That's you know greater than your master and the greatest in the kingdom are the least and your discerner not to be served and then in chapter 14. Remember when he told them about my father's house and he talked about heaven and he said I'm going to prepare a place for you and it has so many rooms. Feel free to invite anybody want you to his room for everybody. So just pass on the invitation and told him exactly how to get there that he was the way the truth like no one would come the father except through him.

Chapter 15 he told them that he was divine, and where the branches and if we want to bear fruit that remains that we want to make an impact for eternity.

We want to have a life of eternal significance and were to abide in him letting that chapter.

He also told us about persecution. Remember that if they hated me the gun.

I hate you so just deal with it and get ready. In chapter 16 he told how we could deal with it in one way we could be prepared is to open up our hearts and lives to the deer Holy Spirit would come in his name and so now we come to chapter 7, after he said these things, you know what he's doing. The disciples are beginning to get the picture. I say that Jesus is leaving there going to be responsible for his ministry and his visible absence and their desperate for more. Jesus. Jesus don't go stay with us. We want to hear more of what you have to say we don't feel prepared to do this at all, and they're just desperate for more surveys pouring himself in them.

And that's exactly what I want. I wanted to pour himself into me and he finishes this wonderful time and I'm assuming there's still the upstairs room. Maybe there on the way to Gethsemane, but seems like there's still in the upstairs room after he said these things. He looks toward heaven, and he prayed, he's not teaching his disciples to pray there overhearing his private conversation with his father after these things Jesus prayed and I just want to park right there for moments Jesus prayed and you know what I asked myself if Jesus pray if he felt like he needed to pray why do I think I can go without. So whenever I need sort of a good comeuppance. I turned to Luke chapter 3 and I don't know if you can follow with me or not. If you can't, you can just write down the verses get someone to track through Luke just to see a glimpse of our Lord's prayer life in Luke chapter 3 verse 21 is said as he was praying the Holy Spirit descended on heaven was opened. That was at his baptism, and I wonder when operators haven't ever open and one of the spirit hasn't filled me with his fullness. Could it be that I have yet to be on my knees and if you turn over to chapter 5 verse 16 is as Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed and he got off in Providence drew aside in a breakaway and just got off by himself and spent time with his father. Chapter 6 verse 12 and says he went out and he spent the night praying to God. You know something I don't think I've ever spent the night praying there been times when I was sick. I couldn't sleep in your toss and turn on the bed. Nothing to pray while I'm rolling around in bed but I don't think I've ever done all-nighter just in prayer. He prayed all night and in chapter 9 verse 18 it was when he was praying in private. His disciples were with them and any prayed when he was all alone privately with his best friends. Verse 28 is after eight days he took Peter, James and John with them to a mountain to pray.

As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed made one reason people can't see Jesus in us were not more conformed to his image than we are is because were not spending time in prayer. His face was changed as he prayed in chapter 11 verse one Jesus was praying and his disciples came to him and they said, Lord, teach us to pray, and you know something he is teaching me to pray just by his example and I think if Jesus felt the need. You would think he could just live without praying at all when you think and yet we find him praying alone with his disciples out in public, in front of everybody we find in praying before meals we find in praying at bedtime we find and pray all night. We find him praying in the morning and at noon we found in praying when he's suffering and when he is happy and when he's with his friends and when he is with his enemies, and we found in praying on his face and on his knees. The money standing and we find in praying what is hanging on the cross, Jesus pray when you pray, what your prayer life like Jesus prayed, and if he felt the need to pray, how much more should I pray so Jesus prayed and he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and it struck me that he was looking for his father and he knew that prayer wasn't just a shopping list and listen.

God loves our shopping list so I want to put that down. He wants us to tell them what we need what we want, but our hopes and our dreams are but prayer is more than that prayer is talking to our heavenly father.

Prayer is developing that relationship with him, which is the glory on her knee and so Jesus looks up and they have and I have a feeling is looking for his father's face. He says the time is coming, you know what time it was the start of the cross that tells me it was time that he was going to be under the greatest stress and pressure.

He never known how you handle pressure you now handle pressure.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself.

I want to escape maybe go to the beach or take off somewhere and just try to get away from it.

Jesus, when he was under pressure prayed. Oh, how I need to remember that when the pressure comes on when I'm stressed to the point I feel like I'm going to break instead of getting an extra night sleep, instead of just trying to take off instead of going shopping instead of getting someone to eat and how we do to pray to get on our knees and pray.

Jesus pray and as he prayed. We have a sense of this personal relationship between himself and his father because he begins his prayer and he says father now I don't know what your father is like and needs. I don't think you know what my father is like, but this was a dramatic change in the perspective of God that people had in Jesus day in the Old Testament God was seen as a God of thunder and lightning and fire, the God of not Sonia the God who parted the Red Sea and the Israelites crossed on dry ground in many collapses and destroy the Egyptian army and the God Econo Lodge up in a whirlwind and he was a fierce, awesome, majestic, glorious God, the God of Shekinah glory and nobody would've ever thought the column father and Jesus said there and so immediately you think I wish he hadn't said that because my father was such and such may be your father was abusive maybe abandoned you and my father would be the first to tell you that he wasn't a good father. My father never tucked me in bed at night never fixed a meal, never, never, never ran the dishwasher never played a game with me.

Never read me a bedtime story. My father was absence a lot in my life, but he wasn't there.

He was an absentee father and I want to hasten to say that the thing my father did for me was the model juices and my mother said she would take Billy Graham part-time, more than any other man full-time so I'll take my daddy part-time, more than any other daddy.

It was an accident I got married and had children of my own and saw my husband, father, and my children that I realized what I had met and I didn't have that kind of something Jesus is saying that God is like my father and I don't think he saying he's like your father.

I think Jesus is emphasizing the fact that this is a personal relationship because is no more personal relationship in between a parent and a child. And so Jesus begins addressing God's think of it, the creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Moses, the God of not Sonia and he addresses God as father and he offers us that same personal relationship needs his father the time is come in the time was time for his betrayal in his arrest and his torture and his trials and his crucifixion and his death and his burial in his resurrection and his ascension and the time it come in. He says the time is come see speaking this just sum it up by saying the cross as of the time is come. Glorify me, Jesus said, how did God the father glorify God the son at the crossing, the glorify would be to reveal the character in a way that would be unique. So how was the character Jesus revealed at the cross in a way that is unique. That wasn't revealed in any other way and you know how God the Father glorified his son at the cross. It was at the cross that God revealed that there is no other Savior.

Jesus is the only Savior. There is and you know what if there had been any other way if there was any other Savior. Any other way you could have your sins forgiven any other way you could be reconciled to God. Any other way you could get to heaven. Don't you think God would have found that's and I wonder if he had to shed a drop of his blood for every sin in my life and whatever it was I think it was much worse than we know and you're telling me that there are other ways to God besides Jesus and if that's true, how cruel, how whimsical, how capricious would God be to send his only son to the cross to die like that when there was another way if there was another way God would've found it so I believe when Jesus said, father, glorify your son that he was glorified at the cross because it gives evidence that there is no other way to God just Jesus is the only Savior and then he says that I might glorify you. So how was God glorified by the sun at the cross and Jesus glorified his father at the cross.

Because Jesus reveals to you and me the love of God as the only explanation for why God would've sent his son to die on the cross. It's because God so loved you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you he loved you so much that he sent his own son to die on the cross. Romans 58 says here and we know the love of God and that he sent Jesus, when you were still a sinner you didn't even know you needed to Savior, God sent his son to die on the cross for you if you had been the only person who would ever send the only person in need of the Savior, God loves you so much.

He would've sent Jesus to die just for you. So Jesus glorifies his father at the cross because he proves that God loves you and God loves me nothing. The cross also reveals that's God is a God of judgment that he will not tolerate sin that he is holy and he's righteous and he will judge sin will be held accountable for our sin, but that's for the love of God kicks in, because God loves us so much that he stepped in and he took his own judgments on my behalf. So when I put my faith in Jesus and forgiven and I'm saved from the wrath of God will never come under his judgment, because it's all been paid by Jesus at the cross. So Jesus says father and he calls them in and Jesus that we can count Abba father.

Daddy personal relationship.

The time is come for the most pressure stress greatest actually just split history intuited the cross is come the time for which I was born has come. So glorify me, is the only Savior as I glorify you as a God of love and he invites you and me to share in this personal relationship, something I think I left out in the last session on the Holy Spirit and from repeating myself. Forgive me, but Ephesians 430 says do not grieve the Holy Spirit. We grieve them with our sin, our disobedience on neglect and I had to think about that for a while because grief is a love word is you don't grieve for someone that you don't love and when I receive Jesus in the heart Holy Spirit came in the me that I felt like the Holy Spirit was assigned to me that God just said and lots is received. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, you go inside of her and you stay there until she sees me and he was sort of stuck there. You know and then I read that word methylated minutes.

If he grieves over me, he must love me and when I do the right thing. He rejoices and when I do the wrong thing. He grieves that the Holy Spirit is emotionally involved in my life. And Jesus is inviting you and me to enter into the glory on our knees by entering into a personal relationship with his father and with his dear Holy Spirit's. I can't think of anything more wonderful the relationship is not only personal but the relationship is a permanent relationship Jesus and have come to give them eternal life, and listen to me if you could lose it. It wouldn't be eternal rights.

So don't let anybody tell you that once you receive Jesus by faith as your Savior and and you receive eternal life that you can lose eternal life if you can lose it. It wouldn't be eternal and you could do nothing to deserve it right. All you had to do is receive it so it wasn't of any good works that you did you just received it as a free gift from God. So what makes you think you could do anything to lose it. You can't.

So he says I've come to give them eternal life. When you receive Jesus by faith as your Savior. He gives you eternal life and eternal life is forever his life that never ends. It's not even interrupted by dad death is just when your faith become sides in your eyes are closed and open to the face of Jesus. Six months before my mother moved our father's house, she contracted pneumonia and we thought she was going to move.

Then someone up and spent about three weeks with her and I remember one day she was lying and she was almost incoherent and a little out of it and coming and going and I was just standing beside our just didn't want to leave her and I was holding her hand and stroking her head and in front I felt like a little light was there and she was listening and I said I want to tell her about heaven you nonmelanoma mother mother taught me about heaven, so we just want to give it back during so I said mother you member Westminster Abbey. My mother loves all things English and she loves London.

In fact, beside her bed was a picture book on Princess Diana Tschetter video Buckingham Palace and her video machine and so I knew she loved Westminster Abbey and Westminster Abbey is the Cathedral in central London were kings and queens are married and crowned and buried in other dignitaries a bear. This is just a grand glorious Cathedral as a mother this last year I went to Westminster Abbey and I walked in the door and is very ordinary looking effect is not even is probably about the same door that you coming to this castle and is just a plain wooden door you go inside the door and your NMR section. It's a small, cramped, dark room and the sex I bought my tickets and I bought my God book and I think it would get me through the next door that were going to the sanctuary my God book was going to tell me what I would see on the other side and I said mother.

I didn't see anybody staying in the narthex so excited over there to get looking to their God book and then leaving and telling everybody that been to the noneffective Westminster Abbey.

The whole purpose of the narthex was to make the transition into the sanctuary of Westminster Abbey and mother's eyes were she was listening and I said mother.

This life is like the narthex in his life. We got to get the heaven praise God. We go to the cross and confess our sin and he gives us salvation, reconciliation, eternal life into a hammer to get to heaven we think about God book, read our Bibles and so we know something of not only how to live our life here in the narthex but we know something of what to expect when we go through the other door and into the sanctuary of our father's house. I said mother. The narthex is just a place to make the transition.

But it's not what life is about life is about going through into the sanctuary of our father's house and are supported. You know that she regained her alertness and got better and better and better after that point in what a comfort that was to me on June 14, 2007 at 505 in the afternoon when I saw my mother take her last breath that he was seated beside me.

I said daddy mother is in heaven. And I knew she was. Her face had become side, you know what because when she was a little girl. She put her faith in Jesus and he had given her eternal life and her life wasn't interrupted by death at all. Her face became sides and she closed her eyes and she opened them to the face of cheese, somebody here afraid of death. Have you recently lost love. And people say I'm sorry you lost your mother exited lose on exactly where she is, but would you know what I mean and I'm afraid of the pain and the suffering in the hospitals and the needles and the doctors and all the things it can be associated with this but I'm really not afraid of the moment of death released on not right now. Not that close to maybe but you made when the time comes but but the moment of death for me is the transition from the narthex into the sanctuary.

So it's almost something to look forward to. I don't want to cling to the narthex. I want to be here as long as God wants me here so I can be prepared for what's over there but I don't want to stay one minute longer that he wants me to.

I'm looking forward to going to my father's house and all these prepared for me and I think sometimes were afraid of death. Because we don't know exactly what's on the other side and we don't know who's going to be meeting us for when you have a personal permanent relationship with Jesus.

It takes the fear of death. The way because you don't know what takes place between now and that moment of death, but when death comes, the Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord when I close my eyes here open them to his face, and I know Jesus you normal in my pursuit for more of Jesus not spent my life developing my relationship with Jesus and along the CG's and so tasks were just usher me into his presence.

And I know something of what to expect on the other side, except that the Bible heads even with your best imagination. You can imagine what it's like as not seen mind can't even comprehend is just way beyond human understanding what he's preparing for those who love him. Jesus said the relationship that offering you that I'm inviting you to enter into is a personal relationship and so permanent relationship is eternal. You can look forward to going to have the relationship is not only personal but the relationship is a permanent relationship. Jesus have come to give them eternal life, so he says I've come to give them eternal life. When you receive Jesus by faith as your Savior. He gives you eternal life and eternal life is forever.

It's life that never and it's not even interrupted by dad death is just when your faith become signs in your eyes are closed and open to the face of Jesus. You can look forward to going to heaven now hears and with this final word. When you come to God through prayer, believing in Jesus name you enter into a world of privilege doors open angels attend mountains move doubts disappear, fears fade and the answers. What a privilege.

Prayer is simply talking to God. In Jesus name right. This has been living in the light please take advantage of all the free resources that and Graham to help and encourage you in your walk with God and in your study of his work during this here each week for living in the light

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