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Are You Ashamed of the Gospel?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 26, 2020 4:30 pm

Are You Ashamed of the Gospel?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 26, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/26/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Paul said plainly. I am not ashamed of the gospel or we stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown looking looking friends to the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you. If you missed this yesterday. Hope you had a good Memorial Day phone lines are open. I will get to any kind of question of any from any direction as long as it goes hand-in-hand with something we can help you with your on a forest of foam eyes wide open reduces much as possible with with more folks home during the break trying to be more opportunity to call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is number to call. The earlier you: the broadcast, the better chance we have of getting to your call. So, as always, if I don't have something preplanned for the next day's interview next issue.

If you don't have an interview. Preplanned. If we don't have subject matter that really set up with our our team will will be doing the next day. So at night. I'm praying, thinking about which way to go. The broadcast how political do we get talk about culture need to do updates about the fire is history. Just get scriptural which direction should be go, and I just felt drawn to Romans 116 Paul wrote in Romans 116 for I am not ashamed of the gospel, the good news for it is the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes TLV's is everyone who trusts to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Now we could talk a lot about what Paul meant to the Jew first and also to the Greek, but that's not our our focus today.

Our focus is on Paul saying I'm not ashamed of the gospel. I'm not ashamed of the good news and what's so fascinating about that is if you stop and think for a minute, why would you need to say you are not ashamed of the greatest message the world is ever heard. Why would you need to say you're not ashamed of the proclamation of forgiveness of sins through the cross. Why would you need to say your you're not ashamed of Jesus here. Picture this right it's it's my wedding day March 14, 1976. Nancy and I are married and there some folks that family members they they know me, but they've never met Nancy, this is the first time was at the wedding reception. I said I'd like you to meet Nancy and I'm not ashamed of her. I'm thrilled that she's my wife.

I can't believe that reviving the whole thing is like a dream. It's just amazing. And that's the world I get to spend the rest of my life with and she's wonderful who can imagine saying that if if you're in love with your spouse or this last night, an old friend got to meet our younger daughter he just met my son-in-law couple days early, but now it got to meet her husband. Her her his wife are younger daughter and two of his grandkids. 1960 and am introducing hey want to meet Solis with three so-and-so I say I want to be megamillion, a daughter on the ashamed of her.

Eliana 19-year-old granddaughter not ashamed of her and Andrew 16-year-old grandson not ashamed of him that my son will write you this commotion who would think of saying that, but why does Paul have to say I am not ashamed of the good news.

I'm not ashamed of the gospel. Why, because the good news of Jesus brings with it reproach rejection, misunderstanding, hatred, let us bear in mind that in the Jewish world. This is first for the juveniles for the Greek in the Jewish world this idea of Jesus being the Messiah was something that Paul fought rigorously actually persecuted people to the death fellow Jews who believed initially, he persecuted them to the death.

This was a massive stumbling block crucified Messiah. What they could not be in the scandal of the cross is something very difficult for us to grasp almost impossible roasted to grasp because from our vantage point. This is something sacred and holy and beautiful people wear crosses around their necks exhibited, be like the electric chair, all normal, much, much, much worse, not just a criminal's death but a death that was so despised and so horrific that the crucified victim hanging naked and subject it to horrific suffering and abuse that that you need to associate with it at something crucified, or for that crucified victim to be your Lord. This is a scandal in the Jewish world and in the Greco-Roman world and and that you know the the prestige that came with it in the nobility, and in that the pride of man crucified was what what crucified the Lord what Albany rose from the dead that I can take away the stigma and that obviously was of that they would rejected first hearing was scheduled for the heart and mind. Not only so, to be associated with this Jesus meant suffering for you meant reproach for you meant rejection for you. You know Paul elsewhere commends those who are not ashamed of him in his chains.

Oh we we love to be with the front runners and the winners all yeah that's my team. I like wearing a T-shirt for my team when they bomb out and and and and become the laughing stock of the league.

You don't wear the shirt ashamed of them. You won't be marked if there mocked in a maybe we all yell or leader he so anointed God's really with him. We love this movement were part of this church that if you find out that for 20 years, he's been stealing money for 20 years is been serial adultery for 20 years, he's been like this and believe the Bible is true with you. Not so quick to be associated with them goes to jail.

So when you were part of this Jesus movement you might be hauled away by the authorities. You might be beaten.

You might be tortured. You might be killed. You look like you were part of an outlaw fringe movement at end and just the sting of rejection is very intense. I remember when I was in college.

One day there.

There were some I had a lot of Hebrew classes so I was with mainly Jewish kids and a lot of my classes and this one guy very very nice guy always at the top of the class and in our Hebrew class. He was he was really sharp came from religious Jewish background. So we had a good grasp of Hebrews motto. He was really good memories atop the Arabic class usually discipline a very very nice guy and I never share the gospel with him and one day he was walking with a couple other kids in the class and I was can be preaching that we can at my home car geisha that I gave an invitation and he looked at this and you believe the stuff I said and just smiled and shook his head no and gave it back to.

He was polite and curse me and yell at me, attacked me, but I remember Justin that staying of rejection is not wild and it was so. It was so minor there was a minor and then I analyzed something sometime after that I would.

I would have to take the train into New York City for teaching in New York City or for classes in New York City and it was something I was doing every week and and I get on the train and and always look for someone witnessed was always my policy when I was out in public and around people I did know to look for an opportunity to share the gospel and I can't say how many times I was I was on the train and I had an empty seat next to me and someone come walking by looking this. There's empty seat. They look look at me and walk away. Capital rose like I guess that's not the one and then some would sit down and before they get off the train.

I say hey can I give you something to regionally they want to be by themselves renew newspaper taken a nap. Whatever you know I can give you some reason take it and then I began to think more deeply why did I give it to them at the end and I realize it's because I didn't want to be rejected if I give it to him at the end of this take a stick in the pocket walk away. For the most part and then if you're interested in others' information that they could follow through. But I realize I I did not want to be rejected as a subtle thing, but I rose I gave at the track at the end of the right in my home community where I grew up the 300 families, small community, and almost all Jews at that time in the community and I was just important to me to knock on every single door this time to overcome any sense of rejection. I want everyone to know that I identify with Jesus. I want everyone to know. Yes that is me. I and and and look I was still new in the Lord writing about you shoots the face in presenting Jesus as usual, and most of the people in the community were fairly secular.

I think there was only one family that that lit Sabbath candles. So was it was a fairly secular that went to synagogue for the high holy days, and permits with things like that was a religious Jewish community, but I remember it was importantly not not just to be a witness but to overcome any sense of rejection centered not on every single door.

I do my best to talk to someone tell my believer give him a track and over the years, you realize that there subtle ways we become ashamed of the gospel were you don't say it directly where you try to just be also magnanimous that everyone has a viewpoint of a viewpoint to with what I don't you come in, yelling and screaming at people. This is all a message but sometimes we do in such a way, the soul man be pampered what we don't want to be rejected want to be recognize as reasonable and open-minded and and a broad spirit of true love tells the truth.

Jesus is the only way we truth.

Human life is the only way to the father. I was I was driving someone home one day from high school. Another Jewish guy, not religious and he flips on the radio. He was just that, guy. He flips other raters solicited and his Christian station and there is a guy preaching a hard-core hellfire message is not the way I would've done it but what he said was true and he preaches for a little while and my friend looks misses you believe this and I thought this only one thing I can say is yup I believe it rather well you know I decide what sadness I yup I believe and friends. The power of the gospel is not so much in the explanation, but in the proclamation is the power of God for salvation to these verses are you saying the gospel so think of a comeback.

Take some cause I got some wild clips from Bill here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends for I said in its basic order from TL Osborn with the power of the Gospels and the proclamation that on the one hand apologetics is very important to explain to set the record straight with me in this, and we don't mean this with. Here's a logical reason why this makes sense that this may help you in.

That's all good and I engage in apologetics all the time. At the same time we know that would save some of us the proclamation of the good news and there and that person putting their faith in God in Jesus in the cross in the resurrection, and turning from sin and crying out for salvation that the explanation may get us to a point of listening. But then there must be a response to the gospel proclamation and I've seen over the years with gifted evangelists with people really anointed by God to be evangelists that will preach a simple message simple gospel truth they get overwhelming responses. People come running and flooding to the altar to get right with God because the power of the gospel is the gospel itself that good news that proclamation knelt before them. The phones I want to read a Rob Bell quote to you.

This is from an article where so July 2018.

He had been on the premier Christianity podcast and Rob Bell told Sam Hales why he believes the roots of the term evangelical or quote in resistance to corrosive powers. Violent empire is as I was speaking to synagogue recently and during the Q&A, someone asked a question about code evangelicals. As you know the word evangelical comes from right us ready the target synagogue said no. So I did a brief history of the word evangelical respondent was Roman military propaganda term Caesar conquered new territory and enslavement group.

People probably crucify the resistors then sent sent out an evangelical a good news announcement that of the tribe and conquered the first Christians took this really military term and they co-opted to say no. The world is not made better through course of military violence is made by the sacrificial love Caesar's and making remaking the world.

Jesus is how you remake the world. The roots of the term evangelical resistance to the corrosive powers of violent empire side of the word the sergeants and resistance. Temp argued, co-opted by people were so deeply entangled with and parts all upside out okay what's upside down is what Rob Bell said that's what's upside down.

You may find that usage of the Greek word you on going on right the evangel. The good news the gospel. You may find that used in military context where there is a good news announcement set out with the word especially since used in the Septuagint so the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible is used throughout the New Testament it needs good news is is nothing to do with military power, or corrosive influences or pushback and spas is nothing to do with it what so ever and and either Rob Bell there, who is a false teacher. People say would you consider falsely to. Certainly Rob bells were more influential false teachers of our generation whether he ever knew the Lord, whether he was ever teaching the truthful gospel, God knows I didn't follow him. Years back when he was accepted much more in evangelical circles is clearly a false teacher, a miss leader of people not leading them to the truth that leading them to the gospel, not leading them to repentance. But whether he spoke this based on ignorance and lack of of thorough lexical historical studies or whether he pulled this out because it worked well for his purposes into its bogus out. It so happens that over the years because of my language studies might my major in college being Hebrew. I also took five of the languages and in college which was a mistake. It was a mistake. Better learn a few more solidly or one fluently but then not you Take more languages and in grad school so my PhD along with a Masters or near Eastern languages and literatures ought to say that I really got into the study of of ancient languages and I really got into how dictionaries understood words.

My doctoral dissertation was based on one Hebrew word I've written articles in theological dictionaries, really. These expansive articles we could write a whole lot on one word okay so as of learn how to do that stated at that over the years, accumulated a massive library of of Hebrew dictionaries of of Semitic language dictionaries and then of ancient Greek and New Testament Greek dictionaries. Now, as it would be with everything being digitized. I have everything in physical form and in digital form. So I'm just looking at all the standard ancient lexicons either New Testament Greek or classical Greek all right just looking at the different usages there so you are going, so I'm looking at the brown driver. Excuse me brown driver cost of thinking Hebrew there a PDB this is BD AG Bauer's was Bauer Arndt, Gingrich, Danker. All right, so here's how they define you ongoing, originally a reward for good news, then simply good news.

So originally, it's not some militaristic term that's not how it's borrowed by the New Testament authors write and and when they break it down in terms of New Testament meaning God's good news to humans. Good news is proclamation, then we go to the Del Scott Jones, LS, J which is the number one dictionary for classical Greek is massive volumes of incredible scholarship young Elian reward of good tidings given to the messenger that that's how it says it it that it is is a first meaning, then it could. It other meanings that come out of that good tidings. Good news, and then, yes, it's used announcement of an Empress a session so the Emperor being installed as Emperor. This would be some proclaim. So this good news was proclaimed and it could have Royal connotations depending on the context but is not a militaristic term return that's being used about pushing back against coercion, violence, things like that. I'm looking at a new grill Greek lexicon recompense for good news.

Thanks for good news, good news, and specifically New Testament gospel and it goes on and on from there. And again, like I could go to a dictionary of condition air dictionary that the point is that this idea that the Bissau law in Hebrew, the young Elian Greek was, is, as Rob Bell says the announcement that another tribe had been conquered that it's about coercive military violence and that now the New Testament make a statement. Guess it's just this not true. This will throw that out. I'll come up with those Rob Bell clips a little later, 86634 with that we go to the phone. Starting in Camden, North Carolina Bob, I didn't know there was a camp in North Carolina just to Camden, New Jersey yes or I will go ahead please. I edited two part?

Thank you very much for taking me closer about the number of scholars here recently to sin?… Anyone answer me. Item ecology is not my strong suit, but I know that in the Revelation, it is said that the Ark of the covenant is in heaven.

John saw the heaven and I know that there are people archaeologist in Israel and in the number of different people that are looking for saying that the Ark of the covenant is here on earth.

That's the first part of question. My reason for asking. That is that with the abomination of desolation is that possible, is it possible that that is not a person but an act is to take place is so fresh, that is where it is and how it pertains to be what the sacrifices and things would be done in the temple if it isn't here right so the first thing is what one speaks of the Ark of the covenant heaven.

Hebrews tells us, for example, the nights after Pete Reeves that there is a a heavenly tabernacle Moses in it is told in Exodus to build according to the pattern that he sees so the earthly tabernacle was built based on the pattern of the heavenly tabernacle.

That's why this reference to an Ark of the covenant. In heaven there there there is a a a heavenly model that was in follow his this minister is not a physical Ark of the covenant that was on the earth. It simply meant that it follow the pattern of the heavenly.

So the abomination of desolation does not have to speak about a person, but it does have to speak about some type of defilement, something that defiles the temple of God, so it could be bringing in idolatrous statutes into the into the temple of God or or or erecting a Roman flag and and offering sacrifices to Caesar in the temple or sacrificing a pig. It was empty. Some of different things that were done in antiquity to the temple that could qualify as an abomination bringing desolation or the abomination of desolation so I understand that this had an application to the year 70 where the temple was destroyed and the Romans came in and and did some of these things of which we speak so that the mixing of idolatry with the temple of God, but I believe it'll be a parallel Bob at the at the end of the age where these things unfold. Once again, where there will be a physical earthly temple. And there will be an antichrist figure who does something to defile that temple.I am not dogmatic on that point about a physical temple, and these things happening, but as best as I can understand Scripture it's the future. So your point about could be some heavenly thing or just the spiritual thing. Not I think that the context does speak about a physical temple in the defiling of that physical temple through a specific act. It happened in the past and I believe it will happen again at the end hate.

Thank you for the question and take a look at in sufficient Hebrews 89. You see more about that that heavenly pattern heavenly tabernacle.

Thank you for the call will come back to explore because of the number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to be with you. Can I encourage you to check out my website asked Dr. Brown.Ward we've posted or just go to YouTube SK DR Brown posted a very important video where we publicly call out the lies and misrepresentation of Lori Cardoza more is only after repeated attempts to speak to her privately and others reaching out to try to speak to her privately. I mean some some real bad stuff and really opposing the good news of Yeshua going to Jewish people, especially in Israel even in Hebrew with Israelis during the broadcasting and in addition to that, just outright lies about my friend Ron can tonight.

Honestly, I think you know me well enough to know that I lied about all the time and it just comes with the turf, but one it's going to hurt Jewish people hearing the good news.

It's important that we respond and pray for for Lori's repentance this is taking just a really dangerous August and you'll see the video you understand why we took so much time to address this also got a new article upon the stream right respond to a a Harvard psychologist who says that belief in the afterlife is a malignant delusion, and yet he he says people just don't take this life seriously enough or they believe after this I see quite the opposite. CRS I sent them a link.

Did he respond to me to be twitter following so you chance he just passed by board didn't think I was worthy of a response but maybe when we get what we shall see quite 86634 to before the phones Rob Bell was on Oprah and was asked outright about the gospel in perfect opportunity to share the message of the cross and share the message of universal sin in our need for Savior, and the beauty and power of the cross and redemption through his blood, but that's not what he said so let's listen to opera first and then we go to Rob Bell is my favorite. Actually, this is really the essence of what the book is talking about Eisai when we talk about God. Page 121 were talking about that since you have however stifled and faint or repressed. It is that hope is real that things are headed somewhere in that that somewhere you believe that you believe we as a as a culture as a society is a world right ultimately headed somewhere. That is good. While so what book with a talk about not even sure of the Internet.

In any case. In any case if if is there hummus Creek. I didn't see us. I was reading some quotes are so the the thing that's so bizarre is that God is defined as a feeling of the inside, the things are going to turn out good.

I may paraphrase, I somehow remember reading in Proverbs. There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death that I somehow remember reading in Proverbs. Also that everywhere. The man's right in his own eyes with the Lord ways. This was somehow Robert Jesus saying that that the the way is narrow and and and that the gate is now the way straight that leads to life with the path of destruction is why I yet Rob Bell's book what we talk about when we talk about God, the it is funny that she's quoting him he's like yeah that's discovered curious there but here is the Rob Bell answer okay I got it out a tech conference last year. Yeah, they had asked the coming of our religious and front-line of gas was 2% of people raised their hands. Families later getting Ryan Stevenson toxins as lawyering works in South with young men who have certain that on the wrong end of the justice system. He gave his talk about justice that Andy quoted Martin Luther King was quoting someone else, and he finishes with us tomorrow.

Our universe bends towards justice and give him a standing ovation. So this is sort of the nexus of technology and design in education and learning and innovation. This is not crowd. Yes and 2% would say our religious guy talks about the mark of the universe and yes yes like there's an intuitive if I give up on the most basic impulse I have that there some point, yes, I kind of what is left. I just find it fascinating the US is that people just don't call it religion you evaluate, the moral arc of the universe Bending to justice. That is what your spiritual life your life is supposed to be about.

It is this sense that that don't tell me the best days there.

There is something within me. That tells me there's a reason to keep going even if that's the Antonino that's all you have you have something Jensen prevented her art now there might be a word for half of the sentence and what was just said that I might agree with partially first. What does that have to do with the gospel with this have to do with God. With this have to do with truth.

With this have to do with redemption. With this have to do with repentance.

With this have to do with getting right with God was us have to do with eternal life was nothing, nothing, and if the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice. That's big trouble for the human race. That means we will be judged by a perfect God one day that is big trouble for the human race.

The idea that God is basically like. I feeling good about the future and things will get better. Who does not like that message. Who would not like to hear that message at end you have any could be considered as religious opposites.

Terminology is being use their okay if you asked different questions. How many think there's more to life than just the material room. How many of you believe that we can create ourselves that we been prettier and sense of destiny, purpose, numbness, and that's equivalent to quote religious center. Many many different ways, this question and in people, some spiritual and religious all okay.

The bottom line is this. This is heresy articulated meaning no idea what's in being said and it is nothing concrete that can return you to God as opposed to some entity of how I feel Ira. I remember talking to someone and this is not the only time this happened was so distinct I was talking to some English all I'm a fervent believer in God's in August. I believe I'm God. What wonderful wonderful what deception you know this guy little God in all of Boston hey Mengistu, you're saying because he knows who you are good and in you. Did you get if you express yourself and if you feel that you do it because love and if that's the message of hell. That's the. The road to destruction the broad road that leads to distraction. That's what that is in the shame of it is that Oprah has a massive audience in Rob Bell a large audience and with your teaching will lead people straight to hell or at the least. People are on their way straight to hell will never find out there on their way straight to hell and some of our contemporary code gospel preachers don't help them much either. They pretty much just make them feel better is on the way to hell. That's not the gospel, 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to the phones we start with Becky in Washington. What do you want to fire dark brown, and I also wanted to thank you for your curtain and record it. I really enjoyed a broadcast question I have today during the day at home. Things pretty much in mid-March or here. I've been doing a lot of reading on the story of the early church of the first century church and how you know how they basically where the church in in the home, traveling around Paul and his missionary journeys and different ones of the apostles and how they met in the home and how that pretty much kinda changed after 380 read and about 1545 with John Calvin and Calvinism movement, which was what I read was pretty horrific and and that you know the word was pretty much limited reading of the Bible. Stone, a target the Roman Catholic Church in prison.

People burn them at the stake and mistakes conform to their way of doing things and so from from what I was reading the church pretty much for 17, 1800 years have had stuck to the structure of one person in front everybody behind and kind of the counter like you know mama bird feeding our baby to come with open mouth that equity you know took my understanding you know what 18. Lord wanting a strong and equipped church, wondering if we Christians to endorse our way of doing things with this seller yet regularly but let me respond and let me say that that depending on who you reading they're going to paint certain things in a certain way and that, in other words there positive stories to be told are negative stories to be told there certain things that are just neutral history so you want to want to read is as widely as you can to to get to different perspectives right but for sure. The early church largely met and in homes because that was what was available and those that did not have a recognized organized religion. They did not have buildings that they met in, but we also know in the book of acts that they would sit like little birds around mama bird or daddy bird in the temple courts and the apostles would teach them. So where you had that opportunity. Just like everyone would sit at Jesus feet you would do that so I have no problem with large gatherings, as long as the one we don't think of the building as the church is the people who were the church and that number to the primary meetings we have are outside the building. The primary activities we have are in homes and when with another. In effect, Becky. I want to stay right there and I'm gonna send you book as a gift called Revolution in the church revolution in the church so Howard, when you get a second guess Becky's address I will send you this is a gift called Revolution the church challenging the religious system with a call for radical change. There are certainly a lot of things we do today that reflect more business model. The pastor Morris like the CEO of the company as opposed to a and an organic body with leaders helping lead equipped and that organic body is now going out and doing the work. This is of that we must learn through this and in fact it if I change the subject. Howard, I was in my new book when the world stops so Becky this I wrote during the virus so Howard can ascend when the world stops to Becky. I have a chapter in the book called what is church and how do we do it we must seize this moment and and and realize that we cannot just be dependent on big corporate gatherings must be more organic working in our communities, leaving in small groups together edifying strengthening each other every part of the body being activated so Howard said Becky when will write back. Does yours.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I think I'm going to wait till tomorrow to give you some coronavirus thoughts updates hundred thousand Pasa hundred thousand more exact accuracy of it has affected a lot of people. The lockdown affecting people in many ways even more what's right what's wrong. We haven't talked about this for a few days but I gobbling tomorrow for staff the broadcast would do that them get a great interview come you in the second half of the broadcast and good news. If you have not yet ordered when the world stops words of hope, faith and wisdom in the midst of crisis. The Kindle, so hundred 91 page book with the Kindle version is still on sale for just 499, so you'll find this super relevant 10 years from now. After this crisis, it should still be relevant for believers. But if you have in order to get go ahead and take advantage of that 86634 let us go over to Ohio. Francis, thanks for joining us on the line of fire sprinkler Michael, I have a different question. Try to hurry up and command. My first question is about the holy communion. Why should I receive it on the time because recent emails confronted by pre-shouldn't function a lot. It's just that's just a Catholic doctrine that you don't want to issue it because it's the literal body of the Lord. Forget about that. That's not nothing biblical about that. So throw that out okay yeah I because I do.

I believe that people are incapable of holding God body and the pre-only that, that was bad theology and also I know that prepare kind of hesitant to put on the time because the current buyer situation is the essence of Francis. I appreciate the reference that the Catholic Church has towards communion and the reverence of the priest would have towards it, but I simply say it's it's on biblical and went when Jesus said in John six she my flesh and drink my blood. You have no life in you. What that was metaphorical from day one. He never literally meant and then at the Last Supper, when he took the bread and broke it. This is my body took the that the wind poured the drink.

This is my blood that was metaphorical. Also, in other words, it was never his body was never his blood. It's highly sacred is something of great importance in our relationship with the Lord.

Sometimes the prior aspects of the Protestant church don't adequately emphasize the importance of communion and how we partake in the life of the Lord is as we do that, but know it is it is not literally does not literally become his his body and his blood. It is all metaphorical. It is all symbolic. So with all respect to the Catholic teaching you are you are right in terms of what you're feeling there so thank you, Francis. I appreciate the call but without us both your questions together. Was there something else yeah I had another but if it's okay you real quick. I have okay I'm a little bit more liberal than my parents regarding out right here if you want to live that way but I have a hard time because you know in my religion the that like that the group that rule and I'll be two different law regarding how should I live my life on the Catholic viewpoint yet so so Catholic teaching is in harmony with Scripture on this that that sees same-sex attraction is something disordered. It's not what God intended it certainly may be what some of us felt for years then asked for.

This is just it is though it's it's it's natural for them to be same-sex attracted is its me to be opposite sex attracted. That being said, innocently, homosexual unions, same-sex unions are always wrong, and simply on-site in the society. People make the choices they live, how they live. My objection is when something is imposed on us as can be reposted our kids or we have to recognize something is marriage that we don't but in short, the Bible is very clear that God made men for women and women for minutes. That's never ambiguous, so we love everyone and other only clashing one another. Right right but but in terms of of you, but human beings clashing. Henceforth, another people kill people every day right there strife and hatred, but the way God established marriage was union of one man and one woman.

That's what he established Jesus reinforced it. The Bible consistently speaks of homosexual practices as sin.

Can I encourage you to watch something online. Francis I think if I was very helpful.

All right delete go to YouTube and type in Sean McDowell it's SCA in Sean McDowell and Matthew finds Sean McDowell. Yet McDowell MC DO W EL L right Sean McDowell and Matthew finds VINES Matthew VINES not written a lot on this as well, but II think if you watch this. It's a very friendly and fair discussion about homosexual practice stronghold true biblical view Matthew holding to a revised view Sean McDowell MC DO W EL L Matthew finds VINES. I think that'll answer a lot of your questions.

If you still have further questions feel free to write into us. Francis right and keep reading the Bible.

Keep reading the Bible and go in the direction that you read in Scripture. Thank you sir 866-34-TRUTH hey Terrence over on YouTube thank you for donating $20 to pay for the book for Becky God bless your ministry kind of you. Thanks for partnership there. All right, let's go to Jeanette in Durham, North Carolina. Walking to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Dr. Brown wrote the book you bought Dr. Fred antic right.

I love it. All good guy and I'm so glad not afraid of the antichrists I'm so glad not. Yet not really. I am cleaner, underdog at the point of listening to a profit in New York. He was sharing them about this coming Sunday is light Pentecost. Under Jewish calendar is that true or how it is so severe is that here's the deal that you have the dating for Passover in the Jewish community follows a lunar calendar, so it is a right yeah so that's going to change my ship out yet on lunar calendar. So that's going to change. It's easy to shift more each year and ended the church ended up following a different calendar so Passover and Easter supposed to happen at the same time, but often they they don't originally, they would've happened at at the same time so in the Jewish calendar, which today this is a 26 or two days from now.

The 28th is Pentecost, or the feast of weeks on the Jewish calendar of the church calendar. It's this Sunday. Okay so on.

On the the Jewish calendar. It's the 28th on the church calendar it's it's this coming Sunday, so there there they end up being very close, actually. This year the Jewish calendar and the church calendar also.

Thankfully, it's all happening around the same time but basically there's 50 days between Passover and Pentecost. The would-be of the Christian calendar between Easter and Pentecost. And it it all depends on him when these things are dated hey thank you for the question and the biggest thing is the not even the physical date as much as our celebration of what God did at this time and the outpouring of the Spirit and it's often a time when people really pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Hey thank you Jeanette for the call. I appreciate it.

Later that a caller looking at the clock and noting time is short, do I have right yeah little more time Orlando a high point dive right etc. hey Brown doing well thank Orlando quickly field with a switch church where I go to it. All mammalian and I'm on farm equipment, bulk like that and going till the end of the millennial yellow case I the millennial it's explaining forming yeah sure okay so when you put the word the letter a in front of something that often means not the opposite. So CS is someone who believes in a personal God, an ACS facility doesn't write an agnostic is someone said you can't really know the word gnosis is knowledge or pathos feeling that someone who is apathetic. They don't have any feelings about so the millennium speaks of a thousand year reign of Jesus on the earth right which we understand if we are pre-millennial. We believe that Jesus will return to the earth before the millennial kingdom right that he will raise us up to be together with him and that he will rule and reign over the earth for a thousand years. So he comes first. Right before the millennium and then the millennial kingdom. The millennial the millennial view says there is no literal millennium. That's why it's no literal millennium that it is speaking rather of the spiritual reign of Jesus over the church now and at the time Jesus will return. Now I disagree with that for many reasons.

It's not a heresy. In other words, it's not. It's not like a cult view or that that you can't be part of the church, but it denies many promises that God is given to Israel, which will take place in this world and it also has to really put your some parts of the Bible at Revelation 20. Would speaks of the thousand year reign. Sinding bound it that they would sable Satan is bound now it's like four years. It seems it always bound is pretty active and were told to resist himself millennial. These there is no literal millennium that is a spiritual reign of Jesus is the end of that time turns post-millennial release of the millennial kingdom will come about through the Christian gospel and that your churches millennial. I am premillennial]

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