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The Amazing Story of Craig and Medine Keener (Impossible Love); and The Irrationality of Anti-Semitism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 7, 2016 4:30 pm

The Amazing Story of Craig and Medine Keener (Impossible Love); and The Irrationality of Anti-Semitism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 7, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/07/16.

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You know Craig Keener the scholar to the unit B. Craig Keener, the manual also meet his wife, Ms. Dean and their story impossible love stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown okay II know that it is thoroughly we have some guests that joining me momentarily, but in a Jewish it's not primarily a Jewish subject, but this is the one day we could get them on the air and I said boy to get the two of you together to tell your story.

We need to do it and is a have a heart for Israel and the Jewish people. We are going to make Craig and the team Keener honorary Jews today.

There you go, this is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you for the recall is always 866-34-TRUTH and that Joey let's just do this in this opening segment before I bring Craig in the team Keener on so Bernie Sanders first Jewish presidential candidate to win a primary is one, what seven of the last eight over Hillary and he is in nominal Jew, meaning he is not a religious two or anything like that of all candidates to make some of the worst Israel related statements leave it to Bernie Sanders situate Freddie Sanders, the Jewish candidate of let's listen to what he had to say this goes back a couple of weeks but it ties in with the more recent statement that he made a transcript from his meeting that audio from his meeting with the daily news editorial board early this month. Let's go click number 12 is on with CNN's Anderson Cooper Monday, March 21, overwhelmingly of the United States. Time and time again has looked aside when Israel is on some bad things all I think for example that the growth of settlements in Palestinian territory is not acceptable to me and not conducive to the peace process, I think that the kind of destruction that was wracked on wrecked on on gossip during that war was way above what needed to be done for military purposes.

A lot of civilians were killed a lot of hospitals and schools and and and apartments were destroyed above and beyond what have to be done there you have it above and beyond what had to be done and all these civilian casualties and Israel wage and irresponsible more of let's listen now he speaking with the daily news editorial board, this is April 1.

But it is not April fools. This really happen. Click 13. I'm just telling you that I happen to believe anybody hello manic center of my recollection is that I think it's probably high. We can look at that I don't have a my understanding is that hello hospitals like you.

I do believe I'm alone in Israel's fourth morning. Aside from the fact that his statistics were completely off. It would be much like me saying I forget all Bernie Sanders is a cities like I, 406, but that exactly in front of him is is that exaggerated, but the fact is that from what we can tell, although all civilian casualties or are grievous for wars that were fought.

This had some of the lowest percentage of civilian casualties and recorded modern warfare so carefully.

The battle was waged and yet the Jewish candidate bashing Israel. No surprise though, to tell you the truth.

Another kind of radical left mentality right we come back we come back to be joined with Craig and Dean Keener their amazing new book impossible love true story of an African Civil War miracles and hope against all loss will be right back file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown some years ago I was was made an honorary redneck for the day and then I was ministering in the Bronx couple years after that I was made into an honorary soul brother. So today on 30 Jewish there is an line of fire. We are making Craig and the Dean Keener into honorary Jews.

Now Craig and I have been good friends for a number of years now and I I own I guess at least 10 or 11 of Prof. Keener's books. Bosch this is the first one I read cover to cover. Impossible love and in this book. I got to the Craig Keener way. I've never known before, and got to meet his wife, Ms. Dean in while I mean in a way I never knew her before dyspnea from a distance and of you say how come you haven't read Prof. King's other books cover cover which is only 24 hours in a day seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year and only 70 years in lifetime and just the footnotes think if years to read through, but this book was I'm telling you I couldn't put the book down. Even though I knew there is a happy outcome. I was a little further, but all intention of suspense.

It's an amazing story. Craig and Medina.

Welcome to the line of fire out what what a joy to have the two of you on the air let's let's do this. This book tells your life stories from critical moments and then as you first got to know each other and plenty of the agonizing missed connections and the horrific suffering in Africa were Medina was in the struggles they Craig went through here in America and then God working amazingly through all of it. So Craig wanted to start where you'd like in the story and then we'll go back and forth just like you do in the book of the story of impossible love will start on your and Craig Michael Exley Lord. The road is written story of each of our life and all of her life to him in this case I guess we were just editing it down to capture a couple of the main threat that it would be an adventure story and a romance story but then the publisher wanted me to edit it down the 45% more than we could be sold very inexpensively and it is it is pretty inexpensive on in form but I I edited down and I entered toward the end of it I really know it is a romance, but it is limited to romance story about meeting me but the romance story even more about God and his love for us and in the midst of hardship and its incredible story of how God bring strength and its weakness and that even when we fall short or worse circumstances around us. Take away all hope, God continues to move Medina begin to tell your story from Africa tell us where you're from and describe what was happening in your country. Some of the turmoil that you live through him from Congo to have practically Congo by Belgian and then my little Republic of Congo that was colonized by French Hill what was happening Civil War in the South in an old and we found out down the middle that will running for ally and texting depending on God. Leaning in God to get to that. And every day and put what happening at that time and in is is you and your family suffered, that we can't relate to this in America you live in our country now, and I know that you care about the poor in every country in their silly suffering in America but when things got really bad for you and your family in the Congo. How bad was it paint a picture for us.

Well, we where only elderly not have enough food we ate one day to give you an example. I remember the day we went pounding heavily because someone was kind enough to take today God and we collect a field of a and got the company brought it up lately with paying but pounding it and we go inside look at Lake and we didn't know what Outlook we have to make it a patient with my 50 to know whether we were going to eat are not as you look at what we do big. I told her we need to have children to feed people who lack think we have to keep going hungry, but we cooked it. Amazingly, really good. Everybody liked it but we knew what what back and we did not like it very much to show that look hot and have met and we do not hope we do not food. I mean, we had nothing different between usually the name that is called for people who are refugees on country. It internally play at people I keep at it long though we call them rickety. The difference between Iraq and the refugee refugee camp but that we can have access to anything active to make and we can have access to blanket the food we have to spend 4000 and depend on God to affect for those with Christian away praying we were also exposed to table it or people who will common rob you of her to Dallas tonight and only on the run because when we to a village and it was not faith we had to go to the next back of the neck village so we basically can actually be war flip-flop our feet when mythically well and tired to give you a picture of what looked like inference in the book the pictures painted more visibly and again this is something that most of us never live through and in the midst of it divine intervention. Miracles prophetic words supernatural direction that's that's the only reason were telling the story today not Craig up back in the states. You were a married man. You tell the story in your book.

Your married man your your wife betrayed you. She committed adultery, and yet you for gave you such reconcile. You were taken advantage of you did what you knew how to do to forgive but your life is being torn apart what what happened in your own heart. During that time Craig before spring. After she left.

The left over a couple months I just love them for gave her and her friends husband that she was running off with but eventually" but but my heart was shattered. My fate was decided whether to grant your daily with all I could do was cry out the name of Jesus over and over again and then after Dr. couple months I found myself praying for the guy that I will pray for you, but I wouldn't doing it the right way. I was paying the godly killing and the spirit convicted me because it's not fair.

I turned down a paying position in the big church that pastor smoker. Additionally, couldn't pay me anything I I I I turned on a national scholarship to go to Bible college where he didn't have a scholarship like I might I'd never kissed another woman except this woman that I married. I I've been faithful to you and your timely in the circle that was in that time. If you were divorced or whatever the reason you had no ministry and ended in on your telling me that the man who took over from me that the only thing that mattered to me might might family my wife and my ministry. I can even aid and and it was like a moment of silence to depend on. It was hard to hear God's voice, but then in that moment I felt God speak again and it was like my child Elijah was a man of my passion for you when he said God just let me die better than my Jeremiah was a man of my passion for acuity that curse could be the one child of God, not because that what you made the national government of God because I called my great fish can over the next couple years fighting this back brace houses jumping right here right back with Craig Keener to be amazed to hear how their lives intersect plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown promised villagers.

There is special broadcast today. I've made my friends Craig Keener honorary Jews for the broadcast we can focus on their book impossible love. I'm going to continue this interview right up until the top of the hour and were putting it on a CD for you and this is only available through our ministry. You can get the book impossible love the true story of an African Civil War, miracles, and hope against all odds and the CD of her injury. About 45 minutes long for just $20 postage paid also be helping us with the radio ministry and outreach to the Jewish people should order this is by phone only 1-800-278-9978 or as many copies as you want. 1-800-278-9978 the book and CD of the interview. That's 1-800-278-9978 all right up back, back to Craig and Dean Keener. I referred to both of you as friends Aloma Dean. This is the first time we've ever spoken. I've heard of you. So much to Craig and then reading the book metal did I get to know Craig better, but I really got sick to know you and can't wait to meet you face-to-face. One of these days that level that will be a joy are all right.

Dean, how did you and Craig first meet. How did your lives intersect. He's a professor in America. Your in in Africa ultimately earned a PhD in France.

How did how did your lives intersect. Okay, I feel it can't get and I headed back to back to Christian fellowship and looking for a place black and connect with other young people who love the Lord. I have been a part of KB which is other name that we gave in the Francophone world about interactive Christian fellowship so I went to the meeting that evening and the person you want again with crank.

I remember thinking wow he was pulled off the honey. I could be that love the Lord was devoted to God that it was then that I didn't know that at that time Craig was struggling.

The devil that was going on. How I met him and tell you the truth I really like the Bible a little bit too late. Yet that letter Craig, did you notice Medina in the first meeting. Oh, I definitely notice pleading and the one thing in my journal that I wrote down about it was that she was pretty that that was the first time we met, but then also in the meeting we had little disagreement I should go into that business beginning. You might say because the anyway I know you for each of us would be sharing in the graduate University group about special things that we could contribute from our own areas you know and and so I was talking about speaking in tongues which was a precious experience to me. For people who don't like speaking in tongues. Don't blame me, it's not my fault for the first time it happened to me was like two days after my conversion from atheism. I was worshiping God and I spent that only God himself could give me worship worthy of him and it started coming out in another language, and I I didn't know that there was a name for that just know figure God about the languages so I went ahead and but it was a very precious experience to me over the years and may Dean had had a different kind of experience a different kind of background where people try to force that on her and so she can react against that and I thought she was again speaking in tongues and so I will know we want, we wouldn't make it together and not just with this is like a after the after the years the divorce is already going throughout the bad but I I so you got to know each other little bit. By the way when Nancy I met I was 19, my wife Nancy were both 19, she somehow ended up in our little church service as a hard-core atheist completely resistant to God. The gospel washers are in the building who knows but she she happened to look up and see me. I was standing in the front of the building and she said to herself I would never go with a guy like that so I rather love at first sight, so that was a over 40 blissful years ago are all right met me Dean.

So, the two of you connect then did you agree to stand touch sure write to each other once she left the country what was going on between did you think there could be a relationship here there. Craig has now moved on with his life as much as he fought the divorce he had been abandoned and betrayed. Covenant broken and he was now feeling and going on with his life. What was going on from your perspective on my part, I expect myself gradually became friend just Kevin Campos and Laurent. I know Craig when we will have to think about meeting the things like that and then when I left for friend.

We continue to correct bond and I got to know Craig better. We wrote to each other. Occasionally he will call me at knowing what making a letter back by calling me and now talk I talk a lot that I really got to know Craig and like really. Not only I liked him back like God was in so I told Craig about it, which I will not, considering that I am. I'm from Congo. It took me a lot of courage to open up and say what was going on inside me to crank and I was praying and waiting for him to crank tell you how much you got we got about a minute. I have by the way, we are just beginning to unfold the drama here again I'm telling you, I wish I reading the book I wasn't to just come along and if I didn't know it was a happy ending. I would've been pulling my hair out amazing but impossible love but Craig a minute or less. What about your side. She recalled the ministry because I figured okay after would've been through. Even then, I try to make sure the hearing somebody who I felt was God's will and we had been calling Thorne after she recalled the ministry well. She said no but she was doing open-air evangelism. She was doing dorsal evangelism. She was doing, offered through the leadership team church the help plan and but she said no and I thought well you know we would be compatible she wants. I my commitment to reach the world for Christ and so I said well we better we better not to proceed with this and then listen friends. I'm Craig ends up receiving processes that are because while describe the Medina family supernaturally preserved in the Congo, they can't reach each other. The book impossible to get the book and the CD of this complete interview that's going to continue another half-hour $20 postage paid one 800-7899 78 Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back to the line of fire. I'm speaking with Craig Keener, the amazing book impossible love story of an African civil war, miracles, and hope against all odds of what what struck me and and their their amazing endorsements from from scholars from from apologist from healing evangelists for. I mean wide range I eyed the privilege of writing endorsement. Dr. RT Kendall said this, I was not prepared for how compelling this book is as all the ingredients of a spy thriller that will keep you turning the pages. Most of all is the testimony of the power, faithfulness and glory of the living God, Craig and Dean remain friends and now are in active correspondence and even speaking by phone but somehow Craig and Medina are not connecting in terms of the relationship that God has for them and along the way.

There is a letter that expresses a loss that clarifies a lot that somehow gets overlooked a Craig wanted to start that part of the story she would not call the ministry but actually she went on to explain what she was doing, which I would've considered ministry likely open-air evangelism one, but when I when I thought were the letter was going to skip ahead to the end and somehow I didn't come back to the middle the middle and so I said well probably the Lord really is within me. I really liked her a lot and but I felt like a cave.

Better to be cautious and maybe baby so change my mind but but she said she didn't try to change my mind this K will alluded an and in the midst of all this and I'm not trying to get the chronology perfect year. Medina goes through a hellish experience. She's married to a man who ends up being violent, being involved with other women. It's an absolute horror ends up abandoning her and her son and she's going through a living hell and her country is now being ripped by Civil War Medina. What was your life like your family fleeing your father sick people that you know dying houses being ransacked your own son. Sometimes at the edge of death was sickness what's going on in your own heart life and how did you make it through that. Very difficult time talking to someone yesterday just talking about the fact that there are trade dark under when we come out that we rotated and we are grateful to have them back.

That was a very dark place for me. I mean I had all kinds of things going on.

I played for people to die, I die. I got it for why I mean I think I have known you.

I have been working with you and not only I discovered that man and married to had married another wife and children out and what looking into marrying someone out in, polygamy is allowed back.

He went ahead and fed. He wanted monogamy to did not tell me the truth about that other aspect of his life.

It was hot but I find myself running for my life praying for my family. It was very hot and then something happened on I will run from one village to another. I knew where we were going because I see my way when I can find my family had something sinister like there stay right there will be right back and find out what happened.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking with Craig and Nadeem Keener understood honorary Jews were the day there book incredible love story of God's love for them and how love from another perseveres impossible love. You can get the book exclusive CD of our interview together today just $20 postage paid call 1-800-278-9978 all right, just like the book a real cliffhanger at the end of the last segment Dean your you're in Africa year during the Congo, you're literally foraging for food that there the roads are deadly. Travel is difficult because the Civil War you are going to a village where you previously knew there was food and something important happened back to okay I going and I was bleeding about 20 people Become unstable and whatnot pay for dictating as I'm walking.

I started think we went sledding with water. Acute live

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