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Dr. Brown Confronts the Social Madness and for the Advance of the Jesus Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 11, 2016 4:10 pm

Dr. Brown Confronts the Social Madness and for the Advance of the Jesus Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 11, 2016 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/11/16.

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Just as we told you the world is going mad all around us but we have an answer. We have a response stage for the line of fire, your host, activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi I hate to say I told you so. I hate to say we been telling you this is coming for years and years, but it's clear the wars on the war against religious liberties. The war against religious freedoms.

The war against moral sanity. It's on the good news is I sit here as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst society chaos in the church. All too often and compromise the good news is that there are enough believers in America. I mean genuine followers of Jesus I mean people who really believe God's word to be true. There are enough of us here in America that if we simply with God's help and grace started to live our faith out if pastors and leaders took an took took a no compromise position and said I'm not here to entertain. I'm not here to be popular. I'm here to equip you and strengthen you for battle. We could see America shaken we could see a great awakening Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcasters number to call 86634. Choose 866-34-TRUTH 87884 of yesterday during the day.

I just felt prompted to write an open letter to Bruce Springsteen and open letter to Bruce Springsteen because of his cancellation of his concert in Greensboro, North Carolina.

It would've been.

Yesterday it would've been Sunday. He canceled out because of North Carolina's bill, HB two, which is a public bathroom safety act wrote a gracious letter to him saying in his desire to do what's right. He has done. What's wrong. It is going viral can read it by going the Read it and share it with your friends. Now, rockstar Brian Adams has canceled out a trip to Mississippi, a concert in Mississippi because of Mississippi's religious liberties law and the and the a the National basketball Association has given North Carolina 30 days talk about bullying were giving you 30 days to change the law otherwise were pulling our All-Star game from Charlotte North Carolina. Next year, and the NAACP has threatened sediments citizens if the bill is not changed.

We have warned you this was coming. We have warned you that there would be all out bullying. We have warned you that those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. We have warned you of the intimidation tactics we have told you these things were coming. We lay them out in detail. Years and years ago I looming six months ago, but I mean five and 10 years ago we were addressing these things and laid out many in detail. So now that it's unfolding.

I'm grieved on grief for America, but I'm not surprised the question is, what will we do, what will we, God's people do. How will we respond is not a matter of hating people is not a matter of lashing out against people.

It's a matter of doing what's right with firmness with truth and with love backbones of steel with hearts of compassion are you with me. Are you also saying enough is enough. I want to make a difference. What can I do 866-348-7884 how you feel about this about the NBA's threats I feel about PayPal on Cuban work in China and Saudi Arabia, but not not coming to business in North Carolina with Emma Brian Adams canceling his concert to talk about all this a lot more 866-34-TRUTH error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown.

This is Michael Brown. Now I might just gotta make fashion regarding Springsteen. I got saved and 71, so I heavily followed the rock scene late 60s early 70s I was in it. I went to the concerts, played with a band they got saved, so II know so I know the names of the Bruce Springsteen a new name like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana's other groups are in or whoever. The groups were but but if they were after 71 if they were in the later 70s if they're in the 80s or 90s or to thousands of heard about them, but I don't know much about so I candidly, I would not of known that that was Bruce Springsteen singing but I know his name is a very very big name.

This is older he still big and he explained that he was not going to come to North Carolina with apologies to his fans he he he viewed that he reviewed HP to the public facilities privacy and security act that our state legislature let legislators passed and the Gov. signed into law despite tremendous backlash in his view, the bill's court and attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country is made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress. He added that it was time for him as Banquo to show solidarity for those freedom fighters speak of transgender activists and in the end of the statement with these words. Some things are more important than a rock show this fight against prejudice and bigotry which is happening as I write is one of them is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards and that his guitarist Stephen Van Zandt has likened HB two, so the ship of the North Carolina bill.

To quote an evil virus that is spreading to the United States in the form of similar legislation. So let's let's first understand something when when when you have a state like Mississippi saying we want to protect the religious liberties of people in our state. We do not want a forcible so this will happen in Georgia. We do not want to force a pastor to perform wedding of two miniature women if his conscience forbids that of course is no-brainer. Always it's a no-brainer who would differ with that the NFL threatening Georgia Hollywood threatening big business threatening so so now you're saying you you can't protect religious liberties if if if you're a photographer Christian photographer and someone says hey were having this this Satan fast this horror Satan fast related issue because the hike entered is a violation of life which leads to their free practice that yes their free under the Constitution to be saying this, and we're free to say sorry will participate right the same thing in a thousand different areas that were violent or conscious all but if it's if it's two men that want quote married in your Christian photographer you're supposed to say okay I throw in my beliefs I throw in the fact that I believe this is simply because I throw in the fact that I believe it's a marriage at all. I am opposed to meant to smooch and hugging all this in the right lighting notes a violation of everything sacred to me about marriage and family, and gender on a sacrifice that now that's madness that social madness and no one should think for split second that it's fair to impose that a person of faith. Whoever they are. I don't think it's fair that that if you went to a a gay T-shirt maker.

They make all kinds of logos and images and say hey I want you to make this from Leviticus 1822. I want you to have a logo of two men holding hands in the X sign over it. I say okay I can do that he should have the right to say that is that what you do you bring business in Ralphs. That's your prerogative and tell your friends not to go there that your prerogative and in the Christian photographer that's not going to shoot the gay wedding this that this there prerogative and and if you like to take your business arouse. Tell your friends not to go that this find this we operate. But by all means you must protect the religious liberties of individuals and businesses in churches when it when it comes to HB to that was not the main focus was a subset. The main focus was bathrooms. The main focus was keeping bathroom safe saline on. Here's an 18-year-old just had was 20 years old just had sex change surgery there on hormone blockers growing up. They were born biological male but they had sex change surgery. They've adjusted their birth certificate and they look like a woman and you never know they were normal, but we never know you never know right no one standing outside that the bathroom section of your birth certificate before going there but when you have a man as I asked Bruce Springsteen. Okay, let's say you have a guy who's say 6 foot four used to be a football player and struggled for years with his gender identity always felt he was actually a woman now is is on hormones, but he still very clearly a big man everybody knows is a big man, but he wears a wig and right address and must use the ladies room. Okay what about the eight-year-old girl that's seat she's in the library. The bathroom is right down the hallway that the girls room moms is okay. Just want to go down the hall whether your big girl now you know what to do and she goes in there and and mommy sitting there watching and then the man comes walking what he tell the drug almost. He's very confused. Was he's actually a male to female pre-RP no, that's not fair to the little girl. So what's the guy to do if he chooses to to where that outfit and feels that's being true to himself, then he's going to have to go to places that have single stalls or notes just are unisex just one rumor to anyone can go in there and you close the door. Whatever sets a hardship. Yes, it's a hardship that you can impose his struggle on everybody else and risk traumatizing kids and then I asked Bruce Springsteen how he feels. If his wife are daughter there in the YMCA there there using the, the locker room. There they come out of the shower stall.

They've got towels wrapped around themselves, and here's a guy's not a sexual predator right he he's the 6 foot four former football player wearing a dress and white and now he's he's in the locker room there in his underwear and they come look at is that fair to them and the other ladies, how can anyone possibly think so you gonna penalize you are going to penalize the the the children that the women everybody else. Now let's go one step further, under current law. If that man walked into the bathroom the library and or silicates.

A server you can't use that. That's the ladies room. No one actually woman sir, your biological male you can't use the ladies room, a very sorry okay but you can't do that if if you overturn this if you go with the radical bill that the Charlotte city Council passed. You can't do that in that case, the guy can just go walking right in what how can you tell the difference between that guy who's not a sexual predator whose in genuine internal agony over his gender identity and who actually feels it's important enough for him to to dress like that. Okay and and and take take all the flack and problems that can't exist between him and the guy who's a voyeur. When you have these laws in your schools. You're telling me that you don't know a bunch of high school guys who wouldn't use these laws and would use these rules to access the ladies room say hey identifies girl so identify this week how you keep her mouth on what basis you have an interview at at the door. The bathroom not let's say productivity to really trust in them.

What is really transgender is at all a matter of just what you think what you feel would you perceive if that's the case, then how do you make laws based on that check, check out Mike my latest video is about the man believe is a woman, but now who believes he's a female mythical Dragon has had nose and ears removed and tongue forked in this watch the video asked her to run as Kd are brown on face on YouTube. I'm just asking simple questions, and these are the questions asked Bruce Springsteen and then I asked that the NSA went when you put the concert in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Lawson article.

I would just as they are today public facilities people use the bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to the volatile sex. Why then did you agree to come in the first place. Why cancel a concert with things they are just what they were six months ago. Sure read this and share with others. We come back I'll get your feedback on all this, 866-34-TRUTH will talk these things through. So I'm going to the phones next right here on the line. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends, for joining us on the fire. I grab from the clip number for Joey this is Charles Barkley NBA store Cinderella CNN to discuss his views on the North Carolina legislation. Now it turns out that there was an article purportedly from ABC news on the Internet that we saw and then posted that said, the NBA had given Northville on a 30 day ultimatum and if they didn't change the laws there were going to pull the All-Star game, etc. they would not stand for such intolerance and hate.

Apparently that article was a hoax. Yes, Debbie has expressed his displeasure and threatened, but apparently that article is a hoax and we just posted something from the Charlotte Observer to that effect volitional Charles Barkley had to say no is a black person monitors any form of discrimination against wise Hispanics, gays, lesbians, how we want to phrase it, how I and is my job for the position of power that I man been able to be on television. I'm supposed to stem up for the people who can stand up for themselves. So I think NBA should move the All-Star game from Charlotte why okay here. I like the fact that Charles Barkley who used to say it and and by the way that the the site was a legitimate site we posted the article's legitimate site but it was it was a hoax. In other words, it was put up as a legitimate site and and we did.

We saw no immediate repudiation of it either. By the way, but just it just getting word out there if it some bizarre site. We check that this was a legitimate site. The whole thing was done as a hoax, though, to look like that site Charles Barkley many years ago the player's inhaler, not a role model. I appreciate the fact that Barkley has now said that he has position of power is going to speak up for the underprivileged, and so on but but but hang on Charles. Charles don't you care about everybody else who's not identify as transgender.

Don't you care about laws that open the door for sexual predators that could prey on women and children. Don't you care about the religious liberties of people that those are our most fundamental liberties in America. Our country was founded on a degree do not care about them and there are plenty of options for those who identify as transgender.

They do not have to force their struggles on everyone else.

Plus, shouldn't we be looking to help them rather than celebrate their problem.

Should we be looking to help them is that what compassion does 866-34-TRUTH out to the phone starting enrichment know we will start in New Rochelle, New York Tony walking to the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Brown, shalom. I want to thank you for your platform and I encourage you to continue. Just clarify something for me. Jesus once said that money was removed or a devoid of all evil speaker activists to get your Elector able to answer who is funding the homosexuals, the premises movement in America. I remind you that Hitler never became Hitler a fleet at the politics homosexuals of done the same thing. So am I to believe that everything is being cast for them is because they have found homosexual legislator, what is the problem in America. There, we cannot honor a heterosexual holy Jehovah God hears and thank you for the kind words and the questions you Paul wrote 1st.1st of the six that the love of money is root of all evil or all kinds of evil. And here's what's happened at gay activists have been very shrewd and what they've done. Gay activists have, for example, worked hard, the human rights campaign puts out was called the corporate equality index and they rate companies based on how they respond to gay activists, goals, and they become influential enough. Basically they said, look, we have a lot of money in our lobby. We have perhaps more expendable cash than others and and we are good customers and we are good workers and their companies so you want to make sure that that your favorable to our to our cause. So it became something of stature to be rated well by the HRC. And if you are not rated well than you were, blacklisted or looked on negatively. So they have gotten big business as corporate allies and then they have made this into a politically correct moment that they have hijacked the civil rights movement and made this into the new civil rights movement.

Gay has become the new black silk because of that what's happening now is it there's tremendous pressure on those who want to stand up and do what's right and it comes from big business and then it comes politically also.

Because this is the hot potato that if you don't stand for gay activism you're going to be called a bigot or racist or homophobic or whatever and and as a result, it goes badly for a night there. Here's the whole problem in a nutshell, Tony, the large number of conservatives in American particular conservative Christians have been relatively silent. If we need to gather took our business to the places if we together took our business away from certain people's actions were offensive. If we together spoke to the NBA and the NFL in these others, they would not have much to say because they care about money. The bottom on also not super nasty is just don't PayPal with what you did. I can't in good conscience continue using our ministries actively looking into replacing PayPal with a good Christian alternative so all we have to do is just you know and conscience we can support this and things would return dramatically right.

Listen, friends, I'm to continue to take calls into the next half hour so and David Sabrina, your next out to all my dear friends in WMC a W AVA FM remember to keep listening online and asked Dr. on your cell phone if I can keep this up for another hour and 1/2 in your computer on your tablet or you can catch the broadcast later in the day. The whole two hours ago I asked Dr. and clicking on latest broadcasts okay. We got a great response to special announcement last week so we are continuing this week only just about three weeks. My newest book, the grace controversy will be out and you can get a collectors edition.

From the first printing signed numbered copies. So for example if your order number three order number 68 or 100, whatever, it'll be number it's only the first few hundred number assigned it to you with the Scripture reference, I love that opening day when I got the books stacked on my desk and each name to sign for reference and for you and I answer the 12 most common questions I get asked about grace, grace, a person does the Holy Spirit convict believers of sin does God see us as righteous as it needs to be under grace and and not the law of God requires anything of us as believers house at Grace and Anna on super practical and will ground you in the beauty of grace and the best think is $20 postage paid for this collectors first printing edition, call 1-800-278-9978 or as many copies as you want. This gives the names signed, 1-800-278-9978 ago to ask Dr. Fred SK it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Looking back to the line of fire.

867884 yeah there there is more and more outcry against Mississippi more more outcry against North Carolina and praying for our legislators to stand strong for the governors to stand strong and and look Gov. Mike pence in Indiana understand to be a fine Christian man and one the many ways he cave last year and other legislators cave last year when they came under pressure from gay activism. It was mind-boggling.

I mean within days of complete capitulation. I said for years. This is the unspoken matter of gay activism. We will intimidate and we will manipulate until you capitulate and only need his Christian leaders individuals conservatives people conscience elected officials to say but I can capitulate that simple as that simple. Unfortunately, Indiana caved Gov. of Arkansas caved Gov. of Arizona caved Gov. Virginia caved in terms of bills that can be passed if if they understood the rev. George, if that. They just stood things look very very different. F course for things are far from over, and that the greatest issues as an awakening in the church and the rising standards with among God's people that affect society as a whole, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Madison, New Jersey, and thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown on. When you turn and try religious freedom tactics began in Indiana. I was totally outraged over there something fundamentally wrong when basketball game and Angie determining my religious freedom. The only thing I could think out on it when that happened was I saw pictures of Catholic nuns and rabbis when they initially try to get this law Walk-through.

I thought to myself, what are these nuns and rabbis what's going through your mind that basketball game and Angie's list of determining my religious freedom of the outbreak.

Fundamentally wrong, you're absolutely right.

It's absolutely outrageous and what happens is sometimes you have liberal clergy and they are not holding to the truth of Scripture. They are not holding to the historic orthodoxy of their respective faiths. They think that they are taking the cause of social justice by standing with the oppressed LGBT community. The fact is you can tell people you love them and care for them.

The fact is you can be a good neighbor and a good friend in the midst of your differences. You can have a lesbian couple, that's your neighbor and you can say hey you were Christians and this will set me you hate us know we don't believe your relationship is marriage but that's between you and God were your neighbors if you ever need anything, just let us know. We're here to help you love people. Everyone is the same in that respect. Everyone needs the Lord, but you have clergy, sometimes in and they are so liberal there so so distant from the Scripture or from the historic faith that they think somehow that there there doing the noble thing to recognize LGBT activism as opposed to saying listen. The biggest issue is, is freedom of religion. Our country was not founded on on sexual freedoms. Our country was founded on religious liberty and freedom of conscience and speech settlement basketball game. Determining my religious freedom is that it is not like that.

The threats are out there, utterly outrageous and that someone is gonna threat the NFL is going to threaten to remove Super Bowl from Houston Texas when not consider Atlanta Georgia if they have religious freedom bills or bills that keep bathrooms Immokalee safe. It's outlandish and yet if politicians in cave to be businesses for its debts of the sea, we must vote the wrong Pete out and vote the right people and encourage Christians in these industries file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire. I believe I believe Christians will stand up for what's right.

If legislators was that of what's right. Elected officials will stand up for what's right, God will bless those states. I believe that I believe that he will honor that. I believe that he will stand with righteousness and and I believe that there will be growth and progress as a result.

Look Charlotte did not have these gay activists transgender activist laws on the books 6 months ago they did not, and yet Charlotte was what may be the city number three in terms of the most forward moving economic cities in America and I believe seven of the top 10 on Forbes lists of of of said businesses cities moving forward economically. A 7/10 did not have these gay activists transgender activist laws on the books so was Italian tells you can do just fine. And people can do just fine without them, and let every private company set up whatever they want as their own customs in-house 866-34-TRUTH Oswego, Silver Spring, Maryland David, welcome to want to fire thank you so much atonement during Solomon when you teach this course and educate us in the sole precinct number one number two on this whole position I'm handicap been handicap since the 70s and prolonged time we work as you know, not in the mainstream and we have a lot of difficulty now. I go to dictate your business and I have a female attendant and end at the airport was God for putting unisex bathrooms that think this issue because now I have helped going into the poster trying to find my way into the bedroom with the woman attending the I think that sometimes in our country were way too like pictures and we really create more hate and love should be out there, and perhaps the answer is something that you when you gotta go, you gotta go with not meant to be like to this issue.

Focus on what has to be done and not just make sex at the forefront that selector yeah David and thanks for pushing forward these these these many years. You know I and I I I did not park in the past and handicap spots. If you are running somewhere and that was a close one. I didn't do it, but I I would never do it. Once I heard a handicap person so you know sometimes where the lesson was to get those spots because of his spot by the lowboy. Yikes. So I mean there is there's a whole world.

Sometimes I'm I'm in a hotel and you know I check in late. So the room I have is is a handicap room. Things are lower down.

You've got bars and things are always the quality of struggles.

I can't relate to struggles you go through, so from that perspective, sir, what you think is the solution you have lots of smaller places of business.

They don't have the luxury of having 1/3 bathroom or something like that you think we should try to do that to say hey even a transgender is different than someone whose legs are crippled and you know that's a physical condition transgender for the most part is what some of this perceives that if you say okay, they have a different type of a handicap or different type of issue we try to have a unisex bathroom and then that solves the problem and what's which are counsel and that my wisdom would be that last part of the starters and many small business now that are opening up with unisex because of a handicap issue. Your win-win post making one that contentious we've made so much contention. I was only thinking of so many issues that are greater than this one that we seem to ignore the waste time on this for the sake of what what is the greater good and the greater benefit yeah and you know I have my handicap and and people make choices and have to live with that if it I don't know the answer for them, but if there's an easy fix without everybody hating each other and doing stupid stuff, but for stupidity, leaving the not God centered have a problem with that. Yeah, see the problem here of course is let's just say you want to say this is legitimate transgender the person generally believes there say woman trapped in a man's body. There's no way of distinguishing that person from the heterosexual predator uses the laws loophole to get enzyme in the lonely correct and that the position of the lawyer that I would put proposed why you would not support on the ridiculousness right and then the other thing is okay. At what point do we draw the line in in in other words, if it's all perception is reality and I know there are some people with biological and chromosomal abnormalities.

It's a whole other issue in a whole other handicap to address but for the most part, the vast majority of cases you're dealing with people recently perceive themselves to be a certain thing so I get a video off about a man who perceive yourself to be a woman now perceives himself to be a a female Dragon so as to how the what we do for them. You know that what what room do they use it so it's imposing a burden because of something undefinable and untestable. Rather than say okay look, if it's important to use or to wear a dress and wig and that's important to your sanity and your identity. There are consequences to know nobody should be able to beat you up. Of course, she should be protected and and but if you want to teach in the nursery school, a Christian nursery school is a know that the four-year-olds that would be a little traumatic for them. Okay you made the choice to dress like that and you have to respect the liberties of of that school and it wouldn't be any different then a Christian wearing the cross of volunteering to teach at a Jewish voice. It will actually we we know were juicier.

The cross is offensive that's that's totally their prerogative to do that but you look whenever we can have a situation that helps someone who's weak we do it. Someone struggling we do it, but the last point at and David, you mentioned how litigious our society is there is a case for example this is not isolated in Georgia there was a woman who gave birth to her child that after giving birth. She felt that she was male sold the child's mother now became the child's father and then the child at about the age of three. Let's it was a boy began to say I'm a girl so kids eight years old in a rural school in in Georgia and wants to now use the girls room wall that traumatized some of the students and of stepparents of this tell you what. There is a unisex bathroom for the faculty is just is just a single private bathroom. Your child can use that bathroom and the mother/father said no, no, she must use the girls bathroom and that is the outrageous overreach of the activism, 86634 we go to Sabrina in Washington DC.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. Very well, thank you. I tell you to be very quick. I would really want people to pray for her chronic all you know and get back to get out that anybody in their right mind would agree with anything nobody particular at okay I feel like it today and I'm going to go into the girl after I locked everybody and I don't having anybody and everybody marking it you want it greatly. You don't know what you are and you can't verify agree what you're trying to get right or trying to figure out how to be improbable. Anybody else out if you really care on women back from the limits going to bring it if you click, you don't know what you are and work on it and allow the people to meet with out know that people now I am a wanted bathroom NP you know it really be clearly okay to go about pedophile Opera preferred moderate okay and your help and your help. Going there also women who been raped and there flipping out this way we we do understand how traumatic it is biological now and you know he's he's not a predator offers.

I was there terribly uncomfortable anyway with a male in their know I got granddaughters that are 15 that are nine they would be terribly uncomfortable with the present biological mail and then look at the University of Toronto. They they have these inner unisex bathrooms and all the stuff of showers and know that they stopped it because guys recovered and there were cell phones and holding him up over the shower stalls to fill the girls what you expect when you expect to bring its madness. Yes, we need to pray for the leaders of North Carolina, Mississippi, stand of others by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. That's a apparently pretty popular rock star and canceled his concert in Mississippi.

He should read my open letter to Bruce Springsteen and of course the emphasis in Mississippi as religious liberties in North Carolina. It's bathroom locker room safety, but I know these people think they're standing up for the right because what they're doing is completely standing up on the wrong side and sin against the very fundamental liberties that made our nation what it is 8663 freight 7884 friends. Please make sure that you connect with us either by social media or by email blasts were writing 3 to 5 new articles every week, 10 hours of broadcasting every week and choose three symptoms for new videos every week relevant material and adheres the best thing you can share with others might my Bruce Springsteen article. For example, just on on on the screen website since it came out yesterday afternoon soliciting 24 hours ago. It's been shared.

Let's see just on that website. The 25,000 times so it's getting out. I can be your voice of the video about the man who became a woman than a Dragon that God posted what last night and it's been viewed on our YouTube channel. Over 5000 times already. You can share this with others.

So go to my website. Asked Dr. Brown ask if you're around our Lord saw free right through the that the giving of our torturers are multi-supporters and generosity of individuals to help us were able to put all these things up for free and and and produce them and put them up for you, so your support is invaluable if you're blessed by these resources help us you can amplifier voice you can multiply what were doing. Instead of reaching 10,000 we can reach 100,000 to reach 100,000 which are millions that originally reached 10 million on Facebook of one week we reached over 50 million people just on Facebook because with another one shared little and share little and commented another one pass this on another one liked and before you know it is having a revolutionary impact.

So by all means take advantage of these resources shared with others. When you go to my website if you want to get an email blast to three times a week that it's okay, here's the latest articles, videos, resources, sign up there special announcements are there as well. You see little email. I can't connect with us unsubscribe on YouTube join us on Facebook or twitter all the icons there takes a couple seconds to fill them out to connect 866-34-TRUTH out. We go to Boston, Massachusetts candy. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Hi topic okay right now thinking about women's shelter. We make it a big deal to separate men and women but now were allowing man, even if they drafted man look like men to sleep in women's shelters in the women's dorm just because they identify have email, were fighting them back okay 10 digit GU you involved was when shelters I am yeah okay see what you're saying now in Massachusetts as a man comes and even dressed as a man and says identifies a woman you're required to let him stay with the women in the mill after in the form So as to sleep with a sleep and to use the same bathrooms and showers and then an evening of the women of a product company. Yesterday there uncomfortable situation not heard because legally we can't deny that person a bad start, like your fighting elements to defend one group to write, but how about the right of the women that are in that shelter, that uncomfortable situation overlooked. They're not comfortable for good reason.

It's not like you got a bunch of white women say we don't like Blacks you got a bunch of Blacks who say we don't like Asians. Note that you're talking about a a women's shelter for women. They have enough issues. They have enough to overcome. They probably been abused enough to now that a biological mail and okay number one how how can you distinguish the genuinely confused man who thinks is a woman from the sexual predator or from the boiler who just wants to go in there check out the ladies. Or maybe you know they're there. Easy pickings ever really been abused. I mean it's it's an absolute madness, thinking of the kids growing up in a ferret computing you know you try to explain to children of Christian what it is that we stand for and are so computed by piety and what they think global event and all around them.

It is scary. Alan Dershowitz was on CNN the other day discussing the North Carolina bill than Ferguson conservative radio host was on their and Ben Ferguson was just a look of the men don't going to ladies rooms is pretty simple.

Alan Dershowitz assumes brilliant lawyer in Harvard professor was not so simple.

Also, all the hospitalizations when the baby is born. It's a boy it's a girl or the ultrasound. It supports a girl music. We have no idea really don't know… It's in its and then an area for five or 10 years when they really know. Maybe they still don't know I'm in its societal madness suits candy you're saying that you have no legal recourse right now we currently have to allow them to come in regardless of what they look like, and in the they don't have to show you any documentation or not they say Carol I'm a female in my bed. You have to allow the what and this is something that this is not theory. This actually happened and what have the women said all the women that will come down and playing in the airfield. Then all you can say limit and others.

Nothing really. We can do legally. We cannot tell that person that they can't prepare storage in a woman's shelter. That's why have a men shelter and a woman's shelter and and you know it's the most wild thing of all candy.

Let's just say that someone had money and resources that you know what Anna have a transgender shelter for those who identify as transgender. There be an outcry know that's trans phobic and they really are women and they should be able you mean that's what would happen, that they went out and that would make more think about what you can be comfortable wherever you are making people around you uncomfortable. I know what they want to fight for you know their comfort in being accepted that will not to think about other people that aren't okay with that and are uncomfortable in our making people not feel safe and for good reason for this, and there uncomfortable and in some cases for good reason. They don't feel safe. You do not impose the hardship of Satan's three or four people out of a thousand on everyone else. It's almost like saying you got kids in school and these kids in school there.

If 100 kids in school, but there is one who is blind so that everyone has to use braille and they have them out with their eyes closed because what you're saying here is the struggling man is now going to have his struggles imposed on all the women and open the door for heterosexual predators candy.

We need revival you need awakening.

If you haven't contacted mass sure they know about this and will do our best to publicize this around the nation.

My bottom line today. Do you believe me now cultural Revolution. Just as we told you the world is going mad all around us but we have an answer. We have a response time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I would honestly rather be wrong. I would honestly rather say boy.

I thought this was going to happen.

That was going to happen and it didn't. And I am so glad I was wrong. The fact is we have been wrong. The fact is fact is we have warned for years about where we are what's coming next. And here we are. Things unfolding in front of our eyes. The good news is, as I have been a voice to warn you of what's coming and what we are now experiencing the good news is that I can also be a voice to encourage you that the tide can turn by the grace of God this is Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution my last call in the last hour my last call in the last hour woman who works at homeless shelters okay. She works at a homeless shelter in the Boston area of Massachusetts, a women's shelter so you have a men shelter have a woman's shelter. Why to keep men and women separated and many of these people have been abused in some cases they are abusers. Note homeless people in song with every kind of background and hardship and often addictions and things like that so you need a bed man over here. Women over here however it this is this is a posted by National Center for transgender equality hard, which is Housing and Urban Development right Department of Housing and Urban Development Mrs. government. They have told homeless shelters to respect self identified gender. This was just confirmed to us by by the, the woman who called in our last caller. So what is it mean it means you have a women's shelter. You have women who are homeless.

Certainly many of them have been abusively many of them have been attacked. Certainly many of them have been victimized by men specially as homeless women. I'm sure there's a disproportionately high number that have said they've been abused, etc. if a man walks into the homeless shelter. He is homeless.

He identifies as a woman. He is dressed as a man, or he's dressed as a woman, but everyone can tell he's a man and he says he identifies the woman you are required to give him a bed. You are required to allow him to share the facilities bathroom shower development with the women.

What about the rights of all the women what about their concerns doesn't matter that is the insanity of the situation today and what you do with young people and older, but will focus on young from a woman who identifies gender fluid in there for one day girl the next. Both the next and neither the next what category are nine categories. You put them in or does it literally change by the day there young people national public did a whole reported this a few years ago and I've quoted it often. I have it at length in my book outlets to get revolution with young people are pushing back against the binary gender there pushing back against the male-female categories there pushing back against the adult establishment and some change pronouns by the hour and some make up pronouns and some say this is true this is true high school students. College students don't call me here she call me tractor only identifies human I would just post to say all yes of course will make a parking space for you then if you identifies track my own my own life that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am delighted a glad to be able to serve you, equip you, strengthen you and encourage you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 is the number to call to get in the conversation.

If you consider yourself a trans activist or trans ally is simply transgender person feel are missing the point, or not sufficiently compassionate. Your situation or misrepresenting things. Give me a call if you consider yourself gay or lesbian activist or ally or sympathizer or simply someone that takes issue with me on this. By all means give me a call 866-348-7884 so I wrote an open letter to Bruce Springsteen yesterday someone on Twitter said once you do it.

I thought maybe I don't know. And then I saw the band member of his said that bills like HB to a North Carolina the bathroom privacy act that that there like an evil virus spreading through America. The just liberties bills as well like an evil virus so that felt right and came out very very naturally and quickly and looked at it carefully. Make sure the tone was right and express things adequately scented out is going viral. It's it's getting shared on numerous websites and getting getting a lot of attention. If you haven't read it. The easiest ways to and read the article it's been shared over 25,000 times in the first 24 hours just on that one site alone share it with your friends. I believe it will speak to issues with clarity and listen. I've written stuff now know who's gonna read it and then heard from people read it and I was surprised I was surprised by people who read it the other day I was doing during radio and a caller called in from Boston and he was bemoaning the situation he was in his wife had left. I think an affair is an abusive relationship. They got a divorce. He was given full custody of the children, but now now his wife was fighting to get custody back because he was taking the kids to church and teaching them the Bible and a judge said that he couldn't do that absently outrageous what so happened that someone from the governor's office was listening and heard that and and got hold of the man and said they were going to help were willing to help you. I've I've written open letters and to my surprise, your people have no access to sports star something else.

They have the right is somewhat hard to write. It's instructive to write. It addresses the issue and then been pleased to see some people that would be surprising have read it or its being discussed. Her action is being taken or not taken so this is how I can serve as your voice and if you're blessed by what we write.

Share it with other same with the radio broadcast. If articulating things for for helping you share with others might. My goal is not to entertain.

I hope the show was enjoyable. My goal is to equip if I was a pastor my goal would not be to entertain you and turns into a Christian country club might my goal be a race of spiritual soldiers, women of courage and faith in love with solid families who can go out and make a positive impact on the world. That's what were here 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we go to Steve somewhere in New Jersey. Walking to the line of fire ducked around outlets to start issue. Thank you for always.

You're right on point.

I was I was watching yesterday video on the guitar player from Bruce Springsteen fan and I think he was saying very disturbing and when you look at media TV and music tonight and what the portion on and on us and you know I have two young daughters that I'm raising on and you know they want us to think a certain way. It's like they want our kids to be computers, but it's a heavy bombardment Stevens kids grow up even in Christian homes and with a hearing. The schools with the hearing social media with a see on TV.

Hollywood is is so one-sided, often fictitious exaggerated that when there so bombarded by that and then often they get 10 times more exposure to that stuff than to the gospel or to godly values. Yet we need to recognize the moral cultural battle were in… Think for minute. If all TV was racist if all TV was degrading to African-Americans and and and treated them like jurors and and bought into myths about white supremacy, etc. and then social media was all over that we'd say hey kids were shut off the TV here ever get off social media because that's ugly and that's sick and it's destructive when you have things celebrating homosexuality, celebrating transgender is him bashing the gospel bashing Christian values bashing Christian liberties, painting, false, misleading pictures hey we need to look at this the same way and the countercultural essay. How can we pour good into orchids, which is loving everybody in caring for everybody. How can we pour good into our kids and and get them away from all the trash because otherwise influences tremendously powerful.

Talk about the current know you want to goggles and not like that it does not acknowledge I was a heroin addict years and why Lord you know at one time I thought that you know you don't like limes before do not work not change me and it got me thinking like that mindset nowadays like it. It would say like a drug addict like you know that was a million excellent auto support debate. Well my trunk to be legal and I should be able to do a common public and nonpublic rest at Durham bothered Internet immune account agreement correctly but that sounds crazy to me that I understand you want that look that if the got let let's just say that shooting heroin it's illegal you're hurting yourself and someone can say this to someone who really identifies the swaying side of choice they would make what was to make a choice to make themselves accountable. I am sympathetic to that of gold. I got another relative that that's his situation on the fee if the basic cut me off from communication a few years back I don't know if he went fully had sex change surgery at this point to be in his 70s of but you know that the fact is okay how we quantify this. How do we measure this how we test for. If someone told me personal story.

I did know. Thank you, thank you for the cost even thank God for his deliverance and bring you freedom us so select there is there is a young man, a former student told his story had had no idea about this. Thousands of students, many states and country so those are free of them talk about but he told his own story that the father began to struggle at a certain point in life with identifying as a woman and when he basically put his own needs for these of his wife and family. He he drove her to destruction. It utterly destroyed her life and now he's going ahead with doing what he feels is right okay has intense struggles. I'm not minimizing those I can't relate to them. But the world does not revolve around me and my struggles and and if if there certain ways where my struggles are to impose on others. Then I'm going to have to deal with my struggles because I cannot impose them on everyone else look if if you can only drive 20 miles an hour that's all you can drive can't go on the highway. It's dangerous. Nothing unsympathetic and being realistic.

866-34-TRUTH I would a Richard in Virginia. Thanks for calling on the fire. Dr. Brown hey, good afternoon. Thank you protect my call you all, I have kind of just little situation that I encountered and wasn't quite sure how to handle it had an acquaintance that over.

Time and conversations with a young man that about 21 years old and after period of time he want to talk to us one day in talk when I say them talk about my wife and myself and he told us that he was going to do the transgender change Southeast has started on this. He's going to counseling now and in the process of doing it and this was quite a shock to us that never had this approach before that when semi comes up and hit you with it, you know, and didn't really know how to handle the situation had tried to talk, little bit about some things and about how God created you know man and woman and so this is what it is and even this process now in to try to love is a lot is really is kind of dance to still thought I still stay right there we come back I will recommend a couple of websites


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