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Verses of Violence in the Quran

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 20, 2016 4:20 pm

Verses of Violence in the Quran

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 20, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/20/16.

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What today is national marijuana day.

What in the world is happening to America start to the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown and Hillary Clinton.

If your last night Donald Trump to New York as well, both as expected.

I got some comments on that. Yeah today.

National marijuana day if you didn't know that that's what 420 is about and the my trainer came over today to do workout and to put me through workout and showed me on Instagram Domino's advertising fees for 20 pizzas is not delightful 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What a day in America. Now you know me I tell you the truth I lay it out.

I may get your blood boiling a little bit, but there's always can be faith and courage and hope and strength and confidence because Jesus is Lord. The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. The congregation that he is building but I want to lay out a few things that we are sober minded all right yeah good day to be sober minded for 20 good day to be sober minded in the 1960s when the counterculture revolution was at its peak and the generation gap suddenly broadened in America and there was chaos and upheaval and rioting in all kinds of things taking place that the crazy things happening at the Democratic convention and 68 and then of course with the tragic assassination of Dr. King and the rioting that followed with outrage in shock over that and just a lot of people in society from many many different angles, some forward progress in some areas but otherwise just regress backwards onion backwards. We went to places we never been before now. People were talking as if the sky was falling as if Jesus was coming at any moment. But what he didn't. He didn't, however, which did happen was this the culture shifted dramatically. In other words, we should have been saying this is a critical time, but many preachers and teachers got things wrong, especially in some camps were all caught up with the all the signs of the times Jesus coming in a minute right here. No, that's what we got wrong but we got right is this is a critical time because America went through a major cultural shift and we have been steadily going in the wrong direction. In most ways since then.

Hence national marijuana day in the state that we are in today so I am saying is we continue to look at the culture, yes.

Sound the alarm. Yes, recognize that the urgent these urgent times yes recognize the gravity of the situation but not the panic mode and not an escape mode were out of here any moment what we know is that were here that every generation, up to now that thought they were the last generation.

They were wrong. Every generation, up to now has died a natural death rather than being enraptured out so I am eagerly looking forward to the return of Jesus and the greatest dream I could possibly have is that I would see Jesus return to earth.

In my lifetime. It would not be the greatest dream that you could possibly have absolutely so that's that's my hope and my passion might my hearts desire, but I have to live in plan is as if okay there's 100 years ahead 100 years after that and and and pass things onto the next generation and want to pass them onto the next generation in better shape than then we got things in terms of all the areas were involved in so surgeon time. It's a time for action.

I want to minister your heart today.

I will give you some practical wisdom and stir your hearts by the way you think marijuana should be legalized, just a curiosity call 8663 for 878 840 you think marijuana should be legalized in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We don't have much of the race anymore based on what I'm television set is is just about mathematics and we've learned that other state. As you know, we have 1 million's of more votes consider the girders millions and millions of more votes than Gov. K sick rocket. I guess in certain point the hyperbole gets low but old Mrs. Michael Brown that was Donald Trump 866-34-TRUTH number called since today is being celebrated as national marijuana day yeah loud corporate side, since it's being celebrated is that you think marijuana should be legalized. After all alcohol is legal in certain age, why should marijuana be legal. Why, why have drinking legal note, the prohibition days. That didn't work so should marijuana be legal, but he sank 866-34-TRUTH 7884 so my main focus today but glad to get your input on it. I know how I feel about is a former drug user is someone who smoke pot for the first time in 14 by the age of 15 were shooting heroin know most people who smoke pot.

Do not end up shooting heroin but it's certainly a gateway drug that certainly opens the door to other drugs and marijuana today. As I understand this massively more potent than light smoke that is a teenager note on my story got wonderfully save me change my life.

I was 16 falling joyfully now. When I'm 45 years since then.

Okay the elections yesterday, things happen pretty much as expected, pretty much as the polls had been saying for some time and just as Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas. By the way, with with a lot more votes isn't get some delicate comfort lumber votes in Texas and Donald Trump got New York towards terms of raw numbers, but with up to Chris when his home state, John K sick this one out nothing when his home state of Ohio and Donald Trump when his home state of New York. As expected, that one interesting tiny tiny little tidbit. The ultra-Orthodox Jewish community ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, which in New York is based primarily in Brooklyn. There's upstate communities, things like that but primarily based in Brooklyn. They voted overwhelmingly for Ted Cruz but what I've been told by the ultra-Orthodox friend is that there not a lot of registered Republicans among the ultra-Orthodox Jews. They voted overwhelmingly for cynically limited health of role but just just a little curiosity little tidbit but here's just my biggest take away is my biggest take away when I look at the election yesterday so here is that the vote count is 90%.

For whatever reason it's not true hundred percent to Donald Trump at 519,000 votes, 60.5% and then he got 89 of the 92 delegates. John K sick. I came in second and 25%. So 215,000 votes and to Cruz came in a distant third. 123 991 with 14.4% right so you very very big victory for Chuck Vickery was expected. This is is as good as it could've gotten from in terms of public victory was. But here's the big take away Hillary Clinton got 1,040,000 votes and Bernie Sanders got 755,000 rights. She had 57.9% got 42.1%.

She got hundred 39 delegates he got hundred six.

But here's the big take away the Democrat vote.

There is almost 1.8 million people.

The Republican vote is is a little over .8 million other words, there were in the roughly 1 million more Democrats voting than Republicans and Hillary got twice the votes that Trumka. That was many votes Bernie Sanders Scott, which is way way way way way way way way more than John K sick and to Cruz combined, they combined for a 338,000.

These get 755,000 to more than twice. There's if he's not the race and wants of the Clinton versus Donald Trump should question a New York based on on this she would crush him in New York, which is is good news for the Hillary supporters and vendors for the Trump supporters and of course she she demolished case accrues even more of so just that's the biggest take away when I look at this in the truck victory was fully expected for some time now, and overall.

Interestingly, in the last month or three weeks. Donald Trump picked up a nine delegates and crucible of hundred. Interestingly, just that's that's an aside, but that's just a big take away their and I would point that out an article by Ben Shapiro again made that point as well. As as for the Donald Trump comment that basically it's so over to Cruz they that he can't when know why we love that the case you have to have 1237 delegates. That's half +1 right so you never ever been no place in competition you know and and it's okay best-of-five Seattle wins three at five right three at five and then you know maybe maybe say okay we are plate so you're playing ping-pong or some like that and 1st to 21. When project went by to write have the several rules I'm leading a team to three wife and keep playing because she got gets 21 but there's knowing about you actually think you could you could be traveling 20 zero and score the next 21 points you could do that because you got it struck by this case, if it's 22 because the person definitely got one by two digit rules you might be a boxing match and that you're leaving out all the judges scorecards a championship match S to nothing on it to the call from wife and 512 from because it's a 12 round like the guy could knock you on the 12 round you can lose because that's the way it's plate right manner, crushing us in basketball or Gary were down 90 to 3 yeah but it's halftime and you haven't put the good players on the court yet. I mean those get playful game so the rules are simple.

You have to have a majority it's not who has more that you have to have a majority never heard of a runoff election ever heard of that where let's say you have three candidates or four candidates and and the best candidate to get 40% of the vote in the next get 30% and then the others divide the rest and you have a runoff between the top to kiss somebody has a 50% and and so it knows you gotta have a majority, 51% to two. It is simple right so it's the same thing here.

This is nothing new.

Abraham Lincoln was elected on the third ballot of a contested convention just rolls that's how it's plate is dishonest is nothing behind the scenes corrupt. This is just how it's done in the delegates are basically the people that are involved in the process and unwanted helping set up front for the voting and and when work involved there. There, the one so let's say but said it. Donald Trump had 1150 votes with the Cayman and let's say at this restaurant numbers and I can do it at a profit… Under Cruz had 700 something in John K sick at whatever he had hundred 43 Rubio delegates what whatever okay so now they vote on the first ballot, and let's say at the end of it.

It kind of stays the way it is pretty much the shift isn't big and a little crumpets a few more but not enough acoustics of the bugs were not enough. Okay, so now go to the second round out people to change it so is that a change in order to get over right so I guess okay trumps just about there. He's the man let's motorman rose was a hate week.

No, let's let's all get behind to Cruz because we think he's the man nor look John Kasich. He's got the best chance of beating Hillary and even though he's got almost no delegates let's all shoving somebody's got a ship somewhere to change the outcome.

Otherwise you just keep having the same boat over and over and over. So that's the whole thing of trying to get delegates to the be friendly to your cause. So it's part of the recruiting process not just the voting, but now the recruiting of delegates is just playing by the rules that all the candidates have to play by so the race is far from over here Donald Trump.

Of course continues to be that the front runner and continues to lead in national polls and things that the outgoing Senate Republican, Inc. and confusing it trashed. If you would be compared to two to Hillary Ring Bernie that's this is reality where things are at 866-34-TRUTH 7884 might say to me like what your attitude because you endorsed Sen. Cruz my attitudes by Gabi God, my attitudes on praying for God's will to be done. My attitude is the truth. Triumph the Gabi God. This election may be the judge. America, the selection may be to bless America. The selection may be the reveal of facts instead of the church. The selection may be the turn the tide for righteousness. I will say this, that if the prophecies are true, the Donald Trump will is being raised up by God as a Cyrus even if he doesn't know the Lord is going to do good for the people of God for America and and that's been prophesied and declared in advance of this can happen that will happen with or without my vote is my personal view and if you selected. Boy I will hope those prophecies are true. I will have it will be a great joy and privilege for me to come on the air and say I was so wrong. God has change that man and I am thrilled I would rejoice that was the case till then speak like he's finally continued to work with Sen. Cruz in his campaign and I'll pray God your best your best your plan for America will be like that. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown that Vetter from Pearl Jam show in Hampton Virginia on Monday as they have they have declared that there will not be doing their show in Raleigh, North Carolina because of North Carolina's bathroom safety bill that was passed. So they now join Ringo Starr and Bruce Springsteen and Cirque du Soleil L in terms of groups or individuals who are canceling engagements in North Carolina and Tracy Morgan has said that he is not going to do a show in Mississippi because of that was rocker Brian Adams said he's not going to Mississippi.

I wrote an article if you didn't read it yet. Go to my website.* Click on latest articles and article on the sickening hypocrisy of Starbucks and and an apple.

Read it. It's an eye opener.

Well, the McCrory campaign, Gov. McCrory has fired back now of God north our gun is fired back at Ringo Clooney, George Clooney, right, Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam and others and put out a great note about hypocrisy and selective outrage from artists and Hollywood stars in the conversations of 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 so Pearl Jam is boycotting North Carolina is string in six states with nondiscrimination most similar to North Carolina's. They also toured in Singapore, a country that banned LGBT relationships. Those caulking faces much two-year as much is two years in prison.

I didn't stop Pearl Jam Boston turning in 15 states with nondiscrimination most similar to North Carolina's Cirque du Soleil L train in Russia were promoting LGBT rights is punishable with fines and arrest during the 13 states without discrimination was similar to North Carolina's Springsteen drinking 13 states with nondiscrimination most similar to North Carolina's let's see a Ringo Starr tree in six states without discrimination most similar to North Carolina's trade in Russia.

George Clooney promoted his film in China were gay marriages ban same-sex relationships are censored in the media and authorities are rounded up and authorities rounded up LGBT activists in order to disrupt the plan gay pride parade. Yes, the selective the selective outrage the hypocrisy of it all. It is glaring. Absolutely glaring 866-34-TRUTH 7884 hold the course friends keep speaking the truth. Keep doing what's right. Keep standing, keep honoring the Lord.

We will very soon have a replacement for PayPal on our website.

Many people donate to a ministry through PayPal we we don't want to inconvenience them in any way the donations are essential for the work that we do and the people we support around the world it in in in outreach work so we we have to be very careful but were gonna honor the Lord of people purchasing the resources on our website will have very very workable or alternative for PayPal will be seamless for people since we have that in place will will make that change our website so we we had convictions when PayPal said in honor of opening new offices in Charlotte said all right you're going to do that in good conscience, we can't work with you. That was such a loud and clear statement and action they took were encouraging others to follow suit. Yeah yeah North Carolina not I live in North Carolina and if you're in the city of Charlotte. There is no feel of it being backwoods or anything like that but you know you gone suburban is back words is all time bigots and you're just going caricature caricature one of the leading states in the nation.

Caricature some of the, the, the leading cities in the nation. Caricature people with with a fine religious heritage. But that's that's what people your Mississippi all you people in Mississippi all year. These backwoods people interesting when we go to voters but has an equal vote is interesting how each state in the union has its own particular rule particular contribution to make your yesterday I was talking about people boycotting and so on and and some of the semi notes in Boston.

II thought there referring to the city of Boston saying that they would not let its government paid employees do nonessential travel on government money to North Carolina's ultimate band Boston which I wasn't familiar with.

All right, let's set let's go to the phone's will stands topic for moment Marcus in Boston walking to light a fire. Dr. Brown how are you well thank you I wanted to say I agree with you and about the situation in North Carolina and I think that companies like PayPal are really outplayed. I think that PayPal and other companies of course were taking bent against the governor North Carolina in the law that Bailey put forward. I think they should have an equal span. That's my belief and I also believe of course been bad. Those individuals who do business with companies like PayPal and those other companies.

Of course better siding with PayPal against the government, North Carolina in the law that had agreed individuals to protest without doing business with those corporations with the company you what I think yet. Marcus, the first thing is that I've got a credit gay activists with very, very clever, proactive strategy that really one over corporate America so that key organizations just have to put out talking points and in corporate America just signs off on it. They've done their work. Well, we now have to say hey you know were actually a lot of people out there with conservative moral values and in bullet our money do the talking as well because ultimately that's with these businesses are about is making money and and that's that's why they're doing what they're doing and we believe in a product, but either to make very strongly. I believe very strongly them. Start off very strongly what I'm saying.

Of course, I mean I'm a registered Democrat yeah and I am not liberal as a lot of other Democrats are orbiting the court is the thing is, those only an event becoming something I just need to jump I can't but there's a point that's cross which becomes absurd which becomes bullying which becomes manipulative. Of course, PayPal should be neutral and culture wars.

They are now discriminated against conservatives are not discriminating against people of faith do not discriminate against all those that are uncomfortable with a male in in the female locker room or bathroom there there discriminating of the problem is if we back off on if we block off on everybody you know that we can and live because gay activists have so pervaded the marketplace but we can make selective choices.

I think PayPal is one of them to send a message to Marcus thank you for calling it archer if you're on hold. Stay right there an hour and 1/2 X is a half-hour, for now, I'm scheduled on the air to have a friendly debate with an atheist who wants to defend the Quran, so be sure to catch that later asked Dr. and through the really special phone number jotted down 1-800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978.

I know we had this last week, but if you still want to preorder assigned number copy of my birth grace controversy. I just got my finance copy and it's it's a great little handbook to hold 200+ pages, call 1-800-278-9978. You can still order preorder, it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on the modified member or 87884.

Yeah, it really really read something that Al Mohler Road at its I guess it's it's a statement that so be read like a radio commentary commentary but about young, and transgender response, Dr. Moses. This sometimes a major cultural moment can be traced to just one headline that appears to be the case with the recent addition of scientific American mind quote young, and transgender how Bell's best to help them thrive at least three medical avenues who suggested hormone suppression, hormone replacement and gender reassignment surgery, not for teenagers for children unit 87 or eight years old. This would scientific American might suggest that you Mohler states. Nevertheless, the article admits among children under the age of about 12 cross identify terms of how to dress and behave. Only a minority will continue to see themselves as transgender after puberty ecchymosis that's outstanding at an astounding statement.

The American College of pediatricians have provided some much-needed and refreshing clarity.

They announce quote conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normally helpful is child abuse. Here you have moral sanity that's been so lacking among so many well said Dr. Mohler. We must we must hold to basic sanity and and not disable world's gone crazy around us not to pick don't capitulate okay then okay then the tide will turn the tide has to turn social madness can only go so far, the tide will turn this only so far that we can go with people that their believing there not just the opposite sex of what they are, but believing that there other can about that I wrote about my book outlasting the gay revolution, but I am, more and more people increasing number of people here looking article growing number of growing online community of other can. People who identify as non-human. This article from last year documented this analysis, the gay revolution, why not. So far we can go with this nonsense before we wake up to reality and make me God help the people who are struggling in these things right. We go to Mount Vernon, New York.

Roger walking to want to fire hi John Kasich was in Oak Park last week and later on you to get a couple of videos and one of them is talk into your about about Passover and the blood, and Jesus preaching Jesus great when it may have been crate that it was it was. He basically did because he had no idea what he supposed to say in that setting. I've had the heavenly friends and I know that I don't think he was trying to preach Jesus to ultra-Orthodox Jews. He's not that strong a Christian that is can be the slimiest event thing a fantasy was their target votes and he ignorantly said something as if we have common ground between Christians and Jews which would've been horrifically offensive to the Jews who were there. One of my colleagues in Brooklyn ultra-Orthodox road to midcity will get a single single Jewish vote from that community.

So it was just one of these things he didn't know what to say and he said something that our own highly offensive will setting as a missionary. I hired you much you like it was like looking at the books you know is not you that I actually talked about it last week but have paid from from missions perspective Roger if he did it as a bold Christian witness unashamed of Jesus and he wanted to say hey I believe in Jesus Jewish Messiah. Hey God lesson as a fearless evangelist.

I understood it as a political faux pas as well as all my moment is due. But hey, I appreciate the perspective Roger, thank you for calling error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Capt. highly edited incidents of harassment against some health centers increased nine fold in just one month.

I don't believe that today's hearing is a fact-based objective investigation, but rather it is a taxpayer-funded political attack based on discredited evidence.

I hope it will finally be time to move on. Here was Cynthia Jean Shaheen politician and the senior United States Sen. from new new on my notes knew something new. New York.

No cursing Eric, let's get that love the tough health for self-guided there were she's from. I just looked out of my notes here yeah congressional hearing, congressional panel, claiming that the abortionists incur no current cost for organ harvesting that Planned Parenthood is just making profit from this discussion taking place yesterday and Bill McMorris unfree reporting on it saying Planned Parenthood organ sales are quote pure profit outlets. Since this is basically breaking news the last day and today the solicitor little bit more as we reach switching subjects now but talk about some of the cultural madness. Some of the insanity of the world in which we are living Dennis grab clip number seven in New Hampshire New Hampshire. There we go. She's from New Hampshire.

A clip number seven and then listen to, then sass and sass from the state of Nebraska. But first we go to clip number seven. Let's hear what she has to say.

This committee's very existence was founded on the basis of highly deceptive editing videos. These videos have since been proven to be misleading and false by multiple independent investigations across the country in January after thorough investigations into the videos. A Texas grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood in any wrongdoing and indicted the individuals responsible for their creation and fact.

12 other states have also cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing, and eight additional states have declined to investigate, citing a lack of evidence. I believe it's now time for the special investigations to end what what an absolute travesty of justice. What happened in Texas was an absolute travesty does it matter that one of the key people working with the Atty. Gen. There is has worked with Planned Parenthood in California where they decided to raid the house of the gentleman who had compiled these videos that this sting videos on Planned Parenthood that the process that the one behind that investigation there with the Atty. Gen. has received funds for Planned Parenthood Army just close collusion with Planned Parenthood at absolute travesty and in from from what I've seen and heard. There the facts reality of the videos was verified that they were not edited in a deceptive way when full transcripts were released one full copies of the videos were released that they were not edited in a highly selective way they were evident in a way to get the key material out and if you just got small talk about it. We want to eat for dinner or you know is the nice weather they didn't leave that part in, but what I've read is the opposite of what she sings argosy their different opinions on it. Okay, so Sen. sass from Nebraska could number nine babies are not the sum of their body parts.

Babies are not meant to be bought and babies are not meant to be sold. Babies are just that there babies there meant to be welcomed and rejoiced over held and nurtured. We Americans frequently cheer for the vulnerable.

We fight for the minority. We protect the powerless against the powerful and baby girls and boys are fighting for their lives.

I encourage my colleagues to fight for them and to support Senate 2066. The born alive abortion survivor's protection act activator at the very released, very least start there born alive protection act.

Start there. Sadly, this is something that that Pres. Obama vetoed when he was in the Senate voted against when he was in the Senate, you know, just absolutely horrific.

What's the bill say that if a baby survives abortion a baby survives abortion that you must give it medical care. You must feed it and care for us, Sen. Obama voted against that. That's why warned you that if you became president by divine intervention, he would be the most radically pro-abortion president we've had, sadly, that is been the case, and when it comes to Bernie or Hilary. They could maybe even outdo him again, barring divine intervention that an end-all look I had a great call last week from someone who wanted to justify why he voted for Barack Obama despite present Obama's abortion policy and his position was was a was us a thoughtful position and I appreciated the call despite my fundamental differences and this gentleman said that look doesn't matter who selected you had Ronald Reagan in office for eight years.

Yeah George Bush in office for eight years so Roe V Wade's is 73 on his regular life is 80 so you have eight years Roe V Wade still overturn new Supreme Court justices apply whatever roadway still in a return eight years of George Bush, or years of Republicans in another 816 years.

Republicans Roe V Wade still on the return abortion still happening in a million a year.

Whatever it is, Supreme Court justices haven't turned things around that it does really matter who selected so real vote for someone based on other issues not getting conscience. If I know that someone's position is militantly against the position of the word of God when it comes to the preservation of life. I couldn't vote for that person in good conscience, a clear conscience.

I couldn't vote for that person, regardless of how their being in office would affect things. That's their platform and I'm saying yes and amen to that person and the Democratic platform is a platform of death is. It is a platform that is militantly pro-abortion. It is a platform that is militantly for the redefining of marriage and it is very very week will see what happens now, but very weak when it comes to Israel an end and a pleasure to write an article, Mr. David. But Bernie Sanders has been probably the strongest anti-Israel candidate or I should say Israel bashing presidential candidate we've had any major candidate in my memory is the first prominent Jewish countertenor Joe Lieberman ran but but but Julie was far more conservative than Bernie Sanders but he didn't really have a realistic chance of getting a nomination severity Sanders is the first Jewish candidate with a real chance of getting nomination looks rough right now but with a real chance and he is that the competition Taylor and and yet he's been Israel bashing so that just excludes me from positive voting for for Democrat candidate who I would vote for Republican, that we shall see what happens in and go from there.

I want I will focus on that right now. Get me off track a little bit. But yeah, I do understand this cynical argument. It doesn't really matter who gets elected things go on the way they go on and it's up to us to bring about change in the grassroots of course, it's up to us and and again what the caller was not sticking his head in the sand. I differed with him because I do believe that the appointive of Supreme Court justices.

If you and let's just say we have the starkest contrast, Bernie Sanders versus Ted Cruz in terms of conservative ideology versus a liberal ideology. Those would be that the two biggest extremes in an Hilary free) why no question that the Supreme Court justices that hundred Bernie would like, what would be like those that of all elected or even worse, those that Chris would like, what would be very concerned more lexically. So that's that alone is matronly, very major, but what about the bully pulpit what what about the fact that Pres. Obama use the pulpit of the presidency. One of the most powerful pulpits in the world what one of the most important influential figures in the world use that bully pulpit to promote redefining marriage you think that doesn't affect lots of people using people who are unsure about it, but who honor and respect the president are not influenced by that and and he did it in a calculated way when he felt secure that it would not hurt a reelection bid. Things like that that he would successfully getting his public opinion shifted sufficiently from what we understand what David Axelrod is is said that he didn't say it the first time around. When he was campaigning because he did not want to alienate African-American voters who knew much more family oriented and very very conservative. So if he took a position of marriage is in need of a man and a woman, then they would more readily vote for him. The vast majority actually would know. Best regards usual Democrat also. Interestingly, but he didn't say would really felt going Axelrod in any he had with you previously said so as to get that conservative vote and then when he felt things shifted enough. He did" evolved in his views believe the president plays a role in influencing things like comes to abortion when it comes to life. We must recover culture of life must cover life starting with our treatment of babies in the learning plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown certainly missed our broadcasting today, right. I started by mentioning the 420 April 20 being celebrated this national marijuana Domino's pizza for 20 pieces.

So without explicitly saying celebrating national marijuana day. That's what they're doing.

Think of celebrating this the it is there national alcohol day following. Is there through his own. I'm not aware of it but your celebrating the use of a drug which up until recently was illegal across America. I read an article earlier today about statistically there are virtually no fatal overdoses for marijuana 2015 not actually read about some things and here are some of the countries last year… It's true and whatever may be 15,000 overdoses from cocaine or heroin in 25,000 overdoses from prescription pills. That is roughly what the stats were that this was marijuana is not is not overdosing fatal overdose.

The issue with it is it does lead to other drugs does open the door to other drugs. That's one thing. Another thing is that it does impair judgment. So now you can add to car wrecks and things like that.

And now that it's been legalized in certain places. There is now talk about the health risks associated with why not do all the comprehensive studies first before seen 1/2, but this is part of the larger cultural madness of the society. So to me talk about that talk about abortion talk about transgender activism talking about perception is reality. It's all part of the same big spiritual and social and moral, and cultural mess that we are in today so if I can speak with you from the heart. Let me ask you question those of you who were not raised in a godly home and do not have the testimony of always following Jesus as far back as she could remember being raised in a godly home never going the way of the world going the way of sleeping around, partying, getting high, getting drunk, breaking the laws. Whatever those of you who were who were not raised in a godly home and who did those things as I did as a teenager I was racing it and it could conservative Jewish home but just rebelled and got caught up in the spirit of the age and plunged headlong into sent when I plunged into sin. I plunged into sent. I gave myself to some of you gave yourself to drink you. You're addicted to you. You gave yourself to drugs you gave yourself to violence or you gave yourself to grieve. You gave yourself to lust.

You literally gave your body that some of you meet first date you you put drugs in your body you were here ready to collapse just to make extra money and whatever. What you gave yourself to that you lived in the world with all your heart, you you didn't hold back. Maybe sports was your God and you push to limit her music was your God you practice six hours a day. They get saved you, put in the neutral gum off the drugs good. I'm not sleeping around anymore. You know him losing my money in gambling, good, not waking up drunk somewhere not know where I am good serving the Lord good family now. Good job.

Okay, it's wonderful. Praise God, I rejoice.

But how is it that you gave yourself to sin so wholeheartedly and now you just kind of put it on moderate speed, cruise control, or just throw it neutral it is, the tie go where it goes in the Lord. Isn't he worthy of greater devotion should we be more devoted to God than we work to the devil should only moral wholeheartedly serve Jesus. Then we served sin in the flash in the world. Some of you would do anything you could to get the approval of people living in such a way as to get the approval of heaven with a well done good and faithful servant on the talk about trying to earn your salvation on the charter much rather work harder so that God will like you me because you are loved because you accepted because you are a child of God, because you belong to him because you been redeemed because every sin you ever committed was forgiven through the blood of Jesus. Because of that she Lord, how can I live for you. How can I make an impact and and friends. The bottom line is that you have eternal life. The bottom line is, is to be absent from the body is to be present from the Lord. The bottom line is that nobody can play a set of God's hands all the more. Should we stand the bold I don't mean being obnoxious but I mean being unashamed. I mean being proactive.

Come on, you can't just expect to have a a passive attitude in your home and see your kids grow up wholly on fire with all the pollution in the world with all the pollution, social media and Internet with with all the pollution from video games to TV the movies with the peer pressure with the spirit of the age know you have to more aggressively say let's separate from those things that are unclean, but not in some way that just leaves everybody hanging but we will be so filled with goblet will be so filled with the goodness of God and the word of God.

The truth of God.

The presence of other we won't want that other trash. I want to encourage you to throw yourself and all the more. I would encourage you to look at your lies and say specially if you lived in the world like I did, how to live in the world. How much more nationally for God so Muir evangelist for cinnamon you promoted which Dale you sold what you did it. No live what you did. Hey, how about be an evangelist for for Jesus and and and being in that sense, addicted to the work of the Lord and use out of the what to do here is regional is to start with prayer. I don't know where to go start with prayer, going after Godfather height worlds messed up. I know what I want to make a difference. Lord I know there's more to be had.

I know my own life. Things are missing things like, and got I want more. I want everything you have company take hold of your grace and goodness, Lord, show me how I can be effective in the home in the workplace. Wherever you have me and gobbled it goblet give you grace God gobbled election God will help you and and soon enough you'll see your's self making a difference of the lies being touched and you will be encouraged by it.

Listen we are not just here to help you on the radio two hours a day, or however much time you get whether it's five minutes or 10 minutes or two hours a day.

We have thousands of hours of free resources on our website. We have been putting out three or four new videos now every week. My last two teaching videos one asked the question is, is it ever right for divorce Christian to remarry.

If the spouse, former spouse is living another addresses the question of Christians a Sabbath observance. We command to observe seventh day Sabbath. These are new videos three, four, five new articles every single week so we are putting these resources out to be a blessing to you and I believe we can equip you to go out and be a role changer.

Bottom line today world is going crazy around you. Your life must be the light of sanity and clarity and purity and hope about to have a friendly debate with an atheist who wants to defend the Quran stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining me today on the line of fire. This should be a very special and unique broadcast bringing on my gas Kyle Jones and atheist in a few minutes, but let me set things up for you. We put out lots of memes on our Facebook page. These are graphic images with texts that get a message out and we often see these things go viral on our Facebook page reposting the S Dr. Brown page on Facebook they could have to do with a political issue, it could be something of a scriptural issuer truth it could be something to do with radical Islam or terrorism in Israel or some church issue taking place, so there cleverly done and sometimes they go viral. Sometimes the art shared or like hundreds and hundreds of thousands of times just explode on the Internet. We have seen these memes published in the in other settings online article saying this sums it up well with had a few on radical Islam and we encourage people to look at the issues and study the verses for themselves, and we've quoted verses of violence in the Koran calling for killing of infidels and things like that versus the groups like Isis and Al Qaeda act on and we have said that radical Islam is a valid expression of Islam.

It's not the only expression of Islam, but a Carolina Craun, a Carolina life of Mohammed and he can rely on Islamic tradition and therefore it is a valid interpretation of those verses.

Well, I was sent a link by Kyle Josephs whom I didn't know a sense a link where he did a YouTube video. I believe with the help of a Muslim friend and as an atheist wanted to debunk these verses and say understood in context, they are not a call for violence today.

The words that that we have misinterpreted these verses misused these verses are fed into the idea that this is a valid interpretation of these verses and he was going to give the historical context as he understood it, and debunk.

This shows it was was nicely done. Video, which of course I took issue with but said I'd be delighted to have a conversation with Kyle on the phone so we would never talk before we've interacted just a little bit on Facebook.

In fact, when he comes on, let him introduce himself so that he can just give you a little bit of his background, but what we're going to be talking about is these violent verses in the Quran are they legitimately interpreted to say sanction blowing up a bus in Israel yesterday or day before or they rightly used by the. The terrorists in Belgium and France who blew themselves up in different settings blew themselves up in Brussels or in Pakistan blew himself up, killing especially women and children, or in France take all these buildings and just shooting people, slaughtering them and doing it in the name of Islam or these valid interpretations or is it a perversion of the consul.

Interestingly enough, here's an atheist who wants to defend the Quran against these charges normally would go in the other direction so to be very interesting conversation. I think it will be enlightening for you and I'm sure that a lot of what we talk about is going to be new. So stay tuned will be right back with Kyle Jones and if you want to weigh in if you have studied this if you are Muslim or former Muslim I/O means try to take some calls as well.

866-34-TRUTH 78845 line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, the line of fire.

Truth is Islam a religion of peace religion of violence or both, depending on interpretation of chronic texts is it justifiable to use the chronic texts of violence to carry out suicide bombings to kill innocent men, women and children while shouting a lot of our partners that defilement of the verses in the Koran and would be as unjustifiable is using the verses to drive out the Canaanites and the Old Testament to kill the Canaanites that we then turned around and killed atheist in America would be just as much an abuse of the cross that would be an abuse of the Bible might Gast Kylie Jones is an atheist who says no, the Quran really does not support this violence that it is a wrong understanding of the Quran. Now let me let me just read you some of the verses in question. Okay, I'll start in the second chapter of the Quran verses 191 to 193 chapter. The Craun is called a syrup versus an idea and kill them wherever you find them and turn them out from where they have turned you out and out for that which is disbelief or unrest is worse than killing but if they desist the low all is forgiving and merciful. So if they become Muslims in Ocala and fight them until there is no more for the disbelief worshiping of others along the line worship is for all alone and it goes on from there. In the Quran. Chapter 2 I'm just reading selectively over 100 such verses, verse 216 fighting is prescribed for you. It starts with that people would point out that Mohammed had names for his different weapons, based on the effect of those weapons, Craun 533. The pleasure of those who wage war against Allah's messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, they should be murdered or crucified of their hands and their feet should be cut off opposite sides that should be present shall be as a disgrace for them in this world and the hereafter. They shall have a grievous chastisement and then the chapter that that has the most verses about violence is the ninth chapter of the Craun and interestingly that is one of the last chapters to be to be revealed. According to the Koran money explained it, and by the way, I know that Kyle has been posting on Facebook about being on the air with me today so looking forward to it. Somehow he's not answering his phone number he gave us so I want to use this time as constructively as possible and lay out the issues but then give him time to present his views when he does call and I find it admirable that he's doing what he's doing.

Your average atheist would not be inclined to defend the Quran, the probably be inclined to defend the crime even less than they be inclined to defend the Bible and there are prominent atheists like Gilmore and Sam Harris and these gentlemen aggressively speak against Islam above and beyond other religions. They speak against Christianity very strongly.

I know how much the speak against Hinduism or Buddhism or things like that, which are very different again, but they speak all the more strongly against Islam yet.

Here's an atheist say no. These verses are being misunderstood. So let me explain something about the Quran and its structure. If you read the Quran. You'll see it starts with what's called Alfonsi, which is the beginning. At the opening and that is the famous bus smaller in the name of Allah, merciful and gracious, and if it's a is the opening sir and it is repeated over and over. This prayed through the day it's it's read in different contexts, so that in that sense is is that the best known server in the crock but that's that's just the starting point right now you you have starting in the second chapter than down 212 chapters. They just go in size order yet they go in size order so you start with the second chapter sir of what was was called the cow and that is the longest chapter than three is little shorter than for sure that five so it is nothing do with with content for simply reading the Bible. He read the prophetic books about Isaiah go to Jeremiah and see if you got the prophetic books right you got all that, or you've got the historical books reading it for second Kings, and for 670 foot good historical books in the New Testament we got the Gospels gather together and get the letters of Paul there. There's an order right, but with Craun it's not like that.

It's based on size. So second chapters longest third so there there completely out of logical sequence. If you're following and you have no idea which one came first in which one came second. You have no idea about the right to say is you as you're reading it you can put them in a chronological order. Just based on that without more information and then you come to the end in just a few short verses and that's that's that.

But Muslim scholars see us.

We know the order in which these were revealed. So it's believed that at different times in Mohammed's career that the angel Gabriel revealed information to him at different times in Mohammed's career information was revealed to him this is this is how we get the Craun revelation.

It was written in heaven and now revealed to him verbatim the word of God. That's what Muslims believe and there were certain passages that were revealed to him and chapters that revealed to him early on in his career and then others later. You have Meka you have Medina and the the majority of the warring passages or later. Okay. In other words, in the earlier days it was let's make peace. It was let's NOT accept this message turn away from idolatry. There is no coercion in religion and then later when he was actually at war when he was actually at battle. You have the warring versus what's important to understand is if you have to choose between the two if to just give you a theoretical example 1 verse said when you come to the crossroads, go left and irreversibly come to the crossroads go right you say okay, which was revealed later once a go right was relatable and that's what we do. So the warring passages were revealed later. Now the peaceful Islamic argument would be yes.

But that was during a time of war. That was during a time of war, and during that time of war there. There were battles going on and they were fighting and so on and and so because of that there is a fight the unbelievers and so because they're fighting you your war right.

It'd be like Americans fighting Nazi Nazis and will kill the Nazis. It's in a classroom war with them doesn't kill all Germans. That would be the argument. The problem is number one. The ambiguity of many of the verses number two. The fact that Mohammed's own example was a violent example number three. The way these verses are interpreted by the later commentaries and by the later histories and traditions vindicates a violent interpretation in an ongoing way and therefore it's completely different from the command to Joshua to kill the Canaanites, which is one particular time in history and in God waits for hundred years 400 years before bringing judgment until the sin has reached its full levels.

This is a wicked people when judgment finally comes but still your talk about one time in history when that happened, and it's not an ongoing mandate today and in June's coming back to the promised land in the last century didn't think all were disposed to kill all the Arabs because Ritter's post kill the Canaanites. No, no, of course not, of course not in any Christian using those versus violence today to justify what they're doing any Christian doing that we should absolutely be absolutely appalled every one of us would immediately denounce it. That is Murray what you're doing is murder.

It's unjustified and yet there Islamic scholars around the world.

For example, justify suicide bombings in Israel that justify them because Israel is the occupier near the unbelievers and infidels and their threatening Muslim and there are others who will justify suicide bombs and other countries future fighting the believers. There and it goes on and on.

So not sure what has happened to Kylie Kyle. We will we will find out. But of the eye.

I will redeem every split second, we have a radio time and make this as constructive as possible so if were unable to track them down were just getting his voicemail.

If were unable to track them down on a give you more information that will be interesting and informative.

And then we will switch subjects, but will keep trying to track down an atheist wants to defend the Craun. The second initiative to do it seem ready to do it.

Not sure they were a different time zones is realize processing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back on a fire will we have an atheist missing in action. I hope it's okay. I hope nothing came up because he seemed eager to come on an object.

Absolutely happy to give the platform needs seem to be articulate and clearheaded and actually eager to have peaceful interaction with people of faith, so did not strike me as someone who is being hostile and nasty so we tried to contact him via his phone number just leaving a voicemail and via Facebook so I'm posting about these can be with me Saturday and hoping it would go off course of this report) and atheist, but looking forward to it. All right, so let let me let me give you some context here okay there's an excellent book hundred 11 questions on Islam by Samir Khalil Sameer. He is a Catholic priest and expert scholar in his long and obviously himself fluent in Arabic.

He does not hold to the same position as I do on Israel so he is not. He's not some strong scientist in that regard. So be very sympathetic to the Muslim cause so message or not you are reading something by Christian Zionists to be more biased against is Islamic.

Theoretically, so discussing the verses of violence and things like that. He's he's talking about how one major Egyptian leader when major Egyptian cleric heads said suicide bombing is absolutely never justified.

It is wrong. Well, right after that pronouncement, another leading Egyptian shape use of all a car dolly, whom I quoted. I think last week said this. Nobody can declare that it is unlawful to fight with all means against the Israeli occupation Angie hot on the way to God in defense of the country of home and the sacred things is today an obligation for all Muslims more than any other.

In the past in Palestine in cashmere and in other hotspots in the world is not not just Israel but cashmere and other hotspots in the world and obligation she hard as an obligation for all Muslims more than any other. In the past. This is a leading Egyptian shape respected Egyptian scholar, then Sameer points out in his book Beirut January 2002, more than 200 Sunni and Shiite scholars landmark in Arabic coming from 35 countries participated there that this is in Beirut, it's January 2002. Note more than 200 of these Islamic leaders, Sunni and Shiite. This is this is what they concluded and they were speaking in particular about Israel quote the actions of martyrdom of the mujahedin are legitimate and have their foundation in the Quran and in the prophets tradition, they represent the most sublime of martyrdoms because the majority dances the freedom fighters accomplish them in full conscience and freedom of choice of this is a sublime martyrdom.

Why, because these freedom fighters freely decide okay I am now going to blow myself up. And so it is it is a high level martyrdom and notice they have their foundation of the Craun, the prophets, tradition.

So, though, say I'm a Muslims is that we interpret the text will tell it to these 200 leaders probably know is law a lot better than than than 99% of American Muslims 9% of robustness because there Islamic scholars and they both Sunni and Shia it in the document. The scholars affirm that they are speaking quote from the religious responsibilities and in the name of all people's rights and countries of the Islamic nations in order to give precise guidelines about the Palestinian cause of they said these acts can be included in the category of jihad because a Muslim net land in danger needs to be protected or liberated so because they say the Jews have the right to be there then it's fine.

Go if you go ahead love little children go ahead stab pregnant women to go ahead. These acts of jihad, their noble acts, and if you dine the processes martyrdom the sure path to paradise. Sameer says this prospectus from widespread acceptance in legitimizing the suicide actions that also can be found in the field of education.

Many books used in Palestinian schools teach young people the obligation of jihad in all its forms and give legitimacy to the actions of those called martyrs of Islam by explaining that they must not be considered suicide but heroes who are destined for heaven because they made a true jihad. In fact, they believed in conformity with the Craun and sacrifice themselves for the Islamic cause now I got a book last night by Tuffy Hamid. He is a Muslim is a Muslim calling for Islamic reform.

He was once a radical Muslim is an Egyptian Dr. is a clear thinking man obviously fluent in Arabic that is his mother tongue also fluent in English and he got recruited into radical Islam as a younger man and has left it, but he understands it from the inside.

He understands when one of the leaders told him young Muslims like you are the hope for the future return of the heat off of the caliphate, Islamic global dominance if he was proud when he was told that by also hearing one of the major Al Qaeda guys right. He said he made me want to fight for him to show him my courage and loyalty and also here.

He came from a wealthy well-known well-educated family was a top postgraduate student at the medical school it was. He wasn't just some disgruntled poor guy. This was an ideology that had been thought through and embraced, and he quotes the texts that are being quoted over and over and over he quotes. For example, he said these were verses that recorded to him that were preached by also hearing Craun 929 fight those who believe neither in Allah nor the last day in her hold that forbidden which have been forbidden by lata's messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, even if there is people of the book until they pay the Jinja that you believe in politics with submission and feel themselves subdued. If they don't kill them here.

Business these are passages from the hadith, the authoritative Islamic tradition of Mohammed that the radical leaders would cite all granted right hand of the Jewish tries to his messenger to Mohammed as booty, but only after she had been forced to watch him decapitate her father and brother had seen her mother half hauled off to be raped and her sister sold into slavery, funded and Jabari. After Mohammed attacked the Jews a body Teresa he killed aldermanic devise the women for sexual pleasure among Muslims and enslave their children took their money and treasure in all the car and on and on it goes. These were traditions about Mohammed. This this was who he set himself up to be and who he was and who radical Muslims follow as the perfect example holding point to humane side of the main site of a murderous side. What about the sexual exploiter. That's why radical Muslims they were distillates of the Craun it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown beauties enjoy ways of live radio have just open up some time for you dear friends to call him this is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH.

I was really looking forward to a friendly debate.

I was supposed to be having right now with an atheist who defends the Craun against charges that the verses of violence can be used to justify terrorist acts today and he put out a video in response to a meme, a graphic with tax that we had put out on our Facebook page, laying out the claims radical Islam based on the Craun he put out a video in which he sought to say this was taking the verses out of context or misinterpreting them with the help of a Muslim friend. As I recall and I said great, let's have a dialogue about it on the air and he was posting on Facebook that he was going to be on today and we announce that I've sent out a note little while back on Twitter and said hey Julian right now because were about to have the friendly debate that we been unable to track him message him on Facebook. We called and left voicemail for him so hope it's okay nothing happened.

No emergency but what that means now is this that I am completely changing subjects, one hundred percent.

Now if you want to ask you questions about the Craun versus violence terror.

Sure you can but I want to open the phone lines to make up for lost time on Friday when I was traveling to London and only answered emails on the phone and let's do it now. You've got questions, we've got answers any question of any kind whatsoever that you want to ask me any area of expertise I have any way that I could be of help to you. Please let me know if you're struggling with understanding a passage in the Bible.

If you're debating something with a friend about what the Scripture actually means. If your church is going through a bit of a crisis and understanding things.

If you're trying to break through spiritually and in struggling and try to get some wisdom and guidance if if you're trying to plot the culture wars and end the battle that were in and how to act wisely in the midst of it, by all means give me a call okay just a news item. First, the new site is reported during the week that a gay pastor went to whole foods in Austin, Texas and ordered a cake with the words love wins on now.

Rob Bell put out a title of the book with a love wins and is about hell love wins is more commonly used now in terms of activism, same-sex marriage, quote love wins so he claimed that when the once open the box to his absolute shock. The fellow, the person who had done the cake added the word F AG and was outraged and took a picture of it and said look box is still sealed. You can see that and he was very upset with whole foods now. I saw this I know, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, those identifies transit II know that so you listen you. You suffered get picked on.

Get beat up you put our family I not minimizing and also have to know that there are number of fake cases, somebody will cut themselves. As I was beat up as I was lesbian and the whole thing. They they cut themselves a no claim its amounts. Cut them so they're all these frauds and this one looks funny I'm definitely my whole foods to go there later today. In fact, to get some healthy groceries there, but whole foods having their they are really, really, on the liberal side of things you going to whole foods and in the midst to get healthy foods. They are like ghetto Eastern religion stuff in there.

So the idea that this after the whole foods and in Austin, Texas on top of Austin will not be known for gay bashing was no suspects in the whole fruits of their hundred percent sure didn't happen that I may even be that person fully take out cells with gay but to say no other action taken Scott a court death that they give the court that while the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back. The line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH over the phone lines wide. We had a guest already. Come on and not sure what happened to him atheist. That was going to be debating the on the Craun some and wanted to defend the Craun against charges that supports and promotes violence so would grab some extra unexpected radio time and of open the phone lines wide you got questions, we've got answers before I go to your calls.

Here's an article from David French on national review.

March 28 Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal capitulated to threats from social justice wars, Apple, Disney and NFL and vetoed HB 757 free exercise protection act in self-righteous statement justify his real deal claimed that Georgia didn't need new religious liberty legislation. Rather, he claimed that these laws enable discrimination and his veto was less about the character of our state and the character of its people.

Perhaps he should look to the character of his own government this morning, David French says the first liberty Institute filed a lawsuit in federal court that makes chilling claims against Georges Department of Public Health claims backed by a host of damaging documents. The Institute represents Dr. Eric Walsh, a California physician and former director of public health for the city of Pasadena, California. Wash is also a devout Christian. Seventh-day Adventist. He sometimes preaches in his spare time, Walsh, a former member of the Pres.'s advisory Council HIV-AIDS accepted a job in Georgia is a district health Dir. when George officially became aware that he deliver a number of controversial sermons on his own time controversial quotes sermons. We articulated Orthodox Seventh-day Adventist positions, among other things, human sexuality, Islam evolution and the corrupting influence of pop-culture California want Washington attacked by student activists who objected to a selection is a commencement speaker precedents presidency College. These activists working for former President Bush and Pres. Obama combat eight servings a board member of Latino health collaborative and starting California's first city one dental clinic for low-income families dealing with HIV-AIDS wasn't sufficient to overcome the horror that washes Christian views under fire. Walsh canceled his commencement speech while the city incredibly put them on administration administrative leave, the college replaced him with a gay screenwriter… Be shouted from the rooftops. When George officials learns of Walters California controversy responded by immediately violating the law. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits government employees from considering an applicant's religion in employment decisions. But George officials not only evaluated Walsh's religious views. The director of human resources wrote an email to department employees giving them the assignment of listening to his sermons just just insane and and it goes on yet and Georgia didn't need this Georgia didn't need this bill. Shame, shame on Gov. deal. Shame on him for capitulating and caving in and compromise. And this is his own administration here. Shame on him. May the Lord bring him to repentance. And they the people of Georgia stand up and do what's right, 866-34-TRUTH to the phone. Starting in Raleigh, North Carolina with Donald.

Welcome to the line of fire Brown how are you doing well.

Thank you.

Well, I wanted to call you on your views on baptism important necessary role under that question I attend church of Christ congregation where you know it there. It's heavily emphasized the point where I think the belief is without it you can't be saved and where there are various views of Alberta from other people and other denominations that that that speak differently so I would just would really like to hear your views on baptism is extremely important. It is a commandment its requirements.

Those who believe should be baptized.

There's no excuse not to be. If were able to be. It symbolizes the dying to sin, and living a new life in Jesus.

And it is taken for granted in the New Testament that believers are baptized and it was never look at a system option that I might do at some point now. Baptism does not save you. Baptism is a public sign is a public testimony is a public demonstration. That's why it's gotta be done in front of other people, not just loaner homey in the bathtub and into the water for seconds.

I was just baptized. Gotta be in the presence of witnesses, those who preach and say that baptism saves you regenerates you or you are not saved until your baptized there in error but as a believer, you're required to. So what happens if you come to faith in your churches and teach on it much you think it alarming that I should be baptized. Right now, let's it could be set up right past reality baptized.

Okay Baptism in a month you die before the option of going to hell for failure to be baptized but it is a command that something that we should emphasize something that should be a major celebration of her body as new people are added to the faith or people been raised in the faith, make their public profession and are immersed and as I said, it symbolizes the washing away of our sins that dying to sin and the being raised up in newness of life. So, most churches I know of. Under emphasize it.

The it's just something along the way you find out you should do know the bigger thing is quote getting saved but it is it is a serious command in the New Testament the one that we should take seriously the error would be to say that you are not saved as baptized. I would say that I would say that you are not fulfilling what not fulfilling what God has called you to do it in in similar if I choose not to baptized in your in disobedience known to be disobedience you want all your father to be in obedience. Your father of not sure what happened. Your phone just getting a ring tone some skin ended here this it is very important that some and we should preach signature be major in someone's life. Coming to faith understand.

Next thing is is public profession of faith. Some say hey the New Testament Way is the moment someone clearly professes faith and and clearly understand what it means to be saved and says yes, and follow Jesus you baptize him right then and there to say no. We want to make sure they understand and can take through several weeks of discipleship and teaching them or me know they understand then there baptized but either way, let it be that very next thing that someone looks forward to write thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH Albert, Fort Worth, Texas, and welcome to the line of fire Brown. Talk about hyperbaric but never really been familiar with current, but I have heard that kind of cute, cute, very Baptist Church of not at all about I know you don't but I was wondering is that the same Lord is like antinomianism of it like the same thing or order the differences. Yes, it can very much be related to antinomianism. In other words, saying that that some of the laws negative and that because we are under grace. When out of the law. That's true. But then it gets taken to an extreme as if were not required to keep any commandments or if it's commandment. It's it's wrong when Jesus if you let me keep my commands. We just method for the Jews of his day because were not under commandments is a complete misunderstanding what Paul meant when he said were not under law or under grace. The fundamental elements of it.

I would say the best known teacher of hyper grace Joseph Prince. This is many wonderful, life-giving, helpful things and then some things that are downright erroneous. Some that are downright dangerous in the midst of many wonderful things that help people of this is been terribly hurt by the other side. But the fundamental teaching is that the moment your saved.

God pronounces you forgiven not just of every sin you have committed, and of being a sinner yourself, but of every sin you ever will commit you are forgiven in advance.

Therefore, the Holy Spirit will ever convict you of sin, because God is ready forgiven you of those sins.

Therefore, you don't ever need to confess your sin, for forgiveness because you have a ready been forgiven. Therefore, you cannot grow in holiness because you have a ready been set aside as perfectly holy. Therefore, there is nothing you could possibly do to hurt your relationship with God because you have started at the finish line.

Those are serious errors and serious misinterpretations of Scripture and is much as I absolutely believe and teach the security of the believer in Jesus that he will keep us strong to the end.

I fully teach as well. The responsibility of the believer, and that we do have the choice to walk away from God, or to sever our relationship with God and that there are consequences to sins because God loves us. He convicts us of our sins and calls us to turn for our sins as believers and I address this at length in my book, hyper grace, but I've got a brand-new book that's coming out in a couple of weeks called the grace controversy it so I'm holding my hands right now. Got an advance copy. It's a nice little handbook. Sometimes people think the books are too big. While this is a nice little handbook just a couple hundred pages long, very readable and I answer the 12 most common questions that people ask about grace is called the grace controversy let folks know how to get a copy in a moment. Thank you, sir? The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown we had an unexpected change of schedule because of which we have some time to open the phone lines 866-34-TRUTH euchre questions. We got answers. We go to Hunter and Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Third question turns on that you're talking about earlier about Islam and its relation. Excellent patient especially that she ought everything yet had certain eight.

Agnostic friends better Christianity bring up stuff from the Old Testament about you may or kind of touched on the earlier blockading then right at the tail end of the Islamic part of your talk earlier start. You may have Artie addressed, but they were comparing how perhaps lights were going and to conquer the land. Like if you start plunder and splayed and keep rolling marrying the people that they had conquered and things like that you have a curse run and you bespeak security audit, yet in Numbers and Deuteronomy.

These things, okay, this is the first thing is we we have to say yes there was a single time in history when when the children of Israel did conquer foreign nations that had been storing up sin and evil for several hundred years before judgment came, so the Israelites were vessels of divine judgment and yes there were women that were spared that were than taken in among the people of Israel and and the men would have for wives that that they did happen, and on the one hand, it's very harsh and it could seem completely unjustifiable. On the other hand, it was a judgment on on terrible wickedness. A picture if if our soldiers one through Isys camps and wiped out their soldiers but were told they could keep the women alive and they could marry the women if they wanted to. That would be it would be somewhat equivalent to that. That being said, there were still laws within Israel about fair treatment of of the wife of a spouse and they would still be required to live by that and over they would marry this person. They were not able to use them as a sex slave. Whereas you do have an Islamic tradition going back to Mohammed. The use of captive women as sex slaves.

The completes abuse of of women just for sexual pleasure among the men in the fact that they could have up to four wives would mean you could have extra women. If you wanted to keep them around. So ultimately this was never repeated in biblical history that you don't have elsewhere in biblical history that Israel did this with foreign nations. It was a one time judgment on sinful nations and some of the women were spared to marry to marry the man in Israel than even so, they would've had to be treated within the proper bounds. As I said, and then it was. Not repeated it's it's no one. Since then his silicate will use the Bible and now go out and kill the man and take the winning for ourselves.

Was it has been done in Islamic history right up until today and then rented the capturing of women for sex slaves is repeated. So the best question to ask is, since human nature, human nature and obviously meant war would love to have justification for doing this. Why has it only been repeated in Islamic history and not in Jewish or Christian history as a practices religious practice because the Bible is a sanction that where Islamic tradition does.

That's the best answer that they'll thought you are very welcome 86634 we go to Dallas, Texas Lena, welcome to the line of fire. Hello hello.

My car sure I had a question about I had any clue committed to it by two years ago and her grandma innovative Terry and she she gave her life to the Lord everything and you know she had parents that weren't no good parenting and now she had a lot of mental issues that I even spoke with her at night to three hours at a time and she told me she had multiple personalities that made her do things and she even named them and down and she got the baby and she committed no start on the day she had locked the baby doll and I want to know.

You know like when the first know anything like that ever happen in our family, you know you know how to contact me mental people that are mentally ill are you not down and depressed and newly than they know the Lord, you know, we try to reach.

Yeah, alcohol drug pill prescription pill will turn everything with you know there she saw a movie and that influenced her and she did it the way the movie the person or consultant yes so here's I'm so sorry that you experience that yummy. Most of us have had an experience that and what we could be more devastating. Some Christians have the thought that because murder is is this terribly serious sin and the murderer has eternal life that if you kill yourself then you can't repent of that 20 if you murdered and they repented, but if you kill yourself, your self murderer there for you can't repent and therefore you're guaranteed to be lost forever, but there's no possible way that you can make that broad statement because there are people that do justice like you can't dam a person to hell in a wheelchair. If if if the only way to escape hell was to get out of the wheelchair and run and the person is physically incapable of it. Well that you can't dam and to help them just giving it an illustration. If someone there are brain disorders that are just as real as physical disorders, they are physical or just in the brain, not in the hands of the feet or the eyes or something like that. And God only knows them and ultimately God only knows the fate of this young woman.

But to assume oh she must be lost if he took on life, not with assume that look I iron over the first call I got about this from a from a fellow whose brother had come back from Afghanistan and is been a vibrant Christian before going came back suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome and and depressed and drinking, and symphonic told himself this. It was the same person.

So God only knows. But certainly there are people who who are not in right control of their faculties. They don't know what right from wrong or they don't have the power to escape and even demonic attack on top of it and they do something desperation and and are not fully responsible for their actions that this and I'm so sorry, I've got a jump in Lena because of the amount of time. I'm so glad I was able to talk to but don't give up the possibility that she could be with that we don't know that there's no reason to say it's impossible because only God knows if she was fully responsible for her actions.

Only God knows if she understood what she was doing. Maybe in her deception, she thought. This is how she's going to go to be with her baby. Only God knows. On that day will know but we know that God is perfect and what he does perfectly loving and perfectly just. May God continue to rebuild the family after this loss.

Thank you for the call right friends just remind you that you can still call in their whole grace controversy. For if we can flood people's lives with grace, wonderful 1-800-278-9978 1-800-278-9972 preorder my bottom line. The world needs an immersion in the love of God

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