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The Latest on the Culture Wars and Anne Graham Lotz on the Daniel Prayer

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 10, 2016 5:11 pm

The Latest on the Culture Wars and Anne Graham Lotz on the Daniel Prayer

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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All the culture wars are exploding will give you came to perspective today right here in the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is my great joy to be with you today on the modifier 866-34-TRUTH 8788 with its 866-34-TRUTH. This is Michael Brown come your way.

Live from Phoenix, Arizona.

I'll be doing some TV shoots for Jonathan Burness and Jewish voice broadcast later today. And so, so much to talk about.

If you like to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 7884 just on the way over to the studio here wrongdoing the radio show. Now be good to be recording later I noticed a tweet from Montel Williams where he wrote an article taking issue with my open letter to Megan Kelly, which of course referenced Montel Williams in the midst of it in a civil let's let's have a formal debate about this either your show reminder elsewhere, so I wasn't aware. Susan is not on TV now but looks like we'll get him on the radio.

One of these days he seemed quite willing to do it. We've already got our guys in touch with his PR guy so hopefully we can set that up and have an enlightening discussion for all of you on the line of fire. So yesterday I was flying to Phoenix by way of Houston and I was so terribly burdened by what was going on in the society. Yet this is not the first time that's happened to me and I was listening to her actually reading the remarks of Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch in the lawsuit now against North Carolina Chris North Carolina's file the lawsuit against the federal government and I was just terribly grieved by what she was saying. The inaccuracy of it. The false definitions the twisting of the law.

Yes, this is the Atty. Gen. Yes, I and many others are saying that response to which it said and on the flight was chatting with the nurse next to be written about healthy eating and lifestyle. Things like that that I was just so burdened throughout the Lord a little that I thought I got a right of got a right got a right to my computer out, wrote an article worked on it for little while fine-tuned it, sharpened it and sent it out in between flights and before I got on my next flight which is about an hour later I saw was ready posted on the stream five reasons why transgender is not the new black yet. We've got to talk about these things and all I can say is if you'll go back a number of years you'll see I've been addressing these very things. In fact, it was in 2007 that I did a five night lecture series in Charlotte, North Carolina, homosexuality, the church and society and I called out the human rights campaign on the corner Gov. Pat McCurry human rights campaign has said they're going after North Carolina on transgender issues and ended to make this basically to showcase for the whole nation start North Carolina in the go after the whole nation on this well.

We address these things. No, not disturbing woman of the year that we address the HRC's agenda and what they were pushing with transgender things in lecture series back in 2007 friends that yet. It's a shock to see how rapidly things have deteriorated, but we been addressing these things talk about the need to have compassion on those who struggle with gender identity of the same time not turn the world upside down. So I want to lay out some important truths about the law I want to lay out some important truths about why transgender is not the new black.

Feel free to call in. If you agree with me or if you differ with me. We had some intelligent responses that I differ with that I've started on Facebook and elsewhere, so we welcome the discussion 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Why is transgender not the new black and white as Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch gotten this completely wrong and upside down.

Why is it even immoral to compare it to Jim Crow laws will be right back file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you little little slow, not sure of the motive, but they can't rule out an Islamist motive.

Please, please, when you have someone young Muslim shouting allow for staffing people. You don't have to figure out if it's related to radical Islam. Do you and seems the world is losing its bearings in a thousand different ways this is Michael Brown come your way.

Live from Phoenix, AZ 86634-8788 four. The discussion of the whole nation is having that we have to have been that we have been raising for years.

Not because I like to raise these things not because I enjoy raising these things because this is my favorite subject but it's one that has been forced upon us is one that has been forced upon us Charlotte article. You can read on five reasons why transgender is not the new black and Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch yesterday compared laws preventing men from using women's locker room shower stalls and bathrooms to Jim Crow laws so we really have to confront the snow. Years ago I and others refuted the notion that Gaia's new black gay five principal reasons why the comparison is invalid, but you know I can reduce it to about five seconds.

If I'm speaking to a mixed audience. I'll just have African-Americans stand up that's it's a generosity server that you come out as black everybody lasso case. Obviously gay is not the new black. The comparison breaks down right there, but it breaks down even more with transgender but this is what were being told that this is the way people are born that it's true they all are.

It's innate, it's immutable.

Before I get into that before I get into some of the specifics in that discussion. Let me let me share some things with you that David French attorney David French writing on the national review pointed out, it's his article the Obama administration provokes a legal crisis the war against North Carolina and he Loretta Lynch claims that if if those who identify as transgender cannot use the bathroom of their choice, then that violates title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it also violates title nine and David French explains this very, very simply, what a complete ridiculous overreach.

This is by the federal government is a public relations battle over bathrooms and showers is transformed into a fight for the meaning and indeed authority of the Constitution itself in its zeal to advance the sexual revolution Obama administration is defy the will of Congress unilaterally rewritten federal law without even bothering to go through statutory rulemaking process in Essex to bring a sovereign state North Carolina to heal through combination of threats and lawsuits so he said let's make this simple title VII prohibits private and public employers including state governments from discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin, title IX prohibits federally funded educational institution institutions from discriminating on the basis of sex. Neither state prohibits sexual orientation or gender identity.

Neither statute sees me, prohibits sexual orientation or gender identity to make any notes that for more than 20 years LGBT activists have sought to amend federal law through the so-called employment nondiscrimination act, a bill that would essentially add sexual orientation and gender identity is protected classes within federal nondiscrimination law for more than 20 years LGBT activists have failed and are employment obscuration act hasn't passed.

Even when Democrats controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, rather than wait for the want to change. However, federal regulators and lawless federal judges have incrementally changed by executive and judicial fiat steadily expanding the scope of title VII until July 2015 when the equal employment opportunity commission unilaterally amended the statute marriage. They just said sax now includes gender identity and sexual orientation who gave the right to do that though was never said that was never meant that so North Carolina was rightly challenging the notion that the EEOC can amend federal law merely by changing its interpretation and as David French says this is quack science meeting quack law and the Constitution is the casualty. He rightly says the Obama administration is playing dangerous games with our constitutional republic. Unlike nullification crises in years past.

This time, the state government is leading the way in attempting to preserve the will of Congress and our nation system of checks and balances by defending federal law as written, the executive branch has gone rogue by amending federal law through unconstitutional action, the federal government had zero right to do what it is doing can I say that clearly can I say that clearly the federal government had no legal or constitutional right to do what it is doing and change the law. When Loretta Lynn said well that we can include gender identity under sex as I say in my article 5 reasons why transgender is not the new black SSA there that the fact of the matter is that that you go to all the standard definitions on transgender websites and so on.

And they'll say gender identity is different than sex is different than biological sex.

I all but not now. Not now that the federal government wants to ram this down our throats. This is nothing to do with what private businesses do, and this has nothing to do with caring for the needs of those who are confused about their gender. It has to do to say it for the thousandth time. The fact that you don't intrude on everyone else's privacy and turn the world up. Sigh down to accommodate the struggles of a few people from the care 866-34-TRUTH I got a ton to say I want to hear from you as possible start in Queens.

The right. Why should a bunch of calls from Queens and will stay in Queens melody in Queens New York.

There, now rose in Queens are you there hello Rose Brown. Yes, you're on the ergo had victory on speakerphone.

The deputies I did go ahead. I just wanted to say that many years ago 72 many years ago I went to a map and had to stall and I in the next storm. I thought this uncomfortable feeling accuracy like men's shoes and and the person was there and I know it can come back and look at the other one finally came trembling and and that somebody had a homey minute the person came in and brushed Into the street and onto interstate now at the point we would pull about going to the bathroom to meet up with you know when it's open this dog minute, but the present exactly what is what is it have to do is tell your woman and how I'm getting to the point thinking it was connected with the way I want use the right person though, so there's no connection because the first thing is in today's narrative. You're the big you're the transfer so you're the problem as opposed to saying you have every reason to feel uncomfortable with the mail in the stall next to of course you have no idea what the guy is doing in their so there is the expectation of privacy that is being violated and let's think about this. One of the reasons why transgender is not transgender is not the new black very very simple and and thereby the way there. There are whole a whole lot of reasons, and I'll get into them and in a moment, but slavery simple. Let's see your bunch of white women and you don't want a black woman in the locker room with you.

The only reason for that is prejudice, discrimination, bias there is. There is no valid reason for however to say you don't want a biological male in their there are many, many valid reasons for that. Is this not totally self evident.

Is this really rocket science that we need to have a massive discussion about this, shall we say together while extra color rose.

She tells it like it is all right thank you for the call out we will be right back with a whole lot more 866-34-TRUTH 487884 is the number to call. We come back. I sure somebody clicks with you and the circular through my five reasons why transgender is not hey this is Michael Brown.

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The Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown believe a court rather than a federal agency should tell our state or nation and employers across the country. What the law requires. You of course 100% accurate.

Gov. Pat McCrory saying that that with the government's doing federal government's complete overreach and it is a new interpretation of the law that's now being imposed on a state. I mean it's it's absurd. It is beyond absurd. But when you hear the reasoning behind it. It's even more maddening as if transgender is the new black, this is Michael Brown listen to the line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH, and by all means join me in Israel next year. Go to the website asked her to Brown ask ADR and click on the Israel banner join us. It will be the trip of a lifetime. Let's listen to some of what Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch had to say yesterday could number eight.

This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for a nation we saw in the Jim Crow laws that follow the Emancipation Proclamation we saw in the fierce and widespread resistance to Brown the Board of Education and we sought in the proliferation of state bans on same-sex unions that were intended to stifle any hope that gay and lesbian Americans might one day be afforded the right to marry and that right, of course, is now recognized as a guarantee embedded in our Constitution. In the wake of the historic triumph. We've seen Bill after Bill and state after state, taking aim at the LGBT community. Some of these responses reflect a recognizably human fear of the unknown and discomfort with the uncertainty of change, but this is not a time to act out of fear. This is the time to summon our national virtues of inclusivity of diversity of compassion and open-mindedness and what we must not do what we must never do is turn on our neighbors. Our family members.

Our fellow Americans something that they cannot control and deny what makes them human. And this is why none of us can stand by when a state interest the business of legislating identity and insist that a person pretend to be something or someone that they are not or invents a problem that does not exist as a pretext for discrimination and harassment. I mean aside from yes we should be caring and loving towards all compassion towards those who struggle what she says is so mind-boggling. People have no choice, so there's no when you reroute the whole range of transgender identity and some just choose to dress different some two-step hormones interest of 16 surgery centrist identifies gender fluid, multi-gender where no choice at end and when use when you disregard the concerns and the needs of everybody else and you throw out all the concerns every time you raise concerns because of not real, then you give quotes of actual people, families, individual does not real. It is so mind-boggling.

The close minded if not downright dishonest and deceptive.

I assume she believes what she says, in which case she is utterly deceived in the role she plays in our nation following the footsteps of Eric Holder that is a great and grave concern. 86634 let's go to new Hyde Park, New York Michael, welcome to the line of fire doing great.

Thanks. I work out. "You know what you don't become a female out people reject different place. Not everybody to learn how to treat and I got excited people are often and great escape. A lot of guys know your job. If we do not; you're saying is that what what company is this grant okay in your city transit and you said they be 10,000 people were part of this training usually easily and and and this was having to do with how many situations one 100 Michael This is the whole point you got one struggling person and there could be a thousand reasons for their struggle.

On top of it and said nothing to do with with race and you can't possibly make that comparison again about continental details here but folks read my new article 5 reasons why transgender is not the new black. Just go to Esther to Click on latest article, but that the the point. The point is this Michael you turn the whole world upside down for the struggles of one and then no one can say anything about it for fear of losing a job at when you say people are up in arms your own feelings or how that as you're talking to people how many people think all this is great.


We need to do this and how many think it's crazy Everybody reports electric will article 5 women. Everybody ought and I but yet we can't do writing about our my debris yeah that look. That's the whole thing. The voice of the people must be heard. Michael hang in there.

Keep doing your job. Keep walking in love. It's frustrating, but ultimately sanity will prevail because the situation you describe is certainly representative around the country and encourage your friends hate don't lose your bearings.

We all know this is wrong. At the right time. We will get to address it and then there could be a loss or it could be something else but encourage folks don't back down. Let's just wait for the right time in the right strategy to address these things with wisdom, but what what a perfect illustration of why were speaking up a thank you Michael for the call. Listen, friends, I'm gonna stay on the phones for another half hour, so stay right there. I'll get back to you right after the break. This is obscene important issue. Phone lines have been jammed.

Many want to weigh in on this and voice ever needed to be grounded in God's love and truth. It's now check out our very special grace package where when your hyper grace of my God's grace CD you get my brand-new book, the grace controversy absolutely free. So it's a great package that we have put together for you trust it will be a blessing.

It's on the website asked her to Brown ask ADR's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We are here to announce that law enforcement action regarding North Carolina's public facilities privacy and security act also known as House Bill two right Loretta Lynch Atty. Gen. with one of the more outrageous press conferences. I can remember literally changing the meaning of laws. It is really really quite remarkable.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 before I go to the phones one more clip, this is Chad Griffin who is the head of the human rights campaign press conference in Raleigh that was so this past Thursday I quoted yesterday want you to hear him CBN news asked him about why conservative Christians should oppose the bathroom privacy act rather than support his conservative Christian I know those supported clip number two, the most Christian of values that love thy neighbor. Thou shalt not judge. We are all God's children. Now, much like the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s the purveyor of the eight may attempt to abuse and use religion to justify discrimination, but they ultimately can't get away with Mr. Griffin, Chad. You can keep trying to use the argument and will work for a while does not work for long because people realize there's a difference between a man dressed as a woman and some of his black or someone who's Hispanic think they realize there's a difference between ethnicity and race and gender identity. Listen, there are lots of people who identifies gender fluid Chad certain you know about this. There lots of people identifies gender fluid notice, race, fluid. You might be multiracial, butfluid. There are people Sally says she Sally today. She's James tomorrow.

She, Sally and James the next day she's neither the day after that will nobody's black. Today white tomorrow black and white the day after that and neither color are colorless. The following day and people will realize the comparisons do break down and love your neighbor as yourself.

So let's understand this Michael works of the city transit talked about the 10,000+ people having special training because of one person who is changing gender identity, said everyone he talked to was upset over it, loving those neighbors have a loving the 10,000 neighbors residence in the whole world turns upside down because of the struggles of the one 866-34-TRUTH Gilleland Massachusetts Angelica, welcome to the line of fire, where I hello yeah go ahead very logical?

Everything you're going very very logical part of all when Martin Martin Luther King preaching about.

He had a dream dream now. Everything Christian and I live in that video gland which is part of font that matches and I can tell you that I ate there bowl with lesbian many many years. Many years and he at some point, something changed in her now. Chapter has been together children as you never want to go back to what she read. And she never ever wanted to you a public bathroom for man or female nothing change you get your regular bathroom. My thinking now though. Anyway, you say I am so glad to hear the change in my precinct used to be lesbian as she stood identifies transgender female and she would lesbian many friends who got it. Yes I will get out the different Internet.

She always identified his female which are indicating no is that it was not in eighth inning 100 lesbian. In other words, it was like race, peduncle from bodies black nonwhites exploit nonblack self. Thank you. Yes, this is not part of Dr. King's dream. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and encourage, especially if you've North Carolina's around the country right to govern McCrory encourage him if you're connected with any of the legislators. If your particular county in North Carolina than the true legislative notes. They voted for HP to encourage them to continue to stand for what is right and his government occurs pointed out with the government, federal governments try to push on North Carolina schools. Schools schools think children try to push on the whole country, 86634 Listen to more comment from govern McCrory then back to your calls. Let's see here.

Let's go to clip number nine govern McCrory talking with Judith Judy Woodruff on PBS news hour. This was yesterday.

Clip number nine. I'm sure you heard the Atty. Gen. cited ashes in this amounts to state-sponsored discrimination. She compared it to the Jim Crow laws of decades ago where an African-American black Americans were not allowed to use restrooms that white people were she said this is harming innocent people that that's extremely divisive rhetoric in an dangerous rhetoric which is totally unrelated to an issue on whether a male or female should use a male bathroom or female arrest. This is an issue which is really about privacy versus inequality, and that balancing people have an expectation of privacy.

According to many of our citizens, not just in North Carolina but again this is not only a nationwide issue to make the comparison. All you they can keep pushing the Jim Crow button why to try to make the other side look wrong to try to make our side look bad. In point of fact, there is no valid comparison on any level that can be brought in terms of Jim Crow laws or that gay is the new black silk gig.

It's more your calls in a moment, but in my article 5 reasons why transgender is not new black. I put out first is completely bogus for the residents to argue that gender identity is innate.

In particular, in the same way that skin color is an there's not the slightest scientific consensus on the statement that look I've read the literature on this. Those that are pro-transgender identity and those who question the validity of these things etc. and one of the advocates of the conference to say what we know about this in the brain is primitive, primitive, there's so much speculation and so many questions and why this happens and Solomon others and not interested change in so many questions and yet gender identity is innate. So this tremendous amount of scientific evidence that would question this idea, especially since we know very little about gender identity in the brain, and it's well-known that the great majority of children who identifies transgender before puberty do not continue to do so after. So so how then is gender identity, and they if if most kids who identifies transgender before puberty don't after puberty and what about people who don't identifies transgender until later in life they go discover who they really are. What about the many who identifies gender fluid.

Second, Laura Lynch actually contradicts standard transgender talking points when she claims that the category of sex includes gender identity that I could quoted from 100 pro-transgender websites, but I thought I go to a authoritative site, the APA, the American psychological Association which is strongly pro-LGBT is with this, and their website is never the real interest, saying that when title VII and title IX so you cannot you cannot discriminate based on based on sex right she's now same gender identity as part of that so here's what the APA says sex is assigned at birth were assigned, but whatever. Sex is assigned at birth refers to one's biological status is either male or female and is associated primarily with physical attributes such as chromosomes hormone prevalence and external and internal anatomy gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for boys and men are girls and women. These influence the ways that people act interactively about themselves. While aspects of biological sex are similar across different cultures aspects of gender may differ, so they're saying clearly there is a difference between sex and gender all the more than between sex and gender identity, and readily introducing another includes how utterly bogus and inconsistent 866-34-TRUTH of your Washington DC Sabrina, welcome to the line of fire on a black African-American warming all that care black people are being we will write we built this country we have We knew we were and black people compared to what at a black warming now not black can be compared and we get it. If it is not black.

The gay community even on what black America after America can't go through week week read we couldn't get educated week at about being right or being ripped apart. Now, the new black Sabrina.

There were millions. There were millions of Africans who died in middle passage from Africa to America just just that.

Just that in the whole comparison is smashed and in her at an end and in the communities where whites could Lynch Black's and get away with it and on and on and on.

Today you have learned your generous TV sweetheart. You have CEOs of companies like Tim Cook you have the president speaking. It gave fundraising events and on and on. You even go back 50 years in America and those did not have black CEOs of major companies. You get the EE did not have the Jackie Robinson company does get to be a black baseball player he gets death threats over it so that you are man and all Olympic they've been going there Sabrina, another going further. Now it's transgender which is new black. But thank you for calling it much appreciated 866-34-TRUTH, Gaithersburg, Maryland Philip, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown could talk to your first time caller. If there is ever going to be an issue that will make black American and females look at their supporting or aggressive go there because this is got one of the turning point.

I will make a prediction by prediction is to find out this is more of a young male think that it is a female thing. Young male that want to hang around a bathroom or aggressive or whatever. I'll be surprised if you see a great outpouring of female's breast is mankind going to the men's locker by prediction is one of those things where you speed to whatever kind of males they are with some kind of psychological problem, just wanting to get close to females that are partially dressed or closed or whatever the case might be okay if you are politic female right now I am not out right now I would be outraged to the point of absolutely throwing my life-support somewhere other than any kind of a party support contract yet since of course you're completely right and the fact is, it's ready documented how heterosexual predators have used transgender bathroom access to get into the bathrooms.

Why not, why not do it white look there predators ready their perverts ready when I do it's about heterosexual predators.

Why not and then just another question I've ever another question. From what I've read, the vast majority of men who identifies women do not identify as lesbians will excuse me, they they they are not gay as the Son of Man attracted to men cement attracted to women who women who identifies this woman so if you have a biological male.

If you have a biological male in the ladies locker room, a still a male and still attracted to one of the identifies is a woman, should women be comfortable with that grimace on the problem was, the shower stall the towel and there's negative change in front of note no problem and if he still got male plumbing and he's gonna change their in the locker room should the one feel uncomfortable and Rachel's daughter and their mother, not feeling comfortable but I thought you said something ironic, you didn't mean it, is that if I was a FEMA. Obviously I'm not these days since August that I care about people struggle. Of course, of course you turn the world upside down for them. No, no, no, thank you for calling 866-34-TRUTH on him to try to squeeze in as many calls as I can when we come back one of fire, stay sober friends stay clearheaded truth will prevail in the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown today we are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against a state of North Carolina Gov. Patrick Cory, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the University of North Carolina.

We are seeking a court order declaring HP to use restroom restriction impermissibly discriminatory as well as a statewide bar on its enforcement, may we all see the day when that lawsuit by the federal government is ridiculed for the complete misinterpretation of law, the misrepresentation of the connection between gender identity and Jim Crow laws and the ridiculous overreach.

The egregious overreach of the government.

We all live to see the day when the red lynches press conference goes down in infamy is an embarrassing moment in the history of our federal government.

A sanity and wholeness prevail in the society 866-34-TRUTH Norwalk, Connecticut Beverly, welcome to the line of fire.

Go ahead. Yes, it is well outfitted by the fact that they would both EA being black with Canberra because being black is not an abomination to God with being chanted Canberra got back abominable to ham and the next thing that I wanted that. I think that what the new part of any fee that they should have bathroom one the amount one from now one for other transcendent lever that bent enough fit in Philomela female yet to validate a better solution. Yet, of course, of course, wherever possible. If you have a gender-neutral bathroom that the again you're talking about having this to accommodate wanted to have a thousand people. But yes if you can have that do it by all means what's really tragic. Beverly is that many cases those who are transgender's and that's discriminatory to say we can use the bathroom for gender identity so it's never enough their struggles need to be imposed on everyone else and by the way the Scriptures say that for man to wear women's clothing that's what's mentioned as an abomination to the Lord and in Deuteronomy the 22nd chapter of but your right skin color has some to do with a behavior is when my friend said if you act out being white. If you act out the black what actions associated with none if you act out being gay weathers romantic attractions and and sexual desires are to be acted on if you act out being transgender that will now bring behavior and lifestyle choices with it. So again, the comparison breaks down there. Thank you for the call 86634K in New York City. Welcome to the line of fire.

Are you going to very well, thanks Kirk and I are private. Everyone try to use rhetoric should Nork let you racial discrimination as a form of gender discriminate crazy is to reach with that came through their offers were complaining she has to give up okay to have to have a complaint to get a good understanding of the stairwell about doing something when you have that have necessary linked actually applied so that will address the right. Now that the ridiculous will become your excuse to try to make everybody up just to let people chose to look at how the political left would do it, yes sir. Would have just sent you should have comments that I do not want to lick my good just that that's what's basically gone is common sense and be assured regulates is not just acting on a complaint. This is an all out war that has been launched for some time now and it is also war against common sense and so this is like.

But here's here's here's a woman who had sections became a man that looks like a male bodybuilder and so on hundred people would think that person is a male that person goes into the men's room goes to the men's stall the men's room Knollwood blank.

No think twice never been a problem.

What you have to make a problem after all outward appearances.

If there is a man who when he was 18 had sex change surgery to become a woman and she looks like a woman and dresses like a woman and goes and uses them uninstall the women's bathroom known with known why make an issue of it.

When you say however you identify you go in, that's when you now have that there is left and right solid as this one on case been for years, man who looked like with who look like man who later in life had sex change surgery or on hormones or something and they're going into the ladies bathroom. Kenny, I'm with you. My wife doesn't want to be in there. My daughters don't want to be in there and my granddaughters don't want to be in their care about the person. Yes, let's help him. Let's not accommodate his struggles. Let's help him. 866-34-TRUTH all right tell you what one more call Donna time is short on in Boston. If you could weigh in really quickly go for green without college. However, I hold onto concurrent God to okay" and build the African-American life that happened the ethical conduct paradigm is Canberra identity people felt you quoted APA right back to the definition and we just need the recurrent and I pray North Carolina God will grant it, thank you, thank you, and you look, it's a common sense matter here and there's been a war on common sense. Thank you for calling.

That's why I've said for years by God's grace I function as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often in compromise. We have lost our minds by God's grace we are returning to a place of moral sanity and spiritual clarity list speak loudly and clearly friends go to the website ask Dr. ASKDR S. Dr. check out our latest articles are latest videos of the new video on why God is compared to fire in the Bible and check out our very special grace resource package to be blessed by your order you get my brand-new book, the grace controversy absolutely free and keep your focus on the Lord focus on history's grace will prevail. My bottom line today. Yeah.

How about it return common sense will go a long way and grandma wants best-selling author, she's got a new book the Daniel prayer will talk about it today. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. These are desperate times, but we are different than the world we are different than the government we are different than the society as a whole.

We have a secret weapon. We can do things that no one else can do. We can pray we can pray and take hold of heaven, we can pray and take hold of the throne of God. We can pray and take hold of the promises of God and as we do. God himself moves as we do. God himself changes us as we do. God himself does the impossible in a moment I'm going to speak with best-selling author and Graham Watts about her new book the Daniel prayer prayer that moves heaven and changes nations this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire for all those living in North Carolina will have about this role is living anywhere in America. Be sure to check out my latest article 5 reasons why transgender is not the new black and if you are on Facebook on my Facebook page.

Esther Gibran asked Kd Brown on Facebook. Please share my latest video where I discussed the issue of whether Facebook is suppressing contrary views conservative political views. I link to an important article 5 reasons why transgender is not new black and I posted this, so please share this as widely as you can.

We are in the midst of dealing with Facebook right now about some issues as to why it seems that our access to, or are our distribution level on our Facebook page has been massively restricted by Facebook try to find out what's going on and why in dialogue with them at the moment and said let's let's put this to the test so I posted a video and not just getting some interesting responses here so far I'm getting folks saying that they're trying to posted in a Canton that makes makes no sense to me unless there is really at a suppression of of others. Simpson's notification that it's not there that's been removed of corporate courses there. Nothing is been removed. So where refinement was going on but the bottom line is I'm not looking to Facebook. I'm looking to God. The bottom line is I'm not looking to people I'm looking to the Lord and ultimately for America to be change for America to be touched for America to think in it going any right direction from here.

There must be divine intervention. More of the same is only going to produce more of the same and just like in my own life over the years as I was getting older. I was putting weight on at least some but then I was putting weight on. I had to come to grips with the fact that more. The same is going to produce more the same in the direction I was going was the wrong direction. I had to come to the conclusion the direction I was going was the wrong direction and by God's grace, I made a radical complete turnaround. My whole life, physically radical turnaround beginning August 24, 2014 that's what's gonna take in America. A radical dramatic turnaround not just of incremental changes in itsy-bitsy little change here, probably more here with bubble once a day you if I can maybe not for months it's it's going to take radical, dramatic change, the Graham calls and grandma's the best preacher in the family should be joining us. We come back to join Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott Melton for unique, behind the scenes tour of Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017.

Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the chip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner four-color office at 704782370. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. My heart beats for revival notation for wakening day and night that's played. The only hope for American.

My view is is a holy awakening from on high.

My guess, and Graham Watts, best-selling author, daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham called buyer that the best preacher in the family called by New York Times. One of the five most influential evangelist today launched her revival ministry 570 seasoning 2000 and has written her newest book, the Daniel prayer prayer that moves heaven and changes nations and welcomes the line of fire. Thanks much for joining us. Thank you Dr. Brown after well at this point, this critical point in our nation's history.

I don't want to overdo things but it's it's it's an unprecedented moment in terms of so much darkness and so much apostasy and so much backsliding and confusion. Do you have hope in the midst of this one thing that I believe God is stirring in the heart of his people, and everywhere I go people spent the need to pray in order to enter different prayer event. People are just ordinary individuals feel I need to pray and I don't think God would stir a heart and collect a prayer if he didn't want to answer the prayer enough you like. That's an indication to me that were not.

We haven't gone into a bit yet but I believe if we don't pray Dr. Brown I believe if we don't turn to the Lord in humble, repentant first evolved from our own sin and then speaking on behalf of our nation.

I believe that we will go over there the edge and we're already giving evidence of modeling spiritual bankruptcy. I think were giving evidence of the Romans one type judgment.

God is turning it over to ourselves and Eve backing with me to find him and tell him to get out, backing away and removing his hand of protection and blessing and favor and entity continues to do that. And F. We continue to abandon him, and he abandoned Dustin you know that would become a very serious situation actually think it would be terrifying except that our unit individual believers. We know that work with favoring her that when they wrote the them face-to-face before nation. It would be the end of our nation of America as we know it was with implications for the entire world as America plays yeah I agree with every word you just said in Habakkuk. The third chapter there is a one verse prayer for revival. It says in part of its is in wrath remember Mercy so there's always the sense of urgency. There many amazing prayers in the Bible. Why focus on the Daniel prayer. I don't have an Acrobat except that appellee got but that prayer on the heart and then situation Daniel within magic hour. He was in a nation that got locked out with Judah and I'm coordinating the truth from the capital of Judah and God sent a messenger after messenger to warn them that judgment was coming there provoking him. They became more defiant understand and second Chronicles that that God became their enemy. It turned on Judah and Finn and Nebuchadnezzar. The Babylonian NEP brought judgment on its own people stretched over 22 years, so it like he did it so slowly because he couldn't bear to do it. He would play at any moment.

They would repent and turn from their thin and that he would stay at hand of judgment, but of course they didn't and and Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the city of truth from the destroyed Judah took a deep EVENT and met people after the first time that Nebuchadnezzar attacked the first about 22 year.

He took Daniel a young man living in truth them into captivity and throw the book of Daniel that bears his name in the Old Testament is an effective memoir join the content right but but just his experience in babbling a lot of properties that God gave them, but then tucked in there is this Daniel chapter 9, which is that his prayer when he was reading the book of Jeremiah and he came across a promise that got that after 70 years. I'll bring you back from captivity. If you think you with all of your heart, and Daniel. At that point had been in captivity been a slave for 67 years and felt Keith calculating at than three years of God keeps his word and he would set of three and three turned the space toward the God and as though no one else was paying out of anybody else but I don't have anybody off the grid Jeremiah as he did, and applied it to his situation but he poured out his heart in prayer for his nation, and Dr. Brown. Three years later. God answered his birth. Specifically, when King Cyrus had of Persia, which had been babbling. But King Stark issued an edict that all the Jews living in Persia to go home and think that the captives free and at the direct and third, the Daniel prayer.

So it's up if the powerful prayer. It's one at work and at the end of Daniel appointment at that when you are still pranks don't confessing a stamp stand still thinking God. God sent an angel to give them an answer in the Daniel while you were praying outcome to give you insight and understanding your howling esteem and did the dramatic immediate answer to prayer, where he had been sent to God, but please got it hurt heaven with moved divination was changed and on and it the God of Daniel is our God today that he would do it for Daniel than he can do it for us today but were going to have to think about all of our hearts, which is the Daniel prayer seeking him with all of our hearts. This is a key thing and something was almost forgotten to do in our instant pushbutton generation in which we live here in America and that the book is hot off the press today May 10. The release date looks like it's flying off the shelves. There seems to be real interest in it.

Just looking online and checking why did you write this, what, what will the reader get out of reading this book is like there lots of books on prayer. The lots of books in revival, but you spouse you felt specifically burdened to write this what you hoping will happen.

For some reason this book basically simply I'm hoping people will prayer Daniel prayed that if the book that's not how I unlocked the super spiritual and not know if Hired after real life and and I struggle with prayer not a prayer. Dr. Browning on the object of the myth that I'm not people: Prayer warriors are at that about that. I'm not a prayer warrior prayer is a struggle for me always have been. I struggled with content.

I struggled consistently, I struggle with concentration you but pray. I need God, but this Daniel prayer about three or four years ago Laura just laid up burden on my heart that not only pray more seriously, but to draw other people into a serious prayer for our nation and for our world and for the church and so you not not. Sometimes being hollow and anemic and got a showroom at that in prayer Baptist written out what he taught me I'm just trying to impart to them and from the end of the book actually right. Prayer is based on Daniel prayer based on the pattern of his prayer to show people how you can pray with this pattern, and then I leave blank pages. Therefore, they can write their own prayer. Writing out a prayer helped me keep my concentration though it's a practical book. It's very personal I share personally and out. You might have been this past August I found him unresponsive and are pulling and he moved to heaven and I can tell you operate the Daniel prayer in our job at the can sometimes be a heart screen. The heart cry. And God answered not. He didn't restore my have been to me, but he gave me a tentative presently truly close to himself.

He carried me through that horrific in my life. You still care and may actually end with the prayer, not just pronation but if the money is gone through a divorce or theft or terrible diagnosis of other thieves or some sort of disaster peanuts, there's a depth to this prayer and are a boldness to it and a humility is powerful and I know it works because God answered Daniel Springer, dramatic way and I know we've answered my prayer. So in a week. We come to Gotti got any and all prayer whatever he chooses but but when we come to a covenant relationship, which is what Daniel did hear that eternal Lord my God when we come to God through faith in Jesus Christ, so that we are a child of God and were coming to our heavenly father. He promised to hear and answer our prayer, maybe not the way we prayer how we pray, but Evan will be moved and start to stand up right yeah and I appreciate your openness, your honesty when when people hear's famous evangelist powerful preacher, best-selling author and here you say your prayers are anemic.

You struggled with concentration and content. Obviously something is ignited and you through this prayer and then having lived through which you live through the shocking loss of a spouse. The prayers of desperation greater than ever. God is real friends. His desire is to bless not destroy his desire is to do good, even for America, even if the state has desires that we repent and live got a few more minutes with an grandma's. Her new book just out since a hardcover of this for $22 you can get the book and the CD with our interview today for just $25 postage paid call 1-800-278-9978 is not available online just by calling out 1-800-278-9978 the Daniel prayer and my interview today with an grandma's 1-800-278-9978.

You can hear as she speaks the passion and the faith of the confidence in the living God like that for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown been there. We we have sinned and it it it starts with those Hebrew words cut, we have sinned, and an answer soon. We have turn for your commandments and laws and speaking with an grandma wants her brand-new book just released today. The Daniel prayer and when we read Daniel's prayer even though he's one of the rare people in Scripture whose life is mentioned without accusation of sin and fault and he is someone greatly loved by God. Yet when he confesses in Daniel nine. We have said we have done wickedly. We have rebelled.

Why is that sense of identification so important. Many of my listeners. They never had an abortion never done drugs that you have never committed a crime and yet when we pray, it's so essential that we say we have sent an amazing thing. But you could point out that there were data about the defendant nation used plural pronoun all the way through and back your find in the book of Nehemiah. No matter the thing thing thing thing and and there is done at identification their diabetic not judge mental and I think you are in the recent past in our nation, when we pray for our culture and we pray for the secular world there's been a tenant they think to pointer finger at them and to find fault with the law but really behaving very naturally another thinners underpinning and watch about Chaka and about just what they do and and actually do it to it that would been forgiven amount to be behaving. But we tend to forget that were thinners to that we had to come to the cross can be forgiven and instead we pointer fingers and we blaming this person that person and I can be honest when I watch the evening news or catch online. I want to do the same thing. I cannot believe some of the things that people are doing today and thing today and that the just that it's just almost mind-boggling at the same time.

I have to remember that they're just doing what what they do, which are standing and economic center grant the ground level at the foot of the cross and we need to come humbly and prevent the Lord our tenant. There's been an Internet collector defendant defendant.

But put Jesus on the cross and so when we think of our culture. You know my heart is not only happy to pray for our nation but the pray that somehow the gospel will permeate our culture and that people will know that Jesus died for centered unity, love, thinners, and it doesn't matter what your particular experiment of what your plan deliver you know what your identification, Jesus loved center and darted At front defendant to down the cross that we could be forgiven. Think of a humility to Plaza a humility and a compassion and identification of the very Christlike thing to do.

Energy the had no sin. He was happy without them. Yet he became sin for you and me. He could be got sacrificed in Kroger's and his righteousness. So when we take on the extent of our nation as though it their own. Really, the Christlike were following his example. Yet when you sings it specific. Charles Finney said that the pulpits are largely responsible for the moral condition of the nation, to paraphrase her mother Sue King saying that the church is the conscience of the nation. If we see darkness in the nation.

That's that's an indication that something was wrong with the light.

That's it for many years. I'm not so much concerned with the presence of darkness as I am with the absence of life. So all the more do we get on her knees in repentance to God.

We've send them detracted wickedly and we've we've rebelled with Daniel also points to the Lord. He points to God's righteousness, and to God's mercy and and a lot of this has to do with the glory of the Lord. We have to remember that God wants to move more than we want him to move in and anise is usually spoken around the world. I'm sure you've seen a lot of encouragement in terms of God, pouring out his Spirit on the world what you seeing as people begin to cry out, is God answering prayer in the nation's is God even answering prayer in America.

Or maybe little pockets things that you see that encourage you at acting during Scripture.

When God moved Acting out there and a lot of the turmoil.

Perhaps in the Middle East and in Europe, and even on Our St., God is moving and felt that there would mean that when you stay blasting and goodness and joy and peace that that that's not necessarily evident evidence of God's blessing for sure but when God moves it can be an ugly way and I and thought that's what I'm saying worldwide. I believe things are falling into place for the return of Jesus.

I think were living at the end of human history as we know it, and there were living in a very dangerous, very strategic time, and I believe God is calling his people to pray that we might draw near to the heart of God.

Find out what the burdens on his heart that he would impart those burdens to us that we would pray back to him what he wanting to give. It is like Abraham Brinkley bottom and Abraham receive that burden from God, and he prayed it back to God and father must be saved. But I made Abraham's nephew relit to live their lives, and God dramatically rescued Sodom at about the time of judgment so much of the time coming to present salvation at the time the pray to God that we know. In fact, you referred to something that I think of Becky and Daniel prayer when he was confident of who he was talking to you with confident in the character of God, and he that God your faithful, and he knew over a lifetime got a been faithful to him and God is faithful because that to you but they father then you will be faithful to you and me faithful to America because it can't be left to himself he is but then he goes on and have got your righteous.

In other words, you put us in captivity given to slaves in May for 67 years. I'll never go home and have done the right thing because artist and provoked your judgment and you God is righteous, but he will not tolerate then there will be judgment prevent the Daniel acknowledges that, but then he said, almost in the same branch, but you are loving and forgiving enter this God who is righteous is equally loving and forgiving which we fit the chronicling when God judged them at the cross. But then he stepped in the judgment for that 50 mercy and his kindness and then Daniel and I think God you are great. You delivered us from Egypt. You delivered your people from Egypt and if you can move the heart of Pharaoh you can move the heart of the Persian emperor to do it again because God is just as great as he was in most of the day as he was in Daniel's day as he was when he raised Jesus from the dead as he is today. Dr. Brown has not lost the power he is still a great God and I think we do deserve it.

When we turn to a politician early drop) are we even turned our own good understanding instead of turning to God in prayer and asking him to return to the black then say God to do it again were not being tried in and one thing I love about the Graham family is always you always point back to Jesus it's never secondary. He is always primary and we would be amazing and if if the energy that were putting into the Republican and Democratic primaries and elections. If we could turn that energy to prayer and turn our focus to prayer and cry out to God with a holy desperation, things could change friends. The book the Daniel prayer and I know you're super busy expression. A day like this.

Thanks so much for joining us on the line of fire. Thank you for that privilege. Dr. Brown God bless you Douglas right friends to get your copy of the Daniel prayer exclusively with our CV is a great interview resisted only $25 postage-paid. It's a great deal. Call 1-800-278-9978 the hardcover book Daniel prayer in our interview, 1-800-278-9970 it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is my joy to be with you today on the broadcast 866 first hour today. We discussed the war with the federal government against North Carolina and discuss why transgender is not the new black caller after caller wanted to weigh in on that especially many of our African-American callers to take strong exception to that. Just finished a great interview with Engram wants her new book the Daniel prayer and one thing she said that to me is greatly encouraging. I talked about the darkness in which we live in the.

The backslidden compromise sinful state of the society to have any hope she's very sober about things she certainly believes God brings judgment and things like that. But she said the fact that God laid it on her heart. The fact God laid it on her heart to write this book and to pray these prayers indicates that he wants to answer you get the interview with the book. It's a $20 hardcover you can just out today.

Get the book and the interview we just did for $25 postage-paid by calling 1-800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978, and in a few minutes I'm going to be joined by my friend Raymond Rev. James Robison and I really want have a heart-to-heart talk with him today about unity issues generally want have a heart-to-heart talk, because as I watch things unfold in society around us. Even within the Republican Party met a registered Republican. I'm an independent but I voted largely Republican for years now because of the Republican platform. Sometimes I voted with reticent symptoms of the table voted. All that's right basically voted, but even in the Republican Party, the amount of division.

Right now I don't policy where around and I don't know if God's trying to shake the whole thing down and and will be a new party raised up the and then of course many say the problem is that conservatives are the conservative anymore miss a bigger problem, stalking him heart-to-heart because I know that that he's a man who strives for unity, not the cost of truth, but who strives for unity. Yet Matt tell you what grab grab one of those Donald Trump clips for us and realize I had it on my list to that's what I was so focused on the other issues but let's let's grab one of those and just let us know which one we should play of Jan just you know which which ever way we turn which ever way we turn in the society around us.

It's just it's like madness, it seems that way feels that way. And yet I'm full of faith and hope, because God is who he says he is so clips number 14, the latest from us has to do with Donald Trump he goes after Russell Moore was a respected Southern Baptist leader and call them a nasty guy Donald Trump who spoke against him. Russell Moore was asked to respond, number 14, one of the key aspects of conservatism is to say character matters in public office, and in the citizenry and the virtue has an important role to play in our culture and our politics and now we have a Republican Party that seems ready not only to surrender on the culture wars but to join the other side. They what we have in the Donald Trump phenomenon as well as an Hillary Clinton phenomenon is an embrace of the very kind of moral and cultural decadence, the culture, the conservatives have been saying for a long time. Is the problem is when you have conservatives who were saying in the previous Clinton era, the character matters rightly so, who now are not willing to say anything when we have the sort of reality television moral sewage coming through all over our culture and conservatives, who previously said we have too much awful cultural lot on television who now want to put it on C-SPAN for the next four years and to give a model to our children really with either of these two candidates of an amoral sort of the sort of a vision of America that that isn't what we believe in and that was the comment that prompted Donald Trump to go after Russell Moore pretty harsh terms and then Russell Moore pleaded back with this is truly a terrible person, nasty guy and then Connecticut evangelical Moore through taxes. First thing you say is not me, there is a file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown forgiveness of sins and redemption through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And I think that's where most evangelicals are were looking though at a situation where there's a reality television character who is saying let's not just accept what what we see is cultural decay oriented and I think that's a problem long beyond this presidential election. The culture that is Russell Moore speaking response to Donald Trump's tweet that he was a terrible person a nasty guy is engagement a plea for that's what you forgiveness. That's Donald Trump doesn't feel like he needs the more the more I I watch these things, the more I listen to these things, the less it seems there can be any unity in the Republican Party and questioners is that what we need now those that normally work Republican. Is that what we vote, Republicans that we need baby God shaking the whole thing.

Maybe things need to divide these to be new party, how we approach these things.

I guess today James Robison.

The website that he launched over year and 1/2 ago. Now the stream a go to place for sound wisdom on what's happening in the world today stream less.

That was the first to post my new article 5 reasons why transgender is not the new black James is always great to have you on the broadcast you to Russell more certain of master is a very wise caring person and really be just wonderful lips of Misty, recognize that these people rub referring to some nine that's not even appropriate or applicable but you would really learn from the watercourses.

My encouragement and everywhere I can to him in the family to listen to people like them talk about and I think that I'm actually going to read an article in the spring tomorrow. Write English. What about Trump groups sounds impossible. Does, perhaps even more so than the regular motion yet. That was quite a step and I happen to watch the supernatural aspects of it.

And that's precisely what it was, not apartheid norm could all tell a story to me. Article tomorrow after Bush poured out as a fellow Texan. He knew that I had not been supported because I thought he bought a lot of Eastern establishment liberalism as baggage, so want to meet with him on Apple used to set up them so you should. Why would you tell us like to talk to when he returns always in the was amazed I was there and not sublime here because I believe you will be vice president and that means will be one heartbeat from the presidency might usually shine because you don't like the people that I think are great Americans that you would really respected you would only meet, and I believe you love America.

I believe you care and sponsor one if you get on here only meetings with members and as of the list and Bush look at me surround us that he came is that I just can't believe it brought a what I will and we got on her knees little obsolete.

His office in about when the detective the muscles. He later told me that that was the most up high-tech Photography that they had by satellite and he said we could actually zoom you not to show you the shadow but by a middle ground. Apple bought a surmising I could see the missiles I could see what the concern was sewn with. I was just part of the conversation, but we actually got on our knees together and prayed, and I mean it was a real burqa for American policeman when he got up he said you know this is special, should be q. week with these individuals that you don't like good strong conservatives individually privately he agreed to when you did and later said these are truly great Americans want to thank you for encouraging me to be read and sure enough he was chosen as VP and I was there with Katie Childs and Fran Young, the Texas Rangers are sitting with Sen. John Tower and there we saw the amazement of the carbon motions and out some grants are not, but I watched him come together and I I was able to continue interacting with Mr. Bush to try to encourage and encourage frustrated young sucker bedsheets to become a friend encourage of encumbered good friends of and he was able to contribute to the spiritual and I think that is a conservative viewpoint stricter Bush more or less gravitated toward an English All-America team that really want in a landslide and didn't want every state but the one that the Mondale had is the only one he barely lost that one sold the Reagan mama was correct.

I here's what I'm praying my car really impregnates. I think we had some of the most qualified people run for president in my lifetime and I would encourage Mr. Trump to invite.

Maybe somebody just like could contribute. But if I would actually come and sit at the table of reasonably what Ben Carson is encouraged from time to got in the right.

Let's have a civil discussion and let's discuss the serious problems we face and let's do it as a treat, and I am encouraging you start every Christian. We need that, miracle. I believe that Ted Cruz bring something to the table that is critically important. But Mr. Trump has bought something that has motivated people you might want to call it manipulation but it's at least motivate it disturb him to believe that we can can overcome the inappropriate political correctness that is anything but correct. We could resist the Washington establishment. We don't have to put up with a cartel mentality Cruz refers to as we can actually correct this course and he is made them believe that I believe that he needs to hear what Ted Cruz know so well, and no one could bet justices and judges for all the appellate courts are just a Supreme Court justices, but all the other judges that handled more than 90% of major cases but never get Supreme Court so you need great judges no one more qualified to Cruz and that Eric no one more qualified to help people understand the Constitution and the value of our founding documents and the wisdom of our founders did you put these two men together and might actually deliberately own purpose as our founders got down on the knees together and I on August divine providential direction and wisdom again. It would be a miracle if this could happen if all of those candidates who bought so much to the type would come to the table of reasonably God invited Israel to the even as a nation and as people. Let's reason together, so Michael, I'm praying for that because I just simply believe our God is able to bring about the kind of mirror that brings people together to seek the best for the glory of God and the benefit of the people God yes that's me that is a high and lofty aspiration, calling, and something that would require a miracle and a lot of death to the flesh, so let's let's just say what would that require from Donald Trump for that to happen and what would that require from Ted Cruz for that to happen we got each one of them deciding to take the role is greatest in making to become a servant. First of all, the God we serve God for his glory but to serve one another Ted Cruz have so much Donald company, you know, I found that in my life. That unity was clearly very clever at keeping me away from the very people most qualified to help make it would be almost is that we would see of personality tension and we wouldn't even meet together and once we came together, they became the greatest back over my staff people that I initially would need them interviewed would not consider suddenly I realized there was a supernatural influence. I believe in the realm of darkness that was keeping us apart causing that won't go.

I tell you I would love to sleep. Donald Croft gets so excited about what Ted knows and can't get excited about becoming a student not just the smartest GABA room, but even more so like right teacher, humble the way Billy Graham has lived his entire life, meek and teachable abstaining from principles. I would love to see Donald Trump respected Cruz and state teach me. Let's run together and can't sleep. Donald, you really can stir people to believe in the impossible by leaving believe somebody like you could actually help us in my goodness you got a lot of issues hey let's talk about what's great about. I can actually see two people get excited. What was said to me right at the document right they call menus against this man is a great man. He said he is truly a great man on the 27th I'm going to be the best vice president but never start his watch and see if I'm not enrolling below you really want people to start in Ontario. I honestly believe you did well, he didn't want a good son I made some big mistakes. You know they didn't have a lot of the conservative values and principles that Reagan did come to understand is solid, and though I wonder one of my that President Bush was then Debbie had so much to be brought to the table in a timely critically needed. Why can't we the American people come together. Michael, I have so much love to you. One of the strongest ever met, but I know the driving force in Michael Brown's life you love God and love people you really care about people do not mad at somebody to James about the gender you are not angry someone that's defeated with some practice but seems to go against everything the word of God teaches you simply love and I know that's what you need but there would be some people who don't know you might think we did this hardline know it or not hardline your land so much love that you want to tell people to turn that impact that simplification for, I won't. Donald Trump and I won't Ted Cruz. These are the truly great candidates to come and sit down is intensifying to sketch a couple more minutes if you can stay with a couple more minutes let us know break. Thank you for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the modifier in society around us, but from a biblical perspective from a wisdom perspective, not just reporting the news.

News is there to but you get inspiration and you'll get wise, commentary, and tomorrow an article from James Robison on the Reagan-Bush era and the unity came out of that.

So James one last question for you. Many people will be listening us a minute, that's incredible vision that seems like an impossible vision but are we putting unity before truths are we putting unity before the righteous cause.

We believe it. What's the use of unifying if we don't have principal behind it.

How would you address that concern where you don't bring up a strong body together without a skeletal frame that I think that it Donald Trump because I know because I've got an opportunity to getting the symbolism and it was as though he wanted to lock but he wants to run from someone that can really confirm what the site and Don and Ted Cruz to leave it to Cruz the same time probably do well on how to motivate people, not just because you know principles of the code. You can actually start them to action. You know I have the ability.

Billy Graham pointed out to have the Christians in the stadium become so concerned that they actually all and witnessed humans, not spend $1 million to get a crowd you have a small crime start of the people in my go get posted to.

There's something about a gift a person to motivate people to action. Donald Trump actually has a gift and it comes from God. Every good and perfect gift comes from God is oftentimes used that gift in the wrong way, but he does have that gift and Ted would be the very kind of person. You do remember to show Donald tonk respect.

When Donald first came out he was blasting everything that needed to be blasted and not it was burning it is right. These things need to go. These things are problem within the tension and I believe the orchestrator of diffusion extension and I believe that spirit of the flesh and interception keeps people from coming together.

Who are the very instrument of correction and instruction and wisdom that person needs honestly believe these two men it would be this is nothing short of a miracle if they actually became a king and they showed not only want another respect.

Think about this, Michael. Millions of people said we see something and bespeak rather than thumbing her nose at all those people and said you didn't know what you and calling them stupid, when in fact they were zealous for change needs to come, but they also had different perspectives. What if you brought the concern of the necessary changes to the type and then you sat down and said what do we bring to the table as gifts that actually came from God that could succeed. The American people would be thrilled and they would cheer and the other candidates would cheer." If you said to the other candidates. Each of you have something of value you would've had the support of so many people are the concern to the nomination process. What if those people came. Need we expect Congress to ever get there.

If we can even get the people who are running for the highest office in the land to sit.

Now the paper Bruce actually expect anybody else do it. I've been bringing church leaders together now for the past 25 years, Michael gets tougher to get church leaders, and you've been in meetings with me and you know that it's possible to find. Honestly, I like to moderate you with Mr. Trump and Ken Cruz of the others. I would love to because I'm not going to sit in the and let them begin it types not shopped at one another and destroy the possibility of getting somewhere. I simply would entirely and we stop the nonsense and they would have to be calling each of about I'm saying to you this meeting that actually is a very real possibility.

And you just need everybody. This is the kind of miracle that broke this nation. This was the supernatural power of God about the most diverse, bullheaded, brilliant man together for the sake of freedom and that both the greatest nation ever founded on the and I understand we need that, but right now we have the great awakening and I think these men coming together would work better like nothing it very strong applicant M speaking.

Bert strongly and by the way, you are a key factor in what God wants to do and I really do believe like I appreciate that's her and really what stirs me.

I have a dear friend in India. This eponymous form untouchable stone for preaching the gospel many years ago, we've almost been killed preaching together in India is planted over 7000 churches built schools, hospitals, and heat. He always has a way of getting it's something that's beyond the normal perspective you. I might see something needs to be confronted and confronted the behind the scenes try to build bridges but then he'll see like another way, and it's this Jesus perspective, which is what you're bringing but but the take away from his because I know we set on the principles I I know how deeply you feel about these things absolutely no know what, and let no one here compromises, no sudden compromise but for every one of us just like a husband-wife argument. If you could put down your pride and your personal agitation and said okay what's in the best interest for the family, or in this case pastors in the city. It's not about who Windsor was bigger. It's about Jesus being glorified in that city. If we could put down the ambition and the pride apologized through the sins against each other, misjudge each other and say let's help each other as the world needs us all to get beyond the personalities and that's a vision that is a vision, my dear, dear brother.

It's an impossible vision, but with God all things are possible. I appreciate you sharing it with us because it's going to light a fire in people's hearts to pray for things they never even dared to pray for because they seem to preposterous. Thank you for your witness today or operate important happen because we're going to have to have this type of miracle to correct our purpose course is going to take a miracle bag right and I think this could just be the launching of because I love these man I love all these can. I know many of them well and so I just care and are praying for A miracle really. How about we just get a kick started right here this to be a good place to start and I just ask your buddy pray because we've got to have a supernatural white art.

We are going to lose freedom and see what you reference or were going to see the judgment of God are turning away from him and turning your street into a lie and becoming idolaters, and we don't need to go there. We got away from that and yet precariously hanging in the balance.

With that, and of course as we pray this would be the transformation of who Donald Trump is in the transformation of food. The other candidates are as well because this is something impossible in natural thanks once again and friends, you heard it. Let's pray for God's impossible for his very let me close with this God gave me last week. I have always used imperfect to accomplish my perfect will always have, always with a course we understand that for that to happen, but imperfect submits to the wisdom and leadership of God are we get the wrath of judgment walking away from it, but he uses imperfect people, two of us talking eternal about right now with our perfect father wants men will father may it be so do the impossible get hold of these political candidates and turn their hearts to you turn their hearts to humility, turn their hearts to serve and said for the nation was impossible with men is possible with God. My guest James Robison. Thank you sir for joining us so much friends, go to the stream for the latest cutting-edge wisdom and commenter inspiration.

Thank you once more I friends my my bottom line today with God all things are possible. What's hopeless is met with man does not mean there's no hope in him

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