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How to Maintain Spiritual Sanity in a Crazy World

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 11, 2016 4:02 pm

How to Maintain Spiritual Sanity in a Crazy World

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 11, 2016 4:02 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/11/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Joan through the town. Don't give up hope. Words of encouragement today. On the one flyer stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural answer.

Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to friends Michael Brown here. I want to get into really important. Essential teaching with you today from the Scriptures. I'm not taking any calls not interacting with breaking news.

I simply want to encourage your hearts with biblical truth today because were living in a really crazy time where we were living in a time that can be so frustrating.

Nancy and I were talking the other night about posts on Facebook and things like that and the fact is we don't like untruths.

We don't like misinformation or by Opinions, but when someone states something that's blatantly false.

We both want to correct it because we love the truth and we hate our we don't want people to believe lies for other people to then believe those lies and that's the least of it though. You see things being said on TV or hear them on radio read them and they're so wrong. Anything I want to say something want to do something and you look at people in the eye and try to reason with the minutes. It's like they're not there and you look to others you think would be people of courage and faith.

And sometimes there anything but you will pull your hair out. I understand that. Trust me understand many of the things I write I write out a great burden not of frustration. Similar give me a voice give me something to say it by his grace and got this great platform with our radio show and then was our articles and there was our TV broadcast. And there was social media.

There was preaching and teaching. I have a lot of outlet for the burdens that I carry and still that is not enough, through which I can preserve hope and faith and sanity and for many who have much less of an outlet.

It can be all the more frustrating. So I want to talk to today, not so much about particular issues, not so much about the culture wars, not so much about political battles, not so much that was happening internationally, but in the context of the crazy world in which we live in the context of the confused world in which we live in the context of the compromise church in the midst of which we live in the context of America teetered tottering on the edge of destruction or or perhaps simply ceasing to be the nation that it's been up to now, and I mean that in the worst sense of the world insert word in terms of which was going living in the midst of this, how do we maintain faith, hope, courage, or put less spiritually, how do we not lose our minds radically not just going to total retreat.

I forget this is students going to go out for are not official mirrors go fishing and is retiring go fishing or forget this.

I'm just going into the mountains with my family were survivalist types were just praying read the words together and wait for the destruction to come. How do we avoid those types of polarities are just I need medication and keep my sanity. I would avoid that through biblical principles also want to talk to about today, I'm sure you recognize the relevance of these issues now by all means, check out my latest articles go to Astor to breadbasket your check out my latest videos of all of our radio shows are archived so there's a subject you're looking into. You want to study a particular thing.

Radical Islam be transgender activism, be it heterosexual divorce.

Be it. Whatever the case may be typing what you're looking for on the website asked her to you'll find a wealth of free resources waiting for you, and other resources download digital resources by books and blessed to help you with his strength and you friends in Jesus we are over cumbersome layouts and principles for you today. Trust. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural once your again is Dr. Michael Brown during early start today face to encourage Michael bring her not taking any calls today. Not tracked focusing on Scripture focusing on Jesus and how we are to keep her sanity in the midst of a crazy, crazy world. Let me start herein and there is any order I could go on but let me start here reading a book called Renaissance fabulous book by Oz Guinness. Just amazed. It is spiritual insight penetration understanding of history and he mentions something several times in the book are the Golden age is still ahead. In other words, although we want to recover many of the things in which the early church walked the power of the spirit and the seal for the lost and the willingness to sacrifice for a dying world. We want to recover many of the things that the early church walked in, we recognize that the early church was far from perfect.

Jesus is our perfect model. He's the one that we set up as the standard in that we seek to emulate his commands and words and example, we follow by God's grace and with his help, but we look to a golden age. You can look back in church history, nor can you look to any time in world history of this society of this civilization of this generation. This was the Golden age, our golden age is still to come. Our age where Jesus rules and reigns over nurse in which the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea and earth in which no one does violence to the other anymore with the swords are beaten into plowshares with the nation say comments go up to the to the mountain of the Lord.

Let's learn from the God of Israel. Let's walk in his ways that golden age still future or if you want to think of the eternal Golden age where there is no need for for a lighter lamp because the Lord himself is the light of the new Jerusalem that is still to come. The new heavens and the new earthwork all pain and suffering are removed. That is still to come in this world. Jesus said there will be tribulation in this world there will be tribulation secretions for first-round five tell us that the whole world lies to the power of the evil of the God of this world has blinded the minds of those who don't, beliefs, and Christians for for first John 519 and when we recognize that we recognize that from the fall of Adam to the beginning of the human race until the end of this age, there's going to be darkness. There's going to be sin. There's going to be our righteousness. There's going to be moral depravity there. There is going to be terrible human suffering brought on by other human beings until Jesus comes in for us as God's people. There's going to be tribulation. There's going to be difficulty then then we we realize it's it's not as if how can I say this that you have this perfect beautiful canvas that you been painting on for decades. Your masterpiece and now someone comes in with a bucket of black paint and just throws it on your masterpiece and destroys it. No, the masterpiece is Jesus.

The masterpiece is not earthly society. So while I'm terribly grieved. As you know, over many of the goals of radical LGBT activism one grieved over the push to make transgender into the new bought the black after trying to make Gay into the new black one grieved over the redefinition of marriage one grieved over the federal government. The Obama administration's aggressive push to bully even whole states like North Carolina. While these things grieved me. This is not is not a personal battle with me against the Geiser me against the transgendered's are the Christians against the world.

All we have to win.

This is not personal battle. And then there is real what we will only see change come to a certain point in this world. Let me give you perspective that this is less my burden.

This is less my bird that just puts it in perspective.

Let's think of 30 years ago before the real advances of gay activism in our society overseas were there and their activists that were active yet, but let let's go back to the early stages the beginning of four-year let's go back 40 years. Okay. And Stonewall riots 1960 9C have the the beginnings of this, of course, decades before that with other individual activists and organizations, but let's let's go back to America 40 years ago was this some pristine beautiful perfect country. Oh, more innocent in certain ways, but a ready ravaged by the countercultural revolution of the 60s, and we are ready had all kinds of seminar Mitchell was let's go back before that. Let's go back 67 years old is a question America was a former innocent country just contrast. Leave it to beaver and lassie with today's TV shows or contrast the lyrics and pop music with the lyrics and the latest hip-hop rap song in this for some decades now of poor work.

Just look at the divorce rate then teen suicide. Then compared to now or just look at the availability of pornography. Then compared to now. Or look at the rarity of abortions. Then compared to now with the general breakdown of the family, then compared to now. But I'm quite sure they Christians living at that time in the 40s and in the 50s were grieved over the wilderness of America grieved over the sin of America. In other words, yes, we should be grieved and yes we should take action. And yes, it would comes to targeting a boycott target its action to take, because their offensive war on gender and privacy by all means act out your conscience, but understand that the greatest victory that will see is the return of Jesus and the greatest victory will see his souls turning from death to life and be born again and and some degree of morals and of the returning in some degree of common sense returning and some degree of innocence returning but were not going to see the whole thing in this world and more importantly it's not our personal battle. Look, it's very easy to get involved. As if this is your victory ill man.

We worked so hard for this vote in our state that went the other way. All right.

It's disappointing.

Personally, but it's more disappointing if you're convinced that that vote was a bad thing.

It's more concerning, not that our side lost. Let's just say Hillary Clinton is elected president and is even more pro-abortion, pro-gay activists than Pres. Obama and pushes even further for the overriding of religious freedoms and freedoms of speech and conscience because of the activism in her radical left liberal agenda and let's let's say that she's a worse friend of Israel than Pres. Obama. Those will be very bad things and to the extent that that I'm here you're here on the front lines, deal with them will be grieving and will be praying and will be suffering the consequences of her policies, but if if I was voting for Donald Trump and he lost Alex and endorsed to cruise and he sees out of the race now this a personal saying. In other words, the issue if a Hillary Clinton was elected and and did evil to America and hurt America. That's not my side lost.

We look is not she one. It's a matter of this is bad for our nation. This is bad for a nation but but look at it like this, you got a patient that will never be perfect health until the resurrection.

That's America. That's the world. The patient will never be in perfect health until the resurrection. So I know until the resurrection. To begin with prompts. That's part of what we do and I don't want to see certain things happen and I will sound the alarm about them.

Maybe for the short term for the long term because I know where this is ultimately going II know the destruction that will ultimately come. I can see in advance where this is heading seeking to be a son of Issachar understand the times. Knowing what Israel should do based on first Chronicles 1232 but I also know that that marriage can be redefined to include polygamy and to include other other forms of of marriage and it'll be bad and little her nation but Jesus will still be Lord in the gospel still advanced. I don't wanted to happen for many many reasons.

Just as I did want to. The courts redefined marriage last year for many many reasons, but were still here.

Seek don't have this mentality that if one thing goes wrong. The one thing fails or or Bruce Jenner is the woman of the year that that's the end of the world know it's a messed up world. It's been a messed up world since Adam and Eve send. It's been messed up the rear here not to fix everything to make a difference return fix everything I could have until Jesus comes can make a real difference every single day that encourages error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and cultural length of your again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We are bringing you courage meant today not dealing with breaking news not taking your phone calls, but bringing your words of encouragement, how to maintain how to retain your spiritual sanity.

Your moral clarity your hope, your confidence in the midst of such a messed up world and society.

If you look internationally with the continuing rise of radical Islam in certain parts of the world, the threats and instability that that brings.

We can go on and on with the list of concerns criminals was going to happen with the elections. Who knows what's going to happen with the future of Europe, and on and on. These things can be unsettling, but in Jesus not as artificial, that in some superficial, but in Jesus and a very very real way, we can find a place of confidence and the place of security and a place of faith. I said this many times, but it is never trite, redundant God is still sitting on the throne as King Jesus is still Lord. There are many things that happen that displease the Lord there many things that happen that he says that was not my will or my desire and even if you're Calvinist, you agree that there many things that go contrary to his revealed will Calvinist would say he has his secret will. I wouldn't put it like that.

I would say that in the midst of human disobedience and sin. God is still carrying out his purposes, so in that sense we have a similar perspective, but don't act as if God is not God. Don't act as if Jesus is not Lord don't act as if the devil controls everything and God is retired or disinterested or discouraged in taking a break though sometimes that's the way we act. That's where we act, we need to do is go back to worshiping him listen.

This is not an escape from reality. This is an entrance into true reality. What we see around us is real but it is temporal. What we see around us is real but is often deceiving as we know, appearances can be deceiving. What we see around us is is often skin deep and it's here today and gone tomorrow of written notice.

Notice a couple of times that a famous quote that the day would come when men would name their dogs Nero and their sons Paul. It's important perspective to have because when Paul was beheaded. Paul, the prisoner beheaded a minister more helpless place to be your prisoner. You are in chains. You don't have freedom and now you kneel down with your hands presumably tied behind your back in your beheaded in the mighty Nero can be had 10,000 people like you if you wants to every single day and he is the Emperor of Rome whatever he wants is at his fingertips. Now Nero was the slave Nero was the one who was bound Paul was the one who is free. He was the Lord's prisoner. He made choices because of which people put them in bondage. But he was absolutely free, and he knew while on earth is good be fruitful and easy to be a threat to the kingdom of darkness. If you kill him is going to go and be with Jesus, which as he said in Philippians 1 is far far better.

He was free. So yes, the days have come when men and women they and their dogs.

Nero let's call him Nero is a silly little dog yeah we had Boomer and then then we have no government Boomer. It got old. We haven't put them to sleep because Nero under such a book on your your accident when the accident come, sit down here.

We could don't.Nero sons we call Paul.

That's an anatomic and people read Paul's words today think of it as part of God's word is words have been trances letters translated into more languages read by more people than any letters ever written by any human being anywhere in the world think and people listen to God through Paul's words, what we need to do is have a long-term perspective AAA God perspective John Bunyan imprisoned. I mean we can imagine the prison cells that these men were in the rancid conditions of the prisons and Nancy I and in Italy about 30 years ago we we had a data go around Rome. Some other places in we went to this prison cell is underground and attack I had it. I do really stoop down just to get down there and they said it we believe Paul was imprisoned in a real radical. Yikes. In one of my friends with me a missionary in Italy for many years. He said actually.

Every prisoner only. Void falls there. This tradition, Robin the guy was imprisoned.

The guy was imprisoned and yet when he wrote in prison. We read today. I think, and John John Bunyan put in prison for his views against the church establishment and that since being a troublemaker because he didn't go with the status quo where Mr. John Bunyan when he writes in prison becomes outside of the Bible and until you have the roster crop the most translated book in world history, Pilgrim's progress. He writes other things from prison that is set captives free for centuries friends we need a divine perspective on everything is not a matter of who wins and who loses is not about how our side is doing at a given moment. It's a matter of our connection with God in our relationship with God and her divine perspective. So we need to step back, we need to step back and meet with the Lord some months ago we were in my one of my night classes I was talking about revival when the student said will Dr. Brown you been in revival you and the Browns revolve you been other moves of the spirit was like I begin to tell stories of our hearts, removed and went to pray in when you pray for couple hours we prayed well past class temporal in our half past class time. We just kept praying. People cry out to God and I felt the Lord say to me, pray more, write less, pray more rightness and many a night I have all I've got 345 things in my heart I will write on a trespass finish this book.

It I just go to Lord Iger Lord I pray ago the Lord and seek him. When I seek him when I get his perspective than my perspective changes my attitude changes my Outlook changes and is okay right this that's targeted by God's grace to bring life and not death friends would encourage you to check out this week's special resource offer retirement wonderfully with what I'm talking about this if it opens up God's true grace to you when you get my books hyper grace and God's true grace CD will give you for free. My brand-new book, the grace controversy so three great race resources. We put together just in the last few years*around the Lord. ASKDR check out the resource offer. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more culturalist get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

This is a special broadcast no calls, no updates on breaking news and commentary was happening in society just teaching, encouragement, instruction from Scripture. Why we needed because it's frustrating to be alive today because it can be discouraging to be alive today because there's so much wrong that's happening you can just about one throwing the towel, pull out your hair or scream, but there are better alternatives and Philippians the fourth chapter tells us this. It says don't be anxious about anything but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Make a request known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all human understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Messiah Jesus is Philippians 4, six and seven and in verse eight, whatever is true with noble and pure policies. Things think on those things, think on those things. Have you ever been really burdened way down sickness in the family financial crisis trouble on the job church split friends reject you deep disappointment death of a loved one.

I mean sometimes two or three of these things sitting at the same time physic more than a human being can bear. Maybe it's less than that.

But it is 1617 years old is, on your mind about the future about college friends and confusion was happening own body and what you desire and what pleases God and these things can be rough seasons difficulties midlife crisis for someone else. Stress and depression after the birth of a child baby so many things that affect us in practice. Have you ever been in the midst of one of these situations where it just feels like life is too much is why people commit suicide is one reason people commit suicide. Is this like the waves going over your head. They're just going over your head.

It's just just too much. There had it that you get along with God and you just pour your heart out and you tell them. Lord, what to do about this rent is due tomorrow if we don't pay we can't be late again will be our rear be evicted and my wife sick and she can't go to work and end with this new healthcare thing.

What route do have a problem get the medicine for for a baby and pray for healing and healing hasn't come and and and might my sister is going through a painful divorce now and she's calling for help. I'll think I can help anybody and you are in the midst of it we wouldn't if you all if I just described your sex life or theory in detail that would be the Lord say I care about anything you put your heart to God and you tell them everything that's bothering everything that's concerning and you get up, maybe a half-hour later in this piece you praise God for his goodness to remind him of the time has come past the come through in the past and you get up in this piece but hang on outwardly.

Nothing changed outwardly, the rent still doing you don't have. Outwardly, your sister still getting a divorce.

Outwardly the baby still sick. Your wife is still sick. Outwardly, you still have money for the medication God hasn't healed the child outwardly, everything else is the same and it have peace because you put things in God's hands and God will and God will help. And even if it gets worse before it gets better. He'll be with you through that you will come out closer to him and Gabi are on the other side if you learn from the experiences well and on top of that you will have answers to prayer, to testify to. I can tell you how many times it happened with me and maybe I need guidance, wisdom, and I cannot tell Nancy every praying. I don't have any guidance and wisdom.

But I'm at peace. I know everything be all right son compound dismissing God come through, over and over, get this, we have to look at was happening all around us, over cleansing by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice them or culturally here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you not taking off today not interact latest news but keeping my focus in our focus today on King Jesus on the truth of the word on our gracious God and father bringing words of encouragement. In short, I keep her sanity how to keep hope and courage cannot lose our minds and throw the towel things are so frustrating and even maddening around us. Listen, no matter what were going through right now.

There have been far far far worse times for the church in history.

I mean to say that is a massive understatement as much is there is definitely an assault on religious freedoms and liberties as much as we should stand up as much as we should speak up as much as these should be issues and concerns for us absolutely, without doubt, let's put things in perspective. Can you compare regarding the church in America today with what's happening in Syria Iraq to Christians.

There were in parts of Nigeria to Christians. There no note that there is there is no valid comparison between the two, and in terms of reality. We we are not being beheaded. We are not having our families rounded up I heard of Christians in India with a satin get the pastor round up his family.

This happened in the state of Orissa poured gasoline over his wife and children say deny Jesus or we bring them to death in front of you. There's nothing that were experiencing. They can compare to these types of atrocities. The slaughter of over million Christians ensued on the exiling of hundreds of thousands of people fleeing for their lives in the Middle East from radical Islam and yet and yet Jesus is there with those people. And yet he says that everything we need is found in him, and that we are more than conquerors through him. Romans eight that that not even death. Not that demons can separate us from God's love and and first John five tells us whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the frequent road trip, leaving our faith. The early church suffered severe persecution at times there were waves of intense persecution and in the New Testament, martyrs, and mentioned Stephen's mansion anti-pause is mentioned. These martyrs are mentioned by name. And yet, Jesus says to these churches in the midst of the struggles in the midst of the pain in the midst of the loss. Here's a word for you over commerce peers were whoever overcomes whoever overcomes will inherit this and this and this ever over comes so if if there are promises for over commerce in the midst of hellish slaughter. If there promises for over cars in the midst of terrible family loss if there promises for over commerce in the midst of the loss of earthly goods. He reached 10 even talk about how the believers of Jewish believers earlier on that suffered the loss of their goods and rejoice because they had better heavenly treasures that difficult season of testing in the loss.

If there is overcoming grace to all of them. There is overcoming grace to us so I want to encourage not to have the mentality of defeat not to have the mentality of discouragement not to have the mentality of hopelessness have the mentality of being in overcome her in Jesus and that the stumbling blocks become steppingstones in the things that are meant to destroy us, make us stronger. Let me know. Sure, some of the lighthearted fermented art.

My trainer Scott Neri is a gifted evangelist so when are anointed by the Lord. In fact, check out his book power evangelism wrote the forward for the fuel of the things of the spirit, if you love the gifts and power of the spirit for today and want to know how this works in evangelism gives this little book power evangelism. You will be blessed as you dudes it's an e-book you can get it on but anyway the need to place with a number happy to so we we joke about how during workouts, you can see what a person is made of mentally just cleansing people are not in good shape and the drawing is for work other in decent shape but not at the level of workout and of course you put me at with athletes can be in their shape, obviously, but you learn a lot about the mental attitude mental toughness of the purse there some people there laughter they can move they can do another push up their land on their face like you try or Batman assortment of froth.

I go to the bathroom they come up and they keep going.

There was like I can't I do I can't do it.

I was able to stink the time course you can just take your time. No pressure to take your time.

Quote the other day he was having me do these series of painful is always cardio with no some muscle stuff mixed together and I'm doing this particular exercise and I got these weights in the Senate were much since it was 15 pounds and he can and I've had I've had them up on the shoulders have had the straight ahead of me of him.

All these different angles, but I'm not want to put them down with the whole thing straight ahead that up that overhead that out this way that that was over. Time even when set on having to start to get happy they start to get happier and at a certain point.

He then said okay I want over your head. To do this and I ice I said I think I can't. What happened was I thought I needed a break from it and I was asking for "y" for minute and then resume with the next exercise and what I meant was to kiss every so often you have to miss him so for you to push yourself and that was my mentality well because he did give me that break I said the words that I never ever say will work out and it was like II can't, I will think I can and is what is the regulator of the slugs were to drive that are you today meant we laughed about it but he was gonna push harder and harder and harder and make sure that that mindset was not there. I said someone that you know the workouts of the roughest ones for me are the ones were before the work on the think I'm thinking of you anthers were coming to sometimes neatly knows how to push the limit as is trained in these these understands was doing. He knows how to look at you.

Make sure you're okay. What you do it, those of the workouts. Let me know maybe get up in the morning and maybe it's midmorning to go to sleep really late and do a few things have workouts.

I'm still just kind of waking up and I think all man workout on the front and bill for site that's that's the defeat right there that's the defeat right there when the attitude is. This can be a blast. Whatever comes my way I'll be able to do it and I get as far as I can and I'll be better for tomorrow.

I'll be the better for it later today I'll be invigorated by that. So we have to look it had everything around us is in Romans 828 true that in all things God works for the good of those who love it, who are called according to his purpose is not true that if you love the Lord and are seeking to honor him to do his will, whatever comes your way. Whatever your experience God can turn around for good and and and through the pain through the difficulty through the challenge notes the spiritual equipment is of no pain, no gain.

It's a spiritual opponent of pain is weakness leaving my body athletes tell themselves people working out, tell themselves these little things to push them. But isn't that spiritually true, isn't it true that as you love the Lord and circumstances come your way that you can't you can't do anything about, isn't it true that that God uses that as you lean on him to produce deeper prayer life is the true that he uses that to produce deeper character. Isn't it true that he uses that to produce perseverance book friends. It's a messed up world. Yes, it's been messed up since the beginning of time, and yet and that God is working for our growth in it. God is working for our spiritual likeness to the character of Jesus.

One man had a dream one time and in the dream he was standing before the throne of God, to give account he had never married and and he traveled the world preaching the gospel and he was standing before the Lord in the stream to give account and he was about to say Lord you know how I've sacrificed for you, you know, I've gone around the world. I've never married, to be devoted to you and is is about to say those words at all the great things he's done for God. He hears the Lord say to him. The father say closer I will see how much you look like my son and he woke up in a cold sweat friends. God's working to make you more and more like Jesus. Perhaps he hasn't answered supernaturally with deliverance. Yet, but in the midst of this, you can grow the hard times are often the best times for growth. The hard times are often the best times for character development. The hard times are often the best times for growth in faith. The hard times are often what equip us for great service in in in difficult situations in the future and enable us to withstand the temptations and enable the student to say no to the pride and ambition stuff gets burned out of us so things are messed up. Yes Gaza work is God at work in your life are not pressing to him and go before him, and out of that confidence. Watch what he'll do and wants. How in the midst of hell on earth he's making more and more like Jesus also means more and more fruit bearing more and more lives touched more and more positive. I hope it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown Lasky today is figure some practical thoughts of faith.

Have confidence and have hope world is going crazy around us want to remind you not to make this into a personal battle here in the presence… I do with this first hand because the first time my life endorsed a political candidate endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, and I really wanted to see it mentally be the best man for the job.

At no point out that I know that God was going to do that or did I even pray God make him president of pray for God's will, God's best, and I did like it to be a help to his campaign but is a certain point I was able get my emotions out.

This is not a battle between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton or Marco Rubio to cruiser as it was a mind was my battle. I just wanted God to be glorified in the midst of what was happening in God to bring about was best for America. So maybe you're standing up for righteousness in your school and the school board adopts a crazy bill of the building to do seems like moral suicide or moral confusion. It is painful, but it wasn't you versus them you were doing this in obedience to the Lord so it stings because you believe you're standing on the side of right and you pray for the school. But even with that, it's not the end of the world. The gospel still needed people still need Jesus and you still need to step is just a matter of degrees, but we wanted you is push the.

The dial would work whatever you want to call it the arrow in the right direction as best as we can, as good stewards were over here in this world and then hopefully without the next generation can push more in the right direction and then this can be conducive to missions.

This can do be conducive if you live in America to America be a blessing to the nations. This can be conducive to disciples growing. It draws positive things by pushing the needle but call the clerk of the dollar arrow needle will be with Neil pushing a needle in the right direction as much as we can.

But even if it's in the wrong direction and it's it's a dark dark day on the planet you live in Europe.

It's World War II or something like that Jesus is still at work. The purposes of God are still be accomplished in the midst of the pain and the darkness in his comfort, his hope and discouragement remain and many a time.

I've gone to the Lord because here's what happens. He gives you a burden you take the burden from the Lord.

But then summer only wanted becomes your bird been there done that instancing. It's a burden from the Lord. But now becomes your bird and I'll all go back to the Lord with social issues cultural issues above Everett Lord some idea what I can come up I can come up with this idea. This is not my plan.

All right, I understand the answers on the beer culture warrior no I'm seeking please the Lord.

If the Lord says to me lay down everything was culture wars and give all your time and energy to Jewish ministry that because my passion is the Lord said to me, get off radio and spend all your time going to the nations preaching that because my passion if if if the Lord said to me you need to run for political office know that's not happening for see that happening.

Nor do I believe it's my calling all but he said that to me and I'll become a passion you following think doing the will of God is my passion not fighting the culture wars not not being a certain aspect of ministry but honoring the Lord in seeking to please him. That's my passion. So let it be the same with you that that your assignment and our assignment is to obey the Lord so we may fail in seeing the success of our assignment in this world, but the Lord they said it was well done good and faithful servant your phone. We we might not see our vision realized. For example a whole generation fighting for the overturning of Roe V Wade. Many have died.

Many of going to be reformed, those that were were extending against Roe V Wade in standing for life and to many, the Lord said, well done good and faithful servant in the Benton change, but but you want the Lord, young lady, only now you're on the front lines you are praying your fast your weeping your encouraging adoption you are taking the people in your home.

Well done good and faithful servant. So that's what you what you want the Lord's affirmation on your life you what you need to do is find out what God has for you is a little saying a little poem, find out what God would have you do and do that little wealth was great was small only God can tell you be obedient to his given you to do and if it turns out the way you're hoping wonderful. But if you obey him. You can rejoice and though this file is on you and maybe what you saw was the last lap was actually the second line. Maybe you thought was a two lap race and it was before. {Maybe you thought it was a 4 x 4 race but is a 4 x 8 race made, maybe it's longer than you realized here.

The relay race analogy I think works well in a relay race. Let's say it's it's a 4 x 100. The fastest, most dynamic of the races of all.

So for athletes for the fastest people in the world when the fastest hundred meters they can that you put the number one person normally last because if the soreness to make up ground. You want that person to be able to do it and try to get a good one first so you can start off well. Obviously, every leg a strong but your job the first runner has a distinct job they start they go as fast as they can. Then they pass the baton. Now this is the second letter that they cannot win the race. The first, second, third, cannot win the race, but they can lose the race missing because they have a responsibility run their best lap, and in the they handed over and then only God knows what that last renter is in that sentence can be Jesus to bring things home comes again to bring things home but your job is to run the best life you can well is Jesus coming in three minutes or 30 years in 300 years.

That's not even the big concern runner lap run your race impulses run your race so as to win friends, run the radio five days week two hours a day to help you to equip you to strengthen you to encourage you to build you up in a short prayer which were better able run your race through this broadcast is our prettier, better able to stand for truth and righteousness through this broadcast into our articles through the resources we put out, and it is my privilege and joy to hear from so many who speak words of encouragement and thanked us for four being a voice of encouragement in their lives in your life. So thank you thank you for allowing us to serve you and thank you for standing and do it. You know how to do in your family in your school in your place of business with the Lord put you many fewer heroes and champions the Lord is pleased for those a bit on the sidelines to man jump in. We need you in the game today because it's far more than a game, but encourage you to visit the website if we been a blessing to you. Why not join our support team will not become a torchbearer wherever monthly support is when you do send you a very important book that will help equip you as my gift to you will send her brand-new message I preach every single month. Would you be 50% discount. Our online bookstore give you access to our online video and audio classes and a special insider prayer newsletter that I send out just where multi-supporters or torchbearers join our team today but going to ask Dr. Brown asking your around the Lord and clicking on donate and becoming a monthly support to thank you in advance of*ground on my bottom line. Today all get along with the Lord and look to him's interface on him discouragement you think of the past

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