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How Do We Respond?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 16, 2016 4:50 pm

How Do We Respond?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 16, 2016 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/16/16.

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It's the question everyone is asking me so what do we do, how do we respond as believers to the government's overreach today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and have the president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So how do we respond what we do when the government overreaches when the government calls for unrighteousness and sanction those that stand for righteousness.

What do we do, how do we respond this is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you today. As always I modify we want to be practical. We want to be biblical and we want to be revolutionary in the Jesus sense of overcoming evil with good, of overcoming hatred with love, of overcoming lies with truth, overcoming the flesh with the spirit. What is it mean specifically what is it mean lived out 8663 them to call 866-348-7884 a whole lot has happened in the last few days. Let me just catch you up to what is going on Thursday. New York Times was the first to break the story as far as I know the Obama administration would be basically enacting.

Let what you can say nothing legislation make an edict that all public schools across America would have to comply with their radical transgender guidelines or face the possible loss of federal funding of billions and billions of dollars.

This was allegedly for violation of title VII and title IX, which from different angles and civil rights and educational angle said that you cannot discriminate based on sex. That's one of the phrases that the Obama administration symbol that now includes gender identity. So, as opposed to the historic meeting as this was legislated several decades ago.

The historic meeting sex meeting male or female biological sex know now this was said to include gender identity, even though this is not been the historic meaning even though the push to get the employment nondiscrimination. I called and the push to get that through and add tea that she were transgender to it that's been stopped several times along the way so the Obama ministration knows full well that gender identity was not up to now include in the concept of sex visible. Now it is a minute it would be like me saying that sex now includes haircolor or sex now includes height. Oh, it's an exact parallel for sure but it is just as wrong to say that it now includes gender identity, something that is malleable, something that is based on perception. Ultimately, something that requires no absolutes biologically or any other way simply how someone feels about their male or female or both or neither of multiple genders beyond male and female know we are told, if we hold to the historic meaning of this that we are now just like those that supported Jim Crow laws and an insult to the African-American population. So I wrote an article Friday morning. It has since gone viral. You can read it on the stream calling for national civil disobedience national civil disobedience and telling the government with all respect. We cannot comply with all respect.

We do not agree for parents to say this for educators to see civil ones actually mean means that in your daughter's high school. She could be required to shower and change next to a 15-year-old boy who identifies as a girl and participates in girl sports and if the school says no to that they could lose their federal funding. It could mean that your five-year-old grandchild in kindergarten could be forced to share a bathroom with a boy who believes he's a girl at five. Otherwise, the school could potentially lose its federal funding is time to stand up and do what's right. The question is what is that mean the question is how does that work itself out. And by the way, there is now further further overreach by the government that even affects physician and hospital will will fill you in today will get your holy blood boiling but not in frustration will have a plan of action today. Right here on the line of fire filename line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown community is there down here. Trapped in the tabloids market ready desserts to be up here. Who was that this like a woman. No, obviously, sounds like a man. I know some women can have male voices and and female voices but that quite absence on commending this man's Bruce Jenner were supposed recognizes Caitlin Jenner speaking at the annual glad media awards. Glad was originally the galas minimize his defamation. I remain in the galas minimize against disagreement. There simply just glad now that's what they're known as it only can use the acronym anymore, but this was Bruce Jenner speaking at their 27th annual media awards in New York City Saturday night this past May 14 this is Michael Brown. We talk about a Christian response to Pres. Obama's overreach to the overreach of the Department of Justice, the Department of Education how do we respond now I want you to understand something, these issues are part of a larger war on gender.

I am others have documented this for years. This is not some Johnny-come-lately that I'm just joining on the bandwagon point this out.

We've documented this for years. Anyone who's read much in the way of LGBT activism recognizes that the whole idea of of the gender binary male-female that human beings are divided into male and female that is considered by many to be constricted. That is considered by many to be primitive or patriarchal or out of touch with reality. To say that there are two genders and everyone has to fit into one of two genders is part of a larger war on even moral absolutes. As I pointed out we have gone from moral relativism where you have your morality and I have my morality to now reality. Relativism that that you have your reality and I have my reality.

You have your truth that I have my truth you say or how far does it go grip could number two Dennis family policy Institute of Washington on their YouTube channel.

May 9 one of their young man was speaking to students at Seattle University and that they really have a very enlightening video up where they interview different students and this young guy is saying maybe is what in his 20s or something like that and he's a short white guy and he says us off. I believe a girl can I use the girls bathroom yes what if I leave on Chinese semi Chinese well if you believe you Chinese what I believe him a child will if you believe your child your child. They go with all that. What if I live 650 you're not bookish and not I mean it's my love. These are college students, which means this is the ideology they're getting from their peers. This is what they're hearing either through media or social media but also from many of their professors. This type of relative reality, not just relative morality, but relative reality so you want to see how far this goes I was doing a debate some years ago you could watch it on our YouTube channel asked her to run is cage your Brown on YouTube.

I debate with prophetic professor Eric small on the topic you chose same-sex marriage should be legal. It's real eye-opening debate, to say the least, but he actually challenge me in the midst of this ticket.

I give one difference between men and women Midsummer college campuses.

As a college professor, so listen to this very enlightening interaction. I mean it's it it gets mind-boggling arts by the minute long, but your euros sit there at a certain point, you're gonna begin to shake your heads.

Let's listen. I think that gender is fluent, so if you want to use the bathroom because that place and at the you feel comfortable and safe and doing self and I think that's completely fine day and Larry think you live female or female and that's the machination going to I think of it doesn't really negatively affect anybody the nothing anyone should be able to choose what gender they choose to identify people no matter what their gender identification is they should be allowed to use S sensation feeling they identify what is there a difference in your mind between men and women mean in center gas by iron out why I socially currently. Yes there is. There is no need for that difference to exist scientifically or logically think that your mail if you think that your female that Matt is my is not much difference besides what society forth on her college students college students.

The difference redo male and female know yes Ronald L on the life. The girl not really dealing with society says I this this is mind boggling. In this part of the larger war on gender in my book where thing happened to America the last chapter is on LG BT and beyond, where things are going to the current trajectory that document 2011 that was based on research for the six years leading up to that my book outlasting the gay revolution which came out September of last year has a whole chapter on why we must celebrate gender distinctions showing exactly where this is going. Remember, if you do not accept that fundamental human beings are divided into male and female, then the skies the limit. That's why Facebook two years ago had to come up with 50 ways to describe your gender 55 zero. You could pick 10 simultaneously were supposed to endorses were supposed to celebrate this were supposed to embrace this were supposed to put this in our school system so that the whole school was affected by this madness. What is the madness. The madness that we are supposed to accept all this and then that wasn't enough I meant gay activist groups and yet good step in the right direction, but not complete yet only 50 ohm, only for cut, sit down and start writing down all gender possible. As you can think of in what you run out after three or four or five or 650 that wasn't enough. So Facebook now gave the option fill in the blanks fill in the blank and you could just come up with whatever description you offer your gender and somehow this is not only legally enforced. Somehow, the Obama administration is saying that this is equivalent to the failure to enforce this or that or or to have difference with this is equivalent to is equivalent to Jim Crow laws. Yeah, I created you not Jim Crowe laws so's telling a black American. You cannot drink from the same fountain is white American is somehow the equivalent of telling a woman you must shower and undress in the presence of a biological male in your locker room at the YMCA telling a 14-year-old girl, you must play on the sports team with a biological male and then showered next to him and if you have a problem with that, then you're no better than the people that enforce Jim Crow. We must stand up to this madness. At the same time we need to have compassion on those who struggle more about Bruce Jenner.

In a moment, but we need to have compassion on those who struggle especially little children. There certainly not gay activists or transgender activists at the age of three or four if they truly believe that there there a boy trapped in a girl's body or something like that. We need to have compassion on each have understanding of said many times a city again if a man comes walking into your church service on Sunday morning holding a Bible in his hands and and praising the Lord is wearing a wig and address places a man to the sermon what you do environmental lunch spent time with reach out and get to know and build relationship with hear what is going to hear his heart meeting where he is on his journey and help them find true wholeness and new life in Jesus.

So his insides are in harmony with his outsides. And if you're got little kid standing next year and the mommy white lies that man wearing a dress saying he's confused. Let's pray for him rather than evil perverts and eyelets chase and out the door and if you got a genuine predator in your misty report that person to the police as a whole different story. And if you got some… Trying to get attention about still the same thing reach out to him privately, helping to know Jesus meet them where they are and if they score your words and mock the gospel then you address that that becomes the central issue all right how we respond told us what do we do want to go to the phones in a moment, but if you haven't yet done. This can ask all of you.

My team if I am your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution that means we are doing this together. This is a joint effort, may I encourage all of you.

If you have not yet shared my article on the stream start there right, can I ask you to do that. If you have not yet shared my article on the stream go to and when you go there, you'll see it as the most popular article just over to the right. A call for national civil disobedience to Obama's public school transgender bathroom mandate that was shared for the second and third days than the first share that on Facebook share that on twitter, email it to your friends. Everyone was thinks about all of our great stations across America. Now can I ask you to take a moment to do got a very short break made during the break go there right you see it as the lead story on the upper right click on it, share it Facebook Twitter email. Let us spread the word and bring public awareness for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is not the first time that we need discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for a nation we saw in the Jim Crow laws that follow the Emancipation Proclamation we saw in the fierce and widespread resistance to Brown the Board of Education and we sought in the proliferation of state hands on same-sex unions that were intended to stifle any hope. Gay and lesbian Americans might one day be afforded the right to marry voice of Ritalin from last week. Utterly bogus comparisons and the idea that redefining marriage would be compared to Jim Crow laws is a complete overreach fed by phone lines flooded with African-American cause outrage over the idea that the gay is the new black, and even more outraged over the idea transgender is the new black 866-34-TRUTH 784 how to respond first. Give ourselves to prayer.

We give ourselves to prayer to settle our hearts before God is asking for his righteous perspective. Just getting upset in the natural will go so far. Yes, we should be grieved one stand for what's right. Let's do it in a spiritual way. Ask God for courage and ask for compassion is God for compassion for those who struggle for the kids who were genuinely confused for the kids without sexual predators for the kids are not doing this is some kind of marker game or silly thing. They generally struggle with their gender identity.

Pray for heart of compassion for them, then I urge every parent your kids in public school to call your school district and asked them where they stand on us again. Read my article 1st on stream, understand the issues sure that article with others and then call your school district for kids in public school K-12 asked them where you stand on these issues and if they say oh we're fine with them. We support the administration say well we we may be considering pulling my kid out the you may not have the option to if you do, you need to to look at that at least the school needs to know if you're an educator. Find out your school stands and then let them know where you stand. If enough of you stand up school. The bullies will have to back down and then I encourage you get involved in local school boards, school boards can rule on these kinds of issues get involved. Don't just pull out and then criticize the school boards for doing the wrong thing get involved vote out the folks with bad views and voting. The folks with good views. It's the least that we can do. These are just some things there's more that will discuss in a moment or discuss how this affects healthcare providers as well.

But first we go to the phones will start in Alexandria, Virginia Larry, welcome to the line of fire while I am perverts are embarrassing to be a part of the country government is so easily to let our morals deteriorate, but other than the moral aspect. My question to you is how do they plan on and we may not even know that yet but how do they plan on sleeping that I can picture a bunch of teenage kids, but the way going on an indoor bathroom in no and that they in a moment, and are they going to have Brett security and that the taxpayer never pay for the affidavit spoke to how they plan on leaving yet let's let's step back and say look at target okay with target stores which have been hit with a massive boycott over their policies here saying that any man who identifies this woman can use the women's changing in the fitting room or the bathroom so targets been hit with massive protests over this and and boycotts. Again, you could walk in there certain dressed as a man, and say identifies a woman and you can use the ladies room and if the ladies have a problem with the militarist ladies this is how things been turned upside out will target as said oh no, no, safety is of paramount concern for all of our customers safety is our paramount concern and therefore we are we are going to really beef up our safety procedures while it begs the question if anyone that says I identify as a female can now walk into the ladies fitting room or bathroom your you're gonna have folks that just do it for a lark to check out with a cat you're going to have legitimate sexual predators that look for every way to infringe on someone's privacy and to take advantage of the situation. There are numerous cases now more and more cases being documented where were men of come in and say put their phone under the bathroom stall next to them to try to photograph women that they've held it all over the dressing room stall something like that you try to photograph other women. These things happening.

So how do you stop it it if you went back one year.

Larry if if a man went walking into the ladies room clearly looking like a man. Someone could stop them and sister what you doing while identifies of him and tested matter. This is a ladies room in my daughters and their you're not going in there sir or my wife is in there and she was a victim of sexual abuse years ago America traumatize or you have your quote harmless your icon and it will not. You can't do that. So how Pray tell you tell the difference between the heterosexual creditor and the quote harmless transgender individual.

Let's let's take this one step further. Larry and obviously you can't you can polices and in the high schools you have.

You got guys that, of course, in a play around with this receiver they get away or just do something silly hat. How do you say that personal you're not genuinely struggling with your gender identity.

Yes, that is on the high school kids are going to take advantage of this or haven't, but let's go further with this Bruce Jenner is still attracted to women and we are constantly told that them at the vast majority of men, who identifies transgender are not homosexual. In other words, they are not attracted to men.

They attracted to women, but they believe that internally there women.

They believe that their women trapped inside of a man's body. So Bruce Jenner now according to reports, according to reports is struggling because he is lonely and he still attracted to women. One report says because of his Christian faith. He does not want to be in a same-sex relationship.

Yet I know this gets bizarre but pray for the man. So in other words, he is a man is now identifying as a woman but is attracted to women, but he can't be in a relationship with a woman, because that would be a same-sex relation and he still has male plumbing and all of that so according to some reports, which his rep denied he is considering quote D transitioning and going back to to becoming a man, in which case you wonder was he ever a woman should be ever referred to him has her should he ever receive the women of the year award and on and on it goes.

Some suggest he should go back to being a man to get the man of the year award for being a real man at least a process of legitimacy. But all that to say if Bruce Jenner was the man in the ladies fitting room or the man in the YMCA girls locker room after they go swimming in the pool may take a shower and they come out with a towel wrapped around him that that man who identifies as a woman in whom society tells us to identify, to accept as a woman. That man is still attracted to women so how how does that lesson the uncomfortable situation that the women are put in an I go on and on with that.

But, enough said rights of friends. Please read my article on the stream, share it with others. If you haven't call your school districts sit down as a family. Many times kids are so bombarded with these issues that they can't even see right from wrong even see the obvious, have good conversations with them and then recognize is not a time neutral time the holy spiritual aggression in best sense of the word ask Dr. tons of stuff to write their it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown over the weekend. Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas delivered a speech at the 164th commencement exercises of Hillsdale College descriptive number six what you hear what Justice Thomas had to say.

He encouraged students not to paraphrase, hide their faith in the midst of the political correctness of today, and it also addressed some of the strange ways of thinking that exist in our society today as if every body is a winner as if everybody has to come out on top as if there can be no consequences for bad actions etc. let's listen to what Justice Thomas had to say. This error is one in which any difference or different treatment is inherently suspect. Apparently we all deserve the same reward the same status notwithstanding the differences in our efforts or our abilities. It is no wonder then that we hear so often what is deserve or to what one is entitled.

I just by this reasoning, the students who took full advantage of all the spring break bacchanalia is apparently entitled to the same success as a conscientious disciplined classmate who worked and studied while he played. Perhaps we should redistribute the conscientious students grades to make the frolicking classmate his or her equal. It is, it is the same kind of mentality friends, you see it with children in schools not with a don't keep track of scores is everybody has to win friends.

I'm sympathetic to the fact that some kids are good athletes and others are not sympathetic to the fact that some kids do better in school and others do not. Sympathetic to the fact that our educational system can not recognize gifts and abilities and some students and therefore they grow up with a certain negative complex.

We need to do whatever we can to find the gift of each child and to find the unique qualities and strengths of each child and to encourage them to grow into a firm than the one that is is an expert mechanic may not be so good in his fellow and the one that's excellent math may not be so good in phys ed and any trauma, strengths, and hopefully each child can find a place of of advanced find a place of value or refine their character qualities enhanced in a positive school setting, but the idea that everybody wins that everybody is entitled that there were no distinctions it's it's part of this larger mentality where everything gets blurred. Friends and and it leads ultimately to societal chaos. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Prof. Robert George Princeton University. He is a prominent law professor. He is a great constitutional thinker. He has said that transgender is him is is just a belief that in that it's basically superstition to say that a woman can be trapped inside a man's body. Now it is true that he is not a psychologist that he is a law professor, but he is well-informed he is brilliant and he's not just from my point of view, repeating the latest talking points. He tweeted out yesterday there were a few superstitions, superstitious beliefs, as absurd as the idea that a woman can be trapped in a man's body, etc., and vice versa. But in the age of feeling… With a Ballas bathroom edict the right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of children is a graver peril than ever and he calls for vouchers student vouchers so that kids would be able to to get help to get parents would be able to get a send their kids to private schools, is right now you pay double the pay in your state taxes and local taxes you pay for your education public school vanity syndicate to privates with a twice yeah good time to call for vouchers yet again.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends to the line of fire, 866 the more truth go back to the phone and one moment before I do, there's an article let's eat a bunch of different places a meeting on Ryan Anderson and he is explaining how the new Obama care.

Transgender regulations threaten the freedom of physicians. He says the Department of Health and Human Services. HHS finalize new transgender regulations for Obama care on Friday. These regulations threaten religious liberty, freedom of conscience and independent medical judgment of healthcare professionals, and just as they did the transgender school policy. The Obama administration announced this morning. The administration has created these new Obama care regulations by redefining sex to mean gender identity Soraya Anderson and Roger Severino have been a report on the heritage foundation that explain how these regulations will create serious conflicts of conscience for many organizations, hospitals, physicians and other individuals involved in healthcare so by prohibiting different treatment on the basis of quote gender identity and health services. These regulations will penalize medical professionals in healthcare organizations. That is a matter faith, moral conviction or professional medical judgment believe that maleness and femaleness are biological realities to be respected and affirm not altered or treated as diseases. Theoretically, these people could be put under pressure medical professionals to participate in an so-called sex reassignment surgery, or sex, alignment, surgery that they morally and professionally differ with that they could be required to based on these new regulations passed by the Obama administration is a travesty and I look when you going to the doctor's office and you're filling out a form you're there for the first time you print on your name, your address, the whole bit.

And there always can ask you males. We might get you boxes male or female. Do they care. Does that medical doctor who is going to give you a physical exam this that medical doctor care that you was a man identified as a woman he's gonna give you a physical exam when he's going to check say a male for for the issues related to prostate cancer or something like that.

Does he care that that man identifies as a woman. Now he still with the biological male. That's why he asked the question if that man checks off is a woman and walks in there and he is biologically male. The doctors and say your man why the Jews what you identify what you say rule identifies well okay will that your business but I am checking you out as a male is that not medical common sense, medical science 101-8663 Fortune let's go back to the phones we go to Des Moines, Iowa Joel, welcome to the line of fire ground. I really appreciate that you very well consider areas were gender role nation. What we do along or we have mailed out bake out together they broke. I can't beat it at ever going to happen, but they'll will hear here's what has happened already.

There are cases of men who identify as women who are now in women's prisons and that's where they want to be an that's how they identify the symbol is not an easy way for man to the Albion women's prisons have sexual relations with women obviously that that could that could happen, but in point of fact, yet you you do have this now there is one man, for example, in Massachusetts, who was convicted of murdering his wife. Then once he was in prison then said that he identifies as a woman and the state of Massachusetts said that the prison system is now responsible for funding his transition to be a woman and and there was even an attempt I believe it was in his case to to try to retry the case if I have my facts correct because the say the real him his or her and that her wouldn't of done with the hearing. Did I again it sounds like someone's making up a poor joke, but this is what we do and that what what about people, some who identifies gender-neutral or asexual. For example, fiber is a man to woman, but I believe is in Australia, prominent case, a man had sex change become a woman and then as woman was dissatisfied and then said okay.

I claim no sexuality now like I am not neither male nor female, and they actually have that now on the passport that this individual has a neither male nor female passport is to what we do in the prison systems and so on. Of course, these are questions that have to be asked because this is where the societal insanity goes when there are no longer fixed categories. Yes, there is a tiny tiny tiny tiny percentage of people who are intersects with rev biological or chromosomal abnormalities in our hearts certainly go out to them that you do not turn the world upside down on the half of the struggling fuel five said that once I've said it 10,000 times 866-34-TRUTH silk National Center for transgender quality says this being transgender or gender nonconforming in an American jail or prison often means daily humiliation, physical and sexual abuse.

If your process for using legal remedies to address underlying problems.

Many transgender people are placed in solitary confinement for most years just because of who they are. That's unfortunate. That's tragic.

I can imagine that the torment of the trauma.

These people live with all the more than all the more do we do our utmost to get to the root of these issues and problems rather than just say whatever you perceive is real. We know very little about how the brain interacts with these things. We know very little about the causes of transgender identification. There are multiple theories let's do our best to get to the root to help people find wholeness 866-34-TRUTH of your friends. I wooed in Springfield, Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire ground like? Gilardi asked one of the question are I wanted. Personal real quick thank you for calling Christian and up. I personally think you were an audit that were and development. So many Christian day. While this is wrong and if the groveling, I do not go to a gay wedding or band up your employer and they know I cannot or you will think letting men to limit bathroom. Many times Christians back down and are not willing to face the persecution and you know often I like body becoming.

It reminded me of George Orwell's book 1984 where the government is trying to tell you that 2+2 = 5. We care about you. You can't change. You can't change what we know, and I feel like so many people are going along with that and I because we Christian do not stand up back on micrometer yeah of course it's it's absolutely true. And of course I and others have been writing about how Orwellian things are talked about it this the last inauguration for president. I talked about increasing happen to America.

The change of semantics and words just think of this.

Being tolerant means complete intolerance of all views that differ with LGBT activists being inclusive means you are absolutely exclusive to all those that do not affirm this radical activism diversity basically means my way or the highway, so when we are told now that biological sex includes gender identity when we are told that someone having multiple gender identities is to be embraced and if you don't embrace that you are no better than those who enforce Jim Crow laws. Of course this is utterly Orwellian and of course when the situation ran because too few Christian leaders have spoken up and too few believers have spoken up.

Listen the more I speak the more people listen to me. There realize that I don't have a hateful bone in my body towards those who identify as LGBT. The more people hear me speak. Mother recognize that yes, in fact, I have agonized over these things and I have walked the streets at night when I'm in different cities praying and say God I don't want to hurt anyone. A member via New York City to see in gay couples walk by just walking the streets got I don't want to hurt these people on a recent with your love and I know as a stand for righteousness that people feel hurt, but I've got to do what's right. The more that we speak up. Speaking the truth in love, the more people will hear what we are saying and recognize that were not full of hate. But if were called hateful so be it. If were called bigoted so be it for, called trans phobic, so be it. I just looked at my Facebook feed. A moment ago and I get the stand that you are a disgusting human being in our I again, day and night.

This is posted.

Let's see, right before that I have no idea how I started following this page but I'm disgusted with these whack jobs come from blue.

Someone then describes me as I'm a liberal who defends gates where will that come from your someone else posted: an absolute joke. I hear someone else. We fact check you and you are full of blank. You're a scammer of the people so and so here I'm called you are blanking retarded. Religion cannot be proven, and this is by the second by the hour. These things come in. So what is love fly come if we did.

If we had been things will look very different right. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (two the line of fire. This is Michael and I am delighted to be with you. 86634.

Truth is the number two call don't know if you saw this. This is published by Susan Berry on three days ago, the president of the coalition of African-American pastors CAP that is Rev. Bill Owens says that the Obama administration's assertion that single-sex bathrooms are discriminated against gender confused individuals in much the same way that Blacks experience discrimination in the United States is quote a gross insult to all who fought for equality for African-Americans. He says there's something the relationship between the struggles that black Americans have faced and the desire of a tiny minority group to violate the dignity and privacy of women and girls to suggest some sort of equivalence is a gross insult to all of those who marched with Dr. King faced fire hoses and hatred in the name of equality well well said absolutely Charles Krauthammer has weighed in on this as well that a script could number 11, the conservative political commentator often seen on Fox's Collins read nationally, has weighed in on this too. So the system will Charles Krauthammer has to say about the government's overreach.

This is a major change on how we view one of the defining aspects of any person and I think it deserves a lot more than simply a declaration that unless you accept the idea that you can declare yourself a man on a Monday and a woman on a Wednesday and it's completely up to you that unless you accept that you are a big and you are acting like the segregationist of the South 60 years ago. I think that is a huge step in the use of the power of the federal government to bully. I think that's the right word to enforce this I think is disgraceful to shows how the arrogance of an administration unilaterally overwriting federalism the separation of powers regarding know about that is a terrible example for the future. Absolutely true. Nothing major or controversial in that statement. From my perspective just basic simple truth that Charles Krauthammer is speaking okay. What we do with the story. When you do the story Chicago Sun-Times reported this three days ago a man showed an eight-year-old girl in a South Loop store bathroom that never remember. According to equality Illinois.US equality alloyed building a better Illinois by advance equal treatment social justice through education, advocacy and protection of the rights of the LGBT community they say is a general use the restroom consistent with your gender identity is confronted you are not obligated to produce identification to prove your gender, you are protected by public accommodations laws in Illinois.

So, so that means that this man who choked out a girl in the South Loop store bathroom.

According to Chicago police that no one could legitimately stop him from going to that bathroom because of transgender bathroom axis so he wasn't wielding was transgender. That's not the point. And I don't know why. Thinking people educated transgender activists and their allies thinking people can't understand that if you simply say, however you identify get you into the bathroom of your choice that that opens the door to predators, heterosexual predators, so here's what happens. There's a girl with her mother at this particular business South Loop store and 1200 block of South Canal. The girl went to the bathroom alone. About 115 in the afternoon so mother in storage since a girl to the bathroom seems safe enough room in her screen from her daughter went inside to find 33-year-old Reese M. R.

Stern carrying the unconscious go into a stall. He choked her with his hands of the people store help restrain the mental Paris's police arrived rest of the girls take into coma Children's Hospital. The police did not have information on her condition. So this man is is arrested, charged with felony accounts counts of aggregated kidnapping and aggravated battery of child etc. so here's a question. How do you keep that man out. How do you keep that man out if you can use the bathroom of your gender identity exhibit. He's not transgender. He doesn't have to be all he has to say is identifies him what he does everything just walked in while in times past.

You can stop Tim in times past, if somebody saw him walk and you can stop Tim but now you can't we have a mean, that's getting a lot of attention on her Facebook page that that simply says you know a year ago. If a man walked into the girls room here. Just think one year ago, a man would have been arrested for following a young girl into the ladies restroom today, you could be arrested for stopping him do not have a right target has these rules and policies again. Friends of the social madness.

We have addressed these issues for years because we knew this is part of a larger war on gender. What is it mean it means that we celebrate male-female distinctions that we recognize the special place of man and the special place of women in society that we celebrate the differences between boys and girls. Not that everyone's going to fall into all stereotyped patterns but we recognize there are gender differences, not just biologically but emotionally and psychologically that we celebrate these distinctions within the home and the uniqueness of the mother and the father and the roles they play weaving celebrate this within the body that we recognize the unique differences between men and women and we celebrate them. Recognizing that we each have unique roles to play with in the body and it means that we take action where we can.

If you have not yet shared my call for national civil disobedience to Obama's public school transgender bathroom mandate that is something that you can do something everybody can do so just go to the stream and you see this right on the upper right.

The most popular article on the stream at the moment and when you share it with others. You make a statement on your Facebook page on your twitter page, but read the article, understand the issues. This will give you key information.

If you want to dig more, click on the links within the article.

That will give you more information and together we raise our voices and together we make a difference and then we pray for hearts of compassion to those who are marginalized parts of compassion for those who struggle Christian blogger and author Jonathan Merritt posted an article of three reasons why the churches is ready lost the transgender debate the transgender conversation I wrote in an article in response and send it to him and he thanked me for the interaction. So he knows about my article why he's wrong why he is wrong. Why why this conversation is not can be lost and why it is anything but over.

You can read that as well on the discard*Brown ASKGR when you go there, click on latest articles. This videos to find out all the resources that we have their click on our special resource offer, the tree of life version of the Bible is now being published by Baker books. It's in some beautiful new additions and we got a special offer the free DVD for you as well.

So go to the website ask Dr. Brown ASKDR to find out about the special resource office, pray for us still with us friends because together we are making a difference.

My bottom line today increasing darkness and madness of society all the more.

Does the world leave the church, the salt and to be the life of it's the question everyone is asking me so what do we do, how do we respond as believers to the government overreach today. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown held the umbrella for selling like hot cakes related asking for one now what we talk about no-no on the talk about whether this is Michael Brown I said for some time now. When people ask me how you feel about the social malaise the moral malaise the cultural confusion that the culture wars and enfolding of the social madness that were experiencing today how I was fearless. I feel like an umbrella salesman in the desert. I know the storm is coming.

Will the storms your friends storm is here and that's is everybody needs to buy an umbrella on the timeout selling products on talk about getting a message out that people wondered for years why you talk about these things while you emphasize these things that they foster the Last Year the Supreme Court Redefined Marriage and and Those That Still Didn't Catch on Their Catching on.

Now, Because These Things Are Touching the Kids in School and They're There Touching Medical Professionals As Well As Educators and Parents and Families. So Yeah, It Is Time to Address the Moral Cultural Issues. That's What We Do As Part of the Gospel Is Not Our Primary Function, but It Is Part of Our Function Are We Not Called to Be the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World and Is Part of That Function Being a Moral Conscience a Moral Preservative, a Light in Dark Places an Example of Good Works and Example of Exposing Darkness. That's All Included in That Definition, Aren't We Called to Be a Prophetic People Look at the Prophets of the Old Testament. They Stood up to Unrighteousness. They Stood up to the Wrong Dictatorial Decrees of the King. Even Though the King Had Absolute Power When There Is Injustice They Addressed It so for Sure for Sure. We Must Stand up, Not in Anger in a Carnal Sense, but to Be a Holy Anger Which Leads to Righteous Action. We Must Pray for Revival and Outpouring We Must Repent of Sin in Our Own Midst. We We Must Not Be an Active on the Sidelines Friends. There Is Always Going to Be an Excuse Why Not Today. Well, You Know I'm Going to Have a Better Opportunity Tomorrow Long and Have a Better Plan for My Job Tomorrow Well and Have My Head Clear Tomorrow but There's Always a Reason to Procrastinate and Put Things off and I'm Speaking Directly to Some of You Don't Put off Doing What Is Right Is Dr. King Said That the Time Is Always Right to Do What's Right Is Not His Exact Words Close to Them. This Is the Time to Pray with Desperation for Revival and Awakening.

This Is the Time to Turn to God with Our Own Hearts. Our Whole Hearts and to Put Away That Was Is That Which Is Objectionable and That Which Is Sinful and Polluted. Now Is the Time for Us to Be People Who Do Good to Stand up for What's Right, Who Reach out to Those Who Are Hurting Now Is the Time to Let Our Voices Be Heard in the Cultural Madness with the Obama Administration Is Saying to Schools across America. Unless You Allow a 14-year-old Boy to Shower and Undress in the Presence of Your 14-year-old Daughter. Your School Could Lose Federal Funding and Less You Allow Five-year-old Kindergarten School Student Johnny Who Now Identifies His Jane to Share the Bathroom with the Other Little Girls That You Could Lose Your Federal Funding. It's Time for Parents to Stand up Individuals to Stand up Schools to Stand up Governors to Stand up Legislators to Stand up and Many Are Actually Doing That. In Fact, from What I Know At Least 12 States Have Stood up Ready to the Obama Administration and Said No We Will Not Accept Your Guidelines and You Will Not Threaten Us with the Loss of Federal Funding, We Come Back I'm Going to Speak with Rachel Alexander. She Is Going to Help Us Understand the Legal Issues Here. What Is Actually Taking Place, How the Obama Administration Has in Fact Overstepped Its Bounds Legally with Title VII, the Title Line Actually Protect the Sides and Error on the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Your Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution There Again Is Dr. Michael Brown and How He Walked East without Conflicts Christian Response Which a Legal Response. This Is Michael Brown Listen to Want to Fire 866-34-TRUTH Number to Call 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I'm Joined Now by Rachel Alexander She Senior Editor at the Stream Strange and I Regularly Contribute We'd Have Is a Regular Guest on the Broadcast, James Robison, the Founder of the Strength.

She's a Political Columnist and the Founder and Editor of Intellectual Conservative and I like Her Buyout.

She's a Recovering Attorney and Former Gun Magazine Editor. She Previously Served As a Former Assistant Atty. Gen. for the State of Arizona Corporate Attorney for Go Daddy Software and Special Assistant Deputy County Attorney for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and She Writes Regularly for Number of Other Publications You May Have Seen Her on TV As a Conservative Commentator As Well, a Rachel, Welcome to the Line of Fire. Invite Mike Help on Your Shell but Acted Neglect Will Hit Here We Are. We Took the Initiative in Inviting Youth Arts a Rachel. Aside from Being a Mother.

Aside from Being an Outreach Moral Conservative on a Purely Legal Level.

Let's Break down Title VII Title IX. What Were They Intended to Do.

What Did Sex Mean There and How They Now Being Turned on Their Head by the Obama Administration Pointed out in Your Article. I Can't Believe It 90,000 Karat Incredible Light Gender Only, Not Transgendered and Not You Know You Chew Your Own Gender. It Would Only like the Flight Field Women Versus Men and Kill What They're Doing Either Handing the Meat the Meaning of It, but Dear That You Should Have To Go through Congress, One in a That Title and They Should Be the One You Amended a Purloined Element Are an Envelope with a Each Dealing with Respectively. Title VII and Title IX in the First Place. We, on the One Organization Benefit Government Each Week.

Men and Women Equally and Fairly. And If They Get It They Would Withhold Federal Funding from Art, so This Would Be in the Workplace in the School Settings like That You Can Discriminate Based on Race and You Can Discriminate Based on Sex, Which Has Always Meant and in Fact There Was Nothing Else Really Being Discussed. When They Pass These These of Those with Mental Law Some Years Ago. Sex Meds Are You Male or Female, Which Are Biological Sex.

That's All It Ever Meant That Correct Record and by Barton on the Branyan Interpretation in the Balmy Drinking Had Come up with What I Believe Usurping the Power of the Art so to Redefine Us. Let's Think for Minute Congress Is Debated and That the Employment Nondiscrimination Act for Years Where LGBT Activists Have Sought to Insert the Word Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Saying That Date. You Cannot Go Discriminate in the Workplace over These Issues. So Theoretically, If You Were Able to Insert Gender Identity, Then Let's Say You You Have a Nursery School and You've Got Maybe Four-year-olds There in the Nursery School and Here's a Man Whose Very Visibly and Obviously a Biological Male and He Comes and Says I Would like to Work at Your School. I Really Love Little Kids That You Could Not Say That Personal Sir You Have a Beard It's Clear You're Wearing Away Can Address That's Going to Be Confusing for the Four-year-old I'm Sorry We Can Hire You That That Person Could Then Say, Okay, You Are Violating the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, Which Says You Can't Discriminate Based on Gender Identity.

Does This This Would Be the Offshoot of These Words Were Introduced.

These Words Were Never Introduced Gender Identity Is Not Part of of Employment Nondiscrimination, so the Obama Administration Is Basically Saying the Lord Is a Recognizable Register to Change the Meaning of the Lot. It's It's a Complete Enron's Net Political and No Girl Only All Applicable Board I Need Any Get Federal Funding beyond Any Federal Funding. I Think You Know Another Ground If They Don't Comply Everyone Being Treated Exactly the Same in Every School Area Including Areas of and You Know I Did Tell My Four Daughter Now Bring You Cannot Bark Bring Next Time You Go to the Bathroom. The Lord Their God for Them to Come in and Grant like Crazy Darren Out Of Their Hey Listen Your Mom with Teenage Daughters like I Can Understand the Stance What What about This. I Was on an Interview This Morning for Another Station and I Was Asked What about the Protection of Girls Part of Title IX Is. So Let's Say Girls Athletics That a Girl Is Not Competing against the Boy That She Can Excel As a Girl Competing against Other Girls and That There's a Certain Fairness in This a Based on Biological Sex and Based on the Fact That Boys Tend to Be Stronger and Faster Than Girls and the Girls Have Their Other Advantages. The Boys Don't Have. But When It Comes to Physicality Athleticism You Have Boys Teams You Have Girls Teams for Reason You Have Man's Olympics Limits Olympics for a Reason in the World's Fastest Man in the World Strongest Mass Can Be Faster Than the World's Fastest Woman in the World's Strongest Woman. So You Separate Competitions Just This Kind of Blur That within Schools Now You Would like, Women Are Wrong.but You Know What You Had a Book like What They've Done It out with Me Fireman You Know the Army Lower Women and How the Unit but They'll Take Okay Women All the Way Soccer with the Guy Now but Lynn Filled with Compete Better with Yeah I Mean There Has To Be Something of the Senate so Strange about Having It Both Ways. On the One Hand, Were Told That like Pink and Blue Colors.

That's Gender Stereotyping and Boys like Guns and Girls like Princess Dolls That's Gender Stereotyping and yet If Your Little Girl Says That She Likes to Play with Guns.

Then the Old, Maybe She's Really a Boy on the inside so It's Again It's Is Having It Both Ways. That Makes No Sense at All. Rachel, As You Been on the Frontlines of These Issues for Years.

Is This to You Part of a Larger War on Gender Distinctions in General Other Was That the Gender Binary Is Itself Perceived As Evil and Constricting, Exactly, I'll Think of the War on Christian No Cooking Christian Values.

They Don't Want to Be Reminded Now the Bible Talk about Man and Women yet Many Were Different. I Think That Part of It but I like Have Been Angry for Years about the Fact That Men Are Stronger General in Pike County. I Think They Have the Dell… They're Going to Change the Rule Make Everything Easier and Better for Women, but Happy. I Want Effective Helping in a Little Five-year-old Girl to Have You Know Naming Their Back Right Right and How Is It in Any Way Bring about Equality or Any Such Thing Obviously Does What about This. The Rachel.You Would Know This Better. Having Worked It with Attorneys General and Things like That, but a Significant Number of Women Say That They Been Sexually Abused or Even Raped. I Saw Congressman Lily Go.

Martin Said That As a As an Attorney Prosecuting Attorney Deal with These Issues. He Put the Figure at 20% or More of Women over the Course of a Lifetime Would Say They've Either Been Sexually Abused or Even Even Raped Obvious That That Whole Percentage Would Be Represented There but What You Do with These Women and Their Sensitivities and Their Needs. If If a Man Goes Walking to the Bathroom. Even If He Is Called Harmless. He's Transgender Male to Female and He Just Wants to Go to the Bathroom and He's As Uncomfortable As Anybody Else. He's Not a Sexual Predator. What about the Needs of These, but Why Are Those Women Who Would Be Absolutely Traumatized by This Wire Their Needs Trashed.

Why Is It That We Care about the Baby .02% of the Population Struggles in This Area and We Trash Everybody Else Exactly on Each Defendant Position Are Overwhelming and Cute. I Wanted It over Another More Important Than the Other and out to That Effect. Now Contradict Here and Fill They Believe That the Transgender Think from Other Women Who Might Be Big Company Are Always Crying about Rate but You Know If You're Conservative. I Worried about Raping and Collecting A Lot Of That Going on for Speaking out against the Transgendered and after the Defendant Have No Problem Going Yeah It It It Is Extraordinary. And of Course We Seen It with Elections That the Inconsistencies As Well. Hate, If You Stand A Few More Minutes Something Happened Today. A Major Victory, a Legal Victory. Rachel Was Just in on a Conference Call with the Becket Fund of Discussing the Little Sister's Ruling Only Give You Some Encouragement. I Said for Years That Gay Activists Will Overplay Their Hand That the Bullying Will Backfire That the Extreme Nature in the Stream Links to Which Things Go Now with Transgender Activism. It Will Push Too Far and People Will Wake up and Turn Back. I Want Rachel, Phyllis, and What's Happened with the Becket Fund an Important Ruling Course with the RightFax.

It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Federal Government without a Debate without Consulting with Congress That As of Now, Sex Is No Longer Gender Is No Longer a Fixed Category, As We Have Assumed for, Say, 5000 Years but Actually Is Simply a Matter of Declaration Charles Krauthammer on Fox News. This Was on Friday, May 13 This Is Michael Brown Your Voice Moral Sanity and Spiritual Clarity in the Midst of a Society in Chaos in the Church. All Too Often Compromise on Drawing by Rachel Alexander, Senior Editor and Senior Stream and Political Columnist and the Founder and Editor of Intellectual Conservative There's A Lot Of Bad News Is A Lot Of Societal Madness around Us Is Lot of Government Overreach. There's Also Pushback Taking Place. Rachel Tell Us about What Happened. The Conference Call You're on with Becket Fund Today. We Just Got a 3 Ring Ct. or nonprofit group of young and they were not exempt at 21 from the contraceptive mandate will be Obama writing hundred thousand dollars million dollars fine if they don't provide contraceptive but their employee.

They implemented it church authority and hobby lobby.

And the proper organization like hobby lobby are exempt but nonprofit break out the crack will basically be used in a couple bit by direct architect and alert block to an organization and on the quote you said that government cannot line or Board and other nonprofit groups and have to get them out so we can go get there contraceptive number out and handed it down to the file court and because it affects more than one record I do agree on that very little chance any other started to try to let God. So this is now what kind of hope does this give for Americans in general.

Businesses be hospitals. Schools meet individuals who are standing up against the government's overreach. Is this something I can be part of a larger precedent died, and recorded now or tend to favor the left. At that point I can't believe the court even the liberal unanimously agreed and I know I can think of it. I asked her greatly on the phone call I why did the government back the court okay will the government back out. Don't you know it does make DDL not to go along with managing what will appear government back down because I kept thinking that you delete mean draconian mandate and glue them on accordingly thing to back off. Michele had a brief perspective being and according to Brandy they changed their opinion on the restricted meeting nine. I finally looked at the government that will locate interesting interesting source. Rachel you've been on the front lines of conservative activism for some years with your columns with your TV appearances and and from a legal perspective as well. As you look at the state of things in America today.

Is it too late for this generation to bring about moral and cultural change. Barring divine intervention, barring some type of supernatural spiritual and cultural awakening have we gone too far, has too much of the culture embrace social madness of the too many young people lost their moral bearings, or are there things that you believe we can still do to turn the tide while on a believer, I worked generally.

I think there are a couple areas that are making inroads in and there is some hope on abortion is one of them and not because of the vision because I really do believe technology and biotechnology advances will be where now people can say that I need to have an abortion anymore and I don't know how that gonna work, but it will be able to help call, you know, newly formed embryo that wound has achieved. Or whatnot, but I do think there's some hope in that area or other moral issue, but one other woman that he can progress and I don't have guns are really like you think the Second Amendment is one area we know conservative are still holding out on a habitable take our guns away yet and in from your point of view facilities followed the political scene for some years now. What would be the negative implications of a Hillary Clinton pregnant presidency. I got started in the first thing it back in court with laughter and yet you know how powerful recorded tremendously affect society, connect negative is you can usher in more of what Obama has done you're going more executive order on Monday. Her agenda going around Congress or the gal hired higher regulation on you to the bully pulpit put her morality, lack of email on the left but make it all the youth agree with transgender no more than warm. So if you think of Obama and Hillary is like, you know I don't like the part about an so where does that leave you with the elections and voting. You may not have been an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump. Up to now is that leave you in terms of your own physician or Outlook barely done a lot and I do like a lot of praying I mean I never came out of like anything, but he cannot type what I would like. I want don't know what can happen just don't know a silk for people to say all we need to rally around right now you know in public so I think everybody anchored everyone in LA your mind, you don't necessarily jump in the coronary don't have to come out according to Dino 12. Make up your own mind and now at the convention for sure whether this can be a third-party candidate running the Republican Party did a credit you don't get somebody out and on and on. Don't know yet. Got it.

I hey, I sleep fully respect that and if folks want to follow you work so streamed our grocer. They look and go to war and many qualify my articles on account of all of my own website and awesome. Hey Rachel, thanks for joining us it's great to be on the stream team together on the front lines here. I yeah awesome God bless you. Thanks for joining us right that was Rachel Alexander again. You can read her writing. You can read mine on have you shared my article yet yes it has taken off. It has gone viral and it's getting a lot of attention is a call for national civil disobedience based on the president's unjust edict is no other way to describe it states you got plenty more to come.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I remember some years back.

Frustrated by what was being reported in the news. I was so grieved over what I felt were Miss leading stories, I felt that there was such bad coverage.

It seemed like people were losing their minds around us are losing sense of reality around us and I would do my best to turn into a particular radio show had strong conservative moral values and strong conservative interpretation of the news just to feel like okay I'm not the only one who thinks like this. I haven't lost my mind woman as you tune into this broadcast for the same reason because you feel like the world is going crazy around you and we are here to function as your voice of both sanity and spiritual clarity, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to today's broadcast on the line of fire watch. Get ready to pick up your phones because I want your reaction to this audio clip. We played it before Dennis, but I want to replay clip number two. This was produced by the family policy Institute of Washington. It is their YouTube channel was posted May 9 and here's a representative from the family policy Institute. Speaking to students at Seattle University now at a certain point assisted by Plato earlier you can begin to shake your head to say no. You've got to be kidding me when he asked if there differences between men and women, so I want you to hear this. Here's another call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784.

I want you to give me your reaction to this audio clip. Let's listen. I think that gender is fluid. So if you want to use the bathroom because that place and at the you feel comfortable and safe and doing self and I think that's slightly fine day and everything to live for male or female and that's the machination down to I think of it doesn't really negatively affect anybody that nothing anyone be trivial to choose which gender they choose to identify as people no matter what their gender identification is a should be allowed to use S sensation feeling they identify what is there a difference in your mind between men and women mean in center gas by iron know why I socially currently.

Yes there is. There is no need for that difference to exist scientifically or logically think that your mail think they are female that Matt is my is not much difference besides what society fourth. The difference between men and women's scientifically and logically difference except with society forces on them.

What's your response to as a fellow human being as a male or as a female as a person what your response to if you're a young person listening to your college student is, is this the kind ideology that you hearing for schools that gender distinctions are antiquated that the idea that you have a gender binary that there men and women in the three distinctions between them that this is something to be mocked or discarded, or to some antiquated concept that we've outgrown this is what you're hearing. What is your response or do you agree with this 866-34-TRUTH 7884 him to cause any of us on the break Norway is considering passing a law. Apparently, there is little resistance to the bill from what I'm reading in Norway. You no longer be required to undergo any physical transformation, hormone treatment sex change surgery psychiatric exams will be required. Nothing, nothing, if you will make a legal gender change, legal, as in the legal it will make a legal gender change in Norway.

You can just click a button click on the website and say yes I'm no longer male and female lawyer female on male. Click on the government will then recognize that will become your legal identity. Imagine you could click back the other 11.1. How many times should be allowed to change per year for the day on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on a lot of your take on this clip where Gemma from the family policy Institute of Washington is asking is asking students on the campus there in Seattle. Are there differences between men and women that now yes well not written well and only what society says what's your take on this gets away and now starting in Raleigh north we don't start.

Raleigh started in Richmond, Virginia. Bill welcome to want to fire Michael my call. Sure just a ticket can't agree on a solid confusion, and that means so logical to me not being a Christian and having my eyes open. Sometimes I wonder if that will I see this so clearly I wasn't a Christian and I was going to college and getting a lot of propaganda will will and what idea I petition is so much indoctrination yeah, that is until that limit.

Let me ask this. Even as a non-Christian business climate, basic common sense that there differences between men and women not just biologically but socially and emotionally and you know that that that we really are.

Same species been very different. You know what is it absolutely not exactly logical between men and woman and you know I often I really respect Dr. Steve Brown*elect ministry and struck with the any kind of, and whether it homosexuality know promiscuity, fornication, whatever it is that we all struggle with. The thing is that if we don't hit on then we burn the bridge that God gives us a hug from God.

I like going great. Yeah, and Steve Brown just jump in and he is a strong grace preacher. In other words, he's not one who's going to beat you over the head with the Bible. He some of the love of God that it's by recognizing our sin in our weakness that we get driven to God and receive his love absolutely that I have a nephew clean gay married and nine Agoura; we brought them and began an unspoken allowed and partner executive. He was to ask me and say what you think of me and Ray. God I love you. I don't agree with that but it's not the lots were five unspoken allowed to guide matter what issue you make, but I can't agree to go along yeah and in the bottom on them to focus on the gender issues. Again we we really have this situation where there's a war on just fundamentals and and you start of the spiritual statements I want to go back to that yet. Ultimately, it is God's order. Ultimately, this gender distinction. The fact that there are people the tightest minority of society that have ambiguous genitalia or some biological or chromosomal disorders.

Another kind that's all the more reason to have compassion on a tiny minority, but again you do, you do not you do not say there is no such thing as site division of blind people. There's no such thing as hearing is have deaf people. There's no such thing as gender distinction because you have those who struggle with gender identity or have abnormalities. That's what were faced with a bill. Thank you and indoctrination you better believe there's indoctrination you think these college kids just on their own came up with this idea.

You think just on their own.

They come up with this idea that there is no scientific or logical reason to say that men are different than women did they just come up with that, independently, no.

There's indoctrination using the media or through social media or or and all the above, through the education that they are getting and the radical ideology of some of their professors go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Michael, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown for my car blessing therapy on Saturday was I wanted to rear our common longer video of the budget?

Or about the student that were not given a customer of it, but not work with young adults in my church, or urgent, you know, one thing will have a gondola ride in a high school I was very liberal. One thing I'm noticing that an early start, like public schools do not shed their communal coming in schools mounted being indoctrinated so early you know in their education. Other not.thank you not really pop asked question in ways that are abundant the really wild look at every angle of?

Prospective organized idea and by the time they get to college, you know they they know they wanted to be strong I given their pink question to another different direction and a lot of time of the family unit.

You know in in the nation. Now you know families are disengaged from the chip and education you have. I will not work with a lot of African-American them, they you know their parents are involved in school, they're not involved at home a lot of time stealing thunder check. Are you not getting information from wherever you know and and there people out there. The school is particularly that you know give them what they desire so that they can understand the people in body that have derived given me since her role and that when but one thing that really struck me about the one comment on the chocolate was in all. He said that in our society is forcing these ideas, but not what we are. The society we are the people we come up with these ideas really doesn't necessarily mean that which have to disagree, but we are Question two other not. We know if it's night along and Ali, can earn college by taste and see that the Lord is good or how could you know God could be you know actually asked question Burnett you don't actually go to the point of skepticism and really can't speak out. There's been a hallmark. Yes. So Michael, you did you make it a number of good points. The indoctrination of kids from very young ages there. There are some different ideas very radically different ideas that many educators have an and there is even a week. We have a complete moral relativism where there are no absolute rights and wrongs. A complete departure for the foundations of American education that that emphasize biblical truths and biblical law and biblical rights and wrongs that was for the first element through the colonies and and probably into the mid-1800s. That was a major part of our school education. We've gone out to the point that it's not just moral relativism, it's reality, relativism, perception becomes reality. And then when you get into the college and university setting, there are professors with very radical ideas like there is a reason friends that very few prominent conservatives are invited to do commencement addresses at our colleges and universities throughout America that for for many years now. The universities have been largely influenced by a radical liberal agenda you'll find, for example tremendous hostility to pro-life positions are campuses you find tremendous hostility towards the idea of the one true God our campuses. You'll find tremendous hostility towards the nation of Israel on our campuses. Why is it just coincidence coincidental yet look at this email. I was just sent you silly students threatened online for claiming.

Are you ready for their claim.

Are you ready for their crazy claim. Are you ready for this wild insane claim quote. There are only two genders. They been threatened online for putting out such a radical position at UCLA, but one last point to reiterate that Michael's made the will takes more calls parents get involved with your kids. Find out with their learning in school talk to them each day. Look at the textbooks that are used in their classes, and after read through every line.

But look, especially as their younger and they may not be able to articulate that wall with a florid I'm looking at a note someone just sent me probably on Facebook. I emailed the principle of the public charter school.

My teenage daughter attends and asked them to defy the mandate of Obama to make school bathrooms gender-neutral. He said that he does foresee having that issue with the school, but seeking advice on how to be in compliance without threatening the safety female students.

He did say that he shares my concern, I would hope that he would simply say I am not going to comply in the school will not comply. If enough schools do that across the nation instantly. The Obama administration's bullying will backfire, and instead moral standards will be raised wall.

We do our best to help the one or two students in the thousand that struggle in these areas.

The parents get involved. Thank you Michael right back with more calls 866-34-TRUTH number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Nothing better in life and living your life authentically knows Bruce Jenner.

That was bruised and it sounds like a man's voice and visits Bruce Jenner. There were reports that he was receiving, awarding and speaking in a glad meeting Graham was minimizing its deformation of the snow was glad the 27th annual awards meeting is about living his life authentically limits life authentically listen, I am all for authenticity but there are people who are confused. There are people who are mentally and emotionally confused and confusion. Identity is very very prominent in our society today to the point that you have some people that suffer with what's called multiple personality disorder. You have other people who suffer with what's called gender.

Excuse me body identity integrity disorder where they don't believe they should have a right leg or left arm there others who identity suffer with what used to be called gender identity disorder but that has now been changed to gender dysphoria.

These very real struggles that people have. I was asked of liberal website during an interview last week.

Is this real transgender struggles are the rest just a very real it doesn't mean that the man is really a woman but struggles very, very real and very deep. Your reports that either restrain his rep that he struggling is having a hard time living as a woman he's lonely he wants to be with another woman but since he identifies as a woman and he identifies as a Christian. Interesting enough, in a conservative political conservative, that would be wrong to have same-sex relations so he's considering the transitioning. Either way, my heart goes out to him.

I pray that he will find wholeness. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Braxton in Dallas Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, I was listening I heard that video of the college you right yes I can. Okay so I am because I get my second year college noted that the fundamental of the foundations of what we believe is really being shattered in a week know that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy every know that God is not the author of confusion. I've noticed that you know like it in the video it like biologically or scientifically. You know identifying of the man are psychosynthesis to those that didn't hear this. This was the family policy Institute of Washington. They were interviewing college students university in Seattle and they were asking them. Is there a difference between a man and a woman, or between male and female and they were responding Sandwell really know or there is no scientific or logical difference. Again, it it is utterly and completely mind-boggling.

But yes, that's with actually said. I mean it really interesting and it really made her point that people got up and like that Braxton somehow we lost you don't know what happened.

Some if you pause for a minute that we we lost you there sir look to say there is no scientific or logical difference between a man and a woman.

You might as well say there is no scientific or logical difference between the colors of black-and-white.

There is no scientific or logical difference between someone who 7 feet tall and someone who's 5 feet tall is no scientific or logical difference between a bird and a fish, you might as well just keep going down the line we have lost touch with reality. That's what were dealing with. We have gone from relative morality to relative reality and if we who know the Lord can't stand for reality what we stand for the square, Fremont, California Dennis, welcome to the line of fire. I Dr. I love your pray for you think you're taking a stand. Here is my concern is when you're when you're saying that I know what you're saying and what you're saying about little more five hour week that this the idea that somehow were trying to help no one fact that it edited to help them because they're confused about the identity putting the 99 point whatever percent in jeopardy as part anxiety. Concerned about AAA biological melting and old bathroom. I want to stay on topic were helping the left than the one person I think we enabling them in deception and and in empowering them to continue down the path that leads to destruction, the love speaks truth and we ought to tell people that Jesus inculcated nothing. If the delivery delivers from everything from alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, homosexuality of fornication and gender confusion and we are a new creation in Christ Jesus.

I think that what the administration is doing is enabling stand enabling darkness and leaving potentially tens of thousands of children into confusion and bondage. I tilts I agree and what I disagree. I agree and that ultimately were not helping people. Ultimately we we are we are not helping people with their confusion, and that there are better solutions than, say, hormone blockers for the kid beginning at the age of nine, and then sex change surgery.

Maybe when there 18 and then hormones for the rest of their lives.

There must be a better way than that but Dennis I want I want to emphasize that you have kids and three years old that through no choice of their own.

In other words, it's not like they were brainwashed by gay activists and said I'm going to get on the transgender activist bandwagon that rather at a very early age.

They struggled you read the stories and they are painful. Here's a kid you know the boy when he showers that he covers his private parts because he's embarrassed because he thinks he's a girl and kids that cry themselves to sleep every night hoping the wake up office gender in the morning and and they don't so I always want to be compassionate to those who struggle. No, I don't believe I agree with you.

I don't believe that we help Bruce Jenner by embracing him as Kate and giving them a reality TV show and naming him woman of the year. I absolutely agree with you.

I don't believe that we helped him in doing that at the same time. If he came walking into our church as a stranger carrying a Bible wearing a dress wearing a wig. I want to come out for lunch and reach out to him and show him the love of God and help him find wholeness so that his insides agreed with his outsides hate Dennis, thank you for the call. Much appreciated by friends, may I encourage you to let us be your voice and to take advantage of the resources that we have, by God's grace is given us a large platform by God's grace we are able to touch people around America and around the world. Through this radio broadcast through our videos through her articles through her books and the vast majority of material that we have, you can share for free with others. So go to the website asked Dr. If you have not yet shared my article on the stream and national call for civil disobedience, please share it today. It's really taken off. It's been shared more.

The second and third days and it was on the first day get the message out. Let us be your voice together will make a difference and stand with us your gifts your finances help us do the work you are doing today. My bottom line today attempt to silence your voice than speak up all the more loudly and clearly

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