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The Challenge of Standing with an Imperfect Israel

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 19, 2016 4:46 pm

The Challenge of Standing with an Imperfect Israel

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So why is it that the younger generation of Christians today evangelical Christians don't have the same hard for Israel that their parents have had stock for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Thursday here on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown I'm delighted to phone lines are open for any Jewish related question you have right, not just general Bible or general moral cultural war was happening in the world but Jewish related question Israel related Hebrew related specific Old Testament type messianic prophecy type questions even questions regarding radical Islam. Your best to take your Kolstad 866-34-TRUTH 87884. It is my thoroughly Jewish joy to be with you today on the line of fire.

Yes days of continued upheaval. There are times when there is greater peace and quiet on the earth. There are times of greater turmoil. This is one of those in between times. There's all types of turmoil but it's not all out world war and yet there is constant tragedy. Constant upheaval and a lot of it. Having to do with radical Islam and a lot of it. Having to do with the world attack on Israel so I want to talk about some of that with you today want to address a question we've touched on before but will come back to today, namely, younger evangelicals, not just in America have seen in other countries as well. Younger evangelicals don't seem to have the same hard for Israel as their parents did not. I don't mean that all older evangelicals have universally supported Israel in the last generation, but there's no question that Israel's greatest friends in the last generation have been evangelical Christians, not just American other countries as well but America because of our size and influence. We played a major role, and you have to realize that this really government and Israeli leadership. Welcome the friendship welcome the support that many Jews would be a little skeptical of Christian support for Israel. Why are you doing this why you standing with us. Is it because you just see it is something you're supposed to do prophetically and you have to stand with Israel. Kisses replace certain role in the prophetic timeclock and then XYZ is gonna happen in the church of the rapture. Did Israel go through hell's tribulation and then then Jesus will establish his kingdom on the earth. So Israel just has a prophetic role to play and therefore you going along with it. Is there genuine love for Israel genuine support for Israel general genuine solidarity with Israel. Is this discounted sum, set up to lead to the conversion of Jews so many Jews would look at it and for good reason.

Based in church history based on Christian betrayals in church history based on friendships that turned sour when Jews did not turn to Jesus and mass assembly is expected like Martin Luther certainly hoped for something like that to happen of what's happening though is over the years, Israeli leadership, Jewish leaders recognized that there is a genuine Christian support for Israel that the religion that many Jews associated with anti-Semitism and Jew hatred is actually proving itself to be a Jew loving faith, one that does say yes Jesus is the Savior for all people, Jew and Gentile alike. But that is generally a friend of Israel and genuinely standing with Israel and generally feeling some type of sacred responsibility and calling to do so. And yet the younger generation does not share that as widely I'm talking about. Even within the church. The question is why are there legitimate reasons for legitimate mixture will tackle that today.

I thoroughly Jewish Thursday along with other news and your Jewish related calls in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast. My latest article little bit different little bit different than other articles I have written, but I thought I'd mention so that seems crazy and far out and yet of interest and of relevance so here is just very quickly. My latest article and it does relate to Israel. It's entitled is Kim Kardashian a secret agent working to underline undermine Muslim morals. You say you gotta be kidding. That's the article is Kim Kardashian secret agent working to undermine Muslim morals account now this is actually an accusation from Iran. This is an accusation from Iran and his Fox News insider website because you thought it was a spoof when you first see a thing as a satire to spoof Roz accusing Kim Kardashian, Lester being a secret agent because were provocative Instagram photos and then an actual quote from Osama Ali must stop Mustafa Ali Sada, spokesman for the reigning Revolutionary guards organize cyberspace crimes unit quote Ms. Kim Kardashian is a popular fashion model so Instagram CEOs tells her make this native meaning native to Iran. There is no doubt that financial support is involved as well. We are taking this very seriously. He said well when I saw this report.

It reminded me it reminded me of reports I've read where Hamas or other Islamic leadership has accused Israel of spying on them or attacking them with various animals using sharks eagles Gryphon vultures boars, rats, hyenas or dolphins either to spy on their people or attack their people only at actually true actually true. No, no, not sure this should since it is true that that some Muslim leaders believe this that Israel has spied on them or attack them using sharks eagles Gryphon vultures boars rats hyenas or dolphins. I said when it comes to Kim Kardashian being a secret agent who's being paid to underline undermine Muslim morals.

The summer choose to that in my opinion than their am no expert on Kim Kardashian, but my opinion no more reliability in that report that in the reports about Israel using these different animals to spy on or attack Muslims. What is clear is is that Kim Kardashian is part of the larger decadent culture of America. Though the larger, sexually immoral culture of America and we export that around the world as a culture and that's one major reason that some of the Muslim nations like Iran because the great Satan.

The reason is because we support Israel, which they call the little Satan but in point of fact, this is part of a larger undermining of morals of Christians and Muslims and others, and in that sense is is a matter of concern. 866-348-7884 younger believers.

Why don't they have the same heart for standing with Israel today it is it that they're biblically illiterate is that the older generation was caught up with prophecy. Is it multi-factor. One thing that came up in a conversation with Michael Oliver and Joshua Charles last week about their their new book on Israel. God is real and you is that the younger generation is theologically weaker but relationally, stronger, theologically weaker but relationally, stronger, and the. The older generation.

The older generation was theologically strong, relationally, weaker meaning. This not overall in terms of Israel. The older generation saw so clearly my generation God's hand to restore the Jewish people to the land God's hand keeping the Jewish people preserved in the land, etc. they they saw God's supernatural grace involved out of the ashes of the Holocaust, the rebuilding of the nation of Israel, they saw the prophetic Scriptures lining up so clearly they saw this running.

Muslim nations want to wipe Israel out.

Not succeeding the soldiers them come back into Jewish Kansas was undeniably God and I still say to this day. Of course, it's undeniably God that these things happen and that the Scriptures laid these things out in advance so we were not as concerned with injustice towards Palestinians were not as concerned with some of the other issues on the ground because we just saw. These are Muslim terrorists who want to kill the Jews and God is standing with Israel younger generation doesn't have his clear view on Scripture and for number of reasons which will come to what to say it now. The younger generation is more scripturally illiterate than the older generation to generation in the church by large nose the Scriptures less, than the older generation. They have less of a historical perspective, much less of a macro perspective much more for micro perspective and they see Palestinian hardship. They see the difficulties on the ground. They see Israel's flaws more plainly, because of which they are not as enamored with what God is doing with Israel and are more concerned offer my Palestinians now. I believe there is a harmonious way to look at all of this, but these are some of the issues. Glad to get your take as well on why the younger generation is not standing with Israel is strongly let's start in Orangeburg, New York Joseph, welcome to the line of fire product about jury thing thought with one. You know I myself am not a Christian.

I'm a Hasidic rabbi, but I know I feel you not want to thank you for you know, even though we might have theological differences in all standing together with views on morality and ethics and things you know I wanted you know I want to say you know I appreciate I feel certain fellowships to the work that you all are doing even though we might have our differences then do you remember a few months a few weeks ago you said something that you know the the ultra-Orthodox community that have a hatred for what you doing I item I don't talk to everybody and even if we might disagree. Does that I don't see any hatred to be have you been on community.

I know individuals who might share some your ideas who have been embraced in all bills. Even some rabbis who said that even though we disagree. It might not be the ill certain things like that these particular people not talking in general, but certain cases might not even going to the realm of heresy or anything else not the others out. But certainly there is no hatred, is Nola disagreement that might be but we can still be have fellowship and love you there and yet rabbi, just let me just jump into one second first x-ray kind of you to say that and and I have the utmost respect for you calling in your mind me asking, what would a Hasidic sector part of who would you rather not say on the air. I am more or less independent. You know my family is Hungarian background so Satmar, but more or less not you are not not not particularly.

But the government does disagreement certainly by the LII. I'm to know one particular case than the nearby community via a question of someone and he was working in a culture restaurant on the rabbi that all you can. Not allowed to supervise the culture because of certain beliefs in the rabbi very very strict rabbi who from the same Hungarian type of background also with concerns of one defendant, but he said well this person keeps keeps losing all the laws to keep the Sabbath keeps everything and the trim was really theological issue, but maybe you know other approaches. Whatever was the along similar lines are not exactly.

The other rabbi who I respect very much, he said, knowing she should be allowed to be considered by the community because you keep the belief in one God of anyone is not really what I meant to call out okay yeah I hope your Monday asking this only because I look, I have do good friends who are ultra-Orthodox. Some specifics in nonspecific with the ultra-Orthodox we've interacted for years rabbis I highly respect them. Men of integrity. They've had mutual respect for me but of course they would consider my views heretical. The big issue that they would normally have is that I want other Jewish people to believe in Jesus issue as the Messiah, so I actively share my faith and have materials on this, so that's what even though I'm considered by them or to notes is finished. Best so I was like a child born in captivity and didn't really understand traditional Judaism, so I'm not as responsible they still look at me, not just as a hotel is a sin of animosity and causing others to sin. Because of that, I've often gotten an estimate which which I have no problem with others in their view.

I'm trying to take people away from Toronto people away from the God of Israel. That's how they see it� Got a break stay right there please sir, and I know you want to comment on something else but thank you for the call and kind words and we are ultimately brothers in the midst of our different stay right there. Join Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott developed a unique behind the scenes tour of Israel.

February 25 through March 6, 2017. Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner watercolor office at 704782370. The Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Looking back to Thursday through Thursday Michael Brown the light.

I really hope you can join me in Israel next year for the tour of a lifetime. The trip of a lifetime go to website get a great response ready. It's next year. February 25 to March 6 gobbling and now is the time to plan it. Get your deposit and go to asked her to brownie a skate or brown dog org we go back to the phones Rabbi Joseph thanks for holding through the break. There was something else you want to comment on Syria want to clarify. You know you will still consider you know whatever your beliefs are to be heretical to remove any lava and I see the SFA I look at look at you despite it being Jewish I I have fellowship with the Gentile Christian pastors will you know I love very much unfriendly with notes about it. Still in the or even young Muslim imams whatever other faith that all kinds in a futile kind of people like you fellowship with, but we can disagree but still have respect and love for each other anyway. You know the you brought up about the subject of the younger generation in the church, changing their views on Israel and you mentioned the summer Hasidic group and many other groups of non-Hasidic rooms, and many others. Their view on Israel is rather you know radically different from that that you are holding. I understand.

To me it makes it even more sense for Christian to be pro-Israel temperature to be pro-Israel because inland Christianity that they can look at things and follow scriptorium and they and they their approach to Scripture Yemen you're saying that it's in the in the in the micro view and a micro view that that the older generation who will more pro-Israel had more about a macro approach to Scripture seeing the big picture of Scripture and prophecy, and where younger people see it as the you know they're looking at the injustices and so forth them and their injustices done to Jews to religious truth, particularly in the holy land, and to Christians as well in all different people going on now in the holy land, and we still have a a religious devotion to the holy land.

But yes course itself and the comatose of prophecy. In general, you know, in the end of Malachi itself.

You know the holo- sent Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the Lord. Something until that it happened. All of these qualities things on hold about how just because a bunch of people who were mostly atheist with a Jewish ancestry a mean Judaism is a religion. It's not it's not a race is not in the week Ruth was accepted, even of the Moabite and sending out her people are people and she is totally part of our people, but you know those work. Don't believe you know people who are atheists.

People are always in opposition to our faith. And I don't believe in the Bible just because they happen to have Jewish blood mean it really breaks them down to something racist which is scripturally is that I don't see very sound. First, you just have an estimate of all yeah I don't see the fulfillment of prophecy in this current if anything, if anything, you know if I would take a Christian term, it would be almost like antichrist right subject like I just take a minute just to explain to listeners that may not a solid. Some of this is if you go back to the Zionist movement and to the decades leading up to the birthing of the modern state of Israel. You would find many of the most orthodox rabbis around the world. Militantly opposing this idea of the Zionist movement and the regathering of Israel, especially when most of the people involved were secular and not religious in one of the leading voices in that was was a rabbi old title Brown who was the leader of the stock market see them. So from Hungary and then rescued out of the Holocaust and then resettled in invasive Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For the most part and they and other rabbis strongly oppose the modern state of Israel is due some groups today is a small group betray card to disarm a few keepers of the city. They proposed for several reasons. One was that they said it's the Messiah who will regather the Jewish people and for human beings to do it would be getting in the way the work of the Messiah. The other was that the goal was that Israel will not just be a physical place where Jewish people would be safe place for the total would be observed, so their concern was that if you had an Israel that was a secular state or godless state that that would hurt the Jewish people being raised there and bring reproach to Judaism and then that if you had an Israeli state before the messianic era that would increase anti-Semitism worldwide, and that therefore it would be nicer than the and negative so those were the various reasons that Orthodox Jews had to say that that they oppose the modern state of Israel and many still do to this day.

Would you said, it's a fair representation of that man.

Currently I think pretty much on the head of biblical sources for the site, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and many other knowledge of the support for this as well as I mean you mentioned, you know, in brief, you know that with increase anti-Semitism worldwide any other fact the matter of Israel. Most dangerous place for June 5, 1948.

More to the been killed in Israel and anywhere else. So even if it even on the smacks of anti-Semitism to support Zionist movement. I'd I know that you know a lot of folks yelled mean well because John ended and I don't think it's only because of you know you want to keep biblical practicums like know that most Christians who support Israel do so because they love is really loved Jewish people they love God and they let the Bible and I appreciate that my I valued at a maternity value that I appreciated that you know a lot of you know when the one when even many Christian I don't see them as deviating from Scripture because they're not accepting an apocalyptic you know that almost you noted this in a very literalist approach to prophecy that that that can be very dangerous. It could put life in danger. I just I just jump in just jumping the sill because we have a break coming out and I have to go in my work as a chaplain I have to go I didn't even stay there for 30 more seconds, no dispensing is was. Many Christians with CS God is bringing back Israel in unbelief and in sin.

And there will have mercy, and demonstrate his glory. And that's why we can see all the negative you God bring positive out of it out.

I just want to ask you one question and you can answer Betsy or call screener first thank you for calling. Much appreciated and I honor respect the fact that you called just wondering if you ever read my book, the real kosher Jesus just curious if you've read it. If not Howard, sorry Howard's in my bed assignment that Howard, I'd like to send you a free copy and not receiving but if so just stay there. 30 more seconds. Howard will come on and if you like a free coffee mug with the real kosher Jesus. I just love to get your impression on it is a history to grab on to stay there for another moment and Howard right thank you sir. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on the one sinner, if you are listening right now is a Jewish person that doesn't believe in Jesus. Yeshua please visit my website, real Messiah real watch the videos there. Look at the articles if you like a free mini book is a Jewish seeker.

There's a place we can fill that out. 866-34-TRUTH that we go back to the phones and this time will go to Greenbelt, Maryland James, thanks for holding walking to the line of fire all around call you back. I greatly appreciate your program so I hope you keep it up forever anyway II do I like to comment on the side while younger people on younger Christians don't stand behind Israel so much.

I think it's very much you know the realtors that there it's it's what they are taught.

They're not really an opinion there every every person on fascia, especially young and I was a child I was raised in the Catholic Rick fainted and I went to Catholic schools. I was in fifth grade actually taught is that the Jews killed Jesus. They taught is that you know right out of the Scriptures. Usually used instrument of the Roman to Chris fine, but there was a large minister regarding accounting and at the same time.

I used to watch on the shoulder.

What happened in the Holocaust and I thought it was horrible when at micros couldn't imagine it. Humanity stood by and allowed that to happen later learned about the Catholic faith as a whole did very little to try to help her high shoes or try to save Amari the church itself especially that I was appalled at the same time but yet if you had asked me who crucified Jesus knowledge was parroted back to you.

And that's what it is and I think that any Christian young, old, or indifferent ocular age that you are taking time to read the Scriptures and then look at the historical light for the Jews to occupy and that land be theirs. Ancient history you see here and here is the same course.

I agree with you but if you are looking at a younger generation that's may be looking more and effusive relationship and they're looking at story and narrative more than fact and history. Then there can they just with even a seat will give the larger history will explain the Jewish right to be in the land will explain the history of radical Islam not welcoming. Jewish people want to destroy the modern state of Israel to this moment we can lay that out.

But the younger person say yeah, but what about this in of this Palestinian kid who has to suffer.

What about this and what about that.

In other words, the or Israel. You have the military overreacted or look at this harsh situation.

So again that they'll look at this and this is the best way to illustrate it, they'll say, why is there a wall in Bethlehem separating families and in keeping the Palestinians on one side of this wall.

Why is that there is not fair. That's not right and will talk to the families and will talk to Palestinian Christians, and will say how it's not right.

No rehearsal. The problems okay. The reason the wall as there was to keep snipers and murderers out so they wouldn't kill innocent Israeli men, women and children.

That's the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the wall is merely a security fence about 3% of his wall. That's up to keep murderers out in certain places, you need a wall to keep snipers out and that has reduce the murderers by what 99% since it was put up, but if you look at the micro wises family suffering. This Palestinian family suffering, evil Israel then again you have this world climate of Jew hatred anti-Semitism a lot of propaganda often is hard to get the story straight to James. Thanks for going and I appreciated 8664 truth file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, one of fire ground on this theory of the and again. What a delight to have a wide range of listeners. Followers of Jesus who agree with my views on Israel followers of Jesus who don't agree with my views on Israel, Jews who don't agree with my views on Jesus. Muslims, atheists, others I'm so glad to have all of you in the listening audience and I hope that you feel if you have a disagreement with me, or different perspective that you want to share that you have a way to do it that you have an open door to do it.

Look, I'm not can be hostile to you, you might be hostile because you're very upset about something that I'm not can be hostile and within the parameters of life talk radio do my best to give you a fair hearing.

86634 to we go back to the phones in Wilmington, Delaware John walking to the line of fire around doing very well. Thanks, John year that it reading a new perspective on Paul Parenti right and wrong change done first. Are you familiar with that.

Yes of course the minutes. It's hard to to her to be involved in any level with biblical scholarship without being very familiar with the with the enemy. Virtually I don't mean that I've read say the last for 5000 pages written in the last few years by scholars like NT Wright and James Duncan is a process. A massive stuff, but overall the new perspective on Paul. Going back to EP Saunders in his influential writing and how it's developed short of file it with interest. For a few decades now like you read it like Jewish markers that work mean that in works a lot. Not that God was against any correct morality, especially for the lot you agree with that, he that yes and no and let the meat let me just explain something for four listeners.

The general understanding of of the conflict in the New Testament between faith and the law between grace and works has been understood by evangelicals for generations in in ways that say the Reformation understood also that Judaism had developed into a somewhat legalistic religion and that this was now God's answer to the legalism and that it was life in the spirit by faith, and that the law itself was somehow an obstacle and other scholars challenged that in particular over the last 30 years or so and said no it was between a legalistic righteousness utterance of a wrong use of the law not the law itself more.

This idea of being righteous through keeping certain aspects of the law. That's what was the issue and and I think what's happened.

John and Stacy Luster home has some great summaries of the positions and does say that that the Lutheran reading was not as far off as some might think. I think a few things happen one. There was a caricature of Judaism as if it was this total, legalistic, spiritless faith and in that is exaggerated this exaggeration.

On the other side that this new Jesus. Faith was totally so. So in the spirit that it had almost no connection with Israel and the Jewish people and the Sabbath and things like that and that's obviously exaggeration as well. The reality is that the Sinai covenant brought death why because the failure of the people to keep it as is. Hebrews 8 emphasizes that the people of Israel failed to keep the Sinai covenant because of human sin and therefore as Paul writes in Romans three that the law was given to silence every mouth. That was when you read through the five books of Moses, what you end up seeing is the sinfulness of Israel in in the midst of a holy law given by a holy God. And that's why Paul says also in Romans three that faith doesn't nullify the law establishes another words it plays its proper role. It reveals the holiness of God and the guilt of humanity and our need for Savior and now the new and better covenant comes with the laws written on our hearts and we receive eternal forgiveness of sins. That doesn't mean, though, that keeping the law itself was a bad thing.

WT Davies began to explore that in Paul and rabbinic Judaism, and he began to to open that seam up that Paul certainly continued to live as a Jew, as did the other apostles. The issue was either putting this on Gentiles and city must be circumcised and obey the law of Moses are to be saved or to somehow glory in one's legal righteousness. Those are the failures. But as new creations in the Messiah, both Jew and Gentile. Paul said in first Corinthians 7 if you say circumcised. Don't become uncircumcised others. If you saves a Jew or Gentile. If he saves a Gentile, don't try to become a Jew to save uncircumcised.

Don't be circumcised.

So I think on a certain level with the new perspectives have brought some correction but if they throw the baby out with the bathwater. That's what I would have a difference or to me it's more a matter of nuances and John's point which he gets intercourse in his Romans commentary that you're talking more about Jewish markers, which would be Sabbath observance and dietary laws. There's a lot of truth to that that that may oversimplify it. Now this and I'm not a Pauline scholar meaning. I haven't read all of this literature and kept up with it or are mastered everything. Paul's written in Greek, but I am a very serious student of Paul and of these issues for years that's that's my take my perspective so much value great insight thought you just have to nuance things rather than go from one extreme view to the other set that makes sense in terms of what you're reading for you to be of a process that you know eight. I think that like one vendor pointed that I could debate with James White and NT Wright and James right away, and our tradition and in an empty right out of the Catholic tradition in our body get Baxter's tradition and it people that hostile towards because it goes against the normal Reformation tradition, but normals like us were performed thought and that's where that and finally, that was a debate about justification by faith, and I would say that NT right there is not told the representative of the new perspective of Paul that's that's may be one of his own unique points that he makes what he seems to be justification differently than I do very much on on Dr. Whiteside. In that, but as a Jewish believer in Jesus. Even though, yes, I'm an evangelical and I hold to fundamental evangelical doctrine. I don't see myself fitting perfectly into a particular Christian faith tradition, meaning I identify as Protestant identify as reform.

I identify as this or that because there's something in me that says that that we were there before.

A lot of these traditions developed in and we are trying to recover what was the mindset in the lifestyle of Paul that apostles. Of course, everyone's trying to do that the Catholics Greek Orthodox. The Protestants will say were going back to the to the real apostolic faith, but if if it doesn't recognize Jewish roots and that's my biggest issue with and NT Wright that he seems to share some of the typical British evangelical or British Christian must hostility towards Israel or negative views on Israel or not seeing a future for national Israel in his reading, for example from Flanagan's brilliant tease he's widely read makes compelling arguments, but I think he's missing something there heavy heavy read either of us. Stephen Wester homes surveys of of the of the issues on the perspectives now. I am not that I would highly recommend it. Stephen Wester home W ES TER HOLM his earlier book was on Israel's lawn. The churches faith get his more recent one on on Paul and the interpreters.

He does a great job of summarizing the various views and then as a Pauline scholar himself lays out his views again. He says eight terms at the Lutheran reading wasn't all that wrong but it's the caricatures of Judaism and the caricatures of kind of a rootless Christianity does those are the things that were erroneous and in my view. So that's my perspective of any prospective St. John. Thank you very much for the call. I do appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH all right. We got a break so I don't want to cut you off of the call, but next much for your patience and holding. I want to get back to as many calls as I can write on the other side of the break, this news, check this out. As reported by Daniel Greenfield Palestinians attempt to appropriate appropriate.

The Star of David is a Muslim symbol is on, the whole Palestinian identity. He writes, is a parasitic entity that can only exist in terms related to its hostility towards the indigenous Jewish inhabitants other words, if you can't have a Palestinian identity, then you are saying you are the true people bearing the Jews cannot be there. The desperate attempts writes to appropriate Jewish identity is knowledge thought talk the core terrorist organization behind the Palestinian state a claim that the Jewish Star of David is really an Islamic symbol never surprises me when I do get surprised. Not surprised, to understand the latest craziness coming from radical form number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to quantifying the related questions today. Let's go over to Boston. Ajay welcome to light a fire truck question about her is very different between orthodoxy. And like edict ultra-Orthodox. Maybe there was a different there is and there isn't.

Let me explain ultra Orthodox CDG's are ultra-Orthodox but there are other ultra-Orthodox Jews who were not seated so the signatures would be considered ultra-Orthodox not Orthodox right so they would be the most observant, the most traditional, the most devout in that sense right so they were going at the right wing of orthodoxy, but this acetic movement begins in the 1700s under a leader known as the bashed the ball sham told Israel Baal Shem told he broke away from what he felt was the rigid ultra orthodoxy of his day in the hyper intellectualism of it and preached a simpler faith where a shepherd just crying out to God in the field was as pious as a learned rabbi, studying the rabbinic text all day so he broke away from many of the traditions and was reported to be a miracle worker and things like that and a and accosted just means a pious one. A saintly one. They were militantly rejected by the leading rabbis of their day is a heretical movement within Judaism because they were breaking with the traditions and the customs they were saying and if you don't pray the exact prayer times what you pray from your heart. It's okay so that was looked at as serious violation and those who oppose them or call them a snog dam that means the opponents and that was the great bulk of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community at that time and pretty much you were secular. This is the days before reform Judaism other such thing as liberal Judaism if he were secular or you are very religious that you didn't have you didn't have a lot of of room between those axes might you have other many other options between us.

So the casino choose were a movement that began within ultra-Orthodox Judaism but then is it gain traction as it gained more and more converts within it and is it became more and more mainstream in terms of its practices. Then it became more and more accepted as legitimate branch of Orthodox Judaism and then it broke off into different sects of the Bobbitt sector, a sophomore sect. A lot of the sex rename primarily based on the cities in Eastern Europe were where they were based and to this day you have large numbers of Hasidic Jews. Excuse me large numbers of ultra-Orthodox Jews who are Hasidic and they they maintain certain teaching and practices, and large numbers of ultra-Orthodox Jews who are not Hasidic symbol with the main differences speak while they all believe in, in the same holy Scriptures.

They all believe in the same holy rabbinic writings.

They all believe that there is been an oral law given by Moses and passed on through the generations. They all believe in the importance of Jewish tradition by casino choose have is a distinctive the crabby, the grand rabbi who is like the master of the Hasidic court and a special almost an intermediary between them and God. A special ease considered a holy one, a real saint, a miracle worker and they really revolve in many ways around that leader. Even if the leader is now deceased.

They still revolve around that leader's teachings, and in some ways there is more of an emphasis on mysticism and things like that but to the outward.

I you wouldn't recognize any difference in the GC ultra-Orthodox Jews you see the man with the black coats and the long beards you'd see them faithfully keeping all the commandments should see them getting up early in the morning praying you see them strictly observing the Sabbath and all the dietary laws and yet within the communities. There would be differences in the, the major Hasidic groups today. The sought more remain large in number but they don't proselytize other Jews. The Lubavitcher sedum based in Brooklyn, New York their grand rabbi died in 1994 at the age of 92. They were expecting him to be revealed is the Messiah and Nascimento Schneerson when he died. There was great shock that went to the community, but they've actually grown and become much bigger since his death and they have with a culturalist team.

Emissaries that are sent out around the world to bear their message and to try to reach other Jews secular Jews nonreligious Jews to bring them over to to Judaism to traditional Judaism, so they do more aggressive outreach to see them on college campuses and things like that within Israel. Another friend or other groups have unmentionable another prominent group are called the breast love for sedum. They go back to teachings of a rabbi name rabbi knock my breast love who died in his 30s, but his teachings have been passed on and revered. They are characterized by joy and celebration will often see the men dressed in white dancing on the streets and chanting, and thus some of them you got this fringe group that gets high and does this as well, but the others are very traditional and they try to recruit, especially young Jews to follow the teachings of Rabbi Notman to become traditional Jews, so that's in a nutshell big nutshell, the answer to the question, but wage if you want to study this more. My book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices will lay this out as well.

Terms of what this acetic is believing who they are there origins.

That's some of the questions answering the book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices white friends. Our phone lines are jammed right now but if you can stay on the wine I'm going to continue with early Jewish Thursday. On the other side of the break alright and as I do that will get your calls early in the broadcast.

If you can stay on the line. Even if you be losing on the radio. You can continue listening is your on hold and I'll gladly get your calls.

On the other side of the break of the sure friends to check out our resource offer this week Baker books so one of the biggest Christian publishers has now taken over the distribution of the tree of life Bible. That's how much they believe in the project and they put out a beautiful slim line addition. I was really surprised when I saw how nice it was and of course it's high quality in every way we have.

It is a special resource offer this week with her free DVD when you order so great day to do it on 30 Jewish Thursday. Go to asked Dr. Brown the Lord a.s. K.

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And while you're there on the website. Be sure to check out our Israel trip cemented love to go but I can afford it.

Hate made to the Lord will open up away certainly pray about it.

If you want to go and planning on it. Get your deposit in now because before you know it. Find Israel my bottom line today. Got to scatter the lost sheep of the house of Israel is actively gathering naturally in spirit. So why is it that the younger generation of Christians today evangelical Christians don't have the same hard for Israel that their parents have had time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown yes thoroughly pleased to be with you today. Had a great first hour, including a call from a Hasidic rabbi who is is peace loving and gracious as you can imagine some ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi who believes my views are heretical yet welcomes me as a Jewish brother. We had a fascinating conversation touched on theological issues and all kinds of other things with other callers and I do want to continue to explore this theme of why the younger generation of evangelical believers does not seem to have the same heart, the same solidarity with Israel with the modern state of Israel that my generation has if you gotta Jewish related question you'd like to ask or you have some of your own thoughts.

Maybe your young person you love the Lord, but you question why we should stand with Israel so strongly why we believe America should stand with Israel so strongly you have an issue without a question. I love to hear from you as well.

866-34-TRUTH 7884. I think it's important to say this and I'll get to get to calls frequently today in this hour on the year. I think it's important that I explain my own journey in terms of standing strongly for Israel is that we Jewish. Of course you do what you have but but hang on to jubilees and Jesus and I've been involved with many Christians who have different views over the years. So when I came to faith. I I was very pleased to see how the church I was in really had a hard for Israel and rejoiced when there was a victory for Israel war, it seemed like Israel was in trouble and I say hey God that's the apple of God's eye.

Those God's people. He preserves them he keeps them. They seem to have a special love for me is a Jewish believer in Jesus that was meaningful to me when a rabbi talked to me about the anti-Semitic history in the church. Give me a book to read about it was foreign to me at that time save the little tiny Pentecostal church that have a lot of perspective on church history skeleton read the Bible and went straight back to the Bible. That's how we viewed it so I know much about Catholicism and Lutheranism. These other things. So in either.

Sorry to see this purchase restucco us because were foreign to me. I didn't look at things realistically enough to say okay if those were great leaders in the church.

Why did some of them seem to be so anti-Semitic valid questions and of course have sought to address those over the decades, but the church I was in. After that the first six years of the Lord. I began to question some of the things I believe that a number of issues and was in another church now and this church did not just have the same gut level stance with Israel wasn't hostile but it wasn't the same level as the first church I was saved and more literature. I began to read into question.

Maybe my view of a literal millennium or little return to the land is wrong and and come on you know if you get to say that Israel's return to the lands that mean that we have reconstructed the ancient Moabites and the ancient Philistines, nation, ammonites, and all these other groups gonna be there because there mentioned in his prophetic books as well.

I began to question it and and almost got hostile to the view factor for period of time. I really didn't question it strongly.

It was from me based on Scripture, not the fact that I'm a Jew, but based on Scripture that I've concluded that it is God himself who restored the Jewish people back to the land of Israel and that it is God who is working to maintain the Jewish people align with Israel.

Despite our many shortcomings, many sins 866-34-TRUTH illustrate your calls we get that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to Thursday. Thursday Brown got Jewish related calls will do our best to take them today. I do want away in a little bit more on why it is that so many younger evangelicals do not have the same heart for Israel that the older evangelical generation has 866-34-TRUTH that's going to bar had all burner in Canada. Our friend Jonathan.

Welcome back to the want to fire going very well, thank you. I got a question for my comment over think that David on the conductivity regarding what you have gone picked out a LAN and then waited four days and then at sundown would've slaughtered it and then cooked it over a fire and ate of it like in the left sheet he would've done what all other Jews did that will examine the Torah at the time said growing up. You have done that with his family whenever part of his friend was there that they they would've done that to get as much as possible and then there's the question is, is that what happens in that in terms of the chronology of of his death and the time the selection of the lambs and then the time of the Passover meal. How does that work out of me that's in of the flesh suffer. That's all hotly debated because of challenges reconciling the way John presents in the synoptic Gospels, but as far as lifestyle that would've been what was done here is what all ancient Israelites that were observatory would've done that Jesus certainly would've done that up until the time in his life at the time of his crucifixion not believe he was now selecting a lamb he was going to be the lamp of his disciples would've been involved with that because that would have been the family setting where they partook together all my comment there. Think about how Israel about the constant conflict going on and I agree with their settlement.Israel on the left bank of their land know they gained through to victory in war. The nation have the right to wherever they really want, but as for the Palestinian Baker are the one. The illusion that they would've door of our problem with either Dr.if it did not been there be more Arab than Jews.

In the event the Democratic policy would work. Oh what a absorbed them just slowly so that they like to have a lottery thing 5000 people a month get absorbed in. Israel in this way they will not control the amount of out the door and eventually get to having a one yet that the logistic problems with that Jonathan would be first, the impossibility of absorbing part by part by part that now comes under Israeli sovereignty and you just have a thousand things that would get in the way of that happening and then ultimately the.

The other issue would be that if you looking at total numbers that you still have that the problem in the end see that the whole issue that you alluded to with the founding of Israel and given current others went back to it.

They were not trying to have a state that was free of Arabs there.

When I called Palestinians that free of Arabs, but rather just to make sure they had a substantial Jewish majority so we can be a Jewish state, just like for example in America through the centuries.

It was basically Christian in practice, so the vast majority of the people profess Christianity and therefore if there was going to be a day when businesses were shut down. It was Sunday versus Saturday and if there were major holidays reveal from school would be Christmas and Easter and things like that. And yet the traditional view could still lives in traditional view without a problem in a Muslim and hermits could live as a Muslim atheist could live as an atheist, so for the modern state of Israel. The issue was a substantial Jewish majority not the land free of Arabs so those arguing for a one state solution and there are prominent Israeli thinkers who advocated some of my mess into Jewish friends do as well. What would they say is that even though demographically, the, the birthrate of Palestinians is higher than that of secular Israelis because of the settlers. They tend to be more religious than religious Jews there having more kids that you'll still be able to have a Jewish majority and therefore you could have one state and everybody votes. Those who identify as Palestinian Muslims, they vote side-by-side with atheistic Israelis and ultra-Orthodox Israelis. They all vote and then they whoever gets elected get selected. But if some setups of the national anthem hot Tikva you know the hope national anthem. So that's gonna be the national anthem of the Palestinians to consider the founding of the modern state of Israel to be a disaster. I'll knock the they refer to it. There many problems with it but a two state solution. Many since been proven over and over again. If you read Caroline Glick's book on one state solution to this playset is beginning why it's it's it's hopeless and can't work because of radical Islam. Ultimately, radical Islam is only at home with the destruction of the Jewish state, so that still is the issue and the other consensus is like Gaza because of that's just his own place and under Thomas whoever but were talking about the West Bank, the Palestinians living there, becoming one state with Israel was shared government leadership.

It's it's a pipe dream. It's a pipe dream.

Could it happen.

I would say any solutions or temporary. The ultimate solution selling interview and the Messiah returns for jobs. I appreciate your thoughtful of proposal 866-34-TRUTH 87884 little Woburn, Massachusetts. Susan, thanks for holding over from the last hour. Welcome to the line of fire very well, thanks Ken, here are your lights on the radio talk about ER unconditional love for people. In the image of God brings me back to what the real message of Christ That are human and not because sometimes I get so angry at what Christians and our country in general but anyway I thought it say that you ground me when I carry unrelenting message unconditional love and your love for your people on I went online and I went looking for this particular website Jewish genealogy and circulate my mother and her family and without merit and taxpayer name. Please okay, Jacqueline, Arielle, trying to carefully dictate the people up carefully and apparently Atlanta settlement of Jewish people in Palermo Western Pennsylvania by the OSHA training plan right now that I want or what the population conquered by several different nationality under Spanish Inquisition came in they go about Jewish people David Holman to convert Hi Bill, I must thank God for them to get Kelly elevator Covent Garden. Are they left style you yeah I'm looking into Sicily many times got going in two weeks be traveling there with our oldest grandchild. Grandin is 15 and her cousin 16 so we bring them over and can be in Catania, which is insistently and that's one of the places where it's reported that there have been Jewish populations for four for centuries and just looking at an article about this arguments as to how long there's been a Jewish presence in Sicily going back over 2000 years at least 1600 years Palermo being one of the key cities then yeah there because of church wars and different things like that, beginning in the 1300s, there has been persecution of Jews assist Sicily and even expulsion of the Jews of Sicily and the other so there's a lot of fascinating and often painful history there Susan so maybe I'll even have conversations with some of my my friends as to what they know what traditions they've heard of course, there are still Jews in Rome and other parts of Italy. There been a prominent populations there through the centuries as well, but Susan thanks thanks for the call and because I'm about to go back to Sicily gets gets my interest rates to look into that at that more and thank you for the very kind words, the love that's in my heart is just a reflection of the extraordinary love that God has for us as much as he's grieved by what his earthly creation because his heart beats with great love see everyone again and again thank you for the kind words and the call. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown people of Israel. Pray for peace, but our hopes in the world hopes for peace are in danger because everywhere we look, militant Islam is on the market will the sounds of radical Islam voice of Yahoo wasn't clear to the whole world that the plague of radical Islam, which wants to destroy so many civilizations which wants to force people to subjugation or conversion is guilty of all kinds of atrocities and terror attacks. Why is it that people can understand that Israel surrounded by this in a battle for survival and that Israel would be in much more friendly relationships with its neighbors, if it's neighbors were not trying to kill them if if every day someone from your neighborhood was trying to break into your home and kill you or kill your family kidnap you or kidnap your family or blow your house up or blow your car up or something like that. Would you be faulted for putting up extra security would you be faulted for not always having the friendliest relationship to those who want to kill you. It's pretty simple thing set it for years and it remains true premise in it are now set it.

Others have said it may be an oversimplification, but it's fundamentally true that if the Palestinians put down their weapons, there'd be no more war who the post ends with weapons, primarily radical Muslims.

That's retirement. In particular, if they would put down their weapons, there'd be no more of Israel with the tenants weapons, there'd be no more Israel.

This is thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

Let's take similar Jewish related calls. We go to Richmond, Virginia Rudy, welcome to the line of fire in your quick question. Basically, I want to know why all Jewish people relate and then they'll get there. In fact in the whole garlic flat or abundantly know that a lot.

They get there that think you think the or cheapen the thing you know a lot of you then guy give that a lot of my read a lot about big good pedestal of yellow Woody Allen Jewish board and so on, to go to college at black Ali Jewish life be a lot of celebrities know that have that background yes and what why why did Jesus seem to be so disproportionately influential things like that.

I have a video right.

She talked about that if you go to my real Messiah with surreal and type in world changers right talk about Jewish prominence from Nobel scientists to Hollywood entertainment to economy to negative things like communism in world ideologies that are hostile and negative why summits Jewish influence there. There are few answers to the question Rudy it's his overgeneralization to think of the majority of usual Jews being financially rich or blessed and in point of fact is through much of Jewish history Jews have been impoverished Middle Eastern Jews for centuries have been fairly impoverished Yemenite Jews and and others within the land of Israel today a substantial minority of of Israeli Jews live beneath the poverty line in Israel so that someone of a misnomer, but there's certainly great Jewish influence and disproportionately so be in the political realm of the media realm of the economic realm and one reason would be that there is been a tremendous emphasis on education in the Jewish world. Part of that goes back to Judaism in the rigors of rabbinic study and the importance of teaching these things to your children pass them on. So there's been a high rate of literacy and a great emphasis on education.

And that certainly helps in many ways, but does that explain the Woody Allen or decide explain Karl Marx or decide explain another influence of you and in other words, this is to be something more than just education behind it and others would say well to the extent Jews have kept the laws of Moses.

They been plastered to the extent they followed biblical principles they been blessed and I'm sure that's one reason that the many these leading rabbis live such a long life is that they they follow many godly wise principles that God has laid out in the Scriptures, even if they themselves are not rightly connected to God through Jesus the Messiah.

But as I've studied and looked at it, Rudy.

I've concluded that there's something larger you can ask about wires used in GRE not have that negative expression of the tried to Jew me down. But to be candid with you. I found that many people who are good with money can be a little tight. Sometimes and when I was a commission salesman for years. I want to mention specific communities with their communities that I'd like to work and I don't mean Jewish because I knew that ethically these people were famous for being really careful with their money and I found it very very difficult to make a sale with them even though they were wealthy. In fact, we would often say the wealthy of the community. The worst were going to do and in selling our particular product. So II would not want to point a negative figure in the Jewish direction there, but from what I can tell Rudy there is an aspect in which God has called Jewish people to be world changers. There's an aspect in which we have been raised up by God, for better or worse to be a light to the world.

When I say for worse. I mean that there still.

This anointing of influence on us as someone has argued, and some have argued that the three most influential figures of the 20th century in terms of the way that century went were Albert Einstein Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. So from the 1800s into the 1900s, their thoughts their life, their contribution had a massive influence on the 20 century there all Jews and none of them were religious Jews, so it's at and and if you look say in the entertainment industry you got guys like Howard Stern and Jerry Springer there Jewish you know and when you look say at leading atheists that got men like Sam Harris have a higher percentage of leading Jewish atheists. Just as for the population.

The non-Jewish atheists. So it seems that there's something on us to be influential in in our calling out by God. There is also much accountability, which is why we've been so scattered and suffered so much.

Through the years as we haven't been rightly aligned with God rightly following his purposes, listening to his prophets obeying his laws. Following his Messiah as a result of which we've suffered a lot but if you look at Israel today disproportionate number of medical development, scientific developments, agricultural developments, and many others disproportionate for that small population compared to the rest of the world that continues to be something upon us as Jews. Even if were not religious. Even if were more secular.

And that's what I get into a world changers and then ultimately is it a surprise that that Jesus is the most influential Jew who ever lived, and that men like Moses and Paul who had world influence and to hundreds of millions of people are Jews or Israelites as well. It makes sense in that respect.

Thanks for the call and the question again the video right dress that is called world changers is very first one that I did and I think it's a TV series that aired on inspiration. That is, to this day internationally. I will be right back with more of your questions and more insightful.

I can bring it to light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our broadcast your it usually calls warmly welcome 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's just play this to play Jerry Gray clip number 11 Bernie Sanders posted this on his Facebook page so yeah let's let's just listen to what he has to say. He's our most prominent Jewish presidential candidate ever happens to be very secular liberal Jew with a mentality towards modern Israel that reflects what many young people feel about Israel today. It's much more of a secular humanistic perspective and hence will be more hostile towards Israel than those who have a more biblical viewpoint. This what he has to say. It's it's a more broad statement, but listen to what he has to say in life. A visit aspect of the Bible and it was like other people to do it. It was good to them that we are one world, one people that I am impacted negatively hungry children in America that I just don't think what human life is about is making billions and billions of dollars of ignoring the reality around.

I think what we have right now is a an ideology on David Susskind what life is about.

You've got help make as much warnings can you push down everybody around you, and if kids go hungry people sleep and I'll let not your problem.

All that you have to worry about is yourself. I would not like to live a life without belief. I really would. That is the voice of presidential candidate Sanders and on the one hand, what he sings very difficult in terms of care for your neighbor living neighbor as yourself care for your fellow man. The prophets had no problem with people being rich.

The apostles had no problem with people being rich. If they weren't greedy. If they did not look at their material possessions almost as gods that they served and if they did not get rich at the expense of the poor. If they did not abuse and exploit the needy. That's where the prophets spoke up and in that respect. Bernie Sanders is saying something more. The receipt is not just saying it's wrong to exploit others to be rich but all almost. It's wrong for you to be rich when others have nothing, whereas the biblical mentality would be. God may have blessed you with wealth, but the generous with and don't put your trust in earthly riches.

Put your trust in God as opposed to divide everything up so it's equal for everybody, and in your not allowed to be reset. That was never a biblical perspective, but it's interesting that the same kind of humanistic viewpoint which includes justice which includes mercy, which includes care for the needy but fails to factor in the larger God perspective that that can often be what gets someone to be anti-Israel. In other words, they fail to see that God is brought the Jewish people back to the land they failed to see that there is a demonic effort to wipe out the Jewish people and to get them out of Jerusalem, and to destroy that out from the land they failed to see that demonic element they failed to recognize the demonic destructive elements of radical Islam and then they just say why can Israel be nicer to the Palestinians now by all means, if Israel mistreats Palestinians if Israel is unjust to the Palestinians. If Israel does evil in any way. Israel needs to be held to account and his friends of his of the Jewish people.

We need to hold them to account, but unless you factor in the other issues you'll end up with a very one sided distorted view of things and that's where the danger really lies.

That's what happens with a lot of younger evangelical believers have a heart for justice and mercy. They care about realities on the ground that they don't have the larger divine perspective. They know the Bible says love your neighbor that they don't look at some of the other things that are taught probably speak right since we come back I'm going straight to your Jewish related calls the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to our theory delighted to be with your phone lines are open. If you have a Jewish related is related Hebrew related question even as mom related to her best to provide you with solid answers. Let's go to a Rachel in Boca Raton, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire, you're very welcome. Yes. Current carbide line because of my transaction.) Yes, the vast majority of translations ancient and modern understand this to be pierced of the Hebrew root is called all and in the context here in the way it would be most commonly used pierced would be the most natural reading of it.

And again if if you're looking at the other words that are used is mid to cough so he's crushed and that it talks about Moose are they the discipline for the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and that it mentions cover-up toll.

His his wounds so because it speaks of all of these things that speak of him being beaten and afflicted, and the previous verse that that underscores that as well where it says, surely he's he's born our sicknesses and carried our pains, but we regarded him as as smitten as as afflicted by God is oppressed so this would tie in with Carl all medical law here in verse five. Most likely meaning of pierced and against the vast majority of modern and ancient translations the same way so if the new Jewish version which is not a Christian translation.

The Tanakh nutrition business called, says he was wounded because of our sins of the Septuagint. So the Jewish translation dating to before the time of Jesus translates also with the Greek word for wounded now there is a another Hebrew root, all and it would it would not be the primary one.

It would be a secondary one that he recall that that has to do with being stained or being defiled and some have said that's what it is there but it's not the most natural reading.

It's not the expected reading there.

It's not was reflected in the ancient and modern translations not by the way, I have no problem with literacies bearing our sins. The size bearing our sins and and therefore is bearing the penalty of the sin, the uncleanness of the sin, he's carrying it on his own shoulders. So justice is physically wounded. He is carrying our sins in a spiritual sense as well; all you could say could mean defiled, it's just not the most likely meaning in the context there, which seems to speak of physical violence done to him like care question what that okay somebody is his ultra-Orthodox Jewish website has seeded a specific website and there there reflecting Jewish scholarship.

There and there, reflecting primarily the interpretation of of Rashi, who is the foremost rabbinic commentator rushing there from 1042 1105 a French Jewish scholar. So for example if I go there now and and I type in the book of Isaiah and I'm doing this right as as we speak and I go to chapter 53. And when I get there. What I want to do is I want to show also. I want to show the commentary of Rashi's. That's right on the top drawer, show it or hide it. I want to show it and what you'll see is that the translation here really reflects the really reflects the set up. By the way Ron going just for you have the translation and the Rashi commentary it has pained it doesn't say defiled and pained wrong right. Some have argued that defiled would would be the word that was the other other point that I was making but paying it is really it's it's it's just not Rashi doesn't even comment on it there. It's just not the best translation and does it say that because it doesn't want to say pierced because it sounds to Christian, I would hope not but every translations a commentary in itself.

The reason I would hope not, is because I would hope they would have the integrity to translated as they sought, even if or use a translation that they thought got it right even if it did seem to support a Christian reading of the text of it as to why these particular translation there.

Philosophically that's just another issue why they chose the particular translation that the use is another issue and and yeah it look there are places where it's clear there's a theological battle, and the Christians can translate it one way and traditional Jews. Another way and the question is who's right in this case it's it's so minor because the chapter so overwhelming we clear as a whole. That would be the again pain use pain because our transgressions fine, but the pierced wounded is definitely better translation or hate. Thank you for the call.

I appreciate all right 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Corbin in Lakeland, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you very much Dr. Brown sure thing. I question what I have studied God's plan for Israel future very much. Mike dealt with could play it. Why am not quite like it be about it though I've grown up being adopted in 1944 think it was that the land promised to work with Bill Israel. I know that there's some bulk may be undermined or brought up at Brooklyn back to the land.

But my question is how do we know that that was thought about it back to exile that make them yet. So you determine 1948 when Israel was reestablished as a state. The first to be clear the land promises have not been fulfilled yet Israel is planning a portion of the land that was promised but in the original context. For example, when you look at Ezekiel 36.

When you look at Jeremiah 23 you look at other passages talking about the return of the Jewish exiles to the land was deathly talking about. First and foremost 2500 years ago was it.

If I tell you a Corbin, there's a big storm coming to Lakeland so be really careful not telling you about a storm coming in 5000 years right. However, if those words became recorded as Scripture on warning the people of Lakeland that is a big storm coming and it's going to be devastating in its power and in six months from now.

There's a minor storm and that's if that these words are part of Scripture then you might wonder why now is there a storm still coming because that first one didn't really line up with what was written.

So when you read the prophecies about the return from exile, speaks of a far greater return than took place with return from Babylonian captivity.

At which point, about 40 something thousand Jews returned from exile. It was hardly glorious the way the prophets described it. Hardly had anti-messianic implications. The way the prophets described and yet they said it would happen so now you have the question right did they exaggerate that they bought out proportional in that case they want prophets. They were speaking out of their own hearts and minds. Now that it's recorded in Scripture, we go back and read those verses and realize okay part of it happened, but the rest of it hasn't happened and we understand that since God scattered the Jewish people in his anger the Jewish people don't have the power to regather themselves that if God scatters that we don't have the power to regather otherwise. That would mean that we simply overturn the will of God by our own by own doing so, we recognize that out of the ashes of the Holocaust.

A modern state is miraculously reborn. We understand that Israel survive despite this severe hostility of the surrounding nations and we see prophecies like Zechariah 12 Zechariah 14 which speak of all nations coming against the Jewish Jerusalem.

This never happened before.

So therefore there must be a regathering these is for these things to come to pass. So again I warn you there is a massive storm coming to Lakeland this guy have implications for all of the United States and then you have them in a minor hurricane and not much else a year from now that this becomes recorded as sacred Scripture of Lakeland Cedar wonder what is that strong ahead there was at first storm event. It still never hit and if in fact I was really prophesying for Lakeland then 10 years from now 50 years 100 years. You're still looking for that storm so the prophecies are fulfilled incrementally, some of it happen 25 years hundred years ago, but then there was an even greater scattering and now we reread these passages I Jeremiah 16 that says it'll be even bigger. It will be bigger than past regathering to say that's the one happening and then we see Ezekiel 36.

I'll bring you back to the land in unbelief. So we see a secular state of Israel.

We understand why Israel still in unbelief. So I hope that makes some sense. Thank you for great quest. Hey this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel.

February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience. Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer.

We've got great price on the trip.

And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Space is limited. Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on that we get so many excellent calls from your listeners semiliterate calls so many calls based on probing important issues and in thinking about difficult issues. So I really really appreciate the calls the wisdom in your calls.

The great questions that you ask. So thanks for being such great listeners and such great participants well to what 866-34-TRUTH about the number one more time. But I'll plan on taking because less is something urgent in these next few minutes because I wanted take another moment and address the issue of younger evangelicals and modern Israel. Younger evangelicals and modern Israel. From what I've read on different websites. From what I've seen anecdotally as well.

There is more skepticism towards the Bible less knowledge of the Scriptures and the younger generation in the church today than in my generation and there are good points and bad points among the millennial believers. The younger generation of believers. A good point would be that they don't seem to be as hung up on racial and ethnic boundaries as my generation was. They seem to be more accepting of different people from different backgrounds than my generation was.

They seem to have a real heart for justice and a real concern for the underdog.

These are highly commendable qualities, and certainly biblically-based qualities as well.

In many ways the weaknesses would be that often in solidarity with others.

They lose sight of the larger issues of right and wrong, they lose sight of the larger moral absolutes. They lose sight of an authoritarian. This is right. This is wrong from heaven.

Type of mentality not let me break it down for you in a way that's not related to Israel today they would look at say Johnny nice kid in school 18 years old a really nice kid.

They've watched Johnny get bullied by these macho guys for years and could call the Sissy John is a really nice kid and Johnny confides in than that he's gay, and so on. And that's why these elusive bullied him over these years and you get to know Johnny's a sweet kid and he's got a serious relationship with a guy name Ray in wonder young personal. Why can't Johnny and Ray be marriage, so you're looking at it from that humanistic viewpoint, but caring about these nice guy wise is wrong and they seem to get along well and enjoy each other's company and what's wrong with it. So there is the losing of sight of the larger issue. What's the meaning of marriage.

What's the purpose of marriage. How does God define marriage.

How does God view homosexual relations were the long-term fruits on the society of embracing homosexuality. Those questions are often missed or downplayed, and because of that I've spoken to many a Christian leader.

He said that their kids don't see things the same way they do on these issues. And when you talk to kids about it when you break it down enough you realize that with the Bible says is secondary.

You'll see it in many cases what the Bible says is secondary. What is primary is the feelings of the relations, and what appears to be fair or not fair. So things get skewed in that way. Now they speak things that we deal generation need to hear would say this, a person such as Dennis is a person and when you're when you're yelling at the pulpit about same-sex marriages so evil. Remember, you got that kid sit there is 15 and suicidal as he thinks God hates visit with same-sex attractions. We welcome that input and embrace it while still standing for the Bible says it's similar to Israel. Yes, if you go on a tour of Israel and hope you can join us next year you will be blown away and you'll see how Israel goes out of its way to two to live in peace with its neighbors and to be just and to be fair and you'll see how the nation is committed to to justice and righteousness in so many ways.

But if you're not recognizing that God brought the people back to the land and you might Sam come on Israel this this nation, this, this, no, this this godly place and come on you know Israel's great great article by Piatt's visa Don on Israel Israel is really pride or is it he points out that Israel's entering into last week's Eurovision 2016 song contest was the openly homosexual holy*and and these of the local TV host our local TV host for the event was drag queen Tallulah Bonnet, and that made many Israelis proudly said what war they be celebrating that. And what about the fact yet prostitution is really got abortion and Israel. These kinds of things. And what about the horror stories that Palestinians tell about mistreatment by Israeli soldiers and so on and so forth.

And you know how was house that right. How is that fair and how is this a wonderful, but Israel if you say okay God is brought the Jewish people back to the land in unbelief. God is for the Jewish people back to the land in sin.

Not because of our righteousness, but because of his mercy, and the only way to understand world history is to understand God has been with Israel, available only way to understand why after being scattered along with any people scattered that the Jewish people retain their identity and then report back to the land in our speaking that that the language of of the ancient land yet modernized with speaking Hebrew interest was back in Jewish has just as the prophets spoke how on earth did these things happen without divine intervention. You recognize his hand. You see the murderous efforts of the Holocaust and yet of the agony that God delivering and reestablishing and the and you see how Satan is trying to wipe out the Jewish people and keep the Jewish people out of Jerusalem and keep the Scriptures for being fulfilled and keep a Jewish trickle juicer from welcoming the Messiah back you see all of that and then you say okay Israel so that perfect, but we recognize God's with Israel. Satan is working to destroy Israel and therefore radical Islam. You can see that in the clear light and that you pray for the salvation of Israel limits to be sent as a friend of Israel: Israel for fair treatment of all hold Israel's feet to the fire when there is injustice and you should know that throughout Israel there liberal Israelis including messianic Jews who have a great heart for a human need as well as for loving daughter and they'll be the first to say Israel needs to step higher here and here and here so we can be true friends of Israel without having to whitewash Israel surveillance. Be sure join me on the tour of a lifetime. Leno but Israel come there with me.

Your views will never ever be the same on and asked Dr. Brown the Lord my bottom line. Today I stand with Israel

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