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Alex McFarland Guest Hosts for Dr. Brown

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 16, 2016 4:20 pm

Alex McFarland Guest Hosts for Dr. Brown

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 16, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/16/16.

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Welcome to the line of fire mikes Dr. Alex McFarland started the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire Delphi going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire Alex McFarland here so honored to be sitting in for Dr. Brown. He traveling. He's headed to Elia Hooper keeping him in prayer and I we have got a powerpack show today, folks you you will want to stay to every moment of the line of fire. Today were going to hear were trying to get on the line. Our first guest Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest of North Carolina, which we think will have any moment Rosa can I have a pastor Dr. Mark Howard from Colorado. He's got a national conference call breaking the silence. It was held last year an amazing conference with people like Tony Perkins, Gen. Gen. Boykin and it's about some of the moral issues of our day.

We got an author, Marion Herring and she's going to talk to us about raising a reader in a Wi-Fi world. If you're a parent you're wondering you know what will my kids read books, then you want to hear Marion hearing and then in one hour. We have Dr. David Jeremiah beloved pastor, best-selling author and so we look forward to having these guests on. We look forward to hearing from you. My name is Alex McFarland I'm a writer and a speaker Christian apologetics, teacher, and great fan of Dr. Michael Brown answer was always an honor.

When he asked me to sit in for him and that you want to give a want to give their quote here will derived I don't know if you know this name but will rot.

He won the presidential medal of freedom. He was an author and he with his wife, Muriel garrotte wrote a series of books on the history of Western civilization and so he was interviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times before he died, and list what will draw said he said I survive morally because I was taught the moral code along with religion. While I have discarded the religion which was Roman Catholicism.

You and I are living on the shadow of that moral code was one of the greatest historians of the last hundred years. We are operating in America on the Christian ethical code which was given to us, but unfused with Christian faith. What will happen to our children. We are not giving them an ethics in parted with the Christian faith.

They are living on the shadow of the shadow so let me let me let me translate this. He was saying he was raised on the Christian ethic here in America even though at the time he wasn't a Christian and he later became a Christian before he died, will garrotte did become a believer before he died, but he was saying look, even though by the 70s 60s 70s 80s the Christian faith was beginning to wane, but we are living on the. The vapors of this Judeo-Christian moral code.

What about our children who don't have Christianity there living on the shadow of the shadow of the shadow.

My point, and that is that we need to restore belief and morality here in America so when you talk about things like the bathroom. Bill when you talk about gender and gender dysphoria and people that want to turn from a male to female besides just arguing against reality fighting nature itself. What all this is doing is serving to undermine undermine the moral code that was the foundation on which our Declaration of Independence was written, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and that's why it's not just about religion of this is about civility. This is about the very parameters that make for a civilized society and soaked yesterday. We had Abraham Hamilton the 30's general counsel for the American family Association recently met with the board of target and was pretty much just shown the door.

Why would we ask you to sign off or cut target. While we urge you both stand up for morality because it is the epistemic foundation of our country and our freedoms more a lot of fire from Alex McFarland file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown, Allison Farland Brown very honored to be doing that in AA honored to have the first guest on the line that we got today. This is Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest urine North Carolina were of your listening in America.

Dan Forest is the Lieut. Gov. under Gov. McCrory here in North Carolina and let me just say thank you sir for making time to be on the line of fire while out….I remember a couple of years ago in Charlotte. You graciously came and spoke at our conference the truth for new generation in front of a couple of thousand young people in week gave an award to you and we were honored to do that. But let's talk about in a short time to do it. Talk to us the the eyes of the nation have been on North Carolina regarding HB two and I want to say as a person who understands the moral foundations that our founders had in view. When this nation was birthed.

Thank you, Gov. Forrest, thank you for I believe very courageously standing up for ethics and morality, but just give us a synopsis of what that's been like in these weeks where really though, you all are doing the right thing you came under great fire for having done well yeah Alex got out back up and realize that the land back left of anything else. Certainly Charlotte Bayer and Gallagher were trying to create a solution for problem doing that all but it's interesting how the media eagerly jumped on the Gov. Gen., North Carolina for passing legislation to strike without that unconstitutional or when real a firestorm against the mayor of Charlotte really what the Gen. assembly did was try the best of their ability to maintain the status quo as it at the end of North Carolina bedroom women use women through by the way, that if Charlotte can't tell all your city what it without operate under public validation. All because of a mistake… The state of that authority. They have to strike that spoke really all the firepower Charlotte Bayer health Journal, but really what you find out ideological battle of volatile political battle. The program covers up for election bucks for election as well about all general public and short window here five months away so you want to have to call back North Carolina left out some time. Any opportunity they can talk to will probably how many of your fellow legislatures you really get it. I mean if we abolish any moral code. If we abolish moral and ethical boundaries. We we really don't have a context in which our laws and our Constitution can be lived out. I mean how many of your peers really get that the majority of them. I think that that's why all but speaker at the opportunity. Called lucky signatures. The majority of out members. That was a difficult but they got it. You know what she always a lot of pressure, block people, don't go out of the cup. You will forget the – act Dr. Charlotte became a national issue with the Justice Department with federal got I got all got involved and not told us that they're going to cut our funding in North Carolina for education and housing, transportation, and everything else that we didn't repeal the bill which was a major step on their part. When she went so far comparing I beat you to the light act… 54 seven anything that this will like Jim Crow laws in the file menu president come out the next day that all schools that open up about the more outboard by uncle. It was an amazing onslaught very short. I think certain people start to get a little worried, scared, but on the back, but way out here right out of the general assembly of government strong ethical stance talk will let me ask you this, and I know their people because you know I'm on the road speaking every week and have been in 23 states in the last 10 months. Many citizens across America like myself are watching with baited breath. Frankly, praying for you, Gov. Forrest printer government record and just hoping hoping that you all will stand strong because this is about the soul of our nation. So here's my question to full question have other leaders in other states reach out to you and your courageous stance has maybe embolden leaders elsewhere and is is the North Carolina leadership committed to stand strong for HB two and four.

Ultimately, morality.

But now we are to stand strong and yet I have extrovert through the grapevine that other leaders have been involved but that… We could get a card that other state or standing up. I doubt if this kind of want overreach and doctors board up like Charlotte. Thank Your guy would obstruct out but also the first five. By that I really strong against the federal government against the Obama ration or really what I believe is very shapeless act, but you start air damper by the double light act and trying to change the definition of what XP right back before the Antarctica chamber back but their stepfather more shameless, recollect that Dr. Perloff about the allergy know as I do the dollars guest.

I have absolutely nothing to us or what once got a bit are that or anything else but your biology is everybody doable about you even make a statement like that is shameful by the justice department so that you know you got to stand up and stand strong for that because one of got absolutely does matter, but to all fabric of the nation that is at stake exactly will said well said Lieut. Gov., one of the head. Has there been more pushback from corporations and celebrities, or has that kind of died down while certainly… You're not writing about on the front page anymore and out on page 8 of the media can continue their chapter 12 what happened.

A day after our Phyllis path the language all over the country was.

This was the most anti-LGBT legislation ever in America, but all the girls are cute girls room that was unfortunate that they chose that act but that's not what they're going to do it better still on that pathway right now and that you are still going to be fighting for some time to get back, but always our county about the media by Zürich by the barrel.

Genomic wanted beige water worldwide campaign against you. But here's the hypocrisy of the business community on this are legislation that was there business you can do whatever you want the PayPal.they will expand by 400 Dr. North Carolina almost $400 out of that event. PayPal you can do whatever you want to find off your bathroom can do that, I'll settle the little-known fact about Charlotte org talks about his their organs literally not have a final back and shower girls walk over whatever whatever all the effect of termination. And so opening the doors.

The obviously for people that don't take advantage of this facility even more basic than that of just the basic white privacy.

That is my vast majority of people of this country should the Obama administration Justice Department get their way on that. Though really that's why we are fine will and God bless you for it because you knew that I speak a lot of universities and I know one of the real ideologies. This being forced on young people these days is egalitarianism that there are no differences but yet science tells us in reading a book right now by one the world's preeminent neurosurgeons and she says that there are differences between males and females. This is scientifically indisputable, but all of this to forbid there being designations on male or female bathrooms or locker rooms. It's it's it's a real a philosophy that is is chipping away. If it's allowed to go unchecked, is chipping away at the foundation of America and again I just want to say and I know I speak for millions of listeners. Lieut. Gov. force.

Thank you, thank you for being willing to be courageous. Let me ask you this, with only a few moments left the election is coming. Give us a word. There are many citizens around America that I think the last two decades of passively watched the news unfold talk to us about the need for the citizenry to be informed and engaged registered to vote and part of the electoral process. Well, no more important ever. Every election board out for more now by outside forces in one to bring health Lieut. Gov. Dan force. Thank you so much as the line of fire back. After this stage. Hey this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel.

February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience. Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer. We've got great price on the trip. And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Space is limited. Accepting applications on first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr.

Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire. Alex Smith violence 100 and Dr. Michael Brown and out. Let me just say my website is simply my name Alex so honored to link arms with Dr. Brown. I just loved and respected him for so long we've been friends for I guess a little bit more than a decade. I mean, I've known of him for long time and you know Dr. Brown represents the many things he's a scholar he's a shepherd, but he's a man of great courage and God is using them in a great way and he speaks out on things that need to be said well somebody else that is in exactly that same old is the person I want you to meet right now I want to listen very carefully because just as the lieutenant governor was telling us about his moral battle were in Dr. Mark Howard is doing something about it and white Michael Brown few people I know are holding the torch of of the gospel defending the faith and empowering tens of thousands of lives. Few people doing it like Dr. Mark Howard. He's the founding pastor of church from nations in Colorado and elsewhere around the nation they got a big conference coming up in August, breaking the silence you need to know about it so give a good listen to our guest. Now Dr. Mark Howard hello Alec, great debate with you how you doing brother. Well, thanks for taking time to be on. We got powerpack show your pastor, you're a shepherd of people but you're also a voice of truth in the culture which is not always easy as it well you know Alex what really began the change in my life and in my heart Dr. Martin Luther King our lives begin began the day we become silent about things that matter. So I began to look around and as a pastor, I realize there were things that are going on in our nation that we can no longer be silent about and made a decision to start speaking out well and in in what ways have you done that well it started for me back in 2008 in the summer. I just had a time with the Lord and I began to plan complaints about upcoming presidential election in the course broken. Obama said he was out fundamentally print on the nation. And then of course we began to see things happen in our nation that were all just shocking. And, of course, who would've ever thought would be built.

Some of the things we are now on. So I began a series in 2011 call America the beautiful, and I visited around the time of July 4 and I just simply begin the study are foundations as a nation and I discovered we have very strong Christian foundation. Our founding fathers were men of faith and quite honestly, Alec, we wouldn't have a country if it wasn't for the Bible have the Christian foundation and what happened is we've drifted from Matt and of course you know, it sounds 11. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous date so that that's what it began for me. You know I was the same when I went I guess about 20 years ago.

19 years ago I heard a a then up-and-coming speaker David Barton. Now he sees how a household name now but whenever David Barton and he was initialing these documents from our history and people like you know Patrick Henry and George Washington and all the founders how overtly explicitly Christian, they were in their orientation, I mean it was almost like unbelievable.

It was just something I'd never heard I was a product of public school. I've never heard any of this and this was very transformative moment.

Sounds like it was for you as well. Well, speaking of David Barton.

It happened to be article that he wrote three pages long.

It had 101 without entitled the black robe regiment and I have never heard that phrase Alex and I thought maybe that was on top of the judicial playing or something out.

Judges wear black robes will then I came to find out something I'd never heard taught all of my years of Bible school and in public school and I don't even know the Christian school speech, but the black robe regiment is simply a backhanded cop at the British made that the founding era of our nation and they basically said you know if it hadn't been for the pastor and the clergy, i.e. the black robe regiment way to oneness revolution and then secular historians have confirmed this. That had it not been for the pastors and clergy of the day there never would've been a revolution and they also determine how the revolution begun without the pastors in the clergy's participation and involvement, it would let them available. The bottom line is that we wouldn't have a country if pastors had not been vocal in speaking up yeah will talk to us about the breaking the silence conference for those just tuning in, this is the line of fire Alex McFarlane in our guest Dr. Mark Howard church from nations and and I wanted to talk about the need of pastors to speak up, but you've got a conference that's a resource that are going to equip people to speak up with effectiveness of this is exciting and of course you were there last year. That was our first one breaking the Fallon and the same. Last year was our nation.

Your voice and God's plan and this year it will be August 21 through the 24th in Colorado Springs and that is a Sunday morning through Wednesday night. And speaking of David Barton. David is going to be one of the speakers. My good friend Andrew Walmart is the founder of Karas Powell College appeared Woodland Park Gen. Jerry Boykin.

Of course, our mutual dear friend Kemal Spillane is a former jihadist and a host of others. Alec them basically what that is.

You remember Dietrich von Hoffer said that the pilot in the faith of evil is evil. It felt and you know I grew up in West Texas but who would've ever thought we would be dealing with situations of men going into women's bathrooms and things of that nature. MF only the tip of the ice berg.

We have a various threat that America from radical Islamic people are afraid to speak up and unfortunately we just saw Braddock stated last week And 49 people are dead and Alex is all because people are not speaking and that's why Wardrop is in my heart. Last year to break the silence this year. RC is focusing on the power of thought Dr. Coward.

This is the life I was in a brief break will be to continue this conversation about breaking the silence. The truth at this break of the way. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown were back, Alex McFarlane, here's Dr. Brown traveling our guest Dr. Mark Coward church from nations. Hey Dr. Coward before we resume the conversation gives a website on the breaking the silence conference. It is breaking the file and, again breaking the file and conference. The map spelled out breaking the phone and you can go online and register. There is no charge for, but we do need to get people registered and inflexibly say I used to live in Colorado Springs.

It is one of the most exquisitely beautiful places in North America easy to get into either Denver or the Colorado Springs airport you'll love it church from nations.

I've been there many many times it is one of the most spiritual places in the USA and that you you will not be disappointed.

Plus I know Dr. Carol you mentioned that Gen. Boykin. He was recently in the news.

He's a professor at one of our greatest living war heroes and he's coming to the fire for standing for morality to has an essay for things to stay in the nose and of course he's a personal friend of ours and I'm telling you, if there's anyone that loves this country and he said that the one-time use baking for snake carries a copy of the con station and he raved it on a regular occasion and he pulled out and he said when he enlisted in the military. He took it out and swore to defend that cost nation and he said there was no expiration date on that defending of the confrontation.

You know, we have freedom and liberty that we are allowed to have freedom of religion, not freedom of worship. That's something people need to watch for Hitler himself didn't care so much of Christian worship. Just keep it in the four walls of the church. We have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and he exercised bad and all of a sudden some LGBT marched down to the college there and demanded his resignation.

But what the good news on that was the student spoke of very loudly and he was rehired and reinstated there and you know it it's become a sad day in America when we cannot breath different of opinion and it seems like the ones that cry in Colorado going to be the most intolerant sure what you've been a pastor for 30 years but one of America's great churches folks listen if your pastor and and you you really don't speak out on the moral issues you've got a platform God is entrusted to you that you need to be using, and it maybe you're a parishioner, a church member and you need to tell your pastor. Hey, it's okay. Be bold. Get up there and preach were not going to bail on you working to support you pastor Mark just give a word to the Christian leaders out there about the importance of of being bold in the proclamation of truth at this hour.

While I cannot emphasize enough and edit your pastor listing or attend the church. I want to encourage you write for your pastor but also speak to him you know recently.

George Barna and David Barton did some research and they found that the majority of Christians in America are desperately wanting to hear their pastors and leaders speak out on issues such as abortion and homosexuality and political issues that affect all of us. I cannot emphasize enough and and a lot of times I will media is the most powerful thing in this nation and and I really differ with that. I believe that the open is the most powerful force in America because God chose the foolishness of preaching and I've got numerous testimonies we don't have time to go into pastors of small churches that have affected the entire state and if we are solid if if people can't hear through my office. Where will I ever be as people everywhere you need to go to Colorado August 21-24 breaking the silence Thank you Dr. Coward stating the modifiers that is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire Alex Farland are honored to be sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown folks are told we were going have a power packed afternoon and it's happening and we're excited about the guess is you're about to meet will let's talk about happy things for a moment.

We've been talking about the culture wars and and all of that, but Sundays could be Father's Day a day for the celebration of family and fatherhood and of course child-rearing and one of the quotes that I've loved for years it's inspired me for years it's attributed to John Wesley Evan of Wesley really said it, but supposedly John Wesley, the founder of Methodism said those who read lead those who read lead so I don't know who really said that. But it is true. So we've got somebody that is a blogger has been a blogger for Focus on the Family. She was one of the founding editors of clubhouse, clubhouse, Junior, and has written a best-selling book series for children. Marianne hearing of the imagination station series Focus on the Family I know you seen her name in print before but I want to ask her question your mama first was a welcome Marianne thank you for being on the line of fire. Here I will will thank you so here's my question for you. You've written on parenting you've edited books you work for Focus on the Family, you've written one of the best-selling books. I know it's a best-selling series, the imagination station because when I go to homeschool conventions.

I see kids all over America carrying these books around.

I want you to talk about this, but here's the question. Parents can they make their kids readers in a Wi-Fi mobile device Internet world can we do that absolutely.

And kids are interested in the story and weird fact about cockroaches name will enjoy reading welcome weird facts about cockroaches.

That's yeah we do that, I everywhere I go out in public restaurants the airport. I mean everybody is like glued to their mobile devices and psychologists tell us that we retain more when we like physically read a book on it. We do a lot of reading on the screen but the DH were a kid is going to in a read up that progression from children's books to you know being a reader in middle school, high school and college has has the age past when we can hope that our kids will really have a broad base of knowledge, because they were a reader well only have a broad base of knowledge and you don't have to read a book to be a deserving information yet inclined to look a little bit different generation to generation.

But all is not lost and had humans have a curiosity, especially when they are young and they get take out information to look for it and and read it whenever it available and it meets their needs. The key and preparing to meet their needs with. With luck, magazine and other forms of literature et al. style cutback and control the Wi-Fi is really really difficult time there so hard and every year it gets more difficult as my kickplate say, especially for the younger kid it very easy to control and get them interested in the picture but cannot usually free med community, it allows stock children's library. What would you say to the parent who they've not really set boundaries on video games or mobile devices. How can a parent begin to put some structure into their kids. Wi-Fi usage if they haven't really already done that.

Well I start my summer when school is not an issue. I would start by offering fine alternative and reward. I always find that you know honey felt better than vinegar and vinegar and so I waited I would have in a reward for limiting it and then I'm fine, I'll try again on that probably do involve some kind of literature available for them, the better for them specially in the evening to cut off the electronic keeper and a good week you want to do that even any an hour to an hour and 1/2 before bedtime. If you can even establish a bedtime like I know in part, I have 17 and any kind of boundary very difficult. Well, you know, a lot of parents because I know that I speak around the country and the parenting seminars to a lot of moms and dads, they say, but my kids if I take away the Internet. My kids you can freak out my kids just kinda have a meltdown so what you do when there's a meltdown. Hey, I think you're losing a bit of it. Yes I am part, okay, this is technology you can go and and you know the way where you don't get Internet access that reality is Wi-Fi is only getting better and more so just like anything I television every generation to eight and you name that teams are addicted to and my grandmother age they didn't believe that fiction reading was appropriate.

Lady and found that women had to sneak and read their fiction and and and private time to change in a lot of very valuable meaningful fiction available. You hear Line is you have to be a parent and boundary. A well unless they have their psychological issues and are even minor length, the meltdown. They last few days and you just have to letterhead and then then you offer interesting material for them to read or other activity and they will embrace it and and parents shouldn't sear the meltdown said that didn't happen anyway and if it your kid is a meltdown because you're putting in structure and discipline. They'll just have to get over it. One thing be supported in patient yet when it came a child having a meltdown.

I had one child in particular who is pretty good at them. And when he went five man he could keep the whole family tied up for an hour and 1/2 until I figured out I could get handed meltdown Denny Graham and eventually they got downhill an hour and 20 MMI. We got and I like only 45 minutes and will start resting and now he's my most tractable Tylenol now and that if you if you back down Bennett to connect snowball and you'll have the learning can manipulate you and and not all over, but it makes it more difficult.

You mentioned rewards for reading.

You mentioned rewards for good behavior a few minutes ago to Texas about that help so driving as a parent it's okay to bribe my children to read. Now I work for free or do you get a paycheck. Alex will I deliver a lot of what I do is go to China, I can hear every word I can get there. It can be kicking to be rewarded not extravagantly communicate and read for 15 minute you know they don't get a new course for all men and filling out and chart work well for some kid I'm just being able to put it down there and getting an approval for some kid work sometime. There are some kid that finding a reward system is more difficult than other that if you're creative, you can usually find one I okay need you, not like that I attain my kid to read nonfiction.

I had a whole bunch magazine described him they weren't reading on my would pay them a dollar per magazine article that they read my garlic to keep in reading and kid become educated and they learn such aberrant architects and voracious readers that I went broke. But it seemed to be a fair trade-off and they did it well and the bottom line is, and they took their ATT. Then they did okay in reading well will marinate it when it's not only pretty but we got them there will will do you get this is tuning and were talked with Mary and hearing she's an author and editor and parenting expert and has been a voice for Focus on the Family on you. I want to talk about imagination station books because these are books that kids will read me.

We know that how many are in that series right now. How many books have you done in that series and working. I'm thinking right now and what will that would be about me about Daniel in the lion's den in the history of Babylon and exile in Babylon and eating and in so what was the premise behind imagination station. This historical fiction writer character that night and they travel around 330 cut in. This is the line of fire station. Alex would probably just testing for Dr. Brown with access to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown the fire out for eliciting introductory Brown hey folks you want to stay tuned.

We've got a great show were talked with Mary and hearing, author, editor, King X were in 10 minutes after the break at the top of the hour will have Dr. David Jeremiah, best-selling author, beloved pastor and cultural voice Marion before the break we were talked about imagination station books so the premises you got these two recurring characters who go through great periods of history and your teaching history, the Bible, and good values through the stories right yet. The Christian history. I think a Christian okay and so you mentioned Daniel in the lion's den out. What are some of the other Christian historical moments that the books of covered Erickson when he brought Christianity over to agreement and we studied our own Wintel, mechanic, the gladiator games by jumping into the arena and challenging the Emperor Honorius that it was wrong well and you haven't gone yet again.

Yeah, we did and the rent check for coming which would be did the battle of Lexington and Concorde that we look at one of the preacher was preaching and powder stored underneath the wow if we can find a Christian angle on American invention and underworld event we do.

We presented to the kit that that they know that Christians are brave and courageous and that it does matter. The Christian worldview does matter, and it's worth fighting for what what age range are these books aimed at but not really at an age range. A reading level and it meant Mac right on third grade 9 is my look at that reading it for the US and on my third grade I bunch of kids are already behind. About 30% of them are high action, very engaging, but that even third and fourth graders who are struggling readers will be interested. I have a lot of kindergartners to Arkansas well while I was can ask you to. I'm sure you get some good feedback from older youth and parents. But what some of the you know what some of the feedback you've gotten from children that have stumbled upon these books and I appreciate our farm boy about 10 or 11 years old. You don't like to read. They will write me and tell me this is the first book I ever enjoyed and fell and written and intention. I really back, and vocabulary that Mike can construction my paragraphs are sort they can expect material that a lot of action in it and and they just loved it and said that really was my target audience is writing for boys who are struggling readers that they had something that girls as well enjoy my main character back.

She's a modern protagonist sheet feminine that she's also not easily intimidated these Earth early Christian and that they will affirm rather than undermine the Christian values that parents want to import right absolutely well on his me ask you this, because that is great you know. Studies show that you know girls tend to be earlier readers than boys.

Often times and and do more reading than voice. But you and your hearing that you know the little boys are reading these books, that's great. Let's talk about getting your kids into the Bible.

The what what advice you have for parents about grooming their children to read God's word. Well I think God's word in any format that they will door is wonderful. I did not think I would let my kids comic book that I did. I think it would cook public staff and very in comic book form III bought them for my boy.

They will read that and I know the story were included transmitted orally for generations and fell off · all mention good Bible story material that it takes it out and break it down for kids who are struggling readers. You just need to get your Christian bookstore and spend some money.

You can often get the byline Kate.

My boys everything you but listen to the Bible easier than they would reading it now.

I've I've been there might want to my content and learning ability really have to get him to read anything that you would look into it. Just need to be creative, nonjudgmental and really satisfied, blanket, and the Christian bookstore because the resources are out there, finding the right wine and encouraging your kids you to Diane and you know it's so important. I know we've heard this verse ad infinitum, but to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it from the training up of the child to the when he is old he will not depart from it. Sometimes there's there's an interval in their a dry spell spiritually is is there can be there can that's just part of growing up, it will have to one day identified themselves as Christian part of the family value enter they have to internalize anything and she is them that if they had men and a healthy family unit value play out in a healthy relationship.

Keith last July. All and everything they're really not walk away from it easily.

They're going to be less inclined you take at that bad invite to put something out but I'm well Emily, we that's quite a straight up, but Jonathan and his neck don't rebel it tempts you magically get to kick their butts.

The Holy Spirit is alive and well and had been for eternity and we can count on him to recheck children. Also, prayer is also part of it and then making sure your children. I I have moved my children around.

We stayed at one church that I have moved them from youth group occasionally joined other church camp and content of the church is wanted by our church, wanted, and I love the Alana program Bible memory memorization LP even if they can't read the kids can memorize that unleveraged is another candidate is like an elementary school kid can memorize a lot and that will stay with them for the rest of their life and they need to see Christian commitment models in the lives of the parents something made have to be consistent for the imagination station blows, what's the website and the imagination The imagination Well Mary and Harry thanks for the great work you do for the kingdom. Thanks for being on the line of fire this afternoon. I got bless you hey folks, this is Alex McFarlane sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire. It would got an incredible Nextel coming up will kickoff David Jeremiah to make you aware of my newest book stand strong America facts that are history our past, present, and a plan for revival in the future state in the land of ours back after this.

Welcome to the line of fire mikes Dr. Alex McFarland it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire Alex McFarlane here sitting in for Michael Brown so glad to be with you today. You know, we are living in such times that we need a great move of God. And just as a Dr. Mark Howard was talking about earlier that the black robed Regiment. The pastors that spoke out for truth and for the moral necessity of the American Revolution, even Britain recognize that without that another wooden wouldn't have been and American Revolution have ever thought about this and I'll get out this number and will will ponder this call 866-34-TRUTH if you want to call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if's. If if 1776, had been 2016 only put it this way if 2016 had been 1776, would we even have in America is anything about this, as we have abandoned morality as we have lodges I'll just give you some of the rundown of some of the things that that we've done to.

I believe break our national covenant with God, we've prohibited the reading of Scripture in public schools that was in 1962 Supreme Court decision. There was a 1963 Supreme Court decision that we've prohibited prayer in public schools largely manger scenes and crosses in the Decalogue, the 10 Commandments are prohibited from being displayed in public areas. There is a prohibition against posting the 10 Commandments in public buildings. There is a prohibition against teaching creation in public schools.

There was a case Arkansas versus the Supreme Court and basically evolution has you know of monopoly on the science classrooms of America's public schools and then the the federally subsidized taking of unborn human life so much more I could say butts. Our nation has turned its back on God, and that would you talk about that and more so honored to have from California on the line.

Dr. David Jeremiah, best-selling author, beloved pastor and voice of truth in our culture today. Dr. Jeremiah welcomed Alina fire thank you will thank you so much for making time to be on today tell us what's going on in your world and in turning point ministries today while hanging in there doing our teaching and preparing and we just finished a book called people are asking is this the end of producing all that material for the fall season and trying to stay ahead of everything. The best we can while you're my eyes. I followed your ministry for many years and benefited from your research in your teaching but one of the most significant books I think you've ever done came out a couple of years ago and it was titled I never thought I'd see the to us little bit about the premise of that book and in what you wrote about in that book. Well, you know, it was the moment for me is that I'm sure has been for a lot of folks looking at what's going on in the world today and thinking back over one's life. Realizing that the things that are happening in our culture today are unprecedented and that if were honest week.

We never thought we would live to see such a time and so I began to write some of my thoughts down and that book was a result of that that process. What are some of the things that that many people never thought they would see that now are just a given in American life of the marginalization of the Bible in our churches.

The loss of the influence of the church in our culture all the anger of hate.

We've got a break Dr. Michael that thought with a good long segment coming up this the 10th Alina fire with our very very special guest David Jeremiah line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire. Alex Farland sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown are very very special guest just a national treasure really Dr. David Jeremiah Pastor shadow Mountain church, one of America's great churches in the best-selling author before that break. Dr. Jeremiah you were talking about some of the things and one of the things to which you alluded was the decline of the influence of the church. I have a twofold question with more than 340 345,000 churches millions and millions of Christians.

How can it be that the church is lost its influence and what hope do we have of a restoration well you know the church is positive influence because we forgot who we were, you know, if we don't we are not standing in the middle of the culture with the truth of God's word. It is the center.

What we do when we don't have a purpose were meaningless. And as we began to move away from the Scripture to try to be more relevant or whatever the reason was we look little by little we lost our voice and nobody nobody wants to hear a secondhand socially unacceptable message in the place where God, God's holy word used to be. I don't know how to either not assayed any differently. The church is lost its voice because it's forgotten who it is and what why were here yeah and and into the pastors have a written really a sacred trust to preach the whole counsel of God, popular or not, don't think, yeah, but you know today, most others are really powerful you guys out there that continue to teach the word of God and I'm so proud of them, but many of the guys who come to the postmodern so wicked are are committed to relevance and in being accepted by lots of people abroad, brushing the gospel and downplaying any restrictive aspect of it so they can have the greatest possible acceptance and and that's all that's all well and good except it did, it renders the church meaningless, because that we don't have anything to offer the world except the truth of God's God's work. When we abandon that which we don't have anything left. Do we have any hope that America could have another great awakening.

Well it I just I just wrote a chapter about that of the book I just completed and I remember a statement I forget who it was. Somebody gave me the statement it said over the years in American history, there been many times when the culture was so soul gone, so, so much so that everybody said America's America has gone to the dogs anything. Every time that it happened. It's been the dog died because God has read restored it and if you know the bottom line is 01 were in our lowest were at the best possible place for God to do something and I do believe that there could be another great awakening. But here's the issue with that. It doesn't start in the world are in the hearts of the believers are in the culture. It's got a start of the hearts of God's people that's worked always start.

I was profoundly impacted by my study revival in that it always started at a very very low time in cultural judge, but it always almost always started in the hearts of young people. Young people of been the source of God's dealing with revival in almost every situation.

In fact, modern missionary movement is the result of what was referred to as the haystack permeating were about you kids got into a spectacle to escape the storm to begin to pray as they prayed they begin to realize that God was speaking to them and they all committed carry the gospel anyplace in the world about what the cost, and they were the beginning of the missionary movement that we now know it's not always been kids always been young people within the kind of put them aside and say what's wrong with our young people, but without them there would the been any great awakening. Let me pick your brain on something. Dr. Jeremiah, the Jesus movement of the early 1970s that was a move of God predominantly among young people in it and that is if I'm correct on this. It was the West Coast.

It was birthed out of Southern California wasn't. It started actually to families opened up some coffee shops for kids is a great story about that. Be the Rose Parade that your Billy Graham was the grand Marshall Rose Parade and as he rode through Pasadena.

The Rose Parade. He was surrounded by kids better pointing her hands up there pointing to heaven and they were the they were the hippies. They were the Jesus freaks about time and history tells us that when Billy Graham saw them, but saw the earnestness of their desire to love the Lord he determined to create a new place in the Crusades were kids, and that's when he started to bring in some of their music in an and try to reach to that culture. He recognized that the vibrancy that was in the you know that was Chuck Smith and all those people the Jesus movement was. I remember it. I remember Kyle.

I was alive that thought.

Remember it and I knew Greg Laurie emerged out of that and in our mutual friend Josh McDowell.

Josh's told me some of it so simply ask that what was that a great awakening, but much of the American church really misted.

I don't know if you would call it a great awakening. It was certainly a movement of the Lord and I think the result of the impact of it was generations later with all of these calorie churches and all of the young men who came out about open who ended up going out in taking the core message of the gospel and taking it to communities if you look back on the history of that so many of those people were were impacted by Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie others who came real recent others who came out of it. That whole time and they're not just here in this country.

I was in London, England with my wife couple years ago and I saw it was a wedding going on down in the kindergarten and I went down and I just happen to run into the preacher you just finished the wedding and he was was a calorie church in London and Betty. You knew who we were. We had a great time of conversation and fellowship and back vibrancy of the gospel. The simplicity of the gospel came out of that movement. I think it took a generation for to really gravel, because those guys are the guys went up started church. What you say to the concerned American today and another. Many many many listeners right now and they love this country they love the Lord, but there there saying I'm only one person what can I do what what you say to that individual will course at her, but he has that attitude, nothing will ever happen, you know you made up be able to do everything which you could do something everybody could do something in the one thing that I'm very passionate about right now it is become very convoluted because of what's going on.

The political landscape. But everybody can vote, and if they don't vote on the last lesson we had an election back in 2012 there were 25 million evangelicals who were registered who didn't vote 25 million and you know that to me is that that's hard to comprehend because the margin in the election was not 25 million was more like 6 to 8 million. So what we have to do is to read retake our territory that we can control we can vote.

I'm not sure what to tell people this year because it's such a hard call, but there are some principles that come into play. We have sword goes out and we let her voice be heard. First of all by not just saying well Bible to make any difference if we do that California would never vote because, without it we been Democratic for so long as your Republican out here are your conservative you could say my vote doesn't matter, but it does better. It may not better to the people count the votes.

It may not matter to the people around you, but it matters to God we been called upon to be responsible and it were not in week we were being disobedient. That really irritates me that that those statistics are out there and there there an indictment against us as Christians, we should look at at our vote is really a type of stewardship God has entrusted to each citizen the right to vote on the that's it that's in a steward issue in search of his absolute how we begin to look at all of life in terms of stewardship. Well, you begin to teach it understand and realize it we have is ours Gallic it's all in entrustment from the Lord. We could stewardship a chat about that pain. You know this is everything you have a lot to him. You don't own any of it yields at all. It lets you manage it for him.

Over a period of time in the Bible tells tells us that if were faithful and if you think it makes us ruler over many stewardship of the trust that God gives us, and whether it's money or time or influence or parenting or whatever it is you. We we manage it for someone else and we should be responsible for that yet. I think about first Corinthians 619, 20, were Paul says what don't you know that you're not your own. Your butt with a price and I think that in the American church. We need to remember who the owner is to take a break will talking with Dr. David Jeremiah. He's got a couple of books that we want to hear about his estate in the line of fire's back.

After this, it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Alex Garland for Dr. Brown in our guest on the line from California David Jeremiah his website is David in the time we got left out. We've been talking about revival for those just tuning in and out, and we've been talking about, where the culture is I want to talk about a couple of things Dr. Jeremiah's new books and also some of the rallies that are going on around the nation. Dr. Jeremiah you're a prolific author, I I I thought I knew your Canon of content and then I was looking on the web. How do you find time to write all these great books you just said you find time you make time to do it. I just came through. Probably the toughest of assignment I've ever had in the book becomes out this fall and out about your still recovered from. But it is very exhausting thing to do. A major book like that every year and you know you do pay a price for that II do and I do not ask for a bit.

You know if it if it was easy everybody would do it. It's hard.

What is the book coming out this fall. The book that comes up is being released October 3 is a book of the title the book is people are asking is this being in and it is the book of 10 chapters that deals with many of the questions that people are trying to sort through. With regard to what's happening in our world today. The first chapters called the age of anything goes and it it's about what what what is happened in the loss of any restraint in our culture. The second chapters called the bleeding of our borders.

It's it's all about immigration. What is the what is a believer supposed to do with regard to that issue, and there's a chapter called the apathy of America what's happened in our culture that we just we don't seem to care anymore about what's going on and then over MBS there's two sections. The first is about what's happening in our country what's happening in the world. There's a chapter called the resurrection of Russia what's going on with rationale be reemerged in the in the cultural landscape with just those kind of things is a chapter in Isys what is the basis of what is it doing to us, so that what comes out October 3 of its our fall emphasis in our rallies and that of the other things that were doing well and what a timely release because I'm listening to these chapter topics and these are things that I believe would compel most citizens to want to get out and vote because I really the reason I did it. Alex, I said I wanted. I said you know what a Bible believer.

What things do I need to really have an awareness out as we come to the selection, I must confess that the elections become so crazy. Now I'm not sure there's time for anybody to think about anything but these things are important.

As you know, all immigration is a big deal in the selection.

It kind of the thing that started the controversy of the beginning I preach the message that I created for this book on Isys. Believe it or not. On Sunday I woke up and realized what happened the night before and it was an eerie experience is something out. Well I think that's just another indicator of the fact that your you're led by God the spirit of the Lord is directing you and you know and I'm just as sincere as I can be excellent. Thank you. Yesterday we had Dr. Dobson on and I thank God for you. I thank God for Dr. Dobson. I thank God for Franklin Graham who's on the road right now with his decision America tour and folks listening.

We need to pray for these leaders.

May God has favored our nation with some courageous people who proclaim the word like David Jeremiah and and Franklin Graham.

And you know it. Dr. Jeremiah you know I think about the fact how urgent it is what you do. I mean Chuck Colson is gone. James Kennedy is gone.

You know Jerry Falwell has gone on and the the Clarion voices like yours. Her fewer and fewer out there so I just want to say thank you or you welcome and I don't like him.

Elijah by means. I know that a lot of folks out there who were standing for the truth and you know you just have to ask God for wisdom because I've never seen anything like what's happening right now. A lot of those guys names that you mentioned. I'm going to be within a few days. Try to sort out where we go from here. What we do know that God will help us feel it was with will thank you for having me, and in talking with me.

I know you and I are going to get together soon and but it's fun to be with you and I was little wondering better when I first heard the announcement that you were Michael Brown I was glad that you came on and you were well yeah I'm just sitting in France and it was only got a minute or so Todd tells that your rallies are you on the road this summer this year. And you know when I people see. Don't do anything again until September September were going to do back to back nights in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

I think it's around but 19th or 20 of September and then in October we do the same thing in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Washington DC and all information on these events is available. David events are free. We have Mercy me with this in a couple of events Charles Billingsley is writ of leading worship and all these events and the all the info that you need on it is available on our website which is David wonderful will. We look forward to seeing you folks encourage you to pray for this man in the great work he's doing. Dr. Jeremiah thanks so much for being on welcome and so we are continuing with the line of fire. Alex McFarlane's here folks. I do want to give my website which is Alex you know somebody email last night. This is no Alex, well you do well, it's my privilege to lead the Christian worldview and apologetics center at North Greenville University North Greenville University is a leading Christian college in South Carolina about 2800 students and in just a few moments after the upcoming break we can hear from the vice president Dr. Tenney being but my passion is to evangelize the lost and equip the safe. II became a believer when I was 21 years old and I was on the campus of UNC Greensboro in my home state of North Carolina and I had a couple of friends that had also become Christians.

One of them is a pastor up in Boston or in Worcester Massachusetts right now. So where were on the campus of UNCG and were trying to share the gospel with some people. I've been a Christian, just a couple of days. At that point. So gunfire is a question amigos how did you know there's a God, why should I put my faith in somebody who doesn't exist. Who knows if there's a God or not. And there were few other questions and we became strangely silent because we didn't quite know how to respond.

The very next day the next day I went to a Christian bookstore in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was on battleground Avenue.

Some of you if you're North Carolina you might know where that is.

But anyway I bought two books that I've got to this day they were by a guy named Josh McDowell. Now I think that the providence of God. At that time because I didn't know you know anything about anything and I really been a Christian a few days but I bought evidence that demands a verdict in more than a carpenter and I begin to read these books, just with a quest of wanting to answer some of the questions.

Some of my friends had about God I discovered apologetics Christian worldview that not only can we proclaim this business, we can defend and thus a life trajectory was set hey it's a lot of our Dr. Michael Brown Alex McFarlane stating after this are very special next theme of the way. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire.

Alex McFarlane's Dr. Michael Brown, who is on the road traveling and also traveling is our next guest, Dr. Tony being he's one of the vice president of North Greenville University, a leading Christian University where I have the privilege of serving in the Center for Christian worldview and apologetics.

Now Dr. Beam has been to the largest Protestant denominations annual meeting and we want to talk about that and a few other things as well but welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Beam well. God bless you and whereabouts are you all okay well so before we talk about the Southern Baptist convention and I doing here about that but you tell us about North Greenville.

I can give a great pitch about it but you as one of the leaders of the colleges give us a synopsis of that and the website to your okay sure little bit better.

That is a little bit better.

Good University is a four year goal where Christ makes the difference. We have 30 different undergraduate degree majors five Masters program at a doctorate of Ministry program and coming.

In fact, August 8 will be the inauguration of our EDD which is a doctorate in education administration again all day about 2000 2020 Pixar 2700 and were very blessed and thankful to be able to deal with our world today about next generation of young evangelical leaders yeah and you know it's so encouraging to me, we hear so much bad news about how the world is growing darker and NME.

There are some definite challenges that one of the things I love about being on the campus at North Greenville is immediately some of the best and the brightest young people and they love the Lord and they love America and they're quite gifted in their earning a degree and there to make a difference and I know when when we have chapel and I look out across that expansive of brilliant godly young people at North Greenville being trained by world-class educators. I have hope. Don't you absolutely can't tell people when I have the opportunity to speak that I can sleep well at night because there is a generation of young leaders, men and women coming forward to love nothing but God and hear nothing but liberty absolutely old lion and being equipped.

I got really good there. Generation into a much better place than what we had to say this has been around North Greenville now for five years. Mom and dad. If you're looking for Christian college that is world-class North Greenville. Unlike many American universities. Your Christian values your patriotism. The core values that you've given your life to if your sons and daughters come to North Greenville. Those Christian values are going to be affirmed, not undermined us right out. Usually I have the opportunity to class for a lot of software have a counter we Parents come in exactly what I tell a parent you know you got laboring long and hard to make sure you're young people have the right foundation and platform for life build operate in the world in a way that honors God and not telling your kids off to normal average specular private or public university, and get four years of people chiseling away at that foundation, North Grable and to build on that foundation make it stronger as a whole was listening to Dr. Tenney being the University stating sucks because he's can give us a report from the Southern Baptist convention, where he just attended the way the line of fire is back after the spring break file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Washington are president said this to listen well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. This is George Washington listen. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are.

Congress will do everything they can to assist you in this wise intention. End of quote I were talking with Dr. Tenney being VP of North Greenville University, a great school moms and dads on to give the website Reason I give that out and Dr. Beam. You can comment on this. It it it burns me up. I just want to pull out my here when as I travel this nation I did in 24 states in the last 10 months I meet moms and dads, godly parents that have spent their life and their money to raise their kids to love the Lord youth group church Christian school and then they go way to the University and it's like mom and dad pay for a four year attack on America and God and in the public educational system undermines and really fights against what mom and dad have worked 18 years to instill when you meet young people like this that have become nice little secularists at the state university doesn't just break your heart is not best.

There are over about good Christian universities across the country and I would encourage believers to parents. II know there's a tendency for people to talk about her daughter, grounded in the word of God go to a place where they can be like the dark. The problem with that is that there be a go to a secular university or college going to apply for the darkness that so provide the light so damn that there's almost no hope for their to make a difference much more likely that their life is going to be forever changed my good skepticism of the cost of garage against their beliefs that they're going to have to endure. So I would encourage Christian education and I would certainly encourage all parents and students to take a look at North Grable University, where Christ make a difference where very serious about that when we say Christ makes the difference of classroom and everything that we do and if you happen to be in the mid-Atlantic region one of the things that God Tenney demon. I do what we've got. What we call the life answers team and I want to let him tell you about that. But if you're you know within.

I don't know to three hours of North Greenville University we we come to church as we bring the students there. It'll just amaze you these kids. They love the Lord their brilliant they speak and then they do Q&A and and I don't mean softball questions. I mean the hard questions like, you know, how do we know God exists and is there any historical proof for Jesus and the life answers team will will come to your church and tell us of tell blisters Dr. Boehm about how you got the vision for this because it really is one of the most innovative ministries I've ever seen will you know I have a lot of very short students. You are not due University. I have class.

I hear their debate and see how well prepared they are to talk about a lot of different Dr. Caldwell. Why can't we just get together and do what we do in class out front of the local church or Christian school ready, where they'll have we have eight scholarship students that make the traveling team went to alternate to travel with needed and not be like students have a very unique approach.

I get up on stage and leader who presents the topic of drought that they began to take interact and in a format that has become very popular with all with just about every church we benefit, then use that after the topic thoroughly covered from a lot of different angles by these young men and women that we take questions from the congregation. It is become a very popular way of sharing apologetic sure and you know during the school year. You know, August through May week. We probably about 30 events in our calendar fills up pretty quickly. But yeah if you want to call us at the worldview center of North being the University of the best number to reach us and you'll talk to our assistant, Robin McCarter, it's 864977 2008, but Sarah it is that the best extension.

That being the yeah Robert there are several, but I will him on the road. She should be glad that you're called so you're on the road. You then at the SBC Southern Baptist convention and that what was that like this year. Lois was very diverse balls.

Hot, beautiful, very hospitable. Now I eat any barbecue all my goodness, sugars, sugar, spy, sugar, fire barbecue right on the we stood in line for an hour and 1/2 and work every moment. But yes the convention was there in St. Louis. It was set up Monday through Wednesday and grab the election for president, which is always a big highlight of the convention out the leadership of the southern edge of the church is quietly steak and there were two primary candidate*deep day at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis now were the prince of preachers who Adrian Rogers was there for number of years right JD Greer was also a young preacher is really made a name for himself so, but an excellent communicator of the word of God and the question almost on the table really between these two great leaders is the question of reformed theology because JD prayer represent the younger element of the study Babbitt convention of war were formed element and games represent the older more established SBC that is somewhat last work that their theology and get the first ballot, you have to get 50% to be elected. There were three candidates at Crosby from first Baptist. Dorian was also on the ballot and nobody got 50%. They had to do a runoff between Steve Gaines and JD Greer and lo and behold they tied on the real runoff ballot, but some ballots were improperly disqualified and so it became a very controversial question JD Greer to spot a ghetto I'm going to step aside for the spike of unity of the convention and Steve Gaines was elected ready Greer did not.

He declined to be on the ballot. The third time so deep day Bellevue Baptist is you present your 2015 2017 that says so what was the mood there at the convention only was it amicable and it was very amicable. Uncontrollably on the presidential election company because of the way the election went with not one candidate getting majority and then controversy over ballots being disqualified if perhaps that those ballots counted as a percentage that was that there is a lot of discussion of disgust expressed a little bit of frustration bear began, but I believe that at the end of the day when JD Greer made the decision speed and step aside so that the day would be the president.

There was a sense of unity and optic out of five relief that we got back behind the ballot for the state well well well what was the response.

When you were there about that the tragedy in Orlando interest in the continual rise of violence in our in our country element was that a drastic yet will now or I will call in a very limited scratch because I spent most of my blogroll University.

Meeting prospective students to talk to Pastor Schmoll of the country about school, but there it was on everybody's mind there was prayer offered.

There was it out Baptist thought about that disaster relief organization is one of the most credible rapid response disaster relief organizations, the country, there was discussion about how they could help with the people of Orlando to be an encouragement. So it was on the minds and hearts of everybody, yeah, and they are ended. The Baptist men. They are just amazing it when there's a tragedy when there's a natural disaster. When this human suffering among the first responders in the right there alongside the Red Cross and Sema are are the southern Baptist birthday yet back to better operate the largest disaster relief organization, just behind the Red Cross in the country are incredibly organized and they do an amazing job were coming up on a break and so I want to I don't want to start a long answer to a question before break the can you hang on even after this break, and give us just a couple more minutes listening to Dr. Tony being vice president of nothing University. This is the line of fire Alex McFarlane sitting in Dr. Michael Brown is in Australia to stay with us more with anything after this brief break joined Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish Pastor Scott multiply unique behind the scenes tour of Israel February 23 through my sixth 2017.

Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the chip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner color office at 704782370. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire. Alex Farland, you know it's been a joy to sit introductory for these two days. I do want to make you aware got a brand-new book out call stand strong America, courage, freedom and hope for tomorrow. It just came out literally about 10 days ago, but Dr. Beeman. I have an apologetics book coming out Tony Beeman. I have done unapologetic's curriculum to really get into your Sunday school, your small group and it would be appropriate on so many levels to teach you your group how to defend the faith because we think apologetics is pretty important at this time and I'm pretty excited about that that upcoming release origin. I tell you there texting, are you there yes I'm hate we had departed down for second when is that to come out.

Dena where we believe it to be published… Get out certainly before Christmas. Perhaps it all. Well, that's can be great. This can be great, now you've got your own radio show which Jim is on. I don't even know the station.

His radio to talk, click, click BAL 92.9 FM.

His radio yeah and you been doing that what 1213 years actually coming up on 15 years crossed over the 15 year point and on April 15, debuted April 15, 2001. So are you to do something special for your 15th anniversary well know regarding Mr. Kelly came through it with April 15 of this year.

We just keep rocking along at a couple of hours every morning 9 AM Eastern time and we talk about politics. We talk about culture.

We talk about whatever is in the news at the top of the news that's what comes on the program which Rhonda discussed it all, within the framework of Christian worldview. Yeah, what will. Speaking of that, and you're a very astute political observer, much more so than me and I have in in the time of knowing you have really appreciated your your analysis of political issues so the election in a week from Tuesday. I'll be in New York at the at the meeting with David Jeremiah and James Dobson born on so many leading Christian leaders are coming together to have a meeting Ben Carson is really going to come to be the moderator of the meeting with Tromp the polls right now Tromp is down a few points do you well sort is really 12 yesterday. The most recent Colbert values Rocky couple weeks and during that particular time. Sen. Clinton brother Hillary Clinton was able to secure the needed number of delegates to become the presumptive Democratic nominee. So there's been a lot of things sort of moving her favor last couple weeks that I think it caused you don't want to drop a little bit but yet right now she's leaving the Colts yeah and you know she got some good media bump from her just clinching the nomination. I mean, she asked me about that. So between now November oh my goodness there's a world of ups and downs that can happen between now and November. Arthur off for 1/2 to 5 months of eternity in politics, so there's a lot of things that Election are in any kind of peril of going to split moment, but obviously it would be better to be out by 12 what do you have any idea of prognostication about who trumps running mate might be. Now you not quit predicting think about, long time ago started being wrong so use candidates the approach you make the bags the way back to them of all been outside of anything we've ever stayed really in the modern era of politically but I would I would not be surprised. Bob Corker I would not be surprised if it was Newt Gingrich.

I would be surprised if it were to be a female. I don't know exactly who that would be I would rule out Gov. Haley out.

Although Gov. Haley ordered Marco Rubio in the primary in South Carolina and I'm sure that no cop would not is not would appreciate that. But I think he's going to try to pick somebody who has Washington or some political experience, but it was also considered to be someone who is not unwilling to rock unit speaking about that though there were plenty of of people that sided with it with the Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio before Tromp ultimately prevailed and I've talked to a lot of Republicans who said you will never vote for Tromp. Why is it that the Democrats seem to be so more able to unify then then conservatives because normally that's the case, but this time the Democrats have a big problem on their own. Bernie Sanders won a lion share of the final 15 primaries in the Democrat on the Democrat side and he noticed supporters of many of them back for Steinberg and about a lot of them by the will never vote for Hillary so this is a very unusual election cycle and that you have both candidates with high negatives of the words in fact, two days ago there was a survey became out boldly proclaimed doll prompted just like my 7/10 American I sought out towards 70% of the country has an unfavorable opinion on it and it's probably six or better on your request, I was in say light like she's like she's liked any better. The unit, not exactly. Both of these candidates have a problem with their bright and it's going to be interesting to see how those things work out as the convention began here shortly.

Well Timeslips way. I'm so grateful to have you on I'm gonna ask you this. What is the beam household like that Father's Day Father's Day is Sunday and I know you. You have built a great family what's on the docket for this weekend will been working on never been out of town generally would love to lunch with as many families will God bless you as you been listening to Dr. Tenney beam on the line of fire. Alex McFarland led for Dr. Brown will look forward to seeing you again sometime really soon. God bless you and God bless America. My website Alex

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