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Answers to Your Questions from Australia

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 17, 2016 4:20 pm

Answers to Your Questions from Australia

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 17, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/17/16.

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You got questions. We got answers.

Let's do this from Australia. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast well just tell you what happened you heard from me on Tuesday before guest host Alex McFarland to go over Wednesday and Thursday and a Tuesday finish radio headed over to the airport.

As I've done some of the hundreds of times it was about my hundred 40th overseas trip and auto clinic Canada Mexico would be hundred 60 whatever times a ministry outside of the United States on a trip and get to the airport and there is some problem, you need an electronic visa for Australia which we had no record of, and there had to do before and just go to this website, fill the thing out will the website Blocking us from doing it. By the time everything got process having more long story I won't get into all of it. By the time thing that process to than the airlines get record in Australian Embassy, etc. but missed the flight and had to fly out the next day so I left my left my office about four hours later I came home the signal to father what was that about was their purpose and that in and of it so I haven't haven't discovered it yet, but that will more than at home which meant arriving in Australia the same day that crap to begin ministering but not a big deal there sufficient grace, but please do pray for grace on this trip and it'll be out tonight Australia time right begin speaking here so thanks for it for praying for anointing grace on the entire trip and due to my situation with my Internet capabilities and other things right hook up with my with my radio equipment I am unable to take calls on today show, but I got some great email questions of an answer. So sit back and enjoy the broadcast. Before I do that I just want to read an email from one of our workers single woman in Nigeria in her 50s serving the poorest of the poor, certain Muslims, teaching, educating, and she wrote this so today was an emotion filled day got this earlier in the week. This morning we were told that one of our four-year-olds complained of a headache when she got home within 30 minutes. She was unconscious and convulsing. She died shortly after arriving at the local clinic.

The subject difficult to see her grieving mom shortly before death.

This little one pleaded for her mother not to remove her from school to school fees, telling her that God would provide in her memory and out of her faith. I will pay next year's fees for her sister but she rocked who will be entering primary three little ones may come from Muslim homes that most of what they learn about God, especially the tiny ones comes from us. This is well noted in a meeting with parents of children graduating from our program this year. Meeting was to let them know what is been accomplished in our school to pleaded with them to send their children to secondary school.

Rather than have the learner traded their young age we suggest Royal Cedar private Christian school. When mother loudly complain that we do not teach Islamic religious studies alongside Christian religious studies. They do not want their children to be trained in Christianity and imams are pressuring them to remove their children for missionary schools.

I know that since Ramadan has begun more of our children refuse to come to Friday fellowship is a been instructed and there must not do so, the public and Islamic schools give a very substandard education. I was given a chance to speak to 14 parents eight of them wearing the jobs I gently told him that we are Christian school and that we will not apologize for that and that we will not compromise. We love their children, they learn Bible here, there would hear the teachers pray in Jesus name if they were sick.

I will pray for them and it is in Jesus name that we so child healed and in his name that I prayed for her hospital bills. I told him that I understood the discomfort.

We are openly Christian, offer undisguised Christian education they needed to choose between the superior education offered in uncompromisingly Christian environment and were inferior education were Jesus was not preached. I asked them if is we live side-by-side. It was such a bad thing to a full understanding.

Faith enables the quiet, interesting times. This is what the folks are doing on the front lines in the not to far from local Herat courageous woman supported notifier – Click on Joanne thinkers will be right back with you. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right I am answering your email questions today cannot take calls but look forward to taking your calls as soon as possible and again be praying for me ministry in Australia a beginning tonight. Australia time spot to give out the phone number okay that's habit. Let's grab some email questions. Sam hi Dr. Brown I want to ask about Proverbs 16 45 me was translation say that the Lord made all things for his own purpose or proper, and it to translations Aramaic Bible in plain English international standard version seem to use the Hebrew word which is my neck, as would be understood elsewhere, as in Proverbs 15 Warner Job 32, three, etc. where that word just explaining out my net means answer or response rather than a purpose or proper end.

Could you tell me why the translators choose to use for his own purpose, proper and improper 64 instead of the idea of response or answer elsewhere. Is it because of the Hebrew word, which he then writes out instead of just this particular teamwork. No, when you see a difference in the Hebrew's are there, it's just that it has a preposition added to it.

It's the same word mom and that in this word mind that normally means answer or response comes from the roots are not to answer so very common root in the Hebrew Scriptures and my net answer or response would be the likely way of reading it. However, it can be interpreted to mean proper and or goal. In that sense an answer or response. So a number of different translations a King James Lord has made all things for himself. He even the wicked for the day of evil upper you can.

James Lord has made all for himself. Yes, even the wicked for the day of doom ESV, the Lord has made everything for its purpose. Even the wicked for the day of trouble so notice that the preposition of some understand to be for God for him self and then others for its purpose. In the Hebrew can work either way that it could mean it can mean for it or for him. NIV. The Lord looks at everything to its proper and even the wicked for a day of disaster. Let's see few more translations here, HCS. B.

The Lord has prepared everything for his purpose. Even the wicked for the day of disaster, a complete Jewish Bible Adonai made everything for its purpose. Even the wicked for the day of disaster overly grab a few more translations from wicked my software NET. The Lord looks at everything for its own ends, even the wicked for the day of disaster NLT the Lord is made everything for his own purposes, even the wicked for day of disaster and RSV Lord is made everything for its purpose. Even the wicked for the day of trouble.

The Tanakh new Jewish version. The Lord made everything for a purpose, even the wicked for an evil day, so the first thing is the word mind that can mean answer or response or in that sense, purpose, or even proper and those are all possible meanings, but it's best not to understand this essay that God created out wicked people and has them specifically set for a day of evil that's really not the best way to understand this but rather the Lord works out everything for its specific purpose, even the wicked for a day of disaster or that that everything has has a corresponding place in this world so someone is wicked gullible. Then use that for his purposes, just like to use wicked people are to crucify the son of God, so by the way, let's just see one more here. Proverbs chapter 16 verse four and the tree of life. Okay, why is it not occurring here properly because I'm looking at my screen instead of with the Bible in hand. Proverbs chapter 16 here we go Adonai works everything out for his own purpose. Even the wicked for a day of disaster for his own purpose for its own purpose or for its corresponding response.

That's what it's saying, even the wicked for a day of disaster and it does a creates wicked people for purpose. Rather, he works out everything for a purpose right. This is re-on the do Dr. Brown what is this doctrine by IU.

I see that salvation is only for Israel. To me it seems they believe only dark skinned people chosen ones will get salvation first Timothy 13 clearly says no to all myths and genealogy teachings are you I see disagree with this but still clings to, there is only one race who suffer the Deuteronomy 820 cursor so therefore which in my opinion is genealogy anyway. They sound contradictory what your view on this IU. I see presumably just one group of of black Hebrew Israelites.

There is a cult and I've addressed it on a short video with the ancient Israelites, black I've adjusted on a short video if you just go to my website instructor and search in the digital library for black you'll see it. I need to do more teaching on this. I need to point by point demolish their position but they claim that the original Israelites of black that Jesus was black and the extreme cult members that salvation is basically for the black race that the white man is the manifestation of the devil you have others that have more Orthodox beliefs about Jesus or salvation, but he simply say that Jesus was black and the Internet was a black first. Doesn't matter what color Jesus was or the ancient Israelites were.

They were black if they were blue of their greed of their white if there purple it doesn't matter whatever color they were, they were okay so that's that's completely immaterial. Factually, it's incorrect. Factually, it's incorrect to say that the ancient Israelites were black. You may have had some black skinned among them, but they were Middle Eastern right. I dress that on this video which you can watch with the ancient Israelites black and I deal with some of the common misinterpretations and this numbers with their big point.

Their big point.

Deuteronomy 28 that one of the curses on Israel for disobedience is that they would be carried away in ships and that that happened with the ancient slave trade that happened with the African slave trade as their carriage ships across the Atlantic.

Yet, it doesn't say that that whoever is carried away in ships and slave trade is therefore that the people of Israel from Deuteronomy 28 know that's one of many curses that you can trace back historically who the Jewish people were you can trace back by DNA back to the Middle East and you can trace back historically a century after century after century where we have been and where we have been scattered some of the tribes are parts of the tribes have been lost. That's true, but we can be traced historically. There is no dispute about that and if you look at the ancient iconography. If you look at the ancient artwork from that part of the world, you'll see that that people were were Middle Eastern in skin color would state that at end and hair.

They were not primarily black and were Middle Eastern so as Billy Graham once said to a mixed-race crowd speaking to the Blacks. He said Jesus was lighter than you and speak in a white saying he was darker than you, but again, that parts of immaterial Moses married a black woman #12 chapter and there sitting in black blood that's flown through the Jewish people among the Jewish people is simply not been the majority in any way, shape, size or form. Yes, there's been intermarriage over the centuries so that that women intermarried with Jewish men became part of the. The religious Jewish community in Eastern Europe. Hence, you have that intermarriage when you've had tribes of Jews in Africa or India and they stay there long enough. They've intermarriage of the surrounding population, and that populations than those that are preserved converted to Judaism became part of of of the the of the family of Israel and they can be traced out in Africa. In India it you do have that that's happened, but is mean the original Israelites were were Indian or the original Israelites were African no, that's not the case as as for the people of Israel. There are a couple of times in history where historians can well argue back with the Phoenician slave trade with, they would be set on ships and then as a result of the fall of Jerusalem and things that Rome was doing with they would have been sent out is on ships as slaves. So there. There are times in our history when that certainly did happen. From what we could tell the administration argue you know who's who's been cursed more. It's what it was a strange thing to argue about. And I certainly wonder in the days of the Holocaust and of the times when Jews have been singled out as these likely resorts would be say hey there where the real Jews.

You should be killing us guy I don't I don't think so. As for discussion my genealogies. I don't think that's what Paul was talking about. Don't be aware of your own genealogy.

I think there are other issues and battles. He was talking about regarding genealogy since I just don't get caught up with these things, but in any case, this is a cult that is growing in certain ways. It is extremely ugly and full of deception and there are some parts of it that are not as extreme as others but it is growing, I'm sometimes asked about on a weekly basis.

Some other apologists are and in a certain point of maybe I can have one of their leaders on. We will discuss the issues will will find out exactly what they believe there's more more stuff on Internet now better job of understanding and refuting it and preaching the real Gospels.

These created in the image of God, Jesus, God really know salvation and freedom which transcends race. In that sense there's no black or white hair on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right here we go with more of your questions, not taking today, but answering your male questions and real quick, let me point out to you my special resource offer. I believe it will be a real blessing to you in the early 80s I began studying more and more about the prophets of Israel begin to see how God views them, and how God spoke to them that I begin to see how this paralleled ways that the Holy Spirit moved in our own day that they were writing Scripture, as the prophets did or have infallible words from God, as the prophets did, but the moving of the spirit on the prophets and how they were gripped with a burden and I related to getting gripped with with a bird also having that sense of urgency and intensity from the Lord. Maybe you felt that sometimes when you're really burdened and gripped that I began to excuse me to see how God spoke through the prophets and and how they would often hear with the inner ear and and and then realize how the Holy Spirit spoke to us and how we would hear her in her ear. Again, not elevating us to the level of Old Testament prophets. Of course, but recognizing that there there is a gift of prophecy. To this day. According to Scripture, and Paul explicitly says that we should not just not despise it, but that we should earnestly seek to prophesy and and then as I began to look at Scripture more and more on this.

I begin to teach on and did a whole series.

This was years back to the whole series on prophets and prophetic ministry, was it about 16 weeks long and maybe an hour and 1/2 inch times about 24 hours of teaching and then towards the end of that time we had Leonard Ravenhill with us. He went to be with the Lord and 94 at the age of 87 and a few years earlier. He came and ministered for us in Maryland and we we included his teaching in the series. I mean he was a deep prophetic voice calling for repentance in the in the church and in that sense, is David Wilkerson once said to me, and Elijah, the prophet anyone of these men who deeply encounters God and comes with a message of repentance to the nation's sole out. We put this whole series together on prophets and prophetic ministry.

I've built on it in my teaching. Over the years I did by Jeremiah commentary I built on the virtues that I learned starting the prophets back then but it's been a popular teaching series ever since. Originally on cassette tape and and then on on on CD and now available by download will it's it's inexpensive to start. For a full class. Okay, it's inexpensive to start for full class but we've reduced the price by 60% and you can download the whole series and have it in in a matter of moments relisting around the world. You can do that. I really believe you be blessed and stirred and challenged and helped and encouraged by this series I it's practical on every level as well and and I believe it will stir your heart really open up the Scriptures to you. I recently taught on that subject at a seminary use the very same outline I had many years ago. So take advantage of the special resource offer. You can find it right on the homepage and asked Dr. Brown a SKDR rightly go on with your questions. This is an anonymous question Dr. Brown. How can a Christian decide between the various Christian denominations. Can you please provide some guidance and advice on this. Certainly first, Jesus did pray that his church, his messianic congregation would be one he prayed that we would be one that we would love one another in and said that the world would know that we were his by the love we have one for the other and specifically pray for unity, even as he and the father were one so we know that ultimately God's goal for us is that we recognize is whether one another is one and that we walked together as one right.

That doesn't mean that we don't have distinctives that doesn't mean that we don't have differences.

It means that in the midst of our differences and distinctives. We have full unity of the faith and come together as one now there are divisions between denominations. Obviously, when they teach mutually exclusive.

Things are different that they can't all be right at the same time. Obviously about all things but this to me is somewhat also like the that the food court at the mall in my old days when I didn't eat healthily, you have a lot to choose from you going to the to the mall and you've got either your American fast food and you've got your Italianate got your Mexican you get Chinese you got other options you know in the just desserts and things like that. And aside from your the Mexican a couple of his men.

I've been a one day go for one long they go for another and and they're all varieties, outtakes they had and confident that they're all unhealthy but but look at it SATA salad or healthy salad bar and all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. They have all these different options but they're all nursing you and feeding you so I recognize that different groups have different strengths. I recognize that different groups have have different emphases in that respect, there is good and there is health to the various expressions. The problem is they're often mutually exclusive. The problem is that one claims to have all and and the other claims to have it all and sometimes they don't work together and sometimes even speak against each other so here's what I encourage you to do.

No one is willingly and knowingly being deceived. We are the first congregation of the deceived where the first assembly of the misled.

The pastors get up and say the other teach the Bible you know I have a Bible appear but but I'm I'm gonna make up my own interpretation try to trick you and con you out of your money.

Not knowing does that.

So here's what I encourage you to do, study the Scriptures prayerfully get on your knees if you can read the Scriptures say God speak to me and guide me if you came to faith in a certain community were born again in that community.

And you find that the people there love the Lord that they're seeking to live godly lives that they're seeking to touch a lost and dying world and you're in basic harmony with that group will then stay there.

If you can grow and be challenged by the teaching and preaching and feel a protected and covered from error and if you can serve there and get involved wonderful that that's great. Stay there and don't worry about other denominations or groups except to say why. I wonder what strengths they may have a wonderfully good they may have, indeed, be open to learn from that. But if you're not in that situation.

If you could between churches or you came to faith, kind of on your own outside of the church community and are you looking for one. Like I say read the Bible. Let's start with the basics of the basics, they must really believe the Bible is God's word, they must preach salvation alone. Through Jesus through his death and resurrection must really believe he died for sins, rose from the dead, they must believe he's coming again, and they must believe we have a mission here in this world and that he calls us to live holy lives and make a difference in this role, and these are the basics of the basics on every level, and of course I go down more more more the list. But now, keep reading Scripture find a church that seems healthy. That seems to care about others that seems to be making a difference in reaching people's lives and that really calls you to live for the Lord, a place where you can throw yourself in his will and ask God to lead you and ask God to guide you. And as as he does a you will get planted.

You don't just want to rely on on radio and TV and Internet. If you have access to a congregation, but get planted get established and remember it's it's twofold you want to grow and you will be a blessing you want to place where you will be challenged to walk closer to the Lord, your family will be helped if you family and you can serve throw yourself in and help in one capacity or another is the Lord guide you and plant you and all those who been hurt by one church. Eight. Not all churches can hurt you and Jesus will hurt you do need the body.

Body's it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown here we are in Australia you got questions, we've got answers just answering your email questions today. Normally when I travel overseas, we are able to set things up.

I can take calls like normal and not able to do so today.

But we have a great broadcast. We continue to answer your email questions. Here's a fascinating one.

I have a very close person in my life that is an atheist. Recently she is looked into religion called Wicca.

I looked into it myself and be be a Christian. I had no idea what to do with. Of course, is its witchcraft based were satanic as she told him that before she does anything. So try being a Christian I was wonder if you could give me some advice on this. Maybe some scriptures that will help me. Show her that it's wrong. Choose witchcraft. I would really urge you to put your entire emphasis on really introducing her to know the Lord. Psalm 34.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Let's look at it like this, let's say that you have food that is so healthy, so life-changing that when someone eats it for a week. They'll never want to go back to their old way of eating.

That's the gospel that's introducing people to Jesus. That's sees me bringing them to a place of forgiveness of sins. That's helping them really come to know the one true God. And when someone encounters him. Witchcraft is going to be worse than than than eating human waste, witchcraft is going to be worse than than jumping off a building, and others when they really know God when they truly know Jesus though will renounce the works of darkness and run from them so I would really encourage you to help her understand who Jesus is why he died for our sins. How it is that we sin against God. Read through his words, his teachings with her so she sees her sin and her need for a Savior, and then show her the beauty of Scripture how this one God created everything and that it is folly to worship. One of his fallen created beings in rebellion and show her that when people follow the ways of God. It brings life and blessing and joy and freedom.

Yes, we have opposition in this world, but you better believe it's worth it.

Yes we we walk through this world like everybody else and there's life-and-death in their issues, but with Jesus it is a joy if you can show her help her to see why the Bible is God's word here even even give her an old classic book like evidence that demands a verdict you know something that will will speak to the truth about who God is or or a book offer for atheists. You find out what her big issues are is it is it evolution. Is it something else in and you will give her a book by Lee Strobel on on the thick, the creator or on Jesus being the Messiah know the case for Christ. You know, give her some of that of Frank Turk stealing from God's of metal help her in the midst of her atheism and and recognize that ultimately she's a lost person needing God and if she can really be introduced to the truth of the Scripture really be introduced to the beauty of the Lord really be introduced to to new life in Jesus than Wicca.

Like I said will have no more appeal to her than forgive the term human waste. In other words, it will be that despicable to her and show shall never need to learn more about it because she's found the truth and the light. When you find the light. You don't go searching out of the darkness.

When you find the life you don't go searching around and death. When you find the truth you go searching around in deception and error. So let's pray Lord use Eric to lead his friend to you and if she humbles himself to you and cries out to me. She truly encounter you. May she recognize the depth of her sin as she recognize the beauty of your love wonderfully radically, gloriously born again.

She never looked back to her old ways find everything she needs 60. Amen.

Our friends will be right back member gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown all right are you ready for more answers to your question, Michael Brown coming away from Australia. If you're anywhere in Sydney joined me of the rest of this weekend and into the middle of next week in Sydney and then from there in Melbourne the next weekend. Would love to see you face-to-face, especially if you listen to the broadcast. You follow us on social media. Read our articles would like to meet you face-to-face all my itinerary is on asked Dr. ask ADR reviewer around America of the nations check things out on the itinerary there and be sure to go there for latest articles and latest videos. By the way, once a week we send out an E blast with the brief summaries of the articles we put out the videos I will probably be sending out a separate E blast for videos as well. During the week and if you connect with us in social media Facebook or twitter. If you subscribe on YouTube as soon as new videos out you'll know as soon as a new articles that we posted on Facebook or twitter so this way you can stay informed, stay equipped to stay in touch okay oh where is my question to here we go. This is from Martha. She says 52 years old, a been a missionary Bible teacher, counselor, wife and mother.

I can't believe that after all these years experiencing such great freedom in Christ. I'm still conflicted about this issue. My pastor is asked me to consider becoming ordained. I can't get past it shameful for woman speak in church.

Even though I speak in church a mystery week. These verses truly mean my voice should be removed for the creation, sharing the word feel so right in such a blessing, but but as a truly raw I something want to honor Christ would appreciate greatly your insight. Thank you. May Christ grace fill you and your family with joy.

I give a short teaching on this on a video or women called to be pastors again us on our YouTube channel, but you can find it on our website. Asked Dr. Just type in women and you'll you'll see a list and you'll see that video so you have a short teaching on this because it's one of the most common questions that were asked and to me the biggest issue Martha is that you want to please the Lord. The biggest issue is that you say. I just want to honor Christ and whatever he wants is what I want.

That is your safety valve. The other thing is you're doing what you're doing under authority you're doing what your pastor is asking you to do as opposed to trying to take over or usurp authority, which is also very very important so what about the passages.

In particular, prescriptions 14 and first Timothy two that seem to prohibit or at least greatly cut back on women speaking or teaching in church, at least with men present first Christians. 14 is best understood in the context of the ancient world women less educated men sitting on one side of the meeting women on the other is still happens in various parts of the world. I was in a meeting in Italy recently and that's not exclusively, but pretty much how they did it and it in that setting that see her in a house maybe can squeeze 30 people in there and the women were less educated this teaching going on and it doesn't tell you about women teaching or preaching there.

Rather, it's as if they have questions, but the master husbands at home. This is obviously disruptive in the meeting to be calling across her asking questions you say are a stretch, and no I'm not, because in the 11th chapter, Paul talks about in a mixed meeting. Men and women together women praying publicly and prophesying publicly. Just the proper order for that but absolutely willing to prophesy a Phillips daughters were were prophetesses. I we read that in the book of acts we know in the Old Testament God used a prophet supposed looking back to Old Testament precedent there women who were prophets there were women who were judges like the nation like Deborah and Jeremiah's day address.

I want to hold her a prophetess Miriam was called a prophetess in in in the book of Exodus, so in any case we know God speaks through women Psalm 68.

A throng of women make the word known. We know in the New Testament that Priscilla and Aquila are mentioned as a couple several times and most of the time. Priscilla's name comes first and it says that they instructed Apollo's and then if if women teaching is always bad because there were so easily deceived. What is women was Paul have older women teaching younger women and first Timothy the fourth chapter discipling them in the ways of being mothers and wives and things like that but but what about first Timothy to begin in verse 11 that a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority over man refuse to remain quiet dramas for first and Eve and Adam was not deceived with the woman was deceived and became a transgressor that you will be saved through childbearing if they continue in faith and love and holiness with self-control, you might say, okay, that settles it. That prohibits a woman from teaching at all, let me let me share another perspective and this is from Philip Barton pain in his book man and woman wanting Christ in exegetical and theological study of Paul's letters then you get a very different reading on this from scholars like Wayne Gruden and Andres custom burger, but let's take a look at what Barton pain says the central purpose of first Timothy is to counter false teaching in the church in Ephesus. Some women in the church in Ephesus were so influenced by false teaching they had in fact already turned away to follow Satan 515 first Timothy 550. Some were court idle going about from house to house and like the false teachers 166 20 in second Timothy 223 they were speaking nonsense 513 and saying things they ought not. Consequently, Paul calls women to good deeds 210 and in order to counter their deception commands that women learn quietness in all submission to 11 to stop the group most influenced by the false teachers from teaching church assemblies remembered repressing the ads.

I'm not permitting a woman to teach, and in combination with this is shown by Paul's typical use of this recruit today to assume authority over man, but to be in quietness and he says to assume authority is the only confirmed meaning of this Greek word in Paul's day, other than its component parts, self achieving. In contrast, there are no unambiguous instances of this race meet this word meaning to have authority until several centuries after Paul given this understanding Paul Frick prohibit women prohibited women from doing exactly what the false teachers were doing Emily assuming authority to teach a church assemblies that he said was the issue not teaching, but assuming authority to do it and because they were the ones most commonly deceived. They were not the ones to be teaching you save yet but but hang on, he appeals to creation and sis Adam wasn't deceived. The woman was so it's women are more readily deceived, not you could draw that argument from there.

Let's also remember that Adam rebelled out right was at say the words Eve was deceived and Adam did what he did with his eyes open and then what we do with the fact that the women were the first ones to believe Jesus rose from the dead and the men didn't. Could it be that women are more open to spiritual things and therefore more easily deceived or more easily, believing, and men move more slowly therefore less easily deceived. On the other hand, less easily, believing let's also remember that that the false prophets were mainly men in the Old Testament, and that the major false religions were largely founded by men and cults. The same thing so continuing Philip Barton pain Paul gives two reasons or explanations for this restriction on women's women assuming authority to teach men. First, it would typically convey disrespect to man, women, sourcing creation, for he was taken out of Adam who form was formed first, second, Eve's deception epitomizes how serious the consequences can be.

When a woman is deceived by a false teacher and conveys the false teaching to a man throughout this passage Paul repeatedly affirms women, encourages women to engage in good works. He commands them.

Whoops, I just slid down on my pager.

Oh, okay.

I lost my pager for second.

Let's see if I can find it oh come on, come on. All right I will have to relocate a reading from an e-book on my computer here and right limit the try one more time and see if I can find it here okay one second I I'm sorry to do this on radio you're waiting by by the moment. Okay I am going to have to start free for my apology. It actually clicked on an endnote and jumped away, but I don't think I could've finished producing the bottom line is Paul is encouraging women affirming women, but warning against false teachers were millions of women who are being deceived. Assuming authority to teach but to then extrapolate from that and under no circumstances could gift it trained godly submitted woman teach. It is not at all a call saying I do believe that senior had shipped.

The pattern is male, so that throughout Scripture the general pattern of senior headship in the way God is wired us is is going to be male, so governmental authority as a pattern rule I see is male, but I do realize God is raised up women in different ways and is use them in powerful ways of leadership and ministry with the primary pattern just like recent receipt, heads of state around the world just as we see with pastors and spiritual leaders around the world is generally male and that is the normal pattern to follow. But going back to Martha if you're being asked by your pastor. Teach pre-k to grade doing do with joy.

If God's given you a gift for the edification of the body. If Jesus has given you a gift for the edification of the body and your leadership is asking you to officially be ordained and to exercise this gift for the good of the body. The only way you'd be sitting is by not using the gift to use it is taught of the Lord to use it is to build up the people of God ultimately convinced yourself, but hopefully you realize there are other ways to contextually historical certain passages will enable you and free you to do everything gospel in submission and the line of fire your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown. All right, we've got time. More email questions today on the line of fire.

Next week will become your way from Australia and also some special guest host days for my dear friend Dr. Frank Turk. I trust you are blessed is Dr. Alex McFarlane guest hosted the last two days. Let me share something with you first, and encouraging testimony, and then I'll get to couple more of your email questions.

There is a young man, Mike. I'm just to give his first name, but he's married to Susanna. They've got a few kids and Mike used to play in a Christian rock band. He served in our fire community for a few years so served and that was part of our community in the school for little while and then let are used for little while and God called him out for more minutes to had further training and equipping and then went to northern Iraq where we we have other grads and other friends of ours, serving and making a real difference. But here someone a married man with kids and listen to what he's doing. Hello friends and family. This is this latest it E newsletter. We have experienced incredible favor with the people in our cities. We are building a medical program here were implementing a three-pronged approach to medical work and I he's not a medical doctor but is networking with others. He say people are hurting, we will make a difference one providing continuing medical education to the staff at the local hospital to building a small semipermanent clinic that can focus on the specific needs of the refugees in our mountain town three building a team of combat medics to serve wounded Kurdish patch murder on the front lines in their battle against ISIS and he said these three things have been developing as we seek to answer the question, how do we maximize our rapport among our target people group wanted to hear the message of the gospel to love and adore Christ and as a means to that end, we want to live our lives in such ways to demonstrate that we are here in their pain and their trials in their time of need. That's what Christians do another far grads serving in in northern Iraq, a Fabian center at his newsletter a little over a week ago and and sent me a video to look at. It was a Kurdish Muslim who got saved, came to know Jesus's family basically locked them up from month-end and anyway he he ended up getting baptized and it's moving there other Kurdish believers there as he's immersed in water and their hug each other and crying and folks to make a difference. Folks are making a difference in the midst of a lot of pain and suffering. That's what Christians do all right. He's asks just wondering if Dr. Brown heard about Converse releasing in LGBT pride collection of their All-Star shoes.

It's not major news but I thought I'd share in direct me to the home page 100 thoughts are if other companies follow suit endeavors like this should Christians buy their products. If we decide to not purchase products from companies that do this sort of thing Howard Christian function in society free start to see a majority of companies do things like this. Yeah. Of course these kinds of questions come up all the time especially since major Fortune 500 companies are pro-gay activist since companies for credit card companies or computer companies or airlines and on and on and on, hotels, motels, is so so many companies, major companies, major banks are pro-gay activists and score 100 on the human rights campaign index for for being being in harmony with and supported the goals of gay activism. So what I've done is is this trying to hurt somebody. I am not trying to to hurt somebody's business is much as act with conscience so I'm fully aware that that the computer I'm using is a Microsoft Windows and Microsoft has long been a champion of of gay activism and my wife uses Mac so Apple even more so have they been champions of gay activism and I use American Express credit card but I travel and AMEX scores. I think 100 on the human rights campaign corporate equality index and old. It's to see a flyer most frequently on American Airlines and Delta. Most of them have of long since been been real friends of gay activism in many many ways. So on and on it goes. Obviously, we would be able to function in this world right now. If it's a regular boycott everyone's gay friendly look these companies build their to do a good thing they feel are doing the right thing. They they are not openly exalting a sexual act. There they are standing with people. That's their viewpoint and saving of the CEO of Apple is is Tim cookies openly and proudly gay and obviously worked very closely with that the that with with Steve Jobs had an apple deceased head of Apple for for many years so there there looking employees there looking at things that they feel are right and the human rights campaign is done a good job of selling this is this is good business etc. and they feel they're on the right side of the current civil rights issue on Anna Hansel. Yes, some of them may be aggressively pushing an anti-God anti-Christ anti-Bible agenda policy that the vast majority of them doing that I said and do what they think is right. This is about equality that they bought into the whole the whole mindset and their money during the good thing however there are lines that are drawn that forced me to take action. For example, target went when when target did what they did when when target said first last year we are removing gender distinctions from the toy aisles. Okay, so it's not gonna be boys toys girls toys. This can be toys roast we can move remove gender distinctions that that is now declaring war incense on gender distinctions visually because the complaints of of a tiny minority of people when they go a step further this year and say not only bathrooms but dressing rooms are gender-neutral and all you have to do is identify as as a woman you could walk in.

There is a man and if a woman has a problem that's her problem that this is crazy this is crazy. That's unsafe. That's a license can be abused by her sexual predators and an even a man who identifies as a woman who was clearly a biological man.

He goes walking into the ladies restroom and it is obvious many lazy I feel uncomfortable and understandably so.

Instead he feels uncomfortable to but but so today you have to look at the well-being of of of the whole.

So when that happens, I agree time to send the message time to send the message and if it does her targets business.

Let it be so.

Because they're not being sensitive to to a large large number of their constituents of Y could tell it is hurting them.

Also, on a personal level.

If I have dealings with the company and they trash Christian values.

To me, and and they make clear, we are standing with gay activism and we can care less about your Christian values and they make that known to me, then in conscience, I don't give them my business. This happened years back with with Starbucks though didn't say were trashing our Christian your Christian values but but trust me it was, we are standing with gay pride events. No matter what happens in a in those days in Charlotte North Carolina. The real vulgar all kinds of junk and dating care less if we stand with us for for pro-life rally or teen abstinence are celebrating marriages in of men, woman, no weight, no way. So just since then once once my dime in conscience because my business and that's just how I operate as their hey friends, we are out of time. Please pray for me at this Australia trip really appreciated. Go to the website. Check out our very special resource from profit prophetic ministry.

Be sure to sign up for Israel trip.

My bottom line.

Today Jesus first place

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