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Thoroughly Jewish Thursday on Tuesday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 21, 2016 4:10 pm

Thoroughly Jewish Thursday on Tuesday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 21, 2016 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/21/16.

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Get ready because it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. On Tuesday it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend Michael Brown here still in Sydney Australia in the midst of great Jewish evangelism conference where Jewish ministry leaders from different parts of Australasia have come together to update to encourage one another and I'm getting to be the principal speaker sharing encouraging with them.

So having a great time here, and the next two days.

The Wednesday and Thursday broadcast on my dear friend Dr. Frank Turk is going to be guest hosting so that means I would miss a lot of fire this week thoroughly Jewish Thursday, so I decided to switch it over to Tuesday I will be taking calls just like yesterday but I've got a lot of neat things to share with you some interesting information of some eye-opening insights is always on thoroughly Jewish Thursday okay before I get into the Jewish focus on today's broadcast. Today's the day where hundreds of evangelical leaders around the country scheduled to meet with Donald Trump were scheduled to have met with Donald Trump today. I did get an invitation to a colleague to be there and I would've gone if not for being in Australia I read an article in National review by David French urging evangelical leaders not to bow the knee to Donald Trump or not to buy into what's heard and to recognize who he is and why he's a bad candidate, etc. and that the church is here not promoted to to vote for someone or to get someone into the presidency, but to reach the lost and to feed the poor into to stand for righteousness in every area of society, etc., makes a lot of great points and of course have grave concerns concerning Donald Trump I if if he ends up being our president. Then, as I've said many a time and I'll say it again. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I get to eat my words that would bring me great joy.

I would hate to say I told you so. I mean that from the heart, I just say this though, my expectation at this meeting is that not a lot can come out of I've of gotten emails from leaders going and they said, please pray that we can really make our concerns known to Donald Trump and convey where we stand.

We have hundreds and hundreds of people, only a precious fuel able to be able speaker convey things but bottom line, I believe there have been a good number of solid evangelical leaders who met with Donald Trump. Some of them one-on-one.

Share the gospel with him. I believe others have access to him that can make him understand what our concerns are. I believe he understands those concerns and I believe that he believes he wants to help us with those concerns and I believe in that setting that he would be very gracious and very humble and very honoring the risotto. I don't think anything is going to be learned from it.

Personally now, some might say will being with him. We really got better discernment or insight, hate, so be it I would've gone just to see what was happening to see who was there to get a feel for it and certainly take advantage of an opportunity like that. But I do have friends have met with him one-on-one or in small groups and and some have prayed for him and my impression again is that you come away from that meeting. Hearing what you wanted to hear because that's what he would be affirming because he does believe that he would be a champion of the evangelical Christians. So that's just my take on it. If people came away now. This is our man and then they're all enthusiastically getting behind him based on a meaning like that to me, that would be misguided not to say they shouldn't get behind him not to say they should vote for him and where I'm at right now is ongoing to do what I do before the Lord were hat right now who I vote for who I don't vote for you to do that before the Lord and encourage you to make your best decision on not campaigning in any particular direction at this moment just want that to be known, except I can assure you that I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton. If she is the candidate okay enough with American politics of all we come back though. I want to talk about Islam in America, something very very interesting that I've recently learned something interesting in the news of the last 24 hours will be right back on thoroughly Jewish Thursday. On Tuesday here on the line of fire. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to light a fire this is your friend voice Michael Brown if you're just tuning in its Tuesday but were doing our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast today Tuesday because Dr. Frank Turk is guest hosting for me tomorrow and Thursday and I'll be back again with you on Friday and Monday and back in the states, God willing. On Tuesday, so keep praying for me here in Australia we got let's see today, Tuesday, so Wednesday Thursday still in Sydney than fly over to Melbourne that I think I speak nine times in three days in Melbourne and in particular, we got a Saturday night Jewish outreach will be right in the heart of the Jewish community in Melbourne. I'm talking about is Jesus kosher for the Jewish people. I believe it's going to be a real eye-opening presentation. This can be a live web feed so it'll be or what the very very early morning hours in the. The state or the middle of the night. For some of you in the states. Please be praying that the dog would draw Jewish people to the meeting that their hearts would be open.

All I want to present to them is the truth. I'm not trying to twist anything on the try and manipulate something on the tremor painted a misleading picture. I just want to present the truth about Jesus tissue up to our Jewish people. Okay I mentioned on the broadcast yesterday that Loretta Lynch had announced that the the tape that would be released or the transcript that would be released to one of the 911 calls by the murder in the in Orlando or Monmouth, a teen that it would be scrubbed that it would not have certain references to Islam. In it you think. What in the world you talking about what that's what was going to happen that this is look this is utterly bizarre and that this is what has been officially reported right and this is with the FBI and the Department of Justice said because they ended up releasing an unedited transcript on the calls were he pledges allegiance to ISIS and they said the purpose of releasing the partial transcript of the shooter's interaction with 911 operators was to present provide transparency while remaining sensitive to the interest of the surviving victims, their families and the integrity of the ongoing investigation. We also did not want to provide the color terrorist organizations with a publicity platform for hateful propaganda. Unfortunately, the unreleased portions of the transcript that name. The terrorist organizations, leaders have caused an unnecessary distraction from the hard work of the FBI in our law enforcement partners have been doing to investigate this heinous crime as much of this information been previously reported. We have reissued the complete transcript include these references in order to provide the highest level transparency possible under the circumstances.

With all respect to the Department of Justice and the FBI. We all knew it was reported.

It was reported and verified that he pledged allegiance to ISIS and his phone calls. Everybody knew that everybody heard that nobody was disputing that to leave that out from the transcript. How how does that protect the family or the that the interest of the surviving victims or the integrity of the ongoing investigation or by that at all. To be honest with you. Something smells fishy to me that that's that.

We just didn't want to mention ISIS because it's radical Islam. So here is is what happens 2:35 AM the shooter contacts 9/11 operator from inside pulse that the gay bar. The call lasted approximately 50 seconds so the Orlando police dispatcher responds and then a mama team is speaks in aces business will have minor famous incident in the name of God, the merciful Bennett been a beneficent in Arabic avarice is what so that he he says it again in Arabic.

Praise be to God. The Honda law. Praise be to God and prayers as well as peace be upon the Prophet of God the soul, an Arabic that is his own election.

No, I'm in Orlando and I did the shootings to see what your name, he said my name is I Pledge of Allegiance to Albert Barker about Dottie of the Islamic state. Okay, what's your name. He says I pledge allegiance to the buck about Dottie. May God protect him on behalf of the Islamic state all right where you utterly underwear in Orlando and that's the end of the call arts so they when they initially published the transcript. Just as I pledge allegiance to, and it doesn't say the rest of it will I honestly if somebody write to me if I'm missing something. Somebody write to me if indeed there's some legitimate reason to believe that out, but that seems utterly bogus. Just I can't.

I can't tell you how wrong that seems I'm glad they at least released it without you a whole lot more attention now. One of the question.

God knows the religious heart. God knows where she's at in terms of Israel where she's at in terms of Islam. I don't imply in any way shape/form that she's a Muslim, that the thought never entered my mind. But there is a report that I read of from November 12, 2014 unify that I got Ritalin's belong to Jew hating pro-terrorist Harvard group. According to this report. Atty. Gen. nominee Suze nominee then so Atty. Gen. Ritalin's belong to student group that brought Jew hating Palestinian terrorists to Harvard Law school every year. She was a member Lynch belong to the Harvard black law students Association from 1981 to 1984.

She was a student that you might say.

Well Mike, that's perfectly natural. She was a black woman and a law student at Harvard, so she belong to the group. Maybe it's very widespread. Maybe it is very common onů I don't know, statistically how many black students were there and how many were part of that that were in the in law school, but according to this article.

During those years, the radical black group representatives from the PLO. The group's leader Mohammed Kenyatta called for the liberation of Palestine expressed support for the terrorist organization. This the group Harvard black law students Association BLS a a defendant bringing the terrorist in a letter to the editor of the Harvard student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson Jewish student organizations protested speeches, especially in 1984 liberal professor Alan Dershowitz joined the anti-PLO protests in the Harvard Crimson condemned the response of lynches organization in 1984 the black law students Association committed an unjustifiable and discriminatory violation of student liberties last week when it denied Jewish students an opportunity to participate in a campus forum featuring a representative of the PLO with 30 Jewish law students from the Association of attended the panel discussion so they were Jewish law students Association. They attended the panel discussion outnumbering the members of the black law students in the third row coalition event sponsors but after opening the form to questions from the floor. The black student moderator Mohammed I Kenyatta refused to recognize any of the white hands raised in the audience, etc. etc. now I have no idea whatsoever. If this influence Loretta Lynch in her thinking, no idea whatsoever.

Simply report what was in the news a couple of years ago and was brought to my attention. But this much we do know with consistency with consistency or administration is taking this radical leftist mentality that basically looks a conservative Christianity is more of a threat than radical is mom. Therefore, we continue to pray for administration we continue to pray their law enforcement agencies would be able to do everything they need to do to fight terrorism in America, in whatever quarter it was coming from. It needs to be fought. Listen in all candor, I know this is 30 Jewish Thursday. On Tuesday, but let me to stay with this one thought for one more moment when I rebuked Pastor Stephen Andersen's words rejoicing in the Orlando massacre. I read some of the responses to that that I got an Internet and of course overwhelmingly people are appreciating it and thanking me for speaking up about was that some courageous thing to do. I mean in any Christian with a conscience is going to say something if it comes to their attention, especially if if your platform as as we have but I just want to say this thing was some courageous or big thing to do is the least that I can do but when I'm what I'm looking at right now on my YouTube channel. Out of the 13,000+ views it has. Whatever the current numbers up to a lesson.

I looked that the likes were 436, the, the dislikes were 42 that's troubling to me that that's troubling to me that there were 42 that watched it and differed with what I had to say.

In other words, there is a fringe at a tiny minority fringe but it's a hateful fringe. It's a fringe that misuses the Scriptures. It's a fringe that that abuses the truth of God is. It's a fringe that is so heavily judgmental. That is the same standards were held on its self would be destroyed. In a moment or it's not. It's not calling for the murder of gays or lesbians or others, but it's rejoicing in their death and say they deserve to die because of the death penalty in the Bible for homosexual practices of said before we we better repented a hurry with that kind of attitude because there's a whole lot of things in the Old Testament for which God prescribed death penalty under theocracy with Israel called to him in that sense that state and that by grace that death penalty is not hanging over us. Now, especially if you're in that concerns me. We need to renounce the stuff as clearly as we can error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your again is Dr. Michael Brown and welcome back to see failure, Michael Brown, it's thoroughly Thursday on Tuesday we give you some news from America.

That's encouraging in terms of the Jewish people are your familiar with the BDS movement boycott, divestment, sanctions against Israel. It's it's a movement, calling for companies not to work with Israel calling them to pull their money out of Israel. Different organizations different church denominations have gotten involved with this. This is supposedly for justice for the Palestinians. Several studies have have demonstrated that the sense of hurting the Palestinians more than anybody but in almost every case is ugly. It is what it's is ugly in every case but in some cases it's just downright anti-Semitic and completely completely biased and with with no sense of overall justice whatsoever.

I could say that it's evil and needs to be opposed while at the same time segments do whatever we can for the good of the Palestinians well different states now are passing anti-boycott legislation bills soul of the antidiscrimination and state contracts act was passed June 16 by the Rhode Island house in the 63 to 4 vote, and in concurrence. Two days later by the state Sen. Gov. Gina Raimondo excuse me by the state Senate and Gov. Gina Raimondo is expected to sign the legislation making it law. Several states have passed anti-BDS legislation including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and South Carolina and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently signed an executive order opposing the boycott, divestment, sanctions movement against Israel. In total, 21 states have taken up anti-BDS legislation that's a good sign. For whatever reason with with all the things that America gets wrong were still getting some of this right and that is important. Again, it doesn't mean we don't care about the Palestinians but it means we will not work unjustly against Israel of more news from Israel as money continues to flood in to the Gaza Strip and money is coming in from international aid to help Palestinians in Gaza as money continues to pour in.

Very little of it actually gets to the needy Palestinians very little of it gets to them to rebuild the that the schools the houses the apartment buildings. The places that that were torn up by the last war as Israel attacked Hamas very little of it gets to the people themselves and where does the money go. Some of it goes into the pockets of corrupt leaders and a lot of it goes for for military infrastructure and a lot of it goes for building terror tunnels to get under Israel. This is an ongoing level. None of them collapsed recently and was they just happen to collapse or Israel was better find a better chance of having a better chance of locating them and then of what locating them, blowing them up and that's that's being debated, but but but we do know is is this that Israel is continuing to look for ways to stop these terror tunnels from being built so tons of concrete that could be used to rebuild schools and rebuild apartment buildings and provide for these needy Palestinians in Gaza, where the unemployment rate is massively Hyman it's just it's a total mess under Hamas can blame Israel for the fact that the people voted Hamas into leadership and because of that Israel marks them as terrorists and is going to deal with them accordingly. Well, Israel is now building an anti-terror tunnel wall okay this there right now the best way of stopping the tunnels and this wall is going down tens of yards into the ground. It's intended to block these tunnels. It can be built entirely on Israel's side of the border wall Palestinian leadership has been crying foul. There saying that the wall would cause environmental damage in an interview published on Sunday by the Philistine newspaper Hamas mouthpiece Gaza environment. Environmentalists warned that the security wall would block groundwater from Israel moving into the Gaza Strip. This they claim would prevent the replenishment of underground aqua fires force causes to draw more heavily from alternative sources, the expert cited in the interview also suggested that the wall could cause cave-ins along the border you know there's a solution. Of course, Israel would deny that this can be environmental damage.

With this I would suppose there is a simple solution of very very simple solution which is stop building the terror tunnels stop building the terror tunnels can't remind you that one particular incident there tunnels that were dug to come right out under an Israeli school right next to Israeli school with little schoolchildren and and the terrorists involved.

They had all kinds of things that promote from what Israelis could tell their goal was to kidnap the children to near the tranquilizers and things like that. The syringes and all the stuff to try to kidnap as many is that I am your time. A horrific act of terror and not not just distanced targeting military outpost is adept at targeting children. Schools sold the Palestinians are victims of corrupt leadership. They have been victims of corrupt leadership. For decades, and if not totally corrupt leadership. Leadership that is not had their best interest in mind and leadership that in many cases is part and parcel hand-in-hand with radical Islam. So if you want to see peace for the Palestinians don't just put the onus on Israel. Pray for righteous Palestinian leadership that to be raised up that would care more for the people than for radical ideology and is and is Golda Meir, urged years back that that the wars would cease when the Muslim nations would love their children more than they hated Israeli children they they love their people more than they hated Israel if they did that they could make choices so that hand-in-hand with Israel they could live in peace and prosperity like friends. I get questions constantly sent to me about Bible translations and as a student of the Scripture street of the original languages. I love love love reading the Bible in different translations and comparing versions is one of the great joys of writing my Job commentary which should be out by the fall of next year to Arctic to look at the many different ways. The translators wrestle with difficult versus and things like that so few years back I was I was introduced to the modern English version, which is the newest and in my mind that the best modern version of the Bible in the spirit of the King James so if you love the King James, the feel of the King James the way the language flows and if you're comfortable with those manuscripts for the New Testament feel that they best represent the ancient text, the new King James was important and is still widely used but I think the modern English version goes one step further. So it's one of the Bibles that we distribute along with the tree of life.

Translation the wonderful messianic Jewish translation that we distribute that I was a part of that translation team. But if you love the King James get your copy of the modern English version, we have a special resource offers frequent buyer pay the postage.

It's a great slimline edition pay the postage and send you my DVD testimony, LSD, pH to go to the website ask Dr. Brown's or Gaius Casey around overtaking management videos to it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution generated a line of fire now by calling 866343. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us today on the fire this day, this Tuesday is Thursday say what I mean, it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday. On Tuesday you be enjoying my guest host Dr. Frank Turek tomorrow and Thursday, so Wednesday and Thursday of this week I'm in Sydney Australia right now that it would take her calls but catching up on the news sharing what's happening here and transforming our Tuesday broadcast into thoroughly Jewish Thursday because I don't want to miss Thursday broadcast with you and with my guest host filling in for one of the make sure that we had a Jewish day this week's were doing it today on Tuesday soaked here in Sydney, Australia earlier today really a delightful delightful meeting as I'm speaking at a conference. It's a small gathering of leaders especially from New Zealand and Australia. There may be some other places represented that they are involved in Jewish ministry are Jewish outreach in particular and heard a great testimony from an Israeli man. He got saved while backpacking through New Zealand many years ago.

Israelis are very adventurous Israelis travel around the world and the time that most of them in particular will travel out is when they finish serving in the military.

All women must serve for two years men for three years. There are certain exemptions of religious Jews will have to serve and things like that. Although this continual battle over that in the government, but basically everybody serves in the military so they do that before going to college so many of them when they finish the military.

They then while traveling and then they'll come and do their college or the military, then college and then travel but especially in the in the 20s early to mid 20s that there traveling around the world and they like to go to places where they can backpack there's a large number of Israelis that go to places like Nepal, often on spiritual quests and seeking and things like that and New Zealand and Australia or English speaking countries that are suitable for backpacking adventures and hence many Israelis will go there so this brother has a great ministry and what he does this he works with Christians all over the country. Now they've expanded into Australia and he he works together with them and gets Christian homes where they will open up their homes to Israelis and the Israeli stay with them. Israelis are also very social people.

So most are happy they can save money because a lot of them are young and don't have a lot of money, they got a fly in travel and make the rounds these different places so that they stay in these homes basically for free or the absolute minimum minimum charge or something like that and they just get to be around Christians and these Christians just do what they do.

They just live on their just genuine. They're just authentic.

They just live out who Jesus is. They welcome the man they don't ask anything from the require anything from them. I don't know how long they stay, but some will stay longer than others, and this way they don't have to pay for hotel and accommodations and why you do this over Christians and we love the Jewish people were Christians and we love Israel.

It's a great ministry. It's a great way to expose young seeking Israelis young open Israelis to Christian love again it's it's believers doing what believers do.

It's not putting on an active start putting on a show.

It's being who they are just like years ago the late 70s early 80s the church I was part of we we all most all of us. The Carnation open our home to take refugees in and out from Southeast Asia. Why because we heard there was a terrible lead and and they were they they fled as as Vietnam fell when America pulled out they fled. They were living in refugee camps of suffered terribly maybe half of them died at sea.

The boat people crisis is a scape and they were in refugee camps until they can get sponsors so we heard about this.

Our pastor said for him to do something.

We did discuss with Chris. Some of them live with us for years has refilled refugees we had more refugees is in the home and heads all family like his use of what a great ministry. What a great opportunity to join Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott Melvin for a unique behind the scenes tour of Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017. Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner for color office at 704782370 for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Psalm 126 this is a Psalm with some very familiar words in it and and as I read from this you her ad for Israel again. I really hope you can join us. I been thinking more more about this trip as I'm in Sydney Australia at the special meetings of been preaching some churches and in doing some of the teaching assistant Jewish lectures and talks and and now meeting with with the Jewish believers and others who are involved in Jewish outreach expression.

Australia and New Zealand smother some of the parts of the world as well.

And the more I think about being back in Israel memo that my heart is beating. I'm excited about it.

And as as I said this, we've announced the trip and again were doing thoroughly Jewish Thursday. On Tuesday of this week.

When I announce our first tour. I was excited about it but I'm really careful about your money know and we urge you to give and support us. We are super frugal. We are super careful with funds when we have special resource officer always looking for the best way to get things into your hands and when I saw the price of the train. It was a good price, but I hadn't let it tour myself.

I knew people would be impacted. But I didn't realize the level to which the be impacted until we went and and then once we went and I started adding up the great price. The accommodations were better than I was expecting the meals better than expecting the be the fullness of the tour better than I was expecting people impacted more than I was expecting that when I looked what others were charging other major ministries. This is a great deal.

I thought if we do this account can be even more enthusiastic about it.

So if if if funds are the big issue.

Pray that the Lord would make the way and they get your down payment and and you will not be disappointed. February 25 to March 6 of next year.

And you know how time flies.

Before you know it will be on that bus together before you know it will be sanity of Mount Carmel and I'll be doing a talk about a logical and out fire from heaven will be what will be the river Jordan, you know, will the sea of Galilee. So, or you'll be sitting on a radio broadcast undoing from Israel so pray with us and join us if you can.

All the information that asked Dr. soul. Psalm 126 song of assent so as they would as they would go up make the win pilgrimage up to the city of Jerusalem. The song would be sung when the Lord restores the fortunes of Zion, we see it is in a dream amount shall be filled with laughter.

Our tongues with songs of joy. Then they shall say among the nations. The Lord has done great things for them.

The Lord will do great things for us.

We shall rejoice, restore fortunes, a Lord like watercourses in a negative. They do so in tears shall reap the songs of joy he goes along. Weeping carrying the seed bag. He shall come back with songs of joy carrying his sheaves. I spoke about that passage briefly last night in our meeting here in Sydney, Australia, and I was talked about having a greater burden for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

You know we can. Those restaurants are sports the home team loses, it may be rooting for Golden State AA against Cleveland and and Golden State loses a close game and they they end up with the greatest season in NBA history. Regular season, but then they lose in the playoffs and that they lose the seventh game at home and that was three straight games. The first time that happened in the finals of the team came back from 3 to 10 so close of the just a few shots and all you might be so upset and it almost hurts I've ever had that habit have had that happen was sports in the past, but really it's not right, Mrs. It's just a game.

Ultimately it's just a game. There other things that that merit that kind of Panama saying you're wrong you're sending. If you get into sports that much of just saying it doesn't really make sense. It's just a game for us to get into it so emotionally and yet we can we can be so gripped with that. Are there other things that get our attention to your interview watch and some fictional series on TV and and if something terrible happens in your heart broken. It's just a fictional series. We should really be burden is for souls. We should really be burden is for people who don't know the Lord and Paul was so burdened for the salvation of his people Israel. They said in Romans nine that he had continual sorrow yet unceasing anguish is that I I'm I'm telling you the truth I made EEE made is clear. As he possibly could. I'm telling you the absolute truth without any exaggeration. I am continually in pain us on ceasing anguish and sorrow for my people, for I wish them to be saved.

I would rather not have that pain. To be candid with you. I would rather not have that burden. I would rather not have that grief. I would rather not rather be happy-go-lucky. I'd rather skip my way through the day.

I I'd rather it is time to to dance, and a time to rejoice. I'd like that to be all the time. I will unwanted time to mourn the minutes that's just my human nature. Jesus said the Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. In Psalm 126. Speaking from the point of view of the exiles in an Babylon either.

When the Lord brought them back to the land.

So when the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, then, that we were like those who dream your mouths were filled with laughter or when the Lord does restore then this is our response in that very Psalm it says those who sow in tears shall reap the songs of joy there goes along, weeping, carrying the seatback he shall come back with songs of joy carrying his sheaves and I wondered over the years. I read that passage I think about it that I forget to study it.

I wonder why.

Why would someone sow seeds, weeping. Why would you be sowing seeds weeping other could be any number of reasons. One rabbinic interpretation says in speaking figuratively of of Israel during works of righteousness sowing seeds of of of righteousness and good deeds while in Babylonian captivity. They did with tears of another commentator said no it's it's speaking about when the exiles returned when they return from captivity and they were selling their seed that the land was so parched and and it seemed that there is no possible way that they could reap a harvest from this land that hadn't been worked or plowed or used for decades and now they're there trying to get usable again so it's it's a tedious and seems so hopeless, so they would. So with tears that could be united also. So with tears because you remember what you lost you so with tears because remember the way it used to be and set like that anymore there any number of reasons, potentially, but what's clear is, those who so with tears, reap with joy and and that those of us who carry a burden for souls, those of us are overburdened to pray for the lost over those of us who carry a burden for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. As we so with tears. We will reap with joy and a kind take candidly what breaks my heart more than anything in Jewish ministry it it's I grieve for lost Jewish people that are secular that are worldly that are pursuing the flesh that are pursuing other religions and faiths that are completely departed from Judaism. Though there may be gonorrhea Buddhism or Hinduism or things like that or the secular world. The Jews that are as carnal as anybody else. I I grieve for that. Remember our first trip in Israel. We drove down this one area tour shock it was red light district in prostitution is a real problem. An issue with that is real. I grieve over those things. But what breaks my heart.

The most is being with religious Jews look there are hypocrites just like the hypocrites in the church. The hypocrites in the synagogue, but there are many who are deeply sincere. As Paul spoke of having a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge, deeply devoted from the moment they wake up in the morning to the moment they fall asleep at night, as Jews wanting to please God and and praying prayers that would tear at your heart and prayers with beautiful words for the for the redemption of Israel and asking God for mercy and asking God to send the Messiah on the Time to assure the store. The signal do it in the next segment, but many years ago while living on Long Island and probably my late 20s early 30s reading through the Hebrew prayer book.

I was just so struck for my people and among the religious Jews have a whole chapter in my book, our hands are stained with blood, which came out in 1992 is been friends ever since. So near and yet so far so near yet so far.

My prayer is that God would break your heart burden the lost sheep of the house of Israel and together great great joy will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back fire. Michael Brown anyway from Sydney Australia doing thoroughly Jewish Thursday on Tuesday that doesn't confuse your equilibrium from the week I want to share a story with you on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday. On Tuesday I'm sure at one point or another must've shared this on the I don't remember when but I want to share with you again just to give you some of my heart for my people and and I believe that when Paul said in Romans one that the gospel is to the Jew first and also to the Greek that remains consort that it should always be the burden of God's people to bring the gospel message to the Jewish people. After all, it is the message of their Messiah and their God, and pulses, in Romans 11. It's true the natural olive branches in his figure of speech there. Romans 11 they were cut off, and in place branches from from a wild olive tree, were grafted in the Gentiles for a while paltry work were grafted in, as opposed to coming from that the natural a cultivated olive tree.

The Jewish branches but then he said, but if you can be grafted in Gentiles. How much more readily will they be grafted back into their own tree so to the extent that we preach the message of the Jewish Messiah true to biblical form that's something that's very natural for Jewish people to turn to. That's what Paul writes and it's just a divine priority to the Jew first and therefore encourage every church, every ministry to be praying for the salvation of Israel to be involved in in witnessing and reaching out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel to be supporting those of us who are on the front lines of reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel. I believe this is very dear to God's heart, and you civil what's the advantage well, aside from being obedient to God and also saying hey you receive grace from the Jewish Messiah.

Let's give grace back to the Jewish people as remember also that according to Paul in Romans 11 Israel salvation will be in life from the dead that Israel salvation is critically important for the salvation of the world and for the return of the Messiah, but perhaps the story also help you grow in your burden for the lost sheep of the house of Israel was in October 1988 I was doing the Jewish outreach in Cleveland together with you Cleveland that that when the NBA championship. That same Cleveland I was doing and outreach in Cleveland with Israel's hopes up all over March Penske when they blocked the famous messianic Jewish worship group and they were going to leading worship and I was gonna preach and the goal was to reach out to Jewish people. Now that the meetings were held in a building that was an open to the public building to be rented for different occasions of pretty big building maybe see the thousand people something like that but it usually is synagogue and when Paul Wilbur been a boy living in Cleveland. That's the synagogue that he went to so they ministered music and then I preached in the Saturday night meeting when the meeting was going on. It was now after Shabbat. It was the fall it was 1988 so it was it was after Sabbath so that meant that religious Jews if they wanted to come in and we got word out. Somehow they knew about the meetings so next thing as I'm preaching of these religious Jewish men and men with with the long beards and black hats and coats. They start coming into the meeting, so I preach my heart out and I gave an altar call for people to respond and then those in need of healing or touch from God I lay hands on them and the Holy Spirit was visibly touching people in there were religious Jews up there watching. They wanted to see what what Star Trek or how we doing this and it was it was absolutely amazing opportunity to minister in the presence of the spirit will they then started challenging me know what you doing in here. You should be with our people.

This is that we belong to Buehler people so I went outside the meeting as as other things were still going on inside the building and that the night was over for his first ministry.

I went outside the building here in in in Cleveland. Out here they are in Cleveland, I should say I go outside and they are now starting to gather in do a post Shabbat service modes, a Shabbat service and lighting candles and some of the they started letting scandals. There were police outside this monitor what was going on and some react what was going on since this is just the traditional service to doing that's all. And then a group of them started dancing in a circle and seldom said why you should dance with us. Don't you don't want to be with these guys with these Christians you should be with us, you should dance with us so I thought dance with my people. Why not so II go down the steps of the synagogue, the former synagogue and were arm in arm and were circle dancing and picture.

This may only Jewish ministry and some of the guys are challenging me will. Who is this what you know, that was one of this one said it was to see how much I knew about Hebrew or about the Hebrew Scriptures are about the rabbinic commentators and things like that and that's evidence, while scene but I was always for the young man there 1988 with 33 years old, but we were dancing and dancing and one by one they were getting tired and dropping out another would join in and I just had this supernatural energy and I was challenging, where's your zeal for God lets Dan Stegall wear sparsely for your zeal for God subbing this one on for a while and then that this the circle broke up that the dancing broke up and they began to pray and there we are on the streets. Okay, it's evening's October evening were standing on the streets outside this building and they began to to lift their hands to the heavens and say all God send Michiana Hebrew way of saying Messiah all God send Michiana now send Michiana now and I'm standing right with them and I start yelling all God show them that Michelle Chris come yes Lord send Michiana again send Michiana again and they start yelling. No, not that Michiana 30 Michiana collapsing got open their eyes to see the issue is the real Michelle have her were crying out to heaven side-by-side, and I and talking to some of the rabbis there late you know I member my features, get frozen cold is it was getting late. We just outside for long time I got back to my room and my heart was just torrent. All it was torn is here I was with these sincere Jews crying out for Messiah convinced that Jesus wasn't the Messiah could be the Messiah. Any anyone but him almost the end.

My heart was just torrent and broken old for the lost sheep of the house of Israel to be save what would you join me in praying for the salvation of the Jewish people.

Would you join me in praying for fruitful efforts as we reach out and for more and more doors to open them. If you're unable to support us, which you pray for support which you pray for provision. If you're unable to support us yourselves financially. Would you pray for divine provision to reach out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. There are many programs you want to implement. We have so many materials we want to get out more, especially in Israel, especially Hebrew. We can do it with your help to partner with us, go to my website. Asked Dr. Brown AES Kd are Click on donate your gift of any size.

We will specifically use for Jewish ministry would be a great blessing to us and to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

If you're unable to partner with us, please pray. I sure this more for prayer support and anything else and ask God to share his heart with you for the salvation of his people is remember to check out our special resource for the MDV Bible for online Bible with free DVDs like testimony, my bottom line. Yes you should have a burden to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. It's something that Jesus the Messiah carries to this

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