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You Heard It Taught, But Is It Really True?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 15, 2023 4:40 pm

You Heard It Taught, But Is It Really True?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Well, you may have heard the Bible said such and such, or you heard this once, but is it really true? It's time for The Line of Fire with your host, biblical scholar and cultural commentator, Dr. Michael Brown, your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on The Line of Fire. And now, here's your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Hey friends, welcome to The Line of Fire.

This is Michael Brown. As you are listening to this broadcast, I should be in flight to Israel, getting to the land a day before our tour group. In fact, with a special meeting set up, I hope to be able to tell you more about that in the next couple of days. A special meeting set up with some Jewish seekers the first night that I arrive before the tour group arrives. But if you're listening to this live on Monday, then just pray.

Pray for grace on travel, for all to go smoothly for our tour group coming over, and perhaps a future time you can join us in the land as well. All right, so I solicited some questions on Facebook, our Ask Dr. Brown page, ASKDR Brown, on Facebook. I solicited some questions saying, hey, maybe you've heard something. I heard this is true. But is it really true? Is it really accurate? So I'm going to answer a lot of these questions today on the broadcast.

I just want to do something special. I thought you would find it enjoyable. All right, Johnny asked this. I've heard that there is a Jewish custom that women were not allowed to cut their hair, and that that is reflected in 1 Corinthians 11.6. Is this true? I'm not aware of an ancient Jewish custom that women were not allowed to cut their hair. It was normal for women to not cut their hair. It was cultural for women to have long hair. What Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians 11 and a woman's hair being her glory, it was not just something in the city of Corinth that was fairly normal in the ancient world. And even if you think of it to this day, male pattern baldness is something that we're used to with men and is not exceptional. But with women, it's more of a shameful thing.

If women had severe baldness, then that would be the kind of thing that they'd be more inclined to wear a wig or something like that, just in our culture, generally speaking. So that being said, I am not aware of ancient Jewish law that is reflected in 1 Corinthians 11 saying that a woman was not allowed to cut her hair. Cynthia, I heard someone say that Adam and Eve went to hell. Is this true?

On what basis could someone say that? How would they know? You're reading the same Bible that I'm reading, and it simply doesn't tell us their fate. It doesn't tell us what happens to them after they're driven from the garden.

It doesn't say a word. It gives us no indication either way. So we simply do not know what happened to Adam and Eve. You could speculate all you want, but we simply do not know. And if we don't know, why spend all our time speculating? All right, now some people are just posting general questions, but I'm not answering just general questions.

It's specifically, hey, I've heard this. Is it true? Well, we're doing our best to separate fact from fiction. Theodore, why do Jews determine Jewishness matrilineally when the Bible always determines things patrilineally? This is established in the table of nations in the book of Numbers.

Okay, I just said I wasn't going to answer general questions like this, but since I read it, I'll answer it. Judaism bases the teaching that Jewish descent is through the mother, primarily based on the passages in Ezra 9 and 10 where the Israelites returning from the Babylonian exile had intermarried with pagan women, and the women and their children were sent away based on which it was understood that because the marriage through the woman was not valid, then the child was not a legitimate Israelite. It would be one thing if the women had become like Ruth, had become converts to Judaism, converts of the ancient Israelite faith, and were practicing that. But that not being the case, then they were just considered women of the foreign nations. There was not to be intermarriage with the women of the foreign nations, and that would be an indication then that things would be traced through the mother in terms of descent. So genealogy would be a different issue. We have the daughters of Tzilafchag, so as long as there was an inheritance tying in with genealogy, as long as the women married within their tribe, then the inheritance could be passed through the women. So in terms of inheritance and genealogy would work like that, but in terms of Jewishness, descent, that's one of the main passages that has been used by rabbinic tradition.

Let's see here. Jesse has heard about Jewish wedding customs during the time of Christ and how they would relate to the wedding parables in relation to the Lord's end time return. For instance, Jesse said, I've heard the pre-tribulation rapture proponents said that the bridegroom taking away the five wise virgins to the wedding feast and leaving the five foolish virgins behind me is the secret pre-tribulation rapture. Number one, with all respect to my pre-trib friends who love the Lord and look forward to the return of Jesus, I've often heard all these alleged marriage customs, Jewish marriage customs, from the first century that really tie in with the pre-trib rapture view in so many different ways. In point of fact, I am not aware having studied this and researched that any of those alleged customs actually existed in the first century. So I hate to rain on somebody's parade there, but when people come in and say, oh, there's this, it's amazing, and this happened, and this happened, and this happened, I said, just show me the sources.

Show me the sources that can verifiably be dated or most likely dated to the first century. That's the first problem. Specifically here, though, in no way would the parable in Matthew 25 point towards a pre-trib rapture because in point of fact, you could argue it points to a post-trib rapture.

Why? Because the 10 virgins go out to meet the bridegroom as he comes in. He's not turning around and going back to where he started, is he? So the pre-trib rapture would have Jesus come down from heaven and then turn around and bring us back to heaven as opposed to what scripture teaches that we meet him in the air as he's coming back, right, there's only one second coming, as he's coming back and escort him back to the earth together. So here we would escort him to the wedding. And when does the wedding feast take place?

When the kingdom of God is beautifully and gloriously established on the earth. All right, let's see here. Okay, no, that's just, all right, there we go. John. I heard there were three Isaiahs who helped write Isaiah, two Jeremiahs, and at least two Daniels, and I don't like that, lol. Do the Hebrew scholars believe this to any degree? Generally speaking, if you are a critical scholar, liberal scholar, non-conservative scholar, then you are much more inclined to believe that there are multiple authors involved with different books of the Bible, that there are multiple authors over a period of centuries that wrote the Pentateuch, that there were three primary Isaiahs divided into Isaiah 1-39, Isaiah 40-55, Isaiah 56-66.

So first, second, third Isaiah, or sometimes the second and third would be called Deutro and Trito, Isaiah. You might find different Zechariahs, etc., several different hands in Jeremiah. In other words, a critical scholar is not being primarily moved by the attribution that you find in Scripture. If Scripture says Moses wrote, then we accept Moses wrote, unless we had categorical reason to not accept it, in which case we would question what's in Scripture. But we have good reason to believe if it says Moses wrote, then Moses wrote.

Now, we don't know categorically that every word in the book of Isaiah was written by the prophet Isaiah. We know that we have this book, and all forms of the book are one book. Going back to Qumran, the Dead Sea Scrolls, which will be later on our trip here in Israel. Again, if you're just tuning in, I should be traveling to Israel as you are listening to today's broadcast.

So this is pre-recorded with some of the interesting questions I thought you'd enjoy answers to. So we only have one book of Isaiah in history. In Qumran, when you have the Great Scroll, the Isaiah Scroll, it's just one book.

That's all we have. And through history, there was only one Isaiah that the book was attributed to. You say, well, why do scholars think that there were multiple Isaiahs?

Well, one reason is that you have material leading up to the Babylonian exile at the end of the 39th chapter, and then you have material about the release from the Babylonian exile, which takes place many years later. So the question would be, well, obviously Isaiah didn't live that long to prophesy the exile and then to be alive to say it's time to return from exile. So people say, well, why couldn't he have prophesied in advance? No problem if he prophesied in advance because he was inspired by the Spirit. Critical scholars don't believe in that kind of prophecy. Others would say, well, the vocabulary is different, there are shifts. Some would say over a period of decades, vocabulary could shift or style could be different.

Shift or style could require it. I would say it's most likely that there was the great prophet Isaiah, which is why we don't know in history about anybody else attributed to the book. In other words, there's nobody else. We don't know who the so-called second Isaiah or third Isaiah are, right? All we know is that the book's attributed to Isaiah who lived in the eighth century, seventh century BC. So my understanding would be that he prophesied these things and that the prophecies were then transmitted later through his disciples who may have received additional prophetic insight that was added to it.

But the various views of critical scholars are based often on presuppositions, brilliant scholarship, but often based on presuppositions. So don't let this trouble you. Josh, I've heard from numerous messianic circles that in Mark 1472, it was not a rooster which crowed after Peter's betrayal, but that is a Hebraic idiom for a temple crier. Any truth to this to your knowledge?

To my knowledge, no. To my knowledge, there is no truth that when Jesus spoke about the rooster crowing, it was actually an idiom for the temple crier crying out at a certain time of the night or morning. I find no substantiation for that in the original Jewish sources or in solid academic literature. You say, yeah, yeah, but Jewish teaching at that time said that you couldn't raise a chicken or rooster in Jerusalem. You do have a source from some decades later that does say that and it could refer to first century tradition. There are other Jewish sources, equally authoritative, that speak about you couldn't raise a chicken or rooster in a particular dung heap. In other words, there are places you could raise them but not in other places. And there are other references to rooster crowing in contemporary literature roughly of that time. So I find no basis for that whatsoever. I do not find it historically anachronistic meaning that it's out of place, out of time to say that there are roosters crowing in Jerusalem.

And hey, there could have been Romans with roosters as well. All right, we come back. I want to share an exciting opportunity with you to bless the city in America that is in real need and we can partner together to make that happen.

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Pray for wisdom to find that one thing in life that you can drop to achieve more balance in your schedule and more peace of mind in life. You are listening to The Truth Network. It's the Line of Fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Get on the Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us on the Line of Fire. Michael Brown as we listen I should be in flight to Israel and God willing tomorrow night I'm going to be being a special Q&A meeting with few seekers who have come from very very religious backgrounds and are in various parts of their journey. I can't wait for that so let me just think that'll be oh when should that be happening?

That should be happening kind of like early afternoon eastern time on Tuesday. So do pray and I hope to give you some updates on what happens with that and then the tour group will be arriving oh when's that I guess the next day later that day anyway those that are traveling can't wait to see it in the land. All right I just want to share a really neat opportunity with you. You know that the Lord has given us a mandate now to blanket America with the Line of Fire broadcast to get this voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity out to the nation. We know it is for such a time as this and listen I thank God for all the wonderful ministries that are out on radio for the many voices that God has raised up. I know also that God has given us a very specific purpose at this tremendously critical time in American history to blanket the nation with this message bringing grace and truth together. This message which will not get your blood boiling unless we also get your faith rising. Friends we have an amazing opportunity now. The door has opened and next Monday we launch in a massive station that blankets the city of Washington the city of Chicago.

Yeah Chicago the the number one homicide city in America. It is our time to come alongside the believers there to infuse them with faith and strength and courage to say hey you are not alone we are standing with you. You've got a lot more opposition there.

You've got a lot more governmental opposition. You've got a lot more spiritual opposition and we are here with you and we want to help articulate the issues and we want to stand with you. I was at Liberty University for the graduation of our granddaughter Eliana with family last week and the last morning Saturday morning before we headed back went to get a meal together and there was a pastor with his family that had come to visit me once at our studio in North Carolina and afterwards he came over to our family and said to to my wife Nancy hey he speaking of me he's a hero to me and that blessed me and I'm saying that not just that he listened but that that somehow the stands we'd taken and the way that we had done it had brought inspiration and encouragement to him. We hear from many pastors and leaders and I'm humbled by that and grateful to God for it.

So I just want to present this special opportunity for you. We have been given additional matching funds. We're up to about fifty thousand dollars in matching fund grants that if you donate a dollar it becomes two. If you donate ten it becomes twenty. If you donate a thousand it becomes two thousand and we're raising funds now to help serve the city of Chicago and blanket Chicago with the line of fire.

Over time, God willing, each station pays for itself but we have to birth it and we want to do this together. So I want to give you this opportunity. You know where a hundred percent of the money is going but your donation this month will be doubled.

All right. We received an extra gift to go in the matching funds account which really really blessed us. So this is to bless Chicago. If you'd like to stand with us you can call this number eight hundred five three eight fifty two seventy five.

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Just click on give or donate and then this would be a one-time gift and you can just say matching funds or just put Chicago in the note and it will be used for those purposes and I can't wait to give you the reports and can't wait to launch next week. Friends we're making an impact. Hearts are being opened. Eyes are being opened. Encouragement is spreading. Faith is rising.

Hope is rising. I made a comment on the air that I'm not just some smiling life coach and a life coach said hey I'm a Christian life coach and it's more than that. Oh I fully understand that. There is a place for life coaches and I would love to have someone just training with me on a regular basis and okay you can do better push harder here do this and that and you know etc etc. By all means what I what I was saying was that there are some preachers of the gospel who seem to be no more than life coaches. In other words they are they are not bringing the rest of the message of the gospel so when I talk about hope rising faith rising it's not empty.

It's not just oh happy day everything's good everything's great everybody smile and I know that good life coaches do more than that as well. So hear me friends together we are making a difference. The radio revolution is taking ground is changing hearts is changing minds and you are a part of it.

You say boy I'd love to give I'm just not able. Hey pray just pray pray for God to work supernaturally pray for for lives to be touched pray for funds to be multiplied because hey in just what a six-week period we launched in Phoenix we launched in Dallas we launched in Chicago and we're talking about massively increasing our potential listening audience by millions in a very short period of time and friend you are part of it you are part of it. Okay let me go over here um Jadon is Messiah supposed to be anointed with oil? Mashiach means anointed one and originally it would have spoken of someone anointed with oil like the king or the high priest however the Messiah is understood to be someone anointed by God even anointed by the spirit as in Isaiah 61.1 here so hear the word Mashiach right from the root Mashiach I'm going to quote Isaiah 61.1 in Hebrew ruach Adonai Elohim alai yahan Mashiach did you hear it Mashiach Adonai ot levaser anavim the spirit of the Lord God is on me because the Lord has anointed me Mashiach anointed me to preach good news to the meek to the poor so the Messiah will be anointed by God it is not important for him to be anointed with oil in that same way. Matthew I've heard it argued that since we're saved by faith in faith alone then we don't have to be baptized the idea presented was that this would be adding to salvation is this true possible does this argument have any legs well we know that baptism is required we know that baptism is not an option right so the same God who saves us by faith requires baptism look at it like this salvation actually saves it doesn't just forgive sin and give us a ticket to heaven it takes us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light it takes us from the kingdom of satan into the kingdom of God it takes us from wicked and guilty to declared righteous and justified and it changes our being. Hey friends this is Dr. Michael Brown I want to invite you to join our support team make an investment of one dollar a day that will absolutely last forever you know the Lord has given us a holy mandate to blanket America with the line of fire broadcast and on a regular basis we hear from folks writing in Dr. Brown I used to be a practicing homosexual I listened to I heard grace and truth together I was changed we hear from pastors who say thank you for speaking with compassion but giving us backbone and courage and we know across America so many believers are getting healthy and strong through listening to the broadcast through listening to these messages as we we tackle the controversies the most difficult issues of the day we even hear from former Muslims who've come to faith from Jewish people who now believe in Jesus Yeshua the Messiah through this broadcast and our resources so join our support team one dollar or more per day makes you an official torch bearer immediately you 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line of fire with your host dr michael brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is dr michael brown thank you for joining us today on the line of fire michael brown here to bring encouragement strength faith truth friends if you love god everything will be all right if you love god you are really set on honoring him and pleasing him no matter what comes your way however difficult however disastrous however horrible god will turn it for good in this world or in the world to come he is a redeemer just wanted to encourage you with that all right i'm not taking calls today as this is a travel day to israel and you say israel i want to go god willing a couple years from now we plan to go again but we'll see we shall see if it's more frequent we shall see what happens with our joining together with the land and bringing you over with us but i'm answering questions where people said i've heard this is it true so this one certainly ties in as i'm traveling to israel i've heard many conspiracies that zionists are evil and trying to take control the zionists really exist i've also heard that there are real plans to rebuild the temple is that true i personally don't think the temple will ever be rebuilt you know regarding the rebuilding of the temple i believe scripture does point to a third temple being built before jesus returns i'm not dogmatic on it but i do believe that a number of passages clearly point in that direction again i'm not dogmatic over it i don't focus on it it's not a major thing that i look for nonetheless i do believe scripture does point to that that's number one number two within israel your average israeli doesn't think about it at all they're very very religious maybe 15 of the population they're expecting messiah to do that when he is revealed that's one way they'll know he's the messiah that he rebuilds the temple uh however there is a a small minority of religious jews and they work closely some of them with evangelical christians and they are planning for the rebuilding of the temple they they have manufactured they've they've made the various items for the temple according to the specifications as best as they understand them they have training for priests to perform the rituals at the at the time when the temple is rebuilt so there there is a small group but you get you get an impression because of evangelical christian interest that it's bigger than it really is certainly within israel that would not be the case uh as for zionists a zionist simply means someone who believes that israel is the homeland of the jewish people now there can be territorial disputes whether they'll be a palestinian state or not whether you know what what part of the land should be in israel's hand today but it's simply to say that this physical land of israel is the homeland of the jewish people so i'm a zionist i believe god is a zionist because he's the one who brought our people back to the land after almost 2 000 years of exile from the land in terms of on a national level yes there are all kinds of lies about evil israel evil zionists evil jews trying to take over the world etc those are simply evil lies period but as long as human beings exist on the planet there will be lies spoken about israel and the jewish people why because god chose to work through israel to save the world so through israel through moses through the prophets through the messiah himself from israel through the jewish apostles and then the messiah returning to israel because of these things satan will always hate the jewish people and seek to wipe the jewish people out because jesus is coming back to a jewish jerusalem it makes perfect sense that satan would want to do his best to keep jewish people out of jerusalem to keep jewish people away from jesus above all um all right this is not quite i've heard this but i'll i'll respond this is tish dr brown i've asked both candace owens and ali stuckey in their comment sections to have you on their show to discuss calvinism maybe you can contact them to see if they're open to it ali has a program called relatable and candace is with the daily wire at which candace has showed tonight where she had her husband and ali on debating calvinism catholicism and protestantism god bless hey these folks probably know who i am and if they're looking for someone they know where to find me or if they don't know who i am they got plenty of other people to go to but i appreciate you reaching out i wrote about 50 articles for daily wire last year they reached out to me asked me to write a few specialized articles and those became many over a period of months and i know some of the folks that that work at daily wired or that run daily wire but i've never met candace and again i don't i she may know who i am may not i assume she doesn't ali stuckey don't know in any case there there are plenty of good folks they can get on the air and if they want to find me they know where to look me up all right um jim i always thought that noah took a hundred to 120 years to build the ark but i just heard one bible teacher say it actually only took noah five years how can we know well certainly the bible does not say it took five years there's absolutely no question that nothing in the bible says it took noah five years you could try to deduce it from these told this today there's just nothing in the bible that says five years so where do we get the idea 120 years well in genesis 6 god says of mankind because of human sin that his days will be only 120 years so does that mean that the lifespan will be shortened from what it was of human beings right you know noah being 600 at this time others living into the 900s etc like adam and methuselah so does it mean that the lifespan will be shortened to 120 which is how long moses lived right then ultimately to 70 or or 80 years as in psalm 90 uh does it mean that or does it mean that human beings will have 120 years to repent while noah's building the ark and that's why some people think that the the ark was being built for 120 years we do not know for sure how long it took to build the ark that's that's a fact dr brown you're crushing all we don't know for sure hey i know sometimes we get emotionally attached to things because we heard them as stories when we were kids or we heard a powerful sermon on it from you know a pastor and pastor and it made an indelible impression on it but these these are secondary things they're things we just don't need to get upset about all right so so we don't know joshua i've heard that modern day arabs are descendants of ishmael but never been sure if it's actually true well not all modern day arabs would be descendants of ishmael uh things are much broader than that but certainly some modern day arabs would be descendants of ishmael now muslims will often point to ishmael as the father of islam and say that he was the chosen son not isaac and say that muhammad was a descendant of ishmael now i was given material by some christian apologists who debate muslims to show that even within islam there are islamic scholars who say that uh that muhammad was not a descendant of ishmael this is a separate question here i did not get into it in my march 20th debate with zakir hussein made passing reference to it simply because i was not going to debate quran or islamic tradition with a muslim who specialized in this when i don't specialize in it you need to know what battles to fight and that's why when i'd been challenged by this islamic apologist for years to debate me i said well let's find a subject that we can agree on in other words if you want to debate me about the quran that's not my field right i mean i debate people in my field and crush them if it's not their field and vice versa they'll crush me if it's not my field so uh or at least won't do as well as i could do if it was my field so i didn't bring this up in the debate at all but in point of fact in point of fact there is debate even within islam about whether muhammad actually descended from ishmael which was a separate question um and joshua also that the genealogy at the beginning of genesis is not referring to actual ages when it says people live 500 years 500 plus years curious if that is true there's even a way to find out uh joshua check out my show from let's see thursday of last week where i answered hebrew questions i believe probably the second half of the show when i answered a related question from pastor mike winger all right aaron i've heard that hebrew has a specific tense that supposedly says anytime you see in the bible where it says god did something negative that in hebrew it says god allows it to take place just from our own reading of scriptures in context alone i've come to the conclusion that's not true like jesus said fear him or after he's killed has power to cast into hell this is what a handful of popular charismatic teachers were teaching in the word of faith and certain groups that taught only on grace about 10 years ago i'm a charismatic but i run into this teaching still in my own circles every once in a while bottom line is there some hebrew tense and hebrew words that indicates causative verses allowing something to take place number one this idea that when the hebrew bible says that god smote or god judged or for example deuteronomy 32 39 see that i alone am he i kill i make alive i wound i heal that when it says i kill it means i permit to be killed or when it says i wound i allow to be wound to be wounded or when god says i will send these plagues on you on these judgments on you it actually means i will allow them to be sent on you is that true no no no absolutely categorically n o capital n o exclamation points no the hebrew is explicit hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of verses where god says he's doing something he's doing it all right there are times when he works through an angel there are times when he allows things to happen but if he says he's doing it he's doing it and yes you're right to point to verses like matthew 10 28 in the new testament that speak of god having the power to cast and tell now of course people say yeah that's different but in this world see what happened was people teaching on divine healing which i believe in people teaching on divine healing said okay god is good therefore god doesn't bring judgment on anyone god would not send sickness or disaster god would not kill anyone because god is good so they overemphasize something they went too far with the truth especially in word of faith circles my first book compassionate father consuming fire which you get in a beautiful updated hardcover edition is one of two free books and you become a monthly supporter just a reminder for you but my first book compassionate father consuming fire who is the god the old testament was written specifically because my sister-in-law was studying at a word of faith school and this question came up and i and i ended up answering it writing and then turning into a book no no no by the way hebrew tense tense has to do with time so even the idea of a hebrew tense that's permissive is a misnomer they'd be speaking of a hebrew sense there is a causative form in hebrew i will cause you to do this right that's a separate thing a causative form i will cause you to do xyz right but absolutely clearly without doubt god takes full responsibility for what he does and in his goodness he sometimes brings judgments that are harsh and severe absolutely get rid of this idea that when god says he did it the hebrew means that he allowed it to be done that is absolutely not true put it to bed once you draw i'm paul bernetta board-certified doctor of holistic health and i want to introduce you to trivita's multi-collagen formula if there was ever a message i would want the world to hear it would be about the importance of supplementing the body with its most abundant 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wellness goals call 1-800-771-5584 800-771-5584 or online at as a trivita introductory offer use promo code brown25 and receive a 25% discount on the products of your choice that number again is 1-800-771-5584 800-771-5584 it's the line of fire with your host dr michael brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is dr michael brown all right we've got time for a few more of your questions as i travel to israel this day thanks for your prayer support on the trip on the tour that will really be a special time for everyone involved a lasting eternal impact that is our hope that is our desire as we go together to the land and it's also a time when believers from around the world are praying fasting for god's hand in israel for god's intervention above all we pray for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of israel that is one thing we can all agree on regardless of political or ideological or other theological differences we may have within the lord all right let me answer a few more things that were posted on facebook i heard this was true but is it joseph aramathea is mary's uncle i believe he fled to england where he was buried in a church forget about it there's no evidence that joseph aramathea was mary's uncle in terms of any definitive evidence or anything like that and he fled to england from israel to england in the first century and was buried in a church obviously a church subsequently lots of interesting traditions but in point of fact very little support for many of them okay let's see yeah all right so another another question about first century jewish traditions i'll read this one the proposed multiple correlations between first century jewish wedding customs and jesus return are constantly being referred to by our pre-trip friends however i've written to a few biblical history professors and those that wrote back say they know of no records related to these traditions so i addressed that in the first segment so once again i agree that when we're told oh there's this amazing scenario and it lines up with this and this and this and this and this and it confirms pre-trip rapture teaching i know of no first century sources that correlate with that in the jewish world is it true that no historical records of first century jewish wedding customs exist well you would have teachings that are preserved in jewish literature from centuries after that all right and many of those teachings in the mishnah and the talmud for example reflect traditions that would have been current in jesus day but otherwise yeah it's true you do not have all kinds of first century records saying this is how weddings were performed in the first century in galilee or in jerusalem or wherever wherever it was uh you have you don't have it preserved from the first century would be preserved several centuries later and and even then it could reflect things that did happen in jesus day but all the alleged ones i've heard from pre-trip teachers i just say where show me the sources well i read it online i heard it from this teacher no no no no no show me the early jewish sources um melissa i've heard that the vision peter had of the food coming down three times and god's saying not to call things unclean these cold clean was only meant to be a way to say gentiles mineral unclean but not also saying uh that these clean these foods were now clean that this is too far extended from the purpose of the vision and therefore keeping kosher food lords is still relevant to messianic jewish believers having been in most messianic congregations and mainstream christian churches there is a difference of opinion there so i'd love clarity if possible thanks okay so peter's vision in acts 10 clearly had a purpose which was not for peter to go out and start eating pig for example or lobster it was to recognize that gentiles were no longer considered unclean through the gospel now you have this already in mark 7 in matthew 15 where jesus explains that the food you eat doesn't defile you because it comes through your mouth and processes out of your system it's what comes out of your heart that defiles you these are the things that can make someone unclean and then he goes from there travels what maybe a 60-mile round trip on foot heals the the the daughter of a Canaanite woman and comes back that that was a first sign of saying that the food laws are symbolic all right but there's no evidence that peter read more into acts 10 than what was intended that he went out and now ate unclean food now you could absolutely argue based on what jesus said in in matthew 15 and mark 7 based on the principle all right that what goes in the mouth doesn't defile you spiritually you could make an argument that it was therefore understood that you could eat whatever food you needed for the gospel and you could argue that that's reaffirmed in first corinthians 8 and romans 14 and i would agree with that so i would i would say that doing gospel mission even if you live by kosher law as a jewish believer in jesus you say hey that's part of our heritage and and it's a reminder to me of my calling to be a covenant member of israel etc and the light to the nations and that's why i keep these or i just believe in the wisdom of god there must have been a good reason for it fine whatever whatever that might be the fact of the matter is that that you you would still have to know that if you are sitting eating with gentile believers right or or lost people and they serve you roasted pig you eat it you go ahead and eat it and you will not be defiled by eating it but uh acts 10 in and of itself is not about food laws it's about jew and gentile all right so i agree with messianic believers there however i do not believe that it is binding on jewish believers to observe the dietary laws of scripture let alone the rabbinic laws that were added in expanding this but if people feel called to do so then by all means let them do so um let's see joshua i've heard a lot of talk about the isaiah 62 prayer call coming from international house of prayer in kansas city have you addressed this absolutely absolutely you can watch my interview with pastor mike bickel where we discuss these very things in detail we did oh two whole segments just talking about the isaiah 62 prayer calling uh wanda have heard this from a messianic jew in jerusalem that shavuot is not celebrated so the feast of weeks pentecost is not celebrated on correct day per leviticus 23 15 and 16 after seven sabbaths then count 50 days which according to the verse would actually be a hundred days out forget it forget it nonsense it's it's 50 days the traditional jewish community recognizes that the messianic jewish community recognizes that even with its own dating the church recognizes that for get about it um sharon i've heard that jewish tradition regarding abortion is somewhat more liberal than the traditional christian view it is allowed in the early months under some circumstances and sometimes even encouraged uh yes that's it is correct that in jewish tradition the baby is not called a baby the the fetus is not called a baby or recognized as a child for until roughly roughly a month and a half in all right so it is not as strict to say that life begins with conception all right so that is true and it is also true that judaism historically has not made as many categorical anti-abortion statements as has church leaders from the early church fathers on equating it with with an act of murder all right uh murdering of the unborn so it is not as strong but religious jews are pro-life religious jews reject the liberal jewish culture which is pro-abortion just like the liberal christian culture pro-abortion meaning pro a woman's right to abort so yes there there is truth to what you heard there um matthew i heard that the word apostle was originally a title for a roman admiral that would be asked to aid in colonizing newly conquered territory i heard this taught on a couple occasions but couldn't find any real sources to confirm it interesting if it is true okay so the the greek word apostle is is the the greek equivalent of the hebrew shaliach which is simply someone sent on a mission all right so so the verb to send is or send on a mission is understood apostle is is the noun that relates to that verb and in that regard there's nothing really mysterious about it so when they were sent out the new testament believers were not sent out to colonize okay they they were not sent out to take over and colonize the way say a roman soldier or admiral might have been um so apostolos in greek does not have this this hidden meaning or something like that in terms of authority to take over now what i'm what i'm going to do is just read for a moment from the theological dictionary of cl speak he was a tremendous greek scholar this was originally in french then translated into english he simply says this adjective and noun derives from the verb apostolo send dispatch and like this verb it has a large variety of nuances that flow from the context from Herodotus on apostolos refers to the bearer of a message such as the herald sent by aliatis to melitis verus authorizes a delegation of jews to rome so a delegation is apostles in the plural the word means someone sent on a mission out of the country or an expedition or a group of colonists beginning in the fourth century however apostolos almost always refers to a naval expedition a fleet a transport ship and the papyri it is a technical term um the official papers ordering the shipment of grain by boat on the nile from the public grain of israel alexander the apostolos is a passport a safe conduct or so it could be paperwork as well okay so bottom line it could have had that meaning in the ancient greek world or the ancient roman world if the context was applicable follow in other words if someone was being sent to do that particular thing to colonize fine but that was not the inherent meaning so when the apostles are sent out you have to really draw from old testament imagery and then they're missing in the new testament hey friends one thing accompanying me to israel on this trip are my trivita supplements if you haven't checked them out it's a great way to add wellness to your life and help us spread the message of the line of fire so call 800-771-5584 for your free wellness consultation 800-771-5584 or go to use the code brown25 for your 25 discount and tell your friends if you enjoy another program powered by the truth network
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