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Because He Lives . . .

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 10, 2023 4:50 pm

Because He Lives . . .

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Well, yesterday we celebrated Resurrection Sunday. So what does it mean, because He lives?

What does it mean to you? It's time for The Line of Fire with your host, biblical scholar and cultural commentator, Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on The Line of Fire. And now, here's your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Thank you so much for joining us today on The Line of Fire.

Michael Brown, delighted as always to be with you. Here's the number to call 866-34-TRUTH, 866-348-7884. I'm going to open the phone lines today like I do on Friday. Anything of any subject you want to talk to me about, we will take some calls a little bit later in the show, but I'd like to put out a question for you. My goal today is to encourage you, to edify you, to build your faith, to strengthen you. Some days we're going to challenge you and stretch you. Some days we're really going to inform you in ways, wow, I didn't know that, didn't know that. And other times like today, I want to do my best to strengthen your faith, to encourage you in the Lord, to help you lead the life that He's called you to live in this world. I am here for you.

That's why we are on the air. So I want to ask a question of you, and then I want to answer it as well, but feel free to call in. Jesus rose from the dead. We celebrated that especially yesterday, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, in the midst of the Passover season, which is when Yeshua died for our sins and rose from the dead. It is a foundational truth of the gospel, the death and resurrection of Jesus are the center of our faith. What does that mean to you personally? Because He lives, what does that mean?

What difference does it make? Yes, we can give historical arguments for the resurrection of Jesus, and we can point to all the scriptures that speak of it and the foundational nature. And we can talk about the extraordinary miracle that took place as the Father, Son and Spirit worked together for the Son's resurrection, never to die again.

And just think of it. Satan knew that Jesus would try to rise from the dead, right? He understood. His eyes may have been blinded in certain ways to God's purposes. And here He is by killing Jesus, He is cooperating with and fulfilling the purposes of God. The devil is still under God in terms of, he may seek to do evil for His purposes, but God uses Satan's evil purposes for eternal good.

God can turn those things around. But think of it, all demonic power, all of Satan's power must have been concentrated on stopping the resurrection. Not only does Jesus rise from the dead, but Colossians 2 says that He made a public display of the forces of darkness. He made a public display before the universe, basically like with a hook in Satan's nose and the nose of demons in triumphal procession behind them.

Look, the triumph has come, victory has come. That's the picture that's being painted, I believe in Ephesians 4 as well, that He led captivity captive. So these are amazing themes in scripture, the power of the resurrection. What does it mean to you? What does it mean to me because He lives?

What's the significance of it? You know there's the famous saying, because He lives I can face tomorrow. I posted a question on Facebook yesterday, I believe while I was flying down to Dallas as those watching see I'm in our studio here at Christ for the Nations having a wonderful time as always with the amazing student body here. I just posted a question, what does the resurrection of Jesus mean to you on the S. Dr. Brown Facebook page and, oh let's see, at the moment we've got almost 300 responses. Now sometimes there'll be a captivating subject and you get hundreds and hundreds of responses and people interacting back and forth but to just answer a question like this I was pleased with the response and I just want to read some of what folks said the resurrection of Jesus means to them. Feel free to call in and I don't know if you've ever been in a church that did what was called scripture showers.

I was never in a church my home church that did it but I've been in places where that everybody just starts one after another shouting out a promise of God a verse or something just one verse after I don't mean all at the same time but one person finishes another goes just shower us with with scripture promises. Well I want to shower you with some of these things and again feel free to call in and shower us with some of your thoughts it can just be two sec five seconds long in terms of what it means but here's here's some of the responses what is the resurrection of Jesus mean to you and then I want to give the bottom line a very simple foundational thing that it means to be. I thankful that I'll spend eternity with him in heaven my soul is saved I can share that with others especially my family. With dead now I'm alive because he died and rose again freedom and purpose in life his physical resurrection guarantees my physical resurrection upon his return that gives me hope endless hope forgiveness that I will spend eternity in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ that if he really rose again which I believe he did then everything else he said is true. As Paul said without resurrection our faith is meaningless but the resurrection means Jesus triumphed over the ultimate enemy death and because of that I don't have to fear and I know God is bigger than any foe. Freedom from the bondage of my sins a new life he saved me from a life of misery being in heaven with him eternally he made a way for us to forgive if there was no resurrection there would be no forgiveness. My life is given purpose my sins can be washed and my heart is no longer lost his resurrection gives me sonship and I cling to him sin will never reign again in my life freedom from eternal death he is my best friend I love him without the resurrection my faith is futile and I'm still in my sins but there was the resurrection praise the Lord everything good but especially eternal life with him my Lord and Savior is the living God life in him forever everything it means I will get to be with Jesus and my husband and mom in paradise redemption life life and freedom that one day in the near future he will come for his people whoever believes in him should not perish but everlasting life which our souls with which our souls will be accountable eternal life freedom from my enemies because he loves I too will everything everlasting life life life in abundance healing that comes from that life freedom from the things that weighted me down because the forgiveness of my sins knowing that God will finish the work he started me until completion and so much more that's a portion of what it means to me forgiveness and eternal life with him that he is one with God so when he promised that he will also be resurrected you can count on it that we will also be resurrected you can count on I am his abundant life and freedom eternal life my only hope his victory over death gives us hope nothing else it's only death before this everything just everything grateful for salvation peace and everlasting life all my sins have been forgiven because of the father and the son eternal home with him and on and on it goes one after another the power of sin no longer has dominion over me I'm his and it's guaranteed new life hope peace wholeness healing redemption restoration eternal life everything on and on I mean just great comments some are long and full people wrote a little essay here uh he'll never leave me he'll never forsake me the ultimate gift from God and the sign of his undying love for us you know when your heart jumps into your mouth because the glory is too overwhelming to speak hope from mankind bent on destroying itself perfect sacrifice once and forever concerning the sins of all who accept his willing gift again I could just read comment after comment I hope these are edifying to you empowerment for life to love as he loves and live as Jesus lived passing from death to life with Jesus living eternally at peace with God all of its salvation all my sin is forgiven again the you said well we're forgiven through the cross but the resurrection is what verifies the cross the resurrection is what validates the cross the resurrection is what says that jeez everything Jesus said is true everything he did is real if he doesn't rise from the dead wow he was an amazing teacher and reports of miracles but that's it we wouldn't be talking about him today history would not be divided between bc and ad there would not be more than two billion well over two billion adherents of this faith around the world he would not be the most influential Jew who ever lived there would not be people to this moment being radically converted radically transformed radically set free none of that would be happening we and and most of us would have never picked up a Bible because the Hebrew scriptures the Jewish people would be going on following Torah and and they'd have their religion and that that would be the end of it another comment that that death and evil will not have the last word on and on and on and so many answers with exclamation points and and little emojis and smiles and hearts and things like that friends for me for me it's it's it's very simple to say that because Jesus rose everything is going to be all right in the end even if we pass through terrible difficulties in this world even if they're tragedies for which we have no explanation even today another mass shooting in America bank in Louisville is the governor of Kentucky is making the announcement he's holding back tears because two of his friends killed apparently a former bank employee disgruntled and just another horrible horrible situation and there's no easy answer for that those of you right now in the midst of real pain real loss you say how do I get this back my child died my marriage fell apart we lost everything how do we get this back even if we don't see the full answer in this world the fact that Jesus rose tells me everything is gonna be all right in the end it tells me that all the promises will come to pass look I grieve not just because of human suffering and human pain but I also grieve because so many people are lost and deceived as as I did recent debates with with a Muslim very passionate devoted Muslim apologist and and with with a very passionate Hebrew Israelite and I and I see the lostness of course in very different ways in different dimensions but I see I see the lostness of these people my fellow religious Jews that that I'm not a religious do in terms of traditional but my fellow Jews who are religious traditional I see their passion I see their devotion I see their hours of prayer and study and yet I truly believe without you sure that they're lost these things are painful to me and they're painful to you if you have a loved one that doesn't know the Lord or someone that's caught up in some cult or or different religion or something as as as off basis as Hebrew Israelites and all the hatred that that spews my heart goes out to these people my heart breaks for their lostness and in some cases they're they're over blindness but I know ultimately I know ultimately that we're gonna see the greatest harvest was ever seen in the days ahead before the Lord returns and I know ultimately that God's purposes will be accomplished yes people will be lost not everyone will be saved I understand that but I know in the end we'll be able to say God accomplished his purposes and God for himself a people and with all my heart I believe according to scripture there will be an end time turning there will be a turning of the Jewish people to the Messiah at the end of the age so Jesus rose it's gonna be all right even if we don't have an answer in this world it's all going to be all right if you are in right relationship with God through him all right I got a really neat testimony to share with you and we'll take some calls as well eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four Chronic inflammation is the greatest health threat to humanity infections injuries toxins poor diet and chronic stress can attack your immune system and lead to chronic inflammation but now there's a solution you can fight this dangerous silent killer with nopalea made from the super fruit of the Nepal cactus containing a unique group of bio flavonoids clinically shown to reduce chronic inflammation in a random double-blind placebo-controlled study it showed a reduction of elevated at-risk c-reactive protein levels resulting in an 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It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks again for joining us on the line of fire hey a shout out to our sponsor Triveda thanks for your generosity and thanks for your great wellness supplements so friends remember number to call 800-771-5584 tell them Dr. Brown sent you tell them with a smile if you've got questions that love to answer your questions and once more 100% of your first order goes to support the line of fire broadcast and more the tithe of all subsequent orders so if you're enjoying the product share with your friends it's a great way not just to help them but to help us reach more people with the line of fire right to call any question of any kind 866-348-7884 before I go to the phones a neat little testimony for you April 14th is our second annual not ashamed of Jesus day it's a day in which we encourage you to go out of your way to publicly share your testimony or your faith be it by something that you wear or by looking for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone or by bringing a bible with you this is not to be obnoxious this is not to be in someone's face but it's to shout out to the word we love Jesus we love you and we're not ashamed look for a way to serve someone to and you say well shouldn't we do that every day of course but on this particular day we're encouraging folks to do it for several reasons one I felt the Lord lay it on my heart when I was writing the book The Silencing of the Lambs and in that book we're pushing back against cancel culture and against the attempts to silence us this I felt something the Lord dropped in my heart to help many who maybe have it's been a little harder for you to share the gospel or share your testimony or let people know that you're a believer maybe in your school setting or in your neighborhood or in your place of business and and this is a way for you to just have the opportunity to do it you know wear something with a gospel verse on it or not bashing others not attacking others right but something positive about the Lord in our faith so it will help you do it it may also help you realize wow all these other people in the workplace they're saved I didn't even know it there are the believers I didn't even know it it can further embolden and the Lord may use it to give an opportunity to share the gospel with others it happens to coincide this year with the annual day of silence which is kind of an ironic thing now because things have shifted so dramatically but when the day of silence started it started as a movement to say hey we are going to be silent in solidarity with the silencing of the gay and lesbian community then expanded to trans etc and and its students would go to school and not participate in classes verbally saying we're standing in solidarity with gays and lesbians it's just remarkable that the silencing has gone the other way now that things have shifted in such a way that Christians are being silenced and those of different conservative moral values are being silenced so we've encouraged folks not to be obnoxious not to bash others but to be especially unashamed of your faith on that day go to not ashamed of pastors leaders check it out encourage your folks spread the word let's get this going out to even more than last year okay so here's here's a little testimony I'd written about this in an article last week about should we use transgender pronouns right the question would be if you meet someone who identifies as trans and wants to be known a certain way even if you it's clear to you that that is not who they are biologically and not who they are in reality every cell in their body dna is saying that's not who they are but do you meet them where they are do you start there and then try to help them come into the truth or are you affirming something wrong are you affirming something that's harmful to them etc so I talked about that in article talked about it on the air and I also mentioned a situation where a college student young woman in college it's part of a part of a group and they they were going to be publishing something you know working with a group of students within the school and found out that when they introduce themselves they all have to say this my name and here are my pgps my preferred gender pronouns this is very common in schools I had someone tell me a few months ago that she went to the school system in Canada she was in a Christian school through eighth grade and starting ninth grade so what would be high school starting ninth grade she was in the public school system and she said in all of her classes from ninth grade on so she doesn't know if it was younger as well but from ninth grade on you started every class with your preferred gender pronouns so that puts a kid under a lot of pressure right and you're required to to use them so obviously you've got to push back but what do you do if you're the students one thing if the parents say I don't agree with that but you're the student you want to be ostracized on the first day do you want to be branded bigoted and hateful do you want to be on the defensive from day one and looked at in a negative way it's very difficult and you're going to say no to your professor to your teacher you're not going to respect your fellow classmates so there's a tremendous amount of pressure understandably so this young woman's dad reached out to me and he didn't feel it was right for her to give her preferred gender pronouns because that's that's not who she is that's not what she believes that's pressure being put on her to do something contrary to what she believes is is right and true so I said yeah I absolutely I would not do it and I explained why so she went in and talked to to the professor she went in and talked to him and said and I'm paraphrasing this is not because this was in her heart as well she's a solid young Christian woman no I I don't want to do that you know it's not in harmony with my own beliefs you know in other words that I can be a male but I can identify as she or something like that or they and she said I hope you'll be inclusive towards me as well that's the right way to do it right that's the way to turn things around because as we've seen that the leftist lexicon turns things up on it turns things upside down the whole thing of doublespeak you know the Orwellian doublespeak so that the word means the opposite of what you say so inclusive means that we are exclusive of all views outside of our own tolerance means that we are intolerant of any view that is divergent and being being sponsoring diversity means our way or the highway that's really what it comes down to I mean we've been speaking about this for many many years and you've lived it out so she did the right thing not just spoke her heart I'm sure in a respectful honoring way not just did that but asked him to be inclusive towards someone who was outside of the inclusive little clique so he accepted that and then said okay I'm going to make it voluntary so three new people came in so this young woman and two others who were part of this group and all three declined to give their preferred gender pronouns which made him realize that in the future he's going to have to approach this differently because it's not this overwhelming consensus that he thought it was in other words often you're put under pressure to do a certain thing because of a false perception oh everybody agrees with this you have to agree with it too only to find out not everybody agrees all right I want to just take this a little further and then we're going to take some calls eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four okay I was part of a leadership team many years ago and there was a plan to go ahead working with an outside company that was going to help us raise funds for purchasing property and a building and we were currently using the building but now we wanted to purchase the property and the building and I was at that time because I was having some conflicts with some of the other guys on some minor issues I said let me just step back for a little I don't want to always be in opposition here so we were all good I was doing the ministry I was doing and and we were all friends and co-workers but I was just not actively involved in the decision-making with the other elders at that point so they made this decision to work with this company and I didn't agree with it I thought was the wrong decision but I wasn't giving my opinion at that point so I stayed out of it well different ones in the congregation started to come and they said Mike we we don't feel right about this it feels odd it's not like us it's an outside company and so on and anyway one after another is saying that I said yeah I feel the same way too but you know the the guys agreed on it together so I I just went and talked to the senior leader and I told them I said you know look I I'm I'm not I'm not here to to argue but just want you to know I differ and I think it's the wrong decision you're not going to believe what happened next I'll be I'll be right back you won't believe what happened next Hey friends this is Dr. Michael Brown I want to invite you to join our support team make an investment of one dollar a day that will absolutely last forever you know the Lord has given us a holy mandate to blanket America with the line of fire broadcast and on a regular basis we hear from folks writing in Dr. Brown I used to be a practicing homosexual I listened to I heard grace and truth together I was changed we hear from pastors who say thank you for speaking with compassion but giving us backbone and courage and we know across America so many believers are getting healthy and strong through listening to the broadcast through listening to these messages as we we tackle the controversies the most difficult issues of the day we 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overcoming evil with good overcoming hatred with love we are transformed we can bring transformation to the nation so call this number now eight hundred five three eight fifty two seventy five that's eight hundred five three eight fifty two seventy five say I'd like to become a torchbearer or go to ask Dr Brown dot org click on donate monthly support it's the line of fire with your host Dr Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling eight six six three four truth here again is Dr Michael Brown you got this note the other day was posted on social media I believe on YouTube Dr Brown thank you for your wonderful inspiration he has posted on YouTube after after our Yeshua our Passover lamb broadcast from last Thursday I came across Rabbi Tovias Singer's videos and was the first distraught because he's a good speaker and spoke with what seemed like authority God led me to your videos and books thank you for strengthening my faith God's truth will stand against any and all the onslaughts keep up the good work friends we hear this all the time and together we are making a difference so as you join with us you can call this number eight hundred five three eight fifty two seventy five eight hundred five three eight fifty two seventy five join our support team and it is our joy to pour back into in so many different ways every single week all right to get on the air with me different number eight six six three four truth so here's the end of my story so I went talk with the senior leader colleague of mine I was leading our ministry school and traveling out he led the local congregation and the leadership team and I said hey I just want you to know I think it was a wrong decision to go with this company and I said I know I'm not part of the decision-making and and the team made it I just want you to know my feelings so he was a little frustrated with me he contacted a prophetic friend of his and said listen we just made a leadership decision it's like 12 to 1 he said you know everybody agrees there's just one guy that's dissents so the the prophetic guy called them back and said yeah the one is right everybody else is wrong he goes what so he he sits down the whole team and he said okay Mike you can share you know how you were feeling because again I wasn't part of that process right because I willingly opted out for a little while so one of the other guys says yeah I've I've felt um I felt it was wrong too but when I saw everybody else agreed I I didn't want to say anything it's like what and then they got well yeah I felt the same but when I it turned out I was nobody in the room felt good about it and and the senior leader he was absolutely shocked I mean we're all good friends you know friends to this day but he was absolutely shocked like what well if peer pressure can happen among men of God sitting in the same room together where you misperceive you misread the room and and you end up making a decision contrary to what you think is right because you think that's what others are feeling what happens just in the world what happens in the workplace what happens in the school someone encourage you be true to God be true to God don't be arrogant don't be stubborn but be true to God what do I always talk about hearts of compassion backbones of steel be true to God do what's right honor him and in the long run you'll be blessed all right eight six six three four truth let us go to the phones starting with Theo in Canada welcome to the line of fire hello hello yeah go ahead see you had that question Michael Brown yes go ahead number five yes there's there's a test that is done to check if a woman is unfaithful has been unfaithful how do you how do you how do you understand number five yes so this was something that was under the Sinai covenant in ancient Israel it's not to be practiced today that if a man thought that his wife had been unfaithful he feels jealousy and feels she's been unfaithful that they were to go to the the tabernacle or then the temple the the priest would have her drink a particular potion and take on herself a curse that she had been unfaithful that her her body would swell in different ways it doesn't mention that she's pregnant or has an abortion so people try to say that you know it's this was a an ancient like abortion pill no it doesn't say a word about abortion and in the Hebrew text but that she'd have like swelling her hip and abdomen and that would be a sign that she had been unfaithful in which case there was a death penalty she would be punished accordingly she committed adultery if however the husband was just suspicious and she's not committed adultery then nothing would happen when she would drink the potion nothing would happen so it wasn't that the there was a specific medical potion that would prove unfaithfulness this was rather supernatural by the will of God God used it and the woman would take this oath on herself so there have been pro-abortion advocates that said see that that was that was abortion there but of course it's not what the text is talking about plus it's it would have been judgment on the woman as well nothing good or positive so and any question outside of that sir that you had okay I have another question uh okay go ahead is there any verse that uh prohibits polygamy for men ah not explicitly universally but here's the argument against polygamy scripturally number one God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Eve and Yvette and Yvonne that's number one so God's ideal was one man one woman and which is then pictured with Christ and the church so one groom one bride that's one two is that when you do have explicit references to polygamy in the Bible be it Jacob having two wives be it David's many wives Solomon's multitude of wives that when there are explicit examples given that they're negative that there's always something negative in the context of that so that's the second thing that God is teaching us by way of example it was allowed under the Sinai covenant but was not ideal thirdly in Matthew 19 4 through 6 when Jesus is answering questions about divorce he speaks of God's ideal in the garden which was the two not the three or four or five but the two become one and then Paul states that if you're going to be a leader in the church you can only have one wife in 1st Timothy 3 and he does tell everyone to follow the example of the leaders follow his example and the example of other leaders in terms of lifestyle or in the case of marriage those who are marriage and it only mentions one wife like the Apostles each having a wife etc so there's not an explicit universal prohibition but the queer teaching that God's will is one man one woman joined together for life that polygamy itself has all kinds of negative consequences and that the example that's set in the church for everyone to follow is one man one woman for life so that's why polygamy has largely not been practiced in Christian countries over the centuries but but it's not it's uh in in in Paul's writing right he he says let for every man have one woman but then the next verse or number six he says uh permission not a command no no no he doesn't say that you're you're you're you're you're completely misinterpreted that's his first Corinthians 7 that he's referring to so that's another good verse against polygamy when he says permission not a command he's saying I'm not commanding you to marry you can be single but he's absolutely not giving permission for polygamy absolutely not and remember you were to follow the example of the elders and the elders can only have one wife right and it's very explicit in scripture to follow the example and to learn from them but the very passage that you just quoted first Corinthians 7 works works against you right to reiterate to reiterate he's talking about it's it's okay to marry so a man can have a wife a wife can have a husband just one right just one that's that's permitted but I'm not commanding you to marry you can be single as I am single that's the context so it's not between marrying one woman or having many women it's rather between being single or married to one person those are the only options that he gives there so what the prophet was doing was a sin right what who was doing was a sin the prophet who had many wives was it a sin uh but there's no record of of prophets having multi which which prophets had many wives david all the all the kings uh well they sinned by having too many wives Deuteronomy 17 said that they should not multiply wives so david sinned by having too many wives and he paid for it Solomon did as well but that was under the old covenant remember that Jesus says in Matthew 19 so they did sin by having too many wives yes but Jesus says in Matthew 19 that God gave divorce under Moses because of the hardness of people's hearts so that was not his ideal let me ask you this according to the word would you agree that the ideal is one man one woman joined together for life yeah I agree okay well that's that's what we should that's what we should strive for sir so I appreciate the question very much so you have a country like Uganda that has certain history uh and then becomes lordly christian and there's still polygamy in it but almost universally over time as the gospel makes its way through culture multi-generation polygamy will be removed in full hey thank you for the call I appreciate it very much and I appreciate the questions eight six six three four truth we go back to the phones this time Scott in Raleigh welcome to the line of fire thank you dr brown and I really appreciate you taking my call and um I got a question sir uh regarding animals and the new evans uh I have heard that there will be animals on the new earth is that correct well yeah here here's okay for sure in the millennial kingdom if you believe as I do that there will be a thousand year ruling reign of Jesus on the earth after he returns before the new heavens and the new earth right the thousand millennial kingdom isaiah 11 talks about the wolf lying down with the lamb the ox the the lion eating straw like the ox so even though those can be metaphorical images yeah I believe that will literally be there as far as an eternity so what we have for example revelation chapter 21 22 the new heavens and the new earth it doesn't mention animals there but I would fully expect all kinds of amazing creatures the likes of which we've never dreamed of you know I fully expected you know the picture you have and of the four creatures before the throne of God in revelation 4 I certainly expect to see all kinds of exotic angelic beings and other creatures and yeah I would assume strongly based on God creating animals in this world is part of the diversity of creation that will see those and a whole lot of other amazing things but they just won't be you know you're not gonna have to worry about a lion biting you or a snake bite you know what 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get right back to Scott in Raleigh okay so I gave you my answer but you're about to comment go ahead sir well I want I don't want to ask a silly question man but um what do you think about pets yes I mean it's always the question yeah here as I've read the bible like many of you here you know in my case over 50 years and I do not see a syllable in the bible that tells me that I will see pets in heaven however I don't see that it can't be in other words in other words okay I'm not talking about God doing a bait and switch right and and like it looks like your dog and it sounds like your dog but it's really not your dog you just kind of created something similar to it but animals do not have souls the way human beings do and animals do not have spirits the way human beings do so you're not you're not talking about a personality even though I know the dog or the cat had personality and you could get close to it and you know many people mourn deeply a longtime family pet you know the kids cry the parents cry I understand that you know happened with with me decades past as well but the bible just doesn't address it to someone I have people get so mad at me over there how doctor how can you say I know I'll see my pet hey I'm not downplaying it I'm not mocking it I'm not downplaying it whatsoever and uh in other words if a person firmly believes that and it's not like God couldn't do it in fact it could be you know you see you know your little dog maybe you call them you know buddy boy or something buddy boy is that you yeah and I can talk now too who knows who knows right but you should show me in the bible where it actually addresses that where it says a word about it other than there's just a difference between the human spirit and the animal spirit writing ecclesiastes three one just goes down the other goes up so there's just nothing in the bible and it's not a dumb it's not a dumb question because pets especially single people have had a pet for years and it's their companion I'm not downplaying that I'm just saying the bible doesn't address it I do agree um but God knows our hearts and he knows like in Matthew chapter 10 when a sparrow hits the ground he would know when our love pet passes away as well oh yeah and look it because he put these these beings in our world some of them you know for us but he put them all here for us in a certain level then because of the fall things have gotten hostile but yeah it's he he created that dog that was such a loyal faithful pet you know he created that that other animal that the family drew close to and you know it snuck up in bed with everybody and you know when the animal got old that you know people cried over yeah that's that's that's compassion you know that the bible even speaks of of of someone being compassionate towards their beast and you know and and towards the animal the importance of that uh having having said that though Scott um I can assure this I can say with a hundred percent assurance that being with Jesus in heaven will be so glorious that having a pet there or not will not be an issue I can absolutely assure you in the splendor of his light and in the overflowing unhindered joy of the Lord and it's and it seeing the majesty of who God is whether a pet's there or not is nothing that would the absence of a pet will not detract one drop from our the quality of our eternal life nor will it be like oh man this is it we get to be with Jesus and that but no pets no that and I know you're not saying that but I'm sure that hey thank you thank you for the call much appreciated 866-34-TRUTH okay do you have my book the real kosher Jesus if not this is a great time to get it because we're giving you free with it my debate with rabbi schmooley over that very subject when he wrote his book kosher Jesus it stirred a lot of controversy in the Jewish world because anything that would encourage a Jewish person to reconsider Jesus or look at Jesus afresh would absolutely be considered negative for sure uh in the Jewish community especially the traditional Jewish community and there are even some rabbis that basically put a the harem the ban on him like you're excommunicated I remember he thanked one of them publicly okay this is going to sell a lot more books when you tell Jews don't read this book they're going to read it all the more now of course the Jesus of rabbi schmooley's coaster Jesus was very different than the Jesus of the New Testament in schmooley's mind he was not the divine son of God in schmooley's mind he was not a successful messiah in schmooley's mind he did not die for our sins vicariously arise from the dead but schmooley felt he was a great patriotic leader and a great rabbi and teacher we just have to sift out what were his real words etc uh of course categorically different with that and God stirred me to write a book in response the real kosher Jesus uh but that's become for me the number one book that I've written to just give to a Jewish person to find out more about this Jesus Yeshua and for you as a reader to be enlightened and and why was he opposed what what was the nature of the religious opposition to him I even have this little this little questionnaire a little test that you can take in in the book where you I've got 10 quotes of of very very strong rebukes about Israel and the Jewish people who said it was it Ezekiel was it Amos was it Isaiah was it Jeremiah was it Yeshua who said it and so it's a very interesting little test most people get most of the answers wrong interestingly enough was that Moses was that Jesus yeah very very interesting but um that's all in the book and then this really dynamic debate whenever schmooley and I do a debate it's special we get to spend time together which is great but it's it's kind of an event when that happens so check it out for yourself the book and the free DVD something we wanted to offer during this month in commemoration of Passover and Easter and that number to call 800-538-5275 538-5275 or just go to our website and click on shop and you'll see the special offer there do I have time all are all right I know I talked we talked pretty recently Eddie but you get in here you get in today especially for Passover Easter celebration so what's your question bud thanks Dr. Brown how you doing today we had a real real hot one this week this past week before Easter and we were studying the millennium and as we're going through it things were jumping out at me and I said I think there's a problem here everybody and they said what is I said well listen here we are going to be living a thousand years with Jesus physically here probably the greatest witness ever you're living here with Jesus no more devil he's bound he's gone nobody's robbing a bank people are celebrating their 900th birthday but then that when we read this at the end everything fell apart and I said look what it says and God lets Satan out for the four corners of the earth to deceive the nations one more time and he says he gathers them for war and the number of them and here's where we all fell off the chair the number of the people that he deceived there is the sands of the sea and I said wait a minute wait a minute people just lived a thousand years with Jesus you're celebrating your 900th birthday there's no more bank robberies how did he get this many people to turn it makes no I said we're not stupid people and I don't know what to say I mean how can he get that many people stay in after a thousand year millennium so this is like this is a great a great question asked as always Eddie with what the great spirit Eddie from New York now living in Connecticut one day I'll get to meet some of you that call in that I've gotten to know over the years so amazing this Bible study they've had Connecticut's been around for years but they it gets pretty feisty apparently which is great so the the answer to the question is the foundation to the question why is there a millennial kingdom well there are many different reasons for it and God fulfills his promises to Israel and there are other other things that unfold but to me Eddie this is one of the reasons for the millennial kingdom human beings always have an axe to grind against God if there was not so much suffering if you are more accessible if I didn't have so much hardship in my life if there wasn't so much injustice I could believe in a good God I would follow God but because of all these reasons I can't God it's your fault it's not my fault it's your fault it's it's a very common objection and it's one that's understandable how can I believe in a good God and all the myths in the midst of the suffering and pain and where's God with all the injustice and why did he let this happen and why is he so inaccessible many people feel that way right when David sinned and as a result of David sin with Bathsheba the child that they had died had a boy and the child died so in Psalm 51 David says against you you only have I sinned you may be justified in your judgment in other words I people may not know what really happened they don't know behind the scene David King David he's such a good man why did the baby die oh no David's saying no I sinned you're right I'm wrong that judgment was deserved I should have been dead and and no one can bring an accusation against you I'm the guilty party after everything just the way you described it perfectly just the way you described it still a multitude of people will rebel against God why because of sinful human nature because often we are bent on evil because often and when I say often I don't mean that every second of every day we are committing evil atrocious acts but to the core of our being we are sinners outside of the Lord and we rebel by our own choice and this is a final way for God to to prove to the watching universe that he is righteous and all of his ways are good and the guilt is our guilt the punishment is our punishment that without any justification we sin and rebel against God even in that environment that's the proof of it that is the answer to your question.
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