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Is It a Sin to Use Transgender Pronouns?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 4, 2023 5:20 pm

Is It a Sin to Use Transgender Pronouns?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Michael Brown. Call 866-34-TRUTH. 866-348-7884. We've got some great shows playing for you the rest of this week as we are entering now in the midst of the Passover Easter season. We're going to have a tremendous interview tomorrow with a woman that I met years ago online as a progressive Christian bashing my material who is now strong in the faith.

Amazing story. We'll be talking directly with her tomorrow. Thursday I want to take you into Passover Jesus Yeshua the Lamb of God and answer your Jewish related questions. And then Friday, Good Friday on the Christian calendar we'll be live. So our regular You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers show maybe you're off from work, you're able to call in.

So great shows planned for you the rest of the week. But first major news of the day and I'm not going to stay here long, all right. I know it's a big subject. I know this has never happened before in American history, the arraignment of a former president.

But it has happened now with President Trump today in New York. And there are three basic things I want to say about this. You're free to call in and comment and discuss with me.

But there are three basic things I want to say about this. Number one, if in fact it is a political witch hunt it will terribly backfire. That seems self-evident. Trump has risen in popularity polls and polling against other potential Republican candidates. Trump has risen in fundraising since the announcement of the indictment and now the arraignment today. And many would say it's obviously a political witch hunt because others looked at the same case and passed it by so there was nothing to it. But for this attorney general to go after it as aggressively as he has or for this DA to go after it as aggressively as he has and his liberal leaning, all the accusations you could easily see as a political witch hunt. And in point of fact what gives credibility to that is former Attorney General Barr who has been very critical of President Trump in many ways and has said there was absolutely no election fraud.

There's no evidence of election fraud. He looks at this as an absolute political witch hunt without substance. If that's the case all it's going to do is confirm the deep suspicions of many conservatives that the government is being weaponized against them. All that will do for Trump supporters is further make him into a martyr for the cause and make him bigger than life especially if the whole case blows up all right.

So that's on the one hand. On the other hand if he is guilty as charged you might say yeah but President Biden's corrupt and former Secretary of State Clinton is corrupt and could well be. Let the truth come to light.

We do reap what we sow. If he is guilty as charged then even being former president doesn't make you exempt whether it's still right to bring charges and prosecute and all that. Those are totally separate questions and the idea of well could he go to jail I don't see that as a possibility under any circumstances for many many reasons. I'm not a legal expert in commenting here. I'm just giving you my thoughts all right. But number one if it's a political witch hunt it's going to backfire and it's going to make Trump bigger than life and stronger than ever and it's going to confirm a whole lot of skepticism, cynicism, suspicion, questions of many on the right in terms of a leftist agenda that is being weaponized against our freedoms. On the other hand if he's guilty let the truth come to light. Let everything come to light. That should be our prayer for everyone in terms of if you've repented of your sin and it's covered with the blood and you've made things right with others praise God you go to sleep with a clear conscience you wake up with a clear conscience. If there are skeletons in your closet and all kinds of other junk that's another issue. All right but the third thing just a larger moral observation all right a larger moral observation.

If in fact President Trump did commit adultery with this porn star if in fact there was some payoff if these things are true whether he knew about the payoff or not and all those things we're not getting into. It's just another reminder that sin is never worth it. It's just another reminder that you do not want to get yourself entangled because one thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to another.

It's the message called acharit that I've preached for decades based on the Hebrew word for that which comes after the end. It's speaking of the final consequences so the thing may look so good and look so appealing and you have to have it and you want to have it and you need it now but in the end oh you pay for it dearly. You know to to pastors leaders that I'm speaking with now maybe your world is being rocked. Maybe you're going through the roughest temptation and trial of your life and you are on the edge of blowing it. You are on the edge of leaving your spouse.

You are on the edge of sleeping with someone you're not married to. I just want to appeal to you or maybe you're not in ministry but I'm speaking to you in this very same situation. I just want to make an appeal to you. Sin is never worth it. You take that step you'll ask yourself why oh why did I do it. For the momentary gratification leading to lifelong pain lifelong agony it is not worth it and and remember it can take you years to build trust to build a reputation to become someone that that people look to and respect you can destroy it in a moment of time. The work the labor the sacrifice the prayer the fasting the efforts to to honor the Lord and to do what's right and to say no to what's wrong and to to have the esteem of your family and friends and co-workers you could blemish the whole thing you could destroy the whole thing in a moment of time. What sin is possibly worth that? What gratification is possibly worth that? You say you don't understand I I'm on the edge I don't know how to break free come clean and you'll be free. Tell the person that it's hardest to tell be it your spouse or another leader or someone you're accountable to come out with the whole thing and then they can help you and even just the coming out will help break the spell and you can get prayer and ministry to help put up proper walls and parameters to get free and one other thing if you are battling with sinful temptation if you are struggling and and and back and forth back and forth be it with porn be it with an actual relationship be it with with drinking the key is not to cut it back the key is to cut it off all right that's how Jesus counseled us to deal with sin in Matthew's gospel it's repeated twice in Matthew then once in Mark if your right hand causes you to sin cut it off throw it away yes he's speaking with hyperbole there he's speaking metaphorically but we get the picture we un we understand what he's saying if your right eye caused you to sin pluck it out throw it away if your right foot caused you to sin cut it off the places that you go the things that you do the things that you see if these are bringing you into a path of sin and destruction which Jesus said better to go to heaven maimed again speaking with hyperbole but better to go to heaven maimed than to go to hell with both arms and both legs and both eyes so sin is not worth forfeiting eternal life sin is not worth destroying your testimony sin is not worth coming from the favor of God under the into the judgment of God sin is not worth alienating those that you love and care for sin is not worth destroying a life a ministry a career sin is not worth or robbing your health on top of it so the the lesson is you cut the thing off so what does it mean in practical terms in practical terms it means that let's say you're you're interacting with someone you're not married to you're texting them regularly you're you're you're calling each other on the phone you're saying things you shouldn't be saying to each other you're you're who knows what's coming next don't dial it back all right look we're only going to text once a week down or we'll only talk by no no no cut it off cut it off otherwise it will grow back and it'll grow back even worse it'll grow back with an even more fierce addiction all right that's how you have to deal with it if if you had rattlesnakes deadly rattlesnakes in your home and and they're they're they're coming out there's little cracks in the wall and here and there and oh you killed one of them but you know they're more but you're you're not going to go to sleep at night let your kids go to sleep at night in that house until you know every one of them is gone now i'm not saying that the person the that that person is a rattlesnake i'm saying the sin is like a rattlesnake and and you don't just slow it down no no no you take it out you get rid of it otherwise it could come and kill you so say it once more if you're struggling in a certain area don't cut the sin back cut the sin off break the relationship entirely does that mean i never see that person again could well be if that was going to bring you into adultery could well but does that mean that i may have to find another place of work because it could well be if it's a matter of keep your job and lose your soul or or or lose your job and keep your soul you choose the ladder you do things that may be radical look when god helped me change my lifestyle almost nine years ago now august of 2014 so going on nine years and and i realized i had to make a radical change in my diet and i sat down with nance i said my plan is not working which was code for something radical has to change she said okay no food passes your lips without my permission i'm taking control of your diet and it was cold turkey it was three miserable days of withdrawal i got set free instantly from drugs shooting heroin all the other junk i was doing set free instantly in 1971 but giving up chocolate and all these other things i was addicted to three miserable days of withdrawal and and you say within so after after that you just have it moderation no no the bad stuff the fried foods the chocolates the pizzas the all the bad stuff i've never had since by god's grace and i'm thriving and i'm blessed and i'm thrilled as a result of it so even though i'm not tempted by god's grace and i travel around the world and i'm fine not having this not having that i'm totally fine uh in in point of fact i live as if i was a recovering food addict in other words fallen off uh fall off the wagon once i could go back and it's a great safe place no exceptions and it's a great safe way to live and i'm super blessed and thriving and not feeling deprived in the least that's how it'll be when you break free hey i i didn't plan on that mini sermon there but hopefully it's going to save somebody's life today all right we'll be back i'm going to get to some of your calls and then i'm going to talk about a sensitive issue today but it's it's in the world 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health and wellness consultation all right we go to the phones 866 3 4 truth we'll start with bobby in wake forest north carolina welcome to the line of fire hey yeah go ahead yeah go ahead sir okay um my question is about the uh paganism associated with easter and christmas okay like give me an example of what you consider paganism okay like the christmas trees and easter eggs and easter bunnies mm-hmm right so give me give me just a second i need to turn my blue suit off i'm getting feedback yeah yeah all right tell you what you can you can hear me so no number one the the idea of easter bunnies and easter eggs the idea of easter bunnies and easter eggs to me has zero to do whatsoever with the death and resurrection of jesus and with all respect churches that have it as a fun custom and easter egg hunts and all that it it really has zero to do with the gospel it has zero to do with the death and resurrection of jesus and should not be confused in other words if people think easter they shouldn't think easter bunnies right they they if they think easter they should think good friday resurrection sunday they should think the death and resurrection of the son of god whenever the origins of those things are whether it's pagan or not whatever the origins are please can we make a separation between the most sacred time in the history of the universe the time when the son of god died for the sins of the human race and rose from the dead and uh whatever these customs are we have easter egg hunts in our community every kids love them what that's between you and god but please please do not mingle that with the sacred blood with the cross with the resurrection i don't mean to offend people all right maybe as a jewish believer in jesus it's easier for me to do this because my my ideal would be to see the death and resurrection of jesus always celebrated in the midst of the passover season and that's how it was there in the early church that was the custom there was another custom that that developing customs in different parts of the early christian world one that kept the jewish calendar and and in terms of the pass over and celebrated the death and resurrection of jesus within that time as the jewish community set the passover dates and the uh the other part of the church just had a fixed day that developed this this friday this sunday etc they became two separate holidays eastern pastor never should have been should be the death and resurrection of jesus separate celebrated within passover because it's one of the same uh holiday season liberation from egypt liberation from sen so wherever these other customs came in whatever the origins uh the same with with it let me say this when it comes to a christmas tree there are a lot of discussions to origins of it whether it was pagan or not it certainly has nothing to do with jeremiah 10 which speaks of you know uh decorating a tree and worshiping that's talking about idolatry that's talking about taking a piece of wood making it into an idol and that i you know i've seen it in the hindu world and you it's just a statue and you put stuff on it and celebrate and sacrifice to it because it represents a deity that's nothing to do with the christmas tree and many of customs involved with christmas don't have pagan roots they have they have roots in christian celebration but if you're going to celebrate christmas as a religious day make the main thing the main thing that that's when you celebrate the birth of the messiah and the other things are secondary if it's just a secular holiday to you then whatever that's a separate issue hey bobby thank you for the call i appreciate it remember friends when you call in don't have us on bluetooth or speakerphone right because otherwise the folks listening will have a harder time hearing you uh let us go over to kaylen in woodland washington welcome to the line of fire hi dr brown um just wanted to say first off thank you for all you do it's uh it's really been a lifesaver for for me and a huge blessing so uh but my question um kind of twofold i i was wondering about um the different understandings of how we are composed as human beings i know there's a lot of people that have a very um hard like spirit soul body trichotomous view others more dichotomous and um and i i've kind of questioned whether this the spirit soul body way is the best way of of uh of seeing it um i've seen people almost make like strict theology out of that um and i've but then i'm looking at a little bit into how more of a hebrew um perspective would have been and and um and they have a different definition of soul slightly from my understanding and yeah um and even with heart and mind so kind of just wondering wanting clarity on what you think the best way to understand that and then tied to that if if you have time um is just when what happens when we're born again because people who i've heard have the hard trichotomous view they'll say well your spirit is born again it's made alive it's made yeah yeah let me let me try to let me just try to jump in just to make sure i i can answer uh before our next break and and thank you sir for the very kind words i appreciate it for sure if you look at hebrew basar it can emphasize man and his weakness greek sarx so they both mean flesh can mean man and his sinfulness it's true that that the the greek sukay soul can have little can similar but different meanings as uh as as hebrew nefesh etc so you know there can be some difference in the terminology but i'll i'll i'll give the the big view and the small view the big view is that we have an inner being and an outer being right that that we are physical beings and spiritual emotional mental beings so that's undeniable in scripture uh this scripture speaks of the inner man or or the beauty of the inner heart and things like that there's no question about that however it seems that when you dissect the inner being that we can divide into soul and spirit it's not just first thessalonians 5 23 that's trichotomous in terms of may the god of peace sanctify you holy spirit soul and body uh but you also have hebrews 4 12 that the word of god divides between soul and spirit joints and marrow and it's a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart so i believe for analysis and spiritual understanding that it's useful to divide the inner being into spirit and soul uh because the soul has to do with the emotional realm and and things like that and that can be influenced and impacted in ways that feel spiritual but are not in other words we can be moved emotionally we can move soullishly and think that's the lord when it's really our self or our environment whereas the word of god will make that separation and now our our innermost being our spirit receives that word and when it receives truth so when we're born again yes i would say again to be technical right to to split things in a way that is analytical just like a surgeon would cut in and open things up that normally operate as one that the spirit is born again it was our spirit that was separated from god thus dead in sin even though functioning dead because of separation from god so our spirit separated from god is now born again we are our soul our mental emotional realm must be renewed the renewing of our mind and and our body is now dedicated to the lord and fleshly desires must be crucified i do believe that that's the right way of saying things and the goal then is to be built up in our spiritual being through medical through meditating on the word taking it in living by it and spending quality time in god's presence that builds us up in our spirit our mind is now renewed as we make these conscious choices and allow the word of god to to wash and transform and now our body is subdued to do the will of god so i find that healthy useful practical but the hebrew emphasis would be on our wholeness it is one human being operating as one so we can dissect and analyze but now we act as one and are responsible as one hey thank you again for the kind words we'll be right back hey friends michael brown here you know it seems the whole country now is talking about revival could it be that a fresh wave of revival is here friends i've said for decades without a fresh wave of revival in the church and awakening in society it's over for america as we know it and that's where i wrote the book revival or we die a great awakening is our only hope friends when you read this book it won't just give you a vision of what revival can do in society in the church but in your own heart in your own life in a light of fresh fire and you it ignites something in you a hunger a desire a vision of what god can do through a yielded life revival or we die even have a whole chapter where i share intimate open prayers i prayed to god even in recent years to ignite a fresh a first love in me i believe is you read it something will be ignited within you as well but 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calling 866-34 truth here again is dr michael brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire i'll get some more calls in a little while 866-34 truth so i get a text from a friend of mine a few days ago and he says this my daughter has an internship with college newspaper they're filming a little commercial ad thing for students and they asked all of the people on the team including interns to introduce themselves and list their pronouns so my daughter would say i'm sally smith and my pronouns are she her my daughter's asking me if this is the time to put her foot down or does she just go along with it because those are her pronouns or is listening to pronouns a nod to believing in lies i tend to i tend to think she should not list her pronouns but curious your thoughts so in other words this is common now kids in school beginning of a class it can be in a high school it could be in a college maybe younger than that some schools it's beginning of the class you go around the room you introduce yourself you got 20 kids in the class hi i'm i'm mike my my pgps my preferred gender pronouns so i'm mike uh he him his and then next person i i'm i'm janine uh they them theirs and then i'm i'm bernadette he him whoa you're a girl you want that male pronouns your girl you want they their pro you're yeah you go around the room and you do that you and there are all kinds of exotic ones i mean i've gotten lists from college campuses that are i've read them publicly not to mock people but people laughing hysterically when they hear them because it's kind of this infinite list this is the world we live in today so what do you do what's the right thing to do so i i wrote back and said i would not list mine for sure and then in jester else i'd say my pronouns are he is lord they either accept this or they don't so you want to push me i'll give you a gospel message right and then i said i would not comply and the school has no right to require it you can read about this by the way my newest article at just click on lead read or if you have our app if you have the askdartobrownministries app askdartobrownministries if you have the app just click on latest article there and you can read it it's it's up and you'll be helped by it so this is a genuine question now that christian leaders have discussed you meet someone right you're interacting with a trans person there it's say very obviously a biological male who identifies as a female but it's very important to them that you refer to this person in female terms use a female name if if you're referencing this person that you refer to the person that she her even though it's clearly a biological male and there are christians who say yes we should do it because it's compassionate it's christ-like it's meeting someone where they are right meeting someone where they are and helping them to now come to the truth why put it up an extra barrier now the other argument the counter-argument would be we are complying with something that is not true we are reinforcing something that is not true we are we are compromising with a radical activist agenda that wants to change everything including the very words that come out of our mouth rather than dealing with truth i mean after all when jesus is dealing with the samaritan woman he says to go call your husband she says well i don't have a husband and he goes right you've had five husbands and the man you're with is not a husband so he said what he said to bring truth up to the surface to the surface so it's a big debate about this well i i get a tweet last night from a colleague at the stream and she pointed me to a tweet from megan basham conservative christian writer and she was saying boy i had high esteem for rosaria butterfield before but i've got much more esteem for her now rosaria butterfield was a professor and was a radical feminist lesbian in a lesbian relationship went through interaction with a christian pastor she came to faith put those old relationships behind and ended up marrying that pastor she wrote an article and i want to take you through some of it it's published on the reformation 21 website and it's titled why i no longer use transgender pronouns and why you shouldn't either and she says this in her article a civil war erupted within broad evangelicalism and the idol of lgbtq plus is dividing the house this issue is personal political and spiritual for me in 1998 i became one of the first crop of so-called tenured radicals in american universities proudly touting my lesbian street cred uh street cred in 1999 christ called me to repentance and belief and i became a despised defector of the lgbtq plus movement but progressive sanctification came slowly and i have failed many times during these past decades after i have learned lessons i have earnestly tried to course correct and that's the problem this is what she says my use of transgendered pronouns was not a mistake it was sin she said public sin requires public repentance not course correction i have publicly sinned on the issue of transgender pronouns which i have carelessly used in books and articles i have publicly sinned by advocating for the use of transgender pronouns in interviews and public q and a's why did i do this i have a bunch of lame and backside covering excuses here are a few it was a carryover from my gay activist days i wanted to meet everyone where they were and do nothing to provoke insult again i i understand the arguments here friends i understand the mentality and there is a lot of good motivation there is a lot of godly motivation that says well look this is where the person is let's say i meet somebody who truly believes that he's napoleon bonaparte let's say his name was was jim brown but he truly believes that he's napoleon bonaparte and he goes by the name of napoleon and if i call him jim he won't talk to me so i have to call him napoleon otherwise he won't even listen to me now of course in saying that you're saying that the person is is deluded but you're trying to help them there so i wonder how that trans identified person would feel if they knew that you also felt they were deluded and you're trying to reach them there but again i i understand the logic and i'm not telling you that if you feel god's telling you to reach people a certain way and meet them a certain way that you can't and shouldn't but again here's the question are we not complying with bowing down to compromising with getting in bed with a destructive social agenda are we not part and parcel of a larger cultural problem where the world is losing its mind i mean look in the last week we've seen an absolute tragedy another mass murder at a school this a christian school in nashville tennessee we've seen that we have we have seen not just the slaughter of of adults in their 60s but the slaughter of three nine-year-old children innocent children and there are trans activists who are calling the shooter who was trans identified a martyr and saying that the shooter was also a victim in this taken out by the police and that we should be concerned now for the trans community well you should be concerned about anybody that's going to try to do anything crazy in any direction we understand that but it is absolutely mad this is absolute madness and and by the way i'm just going to put a little footage up here and i'll talk over it after a few seconds and we'll drop it but i i just want you to hear some of the the protests and the attacks that took place in a nashville government and and house of legislation where where leaders were meeting together all right this is this is what's been taking place in recent days trans related protests gun control related protests just just listen and get a feel of what's been happening no action no peace no action no peace no action no peace no action no peace no action no peace all right so so this is taking place as the legislators are trying to meet all right this is a government building and here you've got people shouting and trying to disrupt the media okay that's one thing it gets worse you're talking about the storming of a building listen listen to this and and those that are watching on youtube or facebook you actually see the footage as well just take a listen and look at what happened as people are outraged trans activists others storming the building let's know what it sounded like yes so you've you've got these protesters barging in state troopers looks like state troopers trying to hold the door back you've got looks like elected officials going through closed doors friends things are being turned completely upside down and even though i care about individuals and i want to reach someone where they are i here i years back i was interacting with a christian man who now identified as a woman and we were talking going back and forth and i said i'm sorry i cannot refer to she or her in good conscience we just met and we're now interacting online and this person was going to be at a gay pride event in the city of charlotte and we were going to be there handing out bottles of water wearing these shirts saying that god has a better way so we're going to be there extending love and mercy and praying for anyone that wanted prayer but at the same time sending a message no this is not the right way to go and this this man was going to be there and you know want to know if i met him what i'd say the prayer why would i say you look pretty first if i meet some woman i don't know i'm not going to say you look pretty but second if you're evidently a male dressing as a woman all the more reason i'm not going to say you look pretty i thought oh this poor this poor soul i had my heart was breaking for this individual i believe he had been married to like 37 years and and i said what happened to your matches well i basically destroyed my marriage left my wife a widow and and destroyed my family and i said but the bible says that the husband is to lay his life down for the wife that the whatever you're going through you lay your life down for the wife as christ loved the church and gave himself for it and he says there was either that or suicide of course i never believe that that's the alternative that in jesus there is always another alternative than suicide that god can help and will help i'm not saying it's easy but i'm saying there is another way out the word's explicit god will not allow us to be tempted above our strength but with the temptation will make a way of escape so that we can bear it first corinthians 10 13. so everyone's been through pressure difficulty some intensely beyond anything you believe you can endure but god gives grace me to say yes somehow he helped somehow he helped we we never have an excuse to make an immoral choice we never have an excuse to destroy a marriage in this way to destroy a family in this way again my heart goes out to this individual but i i could not refer to him as she or by a female name because that's not who he is and he wrote back well what if i call you dr brown what if i just called your brown or mr brown whatever call me whatever you want call me idiot i don't mind let's talk i want to reach out to you i do care for you but no i'm not going to use transgender pronouns according to rosario butterfield it's sin to do it that's her view you work it out on your own but may you have the heart and mind of the lord hearts of compassion backbones of steel we'll be back i'm gonna take your calls nopalea has helped thousands of people by lowering levels of chronic inflammation i really enjoy being physical it's something i've just always loved but i've definitely had times where it's really crippled me up being a horse trainer can be pretty physically demanding with all the duties that i have not just riding horses for a living saddling horses caring for the horses i feel like nopalea just took the edge off and then it's it's continued to keep me 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of nopalea and 100 of your first order will go to the support of line of fire go to or call 800-771-5584 again 800-771-5584 it's the line of fire with your host dr michael brown get on the line of fire by calling 866 three-four truth here again is dr michael brown yeah be sure when you go to don't forget to use the brown 25 code so you get 25 off and then 100 of that first order will go to support the line of fire before the show is out i want to mention to you special package we put together for you for the passover easter season with my real kosher jesus book and a free debate on kosher jesus with my friend rabbi shmueli i'll tell you about that before we're done here let us go over to scott in raleigh north carolina thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire are you there scott all right i guess scott could not continue to hold uh let us go over to luke in richmond virginia welcome to the line of fire hey how's it going going well thank you so dr brown i wanted to uh just kind of mention an idea that i had um and well i can't say that i had it but a friend of mine and i thought it was really good it's um to really make more of an emphasis on the ascension uh in terms of kind of adding it to another like adding it as a holiday to the calendar for mainline christianity i know that we kind of have christmas and we have easter and the reason um partly is that those have really yeah kind of like what we were talking about earlier in the show i've kind of been taken over by secularism um with santa claus and the easter bunny and something that's just purely christian um and also again highlights the importance of the ascension how jesus is our intercessor you know in heaven i really think that there's like almost a need for for a holiday like this but i would have no idea how to even yeah so it's like that you know it's luke it's interesting you mentioned that for two reasons one those that are part of liturgical churches and i was i was just trying to get something online quickly uh can't do it right now but those who are part of liturgical churches so you have a calendar that's followed catholic churches orthodox churches and things like that uh it's much more common to have these celebrations built in and to have a celebration of the ascension and things like that it's just part of a a church calendar or part of the period between between passover slash easter and pentecost shavuot so i would say in that sense it's built in more but certainly should be something that that we emphasize and celebrate uh in a profound way but it's interesting to mention a new holiday because april 14th is coming with 10 days 10 days from now this time fly our second annual not ashamed of jesus day april 14th you can go to uh guys is that the right site that i'm pointing everything just you confirm that for me god stirred me as i was writing the silencing of the lambs on cancel culture god stirred me about a way for us to openly and overtly say we're not going to be cancelled you say yeah but but we should yeah that's it everybody go there spread it around your churches share it with your friends you say well that should be every day not ashamed of jesus yes yes exactly but we're encouraging on that day to make a public statement not obnoxious but to say we love jesus we love you and we're not ashamed of our faith to wear something that declares it if you can to bring your bible to work or to school to to do something public in a way that shouts the message out on the one hand it might push you a little to be a little more bold in a way you haven't been could be do some worship in a park or things folks sent us great videos of what they did last year if you go to you'll get more info and some more ideas of what you can do but not only would it help give you a little push encourage you to step out maybe help it be known on your job that you're there as a believer but you also may find out there are a lot more of us than we realized i thought i was always alone i didn't realize that these people these other departments were also believers i i didn't know these other kids in the school were other believers this is a great way to encourage faith and to say when i be silenced we're not going to be canceled we're not going away not ashamed of jesus and it'll help you many in many cases to make your faith known for the first time we're in a clearer way so go there tell your friends share it with others and let's grow this in our second annual not ashamed of jesus day hey thank you so much for the call by the way the day of silence which has been a gay activist tool for many many years now happens to fall on the same day this year as not ashamed of jesus april 14th happens to fall on the same day and so why april 14th for us well as god dropped into my heart school is still in session so it's before summer when when uh during a regular weekday if it falls in a weekday that you'll still be in school things like that obviously the rest of us working our jobs etc but uh esther four four who knows mordecai to esther if you've come into the canyon for such a time as this so here we are in this world at this moment for such a time as this we're on the line of fire broadcast for such a time as this to to bring moral sanity to bring spiritual clarity to bring that heart of compassion join with a backbone of steel so we can stand full of love full of truth immovable unshakable and and shine the light into a dark and lost world rather than looking at how bad everything is in the world around us let's see it but now let's recognize what an incredible opportunity we have to make jesus known and share the gospel in the midst of a hurting and lost and confused and anxious and depressed generation what a great amazing opportunity that we have so we shout out to the world we're not ashamed of jesus and as we do i i believe we'll be amazed to see how many people are seeking how many people do have questions how many people want to know what's really going on and and especially when you realize you're not as alone as you thought so the day of silence has been april 14th for many many years now which is in solidarity with the silencing of gays lesbians trans and in our society you say the silencing yeah things have shift quite dramatically that if you quote deadname people hopefully it's not happening now with elon musk and twitter but if you quote deadname someone so if i refer to rachel levene as richard levene as he is a biological male or just said that the the assistant secretary of department of health and human services rachel levene is actually a biological male you could get banned from twitter there have been people who've lost jobs simply because of their speech i don't mean hate speech i'm simply saying because they would not go along with the latest trend in lgbtq activism so the day of silences has had its negative siphoning in fact ironic impact ironically to the silencing of those with different mindsets and different world views now is the time for us to stand up not in hatred not in anger but to say again i love jesus i love you as my neighbor i'm here to help and i'm not ashamed of my faith uh let's go over to andy in hinsdale new hampshire welcome to the line of fire hello dr brown uh happy uh future passover and uh resurrection day thank you i just had a comment with uh today's secular humanist um society you know referring back to isaiah 5 18 to 22 or 5 18 20 you know what are those who call evil good good evil and put darkness to light and light to darkness and yeah bitter sweet sweet to bitter um you know we can condemn what is going on in society um but the truth is the truth and and sin is sin and we can't lose sight of that no and the other question i had was whenever i hear the term lord of hosts when i read scripture i think jesus what is your interpretation yeah so the lord of hosts hosts fought his armies and it's clearly the armies the armies of heaven so yahweh is the lord of the armies of heaven but interestingly i quoted that very verse in isaiah 5 18 during a tv interview on on a recent book why so many christians have left the faith my latest book just quoted that to say isn't it remarkable you've got a mass murderer who is a young woman who identifies as transgender a mass murderer who slaughters in cold blood six people three in their 60s three nine-year-old three nine-year-old kids in cold blood murders them according to recent reports plotting this out for months and this person now becomes a martyr and and and some are blaming the christian school i mean it is talk about calling evil good and good evil all right friends in the past our recenter season i we put a package together with you that i believe for you will really bless you my book the real kosher jesus one of our best-selling books over the years god's used it to open the hearts of jewish people to who jesus really is as a christian reader you will find every page absolutely fascinating i felt like god moved me on a supernatural journey in writing this book i i mean i i felt i couldn't wait to write the next chapter to see what god was going to open up to me and through the research i'd done over the years the real kosher jesus which was my response to rabbi schmooley's book kosher jesus my dear friend rabbi schmooley boteach when you order the book i want to give you absolutely free the debate that i had in new york city with rabbi schmooley on the subject of kosher jesus i mean a real unforgettable debate number to call to order is eight hundred five three eight fifty two seventy five the book real kosher jesus and free my debate with rabbi schmooley on kosher jesus eight hundred five three eight five ask ask or as an ask dr brown eight hundred five three eight fifty two seventy five i really believe you'll be enriched by these resources you'll grow through them and if you've got a jewish friend that doesn't know the lord that's the book i always say hey give that book out i mean just saw i got a text about a major jewish leader the other day a christian friend saying he's open what book do i give i said give him real kosher jesus so take advantage of this and friends we've got a great interview coming your way tomorrow i believe you'll really be blessed and really be encouraged back with you then another program powered by the truth network
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