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Answering Your Divine Healing Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 24, 2023 4:00 pm

Answering Your Divine Healing Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 24, 2023 4:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/24/23.


The following is a pre-recorded program. If you want to read our and if whether those were the actual words of Jesus. Let's say they were, all right?

I believe they were, but there's debate about whether they're placed in Scripture. Let's say they were, and that one of the signs that follows believers is that they lay hands on the sick and they recover. It doesn't mean that we have the power to heal necessarily as much as that we have the power of faith in God. So any of us, any believer can potentially pray for someone to be healed.

That's the first thing. The second thing is that there are those who are anointed with gifts of healing, and they will have much greater success in praying for the sick. They will see many more results in praying for the sick, maybe in specific areas of deafness, blindness, cancer, different things like that. And you could argue that because the Holy Spirit has been given to us that with the Holy Spirit is power over demons and disease. In other words, the same spirit that was on the disciples in the Gospels and in Acts is the same spirit that's on us, and therefore it's the power of the Holy Spirit who heals.

I'd encourage you to look into the writings of Randy Clark, look for his newest book on healing, and it will give guidelines in terms of how to understand, how to minister and create atmospheres of faith and things like that. That being said, we understand that there are people who are not healed. We understand that many times we pray every way we know how to pray.

We fast, we bind demons, we do this, we do that. People humble themselves before the Lord, search their hearts, and healing still doesn't come. We worship God anyway, even in our sickness and our pain. We worship Him, we honor Him, we love Him.

That's an offering that we bring from that perspective of weakness. Lord, I love you and I praise you, whether sick or not, whether in pain or not, you're good, you're God, you're the healer. In 1985, when to everyone's shock, I came down with pneumonia, double pneumonia.

Turns out I got viral and bacterial at the same time. It was a real demonic attack, otherwise I was a healthy 30-year-old. And I remember laying in the hospital there. I was teaching on healing at our ministry school. I remember laying in the hospital and working on my doctoral dissertation around that, you know, same time, and I wrote on the bandages on my IV, on the other nirofecha in Hebrew, I said, Lord, a billion years from now, when there's no sickness and disease in your universe, you'll be no more the healer then than you are now. So I'm going to confess you as the healer, whether I'm sick or not. And then whether I'm healed in this world or the world to come, I'm going to confess you as healer. So we want to see more people healed.

We know that sickness is debilitating and destructive. We know that healing glorifies the Lord and often brings people to Him. We also know that Godly people who are not healed, we don't understand why, but we honor and worship the Lord the same way. Scottie, I would like to see you speak on God's direct hand-evolving sickness along where Jesus spoke to one saying, Go and sin no more unless something worse happens to you. So in John the fifth chapter, the man who had been crippled for 38 years and is healed, Jesus says, Go and sin no more, something worse will come on you. Sometimes sickness is the direct result of sin. Sometimes sickness is reaping what we have sowed. Sometimes sickness is a divine judgment for sin. That's Old Testament, that's New Testament.

It's the same. So in cases where there is a direct relationship between sin and sickness, then we must repent of that sin. It says in Jacob James 5 that the prayerful in faith will make the sick person well. If they've committed sins, they'll be forgiven.

In other words, they're crying out to God for mercy. And if sin is related, sometimes it's absolutely not related. Sometimes there's no relationship between sin and sickness at all.

But if there is a relationship, then by all means there needs to be repenting of that sin and recognizing, like in Acts 12, for example, God's judgment on Herod, an angel of the Lord smites him. That's one example in the New Testament. 1 Corinthians 11, divine judgment came on believers in Corinth. And Paul says, If you judge yourself, you won't come under the judgment of the Lord. 1 Corinthians, the end of the 11th chapter. All right, I've got a bunch more questions I want to get to.

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Yeah, I'm going to start here and take this up on the other side of the break. It's difficult when you pray for the sick and you don't see more results. And sometimes we draw back, I've done that over the years. Sometimes you get disappointed, it's hard to believe and fight again. Another cancer patient died, another friend didn't make it, someone with COVID didn't make it. Why, Lord?

They loved you, they were faithful. So we have to come into this recognizing our faith will be challenged. People say, ah, you Pentecostals, you just need a sign, you're weak, you need a crutch to lean on, and that's why you have to see miracles.

I appreciate that criticism, but it's actually the opposite. When you start praying for the sick and believing God, your faith will be challenged much, much more. So you have to come in knowing I'm going to worship God and love Him no matter what. And along the way to seeing some victories and blessings and answers, I'm going to experience some pain. And I'm going to get more involved with the pain of other people because I'm praying for more people and extending my faith for more people.

I want to see some glorious miracles. It's the Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on the Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks, friends, for joining us today on the Line of Fire. Michael Brown, delighted to be with you as we are having our Let's Get Healthy emphasis. We're talking also a lot about healing.

I want to go back to a question that was asked by Travis on Facebook. When you're praying for the sick, how do you handle a lack of results? It's a difficult thing, and at times I actually step back from praying for the sick as much because I was discouraged with lack of results.

See, the Word was so clear to me. I questioned what the Word said about healing. I went through a time of rejecting God's will to heal today, et cetera, and I encountered God afresh in my own life and then went back to detailed, massively detailed study of the Scripture every way I knew how and was utterly convinced as I am to this day that God's ideal will for His obedient children is healing and health in this world. And yet, of course, we know of people born without limbs that are never healed. We know of godly people that die of sickness and disease, and we know of ungodly people that live long, healthy lives.

I understand all that. I still have to go by what Scripture says, not by what my experience is. I don't build my theology on experience but on the Word. So what we have to do is cultivate an attitude of faith, meaning if I dwell on the losses, if I dwell on those who are not healed, if I keep talking about that, it's very unlikely that I will see others healed. So a couple of Randy Clark books I want to recommend to you, as he has really studied this, not just been used by God in healing but has meticulously documented things, wrote a doctoral dissertation on prayer for people with mental implants and results of that in his doctoral dissertation. So his book, The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat, it's a little book.

I read it some years ago, Randy Clark, Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat. He talks honestly about all those he prayed for that weren't healed, all the hours, the weeping, the burden, the exercising of faith or seeking exercise faith and not seeing them healed, and then the miracles. And he asked the question, one miracle with a child born missing a large part of the brain that was basically supposed to be a vegetable and after prayer was completely healed, he said, would you pray for 199 who weren't healed to get to that one for number 200? You know, similar examples like that. So that's useful to read. And then his latest book, Healing Breakthrough, which he gave me when I was with him in November of last year, Healing Breakthrough, and it talks about how to cultivate an attitude, an atmosphere of faith. I referenced it in the last segment. I want to reference that again.

Travis, I think you'll find those helpful. Melissa, I've been part of healing ministries and seen different kinds of healings but I don't understand why some people are prayed for once or twice at a basic type of healing prayer and get healed and why some people seem to have to go through a litany of repentance, forgiveness, breaking generational stuff, etc., and eventually get healed or not. I'm not sure what the question is there, except do we always have to go through all the digging?

You can see similar questions are coming up with some overlap, which is wonderful, meaning that we're experiencing a lot of the same things. I can only say God knows. God knows. I do not have answers for all of these things.

It's not a cop-out. It's the simple truth that God knows. I can say what I do understand from Scripture. Let's say that my sickness is related to my lifestyle, right? Let's say that I have serious back pain because I'm morbidly obese, and again, not an attack on those who struggle with weight.

I'm just speaking plainly here. Well, God might heal me once in his mercy, but then with it a word to take weight off. If I don't, I might not get healed because I am causing the problem, right? Or it could be that I have been walking in unforgiveness towards lots of people, and it's built up bitterness and anger and stress inside of me because of which I'm sick. Until I deal with that, even if I was healed, the sickness would come back because my body's not functioning properly and because I'm getting more run down.

You know, Dr. Stengler, when he was on with us previously, said that one of the things that could really open the door for COVID was stress, right? So the mental, the physical, these things tying in together. So again, there could be a real demonic attack that's been generational and this thing has to be broken, but I don't think in that way. In other words, what I'm going to do is see what the Word of God says and pray. Especially most people I'm praying for, it's just I don't know them, I meet them as I'm ministering, hey Dr. Brown, could you pray for me, etc.

So that's all I know. I'm just asking God in his mercy and goodness and by means of what Jesus did on the cross to heal that person, right? If I'm with them on a pastoral level and they're not healed, obviously I just want to minister grace, help them to love the Lord and experience his goodness, whether sick or healthy.

And then from there, there may be some deeper digging to do. Sometimes it's an unsafe person and God's demonstrating his power and they're instantly healed. Sometimes it's in response to a word of knowledge, there's someone here in this condition, God wants to heal you. Randy Clark said those that are prayed for after a word of knowledge, there's a much higher, because he documents all this with his teams, a much higher percentage of those people healed, because obviously faith is coming alive at that moment.

All right, now some have double questions, but I'm trying to get to as many as I can, so I'm just going to go to one. Lisa, where is the balance between praying for healing and preparing oneself or someone else for the inevitability of death? We all have to die sometime. Right, so first it's just having a relationship with God and walking with the Lord and there's a pastoral colleague, a dear brother, preached for many times over the years and I guess in his early 80s he got diagnosed with cancer and his response was, hey I'm ready to go be with the Lord. So obviously his family prayed, that's the husband, that's the father, that's the grandfather, maybe great-grandfather, that's beloved pastor, but he was ready. One of my closest colleagues I've worked with for what, 25 plus years, a missionary, man of God, his first wife came down with cancer, they fought, they battled, they prayed and he just had a sense she's going home, she's going home. Other times we've cried out to God until the last moment, we've cried out for healing until the last moment and when it didn't come then we worship God and commit this person to him and say, Lord we know that he or she is with you with no pain, no sorrow right now and we rejoice but we're hurting right here.

There are other times when it's sudden you can't prepare right, this person's gone, but certainly, certainly if we have a good relationship with the Lord we can pray for healing until the last moment and when it doesn't come then we worship God. Think of David in 2 Samuel 12. So he has sinned with Bathsheba, she's pregnant, she gives birth to a baby and by this time David's taken her and it's his wife after killing her husband or having her husband killed, right, pretty horrific. So it's child born in adultery and the child gets very sick and David prays and fast and prays and fast and then when the child dies, their advisors are petrified, what are we going to do? We can't tell them and David hears them talking, it's like, oh okay, the child died, like what can I do now? When he was alive I could pray, now that he's gone and it was under judgment because of their sin, now that he's gone there's nothing I could do. So sometimes you cry out to the last moment and if healing doesn't come then you worship the Lord, at other times there's just a sense for whatever reason it's not going to happen, they're going to be with the Lord, Lord we worship you and let's just get ready together.

You know there are other times where the person says I want you to fight to the last minute, right, that's what I want you to do and when I'm gone then you can mourn. All right, Jim does, I'm sorry, Heather, I've dealt with a chronic illness since birth, I believe in healing but find it hard to believe for this one condition to go away, how can I change my mindset and see results? Yeah Heather, that's very challenging when it's been with you all your life. What I would encourage you to do is renew your mind on a regular basis to what the Word says about healing, to read testimonies of miracles, for example in Randy Clark's book Eyewitness to Miracles or Craig Keener's book Miracles Today or Lee Strobel's book The Case for Miracles and read about these incredible extraordinary things that God has done. So you renew your mind to what God's Word says about healing, to renew and strengthen you and then you read testimonies about miraculous healings. The book I mentioned before, Randy Clark's Healing Breakthrough might be helpful and perhaps through that something will rise in you and God's grace will touch you and you'll be another of those miraculous stories.

May it be so. Jim, does God send sickness and disease on people too? Is all sickness and disease of the devil or some from God an honest to fire, David's child, diseases on the Egyptians, Romans 1 27, Acts 12 23, John 5 14. So all the right scriptures that you that you cited there. So let's go back to Exodus 15 26. So if you, you know what happens, I remember all these in Hebrew when I slow them down to stop and translate that I confuse myself. So rather than quoting the rest of the Hebrew, I'll just quote the end here. All the diseases that I put on Egypt I won't put on you because I'm the Lord your healer. You'll find the same language in Deuteronomy 7 23.

So if you, you know what happens, I remember all these in Hebrew when I slow them down to stop and translate that I confuse myself. So rather in Deuteronomy 7 12 through 15 that God will put these things on those who hate him. So whether he sends it directly, whether he allows demonic powers to do it, right? So Luke 9 1, Jesus gives his disciples authority over demons and disease, the two going hand in hand. Acts 10 38, God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power. He went about doing good and healing all who were afflicted by the power of the devil, right?

So we know the devil torments attacks. He does that. So does God open the door for him to do that?

Give him permission? Does God withdraw his hand of protection? Does God directly send sickness and healing? All of the above.

All of the above. But it is on the disobedient. It is judgment. It is judgment.

Read through Deuteronomy 28. It is judgment. Throughout scripture, sickness in and of itself is associated with death and sin, with judgment, with the fall, with the devil. In and of itself, it's not a good thing. Even though there are Godly people who are sick and God can work in our lives in the midst of sickness, sickness in itself is a bad negative thing.

And yes, sometimes God sends it in judgment. It's The Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on The Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are continuing to answer your questions on divine healing with our Let's Get Healthy emphasis this month.

Let me just say one other thing about our part, the role that we can play. So my wife Nancy is friends with a woman who is part of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's organization. We follow his nutritional guidelines. I've done my best to follow them to a T with amazing results these last eight and a half years. And that's why as I've been using these TriVita supplements that we've been talking to you about, I've been like, whoa, supercharged. I mean, I'm really benefiting. I believe everybody will benefit, but I'm really benefiting.

But here's something interesting. So my wife's friend, charismatic Pentecostal like us, she said in one week, in one week of one of Dr. Fuhrman's retreats for those with type 2 diabetes. So you go on one of these health retreats, you are weaned off all unhealthy food, you were put on healthy food only. There are doctors there who are monitoring your numbers and things like that to make sure that everything is healthy. She said that in one week of people making a radical change with nutrition, again, under doctor's supervision, that she's seen more people healed of type 2 diabetes than in all of her decades in churches seeing people prayed for. Now the problem is a lot of us are sick because of diet, nutrition, other health-related things, stress, lack of sleep, et cetera.

We don't know it. I was probably willfully ignorant in many ways. But look, when I was in the hospital in 1985 when I had pneumonia, I referenced that earlier, and the hospital nutritionist came in to talk with me and asked what I eat.

Well, yeah, pizza most days. And she said, well, that's good because you got this, you got this. It was the worst advice, the worst advice ever. I mean, Nancy's joking with me about it over the years, like, that was the absolute worst advice. I was probably going to eat it anyway, but I thought, oh, it's good for me. It's good for me to eat all this stuff. It's going to clog my arteries and do these other things. But it is interesting that I truly believe, especially in America with our unhealthy lifestyle and diets, I truly believe that a change in our nutrition, a change in our lifestyle, would yield 10 times more healings than all our prayer for the sick, which would indicate to me that many things are in the way.
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