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Ron Cantor Guest Hosts for Dr. Brown

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 27, 2016 4:20 pm

Ron Cantor Guest Hosts for Dr. Brown

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 27, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/27/16.

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Please welcome to the line of fire microphones for the very first time hosting the modifier Ron Cantor stalking for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown all is well in the world friends. I will ensure every buddy that everything is okay and I'm sure you read the news over the past few days Donald Trump has become a Christian. And so everything is okay. There's nothing to worry about and I am not Dr. Michael Brown, though I admire him greatly. I'm very grateful my name is Ron Cantor that he has given me the next two hours to the privilege of being able to communicate with you and I want to hear from you were to talk about all kinds of sorts of things, including Donald Trump and the phone number here is 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-348-7884 and just a little bit about the who we are not Dr. Brown for a long long time. I am a Jewish believer and in 1983 I came to faith and I said to my mom is a mom if you can find a Jewish person who actually knows God because I would ask as a crazy as it is a new believer. I'm still a little crazy as sure some experience over the next two hours, but I would see rabbis on the street. If I was in DC or New York. And I would like to do you know God, because it seemed to me that most people talked about knowing about God, but I did meet anybody who actually had a personal relationship with God's. I said to my mom I said if you can find a Jewish person who knows God I would love to meet with that we lived in Richmond Virginia and we had to travel to New York City actually to Brooklyn and I met with Rabbi Yehuda Fein who may be listening. I don't know, but he still an active rabbi, and he spent the next two, Charlotte 23 days seeking to convince me that Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah. And through that experience. I was put in touch with Dr. Michael Brown and he coached me through that.

In fact it was before he was Doc he was just like around that time, but he was still probably the most equipped person in the world to debate rabbis to talk about the offense.

Authenticity of Jesus Yeshua as the Messiah and he really helped me through that time and we been super close friends ever since. In fact, it was just after the time that I went to visit him and his family ended up going to Bible school, New York sitting under him moving to Maryland being a part of what we just sent me a message let me see if I can read it on the need my my reading don't blow it today. Okay will, there's a vote of confidence from.I thought you on a plane somewhere. However, how is he doing this and up, but the effect Dr. Brown is so gifted. He's so smart. He's so amazing that I permit is a true story.

You know document you know him. He likes to write late at night and and he'll get up just in time to go do what he has to do but help you know I will email him from Israel. In the afternoon and when it would be probably two or 3 AM here and he emails me right back.

So either he wakes up just to answer my emails because he loved me so much or he's up writing and speaking more but I remember 1000 Bible school and he comes in and he says I'm sorry I'm late. I had to take a French test Thursday was due in the midst of getting his docket number were like what you don't you'll know French okay I don't but I figured it out. He figured out front. It took me it took. I live by the way from Israel, I mentioned that yet. It took me seven years to preach my first sermon in Hebrew and Dr. Brown passes a French test without knowing French so I was a little jealous and still am, but I'm blessed to be who God has created us to be in my wife and I Elana we moved to Israel and my wife. The nativeborn is really and she moved her brother. We moved there back there in 2003 we let a congregation called to ferret Yeshua the glory of Yeshua and I just can assume right now because if there is this the music tell you more about that on the other side were to be right back to us and working to talk about Donald Trump's conversion hey this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience are ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer. We've got a great price on the trip.

And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Space is limited.

Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Okay, that we not only with this really Dr. Michael Brown, my dear friend and cohort in the proclamation of the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah to our people. The Jewish people is not with us today.

He is either on the plane or recovering after II don't know how my flight 25 hours from Australia where he ministered. I think 25 times over 10 days so he's getting some well needed rest. I see that we do have someone on the line and were to come to you in just a minute. So don't hang up and you want to talk about Donald Trump would let me just introduce myself real quick.

My name is Ron Cantor.

My wife and I Elana we live in Israel, we just happen to be in Charlotte this weekend and it just worked out great to be here. We have a podcast ourselves. You can find pod that's wrong pod and we have a book that we have written and exits a trilogy to work out it's called identity theft you like to read the first two chapters that it's a novel about a ditz in this Jewish guy named David has a Scrooge -like experience and he is able to go through the Holocaust through the inquisitions and she goes back to the first century where he's able to hear the good news of Yeshua the gospel in its original Jewish context, you can start reading it for and if you would like to get a free e-book, called the 15 most important facts that you need to know about the Israeli Palestinian conflict go to Ron fax make sure the app is capitalized and again it is great to be with you so Donald Trump according to a report has accepted Christ Messiah into his life and that we have some audio that will play for you right now this is from one of the most respected voices in all of the evangelical world.

Dr. James Dobson well I was and I think I is listening.

There a lot of medicine during the day him personally a lot of medicine or are not at maybe it except that a relationship with Christ.

I know the person who led rise and that's fairly recent reason I don't know.

I don't know what it was but it has not been long and a I believe so. Okay I think I think that's enough Dr. James Dobson again. One of the most respected voices in the evangelical world is talking about a friend of his who led Donald Trump and the purpose of a show on the first thing we have to say is this. We hope it's real. We want Trump to Hillary to be said. I want Obama to be safe, I want them all to accept Yeshua but understand something. We were talking about becoming president. It's not evangelical campaign to win the Bemis letter. That is our goal every day to every body were looking at who is qualified to be the leader of the United States of America and by the way, Barack Obama is also quote unquote accepted Jesus into his heart. I've read it on paper. We talked about his his personal conversion and that you can decide for yourself.

Looking at the fruit of his life, pro-gay marriage, pro forcing young girls to use the bathroom with grown men pro all kinds of stuff that are not evangelical but yet he says out of his mouth that he believes and is that enough to be a believer. Listen, I've been to Africa, I preach in front of literally tens of thousands of people insist everyone in the audience at the end would raise their hands and pray a prayer that does not mean that they all became believers. I'm sure many of them did some do some don't.

Some it takes a few times, but I want to see the fruit of Donald Trump's life. There's another report where Paula White claims that they have been friends for 14 years so in the night that he called her up and I don't think that knowing what I know about Donald Trump. He called her up and he said how much her her television ministry ministers to him and they've remain friends and I guess it remains means that they remain friends throughout her divorce from Randy White throughout her being caught in Rome with another famous televangelist, holding hands, neither of the married sharing a private jet on the way over there a bit of a scandal. Maybe they were friends during her most recent marriage and if I remember correctly, the mood of the famous Paula White very famous televangelist when she divorced her.

They got divorced from Randy White was because the Lord and I believe him quoting accurately will have to go back and Jack's was illegally eating their ministries in different directions going to say something about marriage. Marriage is not easy for any of us got you and Holland were in love with so great. It's wonderful. But God uses the institution of marriage really took to refine us to make us who we are and if we give up on them.

We miss out we miss out on what God is trying to do and I was but this is a woman that has been ministering hooked. According to her for 14 years. She obviously wasn't doing a great job because according to Dr. James Dobson.

Only recently did he accept Christ in to his heart and I'm not here to beat up on Donald Trump. I am not here to tell you whether or not he saved only God knows that only God knows what is in his heart. What I do know is that he is a salesman. I do know that up until now he has been a pathological liar just on the pro-life issue in one week. He must've had eight different positions depending on who he was talking to give one interview where he disavows the white supremacist David Dugan in a day or two later he acts like he doesn't know him.

He is pathological in his ability to look you straight in the eye and July as if it is nothing and listen. This is a guy who said I am so good I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and my people would still follow me nuts.

That concerns me, so has he been born again.

You know what were you know soon enough because I know that when I got born again. It radically changed my life. I started talking to everybody I knew about you sure that is the fruit of somebody who who was a believer. Things changed in my life. This is a guy who said he never has asked anybody including God for forgiveness. So now if he's a truly, genuinely a born-again man.

He is not to ask a lot of people.

Let's start with Rosie O'Donnell making Him in making Kelly made up but I mean he has been vicious and that is that is philosophy is going on record as saying that his philosophy is that if somebody hits him to hit back as hard as he can to be vicious to go after vengeance. Very ungodly characteristics.

But if he's not born-again great working to see a bran new Donald Trump and I know it's baby steps, I didn't. You know I I'm still growing. By the way, I am not perfect and my wife is in the other room and when I can let her in here to tell you how imperfect I am, but were all still growing. No one's perfect and I cannot put Donald Trump up to some crazy standard, but he should be moving from from glory to glory, becoming like you will find out very short enough what is going on him so I want to know what you think about this, and these did different evangelical leaders are coming to his to his 80s now got an advisory board of each and the evangelical leaders. So I want to know what you this we have on the line that you have time to take a call worker working to go ahead and take a call. That's funny.

I'm still not sure of your name but it says here, and Cobb. It's interesting because in Hebrew the word, actually means line like you are on the line so carve your on the cob is that your name and Cobb is gone.

So let's go to Louise from Raleigh, North Carolina Luis, you're on the line of fire with Ron Cantor. Ironically, here how are you I'm great how are you my friend. I'm doing what I wanted, and let you in your life. My wife and I were at the wreckage church Friday know that ophthalmic yes, amen.

We had a fun we talked about the background to Romans, you can actually hear that online doesn't sound like a great title but it actually we had a lot of fun so Luis what you think about Donald Trump's net announcing he's a believer can you vote for him. I would really pray and I can right now you can I I'll know how would you vote for Hillary Clinton actually not absolute so you're where a lot of folks are where you are.

You're not obviously can't vote for Hillary Clinton because of all that she believes but something doesn't bear witness about Trump yet there is no other option. So you're not sure this point what your to do if you had to do if you had to do something today, what would you do if you had a go today with those that I really don't now I know believe it weekly. We are about and that is the one who has been really, on the other side and amplify publicized okay will we get a break coming up. Thank you so much Luis.

Good words, it will be back in her plan. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is early Jewish Thursday on Monday and I am your early Jewish guest host Ron Cantor very honored and blessed that my dear friend Dr. Michael Brown is asked me to fill in for them. Today we got a bunch of folks in the longer take your call in just a second. If you want to weigh in on this. Just call 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's 866-34-TRUTH if you want to learn more about us, you go to our website Messiah's or just go to Ron can' fax make sure the F is capitalized to send you a free e-book so we talking about Donald Trump.

There's news coming out that he has accepted Christ. This is a a salesman by nature in this is a guy running for office.

So you tend to say what people want to hear. And so you know, I can imagine couple scenarios were like. Let me pray this thing in the ghetto people or maybe genuinely this is a a a O come to Jesus moment for Donald Trump.

I hope so. I want him to be saved. I'm struggling believing believing that it's real.

Only God knows the truth, and the fruit will prove itself. So let's go to Michelle in Arkansas. Michelle you are I want to say in the line of fire, but you're on the line of fire Enron hey Michelle how are you good to hear from you or from your hear from you. Yes, Michelle is a wonderful friend he read out. He's an Israeli living in Arkansas and he read book. We wrote called identity theft. That's a ID theft he read the book a couple weeks later you gave your heart to Yeshua, didn't you exactly what I really was called. I know you talk about Donald Trump and boy I can talk about Donald Trump but the identity theft changed my life and just recently with the last two weeks I finished Jerusalem secret secret which is phenomenal not give way to secret great books.

I did a really bad thing. I ended identity theft on a cliffhanger. It was a trilogy but I thought I was. I would be writing immediately, but right after we finished identity theft. I was asked to become the senior leader of the congregation in Tel Aviv and is a full-time job that I wasn't used to.

So it took me four years to finally finish the Jerusalem secret just came out in May so you enjoyed it a lot. Absolutely loved it. To be a big favor, don't make me wait another four years.

Well we just laid hands on the new senior leader and nativeborn Israeli named Gil who is now the primary local pastor that's I do have more time to write. I'm excited on thank you so much Michelle for calling again if you want to hear more about any of those books just go to ID theft or you can go to Ron can' books and Melinda you are from Texas and you're on the air with Ron Cantor filling in for Dr. Michael Brown hi Ron, that you hear in their email, but let the work that you're doing the work will God bless you Linda. I was listening and and a question about what would we vote for. And right now, but don't have a straight answer because it is not a whole lot of great new depend on but at wiki and my congregation is vote for the lesser evil of the right to vote today if it was it today were like today I think I would go to the polls, holding my nose and I would vote for Donald Trump because it Hillary just a bit scary for me after eight years of Barack Obama. I agree with you that right here.

I would hope I know and I would definitely be taken.

They'll turn this you know the news today is Dr. James Dobson someone that we we love and we respect that Donald has become a believer. Leasees prayed a prayer of salvation does not matter to you whether or not he's a believer that it really got because of the arena that we are nation that the evil dark that the division and that I I want all bumping that was spoken by Obama when he first took off that he wanted to bring that you party was brick together. We have been yeah let me ask you this if if I told you eight years ago that it in when we elected Barack Obama, the first democracy I'm conservative and I did not vote for him, but I did. I was moved that America once a incredibly racist country, a slaveowning country, a country that we had an African-American, a black man as president. Even though I totally disagreed with him on the policies I was I was moved.

But if I told you that 7 1/2 years later that race relations after electing an African-American president would be worse than they were before. Would you believe me. At that point. Yes, I would've believed you, but I think smart, not I wouldn't believe it.

I wouldn't believe no later. I did write an article called the religion of Obama which changed a lot for me and thank you so much for your call Linda and and I begin to see his roots in the the communist influence in his upbringing as a young man then of course Rev. Wright who is nothing but a lover of Israel, or even the American people but Dan, you are on the life in Vero Beach, Florida what you think about all this. Ron hey Dan, the 1976. Rolling Stone magazine commented on Elvis Presley's death and they said it was quote a good career move unquote and I would say that this testimony of Miss the guy from the apprentice's name. We will not even mention is another quote good career move unquote and you all suspect.

LOL we're good to start a great we will not know that. That's a fact.

But all my Christian and Jewish friend. I would say this at some point you are going to stand before your creator and give account for your lives and you in the voting booth and voted for this guy.

The guy from the apprentice and exactly which biblical principles that he uphold that listed real short okay that there is there is 1/3 choice and the Libertarian party puts out a very good choice that works on completely the nonaggression principle and to that it lines up quite nicely with the deck.

The deck turtle justice, just as you shall always pursue well the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson right as I researched him. He's not exactly pro-life and for me that is a huge issue. It's like right at the top of my history. Here's the thing though. I think that the Libertarian and Johnson himself own position is that that would be pushed down to the states issue for states to provide died on that issue individually writing at the battle of entrance okay we are playing the long game were plain to the end of time the alarm by Edward Cohen all the way to enter like that out also as a national who has a Israeli somebody with dual citizenship.

It's important to me what America does regarding Israel and the limitary position tends to be a bit isolationist.

Thank you so much for your call Dan and will be back in just a minute. We got more focus on hold to hear from the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown everybody this is Ron Cantor and I am guessing for Dr. Michael Brown very honored as the document was asked me to be with you we been talking about Donald Trump. I want to mention real quick that you know Michelle called in from Arkansas and Israeli came to faith and our office just sent me this phone number that I didn't even know existed. But if you would like to order any of her books. You can do so by phone at 800-856-7060 800-856-7060 and we have some special deals when you get more than one.

The price comes down. It is such a deal on thoroughly Jewish with a visit Thursday on Monday and so were blessed to be back with you and I want to mention I am from Israel.

I love living in Israel do not believe what the media tells you about Israel. It is one of the most amazing places and I know that Dr. Brown in February. Along with Scott vote there to be bringing a group of you to Israel and I was with say something that the price is $3750. A small price to pay for a massive life changing experience. We going towards for years and at the end of the hardest part about the most difficult thing about Israel tour is not terrorism because you will not see it for the most part.

Torsten never tech affect Israelis for the most part on the tech, everything is blown up out of proportion.

The hardest part is getting people back on the airplane to go home so I what you do right now. After break is go to ask Dr. and click on the Israel tour banner and sign up that torts can be amazing and if were in the country. We will definitely come say hi and spend some time with the group okay when it's been a just a little bit more time. Talk about Donald Trump's possible conversion. According to James James Dobson and Eileen from Wayne New Jersey you were on the line of fire. Hi I'm great how are you I'm very well thank you I think that one on if you're not and keep your mouth shut for next year and as far as being a perfect candidate. Obviously, there are none at all you people who are judging Donald Trump� You be not judged to be only what will hang on I got interrupted right there because it is much as I love you Eileen you're taking that passage out of context. You have done or said. But I do agree with you if you don't vote you lose your voice and that's my mother taught me from the time it was a little kid and that's what I've always voted but when the Bible speaks about not judging it's not talking about elections and election is a judgment when Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz for that matter. Okay, let me say this, I thought, what, when Donald Trump said I want to be president. He is saying. My life is an open book judge me worthy or not worthy. So it is not correct and I've heard it from a lot of different people and it really has to do something about anybody else else about Hillary, you know, I only would you call up and say don't judge Hillary Clinton but should we judge or should she be held account you're going to judge somebody like that I could not contact but don't judge whether or not he should be personal life because you know that will be waived long time. My Christian when abortion okay with running the country running the country a company like truck with the man back on track and put people back to work and get rid of. Okay, so let's talk about his success as a businessman. He's filed bankruptcy several times and we know Hillary Clinton actually Hillary Clinton came out a week ago and talked about the fact that he hires contractors and then did not pay them and then offer them $0.30 on the dollar and that is been fact checked that he literally did that. Is that a guy that we want running your country. Do you want someone who is not an honest businessman running country and I'm so sorry Eileen. We got to go to break the thank you so much for calling the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, are you dancing yet. Are you getting your doing your horribly Jewish circle dance love that music that's good. I'm Ron Cantor filling in for Dr. Michael Brown. It is so great to be with you today. You know, I've known Dr. when we talk about Donald from them for a little bit. Let me just take a break from that. I've known Dr. Brown for a long time since I met him in New York City when I was put in touch with him through a mutual friend and he helped coach me through a time when some rabbis were seeking to talk me out of my faith only, so that was kind of interesting that I made a decision based on prayer research, no pressure from anybody to accept your shoe in my life, and we have a book that we wrote about that in Jewish you can get that as's/Cantor books. I think it's called Ron about others could leave me alone.

I'm Jewish because my best friend Brian McRae who I hope is listening and he began to share the gospel with me.

He became a radical believer when he went in and we were in high school 18 years old and begin to share with me about your shoe. When he actually eventually provoked me to jealousy when he said I asked him if his life was better now that he received Yeshua, Jesus, and he looked at me and he said I know God and when he did.

Romans 1111. Some patients come to the nations to provoke Israel to jealousy. He provoked me to jealousy and in the end, I actually ended up coming to faith, but I've had some fun times with with Dr. Brown over the years on one time we were we were driving to New York City. He was preaching at Times Square church.

I believe it was freezing outside. It was freezing outside, and in any of Dr. Brett is a genius but if if you're smart as he is the Lord has to make some areas of your life that you're just not you know all that smart so he would not become conceited, like for instance one time I walked I was in my heart was heavy. I know what I was going to ask had to talk to a woman I walk into his basement is building a shelf system and he takes a you know what an Allen wrenches and then the little screw that goes with the Allen wrench and he puts the screw in there and then he grabs a hammer and I said I said Mike what what what you know I'm and he said oh no� This is a special kind of hamburger now. I said no, no, no that's in that it goes with an Allen wrench is probably in the IKEA box and in it we were fortunately able to do that together and was overbroad. I mentioned driving to New York City this freezing it is so cold and and he turns on the heat on high until he was too hot and then he would just turn off and you call he would turn on high and then once who's hot.

It would turn up in my belly's eyes and you do know that you can regulate the temperature so we don't have to be going hot cold hot goal and that's a no-no.

I Janet you are such a man of God Dr. Brown that you refuse to be lukewarm. You are a radical ureter to be completely freezing, or completely hot and we had some fun times of your playing tennis.

We every year we lived in Maryland for long time and we went to back-and-forth we probably play seven or eight times your tennis during the winter. By the way, and at the end of the year whoever was winning was the champion of the and were super competitive so we would go out like 28� weather and play tennis and you like normal people warm up well were both ridiculously competitive that we would like hit the ball once or twice and set you ready yet you read. It is so that a fund that we've had over the years we have enjoyed my not just my friendship. But Mike is been a mentor and his really, you know what, as a writer and as a blogger, probably one of the greatest privileges that I have in my life that I can literally be stuck as I'm writing and send an email to the foremost messianic scholar in the world and he gets back to me within minutes. It's like your own personal Google so we love Dr. Brown and so blessed to be here and I see that Patrick is calling from the island of Barbados.

Patrick you are on the line of fire. I'm great, Patrick. How are you will what about Donald Trump. Well, I would like this discussion will probably land O and repent quite widely because what I have not a regular commitment because I received an email from you on and I haven't programmed to Rowe come I haven't heard any discussion on Henry. I don't know if you had any discussion on her before. Well let me just will let me be real clear with you and my leg is just this sugar right now changes the election than I am actually quite a bit more powerful than I ever thought I don't think we'll have that impact but I want to be clear, I will never break vote for Hillary Clinton. She is a liar. She is a criminal. I will call her crooked Hillary. Although I sometimes hear that in my mind is ongoing throughout my day, but she her and her husband.

I do agree with on the company speech last week was phenomenal when he talked about her being the most corrupt person to ever run for president. I would agree with that with the way she is treated the O on the one side of her mouth. She says every victim of sexual abuse of rape should be believed, but she said except when it's my husband that's been accused because she has ruined women will accuse her husband so again if you eat it. If you know me and you know the whole of what I believe today right now talking about the old that I get a rather the news that James Dobson is reporting that Donald Trump is received the Lord so that's what were taught that I will never vote for Hillary Clinton and and I think you know what don't come in a great speech that's we should all go back and hear it when he spoke about Hillary I think is one problem is this is that he sometimes like for instance if I were going to say something about Muslims in America. Here's what I would say I would say regarding the immigration of Muslims we need to put a freeze on allowing people, Muslims from Syria and Iraq from coming into America. When you do a better job of vetting.

We are not against Islam. We will obviously from a religious point of view. I am not against Muslims right against the people we need to be very careful.

Obviously, academics coming in. That wouldn't be in it and I was there was a way that Donald Trump could have said that that could've been more palatable that I simply say we need to ban all Muslims because we don't need to analyze night I go in like two months later he needed to not he needs to be sharp enough as a professional communicator. He's a great salesman. He shot when he talked about in his first speech, his very first speech back a year ago now and Trump Towers. I'm listening to it and part of me is actually being inspired by some of the things he saying and then he talks about Mexico sending in their rapist. Now I do not believe that the Mexican government is well and we find out like this where we want you to go to this with your rapist working to help you get to America, but that's what it sounded like he was saying all he had to say is hey listen, some of the people that are even legally coming over here are criminals and we've got to do whatever we can to stop that and without rolling.

For this route discards some Christians from porting or Trump or Hillary global corporate Trump is not winnable to know what I'm saying is that that will be credited to her because you may be right, not quote for one person for the other is not good. I agree with you, and I think it but everyone's gotta follow their own conscience is a valid opinion. What you're saying is about a non-vote is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Thank you so much for your Patrick I gotta go to other colors but thank you so much for calling and Joan you are on the lawn of fire you had. I thought about Trump hi Ron guy I think I'd like to know about the candidate not just trumpet how they can find fan they look at it as breaking God's perfect moral law. Talk about repentance and then trusting in Jesus. This is actually answer that question forcefully and with with Frank Luntz and he said he does not literally believe in sin. He believes that you make a mistake you just do better the next time he is nothing that he does not believe. Again, this is before James Dobson's report. Maybe he's had a change of heart.

I don't know. I hope so, but that was his position when franklins asked asked asked him point blank.

Have you asked God for forgiveness and you make mistakes you move on.

Will try and get the audio that so we can accurately portray what he said but no, I don't think up until his supposed conversion that he looks and issues of sin and righteousness more, how can I make a profit. How can I do well and to be ours with you.

I'm not looking for a pastor in chief that I don't think to be present to be a good president that you have to be born again of praying I prefer it but my bigger issues are where you stand on the issues what he said in a pro-life where you stand on the nation of Israel. These are the issues that are important to me will be back in just a minute with more of the line of fire. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my people are so smart and you know what else they said I might be able to pull they say I am the most loyal people to get to see that where I could stand in the middle of fifth Avenue and shoot somebody.

And I would lose any votes okay like that is incredible that is incredible. Sadly, he may be correct about that but talks like that and I know Trump is a different kind of candidate that's part of his appeal were to take one more call on Donald Trump. The move towards Israel freed. I see that you're an old and really get your call just in just a minute Brian the last word on the day on Donald Trump what you got to say I just want what you will, down but I Obama Barack Obama pretty well. I beg people of the church talked about not want what everything you've done it yet on a back way I expected it in and edit but but I just want to say this one I ought I can now report about all of not follow whatever bulk third-party thought, but what I can for you and she said this.

She This is probably the last call for America.

No doctor to be the America that I grew up in anymore you going to lose well on the verge of losing freedom of speech right now, freedom of religion going to lose the Second Amendment you're going to choose such as going to open up the borders of the father back to call and let those people and now I was one of them.

I want to get into right will let me jump right� I don't necessarily disagree with you recently wrote a free e-book that's on, wake up call for America, where I live basically document what is happened in the past eight years, and I don't know that she's can be any different from Barack Obama.

So again I said earlier, if I had to go today I would hold my nose and vote for Donald Trump and I would pray because you know what he might end up being a great president he might think a horrible present. Here's what I'm sure about Hillary Clinton. She will be a horrible presence of thank you so much Brian for your call and we want to switch gears just a little bit and talk about is my name is Ron Cantor I am from Tel Aviv. Very good friend of Dr. Michael Brown for many many years. About 30 years now and that we were talking about United States elections were as an Israeli I have dual citizenship. I am very concerned regarding how America acts towards Israel because Barack Obama has been horrible regarding Israel. He is treated our prime minister in the most disrespectful way and he has. He came in the Middle East when he was elected and was like hey I'm to be the anti-Bush and everyone's gotta love me. I grew up in Indonesia I get the Muslim world go to Cairo to make a speech that you love me, I meant to get the Nobel Peace Prize.

$1 million in my pocket and you know what, by the time I get out. The Middle East is going to be a different place and you know what Mr. Obama is a different place. It is full of terrorism and violence. You know what it used to be that when you heard of a bombing or a terrorist attack.

You knew what was in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, now you're pretty sure it's in the Middle East, or even now you're pretty sure it's in Europe or America and I believe that is the result of the policies of not only Barack Obama but the weak European Union free that you want to talk about is where you were on the line of fire hi Freda, their freedom, what would you like to share freed about Israel. 1.1 and ordination people well. Abraham was the first Hebrew were the first Israelite if you will, and God said to Abraham, who was living in of the Chaldeans, Babylon the time he said in Genesis chapter 12 verses two and 3123 minutes take you from your land on which you go, this other land where I'm leaving, it's a famous is really saying Leffler, you know, get up and go leave this area and he takes them to the land of the Canaanites and he says I really give you this land to you and your seed for ever and Dr. Brown likes to say that because he's a Hebrew scholar.

I speak modern Hebrew pretty good, but he's a biblical Hebrew scholar.

He like to say that the actual Hebrew for forever in that verse actually means forever. So the the V that was actually a joke, but the it started with Abraham at God's calling and he took them to the land of Canaan. He said I'm giving this land to you. So that's how Israel became a nation. Okay, right. Okay will thank you so much for coming. If you like to call in and join the conversation. We will talk a little bit about is right now 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I want to mention if you've never been to Israel.

You must go it is. I mean, you can wait for you. She would come back and he's going to set up his kingdom in Jerusalem as the Bible says in Zechariah 14 and the nations will go there and they will celebrate the Jewish feast, the biblical feast called the feast of Tabernacles who co-you can wait for that, it's can be awesome is given the most amazing multicultural worship experience. This world has ever known. When we actually physically worship Yeshua in front of us. It's going to be amazing. But if you don't want to wait. You need to come to Israel. I have led so many tours of the years and got a vacation and you were so excited you the weeks go by and you just can't wait. Your tired work as hard and you get to the vacation in the hands and it just wasn't as fun as you the height made it out to be. That will not happen in Israel. I can almost guarantee. I say almost guarantee because there's always someone out there so you I can almost guarantee you that if you go to Israel with Dr. Brown and Scott Volk in February. Your life is going be radically changed. I've taken so many people to Israel and the hardest part is getting them back on the airplane to go home because it's so much fun. Every day the Sea of Galilee, floating in the Dead Sea going in to Jerusalem and the old city. Praying at the Western Wall.

It's really really amazing.

And you know what I'm in America I'm in I come and go out on a limb. I will meet you if you come with Scott and Dr. Brown. I will meet you there, at least for one night have some time to share together meet together if I'm in the country for not the country to so much you can do. I should be there but go to ask Dr. asked Dr. and just click on the Israel benefit you to meet other believers there as well other.

It is really believe you know going to say this, one of the pet peeves I have with Israel tours today is that they take you simply to a museum of the past and I and that's cool I mean seeing the Sea of Galilee.

You know having your devotions on the very place where Yeshua walked in and discipled in minister walk in the water and call Noah. It is awesome. But I want to tell you friends. There are living stones, not just headstones but living stones in 99% 99.9% of people who go to Israel to visit. They never meet the living stones.

They never meet the believers they see where Yeshua walked, but they don't see where he's walking today so I want to encourage you if you want to see where Yeshua is walking today go to asked Dr. and sign up for more information, read about the itinerary were to be hearing from Scott Volk later in the next hour talking will get them to talk a little bit about the trip but you want to come and listen. We made it in our hour on the air subbing in for my good friend Dr. Brown stick around for the next hour to talk about Rex that Israel all kinds of stuff see a few minutes please. Welcome to the line of fire microphones for the very first time hosting a lot of fire Juan Cantor stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I everybody I am not activist and author and theologian, and your moral voice or whatever else.

Dr. Brown is, but I sure like to play one on the radio and today you are with Ron Cantor and I am from Israel and I'm so blessed Dr. Michael Brown has entrusted me with his microphone today. What fun we had on the on the first hour we got another hour ahead of us. If not, you know what met I might just stay here all day long. I'm I don't care if we go off the air.

This is a blast. I want you to call me 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-348-7884. Again my name is Ron Cantor I am from Tel Aviv is Israel, and up until about two weeks ago I pastored a congregation called to fair use for the glory to show a Hebrew speaking only congregation reaching out to nativeborn Israelis with the good news of Yeshua and I say recent until recently because we laid hands on a wonderful amazing nativeborn Hebrew speaker deal offer. Yahoo is now our leader of I'm still very much a part of the car geisha we work as a team that we can interchange places from time to time were still very much involved there and if you want know more about us just go to my website Ron while you're there, you can learn about our book identity theft in our newest book which is called the Jerusalem secret actually are part of a trilogy, a novel about the Jewish roots of the faith we heard last hour for Michelle and is really who read identity theft and actually came to faith. If you want to read identity theft. Just go to ID theft and you can read more about that, there, and if you want a free book called the 15 most important facts that you need to know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict go to Ron fax make sure that the F is capitalize. So yeah about. I don't know 13 years ago in 2003 I moved to Israel is that crazy.

I remember landing in Israel. My wife is a nativeborn Israelis. I remember landing in Israel with my beautiful wife and my precious three children and I thought what have I done.

Am I crazy in my nuts the day before I was in Newark New Jersey. Staying in the hotel the night before our flight and my mother calls up.

I'm now taking her three grandkids to. I don't know place where people blow each other up and so I called her up to move on the phone and hey mom, you're right. She literally could not talk to me because of her tears and she is not paying on the phone and I felt like the worst son in the world. But now were landing in Israel. It's the next day were landing in the nation of Israel. Our new life is about to begin.

I got a 14-year-old and 11-year-old and nine-year-old and a 38-year-old plus me and we were all incredibly depressed yes depressed. We were thinking what in the world have we done. I remember getting in the car driving to our apartment where we be staying. We never owned partly at night. Ron you think maybe, just maybe, this was a test. Maybe Abraham and Isaac.

I just want to see if I was willing and in no we had to turn around and go back to the airport and go back to America and that I can write all my supporters and say praise God. It was just a test. Please keep supporting us, but were back in America, but generally did. Rather than doing that.

I went took a nap. We all took naps and I woke up and I said to myself that my kids. I said you know what kids this is our life now so you better get used to it and I felt my wife is in the same for my wife and I got alone. I said hey Ron you know what this is your life now.

Get used to it. Went to bed. Woke up never look back see in just a few minutes on the line of fire line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown woke early Jewish Thursday on Monday.

In addition, I am Ron Cantor just hosting from a different Dr. Michael Brown and we are just blessed to be with you today and that let's take a few calls we got Elaina from New York on the line you let it go ahead and body year about me memo thank you so much Elaina and we got column on the line wants to talk. Well I'll let you tell us that much right as Dennis Collier from Oakland California and you're in the line of fire or on the 15.

Be careful if you're in Oakland that you're not in the line of fire going, tell, and Kyle is not ready okay well he's getting ready be another call coming and I will talk you for a minute about the United Nations your part of the United Nations there there.

This group in they actually meet in our country are in your country. New York and they will pro Israel and if you've noticed that led to the UN chief recently. His name is Ben Keene moon he's from South Korea and he made a comment the other day. He said do not allow the extremism on either side to fuel the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He said this at Tel Aviv University. You know I've been chemo want to go down into Gaza and say that I don't like a compass to Tel Aviv University and make this, go to Gaza go to Ramallah. He goes on to say, Palestinians and Israelis. Leaders must remember I'm sorry must stand firm against violence and terror, insight, incitement stabbings, bombings and shootings will not achieve anything because violence is never a solution that's like going to the boat to the police and lecturing them on the dangers of drug abuse and drug dealer. You understand, Israel is not the problem.

We wanted peace for a long long long time were not stabbing people in the street. It doesn't make sense for you, Mr. Van Keene moon to come to Israel to Tel Aviv University and to wag your finger at us and tells that stabbings, bombings and shootings will not achieve anything because you know not stabbing anybody when not bombing anybody and on the rare and not shooting anybody.

Yes, there is the rare rare rare occurrence that a frustrated Jewish person do something horribly wrong, horribly stupid against the Palestinian but the Palestinians are acting against Israelis like me and my family every single day. There is a stabbing us just in the Serono market.

About a week ago. I guess a little more than a week ago.

This is the place where I eat with my family. A gunman dressed up into gunman dressed up as Orthodox Jews ended up opening fire on people were just doing the most horrible thing that you can imagine enjoying the evening and eating and they killed four people so I don't know why Mr. United Nations leader that you're coming to Israel to lecture us because really you need to be lecturing the Palestinian but wait, you go on to saying that the let's read here. He was calling for the south of the Palestinian state any canned them the occupation really want to condemn the occupant you know else condemns the occupation knew there was never a reason for the occupation. It's too bad that Egypt and Syria and Jordan made a pact together in 1967 to destroy Israel because if they had not made a pact together to destroy Israel and instead they said you know what, we recognize you as this tiny little sliver of real estate, called the Jewish and yet we welcome you into the community of nations they had done that there would be no occupation if in 1948 when Israel became a nation and said to the Arab world just when we were half the nation that world today. Geographically, if they just said hey let us know be friends with us it out. Let's make a living. I said no, no, no. The war with you, but were never to make peace with you, then there never would've been in occupation.

The only reason that it that Israel controls Jerusalem the Golan Heights that controls him will doesn't control guys anymore. Your we gave that back. The only reason we control. That is because the Arab belligerent nations would not make peace with Israel. So in 1967 when we were about to be attacked Gamal Nasser. When in doubt, don't. Don't lose me here what you stay with me here when Gamal Nasser, the president of Egypt in 1967, and I hope Ben Keene moon is listening.

I believe he is a listener showing you hopefully go call and I would love to debate you want one, Mr. Moon, but probably not happen, but the only what happened in 1967's Gamal Nasser, the president of Egypt. He said to the UN peacekeeping troops that were between Israel and Egypt and the Sinai desert. It was called the greatest peacekeeping mission in the history of the world he said get out and you know the greatest peacekeeping mission and they got out they pack out here and then he lined up on the border put his armies on the border with Israel Syria in the north Jordan coming from up from Jerusalem and we had no choice but to attack because we know that if we did not start the war. It would be Israel's last war, and so on June 5, 1967 we destroy the Egyptian Air Force the Syrian Air Force and we actually enter it and then at this is amazing part of this is the amazing part of it. We had no plan to take Jerusalem know we had new Jerusalem that we have the old city and we did have the West Bank that was not part of the plan and we actually sent word to Jordan do not attack us and we will not attack you. You know what happened because part of Arab warfare.

This is not racism.

This is literally part of Arab warfare is that you live you say you're winning when you're not waiting so your soldiers don't run away. That's why the intelligence chief.

Remember that guy in Iraq who would talk about the fact that they were routing the Americans in taking the airport and in the exact opposite was happening. He was doing what you do.

I would never in the in the golf for the first Gulf War there's a report that came out that 50 Iraq he tanks were destroyed by the Egyptian Air Force I remember laughing because I know the area of the world, and I thought let's see if we ever get any cup from it never happened. Because that's how you fight, work, and so the King of Jordan see if I apparently did know that and so he listened to the hype on the radio that Egypt was getting ready to march into Tel Aviv when in fact is really taken the entire Sinai desert and he had he not attack from Jerusalem.

There would be no East Jerusalem issue there would be no West Bank issue, but the King of Jordan. He wanted more territory, so he attacked from Jerusalem and within two days we pushed him and his troops back over the Jordan River and suddenly Israel had its heart back again I apologize for that. If you're going to try and kill me. I will defend myself know if you want to learn more about that. We got a lot of great videos on this.

We did a series on this go to reach Tel Aviv on YouTube go to and then just enter in reach Tel Aviv. We did a whole series on our YouTube channel on the subject. You can get more information that an let's take a call now on the line of fire Lynn from Texas you are on the line of fire.

Ron proud of you. Now carry that air back when got you go and are balling here and I'll let you they aren't grand and on going you doing right now and then felt very proud of you and and Holly guy doing lately enter you and you and your family well.

Like like Paulson, I am what I am by the grace of God I just want to make sure that I use all the grace that he's given me. Thank you so much Lynn that is so unbelievably encouraging. So him is 316 on the line of fire, and we have got another 45 minutes. When we come back from the break were to hear from my good friend when Michael's friend Scott Volk who is deleting a tour with Dr. Brown to Israel. Israel important. Have some fun with him, but the eloquence that we moved to Israel in 19 mother and 2003 and it was hard it was real hard to be getting five poor kids. God bless them. You know they tell me now.

Thank you so much daddy, you know mommy that you took us to Israel when you did but it wasn't always so easy when we were in Israel. There were some difficult times, and they had to learn the holder, I did speak the language and so my my wife had to do everything regarding school work in this. I did everything in America because English is not her first language that I can speak any Hebrew. And so I so wanted to take two years off and on the learn Hebrew 11 to preach up a storm and seven years later, I finally preached my first message in Hebrew, seven years after the moving there so I died a lot of death and I said to the Lord one time is matrix thing. We just put something in the back of my head and I I just hit Hebrew. Wouldn't that be wonderful.

And the Lord spoke to me said yes. I could not that he would put a thing in my head, but he said I could give it to you supernaturally but you're learning more than just Hebrew your humility, how to die to self and so much more was seen a few more minutes on the line of fire joined Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott multiframe unique behind the scenes tour of Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017.

Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the chip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner for color office at 704782370 Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown year long.

That is me off of my brand-new album. I brand-new rap album that's coming out very soon you will never actually be able to get that because I don't rap I'm not very good but you I recognize that. Who was that Matt can you write that up there. I'm little and it's because the king that means strong jobs.

I was in that ad for the Israel tour at the minute. I know that voice I know that is that Nancy, Brett, no it's not Nancy but it's not like Mike's. Why did Robin and there she is right there in a Robin great to see you.

So, speaking of Israel. We live in is or were so blessed you will learn more about us go to Messiah's and get all kinds of free stuff, but I have on the line with me right now. A very special guest. You know him because he normally actually fills in for Dr. Brown and that is messianic, pastor, Jewish believer, soon to be author's singular wedding dancer Scott Volk microphone. I'm like a kid in the candy shop like his uncle to take the mic literally in that we would drive back to Richmond. I was going to put it in you on the dashboard and just keep going here well I don't know with what I said about the light might be my last time we'll see. So Scott, you you had a smidge of years ago your Jewish you are right you are actually unlikely you actually raised as a Jewish believer and you started taking groups to Israel a few years ago. Talk to me about that. Actually it was a little bit of a desire that I had to go on a tour of my life would be changed as a result of going but in 2005 I got my first group over there was mostly young people from our school of ministry and not only did I want to make sure that everybody saw the biblical site. One thing that was really important to me was that our group got an opportunity to taste life on the ground so one of the things that I made sure that we did was we served. We went to another base and we serve there might be folded special uniforms all day long in a shack and then we went to an underprivileged children center well and I'm telling you it was the fact that we were able to see Jack 30 among Jewish children whose parents were either separated or addicts, living on the streets was really an incredible thing and it was then and there really felt like I was supposed to do something practically and tangibly for the people of Israel.

And that's how we started a nonprofit org insulation which are telling me is that you and Dr. Brown want to take people say what you want to spend 3750. That's 3007 $50 to go fold laundry right here listeners would gladly do that. Not only will they not be folding laundry brother before you tell us what else do I want to say something though it is it is amazing what happens when you go to another nation and you spend your money or your race support and you go to another nation and you do something that you do everything they now switch at the fold laundry.

But you're doing it as an act of service. I'll be honest, I would rather do that than be on the beach in Hawaii. It changes who you are. Hey Scott, can I do this. Can I get you to call back and we got really bad audio so I'm not going to let you know what you call back and tells about together with together for Israel, and we've also got some fun stories that were to share my name is Ron Cantor I am filling in for Dr. Michael Brown today. I am from Tel Aviv and just happened to be in Charlotte North Carolina today and think about this Braxton thing written is at second new word now were all saying breakfast at Brixton, Britain exiting and elaborate and is now exited the car is in the midst of exiting the European union like to be off and I got excited about that because the European Union has been no friend is running a blind when it comes to Islamic terrorism money. They're just there just completely in left field when it comes to the dangers and and impress Obama. He actually went to Britain a few months ago and you know, listen, I'm used to having him wag his finger at us and telling us that Christians are horrible people to and there was there. The Crusades and the inquisitions and the easiest grind of the Harvard professor. He's really good with the finger wagging, and I guess you can do that to your own people that put you in office, but man, do you want to go to Britain knew that you want to go to Britain and say hey if you leave the European Union them when it comes to trade you're going to the back of the queue, heaving yours is the word Q which means line because that's the word that they would use so you know I'm kind of the is that Scott will back on that is that Scott we have that to somebody blinking. I'm not sure who that is okay, but you know what it is Scott and then says no no no okay I'm going. I think Scott will be back with her shortly but listen I thought was the height of arrogance for a US president to go to Britain in and not just say hey this is how I feel but the bed basically wag his finger at them and tell them what they're about to do is wrong, you know what kind of president goes to another nation and rebukes that nation other than maybe Bibi Netanyahu about a year ago when he came to America and he went before Congress and basically rebuked the present, but it was different. It was different because he wasn't wagging his finger at United States of America.

The way that Pres. Obama did Great Britain what he was doing was saying hey, this is insane. You can't let Iran get the bomb and you know what Iran is going to eventually get the bomb if they're not stopped. He was pleading.

Eddie came at the invitation of our Congress. So now you have Great Britain that it there leaving the European Union and the question a lot of folks are asking is, did Barack Obama's interference swing the vote towards leaving the very exact opposite thing that he wanted to do and I've heard folks and now that's crazy. That's ridiculous.

I don't think it's ridiculous because the vote margin was 2%.

So if there were just two out of every hundred folks from the UK that were annoyed at the fact that a US Pres. Lewis failed in its foreign policy, absolutely failed absolutely failed to bring Scott back in on the next segment, but he was absolutely failed in his foreign policy, he has failed in Libya. He is failed in Egypt are still supporting the Muslim brotherhood over the democratically elected government over there because they did the common sense thing the general of the Army and he got rid of the Muslim brotherhood, realizing that they had were elected.

So I think that it's very possible that this failed president of offended enough credits that they won the election really was Scott poking just a minute.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown well I you I am not Dr. Michael Brown and his friend Ron Cantor of Israel and that you will learn more about us just go to the website Ron We blog we do videos we have YouTube channel could reach Tel Aviv and we also do towards Israel and speaking of course, is Robert speaking earlier with my friend Scott Volk who normally would be in the seat guest hosting for Dr. Brown and Scott will worry. I forgot with a back connection.

We were talking about folding laundry. I think rather old laundry that you like you, I hope nobody actually heard that I'm not ready doubting that note when you serve when you go on a mission trip when you serve the hurting, it is better and more fulfilling than how you can fulfill yourself when entertainment when you agree, I would. I would wholeheartedly agree bro and I can't think of a place that would be more rewarding than serving in Israel. I think it's great to serve anywhere in any country, but I think it's incredible that God actually lasted and Kurt based on how we treat Israel. But when we have an opportunity to go to Israel and actually serve the believers over there and the law and the poor and needy.

I say that it please the heart of God in it and that being a huge blessing for writing like like I was saying earlier your tours you want to sing the dead stones. You also meeting the living stones. You will in any tour and see Jerusalem the galleon. It's great.

It's amazing that your action can be hearing from is really leaders messianic leaders believers tells a little bit about that yes all we try to do it. We try to go to all the places that typically a tour would go to what I'm really excited about the tour with Dr. Brown is number one but Dr. Brown is physically going to be there and you can be speaking at various site were to be able to have our dinner together with Dr. Brown working have an evening meeting with believers in the land of people come to be any competitive competitive sports.

We talk about because I know can't go more than 24 hours without creating some sort of a competitive game we created to get axioms he invented, it was called Bible pride and five Bible pride by the right product. It's unbelievable what you do is you point to any verse in the Bible and you get one point if you know the book. One point for the chapter 1 point for the verse and we caught I created a tagline it's got its Bible pride when you win you lose because if you get proud and you actually lose, and I will say that he beat me every single time. Except once when me and my friend JB Bernstein. I needed help from another Jewish believer and it was Romans 11 was the Scripture that got it into 21, but so will be doing competitive games like that. I imagine with with the team. So I think that one of things that folks don't know about Dr. Brown's is a theologian he's an activist, but he's also a lot of fun. Dr. Brown is a lot of fun and bro I need to be a parent tell a story or let's try.

If the music starts, then that's life. But give it a try though. One of my favorite Dr. Brown story. Not only does he know the Bible backward and forward, but he also claimed to know every restaurant and every terminal in the appliance airport go we were actually flying through Atlanta and Dr. Brown would be good where you want to have lunch growing. I am not sure what in this terminal that run as well.

Where here we we got Sbarro's restaurant borrowed a pizza. Whatever we God, we've got what outcome Chinese restaurant and then he goes or we can go to check and fill to throw it all away. He said hello pick up bill that might listen. It's just like you throw it chicken. So I said okay let's go, let's go to pick up and I'm telling you what, I'll tell you on the other side we got the music on here will be back with Scott Volk to find out what happened with chicken Phil and Dr. Brown file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown all everybody. I am not Dr. Michael Brown. I am on Dr. but I'm having a blast on his radio show today were great time.

We talked about Donald Trump. We talked about bricks that we talked about all about Israel and we been talking with Scott Volk about his orbit.

Scott was telling us, and we get we got a lot of stories we tell about Dr. Brown but he was telling us about being in the Atlanta airport when Dr. Brown said let's go eat at checkoff will check affiliate which Scott you told him it was actually Chick-fil-A but he was convinced it was chicken Phil what the doctor though he is rarely ever wrong so it is fun when he's convinced like so convinced that he's right that he's like, hey bro it's chicken Phil.

He looked at me with that condescending look through his glasses and over that big man pastor what you know, like a little pimple like that okay let's go eat a chicken Phil and when we get to the restaurant. Ronnie looked up, go south really interesting. I couldn't wait to hear his response. But of course he didn't vampire was gone that that you know in ancient Ugaritic when the vowel is at the end of the word and I go even when he blew he wing it will that's the gift of incoming demands of Bates Rabbi so is quick on his feet, and so we we gotta give them props for that. They did your speaking of airports. I had some funny happening a few weeks ago I landed in JFK any on following the news you target their opening of the bathrooms to anyone. Grown men can come into the girls bathroom and of course I've taken a pretty strong stand about that been just utterly stupid and and and I mean for liberals. I don't really understand it is okay.

Uncertain issues with liberals.

I can see their point of view. I disagree. But this is just stupid that you got Bruce Springsteen and others canceling concerts because I don't want a 45-year-old male with male equipment going in a place where my five-year-old daughter is in using the bathroom that she might have to be confronted with that and that all my gosh, it's going to get you so I've taken a stand on that and because I think it's really it's just so I go to. I'm in America now and I'm thinking I don't know what's what I will encounter going to the bathroom and I'm going to my flight and I am. I gotta go play for 14 hours. I got a go. So I going to the bathroom and I want to get too detailed but I was about a 10 minute ordeal and I checked a few emails. I caught up with a few friends tweeted things and is done and I'm like wash my hands were good things to do if I'm leaving in this oriental woman walks in and I thought oh my goodness that it's happening, it's everywhere. People just use any bathroom they want to know in America and in that I realize she didn't speak English and I'm like goodness gracious.

She doesn't even know the difference. Minimum pheasant hunt know you're very slowly in the Mrs. bathroom E sweetheart.

Let me help you and she walks out with me to inform me that for 10 minutes. I had been in the women's bathroom so that when I get concerned that she thought maybe I was self identifying that morning. As a female, which I wasn't.

I was just a very confused jetlagged human being so Donald can happen airports so getting back to tour what folks need to do to sign up for your toward Israel, and in you to guarantee that when they land you no matter how jetlagged they are. You will point them to the right bathrooms at right. We will definitely point them to the right bathroom.

Our core product actually Dr. Brown for that left to be joining him on February 20 through March 6. You can go to Dr. Brown's website asked Dr. the entire trip cost for New York $3750 all-inclusive and anybody that the partner with Dr. Brown's ministry called them torchbearers. We were giving special discount to torchbearers monthly partners of Dr. Brown and I'm telling you broke it's going to be an absolutely fabulous trip.

Will you be in Israel during the time that were there. I should be there in February and if I am I am going to crash your tour.

I promise you I think I think you definitely need to crash the tour and although you're probably not tooting your own horn to be really good for Dr. Brown's listeners know that you also lead your own talk toward and everybody that goes on the fourth are tremendously blessed so you can either tour with a guy thing that the restaurant is called the Phil or the got it wrong bathroom and America's two choices. It's either check is already selling identifying bathroom is a Scott, thank you so much for being with us and calling in great hanging out with you all weekend that your kids just came by kid that my wife and and took her out so she had to sit in the studio. The whole time and we will your awesome rot in your you're doing a great great job Rocco in middle Portland diet mandate go to great great work in thanks and may the Lord bless together for Israel. That is the name Scott's ministry. You can go there. When you gifted together for Israel you're actually giving to people like us were on the ground and is really together for Israel exists to be a blessing to messianic believers in Israel.

So go sign up for his newsletter get to that ministry get involved and that's got great to have you with us this afternoon. Okay, if you would like to speak to me and I see someone else in your mind will get you in just a second, but you can talk about anything you want to talk about Breck that we talked about Donald Trump becoming a believer.

According to Dr. James Dobson call 8664 truth. That's 866-348-7884 and we got you got about five minutes before next break so up we just lost house and you did so good there and then you hung up. So if you want to talk to me Ron Cantor at 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

We talked a lot about a lot of different things. Today, one of the things that you may not have heard about is that the Presbyterian mom and I is a lot of different Presbyterian so I want to make sure it's not that one.

I feel like Rush Limbaugh going through my pieces of paper here it is met, you couldn't print this any smaller goodness gracious, but anyways during its 22nd.

I know it's to talk about an old denomination. 222nd biennial Gen. assembly, Which Took Pl. in Portland, OR very liberal 30 this week. The Presbyterian Church USA continue its strong support for Palestinian rights by like I support Palestinian rights.

You know who does not support not Palestinian rights.

The Palestinian leadership that continues to steal from their own people that continue to imprison them. The Hamas -controlled Gaza Strip.

They continue to oppress the Palestinian people. We would love to liberate the Palestinian people we know of one young man who was a gas station worker. He was literally kidnapped by Hamas, taken to a police station. His head was shaved and he was beaten, his feet were beaten to the point that he could not walk and his crime is that he used hair gel. That's what happens in the palace.

Also, Presbyterian church USA you go forward you go for the liberation of the Palestinian people, but just make sure you find out who exactly is oppressing them because that might help if you want to bring them freedom. Did you know that Yasser Arafat, that's right, that wonderful freedom fighter, Yasser Arafat fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people risking his own life.

He died with US$1 billion in his personal bank account US$1 billion in his makeup that you didn't know that you just tell me this friends Presbyterian Church USA.

Tell me this.

How do you die with $1 billion in your bank account when your whole life is your three. Basically you are a freedom fighter and yet you've got $1 billion. Of course we know that Mark would a boss is a millionaire, a multimillion they have stolen this money. This is a money from the Palestinian people.

So the you the, the Presbyterian USA has put pressure on RE/MAX my why do we want a tiny little property in Richmond Virginia recently and we use RE/MAX you know what I will not use RE/MAX ever again. You hear that RE/MAX I will not use a you and I hope that nobody listen to my voice will use RE/MAX until you go back on what you do because they have agreed with the Presbyterian Church. Because of pressure to do no business in what's called the West Bank we call it Judeo and Samaria, and so they gave in to pressure and you know go around looking at who can I boycott. But if somebody is going to use boycotting against me that I will use the same thing. So I want all of our listeners know to know is I'm so sorry my realtor. He was one of the sweetest guys I just great, but I won't use RE/MAX Intel they apologize for this and resend this decision because a prayer by the way, if you're Presbyterian.

These folks probably do not recognize a represent you.

It's always a few liberals that get power at the top that aren't even genuine born-again believers often who make decisions for the whole. So if you're part of Presbyterian Church USA. Get involved. We come back and talk a little bit about Israel's relations with Turkey is holding a line and working to talk about that. See you in a minute on the line of fire by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown book about everybody. I am not Dr. Michael filling in for Dr. Brown just getting back on some raising ministry in Australia. I'm just so blessed that he's asked me to sit in the seat and take charge of this microphone.

I have had a blast.

This is our last segment, but I don't know if I'm in a leave I might just stay a week I've had such a great time with you guys if you want to know little bit more about us just go to my website Ron My wife and I we pastor in Tel Aviv and we have a wonderful congregation, a Hebrew speaking congregation reaching out to Israelis with the good news of Yeshua and their native tongue. One of the first messianic obligations in 2000 years to preach worship Fellowship just in Hebrew. In fact, in May we laid hands on a brand-new local pastor Jill offer got a native born Israeli and were just so excited about his ministry. We've written some books identity theft. You can go to ID theft and read start reading for free and our podcast we do her own podcast. It's Ron Pat will put all this on our website at Messiah's Ron and then if you want to get a free book. Just go to your website, fill out the subscription form. It's wrong can� Is that you for the book Ron fax make for the F is capitalizing. Again, thank you so much to Dr. Brown for allowing me to fill in and to Matt and the whole team here. It's great that we had Scott vote call and we talked about the tour that there can be doing a favor for we close you talk a little bit about Turkey because Israel has had a very bad relationship with Turkey. They probably have the most radicalized leader Muslim wise at they've had in in modern history and then a few years ago when there was a group of activists from Turkey that came into Israel with knives and all kinds of weapons. And they were going to Gaza, which we know what you do. We don't let you go into Gaza. Why because we don't want you to bring guns and there we were about saving our lives. You understand that.

So when I cannot allow our enemy to have weapons, so we stop them and then they attack their soldiers and then some of them were killed and that destroyed our relations and that was fine with me because you know what I don't need to vacation there anywhere that was the number one at the time the number one vacation spot for Israelis. It's now grease but just today, relationships have been normalized and it's been a big deal. It is right, everyone's talking about Nathan you're from right here in North Carolina you want to talk about that what it got to say Nathan and Ron hear from him and not a great job on the radio today. Enjoying it something much yet just reading through some of the articles today and that was the superrich that on your perspective I think a one prime minister Turkey. He seems like a pretty pretty sketchy guy and curious to know what some of the maybe the prevailing Israeli perspective is on these normalizations or restoration of relationships. After that whole flotilla incident, as it is really yourself from your perspectives on the well that's a great question, Nathan, and right now we know that 56% of Israelis are opposed to the deal because part of the deal 33% supported 11% are undecided. But one of the reason so many are opposed to the number one we don't have to bow to other nations. We God is called Israel brought the Jewish people back from all the nations where he scattered us some actually asked early if I would talk about the fact that the Jews were separated from the physical homeland for 2000 years, and yet we became a nation again. That's miraculous God did that God is who we answer to. Not that were not part of the community of nations.

But we don't have to allow people to act upon us. We have a voice in these folks were tears that were coming. It is really supporting terrorism talking about the ship that came in a few years ago and part of the agreement is that we have to apologize for defending ourselves and our government is going to give $20 million in compensation to the family of those who were even legally coming into Gaza and attacked our soldiers so there's a lot of Israelis over 56% that are saying no, no, we should not be doing this we should not be apologizing. We should say Turkey. We would love to have normalized relationships with you act responsibly. Don't let your people do stupid stuff that's going to get them killed and then they won't have to have an issue with the is rent the IDF, the Israeli Defense forces so again, that is, the immediate reaction. This was really just finalized the time of the past few days, but that the been finalized just today so personally I prefer to be at peace with Turkey than to not be appeased sure and and and we had again we vacation there as a family. When we first moved Israel in in the Turks where we vacation which is on the southern. The southern part of the Mediterranean sea not in the big capital to populate sinners.

They love Israelis. They were so hurt and broken.

That is really didn't feel safe going there anymore, but you will see what happens with that design answer question everything that met the yet absolute, very curious because of how shaky that whole thing. Turkey, especially with that leader and I really agree with your provisions. Yeah, great stuff like your help will think you are Nathan for calling in and we got just a few minutes left.

I see Lucille is on the line Lucille you're on with me. Ron Cantor in the line of fire on Derek and I something to teach about donating to help out something that you get them back silently.

I spoke and I donate it and then of course, six days a week.

I kept getting mail now everything is asking me to donate more and more and more anywhere call them up to speak with them and now I think letting the money that's donated and basically fly the destitute, so the engineer back to their homeland first class Haley even after the lady click on the front, I think, don't you think that's a little bit frivolous. Just dictate instead of playing the entire class. Why not find him back to Israel and delays I've only got about a minute left limit responded that it that ministry led by Rabbi Yael at Eckstein. They are not believers.

You have to understand that there are many people that will see his commercials on TV and they assume that he is a messianic rabbi actually is. He is anti-messianic. He's a condensed gospel for everything that I know now they do good work they do help people. They've come under liberty fire for the amount of his salary which is quite high for a nonprofit organization, but they have helped a lot of people but if you want to actually find a ministry that are helping believers in Israel, then you can go to together for Israel.order., not to let Scott's ministry were there raising money and they are giving to the messianic believers in Israel to the poor in Israel that what you know it's going to believers and you know that the money is going to a place that you support what friends we only got about 40 seconds left.

I just want to say that this has been wonderful thank you to everybody who called in thank you Dr. Brown for trusting me with your microphone. We bless you want to learn more about us go to Ron God bless you have a great week

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