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Dr. Brown Shares His Heart about Israel and the Jewish People

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 14, 2016 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Shares His Heart about Israel and the Jewish People

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 14, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/14/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Only share my heart about the Jewish people today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining me today on the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown that is thoroughly Jewish Thursday and I'm thrilled to be able to spend this time together with you, whether it's 10 minutes driving your car two hours listening by podcast, my joy to be with you today. I got a lot to share with you really want to open my heart to you candidly want to give you some scriptural insights as well. Jewish related.

Of course, and want to take your calls any Jewish related question you have.

Be it Hebrew related, be it Lititz messianic prophecy Jewish tradition in the state of Israel.

Today, any Jewish related questions, I'll be glad to speak with you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 if you differ with the positions we put forth on the broadcast here. My joy to speak with you as well. Before I open my heart about Jewish things in a I feel is a somewhat unique way today. In other words, I wanted to take even behind the scenes little bit more mild heart, my life comes to Israel and the Jewish people. I want to express my heartfelt thank youse to each of you who are part of this listening audience, especially those who listen on a regular basis. I am on the air for you. I'm on the air to speak to you to be your voice of moral, cultural, spiritual evolution to help equip you strengthen you and encourage you, challenge you, inform you that are on the air were not on the air for personal reasons when they are to raise money.

In fact, we have to raise money every month in order to be on the air radio does not pay for itself. We have to raise money to be on the air were in faith constantly ask God for funds approaching donors to help us broadcast so I'm on the air for you and it blesses me the research loyal and devoted listeners and not only that, that you bring so much to the broadcast. I know the vast majority of those who listen but will never call into the show, even in a period of 10 years that's that's very common. That's the norm, but those that call your representative sampling of the greater listening audience and you have brought so much wisdom to the table as we have been discussing sensitive difficult issues. She is about racial divides here in America with the commitment to make each other uncomfortable to speak the truth and to share our perspectives as best as we understand things and to interact and to learn from each other.

I just have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sensitivity for your clarity for your wisdom for the challenges that you bring for your kindness towards me. Truly it blesses me and I can't say how proud I am to have you as my listening audience are from the bottom of my heart as we're changing topics today and focusing on Israel.

I really do want to thank you and I thank you for the many kind words that come our way from you hours listening audience. We are going to do our best in the next few months to get into many different locations where you listen to the broadcast to as many face-to-face meetings as possible in these next few months so I can connect with you the way I normally don't connect it amazes me I was speaking in in the Greensboro North Carolina area over the weekend. Sunday, Monday, actually, and people can multiply other listen to for years.

It's nice to put a face with the name thinking that so interesting. You never once went to the website. Wow.

You hear me on the radio a part of your daily life. But you never want to live a Cyrillic like I can't say how many times I've had like this is come up to me and say we did know your wife and your love the thrill I get from that because when we talk about difficult sensitive issues racial issues and things really could be misunderstanding among deep things based on personal life experience that that people are hearing me and they identify with clear thinking that if you identify with them.

So thank you for being such a terrific listening audience calls input right back. As I begin to share my heart with you about Israel and the pain this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity.

I get to interact with you are radio listening audience are ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer. We've got great price on the trip. And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Space is limited. Accepting applications on first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866 paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly truth before go to your calls before I share my heart yet.

Truth is stranger than fiction. No came out of the service Sunday night and my assistant, Dylan explained to me that there were young people in the parking lot of after church service. Apparently, getting high, they want believers, whatever, and they were in the parking lot because of Pokémon go there were looking for characters want and now I was completely unfamiliar with Pokémon had no connection with it in the past, but it was good or bad or indifferent.

I never knew anything about it completely unconnected with it, but anyway she's begins to explain his apparently this new saying you get the afternoon getting cell phone, and then the cell phone tells you there. These these mittens, monsters and creatures in different places to go there and you collect them via cell phone that was actually there there just somehow what planted there.

You could set you know just here's the air. They are schismatic. We get to the right location in a blend, you got it so okay I thought that's that's odd that no one thing about so anyway hearing little bit more about it last day or two in the car and out, driving back from speaking Charlie Christian school to use apologetics conference.

What a great group of young people to put a video of them on my Facebook page asked Dr. Brown. Check it out. What a great group of young people and what fabulous questions they had for me today great and I loved every minute of it. So what Rent-A-Car and I assayed it. Della, my sister said hey let's flip the radio on to Rush Limbaugh has to say and and he's got a guesthouse and the guy said about this Pokémon phenomenon.

Any student is going to details about it. Now I've got a couple posts and socially like what the world is a consummate explained to me why this is so hot, what the significance of this thing is so lonely hold just sent this email Matt producer just sent me this email. Are you ready on Pokémon go a hit in Arab world despite fact law against quote Zionist franchise not believe this is from Nintendo. I didn't know that Nintendo was Zionist but the mobile phone-based game Pokémon go which apparently is the fastest, most downloaded app in history has become a hit in the more affluent regions of the Arab world despite a long-standing fact law so that is a an Islamic declaration on the Japanese game series accusing the monsters of inspiring deviance and promoting Zionist said that I say truth is stranger than fiction, so Pokémon is inspiring deviance and promoting Zionism. So those of you who are playing Pokémon. Did you know that you are promoting Zionism begin which players engage in a scavenger hunt to find creatures in the real world using their phone's GPS function is not yet officially available to the United States in the string soon the players found a way to change their phones.

Location setting to play Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, have become hot spots for the game.

According to Saudi Arabia's all our via fencing to Bayreuth on the city, eyes glued to their phones in a bid to catch the virtual Pokémon's. Meanwhile downtown Lebanon last night with this people hunting for the fantasy characters and on on it goes, but dangerous because it's promoting Zionist friends. You can't make this stuff up. Can you most of the cards. Figure 6 pointed star is a symbol of international Zionism in the state of Israel, shake Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Shaikh said according to ABC news this is sometime back, and it also at the game appears to show crosses sacred for Christians triangles significant for Freemasons and symbols of Japan Shintoism is based on the belief in more than one God. Therefore, one of the game was possessing the minds of children.

Hey, you always learn something new here on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH, a member of the phones in one moment, but I want to share my own harsh when I came to faith in Jesus as a Jewish teenager. Remember I was not a religious Jew.

I was not raised in observing home. I was bar mitzvahed at the age of 13, I learned of Hebrew to chat. The passage in Scripture, but even the what passage it was in English and the rabbi didn't even think to tell me that study that passage in English. So I would know the significance of what I had chanted my bar mitzvah was more of a social event in a spiritual event. The bigger impact in my life I was 13 missing Jimi Hendrix in concert at the New York film Mark and when I came to faith in Jesus. The biggest issue to overcome was my pride to admit that I was wrong and the second biggest issue right behind it was my love for it for drugs and sinful living. To think that I have to turn away from that. If I was to follow Jesus. That was very intense. The fact that I was Jewish, was a factor, but it was honestly way down the list being candid with you have never pretended that I was religious Jew growing up or try to give that impression but immediately I wanted to talk to the Jews about Jesus because now I had discovered that he was our Messiah. So this is never been some professional thing for me. This is never been something that I just do because I'm in the ministry. It is never been something that we try to make a dollar off this my heart. I believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Jewish people as a guide for that faith and I want to share the good news was as many Jews as possible.

But my goal is not to get juice. Stop being Jews. My goal is for Jews to recognize who Jesus the Messiah is who you shoe is and live out their full destiny is Jews in such a way to be able to transmit it to future generations of Jews, so it's not been I'm looking for another notch in my belt if if I would see a religious Jew may be at the train station. I was about to take the train into New York City.

I immediately go over and one engage in conversation. Why because here's a man who's devoted he serious his religious we have a lot in common, though he'll be upset with me for what I believe it, or maybe will be of seven will have differences. Let's talk let's talk that remains my heart. I think you know that I think you understand that often. I think that people have a superficial burden about Israel there fascinated by Israel there fasted by Jewish traditions there all know Israel's prophetic time clock and you can see what's happening in the world of prophecy by looking at Israel and saw I believe it needs to go deeper so that we have God's heart. Paul was in constant pain for his people.

Jeremiah the prophet, living in a tumultuous time in Judah's history was in constant pain for his people is a holy birdlike almost to share with us so that we share his pain for the lost sheep of the house of Israel that we can be vehicles and vessels of blessing to the Jewish people in Israel and world wide that there's a lot more to share with you but I want to grab Paulson for some news updates as well. 866-34-TRUTH boil boy you know it got a bunch of callers waiting I'd I don't want to rush your call so I'll go to the phones right after the break, but I said boil boy apparently apparently Pokémon. These characters whoever is programming their appearing everywhere.

See you at the airport and yourself until educators. One of these characters you gotta walk around and find none that we can see it when you get probably close of your new cell phone boom 30 find it right so apparently can be anywhere you can imagine this the official Auschwitz Twitter account tweeted a plea to players asking them to please refrain from playing at the concentration camp Memorial. Apparently these characters appearing everywhere that the 9/11 memorial things like that.

So there even appearing at the concentration camp Memorial and Auschwitz, a serious and a plea. Please refrain from refrain from playing their the latest craze really can get crazy in a hurry. No. 866-34-TRUTH. Have you signed up to join us in Israel next year will be worth every dime and a trip to talk about the rest of the life of a website set up today asked us to run a SK DR Brown stock for the RightFax principal. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is and who thoroughly restate Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH 784 any Jewish related questions. You have my joy to speak with you about this pro-Palestinian activists accused Israel of culpability and police slayings a black Americans. I'm not making this up New York University students for Justice in Palestine group stated the reason Facebook post that the genocide of African-Americans.

The US was being perpetrated by those responsible for the genocide of Palestinians, God help us. People believe this madness right to the phones Pastor Eric in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Welcome to light a fire. Our products really great talk." I put my call to a question I a question about the relationship between Abraham a covenant and the Sinai covenant and then what will you say are the application for the Jewish people today as a relates to Abraham a covenant vis-ŕ-vis the land of Israel. The promise and thought night. I noticed there is a rabbi on hold again get his perspective. If possible, will become on but never one traditional Jew does not make a clear separation in his mind between the Abraham a covenant in the Sinai covenant though is this is all part of God's dealing with the Jewish people. God's promises to the Jewish people.

So the Abraham a covenant first lays out the requirement of circumcision and the promise of the land, but is nothing else that's given in it, saying you have to keep all these commandments, etc. although traditional Jews believe that the patriarchs did keep the commandments both that the written and the traditional oral commandments as well, but ended in the Jewish mind there all one of the same. In other words, the covenant of circumcision.

The promise of the land are now expanded on in the Sinai covenant and therefore it's it's all it's all one package and then just as the Jewish tradition would develop in rabbinic literature Tallman to things like that a law codes in the Jewish mind that since it's all one package and this is all how they're seeking to live to please God and honor him and praying for the Messiah to come and and bring all the exiles back and rebuild the temple and fight the wars of the Lord and establish peace on the earth so that they they wouldn't make the divisions that many Christians would make and say okay to the Abraham a covenant was unconditional was the Sinai covenant was conditional. I don't believe it would be it would be looked at in in terms where you would make that separation were where's the Paul looking back wants to make certain points about the role of the Cheraw and and how that does not get in the way of the promises that would not necessity be a question that the traditional Jew might raise in the same way the following questions dealt with when we look cute when he speaks of doing better covenant. So could you comment on that as a relates to to Abraham and I yes absolutely that we would be pointing to the new covenant prophesied in Jeremiah 31 Ezekiel 36 is key passages recall would circumcise the hearts of his people give us new hearts and traditional Jesus there was still looking forward to that bread in the messianic error. The commandments of the Lord, the laws of of God will be written in our hearts and we will just automatically obey and and the whole world will then be in a place of of the knowledge of God, but they would say that it's the same laws that was the same Sabbath commandments the same dietary laws.

The same laws would be written in their hearts, but now they would automatically obey them, we would say that there other aspects to the new covenant that go beyond that. Dealing with forgiveness of sins and a deeper level in relationship with God and in a different way and even the changing some certain laws that were given specifically to keep Israel separate from the nations but would no longer apply. So, that would be the, the, the way that would be viewed that our view of the new and better covenant would be somewhat different than a traditional Jews for you. Hey, thank you sir for calling. Much appreciated. I just want to give a shout out to three very special ladies driving to Maryland and listening to the line of fire broadcast one is 15 one of them is in her 30s. One of them is my wife three generations. My wonderful bride and our younger daughter Megan and her daughter, oldest grandchild Eliana first shout out yet.

I can see the smiles you get a beautiful smile. Eliana Megan, what a sweetheart. What a wonderful young lady and Nancy and I married 40 years old. She is the joy of my life. She has been the spiritual and moral backbone over the decades and is absolutely beautiful and we cannot wait for you to read later this year. Beginning in the year. The book rewrote together breaking the stronghold of food. Yes Michael L Brown with Nancy Brown to gather and you get to see some beautiful pictures as well. Not of me.

My bride in the book.

Alright, so get everybody sufficiently embarrassed there in the car 866-34-TRUTH but how often they are listening in radius of just took advantage of that. Let's go to Orangeburg, New Jersey Rabbi Joseph.

I remember staring at 11 weeks ago.

Nice to hear from you again your dog either Dr. Brown and fight biblically over the breaker they have to go on a chaplain in the hospital if I have to go into the service in a few minutes I want to thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I do have I enjoyed it very much.

Always enjoy apologetics for multiple religions and is very interesting. It was probably one of the most honest Christian the apologetic works vis-ŕ-vis Judaism that I've seen, although I still disagree with it's in the and I could discuss briefly. You know but I know you want probably ask me about what the pastorate at the moment it goes well like but I want to thank you for that and for sending to me and I enjoyed it very well written and very and unvarying honesty and a lot of times a lot of missionaries who try to amalgamate Judaism, Christianity, tend to not be so honest to bring things further and that goes back to the gospel themselves when they misquoted Scripture left in writing that you really taken a very honest approach and that was a brilliant program that I really appreciate that. A lot of things you said today. I really, really ill speaks to me in a like item not looking really change your mind and all you know how I feel. I know how you feel, but I do like I said before, you know.

Look forward to having some kind of fellowship was that we have so much more in common than the world and we have with the world so and the and I would say you know III have more in common with you, I see was a Christian, not because of your Jewishness topical the blood in your veins, but because of not because your DNA, but because of your faith. I have much more in common with you than I would with someone who happens to be true. For the secular or any other second person in our life. I look at you know even your tradition Albert Paul writes in Romans nine because being born of this disease and make you something's miscellany sends the difference between where the other the point where Islam is no longer Christianity just because they believe in Judaism you probably within the Mormon about thinking to the point where prostatic tech to let I got a jump in will talk more.

The Ford meeting face-to-face and snow line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back to the line of fire on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Also, sorry to have more time to talk with Rabbi Joseph. I know that he had to go and we had a break, but I appreciate what he had to say a relative, still listening. By all means we have much much much in common. I'm so glad you enjoyed real culture.

Jesus, I'm so glad you appreciated the honest enough course. I believe the gospel authors not just honest but inspired and rightly quoted the Hebrew Scriptures if they took something clearly in a different context.

It was to make a homiletical point, just as Jewish midrash would do homiletical exposition of Scripture, but but if if in fact they are quoting it to make a point. There's a point there are making that I believe is legitimate forthcoming from the text but yes sub. This confirms what I said earlier, the broadcast is that the professional thing that I do. This is who I am. This is my heart and hence yes honesty from beginning to end, 86634 let's go to Bill in New York.

Thanks so much for calling the line of fire the law. Thank you.

Okay I been in Israel are very there German people plan their night recently with the troubles in this plan, you know I always look back to the people of Israel and understand all about righteousness seems to be the cry of every heart of want to do the right thing. So there so you know, but the righteousness of God is what baked and I think you're the believer and someone who's been used gloriously by God. Do you proclaim the Jewish buyer's name is you sure and she declares the righteousness of God because that's what the gospel declares that the very very out in the output of the gospel, declares the righteousness of God, and it causes people believed the rest in the striving about being right about something more about you know the argument and racism. The argument gender bias. All these things that are happy is divide people and schisms is all based on self-righteousness and what they think is right and so on and so forth. But I feel it you know when you go to Israel. It's really it's still all about being a the building being a righteous man or woman and it just just just do it to jump in Bill and and thank you for the gracious words and in fact Judaism. While it's missing the concept of being made righteous by faith the words that in a moment of time.

You put your faith in the Messiah God can decree righteous Judaism rightly understands that righteousness is ultimately not separated from conduct and while we might excuse traditional Judaism of being works based were legalistic all over. Rabbi was on. They say no. We depend on God's grace and mercy every day of our lives, but we wouldst they would still put the emphasis on conduct and it's a terrible shame when followers of Jesus.

Don't also put a strong emphasis on conduct. In other words, if we have been declared righteous know we are called to live righteously if we have been declared holy.

Now we are called to live holy lives if if we have been set apart from sin to God. Now we demonstrated through a new life so we don't depend on our righteousness as if we could stand before God and say look at how good I am and how righteous I am looking how pure I am no we don't do that because we know that no human being could be justified in God's sight by his or her own works in effort that we know as someone who spoke and pronounced just by God that we are to live, just live holy lives life, set apart for God empowers us to do that. Thank you sir right that I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown here with you that happened very deep, very gut wrenching very heartrending in my own soul when it comes to my Jewish people. It was in the mid-1980s I was teaching a Bible school on Long Island Suffolk County on Long Island and one day I happened to open the Jewish prayer book the sea door that remember I didn't grow up in a traditional Jewish home so I did not know the contents of the prayer book well I knew the prayers that we would pray at certain times of the year when I would be required to be in synagogue. I knew the prayers that we pray that the Sabbath in a more limited way because I wasn't in the Saturday, the Sabbath services as often and again I knew some of the content. I learned a little bit more. Over the years as a believer, but I had done more study in rabbinic literature and in the Talmudic writings the legal writings that the midrash is the homiletical writings different aspects of Jewish literature traditional usually tried study that a lot more is not. I did not go to the store that much. The prayer book and as it began to go through the prayer book, the sincere, beautiful, wonderful prayers's prayers, confessing God as the Redeemer, and God is the King and allegiance and loyalty to him alone and prayers for the coming of the Messiah might my heart began to turn and I felt this tremendous internal pain know people is so near and yet so far. On the one hand, the beautiful prayers and heartfelt prayers and prayers from the depths, crying out to God and and wanting God to to act on behalf of Israel and confessing wonderful things about him as the Redeemer, the one who would rebuild Jerusalem and resurrect the dead, and is the Savior in the deliverer and some of the prayers I remembered from synagogue with the tunes that would go with them. I was just so great. This was over 30 years ago, works of around 30 years ago and yet the redemption for which there praying the beginning of it is ready, the first part of his ready come apart. They can bring us each into that place of forgiveness in this message to go to the whole world so near and yet so far. That's a bird that carried these many years of great respect for religious Jews who were very sincere, who offered in their sincerity are are are more given to living a traditional Jewish lifestyle that many Christians are to living a Christian lifestyle together hypocrites everywhere hypocrites of the church hypocrites in synagogue that proves nothing. We know that, but boy I I just have always been so moved by that reality of courses I've met traditional views many years before that as well. It's been hours quality hours with them and save 73 on and through the years hundreds and hundreds of hours of interaction in different forms. Five great respect for religious Jewish community and I believe that so many with great sincerity, are seeking to please God. Everywhere they know how.

And yet there's something missing and that which is missing is the Messiah who has come to begin his mission where this transition age now between this world and the world to come. The already and not yet phase. The work has begun. But is not yet complete.

That's what we pray so fervently for the hearts and minds of Jewish people around the world to be open and my heart beats all the more for my religious Jewish brothers and sisters, 866340 we go to Puerto Rico Michael, welcome to light a fire truck doing well thank you answer question comment.

I recently read the unseen realm by Michael Kaiser. Yes and I was one of those wondering why the TLB doesn't reflect the ancient Israelite context of the divine counsel of God. In passages like God.

Deuteronomy 32, 43, and.the reason I asked that is because if my my contention is that if the tax would reflect the need to God, the Elohim, the other Elohim in a case could be made for Yeshua being an Elohim, you know, a son of God, what would he think about that that the contention yet. Well, I'm just looking though at Deuteronomy 32, 43, and I am not sure what you're referring to in terms of Elohim or gods usually have the right reference.

There was not just… Text reflect the Elohim and like I like the EFV says rejoice with him all heavens… But him all God yeah yeah so so together they were the reason okay. The reason is because you have you have different texts okay and it's it's actually of the Septuagint would read differently the Septuagint rejoice, you heavens with him and let all the angels of God worship and that's what Hebrews the first chapter that's what he was the first chapter actually is quoting from so it in the Dead Sea Scrolls read it as well, but the TLV, which is based on the Hebrew matter is ready text doesn't read that the, the, the Hebrew refers to the sons of Israel instead. So let's let's just use the Lord.

So that's why it would reflected in the main text because it's not with the main Hebrew text says this is reflected in the in the Septuagint and in the Dead Sea Scrolls so that that's a difference there. Yes if so your question about if he/she were to be identified as one of the Elohim right that help in other words, if you say there was a Pantheon. There were other divine beings, but they were understood to be created beings so big they Elohim the sons of God in Job 1 and Job to some transit is divine beings that they are the sons of God, meaning angels, but divine beings.

The only problem would be that that would be lowering Yeshua, Michael, that would be making him into a created being. Because none of those beings are actually gods.

There's only one true God. That's why Isaiah says that none of the others are actually gods. So in the spiritual realm.

There'd be either angels or demons, but not actually full-fledged deities limit they were called gods in the ancient world. Hence, Exodus 15, who is like you among the gods overlord right so that would reflect what Dr. Heiser is saying the unseen realm that there is the recognition of of other divine beings so called gods that Yahweh was the only true God and Creator.

The problem is if you want to just make you shoo into one of them, then you're now lowering him to the status of just an angelic being or something like that.

So in that sense, it could be self-defeating. Appreciate what your thought is, but can you see how that would be self-defeating. That would be an issue and talk about the deity of Yeshua versus like let's say that the angel of the Lord incarnate that the even incarnated by Elohim, but I think that the Jewish monotheism and editing those passages from the Masoretic text like if there's a strict focus on monotheism.

It takes away from the argument of there being sons of God, not only Yeshua but also Christians of being sons of God and be a part of the community of the file right okay so that's another angle Michael a couple of comments on that we are monotheists and Jesus was certainly a monotheist and Paul was certainly a monotheist when they declared went when Jesus reminds everyone of the Shema from from Deuteronomy 60 Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. When he reminds his people and that's that.

The first and greatest commandment to love him with all heart, mind, soul, strength, and then Paul writes in first Corinthians 8, that though there be so-called gods and lords. None of them are actually gods lords.

There's only one God the father in one Lord Jesus the Messiah.

So on the one hand, yes. We emphasize heart, soul, mind, strength that we are monotheists in ancient Israel.

You first have what would be called manometry, which would be that Yahweh is the supreme God. Among other gods and then the recognition though he is the only consulate it becomes full-fledged monotheism is there is greater revelation and understanding. And yet Michael Jesus uses the very argument you're referring to in John X chapter when they say he's blasphemy because he says he's the son. The son of God. The silicates is in Scripture you are God's so so what is that mean so he does go in that direction with the best thing to look at Michael for just further thought on this is the concept of two powers that Alan Siegel and others have written about or that the that the great Angel Margaret Margaret Parker believe Wright wrote about it in volume 2 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 2 of my series I get into this more.

Some of the other concepts are there intermediaries are there other spiritual other spiritual entities yes created by God but out there and then. Could that give us a bridge of understanding to recognize how Yeshua can be one with the father and yet representing him and appearing to got a run a great question.

I very much appreciated. Her plan gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown under the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking. Feeling foolish day for true pay check out the many Jewish resources we have on the S. Dr. Brown website go into our bookstore five volume series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus. The real kosher Jesus which Orthodox rabbi for drilling the show appreciating the honesty of the booking is one of the best missionary books that he's read and agreed with with much of it that which is amazing. So check that out, the real kosher Jesus if you got questions about the Jewish people and belief 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices, a 22 hour DVD series on countering the counter missionaries and also a.m. That almost translated poker hands are stained with blood try to destroy the church and the Jewish people in the second hour want to talk about the history of that little bit as well. Always resources there and then our Jewish outreach website, real of the big breaking news today that Donald Trump has picked Indiana Gov. Mike pence for his VP candidate interesting pick. In many ways, Mike pence from what I understand is a committed evangelical Christian. When they passed religious freedoms built in Indiana last year.

We are pleased that the past and then the backlash was so intense against them that govern the pants then step back and of the legislator step back and ended up changing it so that things were far worse than they were before and we were terribly grieved.

Those of us conservative activists and others terribly, terribly grieved. It was what can I say it was it was a dark day for many of us, but a representative there said that the governor pence is really basically said a few months back enough is enough to warm her claims from gay activists, so hopefully he hopefully he he recognized the error of caving and he had a great track record many ways before that so interesting. Pick will they get more evangelical vote will be may be noncontroversial.

I would guess you be one of the less controversial people. I could have been picked. Maybe that was Donald Trump's goal to someone that wouldn't rock the boat much needed direction. Interesting.


86634 let's go to New York City. Elizabeth, thanks much for holding welcome to light a fire, you got me okay I brag about how I found what you are in my role model by 30 by natural. My best friend and regulates one angle a noncompete follower and eat it like you but I keep going on a believer and she found me. I going backward.

What is I don't know what any I keep trying to keep it everything I like Anita.

I thought argument but you and I heard you say? Accurate mediation at more than one day devoted you but I don't want to light you know that an argument with you that but I called her eat it at got not like that my entire life and yet I did drop in alcohol and mileage. I will model backup by the acknowledgment when I know what you like website to calculate the only joy I am alike. I keep bark like they used to be my favorite… Still today cannot really get anything but I like to get him going bananas I help you Elizabeth, we can we can help you. I'm so delighted that you called.

I'm so glad that that we are to you yet.

So limit let me ask you first. How did you come across my writings of the radio show or videos have time across all night. Now I thought I look at what you write all that joy.

I don't got okay. I went online I found Gil okay okay I'll do it in regulation. I have not talked to Mark about the completion of the heart.

Why is everybody arguing about my question private part." My friend follows today can't really just Jewish tradition husband was an Orthodox Jew who validated but even find them. You know, if I cannot have an argument that a style of your dear Jew it's is my problem. I feel I got and I watched a great range and an adult delicate thing okay I know I have vacant battling but you might use battling but you say I think it ended backward.

I would like need to get Charlotte Rabbi Kelly, I can't agree with you on something. But thank you for apologizing. My problem though no did just explain what was he saying apologizing was apologetic smile. Immunity defense of the faith rights. So let's let's talk intelligent, you have Jeff time to stay on the phone right now my bot out rights of successor to what would you do all right, I've got a break coming up at this hour, but I can continue talking with you the beginning of of the next hour, but here's what you just in case we have to we have to run. I'm went. When I push on hold you in a moment. Okay, I thought Mary. I want to tell you Elizabeth because we just got a little time right now would would you be open to two to talking with me off the air sure okay alright so take heart, then on your personal quite alright so tell you it here to stay right there. Elizabeth usually given you. We get tons of calls and I'm obviously not able to call people back personally, but this is a very special call and it's one of the reasons that were on the air in New York City to speak to people just like you.

So Howard is going to get your contact info and within the next 24 hours. I will do my best to give you call them will figure out a time we can talk a little bit more. I want to help you know God personally. In a way that he will be closer to you in an earthly parent and that you will experience what we would call the supernatural new birth steroids. If you get a mailing address. I want to send you something as well. Make sure you give Howard a number I can call you rights to stay right there Elizabeth how it's going to get to you right now. All right friends. This is why from the air for people like Elizabeth thank you for partnering with us to help recuse people think it is my bottom line. Today, reviewers witnesses, the gospel is still only share my heart about the Jewish people today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly Jewish Thursday and light thoroughly Jewish heart is deeply blessed, blessed beyond words call in the last hour from an Orthodox Jewish rabbi that the chaplain and feels that he has more fellowship with me is a devout believer. Despite my Christian views a difference with than he has with many villages who don't share this depth of belief and read the real coaster.

Jesus resented him as a gift.

And since for the most honest book sees he's ever read the agreed with so much of it I was different with other parts but how meeting then just in the last minutes of the last hour the caller from New York doesn't believe in God Jewish and what she has no relationship with God.

Chill child of Holocaust survivors here listening to the radio, watch some of my videos right so my stuff and she's eager to be in contact off the air really wants to find out how to know God and get to the truth about Jesus while friends that's why we are here.

That's why we are on the air.

That's one of the reasons we do these thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast the gospel is still to the Jew first 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Any Jewish related calls any Jewish related questions. The questions about Hebrew language, anything like that messianic prophecy nation of Israel Judaism.

By all means. This is data, call 866-348-7884 is the number to call and only legal rights to the phones.

There's Jewish news to talk about.

And if you didn't hear the breaking news Donald Trump has announced Indiana Gov. Mike Pentz as his vice presidential candidate, but I can talk about that just puts the breaking news I wanted to share it as as we saw it happening. A few minutes ago, I would go to Wilmington, Delaware John, welcome to the line of fire around the questionnaires. The return is when she returned is going to be the new Avenue are following his return. He gonna rain in Israel, which are interpretation of that rain print out your hat how you look at that and there is a new heavens and you are correct your response. Yes so so here's there.

There there a few different ways to to look at this and I'll explain how I understand if you hold hold be called and millennial interpretation of Scripture so that there is no literal millennium. The literal thousand year period of time that at the end of this age, Jesus returns.

There's a new heaven and new earth and we go into eternity. Now many ways you say will is not what Scripture says, the question be what about Revelation 20 that speaks about a thousand year reign of the Messiah on the earth. What about passages like Psalm two. Where the Messiah will rule and reign over the nations of the earth where the passages like Isaiah 11 that in a renewed earth. The Messiah will rule and reign over the nations with Israel in the center. How does that work if there is no millennial kingdom. I personally hold to a pre-millennial view that Jesus will return and establish his kingdom in Jerusalem. Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 with points in that direction, that he will rule and reign for thousand years and after that thousand years.

Then there will be new heavens and new earth. As per Revelation 21 and 22 with the new Jerusalem. So I do believe that Jesus will rule and reign in Jerusalem when he returns set up his kingdom and rule over the survivors of the nations that attackers them already horrified together with him being reigning with him.

Then at the end of that. The last human rebellion, even against God's perfect kingdom last human rebellion and then the establishing of the eternal kingdom of the heavens that I consider file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown oh so come off come off having their summer camp basically training people for intifada training kids over 50,000 kids will be income lost training camps for intifada, will they learn to learn how to kill Jews, among other things, sick.

This is reprehensible, but this is what radical Islam does, and this is what Hamas does and and this is why the hostility towards Israel is as deep as it is, it's not just a matter of ongoing Palestinian hardship.

It is something more than that.

It is the constant inciting to hate.

It is the constant demonizing of the Jewish people. It is the constant villain icing of the Jewish people so that these Palestinians from their earliest days grew up hating Jews and thinking Jews are the root cause of their suffering rather than turning against the corrupt leadership that keeps them down and uses money that should be going to their aid to help them directly rather rather than saying there's a problem with our leadership. They blame everything on Israel that will not bring a solution to the problems, 86634 I am going to go straight back to the phones and the Los Angeles welcome to the line of fire and about 40 verse nine and mean a lot to me and I have her own outlet, providing Ryan and and licking it out because I wanted to know more exactly what what it will rain and there is some variation in the translation.

I wanted to get your opinion on print the NIV is similar to they can game you who bring good client English and version in go up on a high mountain client with addressing Diane Harold of good news and I looked it up on the bod website and heard about in between upon a lofty mountain and oh Harold Cryan know what you what you think. I did look at first, I am glad it's been so meaningful to you when I'm looking at it.

At first glance I'm looking at someone announcing good times to Zion and explain where the potential ambiguity is so hard of all of the lock so on a high mountain send go up that asserts Sion submittal asserts Sion most naturally would be taken to mean you who bring glad tidings to Zion or Harold of joy to Zion but because Sion designed to be understood as feminine.

This the word with us. Eric, which is also feminine could be taken as if Zion is the one bringing the good news theoretically right, that's his career by Costco Lake raise up with power your voice me for surgery. Shall I am will now it's about Jerusalem. Now it's using the same thing. You bring good ties to Jerusalem, it's unlikely that same Jerusalem is bringing the good tidings I remade all to Raleigh.

Raise your voice. Don't be afraid. You really are a who.he nail her, Sam saved say to the cities of Judah, behold, your God, so I don't really think there's any doubt that Ms. asserts Sion is you who bring good tidings to Zion Harold of joy to Zion live a certain genre you who bring good news to Jerusalem, and now notice at the end it's indisputable say to the cities of Judah, behold, for God so the context of course is Isaiah prophesied about the Babylonian captivity and that the captives are coming out of Babylon back to Zion back to Jerusalem back to the cities of Judah, and that this is now being proclaimed to Zion to Jerusalem to the cities of Judah, good news, good news beginning and that the first first document.

Nothing will meet comfortable comfort my people good news for Jerusalem good news for Israel. Good news for the Jewish people. God is bringing the captives back so I don't really think there's there's any any doubt about this. If I just look at a bunch of translations. King James was Zion that bring us good tidings new King James of Zion, you who bring good tidings. The HCS B Zion Harold of good news ESV of Zion Harold of good news that that's a certain interpretive tradition, but I don't believe it's it's the right one, women praying that no-no. It's just that sign in Jerusalem or it will okay the reason the reason, and that these translations would understand this as Jerusalem and Zion are the heralds is because it is feminine and why would it be feminine and less it's personifying the city is feminine, which is often the case that Jerusalem and Zion are often spoken of as feminine so that that would be the argument for it, and that the the viewpoint would then be say is the NET off on a high mountain or Harold Zion shall not bother how Jerusalem shall don't be afraid say the towns of Judah here is results.

In other words, Zion and Jerusalem are announcing to the rest of the cities of Judah, look, here is your God. Here he is at work. He's bringing the exiles back it's it's certainly possible, and that would explain the feminine.

Otherwise there is no logic to it being feminine and the six women who were declaring it. You just write it which I have no problem with.

I just don't see it. I don't see it as indicated by the textile silt limit. Let me say this.

Honestly, my first reading was that this is the Harold announcing things to Zion and Jerusalem, but you can make a legitimate argument either way. To be honest with you.

So ultimately military were Eileen, but you can make an argument both ways and the one way would be.

This is being announced to Zion to Jerusalem to the cities of Judah, but then throughout invoices.

Raise your voice. That's that's feminine. So why is it feminine throughout. At the end of the verse say to the cities of Judah, behold, your God, that's in the feminine.

During the. The Hebrew preposition there so it's it's debatable now that the good news is that I've signed on for a new commentary series of Pentecostal commenter in the Old Testament and New Testament role.

The scholars writing will be Pentecostal charismatic scholars. I've agreed to write a commentary in the book of Isaiah. So at some point on that have to decide more dogmatically, but right now that's that's a few years them allotted so I read that it opinion on R2 that they are on the bike the women are shirt declaring all yeah I thought of that, immediately and in in Psalm in Psalm 68 that it's a multitude of women now was his hyper personal bird man I'm a woman and typology. Maybe that I know what to look at the very least, there is the fact that the cities are identified as female right right and therefore there is that that's female voice that's heard through the cities, but the other thing in Psalm 68 you know that that's the new guy goes up with a shout and and that it's a multitude of women it's because it's it's femininity were who proclaim the word so so in verse 12 in in in the Hebrew 6812 on the night retained only where the Lord has is given the word with us votes of those who declare the good news feminine or a mighty army or great army. Remember that the first ones to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus were women, so there is this that role, but why the feminine there, and by the way, contextually the verses leading up to it. Isaiah 41 through eight don't really tell you why such events, which is to feminine and less it is as we said that the cities being epitomized as in the King James and and new King James etc. but thank you very much for the call. I really appreciate your hard here. Your commentary you have it be a few years the XI866-34-TRUTH is the number to call of right we got a break coming up on them to get right back to your calls. On the other side of the break. Let me just see any other news that I want to raise right now. Now tell you about what yeah gate stone Institute has reported gate stone that the US is bankrolling Hezbollah.

Could that be. Could that be real. Could that be accurate us on this role has was leaders of US sanctions would have no impact on the organizations that are ready obtains complete financial and weaponry assistance from the Islamic Republic of Iran that by us bankrolling Iran, bankrolling Hezbollah while is that is really to be not not that her by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is more options. If you have sanctions against is the matter because Reagan bankrolled by Ron and Secretary of State Kerry fully where from what I understand.

What I remember, fully aware that in giving Iran $150 billion that are also reimbursement distributors were always have their gonna support terror against Israel. So we are bank bankrolling rather than bankrupting. We are bankrolling terrorist groups with their murderous intentions to destroy the Jewish people. We are bankrolling them through Iran. How despicable is as much as I have not been a fan of of Donald Trump alarm praying and hoping that he'll be a candidate that I could vote for it. In point of fact, in point of fact, when he says the worst deal ever going to crew city tear that arrangement agreement up with her on his first day in office Donald Trump since the worst deal ever. It's that I believe it's a bad deal. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Salina, Ohio, Bryant, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown I would listing to Leah's Israel in the news broadcast. The other day on they referred to a minority religious community called Bitterroot data represent like 2% of the Israeli population, and I never heard of them require thought maybe you could fill me in on something about who they are. Yes sir Drews spell GR UZE they are a small minority in Israel they they have a number of different beliefs and they are quite esoteric, even Wikipedia refers to them as an esoteric, as the religious group. They are secret in many ways and because of that outsiders really don't know fully what they believe they have. They deafly are not Christians.

They don't believe, as in the they don't believe in. In Jesus is the Savior of the world or anything like that of yeah earlier in the century. Figure said more than a million of them living mostly Lebanon smaller communities in Israel, Syria, Jordan, they call themselves monotheists, so they emphasize that in common with Islam and Judaism and Christianity would not be Trinitarian, as I understand their beliefs. They claim that Jethro, who was the father line of Moses and his counselor that Jethro is as an ancestor of the Drews and reviewed his spiritual founder and chief profit. You can find all this if you just look on Wikipedia, such as a looking at the article on Wikipedia. It seems it seems to be a fairly accurate, I am no expert on the Drews and what I've been in Israel asked Israelis what Drews believed most Israelis don't really know because of their their syncretism, but apparently they incorporated a number of different aspects of the faith they serve in Israeli military, they they are regular participating citizens within the nation even though they would be first Arabic speaking and then only by living in Israel are also speaking Hebrew to get an idea of the?

On this Wikipedia puts the with with multiple references. The number of Jews between 800,000 and 2 million.

So that's a pretty big pretty big difference and there found they been in in Syria, Lebanon, Israel was a here hundred 40,000 in Israel so that population of Israel of that the main body was about 7 1/2 million people.

A small numbers and Jordan hundred 25,000 Venezuela 42,000 United States 22,000 in Canada. 19,000 Australia and their managers person in America but again that Muslims they they do have their own particular belief systems very tightknit in that regard, they they work and the rest of society with everybody else. They are friendly towards Israel. They serve in the Israeli police force in a dimension. The military and things like that but very secretive about their actual beliefs which is so interesting to have that many. And yet that syncretism is part of who they are so against right. If you just get online you find a lot of information but not not not telling you all that much because some things are known and some things are not as widely known, but the Drews DR you see the appreciate the call 866340, let's go to Erin in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire burned out, given her to my Lord Jesus Christ sent me a couple of books.

I can't give a snowman out asking like a €24 young man you lend money yellow yeah and I got them and I got my glass. We cannot and I want To Guide Our Check for Subversive Speak, I Got a Trademark Early to It Started a Minimum, Thoroughly Thankful for Thoroughly Jewish Christian As Yourself. I Give a Copy Pray for You Man. I Pray for Israel As Well and Are Listed in America Right Now Listening in on the Way to Another Customer Care Name You Quite Tragic Was Going on in My Interview I Did Respond Us to Pray for.

I Believe That God Willing Got Hacked and I Will Continue to Have Favorite Israel and between Approximately Five Things That Happen.

I Got Awfully Managed by What You Know Real Quick and I Got You Both in the Side Making a Huge Impact on the Way. I Think Manuela Look at Life in Special Is Going on Nowadays and Were so You Do Your Writing Man It Definitely Motivated Me to Get Close to God, Increase My Intimacy to Sit in Our Strength Knowledge to Reduce We Can Further Lead Me Godly Man Doing Something You Know Powerful in My Generation Mass Effect While You Are Very Welcome. I Really Appreciate the Call and Yeah I Went When You Called and I Said I Write This Young Man I Want to Make an Investment in, and I'm Glad That the Fires Burning Is Your Reading the Revolution, but You Mention the Chapter for Subversive Speech and of the Impact That Had on Me to Write and I'm so Glad It's It's Impacting You. So Aron, I've Prayed That the Fire of God Would Burn Brighter and Brighter and You in the Days to Come. The True Devotion to the Lord Would Grow and Grow the True Knowledge of God Would Grow and Grow in Your Ability to Bring Hope and Healing Is Lost and Dying World Grow Grow in Ecology Should Be a Blessing to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. So I Am Thoroughly Thankful from a Jewish Heart on This Day As Well. God Bless You and I Do Remember the Call. I Do Memories Send You the Book so Thanks so Much for Calling. Be Blessed the Rest Your Day at Work but Thank You Calls like This Mean A Lot to Me. 866-34-TRUTH We Come Back We Come Back. I Want to Share with You the Origins of the Book.

Her Hands Were Stained with Blood Is a Bit Opening the Heart of This Last Hour and 1/2 Sharing My My Thoughts Jewish People in Israel Will Take More of Your Calls Right There at 86 634-8784 on the 30 It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 86643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown 7884 the Number to Call at the Outset of the Broadcast. Today 90 Minutes Ago Open My Heart Wide and I Want to Do It Again.

I Am so Blessed to Have You As My Listening Audience. I'm Thinking to a Call I Got at the End of the Day Yesterday from James in Dallas.

James, If You're Listening. Just Give Me a Smile and a Nod Had a Guest on Her Talk about Race Issues in America.

I Believe My Guest Had Many Important Things to Say. I Knew There Other Things Considered. Be Very Controversial and I Wanted to Open the Phone to Get Feedback. And When James Called so Full of Respect and Grace for the Show for the Broadcast and Respectfully Aired His Differences with with My Guest and We Can Only Start a Dialogue There.

I Was Just Reminded of the Quality of This Listening Audience of How Many of You Are People of Great Integrity and End in People Real Devotion to the Lord and People of Seriousness and End. People Who Just Want the Status Quo in Our Broadcast Is Better Than Other Broadcasts Simply Say I'm Grateful to Have You As Our Listening Audience and I Know That You Have To Be Serious to Listen to the Show Cause Because Were Not Here for Entertainment or We Can Have Our Fun Together. The Friday Show Specially Can Be A Lot Of Fun with with You Got Questions, We've Got Answers but but We're Not Here Just to Entertain Were Here to See Lives Changed in so Blessed to Know the Impact That Were Having and to Hear from so Many of You, and Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday so for Four Straight Days. Our Main Focus in the Broadcast Was Race Relations in America. The Current Difficult Situations. The Breakdowns between Communities and What We Can Do As Followers of Jesus to Learn from Each Other and to Bring Healing to Bring Justice in Holistic Ways. Talk Is Cheap. Can We Do to Bring about Positive Change Where Their Real Needs.

Where Are There Blind Spots That We May Not See or Know and Your Calls Have Been so Invaluable and and Has Been so Helpful to Further Shape My Understanding to Allow Me to Have Dollar with Folks All around America so so Thank You and and As I'm Sure My Heart so Openly Today My Book. Her Hands Were Stained with Blood Cannot, 1992. It's Never Going Out-Of-Print. Think of That. It's Been Continuously Imprint Still You Still Demand Their Messianic Congregations.

When You Join the Congregation to Become a Member. That's One of the Books Required to Read Which While the Baths I Talked about Situations in the Middle East and Things like That That Everything I Wrote That Is Just As Relevant Today As When I Wrote It in 1991, 1992 and I Had Been Burdened for Years As a Jewish Person Early on in My Faith, the Local Rabbi Gave Me a Book on Anti-Semitism in Church History and I Debated the Rabbi Once and He Made the Comment That He Could Get in a Bit of Both, and Sail off in the Jewish Blood Shed by the Church in History Is a Terribly Agonizing Things. A Friend of Mine Another Rabbi Said in His Orthodox Community Where He Lives in New Jersey. That of Course the Holocaust Is Directly Associated with Christianity. Think How Could That Be the Perceptions Those of the Understandings Terribly Painful to Hear Those Words, Is It Not, and I Felt Burden of the Church Must Know the Pain of the Jewish People. The Church Must Feel the Pain of the Jewish People in History and the Pain. To This Day. If the Church Is to Be an Agent of Redemption and Grace in the Life of the Jewish People As a Jew, Felt It Was Important and I Have Been Reading A Lot on the Holocaust Would Go through Seasons of Reading on Different Subjects.

I Had Read a Ton of Books on Missionaries and a Ton of Books and Persecuted Church and a Ton of Books on Revival. LL Is Really a Llama Holocaust Is Very Intense Happy.

I Will Share That with Soon As We Come Back, Join Dr. Michael Brown, along with Messianic Jewish Pastor Scott Melvin for Unique behind the Scenes Tour of Israel.

February 25 through March 6, 2017. Space Is Limited so Accepting Applications on a First-Come First-Served Basis. For More Information on a Trip and to Secure Your Spot, Please Visit Our and click on the Israel tour banner four-color office at 704782370 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for you speech after speech elected after leather even of the world's counsel of adventurers of the illegal smuggling in the continued buildup in federal Lebanon, but these warnings have fallen on deaf youth. The results are plain for all to see Hezbollah as one formed the village of the federal Lebanon into thorough outposts placing rocket launchers next to school to the north because installing me through a living wills. That is an Israeli representative speaking to you and intelligence, but has blah Senate has blah now has 120,000 missiles and at us.

This is something Israel deals with every single day Israel without its staunch defense. Israel without all of its young people serving in the military Israel without investing a large percentage of its money in defense would be wiped out by divine intervention that is a reality that is part of the pain experienced by the Jewish people. There's a historic pain of hatred rejection misunderstanding expulsion from nation after nation and a lot of the mistreatment at the hands of professing Christians so I was in prayer one day in the early 1990s I was in prayer and I became overwhelmed with the burden to take the reader to the Holocaust as a Jew you are a Jew and you are getting in that cattle car and you don't know where you're going and what's gonna happen little by little, you begin to descend into the horror of a concentration camp or you will be dead if you live as many as several months will be gone by then and the shock that you have when the soldiers there are professing Christians who will go home and celebrate Christmas and Easter with their families, and even some of them go to church on Sundays and sing the hymns and the book unfolds, the historic pain the historic pain of the Jewish people at the hands of professing Christians through the centuries and God's eternal purposes for Israel night and I start writing a book or has a standard line. If you never read it going to read it.

It's available through our bookstore on Esther to or through other online bookstores because it's been continuously imprint since 1992. To this day, and translate into more languages than anything that I've written. I often reference that the Chinese translators he was working on the book that he wrote to me and said I'm translating your booking to Chinese with wails and screams as he translated she can imagine it's a book that ends with hope and with promise and also helps in full the Jewish roots of the faith well II was praying I was on my face. I was so terribly burdened in prayer that I literally felt that I could not get up and sit down at my desk or my computer was and begin to write. That's how burdened I was. So I reached on the desk was on my face. I reached up on the desk, pulled out a piece of paper pulled out a pen and laying on my face began to write on the floor. The beginning of the chapter.

That's how gripped I was so when you read our hands were stained with blood. You're about to go on a journey that's were I wrote it laying on my face in my study in Maryland where we used to live so deeply burdened that the church would feel the pain of the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and through that turned you great intercession for the Jewish people to the salvation of my people Israel. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Bill and Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire and thoroughly Jewish Thursday run on scum.

If the messianic.

They are rabbis of the medieval period in Orthodox Judaism. Writers and rabbis of that time that they read Isaiah 53 and regarded that as of messianic chapter that the passage in Isaiah 53 was indeed the coming of the Messiah. Yes, the principal medieval commentaries known as the big three or Rashi Ibn Ezra and Rod Doc Rashi is Rabbi Shlomo needs cocky. He was the first of them.

1042 1105 20 lived and died after him. Ibn Ezra Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra and then after him, Rabbi David Kimsey, abbreviated as raw docs or Rashi been Ezra, Rod, Doc, to this day.

They are the primary interpreters when a Jewish person traditional Jew study Scripture they read it with their commentary and it's on the same page. In other words, you have the Hebrew text and any of the commentaries and as a traditional Jew.

That's how you read it you don't just read the Hebrew Bible, by itself, you read it with the commentaries that's that's how you done it. Basically all your life so they together reject the messianic interpretation. Ibn Ezra says of the subpar shock I saw this is a difficult passage and what seems to be the difficulty for him is the concept of vicarious atonement of substitutionary suffering of the Messiah or or of the figure there, but they interpreted always either speaking of the nation of Israel or the righteous remnant. Within the nation, and their view would be 52, 13 to 5312 that the nations of the of the earth thought that the Jewish people were suffering because of their sin.

They didn't realize that than the Jewish people were suffering because of the sins of the nations, and that by the Jewish people praying for the nations where they were they there for. Therefore, for healing to the nations of that interpretation breaks down on many many levels I get into that at length in volume 3 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus why it cannot refer to the nation as a whole and cannot refer even to the righteous remnant that it must refer to the righteous remnant of one the Messiah Yeshua now in his commentary on the Talmud of traditional Jewish writings. Rashi, in one passage does interpret Isaiah 53 with reference to the Messiah since that's how the Talmud interprets it there so there were other streams of Jewish thought earlier streams that also saw an individual interpretation. One thought was that it was Moses.

Another argument was that it was Jeremiah. Another thought was that it was the Messiah. There are traditional juice.

To this day that recognize some parts of it to be messianic or a some have even told me yes the Messiah is suffering in heaven in pain because of our sins, waiting to be revealed. But that's not the mainstream view the mainstream view would be that. Speaking of Israel as a nation, or the righteous remnant and that would be the primary medieval Jewish interpretation is that interpretation is very faulty. Isaiah 53 that that interpretation of it being the nation of Israel. Sucker acrylic breakdown pretty badly when you look at it in the original language was not sinus in its original language.

Anyone can see in English, although beginning in the 41st chapter in Isaiah Israel on a number of occasions is identified as God's servant in here. This is the servant of the Lord in the 53rd chapter. In point of fact, the idea that Israel is a nation could suffer exile when it was righteous is impossible because the servants of the Lord is righteous, so Israel under the Sinai covenant.

If Israel is righteous is rude, be the head and not the tail, Israel would be established in the land and not exile, so they did it. Righteous Israel is suffering in the nations because the sins of the nations is impossible you civil could be the righteous remnant. Theoretically, you could argue the righteous remnant does going to exile and they suffer along with the rest of of the Jewish people.

Even though they're not guilty of the sin, the part of the nation like a righteous man like Daniel. Hence they go into exile.

The problem with that is that the nations were not healed by Israel's exile nations did not receive wholeness through Israel suffering. Rather, God seven Jeremiah 30 and 31 that were he ever he scattered Israel.

He would bring judgment on those nations so those nations would suffer because of of Israel being in exile and mistreating them so it does not work for the nation, and it does not work for the righteous remnant because they did not bring healing the nations could not say, by their wounds we are healed. But when comes the Messiah that it works absolute 53 of answering Jewish objections, Jesus is ligated to that the most. Thank you Bill very much the quest.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thoroughly. Brown welcome back broadcast 866-34-TRUTH that you have time for a few more thoroughly Jewish Thursday phone calls. By the way the word out that Donald Trump has picked Mike pence as his running mate. I've read a couple reports he no, no one's been picked at it. It's not official or hasn't been announced sleeping on reading it is as happen every other new stores and has or will certainly know by later today or by tomorrow at the latest. Joey click number two grab that, according to a report by Daniel Siri Hezbollah now possesses 17 times the number of missiles that did 10 years ago when urine's UN Security Council resolution 17 alone was adopted at the end of the second Lebanon war is really ambassador to the UN Denny Dunn known speaking to the UN Security Council yesterday.

We played a clip. This was earlier out great. Click number two let's continue on this for one more moment 2006 after his molecular eight Israeli soldiers to cross-border trade. Israel launched an all-out war on Lebanon tried but failed to destroy Hezbollah's Messiah lost four civilians and 121 soldiers were killed leaving Israel's leadership this Saturday.

Lebanon paid much price more than a thousand civilians were killed about the million displaced in addition to the lingering misery of the players ran simply so that that was the report from BBC world service right and look at an article why BBC audiences will understand the next Israel Hezbollah conflict the way it's being reported. Do not yet understand it as well as 120,000 missiles aimed at Israel and understand that Iran now funded by America's hundred $50 billion deal with craziest deals.

Yes, Donald Trump's run a network user was seen.

It has a lot funded by Iran increasing their arsenal and in fact this whole idea that the thousand civilians are killed a million displaced. The article states the inaccurate claim that the wars 1191 Lebanese casualties will civilians clearly misleads audiences Lebanese figures do not differentiate between civilians and combatants. The Lebanese officials reported even before the conflict was over that some 500 of the dead were Hezbollah combatants and UN officials give similar figures, Israeli estimates dented around 600 more than half of the total Lebanese casualty figures.

The BBC itself reported in July 2006, the Hezbollah have been some casualties among its forces so this biased reporting rather than understanding that Israel is seeking to defeat terrorist on its northern border in Lebanon instead, Israel is displacing and killing and committing all these atrocities it's all therefore they're the bad guys. That's the narrative that most of the word world has 86634 we go to Mechanicsville, Virginia Wayne, welcome to light a fire hello Dr. Brown good property once again our competitors great joy. After we finished picking you encourage me and enlighten me so much about nine weeks ago I called him in preparation for a trip first ever trip Israel asking for from the truck 50 will Juergen fight on meeting my family for the very first time long, but anyhow we talked about how we may demonstrate love for them in different ways but Dr. Brown I developed the energy where I would try to outlaw my family and I fail I failed miserably brother, my family allowed me beyond measure and I came away part of the overwhelmingly abundantly filled with joy and my heart ache return Israel once again the city of David, and thank you for your encouragement and point were well taken on how I may relate and connect with my family and keep talking about and although I didn't get to share a message of additional Messiah follow-up able to pray with him, pray over them and left them in the name of the father, no. Wonderful time and I thank you Dr. a lot lot way. I'm thrilled to hear. If I remember you have all Orthodox Jewish relatives.

Is that correct.

Yes I and this was to be a first time meeting them in Israel part time ever meeting them. I was adopted by a military family in Germany in the 1950s and only recently.… Her mind my family and these were these would be 1/2 fascinating and their dear religious Jews now.

Yet they are not sure what level they may. They may practice. They love the Lord with all your heart all the laws mind altered in the week. Were you there over over the weekend only for five days since as it did it did it did you spend the Sabbath with them and no know we did not. We had to actually fly out that on Friday morning. We did get to spend time with them and the Israeli Memorial day. I'm not sure the name of that that time, there are equipment to our Memorial Day honor of their military and found out pretty often and so they what they know about your own background. They did so they know that your follow Jesus just that's the information I have all yes sir I revealed that my second conversation went with my and how did she react well that there was no rejection acceptance. Becky well it was on. I see she still accepted US as is a sibling.

Oh yeah oh yeah. Welcome me and love me beyond measure and the whole family family members that I wow what a discovery way.

I mean, that's so beyond the can for for most of us because we know our families and rebuild them all our lives to the suddenly discover the extended family and have them in Israel and will that's that's wonderful but I'm sure we'll pray for them. Often and you and the Lord will use you to to be a blessing to them. I said the first hour my own burden especially intense for traditional Jews because of sincerity and depth of commitment and the certainly know people so near and yet so far and yet have this warmth. That's the best thing just the relationship of the sharing pray. Don't feel any compulsion. As I said the first time. If I recall, you noted that I've got to get this message at just this be a family member and be a friend and a hopefully you get to go back, spend some more time in Israel gets in your family better, but thank you very much for the update. Much appreciated.

Thank you… Like him about God bless you. Hey yeah just to answer Johnny's question. I will be.

I trust you will be either know. So we will not be we will not be celebrating today. If you didn't know it. It's national day certainly not celebrating that letting said stand completely unclothed for holy dollar excuses that the bottom line today.

Sure you're right with the God who sees through our excuses. How wonderful to know

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