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From the Church to the Schools to the World of Atheism: Three Important Interviews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 9, 2016 12:46 am

From the Church to the Schools to the World of Atheism: Three Important Interviews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 9, 2016 12:46 am

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/08/16.

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Jesus said that he's going to build his church and the gates of hell will be able to prevail against it. What exactly does that mean what is it look like stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Religion is just happily call for where we are just mere things will arrive believing in God makes sense to me is the dumbest thing we are not only literally start that is the brand-new movie by Ray comfort. The atheist dilution rate will be joining me the second hour of today's broadcast catch that all and asked Dr. tell you how you can get the new atheist delusion movie I got a very special guest joining me momentarily.

Bishop Joe Matera and he's got a great new book out understanding the wineskin of the kingdom song and to bring on my friend wish Matera in one moment, but brand-new movie by Ray comfort, amazing interviews amazing to see where things go call the atheist delusion you want to watch it you want to share it with your friends. I we have a special arrangement with Ray's ministry. When you downloaded from our website, you pay the same as elsewhere, but Ray will turn around and donate half of the purchase price back to our ministry so you get the download and we will enhance every work that we do with your gifts will go to Esther to round org AES Kd are see right on the homepage. Download the DVD demo the video watch with your friends, especially those who don't believe it'll be an amazing opportunity to share the gospel.

All right, all right. The kingdom of God. What is the kingdom of God and how much influence is the church supposed to have in society, and if we plan have revival.

It is that enough is enough to bring about social change. My guest dear friend, coworker from Brooklyn New York Bishop Joseph Matera has thought long and hard about these issues and he's got a brand-new book out called understanding the wineskin of the kingdom and will you be talking about that it's practical. I'm looking at it right now, practical, helpful, and it gives strategy as well. Joe, great to have you back on the line of fire. Dr. Brown. I really appreciate all the incredible work you do for the kingdom of God, my joy and it's great to be in it together with you of this opening segment we just got about a minute and 1/2 before we go to the break, but what sure state of mind is a Christian leader well connected, both spiritually and socially, politically, what your frame of mind these days. Well I think the state of culture is a reflection of the weakness of the church. Mark introduced her to the church abandoned culture baby in the late 1880s and began to just escape culture because of the horrors of the Civil War and they stop preaching to proclaim the kingdom of God are separated the gospel from the kingdom, and a left-footed individual salvation message which only promises heaven. Instead of stewarding the earth and are believed right after that, within about 40 years. All the institutions of higher learning.

By the 1920s were Captivated by the humanist. Now this is the situation were now being ruled by humanist because the church abandoned culture notes. It's interesting because in that perspective because I was just writing last night in a chapter of book on finishing about the national education Association that, when it began in the mid-1850s, and emphasize common Christianity and emphasize using the Bible as a textbook of by the late 1890s early 1900s it was against any religious education in school whatsoever.

And then of course it's become radical leftist years have gone all right. We have a fascinating practical discussion Joseph Matera MATC ERA. The new book.

It's a mini book get it read. Be blessed by understanding the wineskin of the kingdom of her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking with my friend Dr. Joseph understanding the wineskin of the kingdom you want to find out more about his work at his weekly newsletter. Go to Joseph Matera that's MATC ERA. Joseph what, let's let's start right here at the beginning, Joe.

How would you define the kingdom of God. God I believe is the rule of God or the government of God that emanates from the throne of God that is in heaven for the kingdom of God and a general sense is sovereign over all talks about in Colossians chapter 1 how in Christ all things hold together so that include natural laws, spiritual law, all of these things are held together by by the kingdom, but that in the secondary personal benefit sense you have. When Jesus taught us to pray for his kingdom. The comet's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. That's more of a personal alignment under the Lordship of Christ.

That is two aspects to the general but there's a more personal manifestation of that alignment.

All right, so when we talk about the kingdom of God today or are we just praying for Jesus to return and establish his kingdom on the earth are we looking for the church to take over the entire world and by force require everyone to to hold to our views this summer between their what what what are we supposed to be expecting working towards his believers today doubted the great question. I don't believe anybody who asserts about Scripture thanks backward or have the fullness of the kingdom, the side of heaven before the return of Christ.

However, the first covenant that God gave Adam is still in effect, that is to subdue the earth and have dominion which has to do with influence and that's over the whole created order that was ratified again under no lawyer covenant almost exactly the same language. Genesis 128 and when Jesus told us the great commission in Matthew 2819 two disciple nation.

The word nation means a people group, not individual ethnic person so we have a case or structuring society after the glory of God doesn't mean that every nation will be Christian, nor every government or that every person will be born again. But somehow the beer kingdom witness on the yurt sufficient before the coming of Christ and then we also see Matthew 25 that before the return of Christ open sheep nations and goat nations so that shows us that not all nations will convert to the Bible and specific in terms of what a the fullness of the kingdom will be before Christ comes.

But it does tell us to occupy until he calms that word occupy a military term which means to to advance to to have territory to take territory want to just wait around for the rapture but at the same token, whenever you see the fullness of the kingdom until he comes. All right, since Schaefer said Christianity is not just involved with salvation, with the total man in the total world that would tell us that the presence of God's people in the earth.

Fold the spirit proclaiming the message of Jesus carrying out the call the commission of of deeds and words that we should make a difference. That light shining in the presence of darkness should make a difference and it seems that many believers today don't have that mentality. It's probably been exacerbated by the whole were out of here any mentality were out of here any minute mentality like interface and 71.

That's what were fully expecting I was 16 years old now oldest grandchild is about to turn 16 in a few months. I will think that that was the plan that those who have a 16-year-old grandchild and Jesus still hadn't returned, and yet it seems many Christians today have kind of a pessimistic mindset is if we really can't make a difference in the best we can hope for is to get rescued before the whole ship sinks yeah. Well, those are people who aren't rooted church history recruit throughout the Middle Ages the gospel influenced not just individual but every aspect of culture.

All music, theater, government, economics, everything was centered around that interpretation of Bible and are even older universities started first that of the Cathedral first by Charlemagne King Charlemagne and other toad of the modern university.

The concept of hospitals came from the gospel. Every thing that could in society emanated first out of an understanding of Christianity part the culture and so we had whole nations disciple by the gospel, and we we tend to forget that before the Reformation was very common for a Christian voice in every aspect of culture so the last 200 years.

It has been the case but doesn't mean that that's not the biblical nor cottage so Sue even where we would have different expressions of Christianity that that we would we would differ with in terms of how pure the gospel is preached, or whether there are other things that were added in the understanding that Christianity was to affect all of culture and that positive development would take place in education and humanitarian work in the arts of that was that was just the norm. In fact if you look at it side to some of the leading scientists in different field in the last couple hundred years were Christian and you get the idea today that Christianity is somehow opposed to scientific advance. Well the end of the human aggressive catching up and under collapsing their own irrationality because now these people are the ones that are purely scientific Because this thing a man think she's a woman to go towards bathroom, but biologically stole a man that's on scientific report which finds human experience.

You see people that are adhering to foolish things like restructuring the family garment that is never been done and yet they legalize the restructuring of family and it's clear even sociological data says the children are best raised by one man one woman, you have a guy like Bruce Jenner who went woman of the year award celebrated all over the world like secularists and yet never had a sex change so I would say we're more in the camp of science, then the far left progressive talk and by the way, it's time that you mention it, because in the in the Olympics right now you have transgender athletes so man who identifies as a woman and is been on hormones for certain period of time. As long as the hormone levels are pretty close to normal females that biological male can compete. And again, even without sex change surgeries if that would fully change someone sex on top of it yet so so it is a culture of societal madness but got in your book. Understanding the wineskin of the kingdom you you don't sound the pessimistic note. Rather, you give positive vision for change in chapter 4 of your book why revival is not enough to shift secular culture you address something that's really important because many of us think we can just pray for revival that in itself bring about change.

Why do you say revival is not enough to shift secular culture well because bringing the masses of people into the church is good or that is more important to determine eternity in salvation but in terms of the subject transformational culture doesn't transform culture.

None of the revivals including Susan Street, the 20th century affected culture effective church culture, but not the surrounding culture and that is because unless you reach and/or raise up the top gatekeepers of the cultural mountain shall never shift things systemically and so you could have the church of 60,000 in Houston and yet elect ungodly mayor because these people are just used to so factually actualization you know self motivating messages and they are just used to an individual gospel of happiness, but they don't have any clue as to how it applies to culture. So the matter how many people you have the church you have mega church with minor influence. So unless we understand how the Bible applies to culture we will never touch the system and never raise up the gatekeepers of the systems of culture.

All right, what would you address that on the other side of the breakout one minute before this next break, so could you write the book for understanding the wineskin of the kingdom is your intended audience.

Well, I believe we need a theological transformation before societal transformation. So of course always targeting pastors and leaders. But marketplace people and just Christians who want to understand how to make a difference how to disciple the children had a disciple to you what to study if they themselves a call to one of the amount of culture like Paul to explore business education on music entertainment entertainment signed this book gives you a clear cut answer as to the general places that you supposed to search Scripture cottage like friends very helpful book you can download it on Amazon for just $2.99 yeah worse was that understanding the wineskin of the kingdom Joseph Matera that's Emmy ERA will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking with Matera dear friend and colleague based in Brooklyn, but a national international leader in the body's newest book understanding the wineskin of the kingdom you can get on I think you can download the book just for $2.99 in assembly reviews their function just reading it right through can put it down under greatly blessed edified and help. I joked let's talk to our listeners there frustrated with the way society is going there concerned with what their kids are learning in the schools they don't feel confident with the political process moving forward in terms of who are candidates are how to vote there, getting weary with terrorist attacks and thinking you know what's going to happen next is the whole world and explode speak to them as a pastor and a leader. Would you tell them because obviously it's through God's people, not through superstars just through God's people that he can work and bring about change. So speak to my listeners as a pastor, leader, general in the faith will I know people that the kingdom of God can never be conquered by Satan. Jesus said the gates of hell should not prevail against the church and longer after the nations of the world gone, the church will stand because were in the kingdom and you look at history empires, go to free the book of Daniel. You see, lived and prophesied through three regiments of leaders to empires.

So we see that God always has the final say we don't know the future of America's good old to wear cold salt of the earth. The light of the world and if anything is going to come to America to come through the church where the only hope the body of Christ not only to America to every nation, and so pastorally I'll just say that God is never in a panic, and he's also never in a rush is by different Dr. Brown knows better than most because of his Jewish background break mindset is one of the multigenerational mindset and when we have this panic button because we expect the rapture any day will you know what we were not understanding the multigenerational kingdom of God. We think everything has to come about. Now revival has to come right now change the world. Now, but God works through various people and and grandchildren and multigenerational leaders that he raises up true lineage and so we may be setting the stage for the next generation to do greater works do not God's not in a panic. God is the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is the great I am, was to use it is to come. And so I would just say don't think that we have to get everything done now.

Just do what you're called to do have the influencer call to have disciple the people you called disciple special. Your biological family and those spiritual families that God is brought to you and the rest is up to God.

This is good stuff to hear when we were constantly pushing the panic button in the church and the media is constantly pushing the panic button in the society.

It's important to get God's perspective again when Santa just finished a chapter explaining the multigenerational perspective and how we need to think and I look in your life.

I look at the success that you sons of had and there certain things that you started that your sons are doing better than you did, or taking further having more exposure, but that's the way a multigenerational approach works out.

So I like to think of it like this, we are in a relay race and we don't know if were running to the finish line or for handing the baton to the next person in there good of the go to the finish line with the finishing line is six people down, but we're gonna run our part of the race the very best we can see the run to the finish line or turn it over to that next generation. The best that we can, and often we don't think that way. So folks get the book understanding the wineskin of the kingdom to find it super practical.

Let's just tease out one more chapter of the 11 chapters in the book how we can imitate Jesus for societal transformation. What you get into in that last chapter will quickly is the fulfillment of the Lord.

Matthew five come to abolish it are capable Philip and when someone said what is the great commandment of the war, he said to love God and love your neighbor. Basically, he summarized the 10 Commandments 613 civic laws and to commandment to love God with all your hard love your neighbor as you love yourself that in John 14 six.

He said I am the way the truth and the life don't come to the father except through me. So all of that summarized the one man, Jesus, and him is our righteousness in him is lawful filled and so he teaches us in Matthew five how we audit imitate him. He says blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, blessed are those born, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth its own and so forth. There were seven blessings based on seven attitudes we should have its own this book we show how the activist and the Pietist. The ones who want to do the works of Reformation, the ones who want to do the works revival how all of this comes together because often their camps better against each other. The activist Think that the people just focus on seeking God in fasting and prayer, think that there is no inactive that their wasted time and knows fasting and praying and walking in humility and impiety. They think that the activist or just get old self ambitious and all these things and soak in this book are God gave me a download that showed how all this comes together and you just look at the one beatitude blessed all the bait. He says that they will inherit the kingdom they can inherit the earth right so how in the world. We can inherit the earth just by being activist if we don't have the bigness of Christ right there. He puts the two camps together and we have to have the character of Christ, worked it out so that we can show how we could change the world, but be like Christ, solely transform leaders can transform the world print on people transform other people so if were not transformed. That will never go to transform the world. So this book, I believe, really helps bring the wineskin of the kingdom to put all these camps together to help people understand the Bible. Like few books can yeah I'm with you on that. I think it's wonderfully timely and it's kind of blessed anyone can sit down and read with your pastor leader with your believer wanted to make a difference soak in the book understanding the wineskin of the kingdom.

The author Joseph the Tara M ATT ER eight.

Go ahead and download a copy on Amazon now or get a paperback version and you will find it to be a practical spiritual plan of battle.

Hey, thanks for joining us and I look forward to seeing you again face-to-face soon. Thank you my friend are you doing great work were going for it. Thanks very much right hey friends, as I'm speaking to my friend in Brooklyn. I'll just give you heads up one month from now I'll be preaching on uncleanness on island sees me, the Bronx, but we have added for our W MCA listeners a special meeting in Brooklyn and a special meeting in Manhattan tell you more about that in the days to come. All right. You've watched Ray comfort's material over the years, you know these amazing interviews he's done with people on the streets and the questions that are asked and eyes that are open this new in the atheist illusion is amazing when you downloaded from our website. Ray comfort will donate half of the proceeds back to our ministry to help us continue to broadcast on the space station so go to my website now asked Dr. Brown ask of your download the atheist illusion share with your friends.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I see the Olympics are ice right now and for the first time man who identifies women who have not gone through a certain time. Say at least two years after quote transitioning, they can simply identify as female.

This is a man who identifies as female, and have testosterone levels comparable to or below those of a normal female. Then they can now play on the Olympic team as a female. Now Bruce Jenner Bruce Caitlin Jenner has something to say about this and Bruce's is happy that this is taking place and thinks it's silly to imagine that this would give a man an advantage over old woman. I could never to Joey.

What this means is that Bruce Jenner one of the greatest athletes in American history when it rents a decathlon is automatically one of the greatest athletes in the world and only just dubbed the world's greatest athlete because of the multiple demands of this 10 part of competition so if he had identified as one and through hormone treatments was now at a comparable comparable hormone level to a normal female. Then he would've been able to participate as woman. But whether been that pentathlon that he would've country competed and I dare say you were one that pretty much hands down. Listen what he has to say about this. The public thinks that the trans-female has a tremendous advantage over all the other girls. The gaseous proving that that is not the case. I like to gaseous copper guidelines on how long ago the transition had to take ice about what your hormones level have been for the last couple of years and they have found out that if that is the case, it's no advantage whatsoever yet so a man who identifies as a woman trans-woman. No so yeah trans-woman. No one required to undergo gender reassignment surgery to complete female divisions in the previously mandated to your weight after transitioning has been jettisoned not not love us and there's no way that if you are a top athlete, a top male athlete and now you identifies female you still have the body structure.

There are still fundamental differences even if the hormone levels are roughly the same. There are still under mental differences. There is an an MA MMA fighter so mixed martial arts are one of the most brutal sport. Souther Fallon Fox male to female and people swelled in on hormones long and often and this is clearly fully woman he doesn't have any advantage will so the opponents that I never I never wrestled her or follow up with a woman that strong lots because woman's male listen to what Chris Mosher has to say a quick number four this Chris is making history as the first trans-member of team USA could number four the international Olympic Committee is thought of as the gold standard for policies and so to have been most of the classification create a policy that is more trans-inclusive has a trickle-down effect to the other organizations that it governs and also to other outside organizations that don't have policies yet there and say what is the Olympics day. Let's look to that policy and see if we can mirror that now it's going to be interesting when you have a man who's an elite athlete in his in his particular sport or particular competition, and that elite athlete then transitions to female and begins to win. I wonder how the other females will feel visit elite dance school in New York where the prom queen is a guy and some of the other girls upset with that. I want to talk to about what happens when this comes to your children school the Olympic says one thing but what about when it comes to school in your area to be joined by Kelly for Gerald of the North Anna values coalition to talk about that very issue in Charlotte, North Carolina right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my name is Andre and I am playing soccer at the when I started seeing myself more email was around.

I want to say that men and a great starting purity and not something you know where you are at that age I started to come out my community as Andre around my freshman year.

Transitioning was something that I want and it's just something I wanted and something that was coming at me when I started my junior year that nightmares are going out and I started wearing just as I would feel out of base and I would like uncomfortable yes that is a young man who identifies as a woman play is is the first openly transgender cheerleader in the high school and plays female sports is from the fusion YouTube channel fusion short. It's a mini documentary these things now in our schools.

We will have compassion in every moment. We want to reach out to this kid who's believes that he's a girl and try to help him come to terms with his biology and chromosomes, but these issues are in our schools. Things are being dictated to us and if not for recent Supreme Court ruling would be pushed full out, Charlotte Mecklenburg schools so want to speak now with Tammy Fitzgerald. She's been on the air with us before. She is the tireless Executive Director of the North Carolina values coalition. Tammy welcome back to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you doing well and in great to have you back on the air. Some have referred to this generation is generation me and obviously what we heard from this young person was about how I feel this makes me feel better were pretty much told the world has to revolve around how certain kids feel a select few to the discomfort of the rest of the student body. What was proposed in Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. I noticed something's been on hold for the moment, but what was proposed and why is it so important for parents to get involved. Right now, well Mecklenburg had eight wonder I I'm not sure the exact terminology, but gender protection policy and they're claiming are at their bowling pain or LGBT, although the policy was not further preventing only ball was going to allow bathtime our locker room overnight ability on overnight based on the anger they identify with on that thought. It has been held in court day lack the wrath of the fact that buying Amaral that would provide that didn't get the case (and what name they want all cool and everyone else.

The alarm clock age and additionally parent not been notified about gender identity agreed that it basically cut parent out what's going on Google and Charlotte will add demand that men do home at night and be annual and this is just as outrageous. Kennecott is right to to be in charge at the upbringing and education of their own children, and felt different.

This is an abridgment of that right pot out and not information. If the child is identifying rule differently than they present themselves. So talking about is maybe one or two kids out of a thousand. The number may grow as you cater more to emotional questions and confusion that she's going to let's say two kids at a fast and let's say a boy identifies as a girl so he is now going to be able use the girls bathroom.

The girls locker room and if the 998 are inconvenienced or put off or uncomfortable. Why do we have to change in the locker room in the presence of a biological male. Why is that biological male using our shower stalls.

That doesn't matter. The sensitivities, the expectation of privacy of the 998 that this matter because you have one or two who are struggling and then 15-year-old boy wants to go on it and all I sleepover with a bunch of girls you can tell them you can't if he identifies as a girl and again is first parental involvement. That's always the student agrees to and as far as pronoun of their choice. They they want you to the teachers okay tell us at the beginning of the year how you want to be identified on my latest article for Chuck and Rita by going to ask Dr. Brown asking your I get a list from sympathetic websites to some of the different gender neutral pronouns. They pay a Fei Veh a Née ZCCCC Said's Keiko V.

Gee, I Was Its Analyst per Coupon. It so I Don't Want to Mock the Struggles of These Individuals but It Is Social Insanity to Determine Society of Said Sanitary We Get Here That This Would've Seemed Completely Crazy.

A Couple Years Ago and Now Whole School System Say We Can Enact This One Thing about the Holiday in Charlotte That Accommodate Children That Aren't Trained in Your the One You Are Just Regular Lightning Girl Are Going after Requested Accommodation and Not Principal School That I Now Have in Them Have Been Accommodating in Dealing with It for Years Now, but It Cannot Accommodate That Satisfactory under Crowd or the Arrest by Have To Accommodate Probably Felt Warm Headway about Selfish Desire Very Quickly Back to the Rest of Society. I Want When I Want and I Don't Care about You Because That's Exactly What They're Doing by the Accommodation That You Gave Birth of Dr. Karen like a Girl Who Identifies As a Boy He Had Meant Very Very Narrow Doctor That I Climbed behind the Boy, That All Men Accommodate Our 100 and Cool to Be Able to Have Full Access to the Boys Bathroom and the Lower Court There Agreed with Her and Eight Year Based on a Directive That Was Sent out from the Obama Pool across the Country and an Aching Patella of Authority Because It Went with Only the Obama Administration Interpret Title IX and Affect Title IX.

It Now That Google Can Collect Their Men Accommodate People with Accurate Not Common in Magnetic Effort for Men and Women Bathroom Locker Directed Specifically at That and That the Obama Administration Taking Interpretation That Completely Adverse to the Actual Language of the Yes so so Tammy, What Were Dealing with Now and and It's It's on the Video. In Fact, If Folks Go My YouTube Channel Esther to Brown They Can't See This Video Where I I Address These Very Issues. II Actually Take Footage That Is Being Used Official Footage That's Being Used for Training in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and There Is This One Kid Identifies Is Is Non-Gender Binary Select Fitting into Male or Female Essay Look They Want That Kid to Use That Even the Handicap Room or the Faculty Restroom Which Is an Inconvenient Part of the School and and That's Not Satisfactory Will Hang on If Your Handicapped That's on the Handicap Cages They Don't Complain and Say Well It's Not Fair That I Know Because You Have To Have Certain Bathrooms in Certain Places, or Maybe Add Something in a Later Time. So the Handicapped Student Maybe Could the Wheelchair They're Willing to Go a Little Out Of Their Way to Have a Bathroom That Accommodates Them but the Kid Identifies Trends Know That's Unacceptable. Everybody Else Has To Be Put out by This Tammy. We Got A Few More Minutes to Talk about This, but Very Quickly before This Break.

There's a Meeting Tonight Where Is It What's Happening While My Background Okay Meeting Tomorrow Night at 6 O'clock at the Tarmac Government Center in Downtown Charlotte Lot Were Hosting a Rally before the 5 O'clock Fortin and Clarence Burton Burn Charlotte Not Craft Their Air Opposition Policy Itself. So Let's Get over That Again He Come Back to Show North Carolina's Values Coalition Petitions You Can Sign That Your Voice Be Heard.

It's Time Not to Declare War, and Transgender Kids to Call for Sanity in the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown. Your Voice Is More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown. If Someone Finds Values Coalition, Tammy, the Charlotte Observer Some Weeks Back Said There's No Problem Whatsoever.

No Harm Is Done by These Policies Are Just Helping People How to Respond Well Now Traded Dr. Brown. I Mean Basically the Author of That Editorial Brat That Work Thing Men in Tell You in One Back and I out Right Back That Violate Everyone Else. I Only Got Away, It Is Not Right Contacted the Radical, Thoughtful Again. It Also Ignores All of the Issues That Many Students Have Raised across the Country Even Lawsuits against Schools. Because of These Issues and Concerns of Parents Have and Others Have Known That All Get Swept under the Rug and in Point of Fact, There Is Not Even a Verifiable Test That Can Be Run This. For Example, If Someone Is Vision Impaired You Contests That Has To Really Were Hearing-Impaired. You Can Test That House Really, but What Were Talking about Here Is Purely a Matter of Perception That a Child Believes Themselves to Be a Certain Way and Feels Better When They Identify the Particular Way. Now the World Has Betrayed Upset on the English Language Has To Be Turned Upside down. Schools Have Been Turned Upside down to Accommodate That. So First Let's Just Mentioned Again the Rally Tomorrow and the Meeting Tomorrow. These Issues Are Going to Be Discussed. There Will Be Speakers That Will Be Presenting Things to Raise Concern about This. I'm Sure the Beat Counter Protest so It's an Important Time to Show up in Force to Get a Message to the School Board. So Again, the Time for the Rally and in the Time for the Meeting Rally Start at 5 O'clock on the outside Tarmac Government Building and Eight Meeting Eric at 6 PM. In Fact Building That We Encourage People Guide the School Board Website@@Eight. I Believe You Find That by Noon Tomorrow.

The School Board but We Encourage You to Be out on the Plaza, 5 O'clock It Really Going like A Lot Of Parental Pushback to the School Board, Not What the Citizens Charlotte Want and How the School Board Accountable. Yeah, Right.

So I'm Speaking to Many of You That Work in Greater Charlotte. So Plan Your Day around, It Shall Visit Showed Mecklenburg Government Building at Five for the Rally Get There in A Few Minutes after She Leave Work at Five Get over There Parker Commute.

However, You Do It and Then the School Board Meeting at Six. Let Your Voice Be Heard. If You're Able to Sign up to Speak Just Be Able to Articulate Your Thoughts in a Constructive Way. In Three Minutes or Less and Your Comments Will Be Welcomed. What about Changing the School Board Hothouse at Work.

Well, after the Election Process and down You Know It's Important for Good People Run for School Board for People Who Are Being Made That Have A Lot Of Good Things Going on in Their Life Sacrificed in Front of the School Board That You're Not Stuck with All like It Might Happen When People Who Care about What Happened Building and Pool… Run for School Board That Radical Policy of Court, School Board, Claiming That the Part of the Backbone Policy for LGBT.

Both Talk about Law That Was Passed Back to Thousand Nine Apple Build Addict, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Number Restroom and Going Back Why Weight Lot Bulletins about down on the Charlotte of Lawful Yeah and It Partly People Are Going to End up Being Only Five of Pollock Looking in the State of Oregon. I Believe It Was. There Was a Teacher, a Woman Elementary School Teacher Who Identifies As Partly Male but Does Not Fully Identified As Male or Female and Was Upset That People Would Still Refer to Her and in Feminine Terms Female Terms or Say Miss before Her Name so Finally Came to the Ranch with the School She Would Be Referred to As They but One of the Faculty Referred to As They She Took Them to Court and What a Settlement of $60,000.

What Does It Have To Do with Bullying. What Possible Connection Beat Is There between Bullying and between a Boy Whose 15 Being Able to Use the Girls Locker Room and Shower Room and Play on the Girls Sports Team. What Possible Connection Is There between Bullying and Enter a Boy Who Identifies As a Girl Going on All Night Sleep over with Other Girls. It Is Absolutely Absurd, Then the Exclusion for the Parents from so Much of This As Well. Absolutely, Totally Absurd.

We Reach out to Everyone with Compassion.

We Help People or Limits Their Struggles and We Do Not Cater to Social Madness Aware That Your Website Is There Info There. Is There Something That People Can Sign on the Website yet, but Work on a Ladder, in Your School or School Board Member and Why Are You Guys Stop or I Also Love How Dr. Brown Bought Title IX Cough Allow Girl Fight for without Interference before and Follow the Policy Very Law That the Clock Will Protect Girl on This Will Be Hurt and Harm Them in Pool You Imagine That Part of the Policy. We Evaluate Everything: Four, Only to Have a Pedagogical Part, Whatever That Work Is Important and and People Need to Be Aware That It Doesn't Stop Filing Girl Will Be like a Girl on the Longer You Just Use the Other Part You're Not Even Allowed to Say the Class Boys and Girls so so If You Think of It Fermented If the Boys Are Misbehaving Any Given Day There Just Ornery and They're Full of Energy and There Misbehaving. The Teacher Is Not Allowed to Say Boys Boys That Somehow She's Got to Figure out How to Address the, the, the Male Students in Particular without Addressing Those Male Because Just Posted Whole Class Friends or Students or Something like Dollars Dollars, Dollars, yet Outrageous Thing about Dr. Brown Right on It. I Even US Military, Which Recently Adopted a Transgender Holiday with Her Can Actually Recognize Transgender People and Military. God Help. They Require That the Person Have Undergone Hormone Therapy for 18 Months and Have Had Identified and That Fact That Gender Great Not Military Will Recognize That in Now. There Is No Diagnosis. No Pattern Here. There Is No Requirement and Infectious to Jump into Strata Time and Change by the Day School Has Flex That Get Involved Friends Together. You're Making a Difference. My Bottom Line Today.

God Made Us Male and Female He Did Make a Mistake. Will Ray Comfort Has a Controversial New Movie out the Atheist Delusion and He's Here with Us to Talk about It Today.

It's Time for the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist and Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Your Voice of Moral Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Michael Brown Is the Director of the Coalition of Conscience and President of Fire School of Ministry Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown. We've All Heard the Statement. I Think Therefore I Am. I Believe That Logic Dictates Us to Say I Think Therefore God Exists. Why Do I Say That Will All Explain in a Moment, This Is Michael Brown. Welcome to Today's Broadcast of the Line of Fire. In a Moment I'm Going to Speak with Ray Comfort You Seen Ray's Videos You've Read His Books. You've Watched Them Talk to the Man on the Street. Ray Is Loved by Many. Ray Is Hated by Many in That Ray and I Have A Lot in Common and He's Got a Brand-New Video. The Atheist Delusion the Atheist Delusion Now. When I Met Nancy, My Wife Nancy in 1974 She Was 19 Years Old. As I Was and She Was a Hard-Core Atheist Should Become an Atheist at the Age of a Note No Older Than Eight Was a Little Girl Concluded That There Was No God, Thought It Would Be Wonderful If There Was a God. It's a Shame There Is No God. And When I Met Her She Was a Hard-Core Atheist and She Has Helped Me to Understand the Atheist Mentality and Many Times You Lead People Are Atheist Because They They Prayed They Believed They Trusted and Everything Fell through and They Thought Was Not Real.

Others Became Atheists and Him and Less Conscious Way, Perhaps in Their Upbringing. Perhaps in a Broken Home, Perhaps Lack of a Father and Then Lack of a Father Figure/Father God, Those Things Happen, Some in School, High School, College, Exposed Teaching on Evolution and Other Things like That Began to Have Intellectual Questions and Said I Don't See How There to Be a God. Others Were Looking at the Moral Crisis in the World I Should Just Say the Moral Crisis. Every Generation Deals with You What Seems to Be Tremendous Injustice and Why Did God Intervene. Nancy Give an Analogy to Try to Help Some Believers Understand This the Other Day That You've Got a Lifeguard out out on the Beach and You See Someone Drowning, but There Are Other People around That Could Potentially Help That Person and Don't All These.

This Looks like the Lifeguards Go in and Do It. If the Lifeguard Is Is Really Caring Person. The Fact That There Are Others Nearby That Could've Held in Didn't Is No Justification for the Lifeguard Not Helping Him, Giving Her Analogy Precisely Hers Was Sharper the One Giving but to Say Wallace's Human Suffering Because Human Beings Aren't Doing Enough to Alleviate It. But the God Could God to Alleviate the Suffering, so People Become Atheist for Different Reasons. God Wonderfully Intervened in Nancy's Life When When She Was 19 and Opened Her Eyes to His Reality Than, Say, Turn Brought Us Together but There Are Fundamental Questions That I Don't Believe Science Can Legitimately Answer the Origin of the Universe. The Origin of Life DNA in Human Beings the. The Detailed Code. The Software That Causes Us to Operate It. The More You Learn about the More Mind-Boggling It Becomes and the More Impossible. In My Humble View, the More Impossible It Is to Intellectually Be a Complete Naturalist and Say There Is No God, There Is No Designer. That's Why Said I Think Therefore God Exists. The Fact That We Are Here As Human Beings That We Are Conscious Human Beings. Rational Human Beings with All the Abilities That We Have Programmed As We Are Meaning the Software That Runs Us As Human Beings We Had to Be Designed We Had to Be Created.

I See No Logical Scientific Explanation. Aside from That, Ray Comfort's New Video. The Atheist Delusion Is Getting Rave Reviews and Come Back and Talk with Ray about It.

On the Other Side of the for the Expo Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown to the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown You and Atheist. I Am so United by What Happens and You Don't like Out Of This Compelling You Read One of His Books or You've Seen Him with Her Camera on the Way of the Master or You Seen the Videos of These Produced Audacity 180. Evolution Versus God He's Been Seen by Millions and Millions of Talk about Ray Comfort A Few Weeks Back.

He Sent Me a Private Link to Watch the Newest Movie. The Atheist Delusion and It's It's an Eye-Opener.

It's Amazing to Be Talking to Ray about This. You Can Download the Video It's $20 Download. You Can Do It on the Website Asked Dr.

Ray's Ministry Is Donating Half of Those Proceedings Back to Our Ministry. So As You Download This You Will Be Blessed You'll Have It to Show to Your Friends, Especially Nonbelieving Friends, Great for Discussion Grade for Church Groups in the Process You'll Be Donating for Ministries While You Do That Right Now It Asked Her to Brown ASKDR Ray Welcome Back to Want to Fire Thanks so Much for Joining Us Joy. I out Rate What Makes This Movie. This Video Different Than What You Produce so Far. Well, Question Right Here Spoken about God in Us, like Got the Back like Orthodox Back Movie with the Feathers off the Dock. I Asked Him One Scientific Question and Question That It Shows God Exists, Reputable Was Actually by Accident, I Came across and I Went to Little Clip at a Local College and That Was about One of My Books for a Publisher and I Asked the Question of an Atheist, and He Just Opened His Mouth. He Was Dumbfounded Didn't Answer It and I Thought Well It Is Amazing so Went to Universities and the Same Thing. The Got the Same Result. Though We Got a Movie on NS Videos and Looked at It and We Broke down in Tears.

It Was so Moving. We Thought We Reported out We Can't Say to the Database Movie Can't Say This Made Us Cry, Because That Blowing around Trumpet Christians That Do That Let Another Man Praise You. We Put It out There and Thousands Downloaded in the First Two Days and We Getting Email Back Saying This Is the Best Thing You've Ever Done.

This Is Made Me Wait This Is Very Moving to the Atheist Change in Mind You Can See in Their Eyes Were Actually Delighted with Real How Long Is the Actual Video at 60 Minutes and You Fear That 60 Minutes Is Not a Silver Bullet That Only Works for an Atheist Is Reasonable and That's an Oxymoron. I Mean, Atheism, by Definition, Is Unreasonable at This Ridiculous Crazy People but Even Finiteness Is Open to Reason a Tumble of Hot You Will See It Challenge Him like Never before and You Can See It Happen on Film. You See in Their Eyes You Can See These Atheist a Confident Study When There Was One Scientific Question Their Eyes Begin to Compute Information and Then They Say I Believe in God's Existence and That Opens Them to the Gospel Convincing the God Exists… No Anything. Marie Noted He Exist. The Invisible Things of Him from the Creation of the World.

I Clearly Seen, Being Understood by the Things That Make the Rent Never without Excuse. I Know Got a What It Does Is It Makes Them Both of Them to Push Aside the Pre-10 Is a Yeah Galloping like Adam I'm Running from God. Now What What What Is God Got a Sentence When They Open to the Gospel Meant Something That Brings Us to P's and Brings Other People to Use the Atheist Confessing Christ Is the Wonderful Thing That No Ray, I Know Former Atheists Who Take Issue with Your Statement That That Atheist Really Know There Is a God or Just Living in Denial GG You Believe That There Still in Denial Even As Believers or Is It a Semantic Thing That There's This Difference between Some of Them Feel and What You Present While We Got up from the Maker and God Tells Her He Want to Know How You Cannot Work Go to Make It Manual and Take It out and Tell You What's Going on the inside a Concrete in the Bible Says and Make It Manual from Tempest for the Wicked, through the Pride of His Countenance, Will Not Speak to God.

Not That He Cannot Think out the God That He Will Not What He Does and He Denies God's Existence Because He Believed and Exonerate Them from Our List on Stability I Think of Is No God Implications Okay Adulteries Okay Homosexual Is a Capable, It's Okay. Atheism Is a Golden Door That Opens to a Delightful Place of the Sinful Hot and yet We Know There Are Consequences That like Amanda Is Having a Ball Speeding at 80 Miles an Hour Straight Rug. We Noted a Cliff in Front of When Things Turn around and around You Look at a Woman to Left off the Who Commit Adultery with Her in Your Heart If You Hate Someone Commit Murder or Lying Lips Are an Abomination of the Lord in All Lines of the Apartment like a File Coming.

I'm Fearful the Ungodly Don't Care about the Salvation We Do and We Want Them to Hear the Gospel and Understand It and Find Everlasting Life. What What about That the Person Was an Atheist Because They Went to Tremendous Spiritual Disappointment or Have a Deep Moral Conflict Free.

For Example, the Person That Prayed and Prayed for Certain Things to Happen in the They Felt Sure That God Had Promised in Scripture's It Didn't Happen in the Bottom Fell out for Them and They Wondered Is Is God Really There or the Person Who Thought It If God Is Really Just and Righteous, Then Why Doesn't He Act Morally in and Intervene in Certain Things. No Starvation of Children or Plague or Something like That so so Obviously There Are Those Who Are Our Intellectual Atheist There Others That Seem to Be Atheist Because of Spiritual Disappointment or Moral Conflict. You Put Them All in the Same Category for Coming up to the Greatest Sin of America.

Most People but Faint, Abortion, Sexuality, Adultery, Pornography, Oneness, Sin Is Prevalent. Most Christians Probably Couldn't Even Define the Godself It to Address It in the First Two of the 10 Commandment of Idolatry, Making a God Your Own Image, in This This Image of God so Erroneous.

This Being Pushed through the Body of Christ into America Itself by Mother Preaches Who Should Have Been, Thought Anything but Sons of Thunder and Polka Demo like Motivational Because They Don't Put the Fear of the Justice of God Than like or Judgment I Just Say God Could Improve the Life of America As the Image of God As Being a Divine Bottle Who Comes Running When You Click You Think It.

The Book of Job. Job Was Pretty Good up to about A 32, 33, and Then He Began Thing God, You Owe Me an Explanation You Do, You Need to Tell Me What's Going on and on Suffering and You Not Telling Anything, and God Appeared to Him Did Not Question the 70 of Job One after the Other.

Job Laid His Hand upon His Mouth Think That I Have Fighting Hearing of My EM. But Now My Eye When You Truly See God's Holiness and Justice and Truth.

You Don't Question God, You Don't Click You Think PFM You Tremble in His Presence. And That's What's Lacking in Pulpits in the Pews in America Itself and People Are Disappointed with God Came to Christ for Real Mode You Don't Come to Have a Better Lifestyle You Come to Be Safe from His Wrath on Judgment Day Because You Need the Blood of the Savior Washed Clean and the Side of All the God When You Come of That Motor and like the Disciples, You Could Be Mounted for Your Faith Though, like Those in Fox's Book of Martyrs Business. The Church of Foundation. The Church Is Soaked in Blood in It and Burnout out Jobless Christians Doesn't Improve the Lifestyle of American Say Hey If You Want to Secure Your Eternal Salvation Given to Repent and Trust Alone. Jesus Christ, Yeah. I've Written about This Course for Decades.

So the Gospel Smarted and Versus the Gospel of Success and Obviously If the World Revolves around Me and God Is Your Please Me That's Can Be a Very Very Different Approach to Following Him by the Way, If You're an Atheist or Agnostic and Want to Challenge Ray on Something When a Race Question to Him Is Not Afraid of Questions Give Me a Call 866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUTH We Have Time We'll Get to Questions for Rate of so Your Your New Video. The Atheist Delusion. What Did You Actually See Happen in Front of Your Eyes Is US. This One Scientific Question, Will the Viewer See the Light Going on As There Watching and Rejection of Footage of the Light Going on in People in Them Them, Embracing a New View Right from Your Eyes. Yeah, That Is the Wonderful Thing Is Going to Say Something on Video That's Really Saying on Screen. You Just Don't See the Photo Thing Happening in Honesty That Comes over These Idea Than It Actually Delightful Here in Atheist Ways Challenge to Say I'm Deceiving Myself and and You Can See the Light Going on in His Life. But What Happening Actually Is That I'm Addressing Intellect, Which Is Much As Legitimate with Got to Stay with Apologetic Allotment Arguments but Is Very Important to Realize When You Go Fishing You Go and Fight Coming up with That :-) Get Away. You Gotta Have a Hawk under the Bait Pulled the Men and the Bait Is the Intellect We Talk about the Existence of God. You Talk about in Columbia Scripture Talk about the Words of Jesus and No One Liken the Deity of Christ until Bait for the Intellect but Then You Got a Political Can Do What Jesus Did Show the Month and Is Taken through the Mall Law to Show Them They Need a Savior to Make the Cross Makes Sense Because until I Understand This and the Preaching of the Cross Will Be Foolishness to Them. So You See That Actually Happen of the out You Follow about 10 or 12 Atheist and You See Them Change to See an Atheist. That Was Just Going to Very Customer Open-Air Preaching in Huntington Beach.

He Was Angry at the Guy That Was Preaching Scotty Because He Considered God to Be Unjust Because God of God's Interaction When It Came to Little Children Being Molested and Even Killed and He Was. So I Slid along Bottom of My Camera Human Atheist to an Elderly Guy from 3 Outspoken Recallable Yeah but You Got Courage and Conviction to Stop You Right There. What Happens in That Interview Stay with Leo Here for Rate Go to the Website Right Now. Ask Order.

Download Your Own Copy of the Atheist Solution You Can Watch It from Your Eyes, File, Light a Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Minor Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Dear Again Is Dr. Michael Brown, the Sum of Set with Right You Don't like His Accent. You Don't like What You Say You Think He Smog You Think Is Arrogant Think Is Ignorant Will Give Him a Piece Your Mind and Have Little Dialogue.

Yeah, He Won't Mind That 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Perhaps You Have a Meeting of the Minds As You Talk 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Is the Number to Call the Brand-New Movie You Can Download from Our Website. Esther to with Every Download Half the Proceeds Will Be Donated Back to Our Ministry by Ray Comfort His Ministry. The Atheist Delusion.

You Won't Be Disappointed.

Viewers Have Been Blown Away. Watching It so Great. You Were Saying Right before the Break That There Is an Atheist Man from New York Who Was Really Upset As Well. Your Guys Was Preaching on a Campus and He Was Angry Where Is God Gives Little Children Being Molested. Why Doesn't God Intervene so You Now Move over Next and What What Happens Next. Huntington Beach Preaching There with You Saturday Night. I Had Kind of You, and He Said Sure I Calm down. We Went down the Pier and You and You Would Last of 30 Minutes in Total and Name Is Written Very Very Calico Guy Said I Want to Kill Myself.

You Want to Get Out Of Places That You're the Only Thing That Because You're Right in a Criticality Had No Worth As an Ultimate Element and Then after A While He Said Things like, If I Make It to Heaven. Am I Gonna Be Bored. This Is a Man Who Is Going to Zach Is an Atheist for Failure Anything and I Consider How I Can about What, Why, Why Do You Care about Me I'm a Complete Stranger Seeing a Man Say That Entering the Kingdom Enough to Bring the Hottest of Having.

Now I That's What the Moving about Things Real People Lead on Active Not of Noticed I under the Trailer at Hundred and 70,000 Noticed Recently A Lot Of Comments of a Thousand Ideas of Getting There and Thank Me for Paid Actors Think about Patek As I Can Tell Paid in This Because I Can't Believe Anyone Would Say What the People Are Saying in the Chain to Be so Real Is Actually Thrilling for Any Christian and Can Be a Powerful Tool with Coming up to Climax in the Nation Will Look at the Choice between Family and Killed Babies and the Women, a Man Who Complete Lack of Discretion Because His Riches Never Have To Use Discretion in His Life before. What Makes Meat Help to Meet to Make the Choices Because I Never Vote for a Woman or Anybody You Advocate the Killing of Babies in the Womb, but Is like a Mother's Things to God Put for David What You Want Plagued or Betrayed by Your Enemy and Is Not a Good Choice and It Just Reminded Me That the Agenda the Ultimate Agenda of the Church Is Not a Political One. If You Read the Book of Acts They Went on a Train Change from the Attorney Change through the Gospel, Not Politically, but through the Gospel Nominative Boat Politics Is Important. Great to Get Godly Man in High Places, but Our Agenda Is to Change the Hot Man and Woman Prepare Them for Judgment Day and Not Try and Bring America Back to London in 1950 We Didn't Have All These Terrible Things That Were Happening Happening Today and Things We Go around around the Circle.

Every Four Years. Thank You. Gotta Get a Gun Because Not the Only Disappointed and yet When You Look at the Church of the Book of Acts They Had an Agenda to Proclaim That Gospel Change Meant That the Primary Task Yeah and I'll Tell You If We Change Enough Hearts and Lives. Things Will Look More like They Did in the 50s in Terms of Solid Family Structure As Far As Less Abortions. As Far As Other Issues like That Others Change Changing Hearts Leads to Changing Lives, but Your Your Hundred Percent Right That We Get All Focused and All Worked up, Especially the White Evangelicals We Got the Bad Democrat and There We Pray like Crazy for Eight Years to Get This the Good Republican in and Then That We Stop Pressing and Nothing Really Ever Changes the Because Were Missing the Bigger Issues Rate Some Years Back.

People Began to Speak of the Year of the Atheist Richard Dawkins Book the God Delusion on the Bestseller List, and in Religion Category for Many, Many, Many Weeks Running and New Atheists Have Definitely Had an Impact. Why Do You Think There Is a Rise in Atheism, Especially among Young People Wanting A Lot and It Was the Internet You Know When I Was a Teenager in the Home Is a Really Kick in and If I Want to Be a Lucky Patron and a Friend into Her Dorm to Bring Back a Magazine or Newspaper and Was Pretty Tame, Apparently Compared to What Could Get out Eight Making Get Instantaneous Hard-Core Pornography, and a Second for the Click of Them out and so When the Nations Given the Gross Darkness the More It's Going to Hate the Light and the More It's Gonna Lean to Something like 800 to Dawkins As a Pied Piper Plays the Tune of Atheism at the Trueness Will Want to Hear Me Seriously.

Is There a Way I Can Get Rid of This Guilt Is a Way That I Can Throw Myself Blindfolded without Reserve Anderson without Any Any Qualms of Conscience, of Concern That God Is Watching and Atheism Promises That Any of It so Ridiculously the Atheism Basically Said Nothing, Created Everything Atheist Will Balk at and Hello, Notably That Little Try and Redefine Nothing but Really Ventilate the Emblazoned Atheism, Belief, the Scientific Impossibility That Nothing Created Everything Flout the Stock Trades on the Moon.the Apple Tree Only Things around Male and Female in All the Different, Nothing, Created Everything the Eyeball the Brain Every Only That Is Just so Insane I Isaac Newton Said Atheism Is Supposed, and That's What It Is Denies the Five and We Happen to Know God Exists. Got a Fallacy in yet Here the Birds in the Morning Him Music Understand That That Music Is a Structure That Has Laws behind It That the Fan Is 93 Million Miles Away Thinning Race Hundred and at Harris Artist 93. My Million Mile and Distinct Incredible Structure, Order and Creation, and They Say What Heavenly Nothing, Because the Big Bang to Explode and Now We Have Everything Painted Intellectual Suicide and They Need to Be Confronted with That but They'll Never Let Go. This, Then, until They Realize They're in Danger That That's Why You Need to Address the Conscience and Say Look at Finnegan's God, You're in Terrible Danger. You Need to Think of Catalysis a Very Real Reality and Raise As You Are Addressing People You Beginning to Talk to These People the Hell Is the Last Thing on Their Mind at That Moment. I Mean They're There so Upset with Even the Concept of a God or the Bible Being God's Word.

How Do You Segue from Once They Begin to Think That God Exists, Maybe This Could Be Intellectually True. How Do You Then Get Them over to the Spiritual, Moral Side of Things. While I Can Understand Why Popular Preachers. Regular Preachers Never Talk about How When You Say God Has a Wonderful Plan.

You Feel like You Make Everything Better. How Can You Say Antoninus and to Go to Hell Seems Unreasonable, and Thank God Is among People. There Is Something to Make How Reasonable Told You That When You Drink like You Were Even with the Likes of Temperance, Righteousness, and Judgment to Come. The Way to Do That Is Open up Them All Member and Montane Verse 17, Which Generally Came Running to Jesus.

He Was Honest, He Knelt down, He Was Humble and He Said Good Master, What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life.

Complement the Jeep Wanted Jesus to Talk about the Laptop Body to Talk about a Wonderful Plan. No, It Why You Call Me Good Is None Good but God Because the Average Person Has No Understanding of What Good Is If You Look It up in the Dictionary. Good Has Jumping Comebacks What Is Good. Human Beings Falling Short with Ray Comfort Get the Movie Now, 60 Minutes Long.

The Atheist Delusions Downloaded on the Website Has To Pay the around the Expo Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 664 through Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Anyway Living on Now How Great Any Moving Men Want Going on How I Trying to Say Change That Is If You Are Speaking about the Atheist Delusion. The Newest Movie from Ray Comfort Raise on Your with Me. You Can Download a Copy for Yourself. Just $20.60 Minute and Ray's ministry is donating half of the proceeds back to us so we can continue to broadcast on these great stations. If you have a question for Ray comfort if you atheist or agnostic can you differ with Ray or Christian with the question, give a call 866-34-TRUTH. It's 866-348-7884 Ray Mark the 10th chapter, Jesus is asked by the rich young ruler, what must I do to inherit eternal life.

He calls him, good Master, Jesus turns around in response and insist why you call me good. There is no one good but God, what was Jesus doing when he spoke to that man foreign to contact her how to evangelize it until about a wonderful plan of the cross, God loves you it was a rebuke why you call me good is none good but God meant because the Bible says every man will proclaim his own goodness. The dictionary has 40 different plot definitions of the word good number one model excellent. Only God is good only got as Marley when the Bible speaks of good that want me to have you convey that we do exactly what Jesus did. He said you know the Kaman enemy 95, when I meet a thinner editor.

This morning I was riding my bike and I saw a guy walking with dogs and I was a bit nervous and I said to myself that guy got dog not good with the people in the got dog that was my confused.

I flipped him a coin with the 10 Commandments on the gospel. On the other side and I yelled out in the morning is a gift for you and he gave me the broadest smile. I felt so guilty I turned my bike around went back and I decided to see what I coin fit yet pink mama is anything that an afterlife.

He said yeah I'm a Christian, but I have been right with God for long time and blah blah blah name of the product of modern evangelism. He put his hand in the plan, and he looked back and went back and he was given the top defendant and I got to take him through the commandment and I could look you know you probably came to Christ for long motor became because the preacher promised you a better life than when things didn't go right.

You just got offended and turned her back on the Lord. The reason you come to Christ. You, Finnegan's God, you're a good person it is. Yeah I am.

Let's go through the Kaman family life of it: your life is planning what he calls somebody tells life to get Alina in a stall and summing it up to use God's name in vain. You is that if you look at last commit adultery is not it all the time George by her own admission, just tell me a relying thief. The blasphemer in an adult or a hot and then I explain what is doing to the lowland is not a standard for humanity to keep the Mira to show itself. The natural state. Look into the perfect law of liberty reveals what we are all as an unclean thing when he got prayed with them and he said thank you. Thank you. This is been a lot to me… Drove off the road off if it thank you friend meant a lot until around the people who are confused them and not let their understanding is darkened and only take her out to be true and faithful and do what Jesus did show them the commandment open up the spiritual nature of the Lord show that God requires truth in the inward part to do what Nathan did with David and and and will see this thing back I will talk about using the book as a prompts to speak to an atheist because of his great effect on the eighth grade that hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer. One of our regular monthly support as it enables us to broadcast a lot of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into any many different ways join our team become a torch were asked to run a SK Click on donate her by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual Revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends brand-new the atheist delusion 60 Minutes.

You can download it on my website.*Brown SKU or rate, I'm not a scientist, I have very little scientific training but the things that I've learned defy rational explanation. If you're a naturalist and one of the most striking things is DNA and the more we learn about it, the more we realize how incredibly complex the software is and and that's in the design of every human being. How were you able to communicate that reality to an atheist to challenge the idea that we just somehow came to be. Yeah I I" made in heaven, which is a very complex looking book at the beautiful book has actually full of.

I think 38 things that man has invented the day copied off God. For instance, the Velcro a copy that the public will that he been a chemical of it down on it is a little help. Think I copied Micah and the 38 thing the men copied and took attribution without giving God the praise and full of, pictures and so I give this book to atheist day look at this book deal believe this book made it tell that Kelling fell from the sky and from development. Beautiful pictures you looking at and blanking fell from nowhere informed heaven coherent commas in.

And I capital making sense and then blanking fell in the corners of the paper informed Delta page numbers in sequential order abound itself, and that is known calligraphic outlook and they'll have a book about make it tell and I would looking look at me like a something not in fact, the court actually impossible and then not like in that to DNA and how DNA is considered a book by scientist because it's full of information, coherent information on how to make and I had a make here how Mexican how to make personality how to make blood how to make a height: the DNA that's what stopped the mouth of the state because they could not physical but made himself and yet they couldn't. And on top of that, because I could never say DNA to have an outlet for that to be an intelligent mind DNA to get DNA together because it's information that is not the want to make an argument, they felt a want to watch could never make itself a watch is inanimate did doesn't hold information is not biological is not living DNA living biological information that the program the program with the program nature of DNA to convince with O'Connor's name. The Mr. intelligently gave us at computer tailgate. I think if Bill Gates is snacking say something especially think that South Plainfield is dying nothing to self promote short-term memory loss recently but with them that I bring suffering from short-term memory loss. Recently, I thank you for laughing soundtrack. Bill Gates was convinced of the existence of God because of the nature of DNA. The programming nature.

He said that the infinitely more intricate than anything any program that any man made Rachel so when you talk about a new a new edition of Microsoft office. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of hours of human programming such as having the smarts to do it than the time in the end, I mean that the codes are really really really detail the complex and takes years to bring forth even new editions of these programs and things like that.

And yet that that doesn't even touch DNA in a single human being.

So when you show someone a book is a did this book make itself noticed the famous astronomer who said that basically for the universe to just be created by itself would be what a sweet and went to go through junkyard and outcomes. A 747. On the other side but still that's that's inanimate as well, but when you show someone a book and they agreed the book could not make itself.

How much more complex as it will return my DNA compared to a book about my DNA was laid up to hear this. I go back and forth time 93 million miles every time so complex on how to make and I hundred and 30 million light and felt focusing muscles remove estimated hundred thousand times a day DNA made my brain made my memory and it's so complex and so incredible, so wonderful and so God glorifying that it just shows atheism to be actually foolishness of the truth into the wood so what was happening now is you you been sent in the hot seat April 2001, American atheists of flu you from California to Florida to speak at their national convention.

How that happened.

Have a go live out a book of Gautama Lehman atheist also produced a little booklet called the atheist taste so and it held a million copies.

So I I wrote to American atheists is way back then you 2000 nights is up in a book called the atheist to have it let me speak it convention they wrote back, no way, but from then on, I started getting emails from a guy name Ron Beria who was a national spokesperson and he said to me, would you have the guts to face me and in a debate and I only left to do that.

I pay my own way from LA to Orlando to do that and he said okay there on site minimum put my book Gautama Lehman atheist and a week later because I sent him because I felt sorry for him because I think I got nothing to say in a debate and he pulled out he changed his mind and not getting bombarded by atheists accusing me of all the things I wanted you pulled out of that debate that I did not and I was able to find Ron Beria's original email sent back to them. He became roast chicken and they will forth to fly me from LA to Florida and they were there every night. They gave me a food box where I arrived at a food taster made them fight right at that. I think maybe 40 minutes to preach 200 atheists. They treated me very kindly put me in a hotel paper. Everything. Let me make the books available ended up signing books right is not in a lot and thought had this friendship with atheist. I had lunch with some the president of the American atheists just recently and and we get on good friends with Lawrence Krauss rental came to let got one at the pendulum for 30 minutes.

About two months ago in Washington DC. He approached me and now wasn't Lawrence Krauss interviewing him, he interviewed me and it's just wonderful God is doing in giving me access to these people to just normal human beings that are searching for truth, profess to be searching for truth.

One funny thing that happened above got time. How long till the next break while getting treatments three minutes to make radical direct after the interview with Lawrence Krauss. By the way he sure than me out the light of the medium Lawrence Krauss it to me goodbye as he shook my hand. I said you know that means God be with you know English don't you because what an pendulum that calls out it is not the doesn't mean that you're wrong I'm not in the dictionary is no it's not I someone think Google at the Lawrence Krauss got outside and he googled it and about 30 seconds later is all Erin, goodbye, old English God be with the many said I will admit it when I'm wrong and we shook hands and laughed, and I them delighted to meet you guys elect and I was a was a wonderful moment and then one highlight of my life is about 1015 minutes later Payne Gillette approached me and on the sidewalk and we began talking. We talk for 30 minutes is able to take them through the commandment of the gospel and onto one of his questions.

He is a very, very polite guy very towline emitters leg and I had to have you made a video saying about if we believe in hell, we would tackle someone we really cared about and I said thank you for reducing that video and I'm tackling you and because the analogy used for the truck was hitting them on the time would come when you would tackle because you care about them. I said, I'm tackling you pan because I love you, about five minutes later he and a friend were walking across the road.

There was a screech of tires and he was almost killed. He talked about on his podcast we met and he said that car came so close to killing them at the apparently close it came so God give them another chance. So please pray for these manlike Lawrence crafter is influence of literally probably millions and Payne Gillette intelligent man who justly got to get met Barbara friend and colleague of race and mindset. I mean it when I see the atheist illusion is the most persuasive and captivating answer. The atheist questions I've ever seen on film so 45 seconds before the break rate is this mainly to show the unbelievers believers are both braving the federal rank and the height of the Christian what my my intercut had created his work on the film.

The first one when he finished doing is editing for dinner when we did illusion this is God.

I said yes, that'll get them. This one coming to worship and that's what it does of your crystal taken the worship of non-Christian associate with your perspective.

You've never seen before and give you information that will help you make decisions that will affect your outcome. Eternal outcome I awesome the new movie, the atheist dilution I was captivated watching it destroys your right hand watch where things are going in with and up absolutely amazing and download your own coffee at my website right now. Ask Dr. Brown selling asking your browser when you do it this week.

Grace ministries donate half the proceeds back all ministries to keep speaking to you right here on these fine states. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 8663 dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

I got a few more minutes with Ray comfort to get his new movie. The atheist illusion discover website* you can download your own copy their rate you get a lot of abuse coming your way. You get a lot of people angry with you why you think some people get so angry when when you're not. You're not saying anything to personally insult them you're not nasty and yet you say certain things about the existence of God and some people get really, really hot under the collar, you proclaim the resurrection of Jesus, and they get really furious were as if you were getting up there is talk about fairytales or time of the Wizard of Oz time a genies and a bottle in my sent back.

That's not real and walk away what you get so mad. We went around the huge went blank and enjoying pornography and fornication is nothing more exciting a teenage girl to have a effort. Gotta have fixed with a girlfriend regulated incredible pleasure with them. It because because of God an account understand that like criminals that are approached by the police, like a fight tooth and nail, but when another enemy we love them we care about them know I like a lot.Richard Dawkins recently said he is on the two minds about the demise of Christianity in this country is because maybe that Christianity was a bowl coming with questions that rent don't go around blowing themselves up and what's happening in America.

And when people anti-Christian and and and start Christians for from having the tank amount that wolves are not suing them because they pray publicly that preparing the way for Islam. Islam take over. Not politically like the mayor of London is now a Muslim. They want to bring in sharia law, the coming of the hand off affect the covering of women completely stoning for adultery, the killing of the hitting of atheist homosexuals and Christians and Jews and so whatever it realizes there were not enemy. We love them with telling them for their own good. They need to get right with God because God gave us holy places, but within the confines of marriage. That's all. If I give you a concept is debatable to be great but if you going along for the road and drink driving speed. You can kill, kill yourself and God given us rules in the first role is to repent trust client of your sins forgiven and live in a way that's pleasing the thought of God and he will give you the pleasure speaking through the through the safety of your marriage. So when the enemy with a friend of sinners and we love them we care about them and we only want their eternal well-being and is is they watch the atheist illusion will be discover the message of the love of God in the midst of it because it's not just being saved from wrath were being saved from wrath because God loves us and desires us to be safe from wrath will they just get this this cold guy from new ceilings spouting out stats including Scripture. Will they discover the love of God in the midst of the truth of God evident the love of God. We can think God letter because things are going well and you know God.

The weather is good and I got a good cog like you and tell them things are going good and not an expression of the love of God because the things go wrong. You think God doesn't love you the way to find God love us look to the crop is exactly what pulled it you look at the love of God is always in direct correlation of the cross is love. Not we love God loved us and finished some to be a substitute precedent, God commanded his love commended his love was emollient and is quite diaper God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son the way to show somebody. God loves them is to show them this thin fellow appreciate across show them the disease of them appreciate an appropriate cure. Love never down to the love of God in 43 years of being a Christian.

When things go wrong. I never get angry at God because I know he loves me and improved through the incredible cross of Jesus Christ that the message of this of this movie is not just atheism, the gospel of salvation awesome and Ray obviously you care. Obviously, this is what you do what you do you fear God care about people, hence this message the atheist dilution rate, it's a pleasure talking to. May the Lord, you should when many, many more people to him, including many atheists through this movie, cannot. All right my my joyride that was Ray comfort in the new movie, the atheist dilution against can download it at our website and and here's what you want to do that. That's* ASK DR

The reason you want to download it through our website is because you get the exact same movie the exact same DVD for the exact same price except 50% of that will go right back into our own ministry to help us to reach more people with the gospel here. Think of this thing in us. Think of all the birds you kill with one stone. You get the DVD so you be blessed by you get that the download. So whatever electronic format you want put it on.

You can now watch it from there sets less than one that's good. Number two, you get to help us reach Jewish people with the gospel that something that we specialize in.

Has been a specialty of raters ministry something. We specialize in. But when Jay raised a Jewish but is well believes it usually was wealth so we now get to win Jewish people through this through your help and get to stand with us for moral and cultural revolution, and you help us continue to broadcast on these very stations. I'd say that's a good deal so go to the website today asked her to ask a or brown dog org and download your copy of the atheist dilution.

I just want to say one more thing before were out of time here. I have been interacting with some folks for years now and they they want it all on the wrong side of history.

They they want me to know that that I am I am wrong on my theology date they want me to know that that on the wrong side of history with what I believe that will soon be proven wrong and what my heart goes out to them. They don't realize how wrong they are than it was hard to see they are little realize that these heresies, these new interpretations.

These attacks on the Bible is readings on the Bible.

They come and they go in there gone and the next generation to generation. After that has even heard of them in any cases, whereas the solid foundation the rock of God's word is here to stay.

So I pity these people, especially the ones that claim to be more enlightened progressive. I pity them is on the wrong side of God are on the wrong side of God's word. Because of that, because of that, the guy miss out in this world and in the world to come. My latest video deals with the question that I've been asked many times just to speak in tongues to be saved if tongues is a sign of the Holy Spirit Jeff to speak in tongues to be safe there actually some professing Christians who teach that puts people into terrible bondage is terribly in Scripture I deal with that in my latest video which you can watch but discover my website asked her to Brown it's free, you'll find many many many other teaching videos start scrolling down from Sabbath observance to divorced dietary laws to the reliability of the Scriptures topic after topic after topic is the book of Enoch belong in the Bible. Topic after topic after topic, all in all for free on our website.

Short, clear videos that you can watch be edified be helped. That's it.

Asked her to and check out my latest articles latest one fee fivefold from I smell the marks of trans activism. Yeah, you'll find that to be tremendously eye-opening as well. That's all there for free. Our website asked Dr. Brown trusted less than a bottom line. Today God has made his insistence no more science learn the harder it becomes to deny

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