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Cultural Background to the Hebrew Bible and Updates on a Counter-Missionary Challenge

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 1, 2016 4:20 pm

Cultural Background to the Hebrew Bible and Updates on a Counter-Missionary Challenge

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 1, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/01/16.

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What are some of the fascinating truths about the cultural background to the Hebrew Scriptures stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi, we are going to have a blast today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 8663 for 8788 for them to call Michael Brown with early Jewish host thrilled to be with you. I am holding in my hands as I have over the last few days. The NIV cultural backgrounds study Bible just published by Zondervan, 2350+ pages and through the broadcast, I'm going to be sharing some really interesting background to various texts in the Hebrew Scriptures, or some interesting Jewish background to texts in the New Testament so as always on thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related call you call him with the Hebrew question question about Judaism or Jewish tradition anything like that whatsoever question about Israel, the Middle East will gladly take your questions and calls but today you can also say what once the cultural background to this verse or two that verse and I will open up the cultural background study Bible and tell you here flipping through those pages and all and I'll share right what's in the text and maybe give further explanation to it, so feel free to call him about this person been wondering about or is there Jewish background that opens up this verse was called 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Now my own studies got me in a place where over the years were I really do appreciate the issue of cultural background. When I started college I only went to honor my parents, I do. Intention of going to school.

Even though when I got say the repented of the sin I was living in the drugs and the whole rock culture and point of fact, I still had that a hippie mentality it, you don't need the system, whatever.

So I wasn't thinking of going for it for college and had to swear the minister who needed that.

But to honor my parents got convicted me to honor my mother.

My mother and father.

So I went to college and then once I was once I was there I thought you know you know – it's to keep her as much as I can, at least. And then I ended up switching to another school and then majoring in Hebrew and once it was a mistake as large as I thought thought I knew her because that's important Semitic language that would help me with my larger understanding and then, but I couldn't of a learned Greek and read the New Testament on Latins important theological language but there's a lot of scholarship in German Semitic scholarship and biblical scholarship notes that his the language my people spoken for centuries now, colloquial language of the world's Yiddish and my dad's fluent Yiddish for his forgiveness before he spoke in such a polyline yet is so made the mistake of taking six languages at the same time and cause of the best way to lay foundation took Hebrew, Arabic, Latin and Greek, German, Yiddish, and continue to work with some of the languages and not with others or at least not much with the others. In any case, when I then went to grad school. That's why Toby Delvin I was doing that were already in college summit now dove in grad school. Let's learn the other Semitic dialects like more by either amanita whatever inscriptions we have and in the more major languages we have preserved and Ugaritic, which was northern Canaanite language and then Acadian which is Lancashire Babylonian Assyrians and and and Phoenician Punic language in dialects and and why because I wanted to read as much as I could about the cultural background of the Bible, so that when I was reading it I was reading it in the context was reading the Bible in the context of its surrounding world right. This would make a lot more sense if you're reading American history. I think you're reading ancient Chinese history the pieces of the puzzle back in a fit if you think your reading Mongolian history and you're actually reading German history pieces will fit to the extent you put things back in the cultural background.

A lot of the Bible opens up to us all the more we back with your calls, questions, and some neat announcements to cover the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown but every spirit of God to speak to us to change or as we as we hear God's voice in the Scriptures. That's voice of Craig Keener who is my guest last week on the line of fire and you can get the entire two hour interview with Craig Keener with me on the line of fire. Talking about cultural background to the Bible answering your questions was a fascinating fascinating show when you order your copy of the NIV cultural background study Bible on her website, so just go to the line of writer and the homepage. You can order and also check out my latest video when you're there on the website is Jerusalem.

Babylon the great, so all they are on the line of and remember, if you're listening.

Your general way of listening to your your simulator right now but you listen on your cell phone or your computer or your laptop. We do it right now. Go to the line of and just click rates as listen live, you keep listening for until an hour and 52 minutes from now we finish the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH before you go to your calls Joey grab clip number so let's see clip number 18. I just want to play an excerpt from Donald Trump's major immigration speech last night. He lay things out plainly it's it's now out publicly be a little difficult to back up from this that it's misdated, but he laid out his views. So many are praise and of course, critics are attacking him. But here it is.

Here it is so disturbed because you missed it, it's all over the news. The transcripts readily available. You can read the entire speech but let's listen to one clip clip number 18 countries from which immigration will be suspended would include places like Syria and Libya. Another reform involves new screening test for all applicants that include and this is so important especially if you get the right people and we will get the right people and ideological certification to make sure that those we are admitting to our country share our values and love our people got it now.

Now he did say this, applicants will be asked their views about honor killings about respect for women and gays and minorities. Attitudes are radical Islamic or prison refused to say many of the topics as part of this vetting procedure. If we have the right people doing.

Believe me, very, very few will slip through the cracks. Hopefully none go south goes on from there to to another point that was what part of point number six. I believe of the question is, of course, people can lyse me do your best to vet. I appreciate that. I think you need to vet right here you're letting a potential terrorists need to vet makes sense doesn't it about what I just go to Canada from here I'm a US citizen going to Canada or coming back again question and grill that was why the purpose of Tripoli speaker. How do you know these people and other is America going to Canada or vice versa Nessus for a quick visit but the question is okay, what are your views respect women, and gays and minorities is of course there is certain buying into a mindset that that's a class that those who identify certainly sexually romantically at the class the same as women and minorities in the what if you say well I hold to the biblical view of homosexual practice.

I don't believe that two men are to "marry where where that fit on the list for question number 86634. All right, we are to go to your calls.

We start in the Bronx. Jason, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey are you going to allow that question, but I don't know if I was the first form is in the Old Testament were Abraham and I believe it was Jacob had numerous wives and what was there a clear transition to like now no judgment where the bullet will have one One Life is the gradual transition more the gradual transition service first when God created Adam and Eve, he didn't create Adam Eve Yvonne and Yvette right so the idea was one man one woman joined together for life. And then, with the rarest of exceptions through the Old Testament where it does mention multiple wise in any detail almost always there problems that come up not because women are evil, but just the nature of it that problem.

You have a diagram and erode the mother of Ishmael and all that right right and then you have taken it right. It was certainly allowed and even under the law, it was allowed in and for example the king was just not to have too many wives. Deuteronomy 17 chapter but the point is, when you read the Old Testament you see consistently that there problems and then we get to the New Testament in Matthew 19 Jesus reiterates one man one woman for life. The two become one and he repeats that and then Paul says that if you be an elder leader. You can only have one wife so and the people were supposed to follow the example of the leaders so that would mean it won't take long before one man one woman becomes the norm, so it was a gradual transition and from what I've read missionaries have learned that's the best way to do it when they reach a new culture. For example, it's not the best way to tell a man. Okay, you've got to divorce or your wise except your first one and know that's that's gonna put them under hardship and in fact many end up turning to prostitution and things as only they can make a living lease this whatever is having other countries, so it missionaries would normally do is tell a Persky Campion elder. You can participate. Be active in church and ministry which can serve as an elder leader with multiple wise then teach the next generation growing up so that they understand that one man one woman is God's ideal and that's what works best about. That's really all okay MMI parcel?

She was out the door from which can enable a longer spamming when he was sent away with with his mark or an object of brother you want or love the land with other inhabitants in like where those inhabitants come from yeah it's it's a question that's standard and has been asked many many times.

So the short answer is this that the human race was reproducing that that by the time Cain kills Abel. It's going on there's years and years and years of history made their grown man they they have their own ways of of livelihood in Hebrew. It's it's literally at the end of days, meaning after after a long period of time or for good.

Of time so yeah that initially the first descendents of Adam and Eve, the first sons and daughters would have to marry right young. That's the only gene pool you had and then as things expanded over period of time. God brings in legislation against incest and things like that but initially only possible marriage was a son of Adam marry her daughter. Adam or or an older one will marry younger cousin whatever and then as they begin to reproduce and spread out than that. Of course we changed hey by the way Jason a week from tomorrow night so Friday night September 9. I'm scheduled to speak at harvest fields community church in the Bronx 2626 E. Tremont Ave. in the Bronx. 730 harvest fields community church.

Hey, thanks for your questions and where my going to be a week from tonight. Come on, tell me know by now, that's right, Brooklyn Brooklyn, New York.

A special meeting at the Feinberg messianic center on the to be in Brooklyn and I get to be doing a talk I'm going to be doing a talk on the issue of of Isaiah 53 the rabbis and the Messiah. I think you can find it absently fascinating and do a meet and greet, so that means were there to say hi shaker hand sign books for your if you like will give you an opportunity participate to stand with us in the life our broadcast admission is free, but will receive an offering to help with our our outreach in our Jewish work in New York. So thank you in advance. We we really look forward to seeing you and II had a full preaching teaching schedule reddest die got a do I gotta do a meet and greet with our listeners so I will mention again for everybody listening on WMC a in and through other means to the greater New York area that's a week from tonight at the Feinberg messianic center in Brooklyn, you get all the directions it asked her to ask a juror and then and then Saturday night Manhattan, that's right right in the heart of the city. All the details on my website. I'll be doing a talk on Israel and the presidential candidates in both places will do live Q&A both places.

Admission is free and offer will be received both places. I look forward to shake your hand, smiling face to face so we get to meet each other and so many of you listen regular we've never met face-to-face. That's why we're redoing this in the city, 8663 for 87884.

Now if I was holding in my hands. The cultural background study Bible, then I would immediately have all these notes about polygamy and things like that.

So the very question that came up.

What about multiple wives and things like that. Well the texts that deal with it. Sure enough, there will be notes in it about polygamy in the ancient world and things like that so would write back take more of your calls 866-34-TRUTH file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back back friends to line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH okay right this to cancel for the replay click there. We didn't do that all right.

Let's go back to the phone's help have that on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday Eliana and Clinton, Maryland, nice to hear from you. How you doing today hi Dr. Bracken loud and clear. Okay going to inquire about your granddaughter Kurt yeah she's a she turned 16 in January. But the biggest recent news was she's had some driver's ed classes and things that I got to take her out driving for my first time a few also said hey I said how did you mind if I did unsatisfied you mind if I do a live Facebook videos to the whole world can watch the associated care so we had fun doing that. So there a few hundred or do a lot.

I was fine.

I was relaxed that the thing is she's not afraid to to put the pedal to the metal not of paid to do that so that there we had a teller hey it's it's okay it's okay to go a little slower so my question is regarding the rich man on a labyrinth while you know what Christ taught regarding that some people have tried to convince me that what he what he shared in that segment of Scripture was due to be Jewish cultural Jewish thing as far as we know what what they believed regarding regarding that some people say it in a with a parable and some people say that it was it was actually giving us an insight into you know what happened after after the death of our body. So I really would like to know what either what you are the cultural study Bible has to say regarding yes, sure, sure thing. The fact is that it was in harmony with pharisaical beliefs, not the least of the Sadducees, but the Pharisees did believe in an afterlife and did believe in, and future punishment and future reward in that respect. And this would have been in keeping with their beliefs. Now some say Yep, it's up parable never uses a proper name, and Craig Keener in the study notes to the cultural background study Bible says, perhaps parables occasionally named the character the surprise French hearers would be the Jesus names the beggar rather than the rich man's you think the rich man would get more of the attention and yet Jesus names the beggar. But here's here's the whole point. Okay and that the cultural background study Bible also has information about purple you what he was wearing and the costliness of it. As for verse 22 angels carried him the beggar of Lazarus and Abraham's side Jewish stories and artwork depicted angels escorting the righteous to Paradise and sometimes demons Dragon the wicked to hell.

As for the meaning of Abraham's side. He comments on that on 1328, so I'll flip over there where he says, many believe the dissent from Abraham ensure their admittance to the bank with expected to be with the patriarchs and profits should be in keeping as much with a place called Abraham cyber being with him and that he or some other rabbinic background.

But here's the whole thing that's really important to understand what it's a parable with us a literal account, whether it was in keeping with the beliefs of the people that if the police were false, then this would further you yeah yes I was so whether I want to go through that year. The background first. Of course, but that's the thing, and in other words, if you believe a myth. For example, if I'm teaching in Japan and they have something about ancestor worship, and I teach a parable to make a point and in the parable ties in with false beliefs about ancestor worship, and I reinforce that now I'm doing is adding to deception and remembering free. Jesus whole point is that if they won't believe either someone arose from the dead, you know that they're not there just equitably the Scriptures.

That's the biggest issue so that would problem why would he give a parable that would reinforce a false belief, a belief in an afterlife, a belief that the soul lived on after the body.

Why would he teach that if it was completely false and have been debating this issue for the a long time now, been my primary point that I point out that he would not give up parable did not relate to the way he's going to reinforce something that you based on the Jewish people start to believe more regarding pagan belief.

You know it's right. That was a pagan but came up with the idea you know of you know of life after death in and scale me hate even what have you. And I think that you really think that Jesus is going to reexport a pagan belief in excellent, thank you, thank you so much right now, I'm not.

I'm not going crazy not know yet you're not.

It's a very logical point to make in the question would be, can your son give you an example of any other parable that reinforces a false belief of pagan myth something like that Christ is right and the other thing is that's not the only text we have we have Paul saying he wants to depart and be with Jesus, which would be far better in Philippians 1 we have Paul writing a second Corinthians 5 the to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. We have Revelation 6.

The souls of those were beheaded under the throne of God crying out for vindication. We have also seen her right here talking about him actually going and talking to those who live like spirits in prison. First Peter three right basically declaring their fate is sealed.

I am he. I have the keys of of of the Helen death.

I have overcome right making that declaration, sealing their fate. Yet Jesus telling the thief on the cross in Luke 23 today to be with me in paradise. And then you have Daniel 12 to say that many sleep in the dust of the earth will rise as the future resurrection, some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting contempt. So you have my pickup like your time. This is the one thing where I point these things out to him the very Scriptures that you're talking about you chalk chalk that up to. I think the word allegory and he taught me chalk it up to being in no word allegory that the curricular lots of things with the same with it. Either way, how do you distinguish that went when when in the event verse after verse after verse. If he's like if he says they're not literally show how do you know anything else's there is there's nothing in these verses to say they're poetic.

There's nothing in this verse is to say that their figures of speech that there is nothing because of the destruction of the word instruction is being used as a raster right right but the think of this Matthew to rights so you have to put everything together and and future punishment could consist of destruction doesn't mean that the soul does not exist until that point the seminar but figured here's the deal.

Matthew 1028 asking about this Jesus is don't fear the one who kills the body can't kill the soul. But for him who can destroy both body and soul in hell. In other words, the soul still has to be destroyed even with death is still there, still living on. I got a run for those wondering why Elian owes us to check our homes rather his that's the name of our oldest granddaughter Elian. I pray for your son. I'm glad he's thinking about this, but more accurate it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on this put the Scriptures against their cultural historical background not only to become alive not only the things make more sense.

Not only does it enrich your reading of the text. It also spares you from certain error.

It spares you from misinterpreting something that could not possibly work in a particular cultural context so when you again if I was talking about the drafting of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson working on and others working on it and you were reading it against the historical background of the French Revolution. It it would not make sense and you have to interpret words have different meanings because the context would be completely different and there were talk about liberation of the slaves in the Emancipation Proclamation if if you put that in a different context and said that that's a place in ancient Greece at a certain time is it won't know it.

It didn't and and you become a freeing different people in an make appliqués that that wouldn't be accurate. So yes, on the one hand, we open our hearts we see God speak to me, give me insight open open the truth you were to we read it and we get inside.

We learn to how to live so as to please God, but on the flipside of the flipside, there many things we have to study and dig so were encourage you to get your copy of the cultural background study Bible to their website. Esther Gibran asked Katie or when you order it, you're getting a free copy of my two hour interview with Prof. Craig Keener answering many of your questions on these very issues are the scope of the Boone, Iowa Travis, welcome to the line of fire from thing. You know what language what you spoke and also our what Scripture my God, what language what prescriptions have been written and during time in sample. I'm actually at work started to hang up I audio my headphones.

That sounds veritably know that I got it I don't get too distracted from your work there Travis as I answer your question number one Scriptures were not being written in Jesus lifetime. The words that the gospel of Matthew Mark Luke John those were not written Jesus lifetime. Paul is not a believer yet right regulator so the New Testament was written in the decades following beginning at the earliest. In somewhere within 20 years of the death of Jesus and then write a pretty much to the end of the first century so the books of the New Testament. From what we know from the preservation of manuscripts were either all or almost all written in Greek was called coin a Greek, which was the common Greek of the day, but also some influence from the Greek of the Septuagint, which was the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures that the Greek speaking believers used as for the spoken language of Jesus were quite confident that his primary spoken language was Aramaic that would have been with you would've grown up speaking in the villages of Galilee. However, it seems that you can make a good case for Hebrew still being widely used in certain places in Jerusalem in particular and that perhaps in interacting with the Pharisees, there may have been more Hebrew. Certainly Scripture would have been quoted in Hebrew and their verses that that point to this. So for example if I go over to go. Let's see. Mark the seventh chapter where Jesus heals a blind man and he says in verse 34 at vodka so cultural background.

Bible explains Mark retains Jesus expression and Aramaic. The dominant language in rural Galilee write more on that would come back and by the way, remember this massive I will pay the shipping and giving you the free CD for your MP3 player that's in that aspect around the river by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We often hear that apply to at least in popular Christianity.

People often find that the devil but it was to look at the context look at John chapter 10 starting with verse one read forward because the context is very important in understanding this is true that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy the text actually is talking just about the devil is much wider implication in its immediate context right that is Prof. Craig Keener a story about the water context of John X chapters to get the 1010 still, destroy the thief. It is actually a thief since his note robbers desire to exploit the sheep but shepherds watch for the sheep's welfare. So it's not just Satan who does this Jesus is timeout with the robbers.

The thieves do with the sheep within is also the false teachers and the false leaders that do that. 866-34-TRUTH 784 so just back to the question about the language that Jesus spoke. If you look in the cultural background study Bible to ask the first chapter where a field is brought with the 30 pieces of silver from from Judas and it says that it is called a Cal dumb which is field of blood to the know tells you because it says in their language right everyone. Jerusalem heard about this so they call that field in their language. I killed them off, which would be in our America call them that is field of blood. The note says the local language was Aramaic. The Greek was also widely used in Jerusalem. So the vernacular the household language of Jesus and the disciples would've been Aramaic word all but is Aramaic, for example, the place names that and with with the within and and at the end of those are often Aramaic place names. It's it's the way Aramaic grammar works and things like that so in point of fact, Aramaic. Strong evidence is the cultural vernacular you have other words that are only for example, telling the Tabatha excuse me, of that little girl to get up what is safe, how they thought Kumi I tightly thought that's Aramaic for little girl. Tell the thought Kumi little girl get up so Aramaic used commonly enough and then you can make an argument that in certain places Hebrew would've been used or Hebrew is reflected but as for the actual writing of the New Testament. The sayings of Jesus were then put in Greek.

Why because the maximum readership could read and understand Greek and this message was for the whole world, so it was written in Greek is possible that some parts may be a part of Matthew was originally written in Hebrew or Aramaic for that Hebrews was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic.

Their arguments for that. This is the summation evidence that points in that direction. However, we don't have those ancient writings. We do have is was written in Greek and Hebrews is not a translation from a Hebrew document or Aramaic document into Greek. It is written in a beautiful Greek and it quotes from the Septuagint from the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. So if there was original document of Hebrews in Hebrew or Aramaic. We don't have that we have is in Greek, 86634 let's go to Queens, New York. Philip welcome to light a fire hello Dr. Brown yes I can. My court about the Scripture. The third if my people who are called by my name humble them (earn from there you will way that I would hear from Evelyn Ewell Belair. I wanted to know my past perform thing that that most Christian particular member contact about it, but what about church that promises to Jewish people. Yes yes I, but but but I'm thinking I'm a I'm a Weber armor and also what is required for many of the right.

Here's the problem of the problem is that the nation of America cannot be compared fully to the nation of Israel so you're both right.

Let me explain what your pastors absolutely right that that was a promise given to ancient Israel to the Jewish people and if they send and God's judgment came on them goddesses of my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and in turn from their sins and Dr. for their weekly seek my face, then I will forgive their sin, he hear from here from heaven forgive their sin and heal or restore their land right so it's it's talking about the people of Israel and the land of Israel that's was talking about.

We can't, let's say you've got 10% of the people of China are believers and their prey will then China is not a Christian nation in China.

In that sense is not God's people or trying out God's land silver outward, or the land of the people of God so on our on that in that regard. Your pastors right but the principal the principle B apply. So for example when we as God's people in America, humble ourselves and pray and and we are multiplied millions in this land, even though it's not an exact app application. It is an application principle that we know as we humble ourselves and pray that God hears us as we repent of our sins we ask him to have mercy on our land. The difference would be this is calling for all of ancient Israel to repent and God would have mercy and restore their land, etc. in our case were praying for a nation that is not a believing nation is not a theocracy is is not under God in that respect. So for again you're both right. He's right in saying it's a promise ancient Israel. You're right in saying yes, but we can make spiritual application of it in any motion as God's people were doing as the remnant within the nation, asking God for mercy on the nation as a whole, which may be totally an anti-God nation or atheistic communist nation. For example, there was a season where Albania was a totally communist nation and you had a tiny remnant of believers there so they couldn't apply this to Albania the same way but they could pray for the nation as God's people and saying, Lord, we're repenting were asking for mercy. Our country so it's not an exact application, but there is a parallel application you can bring your poker yet you're very welcome 86634II have a policy that if there is something in Scripture that is of great value to you, but it's based on a mistranslation of the text that if there is a truth there found elsewhere in Scripture. Then my policy is to say, okay, you can use this verse but this other verse conveys this accurately. What I used to do in in my immaturity. Decades ago, was somewhat telling man is a powerful promise, and it's really mistranslation and come back to go all but doesn't say what I thought I said nope because I really want them to get the facts of this set the record straight. Yeah, or who they really help so what I would do subsequently if the sky love this verse is such a powerful promise, but I knew it was based on a wrong translation. I would think to myself as it taught anywhere else in the Bible. I thought okay this first I should tell it be. It would be better if you use this verse instead, you'll find that helpful and and and because I knew that that was a more accurate translation so if if we said okay that apply to Israel non-toxic it is her spiritual application. A legitimate one that we couldn't resist principle found elsewhere in Scripture are a couple of items in the news here come the British public. This is the brand-new. As of today September 1 British public back a ban on burqa by 221.

Poll finds the poll found 57% of respondents in the UK supported banning the veil in public places.

A majority of the British public are in favor of banning the burqa in public. The findings, is a controversial ban on the bikini in France has stirred debate on the subject of Muslim clothing will the country's highest administrative court overturned a ban on Islamic swimsuit on Friday.

Mayors have vowed to defy the ruling. According to the U guv sub survey in England, 57% response in the UK supported banning the veil in public places, while 25% were against outlawing the age group to oppose a ban was 18 to 24-year-olds will all the others were in favor, with the oldest 65+ group backing the prohibition by an overwhelming 78% to 12%. Look at attitudes to burqa TVs.

So that's the full body where that religious Muslim women will wear on the beach. 46% of people in favor of outlawing it while 30% would oppose that. I think I think I am going to do a little Twitter poll on this if you follow me Twitter DR Michael L.

Brown the twitters of Dr. DR Michael L Brown twitter I'm about to do loophole the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to want to fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you. It is really Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Don't want to get into the Trump speech more that not tell you what to do.

It can be some really fascinating background. Are you ready to stay with okay in the book of Revelation.

How was Satan depicted in the book of Revelation there is a vision in the 13th chapter right.

Revelation chapter 13.

The dragon stood on the shore of the sea and I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had 10 horns and how many heads seven heads seven heads and 10 horns, and seven heads that why why is that so interesting. Okay, let's go back to the Old Testament three.

Let's go back to the Old Testament and let's talk about Leviathan now and some passages Leviathan just seems to be a sea creature. In other passages Leviathan on refers to a Dragon monster to a spirit being to a destructive deity in the ancient world, a false God. But what is behind the images of these false gods. In many cases demons the words, there is a real spiritual realm, but is only one true God.

Only one creator. Everything else is created and these demons. These fallen beings. Whatever their exact origin fallen angels or whatever were then worshiped by people in the ancient world. In these various ways in various depictions, and when you when you read about Leviathan on in in the Psalms you have you have some interesting references. For example, in Psalm 74 it's it says this says this old it's back this up where we want to start verse 12. God is my King from long ago, he bring salvation on the earth. It was you who slid open the seed by your power you broke the heads of the monster in the waters it was you who crushed the heads, heads of Leviathan in the plural heads of Leviathan on so now as a looking in the culture background study Bible. Lo and behold, what am I looking at I'm looking at a picture okay a cylinder seal depicting a seven headed monster with flames coming off its back. This is representative of some of the chaos monsters of the ancient near East and here's a whole two pages on chaos monsters seek chaos monsters there mentioned in the Bible Leviathan on is a multi-headed serpent and how is the devil depicted in the New Testament as a seven headed serpent and how these chaos monsters sometimes depicted the ancient Greeks as seven headed serpents. This was the this was the imagery you following this was the conception. This was the way these beings appeared or manifested themselves or the people worship them as gods. So what's written in Isaiah chapter 27 verse one in that day the Lord will punish with his sword.

His fierce, great and powerful sword Leviathan on the gliding serpent Leviathan on the coiling serpent.

He will slay the monster of the sea.

Are you ready for this ready for this. There is a passage in the language that's called Ugaritic which is a sister language to Hebrew.

It's another Canaanite dialect and even predates Hebrew. It is in northern Canaan. It would be in modern day Syria Ross Chandra Syria is the first language I studied in graduate school and their in Ugaritic you have almost the exact same words referring to Leviathan honor. We think it would've been for Nestlé Tonto.

The gliding serpent, the coiling serpent, except it's not Yahweh, the God of Israel, who smites them, but by all who is the leading deity in the Canaanite.

One of the leading deities in the Canaanite path pantheon by all the bail. This false deity who defeats him to say what does that mean Isaiah is quoting from pagan myth, no Isaiah is saying it wasn't Bob who did it. It was Yahweh who did. Another words there was some type of uprising there. There were these chaos powers, whom God defeated and the victory on the cross seals that defeat and then at the end of the age.

Jesus comes in and crushes Satan. As Paul writes in Romans 16 right. He's depicted as a serpent.

So, this and this is fascinating stuff and and I I studied it in grad school and study the Bible against its cultural background as you do a lot of the stuff opens up okay so the same way their spiritual warfare in the New Testament there is spiritual warfare in the Old Testament. Yeah, in the same way Jesus Jesus triumphs over his enemies at the cross God's triumph over his enemies at the Red Sea. When he split the sea.

Is that why Moses is who is like you are among the gods. There were these other deities.

The gods of Egypt and gossiping of God's law on a destroyer power to break your power and even some of the play and by the way all this everything I'm telling him not getting it from the culture back and study above. These are things I studied myself of the earth is all in here and there was stuff that I broke my teeth onto little languages and study. Sure, it's great to learn those of God calls you to. But here you got the background from scholars who have done the homework and put it in the Bible for that's I'm so excited about this for offering it all this week so to get you copy the Bible will pay the shipping, which is a nice gift ready and will give you with it free.

My two hour interview with Craig Keener going through many passages in the New Testament and him giving the cultural background to those that which he specialized in in decades and is a world leader in that and you can listen to them in your MP3 player or your computer orders, many copies as you like it Yorty are also standing with us and helping us in our ministry work and not too early to get it as an early holiday present.

So go to the website ask Dr. Brown a SK DR and you'll see it right there fact. Oh.don't have don't have time to look for yet another example, but boy on follow am flipping through tabernacle. He read about that, here's here's here's a picture show you what things look like in the picture, the tabernacle furnishings in Holt's note on the room and the two men and things like that so I trust to be enriched by this and in the nice thing is because it's not just the traditional study Bible.

That's interpreting the text look forward to skimming the background.

It'll keep you focused on the text as well. Be sure to check out my latest articles and videos on the website asked her to, including as predicted gay activists and their allies attacked the messengers, ignore the evidence and also my latest video malaise video is Jerusalem.

Babylon the great bottom line today. If you seek for wisdom pressure will find what are some of the fascinating truths about the cultural background to the Hebrew Scriptures stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are going to and cats really sweet cat. I was with Donald Trump's major immigration speech last night, I found it interesting that one of Trump's strongest critics of Ben Shapiro staunch conservative said Trump hits his marks with illegal immigration policies speech over the daily wire. This is Michael Brown that is thoroughly Jewish. There is only interact with the speech a little, because it does tie in with early Jewish Thursday subjects. As we discussed Islam as well, but were specially answering your cultural background questions today background to the Hebrew Scriptures Jewish background to the New Testament, things like that.

We are especially doing on the broadcast. But any Jewish related question of any kind.

You have my joy to do my best to answer you.

I got out Paul going on twitter I just started. Moments ago to the bikini or burqa be banned. So just got our first 51 votes in his first few minutes of 33% sedan both 57% sedan.

Neither 0% so far Savannah bikini 10% say band the burqa art on the street to the phones 866-34-TRUTH we go to George in Miami.

Welcome to the line of fire.

America and now provide for more information on regarding the quarterback going recruitment fibers play well with all an alert will overlook our commanding or encouraging the greatest of your outdoor yes not the x-rays. Yes, and that's a fine question to ask a let's read it out. Paul is rebuking the Corinthians for their boasting about sin in their midst. Verse six your boasting is not good junction of the little use.

Leavens the whole batch of dough get rid of the old yeast so that you may be a new unleavened – as you really are.

For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Therefore let us keep the festival, not with the old bread living with malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

So first, the relevant notes here 56 yeast fermented dough 11 pervades the deal hence could apply figuratively to something here, send that infects the whole acceptance of sin could contaminate, remove God's blessing for the whole community with reference to Joshua 7 to 13. Then a new unleavened back in our Passover lamb Passover commemorated God redeeming Israel from Egypt got strict Egyptian firstborn to make for a release God's people. He pastor was right homes. We saw the blood of the Passover lamb. The lamb was understood as a sacrifice. Exodus 1222 Jewish people expected in your redemption. See Micah 410 and Zechariah 10, eight Passover, introduce the festival of unleavened bread, which commemorated how Israel left Egypt in haste without time to live an average of course that's the relevant biblical background and Jewish expectation. But as to the question George is discussing a reading for the IV cultural background study Bible. The question George is very simply, this was Paul telling the Corinthians was Paul telling the Corinthians that that they should keep the feast was he speaking metaphorically and there is no cultural background itself that's gonna answer the question would answer the question, is the rest of the New Testament with the Gentile believers ever commanded to keep the biblical calendar. The answer is no. Is the evidence in the early church. The earliest strata of documents.

We have the Gentile believers.

The biblical calendar as something expected of them know it would be best to understand this as metaphor. He's telling the metaphorically then to keep the feast. However, because many of these people were first in the synagogue when they came to faith. They were first in the synagogue when they came to faith. Many of them, something that was the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is usually welcome to buyer.

Thanks in pullover 866-34-TRUTH so George the last point I was making is yes is certainly possible that there were Gentiles who were used to the biblical calendar and participated in the biblical feast, but it was not the norm for the early church with Gentile believers, nor were they commanded to first Corinthians 5 could be taken as a command, since it would be somewhat unique in the New Testament best to take it as metaphorical, 866-3420. We go to Silver Spring, Maryland Ross, welcome to the line of fire understood ovarian operational. I would like to question and then hang up. If you don't mind undressing yet and that would be what is your view on the preachers using the talent to say make a point in Scripture. I'm thinking specifically of nip that opposed the mother of David, and only the circle maker and I think there's another account that when family went on knowing the bonds of the oil wouldn't come out of the bottle. Things like what is your view on using PayPal to make a scriptural point. Thanks.

I'm going to hang up. I sounds good so here's here's the .0 tons of fascinating fascinating traditions in the Talmud and what's called the midrash, this that's literature and vast volumes, commenting in a hollow little go away on biblical text that an exegetical commentary but homiletical commentary.

You could say weaving different passages together and things like that so in short, in short, there are all kinds of interesting traditions in the Talmud and midrash, but the vast majority of them are just that their traditions and another is there not factual accounts that are being passed on. They are traditions that were developed over a period of time. Kind of like good preaching illustrations as opposed to actually opening of the text. So if someone says there's a fascinating Jewish tradition that says this that we have no way of verifying it, but it's fascinating. Great. Paul makes reference to the names of some of the Egyptian magicians Jonathan jobbers were together for most Jewish tradition so there are Jewish traditions that are even referred to in the New Testament. The question is are they accurate are they all accurate or some accurate many of them are completely fanciful they are. That's the only way to describe fanciful would be the only fair and true way to describe others may have some basis in fact and others. If you mention.

For example holy. The circle maker. He was a famous ancient rabbi with a been a little bit after the time of Jesus and would would stand inside of the circle and praying you pray for rain and things like that and there'd be miracles that allegedly took place.

So if you want to say other traditions of miracle workers in ancient world and and in the Jewish tradition, there is this one was. Here's some background of other things that happen at the time fine. But if the Talmuds being used as if it was authoritative know of a traditional Jew would do that and even there would have to sift through what he considers to be the final saying on a dispute or something like that. But to make the Talmud on a par with Scripture. Donald, of course not to say it's filled with fascinating information and with interesting traditions and wow this is this is a beautiful sermonic application. Great. And by the way, if you start reading it for beginning tend to think what in the world am I reading because it is very very detailed legal discussion about things you probably never thought about your life and then that legal discussion lead you to another to another, which then brings up a verse and did you know about and then this verse is comes in and that nothing in the back to legal discussions will be different than anything you have read in your life.

For more general info info go to my book 60 questions questions ask about Jewish beliefs and practices that tell you more about Talmud and midrash their 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices right, let's go to Long Island Morgan.

Welcome to the line of fire Michael Dr. Brown you're very welcome. Next treasure by my quick question is I just started school at Queens College and I'm taking your studies today in my history class were talking about Paul, and I was witnessing today to some Orthodox Jews today and I was Thinking hey Dr. Brown probably did this way back when he went green college so I want to know telling stories about time you know what you found was most effective is early believer. Well, what was most effective was being absolutely in love with Jesus. What was most effective was just wanted to tell the whole world about who he was and I would go out of my way.

I would go out of my way to share the gospel with religious Jews that that would be my number one favorite thing now. I found that the more I studied the mind strict Hebrew, the minute Hebrew Scriptures, the more I studied, the more that I was able to interact effectively, but the greatest thing of all was enthusiasm for the Lord not being ashamed of the gospel being so excited about Jesus that one of the whole world to know who he was.

So I witnessed a lot II share the gospel a lot in high school and then in college and look for opportunities to do it obviously sought to live in such a way that would enhance the testimony and with religious Jew, you get all kinds of objections and issues that come up. The more I understood those learners, which was a process of many years, more effective, I've been able to be in. In my witness, and outreach and that if you go to my Jewish outreach website Morgan, which is the real Messiah Cisco the real You'll find a synopsis of all of the major objections in a synopsis of my answers to those objections, many of them with accompanying a short video teachings as well and then references to my five volume series answering Jewish objections to Jesus a thank you for the question and always always always pray for all the Holy Spirit to convict of sin for the Holy Spirit to turn hearts right of that. That reminds me of a Jewish rabbi man I consider friend, a man from I have deep love Robert Israel Blumenthal man with whom spent several years in regular dialogue often once a week talking about issues on the phone and on some occasions, face-to-face, but most all on the phone and then through email correspondence he's been putting out some videos challenge me on various points are five responded to what's come out in video form. He's written a lot in the attempt to refute my 1500 pages of answering Jewish objections to Jesus and I've written that I published some responses to stuff and I do hope I got constant writing deadlines and I have less than five messianic Jews in the world have asked me to write rebuttals to his stuff so that was be troubled by it, but I do hope at some point to to finish the rebuttal thought I'd like to.

It's my my desire to out of out of honoring Robert Blumenthal but just haven't been able to finish them because of other more pressing things but what I find funny and and I'm hoping to respond on video.

Maybe within a week hoping to do that because lots of things going on with my mom and hospitalization stuff might my schedules strong. Quite a bit in recent days, but of of what I find so fascinating is that his legs video he's trashing my five volumes and whether so bad and why this… Like what you need to keep making videos about that.

The if that are so vast and if they're not having an impact. And if they're not turning Jewish hearts and lives the life you draw attention to them.

Think you had better things to do. Yes, I am going to get interact with more substance to that there is this Rabbi Yosef Miss Rocky and he claims still debate any of us greatly debate any of us.

As long as we answer some of his questions. First, we try the beta for years for years so decanters, questions, or sit here I wrote. I wrote. Here's your question, I wrote 30 pages on that. So just read in the book here. I answer that extends a here's a question I would 15 pages on here. If you can for the book. I'll send you the and he can be that when major books booklet.

Let's be forthright. I'm willing to debate was of a public moderate debate when they could, three, four hours we go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to what you want to make it to our debate taking our break study look up answers.

Consult with your friends come back great find on the train, play games, electronic be a slick speaker, with no no no no I want truth to get out avoided elevated Kaman relishing the Potala others later rabbi menu show. Others have debated me in the past in some reform and conservative rabbis have debated Shirley Debbie Morris Travis will do it. I'm game I'm game.

You tell me a formatted public form that we can do it and talk is a fiction writing.

I got a thousand people challenge me in writing go on for years before you resolve an issue Lester face-to-face. Let's put the cards on the table. Why not the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to thoroughly Thursday Brown left me with you 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Remember also the broadcast today. You can call in and ask many verse in the Bible as it was the cultural background to that was the cultural background to this verse in the Hebrew Bible was the cultural background zero Jewish background to this verse in the New Testament, and I will share with you what is written in the NIV cultural background study Bible: edited by professors John Walton and Craig Keener when you order on the website will pay the postage that substantial and will give you free my two hour interview with Craig Keener which you can listen to an MP3 player computer where he goes through verse after verse answering many of your calls about a verses in the Bible and gives the background beautifully produced on an I'm super impressed. I keep flipping through it during the shows here at all, look at this, so we get to Psalms about sacrifices sin and sacrifice in the ancient near East.

There is a beautiful two page article with a picture of of an ancient statute of a man slaughtering a bowl.

Yet it is.

It is fascinating. 86634 check check this out check this out before I go to your calls just a couple of thoroughly juice Thursday items. George Washington University has hired a former Islamic extremist and is touting his real life experience is real life experience was radically got out and have that perspective is very interesting when it comes to understanding research and this also helps us give a window on how to prevent other people from joining these groups that was according to shamus use deputy director of the program on extremism with University Center for cyber and homeland security, and that he hired Jesse Morton's former name was Eunice Abdullah Mohammed spent nearly 3 years in prison after being convicted of supporting Al Qaeda denounce the United States. He was released from behind bars in Fairbury 2015, the FBI federal prosecutor who helped put Morton away now sees the longer risk they received assurances is not a threat to the campus threat to the camp but but it had is he now completely against that which is good for interesting you think 866-34-TRUTH and for those of you that said you know Mike want to make an issue of the concavity thing is just because my life course and speak his mind, but I cease doing it in the wrong way and he's in these being influenced by by the radical black lives matter type mentality, so it's been pointed out that his wearing socks to practice it a day that referred to pig cops pig cops. Yeah. So it is not. I don't take issue with him say we have a racial inequality or injustice in America. Let's keep address that I think is with the way he did it and I take issue with what is influencing him 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to have Ron Indiana Brad, welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I appreciate so much. I've written to you. I read your book I can.

Beware the Dollars and an understanding background. I currently really appreciate and feel like and a lot of it dockets well.

I'm curious as to if he ever have had a dialogue or would you consider having a dialogue with you like earning his perspective on first century Judaism and how they think the justification and note any issues I want to give I be delighted to NT Wright believes leading New Testament scholars. Absolutely brilliant, terrific, and let my friend Dr. James White, of course, debated him on the premier radio network in England been on there just a couple times, but James is not a good number of times and he debated him on justification. I would love to explore with him God's purposes for Israel because he did. He does see a real paradigm shift. He does see thou kind of a new Israel spiritual Israel and many amazing insights tremendous insights that he makes but but as brilliant as he is. I would definitely take issue with him on his interpretation of said Romans 1126 when you read his translation skimming translation of the New Testament and you see his ideas.

We've been in his views of of Romans nine through 11 unit seems to go smoothly. You go from one verse to the nexus he's butchering anything of course wouldn't do that is to to devoted to the text brilliant to do that. And yet I really believe that is where he set his week essays exegesis of Romans 1126 all Israel will be saved. So I did I'd be delighted to do it and the countries is a busy guy and sometimes interacts mailing at an academic scholastic settings. But if we get on the radio to have dialogue and he knows that will have a lively dialogue that will differ with him on it. I would be delighted to be honored to have them on the air. We could affirm our places of unity and discuss some of our differences absolutely and will look into how we can do that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Couple of news items okay limited here, here we go.

August 31 on that's the committee for accuracy in Middle East reporting in America of cameras UK media prompts.

Telegraph update on killing of Gaza family. We recently posted about an attack during the summer 2014.

More on the Gaza home, which killed nearly a dozen members of the C-arm family in light of a new IDF military Atty. Gen. report which concluded that the family was not killed by the IDF.

The military Atty. Gen., the MAG report concluded that errant Hamas and errant Hamas rocket was likely to blame. We know that reports of the guardian telegraph shortly after the incident, both blamed Israel for the attack. Though both publications reported within the past few days of the conclusions of the new MAG report neither updated the original stories to acknowledge this new information following our communication with the telegraph.

However they agreed to at the following addendum to their July 21, 2014 article update in August 2016 Israeli military prosecutors disputed media reports that 12 members of the C-arm family clinic.

Six children were killed on July 24 first 2014 by an Israeli airstrike. They concluded that no strikes are carried out in that area at that time by these ready forces and suggested instead that the family had been killed by a botch. Hamas rocket launch near the house, at least, at least, they publish that sometimes it would see that evidences is going to be ignored.

At least they publish that that's good for them. Any other Jewish related news, I want to get to right now. I'll pass on that I check out my latest video is Jerusalem. Babylon the great, yet that's my latest video is Jerusalem. Babylon the great check that out at the website asked Dr. Brown a SK GR when you're there check out our special offer with the NIV cultural backgrounds study Bible] with your questions go anywhere. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Matthew opens his gospel by saying the book of the genealogy of Jesus, but literally the Greek it's the book of Genesis of Jesus. It's evoking the wording that you find in the Greek translation of Genesis where it would often say the book of the genealogy of the book of the Genesis of so-and-so. But when you have that phrase in Genesis records, not the person's ancestors, but their descendents in this case records the ancestors because like the descendents of the other genealogies. Even Jesus ancestors depend on him for their meaning in God's purpose.

He climaxes Israel's history some great insights from Prof. Craig Keener, the coeditor of the NIV cultural background study Bible. We've been preaching at all this week online a farce. If you have any questions about any verse what's the background to that original open of the cultural backgrounds study Bible and give you the information that's in that and then I may supplemented as well is thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related calls are warmly welcomed.

Today 866-34-TRUTH and I hope over the course of these broadcasts that that I get you more interested in the word that I get you more interested in study of Scripture that I can get you more interested in learning the background to the Bible and in understanding God's word and applying it and living it out will go right to the phones in New Bern, North Carolina Freda, welcome to the line of fire around. I'm doing very well thank you. I called the background of Jeremiah 4425 yes it's it's a fascinating passage just a little background on their there were remnants of Jesus to dance that were left after the Babylonians destroyed the country and took many people into exile and then they got in further trouble and they wanted to know. Should they go to Egypt or not an ache.

They come to Jeremiah and they say do we go to Egypt or not. Whatever you say will do and after 10 days of the Lord constant telling them tell them don't go to Egypt again. I can listen your to do whatever in the world you want to do which they end up doing, and they forced Jeremiah to go with them and there in Egypt. They continue to worship idols, and they even claim like things wrong well for us were worshiping idols. Once we stop worshiping idols. That's when everything went down and that's what were in exile.

So even in exile, the still handling their less so. Jeremiah 4424 and 25 then Jeremiah said to all the people, including the women here the word of the Lord, all you people of Judah, Egypt.

This is what the Lord Almighty God of Israel says you and your wives have done what you said you would do and you promise we will certainly carry out the vows we made to burn incense and pour out drink offerings to the Queen of heaven so the queen of heaven.

As mentioned earlier, a back in verse 17 and the culture background study Bible says this deity perhaps has its origin in the Babylonian Assyrian deity Ishtar, which they then get back onto a Jeremiah 718.

She is known in Palestine as the goddess Ostrow. Her presence in Egypt is now confirmed by an aromatic or Pari discover that her marvelous in the Delta region of Egypt dated to the fifth century the sea so when I did my Jeremiah commentary Freda. I look into that.

To see who the queen of heaven was and by the way, isn't it ironic that that title is used by some Catholics for Mary is that was the title used for pagan deity, so I don't know for sure who referred to but it may well have referred to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar and and they baked cakes for her as part of their worship, to offer up to her. So even in Egypt. Judge for idolatry and and and now under divine judgment, they still are worshiping idols and still the women are keeping their vows and baking cakes to to probably fish, not 100% sure it was a deity reference to female deity as the Queen of Heaven darkness of those who reject God, my God is. Thank you for the question for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking thoroughly Jewish 784 and usually it is related question you have goal for let's do it and and I will continue to give you insights from the cultural background study Bible.

So here's a great note I Jeremiah 718, where it says the children gather wood. The fathers like the fire and the women need the dough and make cakes to offer to the Queen of heaven. So here's the note takes the Hebrew word is a loan word from the Akkadian language okay what's what's alone were we speak now if a military junta GUN TA if you remember when the word first came into English. It was with its Spanish word junta right so that J was pronounced junta and this was a military regime taking over right so it came into English within the last few years and change to junta, but otherwise you stop at a military junta take a world like algebra, so we know that in in terms of math but is actually an Arabic loan word that came into English from Arabic and by the way that AL that's the algebra right so insane with alchemy. Alchemy comes from Arabic into English so the Hebrew word for cakes comes from the Babylonian Assyrian language called Akkadian and is borrowed into into Hebrew as it was a significant, it may be, it may not be the reason the reason that I could be significant is because if the Babylonian deity was being worshiped will. Here's a word from the Babylonian language that's being used so the Hebrew word is a loan word for the Akkadian language. There is considerable evidence from places such as Mari that the Babylonians use cakes in the worship of the serial Babylonian goddess Ishtar.

These cakes were baked over an open fire, not in an oven. A number of clay molds for cakes from the second millennium BC have been discovered in a palace kitchenette Mari. Some have a female shape and others are star-shaped, presumably both are representative of a female goddess with regards queen of heaven to follow up on the loose in the last segment is impossible to state with absolute confidence. This refers to the goddess Ishtar that despite scholarly debate over the years. There is no better candidate. Ishtar is the goddess of love, sexuality, and war, and there certainly was Mesopotamian influence in the worship practices of Judah, particularly from the time of King because until the reign of King Zedekiah.

Ishtar is said to court the God Tom Moos, who in turn dies every year along with the earth during the long dry season. Ishtar then pursues her dead partner Tom Loos who comes to life during the wet season. Note that years later, Ezekiel indicts the women of Israel for sitting at the north gate of the temple and weeping for Tom Loos Ezekiel 814.

Another proposed candidate from a Canaanite context is the goddess Ostrow and archaeological evidence substantiates that she was worshiped in Israel.

The central issue here is that the inhabitants of Judah are worshiping the queen of heaven as well as Yahweh.

They pour out drink offerings, it was common practice to offer drink offerings that his libations to God in Israel with references to exit some of Atticus. However, the expression here is more typical of the worship of pagan gods. There is evidence that these offerings report out on rooftops of houses in Jerusalem as well. As on the palace roof top. By the way, wherever there's something from the ancient iconography, iconography, meaning the the physical remains of the objects of worship.

The images that reviews the things that have been preserved in various ways. These various images of their art.

There are pictures of them so here's the ancient Babylonian Chronicle. Here's here's a picture of the stone which is with the engraved inscription and here's a tomb painting from Egypt of woman gathering figs out of the skipping through the different pages in the cultural background study Bible again when you ordered from our website. Not only are you helping us with a radio broadcast, you're getting the Bible where paid postage on it and were given your exclusive to our interview with Prof. Craig Keener on backgrounds to the Bible where he answers different questions about different verses and we give you that to listen to on your computer or your MP3 player so any question one. Ask any Jewish Hebrew.

Related question. We will get some more questions before the broadcast is out 866-348-7884. How about this article. The daily wire bipartisan seller UCLA student president believes to the anti-Israel harassment is. This is not for the Muslim world.

This is not from a European country with a large Islamic population. This is America. This is UCLA. The article notes after long tedious struggle with anti-Israel harassment from administrators and student members of the boy cost the rest and sanctions BDS movement of the University of California, Los Angeles former graduate student body president has decided to leave his you sell education behind in his quest for less hostile learning environment. Tragically, anti-Semitism is alive and well on college campuses all over America, let alone your soul.

Milan, Chatterjee, Chatterjee has been the object of bullying and framing ever since. He refused to allocate campus funding to an event that either promoted or rejected support for the state of Israel.

He said he will have viewpoint neutrality and a campus funding should not be taken and used either to promote Israel or to speak against Israel and he got blasted came under all kinds of attack the students for Justice in Palestine and anti-Israel hate group responsible for leading the smear campaign against Chatterjee responded with a plethora of threatening legal documents. Administrative pushes and media allegations painting Chatterjee is a biased student body president and calling for his apology and resignation, Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, one of America's leading constitutional law scholars and for legal organizations concluded that my administration and I acted in a viewpoint neutral manner. This is his letter saying hey I'm I'm not guilty I'm not guilty, and yet it's just the pressure is too much the attacks too much and he decided to resign book of which campus wasn't renewed on Yahoo was going to speak and that the protesters that the flak was so intense that they can go ahead with speech pretty wild. Here are campuses in America 866-34-TRUTH that we go to Dublin, Ohio Charles, welcome to the line of fire payout about Jewish this hundred and are probably done this sort of a silly question, but if Jews were a city separate from Caucasian documentaries and take on television. I would it be related to persecution or our racism. It seems like it's been no prejudice against Jews by Caucasians, but then I hear from Jews contented himself Caucasian. If you think I think you think to me again. Cursing yet Charles Jew hatred transcends cultural bounds. There are black supremacist who may choose their white supremacist wages. There are Middle Eastern Muslims who hate Jews. There are Caucasian communists who hate Jews, so it is that it is something that transcends any simple logic in that regard, there's something really demonic and ugly behind it. However, that that being said of there are many Jews who are Caucasian and that would be over. Of time intermarrying with with other people who are Caucasian and over enough time living in these countries with enough intermarriage. If these people marry into Judaism right let's say a Jewish man marries a Gentile woman. She converts to Judaism. Now the children they have will be considered Jewish and then more and more Caucasian traits take place.

That's why you'll find using different parts the world with different skin color because they live there long enough and they've intermarriage with with others of the Soso Jews are not only Middle Eastern as a way been an origin in some places they they've mingled with Indians they've mingled with with with Africans they've mingled with largely with Caucasians over over the centuries in Europe and things like that. But the hatred transcends that the hatred for the Jew could be a dark skinned Jew or light-skinned you are and in between skinned you striven to be hated the same way and by the way your questions to find question is logical and it's important to thank you for ask file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown start celebrating American. We will be united by a common culture, values and principles becoming one American nation one country under one Constitution saluting one American flag is Donald Trump's major immigration speech last night on the heels of his visit to the heels of his visit to Mexico where he then participates in a press conference with the head of state president of Mexico. Listen, you know I've been a strong critic of Donald Trump over over the months before he won the Republican nomination. And so my argument then was we had other candidates that are preferred and had warnings about him the same time I know he surrounded by a lot of godly counselors were constantly speaking into his life and some of them spoke to him before he gave his immigration speech and urged him to consider certain points in cruising and hopefully did hopefully did so when he does the speeches he gave a major Israel speech. This is during the primaries, reading from a Teleprompter to still learning to do recent little stiff with that but reading from a Teleprompter. He gave a major Israel speech at a major Israel conference. People thought was tremendous thought was tremendous so let me just say this as far as meeting with the president of Mexico when there's a whole concern that he's going to incite nations against us, etc. and in the meeting with the guy and even though he says that they didn't discuss the payment for his or pay for the wall and the present Mexico Sedona that we told him that I can repay and find you have that discrepancy, though I stimulus, statesmanlike think this very thing he has to do is present itself like that because his supporters there.

So to be happy with them. If you seem statesmanlike as long as statesmanlike is that right as long as he doesn't change his fundamental viewpoints. So, as he seems strong, so is it in that respect, I think you can send you to see him do better in the polls wall almost every day brings new scandals information with Hillary Clinton distancing people even more, more, we could get worse without getting better so we shall see. But pray for God's will. In the elections.

Pray for God to get hold of the candidates and where there needs to be repentance and humility. Let it be 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go right Ari and Tampa Florida. I will be able to take his call, but he want to know about quote literal translations of the Bible. Literal translations of the Bible. If you have a truly literal translation in the fullest sense of the word of word for word from the source language into the target language on this case from Hebrew into English or from Greek into English. It will be largely unintelligible. The sentence structure would be different in some places it would work fine in other places it would not work fine and if you if you have an interlinear Bible. That's what you want if you want to see okay word for what's being said, you get an interlinear Bible and their fine additions in physical form for the Hebrew Old Testament for the Greek New Testament and now with a lot of software. For example, if you want to get Logos Bible software Lotus by the software. This criminal website.

If you haven't already get a 50% discount. Good asked her to run as Katie or you will see it right there for disco store to find out more, you get 50% discount on any entry-level package which could be massive can be small. Get a 50% discount in any purchase from there then or thereafter.

Any purchase whatsoever of 15% is donated to our ministries will see you benefit and we benefit, but all that being said, you can get Lagos or other software. And when you're just reading English translation and you you hover over it with your mouse. Each English word with your pointer, irritate with the Hebrew word or the Greek word is behind it. But here, let let me just open a passage of Scripture here. Let's see and and I'm just going to church translated literally word for okay there is no major translation that does that. Jesse understand that there is no major translation that goes literally word for word from one language into the other because it doesn't work if you have to restructure the sentence you sometimes on preaching in in Andhra Pradesh and India. A bitter 23 times so preached hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of messages there, but I don't know Telugu really at all.

Just a few words here and there, but sometimes I'll be talking about and the Lord will return to the city of Jerusalem and I hear my translator started his translation with the word Jerusalem that come. It was my last word. But it's the first word in his translation so let's see, stranger, my 11 the words of Jeremiah, son of Hezekiah among the priests who were in on a tote in the land to Benjamin that works to whom was the word of the Lord. Let's see whom was the word of the Lord to him in the days of Josiah's son of a moan, king of Judah in the 13th year of his reign, and in the days of your hurricanes are such pretty simple, but even even there had to had to change it slightly before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you came out of your mother's belly. I sanctified you a prophet to the nations I appointed you as working but as you go on further to get into poetic passages. Sometimes the sentence structure is much more complex and again when I was translating Job for my Job commentary them or were reworking some things to make it more accessible to the general public. What I was doing that when I struggled and agonized over versus written some nights is like John Gosch.

Sometimes I just do a whole chapter and knock that thing out and it would fly other type I versus B Sittler Akamai brain look at 10 different translations in transit. What's the best way to say it's it's it's a science. It's a science so so how can I know well. 99% of the time there is not some major controversy where no one can agree with the recession says to the simplest thing is have a Bible you're comfortable with that.

Your regular Bible for reading and study okay that you use all the time and then study with different translations. Any software you have allowed it allow you to do that if you get a Jew version on on your cell phone you have multitude of multiple translations or if you go to Bible multiple translations and then read the verse like five or 10 different translations you'll see the variations that would give an even better idea of what the verse is likely saying so get your copy of the NIV cultural background study Bible will pay the postage on this great wonderful fat book 50+ pages free to our interview with Prof. Kate thinking what he opens up the background.

Many passages in the New Testament. That's all it asked might bottom line today. The deeper the deeper, more

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