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Race, Religion, and Profiling in America; and an Interview with Lee Strobel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 20, 2016 4:10 pm

Race, Religion, and Profiling in America; and an Interview with Lee Strobel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 20, 2016 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/20/16.

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Race profiling controversy got you covered right here stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I we really have an issue that we have to address with me. We have a quandary challenge. We have to think it through.

We have to address it together and really do that really did it when I say we I mean you and I together on the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 right yesterday I put out a poll on Twitter asking about rep profiling of radical Muslims.

Donald Trump said we need to do a better job of this.

We need to start doing it. He said Israel profiles all the time and look at how strong their security is when I asked the question on Twitter about do we need to start profiling radical Moslems 75% said yes only 14% said that only 11% said not sure. So three quarters said yes we should.

And if you added not sure that it's only 14% versus 86%. It's a know we should question is what is it mean question is how does that work out, I saw a video with Sudanese Muslims in the states saying how they feel targeted there looked at funny even though they been in the country for years and their piece abiding people, peaceloving people not here to disrupt yet they feel threatened there.

Look at a certain way, obviously it's difficult to avoid when people can associate you with radical Muslims and wonder what you here to do and maybe there's one bad apple in the bunch there and how do we sort that one bad apple out from the others fair questions to ask and there's now news that the father of the Chelsea bomber Irani from Afghanistan that he reported his son to the FBI in 2014 says the father man suspected in multiple bombings throughout New York and New Jersey this week and says he reported this on to the FBI's potential terrorists. Officials have confirmed that Mohammed Mohammed reported his set off McConnell home in 2014, but law enforcement took little action following the alert. He said I call the FBI two years ago. Okay so you have someone try to turn in his own sons and look out sums wrong. Look at this guy and according to the reports FBI law enforcement took little action right now to the other side the other side here in Tulsa Oklahoma yesterday.

Again the nation rock, especially African-Americans across the country.

There is an unarmed black man shot and killed by a white female police officer now his car had stalled. They came across him on the road.

He was away from his car, walking towards his car with his hands raised, and then apparently leaning over the car, but the mayor excuse me, the police chief said one make it totally clear he was unarmed and there was no gun. There is no weapon in his car. So what was he doing walking towards his car. He had his hands up. What else is he going to do. Don't walk after telling you to stop. Maybe he was reaching into get his his information, his license and registration.

Who knows. The fact is the police sure that there will be justice. The family of course is morning is this an example of profiling gone wrong. Is this an assumption of well he's a big black guy you must be doing something wrong and when even those walking with his hands up.

His walking towards his vehicle and and and he obviously try to get some from his vehicle.

Maybe it's a gun can't can't be too safe.

Kellan well how we sort this out friends and we sort this out there. There are big errors that can be made either way. If you are not careful enough people can die if we go to the other extreme, people die in our hands, 866348788 or eager to hear from you for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We want our community realize this fact.

That was the voice of Giovanni Hussein representative for care. This is an American Islamic group.

Many have been critical of client care, including me, saying that they do not rightly and fairly represent Islam in that they will denounce these terrorist acts glad they do that say this is the work of an individual but not recognize the connection with radical Islamic connections that they themselves have been accused of keeping in the past, 866-348-7884. This is the voice of Michael Brown and I am delighted to be with you A little more to what Giovanni Hussein had to say click number two.

He is talking about the. The knife rampage in St. Cloud in a mall in Minnesota. He is talking about this man who was a Muslim who apparently spoke of Allah before going on the stabbing rampage before being shot by police and this American Islamic group once and want to know. Hey this is this is just the action of an individual has nothing to do with Islam itself click number two we understand in St. Cloud. There is more anti-Muslim, organizing, and we hope that they do not use this incident as a way to continue to polarize divide and spread fear in our community that look you've got to be sympathetic the one hand to Muslims who lived here for many years, who, yet they may live in their own enclave.

They they may be fairly religious. They may be different than the rest of society.

But Jesus over the Amish sore ultra-Orthodox Jews so so some are some Christian groups that that live together in a in a community setting in every separated from the rest of the world's fine that that that goes within America. However, if you had a wave of terrorism around the world from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, including in America that unfortunately everybody is suspect and the. The only way to really work against it is for all of these communities to say to American law enforcement. What can we do to work with you to help weed out the bad guys and the bad girls. What can we do how can we work together as I understand it in the UK government officials have not been happy with the level of cooperation they got from the Islamic community.

In other words, it seems the greater allegiance is to fellow Muslims, even if it means protecting or aiding and abetting terrorists than it is to the British government again just based on what I've read, and I don't believe here in America that our government is gotten adequate cooperation from the Muslim world when it comes to this issue of helping to weed out the bad guys it if somehow there were Amish people that were popping up in different parts of America and engaging in terrorist acts, and obviously anyone's Amish you look at with some level of suspicion solution would be for the Amish people all work together and say okay we despise this we hate this. It's against every one of our values.

What can we do the work with you to help expose these bad apples and then if there's anything were saying or doing. That's contributing towards us. Let's know it so we can fix it if if as a regular result of my radio broadcast of people were going out and standing on street corners and throwing Bibles through windows and that the connection that they have was that we all listen to Michael Brown on the radio we listen to the line of fire at an end, they all were carrying books of mine then obviously we simply were they getting this from that would be totally legitimate weeks okay where they getting this from why is this happening. The thing that's fascinating. Of course, is that folks that have listen on a regular basis have love for their enemies folks that listen to this broadcast on a regular basis that we overcome evil with good. We overcome hatred with love.

We we fight the that the wars that we fight with spiritual weapons with with the weapons of the spread of a talk about America should not go to battle with another country in war. I don't mean that a timeout spiritually without looking to three Christian soldiers to know that these are spiritual battles that we fight people constantly call in and say how they develop greater love for those that differ with through listen to the broadcast or reading my articles. If it was the reverse. You better believe we all have some big questions to ask starting with me. My say we having those that working with me, but the figure would be pointed nearly circular to scrutinize every word. Let's look at every article is look at every book where people getting this from when you ask a test when you ask a question on the test which I know is an educator for 430+ years ask a question on a test and 1/2 the class gets it wrong include good students who aced the rest of the test realize I didn't ask the question clearly why didn't cover it well in class so the same way if we see that there is consistent bad fruit from a segment of Islam than the rest of Islam needs to work together with others and say okay we also repudiate that we recognize this is a part of our faith. But we say is an aberrant expression. We recognize so in that century, recognize what law enforcement strategy was good. It's good, it could be intrusive, but the way to not make it intrusive is to say what we this is these are enemies. Also there were these radical Muslims hurt other Muslims more then then we do okay and and when I have a cop, show couple weeks ago police officer said that the good cops hate bad cops more than anybody does because one bad cop does something and now everybody suspects. Cops in general. So it makes their job harder. So now we have a situation in Tulsa Oklahoma again.

African-Americans grieved across America.

Others grieved as well dismiss African Americans and you see here is again here it happens again. How many times how many times before the rest of Americans will wake up and recognize this is an issue and and then the whole issue of profiling comes in this case, racial profiling again, this does anyone think that if this it did then say all middle-aged white guy in the suit next to his car that broke down and and the officers to talk to is walking with his back some of his hands in the air that he that he would've been shot probably was tasered first with you.

Shelley was on the ground or shout when it was probably reaching into his vehicle, but even so, was there nothing excessive. I have maybe there's other details going to come out of that.

I miss today but otherwise this young Stella police chiefs and let it be totally plain. Let it be known to everybody. There was no weapon found in the memos on arms.

He wanted everyone to know that he shouting at Alexandria and it will look into this and and and and this can be justice now on. On the other hand, I have a caller last week under go to your phone calls shortly 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and the understand and bring these two things together not because there's a connection between radical Islam and and African-Americans are bring it together because of the issue. Profiling all right.

The danger of it. The need for it. Where we would we draw a line and come up with a right understanding, but when he said this a caller from Raleigh, North Carolina. I believe last week called in and was terribly offended with me saying that the biggest problem in black America. Today was not police brutality.

It was the breakdown of the family and I discussed this issue with of my African-American friends and with endless callers that have been so enlightened by and help eyes. We've talked, and as they share their life story and their perspective in their world with me because we each live in different worlds living in this country together because different life experiences and I've always said luck. I've never been racially profiled on YM and the majority here in the room racially profiled, and and he was just saying that you don't notice like the NS of course I was preface everything with that.

What I was saying it and I believe that it's a lot of the policy, especially from the Democratic leadership that's hurting black America and in that the Jesse Jackson's how sharp this play into the victim mentality and are hurting black Americans, so the other is a war against black Americans. II just don't think it's where that will place an emphasis in the right place all the time of the common Vernaculars or place in Ephesus and replace that's that's my big issue, but he was explaining.

I just don't taillights out next the Regan question get racially profiled the questions okay. Why, because in that particular neighborhood, a disproportionate number of young black men involved in crime that why is that okay that's another question that's we get to the breakdown of the family. That's what we try to work together as Americans to solve these problems and help one another. However, we can empower one another. However, we can and listen and learn from each other to find out where the real problems and issues are okay so the fact that a man was pulled over. He could have been told over that same gentleman by black cop and in other words, the ethnicity of the police officer is not been the issue from what we can tell from what I've read.

Statistically, black cops are more quick to pull the trigger against the black suspect and white cops so the larger question of police brutality transcends the ethnicity of the officer but why was African-American. Getting profiled because of a high crime rate of young African-American men in the community. Okay, so now you have the bad side of profile. Now you have an innocent person getting harassed and now if they act the slightest way wrong. They get killed. So that's outrageous how to sort these things out of your perspective about some interesting audio clips to play for you as well. 866-348-7884 we come back going straight to your call. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown just want you and yes in the chain here in South here, here, that was the voice of Tiffany Crutcher twin sister of Terrence Crutcher who was shot and killed by a white female police officer yesterday family is calling for nonviolent demonstrations and calling for justice. Obviously the video right now seems to speak for itself seems to be no legitimate reason why this man was shot and killed was is there more to it reaching the car some suspicious look, I'm not there. We don't have all the details, but do we all agree that needs to be justice.

Yes to all agree that it's it's another too many times to see some night this. Yes, I would think so do we all agree though that there problems that need to be addressed that tie in with this large problems and issues. I hope we would also yes, let's talk about it together with have some wisdom together, especially if you're calling and identifies a follower of Jesus that I speak with respect before the Lord and one for another, that should be the norm among us as disciples will start in Elmont on Long Island, Fay, welcome to the line of fire.

Welcome. I am still heartbroken. I do not know all the facts regarding shooting going. I wanted on the media but good Lord, that cop happened very think she's shooting something. She had kept. He didn't have to wait. She didn't have to keep Dr. Brown.

If you are back to driving and something happens to you leave the car and on what you don't think on Kaleo and how I look at it yet for Leon Marcy. There is no one they hate black people, and it just takes the drop for that it'll bring up a trait gateway to field so here's here's Mike here's my question first. Thank you for expressing that because you are speaking with many others feel and what I have that feeling that if my card installed on the side of the road and I was standing by waiting that the ones I should be afraid it would be cops.

Note not at all. So you expressing that these be expressed but as far as this woman's hatred of Blacks.

There is a very touching story on Facebook just a couple weeks earlier, there she is staying with a black couple that she had helped, and they all it was a special picture they all pose for together in and of I don't think it was to know more about it.

I was hatred of Blacks. I think it was over react again based on the little information we have the video but from what it seems. It was a terrible overreaction based on profiling.

Okay, not hatred of Blacks. Now get out of the morbid Facebook story I read in the picture of that the officer together with this of this couple, all smiling and standing together after she had done something exceptional on their behalf of these hatred Blacks but thank you for expressing that because many of us can relate to how you would feel thank you 866-34-TRUTH of the go to Des Moines, Iowa Kari, welcome to the line of fire. Either hello I I disagree with that collar before I get my point. I don't really don't think that there's an epidemic of likely doctors hunting and try to find any excuse to shoot black people like I did not think that it happening bet certainly of how it pretrade in a certainly not talk about all of the positive interactions that occur in all the people traffic stop that happened.

The other thing is that you will please doctors just don't pull people over in April.

People are reason and when they pull them over there suspicious of dumping daylight outer license plate or they were speeding on a rant or a stop sign whatever it is the place Dr. Eno is justified at or I heard want on the radio that it if you do these things in life. There's a really good America and you should do them and be pretty much the right order. The orders were go to school and try to get an education, get a job, get married, have children, and all along the way on the law and if you have an interaction of the police officer you do exactly as he or she felt ill and most of these incidents where the unfortunate shootings occur, the person that they have told to stop doing what they're doing. They don't stop playing what they're doing and here's this this would be that the question here all right. Just just jump in because of shortness of time. On the one hand just to lay out everything about you education, get a job there. There a bunch of folks just with the raised keys and live in the education somewhat inadequate. The job pools were challenged. They haven't had good father examples to lead the way that always grieves me but in this case.

Okay, I understand the man is walking towards his vehicle, but it was a stalled car on the in the middle-of-the-road and he is walking with his hands up so yeah that the, the, my name said Michael Brown Ferguson has a function can we understand that was a myth. We understand that was not what happened from human stand he charge the officer and in the officers is killing him was justified. Hence, the Department of Justice, which was looking for somebody that crucified over this could not find anyone and yet I understand are cases where you got someone told to do certain thing in suppressing with police officer gets shot, but then there are other cases where that's just not the case where there is mistaken identity or where okay force was used but was it excessive force. The gun need to be pulled with a guy been told if the person is Whitesell. I don't think it's hatred yet.

You can have it.

I'm sure he got racist cops were black or white or Hispanic, or Asian you got racism everywhere, but I don't.

From everything I note from police officers that that that I've spoken to for friends of mine that work with the police department is not some issue of saying hey let's go look for some of the kill it again.

The percentage of likely sysop black police officers pulling the trigger against black suspects versus white police officers, whatever the black police officers have been quicker to pull the trigger. The issue is profiling going haywire issue is profiling. That's now out of control in certain cases. How how is that rightly handle.

How do we avoid letting a criminal go free.

How do we avoid letting criminal move right into her neighborhood to plan to blow people up how we avoid killing the one person profiler on people.

That's the challenge.

Gobble give us wisdom and work on this. The other, be sure to visit the website. The line of check out this week's special resource. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown from our local office and also brought you understand you cannot have a person who lives in Kelly Bill, who had less than 1% African-American to police area that has a predominantly African-American citizen doesn't make it all. If you look at that video. Not one person of color was there.

That was the voice of Mark Lewis with we the people. These discussing policy changes with the Tulsa police department came in the wake of the officer involved with shooting that left Terrence Crutcher dead so big problem, lack of diversity in the police force mainly non-black police officers in a predominantly black area bigger problem, inability to recruit black police officers. This is been in city after city say we like to have more diversity but were having a problem getting police officers of color were having a problem getting African-American police officers and then other African-Americans are so yeah someone like that. We look at is as is betraying our community as if the law enforcement is all that's if you join them.

You're on the bad side and then turn around on the other side. As cops have engaged in less profiling in certain cities and a been less aggressive in their tactics some incidents which happened in cities like Baltimore and Chicago or Milwaukee that the the crime rate is skyrocketing and who's getting hurt more by African-Americans at the hands of the bad element within their community just like their bad elements in every community of every color and ethnicity and the murder rates are soaring.

So how do you sort that out again. All I'm saying is when people come up with with blanket gut level knee-jerk responses supposed to really thinking something through when never going to come up with constructive holistic answers, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go the long night. Let's go over to Montclair, New Jersey plan art welcome to the line of fire their program by but very quickly that you will get the program but I do want to say that the they shootings that have come to the forefront of the document you mention the amount of time Black Hawk will God and family time they had shot in reference to their location, part I do want to interject in the case of the come to the forefront. There haven't been basically blackballed with libel and I want to say this is because they're not intending to kill, so to speak, little ~Negro module black the person Mark Lewis to play absolutely right.

African-Americans that been portrayed criminal portrayed as dad died.

If you heard the over the theme that oh yeah, this looks like a bad.yet you have white off their goal met with Billy goat, a black they are outplayed a black man. Client rebar and have a shootout with the fully utilized okay.

How many happy that they are able. The business plan. The alae where you earn this case and Afghani Muslim so hard. Hardly a Caucasian businessman very fair.


It could be vacant, but that's not that that you have right now that you have tried to get her to ask her to jump in.

This week we've got a got a break of folks knew that this that this was the terror suspect they were looking for but point well taken. I appreciate the call. Thanks for the first time was the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown number, nothing hold someone back more than seeing himself as a victim. Why because a victim is not responsible for the situation. Everything is someone else's fault and the victim sees little chance of improving his life.

How can you get ahead of someone's own back all this makes victim unhappy, frustrated and angry. This is how to many Blacks see themselves as victims. So much so that there victim status becomes their primary identity and a ruling ideology.

I called it victim analogy.

Unfortunately, many black churches preached his victim analogy.

Many black parents pass it on to their children any city schools teacher to their students in the black media reinforcing. Meanwhile, the NAACP, another black grievance groups fundraising that was a voice of college start speaking on Prager University. A video that's going viral, where he speaks of as an African-American he believes are the five top issues. The five biggest issues in African-American community and he puts his number five. The victim mentality number four we have some of these clips will play lack of diversity, meaning you can't have a contrary view to that the status quo prevailing narrative three. Urban terrorism a point south. He points out that total of all lynching of black Americans from 1880 to 19 63,446 that staggering to me. That is an absolutely horrific mind-boggling number 3446 African-Americans lynched from 1880 to 1968 staggering figure. He then points out that that's the number kill black on black violence every six months now in America, so Urban terrorism. He said issue number three issue number two because baby mamas that 75% of kids born out of wedlock. He said don't just blame the fathers blame the mothers. This is an African-American speaking and then his number one issue maybe will will come to the table at let's let's do that and I go back to the phones will go to clip number nine. This is what type starts, as is the biggest issue facing African-American community today Guinea speaking as an African-American himself. Problem number one unquestioning allegiance to so-called progressive policies unwavering loyalty to progressive liberal policies is the primary reason these dire conditions persist both mixed impossible and perpetuates the is no coincidence that progressivism is the common thread that buys predominantly black cities were single-parent homes, failing schools, rampant poverty and crime predeath look at cities like Detroit, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

They've been run by progressive Democrats for decades. If the liberal policies were all effective. The city should have become models of economic growth and prosperity. Instead there models of dysfunction by fostering and exploiting the victim mentality.

Discouraging self-examination subsidizing baby mamas and making excuses for black dogs so-called progressive policies don't alleviate the problems that afflict the black community. They aggravate the problem again. I believe there is much wisdom in what is being said there and we must look together at larger issues so that we can solve them together and again with the listen to each other.

It's not just a matter of I need to listen to because I blind spots that you need to listen to me because you have blind spots. We all do. But if if we humble ourselves before God.

Listen to one another and then carefully, prayerfully rationally look at things, listen, learn together we can really see all okay here so we can best address this problem.

Here's what we are missing. That's why we have these discussions here on the line of fire and just to point something out CNN report it with the word racial to Donald Trump's call for profiling. He did not say racial. He spoke of profile radical Muslims you can look at it like this.

Somebody crosses one line the there there a refugee that's here there.

An immigrant that's here. They are known to be serious, Muslim, and they cross one line you have a zero strike policy.

You cross that one line it's instantly three strikes you're out on the what that line would be.

I'm not into law enforcement is not my area of expertise. I'm talking these things through with you as an educated interested Americans, but it could be you send out one email with the threat you know that you're out, that's that you're out you do one thing that associate you with radical Islam. You start cultivating certain relationships and supporting certain ideologies that you really watch very closely really watch very closely for good reason. But then what about all the Muslims they look the same date.

You know the religious muscles they look the same, especially the man negative profiling people out of perfectly law-abiding and been here for decades and who hate Islamic terrorism is much as the rest of us did and we sort these things out.

866 340 like I'm not just asking questions.

I do believe we have some wisdom on this when you talk them through together and and what's interesting thus far. If I'm correct is that the overwhelming majority of African-Americans will call in will say here is another example of one of our people being killed in cold blood unarmed by an overzealous police first right in the overwhelming number of white callers would say you gotta realize if you don't follow polices, orders please resort something could happen now I'm not saying that this gives us insight as to what actually happened in Tulsa and all the details and that we can get into the mind of the police officer who shot term structure. I am saying. It highlights the differences and our perspectives, doesn't it.

That's why we need to communicate with each other. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Leesburg, Virginia Andre, thank you for calling the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown on elaborate on the racial profiling. Yes, I agree with you 100% and everything that you been explaining their grant pretty much common sense that you really user user aired on their and about the racial profiling with and curriculum stricken a radical Islam. You have to be careful and not hurting them by filling or pointing the finger on a particular group.

You have to understand, and people have to understand that this is this is been done, all in secret and that's what makes the American people so scared everything is done in secret bombings know by all know they'll know when and where going to hear and everything is been done in secret. So yes I do agree about the original profile match and they are to understand that is no offense to nobody because we are different nationalities here in the United States but with the man there got shot out after African-American man got shot while well we been here for we would been here for a long time and now to change your page and all just being scared people are scared they all know what to do there scared to start to do anything just because they don't want to politics to get into it and bear and everybody jumped on board so what can we do about it all while you were talking about years and years and years ago, word orchestrating and helping and I don't think there is a solution to help knock down yellow Andre thank you for weighing in. Of course, one thing that is very effective as to the extent that police officials and officers can meet and build relationships with folks in the communities that they patrol and sit and talk and understand each other better. It humanizes things on both levels and in the people to select were terrified. We are flat tire you get shot because we got you know we we were trying to take the real off the target. Whatever deal we got a tool are handed and next symptoms and think we have a weaponry to die in the police officer says you can understand to settle my partners was killed last week when he was just going to the home to try to help somebody. Next thing he gets shot in so what can okay so once is right and what can I do to prevent this police officer says okay what what can I do to remove this sense of of undue fear and and here's what would help if people know how to respond like this and then and then the folks in the community would say.

All right, here's getting understand our prospective member try to do this and that.

That's one thing that can be done for sure, among many, but I just want to throw that one thing out is its concrete and it is it is immediate, but that many of them throughout. One other thought here in them will come back in and get to your calls.

On the other side of the break of I fly constantly sometimes every weekend. Multiple flights sometimes oversees every month every other month on flying a lot and because of all types of terrorist threats. Security if if I don't have it and advanced security thing.

I can go through to call TSA pre-check. I'll take my shoes off. Gotta take my belt off that sick the computer computer out of the bag. I can travel say with with normal toiletries. If it's a liquids over certain amount. Things like that is all because the terrace all right. I accept that I don't like it but it's would just deal with residue that their place on the sky. But what if someone just looked at me funny and subtle to discuss banister rough in the up what if my life was threatened when I was go through security. That's a whole other issue and that's what was taught in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us and thanks one of my goals when we are facing difficult times in America is put the issues on the table talk them through so that together we can move forward rather than incite hatred rather than stir up anger.

I want to move us forward with being constructive, being wise, being productive being proactive rather than just being reactionary and above all, not to ever be reactionary in the flesh. That's always a danger 866-34-TRUTH 87884 to the phones in Charlotte North Carolina can welcome to the modifier.bro Portobello. Critical thinking in the college anymore everybody goes by emotion.

But you know that this was either become our emotional brains like it was back in the early 70s, but I've never heard of Bill whittle Dr. Brown.

Not sure if you give me a context. Maybe you had great articulation on black lives matter that all yeah actually I I watched a video that two years ago, and a colleague sent it to me yesterday right where he was. He was just talking about the extraordinary problem of disproportionate violence in the African-American community and maybe represented two or 3% but the effects of that the homicides the other crimes, both black on black and black on white in the epidemic level of that, compared with, say police shooting of glasses as happiness again doesn't minimize the loss of the family. It doesn't minimize that the outrage that many are feeling based on what they've seen so far, but there were there other sides to the story right now like a million years, always pushing this and out of 300+ million people on top of the letter make it better like it happening every 10 seconds across the nation of the light on this product of the been jealous about 662 in 2015 on the block 258 wire up the whites and Hispanics are barking American Lord. There was this just a matter of emotion. Everything is just emotionless.

Yet what you get this way and say one thing though, can let them sit is one thing, there is a reason that black Americans view the police being very general here differently than white Americans is not just a motion a lot of it is that experience and again it's an instance of profiling gone too far. There is proper police profiling.

We look this person looks suspicious. This person could be a suspect.

And here you have a Jewish area there been no swastikas painted on buildings and now you have a bunch of neo-Nazi skinheads driving through drinking beer through that ultra-Orthodox Jewish area. I keep an eye on them.

Keep an eye on them. They could be troublemakers that that would be good policing and okay there car just have to have a taillight that's out. Let's check these guys out. But if they are now mistreated. If it just so happens that's there.

It's where they were driving there on their way somewhere else and they they would never heard a Jewish person, despite their ideology. They've not done anything wrong and one of them gets shot and killed because they thought he looked funny will then that would be a problem. So absolutely, there are larger issues absolutely and things are blown out of proportion. On the other hand, there really are issues we can't deny those and what I've heard from many African-American colleges hate. We just would like some empathy in the midst of pain right now would like some empathy that is right Christian response and then we look at the larger issues with the justice issues with the family break them with all these things races.

We put all the cards on the table resort and two together, thinking honestly, rationally, logically, biblically, rather than just with our emotions right now. Let's go to Boston.

Dave, thanks for joining us on the line of fire. I well I'm doing well thank you started, all dysfunctional way from slavery we've employed on a ribbon taken away from an occurrence, generation to generation. But up really believe that white a lot of white do not want to understand until that the same thing happened to understand what were going to the quick good judges. I believe I'm not blaming you but you have to do it, particularly poverty.

A lot of things that it'll factory. They called it is not right along the long history. Even if you say hey we we forgive the past and we recognize how many whites died in the Civil War to free the slaves and how divided America's been over this.

But then you have after that segregation, Jim Crow, and then to me that the biggest current tragedy. Davis is that once you have progress in civil rights in the 60s and after then you have these policies instituted that still keep black Americans down in this post be helpful policies but that they hurt more than anything and that's why to me this is a national problem, we have to address together prayer factor what happened.

I know a lot of prescribed (not but mostly the model I rather be drug by 12 be taken by click yeah will do the prayer factor, particularly the white grade of the black after they leave their house and look I'm coming back home and their fearful a lot of time that I want to kill black, but you're going to likely yeah and then and then the question is Lucifer come from and then you go back to the larger dysfunctional history.

The essence of Dave that this situation is one that we address together in this very way, I'd love to talk to Morse or when it's one more call and an amount of time but yet with.

That's why together.

We have to look at the larger problems and listen.

I have been greatly helped by callers over the years, sharing perspective with me beyond my own hate.

Thank you so much right Betty in Charlotte.

We lost we lost Betty. I want her to weigh and okay and I wish I had more time for it. For every caller. But thank you for your input. Thank you for sharing so look or wish or we just going to point a finger at one another endlessly point the finger at one another. You're wrong, you're wrong. Your blind your blind your ignorant your ignorant or we can say okay, please explain your perspective to me all now I see now I understand I may not agree.

I may still think there's something missing but don't have to do that as husband and wife, Nancy and I married 40+ years or close colleagues working with us here in our ministry married 40+ years just visited some friends a Long Island married 54 years.

Two other couples were with married 36.38 years. Like Nancy said to me, that's just normal.

It's supposed to be and at her mom was married four times, she would know what not normal.

Looks like but the point is you have these successful marriages.

Could you sit down and talk okay what's bothering you what I do wrong with my missing communicate all right, may I encourage you to visit our website the line of fire. The Lord check out latest videos, articles in a special soft bottom line today. Communication is a 2 Way St. about the talk with one of the world's top apologists will find out about his own journey to faith in Jesus's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will shift to everyone you live.

Yes he he he. Here, that was the voice of Tiffany Crutcher play that clip in the first hour. This here is the voice of Michael Brown delighted to be with you online a fire. She is the grieving twin sister of Terrence Crutcher who was killed by white female police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Terrence and Tiffany being African-Americans, the Tulsa police chief making clear that there was no weapon on him or in the vehicle and saying that there will be justice. We talked about that. The first hour we talked about that and if you miss the broadcast. You don't get the first hour, which is many of you listening right now.

May I encourage you later today to listen to the show. If these issues are important you. We continue to talk about profiling, how can you do good police profiling good law enforcement profiling good security profiling without hurting innocent people. We had a great conversation. The first hour and I encourage you to listen to that you can do so just a few hours from now by going to the line of to her radio website. The line of and while you're there, make sure you just click on listen. That'll get you to today's broadcast. You can also subscribe to listen by podcast and I got new videos new articles on cutting edge issues that will be of help to but let me boil things down now to this bottom line the bottom line, the great need in America is a resurgence of the gospel great need is a resurgence of consciousness of God and the reality of God and the church being the church. And as we recover biblical principles as we recover biblical principles for marriage for family for justice for whatever issue were dealing with the national debt, be it gluttony if we will recover biblical principles from beginning to end. Meaning who God is, what he requires of us what is pleasing to him and displeasing him ways of righteousness, ways of justice, ways of compassion. How we treat our neighbor. How we walk with wisdom how husbands and wives treat each other what the meaning of marriages has read how we raise our kids principles of education if we will follow biblical principles here. The book of Proverbs. If we learn to live by the universal wisdom of Proverbs. Regardless, even of our religious faith if we lived by the wisdom of Proverbs, our nation would look much much different than many of the things tearing our nation apart would not be tearing our nation apart so I am I am in the rest of this broadcast going to point us to Jesus Savior deliver Messiah King and Lord and point us to the answer of the gospel to be joined by Lee Strobel internationally known his books materials out by the multiplied millions looks like the case for Christ. I had the joy of participating in a chapter on messianic prophecy in one of these books. The case we created a case for faith to talk to Lee about his own journey as an atheist faith for cleansing the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is not to say the gospel is the answer. My guest Lee Strobel, one of the best-selling apologists in the world you've read his books. He and his videos hurt his talks may be threaded with the case for Christ himself an atheist.

In the past it journalist and through that when an investigative journalistic discovery until he came to realize Jesus. Indeed, Savior and Lord.

He is joyfully served him these many years. Lee is a delight to have you on the line of fire.

Michael, how are you I'm doing well and for those hearing these enthusiastic voice. That's how he is when ever been around him and hours we spent together years back that that is lead Jesus really change your life did absolutely I mean to write a book, recycle the case for grace and it's all about God's ability to transform lives and I figure my own life. Every lived a very immoral and narcissistic and self absorbed and self-destructive kind of a life of her many years of the Internet, figuring that if God doesn't exist in the most logical way to live life is used to pursue pleasure and then having my wife come to faith in Christ, which almost blew our marriage apart because I wanted to divorce her. I didn't want to be married or Christian being an atheist and and yet being attracted through the change in her life which was winsome and was attractive until I decided to use my journalism training and legal training to investigate that the wonderful thing about Christianity.

It is an investigative double religion and so I just use those skills that I learned the journalism school and law school and at the Chicago Tribune to investigate a science, cosmology, physics, biochemistry, genetics, human consciousness, all of which date point powerfully for the existence of a creator, and especially history the you know the question of, but did Jesus live did he die with the resurrected from the dead. Your incredible contribution in the area of the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies in Jesus member interview you for my book the case of the real Jesus, yes.what a joy that was and what a blessing your research is been to so many millions of lives and so you know coming to faith. On November 8 of 1981 and finding out my wife unbeknownst to me, had been praying a prayer for me to be sold two years that I was on this investigative journey I was from Ezekiel 3626 moreover, I will give you a new heart put a new spirit within you are remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh as he prayed for me and turn up over time God change my character, my morality, my values, my worldview, my philosophy, my attitude, my relationships, my priorities, my marriage and everything's always been a better revolution and to see my children come to faith and now serving Christ. My son is a professor at Baylor University with a PhD in theology from the University of Aberdeen and my daughter writes Christian books with her husband children's books to teach young

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