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From the Unseen Realm to Christian Legal Challenges in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 26, 2016 4:40 pm

From the Unseen Realm to Christian Legal Challenges in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 26, 2016 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/26/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

I'm about to talk to a biblical and Semitic scholar about the unseen realm stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown every single day is as we look at the news.

We are really looking at what we see the big debate tonight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton another shooting in the states, leaving nine people wounded in the shooter dead of people around the world revelations all these things are important, but you know there is an unseen realm.

There are things happening in an unseen realm in the Bible often talks about this unseen realm, this is Michael Brown to listen to the line of fire really talk about the unseen realm of the biblical and Semitic scholar Michael Heiser and we had a conversation about this last year that was very popular. We actually re-aired the interview some so delighted to have Mike back with me for an hour today. He is the scholar in residence at Logos Bible software and his PhD in Hebrew Bible and stomach languages at the University of Wisconsin Madison is main research interest or Israelite religion, especially Israel's divine counsel who will talk about that contextualizing biblical theology with Israel ancient near Eastern religion.

Jewish planetarium is somewhat stress-free that trinitarianism biblical languages into Semitic languages, textual criticism compare falcon second Temple. Jewish literature. A lot of overlap with my fields of interest to limit this practical, clear for everyone and Dr. Heiser's book the unseen realm is written for everyone times there will tell you get a copy of that in a moment, but without further ado. Hey Mike, welcome back to the line of fire. Thank you Michael for having me back all my my joint you know it's interesting the one of the calls I got on my show Friday someone was asking me about the name or the earth the noun Elohim and how that referred to God and was there a divine counsel and is that the Israelites believed in many gods actually got a couple questions about that last week immiscible will talk about that with with Michael Heiser who wrote about these very issues on Monday so Michael, how is it that you got so interested in in this unseen realm that a lot of believers don't understand, let alone think about. Well, I might watershed moment or the shot across Berkeley came in graduate school and I caught their undergrad Bible college. Bartlett shares a couple of Masters degree limited Hebrew State Department not with God, food, or church one day. I don't know what I'm talking about the start of the interdepartment. But the conversation ended with him ending the Hebrew Bible that you need to reform the Hebrew and I had never done that and you go the first verse zero Elohim that filed by R.L. God had taken to place her taken a stand in the divine counsel without adding a grammar spasm. Elohim is their G ID because it causes a singular verb form of the participle in a as the Caramello seniors poet in the midst of the God who passes judgment, and the second one is plural because of the clarity In the midst of one we delivered. Talk about a Trinity because of versus treatment five.

God is angry with this group of Elohim and I looked at that and to thought my one was wow that looks a lot like Pat, I would like a disturbing thought or church. The second one. Fortunately, providentially was that Jesus knew this passage Paul Miller but the apostles knew.

Another words, I'm not looking at anything that know what these people at everything and so it like this has an answer because obviously you know unorthodox Israelite if we can use that term there would not be a polytheist is more than a polytheist. The apostles were probably just what's going on here and in that experience I so that is the watershed moment the Israelites not polytheist they believe other gods exist. I thought you always said that he alone was God and continue this conversation with Dr. Michael Heiser hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today, torchbearer one of our regular monthly support as it enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into any many different ways join our team become a torture asked Brown a SK Click on donate. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back friends to the month. I am speaking with Dr. Michael Heiser, author of the book the unseen realm severe of a biblical Semitic scholar who has done his research and is come to conclusions that might surprise many of us and and some here and there. I say let's have a discussion about that was eye-opening things if if you study the Bible in Hebrew instead is an ancient recent context and not surprised by this, but many people reinforced tonic on my how could that be were the Israelites polytheist today believing different gods or deity. Did they believe in one supreme God or so yellow was the only God friends if you want to get a copy of Dr. Heiser's book the unseen realm you can get it together with the complete 12 hour course I taught on angels, demons and deliverance. Just go to the website asked Dr. Brown a SK DR to find out more. If you have a question if you'd like to ask Dr. Heiser a question call 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH 87884's loss is relevant for Dr. Heiser. He will gladly take your question so Mike what did the Israelites believe where they polytheist the root word today believing manometry or MSDS for half, how do we understand there's only one true God.

And yet the Bible talks about other gods like Exodus 15 become of her by name of the nine who is like you among her dogs all Yahweh right yeah my dear, that person like that mean exactly what that really related that we don't have we don't have it, "Lord, who is like you among cartoon characters or unicorns or leprechauns either being that actually God challenges them in defeat ability is superior to them. When I came across a comedy to, I naturally tried to find your evangelical forces like help me through the woods here and unfortunately a lot of the budget the issue a lot of translations budget folly to get out of comedy.

God is speaking against the other Elohim.

This group of Elohim ice that you are Elohim on the about outside of the daily on all of you so where were the most high God of Israel.

So these are the sons of God, and a lot of evangelical forces with family to get people visited the Israelite judges but if you go to Psalm 89 you have the sons of God there in the same household language in there.

It and have it in the sky so this is quite obviously a spiritual counsel counsel of divine being disembodied.

Being what to do with it, but eventually again God providentially led me to think carefully through this. It became the subject of my dissertation.

A lot of other things that what you have is why there's a disconnect when we see the letters PO in the Bible or anywhere screen and whatnot our brain began just because of who we are as modern Westerners or modern Christians. Our brain immediately assigned that of unique attributes to the letters GOD that is not the way it Israelite thought about the word Elohim you know that Mike are you making it up as that make you feel better now we know that because of the way Elohim is actually used a half-dozen different thing in the Hebrew Bible, so that the family percent of 2813 is called Elohim the regard the nations are called Elohim, the God of the counselor called Elohim you got Deuteronomy 3217 under the shade team which most English Bible translators. Demons are called Elohim, the alone should tell you that a biblical writer. You wrote Elohim and attack was not finding a specific set of attributes to that word if he thought that way he would never use that word of any other entity other than the God of Israel, but he doesn't do that how you lead it up because of the waiver trained what would Elohim actually mean the reason why it's used different entities as you would use that term. If you were describing or labeling a being in the spiritual world being that is by nature disembodied and belongs in the spiritual realm, so open, unorthodox Israelite believer with David believer, Abraham, whoever he would believe the get over there the spirit realm is locked ability because Elohim means being prospective tenant".

And Yahweh lived their Yahweh is an Elohim, but no other Elohim is Yahweh.

Yahweh get singled out in the Hebrew text, the Hebrew Bible and is described in unique ways, all sovereign, omnipotent creator of everything visible and invisible, that would make Yahweh unique. I like to use the phrase species unique and that's what true Orthodox Israelite would believe there is only one, but in the spirit realm. There's a lot developing but none of them real thing in unique and to use academic terminology is ontologically different and superior all of their God. So, in the sense that we would define God as the eternal creator.

There is one and only one God. Everything else is created by him. Is that what is that what God is saying to himself in the book of Isaiah that I think the statement that there is none beside me there is none like me there not statements of exclusivity like I'm the only Elohim the because that creates it pretty obvious self-contradiction in the Hebrew Bible. Their statement that I am alone unique. There is none like me in various respects. There is none like, and in addition to me, there is no other like me and that phrase is about 10 different phrases that scholars call in comparability statement is but in different ways to say that Gabriel the most common, there's none beside me actually show up in Isaiah and Zephaniah where respectively. You've got Babylon and Nineveh claiming in the text there is none beside me.

Obviously they're not detected in thing only Babylon the world a Babylon the only city in the world and Nineveh. Zephaniah 3 obviously not with asked me did music Babylon and Nineveh claiming to be superior in comparable and that's the sense that that we need to approach these phrases because I don't believe that the Scripture is internally contradictory. I think it's a consistent worldview.

Our God is saying.

The Hebrew Bible telling us in the spirit realm. There's lots of beings that it Israelite would call Elohim just generically that sort of the umbrella term but Yahweh among the unique, there is no God like he is the God of God sees the Elohim ability is the Lord of lords, and all the payments in unfamiliar descriptions we get of the God of Israel and other there's no question that there's only one. Of those, by definition, the way that Yahweh gets described is just that all of that is impacted and transmitted through the term Elohim and really when you just go over to a New Testament mentality that that in certain ways, pulls the curtain back even more, and tells us in Ephesians 6 were battling principalities and powers in heavenly places, or in in first Corinthians 10 second Corinthians 10 that that that these are not not cause his demons so he's he saying there of course is the spiritual realm Jesus and stealing the spirit beings constantly. So if this is obvious that a precise translation, but if someone just translated Elohim with spirit beings as minute of it has to do with power and things of effortlessness to say we transit with spirit beings exhibit is only one ultimate spirit the greater whole thing to me that's that's that's what's being said and yet they are arrested in a western mentality we really downplay the spiritual realm which are so real in ancient Israel and real for the New Testament writers note it is really you know this as well as I do the academic. It will will somehow miss opaque references the plural Elohim and try to argue that Israelite religion evolved from polytheism to monotheism not I rejected that in my dissertation that was quite a tap that get a PhD As secular but have not and reject because that's what everybody's thinking, but it obvious again that this one, Elohim described ways that only other ones do. But somehow that the paradigm that reinforces what they want to know you used a couple of terms my knowledge.

Early on Israelite Orthodox Israelite, but certainly my knowledge is that the word refers to worshiping only one is very clear. The Old Testament demand data of the faithful believing Israelite worship only Yahweh healthier than I think is also ruled out by the whole panoply of the usage of Elohim, because look at what health penalty is inquisitive and appears and presumes gathers one God among many is on the top of the heap. But he could be replaced and happy is in itself doesn't really distinguish the one at the top, ontologically, or in terms of attributes, just as when he got there because it was the most popular. He was perceived as beating the tendon is absolutely ruthless in terms of worshiping idols and bowing down to the seven spirits that are created by the one true God, and many of whom are in rebellion is very resilient against God in the Bible in the spiritual realm. The Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, just a quick reminder in case notice you don't own bogus biblical sulfur there just come out with version 7 the premier Bible software. I keep realizing how little I know about how much is are keeping stunned boat but what I have in the software and how much is available when you're the throw website with it. The cold line of fire five modifier five we order it through our website, you get a 15% discount on all entry-level packages, so it's it's a great thing to take advantage of high up make sure sure give you the right code here that we just check to be sure, yet line of fire. Five. Get a 50% discount on all of packages that you order and then Lagos is kind enough to donate 15% of each sale to seizure. If you have it you keep finding things. Use that code and you be a blessing to us at the same time speaking with Dr. Michael Heiser, author of the book the unseen realm Mike, I want to talk about the battle in the heavenly's was there some type of cosmic conflict is the Bible lead to better their seven headed monsters that that Yahweh defeated. I want to ask at the moment.

First, let's grab a couple of calls will start in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Max, welcome to the line of fire cradle and got your love go ahead sir okay regular argument that there Okay today I want to bring more evidence you have a question. You have a question for Dr. Heiser that we that we don't have unskilled respect to time. I guessed and in fact, since you give me a different name than when you called last time you pass on this ring, I feel free to call me that today will chat Eric in Boston your question for Dr. Heiser hi… I think you both on my question had to do with how do we go about what the methodology that you Dr. Heiser in determining what it should. Ancient Israelite belief perhaps maybe like I'm letting you write about the estate ancient alike believed in like a ladder with the development of but you don't believe that. So how do you how you go about determining okay this is actually true and efficient perspective of the ancient Israelites in the Bible, but I like that they like. I give God credit for knowing what you were getting there would be called people and move people to produce Scripture that averred, if God wanted find you and material produced through the tools of science when he chose someone in the second millennium BC that is sort of a counterintuitive proposition. God knew what he was getting God knew what his own purposes. Work is not going to prompt an ancient writer to produce things that the ancient writer cannot know God is perfectly fine with that and analytic hello.

If we find intelligence to God, which I think we obviously should that God knew what he wanted. He was wise when he chose, and what was produced. He was happy with it should tell us that his goals again were not to have a second millennium or first millennium BC Israelite produced modern science and modern cosmology God it would been observed for God to expect that God is not too absurd thing again, these are the sort of thoughts that I have again and and what is God but that he actually want them to do. God allowed ancient writers to use the language that was at their disposal in their head in their framework to communicate the people of their own, and if you think about it if the point is affirming dualism, clear creator creation distinction who the creator is that where created were responsible for that creator against big picture theological thought those things transcend diet financial change constantly, but God was wise enough to have biblical writers produce theology of using whatever language they could. That transcends all that is timeless. Not for you to take this little bit further, I think we are bound to embrace as Revelation what God had these writers write when it comes to the spiritual world because that world cannot be tested with the tools of science.

That world is beyond the tools I so while on the one hand, again, God would not choose people to produce something they can possibly know, in preventing the absurdity we can evaluate the natural world. I got of course knew we would do that he would move people to discover this or that thing in Providence that was fine with God. But we don't have those older disposal because we are embodied be. We live in the terrestrial world. God is created for and so we have to trust God that the biblical writers produce against something.

He was completely satisfied with and we need to embrace those truths of the spirit world world. It again. This can't be analyzed and evaluated with schools of thought is so if an ancient Israelite actually believe that there were windows in heaven. Windows in the sky that were opened up and the rain came down to the windows or if they believe that that was just metaphorical language that's that's not what the Bible is seeking to communicate which is what it is seeking communicate is Gaza creator God controls this and and and God has purposes for all of this as opposed to know that that in ancient Israelite probably would've thought that the sun rose in the sunset. That would be the logical thing was interesting is through history until people realize that the Earth went around the sun. If the Bible taught the other people would've dismissed the Bible for being wrong for most of history, yeah, we have to give God some credit here if he if he wants to produce again something that would satisfy the modern 21st-century scientific mind. God is fully aware what I'm writing in a thousand years right no and we have gotten a pretty good thing and I didn't want that. Okay.

But you know it, but don't write that because that could be wrong. Three or 4000 years. Again, God knew what he was doing and he knew what he was getting he had providentially compared all the writers produce the things he wanted produced and if if there incapable of it from point and God one required that he would step in and make sure that the revelation that he wanted given to was found again the weekly why we do know we do it as a reaction to scientific atheism, which many people I like. I'm frankly one of them.

I think that's an oxymoron but we do it because of this part of the compulsion to use science to beat the Bible. Go ahead and my retort is always you know what why are you mad at the Bible for not producing what was never intended to produce where you met the Bible for not being what it was never intended to be, are you mad at your dog for not being a cat are you met your son for not being a daughter. If you can.

If you can show me restrictive that this approach makes any sense at all. In the real world and we can have a conversation right now. Your propositions looking kind of dumb because it's just the produce is such a misguided result in proceeds from the deeply flawed assumption, but again we we claim to the atheist and when we try to make Scripture near biblical writers produce thing that God knew they were capable of producing that we actually entrap Scripture with our own good intention here to defend the Scripture which is a big mistake again. My view yeah and and listen, and thank you for great question Eric will he understand that the purpose of Genesis 1 is to teach us about God to teach us about science. Then we we Were supposed to get out of this and understand that everything that God says that with the following believe is true hate go to ask Dr. check out a really great resource off with the unseen realm is it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This is the kind of conversation I can have many hours speaking with Dr. Michael Heiser's book the unseen realm came out last year and we got lots of great responses to the interview we did fact we we re-aired it a couple times when I was traveling the two hours we spent so so glad to get another hour with Dr. Heiser. If you enjoy Lagos biblical software which so many of you do you can thank Dr. Heiser for his expert work as scholar in residence overseeing so much of the work in tagging. If you been through, it might man I can just cover over this word in English and know tell me what is in Hebrew or Greek, you're talking to the man who tagged in verse after verse after verse in the Bible. Michael what was it like going through word for word the Bible the way you did, obviously, was it was grammatical it was you were doing things like that but yeah that's something that most of us will never ever ever doing what we can read the original languages to go through that meticulously were you able to to get more out of Scripture or Esau absorbed line by line. It was, it was challenging you know I actually enjoyed it and you do notice.

I felt like a scribe. Some days you do notice things that you otherwise wouldn't notice you when you have to hand late every word of the translation. I did the whole thing. James, I did part of the NIV and it was another when I can remove with which why I did that would be got a lot of the different projects. But when you are handling every word of the translation to the word or segment in the Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek, from which it derives. You really do don't notice things at a granular level and yeah I took notes by going to look that up around the third.

II love to visit enjoyable 30 year fixed your to do one reverse interlinear working through three hours a day of thigh.

I love to get questions about the King James because I'm probably the only person in the world was ever gone through every word in a handling segment you get to know it really well. Translation is finite. I really enjoyed it yet, let's let's just think of one little thing out to see the King James, this is beautiful classic is a new believer ready cover to cover several times memorized thousands of verses out of it, but many times it is consistent with the use of the word same word by the same author in the same context should be translated the same way but Texan like us the Neo with having to do with with weakness and and when you're going through Paul. Talk about weakness in any changes to infirmity mimic the King James is imperfect and that either yelling we sometimes forget that the King James was like modern translations. A committee translation knowing end of the translators of different points in different book. You could tell I get it did the exercise. I did the work. You could tell when you had a translator who really knew his Hebrew better than one of the other guys that worked in a different portion of human example again. And in Hebrew, you have the demonstrative pronoun. Let's just say who they are functioning as a demonstrable or personal pronoun. I can know when you're talking programmable as the two possible functions, but can also be used as the copula of the linking verb to be or is in English because that's just the way it was usually occasion for their book the King James were that the translator just wanted every instance that newspaper really well and caught all of B. Another place where they really didn't know what to do with it. You could tell that they were confused at some point so there are things like that. In the King James, they may begin at a difficulty with the word of grammatical point like that where you have quote unquote inconsistencies but by and large the bikini James is a good translation.

There's a reason it held up so long I'm I was like you I was leaned on it as a Christian predator several times that and when this project is yeah amazing and and I wonder how many other people, especially with multiple versus okay we come back. Was there a rebellion in the heavens as the Bible talk about it when did it happen either 707 headed monsters around her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown spotless offer. References can come up you will go through Scripture, your commentaries use background Bible dictionaries different things critical reverse reverse use the exegetical God you don't know the language is much you on safe ground.

The information you get there about with the Greek or Hebrew word means or different usages of it you're on safe ground and some of you can thank Dr. Michael Heiser, scholar in residence at Lagos member to order your Lagos Bible software to score the website S. Dr. you see it right on the homepage. As you scroll through and during the break I noticed someone had posted something on my YouTube channel and was in Russian. Some regression so I posted it in Google translate Mike and the Russian came out as this great channel!

With our subscription and Huskies.

We hope for reciprocity self doesn't doesn't quite didn't quite nail it and I love you that sometimes I see something in Hebrew and in posted there are Arabic which I read were slowly posted Google translate like the results of that always that always nail it's a bit of a science, I think it is for sure. Alright so in the Bible we we know that Satan we know that a certain point there was a fault does Isaiah 14 alluded to it. This is equal 28 alluded to it. What about the picture of Satan in Revelation 12 with seven heads and then the reference of the Psalms to Leviathan on multi-headed the twisting serpent in Isaiah 27 and an ancient near Eastern iconography were you have the seven headed deities and what actually happened behind the scenes. Yeah, this is language again like that would've not because they believe that there are no guy monsters that sort of landing take material form, and God had to go into combat with the their their metaphor and symbol that communicate a spiritual battle delivered a spiritual enemy who opposes God and God does do battle in the spiritual world is the spirit be and you know it looks like no we will know what to do with it.

In our propensity again because we told interpret the Bible literally know that live but first, and makes an all-out illegal activity that we get an ancient Israelite would've read about Leviathan and they would've known again. What that meant, because that was such a familiar character in Canaanite literature, Canaanite religion, I what they had been part of the Canaanite leave of course they live in proximity to the Israelite unit have conversations with your neighbors about religion that to be there story of how the forces of chaos were put under control in which God knows the one responsible for giving us an ordered place to live. Know the Bible include the thing to often take shots that and to again equate those things with wrong theological ideas or near to the deities that are given credit in the creation story.

Once that happened, those symbols can get repurposed when you look at Revelation 12 know you have a dragon with seven heads and connect comes from somewhere, and we have imagery like that in in Daniel and so that's designed to take the reader's mind back to the Daniel story. What is symbolized there will it have to do with the league baseball be the last one is the park horrific know that one is to give way to the kingdom of God. Again, a lot of the stuff is designed to draw attention to spiritual combat and also leases where that combat ramification are discussed in the Old Testament and the course. Also, the New Testament New Testament repurposed a lot of the stuff that reason, would you say that the images are real but not literal yeah I would I would say they stand when a person has a vision of this thing. Yes, I think is really saying what he does pride but I would say our interpretation of them even in the Old Testament, though, should not be literal, we should ask Walt where is that image come from, where would what would the hearers think about that. Where might they have heard that before heard it talked about. And once you can answer that question to connect those dots then you understand how the original readers, hearers, that language in Daniel state very clear that it symbolizing again.

One of the these empires together. We also read in Daniel are under the control of possible rebellious divine being the spiritual warfare image that's the way they would profit what about Ezekiel 28 the king of Tyre is pointing back to Satan behind.

That is when would we make of that. Yeah, I think we talked about this before and it Old Testament scholars noticed big big lot hail that I think early that the word upon Satan is not a proper personal name in the Old Testament because it depended the definite article about Satan papers like English and I'm not but might we don't do that with proper personal names okay we get that, but the term itself your adversary closer. It really what happens in Genesis 3 in opposition to divine rebellion And and and so that's why later on in the Intercontinental. The data writers thought hey we need to start using this term of this villain back here because of the shoot.

But let's have it where so I do think that Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14. With that out of the bunch and you just prefer that matter. I think they're all describing a primeval divine rebellion that results in the mortality of humans being driven from the presence of God, the life of God eternal life, and asked again why humanity find out the situation for needs redemption. I think all those pastors went back to that original episode, even though Isaiah using that story of divine rebellion portray an earthly king earthly ruler in a very negative way using a different analogy I let this let's get to a few specific things about beings or people's mentioned in the Bible. I remember talking about this a couple years ago but let's let's do it again or your goat is because I get asked this all the time. The nifty lame Genesis 6 where they are, they still around today.

No I don't think we need to know one of the believe that there is modern believe were definitely larvae that spaceships, not even spaceships, not even in space.

Yeah, I'm not Capitol theater. There's a number of reasons why I gather there read the unseen realm there actually is to use a interpreting data specific supernatural. I think there were again offspring that were unusual know they are described as members and their their immaterial part describes coming from rebellious fund of God, however, that worked out. I know I don't know I'm not omniscient to be able tell you exactly how that works out.

But I think that's with text prescribed record of the open estimate. These are wiped out in the time of David. If you're going to the Septuagint up a little longer. Multidimensional little bit later in Jeremiah but the whole point of ridding the earth with them is that they were the leading candidate to exterminate the people of God. And so that's why you'll even after the conquest you still have some left. Joshua defined victory in the conquest. Is there no moronic team in the land and he says all but a few of them have run off of the Philistine. 30. That's the refining together there finally dealt with that at the time of David, at least according to the traditional Hebrew text.

I think the point of that is displaying what God you know different people to get rid of this particular people groups who were raised up in some way by Hospital God to prevent the Israelites from inheriting the land and to possibly destroy it so we have to take care of that those 20s the term bloodline have to be dealt with and they are again, but I don't think that looking at sort of the need to have the proper sky know about Matthew 24 is not legitimate hermeneutic.

Look at Matthew 24 luck out one phrase marrying and giving in marriage, and failed at the naphthalene coming back. The second coming of Christ. When you leave the other three or four description that hearken back there and they're clearly not the naphthalene, plucking things out to build a theology but I would say that Matthew 24 does not use the same wording as the Septuagint. In Genesis 6 will have the writer wanted us to make that connection you would've done what he does in many other places for the Septuagint to draw our I and our attention back to that passage, but he never got yeah and when you look at the largest in Jesus is saying is just as in the days of Noah people and prepare and they were just going about normal life and then try to tame as can be having that people still won't listen to the warnings they still won't believe in the destruction comes just as it was the days of Noah. The friends get your copy Dr. Michael Hodges plus unsympathetic for yourself or a holiday gift when you get it. You also get a greatly discounted price by 12 hour teaching series on angels, demons and deliverance to the spiritual realm interfacing on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thing 12 verse 12 where on the E before the death of the firstborn, God announces to Israel on this night I will have victory over the gods of the eject God's there is being referred used to refer to the spiritual powers that are supportive of eject they are real, they're not God like Yahweh. They're not his peers. God created them to elsewhere. We might use the language of angel or demon Michaels done a wonderful job in terms of communicating his message and very interesting way you will be able to put the book down. Went to pick it out. That's a strong endorsement from Prof. Trumper Longman, one of the top evangelical Old Testament scholars in the world talk about my guest Michael Heiser's book the unseen realm right Mike, we just got a few more minutes. Obviously we can go on for hours and hours like this of the referee are they the subdivision of the Anna came today have to do the spirits of the dead who are they yeah you got a lot of work to rely good work you actually change my thinking a couple points I went back and read your book.

They are find out your your your treatment on how it's not about healing needs a lot more attention because you always run in the notebook sidebar ended I got back I was really challenged by but gather if I hereby get a Deuteronomy to read the label given to you on a keyword or associated with the allocation and we see the rapine game I likely would an external agent text as also being inhabitants of the underworld. So again the underworld of the place you don't want to stay another I I'm also very contrary and when it comes to the belief that the Old Testament did have a positive view of the afterlife, but also a negative view of the afterlife. A lot of Old Testament scholars want to deny that there's no need to keep it so they thereupon anymore there they are the departed spirit again out some of these new giant client and you just don't want to stay there. This is why second Temple Jewish tradition picked up on this thread and a few others. A few other places and taught that human worthy departed spirit of the defendant's monopoly with the giant client at something you'll read over and over again in intercontinental Jewish literature and their drawing it in part from certain rough fighting passages in the Old Testament in their other other bread in different places, but that one that was present yet very interesting and of course we could we get to side discussion here that we find edifying, but that we might leave a few conflicts out on there is there is a professor Mark Smith, a Catholic background prolific Semitic scholar took over the chair basically of my main mentor at NYU is back. Prof. Boris Levine and and every every few years have interacted a little bit with Mark is a very gracious guy and I say Eric Catholic background because he's not one of these aggressive atheists or things like that, but he's he's prolific he's actually brilliant and Semitic scholarship and talking about the origins of a belief in God in the ancient world.

So what you've done on up on a popular level and other research than a scholarly level. It is always going to intersect with some of what he has to say we only got a couple of minutes and again I recognize the vast majority of listeners would not be familiar with Prof. Smith scholarship but it doesn't present this view, that you critiquing your dissertation.

Where would you say that you different with Prof. Smith scholarship in this area while fundamentally I don't think it references the divine plurality or references to accountable require a polytheistic outlook. It Israelites were like these are today that there's they don't all believe the same thing every every occasion.

At every point, but to use counsel, references and the plural Elohim to say that Otis was evident the poly and we get rid of it I think is incoherent not only because it sort of ignores the elasticity of the umbrella nature of Elohim, but also after the biblical. I have an article that people could find on my website BRM put in note divine plurality of Tyndale PYM DALE I have a whole article published in the journal about divine plurality in the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were very, very theologically conservative, but there are over 150 references the plural Elohim and elite in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Many of them in counsel contact so where the evolution got people at Qumran didn't get the memo. There is no need evolution toward monotheism as though we have to get rid of divine plurality terminology. They're not making any effort to get rid of it at Qumran. They were fine with that.

My response that is there find it because they understand Elohim.

This refers to a spirit being is not loaded with a specific set of unique attributes. I don't I don't think Mark is really address that. Well I really like time with them myself. I really enjoy them and their ability. I can't say enough good about it but we have a fundamental disagreement there yet in this and the fact that one of my first scholarly articles was on a particular like semen in Eucharistic and Hebrew, and etc. that that he cites approvingly. Hey that's good to me because he is a world leader in a scholar so we appreciate his scholarship in the midst of having theological area, differences, and then if you can do this in a minute or less. John 10. What is Jesus doing with Psalm 82 in John 10 of the best answer for the go to naked Bible podcast figure naked Bible and I believe it episode oh I think it's 109 or 105 that I devoted a whole hour and 1/2 dusting short version. Jesus has claimed equality with God. In John 1030. He claims it in John 1037, 38, I am in the father. The father is in me and that tells me that in the middle of the 20 quote Almighty through thick is not assuming that the gods of comedy to are just people.

He's not saying, hey, don't get mad at me for calling myself a son of God, the son of God because you guys tend to additively pay anything. Look doesn't drown Scripture teach you that.

The terminology sons of God is actually used elsewhere of divine being beings that are more dispersed point and then a second point, he follows it doesn't backpedal away from the claimant 1030. It is now the my terminology is justified is pointed beings that are more than father is in me and I'm in the father. I am Lord of the comparable. I'm not just more than a minute the alligator I am Lord of the Council that he identifies himself with Yahweh. One rendering judgment in the Council over all other thought that that's what he is doing that. The quick and dirty bird and I love it… I it's a gift to the one hour podcast and to reduce it to a minute I live radio on that one has that he thank you for another day will have to talk about planetary and is usually Smith thank you for your thanks for joining me again. Psychoanalysis. I get the book and my teaching series aspect around the Lord.

My bottom line, today's the spiritual realm is real in our dog whistle Jay Sekulow, you know, the leader of the ACL J will be joining me in a moment's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown floor I'm coming your way live Little Rock, Arkansas. I failed to mention in the first hour of the broadcast for the Escamilla way live from Little Rock and when we flew in my system, Dylan. I've flew in the day before yesterday Saturday afternoon and we arrived at the airport. Therefore, I was surprised to see that is that Bill and Hillary Clinton national Airport. Obviously there famous in Arkansas, some with the information Arkansas depending on the point of view. The recovery way live from Little Rock and in a moment, to be joined by Jay Sekulow no him on the radio. You know him as the leader of the ACL J you know I miss being on the front lines of major legal cases involving Christians and America for years now and Jay is also a Jewish believer in Jesus. Many people listen to me over the years and said that I remind them of him and he of me because we are both somewhat fast talking Jews who believe in Jesus of jail be joining us shortly will be taking calls for Jay Sekulow, but in a few minutes when I'm done speaking with you. I will be taking her calls and I got a couple questions for you. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 of the big debate tonight, Donald Trump Hillary Clinton some salesman is 100 million people between them. If that's the case, to be completely off the charts. Absolutely outrageous. If you got some big TV show.

One of the one biggest shows in America today. The walking dead or something like that. Maybe it gets 12 40 million viewers of something or the last episode of the Sopranos on HBO is not shows I watch but just that I know about that. Got some like 12 million and you have no Monday night football get a certain number of viewers to see less tonight because of the debate when the Beatles rented Sullivan in 1964 that God, a viewership that would've been the majority of Americans with TVs within watch it get you have anything anywhere near that because you have sold so many networks, people can watch and so many things I can listen to and then they get stuff online so debate could be massive but just out of curiosity.

Just out of curiosity. The debate tonight. Is that going to impact how you vote or pelican could bomb out they are voting for Hillary anyway. Donald Trump could bomb out you voted for Trump anyway or you may not vote for either but if Donald Trump does really well usually cancel for Hillary. I know I can vote for Hillary if Donald Trump does really well. You'll go to Donald Trump where where you at. I'm just curious, I asked this question on Facebook. Let's see, where is it the results of tonight's debate will greatly influence how I vote that I gave three choices absolutely maybe not at all what you think was the old overwhelming response.

Oh, all overwhelming of those choices. The results of tonight state will debate will greatly influence how I vote absolutely may be not at all say that a little later in the broadcast.

And I did a poll and we are final results. 659 votes.

Patty feel that Sen. Cruz's endorsement of Trump. He did the right thing.

He sold out. It was a calculated risk to the results of that but how do you feel how you feel about the fact that Sen. Cruz endorsed Donald Trump will take your calls little later in the show.

You feel he did the right thing. Hey, after all, he became pledge to support the Republican nominee feel he caved in and asked this pragmatism in OEE is dollars didn't like where he was standing or he needed to get more popular to get the Senate election in Texas or the look is just just good politics or hey, it's to practice forgiveness. We think I'll tell you how are poll respondents answered that as well will come right back with Jay Sekulow for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is my joy to have today on the line of fire, secular, you know J on the outlines of key cultural battles in America today for many years with the ACL J the American Center for Law and Justice like I got so used to sing ACL J that I forgot with the ACL you even stood before. But we know with the initials stand for. We know what they stand for and so good and important that we have folks like Jay and his son Jordan on the radio with the ACL J standing up for what's right, center for persecuted Christians in other parts the world standing up for for morality and liberty. Here in America and Jay will be participating at the feet at the annual celebration.

Excuse me the actual apologetics conference during the break I was answering someone's question at the feast of Tabernacles a message for Easter. He'll be speaking at the annual apologetics conference in Charlotte October 13-15 so we give you more details on that in a moment, but J.

Welcome to the line of fire, grabbed me appreciate appreciate your great work with thanks and often people say that I sound like you because were both fast talking fast thinking Jewish believers in Jesus.

I guess just in our blood back relaunched on a radio broadcast. I went on the conservative talk they can get out of Manhattan go at 9:30 AM vehicle to the Lichtenberg occupation permitted by coming all these are my people exactly yeah now I'm on the Christian side of that WMC is a great big yeah Albertson span onto 970 that that is awesome. J that's incredibly excited about hate. What's your state of mind these days with the all-out assault on religious liberty.

And you know where things could be heading for churches for Christian schools which are state of mind which are state of mind be coming.

I wrote a book that came out last week: holy life talked about Iran, Russia energy audit literature that their desire what they shared together an agenda for world conquest and I think we look at religious liberty.

Here we we have a government that looked between the Department of Justice and the little for physical for our government died the court back.

The department doesn't go after the little port known religious liberty to Charlie victory right now. I think in most cases we still carry the day but were now uneven Supreme Court that the menu will continue to carry the day. So I think the reality of what to have a dramatic impact on the future direction of religious liberty, litigation. Generally am optimistic Miami litigant dictate that you know for over 30 years.

We got great extent by God. You can't drop your guard per minute. Yes of the cat, and there is there is one case that involved a former student of mine from a little Bible school on Long Island. Then Dickinson Supreme Court deny nothing decision that you helped leave the land with Lance Chappell you have seen amazing victories.

How have things changed over the course of 30 years will be back 40 or 50, nearly 70 religious liberty rarely want day that we can't change the paradigm by arguing the free-speech case other than strictly of the predictive side of religion and we started winning and what you got now is to be with him to the coworker, David given the political theater where people say well I'm all for the freedom of worship. Worship is not inclusive of the free exercise of religion free with great brainwork means you could do what you want in your own synagogue or church government data that, but it does mean you can impact the culture with your message or your viewpoint and that the difference between the brick provide religion, freedom of worship, but he got locked up her coat work here very important work on the domestic front of the bed in her book that we got out now with punitive moment important to know how you pray, think, make a different light.

So you brought up Islam you've written about this as well. Where are Americans going to extremes where they think every Muslim is a potential terrorist. Where are they putting their head in the sand as if we don't really face the threat from radical Islamic what should our viewpoint be what would happen in Washington state on Friday.

Got no coverage zero.

We hardly imagine five people were killed in a shopping mall Washington state Everett Washington on Friday the first report of the individual. It would respond "Hispanic" but nobody cover the story.

Then you find out that the individual not Hispanic back country of origin would get what turkey so that the paradigm being, but never terrorism.

What you prove me otherwise you got beat Matt Catholic joy can start with this by saying the book, unholy alliance start with the paradigm that it is terrorism and then back build a backstop if it were wrong. If not, will great, but it if it is the court any any shooting a ball at Terra when you got big random execution, but they didn't even reported in the media and it would've been on the white pigment. But remember, print, vice president John Kerry said I would media stop reporting on dictate. Yet like Donald Trump made a statement and there can obviously be hyperbole with any political candidate, not the least, trumped but he basically said that Hillary Clinton is tougher on his supporters that she is on radical Muslims and I think this a lot of truth to that, because you will be moderating forth with Islam which is not what is true there are really want to be the fake report, but they are few and far between to meet you Jeff. I could think of ample moderate fundamentalist Bertha jihadist is apparent that the longer they called patient.

The differential big big big Gianni doesn't have outpatient more moderate influence one on the same desire. What is the application of 300 not to go to buy wouldn't do it. We should label all Muslims of Jared in all countries were mugged complement incapable of immigration, but we better know would come in in the country. If we don't know is coming to get the country get what they don't commit my grandfather had to go through Ellis Island. That was part of the deal. Yeah, same, same as my. We just don't know what my name was shortened to Vince got to Brown somehow but we never find out exactly what I talk a lot and cooperative longer story.

At least your stay pretty close mind descended a big brown. So if we switch back from moment to religious liberties not just looking at and an article in the new American that one radical left-wing Obama appointee serving as chairman of the US commission on civil rights is basically said in a report that religious liberty is a code for bigotry. Write your your fighting that in the courts how they finally fight this in the battle. The court of public opinion with the moment we hold two of you that hate could she have a mom and dad or marriage is defined as a minimum for it for good reason, that were labeled bigots.

It's one thing to fight this in the courts how to fight in the court of public opinion mounted call media advocate renewed. You do it every day.

You could do to protect it.

We do it as well.

You got it.

You gotta utilize the media and your ability to communicate. You are with your network you like that media as an advocacy tool so it should not be a situation where if you hold of you. Contrary to the majoritarian rule United States of America that you label a bigot because you know you don't think a little bit of the poor could happen provide birth control that could be abortifacients to their employee make perfect though.

I think what you got it good realization. Michael I think is where we are right now the culture that we are swimming against the tide and a lot of issue and diverted to get the tide expect to have the house you get very different.

Continue swimming if you don't continue swimming in your form you get the tide. What happened I take Java take secluded to be okay.

Picked up videos and deeper you and your book unholy alliance was second to tell the reader what personal getting to be a history of what the battle really is due to the famous quote you a couple of parts but there's one by Winston Churchill recent unsuccessful intervention in the affairs of another government is generally not considered a good thing though. I think we go into engagement. We have to go engagement with the idea that we're going to win at least to be the goal when the battle Benjamin Disraeli defamed Prime Minister of Great Britain in the 1870s that when dealing with Russia. They only understand power. You can't arbitrate with the rotten teeth that unless you have power, Power, you can't. If you don't have power, you can't right now or perceive them no power we traced to major strength of Islam betrays their origin betrays their interactions with, have blocked what they're trying to reshape the Middle East and now the third actor in all of the Russia. Why would Russia would be jihadist but we got a hold of Dustin but wide application for the Russian part of his military re-engagement in the late part of the warm water port off. There's a multipronged issue going on right now you got the unholy alliance but you Russia. The audit. I ran working together during the same goals that barely same desire and you sometimes called the conspiracy serious. Do you just believe in the latest sensationalism how you combat that you documentary claims… Quite an unholy alliance. The book is 300 pages it very readable limited and note the date we call footnote he would think that without a lot of material, it is almost a paid. But there are something you will be the expert on the topic and write back, but I mean literally the expert bit hundred and 20 pages of text read unholy life, you will be the expert what's going on with Iran rocketing greater belief if the thickeners. The first one was dark with ride the bike effective wanted unholy alliance. The third one coming out next year for latter part of next year hereafter beyond his ability to be rising like this unholy alliance committed offenses. I I am speaking with Jay Sekulow's latest book, unholy alliance with talk about the apologetics conference coming up J's involvement in it. No one messes with Risa gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends if you want to going help support voices like J's and mine. The ministries we have the works that we do. You don't take this on and raise funds for trying to advance things person. In fact it's it's quite the contrary, rather than making personal advancement.

You make sacrificial efforts to advance the cause that's what we all do as believers.

And if you appreciate Jay's work these many years. The ACL J let him know that stand with him stand with us in the work that we're doing here at the line of fire.

And if you're anywhere near the greater Charlotte area or you make the trip in for the conference or you'd like to live stream for the first time ever you can do this, go to

That's an evangelical seminary.

The annual apologetics conference.

It's one-of-a-kind incredible lineup of speakers have had the joy of speaking there quite a few times and this year for the first time you can live stream October 13 for ladies only October 14 and 15th I J you got a special session there. They're making a major feature of the conference. What he can be doing their talk to people about the state of affairs everywhere to be at that point, you know, weeks away from the electrical communicate he got the cream court date apologetics conference in a part of apologetics.

And you know that better than anybody that you want the best in the country in the world at that. But you gotta be able to proclaim that message of truth. Right now were fighting for the ability to proclaim the message of truth, only give a realistic assessment of where we are in a week talking the book is about. While there may be at the pre-import Bank of the other. Maybe I mean. The report they can make going into that, though, when I will look at that going to get the lay of the land with talk about what we have been in the new book, the fact that our regulatory environment in our government is almost prophetically dangerous at this point it is the fourth branch of government, but established with these bureaucrats and I I did a notable, undemocratic credit. Basically that the theme would put all of this together in a talk. Give the real thing where we are at the country in Atlanta path report that I don't ever want to lose hope. Michael I know you're big on that. I don't want to get despair in every case by going to benefit Brathwaite debate, but gotta be faithful to the best you can with what you have that you talk about. Should we be making a big deal about the Johnson amendment and telecom saying that he would seek to abolish that fighting against the junk to mimic the 1980s and yet the idea that you can model churches but don't want the union can't be gone on a particular candidate all of your predicted by name the candidate would be the local AFL-CIO can start though.

I think that I think that the you'd think that somebody don't like the big night to the with the debate though and will have been there on where things are so looking forward lay that out.

I what about the threat to loss of tax exemption for churches, a real threat. The should be even care mean after all that concept did not exist in the early church and a dozen existent countries like China with the church is growing so is a real threat and should be care real threat because that creates an even playing field so it will be even playing field and it might help remember what number to any government capability and free method whether it be the ninth active, empathetic, or revoking fact that it that David and I will say that but look at in the context of might have an obligation to represent all the appropriate BRS which we want to go to Court of Appeal for the district of Columbia right below the report to get you the that day so look at the real threat.

I think it should be an even playing field of tax exemption.I what about the possibility that a Christian school private Christian school get a seminary V-8 Christian elementary school could be required to affirm the talking points of gay activism.

Just as those things are being pushed say in the public schools in the Obama administration pushing for those things and threatening the loss of federal funding for those that don't have life.

Could that theoretically, as pressure on Christian schools theoretically could come but it would be a part of it.

Only like it won't be a quick look at the toilet on the merit a pastor administer a rabbi, priest, died not to marry any couple if they don't think they should be married for any reason they want. I don't think you the right comfort orientation out of don't think the right couple to get married and the idea of the First Amendment of the state cannot then compel that pastor to violate the constant don't back out basic benefit when I get it all the time on the on the marriage is you and people that were there good there, right fanfic merit in it, that is no constitutional right to marriage. Marriage is what it is a sacrament, a holy act within the faith community is a civil contract with in the state you is right on either side with the idea that we got the government telling a minister or school. What your policy must be aptly compelling governmental interest. There's no high and we got two minutes.

If you could say one thing. Obviously you got massive class want to do it. That's my listening lines. If you can say one thing to pastors and Christian leaders in America today, what would you say to them, don't give up hope. I Michael you know I litigated cases all over the world. We got up all over the world and there's no place I'd rather be than the United States of America and we we should not lose hope for a moment, no matter how the collection goes, we live in the greatest country in the world and the Scriptures we are praying for those in authority because they pray for those with authority that agree with praying for those that are authority. You do that you pray for and you pray that God will would be done. You pray also that you like to see justice reign in righteousness, right at part of a legitimate prayer. But the fact is, I think we should never lose hope Michael and even in our book dealing with Islamic bread with unholy alliance new book I give hope at the end.

I fed it.

We will win. We must win. We have no option that the position I take yet and ultimately we grieve for Muslims because we know they lost. We know that ultimately the kingdom of God will triumph and authority belongs. I kind of like the only hope the really combative it should take all the military action to good measure to the gospel of the Messiah Yeshua got it absolutely hates Jay Silvers what you do it if you ever need someone to fill it with you. 971 day let me know.

I got Dr. I thank you so much Jay Sekulow you can join Jay at the Southern Evangelical seminary annual apologetics conference for information, go to It's worth traveling to people coming from multiple nations and all around America but for the first year of you can live stream.

The main content from the main stage so more information there. Jay Sekulow one of the keynote speakers, and obviously you hear Jane, just a couple minutes a hours worth you get to hear so much more from him their face to face. I had a really fascinating interview.

The first hour was Dr. Michael Heiser and I'm going to give you a couple of highlights of that in the last half-hour of the broadcast today. Coming up next.

But there is a very real unseen realm. The Bible talks about it quite factually, just the way we would talk about I'm sitting in an office.

I'm looking at a chair in the bookcase there lights over my head the spiritual realm is that real Bible pulls back the veil and tells us what's happening behind the scenes to my website* you can get Dr. Heiser with the unseen realm with a complete 12 hour teaching series I did on angels, demons, and delivering it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown exciting email earlier today for my producer Matt letting me know that you just posted a new video yeah we do that distant short period of time with three brand-new videos one where I talk about two thirds of millennial's could not identify Israel on a map and they got some of the other countries righted a higher percentage was that mean about their knowledge of the Middle East conflict who and then Dr. Alex McFarlane on why we should study the Scripture and then one more that I did are the words of Jesus relevant for us as believers today one popular TV preacher said the words of Jesus like an expired credit card what what so we address these false charges head on to check out all the videos this go to the line of Justi solicited right there and just click on the digital library for latest videos so be blessed by these we are here to equip you, this is Michael Brown and yes coming your way.

Everyone listening at DFW area coming your way. Find out tomorrow night after radio gobbling than Wednesday night special equipping services Gateway church. Their main campus as I talk about having hearts of compassion and backbones of steel and then Thursday night a special intimate meet and greet right have thousands of people there. It's gonna be a special time on any given inspirational faith building message short message to take life questions from all of you that are there one take a picture together, have me sign a book you will be my joy to do it were coming to meet you there. Our listeners in the greater DFW area, Little Rock, Arkansas right now and dearest sister came yesterday with her husband, older couple. They drove from Tyler, Texas to be at the meetings.

They are monthly supporters of our ministry and had a book they wanted me to sign and they drove all the way from Tyler Texas drove on Saturday to hear me speak three times in a Gothic church in Little Rock yesterday, Sunday, and they said this is the closest you get to be that they drove all those hours is it actually a I'm coming to Dallas this week to be there two days three days so you don't have to drive all the way across the country. Just drive 1/2 hour an hour and will meet over there all right. Sen. Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump and there are some very, very disappointed. I mean, pulling their hair out disappointed feeling that he completely betrayed them disappointed feeling that he violated his principles disappointed. Others say the guys a politician he needs to be reelected. His donors on happy many donors that he we wouldn't endorse Trump and Elise have a surprise with the Senate race in Texas so is just being pragmatic and others say a come on. He made a commitment to endorsed Donald Trump, whoever the Republican nominee would be to support him. It's Trump. So Trump went after his family and so on. But what it takes to save my face requires me to forgive, with or without an apology, so he's not now a surrogate for Donald Trump he saying were anti-Hillary we know what she'll do hope Donald Trump will do the right thing so you feel about that.

Did his esteemed often arise. Did you did you lose respect for him. A Glenn Beck. After pressing Ted Cruz in a lengthy interview analysis I should've endorsed Marco Rubio, that's interesting, very interesting. I did a poll on this on twitter and I asked this question about the endorsement.

How do you feel about some of the cruises endorsement of Trump and the three choices he did the right thing. He sold out. It was a calculated risk. Sauté the results of that poll in the moment and I I did another pole earlier today. Just two hours ago we started it. The results of tonight's debate will greatly influence how I vote, I gave three choices absolutely may be not at all what you with the results of the debate tonight influence how you vote yes or no on why, how do you feel about Sen. Cruz endorsing, Trump was reckless in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown God, Satan, angels and demons, but is there more to the unseen realm than that Scripture alludes to define counsel, sons of God.

What is the unseen realm good understanding of green light to confusing passages help us understand Jesus's mission better ancient Israelites believed about the unseen realm welcome welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown to get your copy of Dr. Michael Haas's book the unseen realm he's biblical Semitic scholar very similar background and training to what I had it and why you he had University of Wisconsin to get his book the unseen realm together with my 12 hour teaching series or teaching series on angels, demons and deliverance, by all means, by all means take advantage of this very special offer which we really reduce the price to be a blessing to you go to the line of you'll see it right there. II want to see exactly what Glenn Beck did Sam looking at a headline, a Glenn Beck after grilling Ted Cruz quote I should have endorsed Marco Rubio a bit. Again, see what his exact words or Sen. Cruz did he do the right thing or the wrong saying by endorsing Donald Trump will here's here's the long and short of he knew when he made the pledge to endorse whoever the nominee would be. She knew that that nominee might be Donald Trump. He was the front runner. At that point. Obviously, the Cruz camp was sinking and hoping and believing that he would go down in the two weeks that followed, but he was the front runner and he certainly knew that that would be a possibility sibilant that simply had to endorse will, according to Ted Cruz and and that maybe can find this link. He had previously said that I remember watching the clip that that commitment was rendered null and void.

When Donald Trump went after his family that that commitment to support the nominee was rendered null and void. When Donald Trump attacked his wife Heidi and attacked his father, Rafael, I'm in a ridiculous posting about of a picture to make her look bad.

Heidi Cruz and then the ridiculous allegation that Rafael Cruz had some connection somehow to the assassination of JFK now you say well I could see that. In other words, you made the commitment based on assumptions that these things wouldn't happen that someone would not go that far. Make these kind of crazy charges, so, so, yes, it makes sense that that he withdrew his his endorsement or his his promise to support the nominee of the other hand, say what about forgiveness Donald Trump did apologize to true or not we commanded to forgive either way. In other words, if it's a criminal commits a crime against me.

II may want to see justice and I may know that this person needs to face the full effects of the law, etc. but at the same time in my heart. Unlike a carried bitterness and hatred and anger. I am going to pray for that person to forgive them from the heart will Donald Trump did a few weeks ago apologize for things that use that word. He apologize for things that a close personal pain. I don't know that he reached out to take Cruz directly, but he did make that public statement is that coverage will take cruises subsequently said that his face requires him to forgive others, with or without an apology and that his wife and father are strong people resent their how the put off by this are devastated by the attack.

In the context of forgiveness in the context of forgiveness. I'm not talking about political expediency and not talk about political calculation in the context of forgiveness.

Ted Cruz did the right thing to keep his commitment and endorsed Donald Trump and say I'm supporting him.

He is the nominee.

He's been very careful of what he said he is not become a Trump light and sound in the praises of Donald Trump that you say yeah but he previously called Donald Trump a pathological liar. He that the day dropped out of his campaign.

He let loose with all kinds of solace and and summarize what many critics of Donald Trump felt, and I imagine the Hillary Clinton camp will be out will be playing the close of of take cruises say now he's endorsing Trump this is this is what Donald Trump's friends are like you who needs enemies and the play that clip of. If you have a ready of take Cruz actually excoriating Donald Trump so he's not now just said I believing Donald Trump is going to be an amazing leader when he sang his essay he keeps putting forth the right thing. Supreme Court appointees and things like that and then listening to the right people so I'm hoping that if elected, will do the right thing and I did make a commitment. Something to keep my word. And I do forget. So once you factor in forgiveness. Once you factor in forgiveness. I don't see how he wouldn't endorse Donald Trump because he gave his word now should he have given his word. That's a whole other story that was on on the Republican if it if I if I vote for. And in the fall elections.

I'm something of a Republican Mike about Hillary Clinton, and I would have sufficient reason to vote for Donald Trump and I continue to lead that lean that way based on who is listening to.

Based on things that he is saying based on stances that he's taking yeah I'm not put my trust in any person. But I'm leaning towards voting for him and obscene that voting against Hillary. My wife Nancy said she couldn't vote for him, but the likes of her today.

She couldn't vote for him, think her using change much by the fall, unless she has strong reason for that to have them change receives a difference in hand.

She feels that I'm that I'm being too easy on him and in that respect. And of course I've ever raised serious criticism about the outcome. For the past but that being said, I'm not a Republican. I'm a registered independent. I don't have an allegiance to either party. Although I am massively in favor of the public and Republican Party platform in comparison with Democratic Party title if I'm just voting for the platform. It's a no-brainer. I vote Republican. That being said I could not have made a pledge if I was running for president that I would support whoever the nominee would be because I don't know who that nominee would be or whether I could truly stand with them or not was, I'm not all in Republican or else like some is all in Democrat or else are all in Republican arrest that's that's not me but again, if you factor in forgiveness. Even if you hate the fact that Santa Cruz did this.

Kathy's is not doing it with tremendous enthusiasm. What is being pressed you feel down transfer for the presidencies that say all yeah he's the man he's the man and I didn't get to it. I didn't get to see the. The interview, but of my sister Dylan was able to watch the interview with with with Glenn back and just getting some feedback from my team here in terms of it being a difficult interview and moderate at least he said he he would've preferred Rubio considering that they're both politicians and he saw Cruz was not in other words Glenn Beck essay is the first time I've ever seen Ted Cruz calculate his answers and answer very, very carefully, like a politician boarding Glenn Beck essay hey, I didn't think Ted Cruz really was a politician like that and people say what you talking about everything is done is calculated now. He's not a typical politician and that he's taken stands at been unpopular and his burn bridges. Because of his convictions and and that's one reason I endorsed and if ultimately he said look, I gotta keep my word. And I gotta keep my my personal thoughts and feelings out of this. They did the right thing he did the right thing if he simply caved to pressure from donors or potential problems in the Senate race or things did not go as he expected at the convention the RNC what Wendy when he spoke, and and gave his message and then in a he was welcomed he was welcome a standing ovation.

Right in the many close with vote your conscience, he was booed off the stage, basically. And even if that was orchestrated was, not probably what he was expecting.

So if assessment of calculation that is like other politicians if it's a matter of this pragmatism of hate.

II need this donor support to yield to pressure then he's not the man we thought he was because of his death the principal if it's a matter of hey I've got my principles and based on my principles.

I could not endorse Donald Trump. Even I gave my word to because of what he did, however, forgiveness requires me to then he did the right thing and he did the Christian thing, but in any case, to sink, though, that any political leader does not have a political bone in their body or does not calculate politically or Glenn Beck. Perhaps putting a month too high a pedestal that's a lesson for everybody no matter who the political leader is to get ahead in politics other than God just sovereignly supernaturally raising that person up like God raised up Joseph in Egypt, there's gonna be a lot of political stuff that happens and they're going to be choices that they make in a calculate there with you and it's it's not necessarily evil or wrong it some some way playing the game of politics and a wise way, as opposed to an unrighteous way but not might my pole. Let's just see dear hole, who's not overwhelming in terms of anyone's view, but see where it is 40% city did the right thing.

33% city sold out 27%.

The calculated risk support divided the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown dollars attached. From talking about these things intend either not to see them or tend to try and play them down or are not sure what to do with the importance enrollment does help people understand that the world in Scripture is a you and it can give us a way to bring these together under the rubric of a God who screen in the spiritual realm as well as the physical world is the words of two biblical scholar Staubach tells the seminary.

Gary pressures at Fuller theological seminary speak about Dr. Michael Heiser's book the unseen realm. It's her special resource offer. This week you'll be absolutely fascinated by get you dig in the world like never before and realize the reality of the spiritual realm you order this week, you get to my entire 12 hour teaching series 8 lectures on angels, demons, and deliverance Glenn back. I should've said joking when you know to be Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, I disagree with him on a gang of eight is about 80% that I do agree with him on. He's kind of a politician but is a different kind of politician. He's young politician is Hispanic. He can when let's go for it. Instead I said, let's find a truly honorable man and that will always let you down. It will always let you down is still I believe a good man. He's just a politician, first speaking of Ted Cruz there, put them into the category of politician and that's my fault that would be some level of naïveté on the part of a Glenn Beck who certainly been around and is certainly worldly wise and that respect so again my pole-about Santa Cruz's endorsement of Tromso by Twitter followers are largely conservatives as I am, and maybe more pro cruise than pro Trump if I'm correct, I never really surveyed that in a way that I could get clear data. 40% said by endorsed company did the right thing.

33% city sold out 27% said was calculated risk, so that means 60% did not identify first with he did the right thing the other hand, only 33% said he sold out so interesting there okay what about tonight.

Selections one-time mice at my sides to bake. Now I'm actually going to be in flight. I believe from from Little Rock.

I'm going to be in flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, and in and that setting.

I'll try to follow on my computer. What's happening with the debate in the way that I would normally do. That is, is go to to a website news website that will be posting tweets from different people watching different political pundits watching it and making their comments and then be interacting with Nancy as she's watching it, but my question that I posted on Twitter. The statement said this the results of tonight's debate will greatly influence how I vote. Okay, that was that was my statement. The results of tonight's debate will greatly influence how I vote. As such, I just say agree disagree… I give three choices absolutely may be not at all absolutely may be not at all what he think the results are 83% said what this absolutely may be not at all.

83% said not at all is not fascinating.

12% said maybe only 5% said absolutely. That's just the first hundred 76 votes, and again its reflecting of people who were following me on twitter.

If I done it on Facebook itself mention our Facebook page asked Dr. Brown is is 20 times bigger. With over 420,000 people on Facebook and only 22 1/2 thousand something on twitter but I don't have the ability just was simple pole to have to read through all the responses and we get hundreds we get thousands of responses which can't just sit through in the context of of of radio broadcast, so we just work with the data that we have, but what it's saying is either people made up their minds and their votes.

One of their late leader hate Trump was such a passion and and hate Haley was such a passionate vote doesn't matter what happens.

The debate or they are so much behind Hillary Clinton, either because they like her because there so against Donald Trump or there still behind on trumpet because they like him. Other so against Hillary. Either way, they are going to not be influenced. 83% said they would not be influenced at all that in the same maybe they will not be influenced at all by the results of the debate here is where I met under no circumstances barring Hillary Clinton absolutely repudiating what she stood for and who he is. She has been for decades. Barring that, and a completely different person emerging that has no connection with the Hillary Clinton of the past. No connection to her radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexual activist policies and and weak policies regarding national security in the past and things like that and a true turning from corrupt ways of the past. Under no circumstances what I vote for her. When I consider voting for or is it even a possibility of a voting for okay so that's clear and I'm not expecting that to happen. However, Donald Trump could continue to get me to lean towards voting for and what it would mean is this, it would mean that he is exercising more self-control. This is gonna have to do that the presence if he can't do it in the debate of this magnitude can expect to do, do it as the president unlikely.

This can be far more pressure, not a debate setting with former pressure with international leaders and other things that he's matched with at least three international leaders recently met with the president of Mexico and he was statesmanlike in that meeting. He's met with pry Mr. Netanyahu and I believe that meeting went well and he met with Egyptian Pres. of LCC and in that meeting as is.

I just read some things briefly didn't get studied in depth that the Egyptian Pres. and his colleagues were more favorable of the meeting with Donald Trump and with Hillary Clinton because of Hillary Clinton and Democrat policies towards Muslim brotherhood and things like that. So if he exercise self-control. If he seemed to better understand why he was a spouse sitting conservative values, which means he's getting it more. He's not just trying to get the votive evangelicals casinos.

That's the only way in.

I believe he surrounded himself too closely with evangelical leaders. Men like Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee as well. Christians like James Robison. Others who are really speaking into his life and he hasn't shut the mouth if I saw that he had more understanding of this. Okay, the fact that he was pro-choice in the past. The fact is married three times and celebrated his adultery okay, that still is the past and I'm not voting for him even based on that as much as where is he can stand today what decisions we make. If elected, so if he bombed out. If you if he behaved in a complete unruly weigh-in and in the worst case scenario for Donald Trump than the house. How can I say but they could influence me in a positive way.

We shall see. Bottom line today. Pray pray pray for God's mercy on America righteousness for

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