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Getting Ready for Yom Kippur; and Apologetics with J. Warner Wallace

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 5, 2016 4:40 pm

Getting Ready for Yom Kippur; and Apologetics with J. Warner Wallace

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 5, 2016 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/05/16.

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Keep or the day of atonement is coming, but there is no forgiveness size sacrifice for our sins stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown it's it's he's not a polished politician like you and Hillary Clinton and so you know I will not amount to a means only I sell you guys and great line from the gospel of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. That was part of the vice presidential debate last night between Mike pence and Tim Kane widely reported that Mike pence clearly won the debate. Can Kane's demeanor was very much off putting. But we don't know how much influence the VP debate has an overall elections did highlight some important moral and faith issues. I will be getting to that in a major way today, but I do want to play a couple clips for you and then do some thoroughly Jewish stuff today on a Wednesday. We've got some great interviews and special guests that you'll be blessed by him thoroughly juice Thursday tomorrow. This is Michael Brown them to call 86634 got a Jewish friend does know the Lord give McCall tell them to listen in, because a few minutes from now and then open up some important truths about young keep or Dave atonement and the Messiah. But first from the debate last night. Mike pence is an evangelical Christian Tim Kane claims to be a devout Catholic. Listen to what they have to say. First, listen to all that see Tim Kane click number 10 Tim Kane speak about his views on abortion, which of course put him in opposition with his Catholic faith, Elaine. This is a fundamental question a fundamental question: are both people out of religious backgrounds or Methodist Church experience was really formative for her as a public servant, but we really feel like you should live fully and with enthusiasm. The commands of your faith, but is not the role of the public servant to mandate that for everybody else.

So let's talk about abortion and choice.

Let's talk about that we support Roe versus Wade. We support the constitutional right of American women to consult their own conscience, their own supportive partner their own minister, but then make their own decision about pregnancy that something we trust American women to do that and we don't think that women should be punished as Donald Trump's addition for making the decision to have an abortion and listen to what Mike pence, Gov. Mike pence has to say will grab click number eight.

This is an extended quote from Gov. Pentz for me the sanctity of life proceeds out of the belief that that ancient principle that where God says before you were formed in the womb I knew you, and so for my first time in public life. I've sought to stand with great compassion for the sanctity of life state of Indiana was also sought to make sure that we expand our alternatives in healthcare counseling for women on abortion alternatives which I'm also very pleased factor well on our way. In Indiana, to becoming the most pro-adoption state in America.

I think if you go to be pro-life, you should should be pro-adoption, but what what I can't understand this with Hillary Clinton and now Sen. Kane at her side is to support a practice like partial-birth abortion and to hold to the viewing of Sen. Kane you you hold pro-life use personally but the very idea that a child it is almost born into the world could still have their life taken from them is just an estimate yeah and in the most barbaric ways imaginable. Make no mistake about it. Sen. Kane's position on abortion is in direct opposition to the Catholic Church and claims to be a devout Catholic.

That being said knew these men presidential candidates there, VP candidates and buying something happening to the candidate voting for them, but the candidate they are supporting leadership peers become that her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us today on the line of fire is ground yeah I know, I know we played some clips from the vice presidential debate, and I understand that you want to talk about that but we just I can focus on that today were in a very sacred season on the Jewish calendar, and I know that it is Wednesday instead of thoroughly Jewish Thursday by we are going to focus on a Jewish related subject today on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a question if you have a question for me about young people. If you have a question for me about Dave atonement in any of the traditions surrounding that, by all means give me a call let me reach you from Leviticus chapter 16 Medicus chapter 16 the Lord spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron, who died when they approach the Lord Lord said to Moses, tell your brother Aaron that he is not to come whenever he chooses into the most holy place behind the curtain in front of the atonement cover on the ark. Else you will die roll appear in the cloud over the atonement cover the cell.

Erin is to enter the most holy place. You must bring a young bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering is to put on the sacred linen tunic with linen undergarments next to his body. He is to tie the linen sash around him and put on the linen turbine there sacred garments, he must bathe himself with water before he puts them on initially community is to take two male goats for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. Now it's it's really very interesting but in Jewish tradition the night before Yom Kippur, the day before Yom Kippur was very important for the high priest. It was a time of special separation, lest he become defiled in any way if if he became defiled. Let's say he accidentally touched the corpse someone died in his presence and he accidentally touched the corpse and he became defiled or something else happen then only hold you.

You've got a problem, where the high priest of the nation cannot cannot be involved in in the atonement ceremony the cleansing ceremony. The expiation ceremony for the nation which case there is no national atonement so Jewish traditions. Obviously grew around this event quite understandably, and right now we are in the period between your own true, which is the blowing of the shofar, which in Jewish tradition becomes rush rush in the beginning of the year. The new year. Wind at the time. Between that and the day of atonement, Yom Kippur.

So basically in the third day of 10 Yom Kippur being the 10th day of the month sacred assembly a day of fasting a day of introspection, a day of repentance were Jews all around the world a day when their praying that their names will be written in the book of life for another year. Many Jews believe that at this time of the year. There their deeds are being waived and the balance in fact it's a time when many Jews are are especially are specially examining their hearts and examining their lives and seeking to do more good deeds so that their good deeds will outweigh their bad deeds over the course of the year and the this zodiac sign for this month, Tishri the seventh month of the biblical calendar with the first month of the traditional Jewish calendar. It is scales, weight scales, so this signifies hanging in the balance and obviously this could be approached in a legalistic way. We are trying really hard to get your good deeds to outweigh your bad deeds and then insert leader can be legalism in any religion. I would say that many Jews even if there is something legalistic. They with all sincerity, seeking to repent and do what's right. The question of sincerity is not the issue, the question of zeal is not the issue of the question of truth and of conformity with God's will is the ultimate issue, coupled with a sincere and repentant heart, but let let me let me also let me also said this essay.

This if you really understand the holiness of God and your own sin and the lack if you really understand how far you fall short of the mark, then this idea of good deeds outweighing pets. He said it's Diana work follow what I'm saying Charles Spurgeon tells the story of a man who was staying in and in a small in all traveling through England. He was out in kind of a isolated area.

There was a small inlet the room, so he stayed there for the night but notice the floor was covered with dirt so he got on his hands and knees and started to brush the dirt away, but the more he brushed the dirtier it got. That's when he realized it was a dirt floor. Spurgeon like and that's the condition of the human heart outside of God's redemption. It's dirty, it's filthy, what should no matter what you do to the dust it off and clean it. It just gets dirtier in that respect or at the least, it remains dirty hands all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Scripture declares that plainly, hence the verses that say that a righteous man on the earth who does what's right, without sinning. Hence verses that say God if you would would bring us into judgment. Not one of us could stand while we all fall short of the mark of God standard of God's holiness sue on our very very best day on our holiest day of the most devoted day on the most committed day we do is still tarnished is still blemished if not for the grace and mercy of God comes to the blood of the Messiah. So just want to say if if you are a Jewish person listening today. You can try your best but you will not be able to have your good deeds outweighed your bad because God judges every thought, God judges the intent of the heart, and you will find yourself still drowning. Some people it's true. Drowning 100 feet of water.

They are full of sin and corruption and are not even seeking to do what's right there even glorying in their sin and there are others that are drowning in 15 feet of water.

There really attempting to do the right thing but still falling short in there, so maybe drowning in 10 feet of water and and yeah I mean they're there to try to do the right thing within their stroke with their own self-righteousness and pride in.

We need mercy need a Savior we need to deliver an end notice. Notice that there were two male goats that were taken for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering an end. Notice that throughout this whole presentation. There are animal sacrifices and blood is being shed. The day of atonement centered in terms of the activities of the high priest was the lead intercessor for the nation and the only one who could go into the most holy place and he can only go with blood this signifying his Hebrews tells us that the way into the most holy Place was not yet opened right. Notice that without blood, you do not have a day of atonement.

Yes, the Israelites were commanded to afflict themselves. There were commanded to afflict themselves whether what is that mean to afflict oneself traditionally came to to be understood as fasting, self-denial of so saying no to the. The most basic desires of the body and then some Jewish tradition would say that our fasting is diminishing ourselves and it's almost as if were offering sacrifices, but certainly it's not here as if her offering sacrifices because sacrifices were being offered by the high priest and it says error is off the bowl for his own sin offering to make atonement for himself and his household, then, is to take the two goats and present them before the Lord at the entrance to the tent of meeting used to cast lots for the two goats. One law for the Lord and the other for the scapegoat parent shall bring the goat whose lot falls to the Lord and sacrifice it for a sin offering, but the goat chosen by lot as the scapegoat shall BE presented alive before the Lord to be used for making atonement by sending it into the wilderness as a scapegoat. The so-called scapegoat was named after the goat that escaped the S scapegoat became the scapegoat the scapegoat is the one that takes the punishment we use it in contemporary speech your scapegoating that person you're blaming that person for what others have done, somebody's gotta take the blame, but the goat that escaped into the wilderness and in Hebrew that the goat for Oz, a sale that means that the goat that escaped that mean goat that was sent out to the demons of the wilderness one called Oz as elders. There is debate about that.

What is clear is that the two goats would have two important functions. One would be sacrificed for the Lord sacrifice for the Lord so you pull out the lot you get the right hand.

It's it for the Lord. That was the goat that would be sacrificed and its blood would be shed for expiation for atonement and then the priest would lay his hands on the other goat and that goat would be sent out into the wilderness by later Jewish tradition was actually thrown off a cliff and died. But that goat would symbolically carry away the sins of the nation. So the atonement process was blood in the carrying away of sin and you sure are Messiah does both that which is prefigured in these two goats finds its fulfillment in him is what we can know no no sins file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive 21586648784 hey let's be straight with one another. Let's be straight with one another.

These are not trivial issues you know who you are. You might be listening to show for the first time you make your regular listener for years, you might be a secret listener because in your community. It would be good if people knew you were listening to Michael Brown. You know that you know that you know that your sins are forgiven. Do you know without any question without any doubt that if you were to die right now you would go straight into the presence of God.

Are you 100% sure I am not because of how good I am.

It's not because of how hard I try. It's not because of how deeply I've repented all I do repent deeply for sin. I hate sin.

I do seek to please God.

I do seek to honor him with my entire life. Absolutely. But I'm depending on the righteousness of the Messiah.

I am depending on the blood of Messiah and I have truly asked God to forgive me wash me clean to forgive and forget everything I've done offended him, grieved him that defiled me that separated me from God, and that merited his wrath and his judgment. I have asked for forgiveness and received it and live in 100% confidence of his grace and goodness I have in that sense been bathed in wash from head to toe as I walk through this world and my feet get dirty.

I get my feet cleansed and washed on a daily basis.

Sometimes on a moment by moment basis were were cleansed and washed by the Masai's blood that the once for all. Forgiveness we have received.

I talked to in ultra-Orthodox Rob right in Brooklyn many years ago.

Now I'm just describing his experience, I can't say that this describes the experience of other religious Jews. It was his experience, it was not long after Yom Kippur.

So of course he spent that day that little over 24 hour period and fasting and praying and confessing sin.

His sins and the sins of the community of Israel, the people of Israel, and he beat his breast and asked for mercy and I said to him, are you sure that you been forgiven and he said I need to see how sincere my repentance. In other words, it is if I see an attractive woman at MI looking at her lustfully if if if I have done evil in another way, and I've repented and asked forgiveness is my repentance, real and sincere.

So to him if he truly saw that he had repented and was no longer doing what he used to do in the the old rabbinic formulation. So when it comes to morality that the test of repentance.

The same woman same place same opportunity basically use the last time you don't send this time not any set it up but it happens again. At first time you yield the second time you and that that's that's a proof of repentance, then because the repentance was sincere. He would then say then God, seeing the sincerity of repentance.

Therefore, for gave him I would hate to have everything hanging on the perfection of my repentance.

Because if you probe more deeply into that same heart that same rabbi's heart. Other areas where you fall short would certainly come to the surface. Other areas of uncleanness. Other areas of pride or self-righteousness, or lack of compassion or lack of devotion towards God or fleshly attitude here or there. Whatever it certainly those things with wood surface and therefore he's depending on the sincerity of his repentance.

Yeah, I know. Five days later Sukkoth tabernacles a time of celebration rejoicing Jews around the world celebrating and rejoicing and yes the repentance is for day and the rejoicing is for a week. I understand all of but I am saying there is an assurance of forgiveness that we have in the Messiah, the traditional Jew will never know. Outside of the Messiah that we have something within us a supernatural knowledge and assurance and grace that even a worse day carries us through, and I remember December 17 of 1971 the Madison Laurel never put a needle in my arm again and by his grace and never did.

From that night on, that was the point of challenge that was the point of of surrender. That's what God was dealing with me about so and in intensely terms of repentance and I have to say this I had been riddled with guilt in the previous weeks riddled with guilt things.

I used to boast about things.

I felt so cool about things I that that are shameful and embarrassing today but what I was doing drugs and stealing money from our father.

It lines my best friends break into a doctor's office for Fontan so full of pride and anger and hate thought I was so cool.

The Holy Spirit was convicting me week after week after week, I lay in bed late at night high on drugs. Unable to sleep and feeling miserable about the wretch that I was the very things I boasted about one day the next day I was now ashamed of and I remember when when I truly asked God to forgive me and and said no more double mindedness. No more playing games. I surrender and put my trust totally in the grace and mercy and goodness and kindness of God. There is a clear mental picture that that led to that moment II saw how deeply God loved me, and I saw how ungrateful I've been. I pictured myself filthy from head to toe, and in the blood of Jesus the Messiah washed me from head to toe washed me literally from head to toe in this. Is this what I just saw myself being completely cleansed and then these beautiful white roles and garments were put on the and then I went back out to playing in the mud and that's the conviction that hit me then and that's why support never put a needle in my arm again. At that moment all the guilt disappear, disappear, and I thought of some of the very worst things I had done the very thought of them made me feel miserable. I went there and there was no guilt.

It was gone it had disappeared. Yes, yes, the guilt was gone and stayed gone for 45 years old. If I fall short.

If I disobey the Lord, if I do something carnal. The Holy Spirit is there to lovingly convict me and and by his grace I turned immediately from that thing and renounce it get cleansed and move on.

In Jesus name. But I'm telling you that conviction of the sins they committed the conviction that indicated to me. I was separated from God that guilt that plagued my heart disappeared the moment I surrender to the Lord in the blood of Messiah washed McLean, he himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we, being dead to sin should live to righteousness. I urge you strongly encourage cry out to him for mercy.

Turn from your sin by his grace and say washed McLean. Give me a brand-new heart. I believe Jesus the Messiah died for my sins and those from the dead.

If you do it from the heart. He will meet you. Let us help you grow in God right to us and ask Dr. Brown.Ford, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is number to call yesterday.

We spent some time talking about Andy Stanley's recent preaching an article that a brief lot of questions. Dr. Elmo's response, Prof. Scott McKnight weighing in and I want to get back to to that shortly. So on the in the next segment only give you some thoughts I wrote an article that you can read by going to ask Dr. Brown ask ADR Brown.Oregon just a click in the digital library looking for the latest article there where I interact with Pastor Stanley and and send them we interacted privately that I sent him the the. Then I sent him my article and he just sent me a note of appreciation back in and some follow-up to it. So of to get into that with you in a moment. But how, how about oh so this little crazy. I'm not connected get into this and and death of JJ grab clip number 13 for me all right.

And this this is Leonardo DiCaprio he's sitting across from Pres. Obama, and he sees talking about climate change, literally had to say could number 13.

The scientific consensus is in the argument is now over. If you do not believe in climate change. He did not believe in facts or in science and, therefore, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed public office. The course before anything with all this is the first I don't know that you know DiCaprio is known for his scientific acumen or for his ability to assess the scientific data pro and con on this divisive subject. That's one and two other critics of the DiCaprio's and others say, hey, you are all against climate change within you fly on your private jets and pollute the atmosphere. When I use public transportation but II just play that could melt when I get into discussion. Sorry, I apologize rocket to get into a big discussion about it, but I I play that clip just to say that our nation continues to be deeply divided that our nation continues to have extremely polarizing views and what's what's interesting is for the most part the Hollywood elites for the most part are extremely liberal, and whether the issue is abortion, whether the issue is homosexual practice, whether the issue is climate change. They tend to universally mean left now and again there are exceptions to and Bruce/Caitlin Shaner said that that he has had more opposition for his conservative Republican views then for sex change will certainly within Hollywood that would be the case, and by the way. Climate change is not a subject.

This is not a subject that we have discussed on the line of fire over the years there some shows. It's a big big topic. This is never been a focus of mine, so I have never studied the issue carefully. How could you not hey I haven't.

I believe we should be good stewards over the earth.

That's just practical common sense. The book of Revelation even mentions God's anger towards those who destroy the earth which could be interpreted in a number of ways, but we should be good stewards and think about future generations. That's common sense but I just thought I'd play that clip I had sitting on my desk since yesterday and thought you'd enjoy hearing we come back were shifting over to some summary thoughts on any Stanley and the bottom number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown too much for joining us on the line 884.

All right, I want to weigh in clearly with some conclusions about the controversy with Andy Stanley and the Bible pastors right now the largest congregation in the United States is one of the world's most influential pastors and just interacting with him privately. He's extremely gracious and nice and makes himself accessible and takes criticism of his positions seriously to the point that he is now addressed things in a major article and inheres the question he deals with is is so the Bible tells me so. Is that enough today so there's a major article why the Bible says so is not enough anymore and and in this article he says a number of things that are very important that I want to draw attention to and that I agree with that. Now the controversial statement part of the message that was a six-point message said this so I need you to listen really carefully and the reason is this perhaps you were taught as I was taught. Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. That is where our trouble began. Dr. Al Mohler said no it's our trouble began. That's exactly where we should start. And yes we say more than that, but that's a great starting place.

And if we can't defend the Scriptures, then we can't defend our faith. Andy Stanley's position as you got understand your whole bunch of people today they will believe in the Bible they they are hostile to the Scriptures. There there raised without the Bible or they dropped out of church.

The cook D converted and Angie has a tremendous heart to reach them. Now what does he say in his article, which is down about the Scriptures.

He says this.

I believe the Bible is without error in everything it affirms. I believe what the Bible says is true is true you the statements as original.

He sat under the great theologian and apologist Dr. Norman Geisler Lisa Dr. Geiser understands what any Stanley seeking to do in his present preaching and teaching and exit hey don't just take one quote one message listen to the whole six-point message understand where he's going. He wants people to put their focus in Jesus and his resurrection, and from there, come to the Scriptures, believing that the witnesses gave accurate accounts and then we believe in the witness of the Scriptures as opposed to why believe it because the Bible tells me so.

So he says this changing times call for changing approaches in order to accomplish our unchanging mission of making disciples. Certainly every culture, every situation can be different and we must be absolutely totally devoted to the great commission making disciples. That's what his heart burns for I I commend he said shifting the conversation away from the authority of Scripture to the authority courage and faithfulness of the men and women behind her Scriptures has not only enabled me to better connect with post-Christians it's done wonders for the faith of the faithful.

Now again, his point is get people to believe these things and then as they do their overall confidence in God and the Scriptures will grow to look if you have to defend the whole Bible to soccer work and I can be able defend the whole bottle of all the attacks that come against it.

So that's the wrong place to start and he says this so come on, if you believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's all I need to know in light of what's at stake.

In light of who is at stake Prevacid that's all you need to know as well.

So as I say in my article as a said privately to Andy Stanley hate II applaud you for having such a heart for the lost and for having a burning heart for the next generation and for further being willing to reevaluate what you do and how you do it, so as to better reach this next generation and see people come to faith and see the disciple and I applaud you for affirming your faith in the infallibility of Scripture that's big that's major security concerns.

Note that that I have. If you say hey if you believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's all I need to know. The question then comes will always Jesus Christ it in New Testament times. There were many different Jesus is called second Corinthians 11 systems in the coming preaching of the Jesus you might believe that person so how do we distinguish between counterfeits after the original Gospels were written some decades and centuries later counterfeit Gospels were written about counterfeit Christ.

How do we distinguish that the real Jesus from the false one. It is by the Scriptures when Paul tells Timothy watch your life and your doctrine closely.

How can you do that without constant reference to what is written. That's the first thing second thing is this pastor Stanley says the whole approach the Bible says it, that settles it.

Well, if the Bible goes there goes our faith. If the ball gets undermine our whole faith gets undermined but but but hang on. Find the order for most of us is raised in the faith, like me, heroin shooting, a list using 60-year-old Jewish opera trouble when I get saved so coming to faith in Jesus him change my life. Now I know the Bible is true.

This is the book that tells about the people preaching to be were using the Bible quoting the Bible. Now, like I know the Bible's truth. Now reading the Bible, growing in in in my faith growing in knowledge of God. If someone could come along and and and undermine the Scriptures was the order is I came to faith in Jesus first and now I come to Scripture supply that's that's the order for many of us, especially those who are raised in the faith, but now I have put my trust in the in the veracity the truthfulness.

The right bit reliability. The historicity of God's word and if it can be undermined if someone can show. For example, the Exodus from Egypt never happen if they can show that that the gospel accounts are completely erroneous. Historically if they can show some of the major things David never existed, then why should we believe the rest of the record season you still come back to the same problem. Don't shoot right and then third the contemporary attack on Scripture is not just an attack on its accuracy or or reliability. It's an attack on the character and nature of God.

It's an attack on the standards of God's an attack on the morals that God puts forth in his word, and so if we are not committed to stand with what God's word says even when it's culturally unpopular even when it goes against the grain, then it is going to be very very easy for us to just go with the contemporary times. It will people feel like this.

This is not popular anymore.

What I find in many churches that are looking for new and creative ways to reach the lost.

There sometimes ashamed to say hey this is what the word says this is what we said yes.

We believe it's best. Yes, we can give good societal arguments as to why God's ways are best but bottom line is, it's what God says in his word and that's what gives us the ultimate confidence for what is right and wrong which we can't move away from that and then again Prof. Scott McKnight writing in harmony with pastor Stanley's position is a brilliant New Testament scholar. He says before the apostles during the period of the apostles before the written records before the Gospels were written during the times of the apostles writing a get before there was anything like a cannon of what we now call the New Testament before this and during this, the gospel is alive and well. The gospel is being preached and taught people being saved salvation depends entirely on the truth of the gospel, yes, but as Prof. McKnight certainly knows these Jewish followers of Jesus really had the Hebrew Scriptures that's with a pointed back to. They knew that everything that that had come before the Exodus, the promises to Abraham, the creation accounts.

The thought they knew that was true because of the Exodus, God triumphed over the gods of Egypt triumphed over the powers of nature show he was the one true God spoke about Sinai gave his word that everything that followed after that. Had to conform to God's word God's total raw and and that's how we know who the Messiah seek. He worked miracles, but he pointed back to the Scriptures, it is written, he said.

Moses testified about me after he rose from the deadly 24.

He said he open the minds of his disciples so they could understand all the Scriptures how they pointed to him, so they had that written record. And Peter said we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts so we still end up going back to that Scripture is a foundation and in the days of of the apostles. Even before the Gospels were written.

There were oral reports, oral traditions ready circulating that then became written. So, at what stage of the process we find the cells is not the big issue. It still goes back to what is written and what is being communicated and and lastly I have a concern that it's possible that with what pastor Stanley's doing again. I commend his heart. I love is hard for the loss of love is hard for the next generation. IIII love his his his desire to make a difference for Jesus.

It's awesome to be a shepherd of his flock. But you know there's a simple power. The gospel is the power of God to salvation for everyone, believes first for the Jew, also for the Gentile is one pastor now departed evangelist missionary used to say, the powers and the proclamation. Sometimes we just need to put our trust in the confidence of the word and and proclaim the truth of the gospel he died, he rose what we find forgiveness in him, and people have their eyes supernaturally open and come to faith so let's continue the discussion. Pastor Stanley I hope we can do it all right friends you can read my latest article by going to ask Dr. and this little talk that I just gave we are turning to a video and post our YouTube channel.

You say how I know about that won't subscribe to the YouTube channel.

So how do I do that when you asked Dr. ask your granddaughter when you're there. Just click on the YouTube icon.

You can subscribe to the YouTube channel. The moment the YouTube videos release will there it is in your inbox will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back 58663487884. You know sometimes we can overreact one another. Yeah, sometimes we can do that and you hear something and and you want I can't go that's crazy. Trust. Trust me I do that a lot. I hear something, some quote what that's crazy, but then when I when I realize, wait, wait, this is somebody that I know this is somebody I consider reliable then what's my reaction will all right. Is there a context is there more my misunderstanding something the person saying that if this came from someone that I rejected. If that hear a given example again. Example let's say it was during the primaries, when Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were going against each other. If someone supplied me with an outrageous quote from Donald Trump. I would still want to get the facts right, but I did pretty quick to believe it.

That yeah doesn't surprise me syslog crazy things and if you said yeah but Sen. Cruz said this is it all will hang on hang on. Maybe there's a context that don't we all do that. You hear some quote from from somebody used to be part of your church and they left the church because the real bad split and now they they they went across town and they started throwing working and you think there there really hurt and things bring division in the city at and so it's is a yellow visit one of the services managed preached in this crazy stuff. It's a yeah not surprised some strong then submissive, but I heard your pastor sales to say things like, not on your misunderstanding of value taken out of context. So all I'm saying is this, let's use equal measures. Let's use equal weights and balances. It's very important scripturally that we do that it is it's it's actually a matter of justice. It's actually a matter that's very serious in God's sight. So I wanted I want to encourage you to treat your quote follows similar you treat your friends. I said, quote follows because you may not look at them as foes they may look at you as follows, but treat those you differ with the same if you treat those you agree with. I know it's not always easy and obviously obviously I did give my wife and family and close friends and colleagues.

The benefit of the doubt, way, way more than I will.

Someone that I believe it's completely on the other side of the truth of the gospel or social or moral concerns or something like that I was. I know these people and I don't know the others, but in terms of general dealings handling controversies and issues we've got to be fair so you you may be predisposed to agree with Andy Stanley or you may be predisposed to agree with Al Mohler. You may be predisposed to agree with James White. You may be predisposed to agree with me and that's fine as long as when you hear a quote when you hear an example from someone that you differ with that yet you treat them justice fairly at and don't hang them prematurely. So to say. Metaphorically speaking, before you have the evidence. It's just being righteous is that it's it's just being fair.

So let's say you you read the strange fire conference.

I bring up spheres all but someone's been asking me questions about Kim of the last few days. Let's say you're at the strange fire conference and you are totally in the secessionist camp and you believe that the gifts and power the spirit and not for today etc. and you see a clip from a Benny hand meeting and it's on those that plating basically for a Benny hand meeting and and it seems crazy like bonnets is quite it's terrible and you judgment, and in every particular way. Okay, I understand that you would have the sentiments but you still need to say okay is there context or are there historical or scriptural precedents for this.

What is this person have to say about it, rather than just condemning in the same way. Let's say that you were charismatic and love the things of the spirit and I play clip from you for the strange fire conference and perhaps I take it a little bit out of context and I don't even know it's out of context. It's just a clip that was sent to me and that's what I saw and now were like those guys are a bunch of Pharisees and hypocrite will hang on. We don't want to do the others. We don't want them to do to us. We don't want to to judge others the way we don't want them to judge us so even when I pray in private for someone all right what when I pray in private for a brother or sister, with whom I have differences. I pray in such a way that if they were in the room listening to my prayer. They would be able to say amen. In other words, I don't pray prayers for the presumption and God show them that I'm right and they're wrong. I say father there's a dispute between us, show us the truth were either of us are missing it or wrong.

Show us the truth, even if I'm quite confident before the Lord that I'm right. Will that person is probably quite confident before their before the Lord there right so were each pray all God show them the wrong whose God can answer many years ago we we left the church were part of an and ended up getting excommunicated.

After we left it many many years after the pastor came to me with tears and said Mike next time God was on want to miss that there is there's a whole thing to happen. Where were dear friends today, but from his perspective I had done wrong.

From his perspective. I had hurt him and and he was very upset with me back then and and and the Lord said to him Jew want me to bless Mike or curse. Mike of course being a man of God. He support I want you to bless him.

That's the point. Even when he thought I had heard him and again it was based on misunderstanding. But even when he thought I had hurt him. His heart was, not to see me hurt, but to see me helped and blessed so I just want to encourage you in the midst of this discussion about Pastor Stanley what he believes and teaches give him the benefit of the doubt. Listen to what he has to say.

Give Dr. Moeller the benefit of the doubt. Listen to what he has to say give me the benefit of the doubt. Listen to what I have to say and then sort the issues through and come to your own conclusions but doing them a godly, righteous way. All right, friends.

I was in our shipping room the other day, flipping through pages of Dr. Michael Heiser is the unseen realm. It's really neat that a top-flight biblical and Semitic scholar can write a book on the level that anybody could understand only had six some controversy in it. Of course anytime you part of the Scriptures, and to a controversial. This is the controversy you'll find Dr. Heiser to really lay some things out about the spiritual realm. What is the Bible speak of the always the greatest of the gods were they just demons.

These these other so-called gods was the Bible talk about who is Satan.

Think you find it really interesting and it will challenge you to think issues through so you get the book for one hour, especially if you view a special teaching series on angels, demons and deliverance, which is super practical get it all and asked Dr.

My bottom line today walk in as much grace towards others as you want them to show towards you. A former police detective.

This apologetics and boy does he do it. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown with his old peers back. I began to hear more and more about Jay Warner Wallace, a former policeman who is now a top apologist known for his cold case apologetics where reply he would look at at cases questions about biblical truths and things like that he would look at them the way that the policeman would investigate and and try to figure things out. He's become very very popular as an apologist is going to be joining us in just a few minutes.

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire, 8663 freight 7884 is the number to call if you got a question for me or for my guest about the defense of the faith.

But before we bring Jay Warner on with us went. When I learned to do apologetics. It was like the kid that learns how to swim by being thrown in the water. You know the older brothers take the, the, the younger brother out of the dad takes them out in the lake and they just throw him into the water and you gotta learn is from the obvious to the families there if you go down know there than to have come up there there there, but that's how people learn.

It's panic. It's scary but that's how they learn. Do I recommend that method no know certain ways.

I think practically we can learn certain things by being thrown in the fire that respect, but with safety precautions.

Of course, but for me this would happen. I am a new believer, memorizing Scripture loving the Lord this memorizing in English could barely read Hebrew at all and he could read some letters but didn't know what I was reading the meaning of it now, talking to these brilliant rabbis they been studying these issues since they were children you know and and and there there raised it to to learn Hebrew. From the earliest days in and they said hey I'm doing my father didn't he learned from his father and his father.

His father all the way back to Moses on Mount Sinai and who are you tell us these things very intimidating. They were nice guys.

Most of them.

A few of them tried to intimidate people. Most were very nice and gracious. It took an interest in me as a young Jewish man. It they were jealous of my Jewish soul, and so on and and you know that that the answers that I needed I can find.

I couldn't find in and other other books I can find in the Christian books are brilliant Christian scholars. But these brilliant Christian scholars of the date they were they were insensitive to the Jewish objections and the Jewish believers I went to they were great for evangelism and supper think they want strong apologetics and have the Hebrew background stuff and so I basically had to learn to swim by, be thrown the water I add a dig and come up with the answers that I began to get the sense that God wanted me to develop materials to help other Jewish believers than to reach nonbelievers and by God's grace we been able to do that so don't look at it as a negative. If if you're thrown in.

And in the deep end of the pond with the deep end of the pool. I should say don't look as a negative, may be God's way to train with you and in here we have a police officer and a detective and and through his methodology of evaluating a case and what's most likely and least likely things like that. He ends up becoming a top Christian apologist to talk these things through. Again, if you get a question for my guest. G1 allows them to call 866-348-7884 and be sure to go to the line of the line of check out my latest articles and videos were posting something new. Just about every day to bless you and edify you and strengthen you and encourage you. We will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I just a little over one week from now big apologetics conference, hosted by Southern Evangelical seminary will be here and one of the most popular speakers will be at this conference is Jay Warner Wallace the cold case apologist, a former homicide detective who's taken his detective skills into the realm of apologetics. As a follower of Jesus to find out about the conference October 13-15. The 13th is a women's only day the 14th and 15th and you can live stream it register the lifestream anywhere in the world would SCS.ED you hey it is great to have you on the broadcast with us door for two is Jay Warner Warner, Jim Abrazo heredity or for the following all awesome. Thanks so much for those who aren't familiar with your work. Take us on a journey from homicide detective to popular Christian apologist where I started off as I'm doing raised in a Christian environment so I did not have any good role models or any examples of this around me and I did what everybody asked those questions are just now being raised in the 60s and 70s. You can find yourself part of the Star Trek generation. We believe that in the end sciences can have the answers for every important question that humans can ask and I will guide and I was even hostile toward the Christians. I did know because the few that I knew thrown onto categories either the cops that I was working with only working your cases together and you guys would have no any number of five or six or 10 good reasons to take somebody to jail but he asked him to give me five good reasons why you trust the Scripture five good reasons why should trust the resurrection actually occurred.

They were just flummoxed and I thought you know that's what it takes to get that One view toward your professional work and how you assess evidence, and another view, entirely toward anything you believe that as a Christian is not interested in that kind of thing and then the other group of Christians I knew were the people are taken to jail who would tell me they were questioned not to love the Scripture not attractive to me and so I for the most part was not only out I was out Sarcastically and most my family.

My dad is still a very, very committed atheist, so didn't have anybody I can really can about these ideas off of sonographer started looking at this I can start at zero and investigated like I was interested in Jesus. Originally, just as my wife was interested in going to church and she was not a believer but she was least interested in going church so 35, she struck me along, and we sat in a church service at first my really been in a church service of this nature never saw worship. For example, until this you never had any experience of any of this and accept or listen to the pastor described Jesus at least at some point in that message, he described Jesus as the most intelligent man who ever lived this guy all of Western civilization has been grounded on the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth and I thought to myself while you are here.

I am enforcing the laws of this culture may not go back and take a look and see if that's true with the schedule set and so I bought a Bible and started reading the gospel to mine out the wisdom statements of Jesus and of course those are embedded in the Gospels and so I ended up look at the gospel and asking myself the first question what you do sound and feel a lot like the multiple eyewitness accounts.

I examine working cold cases and insider started to look at that and on as a template and started look at how you investigate any set of claims and how do you know those claims are reliable and that's really the way I came in I came in by first examining the Gospels as eyewitness account and when you speak of cold case. What exactly does that mean okay so every crime in America has a statute of limitations. So if you do a robbery in the state of California where I am. Los Angeles County area so if you do a crime here after a certain number of years of the burglary or robbery or petty theft of these things expire and you cannot be pursued as a suspect in those kinds of crimes except for murder murder has no statute of limitations across the country murderers when they don't get solved they stay open and then years go by, sometimes decades. My cases have been as old as 1979 see how these cases are still open there cold. Have been working a long time and are all homicide so I was working homicide, robbery, homicide anyway and we were given these cases as collateral duties, but some point I got three successful at solving these in the open detail special detail for just cold cases is a nice use of this on TV now television shows Picked up on it in a few places around the country.

There are dedicated cold case squad.

I was part of that in and really enjoyed it. I still have the occasional work with the DA that hopefully will finish sometime early next year, but this is my expertise was how you examine an account about an event in the past when you no longer have access to the witnesses that were interviewed back then they died, and often you don't even have access to the officer who wrote the report because he is also passed away. Or maybe it entered a partner's life. We can help you. So you're looking at supplemental reports in which you don't have access to the author or to what is the author is the author's interviewing and so that's very much if you think about like the Gospels out of the same principles I could apply to determine if that submittal report is reliable I could apply to the Gospels on so when you're looking at a case from a distance. People now watch TV all the popular crime shows in the forensic evidence and things like that there. There's a science to it. And then there's also something that over period of time you can you can look for certain patterns and you can see what's reliable, what's not reliable. So what happens now with your own journey as you apply the skills you've learned as a cold case homicide detective to the Gospels while I started immediately in the gospel bugged me that I would not have either true and at best idiotic. I walk through this I might've granted to you that there was some truth in them, but you know you find some claims about 19th-century England that are probably true in the story of Peter Pan. Peter Pan existed so out of so there is some part of it. That was true and a lot of it is not, and that I would want to work through it. I can use the skills that I had in one of things we do.

For example, is that every little word that people use when they're working with us if there a suspect or witness words matter to detectives we are.

We nitpick words because the choices you make when they are optional really tell me something about who you are, so you all adjectives and adverbs. For example, are optional words, you don't have to describe something with an adjective or an advert. You may choose to, but you can certainly do it simpler without that.

Optional words when I see a suspect use those kinds of optional words to give me customer insight into their soul writing to give you some insight to what they're really thinking I can can't read between the lines based on the use of optional words. Also, the use of pronouns how you describe me in my your friend Jim, just Jim my him am I that guy me the way you printed you describe who I am and has a word you use that those are optional choices that also tell me something about you and I took that skill set protocols forensic statement analysis, and I started to read the Scriptures Through that lens is interesting that the author chose this word given the alternative words were available to him.

And what does that tell me about what is in it with a destroyer, not for example and and if it is true with the tell me about the mindset of the author and that's the kind of stuff that I was unsure of the steps about textual criticism, but from my perspective it was really coming down to this expertise I had in forensic statement analysis which almost always is used determine if the bad guy is lying to you so it's deception indicators. It's all these things that we see, that I could apply to the Gospels to that was really believe my plans are with my customers.

This is a matter of start deception. So I wanted to use the skills that I had to see if I could find the earmarks up as a deception in the Gospels. So when when you when you've done this and now you look to other areas you listed areas of site creation and entrance in Scripture. So you found that this method can can work on other theological trees or other trees claims of just in general, historical claims, etc. and as you're applying this to must be certain excitement that is you as you keep seeing the truthfulness of Scripture merging yet America first person Asked me in that way, but that's true.

But when I first started I was so intrigued by the process about what I was finding that I would never morning really early and I would start pouring through the Gospels with my infant in a new statement. Forensic statement analysis you used color pens right to indicate different things we are tracking tents for example are your tracking just the pronoun use, or your territory tracking use different color to do it so I was up every morning and I would find something that would allow that is just wild and young sure other people had seen this. You know, years before, but for me not having no idea this Christian scholarship was having no idea of the traditions of Christianity simply coming at the text for the first time as a guy who's using that skill set I would find these things and I would run my life and I was a bit by driving her crazy with just that the now time I was try trying to show her this hidden thing. I thought I'd found his and I was so passionate about it that it can sue me for sure that presently I am anyway.

And I'm the kind of person who is either all in or all out.

If you peak my interest on lately if not I'm not halfway can person about anything so that's that's been wanting to come help me in working cold cases.

But maybe it help me or be able to guess Millie's in the first years I was just consumed by doubt and by the way, the all in all, yes I related a full suite. We got a few more minutes with Jim and Wallace.

He's going to be presenting on God's crime scene and on cold case Christianity at the apologetics conference.

So go to This coming next week don't want to miss it again. It will always be presenting on God's crime scene and on cold case and error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown, Wallace, best-selling Jim, I want to grab a call for you because I know this is something that your heart as well will go to David in flower mound, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire. Good afternoon afternoon targeted so I went out for your website: fingers all the con regarding quality of new coal case Christianity for care yet so unbearable with apologetics through our DRM know that it probably have a variety after they primarily reach your college in adult mostly not not not exclusively, but here is the primary target but this idea of reaching. An earlier age.

How do you approach it by both Everyman you know that the defendant attorney would you know the billing to give a defense for all the skepticism in an attack and somehow encounter their hearts other than actual witness of Christ and not just trying to be a really smart I don't know you shan't work both encounter and an ability to the ability for them to be able to give the defense or or a reason for the hope that they have yet not absolutely certain what were doing this week we start off notice doing my house during it. Faith took my first chance even administered others was in children's ministry and in youth ministry and I was just mistreated.

I realized that the crisis back in his back in the late 90s was already occurring that of young people who were going to secular colleges along with their fate during those years and I had anecdotal experience of that.

But now the statistics of China born that out. That is a dilemma and we can argue the social structure never really with us. To begin with and subatomic at the college of Minnesota but everyone argue that we know one thing for sure young people are with us in their either junior high or high school years don't seem to be with us in their college years. So what can we do about that. I think you're right.

There's two approaches writers, had no heart issue that has to be addressed in balance. So when I try to do is to write the adult books we got to so far. Cokie Christina got crime scenes were now authority outline Dodge crime scene for kids. We want kids books that address those same issues, the third in this journey is a book called forensic faith which comes out next year will be a forensic faith for kids as well and some of the issues you're talking about will be addressed more specifically in that volume, but I will tell you this. I cannot feel like the problem I see nationally.

As I travel and speak around the country is that we really have most of us if you drop you really think about it possess a more emotional response of cut experiential faith that Bethany and I met the train people to hot to hold because that's really where they are to begin with. In my own personal journey was my family divided between atheists and want. I have no Christians in that group but I did have Mormons in my my dad Second Life is LDS and I have six brothers and sisters all raised LDS, and when I saw there was that they harbor very similar faith to the Catholic Christians. I knew relatively unexamined. Based on experience they had to confirm for them the truth of of their worldview. And that's very much what I discover with the Christians. I found also not turns out there is an approach we could each take that would determine which of those two worldviews is true, but you will do by way of trusting and experience of the Holy Spirit is cleaner, not both groups will tell you that they are trusting and experience of the Holy Spirit, we have to go another level, another on the intellectual level to determine if that experience you're having really is from the Holy Spirit of God. And so that's why wanted to Focus like that. To be honest with you I can't think rent a place where I needed to lean heavily in this direction to Hold people back to the center of course the risk is that we are ignoring experience in heart, and that things are really are important aspects of our faith in order to pull people back to center David, thank you for the question very much Jim thank you for the answers. Obviously, I wanted to get that address because reaching the younger generation so important and I was thrilled to see when when you begin moving in that direction to because it's it's not something that many of us in apologetics.

Think about because the other questions coming away are more heady questions with adjustment douses that objections used to get from college-age students is getting out from 12 and 13-year-olds are because of their exposure on Internet and and and and a lot of it is.

It is an emotional thing but then it brings them to a worldview or a conviction in a see a nice gay kid on glee or someone on some MTV reality show Modern Family. Yet whatever it is, and that when I was in the transgender kid on on Modern Family.

So now they've got that social propaganda that's come their way.

That social indoctrination but it now comes along with other information so so we've got to help them out on all these levels and I think most churches are pretty well-equipped to help people really come to know the Lord, and experiential way.

You know to pray and ask him if there was but but we tend not to be as well-equipped to shore them up to have an answer and and that's where we got the states both on its heart and mind and out.

We've just got two minutes left, but you're doing a presentation at the apologetics conference. Toby 13 through 15 seven evangelical 70 so you do when uncle case, Christianity, and one on God's crime scene give us the the 92nd overview of God's crime scene. No problem doing Dodge crime. Take a very crime scene centric approach to the universe. In other words, we normally walk and adapting one of the ways we separate weather that the death scene or an actual criminal murder is for ways to die only wanted as criminal is to ask the question. Can we account for all the evidence in the room by staying in the room there's a pistol in the room and you got a gunshot injury was that his pistol didn't start off in the room.

Is he the only person we have any evidence of her having been in the room if that's the case, is probably an accident or suicide.

On the other hand, if that gun doesn't belong there, and I've got plenty footprints leading out of the room will have a better explanation for the evidence in the room is something outside the room. Now everything shifts to homicide, so I simply asked the same question of the universe cannot explain everything in the universe by staying in the room if I can then some form of naturalism will get the job done. If on the other hand there stuck in the room that is better explained by something outside the natural universe. When I got another intruder that I had in the first case only. This intruder spans the entire cosmos.

So if you've never heard of the SES national conference.

Multiple have, but if you haven't go to because they retina that the roster of people they bring to this conference is crazy. You will learn so much in a short period time.

Be ready to overwhelm take good notes you do it you can take to absorb all this information get at the two best days for thinking intelligently about your faith yeah and you know when I'm there speaking. I I end up spending so much time just talking to different people. Presenters and teens at their tables.

Yes, that I end up accomplishing about 1/10 of what I plan because it's so interesting and their fields outside of my field so it is it is a great time. All the information on the SES website, and and Jim, I'm so thrilled to see how God is using you and the audience is giving you. May the truth continue to triumph. Michael you are very kind. I appreciate your partnership will thank you all right friends to go to jail on Wallace's website. Cold case, never read any of his books gets some will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am going to do something I didn't plan to do, but it's my show and it's live. That means I can do it so you got questions, we've got answers as we do that on Friday and we will be doing a gobbling on Friday should becomingly live from California in the midst of a great conference taking place there but but want to give me some extra time.

If you have a question of any kind whatsoever voice is appropriate for Christian radio. If it's one that would not be Jewish related task on a Thursday and ask you today as any other Bible related question theology related question ministry conflict spiritual growth moral cultural anything in any area where I have any expertise, apologetics, or the like. Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and a question for you. If you are a believer in Jesus and a believer in the New Testament Scriptures, the whole Bible for that matter, do you believe that there are demons here today in this world. Yeah, I don't mean that you have to believe that there little creatures with their own red with horns and 20 tales and and and and that is Satan is the big demon of all of the devil himself, and he's old. Read the point the horns and tails and all that. I will mean you have to depict them like that, but you believe that there really are demons, demonic powers, spiritual forces of evil rose of their origins of the fallen angels or something else you believe in their existence until I asked this some years ago I read a manuscript I will my grads on the subject of demons and deliverance and as I was reading the book I was convicted that although I know these things to be true.

The things of which he spoke. I know them to be true. I was convicted that I was not really reckoning with demonic power. I was not really reckoning with demonic entities sufficiently in my praying another which knowing there is warfare, knowing there is battle that even those engaging in spiritual battle that I wasn't considering it adequately and years back when I taught on the subject, and we put together in a tape series is because the tape now you can do digital download or CD angels, demons and deliverance. I went through every reference in the Bible, and specifically in the New Testament the Angels and Demons and and was struck in. I knew it when you look at the data, how many references to demons. There were sufficient ministry of Jesus the Gospels within the axes well and in the recognition of this this war. We have with Satan and his forces are not focused on the devil. My focus is not on the big bad devil. My focus is on a great wonderful God. That's where my focus is in my emphasis is praying to him not addressing demons. Yet there is spiritual warfare. There are demonic powers and many times we don't recognize how real they are so yet there is the extreme of finding a demon under every rock and that everything is a demon and whatever happened is a demon and enough if we have a power outage or must been a demon, there's the other extreme of not recognizing that there's a real spiritual war that we have a real spiritual fall, so I want to encourage you to take the biblical witness seriously. All right. And get my series on angels, demons and deliverance it's it's just about free.

When you order Michael Heise's book the unseen realm you get also the one hour interview that we did together, but be sure to check out this week's resource software.

It works any one more week and will be playing in this hour tomorrow. My interview with Dr. Heiser that was it a different time last week want you to get the benefit of hearing that so find out more go to my website. The line of come back on the go straight to your calls. Hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer.

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It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you joining us on the line of seven number to call. Yeah I know it's a Friday will do this again gobbling on Friday but just having a little fun now and taking your questions on any subject under the sun. You want to ask me you got questions.

We got answers as long as is appropriate for Christian radio exit. There's nothing that's on subject or off subject in that respect as those I can be of help to you. All right all we started in Dallas with Harry.

Welcome to the line of fire at the quick question for you about one or the giant. Yeah, try to get them and find out kind of weird but you know if Noah and the flood and that no wiped out all the lumber all the time and I want to just get your invite on why you think the giant around when Joshua and other like Bob, and there were giant. How in the world but wipe them all out right so the two ways of reading this right. First, the most plain reading of the text in Genesis 6 is that sons of God that refers to angelic beings that somehow were able to take on human form, not just take on human form, but able to procreate with with limit. The idea that sons of God is the godly line of Seth and daughters of man is the ungodly line of Cain.

I don't see that is supportable so that's why for example, the new Jewish publication Society version says it was then related to that the nifty name appeared on earth the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men who bore them offspring were the heroes of all the men of renown.

So there's one, one reading that says one way of understanding it, that they were on the earth in those days, and also afterwards when these things happen, but they were all wiped out by the flood which case, why do you have people called nifty name afterwards or at different ones on a camera fighting that seems to be related to them and they seem to be a race of giants. If there wiped out by the flood. Will the answer would be like the text tells us that they were on the earth then before the flood, and also afterwards. So again, read it, say, the NET initially were on the earth in those days, and also after this, the sons of God were having sexual relations with the daughters of humankind gave birth to their children so the understanding them would be that this continued after the flood as well. My guess Dr. Michael Heiser was on last week will replay that interview. At this time tomorrow because it played a different time last week. He believes that the nifty name continued that these these acts of these sons of God and daughters of men continued after the flood, and that they were then ultimately wiped out by the ancient Israelites and others, and there even some who say that that the reason that the Israelites were supposed to exterminate the Canaanites.

Even children was because they were a mixed breed. They were they were part of this mixed breed know there is the old movie Rosemary's baby and shin. She gives birth to the offspring of Satan. It would almost be that type of concept that's not what Dr. Heiser holds in terms of net that's that's everyone that was being wiped out, but that yet. It happened in the days of the flood and afterwards as well how it stopped about when God ultimately stopped this.

This procreation is reproductions text doesn't tell us, but it does seem that there was there was a race of giants that continued after the flood, and that they were ultimately wiped out and there's some claim the race of giants still around to different parts of the world you see these YouTube videos when it got like a foot of humans like 10 feet long and all this and said is still around but as far as I know this does the YouTube video while upgrading yeah at end. Like I mean, there's even crazier stuff that the nifty name that's the UFOs insist that goes while nevertheless the Bible says about something, the more crazy the theories craze under the ideas, but it could be there wiped out the flood. I once read it like that.

I think you can make the good argument that they continued after the flood.

It was a principal reason for the flood and and certainly why these people within wiped out fight by the Israelites as well. So there you go, and I thank you press by the way, the word nifty name we we don't know exactly what it means a for sure it it does come from the root apparently not fall doesn't mean those who fell upon visiting fallen ones we don't know for sure right since we went to Harry in Dallas. Let's go to Gary in Dallas.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you very much October 2 part question will we recognize our spouse, our family, my sisters, and in particular when I go to heaven will recognize them as my sisters here on our elaborate recall of life on earth at all. Yes, the Bible gives us limited information about the world to come. Tells us what we need to know, rather than what we want to know and one reason is that if God told us everything we want and that we wouldn't even understand the answers or even have the capacity to process them. That being said, we know that there will not be marrying in procreation and heaven. Jesus tells us that so our relationship would be different in that respect. But if you look for example, in Revelation chapter 6 it says that when the fifth seal is opened. John sees under the altar the souls of those who'd been slain for the word of God and for the witness they had borne they cried out with a loud voice, almost sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on earth, so they obviously remember what happened to them and know the judgment that is due and when you realize that relationships of the meaning of life that to be with the Lord forever.

And to be with our friends and family in the Lord forever.

That's that's part of the beauty of eternal life. The idea that we wouldn't be able to know who they were, would be very bizarre.

I would need Scripture telling me that those things would cease to be. Otherwise I would absolutely assume that they would be a Revelation 22. Even speaks of the kings of the earth bringing their splendor into the new Jerusalem, suggesting that that this even beauty and diversity of different cultures and backgrounds that would would come in that that would be part of that.

The beauty of the eternal kingdom so we we don't know Gary, let's say that seeing a certain person in this world gives you a terrible feeling of guilt. Your let's let's say that you effectively let someone down or let's say that that that that this person that you knew had destroyed their marriage through adult. And it really hurt your mate is married to your sister when you see them you feel that pain will obviously in the world, that person is right with God not to be smitten with that payment and of ungodly memory so the certain things out what's gonna happen is hard to say. It does say gobble remove every tear from our horizon and sorrow and and & will will cease. But aside from that, I fully expect to enjoy eternity together with with Nancy with with her kids with her grandkids with people that we dearly love that are in the Lord and that'll be part of what makes heaven heaven. Thank you for asking. 86634 let us go to Mark in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown doing well thank you I have a question number. Your thought actively I'm wondering does God ordained. I recognize that evil is because of free will. But the problem there. If God has a problem with people. If God and not vital people or thin. How is it that he let our free will override desire well for and to get rid of you got that is after nature yes and and when you say or Dean evil explain exactly what you mean by or Dean evil right so I got My Head and I Dare to Auction Right Though It I Don't God Is All-Powerful and Sovereign. It Would Skate. He Has Control Every over Richard Evil Included It Would Skate Be Allowed While Court Gabbay or Dated Right Though Our. All Good and He Doesn't Have the Sovereignty to Stop Evil. I Feel like It Can't Be.

It Has To Be One of Your Audit Because It Gives a Difference. I Would Have with You More Kim and I Love the Fact That You're Asking These Important Questions Is for God to Allow Something or Forgot to Give Us a Choice Does Not Mean That He Ordains Our Response, or That He Ordains the Result of Our Choice. There Are Some Who Say That Adam Send Because God Ordained It.

No I Say God Ordained That Adam Could Have Absolute Freedom to Say Yes to God or No to God, so God Ordained Adam's Freedom and Then Adam Freely Chose to Do Wrong, Thereby Actuating Evil.

So God Does Not Do Evil Is Contrary to His Nature, His Life in Him Is No Darkness at All. But in His Eternal Purposes and in His Great Sovereignty. He's Created the World in Which Can Make Choices and Bear the Consequences of Those Choices, and through Which He Will Ultimately Work As Well Stay Right There File the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Minor Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Veterans for Joining Us to Just Want to Finish up with with Mark in in Raleigh, Mark Wayne God Ordains Something If If He Ordains You to Be the Next President Of The United States of This Is His Will. He's Going to Carry It out and See That It Happens.

If He Ordains That If People Cross a Certain Line That He Will Bring Judgment on Them. That's What He Ordains If He Ordains If People Refuse His Grace, They Will Perish.

That's What He Ordains but You Also Ordained That People Have a Choice and That We Would Then Live or Die by the Consequences of Those Choices. So When Are You Legal You Go Ahead Go. We All Recognize That Eventually Have Adobe Heaven I Looked Everywhere with Regard to yet We Commit but I Do Kinda Wonder That If God Had Set up like That, Where We Can Only Imperfect Company without Free Will Prepare and yet Don't Know Commitment Widening Something like That) to Begin the Glacier Where We Lived in Perfect Harmony with Our Free Will. But There Are No Note Not to Comment That ID Because It Would Been the Choice Receipt for Those of Us That Will Be with Him Forever and Never Sin.

We Have Made Our Choice. We Have Asked for His Mercy. We Have Said Jesus We Want You to Be Our Lord and Therefore Having Made That Choice.

Having Seen the Ugliness of Sin and the Destruction That It Brings. Cried out for Mercy and Now He Will Bring Us to a Place Where Not Only Do We Have a Holy Nature, but There's No Possibility of Sin, No Devil, No Flesh, No Temptation, However, If He Put Us in an Environment Where There Was No Choice to Start Where There Was Where There Is No Possibility to Disobey. Then Basically We Never Would've Freely Chosen Him Out Of Our Love Out Of Love or Responded to His Grace.

So It Was Necessary for There to Be True Freedom Is Love Is Not Coerced That He Had to Put Adam and Eve in a Situation Where They Could Obey or Disobey the Same with the Angelic Beings and Then Ultimately Forever It Will Work out for the Best Is Much Pain-And-Suffering in the Process. But It's All Part of the Larger Plan through Which God Would Be Glorified.

I Hope That Makes Sense and and Is You Process It. I Hope It Falls into Place for You. Thank You Sir for Calling. I Do Appreciate It. We Could Probably Go on for Hours Will Get Some of the Calls but but Hopefully That Addresses the Question. Also, If You Go to My Website. The Line of Just Click on the Digital Library and Search for Urban DHR MA in Where I Debate Prof. Biederman. I Think You'll Find A Lot Of What We Cover the Debate to Be Very Relevant to the Subject. Thank You Sir for These Important Questions. Let's Go to Izzy and Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks for Calling the Line of Fire Michael Doctorow Sure I Question or the Return of Christ. I Was August Go over What What about about Here Passover and Pentecost Were Both Fulfilled on the Day of, and As Far As I Understand It, the Feast of Tabernacles Is When Would Be Fulfilled When Jesus Returns As Wondering If That Is the Case, Would He Return on the Bay of the Feast of Tabernacles and You Know My Question yet. Let Me Run through This. So besides Dying Is the Passover Lamb That Takes Place Right at the Time of Passover Is Resurrection. This Is the Firstfruits Celebration during Passover, the the First Day after the Sabbath the Outpouring of the Spirit Takes Place at Pentecost, the Feast of We Shovel out and Then Actually I Would Say That the Next Holiday Which Points to the Messiah's Return Is Trumpets so so the Feast of Trumpets Are Young True Audit the Day of the Shofar Blasts, Which in Traditional Judaism Becomes Rocephin That the Beginning of the New Year, but the Reason I Say That Is Because It Tells Us in Matthew 24 Tells Us in First Corinthians 15. It Tells Us in First Thessalonians 4 Tells Us in Revelation 11 That the Messiah Returns with the Sound of the Trumpet the Blessing of the Trumpet and so and Then That's Followed by Atonement for Israel and That's Followed by the Ingathering of the Nations. Zechariah 14 That the Survivors of the Nations That Attacked Jerusalem.

Now Come Together, but the Lord Has a Ready Common and and Placed His Feet on the Mount of Olives. Zechariah Chapter 14 so the Question Would Be If the Same Question That Whatever the Feast Is Can We Expect the Messiah to Come on That Little Day. The Gentleman That Wrote the Unfortunate Book 88 Reasons Why Jesus Is Coming in 1988. Whatever the Day Was of Russian He He Said That Was the Day Jesus Was God, Is like September 12 or 13th.

Whatever It Was 88 When People Asked Me People Asked Me Am I Going to Read His Book with Let's It Was the 12th. Jesus Was Supposed to Come at Solomon Telemonitoring on the 13th. There Is 13th. He Hasn't Come inside to Be Relevant like It It's It's It's a Fair Argument to Make Based on What Happened with the First Piece the Spring Feast.

The Problem Is, Then You Would Know the Day or the Hour and Yeshua Said Plainly That No Man Knows the Day or the Hour. We Should Know the Times and Seasons, but No One Knows the Day or the Hour. So to Me. I Look at It As Is Typifying to Me. I Look at in This Prophetic and Symbolic. Could It Happen on That Day. It's Possible, When I Expected to Happen on That Day. No, Because No One Knows the Day or the Hour so That Would Mean That the. The First Piece Took Place Exactly As Those Things Were Unfolding in the Fall Feasts Would Point to Them Symbolic and Not Panic That Been the Case Is an Argument against My Position Would Be That It Seems a Tabernacles Which Falls Immediately after the Messiah's Return Literally Is Everybody Coming up to Jerusalem Right after He Returns.

I Just Don't See How We Can Get around the Idea of No One Knowing the Day or the Hour. Hate Friends on a Time but If You Had Called to Get on the Air Today. I'll Do My Best If You Call Again on Friday. I'll Do My Best to Get Your Calls a First since I Can Get You Today and We Did a Quick Unexpected. You've Got Questions, We Got Ancestor Fibula to Call Back As I'm Just Looking at at the Sum of the Good Questions Here for Me Biblical Back on Friday. I'll Do My Best to Get to You Then, and That They Sure to Tune in Tomorrow on 30 Jewish Thursday Were Going to Be Replaying My Interview with Dr. Michael Heiser from Last Week on His Book the Unseen Realm Folks Really Really Profited from That Interview, They Were Really Blessed and Help Fight so Hopefully You Be Able to and in Tomorrow Listen When You Order the Unseen Realm You Get the Whole Interview Free Both My Take Serious Profit 12 Hour Series on Angels. The Innocent Deliverance. All of the Line of Fire. The Lord Bottom Line Today.

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