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Presidential Election Updates; an Interview on an Important Movie on Jerusalem; and More on Christian Apologetics

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 10, 2016 4:40 pm

Presidential Election Updates; an Interview on an Important Movie on Jerusalem; and More on Christian Apologetics

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Well will talk about the presidential debate, and then the city of the great King Jerusalem stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown just probably good one with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country because you'd be in jail. That was one of the more powerful exchanges last night in debate it's been quite a weekend.

You're listening to the line of fire. The place you want to be your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in a world that is certainly topsy Turvey welcome to the broadcasts in a few minutes to go for the United States to Jerusalem and talk about some issues that are of world concern some eye opening spiritual truth. But first, what's happened over the weekend. I wrote an article I posted yesterday we King David could teach Donald Trump. I just wrote another article that should go live in a few hours.

Why all the fuss about the video with Donald Trump's sex comments. Is anyone really surprised that that's the kind of man he was and perhaps still is. There's a lot going on but I want to succinctly state a bunch of things and remember friends.

I'm on the year two hours live since it is get a half-hour since is get one hour. Since it is good to but every body can listen to both hours so anytime you want to switch over there to listen on your cell phone or tablet your computer. Just go to the line of and just click on the red words. Listen live or just click on listen later in the day and you can catch the whole show afterward so if used to sing things. Number one. The comments from 2005, utterly despicable, vile, despicable, horrific, degrading every every one of us should be utterly repulsed by them but nobody should be surprised. Isn't this who Donald Trump has been and didn't or the same person say even recently that he didn't see any need to ask God for forgiveness. In the last year or so truly he knew all the things he said and did. Over the years so there's no surprise with people I Don't know what we carefully would endorse it. What you think you are endorsing Saint Peter having come on really so having said all that, my issue is how he responded today there is some apology, some contrition, I would like to see more and for him to just dismiss his quote locker room talk in the debate meeting is just talking the stuff we actually did still this at yeti stage prodigies shape the apologist was family into the public okay I appreciate that.

But don't just dismiss as locker room talk say this the kind of stuff in our culture, we need to get away from that being said, in my view and the view of many clearly won the debate last night and he rightly held Hillary Clinton account accountable for things in her own life. Look, we don't know if all the accusations against Bill Clinton true. It seems that a good number of them are. And yes you can stand with her husband find that she did that that should she do that at the expense of these women did she do that at the expense of the victims. Those are major major issues. What about when she defended the rapist of a 12-year-old. And there is a audiotape I've never heard her adequately dismiss it. She's laughing at it and we need to have evidence but here we got the thing thrown out knowing the guilty man goes free, ripping a 12-year-old you laugh about it. That's deplorable.

I'm glad that came up, and that the bias of the moderators was so it's almost like I'm trying to hide it anymore. The just going after Trump.

That's only going to help him. Ultimately, that where this lands. That's a whole with the question of the money to say this if you voted for Donald Trump vote for him. With your eyes wide open. Don't try to make them into St. Donald try to make them into somebody. He's not sure he has good qualities and things he's done well understand that the flawed man you'd be voting for you and I can possibly vote for Hillary Donald Trump still has to win my vote is due to do with your eyes wide open will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and he write what was happening in America right now the presidential elections is very major to fix the whole world and ultimately sold them come down to Jerusalem so be on the alert for my latest videos latest articles you can check them out at the line of fire.Oregon this week and stay posted on what's happening and I will have more to say about the elections later in the broadcast. Right now we want to turn our attention to Jerusalem, the city of the great King.

I'm joined by Dalton Thomas.

He and his wife Anna live in Iraq with their four sons. They recently moved their thought was a pioneer author and filmmaker to do the art director, editor and director of photography of the covenants and controversy series a brand new video just being released now want to be among the first in the world to make this known through our radio broadcast, you're going to be excited to hear about this Dalton welcome to light a fire around the pillars that they revere out. Where are you right now Dalton, I'm in northern Iraq. I am in the wrong but equal distance from the Iranian border. Most school in the Turkish border right in the middle, or about maybe 70 km as the crow flies from muscle.

Why in the world with a young married man with four little kids moving the United States over to a rock.

Well, I think my family and I were living in in Turkey living here.

There is missionaries and we were working to to make much of King Jesus and when Isis came on the scene and Pelagius fell and we started paying attention to to Syria and Iraq and focused way. And then when muscle fell we started looking at it even more focused way to remit scouting trips over here in the months that followed the fall of the city.

My wife and I fell, led by the Lord to put everything down here and to serve a minor, the ongoing and escalating refugee conflict. Both the Syrian Civil War and the issue with Isis and its it's the privilege sobering days to be able to labor for the gospel here what looks like. Like all around you, bowing out quite on edge with the sound of looming liberation of muscle I think. On one hand, it's been the most talked about military campaign in the history of military campaigns, months, and now and that it's been keep saying it's coming it's coming at counting everything after two years now, but definitely especially coming so we were just on the front lines. A few days ago in eyesight of the city center and southmost Lucas were working with binary medical programs.

The surface America who are really on the front lines of the fight against Isis and they have the only a few villages left before their especially the gates existed at that point Iraqi forces and coalition forces could actually enter the city at that point it's unclear whether that will happen in the near future when that will happen in the new year. We don't know we do know that? If forces have done about all they can do at this point we know they won't take the city because of the ethnic religious tensions there that Iraqi forces will be the one to actually enter the city and quote unquote liberated so it's deftly on edge. UN estimates possibly 1.2 million displaced people think the numbers probably more like six or 700,000 from inside most school will be displaced Monday actual campaign get underway so you were looking at a looming military conflict and escalating refugee displaced peoples situation so were trying to figure out ways that we can pioneer and and serve in a very practical way moving forward and not Christlike compassionate gospel rooted way that would put us right in the heart of the inner probably. What is the most severe human misery on the planet right now in terms of what's going on in the LaBonte between the Syrian Civil War and the whole issue of of the Islamic state. I went when you talk about the severe human suffering massive numbers of displaced families, individuals, the needs being far far greater than the ability to meet those needs.

Just paint a picture for me of how some of these families are living they are reacting to highlight one community in particular nominated ladies, and I think all of us watched CNN footage or National Guard Mountain shingle area threatened that northern Iraq border.

Ethnic Kurdish community, but is one of the most isolated enclosed religious communities on the earth.the project is to have them at the top of the list of unreached unengaged isolated people. They were the target of an Islamic state in the early days August 3 August 4 when the genocide happened in the UN is confirmed around 100 mass grave and in on a daily basis.

We interact with family members of those whose families were either executed in the genocide or who are still missing. I saw you yesterday, we were and makeshift camp of the UCD 70 is 80 families in one and one house and all of them have girls daughters, mothers, sisters who are still inside somewhere between muscle and Rocca somewhere in the Islamic state and there there hoping that maybe one day I'll see them again without sure but I think you have the DVD community is probably hit the hardest because of religious, ethnic schisms there and I think there was Shiite Kurds suffered immensely under the Islamic state in yellow is a lot of people are critical of the situation because because it seems the government aren't taking proper care of Christian refugees and now as one is here on the ground that the car bothered me because there aren't that many Christians here. The vast majority the people affected it. My point is that it's not strange the Christians aren't prominent receiving care. The point is that the vast majority the people who been suffering an Islamic state are either Shiite Muslims and Arabs, Kurds, or you ziti it and so there were there was a large Christian community that is been driven out of the LaBonte but they were still a minority. I make that point because I think it's this is the most open door we've ever had to serve some of the most isolated suffering. Brainwashed people groups in the earth in terms of Syria and Iraq. These people have suffered immensely through Islamic persecution even within the house of Islam you know between the Sunni Shiite divide. Now you ziti suffering at the hands of Isis it it's it's incredible suffering and it it unity Almost universally talk about the magnitude and the depth and the scope of it and how many people in effect enacting the worst part about it is that no one will ever be brought to justice where there will be a Nuremberg trial, there won't be people held accountable. There won't be enough. There will be indictments. The ICC won't be involved and be very minimal and I think that's probably the worst part about it is that it was a history with Carol on Dalton this is you in the midst of this, and again, paintings and words as best she can, but we can imagine with a gone to the families. The girls sold into sex slavery.

Then they escaped just to commit suicide because of the shame that they live within tormentor of the parents that just got a little over minute before before the break, you're there. As Christians, wife and four kids. People see that they they see your coming to a dangerous part of the world they they have to understand you're there, out of love what they say to did ask why you here work. What's the response your family incredible incredible warmth and affection. I think it is astounding. There is no more why wider and more effectual open door in the world right now than there is in the LaBonte, the risks are real crisis is real the dangers are real but the open door, I don't think history is ever seen anything like this ever an Islamic world in terms of the openness that we haven't been on my kids are probably the most Facebook people in the world to go anywhere that people taking pictures of the little Chevy space will be a blonde haired Christian kids and I would feel at home here with the love them and are taking care of our neighbors are? And we still very feel safer here. Thank you in the US to be on amazing heights only come back and I want to talk about the new video city of the great King friends. This is powerful. This focuses on Jerusalem. It's eye-opening the spiritual and even end time significance of Jerusalem we packaged together with two special resources we have interviews with others on the film the city of the great King together with the thumb you can get the DVD or you can download it we packaged together with my lecture is Israel and evil occupier is so eye-opening and deals with the key issues get hit with Dan Knight about Israel so go to the line of fire.Lord write back with Dalton Thomas live from Iraq. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is joining us on the line going back to Iraq live in Iraq, Dalton, Thomas, producer of the brand-new film the city of the great King part of the covenant and controversy series Dalton before we talk about the film itself. Take a minute to explain why Jerusalem should matter to every believer in the world today.

I think it's a great opening question of aged in many ways and I think bottom line Jerusalem matters because Jesus said it – it doesn't really matter whether we think it matters are not at the end of the day. Jesus has considerable formidable immutable zeal for the city of Jerusalem based on an irrevocable eternal, binding covenant with covenantal provisions that cannot be ratified can't be I can be changed, it can't be undone can't be modified. It has been ratified by blood secured by his blood, so you know I think on one level, there's lots of logical thing we can do to explain why it matters, but really at the end of the day it matters because the man that we love and worship men to collect for us. You died for us to purchase, save that he made promises that the city and he can keep his promises.

So to me the issue Jerusalem is not issue the city. It's really the issue of Jesus because he has made promises to Jerusalem, so I think you know as we we barrel on closer to the end of the age. As we approach the return of the Lord. Whether that 10 years from now, or hundred years from now. I think it's closer than 100, but enough to know. Either way, the closer we get to that man splitting the sky the more urgent, relevant, and pressing this whole issue Jerusalem is going to be because you can return and establish a government in Jerusalem and if we oppose that on political theological moral grounds organists find ourselves in an antagonistic relationship with Jesus.

Even though we profess to love worship and follow him. So bottom I commute the Christological issue issue Jesus not issue geopolitics. What makes this video. This new DVD so powerful and compelling and in your view, what, what's going to happen to the viewer where they can experience what can happen to their thinking, there their mindset.

As a result of watching this on my Hope I don't know if this will happen. This is my prayer that I guess that's all I could say it. My hope and my prayer is that people would ask different questions related to sugars going to get a think in many circles today edited the two loudest voices concerning Israel are you know God has it got a new people and land doesn't matter, and he has you know it through the new covenant is created the church in the old has passed away and is now obsolete and supersession is an replacement theology. On the other hand, you have very patriotic nationalistic support of Israel that I think in many ways marginalizes the gospel because it marginalizes the person and work of Jesus. And I think what what what were trying to do to this theory is to present a beautiful alternative, leave the argument room to speak between those two voices and say it is another way maybe the gospel points us to a different plaintiff. Thinking related to the issue Jerusalem.

Neither replacement supersession theology on the left or patriotic nationalism that devoid of the gospel on the right SMI with the series as a whole. People would encounter the gospel implications. The Christological implications of this home mystery of Israel that so I dominating the minds of the prophet and the apostles, and particularly this second installment in the series city of the great King. Hopefully this issue Jerusalem people begin to feel yet not as they land dispute issue or an issue of national borders and territories are modern, contemporary geopolitics, but they begin to think of it in terms of Christology in the person and work of Jesus who is the what is he like what he care about what doing because to me those are the questions we need to be asking when you get answers to those questions. You see Jerusalem very differently than you do. If you're in one of the two dominant narratives of either replacement theology or nationalistic dynamism that marginalized gospel and who are some of the folks that appear on this video. Obviously I'm on it and get to do some narration in answering questions of who else is is on this essence is a five-part series.

So were to Don's into this is the second, to do one each year. HM will have a different slightly different lineup on in this film you are in it which were incredibly grateful for the art we have such deep appreciation and affection for you in the way that you pioneered this message and I were really in a way standing in a continuum of what you've been saying for decades.

Scott Bullock are our dear brother were grateful for Scott Joel Richardson is is and it is a dear friend of ours in our core team is it will be in all the films Stephanie quick. Our developer producer Michael Reynolds is also one of our core writers is also the privileges of her other friends.

Daniel Whitfield third pre-Barry Horner and Reggie Kelly contributing to it needs film will some of these. In fact we get the interview that we shot for you. Dr. Brown was was to be exclusively for the first film but there was so much good stuff in your interview that we were we, as a writing team week that you not we we need to include some of what he said in the second film as well so you get snuck in there Dr. Braxton again.

Yet, with a nice close-up of my mustache to surround the FDA did notice that yeah and and Dalton. It's interesting we we just got little over over a minute before before done here, but it's interesting that you without a physical story connection to Israel and the Jewish people because of your devotion to Jesus and the word of God have gotten a tremendous burden for Israel and for Jerusalem so so this is yet this is something that is flowed out, then not of this super patriotic patriotic Zionist stick nationalism that of love for God and love for Jesus it's put this love for Israel and the Jewish people in your heart, correct schooling and that's not to say that I'm not politically I don't. The court stated Israel I love is that it is supported politically, if Jesus was not King, but he is king in that matter yeah absolutely does all right friends the DVD brand-new just being released. That's why we set so we set it up today to have Dalton coming your way from Iraq.

The city of the great King focused on Jerusalem.

It's the second of a three-part series, but it is the one that stands alone just on Jerusalem when you order it will include some special interviews with different ones who participated in the filming of this and along with that, my lecture at the University of South Florida is Israel an evil occupier and along with that of course you get the DVD of the city's great King's remember you go these on DVD and CD or you can just go to the website. The line of and you can download everything so within the day you could be watching this at home and sharing it with friends to take advantage of this friends Israel city of the great King Jerusalem beneath understanding God's eternal purpose is the line of it's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown should hear from Ken Carper which is about healthcare. I'd like to know it is and why are you bringing up the emails I'd like to know why aren't you know as it has it that it hasn't been finished at all 10 carports of the questions nice to one on three again from the debate last night. Yeah, America continues to descend to new levels of low people referred to the circus last night at the base says exactly what I was expecting and yeah if if Hillary Clinton on the first date debate Donald Trump on the second debate. If you have to pick which one you want to win you in the second because people can remember what happened last, and obviously want to win the third, but I would say the candidates were who they were with their strengths with their weaknesses. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so we returned from Iraq and Jerusalem. We returned to the United States and the presidential elections 866-34-TRUTH a few quick questions for you. Number one, if your Trump supporter were you put off it all by this revelation of these tapes of the state from 2005 in the vulgar comments he made about women, things like that you put off by that we satisfy with his apology that you feel that the way he handled things during the debate, 86634 again.

I was not the least bit surprised to hear the vulgar despicable comments.

I figure that's exactly who he was, especially 11 years ago as he change census to change the laws he changed a little less. Another question that I was not the least bit surprised to hear that fact. If you if you asked me do such tapes exist or better did he have those kinds of conversations with people with a recorded anonymous and of course that's the kinda guy he is or was at least in the county.

I boasted about being than anyone think anything differently about that 10 years ago I said Donald Trump thanked Donald Trump what comes to mind. You might say builder or entrepreneur entrepreneur. Whenever I was the apprentice on how long ago I don't know but if that was not in a reality TV star, you might've said wrist lists of worldly or greedy or whatever self-centered her graduate and said saintly yeah when I hear Donald Trump. I think immediately saintly that I was not that way. So is not the least a problem surprised that people are surprised. I'm surprised people supporting and political leaders and Christian leaders like we are mortified to expect that this was part of his past. Only question is how does he handle it today so I'm curious about that. If your Trump supporter and we surprised by the tapes we put off by them you feel satisfied about the way he handled them listen during the debate.

If if he said this look. I'm ashamed of that. Comments is not who I am anymore yeah I was that kinda guy was that's that's who I used to be. Everybody knows that no surprise that whatsoever of and then he said and look at hiding actually do any of these things, I didn't actually do any of these things I II simply said them. It was just talk okay that I despise and talk rather writing an office quote locker room talk that that be another issue.

So there better ways he could have he could have dismissed it last night and and basically said hey that's who I was. It's not who have been for years.

Talk to my family talk to my friends. You'll see that clearly, but thought.

Having said that, are you ready to move on.

We ready to drop out will really get that set a bunch of other things. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We will be right back with you because of the budget, success of this is her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to get your calls last night's beta unit seemed pretty self-evident to me that Donald Trump one of the moderators really tried to be unbiased clearly teamed up against him, and in fact you have this remarkable exchange a grab that could number 14 JJ, it's, it's quite remarkable where one of the moderators is is actually getting into a debate was Trump that it is going back and forth about certain points of why I thought this is just while in like like Nancy said to me today that it is seen in the past that there was some pretense of of impartiality, but now it's just all all out go after him from the liberal media and and here's what's really interesting number to call 866-34-TRUTH 784 866 the court truth there is the theory that I heard during the primaries that Trump was getting massive airtime that that Trump was getting massive publicity through the secular media through the liberal media and this was quite intentional so that he would win the primary and become the Republican candidate and I recut becoming the Republican candidate would be the easiest one that Hillary Clinton could defeat.

Therefore, the liberal media propped him up.

There is even the theory that this was part of the Clinton strategy, etc. and that this is not been released allegedly through WikiLeaks if if you believe that what's being said there and and that and that what what what happens is that that he didn't propped up and after being propped up is is then shot down by this very same media is it is it true could be limited to say this, I question it. Before I wonder about it now. It let's listen to clip 13 for the debate last night. She had a chance to do something this area. They had a chance and that was the line lapel followed.

I think Aleppo is a disaster humanitarian will not solve. I think that it recently has fallen okay. It basically instructs them to change something, you take a look at most of the biggest problem I have with the stupidity of our foreign policy. We have muzzled. I think a lot of the ices leaders are and also so we have announcements coming out of Washington coming out of the rack. We will be attacking Mosul in three weeks or four weeks. All of these bad leaders from ices are leaving most of why can't they do it quietly. Why can't they do the attack. Make it a sneak attack and after the attack is made, inform the American public that we've knocked out the leaders. We've had a tremendous success be belief. Why do they have to say were going to be attacking Mosul within the next 4 to 6 weeks, which is what they say.

How stupid is our country are so Donald Trump makes that point. Okay, so really, must respond to refinement. Look at look at what now happens to clip number 15 listen to it that happens with the moderator and with Donald Trump. There are sometimes reasons the military does that I psychologically carry granny. I can't think of anything I generally end now that we have look I have 200 generals and admirals endorsement. I have 21 Congressional medal of honor recipients to endorsement. We talked about it all the they understand why can't they do something secretively when they go in and they knock out the leadership power. Why would these people stay there. I've been reading now.

This remarkable makes his point why we announcing in the moderators is one of the reasons for it is a moderator. Wow it's one thing if some is that answering the question to come back to it at the state to argue the point door to answer that the point that was being made by the Pers debate you. You gotta be kidding me. Here's the deal. This works in favor of Donald Trump. It works in his favor that look, there's a better way. Having been a debate since Elvin didn't live TV and and hostile settings. There is a way where you can show that you are being taken advantage of being the victim. That's not whiny that that it is a better way to do it it it is in you with more humility and with more grace dislike Foyt kinda feels like three on one here or something like that you get more sympathy but this is this is not gonna help the anti-Trump people to be so obviously biased against me has enough issues and the flaws enough questionable judgments and end the questions my character in head on that. But when she started to do it in this way, in my opinion. In my opinion it. It only makes things seem worse, 8663 for 87884 before I go to phones Ted Cruz has criticized NBC say you had these tapes since for months now you have the statement with with Donald Trump speaking ability Bush for months. Why just release it now seems the reason with Washington Post which is hostile down from the reason for releasing it now is to release it now to undermine his candidacy, but by these be forthright about say were redoing the strategically 86634 should again here is run at. Under no circumstances will I vote for Hillary Clinton.

That settlement was, she repents becomes a different person and she reemphasize you last night, loud and clear that she is opposed to Donald Trump selections for Supreme Court because these people want to overturn Roe V Wade, I want to overturn the overgrowth of decision which we define marriage so she's making clear making clear your conservative Christian she's against you. She said oh there's room for everyone and she wants to be the president for everyone in everyone's welcome you. What about her saying that our religious beliefs would have to change concerning abortion concerning same-sex quote marriage. What about that in Donald Trump's stuck with his gun say that he would appoint justices in in the.

The image of Scalia and and and that in fact he's given out a list of over 20 already so good for him staying with that my position remains would spend for some time. Under no circumstances can I vote for Hillary Clinton and I urge every person loves the Lord and loves the unborn allows marriage and family not to vote freely. Clinton Donald Trump still has to earn my vote because I have enough misgivings concerning him that I'm still hesitant to vote for him. When I end up just voting for the platform and hoping he would uphold that that's a possibility as I vote Republican because of the platform still processing again just me you have to come draw conclusions as well. 866-34-TRUTH of Escoto, Boston, Massachusetts. Denise walking to the line of fire background.

I hear a comment when they got up from 2005 regarding downtown after the people and what affect me in contact and if we look at chemical gaming biblical character name even for murder he committed delicately and got it in different because David was willing to go in and make all on all and be advocate and only now tried it with lock it with building a Gallo.

I believe that very Gallo spent the building gonna hang on them yet. Denise, let me say a few things.

First, you're absolutely right. It was the past and why should anybody be surprised. Isn't that who we knew he was again that's this final point find it despicable comments there degrading to women. They're ugly their indefensible 55. But how could anybody not know that that's who he was.

That's one thing. Now, regarding King David. I wrote an article you can you can read posted yesterday afternoon what King David can teach Donald Trump what God says about David. He was a man after God's own heart, except for this matter of the adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of of Uriah memories the king he could just snap his fingers and do more than most of us could do if we try our hardest to do it so that too much is given much is required as well, but you can also do a lot of people only dream about doing but it's because he was so close to God and that he write the Psalms and always of the since. Let's not make the house Trump into David serves up the leg. He wrote the Psalms or anything like that but let Donald Trump learn from King David because Denise is rightly said David was smitten with contrition and and and let him utterly renounce this if this comes up again let them in the clearest, most humble posture that was wrong and yet it was locker room talk guys talk that that that it's wrong and I've realized how wrong that whole culture is and I want to set a better example I want to set the example of a married man who loves his wife and is faithful to his wife, and almonds women and and and loves kids and raises them in a solid family example that you can look at the crowd of and forgive me for the past few watch who I am and who I'll be nestling to move forward is not God gives grace to the humble and you do it without pointing a finger at anyone else. Denise, thank you and thanks for the long-term listener file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown theory about Mr. John was going to move on.

I was against the Americans not been debunked, and you voted for it and you shouldn't. If well I just checked online question she just went about 25 seconds over her time to respond to this place very quickly place she got overcommitted over and you don't stop her when I go one second oversleep is really very Internet of let me say this. Donald Trump did interrupt more than Hillary did your overall speaking time is a most identical he just got a few seconds longer in her summary of the ambit oral speaking time was almost identical. His interrupt. You don't want to interrupt it just makes you look bad.

It makes you look obnoxious, the less you do it the better. There might be a time here and there to get little word in order to correct or to just challenge something that is best to do it with your time and if you feel you're not getting a response to hey, some things were said, I do need to response it is important that the American people hear the truth that there are better ways to do that again.

Overall it was a clear victory for Donald Trump but this who he is and others.

You saw him on display last night. That's who he is, he just did much much better than the first debate and personally for me what I did seal the first debate, but when Donald Trump would say things but Haley Clinton. She had a smile on her face that I thought was effective.

Last night felt the opposite. I felt that it seemed demeaning the whole time and it wore on, the actually again just just my feeling. I think others felt the same as well but see my feeling it.

In other words, an object of just talking here is a debater myself and I watch looking at issues that can help watch without thinking about debate issues and how to do things and what's best, much worse than it just seemed to me that her attitude did not did not help that when when serious charges are brought against you and you have a certain kind of fixed smile on your face that really seems demeaning to others, degrading to two Donald Trump and find you could you could be incredulous of what he saying this is just a way to do it because of the cameras on and it seemed that to just dismiss everything I said with lies that that that gets old a certain point again, just my impression, 8663 for 87884. Let's go to Charlotte, I won't. They're all right. Let's try to reconnect with Joe in Charlotte, North Carolina just lost my mom. I picked them up on other and were ready to go as soon as you get back to it. Let's let's play one more clip grab number. Let's see number seven a JJ Griffith number seven. This Hillary Clinton after the debate, and you could see she did not sound exactly triumphant, confident number seven ally I saw what I expected to see and that is why the first thing I said was Mrs. sad something that I've been saying since June and not the president and commander-in-chief honesty. That's a big talking point is not fit in that.

That's the fear and the concern and it could be that she is. She's tried to sound triumphant portray things, maybe just didn't come across in that clip. Obviously, she should be did great, but again, to me it just didn't seem as self-confident again.

My reading of it 866-34-TRUTH so we go to Joe in Charlotte North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown of looking for several years really really enjoyed them unable to hear you respect. Are you presenting on the radio. I felt like last night was a draw felt like they were both both were little bit off their game and in considering the center of things going into the debate was they both seemed a little more shaken but some of the comments your you made. I've been concerned by Christian leaders who just seem to be so beholden to the Republican Party and conservatism that they just can't bring themselves to denounce this guy. What a year than it is a despicable guy and he can't be trusted, and I just know Hillary Pham, but I think standing on the whole abortion issue, and thought of filling our souls for Supreme Court nominee just not you know George Bush was in office for eight years and we did not return. I don't to put Donald Trump on the White House simply for hoping you will please everybody with Supreme Court nominee that just think the city still you would pretty much articulate what what Nancy with my wife, my bride of 40+ years says you said it is her position as you will vote for Hillary, of course, but but she feels people in that sense are selling their soul. She feels that it's Donald Trump could even do more harm than Hillary Clinton out we we differ on that she not been chatting about that lately quite passionately we differ on that but her concern is that that the person that Donald Trump is that his character the way he could degrade America that he could degrade the office of the president that him continue to be who he is, could be more dangerous in certain ways than having Kelly Clinton and now again we we differ. Not that I understand that and Joe if my wife feels this way. Obviously, I would say this credibility to what you're saying as well in letter I'm I'm looking at a letter from Jerry fall Junior he said that the comments Mr. Tremaine 11 years ago were deplorable. I condemn entirely also find Hillary Clinton support of partial-birth abortion criminal. Her opinion event evangelicals be bigoted is only one difference between the two missed approach, Trump promises to support religious liberty and the dignity of the unborn screen promises she will not, yeah, I believe the release of the tape was was planned in time. Just as Jerry fall so that my concern is, is that Jerry fall Junior with all respect to him and leaving liberty in the great job he doesn't that is that when he presented Donald Trump at liberty. He presented them as if he was on the St. Donald spoke to that the wonderful qualities that to me was the failure if he said look we understand this man is not a Christian you may think he is, but is not we understand he's got a real checkered past, and he may still have a checkered present but we believe God is raising them up like Cyrus he was a pagan king and and didn't know God, God said, although you don't know me, I'm using it and we just believe that God is raising up to shake the political system were at with all of his failings and weaknesses. We believe God is raising him up to to stand for religious liberty to stand for the unborn and by the way I did. I actually believe Trump would do it.

Others if elected I believe he would appoint the right Supreme Court justices he's he's been unwavering. That and I believe he he would stand up for Christians cacique he admires us, but you gotta do it the way we don't sell yourself Joe, I'm totally with you on that friends. My bottom line put your trust in God, not a man vote get involved, put your trust in God without presidential politics and will talk apologetics on the line of fire today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will thank you so much for joining us on the line far today 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What a weekend it has been.

That's why it's my joy to serve you the beginning of every week and every day every week day to be here to serve you to help equip you to bring clarity to issues to help provide a voice, a voice of clarity, a voice of reason, a voice of scriptural truth to it to help do that and whatever we can do to help equip you for the battle.

Whatever we can do to help equip you to stand strong in the midst of the storm what whatever we can do to equip you to be a blessing. It is our joy to do it.

It's what our team lives to do to help you to equip you when we are pushing. Gotta put on another video. Gotta put on another article gunning at the radio. Sharpest debate is not because where were trying to accomplish something in ourselves where it was seeking to glorify the Lord to help you and be a blessing to so hopefully you can help bring some clarity we can help bring peace of heart and mind. 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call.

I'm gonna take a few minutes with a special guest after this first break and then I'm going to talk presidential politics and hopefully give you some more redemptive thoughts on that as well. But I want to start here.

Be at peace in your heart that Jesus is Lord and God the father sits enthroned, and that all authority in heaven and earth belongs to the son of God, and he has sent us in his name to do his work and to accomplish his will that now look I live in a state of holy tension because of the feeling of pain for a dying world.

The feeling of pain from messed up world. The concern that America is his like a glass filled with 330 million people about to crash or about to go careening off a cliff and crash and burn. I live with that concern that weight that burden and yet with this absolute confidence that our God is God that he is King and that as we seek his face that all things are possible and that no matter what happens with the election is really Clinton is elected and it's the worst case scenario that that she becomes the most aggressive president in our nation's history even more aggressive than Pres. Obama pro-abortion, sexual activism, anti-religious liberty, and perhaps beyond.

Worst case scenario, the words of Jesus to remain true that that he will build his church. He will build his creation and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. That remains true and and it remains true if Donald Trump is elected and everybody's worst fears are realized and that he's just out of control and he makes a mess of the office of the West. Yeah, President Clinton made a mess integrated with his with the sexual antics. This is another way that Donald Trump could potentially make a mess if even if it's the worst case scenario, God can still use this to wake up the streets. God can still use this to advance the gospel so yes, I'm concerned about the elections. No I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Yes, Donald Trump still could win my vote, but my confidence is in the living God, knowing that the biggest issue is not who is president. The biggest issue is our God's people awake and alert.

Doing this will come back we got to talk Christian apologetics for women really owe you for no get back to presidential politics. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to go on a fiery of an 80 is the number two call and I'm just going through my papers here in oh when when we think about defense of the faith. When we think about apologetics you start to name names of people who are leaders you think of some of the guests we've had in recent days.

Norman Geisler J. Warner Wallace, Frank Couric and James, why even Ravi Zacharias and Shawn McDowell, Josh McDowell, others like that. William Ln., Craig, and that list that you notice you notice the list is all male. Yeah so Southern Evangelical seminary is having a special day of apologetics for women special day of apologetics for women October 13 and then the apologetics conference itself is going to be is is going to be on the 14th and the 15th. It's called the defense never rests. So again, this is October 13 for women only October 14 and 15th have had the pleasure of speaking at this quite a few times and I'm about to speak with Diana Newman as she's a member of the team, which is the missions on the Southern Evangelical seminary, and she travels nationally and internationally speak universities, churches, women's conferences and community events or passion is to equip college and university students to defend their faith on the secular campus or in the marketplace but but Diana is is not just wanted to talk in general about defense of the faith in an and being strong students on campuses and things like that. She's she's gonna speak specifically at this all day women's conference so Fontana welcomes the modified great to have you on the air today so so tell us about women and apologetics. I mentioned just a moment ago before you're on the air that when you think of of all of the speakers that lead speakers at the apologetics conference through the years of virtually all of them are men. For whatever reason you don't normally think apologetics and women if it makes no sense at all because women have as much influence in the Roman societies men do.

Women often have more influence over the kids in the home and women to get hit with the same objections that that men do so, why do you think we don't think women will be think apologetics number when I think I had me to remind only think about it automatically to think that we kind of being our regular dated day, but I haven't had that women are probably thinking well and have their point and you can kind of think about that in a practical effective as the terms women are able to articulate differently and basically think differently and are able to take different types of argument, and I just think that limit advocated for a lot of that limit content that company that can't back my plate income to make the show their yeah and you know what when people talk about my debating skills. My wife Nancy is not impressed with them. She holds her own but you know that the fact is right there. There's no there's a reason it's it's not like naturally, the, the strongest people in the world will be will be males because men are made physically a certain way and and then only women can give birth to children is the way God constituted women. There is nothing fundamental about the male or female Constitution that says that apologetics should primarily be male, so it is time for women to rise up, especially with the homeschooling movement that's primarily the moms who are preparing the kids were going off to public school are going off to secular university so moms really need to be equipped.

I think it very practically elected to Cape that Atlanta I kids spent more time than 80 ligament part for differently Think Different back. But also to that the cultural aware that it I'm going on today.

The issues that are happening in a company I prepared right here in the city of Charlotte a lot of time on it.

But expecting quality time. I think it may have to be able to speak to Richard have to be able demonstrate what it looks like to defend Christian faith and that meant difficult… Right absolutely and in the course. I fully understand that that women are functioning outside of the home as well and are in the business world are in the educational world, etc., but, but, as we focus just for a moment on on that absolutely crucial central role of women in the home with their kids spending that extra time together you, how much more and so the kids get bombarded with social media. The kids get hit with all kinds of things. Maybe there in public school work. Christian school is, worldly there there taken other stuff that the mother is going to be the primary filter on a daily basis. Or maybe the first one to catch things notice things and just just a slight side and then want to come back to women out when you think of apologetics. It it's not only male but also tends to be white and again there is no good reason for that. Why do you what you think that that is in and how can we address that I will not affect different in my an attic in any and very same way that a pet and now faith. It had predominantly been elected not to say that there haven't been African-American at contracting to finish it mean to be picking out that a lot of the issues that are happening in African-American culture are kept within the culture I live" door thinking well but I think the time of Pat time now where a lot of their weekly confronting African-American culture are coming to bear that he had a large, it does speak as though the event have been equipped so that I can maybe have a marketable path begin talking about the thing because not only attic spelling out our community. They but that did coming to bear well on the culture. Not everyone, yeah, that's absolutely well said right so October 13. This is can be the first of its kind at the annual mass of apologetics conference sponsored by Southern Evangelical seminary still time to register folks or around the world. You can you can stream online. You can register the stream online all around the country.

If you can't make it out physically, but they conference the main part for everyone October 14, 15th, but for the first time ever there is a foot for ladies only. October 13 that's this coming Thursday and you're going to teach on this Christianity oppress women and critiquing feminist criticism of the Bible. Let's let's tackle it first regatta two minutes before the break, when even a cover and this Christianity oppress women. I will be doing a joint talk very quickly. Agnes Scott Alec not decided how to let the defendant by an Iraqi town to a discussion by one of the local university in that area (but it didn't take the affirmative condition that the practically.

Long story short, we prepared for the debate for about three or four months and just delete before I not a debate with that question before a week before the depression that take place they backed out of it because they said that we need to much about the Bible and felt because of all of the preparation and that we had already done.

Nora and I decided to continue the discussion and now we prevent that different conflict is church event that the thing you do model to limit what it looks like to have discussion about the very important thing about the monitor model template.

It looks like at the woman to defend Christian faith. Excellent friends to find out more go to

There's still time to register if you live within a few hours just just plan on coming out. Ladies, ladies. Come on, take advantage as he sat on busy home can't make out. You can register to lifestream for work from where ever you are starting Thursday, then Friday and Saturday hate.

We still just have a few seconds before the break. How did you get interested in the subject. I hollered through my undergraduate experience. Michael doing a double major in psychology and being confronted with. But at that time I didn't know about what that basically materialism and naturalism and give them a novel that I think on it felt being confronted with don't think I had quickly find a way had to defend my Christian faith I found out later what apologetics let but it would not think the client to be able to think about the things a little bit more deeply and that really started my mind, not for apologetic and eminent,. They issued particular to land that is not yet know it's it's likely that we have a deal apologetics before we knew it was metallurgist swim before we knew it's what was right right back with Diana Newman here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends, to want to fire a few minutes we are going to switch over to presidential politics. The elections and my reflections on the debate in some constructive thoughts that I have moving forward. 866-34-TRUTH 784 we take your calls but apologetics the defense of the faith. So very, very important and weeping featuring different guests, all of whom are speaking at the national apologetics conference beginning right in Charlotte North Carolina this Thursday with a special day for women only and then on Friday and Saturday. My guess Diana Newman who is part of the team. It's an evangelical seminary and holds an MA from SES and apologetics and philosophy shows me presenting on Friday on navigating feminist theology. Find out more go to, but the clock is ticking. Diana, how much has feminist thinking influenced our culture today of a woman growing up today, how much, how different is her worldview positively or negatively because of feminism. Her view of a family review for self help policy change over the last generation.

Actually, I think she thinks about it or not, I'm feminist effort to chat if person I expect how well it integrated into a contract feminism has been extremely extremely fit that book so that today we are in pain. Eminent very true right from the out and become their plate thing about anyone in the box and quite effeminate at night, that culture today. So what are some of the negative effects in terms of how God wants woman to see herself how God wants woman to see motherhood and other aspects of what it means to be a woman. How how does God want a woman to see herself versus how to feminists one woman to see herself what did they not guided by active practically. I felt as women. And a lot of the feminist movement and ideology. And even if the encourage it differently to be value when it began outlining and encouraging women to complete man at night and not get to be out woman. I think that feminism in pain, detrimental social movement women ironically helped her complement but it did devalued, but even the element at currently in the areas that are uniquely female when it comes no childbearing when it comes to mothering when it comes it Roland Frank at that it'd be a life I'll still think I evaluated At paradigm and you talk must feminist theology. So how does this not work out in terms of reading Scripture, and when you do your session on navigating feminist theology, we can deal with fear.

I got it. Not that got eight women in particular, the idea that apparently because the Bible you do not have mailing equipment guided are pretty tame and yell white teeth that that that problem twilight effeminate at effeminate quite the line, and abatement.

Well that come think faith element effeminate, have a heart probably but she did not affect something to be dealing with a lot of pain that people at him to be true about that.

The logical implication so you say that feminism is supposed to help women that actually hurts women sewing and in what respect, or are women heard the argument would be, now they're liberated now there equals now they have equal opportunity in the workplace with the potential for women presidents and and the skies the limit for women they been liberated from just being re-producers and subjugated to man, how has it actually hurt women rather than help them that were talking about the effects of pollution. No women are not able to get back thinking that men can get quite early in one of the doubt that that aftereffects of evolution with the family advocate and a contraceptive movement in… Me enough point that gave me that a lot of different birth control device that hormonal things that have come think that basically acknowledgment to be had at that at that slack they would like to be at that where that now are coming to understand if I know that no thing had been quite harmful to limit physically, mentally and psychologically.

All of the things have been avid about actual application if you will not have been put right on the had not been adept at complaining at the common culture would like to portray when we get the idea that God discriminates based on sex and I would favor, at the feminist movement when you approach the Bible with effeminate benefits right from the very start, you will come out exactly like you want to be out of the text. But if you approach the text in its proper approach the tent with a proper understanding of who God is that spiritual being either male nor female but little in his interaction with humanity that can be characterized at either male or effeminate, depending on what we understand that God is not a man and not out. I went dancing at the great creation account where special creation, but you understand that, contrary to popular opinion, then did not come through but it came at a map and you understand and meet the Bible properly terminated event that you really not legitimately thinking that God as the creator of special so it's reading it through long lenses that then cause the Bible to be accused of being a misogynist book or the God of the Bible to be a misogynist God when read rightly. There is great dignity for men and for women both created in the image of God and with unique roles in the attack on is unique roles then is is the very thing that diminishes so that which is post deliberate answer bringing people into bombs, Diana.

I appreciated you can hear more of Danna Newman as a woman October 13 at the women's only day at the annual apologetics conference and then everyone can hear her on the 14th. She gives a presentation again. So find out more by going to but just a few more days. The conference starts this Thursday and then Friday and Saturday for everyone Thursday for women only.

Remember, you can still register the still time to do that and if you can't make it out physically for living different parts of the country, the world you can live stream the entire conference, a Diana, it's great to get to know you by phone. Look forward to meeting you face-to-face. Keep up the great job all right 866-34-TRUTH we switch gears to presidential politics. Yes, we do like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire presidential politics. How can we avoid that subject. But as always, will come at it in a redemptive way with a kingdom perspective not caught up in partisan politics, but stepping back she can get the heart mind of the Lord and then speaking into the situation. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 Joe Scarborough, I had this to say click number 10. He's commenting on the second debate.

This is the morning Joe showed Joe Scarborough is anything but a fervent supporter of Donald Trump, the Republican Party listen to what he had to say. I think a couple of things people in the press may not want to admit that it was plainly evident. Watching on TV last night. Number one, it was Donald Trump's most effective debate performance to date, there is not a close second. Just because I secondly, despite the fact she had an unprecedented cheering sex, cheering section, the media, the fact is for somebody watching and people see this if they go back and watch it again today are facing parts of the week. From our month milk Hillary Clinton was on the defensive. Most of the night.

She seemed unsure of herself. Most of the night and he dominated the second debate in the same way she dominated the first debate yacht.

I agree with that.

That's my assessment as well. He maybe been done better. The second baking sheet in the first which is all the more interesting because he was massively be on the defensive because of the videotape that was released in 2005 with his vile sexual comments about women I said this early in the show but for those just tuning and now I want to restate this. I am not the least bit surprised by those file comments. That's exactly who I thought Donald Trump was especially 2005. Has he changed since I hope so don't know that I hope so. It is Izzy less a vile person in those ways. Now that he was, and I hope so, but the fact that he was like that 11 years ago this utterly surprised.

My concern is how to deal with today. Does he humble himself. How does he repent, how to how to see set himself apart from who that person was Euro-Americans a very forgiving if you said I blew it I was a complete jerk an idiot. I'm ashamed of it. Call locker room talk whatever it's in for anointing do those things but gets locker room talk. It's completely inappropriate it's it's ugly and I renounce it. That's not who have been for years. My wife can tell you that my kids can tell that my friends can tell you that it's with her playing a tape from 11 years ago if if that's the case, it has changed and up by God's grace on the set a very different example. Or just watch and see who I am yet so I was but it's not who I am and that's not the major voting for you voted for the man I am today. That would've been the way to respond to it.

Let's play one more clip from mortgagor click number 11. Again, Joe Scarborough commenting on the second debate. This is a political reality that for the Republican base Donald Trump delivered the attack against the Clinton machine that the Republican base and middle America have been waiting for for years now and so good luck. Being in Pensacola, Florida.

Saying hey I'm I'm often Donald Trump are saying in Kansas so I'm Maccabee for Donald Trump. He works especially when Republican America should have been surprised by what they heard on Friday exactly nobody should have been surprised that that's what I've written an article that will be posted shortly.

Why will the force of fuss over the Trump sex comments to as I say they are, right is to defend them or convince people to vote for him saying to those who endorsed him. Not all were mortified. We can no longer support him who just think you are endorsing or who did you think the man was 11 years ago.

That's when I don't get commodity shipments self-evident from the start. No. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking at a whole this out one news and the question is what your reaction to the sexualized comments by Donald Trump recorded 11 years ago.

The choices no surprise but still better than Hillary. More hypocrisy from the left fair game was trashing a bills victim bills victims never Trump was vindicated. He had my vote, but not now. It's gut check time for me now. Is it the poll just started and it's just got its first eminences moments ago so it's got its first what hundred 76 votes, but interestingly the he had my vote, but not now, and it's gut check time for me.

Those on the bottom. Those that have the least. Never Trump was vindicated fair game was trashing a bills victims that's next up from the bottom so those between them have like 13% of those 40% then was 30% more hypocrisy from the left and then over 56%.

No surprise, but still better than Hillary so that's interesting, that's interesting. I did a poll on my twitter account yesterday, so if you don't follow me Twitter you want to get involved in these go to go to go to RR what set Esther to Cascade your browser and click on the Twitter icon and you can then follow me on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube's case would be that the polls are often on Twitter and II did a poll the postdebate poll overwhelmingly the folks said that Trump one thing this a general consensus anyway.

But II did a poll earlier to see it did to help you understand that I don't have people that are just radically pro-Trump is as most of the folks that are that are there. I said if elected, what would Trump do more degrade the office of the president and degrade America or smash the corrupt political system, 20% said both equally. 42% said smash the corrupt political system. 38% said degrade the office of the present degrade America so those are almost taught so so that indicates that have a lot of folks to follow me on Twitter that are not in the Trump camp and in fact I asked the question a couple days back in the off chance that the Donald Trump dropped out analysis I can happen barring something completely intensely over the top that hasn't happened yet, but it if he did drop out some of micron. The silks and the like.

Like Ron, the was going to be running. Would you vote for him and the majority suggest it wasn't wasn't overwhelmingly so. And when I look at us a survey that I did on Twitter October 5. I just wonder how you plan to vote 56% Citroen 5% Hillary 90% said another candidate, 20% said versus 39% of those follow me on Twitter that voted said there was a percent of the Trump are not at all.

And then if you had in the Hillary photo be 44%, so I don't have overwhelmingly strong Trump followers on on Twitter yet 71% said that he won the debate 18% said it was even 11% said Hillary one 866-34-TRUTH you know what would help you know what would help her.

It's a little thing, but whatever Donald Trump could do to draw less hostility towards him. He is a certain demeanor and appearance.

The better right if if your Trump fan if he took off a few pounds. I was late in the game.

He took off a few pounds he weighed there there there so they can see more negative in the way he walks and carries himself so just just a quick comment. All right. I'm taking a break for an important announcement, my friend and colleague Stu Epperson the very man who get me on the radio on these very stations or eight years ago.

8+ years ago. Hey Stu what's up man.

This is unusual for you to call in the program you want to call about your topic, but my heart broke my heart. I spoke with our manager argued that workstation and there's a lot of political buds out there court rarely a program like her to bring the biblical Christ there approaching that level you want to get a lot of prayer warrior your prayer warrior fell apart lamented a big chunk of Eastern North Carolina, South Carolina, right we have our 100.9 FM radio station Truth Network agent underwater the National Guard and Army out of Lumberton, people are hurting their leaders everywhere really really bad bear block your life completely submerged in water. We did need a lot of prayer I don't even know you know what to tell people do other than pray a lot of people have family down there, but it is a right like like I've never heard before in the power doubt we have no radio down there. I just wanted to call and thank you for allowing me to hear this wicked with your listeners with you and continue to pray for the people that are losing everything that wonderful ministry shelters are being plotted it. It is the craziest thing I like. I've been a radio never been involved in honesty. I am sorry to say that that I was actually aware of this was in California for a few days and asked Nancy how things might use some heavy rain, which is received Morrison out in a beautiful, sunny days. I just thought the storm pretty well passed by and I been so focused on the national issues in the political debate in ministry and flying in writing. II did not even know the extent the extent of the statuses right here in the state right I live now students is rising.

Folks can do other than pray why appropriate prayer to put the Truth Network Facebook will try to contact you. I will try to get the Twitter world. I did a couple commentaries literally on my voice memo in my car, drive the truck today between what the high point and a people would pray and date. In order to try to give update. We may have to do you know Andre that the get try to get back on here work we really know our manager Marty Mentos Dr. Pastor love the board. He was just desperate. What I did talk to them and tell me if you are other roots down there people or other been ruined there there there people out of water out at Waterford sometime just really really bad weather.

People in camouflage don't run fine if you have to dilute your North Carolina partner South Carolina and we have the 50,000 W date. Maybe pray that this patient, the Billy Graham I been on the phone, the Billy Graham Wright got a way to get a generator in people to pray for that we could find it, a way to get back on the air that we can actually do have a communication line it out.

Yeah, I've seen an absolute yes are absolutely right Stu. Let's pray father, we thank you for the reminder that will some of us in safety and comfort others of her friends and neighbors have suffered real Lawson and in other parts the world even in Haiti as far from us.

So there's been terrible loss of license. We pray God for grace on on those who lost so much we pray for intervention. We pray for mercy.

We pray for wisdom for help and we pray God that the restoration would bring better fruit better results that that in the end. Looking back, it would be stronger and safer in the midst of the crisis right now give grace, give help and and show us what we can do in a Practical Way in Jesus name.

Hey Stu it's it's great to be a partner fellow worker together with you. Appreciate your your heart for people… You have no idea how much that mean that prayer love you. Thank you God bless all your listeners what you like to look beyond radio right now. I got bless thanks so much Stu Epperson it's two Junior 5616 tall, no infection is little Stu because his dad is Stu Senior yeah yeah it's is a reminder I'm sitting here thinking yeah we could sometimes just like oh I'm okay my families okay those are okay that's that's the heart of God. That's compassion's… Thank you for that reminder and if there are practical things that can be done but will be sure to let you know 866-34-TRUTH 87884II do believe that Hillary Clinton needs to be pressed on the email scandal and the fact that Donald Trump repeatedly said you deleted 33,000 emails after you were subpoenaed. That's damning that's damning the fact that there are people within the FBI of sash with the head of the FBI. Mr. Comey and saying that this is complete this under no circumstances should this investigation of gone the way that is completely unfair, completely unfair and that what will come back on a replay the clip change will lead him with number eight and I want to play that the full clip here of of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about jail all yeah it got pretty feisty and hot last night. I'm not defending Donald Trump or denying his failures and weaknesses saying other issues that need to be considered the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country because you'd be in jail all yeah that was the strongest moments for Donald Trump in the night. Obviously, some was how horrific but a lot of people feel that Hillary Clinton's behavior is criminal is been covered up. Come on. Does anybody think if it was someone other than Hillary Clinton that the FBI was treated her the way they did that. Does anybody really think that now there there may be a few other people would be treated like that, but this anybody really think she was treated justly and fairly and righteously under the law. So here is the more full clip clip number nine. Let's listen to the exchange from last night. If I win I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies so much deception has never been anything like this were emails and you get a subpoena to get a subpoena and after getting the subpoena you delete 33,000 emails so we can get a special prosecutor and with it a look into it because you know what people have been their lives have been destroyed for doing 1/5 of what you've done and it's a disgrace and honestly to be ashamed of everything you just said is absolutely false, but I'm not summarized. It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country because you'd be in jail. Listen, she has a lot of dirt in her hands.

So is Donald Trump in a different nature different nature, not commending either one is a moral paragons, in fact, let's scribble more clip that will take some calls.

Clip number 12 were Donald Trump is being asked by Anderson Cooper about the sexual comments the despicable comments that he made on that videotape clip 12 drag that you've sexually assaulted limit you understand that and I didn't say that everyone I don't think you understood what was said this was locker room talk. I'm not proud of it. I apologize to my family. I apologize to the American people. Certainly am not proud of it. But this is locker room talk you know when we have a world where you have Isis chopping off heads, where you have and frankly drowning people in steel cages will you have wars in an horrible horrible sites all over where you have so many bad things happening. This is like medieval times we haven't seen anything like this. The carnage all over the world and they look and they say can you imagine the people that are frankly doing so well against us with Isis and they look at our country and they see what's going on. Yes I'm very embarrassed by it. I hated but it's locker room talk right so his point was I didn't do these things. Anderson Cooper, Preston, rightly so look that the moderates in my mind disgrace himself, especially Martha Raddatz in terms of their open open biases post be moderating debate is supposed to clearly state if one candidate Frank ready to begin, and it was a plus for Trump the Sedona plot was a pleasant Clinton then Sedona plot so I may just things like that but putting all that but I decide Anderson Cooper did the right thing to press did you do these things and and he said no but then of course that allows them to set up.

It we know Bill Clinton did XYZ and Hillary Clinton attacked the women and then focus on those issues. There was, I just talked about he actually did it, but when you just dismiss it as locker room talk you need to say where that look and he said I hated it apologize for okay that's that's positive, but to say when I see like I can talk what I meant is this just guys talking boastfully not actually stuff that is part of my life. Either way it's wrong and ended and it's disgraceful and it's a bad example but when I said I can talk I met we talked about rather did it to say it like that because it sounded like you say what will exist locker room talk of the locker room talk still ugly talk still despicable cost of the grading talk still part of our culture is wrong wrong to women that he said that having said that, say it. What I meant was it's self we talked about this mail. You know, macho Stauffenberg was tied into this incident sexually assault women if in fact he didn't consider it either way it's wrong and I and I completely repudiated and is not who I am and let's have a more important issues like Isis and incident 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Bobby and High Point, North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey have made my man will vote for Donald Trump. My father and he was really great with me and my brother one thing he instilled in me and met the boy up quicker frontline gain anything because the lab will cheat and thereby count all three of them got together and have a client in Atlanta points that down and I want Donald Trump said she had done anything) and can the bank can lower insurance. It is gone ballistic stent pavement Fred Masi Blaustein think your about. He said he had babies in American medicine, while only Tammy them then at the contradicting and anterograde different damping the event of an animal, and that many bet. Anyway, turn them laugh and laugh and I agree with what you said about down from it, but I'll tell that Matt has been our best work for AT&T for years and had told me years ago on the bathroom while in the man's bathroom you'd say all candor, drawings, and women's name and they asked out women want to be respected and that got great director like a basic trash with her grant connected bottom and cut down to their maple and dance are man-made delayed remark and again I write you if you will be treated like a lady dressed like one and act like one that down to get Matt but I think our country is in horrible shape. I have prayed that this man heard that Dr. James Dobson had faxed the letter and better. It only need back down front is a new Christian well have a Clinton and Obama bad plant at Oliphant where Oliver fed Craig and forgot about their friend and when you think there that smile bobbed their calendar we don't think about going out and I don't belong to the Lord. They are tightened.

What are bad their mouth and down her hands that the family I am a much better person and met a person that was not collected to the Lord now 11 years ago and I were 80 lilies jumping is not a time. Thanks for your passion over 80. Thanks for your passion in your convictions.

I'm all you listeners you can interact is as you see fit with Bobby's comments. There's no time for me to add anything to sense a look pick this up, but listen when not excusing anything, simply saying let's see how you act day. That's my bottom line pass this past how you respond to it today God and man. That's the quest

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