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Dr. Brown and His Wife Nancy Discuss Breaking the Stronghold of Food

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 1, 2016 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown and His Wife Nancy Discuss Breaking the Stronghold of Food

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 1, 2016 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/01/16.

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Today's broadcast is so important that for the first time in the history of the line of fire. Joining me on the broadcast. Today my wife, my bride of more than 40 years. Nancy will be talking about breaking stronghold of food stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown will many of you know that Nancy-first time have written a book together, which we literally believe is going to be the difference between life and death. The hours and hours and hours that we put into it together to make the very best that we could so that you could read it that your lifestyle could be changed as goddess help us change our lives.

We believe your lives could be changed as well and that's why Nancy she's got a lot to say but she's always behind the scenes. If there's anything good in my life outside of the Lord at work. It's because of Nancy's counsel and wisdom and faithfulness and loyalty over the years were joined together which is not a public person to get her to come on radio I've been trying for 8+ years.

She's finally consented because the importance of the subject and and honey when we first met. 1974 I was a believer ready. 19 years old you were not a believer when we first met you an atheist Jew, remember when you became an atheist. Yes and I was eight years old. I was raised in a Jewish home, went to the synagogue every week and that reform Jewish home Reform Jewish and when I went. I remember thinking there really is no such thing as God because there is no evidence of God in in that place, just nominal religion just nominal religion went for the food afterwards. How how old your mom was married multiple times, four times and this was your first stepfather] brilliant man. He was a genius asked Salinas and he ended up being a inventor and a college president, University president, things like that and he was involved in the synagogue but it was a kind of a nonreligious Reform Judaism very liberal. How old were you remember when you came to conclusion my God I came to the conclusion when I was about eight years old.

I remember walking through my neighborhood and thinking to myself I wish there was a God because I love the idea of God and then II just came to the conclusion but I really have to face reality.

Even as an eight-year-old. There is no God and and that was it and you for you Ms. reality. You are absolute reality, it's not-it's and goblets like he was going to be the knight in shining armor that this like that. But when you dredge up and he wasn't there.


I soon met. We met 19 you are hard-core at that point is, as an atheist and in the world and here I was safe for couple years after drugs in my whole background.

It's a miracle even came to a church building at all, but you saw me in the front.

What you think when you first saw me well. I saw this tall, skinny guy sit standing in the front and I thought to myself, I could never date anyone that looked like that was exactly love at first I was first sign but when God saved you what it what drew you to me you spirituality. It wasn't your looks pleasant. I display now of course it's my dynamic is right but so it it was really something God brought us together. He radically saved you into giving us and 74 married since 1976 and in recent years, you start to get more more concerned about my health. Correct you are getting overweight you had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pushed yourself very hard is me and I was worried that and used to exercise a lot to even though you're eating very unhelpfully somehow like the exercise and I was where you just exercise yourself to death because your arteries were clogged and you just can it promote a heart attack and the web Christian ministry like push myself right and yet but it was an impossibility for you to eat healthy yet so explain what your diet was you before before I knew you I when I was little boy I used to have Oreos for breakfast. I have four in the morning I'd eat one hole that I'd open one often and eat the cream first and then the cadets are members 1234 when I was in the high I had every day for lunch and fries.

Many times at home at night because you nearly I could eat pizza and chocolate every day. All of my life would send me to the grocery store to get through things did tell me what it looks like I will see you on file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown swayed my wonderful bride Nancy to join me on the air and she's always said no.

But finally, because of the importance of the subject.

She is done what she's never done before and agreed to sit down and put together these radio shows for you as we talk about her new book breaking stronghold of food itself available to the general public. January 3 so new year, new you. But you can get it exclusively through our ministry to arrive in time for Christmas. Each one will be numbered to be the first printing number and will each sign it for us will be kind of a collectors edition so in the first segment we were talking about you getting more and more concerned about my health. I did a lifetime unhealthy units much a glutton but just unhealthy.

Either you tell me I was snacking all the time.

As I sit and write all night. I see the look on Julie's great workouts. I must be in good shape and you see you cut yourself with these crazy workouts. Your blood pressure is high but but it didn't paralyze me being overweight didn't paralyze me. I was still active, but when you got overweight and had a paralyzing effect. Did you try the diet over the years and lose weight because I know you hated being overweight. I deftly hated being overweight. I tried many times to lose to lose weight and which I was able to. There was no problem. I believe most of us can lose weight and we don't have metabolic problems is a matter of we lose the weight or we lose the weight and then we gain it back or we just can't stick to a diet and so we just give up halfway through, so that was my palm. I was able to lose weight but eventually I would gain it all back and being overweight was totally paralyzing for me. Everybody's different. Mike wasn't like me he has a very public life. He could go out and as a fat person and and not minister and I don't bother him a little bit but it was nothing like it was with me. I was totally ashamed of the way I looked. I'd I didn't want to leave the house. It really permeated every part of my life ever. Every part when I was undisciplined in my eating I was just undisciplined in my spiritual life and my housecleaning. Everything went by the wayside because it had such a profound effect on me holistically and and's the fact that I loved you that I told you you're beautiful and special, but that didn't do it and now I was very nice that you tell I was beautiful, but you know when. Look in the mirror would tell me that you are.

I know you meant it, but I could see so you were paralyze you want to go out of the house you are ashamed, being overweight, how would you feel all the time when you're out physically. I was just I started to feel very sick. I can't really put my finger on it but my my body ached from head to toe. I felt that there was something seriously wrong with me. I was starting to get scared for my health and I wasn't just over eating.

I mean I would eat what ever I wanted so if I wanted 1/2 a stick of butter on a big plate of noodles. I would not hold back. I put that half a stick of butter and or or I I wanted doughnuts. I have as many donuts as I wanted if I want ice cream I could eat as much as I want. I would eat and eat and eat until I was so full that I felt physically not sick but in pain from eating so much. Did you eat for emotional reasons, like some people eat for comfort or for other things. For me it what it wasn't really for motion residing to five is happy and celebrating. I need if I was sad or frustrated I need if I was that it didn't matter what that what the reason was I eat all the time.

Would you say that biblically defined or the way we understand with your glutton, absolutely a glutton, no doubt about it and but it was it was really I think maybe it's is a little different than some people because I would just eat and eat and eat. I know there are some that that are the same.

You know it would eat the way I would but it's a little unusual and I remember we go out for it for dinner together and we weeded out a lot, especially the kids been out of the house and you run all around us if we have a lot and I remember you start have some roles biscuits at the beginning and maybe a little salad or appetizer you start to get fallen. I say Hahn don't want to. If you too much. Now you get for you before the beginning but then somehow finish the meal and have dessert on top of it. I was at a point where your little person ritual we were to put all that and I don't know, but at the end the things I loved the taste of food. I absolutely loved it, but I would eat beyond my satisfaction. Other words okay few travel balls are good but when you get to almost the end of the whole package of them.

They don't taste so good anymore, but there was something in me that drove me to keep eating alright so when I remember the times when you lost a lot of weight and lick 5060 pounds within get a stop because her health was was breaking down, so wasn't just the yo-yo dieting is it's called of lose the weight gain than you gain even more ethics fat cells increases.

It's actually harder to keep taking it off your health would break down.

So you go like totally vegan or something you realize something was missing. How did you stumble upon the new lifestyle that we follow now just to say that my health broke down, I would. I would go on, you know, severe diets, even that seemingly healthy, with lots of vegetables and my hair would start falling out and I was afraid that I'd end up being a fat bald woman that was my my fear.

I remember when the harasser coming out in clumps of my work. We were terrified of so that that put a fear made even start any diet at all. I was afraid to start start again that's hanging over your head now right so you're your fat you're powerless but you feel miserable and you don't know way out. I don't know way out I was I didn't want to start a whole dieting routine. I was is just like I'd I done it before and it just never worked. I would gain all back. I just didn't have the. The incentive to do just to just start a diet and it but what about just eat a little bit less here little bit less. There. That doesn't work for me. There is no such thing as moderation in my life. That's the kind of person I am. I'm a bit extreme, so I couldn't just have one bite of a piece of cake or one piece of chocolate or one taste of a little lasagna or something like that. There is no such thing as one bite, one taste. It is one bite of those highly palatable, salty, fatty foods, sugary foods just creates some kind of the switch goes on and creates an incredible desire for more and more and more, I don't feel that way with peaches or broccoli. I will not want people have a free tooth to do that. Well, I mean you can but but it's self-limiting how many how many cups of broccoli are you really going to want to eat you just don't it doesn't bring about that adding tensed of fire and desire as link truffle ball and I can have a lust for food when it's healthy, it's the very things I have a lust for food when it's health alright so you got to a place a few years ago you had to do something but you didn't know what to do and I remember you do these radical diets in your weight loss were just all stop losing what it's like you're not even eating anything in the hair would start to fall off. It was kind of a vicious cycle and then you're looking online, but what you discover why I was so scared for my health. That was the thing that got me wasn't just you know, being fat, not wanting to leave the house. Not wanting to have a social life and just feeling like a total misfit, but I knew I had to do something for my health and so I I searched online and stumbled across Dr. Fuhrman's website.

I started reading everything I thought just another gimmick another diet. It but I read more and more and I was so impressed with his knowledge is an actual doctor. His practice and impressed with the fact that years change certain recommendations based on sign that really impressed willing to say know what change so I was very impressed with that diet I me someone might look at it as a dive but no it's a lifestyle. Another would you have to come to a decision how important is it to you to have vibrant health and to be thin and fit. Is it worth it to you to give up all the foods that you you love for to live a healthy life and that that was the question for me so like I said there was no moderation there was no little taste of this little taste that I had to change my diet completely to only eat healthy life-giving foods in order to succeed in from a spiritual perspective as stewards of our body. If God given us healthy things that can make us thrive and we've made all kinds of unhealthy things that are destroying our bodies.

This a spiritual aspect to it. Also absolutely right. So we just got about that a minute in this segment but will come back to some use out of the break, but did you discover that your palette would begin to crave and enjoy the things that you fed it. I thought that was an absolute impossibility. I had read that other people and they would say your taste buds will change.

You learn to love these foods and I thought all that works for them. It will never work for me.

I cannot change. I don't like mushrooms. I will never like mushrooms and I found that by disciplining myself and actually having to force myself to eat certain foods that I learned to love the foods that I once hated we come back.

I want you to tell a story story about what happened when you first cooked up some super healthy stuff but but friends, our book written jointly breaking the strongholds of food how we overcame food addictions and discover a whole new way of life will tell our story is humorous. It's inspirational but it's practical producer of TV show was reading it said while this is the most practical book I've read on this practical biblical waking preorder talking and get his Christmas line.

I line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam. Dr. Michael Brown listen to her own tongue. Trust me, I've been working for eight over eight years together to join me and it's only because of our joint book that we worked really hard on together and Nancy were I can't tell you how every word was polished to make the maximum impact breaking stronghold food.

Michael and Nancy Brown feels nice over names together on the book so hunt when when you made this lifestyle change were following Dr. Joel Fuhrman if you HRM in his eat to live, philosophy, and you read about nutrition for years and years and you knew all kinds of stuff about I didn't know the words meant and now you're seeing change come. But you realize you got here at all the stuff that used to love eating and eat all this new stuff that didn't like so you cook something or what will happen will let me just back it up and say that initially when I started changing my diet. I did not have the thought. I'm going to do this for the rest of my life.

I couldn't III thought YOU have like cheat days and then have her cheat weekend or something like that.

I just could not give it give up everything, but I got to the point where I realize I need to tow the line a little bit more so I was gonna go wholeheartedly for for everything. I went to the supermarket I bought kinds of vegetables. There was hardly any room in my refrigerator with with everything that I purchased so I made a bunch of soups and stews and I couldn't wait to get my mouth on that made a big like always. I don't how many courts it was but it was a big pot and I took one taste that and I thought this is absolutely disgusting. I cannot eat your muskeg. Yes, I thought I can do this. The rest of my life right there is no way I thought and I start to cry but I started cry once in my journal but I was on the verge and I thought how my going to do this because I knew it was nothing else out there that was can help me gate regain health. So I didn't have the heart to throw it away, so I froze individual servings of the soup you put in my freezer and I thought okay just know try something else for a while and leave it in there and see what happens.

So months later, after I'd been eating healthily for the bit. I took out the soup and defrosted it and tasted it and it was absolutely delicious. And seriously, I do feel better today. I love it I love it so the thing is I thought I'm not one of those I can retrain my taste buds. It's just just not gonna work. But I was determined enough that I was to force myself. That's I was going to give it my all.

So I would I'd force myself to eat mushrooms I force myself to eat foods.

I didn't like and also is the recommendation of very very little salt and I was a saw the hall and I started everything, I mean were talking teaspoons and teaspoons of salt on meals, so having food with little to no salt was very, very hard for me for for quite a while, but I forced myself. I made smoothies and added I try to hide mushrooms in them. That was that my first attempt at getting mushrooms down and you're able to do. Make them in a smoothie if you put in a few cook mushrooms may be too small. Cook mushrooms are able to do that you don't taste them, you don't feel them. They get ground up and so that was how I got the mushrooms down but eventually I actually learned to like mushrooms and I would just eat a plate of mushrooms. Yeah, Dr. told me years ago. Mike your taste buds your palette will crave whatever defeated, and it is amazing like I walked to the grocery store. Look at Apple's apple can't wait to eat this stuff.

I'd never would've touched her barely touched before now you you started to feel the benefits pretty quickly eating healthily the weight started to come off steadily regularly. What started happen to just energy all that was for the happens all my energy totally changed.

I was, I had zero energy and zero gumption to get out of the house and my energy started to soar. I just felt physically better.

The pain in my body started to leave. I just felt clear in my head life just took on a more chipper chipper atmospheres like the sun was shining. Yeah, it was just much better and and the other thing about being in control of your eating when I was out of control. It it wasn't a happy time. I mean, I know I didn't like not being in control of myself felt what your life is like a thunderstorm all all the time right so that the aspect of being in control and discipline was a real positive thing of spiritual life to write right we really about three minutes but you are doing great but you your work it out. Like, whatever. Once a month or that you could have a cheat day and you know exactly which really, how much did that work for a little while.

It worked but it started to get to the point where one day became two days and then two days became three days what when I whetted that appetite again for those forbidden foods it like it opened up a Pandora's box and I couldn't stop it. And so there was no way to do anything like that in moderation for me that there are some who can have a little taste of something now and then and and it's not bad for them but for me and for many, many other people having those foods just opens up the floodgates and you become out of control and you got involved in some online forms with others who had changed the relationship to food and were doing great and then like hey I got vacation just going off for a few days, or birthday. Part of this going to splurge a little and you'd read the same thing over and over about them, they would always fall hundred times out of 100, it was just, you know, you learn. If I am sick, something to be 62. That sounds amazing to be 62 and I've learned over the years that you know for decades after dieting I've proven to myself that 100% of the time when I eat those foods. It drags me into over eating every single time. So as a 62-year-old I'm smart enough to know now I can't do that. We have a chapter in the book called blessed with the gift of being all in and by God's grace December 1771.

I told little never put a needle in my arm again.

I was free from that day on what I go back to it will August 24, 2014 by God's grace or change my lifestyle, my relationship to food.

I haven't deviated I live we have a whole chapter in the book of of confessions of recovering food addict and an you know all the times I travel people see me and that radical change in almost 95 pounds and it is people should try getting younger.

I can't believe it will certainly Dr. Brown how often to cheat you guys pick me up at the airport.

The pastors are looking to myself how often you cheer your wife and that's the way I've looked at it. That's the way you've looked at in terms of no deviation in the rewards are such that it's like first enjoyable reading. But what sacrifices there to be as vibrant as we are.

Do you think this book can help people make a change to still do what we say. I do, but there has to be a commitment. I mean, it's not.

It is not an easy road. You know that you've experienced that time about your cry. I tell you what, you don't work or at a time that I can't listen to what you catch. The rest of the show. Just go to the line of fire.or you catch the rest of the show later today. If you miss any of it. You can keep listening on your cell phone or tablet or computer you all. I'll tell you about my moment of great joy in life and waking stronghold tell you how to go to the line of fire get to sign number time it's the line of fire with your host activist and author Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So much for joining us on a far action will ideally review over eight years, but this is the very first time that I've been joined in the studio with my bride of 40 plus Nancy Matt in 1974 at been saved to 1/2 years when Nancy and I met she was Jewish atheist from all been married four times in this reckless human came to church building, God brought us together saved her, then brought us together and we been best friends and 74 married since 1976 and you don't like the saying when people say there's no such thing as an atheist you actually take exception to that.

I do because I know that I was one and so it wasn't as a little girl, you conclude be great if there was a God but there was no God correct. That's exactly what I thought, and it was very much ingrained in my brain that there was no such thing as God.

Anyone that believes in God was ignorant and misinformed and weak.

That was a big thing with me that that the people believed in God were weak and they needed a crime was strong and I was strong, but they need to crutch and I didn't need that crutch and I was very proud about it, very obnoxious about it and really had a lot of disdain for anyone who believed in God were to be talking about her new book breaking the stronghold of food and that's when Nancy is on here with me because of the importance of this booking and getting it to as many people as possible solution would be the difference between life and death, but when we first met. For some reason, so I'm on one of the witness to share the gospel with you both 19 years old and for some reason I went to the time of demons and stories about demons and things like that and how was it that you actually came to believe in God.

It was his usual route that we got. Open your eyes. Well II felt I knew that there was no God but the more I heard about demons or evil. I actually believe that there was evil that to me was a no-brainer and then came to the conclusion that there can't just be evil. There has to be the opposite of that has to be good. There has to be God and through a series of events I just I just came to believe it just just came on me.

I believe God have mercy on me, and kind of in part is something in my spirit so he did it and I just responded. The light went on the light when he turned the light on. I don't think that you have any recollection of me giving you arguments to prove the existence of God or anything like that. I know know it's just wind just God just came in of his own accord and gave me faith that I didn't ask for it. He gave it amazing. So that was 1974 we been together ever since. Two kids, four grandkids, one amazing journey when when you change your own life you had been terribly overweight. Your daughter lose weight gain it back lose weight gain it back lose weight start to lose your hair is about healthy eating and then you, paralyzed.

But being overweight. Hated going out of the house, no energy pain from head to toe. You made some radical lifestyle changes started eating totally healthily, only healthy foods heavily plant-based and stuff but you knew I could never get rid of. We knew it wasn't a possibility wanted even in the realm of possibility. Why not speak well you are a little stubborn met me and when it came to food there. There is nothing that you are going to try. You arty didn't like it before you even tried.

There is just no option for that.

So I had a few foods I ate and that's what it right, I had zero hope for that but I was so concerned about your health that I started to pray and really really pray for you that God would give me a way to help you and we would touch you and he worked. He did something happen in 2014 I was crying out to God because I was just embarrassed by being overweight. I thought I'm disciplined. I love the Lord on the servants of the Lord.

But I'm overweight, felt funny and wrong.

To me, and I rose my blood pressures getting high. That's dangerous. I can play with that I started crying out Nancy was crying, no feelings cry out, but I said to restores the end of August August 2006. My plan is not the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Mike Nancy's life is my life has been changed, we changed our relationship to food and eat super healthy dots on a diet lifestyle which was literally transformed our licenses Michael Brown to listen to the want to fire the first book we have written together, breaking the stronghold of food and after more than eight years of daily radio broadcast in the first time.

Nancy's ever join the in the studio and I headed to Sterger and say look, I know you like to be a private person.

You have a lot to say you like to sit behind the scenes us of the people's lives depend on it because of that were sitting here together so you were crying out to God for God to give you a creative way to help me on cry and you knew the way I run the way I push that where work out being as heavy as I got up to 275 pounds among the six treatment was 275 pounds.

I was so proud of my big arms lose belly fat you know because we don't my mustards belly fat. I would tell you that all yeah you were impressed, but I'm at work I worked out heavily heavily and traveled in person with the most entire for the first time ever you noticed I was start and I was not as excited about life. Now he is not as excited about ministry in EE just would come home from trips and just be totally wiped out and also in the back my mind I had the thought. His father died of this massive heart attack at the age of 63 and 63 from Mike was just around the corner and knowing that he had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I felt like he was just a ticking time bomb that I want to hear his friends. I went from 275 pounds August 24, 2014 less than eight months later I lost 95 pounds. My blood pressure went from 149/103 down to about 105/65 cholesterol from the low 200 stuck to 123 with the good hi and the bad low. I used to get headaches three, four times we Had a headache in over two years constant lower back pain that's gone. I sleep apnea to travel with a breathing machine around the world. If you had a better plug in a breathing machine in the small hotel in India don't need a breathing machine anymore. My life was radically transformed but initially Nancy and I saw there's no way I I don't all the foods I like, I can eat anymore and I'm addicted to them lifetime chocolate. The chocoholic and pizza and pasta and burgers and fries try to get all the stuff I'm addicted to that Brandon can't have that, and the foods I need to eat. I don't I don't need an plus traveling I'm going around the world to find the right food, and in this country that country. So you you were cry out to God for me is a spiritual thing. Ultimately, practical and spiritual and you're asking God to give you creative ideas when I sent you my plan is not working you said to me all right just eat what I give my I suggest give me can complete control of your food and your diet for only eat what I feed you and I guarantee you will lose weight and be healthy and in the and the portions you gave it three yes they are so I mean like I could eat healthy, not raw, not something right, eat cups and cups of nuts and maybe too small handfuls and in a day right instead of a brownie like a chocolate thing you you you made. Somehow I devised all sorts of things, you know, avocado, Brownies and also to healthy things. I tried to sneak I would make stews and I would sneak all the foods that he hated into those stews.

I would make like a marinara sauce but I'd hide broccoli and beans in it and mushrooms in all sorts of things he would know that they were in there and at least I liked salad to serve a small feathery but now I get these giant salads with a healthy dressing with all kinds of good stuff in. Suddenly the weight starts coming off and suddenly I'm I'm starting to like these things but there's no way I could think of going rest of her life like this where we would we would talk about like after a month or three months will likely is planning to have Pete so I'm going to have this and he kept putting it off and putting it off until he hasn't had and how long plus is broadcast and his mentality is what I have cited out with his son is going to really splurge and have a big stake there would have to very sick while eating. While eating, he started to get sick as his body wasn't used today so I'll have a little grilled chicken or something like that just plain once a week and the other things that make a pseudo-pizza with the seeker bread healthy bread which I have once or twice a weekend and just organic red sauce and it's a fake cheese or something health. That's its delicacy. I love it and why.

What if you went ahead when your old meals and you got sick, so does no good. What if you had it.

It's disgusting right when you're ready or free. What if you had it establish exactly that's a big big problem because once you fall, you have no promise that tomorrow I can be able to get back up. It could be another year before you get yourself back together again and when you made the mistake of thinking you can double splurge that your little splurge they there. It took quite a was much harder the second time to get on track and the flights are much harder and I learned my lesson.

You just just don't do.

I cannot play with fire. And I know most of you don't want to hear this but the only way to freedom is through abstinence that the Outlook if I had a problem with alcohol you know and and I thought lodges. I can have a little wind is nothing wrong with having little wine with dinner but if I'm an alcoholic. I can't have a little wine with dinner.

It's impossible. You just can't play with it. So in the same way if you have a problem with food and those foods create an appetite for more, which you and if we look at it, is sinful. As we know, the health risk and you know this 10 times better than me.

Look at the house and we have all the stats and breaking the stronghold food look at the health risk of smoking cigarettes look at the health risks of drinking and then you look at the health risk of obesity. I'm in those others are way down, obesity, way, way, way up.

So for supposed to be stewards of our body glorify God, our body, sexual purity, yes, but glorify God in our body and be good stewards of what God entrusted to us if we know these foods are unhealthy. Their addictive or destructive. It was harder for me to get off chocolate thing to get off heroin. I had a pray through three days of miserable food addictions and food withdrawals. It was hard to get off that to get off heroin so if I know and they have done scientific studies that prove that that with sugar compared to cocaine that it's it's a more intense reaction you have it in the book about rats eating Oreos and cocaine their addicted equally to both, so if I realize it's wrong. Why play games with especially when you're for justice feel good to be free to be it feels good to be free and be in control and what happened to talk about.

You want me to talk about the crisis that I experienced in my life but you kept telling me that I lost 20 pounds was feeling great. With each new thing I'd show hey let's lift up some dumbbells and walk around the house of this is what I was carrying her when I got to 60 pounds in her grandson Andrew was 13 now, but when he weight 60 pounds.

I put them on my back and went up and down the steps in and did push-ups and think of walking around an extra 60 pounds, but you kept telling me something happens when you hit your ideal weight there is is like America like it is hard to explain but as each each pound that I lost you I get down to certain amount and was good but it wasn't all the way down where I needed to get this is our normal weight goes the normal weight that we should be at in the past generations would be at writer people right, but when I got down to my ideal weight. I felt like I was floating there is that you just want to skip everywhere there's just politeness that comes on you and you know this is the way I'm supposed to be. This is where I feel really really good. It is like a magic thing and you kept telling me about it and I kept feeling better and better. But I remember one night when I got right at my weight. I went to this day while in the grocery store I have to remind myself don't run. The stress will have a car you know don't run down the aisles. I've been at airports and I'm running through the airport just for the joy of doing it. It's it's in the middle. As your body feels so good, you physically feel just good in your skin.

There's just something about it. Yeah. And this is the way God made us, and what went up at all. In this last segment out all talk about, but by crisis that you get such a kick out of long crying in the book your your laughing, but the book has both of our voices and I had to editors work on women when it was first just my voice and they said something's really missing because we really to food differently than you do. So it's it's importantly that the readers here from a male perspective and a female perspective yet so just think that that as we both talk that different readers are gonna be able to find themselves either in my experience, in your experience, absolutely, but not not because male-female but I just think there's a different we both have different personalities and different strengths and weaknesses and my food problem is very very different from yours and I think that there a lot of people out there men and women who are thoroughly obsessed with food and it's controlling their lives.

It's it's ruining their lives. It's ruining their health.

It's ruining their relationships. They sneak food they hide food there ashamed of the way they eat their ashamed of their bodies. They have the added burden, knowing that it was not doing it so that it is only friend. Get the book, breaking the stronghold go to the line of fire, light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown they been waiting for for your in my studio with my bride of 40+ years.

Nancy is been written a book to get a break in the stronghold food and finally a convinced her to join the on the radio broadcast and she wants me to tell a story so you gotta get the book and read the chapter. I can't I can't to get the whole picture but I'll tell you the story briefly and then I get a bunch of questions for financing this last segment of the book is available to the general public.

January 30 ordered Amazon at your local bookstore new year, new you. But you can preorder assigned numbered copies was kind of a collectors edition.

From the first printing and we we have a special shipment from the publisher only us will get you before Christmas, go to the line of to order okay. You want me to tell my story about hitting bottom, about 2 1/2 weeks into my new lifestyle got rid of all the old foods only eating healthily. I took a nap after radio was going teaching my class. I woke up from my nap and I was suddenly craving something sweet have something sweet to be a chocoholic base my whole life and I thought okay craving some en suite up and reading. That means it's good fruit. Fruit puts my window for the house so I had a good teaching my class I get in the car. I'm thinking maybe at some convenient stores will have some fruit, cut up watermelon or something. Nothing. Think like I Cried. Gotta Have Some so I Know Was Supposed to Fruit Juices, Consecutive Sugar, but I Find These Naked Juices. It Had A Lot Of Good Stuff in the Naked Was the Brand Name so I Drank Half of One of Those Bottles but I Never Thought I Can't I Can't I Cannot Live like This.

The Rest about Never Have a Slice of Pizza Restaurant Thereof Talk Address My Life and I Thought I Cannot. I Cannot. I'm on My Way to Teach a Class and I Hit Bottom. Literally I Got Two Minutes before Class.

I'm Sitting in the Parking Lot before Going and I'm Watching Myself from the outside As This Is Happening to Me and I Literally Broke down Crying Also.I like I Broke down Crying and That's Use in Your Laughing.

I Literally Broke down Crying, Tears Streaming, Knowledge, but That Was the Moment a Breakthrough Never Had a Crisis since I Don't Feel Deprived. I Strive This Is a Joy. It's Not a Sacrifice. I Love Living and Eating the Way I Do. Brand-New Life by God's Grace, but Are Members That Have Been Watching from the outside Said Good Come to the End Yourself, Come to Beginning of God's Grace We Really Believe That God Will Help People to Read the Book As They Put Things into Practice It yet.

It's a Challenge, but This Is Absolutely Doable Absolutely Doable As Some of You Listening Think That Is No Way I Can't Do That I Can't Change My My Eating Style. I've Been Eating These Foods for Decades.

I Would Ask You How Important Is Your Health. How Important Is Your Life.

Is It Worth It.

It Is the Chocolate Really Worth It to Destroy Your Life through Food, It's Not and It's Not a Pipe Dream. It's Not Just This Not Something Special about Mike and I Were Stronger Than the Rest of You and and We Can Do It but You Can't. It's Just How Important Is It to You to Get the Job Done. Are You Willing to Make the Sacrifice.

If You Do, It Will Take A Few Weeks to Get Yourself Acclimated and to Get Strong but Once You Start to to Get Rid of Those Foods They'll Be a Freedom. They'll Be a Strength, the Desires Will Diminish.

And As Long As You Keep on Track. You'll Be Safe. But If You Open Use. I like I Said in the Earlier Segment. Abstinence Is the Key. There Is No Way around It. You Can't Firm for Many of You out There for Many of You, You Are Addicted to Food and There's No Other Way but You Can Do It If I Can Do It If Mike Can Do It You Can Do It. There We Were Sense of Poster Boy Poster Girl for Betty. Me, Not so Much a Glutton but Lifetime of Bad Eating Habits. The Worst Foods.

That's What I Ate All of My Life and You Just the Capacity to Forge Any Any and Eat so What What about Some of Say with with Heart Disease, or Clogged Arteries Can A Lot Of the Stuff He Was Referred Healthily Can Be Reverse It.

There's Many Articles and Documentation That People Who Just Change Their Eating Style and Their Arteries Have Cleared up. They've Had Their Blood Pressure, Normalize Even People That Were on Their Way to Bypass Surgery When They Change Their Diet. They No Longer Needed Bypass, Isn't It Easier to Change Your Diet, Then to End up Having Your Ribs Cracked Open and Your Heart, Put on a Bypass Machine so That They Can You Know Give You Fake Arteries Isn't That the Extreme Thing to Go through That Kind of Surgery As Compared to You Know Stop Eating M&Ms and Chocolate Cake. I Think I Think the Surgery Is a Much More Extreme Thing I Knew for for Me When I When I Analyze Things Because Every Day You Send Your First Few Weeks of New Testimony Someone and Let His People, Not Believers, Just This People Who Said I Have To Change It Was Unbelievable. The Pictures the before and after That That We Have Pictures like That.

The before and after, and the Lifestyle Change and Everything Is like Shocking What Happened to Them and Then Good Quotes Powerful Quotes of Motivation Just for a Medical Doctor to Limit Health. I Realize Food Was My Reward That Was Built into Everything for Me. So the Idea of No Chocolate Cake. Note No Ice Cream No Slicers Enjoy Life. There's No Joy in Life.

Why Do I Want to Take the Grandkids to the Movies. If I Can Have Popcorn Nonpareil's What One of Their Pretrial Day When I Can Go Back to the Hotel Afterwards and and Here Are Some Popcorn and Then Have Some Your Order Pizza in Russia Had Food Rewards Built into Everything in Life Must Got You the Joy of My Life You're the Center of My Life. When the Addictions Were Broken Ever. It's Just the Sun Is Shining.

Things Are Changing and People Say Type II Diabetes Is Not Reversible, Absolutely Reversible at Most You Know Most People Get Type II Type II Diabetes When They Get into Their 40s and 50s, and It Seems to Be the Standard Thing. I Just Get Type II Diabetes Totally Avoidable. And Maybe There's Some and We Know There Are Other Causes.

There Could Be Other Reasons People Get Sick or Die, but Maybe It's a Guy 50 Years Old. He's He's 50 Pounds Overweight.

He's Got That Big Chunk of Weight on the Stomach and Now Grown on His Chest.

A Precursor to Heart Disease, Cancer, Heat, Maybe Home Never Live to See His Grandkids. Maybe He Won't He Won't Get to Walk His Daughter down the Aisle. All Because of Who Doesn't Make Sense Doesn't Know It's Not It's Not Worth the Price That You Pay Now and Then Doesn't God Call Us to Live Lives of Self-Control. Absolutely. I Mean, Is It Is Fruit of the Spiritual in Our Book, Breaking the Stronghold of Ruby. Tell Your Stories so Works like I'm Talking and Then I Interrupt Him All the Tyler Bloodsport I'm Crying I'm Doing Really Good on the Radio That like I I'm Crying in the Book and You're Laughing.

That's Right on the There's the Chapter I Talk about All the All the Things I Tried but I Remember You Inserted the Comment. I Can't Believe What I Really Some of the Things I Did Know about. He Snuck These Things, and Giving out Weight Loss or Cut the Fat Reduction Cream Didn't Work but so That the Book Is Amusing.

We Tell Our Stories.

It's Inspirational. It's Hard-Hitting We Talk Truth. It's Practical and Then We Refer You to the Resources Recipes of the Books That You Can Read Them or Get You into All These Different Things to Change Lifestyle and Then in the Back of the Book You Took. We Got Your Whole Story in One Place, Which Is Incredible and Also Keys for Breaking the Stronghold of Food You Layout so Together We Believe Laws Are Going to Be Dramatically Changed in and from Our Hearts As Nancy and I Said Repeatedly. It's Not about Selling Books. It's about Changing Lives and Saving Lives. So Go to the Website.

The Line of Fire the Lord. Remember, If You Want to Get Multiple Copies and Give Them out. Just Tell Us You Want Them to Sign Them to Source Our First Joint Book.

This Is Our First Joint Interview and We Are Convinced This Would Be What the 27th 28th Book of Ritsema That This Probably Would Be the Most Effective Book of Everett. That's Because My Life Waking Stronghold Bartels My Bottom Line. God Made Body Live Thrive with the Right Way to Experience

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