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Jerusalem, Anti-Semitism, and the Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 3, 2016 4:40 pm

Jerusalem, Anti-Semitism, and the Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Will put on your thoroughly Jewish thinking hat because it's time for thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

Here is some interesting news. I saw this morning that the absentee voting is command from Israel and a horrific one is ahead right now the presidential candidate in voting from Israel will fill you in on that in a moment, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire.

This is based on exit polling. By the way 866-34-TRUTH 87884. This thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related question you have of any kind relating to the nation of Israel today related to the Hebrew language or Jewish customs relating to any biblical Jewish issues messianic prophecy anything like that Jewish background to the New Testament, my joy to be of help to you again the number is 866-348-7884 the only election talk will do today and a depth has to do with which candidate is perceived as a better friend of Israel. We also look at the weekly Torah portion as we want to do now every every thoroughly Jewish Thursday to look at what is being read in the synagogues and the the Sabbath ahead around the world. The portion for the five books of Moses and the supplemental portion so the new cycle of reading began last week with partial appreciate the portion that begins with Genesis 11 the beginning and he were that one word when God began Genesis 11 through Genesis 68.

In today's hour that that the power shall the portion that will be read in the synagogues.

This Sabbath so just a couple days from now partial no off the passage about Noah and the flood and that you find interesting that the supplemental portion that's read with that as well so will tell you about that in a bunch of other things to talk about more on the UN and their latest manifestation of anti-Semitism in the most absurd imaginable ways. It's not surprising that some ignorant backwoods Jew hating person would believe every kind of conspiracy and it can be Jew hating it could be placating it could be Hispanic heading you know it's no surprise when uneducated people believe all kinds of myths and fairytales that there told in there and it a closed environment where they can believe it. It's another thing when heads of state when heads of state, educated men and women representing their nations, heads of state from nations like Russia and China vote in a blatantly anti-Semitic way as if they were completely blind. So will share more of that as well. But looking at the world Jewish daily morning update for today, Thursday, November 3 exit polls show Republican candidate receive largest number of Israeli American absentee votes headline says Tromp wins Israel if Israel were an American state.

Donald Trump would win it handily.

The Jewish Post reported on Thursday, according to exit poll conducted by Ivo Israel and Cleveland global research absentee voters in Israel gave the Republican candidate 49% of the vote as opposed to 44% for Hillary Clinton is really Americans tend to lean toward the right, making the vote less surprising that might initially seem given that Americans use overwhelmingly prefer Clinton American Jews tend to vote liberal American Jews by large or less religious than the overall population of Israel.

The plaintiff Israelis are less religious.

They tend to be more humanistic and liberal in their thinking.

Hence, voting Democrat, also voting against anything that we perceive is the religious right, taking over, but in Israel because of the security issues there and because of a higher proportion of religious Jews you're going to find the voting leaning a little bit to the right. So that a big surprise there, but still interesting to note unless the note actually has some bad news for the Republicans as it is much closer than the 2012 election which absentee voters in Israel chose Mitt Romney over Barack Obama by staggering 84% margin. That's because they saw four years of Barack Obama and were very troubled by his relationship with her right back her by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown.

I am delighted to be with you number. Call 866342 that's 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Any Jewish related question you have of any kind. I am very happy to take your calls today.

You don't have to have a lot of background you can ask a question that might be very basic but my joy to be of help to you so power shot know this is the passage that is read in the in the synagogues.

This Shabbat broken up during the week and then read in full on the Sabbath gathering. It goes from Genesis 692 Genesis chapter 11 verse 32 and what what takes place you will. Genesis 69.

This is now God dealing with Noah and announcing the coming flood and then through the seventh and the eighth chapters of Genesis, we have the flood covering the earth and then we have the the subsiding of the waters. And then interestingly, when no one is family emerge notice. His wife is their three sons and their three wives when they emerge and then offer sacrifices up to the Lord, which is why they had more clean animals than unclean animals. So, one reason being for sacrificial purposes because you can only offer clean animals to Lord how that information was known how no industry that was universally known.

The ancient world was for the information it was given to to the first couple of years. There's a lot of discussion about that but bottom line is this. When the sacrifices are offered God says I will not again bring a flood on the earth to destroy the whole world. Why because people are not that bad because people deserve that no I won't do it because the thoughts of men's hearts are evil continually from their youth.

In other words, I have to keep destroying the earth over and over and over and over because of human sin and if you realize that before the flood, according to the biblical account. Human beings live much longer and therefore could grow in in evil and grow in the structures of growing good as well yeah but unfortunately the evil seems to outweigh the good in human beings on the earth that we would completely destroy ourselves. One reason God brought the flood was because we were about to completely destroy ourselves. There would be no human beings left so rather than destroy everything God did radical amputation could say and just left that the one tiny healthy part Noah that his wife, sons and their wives and it was only on behalf of Noah that it was done so we have this account that we have into the ninth chapter where God establishes basic laws for human kind, and then attempt to then incident with Noah and his family which is worthy of discussion.

A whole other light will be that offer right now. Genesis 10 the table of the nations and then Genesis 11 the Tower of Babel and that ends the portion 1132 so this is the whole portion of Noah and in the years after the flood, but now in trouble again Tower of Babel God dispersing mankind on the earth. Now what what comes next is the portion the thread next week which begins with the word likely, which is get up and go.

Basically goal for yourself and that's where God calls Abram so see the pattern, there's the fall of man, there's the wickedness of the man God looks any find somebody who does he find he finds he finds Noah and now after the flood human being sin again decline spiritual, moral decline in the Tower of Babel everybody scattered God looks down finds one man.

Again, Abram and then through Abram who becomes Abraham raises of the children of Israel into the tribe of Judah since the one the Messiah to come and redeem the world. The reason that God chose Abram was because he wanted to bless the whole world.

It was never about just wanted to bless one people. It was finding one person to honor him and loved him and follow his voice will talk more about Abraham, God willing. Next week I will get to the supplemental portion called the half terrazzo, half Torah which is the portion of Scripture that is read from other parts of the Bible. The prophetic books and then conclude some include some of historical books as well. That is read as a supplement to this and you be interested to see what content is there, 86634 okay guy Benson one of the places where my articles or cited guy Benson is a reliable journalist, reliable journalist. He is not a sensationalist. He has a sources in order before he posts things there always carefully linked but but listen to to what he reports this is today November 3 on Townhall.

The headline FBI sources Clinton server hacked by at least five foreign Intel agencies to major federal probes ongoing war, did you understand the significance of this. You understand that the Jeopardy in which Hillary Clinton. If this is true that our nation perhaps put agents of our nation. Perhaps put top-secret Intel plans strategies. Who knows what else access to others. Guy Benson reports this extraordinary developments broke last evening as Americans were gearing up for thrilling World Series finale over my son-in-law Ryan is from Chicago. I happen to get the major writing I needed to get done finished before the World Series started was able sit down with the son-in-law, daughter and grandkids and watch what was maybe the greatest game seven in the history the World Series is an unusual type. Joseph congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and glad that my son-in-law Ryan from Chicago, Sumter shout about in the natural but anyway anyone I I stray from the topic so guy Benson says I have things over the Fox news anchor brick buyer let him deliver one bombshell after another over to eclipse the first special report than an on the record follow-up during which the prospect of future enticements indictments is floated in the hacking details are revealed. Consider confirming what other top officials had long suspected bars information comes be a pair of FBI sources with intimate knowledge of the Bureau's concurrent ongoing criminal investigations into both really.

Clinton's national security. Compromising email scheme and the Clinton family foundation and mentions that real clear politics. Another sober website has a strong summary of the key revelations for buyers to outplay sources any one of them would be significant if taken in isolation, consider together. This is very serious stuff, and some of it goes directly to the heart of the questions raised in the original post. So here are five things I can plan eclipse warrior 1 the Clinton foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far has been going on for more than a year so the Clinton foundation, ostensibly a charitable organization.

The charges are that say foreign nations would donate money to the Clinton foundation or have Bill Clinton do a speech for 1/2 million dollars, or Hillary Clinton to speech for a half-million dollars and then thereafter as Secretary of State, she would get the special favors are cut some deal with their country. This is a lot of evidence of this. If Truman this is the staggering this is staggering and its implications of of corruption and then the laptops of Clinton HO Mills and Heather Samuelson have not yet been destroyed and agents are currently combing through them. The investigations interviewed several people twice and plants injury suffered third time three agency found emails believed originated on Hillary Clinton, secret server on Anthony Weiner's laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature for sources within the FBI have told him that an indictment is likely in the case of pay for play at the Clinton foundation buying some obstructionists away from the Justice Department so as if the Justice Department doesn't bail them out.

There's an indictment coming and pay for play again is okay you you pay us for our services outside of the government or you donate to our foundation and will work with the government to get you some kind of sweet deal. Number five FBI sources it with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies that information had been taken from it. Wow.

Would you say it out loud with me wow am I surprised know not in the least. Not that it intimate knowledge of any of this but you gotta figure this a lot of junk out there now that is coming to the surface it could get really really ugly. Pray with me that God would bring the secret things to light that which we need to know so that we can vote responsibly. Fair enough will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that music tell you one thing, it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and it usually calls you have my droid to take them so I mentioned at the outset of the broadcast anti-Semitism United Nations. I've written about this in my book.

Her hands are stained with blood, which came at a 92. What could I could list example after example after example of absolutely egregious behavior in voting by the United Nations by the Gen. assembly by the Security Council or Israel will be singled out for the most minor infraction eliminations could literally get away with murder and then the last two years, major UN conference for women and only one nation, two straight years in the document that came out of the UN meeting on the state of women in the world.

The treatment of women in the world.

Only one nation was singled out for mistreatment Israel is a Susanna get it Israel through progressive and Israel had Golda Meir is an early prime minister and Israeli women fight in the military and sinners a strong feminist nation in that regard, as well as yeah you talk about the treatment of Palestinian women and and because Israel is the big bad evil occupier terrible in the posted limit suffering so much, then obviously they are there guilty so the civil what what about what what about other other nations around the world. You know were women are terribly oppressed and and put down, and all these other things. What what what about them, and both not discount kisses is always in the Israel was enemy. Israel is remarkable.

So the most recent complete outrage is UNESCO, the UN educational arm and they have said they voted on this in nations like Russia and China voted along with this outrageously enough. They said that in fact there is no historic Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and the only real connection is is Palestinian connection is posted in sponsored bill the most ridiculous idiotic thing you can imagine in terms of what's being stated there and lo and behold it got voted through twentysomething nations abstained twentysomething nations voted for only six nations voted against including that it states, of course, least of course, the stage of our history and Prime Minister Netanyahu said that this individual is no connection to to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount is like saying that China has no connection to the Great Wall of Egypt is no connection to the pyramids. Simmons is no connection between. Better and jelly what what's what's really interesting is that at this very time. This was going on an ancient inscription was discovered. Going back about 700 years before the time of Jesus it in in the land of Israel that mentions Jerusalem. So of course we know from the Hebrew Bible to connect with your you have this ancient inscription from within Israel and in the oldest date of this particular nature, specifically mentioning Jerusalem 700 years before the time of Jesus.

This is the discovery that's made or announced to the public at the very time the USA there is no start connection so that once again there there are write ups about this and you know that the Israeli leader is just addressing the nonsense of this looking for one quote here all that we see where it is. Yeah, deny this is Israel's ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachmann he's blasted the resolution untrue so that UNESCO passed last week and he said those stiffs to say that Israel is no connection to the Temple Mount is like saying that Sweden has no connection to IKEA or that France has no connection to the Eiffel Tower. He said you know that the these groups have ignored Jewish ties to the Temple Mount is completely absurd.

Any attempt to deny these ties is simply an invasion of science really choosing UNESCO, promoting anti-scientific propaganda. I said United Nations body lost the last ounce of legitimacy they had left. I differ with him on the think they had legitimacy left when it comes to dealing with Israel resolution which refers to the Temple Mount solely by its Muslim name Valderrama Sharif ostensibly eliminates connection to Judaism was ratified with the support of 10 countries will to oppose the native stand and Jamaica was absent from the room.

The original UNESCO vote had more nations and and this is the final vote will swing abstained from a contested vote Backman question the apparent apathy of Stockholm and its fellow standing conscience for the decision not to take part in event quote one must ask how it is possible that Sweden and other countries abstained have no opinion on such an absurd resolution which denies millennia of Jewish history friends get used to it. When you see these bizarre things happen when it comes to Israel when you see these bizarre things happen when it comes to Jerusalem just understand that anti-Semitism is irrational, yet Jews have done things wrong like everybody else and the reasons not to like Jews like the reasons off like everybody else and the reasons to like choose like reasons to like anybody else. The reason that Jews are consistently scapegoated.

There is a the reason that there's world controversy surrounding Jerusalem. The reason that it's it's the one capital city in the world with the other nations of the world don't recognize the reason is because it's ultimately a spiritual battle is ultimately a rational battle. It is ultimately a battle against the devil and the principles of God as as crazy as that seems to some it's the only way to rationally connect the dots like friends or remind you I got an hour and 1/2 more programming a minute take phone calls interact in a wide variety of subjects. If you'd like to get on the broadcast. Even if you can't listen on the radio get on the phone now call in with your question 866-348-7884. You can catch the entire broadcast on my website. The line of while you're there, check out my latest videos and my latest articles I wrote one posted today.

Don't call me sexist for not voting for Hillary Clinton.

Eight years ago four years ago we were told if we don't vote for Barack Obama.

It's because were racist, our being told of Novo Fraley, Clinton, because were sexist.

How about we focus on issues rather than skin color and gender have what we focus on issues and policies and character, and then make up our mind.

One of the thing we are getting great responses. Great great responses to the interview that Nancy and I did on Tuesday.

When we talk about our own journey. We talk about we talk about overcoming food addictions in developing a whole new way of living, based on a new book, breaking the stronghold of food we wrote together a one of our longtime friends listeners chain so shout out to Jane, hope this a big smile there. She said Nancy was great as I anticipated, articulated yourself well with humor and wonderful personal advice from her own experiences.

Yeah, the fact is, Nancy is one of these practical realist people that that is so helpful in what she says.

So listen to the interview. If you haven't, it's right on the line of just click on listen in your ceiling to listen to it and then go ahead and order the book. You can still preorder get this in time for Christmas. The first edition will sign and number the copies so it's kind of a collectors edition. You can order them financially breaking the stronghold of food. This book could literally be the difference between life and death in your life.

Get hold of it will get in time for Christmas. Just long Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH and a lot more ground to cover a lot of things I want talk to about on today's 32 Thursday broadcast. But first let's go to your calls again if there Jewish related in any way. I'm happy to take them will start in Frederick Maryland with Larry welcome to want to fire show. Thank you a quick first one son-in-law asked her we were discussing the fact is, alcoholic wine, but I like it like a church. I've always believed you.

Billy not only made Billy Warren be made probably the best of all current. Yet there are two things that the text is totally clear that it was one because you see the reaction of the people there all you saved. You saved the best for last, so it wouldn't write you and they were all going along with the joke and you know now what's what scandalizes us will wouldn't he contribute to people being drunk and things like that but in a culture where wine was drunk in moderation and celebratory settings just like it is in Judaism today.

There the idea of drunkenness would not of been something came up but the thing to remember and it could have with an individual sherbet. The only thing we can say was that the alcohol quantity per amount per gallon have you quantify it with less than our liquor today so fermentation process was different. So yes, it was an alcoholic beverage. But no, it was not.

At the same level of of alcohol as we would have a normal wine today so not right. It was, not fruit juice but if you think sin in the book of Proverbs it says that wine is a marker or its is give wine to some of his parish, and it is telling you had alcoholic content, just not as strong as alcohol today, but certainly there's no reason to say that it was just fruit juice. It's it's our way of traffic get around the idea of your a while did Jesus get one for people to get drunk. It was a wedding, and one was part of the culture. Are you the parts of Europe today where Christians will drink wine as part of the culture and you'll see them drunk so that Internet would be more the setting there. Sure, Pentecost, all the people were gathered together for the festive celebrations. Whatever. How would be here be the dispute. The people speaking in tongues.

How was it possible that they were hearing in their own language.

Some people want think that all these different all these 120 were speaking hundred 20 language is there's no reason that that couldn't happen and there's there's no incentive zero hundred 20 different languages represented. Many would have common languages between them. That would be spoken, but in short, some believe that the miracle was in the hearing that the minor miracle was that everyone heard them speaking in their own tongue, but that the that others didn't because they want listing and faith.

I think the best way to understand it is that in fact they spoke many different languages to cover all the different people that were there from from the different representative Jewish groups from around the world and then the miracle was in there speaking not in the hearing but the skeptics the mockers even though praises to God were being spoken. The skeptics and the mockers didn't hear it at all. They just heard that John Ludlow led everybody talking babbling on.

That's what they heard, which is very revealing and interesting. I got a go. Thank you Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, to thoroughly Jewish Thursday so the passage from the Torah that would be read this Saturday, the Shabbat Sabbath service will be power shot nor the passage of Noah, which begins with God's dealing with Noah in Genesis chapter 6 verse nine and ends at the end of the Tower of Babel and scattering the race at the end of the 11th chapter 1132 in the passage that's read with it from the prophets skull. The half Taira's impressive half Torah, the supplemental portion that is also in the synagogue is from where you take a guess from the book of Isaiah is a hint where would you draw the passage from the remember this passage focuses on the flood right. The flood account in God's mercy shown towards Noah for the route for the rebuilding of the human race.

So what portion might come to mind. If you know now if you know Isaiah well you probably immediately think is a 54 and you're correct because there in in the midst of this, it's it says this it's it's a word of comfort to Jerusalem and the people of Israel rejoice child this one. The child was one who did not give birth burst into song shot.

You've not been a labor for the children of the forsaken will be more than the children of the married woman and then don't be afraid to not be put to shame. Indeed, your husband is your maker, the Lord is called you like a wife deserted and what is it say in in verse seven I deserted you for a brief moment that will take you back with great compassion and a surge of anger. I hid my face.

Me for a moment that I will have compassion on you with everlasting loves his large Redeemer for this is like the days of Noah to me when I swore that the waters of Noah would never flood the earth again.

So I have sworn that I will not be angry with you or rebuke you yeah medicos also, so it mentions what happened in the days of Noah, so it's a great passage to tie in with the. The Torah portion for the week and Isaiah 54 ends with no weapon formed against you will succeed. Speaking to Jerusalem and then we could spiritually take that out as God's people is also not steal it from its original recipient, and then beginning the 15th chapter 55th chapter, everyone is thirsty, come to the waters you without money, by and eat the goes on a few more versus their fascinating 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Samuel in Greenbelt, Maryland, thanks for calling the line of fire this or Michael go ahead.

I did say what can you focus on the call and speak right into the phone and act like you to write it back yet yes or yeah it is dated Wednesday shooting away and meant to where women load and I want to know that role applicable to we. Yes I so it is Deuteronomy 25 is Deuteronomy 20, 22, five applicable to the two believers today. I'll read it from the new Jewish publication Society version will must not cut a man's apparel, there shall a man wear women's clothing for whoever does these things apart to the Lord your God, on the one hand, we cannot simply take one verse in the book of Deuteronomy and say that that applies to all people for all time there other verses in Deuteronomy that we all agree don't apply today and of the Israel's command to exterminate the Canaanites that was just for then and in the wickedness they were dealing with them or in Deuteronomy where if a man has a brother he's a married man. He has a brother who is married to brother dies without having children in the married man takes on his brother's wife is a second wife and the first child. He has through her is discounted to his brothers lineage so do we do that now know we we wouldn't follow that there other laws, all Christians do not feel obligated to keep the. The dietary laws of Deuteronomy 14, so we understand this was under the Sinai covenant. The question is is there lasting principles or is there lasting principle that we can apply to today because if you look at that phrase that whoever does this is apartment to the Lord is detestable in the sight of the Lord is an abomination to the Lord your God apart detestable.

These words are strong words of why would that be so in other words, you can make the case because this is detestable to the Lord that it's always detestable to the Lord. I did a search one-time of everything with that phrase detestable to the Lord and and I saw that every instance of that was something that would apply to today as well, and in other words, these were things that were wrong for all people for all time and therefore fruit. For example, Deuteronomy 725 speaking about idol worship as an abomination to the Lord talking about sacrificing children of sons and daughters to the gods that's an abomination to the Lord sacrificing to the Lord sacrificial animal had a blemish with the principal. You don't give God something on unworthiness abomination to the Lord. Let's see looking at those that consult idols and things like that in and consult the dead that this is detestable to the Lord. So one example after another. So you could make the case that anything listed as detestable to the Lord apart to the Lord applies to today so I would say that when we attack gender distinctions when a man tries to dress like a woman or a woman tries to dress like a man and directly attack gender distinctions.

Yes, that is detestable to the Lord site when you have someone who has a mental or emotional problem and they really think that they're the opposite sex in a man as dressing as a woman, a woman dressed as a matter of course it's it's wrong, but I look at it that this person is a problem may be a mental or emotional issue, and they need help. We want to get to the root of their struggles and bring them to wholeness.

But some of that says Ocala mail but an address like a female or female and address like a male. Yes, it's apart to the Lord that here's the thing to Samuel custom is different from culture to culture of a brother.

I know a pastor from Louisiana told me that when he first went to Israel to preach and sees me to India to preach as a young man that he he got to this particular village where he was going to preach and he was outraged because all the women wore it like pantsuits and all the men wore gowns and he was furious because all the men were dressed like women in the memory address like man so he preach this hard message from Deuteronomy 22, five without realizing that to them. He was just like a woman as he was one of the pantsuit.

That's for the women dressed so there have to be clear, cultural norms, and when someone intentionally violates those cultural norms as an overt attack on gender or for some other reason was this tied in with any other idolatrous practice or prostitution or something. Those are there other debates about that. The clear thing is, the attack on gender distinctions and that remains apartment to the Lord. We just have to be wise in the way we apply this thank you for the call 8663 for 87884.

Let's go to Lisa and Lawrence, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire doing well.


I asked the question, so we know all when he spoke about Kirk [Dan throughout the Bible we know that I need not bring up only the nucleation that count ended up number expected that back like, in acts chapter 15 verse three how I can because of the Jews living in that area now what all wrong. Why why we don't get yeah will very, very simple, but it's a great requested Timothy's mother was Jewish.

His father was not and there was debate at that time as to whether he was really Jewish or not a Titus was a Gentile, and Paul would not have tightest circumcised and in Galatians the second chapter he did yield to pressure because Titus was a Gentile and therefore we did have an circumcised but it was debatable whether Timothy was Jewish and and because Paul was using Timothy with them in Jewish ministry and wanted to remove any stumbling block. He had him circumcised because his mother was Jewish and therefore Paul regarded him as Jewish.

If all regarded him as Gentile.

He would events of Paul never ever told Jews not to circumcise their their sons never said that in fact he he made clear in the book of acts. He never taught that all what he said was to Gentiles, don't come under pressure to do because it means nothing as far as your salvation so that that was the point. Most of what he's writing. Lisa is to Gentile believers were being put under pressure being pulled in to keep the law as if they would not be saved unless the captain he said no, no, no, your identity is in Jesus, but frigidity circumcised. Of course, stay right there and I will talk and you decide to break error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown, one of fire, 7884 the recall so lease I think it's important when you read through the book of acts.

You see it in acts 18 that Paul takes on a Nazirite vow just to do it because he still a Jew and Paul in Romans three says, what's with the value being a Jew abuts the value circumcision much in every way. First, will they been entrusted with the very words of God to the Jewish people were the people with the Scriptures so an end in acts 21.

He makes clear he's done nothing against the customs of the people he doesn't teach Jews to depart from for Moses, but rather he will not let Gentiles be put under a yoke of bondage or be told, you have to be circumcised and keep the law of Moses to be saved and the biggest issue for Jew and Gentile, is that we are a new creation in the Messiah. Circumcision has value, but not for the saving of our souls, and has value in other ways, so that the set help sort things out for your thank you what you're very welcome. Thanks for holding to the break I just wanted to take sure we were clear on that. 866342 peers in each story as we cover lots of little door get into this one. Not not let it not yet okay this is from October 30 Israel today Palestinian woman becomes Christian defends Israel so Sunder Solomon is the niece of Sahara Bosch, one of the founders of the ruling Palestinian party fought talk and a leader in the campaign of terror, known as the second intifada.

She was born in Ramallah and later lived in Saudi Arabia in both places. Solomon was raised to seek violence against the Jews as a child she was taught to hate the Jews. Hail Hitler and praise the Holocaust.

Solomon said this month in an interview on Israel's Channel 2 news. So this is this is how she was raised as she issues born in in Ramallah which would be so-called occupied territories today lived in Saudi Arabia and what what mentality we should raise with hate the Jews praise Hitler praise the Holocaust Jesus. This is how she was raised. Okay, not all Muslims arrays like that, but plenty in the Middle East or in other parts the world speaking event early December in Canada which now resides. Solomon confirmed why genuine peace between Israel and the Palestinians are slipping further out of reach. They blame Jews for everything they rejoice in the killing of Jews. There is no respect, no love, no peace, just anger and hatred for others. So was young woman. Solomon quickly became acquainted with the harshness of Islamic sharia law was disturbed of the other intolerance of all non-Muslims not just the intolerance for all non-Muslims not just a Jew sometime after moving to Canada. She converted to Christianity became an ardent defender of the reborn Jewish state is not interested, she is born with a quote Palestinian identity. She she lives in Saudi Arabia, which is a fundamentalist Muslim country.

She knows all the anti-Israel argument. She was raising Israel through certain lenses, but when she comes to know the Lord our perspective changes. It's not just because what the Bible says, but because that veil of hatred was lifted and she could see things fairly and rightly the state of Israel.

She says was created not to be erased but to stay as spiders really interviewers. If she does not fear for her life.

Given that most were families call for blood. Solomon replied I stand behind what I say and I will tell the truth even if it leads to my death. One day I will at least know that I've had the honor to die for the truth.

Isn't that something you wonder why Mort don't speak out. It's because their their lives could be threatened by speaking out so let's pray for courageous women and men like that Christians who come from a Muslim background and whose lives are threatened.

The moment they come to faith in some of these countries like Saudi Arabia. If you have a family member convert, you could kill that person and you would not be penalized by the law. Many settings that would be the case, why because the apostates are worthy of death, and you're doing a great service by killing them as horrific as that sounds that would be the ideology and some fundamentalist Muslim parts of the world to this day. So, not just to be saved not to stand with Israel. You put your life in jeopardy and she's absolutely willing to do it to live and die by the truth. All right, I want to take one more moment and point something out you very very interesting in the time we have left on the broadcast. The first temptation. The very first temptation that came to be human race to Eve and Adam. What was it based on temperament. We all know the answer food food is not interested that the first temptation was a food base temptation and when the woman looked at as the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

So was good for food. That's the first thing she saw good for food yeah and and note to make you wise, and so on.

But good for food. The very first temptation eat which are not allowed by God to you can eat everything else but not that Moses temptation looks good looks good.

Can I tell you that the temptation is still there, coming your way you used to. I used to look at food commercials on TV and really pay much attention to that man if I see some pizza commercial and the pizza in of the cheeses dripping off the slice. Hey man gets more pizza tomorrow from heaven over that place and check out their pizza or oldest place. Now you know Olive Garden has there and was both pasta and I'm going, you know, the same price you just get refills and so on. You better believe it.

I'm doing that, you bet. Now I look at it differently. I look at it as temptation to be avoided. As I look at it as something unhealthy. How many times you see a commercial just for healthy food. You know he is a delightful fruit basket or delicious looking salad as a leader you don't see that a lot.

Do you know you don't so interestingly enough first temptation is with food. Nancy and I've written a book together that we know this can help many people, and in fact I really think you could be the best-selling book of any of of written one reason because Nancy's in it with me. But the other reason is because it's it's mission everybody deals with if I had stacks of these books wherever I travel on torment talking to leaders, before meeting, I could just be having these out left and right because people say I need this I need to make a change so get your copy.

You can order for January 3 of the book comes out on Amazon or local bookstore Christian bookstore breaking the stronghold of food, Michael Brown and Nancy Brown but through our ministry this for your help in our ministries wealth get you the copy in time for Christmas but is not just the that the book itself it's signed it's numbers of the Scripture references collectors edition or to go to the line of

My bottom line today. When you see forces of this world aligned irrationally against Jerusalem, the Jewish people. Remember, spiritual will put on your thoroughly Jewish thinking at because it's time for 32 Thursday it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday well for those you just tuning in, this is my second hour of the day's of you been listening for first hour, down to the second but others just tuning in, now just getting us on your radio station to get our second now. We make each hour complete in itself, but during the last breaks I've had totaling about three minutes in the last 20 I have feverishly been writing whom I been writing to what I've been writing I've been interacting with an Orthodox Jewish man young man I wanted him to give his age, but a young man seems to be seriously educated Jewish tradition and he reached out to us and said you are my last hope in trying to resolve these issues. He's he's struggling with.

Could it be that that his beliefs are wrong about Jesus. Could it be, even though he's raised an Orthodox home and and he's kind of leaning between taking the plunge and become even more Orthodox or the open to faith in Jesus as the Messiah and he wrote to me we we been corresponding not able to personally correspond with 99.9999999% of the people that would like to correspond with me and that I'd like to correspond with but his sincerity, his passion, his hunger was such that I said all right, let's try to engage series is a sharp, clear thinking young man, but he thinks so much through rabbinic lenses so much through the lens of tradition that he can't see the contradiction. So pray for him. God God knows his name.

All right God knows his name just just pray for this, this young man will: Daniel all right.

Pray for Daniel that God would open his heart and open his mind and he said he so use to thinking as a traditional Jew that even when he tries to think rationally. He can't now I don't mean traditional views are rational. Traditional views are spend hours and hours and study and and many of their minds are very very sharp and the used to log logical argumentation. But they see the world through the lens of rabbinic tradition, so give you classic example. I just came up in this email that I have this dialogue with a religious Jew in the Jewish bookstore years ago. I said to him, look at this interpretation that the rabbis use in the tome of the famous passage in the tome I said, it is the verses quoted its cut it in half with just a snippet is quoted to you to say the opposite of what it says.

So the verse Exodus 23 to the end. Businesses don't follow the majority in the way it's quoted by Rabbi in the Talmud is to state follow the majority you say will is just like a play on words of the verse in the promise it ends up saying the opposite. It ends up saying the opposite of what the verses so this just came up with email same argument went when I when I asked an Orthodox Jew of a learning Orthodox Jew and Jewish bookstore how to explain this as it is the opposite of what the verse means.

He said that proves that we must of had passed on by tradition, because nobody would ever come up with this on their own exhibit. We wait that that is a self-defeating argument that no one can ever possibly logically read the verse to have that meaning. So we must of been given it by tradition from God, because no one else would ever come up with it. That would be like saying you know the Bible says low Tina off don't commit adultery but instead the Holy Spirit told you Tina off you will commit adultery and and therefore the Holy Spirit give the real meaning of the verses that's always spiritual brain or its demonic deception and and it's fascinating.

It's fascinating that this young man would come and say we know the real meaning is no one ever come up with this exception tradition so that proves our traditions are right. Why, oh boy. So pray for the show. Memo: Daniel got open his heart opens my give the courage to follow the truth for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown connecting to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown I am delighted to be with you thoroughly Jewish Thursday any Jewish related question you have of any kind whatsoever be my delight to take your calls.

It could be Hebrew related question relating to the people of Israel today Middle East conflict. Even Islam related can answer quite as much with Islam way as much with Islam is as say with that. Usually subjects we can help you with a number of areas there as well off. You got a Jewish background to the New Testament or the law. How that applies to believers today.

Glad to take your questions and calls by the way give a question about the Sabbath, don't call, just go to the line of one of and just click on the digital library and typing Sabbath. You'll be able look to find areas shows or more articles or videos right address this or tithing or something like that.

These questions come up so much. We just have information on the website for you, but any of the questions want to ask if it's appropriate for Christian radio and it fits within thoroughly Jewish Thursday goal for phone lines are open 86634. Let me share an interesting article with you. This is on breaking Israel Adam Eliahu Berkowitz reporting okay, list is a rabbi who specializes in Jewish mysticism, law, Kabbalah, now there is a pop version of Kabbalah practiced by people like Madonna and things like that that is virtually nothing to do with traditional Judaism and in terms of what's been studied and learned through the centuries.

In fact, there are Jewish traditions that say that you can't even study Jewish mysticism until you're 40 years old, married with children and and solidly grounded in Torah studies and rabbinic studies and things like that so the pop version again is is a complete cheapening popularizing of Jewish mysticism, which is very complex and it's in its theories and concepts and things like that so accomplished would be a specialist in Jewish mysticism. So are you ready for this and by the way of this reporting.

I am I I'm making nothing out of this.

I haven't the slightest clue.

If there's anything to it whatsoever that the report is accurate. From what I understand, but is there anything to it. I don't have the slightest clue, your guess is as good as mine. Another economist arrived at the office of the head of the Republican Party in Israel this week with the express purpose of reassuring him that in heaven the matter has already been decided who will be elected to serve as an ex-president. United States is already been decided heaven. According to this mystical Rabbi who is gonna be going to the Rabbi Donald Trump the more Excel the chairman of Republican overseas. Israel is religious.

He has limited knowledge of Kabbalah, so he was very surprised when a noted columnist Mr. contacted him last Sunday, saying he needed to speak to him concerning the upcoming elections in America. The cobblers from the city of Binet Brock is well known Israel a been a Brock is the ultra-Orthodox area of of Tel Aviv Tel Aviv itself very worldly city major capital of major city tourist city in Israel, especially for, the partying crowd and things like that and it big prosperous city. But then there is a portion of it in a Brock which is ultra-Orthodox so the cobblers from the city Binet Brock is well known Israel but insisted on remaining anonymous and the press. He arrived at Saul's office and drew some of his entourage in the early evening still did not know what to expect, that was open to anything Rabbi had to say there are things in this rover just understands also breaking Israel news.

I figured this might be one of them so this is a legitimate report from everything I understand now that doesn't mean with Ramos, it is accurate I can.

I know I don't have any more incident at the need is meaning to sell the Rabbi stated emphatically.

Donald Trump to win election to be the next president United States Rabbi short of this would be a very good thing for Israel United States those I was delighted to hear the unequivocal message, remain skeptical, insisted on knowing the reason for the Coppola's being so sure the cobblers answered.

This is what I do. This is what my family was done for generations to us. This is clear the cobblers to ball request.

Please pass this message onto the trunk of faith that they'll just gotta love this. These got evangelical leaders in supporting him. Christian leaders it always. I don't think I deserve it because he knows the way he's lived his life and now he's got this ultra-Orthodox rabbi from Israel saying you're the man you're gonna get in the next day. Two large boxes arrived at Saul's office. The cobblers did symptom two sets of the Zohar, the foundational work in the literature Jewish mysticism bow. It's very complex of only studied it a little. It's very complex that contains families interpretation of the esoteric books once it is now in Saul's library, but the other may very well sit on a shelf in the Oval Office in the near future would not that be wild. A copy of the Zohar in the Oval Office while Zell forwarded this message to religious Jewish leaders of Trump's campaign. They were enthusiastic when they heard the powerful message for the holy man ever strengthen by the spiritual reassurance itself. If XL has noted that many registries around behind Trump in recent weeks quote is not always the case, but many rabbis and religious leaders have come out supportive Trump telling their followers to support the Republican candidate they realize the Trump is the candidate that will defend Jerusalem, Israel and the Jews sublease trumps promised with the American Embassy Jerusalem as much to do with that Trump comes from outside the political establishment he will do what he says resettle bring the embassy to Jerusalem.

Whatever the president's veto about their the presence of civil do it and it never gets done was every six months or something is supposed be renewed or however many years and you really do, but it's never done cadre card game and ultra-Orthodox new site reported that Rabbi Schreier Jablonski, one of the great Colossae court total authority to the generation is been urging all his followers to vote for Trump. In addition, Rabbi Mendel Cason and internationally recognized Torah scholar have several charitable institutions also put a support behind Trump referring to the Republican candidate is the Messiah of the biblical nation of either the McKesson officer the voting for Clinton showed a lack of mercy on your children. Fascinating. No. 86634. Let's start in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mark, welcome to the line of fire dark brown. Having the opportunity to speak with you regarding your around our house.

We thought you thought you hundred bongo galaxy far far away that current Brownsville revival about 20 years ago.

I get an early burn, following your career and Utica blood bank locked. Thank you. Understanding of Scripture in support. I there with the cart of the little while ago who had spoke about wine and you the opportunity I get a call and say there Q and in an Arduino of in America in a caulked and November the blank again and then the wedding at Cana and my question is how do those, if at all relate to the Torah, are the references in the Torah. I found you, but they don't speak to speak specifically about an antigenic interconnection and the reason I asked the question because a few weeks ago I was listening and you made a comment and it really intrigued me. You have fed and I we were talking about you were talking about revival and you said I rewrote it down the people will reject what they are hungry for the whole and I was hoping if you could click connect, although not on their possible right and just.

The specific question you're asking about New Testament references to wine and in Torah. If you could just explain that to make sure I get you? Well, I'm hoping that good luck directly.Scripture of the the line and Andrea Cook and Anna and the scriptural reference in the New Testament to the new one at the wedding at Cana are both connected to references or or understanding or tradition in the in the Torah. Okay yeah thank you for the question and thank you for the kind words.

It's it's a blessing to know we been a blessing to your family over the years when I was talking to the incoming class in a school fire school of ministry when our semester started about 10 weeks ago I I asked them what brought you to our school because we are by design nonaccredited and it's an intensive three-year program and you have to really come for serious purpose feeling calling on your life and when to give you life of the gospel.

Saul's go around the room asking folks in two of them said that you pray for me when I was in my mother's womb, and they have to that the family had come to Brownsville to the revival and I prayed and prayed for the mom while she was pregnant with these kids.

That was two of them actually that was that was a case which I will stay right there. We got a break and I will answer questions best as I can. On the other side of the breaker listening to the line of fire.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to 30 Jewish Thursday Michael Brown are thoroughly Jewish host talking about are thoroughly Jewish Messiah Jesus Yeshua are thoroughly Jewish faith which is now become a faith for the entire world to the work of our Messiah and Savior 866-34-TRUTH any Jewish lady questions you have.

By all means give give me a call.

Alright, so back to market Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We can see the references to wine take on certain spiritual meanings in the New Testament. Hannah's the Messiah producing the best wine of all in the signifying of God doing a new saying of the new one. It's been produced.

We we have the references of the old wineskins and new wine and new wineskins, and old wine, and what can contain what and the. The ultimate message. I think that that we get that that answers this question about okay. How does how does this work between what came before Jesus and then his revelation, many Christians read things as if they see everything I can before, disappears. There is no because, because now the newest comp was the better way to understand it is, is the new builds on what came before and reinforces what came before, which is why Paul says in Romans three. Faith establishes the law example when it comes to the sacrificial system when comes the sacrificial system you could you could say will there's there's been no sacrifices from his 2000 years so this whole this whole part of of the of the law. This major portion goes out the window. You know what's what's the use of it. We say no, no, we now understand what they were pointing to the whole role with a plate so there's an interesting passage I think ties things together in Matthew 13 versus 51, 52, so this is where Jesus is been teaching in parables and and when he asked his disciples have you understood all the things he said yes he said to them, therefore every scribe is been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a master of the house who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old so that's that's what we do what we are bringing the riches of that which came before the foundation that is been laid and mixing that together with the new saying that God has done. If you just stay with the old review throughout the old because of the new or or if you just try to misunderstand the relationship will be confusion, but we know that you need new wine for new wineskins was one of my friends that years ago, but you can put old wine into new wineskins. So in short, Jesus is doing a new saying but not in distinction from that which came before, but in fulfillment of that which came before and why references seem to play into that okay and and make a guy I well not only in the near order provide the data in and our government not alert about what you talking about a link to worm on what the air and so trying to record idea. I thought maybe perhaps trying to express that idea that maybe that will accompany Eli at two not adding to curricula back of the billing company that he knew what he learned early believed or hardly know what the core thatů Was that, and then when he spoke that not everybody look around at whatever you talk about in some cases, they would have remember what they have in common is the Hebrew Bible and certain traditions. They shared that he could draw on the fact he went to a synagogue that was a good Jewish tradition that was not laid out in Torah, so there may traditions that he accepted a but those that got in the way of Scripture. He he rejected but remember in John three when he's talking to Nicodemus.

This is your attention Israel even agreed to the teacher meters big teacher of Israel and you don't get it. I'm speaking about spiritual things that you should be understanding people.

Several what was he telling a born of water by the spirit is that is going back to Ezekiel 36 is that the imagery you know the new heart being washed and cleansed by God and is at least talking about. So in many cases, the goal was to get someone to recognize this is what the Scriptures really saying to hinted something through his life through his teaching and then either by revelation of the disciples would get it or he then sit down and explain and now they would make the connection and and II think when you read when you read Paul's writings in that regard. You get a lot of insight for fruits of this change in the subject somewhat radically but still somewhat related to the Paul's writings, and his talk about Jew and Gentile be one of the Messiah was to get Annette from and that got him in a lot of trouble. Never he got through his whole spirit about faith and in Jesus and in acts 22 until he says God sent me to the Gentiles.

This is uppercase or such hostility, then the Jewish people towards the Gentile world and vice versa so much violence against the Jewish people. So to say that was outrageous to get the idea that we can be one what he reads in the prophetic passages and eyes and other places. How Gentiles and Jews will now serve together effect of the Gentiles will will will bring the Jewish people back to the land and serve them and accommodate them. Cases where this can happen in the messianic era, but the miss Akers really broken in referencing the fullness of it that we see the firstfruits of it so based on these firstfruits. Now we we worship together and we have a common identity in the Messiah, even though Gentiles are so Gentiles and Jews. Still Jews and he talks about his priestly ministry in the Gentiles.

Priestly ministries cannot bring them as an offering. As part of the language of Isaiah that that that the be priestly ministry in the Gentiles bring their offerings to God. So yes so a lot of this. This is how it unfolds.

And sometimes we go too far with it and try to find hidden references and things that I back in with that with a tour beyond with the Texas with the fundamental concept is a worthy one edited them along or calling them along our miracle quite like Rev. Dr. Gerber, the actual of their Parker there might be technically and pulling them along to show them what God really meant. Yeah, that's absolutely through his life through his example through his teaching and then once he rises from the dead. He then opens their minds to understand the Scriptures, and that's when now we get it. Now we see it and what what I find marvelous is to think of how Paul figured this out because it had to be reading the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit illuminating him and open his heart and mind, because he didn't have the opportunity to sit with Jesus and be discipled by him and some of the insights he got were different, not different meaning contradictory to, but different than some of the insights that the other apostles write about share about. So was it that there things that God revealed to him through the Scriptures as well so that's that's a neat thing to discover what he discovered how we came to certain things is fascinating and the same with that the gospel writers why they quote this passage where it's going to thank you for the call again for the kind words. Blessings to your whole family. We will be right back 30 years. There is it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire early broadcast today any Jewish related question of any kind is my absolute joy to take your question I can. I share the word of encouragement that I received from a brother. I've met a few times with his family. He is a psychologist and solidly committed to the Lord.

I submit this note and it says 1231 at Bob Evans this morning submitted yesterday at Bob Evans this morning. Since restaurant foods and don't know walking through and I hear someone say Michael Brown I stop and turn around. I sit down and we go on to share stories about the Browns were reviled for 30 minutes. The profound impact is deeply felt by so many, I just received a call in the previous hour. The last call I had right before we started this new segment with all of you joining us now and he was talking about he and his family going to the Browns revival in Pensacola serve this leader from 96 to 2000, and the blessing they receive so here this gentleman over here is some of say my name turns around and starts to talk and talks with the Browns revolve 30 minutes or here is 20 years after the revival began.

People still talk about deep impact on their lives to a client of mine having to bring up your name this evening during session. Turns out he's a regular listener to light a fire.

Both of your listening now. Had you don't talk about then three I learned that a friend of mine has been a regular color of the years we both agree we need to show back on a Tampa station, Iran, Tampa, Florida for a period of time but are not now. Would love to get back on. Scott opens the door and he said all in one day. All true.

So I happen to mention that to our tour staff just to say hey by God's grace were making impacting and touching lives and are our younger daughter who works in a ministry said they dad. I was River she was the other day and I just two days ago she said and and I hear someone talk about you and then I hear them talking about endorsing a political candidate and yeah yeah he endorsed a cruise and go to Esther to you can find out about that song and she did know if this is that the conversation was positive or negative.

She was going to go over and introduce yourself as my daughter but didn't. So all that's to say I'm glad that people are listening. I'm glad the people are reading, writing, but you know might migrate goal my heart, passion, everything that my heart beats for is to make a difference to help you be who God is called you to be help inform you and equip you and educate you and strengthen you so you can run your race with perseverance, and that you can walk worthy of the high calling of God and that you can make a difference in many live so allow us to be a blessing to you if you've never visited Arabia website. The line of check it out.

You'll see my latest articles. My latest videos wrote an article last night that posted this morning.

Don't tell me I'm sexist for not voting for Hillary Clinton.

That's getting a good amount of attention and interest of we've got some recent videos is unbelief us in another one about transgender child abuse. Another one that teenage girls don't have male private parts into some stuff in the news that were talking about that was more about culture than biology and outlined in all of our radio shows are archived there.

So you just go to the line of and explore the site. Scroll through the article scroll through the videos and then just click on digital library and then we got all of the resources their click on listen and we got to the archives of all radio shows and this is literally thousands of hours of material and it's free. It's free for you and those who can help us. Those can support us and those who want to hold our hands up, as we engage in reaching out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Click on donate when the website will be deeply grateful for your support will be right back 866-34-TRUTH if you Jewish political plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on 1-586-634-8784 any Jewish related question you have of any kind by all means give us a call and will do our best to answer your question as clearly as possible right back to the Middle East as it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday you've got to understand what the people of Israel have to overcome the.

The constant obstacles and challenges in the peace process. The similarities of the Palestinians have a hard time. Remember, remember, there could be peace and the Palestinians could be living in prosperity if their leadership is not devoted to destroying the Jewish people. So here is a report from October 30 on Palestinian media watch. If you've never visited there. It's a sober eye-opener.

Powell so what is it will what they do is they watch what's happening in Palestinian media what's on Hamas TV was on the file. Talk Facebook page what's on file talk TV what's what's being spoken in in mosques in in Ramallah or things like that and they simply reported. This is not someone giving you philosophical speculation or spiritual insight is simply saying this is what's happening.

That's what's called Palestinian media watch, so okay, check this out. Here's the headline Palestinian Authority official defends naming school after mastermind of Munich Olympics massacre will file talk glorifies second planner of the killing someone of the most horrific things that ever happened in the history of sports was the massacre of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich in 1972 and it any person of conscience, any civil minded person, even someone who believes that things are unjust in the Middle East it don't slaughter the Olympic team wasn't that a dozen delegates so that the PA official said Israel is deleted if it thinks the Palestinian people can change its culture file. Talk honors terrorist Abu Daoud. The main planner of the Munich operation that executed the Israeli Olympic delegation in 1972 in the heart of Germany. He has now been honored.

A school has been named after.

So he's one of the planners of the murders of the 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics and district governor of Tulkarm.

He some of the blocker is a PA official defended the naming of the school after the terrorist after the Israeli Prime Minister's Arabic spokesman Ofer Kendall Mann responded to posted.

Anita watches reports and tweeted about the naming of the mortar selloff fell off school. The PA official replied with praise for the terrorist and others like him stating that Palestinians might forget the quote. The occupation is deleted if it thinks that the Palestinian people can change its culture and forget its leaders modern adjuster. Our faculty was here of jihad, soft cloth and a great number of the fighters who sacrifice their blood for the freedom, independence and establishment of this is independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem to get that their signatures are culture, we are gonna celebrate the people kill Jews celebrate their martyrs. The men and women who laid down their lives killing Jews even see us or our thought was a motor because the propaganda is that it is written is really just killed him poisoned him.

That's the accusation, so therefore he would be a martyr as well. So this this murderous mentality is such picture living in the South in your schools are named after Ku Klux Klan leaders who lynched black Americans hundred years ago and in you celebrate that and then then you get say this this young man in South Carolina who goes into African-American churches slaughters with nine congregants in cold blood and and you named your kids after him is a white man slaughters nine black Americans in cold blood in a church service NAB kids after what kind of attitude.

With that transmit what what kind of mindset with a gift to the next generation hatred with the generate was black Americans will list what happens with houses there raised with this you go to a school thing of you go to a school named after the man who orchestrated the massacre of Israeli Olympic delegation. That's a school you go to what's what school did you go to I want to Francis Hegarty elementary school that's was the initial visual name for this name. It has not it's electrical I want what's West Hempstead high school. What are you I wanted such a search martyr school of music.

I he's the one that masterminded the slaughter of the Israeli delegates the Israeli Olympic team anemic and 72 et seq. and I will they do it. The defendant, they glory in it all right his will do more for you just to recognize the spiritual battle against Israel, the spiritual battle that exists is a hover Ramen reports honest the LA Times published an off day and offered by serene Mike DC and anti-Israel professor at UCLA in which she warns about activists on campus been the victims of a campaign of intimidation. The victims is referring to are not Jewish students targeted by BDS boycott the investment sanctions but anti-Israel activists himself includes a he's claiming at UCLA that if you are an anti-Israel activists are anti-Jewish activists that that you are getting intimidated when there's so much intimidation against Israel-based positions.

There is a university were Benjamin that the now just a few years ago, scheduled to speak but had to be canceled because of such an uproar from the student body that there are large numbers of campuses in America and in Canada and Europe. With his great hostility towards the nation of Israel and with that in some campuses. The Jewish people themselves.

This professor complains that he was listed on Canary Mission website that exposes those who hate Israel and Jews. Just because he is credited process. Israel quote there be no distinction apparently between criticism of the policies of a foreign power and hatred of an entire ethnic group so he he says it's intimidation we put on the website was being misrepresented what your views are, how how about your views about the hatred that's been communicated to your views. How about the bias in your views.

Should you be on the website and hate if someone put me on the website saying I'm a strong Zionist and believe that God has brought the Jewish people battle and put me on the website. Go ahead, that's accurate. Some arraignments as there's obviously distinction between the two between criticism of the policies of a foreign power and hatred of an entire ethnic group. Although Mike DC can't see it.

While honest reporting is no connection with Canary Mission dozen or so endorses methods. But this is silly at the Jewish state in many statements and writings cannot be classified as mere criticism.

Many of his comments and fortune they are hatred by any definition of the world of the word Mike DC, a professor of English and comparative literature falsely accuses Israel of apartheid maliciously claims it Israel deliberately kill spouse and children urges an academic boycott of Israel) will be dismantlers of the Jewish state effective for its destruction and is upset that he gets put on a website that exposes his views. We have previously called them after questioning why anyone should recognize Israel's right to exist and accusing Israel of collective punishment gossip that he's being intimidated.

Interestingly, in 2001 Mike DC marked the Simon Wiesenthal Center's concern that Palestinian UNESCO membership would erase the history of the Jewish people today. This is October 26. This report, UNESCO approved a road resolution put forward by the Palestinians that denies Jewish and Christian connection for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

After the UN organization approved a similar one. Just a week ago I talked about this and in the first hour and and last week as well and here looking at the point where he mock this joke is 2011 seven Wiesenthal Center opposes Palestinian UNESCO membership for fear "erase history of Jewish people inherits Israel the land of Israel. And when they do they they erase the connection between the Jewish people in Jerusalem everything that he mocked Mike DC also refers refers to a poster campaign that you students of supporting terrorism.

Just because their members of student groups that dared to criticize Israeli policy based on how he described and defended his own criticism of Israel is hard to believe that the students have only engaged in legitimate criticism of Israel and that something more closely resembling anti-Semitism, but this is this is what he says these sort of attacks on academic freedom which Israel's defenders up a disproportionate role are all too common I campuses across the country with epicenters of he wants a safe space a safe space on campus. We can bash Israel while while while will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to deviate for a moment from a thoroughly Jewish Thursday material and just talk elections with you for moment mentioned in the first hour that Donald Trump based on exit polling has won the absentee ballots from Israel.

Jewish voters there, but the turnout was less then four years ago Obama Romney and Romney won a much larger portion of the vote that Obama because Israelis really felt that Obama was not a friend of Israel and therefore strongly voted against him.

Where's Jews in America tend to vote much more heavily at a Democrat than Republican, so be interesting to see how that falls out now but I want to limit just talk stateside elections here for a moment. Pres. Obama has said that with his next election, the fate of the world is at stake.

The fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders. He said that where did he deliver this speech yesterday.

He delivered it in North Carolina. North Carolina key battleground state key battleground state and I'm speaking right now in our great stations all over North Carolina and Raleigh and Winston-Salem Charlotte other parts of the state speaking to listeners all over North Carolina so please give your best year but really listening on the country.

Please give me your best year as well because Obama said this we know when the selection potentially we don't. We North Carolina. I hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders.

The fate of the world is tearing got that our president is saying that the fate of the world could hang on the shoulders of the people of North Carolina and how we vote. I live in North Carolina now the New Yorker for 30+ years than our family lived right outside of Maryland right outside of the DC rally nine years in Pensacola, Florida, seven years and now the North Carolina area. The last 13 years. Amazing enough, we been here this long, so I will vote as someone living in North Carolina so I literally would happen when George Bush ran against Al Gore. At that time I was was teaching in Pensacola and had a limited window of time in which I could get to the.

The polls the Photo Booth and what happened was I I got wrong information. If I recall that one information I thought. One place was open.

An hour later, only, and when I got there fan out. They closed in the night.

I had no time to get to the place where you get to vote to get the vote and that night Nancy and I were watching you in certain point the evening didn't call the election okay it's calling for Gore recalling for Bush but kept going on with her looks exhibit going on is not an end in Florida, one for Gore.

It really didn't so by late at night. We had to go to sleep. Still not knowing who the president was going to be.

Remember, there was the dispute.

The hanging chads on that the voter ballots in all of this right. That was far and we were and prayer meeting at our ministry school when it was announced that Florida has gone for Gore and there was a man of faith. The brother with me and he said can we pray to reverse that of the universe vote is done its damage then scouted then but anyway it got the first turnout is miscounted and then end up going to Supreme Court Supreme Court ruled that because this is the right thing.

It George Bush is a presence that of Al Gore. So anyway, I everything was hanging in the balance and went to sleep that night and I woke up with a start. What happened in my dream.

Florida was an exact tie in my vote which would be for George Bush would be the deciding vote in Florida which would then be the deciding vote invitation and I that's a legitimate soul anyway, all that to say all that to say when I had seen this headline, Pres. Obama signed the fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders. It was just a generic headline in the Nancy sent me an email saying the president just said that the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of of the people of North Carolina so I just want to say this to everybody in North Carolina vote responsibly.

I will be voting for Donald Trump is not endorsed to but I will be voting for him.

I respect those who feel they can't vote for him for various reasons. I do respect that. But what Nancy does not feel she can cast a vote for my respect that I want to urge you if it's been your habit vote Democrat vote for Hillary Clinton. Don't do it. We don't even know if she'll survive with all the investigations, even if she was elected if she would be quickly impeached and indicted image she right now is is the first person running for president facing potential criminal investigations and I think if we knew all the evidence we be shocked by which their otherwise there is there is no way that that James Comey would've even reopened this from everything I understand, but she is the most radical pro-abortion president candidate in our history. Just get online and type in abortion pictures just do that type that in or typing partial-birth abortion procedure.

She supports that she supports adult B blood on your hands and and not only so, she would directly attack a religious freedom she sought recognition when it comes to abortion deeply held religious police have to be changed not just run the world but here in America to she's on record saying that she's on record offending the continent of Africa.

Much of the continent of Africa by basis and you have to accept our views of homosexuality repeat or or suffer the consequences financial consequences.

Another II know leaders in other countries or spoke with political leaders, and others, professors, business people, they told me the pressure their countries would put under by America for brisk activism.

Hillary Clinton would push that to the max. Don't don't fall for her and thereby give her that the tape to gag our mouths and the rope to tie her hands how you explain that once your kids and grandkids, but not only so, Gov. McCrory has stood up for privacy has stood up against the bullying of the government said no we don't believe it's right that when you go to the to the YMCA that your wife and daughters have to share a changing room with a biological male who identifies as a female or some heterosexual predator just wants to check the mouse and claim to be transgender and no he does not want to force your 15-year-old daughter in high school, to have to shower and change an extra 15-year-old biological male who identifies his girl who plays a girl sports team. No, we don't feel it's a good thing to make all bathrooms and locker rooms that are in public facilities, gender-neutral as would've happened without HB two so as much as this criticism is much as been up your perfect bill. Gov. McCrory stood up for what's right is been bullied by the NBA is been bullied by the NCAA is been bullied by corporate America. Let stand up against the bullies that stand up against the bullies. I will encourage you this is me individually that my ministry, not organization. Just me as an individual. I will encourage you think about what's right don't bow down to the bullies. Don't sell your soul for comic is until you gobble blessed economy of North Carolina even more if we do what's right responsibly. May the Lord lead to do what is right. My bottom line today. Hey, one of the major thing in the election is to be a better friend of Israel, according to the people of Israel right now believe that Donald Trump

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