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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 11, 2016 4:30 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 11, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/11/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Hey friends, you've got questions, we've got answers. Let's do it stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of the fire school of ministry get into the wino fire valve by going 866-34-TRUTH nuts 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown friends line of fire. Our thanks our appreciation to our veterans for their sacrifice for the sacrifice. Their families have made the sacrifices that all too often. America forgets this is Michael Brown. This is the line of fire, and it is Friday which means you got questions. We got answers anything in the world. Anything under the sun that you want to ask me question Jan challenge beyond probe anything whatsoever that's appropriate for Christian radio phone lines are open. The earlier you call the broadcast, the better chance we have of getting to calls you may have a question for me still undo the elections you may have a Bible question the theology question a personal spiritual life question. All you may have a Jewish lady question can get through yesterday because phone lines were jammed and this is 30 Jewish Thursday. Give me a call 8663 freight 7884 and we will do our best to answer your questions. First, though, a word about military imagery in the Bible. Why does Paul on two occasions referred to fellow workers as fellow soldiers. What is he right to Timothy in second Timothy two, three and say endure hardship as a good soldier of Messiah Jesus.

What you see. Do that and and why does the psalmist Psalm 144 speak of dog training his hands for battle and his figures for war will certainly in the Old Testament. Men like David King David psalmist David they were warriors.

They did fight in battle. They were soldiers.

It was common for kings to go out to battle, and David himself was a man of war and the Lord in Exodus 15 is described as a man of war because of his triumph over Egypt, but when this and the gods of Egypt and the Farrell but when the terminology is used in the New Testament.

It's not used in a militaristic way that we are out to fight our enemies like soldiers. In other words, the people we differ with we we Xuzhou be wiped out or know of course not the counselor.

Jesus did to summarizes is put on your sword, take up your cross. This is the place for for for just war and for fighting enemies. I'm not saying we don't have a military course we do.

We respect that. But as followers of Jesus. Our goal is to win our adversaries. Our goal is to give life not take life obviously obviously but here's the point here is the point we must look at the example of soldiers we must look at the sacrifice that soldiers make, we must look at the toughness required.

We must look at the willingness to give one's life for one's country and once because we must look to the examples of courage and fortitude and the absolute determination to fight against the enemy and then we must apply those principles to ourselves spiritually as believers as moms.

His dad's is young people's old people is as preachers as employees and employers we must say, as followers of Jesus. We must be disciplined and committed to soldiers, we must endure hardship as soldiers.

This make the right spiritual application and in doing so overcoming evil with good. Overcoming hatred with love manifested the character and spirit of Jesus again appreciation my appreciation for veterans service for our country by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown you got questions, got answers Michael Brown my delight to be with you. By the way if you live in the San Francisco area scheduled to minister in Hayward California twice on Skype's request on Saturday twice on Sunday.

So find out more, just go to my website Esther to Brown a SK DR and click on itinerary. You see, right on the homepage you computer you can scroll down to it on your cell phone look to see you there. If you're anywhere near San Francisco before I go to your phone calls. I want to read a letter to you that I received from Pastor Chandra and them if he is the pastor of Faith Church in Budapest, Hungary is the largest mega church in Europe. I've had the honor of preaching their of the last two years November 2014 at 2015. They are greats of friends of Israel. They are great people of prayer and evangelism and have a heart for social justice and the church membership, I think, is well over 70,000 people think of Africa variation of Africa a country of 10 million and they have about 5000 kids in their Christian school system of the country and I think about 600 in their six-year seminary which is accredited by the European Union and the joy of teaching them as well so this is what Pastor Chandra wrote to me, my dear brother Michael Brown. I congratulate you on the results of the American presidential elections medicines from Hungary without your support and prayers and hard work needed in the United States and of the world would have been safe in the Obama administration, which intentionally strived to destroy Judeo-Christian spiritual truths and moral values from the new cultural revolution aggressively promoted and guarded by Hillary Clinton role American Christians played in the fall of Mrs. Clinton and the elites represents is a great encouragement to Christians around the world you have one great battle with wars raging everywhere against the work of God are filled with hope of seeing the temporary weakening of evil in the role he played. This is what about a more favorable climate for the renewal and strengthening of Christian families and churches we can all learn many lessons from Trump's victory. The emails that came to light during the campaign of uncover the matrix.

The secret of background powers that are working harder and harder to turn the world against God. These emails of uncover the true goals of the ruling elite was also proven that if Christians are active in our unity and their social responsibility than there still capable of determining the results of the elections in America and have a major influence on the fate of not only their country but on the whole world. The results of the election also tells me that the time of grace is been lengthened by a couple more years. We must all use this time wisely. So the body of Christ may be renewed and gross of the church can also better resist and overcome the lawlessness and anti-Christlike developments that work in the world for any believers. The defeat of the Clintons was a celebration like that of current however we are not filled with false illusions about the future if we draw the right conclusions from the experiences we have of the government power. Lesser years. Then quote the people in other gobble display strength and take action from Daniel 11 they will fulfill the perfect will of God. All the countries of the earth. I think of you with love me. The overflowing blessings and grace of the God of Israel be on your life and ministry.

Your friend Chandra never. I told the staff.

I would read that on the air now you say but don't they see all the problems with Donald Trump. Don't they see who he's been, and so on. Yeah that's that's so in short, in short, there are believers who are greatly encouraged because they have not been happy with the direction America was going to the Obama administration and they felt would get much worse. Under Hillary Clinton administration CF Donald Trump is so flawed look at the things he said yes. They recognize that he will voice to the people and that he stands for turning America in a better direction now again in order for that to happen. He's going to have to step into being presidential he's going to have to make a break with much of the rhetoric used in his campaigns and he's going to have to stand for the good principles for which we voted for him and that is the hope and prayer is ready said he stands for these principles that's positive that's in the Republican Party platform. He's made some good choices so far about people to be around him now we have to pray not only that he will be presidential be the president of all the people, but that he will also not try to prove that now he's some great guy that can work with everybody and you end up with another compromiser on the Republican side that would be an absolute disaster. That being said, we now elected president. Let's pray that he will do the right thing is we pray for Pres. Obama. Let's pray just the same for Pres. elect Trump but let us not look to him to do with the church must do. We must be busy doing what God has called us to do many of us have to wake up from our slumber in order to do that. Okay, enough with that we now go to your calls 866-34-TRUTH 7884 that start with Ray in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Welcome to the line of fire | Jim. Well thank you quick personal character of a former Army, Graham and currently Dr. Robert one got very lucky that I'm putting out through the always wondered how upbeat the Bible Bible belt go in the line of 30 life growing up in Outlook after that. Okay, first I thank you for your service to our country.

Ray both past and present, yet with the Bible says is not that shall not kill.

That's the way it's translated the King James known around the world what it says is that shalt not murder. Murder is never justified. Murder would be some guys sick and tired of his wife and decides he's going to kill her murder would be. Here is a failed drug deal and an kill somebody because it didn't go the way you want, that's murder. That's always sinful is never justified, and God himself does not murder. However, there are times when killing is absolutely right. There are times when God puts people to death, and it is the righteous thing to do and there is time. There are times when we put people to death and it's the right thing to do. So for example if you're a police officer and you are tracking down some serial killer of children and and you realize that that serial killer who has machete in his hand is is breaking into a neighbors house and about to kill a sleeping child and when you ordered to put the machete down, instead he he raises it sick to kill a child you shoot him that some murder, you save the life you save the life in the same way when the Allied troops attacked the Nazis they were saving lives they were saving millions of innocent victims, and there is a righteous death penalty for certain crimes that we can debate whether the death penalty should be applied today. I simply believe if you take a life, you forfeit your life if you willingly, knowingly take a life, you forfeit your life with. That means life in prison without parole is a person opportunity to repent and before they die, or that means the death penalty that can be debated, but certainly according to Genesis 96 whoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed, that would be a biblical teaching.

Because human beings are created in the image of God and being created in the image of God that gives us and ask intrinsic value and worth and therefore shedding human blood is different than shedding animal blood and therefore if someone murders their own life is forfeit, according to what was established in Genesis the ninth chapter again.

God is a Redeemer you can forgive he can redeem live society can also choose to forgive. But sir, there are times when it is absolutely right to take a life. It is the right thing to do. It is the righteous thing to do.

And in doing so, we save other lives and obviously as as an officer you have been careful to use your your power wisely and it would never dawn on you that you have the right to just gun somebody down Israel because he didn't like the way they look, that the thought would never occur to you in a million years. However, you fully understand that if you see somebody is about to ambush your partner and shoot them and kill them in color but if you shoot that person. First, you have saved a life so murder is forget for bid, but there are times when taking a life is righteous and just in God's sight.

866-34-TRUTH we got a break coming up soon as we come back from the break I will go right back to your calls. You got questions, we've got answers.

I'm delighted to hear from you answer your most pressing questions are so you're curious about reading the Bible. Always wondered what about this one about that. Hey, this is a great day to call and will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on this Veterans Day on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Let's go to Reese and New Brunswick Canada. Welcome to the line of fire barrier doing well thank you got no fun at it in light of your interview with Gordon Pearson, your yes my son ask you about transgender pronoun. I'm not sure what that I would you ever use the Porsche dealership, or even if there ever a situation where that you went back to that of acceptable or or fate hugged me and I think the relationship of a husband, husband, or someone woman's life or amount.

Husband said that that that a no compromise member back down issue okay overall in general. It is a no compromise never back down issue because it is giving way to something that is not true that is not right or that is harmful. Not gonna put a caveat in so I do make the broad statement is no compromise never back down issue. In other words, if if I'm talking to a man and he's in a same-sex relationship is quote marry his partner.

I would never refer to his husband when talking to him if if I meet a biological male million-dollar prison for years now identifies female and they want me to refer to to them with their new female name or use female pronouns.

I wouldn't do that because I would feel that I was now again participating in falsehood and merit and participating in a mindset and agenda that was not only untruthful but unhelpful. Now I've I've had situations where years ago when I was on the Tyra Banks show psychiatrist or to children. I I found out that Dr. Marcie Bowers was going to be on a Dr. Bowers was a married man so the man I think married and then now identifies his woman had 16 surgery is known as like the rockstar 16 surgery consult a doctor and I thought enough if I refer to Dr. Bowers in a masculine way.

The whole audience can turn against me and be hostile and will further inflame the panel at the same time I couldn't compromise so I thought Illinois do and so just use the term Dr. Bowers that worked and that was it Eddie's way out.

But let me just say this is the only way I could get someone to hear me out on the gospel if if I realize that they were in such pain were so confused or so bound or so caught up in a mindset that they wouldn't even let me talk to them unless I did that when I be willing to do it. Just like if the person told me of my name is Napoleon Bonaparte and he was actually Joe Smith what I call him Napoleon. If by doing so I could befriend him and lead him to the Lord. Yet, there could be a circumstance or I would do it. I had a lengthy dialogue. The summer months and I refuse to call him Lisa. But the whole dialogue was that he was professing to be a lifelong Christian android and the whole dialogue was about transgender activism is in that context it to modify what I said would now play right into that and then he said to me, will what if I put doctoring quotes are virtuous is perfectly fine 500 PhD was immature could care less what you say about me. I just want to talk to you but there's an idea situation where the person is.

It is so hurt by rejection. There's been so much confusion there not thinking clearly or there are so radicalized in their view that I couldn't even befriend them or talk to them and which, in which case I might say, okay, just try to help them let let me use language. I'm not comfortable with for the sake of the gospel in the net would be an act of love. I would dare say though that in many cases people are doing it out of anything but real love. It's just capitulation to the system that they differ with but great question that that's my own heart in that right thank you so much for the call from Canada were these things are very relevant as well. 866-34-TRUTH we go to Middletown, Maryland Larry, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. Quick question over the class erosion in Hebrew, Greek and Latin Jesus the King of the Jews. Yeah why just those three languages maybe wonder what language basically did Jesus speak amount of certainty spoke Hebrew so I sent a new Hebrew, but a lot of scholars talk about air mechanism that this elaborate Jesus would've grown up in Galilee as best as we understand speaking Aramaic is his home language as would how the disciples and that yes we do understand that he knew Hebrew as well, based on discussion of the Hebrew Scriptures and things like that with slavery spoken in Israel. It's in some places at that time would've been no Judaica under under the Romans was was Hebrew spoken of.

Some scholars suggest it was still spoken and used may be more in Jerusalem, but I feel confident that that Jesus knew Aramaic and Hebrew fluently and that there may have been settings where the dialogue was in Hebrew, but presumably other dogs when Aramaic but interestingly at Larry when when it says in the Hebrew language in the New Testament that could actually be Aramaic. In other words, it simply would mean the language of the Hebrews and if you have many examples of this from the ancient world of the the Roman language, the language of the Romans would be Latin. So several times in the New Testament where the Greek says in the Hebrew language. The English versions translate with Aramaic and there's a debate doesn't mean Aramaic, or does it mean Hebrew, so it is it is something debated but either if if if it was written in Hebrew okay and he's crucified in Jerusalem something that's simple. Everyone would be able to read all Jews would be able to read in Jerusalem something that's simple and the Aramaic and the Hebrew would be very very close just the most minor differences between them are so you wouldn't need to write it in Hebrew and Aramaic.

It was written in one or the other right. So thankfully just because of the area, the language spoken by many people, yet exactly because you this is again under the Romans right so you can have the Latin areas is something official having to do with Wiseman crucified Greek was a widely spoken common language and there were there were Jews who spoke Greek as well within the semester. Yeah. So this was this was for everyone to know, and for you to cover your bases and obviously Aramaic/Hebrew and Greek.

And then because it is a Roman decree. Obviously, the Latin patient's questions. By the way, in my book. 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. 60 questions Christians estimate usually some practices are your finances to these questions as well. By the way, by the way, the answer to the question yesterday as to why the portion from the prophets that will be read in the synagogues, along with the Torah portion this week. Why Isaiah 4027 to 4116 is chosen to be read along with Genesis 12 117 27, it is because of the mention of Abraham in Isaiah 1 that mention of a Abraham ties back to chapters following. I asked that yesterday on the air but didn't get the answers until very late. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on this Veterans Day again.

My heartfelt all veterans and families of veterans who sacrificed so much for our country. Your sacrifices are not in vain of the get CNN headline The sting of defeat through access and then baffled trouble faces obviously looking up at screens announcing trumps victory baffled dams have no leader, no bench to pull from. Very interesting look their ideas that are simply too radical and too anti-American to be carried out, and that's the direction we were going to be debating abortion were going to be debating homosexuality I'm talking about those things that exist there is a direction.

Overall, the country was going that many Americans they want to go.

This is not part of who we are, of course, anything to change.

But when you have an overly socialist candidate people flocking around him.

Bernie Sanders of the it's it's not a direction.

Americans can go.

If it does. America will be America's.

We've known it 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Howard in Manassas, Virginia.

Thanks for calling the line of fire earlier that box. Talk about about the order. The rationale that you gave no murder.

I know a lot of people that will work that you could do that no rush now talk about a mother like Victor sure sure pushes the question out so tissue missed the call rate within the military knows a policeman is not had to pull his gun, and until someone the civil sconces that shalt not kill them. I would ever be justified. So I explained that the humanist essay Shauna Kilby shall not murder, and then said there are times when taking life is absolutely justified that if if I UTC a Guyanese got a machine gun in there a bunch of kids that are that are playing in a kindergarten playground and he's he's about to pull his gun and start shooting them and you have the opportunity to take him out before he murders then that would be a good thing you want to put the weapon that he doesn't your policeman should you save lives. So the question about what if you're seeking to save the life of a mother through an abortion. The first, the amount of times that that actually happens is infinitesimally small and I was reading 11 doctors article where he said it's pacing never the case where where that is the issuing of the vast majority of times as the mothers can be emotionally troubled by this rep set fire door feel she could get her care for the child know that's how it affects the life of the mother as as opposed to if she has the stated she will physically.generally speaking, there are ways that the mother can be cared for, so as not to lose the baby and not to threaten her own life.

But let's say that you legitimately had that situation okay you you legitimately have the situation and it it's the mother's life is hanging the balance she gives birth to the baby. Then she's gonna die. That's really a decision that she and her husband would make her she and the baby's father would make in these decisions that people had to make it would be no different sir.

Then, if you've got two children who fall in the pool and they're both drowning in there on opposite ends of the pool and you can only get to one of them which life you save it is a totally different question than then what's put forth to justify abortion and incense since. In fact, since in fact, that amounts to almost a nonexistent percentage of abortions. The percentage is so small it's nothing to be discussed in the abortion debate. Thank you. Call the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back to gonna find this Veterans Day you've got questions, we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH 7884 let us go to Hawaii and Fort Washington, Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire hi there, how are you I'm doing well thank you go back to a question that you were answering food in and out to do with the electoral decision. I was wondering how he reconciled behavior without Christian agenda in outstanding how alignments don't discriminate discriminating a group and they don't think like there are issues that I have looked like to know his wife Bonnie no issue with baring her nakedness while being a role model for young women and also I think you mentioned just a moment ago about the radical comments made at the many groups that I know that a lot of those things small be the entire agenda party because they would just be absurd because that really represent the American way. But more importantly as a Christian. I'm just trying to reconcile like what we get from this is how we you know you this in our movement how the centerpieces movement. Christian yeah yeah you articulating the questions well and you speak for many others lights before I answer very quickly what hate groups would you say he's aligning himself with will. I know that it is father was was a nonmember client and also the Ku Klux Klan published them and also backed him. I'm in a campaign you know that instantly, categorically, his campaign, 100% renounced the clans endorsement was Hillary Clinton of the lick to hurt her senior. A mentor that she referred to for years and in Congress was was a longtime member of the Ku Klux Klan, but no heat, so let's let's put that aside and let the since he has enough baggage. He said enough concerning things that we could put that the clan part away right right right right right; it right argue thing like a great intelligible on the issue.

I figured I could grill some beer with you.

Yeah sure, so not to make moment for certain is that source we eliminate that part of the clan stuff and he instantly repudiated that his campaign did they look. The clan voted for Ronald Reagan to transfer your interest rate, in turn, via a great president and there are different Muslim groups that that endorse Hillary Clinton that we would not be happy with. So she's not responsible for the groups and endorser book. I have people that post on my face Facebook page and compared to in our presence. I just got like 457,000 people on Facebook, but their people are posts there that absolutely when someone says what you love us under. Also, I didn't see that we pull it insolently Banham you know, but let's think of the things he said that that were inflammatory. Let's think of the insulting things he said about are the women let's think about the degrading things he said about other candidates. Let's think about his and his wife as the first lady saying she's not ashamed at all of her nude photo shoots in the past and Donald Trump saying hey you know proud of her for doing them, and so on. Yeah. So the first thing is this my ideal was to have someone strong Christian character as our president.

Even though we were not electing a pastor and she for the president and chief character does matter in my goal was to see someone like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Mike Huckabee or know people that I knew to be of strong Christian character registered to be and that I felt also be good leaders know that that would be part of it may be the president for the whole nation for Muslims and Jews and atheists, and everybody else but that would be something important to to about two to have all that was not an option. Once we once we got past the primaries deny some of the alarm often during the primaries about Donald Trump. Once he became the candidate for the Republican Party because I so militantly oppose the direction that Hillary Clinton wanted to take us because I so militantly oppose her pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality stances and or stances that would hurt her religious liberty and because I I question her character very deeply. I absolutely did not want to see her elected. So the question became for me. Can I vote for Donald Trump and I debated that for food for months. It will in fact is only a few weeks before the election that I finally said okay I can vote for him and it was only the day of the election that my wife Nancy finally settled that she could vote for them, but she did it was great reservation so we are not looking to him in a naïve way as if he is suddenly your Mr. Christian Savior. In fact, I do believe that now that he selected when you truly pray for him and in the church has to get about doing were supposed to do otherwise. Were going nowhere fast as nation but that being said here is just wicked me some hope. Number one the Malan's past and the fact that she still stands for the I think that could be very negative as the first lady. She seems to be a woman of dignity today and are committed to a husband and family but yet that's a negative.

And the only way I could see that fixed as if she really gets born again and really comes to know the Lord and says it, I'm ashamed of the past but that's that is, they are mean I don't know what to say about it it's it's a shame because it is going and Carol. Forget not know it only becomes a problem. We start again, like Clinton or Barack Obama moved from that that best barometer that they give the power to censor, you know, and they all will be going to make everything right you know we can't do that you not think all of this is right now.

Yeah, she was on CNN didn't you and I think a lot of the injury was excellent, but when asked about the past. He said I'm not ashamed of it without you know this is Europe and ashamed of our bodies know.

I hope that she really comes to a place where she realizes the example that she sees setting now is the first lady and in a salient day of Internet you're going to have people searching online for nude pictures of the first lady and it's it's a shame, but we move forward. God uses for people as far as Donald Trump though.

On the one hand we needed someone who was an absolute bulldozer of a human being who would take on the secular media and expose its bias we take on a corrupt political establishment who would take on all odds and wouldn't back down. So you need to be a bulldozer to do that very few human beings that could actually stand up, the way he did in and turn the tide, the way he did not believe God was in it now.

If he is going to continue to move forward heat.

He cannot just be a bulldozer.

As I wrote the other day if he's a divine wreck involving eight we need to pray for divine restraint on him as one godly leader said to Donald Trump directly Outlook Secretariat only one all the races because it learned to be to be controlled by 100 pound jockey on its back and you're gonna have to learn that sold the reason that I ultimately settle Canada vote for him. Yeah I was voting against were Hillary Clinton would take us. But to be candid. James Robison respected Christian leader on the world has become a dear friend in the last couple of years and he has extraordinary access to Donald Trump and is spent hours with him who speaks to them in a regularly on the cell phone who is prayed with him and with with gaillardia. He's not saying that Donald Trump is born again. He's is not saying anything like that but he he he told me that in 55 years of ministry and asked me to shout this to the world 55 years of ministry. No one has ever received him as humbly and as graciously as Trump has an we said okay he's got Ben Carson around them. Scott Mike Huckabee around them. He's got Mike Penn sues a committed Christian as his vice president Donald Trump said that when he met with pants and said, would you consider BMI VP before they left the Penn Central could be pray together from satellite use of a New Yorker, you know, so because of that, because he he has your Kelly and Conway, who was his campaign chief of the ran his campaign.

I believe she's a committed Christian, or at least we share many of our values and work in the Cruz campaign before, so he said for Supreme Court justices to listen to the heritage foundation for counseling and his listings assuredness is gonna pick the replace glia to to to nominate someone from that list. So my hope is that he will start to step up and be presidential that he'll realize now that he can't engage in inflammatory rhetoric that is gonna have to make legal citizens of this country feel safe. That is good have to understand is not a war against all Muslims. That is good have to come up with a compassionate solution for illegal immigrants who really have been law-abiding in here for many years and know without compromising.

So ultimately I voted for the Republican platform and I and I voted for against Hillary Clinton and with the hope that, as Donald Trump has, as shown signs of these recent months of of going in the right direction that we can now see him modify the rhetoric as he did in his first speech, his acceptance speech modify his rhetoric be more controlled and only being a wrecking ball of that which needs to be wrecked and somehow gain the trust of women and minorities by his actions and by his words. Moving forward, so it's not just shut the door closer because of godly people around him and II told James a submenu, you have given me with a look at him that that gives me more whole, but we got really prayed wife because he could do as much harm as good and therefore we pray fully understanding the man, thanks for the dialogue. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back to the line of fire on this Friday on Veterans Day. You've got questions.

We got answers 866-348-7884. Let's go to round rock, Texas BJ, welcome to the one of fire, yeah. Hello Dr. Brown hello I'm debated experiment in a few weeks and in the written jeremiad money three. One third and I remember you had done in your my commentary. This is as I was reading through Jeremiah 2306 and then looking up some of the important looking words and had some questions. I thought maybe I could ask Rachel sure okay okay I'm here. My third 20 directly think God put that in woe to you, Shepherd that that scatterplot and God said bring new Shepherd think really old Shepherd and her commentary in attendance. Shepherd were the king of Israel stylistic the context and before that and your my point to God. It berating the king of Israel that Kia and his son and by one insurance Shepherd mix, but typically King government kings and kings and national leaders in Kings Kings may play primarily kings, though, because the context is saying that will replace them with the messianic King. So this year, the shepherds were the kings. It can be used more broadly, though, for national leaders but as you see, beginning in verse nine there's an indictment on the prophets, and then Ella and Jeremiah. He mentions prophets and priests so shepherds although they could include any of the religious leaders that was not only host taken primarily referenced audience as as you seen yet. Okay good.

Then I asked about the branch. B. Yet I looked up the other Pat. I remember not found in Zechariah Isaiah another one from Jeremiah. I would try to put it in the context of Jeremiah today yelling, thinking it is going to talk about anger like that can and do good stuff.

He's talking about the missing entity is the messianic King. He read some issues there. She said in Jeremiah 23, its use resents Isaiah chapter 4 it's used in Zechariah 3 and Zechariah 6 is a recognized messianic title, and it is saying how God will replace these godless kings with a godly king in his day. He would be saved. The question is, contextually, how does that work because it seems to be that the expectation is your return from exile, and all raise up a messianic leader.

So here's here's what you can do little little homework for you. All right okay okay I preach the whole message about this issue on messianic prophecy in the prophecies in return for battling Excel using Jeremiah 23 is my text and the message is on our website, you can watch it's probably about 40 minutes long. Max a bit of the give you broader insight into the larger questions the commandments of hearsay fineness go to website Esther to ASK DR right click on the digital library. Just click the word messianic right so Esther Toronto or click on the digital library typing messianic and search for it.

You'll see my message messianic insights from the book of Jeremiah and it will really answer this for you. Clearly, messianic insights from the book of Jeremiah. It's a video message that you can watch fact it's just click and see the show me how long it is here. Anyway, I think like us is about 40 minutes, and in general I don't really understand the larger issues of why it is that it seems that the prophecies about the return from exile, not only signal return from exile, and it seemed to to speak of the messianic era being ushered in on the heels of that, and that gives us an insight is that it's a messianic prophecy as well that it's already and not yet you get the first part but not the rest. When Jesus came as the Messiah is the expectation was now you destroy that the yoke of Roman do this and that words note 1st die for our sins reconciles to God bring this message around the world, then returned to the rest so the return from exile was a deposit and there was more to come afterward. So that message will really help answer a lot of these questions for you will good. Great was anything are in an area specifically requested in the text are we good.

I think that's good but I also wanted I wanted to run a quick I can look on the Internet and I can act like friend of mine and stuff but it's really good to have a resort like you and it very learned and at stuff that I can. I can call up another and get like learned answer. Hey, it's my joy man that's that's a way we can serve one another on the air here.

Thank you for the kind words BJ appreciated area godless.

All right, let's see Daniel in Flagstaff Arizona. Time is short. Let's dive right in.

Welcome home and car up to one of want to prevent the congregation chief urgent met along the line to be a problem with the congregation for the letter stray by the dental assembly identifying a Dollar Tree or even burial adultery, and since he compared that spiritual reality to physical reality.

If you think the whole thing, that he believed the serpent want to have relations belief like Jewish tradition know that's a fascinating question Daniel and Ted to help our listeners understand there are some Jewish traditions. This is not what all Jews believe are most Jews believe it was traditional view sleep, but there there are the Jewish traditions that the serpent was actually trying to seduce Eve physically Perverse. I understand but but there are some traditions that that that that say that of course is just that, traditions. No Daniel, I don't believe Paul is alluding to that, although that's that's a fascinating question because we have the example of spiritual adultery pervasive through the whole Old Testament just read.

For example, Jeremiah the second chapter you see over and over and over and over again and then throughout the book of Jeremiah that that Israel and Judah's sin with the nations with the gods of the nations was likened to adultery or passage like Ezekiel 16, where Israel and Judah's sin of it of idolatry is likened to adultery because of Israel being married to the Lord. Therefore Israel would go whoring after other gods. Sincerely, that's the imagery that's that is here that that Paul is saying you are a spouse to one husband, and therefore to be deceived is to commit spiritual adultery of the book of Hosea speaks to that directly as well so no need to to even consider that other reference because there the concept of spiritual idolatry equaling spiritual adultery is pervasive in the Bible and first Corinthians 6.

Paul even speaks of someone who is joined to the Messiah.

If that person joins themselves to a prostitute what it what an outrage. There are because they're joint to the Messiah. She can see how the physical and spiritual images interplay.

There as well. Thank you. I appreciate the question I friends. Be sure to check out our special resource offer extended special offer with breaking the stronghold of food.

Find out about that aspect around the Lord. My bottom line is we honor our veterans today. Let us be bold and strong as servants of God.

Hey friends, you've got questions, we've got answers.

Let's do it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown my appreciation from the heart to our veterans who have served our nation who have sacrificed right now or enduring pain and hardship because of sacrifices they made family members felt the effect of the sacrifices we honor you. We appreciate you, your service is never in vain in our flight constantly. Not, I mean that literally because there was of the regular but I file whole lot, and military there there always honors on flights. You can always board if your military uniform you can you can board early on the fight to be the first one for the many airlines ratified many times. If you have some like that to get around the clause.

There's appreciation. I hope you feel it on the Vietnam war vets came back and they were anything but appreciated coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. You may be forgotten, but we haven't forgotten you. We appreciate you thank you thank you to your families 866-34-TRUTH 784 you've got questions, we've got answers anything under the sun. You want to ask me talk to me about the question beyond challenge me on find out more information about Bible question theology question practical life question ministry question give me a call Thursdays. We normally reserved for Jewish related questions, but our phones were so jammed yesterday. Usually, the question you called today as well. Here's number 866-348-7884. You've got questions, we've got answers will start in Greensboro, North Carolina. Alan welcome to light a fire hello Dr. Brown, my, my name is Alan and I'm a born again Christian been born-again for almost 40 years and my comment is*controversy all I strictly adhere to the King James version Bible. Everyone clear that I'm not taking this from some obscure translation okay concerning water baptism so many would conclude that it's pretty much a personal choice and that it personally. Your ineffective does not have a significant role in actually been born-again. Yes you question would be why, why would people think that because I haven't because we have emphasized it properly.

Alan because a lot of our preaching and teaching today. We've gotten away from making that a fundamental command that every single person who is truly led to Jesus is commanded to be baptized.

Now I'm not saying that I'd yeah I do not believe in baptismal regeneration that you are born again at baptism, or that someone is not born again before their baptized, but certainly it's a command is something important we've really downplayed it you know another reason we've downplayed it.

Alan is because the church in general.

America doesn't do a lot of effective evangelism. So were not seen that many lost people coming to faith and therefore were not having as many public baptisms in celebrating this, but sir it's it's a problem and in our churches and in fact when you reading the King James or any modern translation they can say the same thing about baptism. It it looks great commission gone to all the world, making disciples of the nation's teaching on two observers have 20 or baptizing them right, baptizing them in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit. And then when in acts 237 the people say to Peter, what do we do what we do a Peter's response was repent and be baptized, so it is an important command.

It's essential.

It's not a personal choice and is it something that if you been born-again need to do in obedience to the Lord and is a public example of our testimony and also to symbolize her death to send in a life in the Messiah. Thank you for the call center for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for letting us on Veterans Day edition of the line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH this is Michael Brown I'm delighted to be with you if you're just tuning and not used to the flow of the broadcast. Friday is you've got questions. We got answers so anything under the sun is appropriate for Christian radio that you want to ask me about the phone lines are open but of course I suggest you ask about areas where I can be of help right if you want if you want to ask me about the latest development in the Chinese economy in a particular province.

I can guarantee you I will have no useful information whatsoever.

But if you want to talk Bible or theology or cultural or moral issues or things regarding the elections were Israel in the Middle East or Judaism or Islam, or host of other things apologetics. Hopefully we can be of help to you. Also, if you haven't been keeping up with things I've written a lot of articles immediately before and now after the election we put out relevant videos you can find them all in our digital library on the website asked Dr. Brown a SK DR just go there.

Click on digital library and you'll see all articles all the videos and then if he is a subject you're interested in your curious, what about Sabbath observance. What about tithing. What about divorce, what about the end times. What about Donald Trump what it what about the Judaism Lord, whatever the question is just type in which you looking for and you'll be amazed how many free resources we have waiting for you there on the website 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Don and Kingston Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown one question I have regarding Daniel 1140 to 45. A good portion of the chapter talk about in Pike at the Tiffany and the controversy comes with versus 4045 because they get to contradict howling Pike really died. So the question is been out with you at that time. When you read that outthink with it okay that the current I'm wondering if you have made it okay that might be regarding a future that are what you undertook the tax before that that air is already talking about something future not talk about unimportant Pike, but nothing yet.yes, great question, Don and just to help my listeners catch up with this because your you're asking illiterate question. There are things in the book of Daniel that we understand to be still future prophecies, but there is much that is prophesied in the book of Daniel. That happened with striking accuracies in the centuries that followed, in particular in the second century BC, and the reign of Antiochus or Antioch is, however, we pronounce his name. Antiochus epiphanies of the fourth and he he did the things that Daniel prophesied in such detail that critical scholars who don't believe in prophetic inspiration say well this was written afterwards. The details are such that this is obviously not prophecy. This was someone writing as the events were happening or immediately after they happen, and in writing them out as if it was a prophecy.

Of course, the problem with that is, as you say. Daniel 1140 to 45 deviates from the from the narrative. So let's let's just put it like this to help simplify let's say that in 1970.

I prophesied that there would be a president raised up would be a former Hollywood actor who would help bring down the Soviet Union and who would be a strong moral conservative and pro-life leader and then he would also launch into outer space, move our space program forward and we would ultimately start a colony on Mars. Under his leadership say well you got the thing right about Ronald Reagan. He was obviously that guy, but the other part you missed, and then it if if a skeptic civil nobody knew that about Reagan in advance. Nobody could have guessed that the fall of the Soviet Union steps you must written that as it was happening will and how to get the other parts are wrong. So either way someone writing as it happens, and claiming it was prophecy or prophesying in advance and getting accurate to the end not accurate, it raises the exact same question and there are prophecies Don that I talked about yesterday the end of the book of Jeremiah Jeremiah proven profit since two whole chapters talk about the destruction of him to come on Babylon and calling on the Jews to get out and flee as the destruction is coming and if the destruction of a cave. The Babylonians had based the peaceful transition just submitted to the Persians. So what do people do think as part of the Bible. The symbol that must be speaking of something still future and that's that's what scholars would say for example in the. The NIV cultural background study Bible that we offered on the broadcast for couple of weeks of Prof. John Walton in the Old Testament, and says these very same things that you suggest on of the final verses of chapter 11 have perplexed commentators for centuries. They seem to continue the story of Antiochus the fourth and recount his downfall and death. But what they say does not correspond to what is known of NCO answer was the fourth final years.

The accounts we have of his final campaign and death differ among themselves that they agree that Antioch is a barge embarked on a campaign in Persia failed in an attempt to rob the temple and died an untimely death, apparently due to a sudden illness.

Many interpreters see here reference to the distant future with Antioch is becoming a prototype of those rulers who deify themselves and oppose God and his people and interestingly Don. In verse 36 is as I trust you know the king will do as he pleases.

He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard of things against the God of gods of Prof. Walton points out that on the coins. The early coins and Antiochus is rain.

It's a say of King Antioquia spent after while the city of King at the Oak as God manifest victory bring her and of course he defiled the temple in Jerusalem. So the best answer is as you suggest, that it is looking at Antioquia's prophesying what he did but also looking at him as a prototype of an oven end time world ruler or an end time we could figure and antichrist. Type figure who will now do these very same things and who will suffer a certain fate of that is the best way to understand it and that's the case with other prophecies that someone prophesies ABCD will happen after this year and ABC happen dramatically, but the never happens. So what is it what is it mean it means that deed will happen because a BNC did happen and that's also the nature of prophecy is not history is not a newspaper that's the nature of prophecy. You are very welcome. Thank you for the great question. I appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH that George somewhere near Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire will go to Broward doing well. Thanks to commandment God nor the God before me, but yet he were the creator of all that he created another God nor about.get it know it's a great question George. When you have a chance right. We have a chance go to my radio website.

The line of right eye liner start out okay and then click on word says listen and type in the search box type in the word Heiser HEISER. Heiser, that's Michael Heiser, Prof. Michael Heiser, Dr. Michaels, I had him on the air to discuss these issues. So what we do with verses like Exodus 15, who is like you among the gods of the Lord or Exodus is 1212 regards as I will triumph over the gods of Egypt sold. This is the reality there is only one true God.

There's only one who's worthy of being called God.

That's the creator of all things. But God did create many many other spirit beings we know them as angels of Paul says that the gods of the nations are actually demons right so there are there's a whole spiritual realm, angels, demons, and in the ancient world.

Some of these beings were worshiped as gods doesn't Paul say in second Corinthians 4 for that Satan is the God of this age, so that's what it's talking about.

There is only one true God. Only one worthy of being called God or worshiped as God. But there are other beings that are called gods with a small G that were worshiped by the peoples of the ancient world the modern world that did have certain powers because that's how they were created, even though they were fallen or in rebellion, and God shows that he's ultimately the only real God by triumphing over that that because the people worshiped many other gods, and there were these powers that God said you don't put any other God before me and that's his way of also saying on the on the one and true God. By the way scholars talk about terms like manometry and monotheism and and Hennessey is him and the concept would be monotheism saying that there's only one God and the knowledge saying that that there's only one true God to be worshiped among the other gods that ultimately we know one true God only runs of the powers of the spiritual beings worshiped by the people as God's got triumphs over them and demonstrates he alone is worthy of being called God in worship. Thank you sir file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown once again thank you for Veterans Day and thank you to all of our vets.

Families that are listening you got questions. We got answers. That is, vets everybody 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is always the earlier call the program the better chance we have of answering your questions. Let's go to Mount Holly, North Carolina Sylvia, welcome to the line of fire. My gender landed Jacob bring the ankle on nine and that when they come instructed by God to stand out provision are an animal different type in three way to his brother Esau, is that prophetic like how that were finally done or settled. The Palestinian problem if it didn't Bolick of the gospel.

All you know standing out the three faith past her antenna, and tabernacle.this and I appreciate you digging for spiritual insight into the text and for seeking to apply that until today, but that I would see note for a few reasons. First, the text is just time a Jacob strategy to try to pacify his brother procedures. Esau's coming his way with 400 many things all know last words I heard from Esau's mom when our father Isaac is dead on to kill him. So I I I just like it says that there was a strategy and then he thinks is from. I can work and that's what he prays and rustles in and has this breakthrough. His name is change from Jacob to Israel so in any case, that was just what he was doing to pacify his brother Esau and and I don't see it as representing the three feasts, a and BI don't I don't see it as symbolic of what will happen with the post and setting said ultimately the. The only way that there will be reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis and between Islam and the Jewish people and Christian people. The only way that this will happen is through the gospel. There may be a temporary peace. The Scriptures may speak of that first Thessalonians 5 when everyone same piece of safety, then sudden destruction comes.

Ezekiel 37 Ezekiel Israel growing on walled cities living peacefully isn't speaking of a day when there will be a peace between Israel and all the surrounding Muslim nations. If so, it's a suitable piece of peace that won't last. If so, is this can lead to the final war and conflict. If that in fact is with the Scriptures, speaking of blood on day-to-day level. Sylvia through the gospel being preached through born-again Christians and born-again Jews and born-again Arabs from different backgrounds for Muslims as they prayed together and work together.

That is the bridge that is certainly the bridge that brings all peoples together at the foot of the cross, but I don't I don't see Genesis 32 is as prophesying that the thank you, I again I appreciate you digging into the word looking for spiritual application 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

I'm going to answer some emails. Augustine asked is there any value in reading scriptures you don't understand. Like Leviticus at any time, especially when you read through the Bible in a year. All yeah yeah yeah absolutely, you better believe it. There's is Ryan really looked this up is a lot to this day that that I can understand reading through the whole Bible. Again, be specific versus certain passages that I still have a handle on. But it's God's word. We want to get in our hearts want to get in our minds and the syllable you learn it is is if we we reads like von Stennis, but as you keep reading down. I have more insight on related to the next time I'll get it.

That's why it's good if you can to read through the Bible if if the annual cycle works well for you. Just do it every day just wrote habit.

Try to make it meaningful. But just do it since I got just like a job do it. Father speaks with your word. Give me insight help you learn from this and you read then you just you may tell the Lord is reading God. This is confusing understand this or just keep reading.

Or you may make notes here in your Bible, or in your Bible software in a journal are gonna go back and study this or have questions, and then at other times, maybe other times of the day, maybe special times of the week we devote extra study diving to other issues that are of real interest to dive into issues and try to figure out okay. Why does it say that what's the meaning here and at what is this word mean that's how I've learned much of what I've learned not just by reading through the Scriptures, but also by stopping and starting by digging deeper and you also learn through controversies when challenges do you think I gave an answer, but that's in a satisfactory answer I think that's really good answer or for they reached the point I can answer, or why these different translation Center differ on these words here are that and you start to dig deeper. But you don't just want to do that because if you just do that, then you could be just say in the first chapter the gospel of John for six months or two years and never read the rest of the Bible or just be digging into this this one word and in it Hebrew for years and never get to the rest of itself. If you can have it as a habit to do both Birdseye and worms. I suggest keep reading through the Bible. Earlier this year I adjusted it.

Going through the Bible in 90 days your reading for you know pretty quickly because it's 1215 chapters a day.

So I did that and I found it to be a great refresher and very very helpful and and given me further insights and edifying me as I read, but that doesn't replace the need to dig in study because you can't dig and study that many chapters in a day write this, that's all you did so Birdseye and worms. I by all means and assumptions like this is genealogy okay what I'm reading through first Chronicles 100 read that more quickly than I'm going to read say Ephesians 1 like us first Chronicles is a 2nd to 1st Chronicles. One. Sorry that's a genealogy so I will read it. There's a purpose for this meeting of binoculars read it the way I would with kind of a spiritual feast of reading through it or or the wound and it didn't dig into the Proverbs or something like that in St. Thomas God's word is there for purpose and I will read it. Let's see, this is from Mark who not sure how to pronounce the name to Dr. Brown. I have a question regarding the claims in archaeology in general cannot substantiate historical Exodus that it is widely considered a myth. Considering that the Exodus account is a great foundation of our faith. How we respond to these allegations. Is there evidence substance to their claim should be Scriptures be alarmed by these claims that we shouldn't be alarm because so much biblically has been archaeologically confirmed and there remains a great debate about the exact date of the Exodus there is a great book by James Hofmeyr he's a respected Egyptologist, James Hofmeyr HO FF and EI ER I believe about the Exodus.

He's a respected Egyptologist and a solid biblical scholar and a conservative Christian.

Check out his work on this. I think you'll find it helpful or there's the work by Kenneth kitchen also respected Egyptologist called on the reliability of the Old Testament Kenneth kitchen on the reliability of the Old Testament. You scholars will get into detail if you want to get into detail taking here different ways of interpreting the evidence. Here's why we have corresponding evidence.

Here's why we don't and you find okay the reason it's so light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown once again, may I thank all of our veterans, all of you who served and sacrificed for our nation and all the families of veterans. Thank you on this Veterans Day is Friday. That means you've got questions, we've got answers.

That means any question of any kind that you want to ask me as long as is appropriate for Christian radio have added Bible theology, biblical language, apologetics, defense of the faith, middle east cultural issues in America even questions about the relaxed the elections in the gospel. Personal growth issues spiritual life issues, 866-348-7884 the number to call.

Let me take an email question first from Hutton. What happens to those who never have an opportunity to hear the gospel do they go to heaven a question were often asked some months back I was in the car with our now 13-year-old grandson Andrew and Lisa grandpa's quick question, and this was his basic question so it's it's a question every thinking person will ask it at some point. Here's the gospel and the answer is this certainly people who die outside of Jesus. Do not automatically go to heaven.

That was the case.

The worst thing we could do is preach to them because some will reject the message worse than we could do is bring the gospel to them because everybody gets another one.

So, certainly not. And certainly we know that the Bible clearly speaks of people being lost and rejecting God and having no excuse and we know that around the world. People reject the light that is within them.

Okay, people reject the people reject the the light of truth within them. They harden their hearts they send they kill one another. They steal from one another. So we are guilty in the sight of God. We are guilty in the sight of God and in need of redemption and mercy exhibit. Can there be mercy for those that never heard. Obviously, God is their judge.

So the ultimate answer. Hutton's God is the judge of those who never heard but in short, we understand that there are people who respond to God's work in their hearts, and who cry out for help. There are people who respond to the light of God in nature. There are people whom the Holy Spirit draws to himself, and they have not heard the full gospel that they are looking for help and salvation. And if they never having a chance to hear the rest of the message God will judge them fairly, and remember that that Galatians 3 says that Abraham believed the gospel. Abraham believed the gospel and be civil. When did he hear the gospel.

Some say it was simply the promise that through your see the whole world will be blessed, and he believed that so by believing that he believed the good news about the coming Messiah.

Even though all he had it with them. The seed form somewhat safe.

People believe the revelation I have received from God that he will judge them based on that if they reject that revelation will judge them based on that we know though is the default setting is that people are lost and in need of mercy and that's why we urgently go to bring them the gospel. That's why we urgently should go to bring them the gospel.

What where there are those that that could be saved without hearing the message. If that's the case.

Wonderful, like Muslims, to whom Jesus is appeared who have been born again wonderful but otherwise we go to bring them the good news understanding that this is their lifeline and this is there hope.

All right, we come back.

I want to go straight to your calls, 866-3487 84. Also we got such an enthusiastic response to the book, Nancy.

I've written on breaking the stronghold of food we got a special pre-Christmas signed and numbered copy. You can get only throw upset unless the book comes out January 3, breaking the stronghold through the book of the really believe a save many lives can still preorder for Christmas. The special collectors edition go to ask Dr. Brown a SK DR to order will be right back. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the want to find this Veterans Day, 866348784 you've got questions, we've got answers. Let's go straight to the phones Hector in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you sir I appreciate you taking my call. Dr. Brown event. My question is no reading through the gospel and everything and I really had a and Ambien from a military family were big on you know, self-defense and guidance. Second Amendment, or that so I want. Is there any justification I got for lack of a better word in the Gospels were using violent defense, yet it's interesting, I got a call in the first hour from a current policeman in the form of military man and he wanted to know was it ever right to take a wife because he was thinking about the Bible single kill. I selected a signal ecosystem murder, murders with some 10 Commandments and said that there there is justification for saving a life to take a life of, for example, if if if someone is about the example used earlier in the show if if someone has a machine gun and is positioned outside of a children's playground and is about to start coming people down, and if an officer yells put the gun down. If you won't, and he picks up the gun to shoot, you're doing a good thing to shoot him you you that would not be considered violence in Scripture. The with Hamas. The violence which by the way, is not related to the group Hamas, but that that word would be speaking of a gratuitous violence or unlawful violence or something like that. But there's nothing in the Gospels that speaks against self-defense, turn the other cheek has to do with retaliation and vindication, not with a just penalty for for crime or something like that in Romans 13 explicitly says that the government leaders bear the sword for good to punish evildoers to punish evildoers is a good thing if that means incarceration. If that means a penalty of where someone has stated to do good to society and if it could mean in a certain case you have terrorists invading a country through through certain loophole and in their coming to church, a bombing attack and you can stop them in their tracks and if they fight back you tell them you've done a good thing government is using force in a good way so it's it's the righteous use of force that would be the issue. No words of the gospel suggest that of that. If someone breaks into your home server and you're married with kids and you get a baseball bat near your bed you could and you could stop this person before they rape your wife and and attack your children that you shouldn't do it and said that you should say hey my wife's here and the kids are down the hallway. Nothing suggests that whatsoever that's totally different than going out murdering someone that's totally different than even being persecuted for the faith and try to kill your persecutors. This is just everyday life. This is caring about all the lies in protecting them and saving lives. So there's nothing that would say don't do it, we turn the other cheek were more marked for the gospel.

We turn the other cheek when someone insults us and now we could we could sue them and and and win a case and get a double payment for liable and is an un-damages and things like that but we confront evil we pray for the government to use the sword wisely. Those with military power force the police we we we asked and just use the force wisely and justly, but it's it's absolute right difficult to do so nothing would be contrary to. That's all take personal loss you defame me for the gospel sake I take personal loss. I'm in a country with the tiny minority of believers and were persecuted. We don't go around planting bombs to try to blow up the government. However, if if terrorists attack our country and in a police officer or someone that was licensed to carry have the ability to take those people out before they killed others. Good job service to God and to people understood. I really appreciate you are you are very welcome. Thank you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's go against Raleigh, North Carolina Mark, welcome to the line of fire. I look is going well. Thank you.

My question is, given that God… Need humanity and given that some of humanity definitely going to spend an eternity. Why did God find it important to create a knowing that I'm over who don't have a choice in being created. I like you and spend an eternity in misery and suffering. Where's the righteousness that is yes, it's that it's a major question in a certain way. The ultimate question goes back to the to the old threefold dilemma. This goes back in a couple thousand years that God cannot be some intensely good all-powerful and all-knowing. Intensely All Good All-Powerful Mowing Fees. All Good and All-Knowing. The Odyssey Was All-Powerful Because He Didn't Stop the Evil That Would Come. He's If He's All Good, All-Powerful and Was in All-Knowing Because He Did Know Was Going to Come of Fees, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Is Not All Good Because He Saw Was Going to Happen in His Goodness Didn't Do Something. Guess It That Would Be That the Basic Argument.

The Response Is That All That Would Be True and Less What God Ultimately Brings Out Of It Is so Wonderful and Beautiful and Worthwhile. That All of the. The Pain Entailed in the Process Is Worse Is Okay, but What about Those That Are Going to Be Lost Forever. First, the Only Ones That Are Lost Forever.

Those That Choose to Be.

In Other Words, God Will Reject No One Comes to Him Who Desires His Mercy Wants Are Lost or Those Who Desire to Be Lost and If I Ask You the Question. Would You Rather That You Did Not Exist.

And I Did Not Exist Because the Pain in the World. The Vast Majority of Human Beings Would Say We We Want to Exist. We Don't Want to Lose Her Existence. Okay the Second Thing Is When We It. What If God Could Make Us a Certain Way That We Don't Make Choices Anymore, Lobotomized Is Us, but All We Want to Do Is Good Good Good Good. I Love God I Love, Love God, We Don't Have Any Freedom Would Want That Most of Us and Say No. So If God Is Going to Create Us and Give Us Freedom Will Be Consequences to That.

Now the Question Is Will Then Why Do It at All. God Desired to God Desired to God and His Goodness Desire to He Desired to Have a People That Would Love Him and That He Would Love and That Would Be with Him Forever. I Am Eternally Grateful That He Did and Those That Are Not with Him Are Not with Them by Their Choice, As Opposed to His Choice His Choices. Whoever Believes Will Have Eternal Life. His Choices All the Content He Won't Turn Anyway.

His Choices He Doesn't Desire Any to Perish but Also Come to Repentance. That's His Choice and Not Getting into a Debate with Calvinists over the over the Verses According to Site and Other Comebacks of That's His Choice and Our Choices Will Receive His Love or Rejected.

There Are Some Mark, Who Believe That the Fate of the Ungodly Is Ultimately to Be Destroyed and No Longer Exist so That Even the Question of the Nature of Eternal Punishment Comes into Play. In Other Words, There Is Hell. There Is Future Punishment.

There Is Terrific Judgment but There Is an End to It. If That Was the Case That Would Lessen the Pain of Your Question. Otherwise, We Would Have To Say That Those Who Rejected Him Are Also Forever, a Testament to His Justice and His Righteousness Because They Chose Sin and Rejected Him. But on the Faith Level. Let God Be God. We Know His Goodness and His Love for Her Own Experience and I'm Thrilled for One That He Created Me and Given the Opportunity to Be Saved from the Experiential Level Would You Rather That We Never Had a Chance to Exist.

Would You Rather Exist and Choose What Your Ultimate Destiny Would Be. I Think the Vast Majority of Human Beings Would Say Would Rather Exist and Be Able to Choose Our Destiny. So If You Want More on That Mark and My Interaction with a Famous Agnostic Go to My Website. Asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Go There and Click on the Digital Library and Just Search for Ermine EHRMAN It's My Debate with Prof. Biederman over These Very Subjects Does Not Library to Watch That.


All Right. And You Still East Was Still Left with a Question That All That I Can Answer It Any Better. Well, I Debate Based on Quite Different Question at That, but I Realized That That Question That Question Might Have Come up to Debate When I Wanted.

But Then I Realized That the Answer You're Giving Bill Stewart to the Answer You Gave Backdated Words to Summarize the Basically God's Desire to Create out This Automatic Which Essentially Means Is Selfishness Overruled the Potential Misery of the People He Has Created a New, All-Knowing, All His Goodness Gives Opportunity Seats You Follow Jesus, by the Way Nominee. Okay Yes A Lot.

I Respect That and I Was Tired of You and I Respect Your Perspective I Understand the Question from Your Perspective, Step Back, Though, and by the Way, I Understand from Your Perspective Because I Force Myself to Because I'm Not an Atheist and I Needed Help Because It's Just Not the Way I Think so Ironic That I Really Did Help There and That's Where My Wife Nancy Was an Atheist Woman Met Really Really Help Me, but See If You Can Step Back and When You Step Back, See If You Can Put Yourself in My Shoes and Say Hey Here We Are. This Is an Opportunity Which I Do Not Prize Your Existence and Your Freedom. Is This the Ideal Scene Then Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Was Somehow I Missed This This Report on the Screen Door from Liberty McCarter Prison without a Compass Selected Longtime Republican Flute Politician and Activist Screen Contributor Ken Blackwell's Latest Domestic Transition Effort. Domestic Issues Transition Effort.

Blackwell in Ohio Native Has Served the Buckeye State Is Mayor Cincinnati State Treas., and Most Recently Secretary Of State. He Was Also the First African-American to Resume Her Major Party Candidate and States 2006 Race for Governor of for Those Looking for Diversity and for Those Who Are Concerned about the Racism of Donald Trump. Certainly, to Me This Is This Is Very Positive Statement. Aside from Think like Will Be a Good Man so of More Just to Swim a Moment. Thanks for Holding through through the Break. Could You Just Tell Me on This. This One Issue. If If It Was up to You Would and If If the If the Bible Is True. If There Is Future Punishment or Let's Just Say the Pain That's in the World Right Now Right If This World Is All There Was. There Was No Afterlife Would Join Rather That We Were Created or Not. So There Was No Afterlife. I Think I'll Read Be Created so My Pain Even with Kids in 023-year-olds Dying of Cancer and All the Hardship in Babies Dying of Starvation, You Still Would Rather That That We Were Created by but That Is a Much More Solvable Problem Guaranteed Eternity in Hell Right Mean That's That's a Good Step in and by the Way, I Apologize for Jumping in a Just with Radio or Time Frames Are Pretty Short. So What I Thought Okay I Because It Is Elemental Product All Right, so You Would Agree, Though, That It Still Her the Opportunity of Life and Liberty and Self-Determination Is Is a Wonderful Thing Is Is Rise of Many of Them Interject Will Quickly Right so That the Issue Is We Will Make Statements Based on the Fact That We Actually Know What Nonexistent Though What What I Don't Think Anyone Has Experienced Not to Gradually Appraise It As Horrible All Good Right so First Want to Start This Conversation Meet the Locals and Every One of This Conversation Need to All Who Have Who Doesn't Know What It Means to Be Conscious or Be Aware of the Opportunity I Sent Once He's Had the Opportunity to Debate the Ancient Rabbis Had to the World Been Created, and Not Mason to Check the Bid but since It Has Been Is Make the Most of It Because A Lot Of Pain and Suffering Right but People Do Think I Ended All I'm in Too Much Pain Element. But Still, They Prize Their Existence so That We Know What It's about. We Prize Okay Here's Here's the Other Thing Is so Even so, You're Giving Me a Short Term Answer. Even with the Pain of This World and Still Be Worth Our Existence. So the Question Would Be If You Just Now Go the Next Step That Your Pain Continues in the World to Come.

But the Goodness Is Multiplied 10 Million Times Why Is Something That Acceptable Right so the You Have What You Have To One of Them. One of Them Is Guaranteed for Right so Your Ask This Question Whose Fate Is to Spend the Rest of Eternity and Outright and Ask Them Knowing That Your Remaining Experience of Your Is Going to Be Spent Consciously Aware of the Greatest Pain and Pain and Misery Known to Mankind and Then after You Want to Exist Doing This Is How You're Going to End up What You Read and Write so It's the Choose Which Where You End up with God Didn't Choose It If He Gave You the Choice When That Then You Can Come Back to That Question of Freedom Right If I Was Given the Choice to Pick between Existence and Problem Knowing That I Will End up Spending the Rest of My Existence of Eternity in Hell, I'll Choose Not to Eat Right Got That Right.

But Why Would You Why Would You Choose to Exist Was the Only Way That You Will Be Lost Forever Is If You Choose to Be. So Why Would You Choose to Be. Then I Know It's God Didn't Make You, and When I'd Encourage You to Do, Though, Sir, Because That That Seems to Be the Sticking Point Which I Fully Understand. I Encourage You to Say That Even within the Christian Faith. There Are Debates about the Nature of the Punishment of the Loss and There Are Some Who Say the Final Punishment Is Annihilation or Destruction and Ryan Put Dennis a?

On the Side and Now Come Back to the Issues. Is There Evidence for the Existence of God or Not I Can the Bible Be Trusted.

If I Really Pray and Say, God, If You Will Be There.

Would You Show Me and Put the Other Thing on the Side Because That Should Not Be the Big Stumbling Block Right from from the Other Questions.

Perhaps That Would Be Helpful to You Aright and Again Our Perspective We Have To Remember Is a Citizen Debate Is Tremendously Limited and I Am Readily I'm Not Try to Make an Excuse for God. He's God and If He Said I Chose to Make People like This Because That's What I Do, Your Daughter at Five past Tense in on a Little Puny Creation Right, but Because He Created Us in His Image. He Put the Passion for Justice inside of Us.

He Put the Passion for Fairness inside of Us. He Put the Pat That the Compassion for the Hurting inside of Us and That's What We Carry Those Values so As CS Lewis Had Pointed out to Take the Values That Have Been Put within Us by Our Creator Cannot Argue against Your Creator Is Kind of a Futile Thing Because Were We Realize. Wait a Second. There Must Be Something Faulty in My Argument Because My Whole Sense of Justice and Rightness Ultimately Comes from Him and If Were Simply the the the Freak Products of Random Evolution and Are Completely Material Beings There Ultimately Is No Such Thing As Justice or Fairness. Now It's a Dog Eat Dog and Survival of the Fittest.

So Your Perhaps You Could Put the Question of Eternal Punishment on the Side for the Moment and Just Back for That and Ask These Other Questions and Look We We Agree on This. We Want the Truth. Would You Say That If You Were Convinced That There Was a God Who Created Us and Who Is Good and Who Called Us to Follow Him That It Would Make Sense for You Is a Creation to Follow Him Well but the Problem Right. My Problem Is I Don't Think the Bible, the God of the Bible.

Good Though like That That's That's an Aside, and Bundling of about a Minute and It Shows All Results Right Right Right Right Yeah It If in Fact God Created Us and He Is a Good God, and He Says Follow Me Visit Follow Me or There Will Be Negative Consequences and I'm Good in My Plans for Your Good Would Behoove Us Then to Follow Our Good Creator. It Would Make Sense to Follow Their Dream That May Marla Knows but Think of a Reality That Might Help but Go, but Also the Creator.

He's the Creator with Creation Admitted Behoove Because That's I Think You Still Have To Get over and I Got End Here Because I the Time, but I Have Other Caller Setting Get to Them Because I Want to Take Time with You. Just Remember Sir That the Creator Can Make Whatever Demands He Wants, Which Is the Creation, but What I'm Saying Is He's Good's Intent for Us Is Good. So Father I Ask You to Open up Mark's Heart, Both to Believe and to Submit to the Beautiful Truth for Your Whatever Is Wrong in Hand. That Must Be Exposed Explosive. Thank You so Much for the Call. I Really, Really Appreciate It. Friends My Bottom Line Today. Let God Be God. But All of Us Fall on Our Faces before Him and Worship Him As God

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