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Is the Church Different than the World? And Hearing the Voice of God

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 15, 2016 6:49 pm

Is the Church Different than the World? And Hearing the Voice of God

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 15, 2016 6:49 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/15/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

I tell you I am ready to burst so much on my heart to share when I get to do it today on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey I just want to give a heads up. I am going to continue to weigh in on politics.

I would continue to weigh in on moral and cultural issues.

I would continue to weigh in on the intersection of faith and culture and society and America and the nations, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, I don't plan on stopping as long as I have breath welcome to modify this is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be with you today. The number to call to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 784 I took no calls yesterday, but if you want to interact with what I had to share yesterday and ways to hear each other out and to come together as one in the midst of a volatile time in our history. If you like to weigh in if you want to agree with me different with me, give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you think that Christian leaders have no business getting involved in political issues or social or moral issues. You just think you clouds are witness or clouds are gospel message, then give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I tweeted out earlier today for everyone Christian who tells me to stay out of political commentary. 10 thank me for what I'm doing. It's probably not time, it's probably a whole lot more I listen to those who say well you shouldn't be making Scott answer it's not your calling or you're wrong or it gets in the way of the gospel ministry with the site. I listen I hear with their saying I weigh a and if I believe it's wrong I dismiss it when I hear the same thing over and again I don't need to weigh it as carefully, especially when I hear overwhelmingly from the other side over and over again, and more importantly feel before the Lord and based on the word that this is the right thing to do but let me just give you an example and and I'll urge every pastor.

Every Christian leader was a platform. I urge everyone of you please hear me from home. I understand that it gets messy when we identify with a political party, and now the moment you think follower of Jesus you think Republican or Democrat libertarian, or whatever. I understand that that canal muddy the waters and we are identified with the party and therefore the gospel is identified with the party and the gospel transcends party. We understand that and I also understand how volatile you can get when we endorse a candidate again.

I did endorse Sen. Cruz earlier on I don't know that all endorse another candidate. Not because of anything on the fetid. I just don't know that I'll do that again.

I wrote about that. Just check out my digital library. Go to the line of fire.organ research on the digital digital library for endorse and you will see that discussion but but if we do not address the issues of politics from the pulpit. If we do not address the cultural and moral issues from the pulpit, then the people that we serve are not being properly equipped BIOS by you and I who are called to equip them so I I spoke Saturday in the Bay Area of California about 1/2 hour of San Francisco to a congregation, a largely Hispanic and white to congregations, the other Asian Americans there other as some others are African-Americans, Hispanic if there's any one group. There and they asked me to speak about can you be gay and Christian and how do we deal with the issues in society and I spoke about all these things talked about was happening in society, answered questions Sunday on the way and to preach Hispanic gentleman came up to me and said you know my brother is is married to his gay partner. He said now I know how to minister to him.

Friends, this is the world we live in and the gospel is relevant for every single situation in which we find ourselves. Are we going to bring a message that doesn't become irrelevant by being worldly but relevant by being gospel will redo it. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown that what a lot of practice voter suppression, inequality, apathy and working-class angle auditions we must confront in the years ahead. That's the voice of Auch Sharpton and where ever there is injustice lettuce confronted together and where there is race baiting.

Let us confront that together. I have heard from so many African-Americans over the years who have shouted to me, Auch Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not speak for us. And trust me I make an immediate distinction between the voice of Al Sharpton and the voice of African-Americans were he does speak for African-Americans find what he does and I absolutely am not going to paint with a broad brush certain he does not speak for the vast majority of those who've called Danner who've weighed in as African-Americans of social media, but friends I am going to speak up about the race baiting that is taking place. Has Donald Trump said things that concern African-Americans and Hispanic Americans and Muslim Americans yes yes I had a great dialogue with Hispanic pastor, a Mexican American pastor Saturday and that's reflected in an article that I wrote right address these things with it over the weekend.

Yes, of heard from many African-American callers who share that when they heard Donald Trump talk about being a lawnmower to candidate the concerns that that raises and obviously the concerns of Muslim Americans. I understand I understand that, and I've heard from enough women in Greenbaum wife understand how how deeply offensive. Donald Trump's comments about women have been not just in the more distant past, but even during the campaign. Understand all that I I understand why his appointment of Steve Bannon can be controversial with her peers that that the charges against him are highly exaggerated. Still, I understand why he can be associated with with a strong right wing nationalistic American view back that in can go with some the way of white supremacy, although I I believe is falsely accused of that.

So I understand all that. I understand that and I redressed it and we talked about at length on the broadcast him and and you my dear listeners have been such a godsend.

Weighing in with with wisdom and with truth and with with with with reasoned responses and at the same time.

I've had it with the race played out. It's only begin.

It is all only a beginning, but that the vote for Donald Trump to be president was not a vote based on whiteness. It was, not anymore that I'm to say that the vote for Barack Obama was a vote for blackness or anymore that I'm going to say that that Blacks who voted against Trump for voting against him because of his skin color or whites who did no vote for Obama were voted against him because of his skin color. Were there some yes but that's on all sides. There many won't work for women. Women will vote for man minorities won't vote vote for main fork for nonminority candidates and and vice versa. We understand that but there's race baiting taking place there. There is there is all types of provocative Tory rhetoric taking place and come on with the protest. Yes, people have a right to demonstrate yes people have a right to be concerned and let Donald Trump prove that he'll be the president of all Americans. Let them do that and and yes is going to take stands and got upset Americans.

II hope before God that he will in fact act to defund Planned Parenthood.

Yes, I deeply hope so.

And I do hope that he will appoint the pro-life justices nominate them that he's promised to do from his list of 20 and is there more justices needed at that list expands five illiterate remain representative yes people be upset and yes I hope he strengthens our border security while being fair to immigrants that have been here for years and who are law-abiding.

I I hope he does that and then has some moderation in reforming his immigration policy that will be more compassionate while also being safe borders. He's going to do things and upset people, just as Barack Obama's policies of such people.

George Bush is positive. Every presence got upset some people, but I hope he proves himself to be president for all Americans.

In other words it that he will not govern as a racist or as a misogynist resident is seen a fold or anything else. Okay that's my hope.

And I do believe that that a lot of the concerns are his own responsibility because he he used rhetoric that was unhelpful and I believe a lot of the concerns are being whipped up by the media that so opposed them and I believe a lot of the concerns are being whipped up by people who just like to whip things up. There seems to be good evidence that many of the protesters are being paid to protest.

There is increasing anecdotal and even survey evidence is people being spoken to that many of those protesting didn't even bother vote.

I mean this is the ultimate abdication of responsibility.

This is the ultimate abdication of of maturity. It didn't vote negative protest. The way the boat turned out, if you voted it might've turn out differently in the way our system works. Everybody loses by the millions in every presidential election. And you have to just accept it and how militantly I opposed Pres. Obama's views on abortion and homosexuality, which I knew before he was elected. You know what I did the first day he was elected, I will put up the phones for callers to celebrate the first black American president we had. And to say, look, I have concerns. I'm praying for but I realize that this was still a great moment in our history and and a symbol of repentance in our history and a symbol of hope to African-Americans.

That's right the first day I've always addressed him as my president and solicit what he call Mr. Obama I do that out of respect. Normally we just refer to last names Trump Obama or Hillary to separate her from from Bill Clinton and and of course we still do that at times in our speaking and writing but my father when he would speak of the president would speak of the president as Mr. and to me that he did that.

I know I did.

As a matter of respect, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kennedy. That's right speak of them, even if he didn't agree with the politics. That's how he would speak of them.

So I've always referred to him and that term and I've always said he's our president and I'm praying that he'll be the greatest president we've ever had. But I have grave concerns.

Now I'm praying that for Donald Trump that he'll be the greatest president ever had. I have some hope in some areas and some real concerns and others, but I will call out the race baiting. I will call out the unequal weights and measures. David Jaroslav said this and I believe it was Ben Shapiro who will who retweeted it. You know there's been this whole mantra. Love trumps hate and David Jaroslav a remarked love trumping hate involves a lot more salt in our sin than I expected and look when someone is gonna call me a racist because I voted for Donald Trump. After much prayer after much reflection with many concerns with many caveats that are coming racist that's racist that's racist. And when someone now wants me to explain everything. To quote my candidate does when I what I said to the day of the elections.

If you don't.

If you can't vote for Donald Trump. I understand that I respect that. I just want to urge you not to vote for Hillary Clinton. I never went out and said to anyone vote for Donald Trump.

Not once, not once. And now he's my candidate and I have to defend everything he says or does read my article as to why I voted for him. It's all in a digital library

By the way, we just added we just added to the digital library of video I did on interracial marriage is banned biblically, so check that out just just look at our digital library can go to the bona fide error click on digital library and you see it there that this conference when people cannot see their own blind spots when they don't step back and listen. I have asked honest questions because there are things I don't see because of my own background, or my own perspective or my own worldview, or my own upbringing or the environment in which I am or the in which a traveler or the this the, the circle of friends that when everything is and and so many people of help me comments to the things I've posted responses to poles I've given, and in particular calls to the radio show. You have helped me so much identify blind spots. I I may have known I had them but I did know what they were, until they got filled and you follow me know as I knew I didn't have the full perspective on something, but in the what I was missing and until you help me and then I turned around and said let me help you see your blind spot someone reacts that that's what bothers me none the fleshly way but now I can help you. Now you're looking through such bias that I'm the only one who has a blind spot know we all do. It is the nature of being human beings.

It's the beauty of marriage and a man and woman coming together and raising a family together. It's the beauty of being part of the team. It's the beauty of a plurality it's the beauty of of listening to one another in a family and a body is, no one has a perfect perspective on everything except God himself. We do our best to fallow before him, and to be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger Francis a lot of junk going on and he needs to address these protests grow up, take responsibility and say we lost if we don't like what's happening. The let's work constructively to bring about error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We can call the people to be peaceful when the rhetoric that has been peaceful when people don't feel people in their home. Yeah, I I agree with that. I think that is a point well taken. Things you start with the condition of our own heart but but I want just your clip that I want to go to your calls unconsciously hearing in the news about acts of violence by followers of Donald Trump or threats by followers of Donald Trump and how people are afraid that again I understand their comments he made rhetoric from from our President-elect that concerns may understand that understand you have unsavory characters following him dislike of unsavory characters following every major politician understand that but what I don't cash is is why something is only wrong and worthy of being called out if certain people are victims so so listen to this.

This is a clip number three endemic Democratic strategist is is marketing a Trump supporter for getting beat up because the Trump supporter is white. Listen. Listen to this. As most people on both sides to just cut out ahead. Crime is not the same thing ethically after the very deliberate about what you say what you say to the people who are who dragged a poor white guy out of a car and beat them on people. Please call the people that protect the family. There is a bragging silent hard behind me. I have never been an acceptable form of protest conquered people to be peaceful. I think protecting the right is what this country was founded on the Gothic country via protest actually okay to use violence that we can't decline the people you and I can call the people to be peaceful when the rhetoric that has been used peaceful when people don't feel people in their home right right good as far as the final comments but don't give me this poor white people stuff that I don't I don't care if there are thousand white people for every Hispanic, every black person on the planet okay if a gang of Hispanics or gang of Blacks beats up a white person for no good reason you don't mock that in the same way if there are thousand Blacks or thousand Hispanics for every white person and a gang of whites beat up a Hispanic person or beat up a black person, you don't mock that because they're in the majority and this is the unequal junk that bothers me so much by God's grace and I do my best to be an equal opportunity offender. In other words, I'm not concerned with who gets upset with what I say I want to do my best to speak the truth and NY missing something on and invite others to call in and share the truth so we can hear it together, but we gotta face up to the race baiting and that this whole idea that if in the majority can't be racist. That's nonsense that someone's definition put on it to exclude wrong attitudes from others were ever look as far as believers in Jesus around the world were the persecuted ones will is being beaten to. How about this. How about Sudanese Christians celebrating the election of Donald Trump because they believe that if Hillary Clinton was elected that it would mean further persecution from the Muslim majority there and that the American administration would go easy on them and they are rejoicing about a South African Christian woman that that sent me a note today thrilled with the Trump election because they were afraid as South African Christians with as a black woman is a Blacks incident with what was coming their way. If Hillary Clinton was elected this at mean nothing. Does that mean nothing so so pleased we've got a be consistently we've got to be righteous and that means that everybody's gonna get offended one way or another in the flesh, but hopefully hopefully we can step higher in and be mature in the church can do better than the world we have to bite and devour each other the way we do this and if you wonderfully for Hillary Clinton. You prayed about it, you thought about it, you heard me out you heard others. I hate the fact he didn't, but I respect you I respect you a my can of bran juice in an antiwhite person or I'm gonna know if you have brand-new baby killer I believe is wrong you my feelings once for the both of Donald Trump. That's fine. I fully respect that and I respect you for different did we do our best to be all do our best to be all wrestle with this to be all think hard about it to be. Maybe some US at the voting booth. I do want them to like them to. I don't let's respect that and now let's move forward with mutual respect in the midst of our differences. We got to 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to our right. Let's go to Joe and you will everybody's here a moment to go of Scudder Roy in Queens.

Welcome to the line of fire graveyard regular bilateral yet cyber order Kurt Morgan Morgan Brinker Puerto Rico Q 12.5 the credit book inflicted him every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined every free household divided against itself will expand.

We must recognize what is happening you're going to be hijacked newly at rebuttal because of the racial and social economical, racial, you know women to give managers you want to be the first woman and I believe undermining window with the goal you'll respectfully been in a lot of gender near old Biola and every in everything everywhere cleared and ending with the new revolution you know because otherwise you don't believe yes are you you said yes sir in this whole divide and conquer mentality that look from day one. It offended me when I took issue with candidate Barack Obama and and now now I'm told that I bring up race all the time when when race was the last thing on my mind went to the contrary. Race was on my mind and that I wanted to be able to vote for first African-American president. But I couldn't in good conscience I want to live. I would've gladly voted for a strong conservative woman if she was running against a liberal Democrat I would've gladly done it but now if you don't vote for Hillary is sexists if you didn't vote for Obama. It was racist and and on and on it goes, and all that does this destroys and and yes, sir, your hundred percent right.

The solution is a Jesus revolution. That's why friends for years. He reintroduced every day on the ear is your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

That's why we give ourselves to it.

Thank you sir. We must bow down before the war. We must settle our hearts and we must go about the business of changing the world by being disciples and making disciples.

Thank you hate a reminder we didn't plan on doing this, but we had such amazing response to the new book, breaking the stronghold of food. I sat with the leader over the weekend and he said I need to book the trip book is been a lifelong issue for me food problems food addictions young lady came up to me, petite of. She said I need a book she said I have a real issue with food us… And I really should with food friends.

I believe this book is gonna make the difference between life and death literally in many lies breaking the stronghold of food that's and I rode together how we conquered food addictions and discovered a whole new way of living. You can preorder it as a collectors edition signed financing the numbers and get in time for Christmas. Gotta order soon go to the line fire. The Lord is released to the public January 3 special preorder you can do with us.

The line of fire.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown in general I think it's a cold and I think if it open declaration under five country. I think I decided that he may file. I think is going to give us a reason from being elected as president pushes black for African-Americans to come together to really learn about history. I'm really afraid that Trombetta Republican Congress are going to undo a lot of the judicial work that's been done on the last eight years with regards to the rights and privileges of queer people for the selection that we have right now is to be on getting people to vote in mid to vote eventually develop your life depends on it because as a selection.

It actually done are those were students from Howard University responding to the election results in Howard University is 91% black eye.

I like the way they're speaking in terms of, this is not some yelling, screaming protest.

White, Hispanic, black, Asian, whatever its people talking rationally, people talking is as university students should write the student population.

Interestingly, 40% male, 60% female that that might reflect other schools as well, which I think majority female of the major universities, but the only concerns I have and I like the call to vote. The midterm elections took to study history more to understand these issues more, but my only concern is that truth is understood today that the students have the integrity to study the issues out to understand the issues and not just listen to soundbites.

This is for every color, every background, especially young people, so, yet this is the way you respond, you think it through and that you vote in the next election, and you call your elected officials to account. Are there things that I want to see undone that it been done on the Obama administration absolutely does that mean that people are left without healthcare know it means that we have a better system that that that we have a better system for healthcare for all Americans. I don't know if that is obviously if it was that easy nut to crack would be cracked a while ago and this is not an area of any expertise so do I have problems with the presidents present Obama's affordable healthcare act Obama care yes, as do many Americans, as do many doctors also spoke with. But what yes we need come up with something better and is far as things like redefining marriage.

I'd love to see that overturned although that is never been something in a Major Way in Donald Trump's agenda. So, although I was disappointed with him saying yes we want overturn Roe V Wade, but now since expires at several law. I was disappointed with him saying that Sunday and I wasn't surprised I was on the least bit surprised because he's look at the Republican convention. Yet Peter Thiel on and and the head of one of the heads of PayPal and he's probably gay and said so in his in his speech to at the RNC so the the notion that you know he's constantly accused of being a homophobe in the and and in the most dangerous anti-LGBT candidate in American history. Sounds like a lot of rhetoric because he's never been that strong on these issues are certainly did have my confidence coming in that he was given a strong on this. This is something I'm hoping that godly people can influence them on and if he does appoint pro-life justices, strong constitutionalists who believe in the language and meaning of our Constitution.

Just this is the image of Scalia if he appoints them there nominated and appointed to the Supreme Court, then I believe that they will rule the right way when it comes to religious liberty, which assesses important to him as well and when it comes to issues of gay activists same time you don't want to see any group be an oppressed group within society that are subject to hatred or violence, God forbid, God forbid that let's be informed on the issues and yeah this will aggressively write your calls, we come back for plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, one of the groups that's expressing fear of the LB GT Q group on healing that I mention them at the Republican national convention and everybody said that was so great. I have been you know I've been a supporter there is Donald Trump speaking with Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes on Sunday and I was I was not one of those who thought it was so great to have an openly gay man as an openly gay man speaking at the Republican national convention. If you look at somebody and inclusive Donald Trump with extreme conservatives on his team now and an openly gay activists on his team and women and minorities in any way. Anyway that's that's another subject. You can read my latest article on that right deal with him from same-sex marriage and the church again. Just go to the line of 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's go to Laura in the Hudson Valley. Welcome to the line of fire,"… My client.

I'm closer to giant clams and people of the bad people, but upcoming of the good people and let on that downloads not doubt, New York Phil and that brilliant businessman and he went is playing what is making her give enough pro-life as minority people and I'm so inactive might not let people know that, if founded on biblical book. I like that there is no month to think we could anything like that.

We all want will will the key thing that we were founded so we don't need to take one step bullet that Backlick now you have eaten the little kids in the high school I needed to do invasive learned that doing all of the back-and-forth but you were saying about the gay lesbian stuff like that.

That's not in line with biblical principal – I expected a Republican candidate who definitely that thigh that he noted that the navigator he said you know and what that let you know we go back and forth putting a tiny Democrat because get the thing about not deftly dictated by the iPAQ 50 that we thought that we heard that in many yes and give an example of the ideology that your hearing that the concerns you the most. I know that I that law line and you can build a wall and Mexicans that the defendant that if the many diplomat we don't have time on itself me to go to everyone, but appointed not even that might benefit personality America get by, but what it looks like it that a lot of people that are supporting think that he thing that would mean that but the benefit of pulling them out the truth that I'm looking my are you a classic may think like you really think you really feel what you feel like you faintly defend the faith.

If that was going on. You know and you know how bad we need them without speaking in praying and asking God to bring us back together at the people because together we stand, but divided immediately on the Civil War yet… Listen Laura, I appreciate what you're saying. Starting with a quote from from Dr. King and in our responsibility as believers, but the clinically terms around for second and yet you got such a great spirit about about what you're saying we turn this around.

You have millions of people who voted for Donald Trump. The don't have a racist bone in their body that just don't like the way the country is going. Think were getting weak nationally and internationally were hurting ourselves of the believe that we've got a great heritage that were that were losing and when they hear you compare comes from Donald Trump or some of his followers to Hitler. That is, that's tub terribly insulting to them and terribly divisive in their thinking. What will you talk about Hitler was a madman who slaughtered Jews and and others. All he wants to see a strong country that's going to be good for every American and keep the bad guys out so that we can have a good healthy country seeking to understand how how the. The rhetoric can fly both ways and can cause all kinds of offensive misunderstanding and right about the Bible translate, how Donald Ended up and expanded bear for the party. I don't know because they were family candidate that would be akin to quoting the Bible, but not something that one dental went out and how it is lacking about the good when they start when I know I'm not Ali.I like that started out with now country that we want to make Germany great again and eat other people. What do we link you know like me better weak link that we had given the weak link you know that Jeremy is going to be wonderful and I like and it went into something else yet not yet. By the way, if you will look at a lot of what Hitler believed early on that this was and is public but it was radical and deadly and extreme, and then the more power he had, the more he can't afford on so it's interesting that Nancy, wife and I just last night had a conversation about Hitler and Germany and I had I been reading more about this again just wrote for whatever reason happening have to be reading about this and I realize that when a country leaders left can easily go the way of socialism, communism and other destructive movements and and certainly the more that we heard from from Candace like Bernie Sanders and the more that we watched the direction of some parts of the Democratic Party, think again. It's really easily go that way.

And with that, the, the oppression of of rights and freedoms and the attack on on on on family and things like that that on the flipside, and in the flipside, when a country liens right it could go the way of of you know you will not see short for a national right. It's the. The national party right so you can commit right and good luck.

I'm anonymous right right is not great great, but when I called for anybody that not certain demographic like what he would get rid of a lot of weekly okay so that's right.

That's how right since here's here's where I understand why you have the concern right. I understand why you say that you're not you're not screaming, jumping up and down your you're saying it in a you know when it in it in a reasonably all right and I'm snow history so I'm still recovering from but I don't take him to mean any of that. I will take what you mean any of that if you meant any of that. I would voted for him and that's what obviously we have to to watch and see. Is it as it happens, but we have to be constructive if I thought that Donald Trump was suggesting any of that. I couldn't voted for and and your point about both the Bible had the under 40 for Donald Trump obviously so you can possibly vote for Hillary Clinton because it of the Democratic Party's is part and parcel to the to the willing slaughter of millions of of unborn babies and and many others around the world suffered because of policies of of the Democrats, and even under Barack Obama, said to say so you can vote, possibly for Hillary Clinton and her radical antifamily views radical gay activist views and even antireligious liberties can possibly vote for.

How can either vote for Donald Trump's only because I said I saw God doing something different through him yes to be a divine wrecking ball to PC correctness. Look at all the junk that's been exposed on a junction exposed right within the church as well and then I know that he is gone the people near him that he's asking them keep speaking into my life keeps speaking into my life and I I'm hoping that he'll do the right thing and that'll be defined restraint around him that he'll help bring the right people into key positions in his administration so I do see how a country could go. The extreme swing right and we can take our country back and and and that means was it all fit normal out with them.

I don't believe that's Donald Trump's intent to where things will go. But I understand where you're coming from. I genuinely do. By the way, I was asked about Ben Carson and was I Carson City doesn't want to serve in visual places administration the citizen of government experience is what Henry wants to be an advisory role is no government job experience file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown. You may have heard, be sure to store more if not let me do it again joke.

My dad told me when I was a boy there was a man with a terrible stuttering problem Jewish man and he went with his Jewish friend and he said I'm I'm going to apply for this job as a radio announcer. So of course he studies his whole way through that, by the way, this is not a demeaning joke on starter Scott, God forbid you understand what's going in a moment, and he comes out of the interview and his friend says how did you do in the guy studies his way through saying they don't like Jews. There was a guy thought that he didn't get the job because he was Jewish going to get the jobs radio announcer because he was a terrible starter so many times we can do that we Jews can project something that's not there. It's easy for others to do that if you had a history of being oppressed or being put down or you hear certain language as coded. I understand that I'm sympathetic to that, but I want to respond rightly not based on perception, silts listen to what Charles Krauthammer has to say click number seven. He's talking about the legacy of our president who from what I can understand on a personal level remained popular with many Americans but they did not like his policies are the direction they should just remember it's not just this overwhelming vote of or a shocking vote, a political revolution of some of called with Donald Trump defeating her equipment across the country.

The Republican wins increase in governorships and in houses controlled so that that little the large majority of American states now have a Republican dominated setting with with both houses and with with the governor being Republican, and hardly any Democrat so there is a pushback against a larger agenda at Nandu's race is nothing to do with race.

So this is what Krauthammer had to say, that historians are going to see him as a textbook definition of a guy who long on hope and change along with a wave of goodwill and completely destroyed his presidency with liberal overreach beginning with Obama care and this is a rejection of ideology unless the Democrats understand that if they go left to her Sanders or Laura in the future. They are not going to survive as a party yet and look right now they're discussing the possibility of appointing Congressman Keith Ellison as the party chair. He's a Muslim is design can have a Muslim in that position know is a Muslim who said some pretty radical things in the past. Ironically, the media is flipping out flipping out over Donald Trump appointing controversial journalist or editor, Breitbart editor Steve Bannon into a high level position in his administration releases transition team flipping out over that why they flipping out over the possibly Keith Ellison being the party chair of the Democrats and why were they flipping out over whom other then who is Hillary Clinton's right hand golfer years. From what I understand, only work for her entire adult life. It's only job she was working for Hillary Clinton and she and her family a clear ties to Muslim brotherhood or other radical groups like that. Where is the outrage that that's what keeps getting is the selective outrage and then it's that the unwillingness to deal with reality, this, this was not a mandate on race. This is not a mandate on sex. This was a mandate on policies in the direction of the nation was 86634 we go to Sid in Montgomery County, Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire on Dr. Cabral. I order where it because I know all I read on the question posed little we can argue that whatever we are an article by Kai Kirk Franklin and and even this statement he had made an offer to Yolanda Adams about great.American okay and clicking you look at the hypocrisy because H is Barack Obama look awfully with the coal radical who it along with your equipment would've thought a Linsky order transform distraught America not think they were silent, communicate quickly of the black church in America. And we wonder why people do not want to go to church and why define the hypocrisy and all the wickedness it in God's to visit the church visit a matter of the judge. Because this method if the church would be the church and from what God is not God. That is not quite role in the Bible outrage by that because with Barack Obama, with all the evil he was pressured by: you know that leaving that up in sexual colored. You know how it went quickly to the prosecutor on and on and on island and for something without a Donald number 100 say you really need to actually believe that we need to be one who walked me to choke God of the God of truth that we should not standard here. I am tired of the church in America because I have not been what God called to be the church and they need to repent search church not the right shows number announcer church need to repent. That's what I think said a single word you said it, I want others to hear as well. Thank you sir for weighing in Sid Montgomery County, Maryland hey Matt, let's pull that call.

Let's put it on YouTube for others. That's a word the black Christians to white Christians. All Christians thank you we go to Cassondra in Boston.

Cassondra time is short so please wait right in this hello Brown, I know I know now on our reporting Democrat personally whether there were creek or not they thank you. What mattered at all know people are morning or Hillary and I get enough you know I know people are relying on women coming where no, I pray that many on the back of my knees and pray to God that we have not mistreated something which which her own would just at a time at which your own background your own ethnic background, race started five hey thank you for weighing in friends let's do it. Let's get on our knees.

In the say Lord here I am, change me, use me send me will in the midst of all the confusion which we live, how we hear the voice of God. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to the line of fire broadcast. This is Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often in compromise. We as God's people need to step higher. We as God's people need to do better than the world when little children are crying and screaming. The adults need to be a voice of sanity when there's a fire drill in the school and you realize wait this is not a fire drill. This is really a fire and they could smell the smoke and there in elementary school and they start screaming and someone says Regina Diane. They, the teachers need to stay in control and say everything is fine. Kids just follow me, and everybody in line follow me really's. I wouldn't play outside.

That's what we as adults have to do right now where our nation is terribly divided where they are all types of fires of emotion and misunderstanding we now must step higher as God's people and say hey we can be reasonable to talk and interact with you to learn from each other.

You walk in love, in the midst of our differences, I am thrilled to be on the air with you today.

So when they married, wrote this in response to my radio program yesterday right emphasize coming together as one in Jesus right emphasize learning to listen to each other in the midst of our differences, where I emphasized how we we have to lay our differences within hear each other out understand each other's worldview. She said this respect to Dr. Brown but you are part of the divisiveness used a platform to encourage Christians to vote for man is find the same-sex marriage is pro-choice in his heart that different from Hillary who hired white nationalist Levi side doesn't pay taxes and doesn't like people puncture a skintone by evidence of his entourage.

You predicted symmetry for the Obama's Democrats.

In general, my spirit we grieve inside it was horrible that he repented before God. I will leave with this Psalm 2713 fortune on confidence of this I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I trust in God if he kept a record of wrongs would survive asked for forgiveness leave politics behind Mary. I would disobey God to do to tell me to do. I would disobey God, and in all candor and all respect for your comments.

I thank you for having that bold astute to put out what you believe and be honest about through one comment I receive like that through 10, 15 or 20 or hundred of people thanking me often with tears for speaking out for addressing these issues and let me tell you, there are plenty of people of color and plenty people of ethnic minority, I did not have an ounce of hate in my heart to this moment for Barack Obama. I wrote an article a few months back.

Do we have the love of Christ for Hillary Clinton Barack Obama II purse I actually I actually like our presidents personality and understand even times in his apologize for America's we haven't always got it right. But I despise some of his policies have spoken out against the and everything you say about Donald Trump is based on soundbites based on soundbites that he doesn't like people don't share his skintone by evidence of his entourage that that is that's judgment until Christian to say that I could say that Barack Obama is a black supremacist, because look at all the Blacks he appointed to high-level positions in its disproportionate to the population that would be racist and judgmental on my part and he's not pro-choice is not is not the same as Hillary is not and I always knew that word was the same-sex marriage, and I differ with him on that but I felt to be a better candidates with great reserve, but I never ever ever told anyone to both. I said I respect if you Don't vote for Hillary, so I'll do what God called me to do I want repent of it.

I won't ask forgiveness for us forgiveness.

When I speak and misdirect them wisely defend unnecessarily for speaking the truth in love, no man doing her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 784 the number to call something that is continually on my heart is how we God's people come together in the midst of this volatile season in America we have such deep passionate conviction of views often run different sides of the page and how do we unite how we do better than the world and and ultimately how do we quiet our own souls to get past that the rhetoric in the rancor of the media and the society around us, and even the turmoil of our own hearts.

How do we acquire our own cells slow down meet with God and hear God's voice so that we can have his perspective, we can live godly lives in the midst of a sign that reads the church to be the church right now. My guest is Pastor David Chadwick is been the pastor Forest Hill church in Charlotte North Carolina since 1980 when I first moved here without my family and our ministry team in 2003 Molokai Nancy and our ministry team, organization or school moved here past Chadwick is one of the first pastors that I sat and met with a man of stature in the community for many years and he's written a new book to talk about today hearing the voice of God. He knows you. He loves you. He's always with you, David walking to the line of fire. Thank you Michael it's a pleasure being with. Let me ask you this question before we discussed your book. I either joy of being on your radio show, which airs on Sunday mornings and WBT which is a big station in the greater Charlotte area and we talked about politics. We talked about cultural issues, but we did so.

As Christian leaders how you feel about that in principle I'm sure you get opinions on both sides stay out of politics data social issues. We think the church should do what you learned in your own life as far as a fitting role well, Michael. I've never seen an election as divisive as this one.

And interestingly, this past weekend when I preach to the people God called me to shepherd the first thing I began with while some of you feel relief and some of you feel great great right now and it's just interesting how the selection divided people in you having read many of your articles you were really concerned about Donald Trump's bombastic words that seem to divisive and misogynistic, even racist at times but we both look at Hillary Clinton. We saw her views on abortion. For example, late-term abortions especially also the Democratic platform plank and her particular belief that people who had LBJ DQ belief superseded the beliefs of people with religious values and that of course look like discrimination so many of us were concerned about both sides of that issue, and in my church which is generally up up biblically believing church. We had people on both sides. So I went back and I just did a quick overview since 1980.

And how about every eight years.

There is a turnover in the election, Democrat, Republican, Republican, Democrat, and in each election. I have some people felt belief and some people who felt grief and really Michael ultimately got defined our faith in the Lord know he used Nebuchadnezzar and in the Bible you know you called my servant to use Cyrus to restore the people to the land and Cyrus wasn't exactly a paragon of godliness were stunning first Peter right now in my church and I interestingly, he says honor the emperor in the emperor.

During this time of Nero. The very men who killed them some years later, so we just got to come together and find a common humanity make love our highest priority. While speaking the truth the and and also I think somehow someway got to learn humility of the body of Christ that we don't have all the answers we go to the Scripture we find the truth we stand on and operate in love we humble ourselves before the mighty hand of God and believe he ultimately will lift us up.

My B3's diatribe yet and injure your people came together, wanting to hear from you did know this feeling almost a need to hear from you yesterday.

And there was a real gas if I may say when I trace the history of American election since 1980 and just showed how every eight years. Generally, there's a change party power and do not fit everyone dear friends, do you really put your hope in an election cycle and I think everybody wanted to hear a message like that know our hope is in the name of the Lord. I spoke Sunday morning in California to congregations came together. One of them, an older white congregation. The other, and the larger one. A young Hispanic congregation and and then we had some Asian Americans that were there as well. This would be that the three predominant some African-Americans as well and I thought how appropriate I was in the Bay Area of California I and II started before they wanted to talk about revival.

That was the thing they want him to speak out, but before I started. I said let me just take a few minutes to give you perspective on the elections. I even talked about the concept of Donald Trump is a is a divine wrecking ball of sorts, and that the wrecking ball to do good or bad and and the political incorrectness in all of this and and just gave a perspective as to why many Evangelicals voted for him but yet the concerns that we had and so on and how to pray and any get it brought people together that I Ava just joked about our different cultural perspectives on things we are. We had a laugh about it but people find it helpful, especially from shepherds and then we address the controversial social issues.

The moral issues.

Same-sex quote marriage or abortion. Again this is something people are dealing with a family member or friend the kid in school, social media, they want to know how to respond.

So it's not a matter of us getting politicized. This is about of us being the church in the midst of culture.

It interesting that Peter said that judgment begins at the household of God, and… Going to bring judgment upon America. We believe in Jesus, may want to gasp for moment it will begin with and that's what you're saying Michael and I couldn't agree more. We've got to learn how to balance grace and truth be no grace without truth goes to sloppy liberalism accrued without grace goes to rigid self-righteousness of both are evil and both calls the church, heartache and pain in Jesus himself spoke. We got to learn how to balance both of those and let the world know that we love Jesus we love one another. By this the world knows that what we belong to Jesus, but also speak the truth in such a way that it doesn't alienate. We who believe in Jesus and especially his word. Evangelicals have lost the ability to communicate with nonhospital language got to learn how to do that. Michael yet and you've also learned how to do it across generations as well. I tried and are a church that has some different ethnicities. I'm so pleased with that.

We also have different age groups, which I'm pleased with so I think the more we can come together and the more we can reason the more we can learn the truth, but also operate love that the magnet I think that will draw people and that our Lord yeah that's absolutely right, your book, hearing the voice of God.

He knows you.

He loves you. He's always with you it's it's a devotional book. What prompted you to write this while looking for a way for my own devotional life.

To increase, so I decided to read a couple of verses from the Gospel of John every day for a year and then I would just sit in a chair and say Lord speak to me through your word because I do believe God speaks to us in various different ways, but primarily through his word, so I would read a couple of verses and then just write several paragraphs but I felt God was saying to me during that intimate time of devotion with him and after I finished it over about a year's time. I was in the process of writing a couple of books with harvest House publishers and I badly want another book I would be interested in writing.

I sent them this manuscript and they loved it like that that has a lot of potential.

So we shortened it into about a four month devotional but it through the Gospel of John the end of one month reading with abilities to stop and I try to take what the Lord said to me and put it into words that might help other people at that same kind of way, the Lord speaking to them.

I wish I want to develop this and give a few practical thoughts to our listeners again.

The book written by Pastor David Chadwick hearing the voice of God.

He knows you. He loves you. He's always with you, so this is the breakup of one a layout just a couple practical principles that people get when they read the book but just take a minute to explain the importance of the subtitle. He knows you.

He loves you. He's always with you. Well, Jesus said in John 1027 Michael that my sheep hear my voice. That's just a clear statement out, no matter how much clearer he could have been and he wants to speak to us. So what are the ways that he speaks to us that you not think it is character in order to understand God, you need understand character need understand his character, then you'll begin to hear his voice so those subtitles on the front cover of the book are ways of identifying the character of God through Jesus. It's like God said if you want to know who I am here I am in human flesh.

This is who do I want you to be as well and we hear his voice telling us in Christ, how much he loves us how much he cares for us, she's with us, never forsake us or dessert us and those are of special precious promises that allow us to get through every practical day of our lives that as you learn how to read Jesus and his word. You can hear his voice speaking to you primarily his great love is great devotion is great care and is wonderful present. I friends the book by David Chadwick, hearing voices.he knows you. He loves he's always with you, we come back I will ask a couple questions one.

How can I distinguish between the voice of God in my own mind and and into what are some of the most common hindrances to believers hearing the voice of God friends. If there's ever a time when we need to hear the voice of God in the world's gone crazy around us.

This is where we settle our hearts for the Lord as his father, son and daughter of office of the Lord. I'm just an ignorant, she hear from the shepherd. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown in the midst of this volatile election season one, hearts, and step back before the Lord and learn to hear his voice. My guess Pastor David Chadwick actually played basketball for Dean Smith. I got asked about this week that listens over North Carolina right now is the legendary Dean Smith and even wrote about leadership principles from Dean Smith's up before.I've got to ask. I have to ask a question about that of the David common question. I remember when my daughters first asked me this is little girls daddy handling know if this is my mind or the devil or Jesus.

How do I tell the difference.

Obviously we know God speaks to us through through the Scriptures, but we we also according to the Scriptures that are other ways that he can speak us in and speak to us and lead us are the practical ways that we can learn to to discern God's voice yeah really are.

Michael first of all you got to have a heart that is speaking totally. The Lord's will and you can't put your radio dial, one not off the station and hope to hear the voice clearly on similarly you've got to have your heart totally focused on the Lord, your heart dialed and is in sight. Lord speak to me today and I really believe that's the first thing you've got to do and then secondly, you need to make sure there's no willful sin in your life that we all have standing. Sadly, sometimes we don't even know what but when there is willful sin that we are committing that garble the voice of God doesn't allow us to hear his voice. Well also. In first Peter 374 husband if that if they're not honoring their wives in the work honor means prize ballot you consider to be something of extraordinary honor in your life like you're not doing that with your wife, your prayers can be hindered. The Bible says of her husband's listening right now. Make sure that you are apprising and valuing your life, your wife, above all else.

Also things like worry and pride and fear can garble that voice out. Gotta make sure when you sit down with a heart that is totally fixed on him.

That really is designed to love him and love your neighbor then you say Lord I eliminate my pride. My worry because I'm depending all on you. I'm giving you the next moment and then Michael when you wipe all of that clean and focus on the Lord. I think that allows your ability to hear the Lord's voice more ably. So your books hearing the voice of God glad principles you give Scripture and then in a devotional setting you give examples you do find that God speaks to people in different ways and we have to learn the unique way that the Lord communicates with us. Well, I think so, but on the other hand, I would say that there are impression that God gives swimmer reading his word of leading the expense of prompting probably common to the human heart and common human experience. I don't think he would change that up so much Michael, I do think though that as you read the Scripture. You've got to be careful about those impressions and make sure they're not your own lustful desires right but that will be consistent with Scripture, and you'll be able to see throughout the entire Bible that a major theme is really what you're getting at.

When God is speaking to one. What about those who say but you're adding to the Bible, God is ready spoken the final revelations in his son. In the word you're adding to the Bible you talk about hearing the voice of God. I find it to be very misguided objection but but not an uncommon one. How do you respond well. I would take people to the basic principles of how to hear the voice of God in the Scripture that have been in existence for 2000 years and and here are a few of the make note. First of all, that first impressions that guidance from the Lord through his Holy Spirit and his word is always something the Lord uses. Also, I would say look for the ways it's repeated throughout the Bible there is what the will formed a Christian God guides that was the perspicuity of Scripture, the clarity of Scripture and as you read a certain proof, you'll see that truth repeated consistently in a clear way throughout the entire Scriptures also another way of interpreting Scripture. If you always interpret the Old Testament with the New Testament and you interpret the Gospels with the epistle and if you see an Old Testament passage. For example, it being understood clearly in the New Testament, especially the teachings of Jesus and the apostles, you can rest barely assured that your hearing the voice of God consistently through the Scripture and finally Michael. I would encourage everyone to not read Scripture alone, not only in their life groups in their communities where they read the Scripture, but read Scripture along with 2000 years of church history. Note it Scripture alone. It is our authority, but were never intended to read the Scripture alone outside Tertullian and Justin Martyr and Augustana and all the great reformers and teachers and theologians and pastors throughout church history as we hear their voice as well. We can rest assured that were probably interpreting a Scripture passage accurately when all of those folks agree on its truth. John friends again to have this broken down by size form for months devotional with inspiration and encouragement difficult direction about hearing the voice of God. He knows you. He loves you. He is always with you by pastor David Chadwick, David Wheatley just got a couple of minutes, but your basketball experience thing into the legendary Dean Smith at leadership principles you learn can you just share a nugget with us for listeners. Yeah I would say that Coach Smith greatest leadership ability rested in his belief that he was as a coach desiring to serve others more than the search committee was a Christian himself. He practice Mark 1045 and I can remember one player got into a campus altercation got locked up.

Many people that he shouldn't start him in the next game. It was a big game coach Smith started in any way they lost the big game after the game was over. A friend of mine was in the locker room and got on coach Smith of the code, you shouldn't start it into the slave them so much. We lost that game because you were so loyal to him and coach Smith look at this guy thought tell you something. It spent still work for the rest of his life is far more important to me than winning a stupid Atlantic Coast conference basketball game, Michael. That's really why he cared for us as people not as objects to be used for his own success. If there is one quality that I would point to that Dean Smith made such a great coach if we play for him knew he really cared for us as people for using us for his own glory and we would run through brick walls or him because of that, and that's obviously insolence leave the church exactly him he could really at three principal that I talk about in the book I wrote about him: how you play the game and other three principles are people are first name is Bert and you got that lead with integrity and character.

And I was and that's what I've adopted and thought your tablet this way for 36 years, nothing of the pretty dog a good way to lead amazing amazing guy with mom we get together. I ask you more.

For questions about that as well. But thanks for what you do.

Thanks for your your faithful witness for these decades. In in the Charlotte and beyond for your voices and authored the new book, hearing the voice of God.

He knows he loves you. He's always with you by pastor David Chadwick. Thanks for joining the much appreciated. Thank you Michael and your listeners. Remember, God still on our prone men. Amen. All right, God sits enthroned as king. While the world is going crazy step back.

Read Psalm two. Step back. Read Psalm 46 com your heart whenever your frame of mind is even if it's on a completely unrelated to the state of the nation elections just bad news hit bad news. Health finance personal hits. People every single day. God is still God's child is working on your behalf. Step back and worship him as God, take a deep breath and say, God, you can hear my father about them. He'll turn the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

A lot of people are afraid really afraid. African-Americans think there's a target on her back. Muslims are terrified. I think it's horrible if that's happening. I think it's built up by the press, because frankly will take every single little incident that they can find in this country, which could've been there before. If I weren't even around doing this and I'll make it into an event because SOA depresses.

I am going to be a broken record. Yours truly, Michael Brown, I am be a broken record and say it again, let's sit down and talk to each other find someone in the Lord. In particular, but just find someone that you know who is who is not of your color or not of your ethnicity or not of your socioeconomic background sit down with that person and ask them hate how did you both how you feel about things now and you may be shocked to hear their perspective. You may have never recognize someone not of your gender, you may, you may have never recognize how the world looks to them how the world sounds to them how they perceive things to you someone how they perceive things. Someone made the comment that that those who voted for Trump taken seriously but not literally. Those who opposed his presidency taken literally but not seriously, and we have to find out is okay when you voted were you voting for you voting against. I have the pleasure of speaking this weekend to multiethnic group of people because it was two congregations coming together. I spoke in a largely Hispanic congregation, together with a largely older white congregation with Asian Americans or talked about on the broadcast yesterday and up here Wheatley talk in the car different ones.

We talked over lunch, driving to and from the airport about lots of different issues.

Many gospel issues but also the volatility of what's happening right now in the society and and and how believers I can't believe you voted for this mechanically. We did this while. How are we going to grow and grow to be the body of Christ by listening to each other not talking past each other that this and I'm a debater okay it's it's just my nature. It's it's the way God may be what he called me to do my upbringing it's it's who I am in New York, you son of a lawyer but if if I sit down with someone, I differ with my goal yeah I want it lets them share the gospel. Of course I want them to hear the gospel. Let's am talking to someone who realizes is identified as gay or lesbian. I wanted to tell me their story. I want to better understand their world and I want to better understand how they see the church and how they see people like me.

And of course I want to reach them with the gospel that will better understand where they're coming from another perspective is. I have been enriched by by callers who are of different background than me, that have helped me to see the world through their eyes like it's one thing for me to write off a lot of what Auch Sharpton says is race baiting rhetoric is another thing when I have a lot of God-fearing respectful African-American callers talk about their concerns and their life experience. I I take that very seriously. It's it's one thing if there is some radical protesters may be a paid activist shouting slogans on the street corner. It's another thing when it's, it's your neighbor who goes the same congregation you doing to say I think you're missing something here. I think you don't understand what's happening so will we do it, will we be quick to hear and slow to speak, slow to anger, let's come together and I will ask some relevant questions to my friend James Robison close with Donald Trump through the elections in and who's not ever endorsing a candidate when asking some interesting questions Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us and as we now talk exactly one week after the elections. The goal always to be redemptive always to glorify Jesus always to learn from each other to be quick to speak and to be seasonably slow to speak and to be quick to hear and to be slow to anger, 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Just want to replay clip number 14 in the dream I guess James Robison to JJ clip number 14 Donald Trump being interviewed by Leslie Stahl, one of the groups that's expressing fear of the LB GT Q group on hearing that I mention them at the Republican national convention and have everybody stand that was so great. I have been you know I've been a supporter.

All right, my dear friend James Robison said an open door to Donald Trump door that influenced me in terms of how I approach things and look at things in the election. James is always welcome back to life. I spent quite a week has not talked to about a 60 minutes amount about bimetallic braille about the overall statistics on. I did think that you could've the handle back to the question better but but knowing for seven months and I would just say to those who didn't see the programmer might watch it online. The demeanor that you saw in him was the demeanor that I've been seeing seven markets treated me with this indescribable respect and gratitude and attentiveness and that and I found that over the months of black so I'm getting more on the outside sitting and I think that'll come but you know I'd I was disappointed in the way he handled I was. I did understand that he loves the people he knows that as parents love their children might be having a challenge. There they don't even many associated cognitive challenge. I spent the rest of us a challenge for saying they have a challenge but the point is that he's speaking with him about a little seed people so hard that he disagrees with you wisely. Mutual work there. I think somehow he has stamps that they've been bullied and not ostracized probably challenge our pending their position and I think that he wants to be a peacemaker there, but I believe the understand marriage is marriage is not because I know he regrets the fact he didn't handle both marriage as well so I think with the still have to watch it to walk out about your article today on the string was excellent and that is the way I talked to him in person and will continue through the seven months he has continued to invite me better import time since he delectable tall man it's always been just my nonbelieving I believe will succeed in and seeing him continue to grow in understanding how to approach summary challenges and you feel that he's genuinely pro-life. Now there's no question about even my testimony or my statement and when it was a testimony like my first bite and reconsider what God could use somebody in there was every reason it seemed to get rid of me.

Henry Clinton were never allowed me to be born current Supreme Court law would've terminated my life and I have at least contributed buying stock grounds of the earth submitter here so that that really got it I think is absolutely carrying his Albert the pincers of others, and so I think the I just think he's better I will be shocked, disappointed, see him go against the people that putting in office and against the public and platform about so principal and against the times of that I have secured with a pipe cleaners. Despite down salt. I will absolutely be very, very forceful and not calling for a change in your significantly. I remember when you forwarded an email to me that you had written to someone high up in his campaign team when the idea had been slowed.

If secondary even tertiary sources saying that he was thinking of having this openly gay colleagues, Supreme Court justice, and I remember you wrote and said plainly share with me than you wanted to see it was very clear to the point if you do that you will lose the election. They wrote that community is a complete rumor unfounded. We will appoint justices that we have on our list so III know you stood true there use you shared something very interesting with me over the phone last night and and I want to share with our listeners. I think it's really helpful. Obviously we want to see laws change we want to see Roe V Wade overturned, and that would put the abortion issue back in the states we want to see the redefinition of marriage changed by the courts. Obviously there million questions and applications that come out of that. But you talked about changing hearts before laws can be effectively changed. I think it's so important that we grasp the please share that with my listening audience. Well, I think. Your lawless law and I think people that have convinced themselves that it pregnancy inconveniences them, however, came about that. They have a lot to terminate that life and I think it did not protect a person's personal right. How do you not protect the personal rights of the most helpless, defenseless human beings on the planet match the light in the womb.

And so what what if you did reverse Roe versus Wade is anger just forget out of the mouth till equipment while she's campaigning that the church Evangelicals are going to have to get over are you gonna get over this the right of a woman to take the life of the child.

In other words, the in this instance with the terminating evidence like the appropriateness of hostility and anger that comes up in her hands for 20 years or more, but I've been listing torque.

All of her doctor husband and and you watch the women demanding. These rights are as anger of the houses that could Ku Klux Klan to fail in comparison to the hostility of the termination terminate life and so if you don't change that woman's heart as she would do whatever is necessary to kill a child reverse brokers white so bylaws need to be correct. There's no question about returning, but the church has to focus on changing the heart because even if you have a law that permits something that's not why wise people won't do it if you understand the value of life, you will terminate that life if you know that devaluing any likely value to virtually every life.

You're not going to allow that to happen because you have a heart change never would've believed we could outlaw smoking in public places, you know. It started getting some small studies like airplanes, but once the people he knew that you were in fact not only danger he had a heavy danger to your own mail, which you actually putting other people helping danger in the mind change in the heart change made it easy to what we have entire cities that we don't smoke outside. No smoke in public. It would've never happened if he had changed the hearts and the minds about and I just I change the law yet, but if you didn't change the heart and mind. This is not good at what people wouldn't tolerate smoke anymore because the advance the mind change our hearts. Jerry we really need to look at these issues at her house with marriage. We we have seen marriage collapsed because commitment means nothing covenant relationship means nothing and we gotta get back to understanding what this is really all about. It's a total commitment for life. So on the one hand we want Pres. elect Trump as president to share her more fully on this and to recognize the importance of referring marriages union of one man and one woman and hopefully if you disappoint pro-life justices constitutional justices that they will ultimately vote in a favorable way. In religious liberty cases and even marriage cases as well.

But our job is to turn hearts writer.

We want to influence the president but our job is to influence hearts right now in terms of the meaning of marriage see what they've done with this ridiculous law married they have debunked two aspects of the First Amendment, the right of Christian preachers to have free speech and in the free exercise of religion. In other words, you just can't carry your religious beliefs outside the church don't you keep those inside those close quarters, you can't really care about the value of life and the value of marriage, don't dare address that you will be home about. Again, you will be about how hatemonger and so put this is absurd. The Supreme Court in passing this ridiculous law has negated Kate and by the way, after I spoke to Mr. Trump our President-elect on Sunday night are persecuted and last thing you said tonight I was talking about how we had to be so great. You must I'm going to go the freedom of the coke were going to get rid of that document were going to do that.

The last thing he said to and here he is nobody's talking to someone on proclaiming the word of God. It's actually going to address some of going but see I don't have a mean-spirited target envelope of this man locally start my bike also start my I said I want so thought that US documents work together to see you help the American people become a family like yours with a love one another.

There dedicated to one another. They have a unique in the and they're working for the good of every other famous American motivation, but a vision. My dear brother, thank you for your redemptive heart for God continue to use you to influence our President-elect. Thanks so much. Establishing a blessed the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown, smart looking at this little folder I have roll through some things and if I spot them online. My staff since to be of the latest attack on the for varied reasons, and it obviously get the summary Christian for money. A blind hypocrite not in the rented Holy Ghost man a coward and a liar hypocrite with evil tactics. My days are numbered. Shame on the Emil Wolf extreme rightist and and on and on it goes, and what was interesting was interesting is that that comes with the turf. When you do best to speak the truth in love that comes with the turf. When you address controversial issues. How much is Lord Chino meeting dollar truck paying you to write such a silly article were where I talk about all were where I am warning people about consequences of voting for Hillary Clinton.

Everybody's gotta read some not everybody some people have to read some ulterior motivation as opposed to the fear of the Lord, love for people love for truth, love for the church refusal to compromise this with fuels my fire, the day that I take money to espouse the position and changes my position is the day you can call me out by God's grace.

It ain't gonna happen. But here's what I really keep speaking. Here's well you keep addressing controversial issues here is why we gonna speak things that some of you to misunderstand.

One reason is never please critics never please hold critics if I please. Critics on one side that offset the critics on the other side so I'm trying to please the Lord, and serve people not please critics where critic has constructive criticism, a learned bite and grow so I can better please the Lord and better serve people bluntly speaking, because the needs are great because there's a lot of confusion and I know it because everywhere I go people come up to thank me for addressing difficult issues, be they political, moral, cultural, spiritual.

They're appreciative because this is the world they live in. This is the it's it's almost like you're in a hospital and the doctors don't want to discuss the latest sure that's that's been put forward for certain disease because it's controversial and people will be the guy in the meantime, the need to know this is worker doesn't it. So here's something from a woman named Penny my daughter to start working as an RN in an MA hospital like this Massachusetts hospital and the mother infant unit in orientation.

She was told that the cards of the bassinets are now green snowboarder girl. They also instructed not to say mother or father to the parents because they might be transgender wife offer tiny portion of the population. I told her to proceed with her usual respect and sensitivity to patients. The vast majority of who are not concerned about the silliness and are proud to be mom and dad of the board girl if you parents object she can honestly respect the request to change how their address but that her medical care and documentation must reflect accurate medical terms and observations. Anything less could put the health of the family at risk. Do the right thing. Respectfully, lovingly, honestly, who knew we would have this conversation by the way been a practicing nurse since 1976. For those that say the conservatives are uneducated and ignorant. How about a Masters of science degree magna cum laude. Just fact, most of those years as a perinatal clinical nurse specialist heartbreak. How do you address these issues. Some of them to be hurt because people are being hurt every day by our failure to address the issues I just spoke with the pastor with a leading church in Charlotte North Carolina and he began his Sunday morning service by saying this is his first Sunday after the elections.

A lot of you are feeling relief and a lot of your feeling grief because they have different age groups and they have different ethnicities in the congregation and even among the same age groups in the same ethnicities people would've voted differently and I said they needed you to do that. Didn't they said yes so so pastors and leaders. It's not a matter of us getting politically divisive and and waving the banner of the root of a party in our midst is not the matter of us selling our souls to a candidate that we give our lives to Jesus. No, it's a matter of being responsible shepherds parents don't you have to talk to your kids about these issues that come up in the media. They come up on social media years back I was working out the gym and had a trainer there and he said to me, his son said to him the other day, daddy why is that man holding hands with another man. He said I didn't know what to tell him I suggest Tom pray for them there, confused limit, be offended by that law.

That's dad's responsibility to the kid is responsible is not the answer's kid, the way this politically correct financers kid the way that's responsible when a pastor text me and says what'll I do have a transgender man come for service ring address. We welcome them. We loved on him, but we found that he was using the ladies room where we do said next time he comes up and I should go out of since there were so glad that you're here, but we don't want you to feel uncomfortable. We don't want the ladies to feel uncomfortable. So if you have to use the restroom during the service. Just let me know that when the other ushers know will take over to private bathroom what'll I do this is life in today with charges flying every day of racism and sexism with with people equating Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler and and some really fearing for their lives really ignore these things were going to address them constructively.

So it's my job as my calling me. My hired job by man I mean my calling from God to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of confusion and chaos in compromise and by God's grace to be faithful to that. Thank you for your many words of love, support and encouragement, and thank you for standing with us trimming a lot to you if you're listening to the show.

I see I enjoy this broadcast of the listing for months for years, but I've never sent anything and will listener supported. If you haven't sent something in that probably means we have a need that hasn't been met in your gift will help meet that need. So if the Lord's prompting you this is not for me is not for my team. This is for radio so that we can continue to broadcast and you were doing stem with us today go to our website.

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