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Focus on Israel and the United States

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 29, 2016 4:20 pm

Focus on Israel and the United States

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 29, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/29/16.

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I tell you, the more I look at Pres. Obama and Israel were shocked. I am stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Let me see the Hebrew words on this trail. Hi the people of Israel live. It is a proclamation of God's faithfulness to keep his covenant promises. So glad you could join us on the air today in a few minutes I got a special guest to thin it takes behind the scenes a bit in DC, in the political realm and talk about the Obama administration and Israel.

But I want to say this plainly is a Jewish follower of Jesus. My standing with Israel is not primarily because of Jewish and it is not blind nor is it sentimental nor is it superficial.

In other words, I do not sit back and think that is really sinless and flawless. I do not think back, I do not sit back and think that Israel is always guiltless and the Palestinians are always guilty. I do not sentimental lies. The depth of opposition to the gospel of Jesus in the religious Jewish world in Israel. I do not minimize the depth of Israel sinfulness when it comes to Jewish people be like everybody else read about Israel's rebellion in the wilderness in our historic sin against God. You think that that's the story of the human race says is what sets Israel apart is divine calling the divine purposes. So I stand with Israel also recognize the many good things Israel does in the many wonderful qualities of Israel that's also undeniable, especially when you're there and see things firsthand, but having said all that I recognize that it is God alone who is preserve the Jewish people through the ages, not because of our faithfulness but because of his faithfulness and I recognize that it is God himself who has regathered the Jewish people back to the land, even using atheists and Communists and other nonbelievers to make it happen. I recognize the hand of God. All this and I recognize it is Satan who wants to destroy it is Satan who wants to wipe out the lost sheep of the house of Israel it is Satan who wants to nullify God's everlasting covenant with Israel it is Satan who wants to keep Jerusalem out of Jewish hands.

It is Satan who wants to keep Jewish people away from Jesus. So all the more reason why stand with Israel recognizing what God is doing. Yes for justice purposes as well, but recognizing God's hand and then recognizing that if Israel is wrong. We speak plainly to Israel still recognizing what God has done and as we look at what's happened with our administration and Israel. It's it's really eye-opening just moments ago, finished an article that will post some places today other places tomorrow. Obama and Israel 2008 2016. A study in stark contrast, think you find it to be a real eye-opener will get into some of that on the air today take any Jewish related question that you have relevant to modern Israel or not. And in a moment will speak with my guest, William Koenig is the author of a new book revealed Obama's legacy. Hey, I want to make sure I make this announcement. Sometimes I get so caught up in regular forget to do it, but her new book break and stronghold. The food comes out January 3 it's it's already flying up the charts on Amazon is to preorder them, thrilled to see this because I'm convinced this can save many many laws and transformed many many others.

Nancy and I really have a heart seen that happen, but if you go to stronghold or misreported a copy already get another.

Here's what happens stronghold of you order there'll take you to an Amazon link okay. Click on the order or Barnes & Noble. Every order there and then when you click to preorder units at a greatly reduced price. You'll also be getting a free e-book when it comes out January 3 and immediately will be sent the first three chapters in PDF to start reading now so this is through the publisher thrilled or doing. It expires January 7 to take advantage stronghold of for your copies today will be right back with William Koenig paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown.

Regrettably, some seem to believe that the US friendship means the US must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests our own positions our own words, our own principles even after urging again and again that the policy must change friends needed to tell each other the hard truths. I am all for friends telling each of the hard truth, I am not for friends wrongly obsessing on the wrong issues and putting their friends in a dangerous position before the UN Security Council in the world this is Michael Brown. Welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday, my guest today, William Koenig. His newest book revealed Obama's legacy goes the White House correspondent for 15 years. He is the president of Koenig Worldwatch daily. Any publishers weekly Koenig's eye view from the White House of perhaps he's best known to some of you listeners is the author of Ida I face the consequences of dividing Israel and Bill couldn't think of a better day to have you on the air than this thoroughly Jewish Thursday and are broadcast today. Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you Michael, great to be with you at there's a lot that we know that is open and revealed a mean anyone to watch the news. Anyone can hear with Secretary of State Kerry has said anyone can read with Prime Minister Netanyahu said in response. But there are certain things happening behind the scenes and that you have more access to this being a Washington insider. So first on the broad spectrum of things. Is it any surprise to you that the events of the last week of taken place with you and security results. UN Security Council resolution and with John Kerry speech is any of this a surprise to you Michael, I wanted to great detail in my book that your discretion revealed Obama's legacy were my chapters on Israel, the Middle East, and the condition that the Middle East is been left in with the state term that your president two-term president and you know they do positive things. But then again they do things such as the Iran deal such as doing nothing in Syria, and such as saying Isis is a JV team that creates a lot more problems so you have a good, along with the money that they gave Israel, which is really an extension of what previous presidents have given in this new $39 billion tenure program but then again they do other things that make the area. The neighborhood extremely complicated and even more dangerous on so Pres. Obama 2008, speaking at AIPAC is a candidate in Jean did make clear that he advocated two state solution, just as President Bush did before him and President Clinton before him, he did play certain a NEDs given that a there's been military benefits Israel has been intelligence benefit.

Certainly America has been a friend to Israel when compared to other nations on the planet. That's clear and get there there's been a very icy relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu and the average perception Israel is that Obama has been hostile to Israel is that in your view, because of his sympathies to Islam, being raised part of his life in Indonesia registered as a Muslim when he was growing up. It is more sympathetic to Islam. Though the presidents have been hence is a friend of Israel less sympathetic to Israel without a doubt. I also when my chapters of my book Muslim apologist or I reviewed every speech is made, every major speeches made in Turkey in Cairo in 2009 I a speech to a mosque here in Baltimore in 2016.

I call them about my policy is much more favorable to Islam in his speeches and the address is that if given are incredibly detailed in terms OSA I should say incredibly revealing because he is much more comfortable speaking about Islam and the other thing of burdens me as a as a believer.

Many other Christians is the fact that we have Christians being persecuted and slaughtered for their faith throughout the Middle East, and he shows hardly any emotion and it really realistically no motion or no concern or doesn't make that a main issue, but he has a great concern about bringing more refugees from the Middle East and northern Africa in the United States right so along with the UN doing so little and sings little about the slaughter of Christians and the atrocities and in Syria it is interesting that Pres. Obama seems much more interested in not offending Muslims, we would see is primarily moderate much more interested in not offending them than in dealing aggressively with radical Islam and Islamic terror of what happened with some of his gutting of law books or the FBI manuals things like that. We read reports that words and with Islam were systematically removed, which within really handcuffed these these law enforcement agencies are doing things is is that an accurate report absolutely excellent credit values be involved in homeland security and I revealed something of you all along that line that were of very specific that came from the White House and work its way to Janet Napolitano when she was at home and security people to skitter people the Pentagon that this is the way they were supposed to talk about Islam. Don't emphasize radical Islam and yet that the total watered-down version of the serious threat that we have here the United States with radical Islam.

So that's absolutely true. Plus there were seven or eight members of the Muslim brotherhood that have worked there way into positions of influence within the Obama administration and other cabinet positions which also is is is not favorable to those of us that want to see the true message of radical Islam exposed and called it for what it right.

So again, even if in many ways he would say yes we we remain friendly to Israel and we stand with is released taken actions that would show that because of his other sympathies because of other friends in the Middle East and people raise questions about George W Bush and his friendship with Saudi Arabia and how did that affect his judgment in these welfare questions to ask, but that in this case it goes deeper. I've never believe that Pres. Obama was a Muslim but a Muslim apologist yes it is 2009 speech talk about things like the Koran being revealed to me that's Islamic talk is it not I actually like you mentioned that Thomas Jefferson had a copy of the au courant to that Egyptian actually the world Muslim audience June 4, 2009 address was carried throughout the Muslim world. It was a speech from one of the oldest Islamic ghostwriters University that it was about thousand year old center. There and have members of the Muslim brotherhood in the front row. There even to be a anger of proper Pres. Mubarak of Egypt.

At that time. That was a message to the entire Muslim world that Thomas Jefferson honored the Koran to the extent that he had a copy of the Koran at the White House in the me of the main reason Thomas Jefferson a copy.

The Koran was each tribe in John Adams were trying to figure out what makes these Barbary pirates to committees are Muslim so I need to know more about them. So let's study the Koran because this book is obviously influencing them.

Jason said his sympathies that they expressed in terms of what was happening in Tripoli, Libya, with with some of that the pirate issues were anything but sympathetic towards Islam, exactly, exactly. And I think that's the thing is, we need you know to decipher what he says how he says and the purpose of what he says to fully understand is that his thinking I one great point here is, he told the Saudis who are petrified about of a nuclear Iran believing that Israel be first and they will be the second. Because of this long time. I hate hatred between the Saudis and the Sunni Aminah Shiites to be run so you have the Sunni Saudis and the Shiite Iranian that do not like each other and ill after they run their file basically told the Saudi leadership that you need to get used to having two significant powers in the Middle East you all your Sunnis, your majority, the Middle East and then also acknowledging the fact that Iran has a right to be in this neighborhood and have an influence as well. Again, things unfolding in ways that many have predicted many were concerned with happen in that bill I just wrote an article that that will post a little later today and in it I went back to the 2008 speech in a pack and contrasted some of what he said there was was happening now with happen over the last eight years. But ironically he said this is present and I will work to help Israel achieve the goal to states Jewish state of Israel and Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace and security, and I won't wait until the waning days of my presidency. Ironically, in the waning days of his presidency staking very ugly parting shots at Israel is a big big issue there for sure. Michael and I think the other part of the factors of John Kerry's extended so much effort. I am trying to make a pasty on Israel and he is been very mad at Israel is that ERP don't make peace with the Palestinians. You have the risk of 1/3 intifada. He said if you don't do their sugary delegitimized in the international community. He also mentioned the possibility of having boycotts were behind the scenes understand that they had some influence of European boycott a product manager day in Samaria and also the factors you want to be considered an apartheid state. So when John carried out to get his way. He creates more problems, and when he first got involved in this four years ago. He used plans that are as I tell you. Right here Mike is postponing his most recent revealed Obama's legacy data lot more to talk about on this. The reducers of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

In fact, this administration has been Israel's greatest friend and supporter with an absolutely unwavering commitment to advancing Israel's security and protecting its legitimacy on this point I want to be very clear. No American administration has done more for Israel's security than Barack Obama's. Those are the words of Secretary of State John Kerry in his 72 minute speech on Israel yesterday. My guess the company author, most recently, of revealed Obama's legacy, Bill. What's your reaction to those words were Secretary of State probiotic for the breakup Bureau John Kerry's been so motivated to be the guy that delivers his peace deal and the attitude when he first took the took a position as secretary state that billing a believe that it is the egotism believe that the only reason there hadn't been a peace deal last 20 years because he had been working on it and seldom do I see the Israeli left in the Israeli right media agree that he has done a lot of things and made a lot of mistakes that it only made the situation much worse and also mentioned those basic threats to kill which has created an even more difficult thing for Israel and the international community. It is helped give fuel to the BDS movement and it has brought Israel under this uncomfortable position here at the UN Security Council of now basically having another UN Security Council call any any legitimate settlement community in Israel. When we say legitimate.

From our perspective that the settlement community are living on occupied land a legal land and this really burdens and makes it much more difficult for Israel.

Going into the new year. Yes, I've been commenting on those issues. Of course through the week and and figure this one out. How is it that that East Jerusalem is illegally occupied territory. And yet, candidate Obama promised a pack in 2008 that Jerusalem will be the undivided capital of Israel and then John Kerry yesterday said that there will be two capitals in Israel for Israel Palestinian state. Both in Jerusalem has all work for today. I got it, the cochair of the Barack Obama campaign back in 2008 was the president Rosie was the president of AIPAC and this was somewhat of speaking to Rosie as he present of AIPAC and also to the Jewish Jewish money in the Jewish genius to help get him elected David Axelrod and a few others.

So yeah it out for two.

Those things change in you know a lot of presidents that are a lot of potential presidents say they're going to move the embassy at Israel arm and move the embassy from Tel Aviv jurors whether running for office and want to get an office they start backtracking on that as well.

Giorgio that example you just use 2008 yet and course the president President Bush back to back away from it.

Just canceling it for security reasons. However, often had to be what was it every six months or something in prison Obama continued it and someone made the comment about Donald Trump slick look, everybody talks about doing it, but nobody's actually to do would be crazy. Did you have is so so why make that the promise again.many politicians make many statements and then go back on them later on were just watching else is happening with the risen Obama and Israel. Let me ask a question in terms of something you focused on for some years you felt after doing systematic research that there were clear parallels with America mistreating Israel in some serious way, something calamitous happening to American SMF theological questions and how does it work and Olympic innocent people suffer literal fair questions just won't get into them right now. I in my mind I would've had to research every calamitous event in America and then see where their powers with her and not tell us how often did this happen, but it got my attention enough that when Israel under American pressure was forced to evacuate because the up route literally uproots thousands of Israeli families and put them in literal refugee camps within their own country member thinking what can happen all the consequences. And of course next Katrina hits us in now tens of thousands of Americans are homeless and many people wonder about the so you've written about you documented you for the file you can defend that thesis much better than I can, but when you see something like this happening.

What were you thinking that we get an incoming president says ever note reverse whatever he can reverse and things be different but from your perspective. Having observed this for years now.

What do you feel when you see your administration do these things well and I look what happened this year it all in my book.

Originally, I die. Facing the consequences of dividing Israel, I had over just understood 60 major catastrophic record-setting US events that happened usually the same air within 24 hours.

Some cases boarded hours of US pressure on Israel to divide their covenant land. 50. Today is Samara and East Jerusalem and I noticed the greater the pressure on Israel to comply, the greater the corresponding catastrophe we had the perfect storm that was spending 30 foot waves in President Bush's home in Maine in 1991. We had 17 days before 9/11, President Bush was working with Crown Prince Abdullah on a major draft of these I give to you and a finished work at 910.

He was going to call for a two state plan. Something is that her client would've never done and then Katrina dimension there. Michael was the within a few hours after President Bush congratulated Ariel Sharon on this courageous evacuation of 9500 Jews from 24 settlements in Gaza and Samaria. We had this tropical depression formed near the Bahamas got out of nowhere which is very unusual. Usually are deeper in the Caribbean or off the West Coast of Africa.

But this just develop within a few hours of Bush making that statement and became the biggest disaster in US history is a $200 billion vent you, you know, when you look at the parallels of how things were being explained in Israel of the eviction of Jews from their homes. You could look at the same parallels what happened when we had the southern Gulf Coast area of 90,000 mi.² impacted by the storm, so the parallels were very significant and we have time updating the book right now to cover the eight years of Obama's time in office.

We got 35 or so events. We had six events this year. We had winter storm. Jonas we have bill when the Golan Heights was a risk we had massive floods in Texas and then we had hurricane Matthew that happened right at the time of Shimon Perez's death and the White House saying that Israel is not part of Jerusalem and make a public statement on that and then what is happened interesting since Kerry speech were actually sent the UN decision.

We've had over 700 tremors and in the California Nevada and yesterday just before Kerry speech. We have three earthquakes on the California Nevada border in the 5.75.65 point air eight area in there right after he spoke of 4.1 quake in San Bernardino County area so you know it it depends.

The pressure Michael Helt works out.

But the pattern is repeated itself over members with 91.I cannot wait to see the new edition of your book and look at that very carefully friends look at it, examine it, give a thought is God speaking through all this. Look at the evidence he friends if you appreciate doing. Remember your listener sponsored your year-end gift would be a tremendous blessing to us.

Go to start to plan this around double-click domain. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Now I must express my deep disappointment with the speech today of John. The speech that was almost as unbalanced as the anti-Israel resolution passed of the UN last week the words. Of course, of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding secretary of state John Kerry speech yesterday. My guest Washington insider journalist William Connick's most recent book revealed Obama's legacy bill from Mr. Netanyahu immediately after the UN Security Council vote said that America was behind the resolution itself help craft the resolution when there were challenges to this Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer said we have rather ironclad evidence, and since then Egyptian paper has released purported transcripts of meetings John Kerry and Palestinian leaders say Barakat discussing the delivery resolution. I have a clip from several months ago with the political pundits talk about this specific resolution be one of the options that the Obama administration is discussing.

Yet the presence of people are denying any complicity in this from your vantage point at which your information tell you I totally agree that they are working on it working behind the St. and I in no Netanyahu and his Ron Dermer said last night on TV on Fox. He said you know he's not can it fade as Prime Minister Netanyahu is not going to say this last we have the facts and I even call Ben Rhodes master fiction. Yet, to paraphrase what he said so there it is ironclad. I don't think there's any doubt about a Michael Bay have the information I do know for a fact I have a friend out for muster New Zealand who also covers Australia and he said that Carrie was in Auckland New Zealand Roxy Wellington New Zealand on November 13 meeting with the leaders of New Zealand and we know for fact that some of the conversation was about New Zealand's role in this. If they needed a point manner front man in this process, so I don't think there's any doubt at all. I think their wives to pass it onto the next administration drug administration seems extremely favorable to Israel and are committed 100% to moving the embassy from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and is a wise move. I deftly think they have information that is if you can tell us this in less than two minutes made otherwise will pick it up on the other side of the break, but when you look at the nations that ended up sponsoring resolution New Zealand Senegal Venezuela it you know you you look and you yet. Why, what incentive did New Zealander say Senegal have to do is what lowered the care and I don't know that because I know donkeys who just stepped out as Prime Minister of New Zealand is even Jewish and I don't know I you know when you look into these things. You find out for one reason or another wider so committed to but I've been very surprised that New Zealand is been so committed to this for so long I don't know whether they been put up to it. Whether some favor was offered if they were going to do something in this were in this line. I just don't know it is a Middle Eastern country.

Yeah, you could see that damn thing of the French have been really pushing UN Security Council resolution on on Israel. The settlements on a peace conference for the last couple years and a part of that problem is they have 6 million Muslims in their country in every big problem with Islam and in their country.

So I think that's one of the motivating factors but in that meeting this case. I just don't know why are supply Senegal would do something like that.

Yeah, there is very very puzzling and of course the missing administration is made very clear that there will be consequences for this right. I will be back with my guest, William Connick's most recent book revealed Obama's legacy.

What we want to get in depth a little bit more about what's happening with America and Israel will take some of your calls on this 28663487884 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This resolution itself is a resolution that effectively will call for boycotts and sanctions against Israel. That's the language of the resolution to ask states in the relevant dealings with Israel to make the distinction between pre-67 Israel and and Israel beyond the 1967 lines.

What is that me, people will use this resolution to stir the pot for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel and to bring Israeli soldiers and maybe even Israeli citizens to the international criminal court that is Israeli ambassador commenced his Ron Dermer talking about the implications of the Security Council resolution in America apparently help craft and put forward and then stood out of the way to make sure that it went forward without a hitch. And again it is not just as the settlements is wrong but positive shouldn't use violence either. So, in a statement to both Natalie says that but it effectively says that the Jewish quarter.

Jerusalem is illegally occupied territory that when Pres. Obama prayed at the Western Wall he was praying it illegally occupied territory and ambassador Dermer lists other consequences that could come out of this.

My guest Washington insider journalist and author William Connick's newest book revealed Obama's legacy is been joining us.

The last 30 minutes.

Bill is is ambassador Dermer overstating his concerns. It is there a reason that so many in Israel are are are saying this is terrible or is is it over the skies flowing chicken little, and it's really not that that not only that is absolutely correct. It is gotten much worse. The last four years. It was interesting.

Michael and Hillary Clinton was the secretary stated she brought in George Mitchell to do the piecework. As you know how difficult it was because they years Bill Clinton had been involved with the process so diabetic. She only what is a one time and that for your.

Kerry has been absolutely obsessed with delivering this deal. Used old failed plans in on phone waited like he was on another planet for seven years and came back in with all these great ideas it already failed in you know and it's also rare when you have beautiful my best US Michael Oren stating publicly that please John Kerry stay home. We don't need help in you negotiating between Israel and Hamas during that war two summers ago.

I mean it. Unfortunately, when John Kerry goes the Middle East whether it's tonight being ineffective in the serious cease-fire talks and weathers his involvement with the Ron new Deal are with his his involvement is excessive involvement with the land for peace process in Israel for the last four years.

It's leftist. At this point right now where BDS that the divestment delegitimization movement was having a college campus ran America are much worse because what is happened over the last four years by carrying know and Obama both specifically carries efforts so soon other words Israel can say we define this resolution and keep building settlements. Friends of Israel and America and then incoming president from could say this is a resolution that we reject the rest of the world and in much of public opinion throughout America is heavily influenced by this and now just as to this picture of of evil Israel going on with your aggressive policies. What about the argument, though the premise to mixing his current administration is farther to the right of any previous administration, and that while the settlements are not the primary obstacle to peace there an ongoing provocation against peace.

What about that argument well the settlements your therapy. Albert spun, and unfortunately a majority immediate Israel to the left and that they they believe anything any better settlement construction is a threat to the future peace with the hot bath led Palestinian Authority expired even told a couple of those guys work for horrid things that when they were blasting Netanyahu four years ago for not making peace with the thought of giving up the Golan Heights to Syria. As I said are you guys crank you gotta beginning the most important defensive area of Israel and you want to give it to us.

I well look what's happening here the last for five years 4+ year, almost 5 years and you saving what you dance Mary that you know how important those mountains are to Israel security and Samarian Judeo to give that up to a Palestinian led government bits led by Hamas that does not acknowledge Israel's right to exist. I you know I type the whole piece process should have been stopped from the first time. Terrorism began in Israel but they wanted to appeased and appealed to the international community that we just want to be a good neighbor here. We just want to be up in important part of the international community so reluctantly they gone along with it, and in its greatest situation we have today now and Intel and clicks book on the one state solution. She begins it is someone who is close to Prime Minister Netanyahu and is leaning journalist in Israel today absolutely.

But she she begins her book by explaining why a two state solution is completely impossible.

Cannot happen then, of course, since you really have to have Gossett as a nation, by itself, the way it is now 73 state solution, but hurt her argument in increasingly prevalent argument today. Let it cause to be its own country. Whatever will have one state with Israelis, Palestinians living side-by-side as happens now, but except open to all Palestinians in Judea, Samarian so-called West Bank and in she argues that you can maintain Jewishness you can maintain a Jewish majority. Hence, a Jewish state by doing. Of course you have endless problems and questions. With that in which the national anthem to be opposed to discussing how Tikva you know things wrapped right but Secretary of State Kerry yesterday said that if you want to have one state can't be both Jewish and democratic. It's gotta be one or the other where is two states yet you by design. This is a Jewish state in its majority, Jewish and Palestinian state. It's Palestinian and be whatever they want Muslim or whatever both be democratic, but you know the way the votes going to go it. Is it possible to have a one state solution that is both Jewish and democratic well prescribed democratic demographic members but said that the road one day be a minority.

There are country artist false others, but your manager and others have done demographic studies with some of the universities there in Israel. And that's just a false narrative. Secondly, there are three areas there in the West Bank such as Judea and Samaria that a BNC IA is only given over to the Palestinians their full control array area B. Israel still has a security interest there, but all the property bit has been given to the Palestinians area C is very important that 61% of the West Bank and that's what tall embedded in other Israelis in the Likud have called for that area to be annexed for their own security purposes and for the fact visual data 3000+ your relationship with his lamp bath condo that their plan other now II just to you know giving up any additional land the Palestinians at this point in the reality. The fact that the Palestinian Authority font, does not get along with Hamas that horrible Civil War they had in Gaza there just they don't get along and only time when they have unity government. It did never succeeds because it's only for public perception but it will work so realistically Gossett from Boston might keep that and I area B. B would be fine for a Palestinian state because it's Artie been given to the question Michael would come down to see the international community was to see that in an even more so in East Jerusalem given Palestinian so that's that's the risk going forward. And that's why that guy was government is becoming more more right way because they see the risk of giving up area C, which is a large portion Samaria. And when when Pres. Obama was candidate Obama in his AIPAC speech. He talked about flying by helicopter looking at Israel's borders and seeing how thin and slender, the country was in yet. Back in 2011 and then it's it's resurfaced since then talk about going back to pre-1967 borders which would make Israel at its narrowest 9 miles, why, and completely indefensible against hostile neighbors do you think it'll be one more push for that by this administration that I think they said that they are not to do anything. Now they are.

And this is Ben Rhodes. They've got so much blowback from the Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill that they have stated the last 24 hours that they will veto any additional UN resolution that happens between now and January 20 and I think another interesting irony is Russia said yesterday that they favor Israel, the Palestinians negotiating directly and not favoring additional resolutions and I think the irony that is the fact that the United States is going to slap on sanctions on on Russia.

Matter fact, the news is out right now there forcing 35 Russian diplomats to leave within 72 hours. So now I me that my coefficient that's pretty significant. The day after 32+ have to get out United States and 72 hours over the hacking thing but I love the timing because Russia is not willing to cooperate with Kerry at the UN regarding Israel, especially when they're getting ready to have their diplomats for study nitrate so that was a Genesis 12 three.

Timing of a for that yeah and then go back to the founding of Israel is Russia cast so amazing to watch history unfold in some of the saved bill. Thanks for all your great work.

Once the website is folly website is watch.4G dub HP awesome. Keep up the great work. Look forward to talking with you again or to thank you Michael plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Bill Koenig and his website watch dog org if you get a Jewish related question love to take your calls 866-34-TRUTH 784 we go to Boston. Gail, welcome to the line of fire, Dr. Brown. I'm very glad that you took it. I'm going to be brief as brief as possible. But I was listening to what previous test can't say for trying to force Israel to give up one in the 1967 war if that's the case then what's good for the goose is good for thinking naming the United States should give back all the land that they took from the Native Americans in the life that they had back when yeah how about Gail not not just there and you could even say that our conflicts with Native Americans were often unjust. Where is almost conflict with the Palestinians. There just was the surrounding Arab nations. There just defending themselves but you, how about you give me have conflict with Mexico and get some land areas to be six a can't Heights are exactly absent right right sorry I guess time to start giving back the lead. In fact, all around the world would have been wars and conflicts and borders have changed where you know an enemy attacks you, for your security purposes you now fight back and take certain part of the land. Yeah start giving back all around the world.

It let it be a lovefest that the changes borders sin nationalities and ethnicities around the world. Yet Gail point will take you know it reminds me of little cartoon I once saw it in Israeli paper.

They knew there was an Israeli talking with the Native American American Indian and there the whole land for peace thing right to skip slam will have peace and Native Americans said to the Israeli get that land for peace thing didn't work too well for us and again when your timeout. Native Americans versus Palestinians and that the Israelis would be the ones like the Native Americans in that they have had the historic presence in the land and Jerusalem's been eternal capital of the Jewish people for 3000 years and on and on it goes.

Thanks for for the call 8663 for 87884 let me play one more clip this is Jake Tapper click number six CNN yesterday. He speaking with deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes about these very issues voters out there American citizens out there might think on the one hand you have people building homes and okay your calling them illegal and the detrimental to the peace process but it's for construction and ultimately people can leave houses on the other hand you have people killing people and that's just fine and that there seems to be a moral equivalence argument being made that might rub a lot of people the wrong way and confuse the there is no moral equivalence. There is no justification for terrorism, no settlement construction should ever ever justify either terrorism or incitement of terrorism on that. There's just no question and secretary made that clear again today were drawing no covens. The fact of the matter is OJ just describing them as people building houses they are displacing Palestinians from the homes there taking land that everybody was look at this issue. Things would be a part of a future Palestinian state. They're making the possibility of a continuous Palestinian state with the territory that connects to itself impossible. So again with question is if it is US policy, which is has been under multiple initiations of both parties to support a two state solution. Why should we be silent in the face of policies that clearly are going to make that impossible right. I appreciate the point Jake Tapper was making excellent point, which is responsive Ben Rhodes say no.

There is no moral equivalence between terrorism and building settlements. Again, the question is why bring them in the same resolution to the UN Security Council with Israel must stop building settlements in the Palestinians have to suffer the wrecks of terror. You then make it morally equivalent comparison and then when you look at the UN's gross inaction and ineptitude when it comes to Syria and the atrocities there comparison with the outrage over Israel building settlements again use okay something is not adding up correctly in this equation. Let's let's take it one step further right. The whole idea that you could not have contiguous continuous Palestinian state because of Jewish settlements I've ever question why can't Jews live in a positive state of raise this over and over.

Why must it be in the German words you'd free of Jews could someone explain that to me. Why is it that if you have two state solution.

No one is saying that all the Arabs living in Israel now who make up about 1.5 million of the people.

So if Israeli Jews about 6 million Israeli Arabs, Palestinians living there. Mainly Muslims some crews there. 1.5 million cents exit that's a substantial part of the populace by 20% of the population so that the question then is, is this why can you have Arabs living in a Jewish homeland, but you can have Jews living in a Palestinian homeland.

Why is that based based on what logic.

Why must a Palestinian state have no Jews living in civil they would want to live under Palestinian government someone that's a fair question to ask is how they would relate what they want to be there but the question is why is it presuppose that they can't be there. I think that is a fair question to ask might listen friends there is more to talk about. We got another hour broadcasting coming your way. I know that not all you can listen on radio, which can all listen online. Just go to the line of and click listen and you keep listening on your computer your tablet running her cell phone driving a car. Just keep listening away.

If you miss any part of the broadcast. If you miss part of my 40 minute interview with Bill Koenig just go to the line of later today and you'll have the whole broadcast archived and it's there for you free, but we can only do this with your help we are on her knees all the time praying in funds asking God to meet needs so that we can continue to broadcast on the radio to you. It is our largest single expenditure since only done with your help. So if you been blessed by the broadcast want to help us with the year and gift will go directly to us ministering to you so in blessing us your blessing yourself as well go to the line of

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Help us change the world together 929-242-6431 and what you do just put that number ran and then in the message part put in the amount you want to give $10 100,000 just put that in screen, could fall through that boom is on its way. Thank you for standing together for this together.

We are making a difference. My bottom line. Today, yes, yes, the nations will be affected and how they deal with his tell you the more I look at Pres. Obama and Israel. More shocked I am stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a great joy to be with you in the midst of Hanukkah. Day six of Hanukkah. This is Michael Brown delighted with you will tonight will be lighting the candles with a six those who do that and it's interesting we have some family staying with us. So is the first time that his family with kids and grandkids. We lit the Hanukkah candles together and it's to be honest with you not been an ongoing practice in my life as a follower of Jesus, for the most part these things of its spiritual meaning to me but growing up in a Jewish home and fairly nominal setting limited candles was just a tradition ahead very little meaning but without this you're having a family with us, let's let's all do it together but can I be totally honest with you, as some nights I've I've been home by myself with the family out or kids sleeping over another home grandkids sleeping over and I just lit the candles by myself have actually found more meaning when I can pray and meditate.

I know it's a family event and something that's done together, but I can pray and I can meditate over this and and pray for my people Israel and then and then think about God's calling on us as followers of Yeshua to be a light to the world the traditional Joule prayer. Prayer blessing God praising God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us to move people Israel by his commandments and commanded us to light the Hanukkah candles but in point of fact, there is no divine command because the written Torah is ready. Given this is something that became a custom of the people and you could say that the law of the land that people would do it is not total law is not a divine command to light the candles so many messianic Jews who like the Hanukkah candles don't pray that same prayer they modify the prayer and in residency who commanded us to light the Hanukkah candles will save it's Yvonna that he ought or the gleam or or the alarm and commanded us to be a light to the nations or light to the world.

That's was had great meaning for me as a student pray before the candles God's preservation of the people of Israel supernaturally and often despite our faithlessness by the way, if your Christiansen was not right what has God preserve the church because of his faithfulness, or the church's faithfulness has God preserve you because of your faithfulness or his faithfulness. So let God be faithful and let God the gracious, but as I prayed and meditated. I thought yeah God has preserved us as a people in certain ways we been the light to the world in other ways because of us. God's name is blasphemed just as it was in the past. In biblical days. It's been both but through the Messiah through Jesus coming into the world, we can now be a light to the world and employs it amazing to see places where the light is never shown before places where you know there's been complete darkness, animism and idolatry in the most crass practices in and hear the light of the gospel is come, people have heard about the Savior of the world, the Messiah of Israel and now the most obscure distant parts of the world. The most primitive exotic parts of the world people worshiping the God of Israel through Jesus Yeshua the Messiah, so messianic Jews when they take the candle that the Shaw mush is it's called the helper candle you like that and then use the candle to light all the other candles. We often think of the candle is spiritually representing the Messiah, the light of the world who lights us up that we might shine we come back. I want to get you Jewish related questions on going straight to the phones Jewish people related 866-3487 84, filed the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown my a new article brand-new is up on the stream bombing in Israel from 2008 to 2016 story of betrayal and reversal. You don't want to miss that 8663 for eight 784 you got Jewish related questions we've got Jewish answers.

Let's go to David and London, England.

Welcome to light a fire. I hello I fell I talked about Isaiah 53 this is a Leica and, if I want have been written to might have some good on the top of it that way. According to the old be available all yes sir on our website.

The line of doc@architect office a couple of young, she just if you just click on listen up a couple hours after the shows over. That'll take you right to today's archives of fantastic. Okay, talk to him by the few buses which so caught my eye again II do they limit your quote for my thing is that that they that at some point so that is talking about is that some points that talk about an individual like at night despite how can I like a team leader with something and then back to this posting I might be that the main payment and you got the wrong president candidate for the team that just examines outhouses to clarify that that is talking about how the word as a servant is used. Beginning in Isaiah 41 through Isaiah 5417 where there references to the servant or servants of the Lord and sometimes in that context, it's explicit. Israel is the servant Jacob Israel is the servant and often a blind and deaf and nonresponsive servant. And then there is an individual within Israel, who is one called to regather the people of Israel, and one called to be a light to the nations, and by the time we get to Isaiah 5213, 253 12. That is the focus. One individual, a righteous servant who dies for the sins of the nation and yet his own people understand them so I don't see Isaiah 52, 13 to 5312.

Speaking about Israel and the Messiah. I see it, just speaking about the Messiah, like everything before Isaiah 5212 it up Mike but everything from after that bit of playing a thing of the… On the back of a mentioned site. Isaiah 5213 to 50 feet of yes that all Israel, and before that, for example, in chapter 41 Israel is expressly referred to is God's servant in Isaiah 42. The servant is called to be a light to the nations and there some ancient rabbinic commentators who recognize that services being the Messiah in Isaiah 29 in appetite and you sound like most of the time it's talking about the Nation of Islam and that run the middle portion by Mitchell thing… Individual, although not know quite the contrary, sir you have a quite a few passages speaking about the individual factor. Some of the lengthy it's ones Isaiah 42, which is a sin if you have resampled the Targum or dock relative can take. They understand that to be referring to King Messiah. If you look in chapter 49 beginning in verse one is an extended passage where Rashi and others believe it's talking about the prophet and in others interpreted as the Messiah and his mission even though it's called Israel his mission is to regather Israel in the 50th chapter and again look at the rabbinic commentaries they explicitly say is not about him and an individual so over and over and over. We have extended passages speaking about the servant of the Lord as an individual and specifically as the Messiah sets part of the government" is it possible to look at it without the rabbinic commentaries and still come to that conclusion with a yes or in fact it's the logical conclusion only sites rabbinic commentaries for the sake of religious Jews who say will you're just reading that into the text. I see no rabbinic Jews who differ with my interpretation of the text and don't believe this applies to Jesus also recognize this regarding an individual.

So for example I think that's actually when you gently when debated is the thing.

The argument about what the rabbinic Texan stuff that I can actually weakens your argument because if one other thought of except the bank Petco over 1000 Nippon dogs than on the have to accept the fate of the rabbis them believe that it caters and the Rabbi's been the rabbinic textbook enables both the thing. Oh, no, no, no, not at all.

So that's I appreciate the point that it's quite illogical. Let's say for example that the Palestinian Authority says we recognize ISIS as terrorists okay and if I say look, I'm not the only one who thinks ISIS is terrorist. The Palestinian Authority recognizes them as terrorist and and that they firmly stand against many things in Israel. We do that all the time. We always quote people differ with us when they have a similar view on something to say hey look, I'm not the only one sentence.

For example it is today out in some people might make the argument that have allowed and I would even say the Palestinian Authority have no moral backbone and if they say something without it irrelevant like the good sir, I would rabbinic you respects the Jewish commentaries I respect their scholarship and even I miss their scholarship. David can you hang out David hang out. I respect their scholarship. Even though I differ with them.

But here's the point if some nonsense, I would not if someone says to me, all Jews know the servant of the Lord is Israel. In these passages, it's universally interpreter so that's totally false here is evidence from within Jewish commentaries that say that that's false. That's perfectly legitimate sir. I'm yet but that would be correct in that in that context rights of others.

Look, for example, in Isaiah 49, wherein says this, the servant of the Lord speaking all right. I have labored in vain.

I have spent my strength for nothing and futility get my vindication is with the Lord, and my reward is with my God, and now says the Lord, who formed me from the womb to be his servant to bring Jacob back to him so that Israel might be gathered to and from audit in the sight of the Lord my God is my strength. He says it is not enough for you to be my servant raising up the tribes of Jacob and restore the protectiveness of Israel will also make you a light for the nations to be my salvation to the ends of the earth that is obviously not Israel, that is an individual within Israel. Hello, did I get in Isaiah it out the menu. I can see a list of all the didn't question besides just Isaiah 53 trillion in volume volume 3 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus I treat all of them exhaustively. I go through every reference to the servant there and that are unable to to get that fine you can just email or website for the specifics and will gladly send them to you on that. I did look at three different but anaconda. By the middle of it.

I think a lot of them is Isaiah 53 verse eight is a funny one because I was bitten that one of your fingers articles on both of us that if it has some by the strength and by judgment has been taken and of his generation who don't meditate outlet on the malfunction valve initiative ILT.

The young literal translation that he has been cut off from the land of the living by the transgression of my people. Like now the interesting thing with on positive optical it's that the vendor that the it says they it that they are plagued and another word for a variety number of local David Meg Lema promotes the translation famous or disagree with the target thing that got the funny thing, I checked in and in Bible Luxe, which I like that color. The morphological I got right on my screen right here okay so I get that the ghostly level codes 11 it it said I looking at this it says phenomenon.

It says he pays about 500 K that the article and the milk of the preposition and meta-then Ben's got a suffix that sent the MP that both the masculine plural which would actually agree with a lot of your thing that the to them that I really, really easy me these been answered decades ago. It's it's actually a shame that the Tobia still raises that number one the passage is saying that the servants of the Lord was smitten for them.

The potential nominee for the transgression of my people.

Meg smitten our stroke mom all for them.

Okay so that's one saying that that the servants of the Lord suffered for them. That's exactly what it says.

So it's a gross misinterpretation of the text. Otherwise, but not not not only that, though. But Isaiah actually uses Lemieux to mean for him or two. It Isaiah 44. 15 and it says this explicitly, that a man makes an idol right he makes a pastel all right and the yeast God Lemieux and he bows down to it, so even on the other interpretation. David Palombo can mean to it, for it this again note no argument in terms of the usage in Isaiah 44, 15, and the new Jewish translation the Jewish publication translation says fashion is an idol and bows down to it singular so Lemieux can mean to it, for it for him to him, but Isaiah 53 and I don't believe that's what say that the Messiah is suffering Lemieux for them for the people they like to her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown questions about the Hebrew text of Isaiah 5213, 253 12.

I've got entire talk on our YouTube channel about this effective use go to our digital library. Go to the line of

Click on digital library click Isaiah 53. I have a whole lecture just on the subject. As you can find really eye-opening.

Also for those who understand Hebrew freak David out where it says in Isaiah 5380 Pesce meet negative Lemieux Suellen to stand for the stroke of my people over the transgression of my people.

A stroke that was the end he smitten Lemieux for them. I don't really like that. It's also possible to read it.

Lemieux meaning for him, as in Isaiah 44 15th, but it's interesting that Dead Sea Scrolls. There seem to renew God, which would suggest a passive form. Hence me Pesce me for the transgression of my people knew God, smitten Lemieux for them, but there's some debate and dispute about that. All right, David.

We got limited time and let's try to get to any other verses that have trouble view yet another one is but Isaiah 53 (his filthiest offspring now.

Didn't they left things on the phone and I went up yet again, these are the standard questions that have been raised for many years there there a couple of answers on rare occasions Serra seed is used in a spiritual sense and it it in Scripture, and he could be speaking of a spiritual offspring, but elsewhere. If you look for example at the end of Psalm 22 Sarah C just speaks of a future generation. So in that sense that the Jesus movement.

The movement that he burst through his death and resurrection has gone on now for two millennia and there have been multiple generations of disciples of like your father say that on no he he.

By being raised from the daylight. He continues on a by being raised from the from the dead. He lives on of this explains how he can die. And yet live online as some future generated regular private data of an existing ability anymore by exit in the spiritual realm alongside the father but he did exist and glorified body. He is been supernaturally raised up in the glorified bodies. We expect that we will BS as his followers in the future, but in a very real way, he continues and he sees the future generations and that's again I treat all these and in volume 3, and in some death, and I'm thrilled interesting the questions of these was, of course, that that a been well last and well answered and and you can dig in deeper.

It will will make sure we get you what you need to dig deeper is Avalon on the Honda yesterday about 11. I'm keeping the translation bump and live benevolently out of underfunding. If you think that it is being a bit leading an elder in his element, though the audit state that Hazel say the foods of the travail of his soul, and at the five that is that the niche that after his stuff and he will see the light of life that the fight could you slice that lies based on Dead Sea Scrolls and in inability Dead Sea Scrolls adds that and and that's why so is one of the earliest texts we have has that addition. Now that's the essay a scroll, not the Isaiah bistro.

There is a B scroll is almost identical to that the Hebrew text we have today virtually letter for letter. That is a a scroll is a bit more expansive, so the at the NIV is simply following the reading of the Dead Sea Scrolls and understanding this concept of of seeing light seen the light of life. But yet so that's it.

It should say so in a footnote which you if if you're using say Bible works if you scroll over to to NIV okay scroll over to NIV and then or just go over to that verse and look at notes or analysis yet.

Let's see NIV here we go Dead Sea Scrolls. See also Septuagint Masoretic text does not have light of life. So because the Dead Sea Scrolls have it and because the, the Septuagint goes in that direction. The Lord also was pleased to take away from the travail of his soul to show him light source, and that perhaps is with the original Hebrew text read and discuss short and somehow in the Masoretic text that the other translations draw from this is the textual issue of ancient manuscripts is not the NIV trying to to read is behind now yeah okay yet will yesterday listen David if we can be of help to you. Let us know. I do appreciate you calling all all oil from England and again if you need references list of anything just right through the website and and you get a response from the Jewish ministry assist in her mind if we need to send you excerpts from my book. If you're unable to to get it.

I don't want to invest in the e-book will gladly do that okay thank you very much. You are very welcome sir. All right 866-34-TRUTH 87884 drive time for another call out to what will will do that. On the other side of the break I spent the first hour talking a lot about the speech from yesterday. Let's listen to clip number four this is John Kerry on with Andrea Mitchell on NBC talking about America's stance now towards Israel for years, Republican and Democrat administrations alike have invested into states for years. Look at the effort Bill Clinton put into this present Clinton look at the effort that failed way back when. With Pres. Carter and David, this is been going on and on and now it's time for people ask why is it going on and on. What is it that is the note, preventing medicine right now, what is preventing it is a coalition that seems determined to build in the West Bank to take over the West Bank. As I described today for the exclusive use of Israel except for some minor proportions that may be left and that is something that we have to look at very, very carefully while so Israel's settlement building is gonna leave almost nothing. The Palestinians you have millions of Palestinians presently living there in a few hundred thousand Jews at most that would live there with some out this place. All of them seriously and and why is it that without the settlements.

Yeah, I understand an obstacle. I understand this controversy with the why is it without the settlements that there was a piece and in that every time that olive branch was extended to the Palestinian leadership and I blame the leadership, not the people retirement and olive branch was extended to the Palestinian leadership. Instead what Israel got was terror attacks want hug. How could that possibly be the issue that it's it's not like this.

Ron Dershowitz from January of last year explaining that even I didn't agree with the settlements himself. They were not to the gospel of peace and premise details rightly said why the obsession with the settlements. I've got a brand-new article that was just a rotor this morning and just posted a few minutes ago on Obama and Israel from 2008 to 2016 story of betrayal and reversal. I think you'll find it very helpful. I document the quotes and specific details that should be eye-opening for you will be right back with your Jewish lady calls questions and more. Want to talk about Torah portion and some other related news will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I will hear about Jerusalem. This is the voice of Michael Brown. Thankfully not singing and not rapping but talking to you as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity so much has happened in the world with America and Israel and the nations in the last week and we had a great interview earlier today with Bill Koenig who has focused on Israel America relations for years. I encourage you to go to my website later today. The line of and you can listen to that entire interview. Just click on listen up flowers after the show was done is posted free of charge to you and we want you be able to take advantage of this. If you miss any of the interview. If you got a Jewish lady call your wondering about Israel's relationship to America right now.

Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 in my brand-new article Obama and Israel from 2008 to 2016 story betrayal and reversal down the stream you'll find it shocking to read some of the quotes from our president back in 2008 to look at how things have changed in 2008 as a candidate speaking to apex of this large American Israel political action committee candidate Obama, Sen. Obama said Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and must remain undivided yet yesterday, John Kerry said that a peace agreement would provide an agreed resolution for Jerusalem is the internationally recognized capital of the two states and protect and ensure freedom of access to the holy sites consistent with the established status quo will how can it be the capital of Israel and undivided. If it's going to be the capital of two different states had to do that and and is Joel Pollock pointed out that the Obama administration's acceptance is really participation in crafting your security around the Council resolution 2334 on Friday. American regards Israel, Israel's presence in East Jerusalem as settlements there in flagrant violation of international law. So the right place where Israel would say this is our capital is replace it and and want embassies to be is replace that's now considered it illegally occupied. How can it be be so check out the article, you'll find it to be a real eye opener. And I'm very thankful that incoming president Donald Trump has promised things to be very different towards Israel. It seems his historic sentiments are different river Pres. Obama with his upbringing living for time in Indonesia registered there is a must. I don't believe he's a Muslim never have believe that. But I believe he has great sympathies for Islam and is my guess. Bill Koenig said early today has been an apologist for Islam because of that has had it divided heart when it comes to Israel and now that there's nothing to lose. So to say. He and John Kerry have really gone out of their way to to hurt Israel to see damaging things who's got hurt. Most the legacy of Barack Obama and John Kerry. In my view, that's who it's going to hurt most and what will incoming president Donald Trump do, will he be able to achieve peace as tall order but will he be a better friend of Israel and not step Israel in the back and this white yes, I do hope for that and expect that and I hate to say I told you so but for years listed got grave concerns about were Barack Obama stands on Israel and he's been a friend in certain ways his help with military intelligence same time is devilishly set on Fox earlier today. Little by little he has demonized back with your Jewish called and thoroughly Jewish. There is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is my I Israel 866-34-TRUTH you good Jewish related questions will best provide you with solid answers to Steve in Vestal New York. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown good afternoon.

I am a mess. I can tell my wife and I hear your 35 years or so in the faith been greatly blessed in recent years by not only studying English version, but a go at going back to the layperson into the original language and so number one. Thank you so much for your ministry about you every day by both strength and wisdom and secondly I understand that you were part of the translation committee for the for the TLV tree of life version or associated with in some way. Yet, this one of the translation committee, but interestingly, although it had input along the way and by the way, thank you for the kind words and for your prayer support. I can't say how much that means to me to have people praying for us. But yes I I'm still involved with the translation and talk about future additions and study Bibles and things like that in different ways to get the message out and I have had input on different passages through it, but when I did come on officially it was helping with parts of the New Testament, so I'm quite familiar with the whole translation and some translation issues that came up with the Hebrew Scriptures.

But my own involvement was actually with the New Testament alone. The Greek scholar understand the language well enough to look at that. Another translation issues that I had I had input on the epistles. Actually, most directly okay all great great kiddos. So my questions were injured and maybe their part of the frequently asked questions the command in a week when you get a new translate lock and go grab favorite at the see how to write Narinder, you bet you that.

And so the first, but obviously the copy was the rendering of benefits one, two, with the now the earth was with chaos and waste and darkness was on the third abatement obviously so many of us were used to the more common form. What Boyd in many translations that I got my first question was with their was there a Dr. roll in can't bear to perhaps the graph. McFall of Bateman and the Lord then repairing repairing the universe of the world and over the next six days or any span of by the use of chaos and waste.

The end of a minority translation almost compared to many others. Yet what what what happens is though that often when something becomes very famous like a King James rendering it's in everybody's minds and many subsequent translations are just so familiar with. That's the first option that comes to mind.

Even though it's not necessarily that the best option. So you're looking at various translations. When I look at told who the first thing that comes to mind is not necessarily formless that the center of the first thing that comes to mind. Total Volvo, who together having a certain meaning there in Genesis 012, but that, for example, if if I'm looking at an old well-known lexicon can describe told who was referred to a wasteland in certain verses or emptiness meaning of nothingness non-entity and it's it's a minority view but it's not is not without some basis. NET the earth was without shape and empty so so formless seems to be no more a more common unformed is that the new Jewish publication Society.

Translation has it so the specific reasons as to why TLV translators went in that direction again. We just get TLV in front of me. II don't think it was a reaction to the idea that there was some fall between Genesis 1 and two and that's what happened I think is just going in a minority way waste for both who is probably less controversial than chaos for for toe who but a just based on usage.

There was probably a and other health.

I'm thinking that that that it is a trying to point to something that happened between Genesis 1 and two of what you have chaos of a something went wrong and and so it's saying there was some kind of fall. The pre-Adamic race or something. It's as of the great question. It is a logical question was a chaos assault chaos would seem to imply something happened that the God created things in a castle and then Isaiah it specifically says that when he made the earth he he didn't. He didn't created as as tofu which is only taken to be uninhabited. So Isaiah 4518 effective to have the TLV in front of you, sir. I flip to Isaiah 4518 where the Hebrew says low told who brought he did not create the earth toe who for some Sega that proves something happen between Genesis 1 Genesis 2, God created the universe and there some kind of fall, and he had to destroy the earth and remake it.

He didn't make it toe who he did make it unformed. Others understand that most of us, and he didn't created to be toe who nearly unformed but but hasn't read in the TLV is a 4518 so 4518 for the production that an IQ is guided – haven't worn Europe and made it established it and did not create it desolate, but formed it to be inhabited. Yes, I am not an eye. There is no other God and so there they translated this desolate.

So the question would be in it versus in similar context why chaos in 12 and desolate and 4518 of Isaiah. I have to ask the great question why and it will work. Discipling someone there certainly would be the message that God did not lose control of his creation of the second verse.

There is I ground there and and so thank thank you and are on that one next breakable boat will both study and and the second when I got actually very relevant because they've message is the rendering of Genesis 12, April 1 two and three where the translation game instead of kind of gone with the declarative of I will bless those who bless you, or I will make you a great nation. Verse two it that my hearts desire is to make you into a great nation.

Then in verse three. My desire is to bless those who bless you with their bare heart within the translation team that the that goes there with that because it if you can read that from an angle, it almost almost 8 I don't. Conditionally, as opposed to declarative, but depending to prevent the one that's that's a great question and this one I can answer you more definitively. There was a great debates among the translation team members and I got involved in this as well and what happened was this one of the translators the principal translators. The Hebrew scholar. She's a professor at Denver theological seminary and did her entire doctoral dissertation on this particular verbal form of violative verbal form based on the grammar and examined it in Hebrew and examined it in the related Semitic languages and felt that to translate the traditional way.

I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless those who bless you that to say it like that was to not accurately represented and it would be better to go to the other extreme, and bring in this concert of my my desire or my hearts desire. So the professors, a colleague of mine. She's she's brilliant and in this field, and there are some others who wait in a scholar from Israel who affirmed her work in this and I I opposed it, feeling that it would it could give that sense of conditionality which is not the intent of so there was there was a debate back and forth about it, but because of her expertise in analyzing it in such a micro way and really wanted to say hey this is not just like every other translation would try to get a point across and we feel this is an important point that it was ended up that there was a decision to go in this direction so it is not conditional. Rather, it's speaking of the depth of God's heart to do this very thing. So as long as you read it like that. It's very powerful.

However, deeply God wants to do it, but it's not well he might he might not. It know he will. He so deeply desires it that he will so is your discipling someone on that you can actually save the Hebrew is certainly declarative. It's not conditional but it really speaks of the death of God's desire to see this very thing happened so that it further enhances it. But your questions are cute and excellent and much appreciated. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

So it's very interesting distributors Thursday to look at the Torah portion that will read of this Shabbat this last day of the year it is me Kate switches at the end of the opening words of Genesis 41 wonderfully indicates the time it came to pass that the or and and at the end of two years talks about Farrow's dreams and then through this Joseph being raised up and exalted.

Interestingly, the passage that is read from the prophetic or historical books is first Kings chapter 3 verse 15 to 41 there. It talks about the wisdom of Solomon, God appearing timid, dream giving him revelation.

That's the larger context there in his wisdom that is in internationally famed as a result. So here you have Joseph raised up as an interpreter of dreams, hence the connection and then supernaturally raised up to the right hand Farrow from the dungeon of Egypt.

That is how it ties in with the weekly Torah portion 8663 for 87884 make sure I don't forget. Let me just do this now.

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I'm actually, I haven't really ever really have time to read it so I argues or did you and resident of the UN resolution right after and I don't know what does it mean for Israel. And what does it mean for us being Israel's biggest error and also looking for an electronic Duke in reverse. Yet we constantly talked a lot about this and thank you for the question that the resolution not only condemns the the ongoing building of settlements in East Jerusalem and and introduce America the West Bank today, but it also declares that that that territory, including East Jerusalem where the Western Wall is in by the Jewish quarter Jewishness that that is actually illegally occupied territory. So it is an ugly slap in the face to Israel all the evidence indicates that her own administration helped craft the resolution and then stood out of the way to make sure that it passed. We didn't veto it and spin look as real betrayal of Israel is premised anything to suggest even though we know you had an issue with the settlement. You don't bring your friends before the Security Council is basically a moral equivalence in the resolution as if Palestinian terrorism is equal to Israeli settlement building. So what that means going forward is it can give further fuel to the fires of Israel haters it can fuel the fires of the BDS movement boycott, divestment, sanctions it can undermine the peace process in that the Palestinians can say hey look, this is illegally occupied territory need to get out three negative. Israel's ignoring it, but that doesn't mean the world ignores it. Working president trumped it when he comes in we can make it clear as he has ready that he does not like what America has done that. He rejects the resolution American a joint way with Congress can say we reject the resolution. He could actually threaten no funding we give 22% of the UN budget if if I'm correct to say no funding, no funding if if unless this is reversed I would be cataclysmic massive for to be reversed, but that's what it would take, otherwise you just have to ignore it and try to build toward something better. Thank you sir for the call go to the line of and click on the digital library and you'll find recent articles and videos right, that including my latest article, Obama and Israel tooth from 2008 to 2016. The story of betrayal and reversal.

That's light a the digital library right let's go to Baltimore, Maryland car re-time is short so please jump right in. Right now you doing well.

Thanks. Quick question why that you are being aggressively mission I when we were taught that the REIT that you shall neither add nor detract from the where there's either it in the equation at my first question and secondly why do you have to be a neck and you your completed. Sure.

Actually, Jews are not really being aggressively mission eyes to the most part the church world has very little to do with Jewish evangelism. In fact, it's even though Paul writes that both of the Gospels, to the Jew first, the message of the Messiah coming into the world is to the Jew first and also to the Gentile churches often neglected to see you have some groups like Jews for Jesus and chosen people and people like me who are active in ensuring the good news with her people. That's primarily Jews telling other Jews about Jesus. We spent massively more money. Much, much more effort involved in, say, taking the gospel, the good news of Jesus around the world and try to reach the Muslim world, etc., so it's a special targeting of Jews, although Jews may feel that way but in shorts or simply see this is God's faithfulness that, in accordance with the brief, the covenant that he made with our people of old that he did send our Messiah in accordance with the prophetic Scriptures heat. He did die and rise to make atonement for the sins of the world. In keeping with the Jewish concept that that the righteous can make atonement for generation. Here the perfectly righteous one makes atonement for the whole world.

We simply believe God's facility spoke. Therefore, it's imperative for us to follow him. For example, it uses religious view that a secular Jew has the complete letters of intolerably say that the dispute must brace a silencer amount of time. If you all tomorrow or next Thursday.

Let's talk more all right. Thank you. Yes, this is my bottom line is for the Jew

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