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Focus on the USA and Israel, then on Black Hebrew Israelites

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 2, 2017 4:40 pm

Focus on the USA and Israel, then on Black Hebrew Israelites

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Donald Trump Benjamin Netanyahu Israel Iran.

The United States got covered today. Right here it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be with you for a whole lot to talk about. Once again, in just under two weeks.

President Trump is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and I can assure you that the tone and spirit will be different than many of the meetings and interactions between Pres. Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Their relationship famously icy at different times.

It seems things are off to a very different start.

In fact, premised Netanyahu actually had to apologize to Mexico because he was commending commending Pres. Trump for the idea of building a wall and said it's helped greatly with security in Israel which would then give you the impression that the people of Mexico like the terrorists trying to come in from Gaza or the West Bank, so we had to clarify that but whole lot more solidarity Israel now building more settlements and not a word out of the White House and condemnation so things changing in that regard, and Pres. Trump facing down Iran for what we say is a violation of our agreement with them guarding testing of warheads and things like that so a lot of interesting things going on.

You aren't listening to the line of fire in our Thursday broadcast which is dedicated to Jewish related issues Israel related issues which means if you have a Jewish related call of any kind. He requested be it a question about messianic prophecy be a question about the modern state of Israel.?

Jewish beliefs and traditions be of why Jewish people don't believe in Jesus or if your Jewish person you don't believe that Jesus assures the Messiah, by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I love to take your call in the second hour today. If you don't get that under local radio stations disco the line of and click on listen live or download the S Dr. Brown app. It is available on android phones and any day will be available for Apple so that's a SK Dearborn download the app and just click the life I listen you can listen on your cell phone. The second hour I'm going to be speaking with a Jewish believer in Jesus who is a black Jewish man but is not part of the Black Hebrew Israelites sect or cult, but he is an expert on these different groups that he's going to be talking about who the different groups or what they believe and how to reach out so by all means, do your best to listen to the second hour or after the show.

Just get along, and you can catch the entire broadcast. There I was asked a question by the staff luncheon run ministering in Cary, North Carolina this week met with their church staff over lunch and I was asked a question about as a Jewish person coming to faith that give me more insights into the Scriptures and into the faith, then say a Gentile would have just coming into the faith as it got understand. I was not raised in the traditional Jewish home number one if I had been.

I probably wouldn't been shooting heroin at the age of 15. So I got saved. Like any pagan like any heated like any worldly person. Like any nonbeliever would be saved. I didn't come with special insights because I was Jewish, and if I'd come from a traditional Jewish home for comfort. Traditional Jewish home. Then of course I would be reading things were particular line seeing things from a particular viewpoint, and it would be only by the Holy Spirit's grace that I would then have insight into the side pieces of things like that six of the cavity inside the have the don't assume it's something automatic thing if you Jewish, you must have more spiritual insight into the Scripture.

Don't assume the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We have put together a new video. It's the first in a series called instant insight with Dr. Michael Brown instant insight. It is one minute long, and that's the goal for these videos to be roughly 1 minute long with special animation and I I'm more excited about this video that I think any video we put out so far.

Or it's right at the top of the list, among others.

If not, my absolute favorite one minute long instant is right instant insight on the regathering of Israel. The regathering of Israel.

You'll love the animation. It really helps you follow the points and just got posted a few minutes ago and already the critics are weighing in attacking the logic attacking the argument, of course, they've never had a counterargument. I waited for years for their counterargument. Have not heard it yet. I presented it in debates presented in social media. I presented it on radio.

Therefore, to millions of people and not once have I gotten anything close to a coherent biblical response to this so it's easy for people's thoughts is stupid or wrong but they haven't provided a legitimate answer yet a legitimate response so check this out. It is our latest video and let me just confirm right here looking at sea. We can best see it. Tell you what, go to if you just go to the S. Dr. Brown website a SK DR just click on digital library to make sure that comes up is the number one there we go. The regathering of Israel with us any disco line of Click on digital library and you see it as the latest video the regathering of Israel watch it, share it with your friends and by all means enter comments on YouTube a couple of neat things coming your way in terms of Jewish ministry things were involved with God willing, and March 3, become part March 23 I believe it is at Kennesaw State University in in Georgia so outside of Atlanta. I will be debating a Jewish lawyer, Osher Norman, who is known for his book on 26 reasons Jews don't believe in Jesus, so we will be debating this very issue is Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Seven live around there no problem. It will be live streamed it will be live streams will be giving you more details on that. A free live stream where you can watch the debate. Also, God willing, almost sometime in March.

Don't know exactly when, because things are incredibly busy. We got our Israel tour before that as well but a counter missionary rabbi men that I consider a friend whom I deeply respect.

We have interacted in different ways for years now for on-and-off in different ways for about 15 years and we have agreed that the best thing we can do in terms of educating the public and reach out for Jewish people is to each put out a video at the same time a 20 minute video on the role of the Messiah. According to the Scriptures so we both release our video at the same time on our respective YouTube channels and then at a designated time after to be one month later and we just have to be able to schedule things in a way that works for both of us will put out a rebuttal to the other ones video and then maybe one month later will have to agree on the time will put out a rebuttal to the rebuttal. She will have three consecutive 20 minute videos where I present my views as a messianic Jew is a Jewish follower of Jesus, and this counter missionary rabbi presents his views and then we we interact with one another's videos by way of rebuttal and then we just put those up for you to see and if it goes well. If there's enough interest. If we feel good about it than there's always the potential it will then focus on specific subjects go from there. But I'm so pleased to build a do that. He's wanted to do debates with me in writing my schedule is and permit lengthy interaction of writing over period of of what would be many months, I think I've said let's just do a sitdown debate offered many different formats, but he wasn't comfortable with that of preferring to to have the ability to step back and think about the arguments and think about how to respond, but as it turns out we've agreed on this format and I am really pleased with it. He's pleased with it so will give you more details, but we got some great opportunities, beginning the month of March to be laying out on the table for the world to see with a qualified Jewish spokesperson debating the issue why we believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

So pray that truth and light would triumph and that God's power. God's anointing God's favor, God's grace would back his trousseau as those people study Jewish people study the issues. Look at the Scriptures that they would have help from the Lord that they study with heart and mind together 8663 for 87884. Let's go to the phones start in Massachusetts. Jim walking to the line of fire yesterday area. Yes, I can okay I'll just want to know limited Lord comes back to how would the figures people that were to be saved and that their eyes are opened, respond to that as a first or second, this just a comment on that. Yes Jim there is a joke that's often told that when the Messiah comes that Jewish people will ask him, is this your first time here recision a second time here, of course, it's it's a lighthearted joke but it's a tremendously serious issue.

On the one hand, traditional Jews today would tell you to their dying breath that Jesus is not our Messiah, and will never be our Messiah.

That's what they understand that's what they believe. But as I understand Scripture Jim there will be a national turning of the Jewish people. Zechariah 12 speaks of it when they look on him whom they pierced. Jeremiah 31 one speaks of it at that time, God will be God of all the families of Israel. Romans 1126 speaks of it were, Paul says that all Israel will be saved.

So I believe at the end of this age there will be a national turning which would mean that our people would be calling on the Messiah to come, but have their eyes open to recognize Jesus as the Messiah and the exact sequence of events, how it happens. Obviously that's known to God. We can debate exactly what Scripture says but I believe that hearts will be turned that there will be this extraordinary recognition that the one that we thought was the cause and source of so many of our problems.

The one that we attributed to anti-Semitism in church history and and connected with or a foreign religion and and was the source of crusades and inquisitions and pave the way for the Holocaust and things like that that would suddenly realize that the real Jesus was actually our Messiah that he's been misrepresented, misunderstood by others, and that hearts will be open to that. Now Jim. That being said, there are a handful of religious Jews in Israel there is one gentleman in particular, leading the way on this urging Jewish nation and religious Jews to recognize Jesus as was called the Messiah, son of Joseph traditional Judaism holds that not not all traditional Jews believe this, but many do that there will be two messianic figures at the end of the age, the Messiah, son of Joseph, who will be a mighty warrior, but who will die in battle. In the last great war, the Messiah, son of David will actually raise Messiah son of Joseph from the dead and then the size of David is the Messiah who will fulfill all of the messianic prophecies and will ultimately usher in that age of of peace and God's glory on the earth that we all long to see and this there. There's one traditional Jew in particular who was leading a movement in Israel to get Jesus recognizes the Messiah son of Joseph. I don't know where he stands in terms of his actual faith and an understanding but he's trying to say that we did the wrong thing and rejecting him the Jewish court did the wrong thing and rejecting him that we should recognize him as the suffering Messiah and perhaps that's his way of getting Jews to see that that he fulfills the roles of Messiah son of Joseph and Messiah son of David, so perhaps they'll be summarizing move among religious Jews before Jesus returns it will start to open their hearts and minds more and more as to who he is and certainly something that that I pray for that. That God would do and then when he does come the reality that the one that we rejected the one that we thought was the head of this foreign hostile religion is actually our Messiah and King. That's why the repentance will be so deep the morning will be so the picture that you had somebody wrong, for many, many, many years and find out. A friend as a thank you for the question. Let's continue to pray for God's grace report out house miserable. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown 487884 is the number to call. Hey, I've got a question for you. It's based on the Torah portion of the week that would be rated synagogues across the world. This Shabbat this Saturday.

Got a question for you. The Torah portion power shot whole is from the book of Exodus and it has to do with the culmination of the 10 plagues on Egypt, and God freeing his people. The institution of the Passover is there as well and then the portion from the prophetic books that's red is from the book of Jeremiah and the 46th chapter at where it's a prophecy about Egypt demise.

Just a quick question for you.

Did you see the movie was called of kings and gods was that the name of it was a modern movie about the Exodus, I believe the producer or director was more atheistic than anything in terms of his own beliefs, did you see the movie. If so, what you think of it this curious 866-34-TRUTH 784 did you see the movie the modern version of the Exodus get.

I think the names of kings and gods of if you sought what did you think of it. Give me call. I'm curious to know of.

I started watching it during one international flight.

We have hours and hours you know you're fine.

Maybe do some reading.

Maybe do some writing.

Do whatever you doing then chill for a while and try to try to find some some wholesome entertainment so I I started watching it and I watched it for a while and didn't really go too far in the time I was watching I guess it's quite a set up before you get to the to the whole Exodus seen in miracles were not miracles.

Depending on how this, the director portrayed them, but I will say more about my impressions but just curious if you did see it. What you think. 866-34-TRUTH 7884, a quick word about our president about Donald Trump. Like him or not the one he is doing things he promised he would do if elected he is doing that people disappointing stance that he's taking. He is doing things he promised he would do a lot of people it's campaign rhetoric when it comes to relocating the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Ice read the transcript one CNN commentator when I quoted played the clip on the air. I believe, but his position was, every president talks about talks about the number actually does it talk that we don't do it seems that things that he talked about he is doing is doing and it hit him. Point of fact, that's scaring a lot of people and right now when it comes to Iran and Iran testing warhead. That's must be doing that, according to our agreement with and their sale yeah yeah faces dominant Thompson yell rear fascia down the world does need to see that you select those saber rattling to a cause or not. You don't allow terrorist nation or nation that sponsors terrorism to violate iridium miserable agreement that we made with them. You don't allow them to just go on and challenge you to its right to face them down there in the business doing what they're doing.

According to everything I understand. So yeah Donald Trump hopefully will will have wisdom and use diplomacy in dealing with other nations and ischemic rookie mistakes.

I assume so that's why we pray for him but and any new president better chance rookie mistakes, especially when there is aggressive is on trumpets but your blood believe number one is living up to promises he made far more than a prison I can remember former quickly is one and two yeah he does need to stand up to our enemies. We does 866-34-TRUTH okay we go to the Bronx, New York Karen, welcome to line of fire Brown thank you for taking Michael have a simple translation probably know, your good, and Jill at 831 3840 conveyed that she'll become involved in some kind of agricultural enterprises sharecropping enterprise but different transcribe it make connotation of oppositional like a one way the owner okay of land and he is sort of renting it out to tenant and the other any other translation it at speed. Tenant so I was wondering in your knowledge and your expertise is that translation is it a 1088 one. It is devoid tenant or owner exactly how I translated it. This hasn't been released yet that my translation of Job will be part of my commentary. Let's see, beginning in verse 38 if my land cries out against me or its furloughs weep together if IV is produced without payment because the spirit of its owners to grown but it yields thorns rather than wheat sticking leads rather than barley. So this is the end results than than you know that these things happen. The words of Jabbar and it's obviously a his land and the question would be his.

His payment of workers.

His not not paying for land that someone else owns. He was clearly the land owner. He was the wealthiest man in the East and the greatest man in the East. According to the testimony of the early part of Job within that's reiterated throughout the book. In terms of the former greatness that he had before the calamities came on him.

Certainly he is the land owner and and payments would have been not not payment to the land for someone else, but rather paying hired workers, things like that if you'd failed to do that, then let these curses, and that's that would be to me the fairly obvious understanding of the text or in why would they know what the proper translation into what what what word specifically are you talking about I'm talking about it I want translated and admitted the facility owner. Another translation I welcome. Of the tenant okay got it verse, verse, verse 39.

How would you agree that in the Hebrew got it you okay it is it is owners of the Hebrew does say owners survive. Eaton's process the payment made its new Jewish per publication society says rightful owners to spare. Got it. So in this case you would look at Job could be hiring out land or owning land that others have had certainly yeah and is sorry for taking so long to understand the specific question about that one specific part of the verse. The Hebrew belles lettres ha simply does mean it's it's owners it's it's masters so that if Job then theoretically had these large swaths of land that that other people may have owned under him and he took advantage of them in any way that would be what spoken of, but because of the ambiguity.

Since Job is the overall owner. If the Hebrew does speak owners. Some would say tenants and some would say owners. But the best way to translate it would be pointless to see again how I rented out of my land cries out against furloughs with that if IV dispersal payment because the spirit of its owners, grocer translate with owners that can't. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is clarity. If I confused any issues here, Karen. Your question about Job 31. The Hebrew word clearly skews me, means owners, however, in context, some translated tenants because they were owners under Job. That would be the way that we understand this, the Job had these large swaths of land that there were people then who were given oversight over this land responsibility over it. Or perhaps they own the land originally and out. Job said okay I'm I'm buying all these lands but you develop them so they were owners under him. You can say hence tenants said if if I defrauded any of them if I didn't pay them properly than than let my land yield nothing whatsoever. That's the point that is making so hopefully we clarified that for you and thank you for asking my commentary. I do deal with the nuances of the words, but didn't get into a further explanation of that 866-34-TRUTH. Yes, so if you saw the movie of kings and gods. The Exodus movie the modern Exodus movie. I think it was a big production lot of money from Hollywood certainly is not a big hit among believers. If you sought.

Let me know what you thought will start in Washington DC. Anthony, I thanks recall modifiable your thoughts about the movie. Sorry the Lord all I just I don't like the movie because you know I really hate how they change the agreement. The people who work key figure doing the biblical time. I don't think you know Christianity would have. I don't know what would've happened if the true identity and the elect people and eat in Ethiopia and Ethiopia same as they were doing biblical time that there people of color and always moving, you know, Kristin Beale Coakley Mulder slump that I mean the harassment. These people were indigenous to regions whether people want Doc and I am a Pharaoh they will even darker, and Moses was able to live in Pharaoh's house for 40 years and he thought it was his grandson so I don't spend a lot of change the identity doing a lot because it's impossible to oppress the people and then more chocolate thing worships somebody look like him at the same time I am offended you know right now the Jewish people in Israel. They are not Europeans for Gentiles. The convert to.

So Hitler wiped out 6 million of my people by mistake. Not certain what Jewish they were asked to do it, but that not the biblical Hebrew. The convert that you know you your descendents of the cave bucking the miracle in your normal none on a syndicate that because our kingdom was a tiny tiny little group and tell of love and the judgment left a lot out there was a law and Anthony Anthony, I agree with you Kathy. I agree with you that you shouldn't just have Caucasian actors. We agree that Moses was not of KK Morgan… Lynette and Anthony, I know my history pretty well. I know the history of our people. There has been intermarriage over the centuries, but we're not the descendents of the because ours are our DNA goes back to Israel and the Middle East are well elected and I know Greta Hebrew that were in Israel during the time of Jesus were dark people and the cave. Are you converted to Judaism.

Can we agree on that little disallowed group of people over in the overall history of the Jewish people answered this a little group of people in the overall history of the Jewish people that were convert converts from his house or kingdom.

A tiny amount in terms of the overall history of the Jewish faith.

That's a fast best SSS majority not selected as the original Israelites were not black, darker than the lighting you fax or error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown frustrates is not that someone has different point of view, but that someone insists that there point of view is the only factual point of view, and that I and everybody else is aware of that. Where is the facts are that they hold a tiny tiny tiny minority view that the vast fast fast fast fast fast vast majority of qualified scholars in the field with utterly reject and it's it's presented as of what everybody knows everybody knows that Barack Obama was Chinese and was the 83rd President of the United States.

No, you don't know that because he wasn't Chinese and he was the 83rd president of the United States and in just to speak perfectly candid. That's what bothers me.

Not that someone says that they believe Moses was blacker. Jesus was black and and as to the skin color. It's utterly material ultimately the ink in terms of reality, whatever was was let it be okay. We agree that Moses was not Caucasian. We agree that Jesus was not Caucasian was we agree on that and you can understand as Jewish people have lived in all different parts of the world. Over the centuries, if people have intermarried with them and have intermarried into Judaism. So let's say I was a Middle Eastern Jewish man living in Europe and a woman converted to Judaism and married me right and she was European then our kids would be a mix of Middle Eastern European and over period of time.

If there was more intermarriage from European culture, then you would have more and more that appearance so that you have Jews in India Jews in China, Jews in Africa using Europe went up taking on the. The characteristics of the people around them because of people converting into Julius, remember if I was a Middle Eastern Jew living in Europe assimilated into the society and may be converted to Catholicism or something like that and intermarried there. Then, over the generations would be no trace of me among the Jewish people anymore. Follow with thoroughly assimilated so you have people intermarrying in that respect. Intermarrying into Judaism become part of the Jewish people's it's always been a lot of intermarriage otherwise we wouldn't have the. The characteristics of all these different countries in which we live.

But when we look at ancient Egypt we can see that they were a darker skinned people you could say brown skin versus black skin as say for example a modern Saudi Arabia or are modern Yemenite or something like that they be darker skinned than a Caucasian lighter skin than an African we can see that readily or say in modern Egypt today. It would be the same thing and you have iconography you you have inscriptions with with pictographs and things like that and and pictures, we see the Egyptians of brown skin with their Nubian slaves who were black skin and an evening that the depiction sometime skin color had certain social meaning and that that could very terms of the depiction not only so, there have been excavations and archaeological excavations of of gravesites and things like that and even the skull size of the of the black Africans and from what we could toughen that was different than those of the indigenous Egyptians so it again. I yeah I'm all for recognizing darker skin color than in those movies and the other was criticism of the of kings and gods moving out agree with her last caller that is just as always, Gus Caucasian.

So what you know there's just throwing out in, or any any semblance of accuracy and in doing that, but that's of course an aside in terms of the.

The larger issue that I was asking about the movie. So anyway 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Roger in Rockville, Maryland if you saw the movie of kings and gods.

What was your thought it was horrid. Okay, well, everything about the movie.

It was basically out with a light mandate showed God the Almighty himself depicted as a child and an excellent one at that, bloodthirsty, petulant child learning really Aaron, Moses is the one that is directing like he is the mediator between trying to save the baby, Egyptians, or whatever, trying to calm God that includes basically wanting to kill everything God left the impression that I got yeah I review site. I rented it were largely negative, and when I watched it it was taking forever to get what was going but it was clear it was not going to be the supernatural movie that the Scripture describe that whatever was was being presented was going to be presented in a very humanistic way. Even God speaking to Moses and all of this in his discussion of it was going to be three humanistic eyes and bisected by more than more than humanistic.

I think the intent of it was basically to show to embarrass Christians or people of the Christian faith think that's where it was designed for.

You have house so I'm not disputing at all, but but how so out so well. As I mentioned before they demonstrate that showed God in such a light as they showed a mandated big trigonometric petulant little child throwing a tantrum feeling that this thing that they're doing a poor Christian or people or even messianic Jews and everything God is love. God is the. The ultimate expression of love and yet they're making them out looking like like to hear something from bloodthirsty parent taught it yet. Great observations Roger and it's it's such a shame if this is knows your views and onto a movie on the thing I sent you that clearly there were a lot of creative license taken with them or that movie and, according to course.

Creative license with all movies but usually when they do biblical movies they do they do it in good taste speak like for example the Prince of Egypt, for example, the Prince of Egypt was done very well and there are certainly little nuances of that did not happen. Like for example the Prince and the Prince of Egypt. When God actually moved between them and the Egyptians when they were at the Red Sea contributed directly showed fire coming out of Orchard Park coming out of the water moving alerts… So did not. You are right Roger that with any any of these Hollywood movies virtually also can take some creative liberty somewhat accretive license and we understand that there were going to fill in the blanks, or sometimes a distinct but it's been a little literary flourish and listen at something else think personally that this through the biblical. It's dynamic and dramatic enough, but this is yet Roger your hundred percent right.

This is Coast weight become creative license is the rewriting of the Bible and the rewriting of the God of the Bible so yes, as read the text in Scripture's synagogues will read around the world this weekend. That's the reality that's really happening at staggering staggering and staggering God's commitment to his people as Roger, thank you for weighing and much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH we go to John in New Jersey. Welcome to the modifier.

Hello Dr. Brown. You are in this resource. Corporate like Nicholas Turner share Rick Jewish people and our Orthodox Jewish people specifically and the Lotus soap opened up some doors for me to be in competition with them so one of my question. My main question to you today is, if I were to fit down with them and have a conversation with them and show them some of the messianic prophecies.

They were Christoph, I imagine one of the Hebrew language as opposed to me showing them my English translation so I'd like my my wife shooting for is to have the Scripture which at the Hebrew and the English side by side but the Hebrew has not been painted, but can make it difficult or cortical missionary to render their messianic prophecy, the way we would like it to be rendered though. I notice our scroll and a few others.

What what are your thoughts on what would be your recommendation. Yet the first thing Johnson thanks thanks for the kind words and I'm glad were able to be of help to you. No one's changing the Hebrew those were everybody's using the same Hebrew text Christian translators Jewish translators. Everybody's using the same Hebrew text.

If you have Hebrew subassembly. The English all have the same Hebrew text, the question is what is the English text and essay, and if you have a side-by-side Hebrew one side and was on the other like art scroll or like the new Jewish publication Society version called the Tanakh. If you have those side-by-side the Jewish translation is going to reflect the Jewish interpretation and Jewish understanding, and in some cases that will be different than the Christmas translation in Christian understand, so I would say hey tell look it up in the Hebrew the use the tree of life version tree of life. It's by Jewish believers in but Jewish sensitivity tree of life version and tell them to compare it for plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back fire. Let's go to Frank in Florida looking to want to fire hello Dr. Brown, are you doing well. Thanks McCall?

His board the thoughts of the Jewish people today know which of our day at an Orthodox Jewish rabbi did he feel like the promises made to Abraham have been fulfilled.

Is what will know certain certainly not if he's a traditional Jew.

He believes that the ultimate promises to Abraham or for the full inheritance of the land in Israel glowing in the land blessed by God and even ultimately, the coming of the Messiah and the establishing of the messianic kingdom so they were soundly promptly more diverse than the stars of heaven will that they would see that there has been as the great growth of the numbers of the people of Israel since the time of of Abraham, but on the flipside, the people of Israel. The Jewish people. We are as old as the people of China and the people of India and roughly as civilizations in the reach of those have well over 1 billion people and we have maybe 13, 14 million Jews.

So I would say that there there would be far more expectation in terms of God doing greater things ahead based on the promises to the patriarchs. 1000. He's provide a foundation for the rest of the prayer is a redemption that the traditional Jewish prayer every day. What about Abraham's name is Bill. May God change in her favor, and Abraham is that the government make you the father of many nations, however, directed at they would recognize that Abraham is spiritually the father of this, the three monotheistic faiths, Judaism and Christianity, and Islam, but they would still see the many nations, primarily as the growth of the people of Israel world why they do believe that only one film. I'm simply answering a question okay yeah simply answering how a traditional Jewish person would which would see it that nations could just mean that you have the many peoples. The tribes of Israel must experience nations and in themselves, they would understand. Genesis 12 where it says and and this is repeated that in you. All nations will be blessed they would understand it or in through your seed all nations would be blessed they would understand Hebron it's legitimate understanding to say that all nations will bless themselves through you, so that the traditional Jewish view is that all the nations of the world will say.

May God make our seed like Abraham's seed may God make our people, Abraham's people. So there would have to be a greater exultation of the people of Israel worldwide.

For that to be fulfilled that the whole world would say, may our nation we are people be like the people of Israel.

Hey Frank, I appreciate your your question your probing. Thank you, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Jay in Virginia.

Welcome to modifier Mark wanted to comment on our rather wanted your comment on this mass addiction achieves in the West Bank. I don't hear the media talking about it and and and I'm just outraged that it seems like this position were the Jewish people are yet Yahoo feels an obligation.

People out of years old so settlement is where is he doing that what what specifically is the announcement of what's going on. Still, there yeah can you hear me yeah so I am not sure what addiction you're talking about his work. Israel is building more settlements in the West Bank and looking to build up the Jewish populations have grown.

For example, with the settlements on on that sure what eviction you're talking about like to go. I look good. I got hooked on Internet and there was a mass addiction 5 to 600 Jewish people from the West Bank and I I haven't seen anything else on it.

I didn't see anything on the news. All I thought was on one I want to give these people plug but I thought on mainstream website and I fit you and I am in Phoenix and it's just they said 5 to 600 Jewish people were being evicted out of their houses and never protest and they keep the soldiers Israeli soldiers did idea police or something.

Work evicting these people and you you you haven't seen anything about that deal with him on looking at there there has been some outposts of Jewish people and six certain parts of the West Bank been fraught with controversy where there have been acts of violence. Sometimes the Jewish settlers have engaged in acts of violence and the military here and there may have evicted people, but this is what is happening is quite the opposite, that thousands and thousands of Jewish people are living in the West Bank. It's now several hundred thousand through the settlements and there's nothing taking place Like What Took Pl. in Gaza but was it 12 years ago when the entire Jewish population of Gaza, thousands of Jews who live there for years were forcefully evicted under RL Sharon under pressure from the United States, and of course that then open up the floodgates of of Hamas taking over there and just turning into a terrorist outlet so when I look online for example for eviction of Jews from West Bank you find here and there. January 22, Israeli troops, eviction resellers from West Bank homes of enough reset that was an Wrong there would be some type of dispute that would lead to that you were there properties of purchase, legally or not at things like that but but other otherwise, or some some acts of violence. It required it, but otherwise Sir is quite the opposite. Jews are not being evicted from the West Bank Jews are being settled growing settlements in the West Bank, Judea, Samaria, which is part of the. The big controversy so this is not some widespread thing happening. Be sure it's quite the opposite. The review settlements being built and that's what the outreach is over, and apparently present. Trump is fine with that Pres. Obama is not President Bush was not either a thank you for the call Glendon New York. We just got a minute but if I can help you with your question. Go for you. There you on the air, but we've only got a matter of seconds. If you could throw your question out. I take away. I think I only need any and all in only there apparently yet you just just jump in the Hebrew word Ross means spirit or brass, or wind, depending on the context.

Just like the Greek word Numa asked yet. The Greek word Numa can mean breath or wind or spirit, depending on the context so whether the Bible study met the spirit of God, then that's what it's talking about the spirit of God be on the prophets wasn't the end of God, but it certainly is there interchangeable debate the meaning of Genesis 1. Here there but otherwise he brought the rest of English. Depending on the context.

Hey friends, my bottom line. Let us pray for the salvation of the Jewish people is very very near to God were about to take you into the world. The black Hebrew Israelites. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is my delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call in a few minutes I'm going to introduce a special guest. He was on modify with us last year Sasha Herat Marsia Mount Marcy yahoo and he's going to talk to us about out the black Hebrew Israelite cult.

If you believe that the original Hebrews were black Africans and that salvation is not available to the white man.

If you believe that Jesus was something other than the Savior of the world are divine son of God and have some of these other beliefs tied in rigorous sort these things out maven take some calls from those that I would say that's me I'm on the hubris right up likely result may take some calls but were to open the subject up. It's one that on the last few years we got increasing numbers of questions about that somehow this is been spreading more in the inner cities. Somehow this is been taking root in other parts of the country and is not as obscure fringe minority view. Oh it's it's as off-base view as ever. It says wrong view as ever. It is as unscriptural of view and historically incorrect view as ever. However, however, it spread more and more the deception has caught on more and more so were we going go in depth and talk about the different groups talk about what they believe, talk about how to reach out to these folks and tonight is my last night in Cary, North Carolina, right outside of Raleigh can't remove the last time I was in the same church for five day. But we got the request to come like a secure ago they were starting the year was 21 days of prayer and fasting and hungering for God to common revival and asked if I would come and speak in this fellow supposed to do. It shall be doing live radio from here every day and then the services night tonight's the last night but I mention it not just for folks living in the area to join you carry Church of God at 7 o'clock tonight but I'm going to be talking about the importance of reaching Jewish people with the gospel effect will be receiving a special offering to help with Jewish outreach ministry tonight that something that very few ministries are directly involved with very few churches are directly involved with so by all means we want to support missions work around the world and share the gospel with everyone in the fast fast fast fast fast fast vast majority of grants of going out for ministry school or on the mission field around the world are not focusing on Jewish outreach the reach of the particular nations where they are but they have a heart for the salvation of Israel. So if you're anywhere in the area a by all means join us tonight and I think you'll find it to be an eye-opening time and a blessed time in the presence of the Lord together also really excited to announce that our first ever instant insight with Dr. Michael Brown video is now online on YouTube just one minute long with great animation where I explain why the regathering of Israel.

Today is a divine event and not a human event and even some of the attacking mocking comments in response to the video is just one of a couple hours ago. Further confirmed the rightness of the physician people mock without substance, they can guess they didn't have coherent answer so check it out. The line of

Click on digital library see it is the latest video of the regathering of Israel and then share it with a friend get it out as many as you can file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and mentioned the Exodus from Egypt in the context of the 10 plagues things like that and asked folks if they'd seen the movie of kings and of God's and their impression was a modern adaptation of the Exodus story that really secular humanist approach and the first caller called in and said he was really offended by because they had all Caucasians playing key roles of corsets on historically accurate. But he said of course I know that that I'm only a converse to Judaism from us has our tribe, etc. and that all the regional Jews were black and so got us in a whole discussion that I didn't plan to get on but at the ties in directly with the question today of of a cult of a sect that is called the Hebrew Israelites or black Hebrew Israelites who are they, what's the difference between them and say an Ethiopian Jew and African Jew who has a historic claim to being a Jew, what's the difference there a few months ago was introduced to a gentleman who's got a unique background and really specialized in these issues for a number of years, so our shot Herat, Marcy yahoo.

He has over 19 years of sexless experiences a history social science instructor and instructional coach and he's got a tremendous amount of information about the Hebrew Israelites of the black Hebrew shorts we want to bring them back on to give us further background who the major groups who believes what and how to best reach out so that further ado, Sasha Herat great to have you back on the air.

Greetings to Michael how are you doing doing very well thank you yes so that that unexpected phone call in the first hour further pave the way for where we are today. So Sir, if you could just paint a picture for us. I know you can get into massive detail and will dig deeper with the larger overview of the origin of what we know is is Hebrew Israelites today where you trace it back to when then, which are the principal groups that exist today element start off Michael first by giving all glory and honor and praise to the holy one of Israel. And I'm thankful for another opportunity to be on and I just want to say this to you very quickly that I listen to you for many many years. Well over a probably you know 25 years, possibly, and I just wanted to say that the work that you have done in messianic prophecy and the answering objections to the start of Israel have been phenomenal and I just wanted to say that to you. Not saying I know that there may be Hebrew Israelites that the very go trying to get pandering, but that's not the case.

Thank you for having me on again and I just want to stated that your work is been very meaningful so I wouldn't come on this platform. If I didn't believe that you were a person that was about digging deeper and being able to to grapple with difficult content and subject matter now as far as the origin of the group. I do not direct everyone back to the first show that we did September 8 because I got really in depth about the most of the information, but what happened is there were authentic West African Northwest African Jews who ended up in America through various means and began to hand down this oral tradition of being Jews historically and it it it filtered heavily into the African-American community, especially around the late 1800s and early 1900s.

You see, the tradition beginning to grow and pockets throughout the South. And then it travels in the early 1900s to the north areas like Philadelphia and eventually New York. What happened as the congregation please authentic black Jewish congregation are established, it difficult because when you are a person of color, and you identify because of your community or where you live with people who tend to look similar to you and scanned in an phenotype, there is the tendency for for you to harmonize and so then there may be people that are Hamitic our African that began to fellowship with this authentic community and then what would begins to happen is this mixture of the doctrine goes out among all of the people thing will if you're black. In general, then you all black people are Jew that it was never intended to be that way. But as you know that African-American people were robbed of their history, their culture, their language when brought to this country through the process of what Dr. John Hope Franklin called his peculiar institution and so therefore looking for something yearning for something began to clean hello heavily to early Israelite movement or black Jewish movement and so increasingly the rhetoric become more bashing, more blatant, more hurtful and hateful because the 1940s, 50s and 60s see the rise of many black organizations like the Nation of Islam, etc. that begin to really take a hard and against white America and the people who were a part of the early Israelite movement. Some of them who may not be physical Israelites themselves began to take on the same adaptation that the white man is is wicked. The white man's evil look at how depressing and he doesn't want us to know about our true heritage and of course in times of oppression, things of nationalism grow and are accepted widely and we see that throughout history, though a school is established in New York City and Harlem. It's called the commandment keepers or the house of prayer for the nation under a man called Rabbi Wentworth Matthew and authentic West African Jew from West Africa by way of the Caribbean and a man join his group by the name of Lieberman, yeoman, or he's caught up a bit with his name was given when he joined the group he starts to take on the nationalistic pendency any breaks often commandment keepers because you know Rabbi Matthews wanted to create conflict in the amount the bid used in New York City when they were white, whether they were black. Whether they were brown. It didn't matter.

He wanted to create an inclusive community, whereas Bivens said no. No way this nationalism where the only Jews that the only thing that exist because the preacher on the street corners of this message from him when he dies in the late 60s and killed by the Muslim. He has three student Amy has a man named Jacob, a man named Arianna mandamus shop take over the movement and they change the name of the school from the Israeli school of Tanakh and they change it to the Israelites school of universal practical knowledge that movement there. Michael is the centerpiece and crown jewel of what today is known as the black Hebrew Israelite movement there, the one that you be caring toward the one that you be with with all of the like. The Madeleine chain been the leather garments that look strange and bear the want to go on the street corners incurs that people if you're not black and you're not as they stay from a so-called Negro origin in your mental food you're going to be destroyed and when the black Christ comes is going to put yeoman flavor what what an extraordinary exposition and and I appreciate the streamline some research when when when you talk about the origins and how people who weren't originally from a an African Jewish community are unauthentic black Jewish community. Now take on the identity. It reminded me of of people who are not actually of a certain skin color or not actually were certain gender and then they begin to identify the they tend to overcompensate and they have to take. They tend to take on artificial aspects because it's not really who they are and this is what's happened here and then when you mentioned the oppression the nationalisms of course this is a pushback so at at what point, then, would you say that the the crease the predominant number of those involved in the movement were no longer authentically of Jewish origin that difficult if they Michael because you know I don't know everybody personal DNA. You know what I mean and I don't want authority in, and involved in saying who is or who is not a Jew because I know that I have brothers and sisters that have attempted to make aliyah and in doing so somewhere accepted, rejected, and sometimes it was just based on skin color alone of of whether or not there was a deeper you know examination of their background and request for parental records and in marriage documents, etc. where some you know didn't see that that same type of treatment so you decide to break. I understand the care with which you are asking and ends forces of thought question asked. Let's let's repurchase from another angle that I appreciate your expertise and insight that you're giving us the address. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown my black and a follower of Yeshua Jesus the Messiah is over 19 years of successful experience as a history social science instructor instructional coast as an expert in Windows. The Black Hebrew Israelites, their origins, their development, their beliefs talk about how to reach out as well. Right before the break issue had sketched out for us. The, the origins of these groups coming out of original African Jewish congregations that then merged with the surrounding black American population and then took on kind of an ultra nationalism and things like this and even antiwhite sentiments along the way, when did belief in Jesus on several some level become part of of this movement will I do what I want to answer that question Michael, but if I could briefly just cut back on what you that before the break of that aggressor. Yeah, I just want to say I live in Virginia and here there is the unity the black community in the area where I live and in the central Virginia area.

Albert the math of mixture of culture here and but the predominant culture are Native American and black and you and it's a joke among black people in America that people fail my grandmother's Indian whenever they don't know where that comes from but that mixture is very strong here in in Virginia and in doing that even research over the years. My grandmother having history coming from.

You know being being a black defendant of of of Jews and also having the Native American ancestry there as well. I went on studies in then stopped for many many years tracing and looking at history and one thing I saw was that you know Thomas Jefferson make the statement about the Indians in Virginia. Anything that you know during his time.

That there were no more pure Indians left in Virginia that they all had been mixed with with Negro blood now I I know of several chiefs here that are in the area and there the chief who lose the leader of one dominant tribe here in Virginia who, because of of the way that race was done during his time in the 50s and 40s his sister was slated to go to a colored school because of her skin color. Whereas he was slated to go to a white school there both Indian Native American people, but he couldn't go to the same school with her sister because of skin color and it was a man in Virginia named Walter plucker, an evil man who also worked with Hitler and gave him some ideas in eugenic who made it so that if a child was born in Virginia that was of native ancestry. The. The certificate was to be stamped either colored or was to be stamped white that there was no opportunity to put mulatto or mixture or Indian because he was trying to create the society of black and white, and these are historical fact that anyone who studies the history of central Virginia will find out about now what does that have to do.

The question asked before. When you fill how many people you know began to not have this Israelite aunt ancestry genetically unite over what period of time it difficult because of what is been done with the record and because of communities being forced together into one place that you may have people that are you know the other thing that I hear a lot. My kinfolk ain't my kinfolk and what that means that just because we have the same color skin doesn't mean we have the actual fame history or or genetic makeup, and so is very difficult in that regard enough by the Scripture warns us about getting bogged down in genealogy. I just wanted to state that because at the very real problem here Virginia watch some of our tribe have not been able to the federal recognition because of that. Okay, that there actually of the tribe here in Virginia.

I won't be the name that on the Constitution. If there is an Indian woman, married a white man she can remain on the reservation and retain her identity and status of an Indian if she marries a Negro. She immediately loses her status and has to move off of the reservation the house and that the world that we live in. You know someone that answer that. Now as far as the messianic people is difficult Michael because I know your position and I know that you know it in your view, have a listen to you for many years that you can move within the Christian and Jewish community. You know quite quite seamlessly and you don't really need to be the major disconnect, but when you are a Jew up a depth of color and an Israelites of that or do not talk about black people's life. Yet what happening is it's it's almost that we have to be more stringent of of Torah more stringent Apollo, more stringent of the thing and so I within the community. You know terminology like Jesus and things of that nature are not accepted terminology though I understand you want a scholarly level or thing what were just talking about different of of translation and transliteration of the main but as you know, in the Jewish community in general. That name is not even you know, to be spoken like you wouldn't you would you be politely asked to not say that if you were in a traditional Jewish synagogue, regardless of whether was black or white, though, that what the battle in the early days because Matthew who had learned of this tradition coming from the West Coast of Africa and bringing it here was not the first. As a matter of fact, the very first black Jewish congregation to write here in and in the Virginia area and I did research on this at liberty University.

Lastly, and to actually speak on that to the graduate symposium. I think a year or or two ago that that organization will stand and the gentleman that that started that movement of William Prouty's one of his great grandfather think it is. Today is the chief rabbi of their particular group of synagogue. He was messianic and the earliest of people to bring the tradition of Israelite identity of the of Jewish identity were messianic. Strangely enough, now one of the early pioneers made the statement anything that I don't know what the Messiah's true name is is that but I know it's not Jesus you know it's part in it.

Actual Hebrew origin right and so when he would sign the document he would actually sign it with your table half sheet I would find it that way before name, you know, as we know, the variety would sign it that way and and and put that at the bottom of his correspondence both of very unique people and anything with Michael. This is very interesting to it gets to be very complicated because they Hebrew Israelite movement.

Look for some of the early black Jews as their hero and at their founder, range, but but but this is a new phenomena. Michael, because I remember going with friends of mine to challenge the black people Israelite that were in New York City and on the place.

The 1941 Madison Avenue that the FBI just rated their like last months of the mass man says to get the music playing will start with your reaching out to black users like city when we come back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown in the early 19 nine Pastor Don Wilkinson, Pastor David Wilkerson and during the SKUs me during the day I was walking on the street with a colleague. He was also white rose to Jewish believers in Jesus walking on the street and encountered every cut a group doing outreach and preaching and do whatever they were doing and then heard one group of the loudspeaker and I came up to them and they is very interesting Alfred sky looked like it, is between ancient biblical garbage scar attracted guards with these giant clubs and rulers of the Black Hebrew Israelites to just hurt a little bit about them and I began to preach in the midst of them and say that we we both made at the foot of the cross and white and black. We need each other, etc. and they begin to incite the crowd which have to be all black and they began to chant a death to America, death to the white man. It was quite an interesting confrontation. These groups are to be totally distinguished from black Jews. Jews who came from Western Africa who maintained heritage of Judaism, many of whom were followers of Yeshua the Messiah.

When they came to America ultimately is out of those groups that the Black Hebrew Israelites arose.

My guest saw shut her up Marciano, who is an expert on the subject himself a black Jew and a believer in the Messiah, and he also went to speak to a group of Black Hebrew Israelites in New York City. Welcome sir to the broadcast. Tell us about your encounter in New York City.

There friend of my week that you know were going to go and be with these guys are talking about appeared to the these gentlemen would benefit what they're talking about appear in and in in Harlem so we went to this place and it's called the and I want to listen to this because this doesn't sound like a very Hebrew or very Israelite. You know name as far as for people that are saying we got speak the ancient Hebrew and the white man, but the name of their building is called the Israelite church of God in Jesus Christ traditional church bracket though when you get there they have on the doors and the 12 tribes scattered abroad and then they've got all of the 12 tribes you know Judah Benjamin Levi, etc. and then they say Judah is the Negroes and Benjamin is BJ West Indian Levi's. The Haitian them. You know, trying to think of you that attractive friend of the Puerto Rican. It's very Gad is the native North American Indian and Rubin of the Thibodeau and it though they've done that, no whites, no lights in my memory that not know why no one though, but we go there and a gentleman comes out and if you'd like. What are your brothers doing you know, because we're where black men, you know, for all intensive purposes that we were in the 1950s, we would've been you know proposed in the wrong place. You know I mean it yet but but but the thing is that we went there and what were your brothers doing what we just here with the low videotape. One of the thing which our bounty for the first thing is that the death of his form of outreach I get.

Did you know Christ was a black man.

So we start laughing you know and relight with it that we are Jews were Israelite like Omar to followers the of of the church.the because you guys are heretics did not reveal your call and he would like brother brother. Why would you say that I said because you don't at that all of the old method everything that your your teaching is fraudulent.

It came from everything that you have you cook it and you you messed with it and you turned it into the foolery and I said you you're not even who you say that you are. Anyway, he said the truth started here in New York.

1959 that it will listen to because that's the year that they started the Israelite school of UK so anyway I music that is this is absolutely intriguing friends is an authentic black to believe in the Messiah consultant confronting a false Black Hebrew Israelites a lot more to come stay with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks again for joining us on this broadcast is in on lack Israelites false beliefs and we will get to shortly how to reach out to control simply some audio clips with some pretty vivid stuff happening in one of these communities. My guest saw shut her up Marciano, who a black Jew and a follower of the Messiah so checks out is authentic on all of our scales here so when you reach out to this like you were Israelite pieces of the truth. Started New York City 1969 tell listeners again what what school was founded than that they believe is now the fountainhead of truth in Revelation, the school of universal practical knowledge. Now when I said to him, do you know that next slave and complaint of a black man named William Crowley.

I actually established one of the first official black synagogue and 1896 that that's way older than them, then y'all like that, that's not true.

The truth started here 1960.

Not that we have them on tape. Michael what happened is I noticed in the last two years that they have now been creating chart in which they trace themselves back to Prouty and Crotty group just about everything that they're about because Crotty first followers. The next slave who maintained this tradition he actually first followers were white and so, though he he's diametrically opposed to everything they stand.

What I do mention Crotty because he's one of the early one to start to bring this tradition out to the mainstream of the danger. Michael is that many in your audience would probably encounter an authentic West African you and because they might turn themselves of them Israelite of the terminology that we use know and and and if you go around the world. There are people who utilize that that terminology that are not a part of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement of the terminology that that that you they would probably confuse and I've had people many times when I tell them about my order my background expect are you part of those guys it on the street corner I have to go through this whole you know… There it's very difficult but I wanted to say that you have been clipped. I think it's important Michael to to get a couple of those close whenever you're ready I can get accident on let's do it will will play them anything, that we can start with number 13. The plant and then you can give us the background. Let's go ahead and submit right well clipped it yet one more clip and then you can win. Let's go to the next one filled could number 14. This is pretty intense stuff, but will get the background from our guest right after we listen. Go ahead and write so sure. What does that have to do with Black Hebrew Israelites. Well that is a group the Israelite school of you PK in their modern origin. In 1995, the group split and it turned into two groups, which was the ISU PK, which they later became the Israelite church of you PK in order to deal with tax situation and then the other group call house of David and these two groups have splintered and splintered and splintered until you know those original group are just, you know, in the background and now these newer groups are coming out and it isn't blazing across America now Michael you heard the hate right now we know that the Scriptures that mentioned the mind right that you to why, how is it that these gentlemen you know can can can preach this kind of method whether you what they call precept, and so they go to the book of Revelation, where the you know he that let leap into captivity shall go into captivity, etc. and they try to use that as the basis for the doctrine that because black people in America were pressed and were in play and were ill treated that we are going to have our get back and we're going to enslave white people. The Chinese and the Arabs that all of the group of people who had anything to do with the middle path the triangle trade and the African slave trade and you're going to be slave. Those of you who were not killed in the middle of the nuclear missiles are gonna come America going to be destroyed and then the black Christ figure is gonna come and you get to kill the Pope and you gotta kill all the religious leaders and that the Black Hebrew Israelites as the rightful ruler than air of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Now that sounds far-fetched, but even peach groups like GMS they that when this black Christ figure come.

We're going to have special powers and were to be able to shoot a raise out of her eyes fly to have the strength of 50 men and make them look like child's play. And it sounds crazy, but you know, one of the things that I think we need to be mindful of is that to call someone crazy and then leave it there is dismissive. It doesn't deal with what's behind the narrative and I think that the difficult part. Michael we talk about why black people in America are leading to B's movement in droves. We have to address what behind the narrative as we see in modern time when police officers know. I thought one. Myself, where there was a black man. He was on the ground. He had his arm straight up in the air. He was telling the police officers that there was an autistic child next to him that that wasn't a gun. If the Lego and he was saying you know don't shoot don't shoot, he's autistic.

The police officer shot the black man was laying on his back. By the way, with his arm straight up in the air and when the black man says that the police offer you shot me. Why did you shoot me the police officer responded, I don't know now I understand of the person that deals with trauma and things of that nature from my training as an educator and in years back.

I know we can happen to the brain and for the mind and what happened and I doesn't make any excuse for either way that a person might interpret the situation, but to the mind of an oppressed black person they be this visual many time and what ends up happening is there are white in the in the community who have this this view of get over it right. I've even heard white talking about the Holocaust and I just happened in the previous week where a white gentleman was saying that you know there was a Jewish brother was talking about the Holocaust and and how he is weary of of of when he hears people speaking German and his response wasn't get over it so you know it's very difficult because as is Glenn Singleton says in his book a courageous conversation about right. We enter into conversation either from an intellectual provision from a moral position or from an emotional position and what we have the dialogue about rate. A lot of times because we don't understand the cultural needs to of the English. The people that were discussing we don't see the viewpoint of the others of empathy and that the kind of thing that you'll the Black Hebrew Israelites" the caller you had earlier. I was telling my wife in the first part of the show.

It is probably a wonderful gentleman who is studying the Scripture, but he he studied something that he thinks he sees and understands them think and his Internet interaction with you the way it is gonna walk away saying there's another white man hiding the truth yet is that one thing yeah of course and and and even though I put myself in a very unique position coming on to talk about this.

I think that it people like him that I meant to help and and Michael ought you to. I have to say that it has been a blessing because I have been able to help so many Hebrew Israelites. I mean even in just the past couple of weeks bringing them to an authentic relationship with the Messiah of Israel, though you know it's one of those things where it's like I was made the person that I was made to be. I grew up in the community that I grew up in. In order to have the skills that I have. To do this work and I just wanted you know to bring that out you know that it is difficult because when we have officials and in local government who can tweet about the First Lady being a monkey and address.

You think these are the kinds of things that Hebrew Israelites here and it you'll that kind of hate and often one more thing Michael Albert the book that came out Dr. Timothy-who is the one of the elite dollars in researchers at Duke University.

He came out with a with a book and he interviewed a lady named Carolyn Brian Johnson again is one take away all my white listing friends or nonblacks's friends must understand how the world looks to many black Americans. If we are going to have out.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown that the act is not a scam center if you know my background I group the Scripture group in Christian churches. Like most most of us do. And when I came to the truth I realize of the most eyes but make a big move in the earth that is Brandon T Jackson, stem, comedian, rapper, actor, writer, Nancy. He's quote an Israelite, my guest saw Charlotte Marciano wish we had a few more hours to discuss what we talk about the Black Hebrew Israelite movement separating that from authentic black Jews who believe in the Messiah and that we want to take these last minutes to talk about how we can reach out lovingly to those who identify spiky recite your sensitive writer for the brakes are so we go back to you and then we want take the last few minutes just with whatever practical wisdom you can give us.

Yes sir, I think that first of all Michael with you allowing a segment like this to take place.

The first step right because you know if there are historical pieces. In truth, it brought out they they would know that I'm not attempting to destroy them. You know what I mean.

Another word might not like to and so not my objective is to try to bring them to understanding why they are where they are now a lot of times there are nuances in how people that are not black and and and it's interesting because, again, of where I was raised in what I read you talk in a black Jew raised in an inner-city environment that's very unique you.I miss no so I understand a lot of of of what goes on it and and for example when when you were talking with the call earlier just want to go back to that you made the statement because he said you know all the Jew, the black and your caves are and that one of the things they teach about the design fees but you said no.

The ancient Jews were not black and didn't but then you said, but we know that the ancient Jews were not European nasty your thing that I know you don't mean anything in your heart there, but to a Hebrew Israelite there listening and thing will why would you say the ancient Jews work black if our skin color but then you didn't say they were white youth that they weren't Europeans. Donnie got it that you are looking for that. The one we deal with them and I want to give them practical steps.

First of all you you know the thing way in which you would approach an Orthodox Jew right where you would say okay there certain terminologies. I wanted to be wise about, you know, I want to make sure that I don't thing anything that a fan because you're what truly trying to to reach them have that conversation and build a rapport even though the Hebrew Israelites. Some of those group can be some of the most you know right and dastardly fellows in the world. All of them are not that way, and as a matter of fact there are, you know the community is really been mixed up. Michael, you probably don't even know that Michelle Obama's first cousin is Rabbi capers Monet who actually spit on the Chicago Board of Rabbi the traditional Jewish synagogue in Chicago. One of the oldest like 1908 and there are Jewish people by Jewish brothers to go there for services on Shabbat, but there are also Hebrew Israelites who come for services and he opened the door for them and attempt to get them to understand in a more streamlined way. But we have to sometimes not be afraid.

You know to to be able to empathize and to understand and some of your callers. Michael called in on the subject matter have shown that they really want to get an understanding they want to know more, so that they can do something to help as opposed to thing look at these crazy black guy making fun of him and and and there possible lack of education and think of that nature. The first step is the empathy and info you.

You also want to be sure that you know you don't come with the Christianity peace from the traditional because they are already tuned in Thursday Christianity. The white man's religion, etc. that the more the Christians were really having no headway are those who are more like urban Christian to understand the environment in which they are dealing and they go to the root of the origin of Christianity and show places like Ethiopia, one of the oldest Christian nations in the world that things of that nature to try and get them for me that hey, that the V, the new covenant manuscript be the guitar that the not. These are a beautiful writing and there's more to them that reveals who the Messiah is and what he wants to do in your life and to change you and make you into a new creature and that's what you need to glean from the text as opposed to nationalism race baiting and race hating and and and so you have to have that that view when you're going when you're speaking with them right there so so that the empathy especially as as a white person and and by the way that's that's something that my callers greatly help me with over the years from different backgrounds because their life experience. Perspective is different so as listener with God… Always say sit down with someone we got racial tension or ethnic tension. America and send them tell me what the world looks like for your eyes and let me listen not to offend or are you limitless in the money share through my subtract reveal each of his blind spots which we just have bite by upper even in our most sincere moments, and then so empathy understanding, especially for if your your your white and interact with Black Hebrew Israelites and then secondly we don't just come with the traditional church Christian message with Sarah ready rejecting officer, the better we understand Jewish roots and then minutes left. What else would you tell us you know, I just want to say Michael that my appeal goes out to all of those who are thinking about joining the Hebrew Israelite movement of those who think that there you'll simply just the major cover-up worth the trip better. I think if you dig deeper and you take the time to really pray. Proverbs chapter 3 verses five through seven. If you try and integrate it with all your heart, and only to your own understanding acknowledge him in the way that you're about to go really think the Messiah of Israel as an event that Michael you know we we use the pronunciation you shop those letters then you shall Yeshua the Messiah of Israel.

You need to think and with all your heart and I want to speak to every Hebrew is like that.

The think of Michael Bay listen to your show. They know you very well and they are listening right now and I want thank you brother and sister.

There is no time to spend in hating people. There's no time to spend and preaching hate go back to the doctrine and the teaching of the apostles. What is it that they preached around the world. It was the death, burial, and the resurrection of the only holy Messiah and his coming into your life filling you with his narrative truth changing your heart so that you can impact the planet and you can dispel live through him, not through all of your Internet research and twittering and facebooking, but you can impact the world with truth and dispel myths by allowing he is truth to come and dwell in your heart. I invite you to let him in. Today let us work together my dear brother, to reach as many of these precious souls for whom Jesus died for home host you Yeshua die. I appreciate your heart appreciate your expertise and your burden and that together. Let's make a difference your thank you for educating our audience and for all black English lights listening if you're listening. Let's talk. Give me a call and let's talk. Thanks. Once I wore my guest Sasha Herat must see Yahoo my bottom line today.

It is the message of liberating transforming love. That's the message we carries followers of the Messiah

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