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Where Hyper-Grace Error Can Lead; More Campus Insanity; an Important SCOTUS Case; and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 2, 2017 4:40 pm

Where Hyper-Grace Error Can Lead; More Campus Insanity; an Important SCOTUS Case; and More

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Be amazed with the error of hyper grace can lead all and there's a big case before the Supreme Court stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Let's think about the words of Jesus. Jesus said that we the disciples the believers we are the salt of the earth.

But if the salt loses its saltiness. What good is it only good is to be trampled underfoot by people other words, it's of no use what's so ever. The question is we, the believers in America have we lost our saltiness. What good are we doing is it any surprise that the world has so ignored and mocked us one great reason is we have compromised our message. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Anything you want to question beyond anything you want to weigh in on if you want to challenge me on the phone lines are now open. 866-34-TRUTH for truth. If you need clarification by all means give me a call, you know, if you listen to the show for the length of time that I believe that the greatest problem in America today is not so much the presence of darkness. It's the absence of light.

Yes, the darkness is dark. Yes, the world is worldly yes sinners sin that's to be expected. The problem is the light is not shining adequately. The nightlight is not shining brightly. The light is not shining publicly. The salt is not being assaulted, so I personally believe that one of the greatest reasons America is so messed up and confused. Today is because so much of the church is messed up and confused. The reason so much of the church is messed up and confuses because so many of the leaders of messed up and confused. That means when we get our acts together as leaders. Thank God for the many godly leaders throughout America. But when we get our act together much better corporately as leaders through the body, the church will be healthier as the church is healthier the nation will be healthier. Not because we take over and impose our values on others, but because God's ways are good in God's ways are ways of life in God's ways are ways of truth and we rightly point people in that direction and live it out before them. It brings blessing with it so I bring that up today because I've seen yet another example of how doctrinal error leads to further doctrinal error, and then even to apostasy and God is the judge when someone crosses the line into actual apostasy or when they cross the line into bona fide heresy or when their own soul and life is endangered before God.

That is something that God explicitly can tell us and we don't know at certain points where mercy ends and judgment begins and how those things for interface. When Jesus speaks in Revelation 2: call just above either actual name or the way she was derogatorily referred to since I've given her time to repent. How much time where's the clock is it sticky only God knows that. But I'm talking about the nature of what's being taught the nature of what's being believed in and that is the real real issue when I see compromised behind the pulpit. More and more and more. I know it's going to have a negative effect on parts of the church that, in turn, like a never have a negative effect on parts of the society.

Case in point, we come back right here on the line. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown by the way, I've got some audio clips and in the second hour some things happening on campuses high school, college campuses that will get your attention.

Later this hour going to be speaking with attorney Farris about very important case before the Supreme Court. The second hour speaking with James Robison who scheduled tomorrow to be at a dinner with Pres. Trump and other members of the faith advisory Council. This is right around the time of the national Day of prayer, so this could be a significant meeting will will hear from James Robison himself about what he is hoping to accomplish what he's looking for at this meeting, so that's all coming your way today, but first, the error of hyper grace where it leads further compromise. Further confusion when I say hyper grace on talking about an exaggerated grace message you say what you can exaggerate grace as she can exaggerate everything you can exaggerate anything you can exaggerate God's love until you get to the point where there's no judgment or wrath you could, you can exaggerate God's justice and to get to the point. There's no mercy. Paul writing to the Roman believers in Romans 11. Urge them to look at both the kindness and severity of God so you can teach kindness and exaggerated way you could teach severity exaggerated way and is Paul is teaching about grace he anticipates misunderstandings and addresses them no not saying this and I'm not saying this.

If Paul found it important to give caveats how much more should we find it important to say now to be clear, I'm not saying this. I'm not saying this I am saying this: I was way to do that. Hyper grace takes the glorious biblical message of grace and goes beyond what Scripture says if you're looking to study this more to get in-depth theological interaction and serious in-depth study of key passages get my book hyper grace. If you want to read things are more popular level little simpler level get my book the grace controversy that answers 12 of the most common questions about grace that's shorter and written in a more popular form. Hyper grace is more in-depth with more documentation. Backing up every word that we say in the book. Hyper grace has extreme positions that it holds to some are not. The dangerous some really are dangerous, but the core of the hyper grace message that when Jesus died on the cross he paid for your sins, past, present, future. I affirm that I agree with that but hyper grace goes on to say the moment you are born again, God only forgives every sin you ever committed. But at that moment forgives all sins you will ever commit in the future, meaning that forgiveness is a really appropriate appropriated for your entire life. The moment your safe because of which you don't need to confess your sins to God and ask him to forgive you because you're ready forgiven, meaning the Holy Spirit will not convict you of sin, because you're ready forgiven, meaning this of you could possibly do to mess up your relationship with God because you're ready forgiven.

Now this is taught to varying degrees and some take it to further and further extremes.

But you have to realize that even one hyper grace, teachers and other grace is not a license to sin a man when they say grace empowers you not to sin.

Amen. The problem is because they teach these other parts of the message because they teach that the moment you're born again all your sins, past present future are pronounced forgiven the moment you're saved because they say that it's very easy to compromise. It's very easy in times of temptation to say, ready forgiven. It's very easy to dismiss the conviction of the Holy Spirit because it will Holy Spirit this convicted of sin, because he only convicts the world he doesn't convict me. I'm a believer I'm ready forgiven you see that you understand that Heather can happen and if the argument is we can add anything to it. If you add anything to it than than its works and its works based in Salina grace or the believing draft and by faith to what Jesus did on the cross, we will not demanding something extreme hyper grace.

Teachers emphasize when Jesus on the cross and John 1930. It is finished both its finished and there's nothing to add to it will if that's the case if Jesus died for the sins of the whole world is on the add to it than this I mean the whole world is automatically saved one hyper grace teacher who came against my book hyper grace I haven't written a reputation to his stuff yet still hope to one day set the record straight, correct the many errors and in his response to me then affirm our points of agreement. He says it's true that his teaching could lead to universalism. In other words, that because Jesus died for the sins of the whole world and is something to add to what he did there for the whole world is automatically saved will ultimately be safe he said is true that what he teaches could lead to universalism, but he personally doesn't believe it and and teaches against it, it could lead in that direction. How interesting, how enlightening, and it often does lead in that direction.

All I don't think the majority of hyper grace preachers right now are going that way, but a growing minority are so unlike you mention names because I've not tried to reach out to this brother yet personally right so I'm not going to mention any names or speak in a way where you could try to figure out what I'm talking about and I guess is most of you would not of heard of of this brother of her mom speak a friend on Facebook sends me a note yesterday about this brother because he's known him over the years as a pastor. He had a church and wrote about the goodness of God and was a strong advocate of hyper grace. I challenged his views in my book, we interacted a little bit.

That was the extent of it. So this friend on Facebook says he has.

He now teaches that there is no hell doesn't have a church anymore and he went on with more information. Some family stuff, some of the things it would be reset a salute. This is sad.

If true, again some incentive to me but I don't know that it's accurate or true. So I I just decided to check and sure enough, I want his Facebook page and he's teaching, not just that there is no eternal punishment, but basically the idea of hell fire or or or God. Putting anyone in the flames of the kind of judgment is is not possible and had some clear statements.

The because Jesus died for all, that all are in him and all were seated in heavenly places. As far as I could tell he was explicitly saying that everyone is saved that everyone will go to heaven that everyone is a ready redeemed because Jesus really died for them friends.

That is heresy. That is a dangerous doctrine is of the doctrine of demons sure it is the idea that because Jesus died for the sins of the world there for the whole world is automatically saved and everyone is guaranteed eternal life in heaven.

You better believe that is false doctrine. Doctrine of demons so I read down another post on the Facebook page and was attacking the sacrificial system based on a gross misinterpretation of Jeremiah 7 passenger had to wrestle with a lot in my Jeremiah commentary, a controversial passage that basically throwing out the entire testimony of the Torah, and other related books and based on a misunderstanding of Jeremiah 7 alleging that God did not institute the sacrificial system. He wanted just an intimate love relationship with his people and that they instead wanted blood sacrifices and that's why God instituted makes me wonder what who ultimately said about the cross. But why did Jesus have to die of blood sacrifices are unnecessary.

Why did Jesus have to die and list to take our place and I have no idea what kind of following this man has, but I do know that it's one of the reasons that I wrote hyper grace and integrates controversy to sound the alarm and thankfully when I met with Pastor Joseph Prince early this year, he would be the best known grace or hyper grace teacher in the world today. We agreed to speak against counterfeit grace and to clearly renounce that pastor, Prince does believe that people are lost without Jesus.

He does believe there is hell punishment in the future.

He does believe that we are to grow in holiness, that we may perfectly righteous about resave veterans pronounced not guilty in God's sight that we are to grow in holiness… Progressive submit other hyper grace teachers vehemently denounce and then we had areas of difference in their series of difference. I'm hoping over time that that he'll see differently and I guess he is hoping I'll see my side differently.

But the point is, we agreed to raise our voices in warning and my hope that those in the hyper grace Campell either modify their message and swing closer to the truth while reading glorious revelation in place that we need here is my hope. Otherwise you keep swinging out apostasy like this gentleman did God have mercy.

This is serious.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining someone fire. This is Michael Brown. He said what what was that clip that that you were just plain that was from May Day rally in Philadelphia since it was yesterday. This was folks who were at this rally for workers may day celebrating workers and things like that and I said on the radio yesterday when the caller brought this up I I don't I don't know exactly what's going to happen at these marches, but trust me with her hostile to the trump administration. Somehow this is going to be another excuse to Bastrop.

So what were they chanting and in the clip we displayed kill, trump, kill pants, kill, trump, kill pants.

That's what they were chanting and and Dennis Prager has an article of respected Jewish thinker Dennis Prager course national radio host the second Civil War turned violent and he doesn't write these things lightly and a recent column, I made the case that Americans are fighting the second Civil War. The deep chasm that is open up between the left, not liberals.

The left and the rest of the country. So once unbridgeable. There is no other way to describe what is happening, but I noted that at least thus far, like the first Civil War.

This was not violent.

Unfortunately is not reasonably that violence is coming. In fact it's ready here but as of now it's only coming from one direction. Left-wing thugs engage in violence and threats of violence with impunity shutdowns because of colleges, block highways, bridges and airport terminals take over college buildings and offices occupy state capitals and terrorize individuals at their homes and autonomic goes. No, I don't believe that was supposed to be fighting back violence with violence. I believe we are to address the violence expose the violence set a better example ourselves call on law enforcement to do what is right regarding opposing this violence and let let the ugliness of the so-called progressives be exposed a minute come back to hyper grace in a moment and tie this all together.

In fact, it 663 freight 7884 but yesterday I spoke on the radio about a humanist writer on writing on Huffington Post and explaining why it was wrong for United Methodist Church to use the Bible as a moral guide, yet pretty outrageous now. I did tweak him yesterday and I asked him what he liked to come on the air and interact about his article and my response. I talked about on the air and I wrote an article in response. As I said I would. You can read it Huffington Post humanist urges the church to stop using the Bible as a moral God. You can read it by going to ask Dr. Esther to just click in the digital library and you can read this article I think you find it important and very helpful, but this is the spirit of the left not just saying you're wrong but singular number right to believe what you believe this is the spirit of the radical left. That's as our views are so superior to yours that you are is don't even have the right to to be held to only hold them in private, but not in anything that affects public life in any way.

It is the height of intolerance. It is the height of of exclusivity. It is the opposite of diversity that just clarification the crowd chanting, they were using the F word against trump and pants and someone was soon was chanting. One guy was chanting, kill, trump, kill pants. This is not the type of madness that is out there this over the top, violent, oppressive response circuit one of the world except with hyper grace, let me come back to a central point here right in an interest in the interest of somehow pleasing the world appeasing the world winning the world.

Avoiding conflict with the world.

Many pastors and leaders have modified their message mollified their message softened their message. Compromise their message. Therefore, the offense of the cross. They avoid the conflict and many sincerely think this is the way to win the world's rather confronting the world of sin rather than preaching holiness rather than declaring the justice of God. Read and speak your future judgment. We basically don't touch those themes I just was about love, love, love, and I believe we need to ground people love of God my whole life is grounded in the deep sense of love being loved by the father. If you can't relate to that boy.

My heart goes out to you as a foundation of my whole life that that I'm loved by a good father and and and that my life has meaning and value in his side and I live to do his will, but also for your reference. My father, because is a holy God for any Charles Finney said this in 1873 brethren are preachy will bear its legitimate fruits. If immorality prevails in the land. The fault is ours, a great degree.

There is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for. If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for. If the world loses its interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundation of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for this not ignore this fact, my dear brother, let us lay at the heart be thoroughly awake for responsibility, respect to the morals of this nation. Now this quote I use in my forthcoming book, saving a sick America. I believe this book will deeply stir you and inspire you comes out in September and this is a chapter called restoring thunder to our pulpits.

Obviously, in Finney's day the pulpit had even more influence in America than it does today.

But the pulpit still has influence first over those who listen to the message the teacher to preach the comes from our pulpits in person and through TV, radio, intranet, etc. books and other other ways. So the pulpit still is greatly influential and there is a degree that the pulpit is influential. Speaking to the world as well. Our society is in chaos and one great reason is the church is not holding the banner high when great reason is the church is not speaking with moral clarity when great reason is when we do speak with more clarity. We normally do with pitched to one particular political party which which then lessons are impacting our ability to to to do the work of God and the power of God because everything becomes politicized and in then. Often we are in a retreat mode or emotive defeat is an everything's going down friends. This is why we need awakening in the church before they can be awakening in the society. This is why our great emphases have to be revival of the church and evangelism in the world. This is how change is going to come otherwise things things get bad. Charles Finney, French Charles Finney warned before the Civil War, that if Christians put abolition first and revival second that there would be a blood he Civil War board.

Was he terribly right. If we had put revival first, and abolition. Secondly, believe that change could've come to the gospel could have spared us so much suffering and pain as a result of our sin in America go back come back going straight to the Supreme Court to hear the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speed and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown for 20th 7884 major case before the Supreme Court and Michael Ferris presidency on general counsel for the alliance.

Defending freedom is joining us now to explain exactly what is going on. My thanks so much for coming on a fire today good to be with you so much. I explained to us what's happening with the Supreme Court and why this particular case is so important regarding religious liberty.

The case involving a Lutheran preschool, really explores the issue of whether or not religious people and religious organizations can be treated as second-class as a country on the factual background is that Missouri has a playground safety program whereby nonprofit preschools of any sort can apply for a reimbursement for a reason. Use of recycled tires to put down a rubberized surface on playground. When the kids fall they don't break their arms and legs and head on and the competitive bidding process is all neutral safety recycling or any criteria, and the Lutheran Church applied the program was rated fourth in the state on a particular year in question and would have been funded.

The top 50 refunded that year, but because they were church there told now you can be funded, and so the sole question before the court is if you state starts a general program is available to everybody and you keep the religious people, religious organizations out merely because a religious so very important principle. Alright, so we are witnessing Stan right now. We had oral arguments just a couple weeks ago in the Supreme Court. I was there as Dave equipment from alliance defending freedom, argued the case on behalf of the school so we are the law firm representing the church and it went really well II expected to be much closer than it appears to be in you judging how cases the come out from listening to an oral argument is an exact science story and art form of sums but the reporters that do this routinely, including the needed Totenberg from NPR earns frequent blogs that are considered insider kind of information basically said it really does look like the church which is aimed for a victory here and it might be as high as 72 of the three questions asked by Justice Kagan. Even Justice Breyer seem to be very favorable toward the church and surprisingly so, to me at least, and so I'm very hopeful for a good outcome was just discourse that's involved in this ready he once was. I believe the second day of of hearing cases and he didn't ask any questions of our attorney, but toward the end of the of the hour hearing.

He asked a couple questions of the attorney representing the state of Missouri and they were basically to the effect of, I don't think you can answer the questions that Justice Kagan put to you mandate and the question suggests Kagan put forward were very strong religious freedom kind of questions and so he was basically picking up an appointment hammering heart.

We went to in a favorable light is how I interpreted this question we gotta take a quick break and and then want to signout the larger implications of this.

What is the rationale behind say no. This is church based facilities cannot get worse, is potentially going and can the Supreme Court set a precedent that right that error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Michael Ferris EF is now they have been on the front lines of standing for religiously standing for freedom of speech and conscience in America and in the midst of key cases all around the country, state after state and hear cases right before the Supreme Court, so Mike that the question of the logic of the state of Missouri say no you're liking to get funding because of separation of church and state. For many Christians it's it's very difficult to wrap their minds around it. So what are these people thinking are they just anti-Christian today have some legitimate constitutional argument. What what your take well.

The interplay between the federal that was because an estate establishment clauses and there are some differences between them. I argued in the case before the Supreme Court. There probably is the strongest precedent on the federal establishment, because it was many years ago and outward of the state of Washington prohibited a blind student from using his vocational program for buying real rehabilitation to go to Bible college to become a pastor and they said that violated the federal establishment clause 20 that I argued the case of the Supreme Court ruled 90.

Now it does not violate the if you think of the G.I. Bill is a good example of the G.I. Bill. People take their G.I. benefits and they can go to Bible college and go to seminary. The go to anything innovative there is not limited by subject matter. That's the context that were in is when there's a broad government program and it it's accepted and that Missouri did not contend otherwise that the federal because permits this kind of thing will Missouri has a more stringent version of the cause that was a part of number state that wrote these very strict provisions in an area era of anti-catholic fervor was really an effort to crush Catholic schools, Catholic colleges, and other things that data that the historical backdrop of the provisions are complain amendments know this particular blame amendment for Missouri has already been ruled unconstitutional as applied in a somewhat more context of the Missouri University of Missouri Kansas city prohibited a Christian student group using the facilities under the same plane amendment state provision in the spring court rule on with Mark versus Vincent that Missouri Constitution when you apply it in this fashion violate equal protection and freedom of speech and natural, basically arguing here is that there's an equal protection provision that is honored in the free exercise clause and and there's a straight up. Equal protection clause itself.

If we open this program to everybody, then you can't discriminate against religious people, religious organizations, that the issue Missouri didn't want to find it private anything then it's business tickets. Another conspiracy you gotta fund me is no right to be funded, but once I start funding people. The question is can you kick out you could you kick people out because of their race or people. People are because of their gender like you kick people out because the religion religion is not sums, special no mark on your four head that kicked out of general broad programs like training, blind people like the G.I. Bill like. 50 cricket got it so it seems like the Hobby lobby case that there been a number of significant rulings from the Supreme Court in favor of religious liberty at the same time that the court is gone the other way and redefining marriage and things like that. It is that simply because religious liberty is so deeply entrenched in our in our Constitution and our in our history because it's it's tough to read the direction of the court as a whole. Hobby lobby is interesting to point out Hobby lobby one of their case not on the religion of the confusion but on the religious Freedom restoration act and that act was necessary because of a bad report on the free exercise of religion.

In 2000.

And I mean I am very familiar with the because I'm the guy who name the act.

I was a man at the first meeting about what I call this thing. I took him only culturally restoration of the ideas the idea so similarly named S that has most of the term. The group of lawyers who drafted the cochairmen along with Mark Stern from American Jewish committee and and so that is very because of the very bed by the spring court currently is in a change of personnel in the spring court so the Hobby lobby case was closely divided. It shouldn't of been called divided. It shouldn't of had to be using act that we wrote it should have been able to use the First Amendment and and so, but it does a lot of bad decisions that lower courts are making on liberty, or that are being reported that this week. Spring court refused to hear a case from California just where therapy on your ticket counter because there wondering about whether their homosexual, you can do it California and and so that's religious liberty, and appearance) occasion. So there's just a lot of cases that they conduct and they're very important so I wouldn't think this is a great era for religious liberty.

It is very very difficult area still and there's a lot of coercion that the left is willing to do and the lower courts are letting them get away with it so that the case in California for the sins that might not be familiar. It's it's illegal. The state of California for a minor to get counseling.

Let's say you've got a 17-year-old boy is unwanted same-sex attractions.

Let's say he was sexually abused when he was 10 and he's been some confusion about sexuality since then and he does not affirm his same-sex attraction wants to marry a woman to have children. He was to get to the root of of his issues and see if there can be help the city with professional psychologist or psychiatrist door or professional counselor. It's illegal in California couple other states as well. Now for money to do that. On the flipside, if if an eight-year-old identifies as a boy and a girl's body and wants to start to to get treatments for hormone blockers. The parents affirm that at the age of 10, and then get prepped for it. You know sex change surgery as they get older all at that.

That's all perfectly legal.

So it's really cultural madness but the Supreme Court when this was challenged in California they they refuse to hear the case. How much can we read into that because that is a very serious blow. I read a lot into it and and and say that you parents rights have not been going in the right direction. On the whole remove Association and you do with homosexuality is been going not very well for us for a number of years and if you, the logic of it. You can use either Chandra and I know it unless you want her to be normal yet in that case know you you you can't change. You can't get any help to you know move in the direction of normalcy about the provision and so you know what craziness creates rules like this is possible and that you have background with with homeschool legal defense is possible that the government could one crackdown on what's taught in Christian schools or even in home schools regarding these areas. It is very possible. There are law review articles published on that very topic professor at Emory University of Martha Albertson cinnamon professor at George Washington Law school named Catherine Ross, a professor at Northwestern University in Chicago. Steam escaping me right now, all three have written major law review articles arguing that the philosophical direction that Christian homeschoolers are going so dangerous to the pluralism that they are trying to force everybody that they should be either philosophically regulated or outright banned and so" appears in law reviews today and appear in the court in 10 years. Those are just like clockwork.

You can you can be guaranteed that because that's what happened in so many other areas in the school at the HealthSouth a Patrick Henry College that you get challenged with accreditation issues and things like that as well. Correct absolutely. You lawyers are going to start losing their licenses to practice. If you don't affirm that you were to worship at the at the altar of same-sex marriage, and yes it is all equal. What about our right to dissent that you know what we still think this is a moral sent and we want to be a part of it. And they they have one for the time being at least the right to do their own thing. Well, yeah, they're not content with that. They want to force us to join in their celebration and a lot of it is a matter of moral conscience will not do so well sir, we deeply appreciate what you're doing on the front lines, friends, go to ADS legal ADS to find out more about God's grace is a way for: stand up. Thank you so much for your service deeply appreciated. Thank you very much for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that's so that's scary. What this attorney Michael Ferris presidency General Counsel of life, freedom, what he just said is scary. That's why we been sounding the alarm for so many years.

That's why we been issuing the wake-up call for so many years. That's why we been urging people to stand and speak and act while they have the ability to do it. Reggie Javon Hoffer said the ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that leads to its children. The big question is what kind of world are we leaving to our children or grandchildren or great grandchildren. So I said I mean that's Jesus, 90 minutes all going downhill listlessness. I've heard that for over 45 years. If we had stood up and spoken out if we had been more engaged if we had been more alert 45 years ago.

If we didn't have the defeatist mentality 45 years ago, we'd be in much better shape today, by all means pray with expectation for the return of the Lord, by all means live in readiness for his return.

Please friends if we can't stop the cultural slide at least let's slow it down.

Say how we do.

First she got honestly your own life for personal awakening so that you can be rightly related to him and rightly passionate about what matters to him and leaving right and raising a family, raise your kids writing divert your spouse right is a single set a good example. We first get our own house in order. Secondly, begin, evolve, make a difference. We go to when the lost.

We prioritize evangelism we stand up for what's right. We we shine as lights in dark places we care for those in need.

We want to think about ourselves when we do these things and and we we recognize the major issues of the day with the church is under ever-increasing pressure.

We stand up for what's right. Listen, friends. There are a million things I rather talk about than some of the cultural issues there million things I really give my attention and energy to the years that I spent researching and writing a queer thing happened to America. Those those were painful and difficult hours on the pain myself some mortar to say it's not the kind of thing get excited about like a commentor in the book of Isaiah hate to write a book on effective prayer. Hate to write a book of great testimonies of Jewish people come to Jesus. I know what we talk about writing on subjects that are difficult subjects and painful subjects and subjects to get upset people on every side, and in subjects that are dark to research, I wouldn't read anything that was overtly sexual, pornographic, or anything like that in researching these things, but just so much of the activism so ugly and and where was going so ugly and attacks on the Bible and rewriting of Scripture so perverse, painful is not the kind of stuff you say hey I got a little years to studying thiswant to help people if you care about was right, but I clearly saw over a decade ago and you didn't have to be prophetic to see it.

I clearly saw over a decade ago and in certain ways many years before that. That LGBT activism more than specially gay, lesbian, activism had become the principal threat to freedom of religion, speech and conscience. In America you go on mocking it. If you want something all year round believe that for signifying go go on market. Say what you want to say.

Feel free to speak in reality to you and hear you have a leading attorney confirming these very things will wake up, get equipped get equipped get a queer thing happen to America or get out last of the gay revolution and for ministry to to those struggling get Kenya began Christian get on the website get on asked Dr. and start searching through the digital library.

It's there for you friends is there for you. You don't have to pay that to to watch the videos you don't have to pay to read the articles you have to pay to listen to the radio show. It's there for you so get equipped get equipped find out what the issues are.

Find out how to stand find out what's happening in your kids school interact with people on social media stand up what when someone is taking a stand.

Stand with them.

We have important injury scheduled for tomorrow from an ex-gay leader who's really challenging the system. In terms of their discrimination when it comes to helping people unwanted same-sex attractions. It's important, but you gotta understand it it's it's like David, about 1 inch tall, taking on a thousand foot tall Goliath that subfields in the natural regards backing God's grace. And here is a great way to get equipped and to stand with us because you know by God's grace run the front lines here and were speaking with compassion and respect you with truth. We care about people and was standing up for right righteousness and and write what is right in the society.

Here's a great way for you to get equipped and then to stand with us at the same time we have a wonderful series of six lectures about 078 hours in each presentation. Six different key leaders are's school of cultural engagement that we we did over a six-week period of fire school of ministry. A few years back Joe Dallas, one of the number one teachers in the country taught on sexual purity John Rankin, a brilliant thinker and theologian gave us answers for the questions of this role from the book of Genesis. Join Franco with the alliance defending freedom. You just heard Michael Farris from the ADF join Franco talking about separation of church and state issues and and what the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

I said to say about these things Pat Mahoney with a great call for cultural involvement Frank Couric on cultural apologetics and then yours truly on the call the preacher confrontational gospel. I believe it's over 40 hours of lectures, nearly $120 on audio CD. But we are sending that to you is our gift to equip you and strengthen you and help you when you become a torchbearer this month.

When you become a monthly supporter. That means you put aside a dollar a day or more per per month. So $30 or more per month. We want to send you the entire school cultural engagement as our way of saying here. We want to. So once you and equip you and help you understand the issues and be on the front lines and make a difference and then every month I'm gonna send you a new message to build you up and encourage every month you can get on our website and we have online classes that are been taught on revival and holiness of Jewish roots and other things like that. Some audio some video you can enjoy those for free. You also get a 50% discount in our online bookstore should be as generous as you can stand with us every month. I also said that an insider prayer letter to let you know what's happening in ministry key testimonies, prayer needs what's coming next. So let's stand together and make a difference for you. Join us today. If you been blessed by the radio broadcast over the years. We are supported by you. We put all these materials for free on the website it is to minister to you and it's through the help of our support team. So join our support team today would ask Dr. you see run on the homepage how you can join us aspect or click on donate, monthly supporter together make a difference. The gospel is the power of God's saving transfer. The latest example of campus insanity wild and an important meeting with faith leaders and the president's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown do you use an alarm in the morning to get out.

Do you I do that on my cell phone. What is an alarm mode because of the alarm might sleep too late right correct and and what does the alarm do it wakes us up this is Michael Brown, one of the reasons I'm on the radio is to be an alarm to sound the alarm to sound the wake up call.

Because many of us slumbering. Many of us get so caught up in the things of this world are so busy or so tired are so distracted so discouraged wherever it is that is slumbering not really alert and awake give many warnings in Scripture to be alert and to be awake, especially those who are leaders in the body. Leaders in society all the more we set as watchmen on the wall to be alert and to be awake so want to do my best to be a holy wake up call today welcome welcome to the broadcast.

If you have a question you'd like to ask me if you'd like to weigh in with the subject or if you differ with me 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. There are some who think that we are completely delusional when we talk about the assault of religious freedoms in America today. There are some who think we are completely delusional. We talk about the extraordinary liberalism on our campuses vice liberalism. II mean left leftist extremism and how there is an outright suppression of religious ideas and biblical faith on campus visit. I just crazy making this up.

You guys just have all the control and power actually is ongoing war against freedom of religion, speech and conscience in America. It is absolutely on the deniable. It is well documented in my book a great thing happen to America had a lengthy chapter called big brother is is watching and he really is gay.

Talking about the direct assault on freedom of religion, speech and conscience from gay lesbian activists and their allies was a long chapter. It was a long chapter the book itself 700 pages with 1500 endnotes and ice of the problem is I could've made this chapter, the length of the whole book, and that still with the been enough, and since I can on 2011, I could've probably written a book a year with with more examples and and a book that length every year just with examples of the attacks on our freedoms. What about campuses what's happening on our campuses well.

I did a talk last week at a community college in North Carolina afterwords. The professor there, a professor of ethics and religion took us out to lunch. Took took me in and my assistant Dylan out to lunch now here he is in a conservative area of North Carolina.

He is at a community college teaching ethics and religion.

He said in his class.

He could not say Jesus opposed homosexual practice. He would not be allowed to say that as a professor of ethics and religion in his class. I asked him would you be able to say if you believe it.

Jesus affirmed homosexual practices earlier that I could say that I could say but I couldn't say what's true that he he opposed friends. I'm not making this stuff up a professor from Virginia is back on the radio and she said because she does not teach religion religion related subject, she can't talk about God in any way Mentioned him bring him up is not her topic. Oh but if she's an atheist want to tack on another class.

No problem file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown was happy on campuses all the time and I'm a professor myself. Although primarily seminary University Bible school settings. But I'm quite aware of what's happening on campuses and interacting with with many on-campus all the time.

So Todd Starnes reports. Here is a school in where is the school Northern Arizona University and more: 22-year-old history major is sitting front row of the lecture hall and his professor Heather Martel tells him it's like six minutes before class time. Put your Bible was sitting there reading the Bible. She tells him to put the Bible away so that tells us that she is sitting in front of the Christian Bible so I don't know what dynamics is. Make sure the class is able to go on you. I'm chiseling the front because I'm a Bible out. No, I think she means for class.

My classes even started so classes as soon another five hours everyday and read a Bible for class and for the clusters you get out and see what picture that that was the department chairman who was in some about Prof. Martel and it's Derek hang speaking with the student. More: yeah what what what you have your Bible, what will will be reading about this.

This is remarkable. It's yet another example yet another example of leftist extremists.

Now, according to Prof. Martel's biography. She's noted scholar who is working on an essay titled quote the gender Amazon indigenous female masculinity in early modern European representations of contact. She also teaches classes on global queer history and feminist theory. Okay, I educated myself. I'm all for research. I'm all for exploring interesting topics, but you gotta be kidding me. The gender Amazon indigenous female masculinity in early modern European representations of contact. Could this be why she didn't like him having a Bible out in the front row so this happened back in February but came to light only recently after campus reform reported on it and the information was turned over to congressional candidate Kevin Cavanaugh and he provided Todd Starnes with the interview and it anyway. They he ended up being moved to a different seat right for the remainder of the class. I will ask you to move to one of the desks along the wall by the door. The role sheet will be passed to you will make sure that students who come in late sign and almost required that you respect me and the other students in the class by acting in a civil matter in a separate email to the entire class.

She vowed to reinstate stability of the classroom court.

I want this to be clear, hate speech does not meet the definition of respectful discussion will not be tolerated in law hate speech is a speech district conduct writing or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or presidential asked presidential action or by protective individual grouper because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group. Wow.

Perhaps sitting in the front row reading the Bible old that is some form of hate speech because the Bible is filled with hate speech. This is happening on our campuses, friends, if you have kids that are on the way to collect young people evaluated college if you going to a secular school, especially if you believe the home center. You better know what you're getting in for you better expect hostility to what you believe. I had a guest on a few weeks ago, who wrote a whole book on the issue of of going to college in fact have not it is you how to reach way down to get sorry about that. Welcome to college by Jonathan Morrow a Christ follower's guide for the journey know what's going to come your way and intellectually call their consider going to a Christian school instead. You don't have to get that degree from a prestigious university fulfill the call of God to life and inure to be bombarded by the world in a way you never have been before. This is gonna be all kinds of promiscuity in drugs and alcohol. Maybe you haven't been around that because you've been separated from its wave and raced out to be your roommate that's that's like that and you do have.

You never philosophy class or history class or a math class and just be you got a hostile atheist or agnostic professor and and next thing they're coming after you, even those unrelated to the class material. This is what is to be expected and this is going on for many many years in my book, saving the sick America. I have strategies for for what we can do with schools and and and how we should be living but but friends. This is serious serious business.

So of here is a high school all right high school in Downing 10 Pennsylvania right now it turns out that this assistant principals been put on administrative leave, but there were pro-life activists in front of his school quite legally and this was April 21 and he got very upset with their present started screaming and cursing at them is also openly gay which adds into the picture here and they had every right legally to be where they were. But but listen to some of what he has to say. Start with quit number one is exposing the Holocaust set happening in America, there actually is having America city either image bearers of God go to hell you while free world free speech course they can talk to the students not going on property were they didn't belong there was then where they could legally and students come out they could speak of. This is all yeah go to universities to look at the underprivileged here but also the inner cities look at the high percentage of abortion of African-Americans that right is not good is that healthy is that not part of a black genocide so it it goes on clip number two to turn from your sin right day as long as the sun what he thinks Jesus tells me what I should and should not be doing and then he goes on with further berating of these young people and Tucker Carlson interview students Laura and Connor Haynes about what took place like a pro-lifer or anything like that. I wanted.totally about human abortion. It's actually a group called Boschman abortion and I we seek not to regulate abortion but to call it murder and what it is and to completely abolish it in the United States of America and just in doing that bring the gospel in the conflict with child sacrifice so that that's what you know why call myself an abolitionist just because I'm not a pro-lifer trying to regulate abortion. It needs to be completely abolished. Yeah, and for holding that position, he got berated by this assistant principal at high school and told to stay away that Jen was put on administrative leave. It's always fascinating to see and if you're involved in pro-lifer to see it all the time you will see a a clear coalition, a clear unified front when it comes to being radical pro-abortion and radical pro-LGBT think why I mean gays and lesbians there there big issue is not abortion because there there are not producing kids natural sunlight accidentally to lesbians of two gay guys again have a baby doesn't happen like that to get pregnant so why would they be aligned when I seen this for decades. There's obviously a a joint union against certain principles of God's foundations of life and family and hence the resistance, but it in any case, there you have assistant principal. Trust me there are plenty of educators there plenty school librarians. The plenty of administrators aplenty. Faculty members were quite hostile to the things that we believe and are doing their best to undermine what we believe and undermine our rights to believe these things. The alarm is sounding probably waking up will be right back onto the phones suddenly break her by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown if we would stand up and do what's right on a wider level. If we quit worrying about human opinion if we quit worrying about human repercussions when all of the Lord and speak the truth in love America would be dramatically shaken.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Charlotte, North Carolina Cheryl, welcome to want to fire around thanking him my experience encouraging believers to exhorting people believers to I got in our community and our relationship about but I wanted to let you know.

Also, there are now excellent here hiring people to ask pushback. A lot of pushback even in the church community because there is such a fear of the great Jan and excluding tree people really need to be prepared for persecution. Even with anybody today by I agree with you that we should be doing that I wanted to ask your question, how do you address. However, I gave her evil a prudent man.

I and how do you discern when it's not going to be an age that we are just not be able to pick it Anymore yeah I first appreciate the kind words and as as for the as.

As for the question of when people are silent again what what is it mean silent and in what ways Proverbs are meant to be very pithy Proverbs are meant to be making general statements and since we know throughout Scripture that were called to be light that will culture shine since we we know that we are salt and light in this world. Since we see the prophets continually warning Israel in the darkest times and and Noah living in the days he lived. Scripture tells us he was a preacher of righteousness, so it would certainly would mean that there times that we speak in tongues.

We don't speak what we address and what we don't address but I can. I can't think for a moment that what it means is the worse things are around us, the less we speak up. The more human trafficking is flourishing the more abortion is flourishing the more racism is flourishing, the, the more drug abuse is fit flourishing.

The more slavery is flourishing. The more sexual morality is flourishing, the less we say I know throughout Scripture.

The prophets were told to to sound the alarm thing I would say is, is that we just have to use greater wisdom after use greater wisdom when we speak and we don't speak God told Ezekiel that he was going to be around people who were so sinful that that he would only be able to speak when God told him to speak and what you realize is that that he he obviously would be tempted every day to rebuke everything he saw because there's so much evil out there. And yet that was that was not the case. So it's just a matter of wisdom. It's a matter of knowing when to speak, but what's it holds most of our tongues is not wisdom it's cowardice it's compromise it's fear of man or it's not knowing what to say. So let's get equipped.

That's it. God's heart and not say Lord every day. Here I am. Use me here Hamlet social media is sitting next to someone on the bus talking at school so mom working with neighbor radio to Howdy woman, just because you want to get involved. How do you want me to act.

And trust me, I'm sure you do, he'll keep us busy idea. Thank you. Appreciate the call 866342. Let's go to Truckee and south-central Texas hello are you there every I can go ahead, Dr. Michael Brown I I called about a couple weeks back to thank you personally for your your books, volume 3, or the objections of Jesus you know and I I read them and I really really enjoy them. Amen. And your great you are a great apology apologist of the messianic fate. I will commend you for that because I will think of evolution apologist more apologetic than you when it comes to defending Decorah and bringing out Jesus in the law of God, but also I wanted to thank you and I wanted at your question well that was Hadlock do it with what you're talking about the I I came from basically Morgan anti-nobody to enter this you know believing this false doctrine of once saved always saved, and I do not under the moral law of God. It in all the stuff and ended and I just started studying the Torah more aggressively in Audrey stuff and like you know that it is 1822 of Vatican 2013 and now works confirmed in Romans chapter 1 Paul is addressing sexuality in the well with you.

What I don't understand is the fact that people say stuff like that under the law, like what you do not wake up.

Although Timothy inspected Timothy 316 all Scripture is barred by God and profitable alright so severe, here's the here's the question then this is what has to be addressed.

Yes, Paul said in second Timothy 316 all Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for doctrine, improvement, etc. that that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped speaking there in particular of ministry leader. But the issue is this. There are certainly laws that God gave Israel that were for Israel that were not informed when not to enforce the same weight.

For example, when not supposed to stone adulterers or burn witches so there were things or or kill someone put someone to death.

I should say, for not keeping the Sabbath so there was an application for Israel and and now we learn from that. Paul takes the same principles in second Corinthians 1st with his five excuse me an end rather than putting the people to death if they claim to be believers in a living in open and outright sin than they are and they refused to repent their excommunicated not put to death. So the spiritual application. There are laws that God specifically gave Israel. For example, where were polygamy was legal and certainly that was not God's desire intent or highest goal. So we have to do is is see why gate God gives it most is what his purpose was for then and now see under the new and better covenant what God has reinforced that and that will be reinforced through the writings of the New Testament by the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, so all it's important that we just deal with the Scriptures holistically it's it's important that as we as we deal with scriptures that we say okay here's here's my grid here so I said okay. This applies for all people for all ages. My simple thing is if the Bible tells us it's for all people, or it's repeated in both old and New Testament that sells that it wasn't just Rankin Israel, all people or all followers of God, full-time hate got ago got a break for. Thank you for your call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown minutes I'm going to scheduled with Pres. Trump tomorrow along with other leaders of the faith advisory Council want to talk to him about that. The role of prayer right now and American shaping America's destiny, but before I do that.

Have you noticed that churches that go liberal that depart from the authority of Scripture, and that lurch left then invariably they change their views on Israel and become sometimes so militantly pro-Palestinian with their anti-Israel. They change their views on abortion and they become strongly called pro-choice and they change their views on LGBT issues. This is almost invariably look at any of the denominations that have split, and any that have gone further left and you see on these three they almost all have harmony and to me it's a clear departing from God's Word and God's truth in each of these cases and of seeing and friends of mine who regularly involved in pro-life work costly find that that you have atheists, Satanists, LGBT activists and others working together on the side of abortion question is why. To me it's self-evident spiritually on top of the caller with a different perspective of the Raleigh, North Carolina David, welcome to the line of fire adjoint take issue with anything that I've said I want. I am a Christian and I one day that I am pro-life and I think the problem is a lot of that throw light people will not be friendly when working with a IK gate and I think that I and you can hold your own beliefs about that by not wanting to work with someone like me or look down your nose or to charge me when I'm on the same side. I just got it just is not fair to say all liberals are coming are some liberals you are conservative on one issue and there are some gay people a lot of gay people who are still Christian or third generation graduate reform temple and have a relationship with God and on her life what would come to church to go to I get the Catholic Church actually that is is you know, definitely. The Catholic Church basically said okay to be gay but I should be an I shouldn't of been celibate and had I feel about that. I don't think I should take celibate is on time and I may not relationship but it is not just that you know the Catholic Church can't usually very conservative, but there definitely Presbyterian Uribe right right in the church is right does not.

Conservative churches also have a difference there on pro-life issues. Hate David this and I will.

I would love to talk with you further. I got a guest coming on but I do have my book and you began Christian, yes you sent to me and I I completed it. I tell you what, let's let's let's do this if if you could give me a call later this week when the next week or two. Alright, I just like to talk with you about these issues little further.

Alright, I wanted to get your call I get a guest about to come on by and I don't know that I'll be able he gets the call later this this show so call me when you're able, alright, I'll remember now. David from Raleigh and and I just want talk about these issues with you in a little more depth you know the differences I have with you. You also know that I'm to be civil with you.

If you are with me. Fair enough so call back at every opportunity. And if you're able to finish and began Christian.

First, that's great, but otherwise let's let's talk further. Alright thank you sir. Got a run in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown my latest article is up on the stream Huffington Post humanist urges the church to stop using the Bible as a moral guide. I tweeted my article to the author of the article on responding to have not yet heard from him fascinating article history by Paul kangaroo future pope and the future president take up the fight against communism in the port articles of South of Planned Parenthood. Pres. Trump's first hundred days and more so if you haven't been to the I encourage you to go there, I'm joined now by the publisher of the stream and a host of life today TV broadcast James Robison.

James give you got a pretty big week this week at what's coming up sir. My mother will all be articles that you put on but also others just feel so work with you know what is truly gifted, brilliant people who know that there are biblical absolutes letter basically your thinking people and that is full of wisdom, it just leave us out of this wilderness is despairing to spirits that worry in his right shin. And so thank you for being about any always talk about yesterday got busy week I'll be leaving the morning early

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