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Dr. Brown's Commentary on the News and World Events; And Questions About a Prophesied, Coming Revival

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 30, 2017 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown's Commentary on the News and World Events; And Questions About a Prophesied, Coming Revival

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 30, 2017 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/30/17.

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Looking back after the Memorial Day weekend will take you from his lawn to the White House to use revival today I'm on fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always. 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Looking back, friends to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown I am delighted to be with you today after Memorial Day weekend. 866-34-TRUTH is the medical 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you want to get involved in today's conversation any topics that I bring up that are of interest to you. Give me a call if you want take issue with something I'm saying or challenge it or if you just have a question that you wanted to ask like you would on Friday with you. Got questions. We got answers the most random question completely unrelated to anything I'm talking about will try to make some time during the show for your random calls as well.

Thank you for joining us.

Let me start with the subject of fake news. I can write tell you honestly that I hardly know who to trust these days when I'm reading a new source I have almost no idea if it's accurate or not coming in less there. There are pictures and video audio to go along with it. There's some verification went with their quoting someone behind the scenes. I have no idea it's it's crazy.

There are reliable sources among my colleagues who are believers and I know them person if they report something I can vouch for its accuracy, but otherwise it's it's a real plague. I mail read this report. According to anonymous sources. I've no idea if it's accurate or not an end. Sometimes just the thing.

Okay, let's just watch. Let's give it a week or two weeks or months and Emil then will get more information and then we'll find out one or the other if there's anything to it, but it's it's really quite extraordinary that we've come to this place so I give an example and by the way, I've I've got a very moving story from Egypt.

Trust me you don't want to miss this and on and get right to it early in the broadcast on my can keep teasing you with it and wait two hours to share it. So within the next 10 minutes I want to share with you a very moving story from Egypt. Trust me you will not want to miss this but I give an example of something I have read from several different sources that when Pres. Trump met with Pres. Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority out when he was in Israel little over a week ago that he got angry with him that he yelled at him and stunned Abbas and those there and they just that in silence for a little while. That he yelled at him and said you tricked me. You tricked me. When you are in Washington you said that you're raising your children to live in peace and that you're working towards peace, but when I was in Israel. They showed me how you are inciting terrorism and it's not hard to show.

I mean, the Palestinian Authority is is paying salaries of terrorist murderers are in Israeli prison in support of their families. The past and authority is naming public squares and children's schools. After the names of mass murderers.

People I killed children and women and men in cold blood is part of the liberation, because this is not hard to show some of what's on Housing Authority TV or some messages from some Muslim leaders that incite terror and hatred of Israel, according to the reports.

Donald Trump yelled at Mahmoud Abbas and said you tricked me words to that effect. The only question is I don't know if it's true, I'd like to believe it's true. It's in keeping with who I think Trump would be in terms of is gonna say what's on his mind and if he felt he got tricked. He's going to address that. But is it true I don't know.

That's the day in which we live. Fake news real news honey. Who knows your best to sort things out one about to tell you is moving and it's true news for me for cleansing and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Michael Brown your voice of moral and spiritual revolution 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you'd like to call or get into today's conversation all I could get something perfectly free, an e-book of two 300 pages perfectly free, no strings attached. Just by way of blessing you and saying thank you for your prayers.

You support your solidarity.

It's my book in the line of fire, which is 70 article 70 of the first articles I wrote on the culture wars for around 2010 two 2012 of its widely reviewed very positively on Amazon and it's free with Amazon Kindle. We have the ability to make it free. Every so often, so I did it for the maximum time so you have until June 1 you get today. Tomorrow, the day after. That's it. All right Howdy good you order just go to Amazon and type in the line of fire Michael Brown and see if there it's free. It's absolutely free no strings attached. You don't have to post a review if you don't want to just order it downloaded. Enjoy it.

Let us be a blessing to its my personal gift to you. You say I don't have a Kindle really don't need it. Whatever you have, whether it's a computer PC with its Mac with its tablet, whether it's an iPhone or android phone. Just download the free Kindle reading app and you can read to your hearts content and you will be blessed and help by the articles unsure and you'll see while we were talking about these things. Some time ago. Look at how much we talked about warns about has come to pass, and unfolded 866342. Take a quick note to our tech team, whatever you did has fixed the problem so we are perfectly good on our reception on the said thanks guys for working hard on it right 866342. So from Egypt. You probably heard didn't get a lot of media coverage got a fraction of the media coverage of the terrorist bombing in Manchester in England, but first day of Ramadan. So a few days back we read about the slaughter of Egyptian Christians, Coptic Christians, they were on their way to visit a monastery in Egypt and this is children included, and now I believe it's 28 killed in cold blood by Isis terrorist and others badly wounded and there were survivors that gave the account of what happened and I didn't see this reported initially. I read one report on one website.

When news website and then spoke with an Egyptian man who reached out to me via Facebook Egyptian Christian and this is what happened.

Be ready.

It was, not just that the bus was surrounded on an isolated road on the way this mosque in the terrorist shot and killed people. In fact their bodies that were outside of the bus all over wondered when I saw the pictures.

What happened and why, but this is what was reported to me they were individually asked to deny Jesus and to recite the Muslim confession of faith, the so-called shahada confession that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. They all refused, including the children, who were then killed in cold blood. And of course has a high honor of being martyred for the Lord and now going into his holy presence joining the other martyrs before the throne of God according to Revelation the sixth chapter I interacted with this brother in Egypt and in this is what he he told me or are you ready be ready.

He told me that the children in Sunday school are now being taught that this may happen. Picture this you get little kids going to Sunday school at your church on Sunday morning and they're being taught.

You may be stopped by these terrorists you may be captured and they will ask you to deny Jesus just be at peace and trust in Jesus and you'll be with him soon, little children, friends, what is that say to you and to me about our cowardice. Some times that we don't want to say what we really believe we don't want to say what's true because mid-May maybe somebody will unfriend me on Facebook or make me mate. Maybe they'll say something bad about me at work. Or maybe the other students what will like look at me during class.

Okay, there are some kids that get ruthlessly bullied and intimidated and sometimes it leads to suicide leads to depression. It leads to lifelong scars. I'm not minimizing when the student gets picked on by the students and if your kid is is a believer is always picked on by the kids because their faith. I know they can be challenging but but let's remember which being suffered around the world and and let's remember that Paul wrote I'm not ashamed of the gospel and he urged Timothy, don't be ashamed of the gospel, or of me his prisoner because there was reproach to say yeah I'm with Ike I Paul, the prisoner what the seditious guy the rebel heretic you're with him you are that guy what you believe in a crucified Messiah member in the Roman world. Crucifixion was the lowest of all deaths you believe in that guy. What is always reproach associated with the name of Jesus, but here you have not just adults, but children with a gun to their head and maybe they just watch their friend just get shot. Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God, will you confess that Mohammed is God's prophet. I believe in Jesus. I will not confess Mohammed is God's prophet pitch your killed you're watching that happen to your friends and your mother.

Jesus shot to death. The kids in Egypt being told in Sunday school classes again until Anna overemphasizes. I don't think I can overemphasizes their being told just become just keep trusting in Jesus say what you believe and you'll be with him soon.

I'm reading a book by Ibn Maroc, that is the pen name for a scholar of Islam living in England who has said Islam, by its nature and definition tends to violence and bloodshed and he recognizes that many Muslims are peaceloving and see their faith in a peaceful way because you cannot deny through Islamic history that this ugly, violent trend has frequently raised its head and is not due to Western colonialism. It's not due to the battle for the land of Israel.

It's not due to poverty and economic injustice.

It its causes lay within Islam itself, and even more caucuses this in his book the Islam and Islamic terrorism. There are many contemporary political commentators and intellectuals who do not accept what seems an obvious starting point in trying to explain the behavior Islamic terrorists, namely their beliefs, their ideology is lay down the track after track statement after statement interview after the interview and book after book books that are the careful work of Muslim scholars of Islam lavishly sprinkled with quotes from the Koran, which is the very word of Allah, along with the hadith, the sayings and deeds of Mohammed and his companions, the cera life of the prophet all used, to justify their heinous acts, even against civilians, including women, children and the old and any notes that that Western intellectuals refused to recognize this.

Many of them themselves not believers in God were having a deep religious commitment so they can't relate to people who think like this that they will all just delusional crazy immoral rocks.

Is this suddenly these Western pundits seem to have acquired a deeper knowledge of Islam in such Islam us is Abdul Abu Yusuf is on the founder of Al Qaeda who spent years studying Islam versus the University of Damascus, where he graduated with honors degree and in sharia 1966 that at the prestigious Auxerre University in Cairo, where he earned a Masters degree followed by doctorate and the principles of Islamic jurisprudence. This is friends. This is the founder of Al Qaeda is the founder of Al Qaeda and yet our Western pundits and Western politicians know Islam but him and he does it. Maroc rights after the massacre. It surely have Dylan Paris, White House press secretary Josh Earnest suggested that quote.

These are individuals who carried out an active terrorism and later try to justify that active terrorism by invoking the religion of Islam in their own deviant view of this sounds as if the surely have no terrorists set out to commit a random act of violence. And then when they realize that they needed some justification afterwards plucked Islam out of the air by sheer chance he's exactly right, friends. You cannot deny this fact is, I've said over and over again that radical violent Islam record it is to be recognized as a true and legitimate interpretation of Islam. A true and legitimate expression of Islam in history not the only legitimate expression but one that can be rightly tied back to Mohammed Ron to Islamic history and theology right up until this day.

May God be with the Christians in Cairo made their courage, inspire us and they God convert those who are trying to hurt like that on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown whole.

Let's just all and some interesting interesting subject about charismatic leaders calling out one particular leader and saying that he is guilty of false prophecy want to get to that as well. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 okay little bit more and Islam little bit more on Islam. I was looking at a document I only read the beginning of it, but it is a lengthy document maybe 55 pages that was published by a mosque in England saying Islam is not terrorism Islam is not terrorism.

And it goes through quote after quote after quote after quote after quote after quote from the Koran from Islamic literature to say that Islam is religion of peace. You say let's that's 55 pages in and out on looking at it right now so this is from the central mosque in in the UK, Islam the religion of peace.

Terrorism is not Islam I'm looking at the second edition and I'm sorry. Specifically, it's the Birmingham UK mosques response to Islam and they asked the question is Islam a religion of peace and they say Islam is the most misinterpreted religion of the world. Islam is a religion of peace and security that urges others to pursue the path of peace and protection. The most significant proof of this is that God has named it as Islam. The word Islam is derived from the Arabic word Solomont or Salima means peace, security, safety and protection. As with literal meaning. Islam denotes absolute peace is religion. It is peace in car and it encourages humankind to be moderate, peaceful, kind, balance, tolerant patient and forbearing and then it gives various Islamic texts to support that now number one number one I believe that there are those putting this out who know or those reading it, who know that it's misleading.

What I mean what to say that Islam means peace. Islam does not mean peace cell. I am equivalent of Hebrew shalom. That means peace and security in that sense, a holistic peace. Yes, but Islam is what's called it's drive it.

It's a noun, but it's derived from a verb in the fourth form and when those Arabic knows that and it means submission doesn't peace. Surely they know that so I believe that there are many involvements document that are peaceloving that are mortified by what ISIS these are the groups do that in their mind see this is no more connected to Islam.

Then then we would see if some so-called Christian when out shooting people in the workplace. The city did in the name of Jesus which it is nothing to do with Jesus, and rightly so. I believe there many Muslims millions of us for the several hundred million who believe that but they cannot deny the violent history of Mohammed. They cannot deny the violent history of Islam over the centuries, they cannot attribute all of the violence to others in his Muslims are just fighting back and is it Maroc points out in his book of the Islam and Islamic terrorism, that you got all of the Islamic world terror attacks murderous terror attacks Muslims killing Muslims get completely unrelated to what's happening in the Western world, and in fact just today news comes outside and ice cream shop in Baghdad. 31 people blown up and killed by a suicide bomber. This is Muslims killing Muslims and and I'm looking at an article on daily wire.

Joseph curl he's driving this from the religion of peace.

Website and it is the Ramadan terror death count because were a few days into Ramadan. So far, began Friday, May 26 it runs until Saturday, June 24 religion of peace reports just the first few days there been 13 attacks and 120 deaths. If religion is them that the religion of peace, then why Ramadan the holiest month of the year Jeff so much more violence assume a suicide bomber targets ice cream shop in a Shiite area coming 16, mostly women and children. I believe that the numbers have gone off. I saw 31 earlier today.

Okay so so this is actually what a day old this report. Caliphate members fire to a hospital executed dozen young people inside that's in the Philippines. Eight employees of the rice mill are murdered by jihadist rabble betrayed their faith, Philippines. Three women and a child among 19 civilians found slain by Islamic extremists near University's Afghanistan Shahid suicide car bomber slaughters 18 at a public bus station Egypt and of course the Christians on the way to a monastery or killed by Islamic gunmen when they refuse to convert to Islam, including 10 children and on and on of the religion of peace. Website notes that Islamic terrorists cut up more than 30,910 deadly attacks since September 11, 2001 and April there were 165 Islamic terror attacks that left 1336 people dead just before Ramadan began this year.

ISIS called on always follows through wage quote all-out war against the West for the holy month statement released on YouTube said Muslims should attack infidels in their homes. The markets the road to the forms double your efforts and intensify your operations friends. This is not atypical for Islam so absolutely say once more.

Yes, there are hundreds of millions of Muslims who prefer peace to this kind of violence. There are many millions of Muslims who are mortified that what ISIS does and Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups. There are Muslims as it is not a religion. This is not our faith. This is a perversion of our faith and their Islamic sources that can support that view. But we cannot deny the Islam and Islamic terrorism to borrow from the title of it. Maroc's new book. We cannot deny the history of Islam, and I was interacting via email with a scholar of Islam reaches out to Muslims all the time and he said I do take the view while many Muslims here in the UK are indeed very peaceful and design nothing more than that the religion was likewise peaceful.

Islam is defined by their Quran. An example by their profit is anything but peaceful.

And therein lies the dilemma for not only them but most of the rest of the UK who also desires it.

Islam and Muslims remain peaceful. The history of Islam, the theology of much of Islam, the brilliant scholars in Islam, who espouse G hard that cannot be denied. The good news is that in the midst of all of this, God is working and many Muslims say more Muslims come to faith in recent years that in hundreds and hundreds of years of Christian missionary work before that they see the violence they hated and drawn to the gospel. Pray that God will bring good people became subjects will become.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is going to be a on the line of freight 784 again along with opening the phone for you that way and on any subject. I'm talking about and I will try to get to some calls over the course of the show, doing invites you to make up for Friday. I answered only E questions on Friday. I was traveling back from a conference in DC took advantage of the time to answer your email questions of because of that I couldn't take life call so if you have a question of any kind, and you will call can be random and unrelated to what I'm talking about. I'll try to get some calls as the show goes on 866-34-TRUTH. Also, have you downloaded your line of fire at man.

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I'm totally changing subjects now here in America we continue to hear reports about our young people leaving churches and we see for sure that the younger generation does not hold to many of the values of the older generation out that is not uncommon and is the younger generation gets older. Values change to get marriage or family you see the world differently knows the old joke if if you're not a liberal when you're young you don't have a heart if you like conservative when you're old enough brain and some your order but anyway it's it's got some truth to it and both the liberal and conservative perspectives have have value in them. One of my friends, Christian friends of the God showed him that that you need two wings to fly so that for America to function. You need a left-wing in the right wing and that really balance each other and challenge each other and sharpen each other in different ways and each fill in one another's blind spot but it seems that in in a way that is greater than normal young people are dropping out of churches, many of them dropping out of liberal churches for good reason, because those liberal churches don't offer the real hope of the gospel and are just kind of like the world so we need to go to church to to be like the world, but others are dropping out or just read one reports of the dropping out of churches because I get answers to their questions and and others just feel the church is on the wrong side politically conservative churches there. There are various reasons level where the Holy Spirit is moving in Jesus being preached.

These churches are prepacked out and some churches are trying to figure out what to do with all the people coming because God is drawing them around the gospel, but there are prophecies that are coming that have been coming for years now about another youth awaken that there is an expectation that just as Jesus visited by his spirit late 60s into the early mid 70s was called Jesus people movement or the Jesus revolution when I came to faith 71 hippies, radicals, rebels order in America all around the world got dramatically radically saved and in the most unlikely places. Traditional churches singing traditional hymns with men in suits and ties. Women dresses and hear these long-haired beaded hippies in their their bellbottoms and T-shirts and high on drugs coming into getting wonderfully say the many who believe it's gonna happen again. Well will talk about that prospect in a minute but what about the idea of prophecy should be put stock in them is the spirit.

In fact, speaking for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I was after I spent some significant time in the presence of the Lord in prayer on Saturday really felt the Lord give me some insights and some things that I was praying about considering writing and and I posted this comment I have no doubt whatsoever that God would speak to be more if I would make a more focused effort to get alone and listen. I've no doubt whatsoever that God would speak to them or if I would make a more focused effort to get alone and listen and someone wrote back and said you expect that God will speak anything to other than what is on the pages of the Bible in black-and-white night.

I didn't write back to this individual. I don't write back to everyone on Twitter for many obvious reasons for response.

Everyone on Twitter, Facebook, you never hear me again on the air.

No one in my family wouldn't find me because I'd be day and night trying to catch up to everyone speaking to me in reaching out to me and interacting with me, challenging but my answer if I didn't write back my expecting God to say anything to me other than what's written the pages of the Bible black-and-white. Of course this is a relationship with God. Second Corinthians 1314 says that we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus says in John 10 my sheep hear my voice eating just say it only in the matter of salvation.

He is our good Shepherd. Hebrews 13 tells us he's our great Shepherd. Jesus says in John 10 he is our good Shepherd. Psalm 23 says he's her Shepherd. He leads us and he guides us know the word is the word if if I had some vision and in the vision of the vision said to me there.

Eight Jesus is and 23 God side rejected is either a figment of my own imagination or demonic.

If I had some revelation where I thought I heard the voice of God saying to me you are Elijah the prophet, and you have authority over the entire world proclaim yourself, then it's either figment of my imagination, or demonic the word is the word everything is tested by the word is only one Bible, there is only the word of God. But maybe I'm praying let's let's say you praying with your family. About two different ministry opportunities. One suit to stay in the states and others go on the mission field and and you can't what Lord we don't know what to do when not sure which is the best course to follow so you seek the Lord in prayer and you sense the Lord leading you and guiding you. You sense the Lord saying that you should go on a mission field and and your spouse is your honey I was praying and had the exact same sense the side adding to the Bible the side, adding out revelation to the Bible. That's just the Holy Spirit leading us and guiding us, and remember in biblical times.

There were many prophecies given and many were recognized to be words from the Lord, but they were not recorded in Scripture. They did not become part of the Bible. So say during the the times when Paul was writing to the Corinthians, and prophecy in their midst. So would prophesy they would recognize that other prophets would judge and say this is a true word from the Lord then become part of the Bible. Some part of Scripture is just a prophecy, a prophetic word. So for example, was ministry one time and I could I could give you almost endless, endless examples of this, but I was ministry one time and I was praying for a woman and as I was praying for. I saw my mind's eye that there was someone standing over her and and and threatening her and and and beating her and she was absolutely terrorized and and and she was scared out of her wits and that her husband was trying to do violence to her and she did know what to do, but I didn't know the woman at all did no rental so I said, I pray for you. I see that she was there with her mother and they look to be shocked her husband was a nonbeliever from another country, because she got saved after they were married or were he tricked her and they got married young made profession of faith. Whenever an end. What I describe is exactly what it just happened to her and happen for more than once was at adding to the Bible.

No, that was the Holy Spirit giving insight.

The Holy Spirit giving wisdom here, but I begin to Journal years ago years ago.

I'm talking about in the mid-early 1990s, that God wanted me to be on national talk radio and I did not lift a finger to make it happen didn't even gonna need a lift for you to make it happen, nor that I know how to lift a finger make it happen though to have connections to make it happen or live finance to make it happen.

But I became convinced that God was calling me to do this and and then became convinced of a certain day that someone was going to bring it up to me so I never talked to or met and sure enough they did and the rest is history as they say I can give you. Example after example, a set adding to the Bible… The Holy Spirit leading us and guiding us and and if I received any insight thought I had revelation, insight that was contrary to Scripture, they throw it out.

Lord, should I steal this or not am not sure I mean III could really use it.

Should I steal it. Wife not out. Don't steal. There's a commitment. Don't steal your pray about that. You don't ask out yet you have the word you have the final authority.

The Scripture end of subject. You know I got an insight while praying that Jesus really was 45 when he was baptized. The Lord shall be know you can show me that that would be nonsense because Luke tells us he was about 30 when he was baptized we understood absolute truth about the gospel is found in the Scripture absolute truth about the nature of God is found in Scripture. You know I felt the Lord gave me an insight about one of its contrary to what God's word says about God.

It's either your own brain which demonic is not from God but this idea that the Holy Spirit is not continuing to speak is contrary to Scripture. Of course the Holy Spirit's continued speak of course he's continued to lead and that's why Paul first with his 14th urged the believers in Corinth to earnestly seek the best gifts and he put prophecy the top the list of prophecy is not good preaching Paul instructs Timothy to preach and teach into to pay attention to doctrine and things like that. That's one thing Parker referred himself as a preacher or teacher gift of prophecy or being a prophet is separate from that a prophet may preach well with the gift of prophecy is not inspired preaching that is a later viewpoint put back on Scripture subsequently is not found in the Bible is not with the words mean historically in Hebrew or Greek is something mean within the context of Scripture to some a exegesis of all exegete with the best of you will just look in context with the Scripture say in my book, authentic fire Dr. Sam storms is a whole appendix is a lengthy article that he wrote on lawn that he allowed us to print in the book. We explained that recognizing the God speaks today through prophecy and of the means is an absolute harmony was so Scripture absolute harmony with our view and the authority of Scripture. The absolute authority of Scripture that nothing else plays the role of Scripture but I may not and unaware to start in terms of of examples of the leading of the Holy Spirit and attributed to step out in faith and leave a job because God told him to teacher in a Bible school in 1983, and of course it happened and it happened miraculously and it was a door supernaturally opened by God, there's a little example, I often use but it's it's a good example. Some years back in the days before emails days when facts was that big way of communicating. Now I have been praying over the weekend because we were trying to finalize arrangements from for ministry trip. I had this was what so early to mid 90s I was maybe 93, 94, I was trying to finalize arrangements for ministry trip to Italy in the ministry trip to Finland. We just couldn't finalize certain details secretaries try to go back and forth with the folks there and I I just was little bothered because of trying to lock in my schedule and in the what was coming and I felt the Lord say to me that an audible voice, but just internally I felt the Lord saying to me that within the next 24 hours will hear from Italy and Finland things we finalized them also here from England will be invited to England will sure enough, the next family was a phone call from Italy, and a fax from Finland or one of the other. We heard from them and all the arrangements were being worked out and then my secretary) Mike, you got a call from a guy in England today.

He wants to talk to invite you over. I thought is not interested so he calls me later that day to talk and he said listen, I don't know who you are, but I was speaking on Long Island at a church that he said excuse me, I was at a friends house from Scotland Scottish brother was at his house and I noticed a book that he had on the shelf. Whatever happened to the power of God above that you wrote to the charismatic church is a charismatic church lane and spurted down for the count.

He said I saw the book. I said I want to borrow that she got it when he was speaking to church Long Island. I had spoken there. The pastor said to this pastor from Scotland. The pastor from announce it to the pastor from Scotland hate check out our bookstore see if there any books you want.

Maybe you can get them in England at the entire bookstore.

There's only one he took, which was mine brought it back to Scotland. This fella from England sees it and feels led call Mike Brown invited to speak. He said to me, I don't know who you are, but the Lord told him to call you like to speak is another who you are with the Lord to Lowe's get a call from England today. We became dear friends and a great ministry together. That's the Lord gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown prophecy must be tested. New Testament gives us guidelines don't believe every spirit right first on four prophecy must be tested first Corinthians 14 first Thessalonians 5, but don't despise prophecy rather test all things, and hold fast to the good correct that's were told to do that applies until today. It applied 2000 years ago. It applies today.

So we tested and we evaluate numerous levels is in harmony with Scripture. What somethings are nebulous. In other words, if you're praying about which job to take in for the Lord. We needed to take one job versus the other. If it's not like an immoral job. I feel the Lord told him to take this job to be a terrorist.

Don't know now know God for bid God for bid that's that's not the Lord. But if it is in almost praying about taking this job as a bank teller. This bank or that bank benefits were equal. I just felt a really the Lord wanted me at this of the bank.

For some reason. Okay, that's you can't way that based on Scripture itself because you don't have a guideline there right well you like a track record that how accurately if you heard from God. Over the years.

How does this pan out. Does the thing prophesy come to pass. Sometimes there there is just about timing. But if there's timeframe associated this come to pass various things like that and then it can also be does a bear witness with my spirit, I'm walking with the Lord and someone speaks something in and it does bear witness with my spirit untroubled by that I'm in right relationship with the world. And that's another? There are various ways to test words but what I found very interesting. Is this where often told that we don't callout error in the charismatic movement. Now, I certainly would agree that we don't do it the way some critics would want us to do some of them wants to renounce the things of the spirit entirely us of some of the posted on YouTube deep appreciation for me a Mustang for the cultural semi deep and gracious, but then asked me to please, please, please, give up being charismatic and are willing to say this because of the Holy Spirit can give up what God's word says is important for us in our walk with him in our ministry to the world but is using around the world to bring the greatest harvest of souls, world souls will servicing and know what we are like the surrounding heresy hunters and I can go through your checklist every day to see who you like and don't like, or you feel is good and not good and and I have to tell you okay II agree with your heresy list and delusional.

Listen to me don't like to do that. On the flipside, critics are right that many times in the charismatic movement.

Things are not callout that many times in the charismatic movement.

There is a lot of junk that goes on his Lotta gullibility actively addressing some of these things even even as as I broadcast now these very days and you'll find out about and in the days to come, but I find it interesting that on stuff does get called out for example colleague buying journalist Arthur Lee Grady just wrote an article is what Chris magazine may be in May or so they don't know it was published online in May and I just saw. Published online March excuse me and I just saw it now in print in the newest addition, Chris magazine school six signs of a toxic apostle in its demo. People claim to be apostles and are not that leases are wolves in sheep's clothing, and he lays out some some very strong characteristics and and criteria. There is a general name Brian car and I don't know Brian personally but someone brought to my attention that he was on Benny hand broadcast last year and basically told people if they were given offering a $500 to the ministry that night that God was good work miracles of and protect them from the system disaster that was coming in September. What you knew right from the moment so it was bogus it was. It was wrong. It was unethical and was it the amine with the prophecy was for many months back and prophesy think something good to come in September requesting their came in September, but that's completely manipulative and wrong and and and I and I wrote to Benny him about it. By the way just for your information, I wrote to him said I could have this on on your show and mention other things as well but Brian Corinth came to more attention when he said God shown various things to him for wasn't for 2016 or 17.

Whatever. And for some way to second. This is word for word virtually word for word what some psychic predicted and he took it was outraged over that Saddam ago article to psychics they they follow me out to follow them instantly and listen them. The people Sonoma, but this was recorded months before yours so you got it from them. Okay I was online last night looking for something and discovered YouTube video after YouTube video after YouTube video America watched for hours if I wanted of leaders in the charismatic church and others who are recognized as prophetic people calling him out calling them to repent. Calling it false prophecy, calling him a false prophet.

Some said look we believe you're sincere but you're misguided and you need some serious help here. You're young man to the correction and help that you are in serious error here and what in the world are you doing and others were much stronger than that, but also in video after video after video after video calling them out a lot of stuff does get called out, but it's in-house. In other words, it's people doing it within charismatic circles that you might not even know about outside of all right, just for your information.

No many things are not called. Many abuses will then I colitis is mild, inclusive, should be or they are allowed to continue.

By God's grace I hope to continue to address abuses. I may not do it in the way you want me to some of you, but I'm not here to please you in here to please God.

We are to serve you. Please God do things in a way that I believe are right honoring in his sight.

So number one no question that scripturally God continues to speak in many ways could be dreams could be visions could be by an internal voice could be by an audible voice of him or her the audible voice of God.

I very rarely have had prophetic dreams.

On rare occasion, but very very very very rarely almost never that I'm aware of. I have seen certain things in the spirit you may set your minds eye, but I seen them clearly. And they've they've happened as the Lord showed me and and of her the internal voice of the Lord.

Many a time and in the witness of the Spirit that knowing that I know that I know something that same spirit that bears witness with me that I'm a child of God had that happen many times but the authority in my life the rock.

The foundation is God and his word and I and I expect that the more time I listen to his word, the more he will speak to me through his word. But his word also tells me that there other ways that he speaks but those ways are not with the authority of Scripture and they are not the word of God for all people. So what should we make of these prophecies about a coming youth revival I have expectation in my own heart. I believe that will see it happen.

But here's something interesting that Leonard Ravenhill once said to a young man of God.

Ventral Simpson. Charles asked him if you believe this going to be a great revival before Jesus comes back to the lengths of course. Revelation 19 says the brightest, made herself ready supply does not. It made herself ready. You have to be great revival. Something to think about walking back after the Memorial Day weekend will take you from Islam to the White House to youth revival today on the line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown BusinessWeek, Bloomington, Indiana, Munro County public library. Yet, this is going to be sweet. There's going to be a children's program aged tuna six.

Some folks are going to come in and read to the children aged 2 to 6 business suite yeah local drag queens, local drag queens. I wrote about this phenomenon within the last 10 days and you can read my article about undeniable proof that America's gone mad related* you'll see it in latest articles in the digital library but someone just wrote to us today and sent this this note dear Dr. Brown does want to bring Mr. attention if you mention on your show more national attention. A local library always has a summer reading program for children. This is what they are now indoctrinating kids with wonder when you think they have overplayed their hand. This one thing I've said for years friends that LGBT activists will overplayed their hand, those who were bullied will become the bullies with those who came out of the closet will try to push us in the closet friends right going the closet.

This is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire. Welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 7884. So what we do will if you're in an area with this happen you go to your risk to your library and you say this is wrong.

Go to library.

You say that this is intolerable not ever remember we are told not that long ago. Not without drag queens gray queens that's not that's a typical week, transgender or man identifies his woman left him a drag queen that something separateness, like a little more flamboyant for the gay community. When I, that worked with abutment now drag queen agendas being pushed friends.

Time to wake up was the last time you prayed for revival in your area. When's the last time you prayed for awakening.

When's the last time you prayed all God, shake us once last time you pray the Lord's prayer applied to your area, Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done right here. We live in our neighborhood, our community, may your name be hallowed and then find out who drag queens are reach out to them with the gospel. Yet let's let's talk about our kids more. Let's talk about our campuses. We've just had graduation services all across America.

Commencement speeches and I've got a new article up. You can read that asked Dr. that asked the question. Can our universities be saved and study was done just another recent survey looking at the most prestigious schools in America and who they had speak so a 45 commencement speakers at our top universities in America 45 were liberal and for conservative liberal commencement speakers compared to conservative commencement speakers at our elite universities in America. The liberals out numbered the conservatives more than 10 to 1 and one of the conservatives VP Mike pence speaking Notre Dame had that shameful incident happened where about 100 of the students walked out turn their backs on him graduates turn their backs. They were honored and privileged that the vice president United States and a fine Christian man speak of University the same graduation and yet they walked out on him even CNN's Fareed Caesarea Safari has spoken about the intolerance of the left and how wrong this is to restrict freedom of speech that you don't like will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown reference for you have a question about any subject whatsoever. Any subject under the sun that you like to talk to me about the site did not take calls on Friday only answered your E questions give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and I'll see if there's a way to weave in some of your calls over the course of this, our first hour. I did talk about Islam. I believe it's important to recognize aspects of Islam that lead to violence that are in harmony with Islamic theology, you find it helpful. A lot of interesting quotes.

I read that was in the first hour. Also, the first hour, talked about hearing the voice of God is God speak to us outside of Scripture. Only through the pages of Scripture and we judge alleged prophetic words so talk about that as well. You can catch all that on the website. The line of just click on listen later today. Really listen but best of all, get a wrap this rewrite in your your self on your iPhone your iPhone your android phone, Samsung whatever interphone you have or on your iPad or your your galaxy tablet whenever it is rendered cute well yeah not to computer.

The app is for yourself on your tablet to go to the app store. The Apple App Store or the Google play store android store and just look for the line of fire with Dr. Michael Brown and show Daniel see it download the app you find super user friendly. If you enjoy it please write a review or just give it five stars if you like it and enjoy it. You can listen live to the entire two hours right there.

So if you're away from your radio.

You can listen live that way you can catch all the recent podcast right there, you can call the show just by pressing a button right from there you connect with our website.

It's a great great app I downloaded it I just been a joy that Arnold consider a listing to buy something cool. There is just right there on the phone and crystal clear quality to so yeah enjoy. Take advantage of it. But coming back to our schools coming back to our universities.

There were different commencement speakers in recent days and I remember some years ago it was what in the 1980s that that Mike Tyson received an honorary doctorate from Central state University and in Ohio, so he donated money to the school and I was getting honored honorary doctorate.

The heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson getting honorary doctorate you and he said at his commencement as the speech there. He delivered calving out.

I wasn't sure what kind of doctor I was. But looking at all of the sisters you think will be a doctor of gynecology. Yeah he he said okay he was try to be silly and that's got a guy he was and obviously it was embarrassing for the University talk about something like that happen. I'm talking about when you bring in somebody you bring in someone with a particular ideology to speak to your graduating students, and this is the message that you can almost expect them to bring so Grinnell College in Iowa.

They brought in comedienne compile and Johnny.

I'm not familiar with him, but I'm sure many others are and among other things, he said was, so here's another concrete piece of advice I give you have sex with an emigrant were going through a tough time right now and it would just really be great for our morale be really great for morale will the students reportedly roared in laughter at that but we can.

Can you imagine can't imagine maybe or my agent 62. I didn't go to and hereby graduations for for college or Masters or PhD. I did more theology.

For whatever reason, And gone to that that whole thing and I think would've been fun if I did the PhD one in retrospect we just just didn't do it for whatever reason, it is a schedule conflict.

I forget, but linear my age when you're older you think of graduating from college or grad school in the commencement address. Could you imagine someone cracking a joke like that.

Years back at it in a setting like that in the context like that then you have the, the radicalizing of our campuses and here's here's a good example. There is a woman named kiang got your matzoh Taylor. She's an assistant professor and African-American studies at Princeton, so she's spoken graduation service for three undergrads at Hamilton College in Massachusetts she called Pres. Trumper, racist, sexist megalomaniac assaying about his policies is not enough just to be outraged. Injustice has to actually be defined rate sheet she is.

She is calling for action and she has written about black liberation and things like that.

I mean she some students to defy the policies don't agree with regarding Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions. She said he embraces and promulgates policies that have already proven to have had a devastating impact on black families and communities and and my guess would be that those in the audience were even surprised by your comments that it's in harmony with they've heard from their professors and with a hear from their peers, and in this is this again is a pattern of the radicalizing of our campuses melt. I'm a new book coming out September really excited about is called saving a sick America prescription for moral and cultural transformation. And in that book, as I also did the queer thing happen to America. I go back to the origins of some of our greatest schools in America.

For example, Harvard University, founded in 1636. What was its purpose was the purpose of Harvard original. It was to train illiterate clergy and among the rules and precepts to be observed by the students was this quote that every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well. The main end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life. That's how Harvard started. Princeton University found in 1746 is the College of New Jersey.

The school's model was under God's power. She flourishes about Columbia club University founded as King's College in 1754 by Royal charter conjured the second it had as its goals. Quote to enlarge the mind improve the understanding polish the whole man and qualify them to support the brightest characters in all the elevated stations in life all yeah yeah that that sounds like that sounds like what this commencement speaker said Thomas does have sex with an emigrant or the seller once said to defy prison terms, policies, oh yeah and large in the mind improve the understanding polish in the whole man in qualifying them to support the brightest characters in all the elevated stations in life.

I read an article over the weekend that it Harvard's first graduation 1642, there were nine grads and they didn't have an outsider deliver a commencement address.

In fact, when I look for a list of commencement speakers of Harvard going back into the 1800s it went back to 1831 something like that so it would appear that there were not outside commencement speakers for Harvard's first what almost 200 years, but in any case. According to this report that I read and it would be in harmony with everything else I've read about Harbin. It's early days in its high standards in its morality and and its requirements for student seem to get into the school that all nine grads are you ready each gave an address in Heber or Greek or Latin.

Imagine that me today.

We have folks graduating from college graduate of University that they can barely write a sentence in English with proper grammar. I was joking once with the students in our ministry school that when I got a paper written in really good English. I knew it was written by a foreigner that learned English as a second language in a letter the grammar correctly. I remember all decades ago watching when the Wide World of Sports was on TV that there was a ski racing and at the end of it. They were interviewing the participants, and there was a gal from Sweden, but I feel excellent about how race today really worked hard in training and put our best efforts out. I'm really pleased with the results very very appreciative of of all the work that's going into this, then maybe there is a German skier and also spoke impeccable English.

Yes, it was a difficult, very challenging course and the other skiers were doing so I was highly motivated today and so pleased with my finish in the American skier yeah like you know that I was, you know, kind of like you know it was like it was a tough course, but like you know I am.

I feel like I'm pretty good thing. The speaker speaks English worse than the foreigners here at Harvard in 1642.

Each of the nine grads delivered his speech either in Greek or Hebrew or Latin you can be sure that the faculty understood every word from all of them close. The students understood every word from the others is not every word without exception, can we save our universities as a major topic in my book, saving a sick America want to give you a foretaste of the answer in the book we come back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown, don't we do a better universities.

What would we do better campuses will obviously we need to be focused on training our kids before they get to college and and and many of you parents doing extraordinary job some homeschooling, so making sacrifices to get the kids in Christian school.

Some actively involved with your kids in public schools, and you're doing your best to be the primary influence in their lives and their primary mentors and teachers so by, by all means, by all means we appreciate the efforts of so many. And then there are those working sacrificially in Christian schools and there are those that are trying to make a difference in the public school so there's so many things that we can do and should do it and and and I lay out some prescribed courses fraction in saving a sick America gumbo consent. September you can preorder now if you like the comes out in September but as far as universities, colleges and universities. First let's recognize that nothing says that her kids have to go to university.

It may be the calling for some, but not for all, it's only in our recent history that that more and more young people have gone to college is not been our history, the founding of the nation when we first started having schools in our midst and may not be part of someone's life calling Nancy and I are absolute peers in so many ways. She is wise and in so many ways. She's more knowledgeable, knowledgeable in the it in so many ways. She is more practical than the it in so many areas that require study and learning in knowledge, be at medicine Butte nutrition, be it practical areas of life, be it building a house, be it understanding of of issues with raising children whatever to shoot. She's massively more knowledgeable in some ways 100 to 1 Iver, PhD she never went to college. She went to one year of medical training school to to work as a medical assistant, but you want to college is not part of what was in our heart and mind to do and I don't think college would have benefited her.

I think for her life calling in our companionship and work wasn't part of of her calling our younger daughter went to our ministry school and graduated. That's where she met her husband that was absolutely right in her life.

All the daughter did not go to college.

She's sharp and clearheaded and has great job and her husband has great job and the there in the same industry together but nothing college would've benefited her so a small family I'm talking about and you first need to say okay. Do we need to go.

II surveyed hundreds and hundreds of people years back and I asked them all college or university grads did their college training help equip them for what God had called them to very, very few suggests very few, specifically those in Christian colleges are ministry schools, and it would've been positive, but otherwise very few okay we select for God's calling and purpose aren't would've just about secular work. Many of them said it didn't help them get ahead in the secular world either. So don't just plant your college person your kid because that's what people do make sure it's the right thing to do is practical.

This for a second, give prayerful thought and ask yourself, should my kid go away to another school. That's one thing you can be in a totally different environment than a government and an environment replete with temptation and challenge that their experience if they do go away.

Should they go to a solid Christian school will be in a good environment and the professors will not be trying to tear down their faith you have at this universe is more prestigious.

Who cares who cares which I might your kids life console and sacrifice their souls and get a degree in an elite institution is that of sending them. Similarly, get a fine education and become equip for their future and be built up in their faith rather than torn down. Maybe they should go to a ministry school at fire school of Ministry of that's if they have a calling to minister not just for Bible notice for those with calling to be in leadership and ministry. Maybe they should go to a vocational school maybe they should get built up strength in first and then go off to school. Or maybe they should just go to a local college so that they can stay at home or stay in their home church in the golf environment. Someone don't just assume that everybody must college number two. Don't just assume you syndicate off to some secular school pray about it.

If you send them off.

Maybe this should be a Christian school and then thirdly, when you're at a secular school recognize yearly hostile territory and prepare the kids before they go as best as you can with basic apologetics. My friend Frank Turek helps young people go to cross-examined with a deity and cross and find out more about special training programs. They have before kids go off to school us on a six-month program, some short intensive, so there grounded in certain apologetics and certain knowledge of Scripture knowledge of truth in any prepared better for what's coming in the ready for the moral onslaught right. Also, we are at school. Use it as an opportunity to evangelize know you're probably never have a more harvest, more ripe harvest than young people campus seeking asking questions. Use it to evangelize and then if you get a degree from a secular institution and that secular institution stance against many of the things that you value and hold true to his is dear then what you want to do is take that degree and use it to subvert their own values of that school to use that degree as as part of your training and equipping and resume to not stand for what's right and to expose what's wrong, then we need to pray for more and more solid believers to get positions teaching and administrating secular schools to counteract the extreme radical left agenda that dominates many of our schools. We need to pray that others will be used help raise up more and more Christian colleges and universities, and then we need to urge and of course get involved in teaching public schools for children get involved Christian schools in various ways like that.

Those are called to your children's education, then we need to eat urge the Christian school, such as the seminaries with Christian colleges and universities don't bow down to the God of secular academics. This is all my book say Mystic America out in September. Much more detail don't bow down to the God. Secular academics, meaning if you were told if you don't change this and this and this, you could lose your accreditation stay working with right record to compromise her beliefs and values just to maintain accreditation either the accreditation system needs to be revamped or it needs to be replaced with a godly system that mirrors our values and if it's accepted by the world, fine. If not, not what we can have to be countercultural, we have to recognize that the world is not always except us that the world's values can be different than ours. To the extent we can work within the system.

We do otherwise. Otherwise, we obey the Lord first and foremost, and we take the reproach of the world. I've lived like that for years by God's grace. We've lost a lot over the years for doing what we felt was right. Rather than compromise.

For convenience, God has more than repaid us with his grace standing up and honoring him we will be right back. So I got some fake news for you when you return.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown always best real and what is not to test everything until we sailed. We are clear about this.

We are clear about that you did you do that today on the line of fire listening to Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us. So I read reports so the real tragic took place this week. Out West.

There was a man was on the train and he was yelling at a Muslim woman and two men stood up for her and he killed them he killed him and we get reports about a white supremacist or white supremacist who killed these people who tried to defend a Muslim woman. It's tragic, it's terrific. They showed courage. They did the right thing. Turns out the man was she'd never been out on the street. From what I can tell from his his past record and his mental instability, but but according to the reports I read he was a supporter of Bernie Sanders and he hated trump supporters the way this was being pictured and presented was being presented as if as if this man was some militant white supremacist right wing supporter of Donald Trump. Therefore anti-immigrant anti-Muslim, when in reality, according to the reports think the guy was a Bernie Sanders supporter who hated trump trump supporters so some sacrament in a dress that caught the sports premises because the report was bogus. Let's be careful also very different perspectives from folks that are sharing accurately. We had on a pastor from South Africa who shared thy concerns about what was happening with the slaughter of white farmers South Africa and painted a very grim picture and something you want to be praying about at the same time I got a note from one of our faithful listeners love to be your face-to-face. One day she often postage gracious gracious things and and she said look the way things report it gave a misleading picture as if you'd be afraid to even go to the country and she said South Africa's democratic country there's there's no media censorship and the brutal killings and the forms have been reported in the past so that's that's one point she made a second that the solemn assembly that was called for by by Angus Brooklyn was not due to brutal killings in the forms it was due to the explosion of corruption in the government crime and general decline of the nation on a holistic basis so just want to add that and she also said South Africa's not ruled by tribalism or certain tried to find elected government. They may be corrupt with a been elected and gobbling 2019 will be elected out and for the black born-again believers, myself being one do not mix Christianity with ancestor worship people who do this are normal Christians who do practice Christianity beyond Sunday religious church or those who go to cults like born-again Christians have no disagreements with regards to this matter. We are clear on. She says I understand how the show was meant to inspire believers to pray for her country pleased to pray for us.

My concern is you received a picture that if I was that a South African I would be scared to go anywhere near the country. I know you your genuine, you wouldn't do know for sure unless you're told I'm loving scared Dr. Brown will never set foot. My country hey hey my dear sister.

We do plan to come. We have an invitation were just praying about how to work it out and what we can do on the trip, or previous trip was canceled by the folks who invited us, but we do hope to come to appreciate what was shared by Pastor Andre on the air, drawing attention to something that most of us in America are completely unaware of. Normally the slaughter of hundreds brutal torture slaughter of hundreds of white farmers, Christian farmers, for the most part, South Africa, the need of prayer.

But here's a black cistern because he said hey the perspective was painted that was limited to the full picture. So I wanted to share that with you. Rest of story will be right back with her friend James Robison think this would be another youth awakening in America for cleansing and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown (this past week I had the joy of speaking at the watchmen wall conference in Washington DC and my honored friend James Robison was presented with the award for being a key watchmen for the year and brought a message that electrified the entire place so it was, it was great to be there. James great job and I was just blessed to hear you speak. The pastors were electrified by your message sir.

Are you there hello are you Howard.

Not sure what's happening there but I can't hear anything. If Rev. Robison is there. So can you please check on that for me. Not sure what's going on right so you are right we have an issue on the fee then coming to me. How are. Whatever happened we have an issue on that feed coming to me and and I heard nothing while I truly apologize. I'm not sure what's going on wheat we had an issue with a consul earlier James.

You can hear me but we're we're having a problem.

Hello Lederman, I'm not hearing you are you there silently. All right, James, my sincere apologies. We have a tech problem, because of which I cannot hear you. So Howard, I'm glad that you can hear but I can't. So what ever was done earlier on our board to fix the echo I was getting in my ears. It is cut out are outside feed James, I apologize from the heart.


Take your time and not be able to bring you on.

But rather than have you stand by while we try to fix this. Best to get on with your day and we will reconnect as soon as possible, so my apologies to you and my apologies to all of our listeners. We yeah I've got yet so sorry sir so have a blessed day.

Let me let you get on with things and we will address this yet, guys. I'm good on my end. Everything is properly turned off all inputs. The call simply didn't go through. There was zero that I heard there right so yeah that's embarrassing and I apologize.

I was looking forward to the interview I had an important question to ask James but yes, so guys, we need to check and find out exactly what happened with that. We fixed earlier messed something up and that's boy that's not good. Okay, we move on.

We want these go back to South Africa for one moment clearly something horrific is taking place and that's what Pastor Andre was was pointing out here is an article from Ilana Mercer of the daily caller, damned lies and statistics about black on white farmers in South Africa farming in South Africa is the most dangerous occupation in the world. Farmers there suffer more murderous per capita than any other community on earth outside a war zone.

Since the dawn of democracy in the country. Farming South Africa has been slaughtered by black South Africans in ways that we do Shaka Zulu proud Osama saying how numbers are kept down that things are not accurately reported.

Each year millions in taxpayer's money are forked out to private security firms to protect the new South Africans, police stations, South Africa's protectors can protect themselves, etc. so again we want have a balanced picture of what's happening there.

But we do not want to deny the atrocities or downplay the trust is of course that was not the purpose of the communication from our sister in South Africa. So this this is something happening that's very ugly it's brutal.

It is horrific and we want to be praying for grace in the country.

There are, you know what guys I'm not committed try to take any calls okay is thus far through the show. I've not taken a single call.

This problem would've surfaced. If we had to just surface now, so my mistake anymore because of you. Just poised to dial. Don't don't don't okay, here's what I do want to talk about in terms of prospects for youth revival in America. This is what I wanted to talk to Rev. Robison about she is what I'm 12 years older than me.

He was preaching he was an active ministry. He was a powerful evangelist when God began to pour out his Spirit in the late 60s and early 70s and brought about a tremendous harvest of souls, and God knows how many hippies radicals rebels from all walks of life cut dramatically born again during the time not just America but around the world.

I have I have run into folks from around the world. I've met them in different nations with testimonies that parallel mine and testimonies far more dramatic than mine, and all save within a couple year.

It was a time late 60s early 70s of great spiritual seeking among young people.

There is more of a secularism now among young people.

There is more of a seeking for social justice and those kinds of things. There does not seem to be the same spiritual search that took place in but it was everywhere. I mean listen. It was normal for us to get high and talk about spiritual things. It was in the air. It was normal just to get together with friends and talk about spiritual things and you didn't look to traditional religion. You didn't look to the church or the synagogue in Islam is coming out of our range to, but you certainly look for spirituality. Whether it was Hinduism, but it was Hare Krishna. Whether it was some type of transcendental meditation.

What was some no, precursor for New Age spirituality some kind of cult we were searching we were looking.

It was everywhere in the air. We talked about it all the time all the time. And then God began to save us. One of my dear friends in Italy that I've worked with for many many years. He was in India told the story many times he was in India, bearded hippie in an ashram in India and his friend says to him from Italy. I think we we we have a better chance of finding God in Jerusalem, so they walk and hitchhike from India to Jerusalem, at which point they get wonderfully born again. I remember being in in Germany and I was talking to a pastor there. I suggest I got saved and 71 I was rock musician. As I got saved and 72 as a rock musician is drums is a guitar that I keyboard it just left and right dramatic conversion accounts.

Let me tell the story again upon see Kim respected Korean church leader is also run for political office.

There and launched a significant campus outreach ministry for many years to story.

He was at soul University, which is like the Harvard of of Korea.

He was a soul University was a student radical was a Marxist. He led the Marxist radical group on campus. He had been raised in a Christian home. I don't know what depth but in a Christian environment, but he concluded that the gospel and failed that Jesus was right.

Jesus was good but the gospel failed the church it failed and that the way to live out the values of the gospel is through Marxist so he became a radical Marxist. He then wants to petition drive to get signatures calling for the resignation of the president of the country, saying the problems in our country are your fault.

He had an appointment to meet with the president of the country with his stacks of petitions while he's in the waiting room of pastor that had known him since he was a boy comes in there I met this pastor and he says to him, the happening of some government connections happen to be there that day.

What you doing here and prosecute explains the pastor system has occurred you that the palms and career or your fault. The problems in Korea are your fault. He falls to the ground under deep conviction, weeping in repentance gets up born again walks out from there and then launches Christian campus groups did you outreach on campus in the spread over Korea all happening at the same time, the Jesus people with Jesus revolution late 60s early 70s.

Time magazine. It was in April 1966 the famous cover is God dead and and there's no picture on the first time have a picture just the stark black and red is God dead home shocking, shocking five years later, June 71 that hippie -like rendition of Jesus. And there's a headline Jesus revolution Jesus revolution. Yes, there was such a great mood. So many hippies, radicals, rebels getting saved in such numbers. The time magazine wrote an article about when I read the article I was stirred reading about what happened this thing is nobody saw it coming.

Nobody saw it coming yet.

April 8 I thought April 66. Thanks. April 8 is God dead exactly in June. What June something 71 Jesus revolution that the point I'm making the point I'm making is that such common people in the sea counterculture revolution, and then they didn't see the Jesus revolution, there is time magazine June 21 71 Seattle, April 96 of 66, June 71.

What a change is something like that about to happen again on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. He said God put him in office how they spend it. Many believe he was anointed for this and I replied.

Some would say Trump did his job and now it's time for parents. Some of say this was God's plan to bring pension from the start and some would say that the devil succeeded in removing God's appointment those I think would be three most likely responses. Okay so in the early 60s pollsters did not see the counterculture revolution coming. They didn't see the rebellion. They felt that the generation that was about to get into the workforce and get out of college and things like that was going to be a terrific generation in terms of respect for authority and elders and great folks to hire and work with them and they just didn't seem to have a lot of ideas of their own, that was that I was the negative incident a lot of ideas of their own, but yeah, me there can be good all who knew that the counterculture revolution was around the corner and rebellion.

The generation gap did Ms. Doran find young people among them. But yeah, I mean it was it was, not expected by the pollsters and then in the midst of the rebellion in the end the carnality in the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll Eastern religion and all of that the to place in the 60s and in the country just suddenly shifting dramatically who saw the Jesus people moving, but there were some Christian leaders who got deeply buried the began to pray and God laid on the hearts it was coming it was coming to the point that June 21, 1971 time article the alternative, Jesus psychedelic Christ. Yeah, I mean people who are high on LSD got a vision of Jesus and cried out for salvation and got saved in some got instantly sober Summit took a little bit longer to get disciple because they thought they could smoke pot news LSD and growing God. It took a little bit longer to figure that out this when I got saved.

That's my best friends got saved, they could say right before me and their friends got saved right before them. That's what drew us all in. This is within a period of a few months, and in 1971 and how it happen.

Why did we end up in a traditional church service was either there is a Jewish kid. More importantly is rebels drug usual my friends in their part of a rock band while we there God is drawing jobs working for years I have felt that this can be a great outpouring of the Spirit in the game is been community and the negative is that our churches and I can be any more ready for that than they were ready for the than they were ready for the.

The influx of hippies radicals rebels in late 60s early 70s.

Sadly, many of the churches were not ready.

There were very few spiritual fathers that recognize what was happening that within a mentor and father that the young people there were not new wineskins for the new wine that said, hey, maybe these young people have expression, they can offer music, they can write in any case that wasn't recognized. Maybe they need more discipleship in different settings, distant church service and there was not a lot of repentance teaching that the many got truly say, but weren't really brought through clear understanding of repentance and hence the source foundations were laid in many lives. That's why men who profess faith after a period of years fell away. I believe for years, and other friends of mine and said the exact same thing for years that that they expect great outpouring in the LGBT community and that folks become for churches the right to be ready for.

So use it when you do see God, give me a heart of love, compassion, understanding, and then do your best to learn relevant issues and be ready to to not be ready know him say, be prepared to be prepared and that'll help you lean on God. But I've been reading more and more people sober leaders in the body saying they expect a great use outpouring to take place.

Are there signs of and signs point the opposite direction. Dante they put more youth apostasy or your people leaving the church. Young people not sharing in their parent's faith what's coming. I can't tell you but I can tell you that we should be praying for a poor that we should be doing our best to point young people that we have two to help them grow in the Lord become solid disciples and Jesus.

We should we should do our best to help them to pour into them to make nurturing this next generation a priority one mega church pastor has his service run in such a way with the many thousands of countries church that a 15-year-old would be excited about going to the service and would be able understand the message that's his target audience of 15-year-old he figures the older folks are to love the service to the Lord is there in worship and preaching in the messages solid, but that that's that's his target audience of 15-year-old and he has people probably into their 80s and 90s.

They go to church but he's preaching to make sure 15-year-old can understand and relate to his message.

That's, that's his priority. This next generation, and he feels he can do that and situate it will keep the attention of the older generation. Obviously take good gift and prayerful preparation to do that the jury can be done. Jesus speaks in a way that a 15-year-old can understand that an uneducated person timestamp that a genius can understand. That's part of the brilliance of the gospel, but in the natural when you look at it were losing on people in the natural me look at it things going down in America arrived at end just looking at graphs and charts here pointing to spiritual decline largely in the West.

At the same time the Holy Spirit is being put out all around the world and my own hard expectation is that we will see in outpouring the young people know nothing, thus saith the Lord, and not delivering.

This is a prophecy blessing in my heart I expected it in my heart of the Lucy and I have the privilege of working all the time with very committed very serious young people zealous for the Lord and and that that's a constant joy in my own life. Hey sweetheart young people.

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