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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions from Jerusalem

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 15, 2017 5:10 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions from Jerusalem

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 15, 2017 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/15/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Welcome welcome shalom shalom.

It is through the Jewish Thursday from Jerusalem. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH events 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown befriends Michael Brown here out at city of Jerusalem so blessed to be with you today on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday not taking your phone calls but answering questions that you've posted on Facebook and Twitter Jewish related Hebrew related questions really eager to get into them and if you're listening to the broadcast I should be speaking to a large gathering of people in Jerusalem at a special conference sponsored by firm which is a fellowship of Israel related ministries speaking about Jerusalem, the salvation of Israel in life from the dead. There something very unique here. If you've never been to Jerusalem, inviting wants a big deal and all sentimental and Jesus said it's not just Jerusalem. You can worship God from anywhere. If we understand that you can count you got anywhere meet with God anywhere doesn't mean that there is not something of special importance and significance about a particular city, for example, the history of what's taken place here makes it significant and even more importantly, what's gonna take place here in the future, the Messiah, returning here makes it highly significant but but then along with that. There's just the dynamic of What Takes Pl. in Jerusalem you have the code tell the. The Western Wall where people come to pray from around the world.

But every day, large numbers of religious Jews are there praying and if you never prayed side-by-side with a religious Jew and and here you might have a man standing next to pure manic pray on the one inside, the woman would save me as a man just yesterday pray with my friend Ron Cantor at the wall and and immediately to my left. There's a Jewish man.

He's just he's praying fervently's eyes closed and praise is most likely almost certainly a repeating prayers from memory of prayers that, but the third precious to him.

Prayers for redemption. Prayers for mercy. Prayers for it for the regathering of his people person. Forgiveness of sins and a severe year-round that okay you got to the religious Jewish world and then at the same time five times a day. There's the prayer call from from the dome of the rock and in their Muslims. Thousands of Muslims that that are praying and gathering to pray in and right now it's it's the month of Ramadan and to the time the time of even greater spiritual focus for the Muslim roots. You have the Muslim prayer call going out through the day and then of course you got the Christian holy sites in the Christian history and the Christian pilgrims save God just to the religious world side-by-side Judaism, Christianity and Islam all side-by-side in the same city and its utterly unique to the degree that it happens here and and then use okay God what are you doing in the midst of this, what is your plan. How is your plan unfolding. How does it include each of these different groups and how ultimately, Lord, will you turn the hearts of people to Jesus Yeshua the Messiah.

The only way the only truth. The only life and even when you're also among people who are very sincere in their faith member most Muslims are not terrorists and and most religious Jews are very sincere and yes you have hypocrites in every religion and you have fringe crazies in every religion. And yes, Islam often gives itself to violence understand that but but when you are around people who are devout and deeply devoted to their faith and praying with all their might, that they want to please God, that the way that they live and and you're in this environment it's it's moving. It's touching it's impacting and for me it increases my burden to reach my people, in particular the lost sheep of the house of Israel increase fiber as well to reach the Muslim world, increase my emergency gospel church. Truly, fullness of God's spirit, thereby those that don't want to know the God of these followers of Jesus, so I will come right back to answer your questions from Jerusalem file name the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us.

Germany delighted to be with you today and answering questions that you've posted on Facebook that you've posted on Twitter so let me start over on Twitter and let me see this question. Let's just go to the relevant questions Benjamin were some good evangelism books for Christian who grew up and house church Benjamin. I would recommend a book written a few years ago by a colleague of mine, Barry Rubin called you bring the bagels all bring the gospel you bring the bagels all bring the gospel it it's practical. It lays out just the Jewish understanding of things and it lays out conversations and and it it's it gives you good theology in the mixed of it. So that's that's one there's another book and we interviewed the author couple of weeks ago. It's by Alvey Snyder, S and Y DER RB Snyder Jews don't need Jesus and other misconceptions, reflections of a Jewish believer, John Piper wrote the forward to get Alvey Snyder is the author S and why DER the title of the book Jews don't need Jesus and other misconceptions, reflections of a Jewish believer. You'll find that book to be very helpful. Breaks down some of the wrong understanding about Jewish people and reaching them with the gospel and then I'd recommend my five volume set answering Jewish objections to Jesus answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

Five volumes disable that's a lot of thoughts we did is over 1500 pages, but start with volume 1. If you start with volume 1. You get a lot of understanding as to some of the fundamental reasons that Jews don't believe in Jesus and will answer those objections and I think a fun and educational. Along the way. All right this question on Twitter is from deplorable Pablo young cute little twitter name. There were Adam and Eve literal or allegorical. I believe Adam equals humanity, Eve equals life in Hebrew.

Yet the reason they have the names a Dom which means man or mankind or humanity and Eve Chava which is living.

Hence, the mother of all living as it says in Genesis 2 that it is not because they are just symbolic of humanity, but because as the first man and the first woman they are also the progenitors of the entire human race.

Hence, a Dom is his name Adam and also the first man and the father of humanity and Eve Chava living so the mother of all human beings write the mother of all that come after they come through Eve right. She births that the offspring of of Adam and that's it from there.

So, yes, they have those names but that doesn't mean that they were not literal figures, though there are some who believe in an old earth creation and they will argue that you had some type of human like beings but that were not fully human. The was the breath of life had not entered them so that you'll have archaeological findings in these bones different things that will .28 a humanoid type of race but they were not fully human until God breathed into Adam and Eve love others with young earth. It's a know that's crazy there for the first human type creation of any kind was Adam and Eve, but what what is certain to me from Scripture and in the way they are described elsewhere in the Bible, even if there are some allegorical elements in the accounts themselves and and are we to believe in a talking snake or is that symbolic and an illusion die on that hill that it had to be literal, talking snake couldn't symbolize anything else terms of seduction of sin and temptation, etc. the bottom line is they were seduced by Satan. They were the first human beings and because of their fall. We all felt there is debate among some theologians and interpreters as to whether we must believe in a literal Adam and Eve, but to me it seems to be the plain sense of Scripture.

If you don't know anything else don't have any scientific arguments you don't have any outside arguments just read in the Bible you believe in a literal Adam and Eve. Yes, you would and you would believe that they then gave birth to her first son came the second son able right and that this is what actually happened that they sin that they disobey that they hid from God in fear and that that God drove them out of the garden that those things all literally happen.

I believe they literally happened, as recorded in Scripture.

You can then draw further allegorical insights from the Scripture. But to question whether they literally happened or not to read the Bible is clear on that subject. Let's see, I'll take one more twitter question under the switchover to Facebook. This is from Mark how the Old Testament feasts foreshadow New Testament events right so you you basically have started with Passover Passover and unleavened bread then firstfruits then Pentecost shall vote right so so you have you have those feasts. Initially you have than the feast of trumpets and then atonement day of atonement and then Tabernacles and their laid out in a number of Old Testament passages of the one chapter that lays them all out is Leviticus chapter 23. It starts with Sabbath and then after that it goes through the other.

So if we think of Sabbath first, it foreshadows the rest that we have in the Messiah and it foreshadows the reign of God when he will rule and reign in an on the earth was without war without enmity and strife between the nations, then Passover that points to a course looks back to the Exodus.

But then it points to the Messiah's crucifixion right. He he is identified by John the Mercer and in John 129 as of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and then in first Corinthians 57 is written Messiah, our Passover meeting, our Passover lamb was sacrificed for assault.

The Passover points to his his death on the cross for us. Uncle unleavened bread is obviously the purification of the people of God, the removing of sin from the people of God. Paul uses that metaphorically in first Corinthians 5 were literally telling them hey keep the feast but now spiritually cleanse yourself of all 11 of all uncleanness.

And then the the first day after the Sabbath of Passover's. This would be a Sunday there would be a firstfruits offering that speaks of the Messiah rising from the dead. Paul writes in first Corinthian's 15 twice that Messiah is our firstfruits. He's the first one to be resurrected and therefore the firstfruits of the resurrection. So you have his death at Passover.

His resurrection at firstfruits and then you have a break.

The counting of 50 days until you get to Pentecost from Passover, the Pentecost shoveled the feast of weeks of ancient Judaism says that that was when the law was given on Mount Sinai to Israel of the New Testament. This is when the Holy Spirit is poured out in the book of Exodus 32 Israel sends after receive the law on Mount Sinai and about 3000 Israelites are put to death the New Testament the Holy Spirit is poured out 3000 Israelites, 3000 Jews are saved so it's it's a powerful significant message Passover death of Messiah firstfruits resurrection shovel feast of weeks pouring out of the spirit and then you have a gap of several months, and then trumpet blast right what happens with the trouble.

What are we looking forward to next well according to Matthew 24. According to first Corinthians 15, according to first Thessalonians for the Messiah will come with the blast of the trumpet Revelation 11.

It will be the seventh of seven trumpets were the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our God and his Messiah, they will reign forever and ever.

So this is what were looking forward to next trumpets then signifies the return of the Messiah that is then followed by 10 days.

I called and in Hebrew the amino diene which is the days of awe, this is a time of testing and purging is during this time that according to Zechariah 12 there is massive repentance among the Jewish people have now recognized Jesus as the Messiah, which leads then to the day of atonement. On the 10th day of the seventh month trumpet blast on the first day of the seventh month, then atonement on the 10th day of the seventh month than five days later you have Tabernacles which speaks of the ingathering of the nations according to the requirements of the book of numbers. A total of 70 bowls are offered up on those days of the seven days of the feast and it speaks of the nation 70 symbolizing the number of the nations table of nations.

In Genesis the 10th chapter.

That's with that is drawn from the idea of 70 nations so you have the ingathering of the nations and we see these three feast in Zechariah 1213 and 14, the Messiah comes with the trumpet blast and it's a time of great repentance when he returns. It looked to me whom they pierced that Zechariah 12, Zechariah 13, one at that time. On that day a fountain is open for cleansing for the people of God.

That's atonement, then it's followed by Zechariah 14, that the nations of the earth will come to worship God of Israel during the feast of Tabernacles for the size return to Israel final ingathering of the nations in Scriptures and if you participatelooking forward as well as back wonderful God blessed error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire broadcast Michael Brown coming away from the slope, yet it makes thoroughly Jewish Thursday all the more special to be broadcasting from Jerusalem. I can't take your calls today, but I am answering questions that you posted on Facebook or on twitter and I will move over to your Facebook questions. Now you saw.

I would've loved to be connected, but I'm not connected with you on Facebook or twitter.

No problem, no problem. Here is what you do, just go to my website, asked her to asking your and look for the icons for Facebook for twitter or for YouTube if you want to connect there as well.

Just click on those connect with us. We got well over half a million followers on Facebook and under 25 30,000 on twitter and maybe 35,000 subscribers on YouTube so join us so that we can minister to on a daily basis because we post day and night on these different venues. These different sites to be a blessing to you. All right let's see here. This question comes from Trinka on Facebook. Please explain. Dominic not let me explain what David is. Before I fully explain it is a story about the traditional Jewish way of prayer.

When another word for praying is Dominic and Jewish men traditionally as they dove in the rock back and forth as they pray. But diving is simply praying Trinka's as I was reading someone which speaks of meditating on the word day and night commentary.

My Bible noted the Jewish tradition of political Dominic rocking back and forth speaking lowly and rolling the word of God off of your tongue repetitively in a meditative state of being. I thought this was extremely cool. A lot more elaboration of possible.

Thank you Dr. Brown.

Okay, just to be clear, Dominic simply means praying it in in terms of this is if a Jew says I'm Dominic or I am targeting at this time they mean.

I'm praying that someone number two traditional Jewish men when they pray they they pray through the prayers very very rapidly. Okay it takes a while to go through that the daily prayers in the three different times a day that you pray, but Jewish man traditional Jewish man have been praying these all their lives, so they're quite fluent that many of them don't even use the prayer book. They just go through the dozens and dozens of pages by memory but just just picture this arm under the start quoting from John 316. Russell of the Williams ambience exemption of hers. Okay so I'm just saying it really, really fast. So a traditional Jewish praying the prayers and you might just visit businesses that's what you're hearing. Okay, but they're actually saying the words there there actually praying the prayers just super super rapidly.

Now you might say will is not just Kramer wrote. For some it is for some it is look there Christians they can pray their prayers by rote, or you can talk to God from your heart to just be distracted as you do, but yet when you pray out of a book or memorize prayers. It's very possible to pray by rote and and Judaism emphasizes the debate couth which is connection and and and keeping the certain spiritual focus because you have to remind yourself to do it because you're praying these by rote over and over and over again three times a day and and verse everyday life and slight variation on Sabbath so yeah it could be by rote, but but most are doing it sincerely seeking to do it sincerely.

But it's not it's technique is just there praying really really fast. The rocking back and forth through different exclamations, for there are certain times in prayer, where you will be reading from the Psalms and I bow down before the Lord.

I bow low and when you say then you will bow from the waist. That's different. It could just be that when you're doing something over and over and when you're when you're doing it day in day out that you just develop these little things in the midst of it. These little habits and the rocking back-and-forth as well have it.

It's it is not in and of itself, something that is spiritually taught that you must rock back and forth to better connect with God. It's just a habit that developed and when you're in this habit and you do it all the time then it's just more natural you know some of said all studying around one book if they don't have one book you're starting right after looking back and finally different exclamations. To me it's just a natural thing when you're standing doing all the time to get into that rocking back and forth motion now as to someone the the Hebrew for meditate is the same as in Joshua one to meditate on the word day and night.

It does not mean, meditate, and where we used to say in Eastern religion redisclosure eyes and you empty yourself of all thought this of all kind of thing of Eastern mysticism know it it means to to modern and church recites repeat so in that sense, it applies to this. In other words, it is not just okay let me repeat this to myself. I want to remember that I want to remember another Hebrew for meditate is a bit more about muttering all right, but Stephanie is speaking the face. Speaking doesn't mean you can close your eyes and meditate on the word silently.

Of course I do that as well and it's great. It's helpful and useful. This is a another type or you're repeating it, reciting it kind of quickly. Over and over again. So in that sense, this would be close to the biblical description of meditating on the word day and night suture, you know, say, just wonder she probably will converge. This remembers, for she brother Haim X monetary in the beginning God created okay beginning got creeped out concrete the heavens and the earth reciting it over and over. If you going to yeshiva of the place of, or of rabbinic study you find to be a noisy place because everyone studying out loud and then your studying with your colleague. Sometimes you're arguing back and forth about the text about Jewish law and things like that so it's is anything but a quiet place, but this method of study and repetition does help people remember actually very very well so that's the answer to your question, Barbara, or religious Jews allowed to have dogs because when I take my daughter's to the park in Bay Ridge. All the little blue Jewish girls run away from him screaming all it's it's her.

When I take my daughter's Labrador lab or doodle.

Okay I got it when I take my daughter's lab or doodle Eddie to the park in Bay Ridge over the Jewish girls run away from screaming and all little boys run to the playground fence to look at him well that would tell you this that would tell you that it's not common for traditional Jews to have dogs and it would be generally that you wouldn't know them to have pets.

It's not an area of focus. Your focus is on pleasing God.

Your focus is on observing the Torah do you find Torah commands about having pets are being called to have pets of the purpose of having pets know what it mean that if you lived in a dangerous area that you couldn't have a guard dog that you be prohibited from having one not to my knowledge but it's not part of the lifestyle it's not part of the culture, what the community does as a community is is also part of the the law as well, but just in short it's it's not customary to do and you would not think of this as part of enhancing Torah life and therefore not a common practice and because of that the kids would not be used to the dog in little girls be in the way they are by be more prone to run away little boys being who they are more prone to be curious, but to my knowledge, and I'll double check to my knowledge there is no law rabbinic ruling that says a traditional Jew is not allowed to have a pet.

I'll double check on that.

To be sure. All right, I'm answering your questions from Jerusalem today on a lot of hard questions are posted on Facebook and Twitter is actually more of these as being an still have time away from Jerusalem tonight and then gobbling heading over to Germany two days before flying home on Sunday. Keep praying for this trip. If you can thank someone never gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown has it feel to be in Jerusalem; not just all I am in in your here with me.

So welcome to the line of fire from Jerusalem, I seconded broadcasting from here gobbling flying over to Germany early tomorrow morning for meeting celebrating 500 years of reformation and obviously talk about where we need ongoing reformation.

I'm answering your Jewish related Hebrew related questions that have been posted on social media and let's see I I am going to go to Facebook questions and here is one from Bessel and our Bussell center. Maybe that's a last name.

My grandfather was Jewish my mother Jewish, daughter, what does it make me Dr. Brown in my family line okay according to traditional Judaism. If your mother is Jewish, your Jewish according to traditional Judaism.

If your mother is Jewish or Jewish if you follow is not Jewish. If you want raised with a Jewish consciousness if that was recognizing your Jewish maybe find out when you're growing up that your mother is Jewish, according to traditional Judaism. If your mother is Jewish, you're Jewish, that would mean if you said no I want to go to Israel. I want to move to Israel. I want to make all the and want to live in the land. As long as you had proof that your mother was Jewish. You would be able to now if you are a believer in Jesus that became known there can be opposition to it.

But just in a lineal dissent way. That's what traditional Judaism says I believe scripturally you can make a case for patrilineal descent. Meaning if your father is Jewish your Jewish and there are reforms you so liberal Jews that would say if either your father or mother are Jewish, then you are Jewish. So what are you in God's sight would be the bigger question. You certainly have Jewish blood, and to me is as I understand it, if your mother or your father were Jewish.

Again, I'm combining with traditional Judaism says and what I see in Scripture. If your mother or father or Jewish and you have a consciousness of being Jewish words you recognize yourself as Jewish or you were raised with that consciousness, then you should recognize that in God's sight.

You are Jewish. That was it mean in terms of your own life.

Was it me in terms of how you live before God was it mean in terms of calling and things like that. That's for you to work out a it's important for us to recognize two things. Number one. Salvation is found in Yeshua, not in being Jewish nonbeing Gentile big male not being female in Biarritz are being poor. Salvation is found in Jesus exclusively in him. No one can make an ethnic claim and say I don't need him. Because of this I don't need him because of that while I'm Jewish I know that does not save you salvation is found in Jesus the Messiah.

December 1, number two just is there a distinctives between men and women are also distinct is between Jew and Gentile. Just look at it like the members of a band or an orchestra, each one important each one playing their role look at the members of the body. The physical body. Each part of the body is important. Each part of the body plays its distinct role and and yet we are one. So the same way in Messiah. Jew and Gentile are one in him, and yet we have distinct callings just like men and women. There is no higher or lower. There is no cast system or class system. We are one equally save through the blood of Messiah. And yet there are unique elements to our callings in him and I encourage you to pray about that, but I would say certainly according to traditional Judaism. You're Jewish, so through Jewish history. Much of Jewish history for the better part of the last 2000 years to be considered Jewish. I would say if you have any self identification analysis will Jewish Lord and as a follower of Jesus, a Jewish follower of Jesus. That means your life on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire.

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Questions that have been asked this one is from Sir Daher from Moscow hey good to hear from you again dear brother dear Dr. Brown, wishing a wonderful and blessed time in Israel I one of those who believes that the Old Testament Sabbath has been fulfilled in Christ.

My question is this, in defending his seventh day Sabbath for today position in his debate with Chris Rose bro three years ago Jim Staley maintained that the law had already been given in the garden of Eden to support that he referred to Genesis 7, eight, where it mentions clean animals in Genesis 26 fiber God commands Abraham probing his laws which any restore. Can you please comment on this. Sure some would say that Sabbath commitment was established at creation. When God set apart the Sabbath day is holy. Others would say all that is descriptive, not prescriptive. In other words, it describes what God did, but God did not make that a command to the human race that the first time we have the Sabbath given as a command is in Exodus 16 and it seems to be something new to Israel. So there is no indication that there was a universal Sabbath observance before then or and knowledge of it. As for the animals in Genesis 7 clean and unclean. It could mean that God told him what to eat or not eat, but what's interesting is that the Hebrew does not use the same description it does in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, which is Tom Mae and top or namely unclean and clean, but instead to horror below to horror, clean and not clean different vocabulary same word for clean revenues. The word for unclean it it says not clean. Why didn't use the same vocabulary in Genesis 7.

Some suggest that they just understood. Some animals were acceptable for sacrifice, and some not, but when it came to the command to eat. Genesis 9 says you need all flesh, so there seems to be no distinction about eating there there no indication that God gave the food laws to the whole world is Genesis 9 seems to be universal that you can eat just like God gave them all of the, the, the, the plants in the seed bearing fruit and things like that. Just eat all of that to Adam and Eve. Now he says just anything that moves on the earth.

You can eat just don't eat flesh with the blood still in her right so that's that's laid out as you go in Genesis 9, a few food prohibitions with nothing to do with certain foods of certain animals are unclean. So there is no indication of that. Nor does God judge anyone. The Old Testament outside of Israel for eating unclean food so there's no idea that was universal there. As for Genesis 26. It speaks of God keeping that that the Torah wrote the teachings of of of of God different than his commandments, teachings, etc. traditional Judaism. Claims will insist to Ron, the plural, that means the oral law in the written law, but that's really reading things back into it just means that everything that God taught Abraham every instruction, every commandment that he gave him whatever it was, Abraham obeyed solid saying is not saying that he had the entirety of the written law or anything like that, or that it was given in Eden, so with all respect to Jim Staley and his passion for the subject. I strongly differ there.

Okay, let's see, Mary. I don't if I'm right, but I heard some rabbi said that the New Testament that anything contained in it needs to be burned because it's evil and so those who read is that true if it is, how is it different from what Islam is doing other than the killing part when it sounds like it is only one step away from her to me. I'm just confused right now. I know God is the father.

Jesus is the son who died and rose and because of that dog of the Holy Spirit was there so much religious hatred will merit his religious hatred because the human beings involved in human beings are fallen in human beings can be very passionate and often in our ignorance, hurt and destroy other people and you find it, and every faith in every religion because people get caught up with now Islam is much more prone to violence because it teaches the Koran and the example of Mohammed Islamic history much more prone to violence a Judaism less so it doesn't have text like that so much in Judaism is almost never in the ruling there there. The rulers seek to enforce things were as Islam has been a Christianity tends to have less of a history of violence because of the example of Jesus and the teaching of the New Testament, but the New Testament is a forbidden book.

It's for Jewish people is no problem with a Gentile reading the New Testament the problem of the Gentile believing in Jesus of the issue would be for a Jewish person to read it it be considered an external book would be considered a book that is is deceptive and false and therefore, a Jew should not read it.

There was an uproar in Israel when some believers, a distributed copies of the New Testament and I believe they distributed them widely in the Ethiopian Jewish community and with rabbis heard about it.

They gather the books up together and burned them but there was an outcry about that because others use it. That's what Hitler did to us and and Hitler burned our books. We don't burn other books so it was a bit of an extreme reaction to burn the books but certainly a Jewish person a religious Jew would think of this is an ugly unholy book and if you're preaching to them from it, and he spat on it, despised it that much. I would think that would be the case but just remember that through Jewish eyes.

Christianity is directly related to the Holocaust through Jewish eyes.

Christianity is the religion of the Crusades and inquisitions. Christianity is the religion that that said, a follow Jesus and deny your Judaism or be put to the sword so that's that's their knowledge of Christianity. In many cases and they don't know the beauty of what's written.

They are so just have a little sympathy in terms of the vehemence of the Jewish rejection of these things out there. There are rabbis that will be given permission to two other religious Jews to study the New Testament but that would be for counter missionary purposes they would have to feel their mature enough to do it without being drawn in okay Todd where exactly will the new temple be built.

I've heard everything from the Al-Aqsa mosque through the dome of the rock is located. Thanks. What will my understanding, my understanding is somewhere over where the dome of the rock is now would be the equivalent of the ancient temple site. Now there there whole studies indicating no no it's somewhere else and this is wrong and I just don't see the evidence for it to be candid, I don't see the evidence for being somewhere else that that far away from from the current location. Meaning that you the dome of the rock would not have to be demolished. So how could that happen. How can there be a setting where a sacred Islamic site was torn down to the building of the Jewish Temple. You can have this without a a massive world war by Muslims against against Israel and those that stood with Israel. It would be the. The ultimate provocation so Joel Richardson has a theory in his Islamic antichrist ideas that was going to happen is that that that the antichrist will be a Muslim and that he's going to broker a peace deal with Israel and and what is going to do is he's going to secure the Temple Mount for Israel to build the temple there. So in place of the dome of the rock and how could that happen is must be the God of following this middle world leader, and so on it it's it's a possible sin as possible as any scenario because I just don't see how it could happen naturally speaking but my understanding is partly were the dome of the rock is certainly covering that area and and beyond with the size of of the temple that would be built in the Al-Aqsa mosque is not far away those that think it's a totally different area. I I know the reason arguments I've never studied it in depth, but I don't see any strong evidence for that right drop time for one more really quick question. Let's see here know this is longer.

This is longer. This is longer hate will let me read this from Mark thank you for your service or you are in my prayers. Keep on fighting your deep encouragement to me. Well thank you Mark I appreciate you praying and again I covet your prayers in the midst of a busy schedule I wrote two articles yesterday and then recorded our interview for yesterday and then went around of the city of Jerusalem little bit and some prayer time and then recorded earlier for a video that should be coming out later this year about why Christian should stand with Israel and getting ready to preach twice a little bit later today on Israel salvation and and and the turning of the Jewish people in Jerusalem be like from the dead than an early fighter Germany tomorrow than a couple of meetings in Germany before flying home and always writing deadlines in the midst of it so your prayers are a great blessing to meet your financial support carries and helps us and so blessed to be here on the front lines of living just remind you healthy eating eating only healthy foods day and night. I'll tell you and energizes you would help strengthen the system helps Harry as well so I do I know how to do the rest adequately try to schedule wisely and healthily by more than one in whom we put our trust right time for a few more questions will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right time. Certainly lies you are having a good time and blessed always love doing these radio shows people around the world this time in Jerusalem. Michael Brown thanks for joining us in answering your questions posted on social media today Facebook and Twitter. David asked this all Jewish related questions. Of course, on through Jewish Thursday.

I would were in ancient times, the Hebrews wrote using pictographs a simple drawing that represented an idea or concept can recommend further reading on this topic beyond the blog level I David that's not correct that the Hebrews did not use pictographs that is not correct. It's a misnomer. Some of build whole ministries on that, but it is a misnomer. The Hebrews took over the Phoenician alphabet the Phoenician alphabet had previously derived from pictographs, but was now simply an alphabet of explain this many a time limit. Let me try once more and again.

It's by radio it would be easier for me if if I was illustrating this point for you. All right, but let's let's look at the English letter a you say why English because our alphabet obviously comes from a Latin-based alphabet, but that alphabet is derived from the Greek alphabet in the Greek alphabet is also derived for the Phoenician alphabet. That's why, in Hebrew, you have olive bait gimbal dollars in Greek you have Alpha Beta Gamma Delta and then in English you have a, B, C, D, so you have almost the exact same beginnings for each of these alphabets and the a that we have in English. The A somewhat resembles an original pictographs alone explain this to think of think of our letter a right the letter a. But now, instead of having a sharp like an upside down V make an upside down use of the. The top is rounded okay now take that a that the line that grows across in the a and extended out and up on each side, despite little little way going up on each side's that you now have an upside down you and a line extending through the going up the lid on each side. Another words like ox horns. All right, so look at this like an ox head and you got the little horns coming out of each side that was the original pictographs which looked like an ox head. Okay, that pictographs then came to to symbolize the Ye that the character Fort for ox head all right or for ox excuse me, which is olive but then it simply stands for the consonant. All of it does, no one is any due than ox head anymore then our English letter a has to do with an ox.

It's just a letter so it there is so selects one bait bite. Think of a B in the sky like an enclosure is in the. The original bias looks like an enclosure just like our capital B and by means house right but the B does not mean house is just the letter be so from quiet house. We get the be all it is is the consonant butter be just like in English the same way.

So originally, there were pictographs in Chinese. You have thousands of pictographs in in the ancient of the oldest meditation you could have had hundreds or thousands of pictographs and then some of them when alphabet was developed. The pictograph was then used okay.

We need something with a bus sound so will use this will look will use the pictographs that that originally symbolized by at house but now it just means but and then over period of time is can be written differently so that modern Hebrew script when you write in all of the first letter doesn't look like in a at all. It's it looks like a SC within a tall line next to it. That's what it looks like a from right to left does look like the original anymore at all and through history it switch to its side.

It looked different, so it was no longer pictograph you needed something with a bus sound so you took the, the, the pictograph for for for how for door. Excuse me delicate and then you use that fruit D so it is not pictographic. The Hebrews did not use pictographs when Turk about the Hebrew alphabet. They use letters that came from pictographs, but were no longer uses pictographs if you want to read about just just read about the history of the alphabet. Read about the history of the English alphabet of the history of the Hebrew alphabet, you get more information but look there are people civil. Each one is still pictograph and therefore they have made is nonsense, forget it, forget it. It's misleading. It's not accurate. It's not truthful and and and it gets into all these weird things well okay the race that stood corrosive in a recession are its head whenever C and all of its an ox.

No forget it not so not true. All right, here's a question about on twitter. Deuteronomy 23, three which a Moabite cannot answer that the children of Israel, even to the 10th generation and and yet you have you have Ruth the Moabite being joined to the people of Israel. You could give the simple argument just just the very very simple argument that if a Moabite turned to follow the God of Israel under a Moabite wanted to convert renounce their idols and turn to the God of Israel, then that person would be welcomed and would become part of the people of Israel. All right, just like Rahab the harlot became part of the people of Israel. So if I'm Moabite was simply living as a Moabite a pagan.

This person is not incorporated into the people of Israel, not even to the 10th generation. But if a person left their ancestral faith left their idolatry and instead turned to follow the God of Israel. Could that person then be incorporated. While that is what happened with Bruce all right.

Such a question from James. I wish I had more time to get into it but time is short so that would be the simplest answer or explanation.

All right, I get to this question quickly in Daniel chapter 7 verse seven with the Hebrew word for different section of Hebrew there it's Aramaic, what would be the best translation of different there. So this beast was different from all the other beasts really just look at every translation in front of me and and then yeah it's it's just a Hebrew word for different different that distinguished distinguished from the others different from the others. A change does literally change but does mean that it changes form means is different from the others of the Aramaic reflected in the translations different throughout that works well hate at a time. Got to as many questions as possible in the broadcast today. Last request. Pray for me to have God strategy more and more to reach my people Israel to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel pray that God will anoint our efforts in the days ahead. I I plan to start recording special outreach shows tech to air every every house in Israel has a TV with cable which is the vast majority have TVs will be able to speak right into the homes of Israelis and share the gospel with them through Middle East TV with Hebrew captions with interacted with footage from Israel. So pray for anointing, grace, wisdom, strategy, and I'm also putting together some special notes for Jewish outreach as well and hopefully this can be a real blessing to many to assist.

Thank you for praying in Jerusalem and I believe this is where it's all going to come together

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