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What Charlie Gard Can Teach Us; Doctrinal Heresies; and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 25, 2017 4:21 pm

What Charlie Gard Can Teach Us; Doctrinal Heresies; and Answers to Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 25, 2017 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/25/17.

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Yes there is societal madness all around you bring moral and spiritual clarity here. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brennan I am delighted to be with a boy bunch of issues to talk with you about, especially during this first our second hour.

I want to open up the phones as we do on Fridays, you got questions. We got answers I give opportunity for folks to call in that normally don't get to answer some of your email questions, but as always so much going on in the world that is around us and I want to start with our president today, and his ongoing tweet criticisms is twitter criticisms against Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions.

This is one of the areas where I wish the president would do things differently. I think it's wrong in many ways for him to be attacking his own his own administration his own cabinet his own coworkers. You don't do that publicly. And if it's to try to put pressure on Atty. Gen. sessions to resign us see that is a wrong thing to do.

I believe that many of us who've voted for Pres. trump some enthusiastically, some like me with concern. One of the things that he did that. We are very pleased with was appointing Jeff sessions us Atty. Gen. there's been a lot of outcry against him, especially in LGBT circles as if he's this hatemonger and destructive but I believe he's making good choices. Moral choices and many things done at help push us in the right direction, not the direction of hate that indirection, fairness, equality, truth, and what's best for everyone in society so I don't I don't find it necessary to defend everything Pres. trump does because I voted for him when Pres. Obama did something I thought was good. I was happy to talk about it even though I did not vote for him so strongly opposed him in other ways.

Conversely, even though I did vote for Pres. trump our and I'm glad for some of the decisions he's made some of the people he is appointed, obviously most clearly on the Supreme Court, in point of fact, I don't find it necessary to defend everything he does or support everything he does agree with everything he doesn't. This is one of those things I wish you wouldn't do, and I do hope that whatever differences he has with Atty. Gen. sessions can be resolved and the fact that there's this ongoing rush investigation and president from Belize would not have happened if if Atty. Gen. sessions had not recused himself. He did what he felt was ethically right and again to to do this.

In this way, I find disconcerting find wrong and I'm not going to champion it or support it. You know my strongest critic far away hundred to one is my wife Nancy. I mean on a daily basis. She could tell me there's a better way of doing something or I could change a sentence here and something that I wrote or I should consider this approach when doing something on social media movement we been married over 40 years and and we're together on all these things that we do, and she's always finding fault with something I'm doing to help improve who I am and what I do and how I communicate for the glory of God for the good of others. So friends, husbands, wives, family. You can say you differ say that you think something is wrong will be coming with a blind loyalty to Pres. whoever we were in a heartbeat with Barack Obama or Donald Trump or anyone else really religiously or spiritually blind loyalty. We can see forms doesn't speak well of our integrity in life you I will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown my feet in children and families. These lies children having a normal psychological development interested. Even there being put on the puberty lockers, which essentially castrate them mechanically followed by surgical mutilation later on. This is this is child abuse that was the voice of Dr. Michelle Katella American College of pediatricians, herself a pediatrician. She was on Tucker Carlson last night and took Carlson on Fox's had a number of guests in recent weeks, discussing transgender issues, including those that would be trans activist Ms. Assem forthright questions like, well, is there any science behind what you're saying is there any objective way that we can determine gender is at all what someone perceives is sex hardwired. What are the differences so he had on Dr. Katella and the American College of pediatricians is a smaller group that broke away from the large national Association pediatricians because of differences on some of these critically important issues that affect our children. We talk about these things because they affect our children is not the only reason it's a big reason alright so she has an article in the daily signal July 3 of this year. I'm a pediatrician how transgender ideology has infiltrated my field and produce large-scale child abuse yes large scale child abuse and and she answers some pointed questions that took Carlson is very sympathetic questions he asked he was being hostile and anyway he was asking good questions the right questions and what's what's the issue what's the problem with say a child, it's 45.

The boy believes he's really a girl, was the problem with putting the boarding the girls dress.

What's the problem with changing the boys name.

What's the problem made when the kid gets to 1112 years older, 10, 11 years old when the kid on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty was the problem, then the sex change surgery say after puberty, I mean people are happier with this and this is who they really aren't a child really knows. And this is some of what Dr. Katella is responding to.

So Johnny let's grab the next few clips will start with clip number two and she is just speaking some reality here which almost every parent can readily relate to listen what she says children are ages 3 to 10 ancient magical thinking they don't know the difference so easily between fantasy and reality. We need to nurture them through adolescence through natural puberty.

Our job as parents and physicians is to help children in prerace, healthy bodies and when this is dying once they get past puberty into late adolescence as many as 95% will come to embrace their bodies and identify with their biological sex. Fascinating. As many as 95%.

I've I've read consistently 80% or more.

She says as many as 95%. In other words, if you don't tamper with it. If you don't play with the kids hormones. If you don't intervene if you don't let the boy where address and called Johnny Shane if you don't do these things and lovingly work with your child. Yes, some say they're tormented. They're upset that there are ways to work with the children get to where the voices there are voices advocating these things, but they get suffocated.

The moment you speak up about these things retrench phobic your bigot do kids get killed themselves. Your monster or using his numbers actually of better way, when I was on Tyra Banks about these issues. Years ago they call beaded to come on with the recommendation of Focus on the Family.

I said to the advance interview I said, not a medical doctor what you understand I am not a professional psychologist or therapist or counselor, and I gave the background. They should know about your just right for the sissified so I was can address things as best as I understood and having spoken with medical professionals about these issues as well. In my whole contention was the best solution. The best solution is to help a child find wholeness from the inside out is not that the best solution isn't that better than having a boy of biological male where address and and use the girls room at school. And what about changing for gym class of the embarrassment questions about things like that okay is it better to not put a child on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty, which is the way God designed our bodies to grow and mature and change isn't it better to not have to go through sex change surgery and then never be fully male or fully female.

No matter what you've gone through change. You will never be a fully biological male or female. If you switch from one to the other, nor will you be able to reproduce as a biological male or female. If you make that switch. Okay, you make a complete switch and on top of that you have to be on hormones for the rest your life. Isn't it far better to help the child from the inside out and get Johnny you make a great point.

When I went to college I I switched my major three times I started as a music major than switch to liberal arts and became a Hebrew major many, many people are trying to find their identity in many other ways.

Plenty of ladies were tomboys wanted to be boys when they were when they were little and date they outgrew it there all kinds of different things like II talked to a woman on plane one time and she was all out transgender advocate of what her background was why that was a position but we got chatting and and I said look, you have little kids. They believe their dogs like a three-year-old child.

Should they be in a be able to eat out of it in the dog food bowl on the on the floor yeah sure you have it, you can still fight, you've raised your kids you walk him on a leash on all fours down the street of the if your boy believes he's a dog is four years old. Using Mike Brown.

How cruel can you be you don't understand it's different. I do understand that some kids very very deeply to the core of their being believe there trapped in the wrong body.

Some of it is the messaging of our society.

Some of it is the confusion coming to little children who don't understand a lot and some of it may be some type of imbalance in their system. Some of it may have to do with the way they were raised or nurtured walls higher.

For example, go to his website sex change but Walt higher talks about how his grandmother used to put address on him and he got the most praise when his grandmother put address and all look at how cute, and the like that, that he was sexually abused by a family member all right.

And then as he grew up. He had these issues.

It was really convinced he was a woman had sex change surgery only realize that that did not solve his problems and that there were other issues to deal with so how could you argue with the contention that the best case scenario is to help people from the inside out 866-34-TRUTH 87884 here we keep looking for cures for cancer, do we not civil we have chemotherapy and surgery. Yeah, but certain that I actually not ideal it and and people still die from cancer after chemotherapy after surgery so the doctors doing their very best to save lives, but the best case solution is to find something from the inside out. That would help some. Let's say you have a person that's no diagnosed with schizophrenia or something and say look, if we medicate you thought could be that severe.

Okay it helps.

It helps the problem it helps. Maybe some of the torment, but it's not ideal to be medicated right so I'm I'm I'm praising medical proof the medical profession for doing the best knows how to do in many cases. But when when this is the best case scenario went when when this is that the thing to be applauded and if you don't agree with your bigot. That is absolutely ridiculous.

The best case scenarios to help a child from the inside out. And here is that Michelle could tell a respected pediatrician.

She and her colleagues deal with kids day and night also and they say that we start intervening and put the kid on hormone blockers and address them opposite to the biological sex. It's actually abusive and unhelpful. Let's let's let's go on very very important point click number three. An important point that she makes it having a young child entering blockers goes directly to cross sex or sex change hormones they become sterile near sterilizing children so that's another issue and and what long-term studies do we have that tell us the results of putting kids on hormone blockers and out 1020 3040 years later were the effects of those hormone blockers. They stop the onset of puberty within what shall could tell is telling us look the vast, vast majority says 95%. If you can just nurture them and work with them until they go through puberty as many as 95% will be happy in their bodies. They will not want sex change tells us with tampering with something very dangerous will break that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends joining us on the line of fire again.

I want you to know that I am sensitive to people struggles within.

If I strengthen no, I can't relate personally. I've tried try to think about how you feel but I can't know never struggled with this in my life so I don't pretend to be able understand, but I am able to listen to others in here with they share with me a gentleman wrote us got this email today that was sent to me hello I'm a Christian who became divorced due to a genetic discovery after going in for undergoing infertility treatments.

I found out I was X, X, Y with a G or G or deletion of my Y chromosome. I have low testosterone developed breasts like body hair like muscles feel inferior to other men, other men, I believe this led me to experience gender dysphoria, of which I still struggle I currently attend sexual therapy in men support group of which it helps a little, but I do feel like I'm lying to myself.

I fear society. The church family is not something I made up struggles real hoping I can change my view and assimilate into my born physical identity as man what a terrible struggle sir right. I can't relate whatever degree I try to picture this again. I can't relate to what you've lived through and and I share it on the air so others know this is real there or in some cases biological or chromosomal abnormalities, and there are those that would be in the category of interest.

Sex because of either biological or chromosomal genetic abnormalities and we have to treat those who struggle in these ways. With great compassion, with great understanding saying okay, this struggle is unique. It's not a sin issue was for Brian to be questioning is he really a man. It's not a sin issue is a wicked person entered Atreides note note he sees a human being try to follow the Lord as he describes it, and struggling because of some abnormalities right so that's where the church needs to love on someone like this.

That's where the men need to help him feel as it home with them and and is part of them as everyone else. That's where some work of the Holy Spirit in his heart and mind can can help heal wounds or or reaffirm crews about his his male hood and then above and beyond that, he has to try to find his his greatest identity being in Jesus even said cam not your typical man.

I'm not your typical man but that doesn't mean I'm I'm not holding God's sight that are not important in God's sight that I not love in God's sight. All right, so I say that is to say we are sensitive to these issues, we recognize that in the very small percentage of cases were dealing with people with biological chromosomal abnormalities, but that of course does not mean God did not make us male and female.

It does not turn gender upside down. That does not mean you are, whatever you perceive yourself to be a few minutes I want to play interesting interaction that Piers Morgan had with a parent, you'll find this very instructive as well but out one more clip from Dr. Katella on took across my clip number 49 suggest that paving blockers be given at ages 11 to 12, but I've had reports from colleagues across the country and in each country and also find them in various news reports that children as young as as nine have been put on the steering blockers and what aircraft normal development. Puberty is not a disease. All right, so puberty is not a disease you are arresting normal development. No wonder they do that will allegedly it gives the child more time to decide the real identity, but since puberty is a normal part of life that helps reaffirm their identity. Boys become more boys and girls become more girls through puberty and after puberty, you're actually stopping them from fully understanding who they are. That's number one number two is is you are saying will listen. If they did have sex change surgery and we can stop them from developing to look more male look more female than when they have sex change surgery. It's going to be better outcome as opposed to Bruce Jenner having sex change surgery as an adult male obviously still adult male. Although he perceives himself seeks to present himself as as a female. That's another reason for put you are stopping what what God intended for that human beings are stopping it from happy and as part of their development of it's interesting that Michelle Critelli in her article in the daily signal says that in addition to the American College of pediatricians in the alliance for therapeutic choice. There are organizations like the Association of American physicians and surgeons. The Christian medical and dental associations. The Catholic medical Association and the LGBT affirming use gender professionals that differ with some of this transgender strategy. As for the science us for the facts.

Dr. Katella points out that one twin studies prove no one is born trapped in the body of the wrong sex system brain studies have suggested that some are born with a transgendered brain, but the students are seriously flawed improve no such thing, and she goes on with further examples again to say that the identical twins all right.

The larger study between transgender adults published by the triple diamond in 2013, only 28% of the identical twins both identified as transgender 72% of the time they differed fascinating.

So if it was braying and you have identical twins with identical results of that's not it. It's also important gender identity is malleable, especially in young children so that she points out that 75 to 95% of pre-or pre-pubertal children who are distressed by the biological sex eventually outgrew that the stress again. Kids can be confused about these things. Give it time. Nancy and I were talking to parent the other day about a child 13-year-old child certain challenges the child was going through this again a lot of things are just that they grow out of it. The grant had nothing to do with these issues just other things that the ground number 30. She says puberty blockers for gender dysphoria have not been proven safety experiment on your kid number four locations in the scientific literature of gender dysphoria children discontinuing blockers five.

Cross sex hormones are associated with dangerous health risks. Six. Neuroscience shows that adolescents like the Apple capacity needed for risk assessment seven is no proof that affirmation prevents suicide in children eight transition from protocol has not solved the problem of transgender suicide is his bottom line transition affirming protocol is child abuse. It is because we love children that we address these things.

Some of the ongoing madness in our society. Love the kids.

We pray for the kids. We care about the kids. This is cultural and societal madness. That's why we speak the truth and thought of you listening you're welcome. You're welcome what I say that because everywhere we go we have lots of people say thank you. Speaking on these issues. By God's grace continue to be your voice right. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown present in a moment I want talk to about Charlie Ward and how he speaks to us right now even though he can't utter a word very very sad situation from the UK do my best to clarify some of the laws there and how the healthcare system works so want to get into that with you in a moment, and some really interesting interaction that Piers Morgan had with one of his guests 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but if you were listening to me right now in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area if you listen to me and greater Charlotte, North Carolina let let's solicitous your within a few hours. Charlotte, North Carolina, May I give you a personal invitation to join me on August 5 Saturday, August 5 put it on your calendar.

It's the day you do not want to miss this will be from noon until old cyclic 630 or so in the evening Southern Evangelical seminary and all day event on God sex and gender. Different ones will be speaking including Dr. Frank Couric, including myself will be addressing these issues from a biblical point of view, from a sociological point of view and then at the end of the day.

This God sex and gender conference.

There will be a debate. Dr. Frank Couric and myself debating to local ministers and the question will be asking is can you be loving and tolerant without always affirming that's can be debate so please that these ministers have agreed to step forward and do this the first time Frank Couric I will get to team up together on a debate panel so check this out God, sex and gender and young just just looking at things online. It's all my itinerary on the website asked her to Brown a.s. KG or you can find it there okay something funny that happened at all. I'll mention it to you and them will get back to Piers Morgan and then we'll talk about Charlie Gort. I got on our Esther to Brown YouTube channel. I just saw before when I was looking for something else that we have posted or have ready to post some like 930 videos. Some of them are debates of had some of them are excerpts from our radio show. Some of them or special videos right answer your questions. There's a whole teaching series I have on answering Jewish objections to Jesus there. Some of my sermons and messages. We also have their little talks. I'll give you call them rants on different things happening in the society around us, so I put up one.

This was designed for believers.

I put this up for believers asking the question, is the Bible the infallible word of God is the Bible and fell and this was was a Bible say about self follow that the question was does the Bible describe itself is infallible.

Does the Bible describe itself of of an errant tour or or what. How do we how do we understand that so it's for believers asking what the Bible says about itself. It was not an apology or defense or an explanation apology. I should say it was not addressing nonbelievers or atheist receptors.

Skeptics regard boxes ready thought that was addressing what is Bible say about itself. For believers was somehow it started circulating among atheist mockers and hospitals refers to how they got to it. But all these comments pouring in your know the bubbles infallible because of so citizens like all all your reading this is if this was some kind of defense of the faith. So normally my videos. They can be like you know hundred 50 likes to two dislikes or 400 likes to 20 dislikes.

This is 176 likes to 55 dislikes. I guess all these folks came pouring Edsel. I welcome them to the video into the YouTube child today. Check out this video by Ravi Zacharias that answers why we believe the path was God's word will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the broadcast. Okay I wrote an article a few weeks back about a mother who does not identify as male or female. She is a female. She gave birth to her child and she is obviously on hormones because she has a mustache and kind of scruffy beard. The one picture that I saw holding the baby and she thought so that she would not have to identify her child is male or female birth certificate or whatever official documentation. The government will require for in Canada. I think it. In any case. In any case, this woman said that she will raise her child as outside of the gender binary until the child decides what it is. So I guess over period of time trouble identifying a certain way not.

I wonder if if she has a boy in the boy likes boy toys and the boy likes boy sayings.

Does that make the boy a boy or is that just societal is that just gender stereotyping of the society that boys like roughhousing and like to play with guns and girls like pretty things like to play with dolls is that just gender stereotyping.

I mean how do you actually know what is a boy and was a girl, is that even mean that's part of the madness into at some of our society is descendent Piers Morgan is asking some very logical rational questions about this so I want you to hear some of this interaction with the mother, not by the way an article by Curtis Wong on the Huffington post today is Piers Morgan is having a melt down about his hate for absurd gender fluid movement and and referring to it is him is a melt down and coming up on and on. It's just there, blasting him, blasting him for what he say he says it with. I fully support transient rights. I don't support gender fluid be asks is that I don't hate the people hate the movement.

Human beings are male or female, not whatever they fancy being Piers Morgan. You're right, sir. No different with you on other things in different with you, and I was under show, but you're absolutely right about this, so let's listen to some of this interaction with a call a meltdown I call sanity start with clip number 12 Piers Morgan speaking to this parent who identifies as outside of the gender binary. When I was born I was assigned female, but that doesn't mean I was born a girl okay and then you had a transgender height of an operation to become male or not, though I I'll remind you another not be afraid that at day genital configuration and surgical history of grand people is not actually able is not the congregation any behalf, and I was in my quest to their estimate simply did you have the operation to same-sex this individual this woman. This mother was quote assigned female at birth.

You know that means you know what that means right. Doctors luck.

And here is a biological girl and let's say you could do to strengthen chromosomal test 99+ percent of the case, you'll find out that this child that looks like a girl. Biologically, is a girl. Chromosomal, so genetically she is a girl was not assigned female is on assigned female. It would be like when I was born and somewhat assign the Chinese are not Chinese or they assign these FEMA know I'm a male. They assigned me whatever you know this, they they assigned me come up with whatever you want you know of an African-American from from Norway who just know that's the that's not what was that's on YM, she was not assigned female. It birth. She is female.

She is a girl, Piers Morgan wants to know will did you have sex change surgery was not relevant oath. So hang on biology doesn't make you male or female got it got chromosomes, DNA genetic still make you male or female, your plumbing does not make you male or female makes you male or female is what you think you can see where the madness lead so the interaction continues. Number 13. What I'm more concerned about is your baby having absolutely zinc Zero identity until it decides what it what it wants to big guy: it was like a little baby, is it and it what what is it I ran day and there the same for another use for myself. My veil that they'll there is a plural correct correct that look when you are writing something okay.

Sometimes you have to use they generically because you don't know if you speaking about he or she you might say if someone goes to the doctor they want to be able to decide for themselves what is it someone that singular doubt they that's plural and that's what these transgender activists say not necessarily saying they because they is more than one and and they have multiple identities, no but they because that's generic when you don't know if it's a he or she you say they will.

When you know it's a theory. She don't say they when you say they about an individual you're making a big mess.

Take your speaking incorrectly, factually and grammatically Piers Morgan written that what he says do I call the baby in it.

Well, if it's not male or female. What is it and and again.

What if the child switches. What if the child feels one that you growing up with a mother with her with a full mustache and beard about summits and with a little snow. A woman just little facial hair under much someone who by choice as is and Scotty hormones tell me I'm wrong okay gummy hormones involved in, and it is from wrong final stand corrected by the think that's gonna happen. So what if the child I want to be like you, I want to be gender binary. Outside of the gender binary. Also, what was wrong with that. So the discussion continues and Piers Morgan is asking something totally valid number 14 taking on launching wanted to be inappropriate for your child when it went very rich for five to identify as a monkey coming you really running being Eric there human being when talking about gender cannot okay so your baby can be a human being. They are human being, embracing them as a human being, didn't answer the question didn't answer the question. What if the child identifies is another species.

What about the people who do identify as other species I documented in my book, outlasting the gay revolution. I've documented it in many articles. What about them. What about that people who call themselves Therrien or other kin this include some other things at times, but there are people who identify as part animal or entirely animal. You might've heard like some Native American Inyo. This person they called Wolf because they have the wolf spirit either with the spirit of this animal or that animal and and you know maybe we've heard of that kind of thing but other people to go further with that and their people and that they have parties and gatherings of watch videos about it fact it was it was again network that that aired a series that that watch some of the excerpts were a guy started but you never felt at home, at school, struggled with depression and suicide because he knew he was really part Wolf report dog report, lion and others didn't understand that he found out there were others like him out there and and they've had these gatherings and the where tales are put on outfits and know-how and they'll make animal noises civil date they something need help. Yes they do, they do need help there there. There's obviously something wrong there because they are not really animals. While this woman is not a man is not outside of the gender binary.

And these people are not wolves or cats or bumblebees or fish sharks or whatever they're not there. Not those things anymore than Bruce Jenner is a woman. This is reality and look if you don't if you don't believe he got asked Dr. Brown the work and just type in the word Dragon okay if you think I'm making this stuff up, go to ask Dr. a.s. K.

D. R. and type in the word Dragon you see a video about the man who became a female trick, and you'll see parent man who believes she spat the man who believes he's a 67-year-old boy and the man releases a dog all their people need our help. Let us not change reality. Based on the struggles of her plan gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown talked about children. Talk now about an infant may be the most famous infants in the whole world right now, Charlie, Gord, if you follow the store in the UK. He had very serious disease condition because of which doctors, from what I understand is a fine hospital in the UK saw no possible treatment for him to leave. He was just going to degenerate and when his parents said look that they found out about potential alternative treatment they can fly into the states of the cost of the transport, treatment $1.7 million cut raised privately and the doctors were against it. It ultimately went to the courts and the court said no and one of the most horrifying parts of the decision the doctor for hospital, argued that the child's condition of existence would would not be right. It would be in human to allow the child to continue in this existence of the words some or worthy of living and some are not. I'm super scary words there. I've been in dialogue back and forth with an old friend whose was raised in Scotland and some of the states for many years but is in Scotland with some friends that said bike is not the healthcare system in the UK. The issues that the healthcare system. This is the courts. This will how is it that the courts have the power to say no to the parents to control for treatment. So one way or another. The UK system has told the parents, you cannot. We will not allow you to take your own child for alternative treatment. We will not allow Pres. Trump got involved so hate what we do to help in the and USA were going to give him a temporary residence that he can come over and and and so on. And yet said no. I finally finally Charlie's parents, his mom and dad said too late now all these many weeks waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting too late can imagine the pain can imagine, think, and who know he could have been cured or EE could've maybe made it for a few years and had some some some quality of life. We could've been able interact or maybe could've been normal week. We don't know because they would let us try this outrageous but in the midst of the pain wanted to share some things that I feel are redemptive about how a tiny little baby. You can other word has spoken to the world. You can read my article and asked her to a.s. K. DR so first Charlie reminds us that all human life is valuable with a stronger week younger old healthy or sick member that Horton hears a who story the person is a person no matter how small, so Charlie as is value comes by being a person's value doesn't come because the smart 30s is taller. He's faster. He's a good musician or he's made a lot of money series funny. No value comes because he's a human being created in the image of God, by the way, from what I read last night.

Dr. Seuss was not happy when pro-lifers use this Horton hears a who story to support their argument that every life is important.

Beginning in the womb of persons a person no matter how small.

What I read he was that a pro-life advocate obviously didn't carry through his own illustration. There second thing we see is is that there is nothing like a parents love that there is an extraordinary tenacity and some of us pray for the situation. Some sign petitions.

Some gave financially. Others cried for them, but but we can feel with the mom death. We can feel with the moment that no one can hold out hope like a mom and dad. No one can nurture like a mom and no one can persevere like a mom and that is no higher calling than the amount of the gods placed human life into our care and third Charlie reminds us that the state cannot be the ultimate caregiver in the ultimate arbiter of life and death again on the time of the court sentencing of criminal 228 right prison sentence or something like, healthcare, Integra caring for needs making medical decisions.

Ultimately, this cannot be with the status. A guy I have heard from friends living UK over the years and in European nations like Norway are others that there are many positive benefits to the socialized healthcare. They have nothing so monstrous and evil, and I do not I do not do not have the solution for Obama care versus trump care. It's it's not my area of expertise. Those organ have a real serious discussion about it. I did have experts on with me or I focus on it for many weeks and and start to really dig down deeper into the issues so I am not the one to be making all types of announcements and proclamations about Obama care trump care, no, what I am saying is this, the courts and government cannot stand in the way of parents urgently seeking to provide treatment for their child or individuals seeking to get treatment for themselves.

That's we cannot allow to happen here in the states right friends remind you that on my website.

We also have my final response to Commissioner Rabbi Yisrael Blumenthal we've posted three videos each 20 minute presentations on the real Jewish Messiah than rebuttals to one of his presentations then follow responses to one of his presentations. I think you find them enlightening, eye-opening. I feel very good about the exchange now that it's been done and I'm hoping that it will open Jewish hearts and minds to Jesus being the Messiah will strengthen believers will even bring in those who are not Jewish to recognize Jesus Yeshua as our Messiah and the Savior of the world that's there if you missed any of the other links then just go right to the description of the video there on YouTube or honor Esther to Brown page middle. It'll give you all the details that you need to can watch all of the presentation much rather Blumenthal's responses as well. That's there on the website latest articles of their other videos getting some interest and attention to who is the real Mohammed. It's a short video but you find that one helpful as well.

Okay. One other thing.

Have you downloaded the opening chapter for saving us a chimeric yet still haven't have you hang on, you watch the trailer at least know okay go to save Mystic and you'll see right there where you can download for free opening chapter, and introduction and you can watch the trailer as well.

If you want to order the still time to preorder. It's kind of a collectors edition a signed and numbered copy of the book, you can do a.s. Kate, your boundary comes out September 26. Drug test earlier than that, and on the website*grounded August stand with us. With your help and support you. This, together, Jesus is Lord.

The phone lines are open.

You've got questions, we've got answers. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of

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