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From the National Day of Prayer to DACA to North Korea and More — Live on Labor Day

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 4, 2017 4:21 pm

From the National Day of Prayer to DACA to North Korea and More — Live on Labor Day

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 4, 2017 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/04/17.

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We live on liberty today right here it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire mouth like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. It is Labor Day and it is Michael Brown and we are live. Thanks for joining us today on the line of fire, 866-348-7884. Yes, I want to talk to about hurricane Harvey yes I want to talk about North Korea, even a little bit about immigration issues. Also, more leftists push back to the Nashville statement on biblical sexuality but also to open the phone to take your calls. We try to do this on holidays. Knowing that many of you are able to call today and you would be able to call in another day when you're working so here's number 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 tomorrow at this very time to be sharing some important things about YouTube's democratizing of our videos showing some of the latest developments giving you some specifics in telling you how you can help us push back against them in terms what we feel, and many others feel are unjust and on ethical practices. 866-34-TRUTH would first cashier reflection about America, no doubt deeply divided. We were deeply divided on political issues. As long as I could remember we been divided right left and Republican, Democrat, and so on for years and years and years and you have media left-wing and right wing, each with their major voices in different settings and and further adding to the division by bringing forth point. Some would say I'm adding to the division by holding to certain points. Divisions are always bad and wrong, but no question that were deeply divided. But let me say this, I think in many ways were more united than we realize. I think in many ways we are more together as a nation than we realize and it feels to me as if agitators on different sides of the debate agitators on different sides of political and social issues stir things up rather than speak truth in a constructive way so certainly you know the neo-Nazis and the white supremacist. They are not putting things in a helpful context that you bring America forward.

What they're saying is hateful and destructive but the same way with the anti-file is the radical leftist activists in the radical leftists on black lives matter they're not helping things either what they're doing is they are on both sides on all sides, inspiring, inflaming further anger, tension, hatred, division, strife, whereas when you have a terrible disaster like hurricane Harvey which is taken so many lives and displaced so many more will take years and years.

In many ways. For these families and individuals to rebuild and some say how can I rebuild of of lost family members. Great tragedy. At times like this you realize that what were more united than we think that we certainly come together to help one another and that we come together to help one another. It transcends party lines. It transcends socialized transcends ethnic lines, color lines is realized we were one people, one human race and were one nation we need each other, so I am not from moment downplaying our differences are not from moment downplaying that the depth of some of the issues that divide us willing to downplay how important abortion is, or downplay how important the preservation of marriage is sold well, abortions are to be geophones right to choose, no problem. In Iraq the divide over that beer or redefine marriage to be did not like a downplay those all what I'm saying is that the agitators on the far left in the far right make things even more extreme than they are in it disaster like hurricane Harvey reminds us we need each other. We need each other. We are one nation. After all, 866-34-TRUTH will director file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends join us in life are 866-7884 is the number to call.

I noticed an article in Newsweek over to see if I can find this hearing it was talking about hurricane Harvey ended up getting quoted in it.

Yet, here we go here we go. So this was in Newsweek and the heading is Harriet Sinclair yesterday to gay sex because hurricane Harvey was climate change. Some on the right blame LGBT Americans no seriously, so here's the article LGBT Q Americans have caused the country billions of dollars in structural damage kill dozens of people and displaced thousands more from their homes. According to the evangelical figures who believe gay people because hurricane Harvey spread of roaming evidence that adverse weather and climate change in hand to play in the storm that has devastated parts of Texas. Numerous forces emergent birds that suggested the biblical proportions of flood were well literally biblical note to say one thing first and and clearly I did not say I did not I categorically did not say that hurricane Harvey was caused by gay activists, etc. in fact said that the opposite but just because a natural disaster can be explained by weather phenomena. In other words, it was a certain time of the year. It was a certain location, climate change produce this or weather patterns indicated that that just because something like this happens they can be explained naturally. It doesn't mean that God is not involved with for God to be involved with something it doesn't have to be totally unnatural. The words of God.

Got Israel's attention with an earthquake in Old Testament times. Maybe if you had geologists and seismologists back then they could've predicted gets coming at this time.

That doesn't mean it's any less a message from God.

And certainly, if you lived in biblical times you would take any major natural disaster as some type of a message from God you wouldn't be wrong to do so. Recognize that God would often speak through these things, but it would normally be drama the prophetic word. So, Amos, Juan Amos dates his prophecy two years before the earthquake. All my he gave this heavy word to to northern Israel does word of rebuke to the 10 northern tribes and two years later, an earthquake.

Everybody remembers the earthquake that would get your attention. So if there had been people prophesying to the city of Houston for years that you state is coming in to divine judgment for the following reasons and if used, doesn't repent of your terrible natural disaster and that it happens weather patterns were not usual or unusual phenomena or not is it wow that's God getting our attention. But if something just happens on its own and there are natural explanations for wheat we need to be careful before we speak for God, and explain what is happening and why right so the article goes on among those crying science began waving their pitchforks in the general direction of the LGBT community over the past week were Mr. Kevin Swanson who believes the Bible preaches death to gaze and the simply delightful radio host Rick Wiles thinks Ebola would be handy with a wipe out the LGBT community of only read about the gentleman in question. I don't know them personally to my knowledge, we've never had any interaction.

But obviously if these quotes. If these quotes are accurate or these attributions are accurate here in in Newsweek that obviously I would differ with their stances. Swanson said on the show. Jesus sends the message. Homeless Americans repent and refuse to repent.

Solicitor owners repent, there will I cost herself general statement list. The world repents, there will be judgment in this world and the world to come. Yes, that's true.

Yes, Jesus says that Luke 13 that disaster happens to people this mean the more sinful anyone else but less repent or perish because we all deserve judgment, and in that sense is a true statement within the falls on everybody alike right falls on all communities alike and in fact it starts with the church. First Peter four judgment begins with the house of God, so to be hurricanes and judgments, and expected the first come against us because of our hypocrisy and arson because much more is been given to us alright so that's the message that the Lord Jesus Christ is sitting right up to America as reported by the Advocate gait application was also observed in comments carried by right wing watchers, a city that is boasted of its LGBT devotion its affinity for the sexual perversion movement in America. Their underwater could be. Could be good about speaking for God here, but could also be that Houston is known for many solid Christian churches. Steve Riggle courageous pastor was one of the finest churches in Houston is stood up against LGBT activism in the city of Houston stood against the lesbian mayors activism in the city attorney's activism.

They were trying to push an ill-advised bathroom. Bill so and are aren't there other cities in America that are much more celebratory of homosexual activism.

Just putting questions out of the article is not everyone's favorite right-wing commentator and culture also suggested she be more willing to believe gay people because the flooding than gas bind to the idea of climate change. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary quote from Ann Coulter. I don't believe hurricane Harvey is God's punishment for used electing a lesbian mayors who say she doesn't believe that that's more credible than climate change.

So she saying she finds both incredible just to be clear in her point. Despite the comments from a number of conservatives that hurricane Harvey arrived some kind of punishment. Fewer people spoke about the idea that Harvey is God's punishment them with previous natural disasters. Believe it or not they look when Hurricane Katrina hit, and Southern decadence. One of the biggest gay pride events known for its decadence.

It has to be canceled instead of that starting that the mayor of neurons calling for Day of prayer that got people's attention was on the heels of of America pushing Israel to deal unjustly, unfairly, to the many thousands of Israelis living in Gaza who were then displaced in relatively homeless and living in in basically tent camps for period of time so they were resettled and there were Simpson watch what happens to Americans can be judgment and Katrina happen of the City Hall most the people I got hit and hurt by Katrina without activists and that the worst part of the most decadent part of New Orleans didn't get hit and we just have to be careful in speaking for God so according to the new service. Many of the people spoke out during Katrina and Sandy have kept quiet about Harvey because of its location and consider comparative the conservative Texas member of trumps evangelical revised board Michael Brown suggested people should not stay.

Harvey was a punishment for specific centers but I'm not on prison trumps evangelical advisory board.

I'm good friends with some of the folks on the board and I recently was invited with an extended meeting of other Christian leaders to meet with folks at the White House and briefly with Eric Kushner never met with the president. I'm not on his advisor, or if I was invited to bid with the heartbeat if I was invited to be on above board that could speak into prison. Obama's life and policies overdo the heartbeat until I felt that every door was close to my face so in comments that I'm quoted in the religious new service must be very careful before we make divine pronouncements about hurricanes and other natural disasters as if there were specific acts of divine judgment against specific sets of sinners used as one of the few cities that is stood bravely against the rising tide of LGBT activism. Why would God single out Houston for judgment. Yeah that's accurately quoting me so listen I am not claiming to know the mind of God perfectly in every situation. No human being does.

That's we have the Bible to understand God's will express clearly and how to interpret certain circumstances where he's not speaking directly today and in the Holy Spirit gives us insight and and different ways of understanding God's plan. God's purpose, and he may speak things to us about this. He may give us insight, but let's be careful before we speak here. There is there is an old saying about explaining the Holocaust and trying to explain why God didn't intervene to stop the slaughter of 6 million Jews and others, including million and 1/2 Jewish babies and children and you come up with all the finances. What was a punishment for divine sin loads the principal God hiding his face for the reason you have all these different reasons. One rabbi said listen, to paraphrase whatever reason you give need to be able to give it in the presence of the babies that were thrown alive into burning fire. What what whatever answer you give. It has to be able to stand up to that. So the same way. Whatever theological answer were going to give to hurricane Harvey and forgot to say it's an active specific divine judgment for specific reasons need to be able to do it in the face of families that lost loved ones of of the children that died with the parents that died of the rescuers that die but our theology be that strong and that certain and clear the can hold up in that light right changing subjects, we can back will take some calls as well. Eight 663-3784.

Line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for us on the broadcast day you live on Labor Day, 866.

We for truth. It's 866-34-TRUTH 7/84 number, call want more discussion of what happened have about things happening in our world in our society around us me to say one more thing and then I'll take a call.

So to change up on art subject a little bit when I asked the question some years back to our radio listeners about hurricanes.

This godsend hurricanes or hurricanes divine judgment. One caller said bow one out. They started in church buildings because we have so much gossip there in sexual sin, and other things and hypocrisy was of judgment begins with the house of God. You might've expected that to happen up with a wise and interesting comment. Someone else said if if God was try to get her attention wouldn't be at a time of the year that really doesn't have have hurricanes or the part of the country that doesn't really have hurricanes and that that that would certainly get our attention. For example, if if we had a blizzard in July that that you had, whether that was 95� one day and then warnings that God was sending a message of displeasure to America the next day and then we have a massive blizzard and everything comes to a standstill in frozen roads and everything luggage retention. While there was a tornado that just went through Minnesota some years ago, just as was Lutherans that the denomination they were voting to change their views on homosexuality and this tornado and an unlikely time and place.

Just come sweeping through the city and in what did knock over the steeple. I think that's what happened in in that church building represented a denomination that to me is God getting our attention. The timing of it was, was quite conspicuous, but otherwise if you can pretty well predict that weather patterns indicate certain things will happen at certain times of the year, then it is that a way of getting our attention that one other thing. Some of claim that hurricane Harvey change when America was in Israel and Jerry Christian was in Israel was putting forth compromise proposals. That's what Herbert hurricane Harvey change from so that didn't seem that serious to something very serious. I'm hoping to get William Koenig on with me to discuss this because he's laid this out in detail again is willing to say that to the victims of hurricane Harvey will will see when he comes on he sees a sound thinking man is not insensitive.

See what he has to say, 86634. I will start with Tony and Perry County, Pennsylvania. Thanks for joining us on the line of fire. The major thing I had a question about looking into the idea of preaching and refrigerator and non-down the bottle doesn't really count to determine much on but on different people about like what exactly is a preacher and teacher and I've been getting so many different responses brought with her just delve more deeply in particular I got you know preachers are more specifically the priest of the dark pavement on that, back the question what the preacher but anyway looking into. I know I'm a teacher and evangelists are both mentioned the fivefold ministry where I don't be free from hunting and there is a get off the mark that we in modern America have almost created by the creature being such a poor crop in the church yet.lately, then that end, and thank you for the excellent question preaching by definition will have more to do with the proclamation teaching would have more to do with with exposition and evangelism in any form, be it just sitting down and talking to your neighbor or be at Billy Graham preaching the thousands of people that is specifically reaching out to the lost and evangelism could even be done through teaching, through instruction in apologetics.

The reason that in the fivefold ministry. There is not a specific office of preacher is because virtually all of those mentioned can preach, but pastors are specially called to teach and thereby to equip than elder has to be apt to teach so they could all preacher pastor could preach as well but a pastor feeding the flock pastor teacher really coupled together in the list there in Ephesians the fourth chapter. We know that their descriptions of Jesus.

For example, in Matthew four. Matthew nine that he was teaching in the synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness. So there's a distinction there between preaching so preaching is the kingdom of heaven is near. Repent preaching is proclamation calling for response.

Teaching is opening up the Scriptures in a didactic way teaching has more to do with equipping and nurturing. And therefore if someone is pastoring a congregation if they are just inspirational preachers only then that though the congregants will be lacking. There won't be sufficient substance there won't be sufficient systematic teaching and training, and therefore even small groups or in other settings. Bible studies during the week they would need to to get fed and that way, along with growing in the Lord this personally so the right distinctions and everyone has to go with their with their primary grace.

When I spoke at my home car negation this past Sunday as I do every month or two I started by sounding the morning teaching mode today and was explaining the fruit of the spirit. How we grow in these things and just went through things more systematically.

More the tactically when I was in the Philippines.

Some settings I was teaching. I then all the seminar and Jesus in the Old Testament .4 point teaching explaining opening of the Scriptures getting into more depth in one of the Sunday services. I preached on the fire of God, and it was more proclaiming and more challenging and more calling for response and in either setting. If my goal had been reaching the lost Anita through preaching or through teaching, I would be doing the work of evangelism, so hopefully that that explains the differences to you in a practical way are not explained everything all right will thank you sir. God bless you.

All right 866-34-TRUTH Holly in Kaysville, Utah.

Your online fire Michael Brown hey I've never been on the radio in my entire life and I never just chat just the two of us just the two of us outside when you're talking about the hurricane Harvey and got some people are you now think I could be got back where we have a lot of high winds and a lot of distraction, and one part that I had way I got you to get killed bringing together I know that when we happen in our community we we come together and we 30 catenary and we forget about it had anything like a judgment, outright.kindly reminding you fairly cut and love each other and and I feel that I felt that my life and non-unidentified that I had that way that you are talking about how we lived in Germany for three years younger and visit a lot of the Hollis cotton faith is really neat. I sent Diane and Jay would stay right there, but you sound like an old pro on radio will catch up on the other side of the break. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks Fred for joining us on the line of fire. On this Labor Day on 58663487884. In a moment just one way and very briefly about North Korea and their latest apparent bomb test want to talk you also about some religious left response to the national statement on sexuality, biblical sexuality and also will take your calls 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Again we have a major natural disaster such as hurricane Harvey some automatically sit with an active God. Anything happening in nature as an act of God to say, no human beings play a role in climate change.

That's what these things are happening. Some say will when Jesus was in a boat with his disciples in a storm came he rebuked the wind and the waves he wasn't rebuking his father was. He obviously not in the C represents evil and certainly some chaos and there's no see in the new Jerusalem. This river of life. There is no see was at tell us another say will look natural disasters, a mystery, but when people do things that something else like murdering one another in war with the sin of abortion. So what about something where human beings commit evil acts against other human beings.

But God doesn't intervene to stop it. God doesn't help the innocent victims.

The little children. God doesn't intervene and stop.

How do we deal with that or go to the phones Holly in Kaysville, Utah Holly right before we came on the air. Here you were mentioning how you and your husband lived in Germany and that created a greater sensitivity to the horrors of the Holocaust. So back to you Holly were not going to share. Hearing her and bring me back going back to your contractor prior where you got the argument back in the faith that I felt young babies that are being thrown into the fire or family could literally losing my landline can got a really hard argument and I really don't have an answer for that, and I know that there's crazy and I'm going out on a land that I am a morning I'll be at end.

One story in our Scripture about people being burned in fire and there like a prophet, and he would act like he doesn't stop at why he had been asked I could stop that and he said that those people at their blood will rise up from the earth and end date and Lonnie against the evil that people had gone not only aimed at me and me because I don't know why it got and get back you know my heart goes out to them and I can Dictate contrary back there's a plan and that's all I can dare to you now and just pray for you are suffering. You'll Holly let let me see say this. This is a non-Mormon.

I certainly agree that there are many things that are not addressed in this age are addressed immediately.

That will be addressed later in this age or in the world, and as believers have suffered through the centuries they've known that that they pray for mercy. Now and then when the age of mercy is over that they know that justice will come in their blood will be events in their blood will also testify against the guilt of humanity, and there are actually many redemptive aspects to martyr them that that I and others have have written about it even seen some first hand with folks close to us who were killed for the gospel we seen in the midst of the devastation the fruit that the Lord has brought out of that for those that didn't hear the point I've made earlier simply this, based on a famous Rabbi making a comment about the Holocaust.

If you have a theology about the Holocaust and think you can easily explain why it happened, will go to that list that that explanation is going to be something you can say in the face of the babies that were thrown alive into burning fire same way you think you got a theory about hurricane Harvey and white happen will make sure you can say that to the families of those lost levels will be right back here again is Dr. Michael Brown yes we are alive today on one of our 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and being alive today on the line of fire is by intent because Labor Day is a day when many of you are off your work schedule a regular call in you normally couldn't call Vince if you'd like to get in the conversation. If you just got a question to ask.

We get some calls as well.

8663 freight 7884 North Korea apparently another bomb set off the bomb sent over Germany missile center. Excuse me over Japan couple days back that rattled many people in the region and then another parent bomb test hydrogen bomb bomb that would be much more devastating than bombs that were dropped in in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Gen. Mattis basically warning North Korea. I would not want someone Gen. Mattis to warn me just personally I would. I would not want that I was ahead of the nation, and Gen. Mattis who is a lifetime military man in one of the most highly respected men in the military and one that is looking for diplomatic solutions wherever possible and one that is not quick to speak when when he gives a strong warning. It's something that you need to heat president from dousing anyone that does trade with North Korea that there can be consequences for that they need to be totally isolated. Right now China not happy with that. Listen, I do not have inside information. All right, I do not have Intel that you don't have. I don't have Intel that the major media outlets have okay if if they have it so they don't have insider Intel from the, the military, what's going on so I'm looking at this the same way you are. I've mainly followed North Korea over the years in terms of spiritual oppression in terms of the intense persecution of Christians there in terms of the terrible suffering of the people there and the famines and the Orwellian nature of North Korea and how close it is of a followed all of those things carefully, but I have not followed the military questions as carefully except to say that when I read about this some years back that when wargames were played meaning in the sense computerized wargames when you try to see okay here is the strength militarily of North Korea South Korea. Here's what would happen if there was a war that North Korea would would actually win the 30 devastating suffering for the people of South Korea that's a country love dearly. Having administered there on a dozen different occasions poured myself out of the Korean Christians in many different settings over the years and obviously your heart beats further the people North Korea that are so closed off to the rest of the world and live under such oppression, but what makes Kim Young on tick why he does what he does what he could possibly be provoking. I don't know is he so demented that he really believes his own hype that he really believes his own paranoia that he really believes what is being fed to the society that he really thinks that he's being picked on in America is ready to attack and he's gonna have to do something proactive or preemptive. Does he really think like that. Is he just trying to get attention like a little boy that's I could do anything but trust threatened and get attention is is that what's going on. Either way, it's a tremendously volatile situation. Either way it's a situation each pray symbol. How do I pray again I come back to my simple default based on the Lord's prayer to begin praying for God's name to be hollow. North Korea you begin to pray for the kingdom of God to come to North Korea in the will of God to be done in North Korea as it is in heaven. And for God's best purposes for Southeast Asia for God's best purposes for the Korean Peninsula for God's best purposes. North Korea and South Korea and Japan and China feel led to pray for the reunification of Korea and you certainly pray for the liberty of the people of North Korea and you pray for God's best plans for Kim Jong-Il. Does that mean striking down judgment. If he refuses to repent is that me allowing them to continue to live for divine purposes as God continue to allow Farrell to live to bring greater judgment on Egypt.

These are questions that must be asked with carefulness before the throne of God and let God be God.

If you feel led to pray a certain way feel directed to pray certainly do it. And certainly we pray for the persecuted church and in North Korea. We pray for liberty for the gospel. There, but by all means don't don't just think that this is some sword rattling kid that socket to do anything. We don't know that for sure. We don't know how unhinged he is, therefore, certainly worthy for him and pray for wisdom for government. I personally don't mind president from standing up to Kim Jong-Il and with his tweets. In other words, saying you don't want to mess with me because that I think is the language that he understands beyond that I would be very careful and you don't want to be unnecessarily provocative towards the sum of it seems that unstable. Are we concerned primarily with American lives. I think first and foremost were concerned with Korea month Japanese lives of those that are much closer to North Korea and in very heavily populated cities that could take massive casualties a good one report that said that that if North Korea went to war that the first person that would happen is is that South Korean soul in particular would suffer millions of casualties. 10 million casualties in unimaginable number and in a short period of time and the people of South Korea have been praying fervently for North Korea and knowing North Korea's military might that has deepened the prayer right now. South Korea very prosperous nation still is the incredible hard work ethic that you find often in Asia pushed the study hard push to work hard push to get ahead, but also nation that is is prospered that that much of the Christianity has has softened and the younger generation is not his grip with the gospel is the older generation wasn't seen great revival come there and God forbid that you think I'm saying that South Korean needs war, no, no, no, don't dare quote me to be saying that but what I am saying is South Korea or contribute to its knees in prayer because of the dangers North Korea is not an unhealthy thing. It's if they can be very healthy because in the midst of complacency in the midst of oh just prosperity and things going well. Sometimes we fall asleep at the wheel we need to be woken up at let us not be woken up by bombs dropping coming. Millions of people. Let us wake up well well before that. 86634 I want to get into some response from the religious left to the national statement of biblical sexuality have written some about it. If you have read my recent articles just go to Esther to Brandy escape your before doing that legal back for one more call on the issue of hurricanes natural disasters will go to Colfax North Carolina.

Brandon welcome to light a fire very well thank you sir.

What government very often. Anyone with burial. No recurrent� Go and look at the book Joe and what happened book Joe, you know that God judgment Army. He called Matt that, think people forget about that.

They're quick to blame God yeah and in point of fact. Job, of course, since a very powerful message on many fronts and and yes Satan only is able to attack Job and his family with divine permission, but are hundred percent right Brandon that the friends wrongly interpreted this as divine judgment on Job limit when it wasn't. I remember many years ago that there was there was a bad storm in our area on Long Island were relived and a tree fell on a friends house and smashed through a window and this family had been in our congregation and and then I think it joined.

There was a Catholic in our creation went back to Catholic obligation. Someone in the church symbol God protects his own 08. Even that is a pretty new believer at the old one, a judgmental statement because they went back to the Catholic Church and left the this Pentecostals Protestant congregation and that's why the the the treatment to their house and not not through your house and I'm sure someone could find the reverse principle of the Catholic Church and join the local Protestant church in a tree went through their window and some of the Catholic Church could say.

So we gotta be really careful with the stuff we be really careful with it so your your call is a great reminder and the friends wrongly saw that God was judging Job and therefore they judged him as a wicked file center.

Joel wrongly thought that God was acting out of character and and Judge Joel and Judge God to be unrighteous both responses wrong right will be right back.

I want to give you some commentary that I think you find very helpful. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, this is Michael Brown alive on Labor Day I I have written a couple of articles already on the national statement on biblical sexuality.

One of the initial signers that was on I was not part of writing it, but one of the initial signers of some said man. The timing of it coming out right during hurricane Harvey and how could that be in the fact is they had been worked on this many months in advance. There was a plan for what it was going to be released so that just happened on schedule and and then others who said well you know Nashville, the mayor of nationalism and a happy as if this attributes the statement to the mayor of Nashville of the city of Nashville's no long history of Christian statements being tied in with cities in which they were made structural some more pointed out in a post about this the right of the Nicene Creed, Nicaea. Yeah, the Chalcedonian Creed in Chalcedon or Chicago statement on biblical inerrancy and and on and on it goes's chest where the statement was made, but I was sent a couple of links today. I hadn't seen the statements. One of them by John Pavlovich to John if you listening got my open invitation to join me on the air, and I'm happy to talk to off the air.

He would bill himself as an evangelical, but very much pro-LGBT I would or I think he bills himself as an evangelical, but certainly is a Bible believing pastor stands for God's revolutionary purposes in the earth that I certainly do and he is taken a very strong pro-LGBT lines to meet you do that, not evangelical so he has to statement the national statement of claim language translation and then a great carry, Prof. of New Testament Lancaster theological seminary himself a liberal professor has written on the Huffington Post. The national statement in the decline of the Christian right. Let me start with great carry's comments this week you wrote this a few days ago a group called the coalition for Biblical manhood and womanhood. The really they call themselves that in the small stir by issuing the national statement will excuse me what's wrong with me coalition for Biblical manhood and womanhood. Why should that be subject to a sarcastic snide remark manhood and womanhood are really under assault Meredith. This letter confusion about what amusement man what it means to be a woman whether art, gender and sex distinctions why husbands are not wise laws and husbands, mothers and fathers and foes not modest boys like girls girls not boys want to go back to the Bible for insight into what it means to be men and what it means to be women.

So the very mocking of this indicates where this professors coming from.

Sad to say.

He said that the statements created the small stir by issuing that the group is masturbation in the national statement. The statement and the lack of attention is receiving reveal the degree to which the old religious right has lost its capacity to influence public conversations actually actually I'm surprised with how much attention the statements gotten personal. When I was asked to sign. I just thought the something circulating in certain point to get a little tension I it's gotten much more attention. I expected much more quickly and quite a few. The signers are anything but old or some of them themselves cannot of homosexuality or of the most compassionate people you'd ever hear minister speak with great truths and great love soul just the sweeping statement here to me is one that is quite biased. I had a guy go after me yesterday in our Facebook page: the big when someone challenged him he said, and he was calling me names and other people names of the got block for the page district run Facebook page but but he he said a bigot is someone intolerant of people though the points of views and I'm a textbook bigot.

I want to miss it. Excuse me sir, I am passionate about what I believe I reckless people of other views in a map and interact with them in the civil way, but the way you're treating me and others. You seem to be one intolerant you seeing to me to be the one that's given a few minutes to respond when he didn't disclose the name calling those we we had to remove from the page but is it interesting that the other thing I find interesting is II thought the old religious right was pronounced dead quite a while ago and then were told that the old religious right helped elect our current president and has a lot of influence in his ears now being told that the old religious right is lost its capacity to influence public conversations. Why beat because you mock them as a leftist professor, may I suggest with all respect, Prof. Carrie, when you mock the same one a cast of characters James Dobson by the way, it's a typo in the article Dotson. I've had many typos myself and try to help help out here when grid him Tony Perkins Al Mohler, may I suggest that most or all of these men right now have more influence in the public conversation in America than than you might anyway the public audience shrinking their public presence waning in their credibility shot to hell. The Christian right needs attention. Actually, the Christian right so-called Bible believing Christians. They simply felt that this letter confusion which the risk was important issue statement which they did.

You put your own spin on it but your spin a John Pavitt's says this of the statement is steeped in churchy language and dusty religious speak regarding marriage creation, gender identity and sexual orientation which may be difficult for Richard Seifer especially is not raised to correct quote of such the auto buzzwords I find it to be that stuffy religious, but that maybe I just used to the language have to look at it again. So he see the house can provide his plain language translation John again. If you listening appreciate your creativity.

It's it's just on the wrong side of truth and on the wrong side of God's love and on the wrong side of what's best for people so here's here's what lays beneath with the sanctified verbiage evangelical Christians, with the precipice of estate extension and we know it acts actually sir evangelical Christians are liberal to thrive.

Actually, the, the church going around the world that is going most rapidly is evangelical is Bible believing it holds to these values around the world by the tens of millions, hundreds of millions around the world and mind-boggling numbers in Africa and India and China.

Ron other countries and in Latin America mind-boggling numbers and in America.

Here John Pavitt's we are profound, endangered species, species come to grips with the urgency of the moment of her impending disappearance of the whole thing going sideways here in the Bible Belt with conflict, sir. You may think people are feeling that II live in the midst of the so-called Bible Belt, North Carolina. I live in the midst of the conservative Christian movement as a Jewish follower of Jesus. I live in the midst of this beatitude is anything but this beatitude is overflowing excitement and confidence of what God is doing a great concern of of a decline in America great concern about the state of the nation, but the churches that are bleeding the church that losing members of the liberal ones is been demonstrated over and over and over again and those are really preaching the gospel in the way there their thriving major church in Nashville, Tennessee rats on a national major church with with a well-known pastor leader in an influential church they come on terms in favor same-sex marriage and the pastor announces is getting a divorce and with a bond from a 2000 and 200 something something like that.

Less than a year. Friend, I'll stay with the word assay with the spirit. I'll stay with Jesus. I pity those on the outside

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