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Best of Broadcast: An Amazing Jewish Testimony and the Importance of Jewish Outreach

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 7, 2017 5:00 pm

Best of Broadcast: An Amazing Jewish Testimony and the Importance of Jewish Outreach

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 7, 2017 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/07/17.

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My guest today is a Jewish woman who says it was a counter missionary Rabbi who helped leader to faith in Jesus. If you start for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown wrote it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday on the line of fire today and you are going to be blessed and encouraged and fascinated by the story that is going to unfold for you today which ultimately ends up in Nigeria, yes, thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Today is going to end up in Nigeria, Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for joining us number to call if you want to join him at some point or have a question 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 before I introduce a very special guest to you want to about something interesting that happened yesterday. Yesterday was the inaugural broadcast of our new TV show answering your toughest question so many folks have been asking a misted can be online to watch after a certain point, we will be able to put post the shows on our our website. We don't have that yet, but the shows are not launched yesterday answering your toughest questions and again we are starting with 32 week series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus as their been done on national TV. Probably any kind of TV so we're thrilled to start with this and in our BTV network gets into more than 32 million homes and folks can watch online and so on and it it aired yesterday in the morning but then at night and the night was that the main time, the one that we had been announcing 7 PM Eastern standard last night. So anyway I I see these posts.

These folks posting on Facebook and the say hey you know this is this is great, but my signal just went out for little while, I thought, oh, they were just having problems with a local carrier was found out from the folks in our BTV today that they had an unusual event. The first time it's ever happened during my show for 2 1/2 minutes. It rained so heavily to half minutes. It rained so heavily that they lost the signal.

The signal was actually knocked out for 2 1/2 minutes because of the outpouring of rain now look I'm one of those who prays for the reign of the spirit. I'm one of those who believes. According to Isaiah 44 that he's gonna pour his spirit on the Jewish people, just as he pours the rain on the dry craft. So I was actually encouraged to hear that not discouraged. I thought while that is a sign of the outpouring of the Spirit of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

My guest of Joe and shakers we we first met in Maryland was it around 1991 Joanne somewhere around I don't know the authorities surround 1991, and where were you living at that time in Brooklyn living in Brooklyn and we met at the home of our Russian Jews who would recently come to faith in Jesus and I thought I was going to his house for very different reasons but who are you traveling with nothing names but that that the people that you were traveling with from Brooklyn to Maryland. What brought you there.

They were three rabbis from Jews for Judaism which is a counter missionary organization right so you are what were you there to argue against them or or account of one of them. Now I was one of them are self.

Joanne and I first met the house of a Russian messianic Jew in Maryland.

As she traveled together with three rabbis counter missionaries working with Jews for Judaism. You've got to hear her story. You've got to find out how it is. She got there and then how God wonderfully saved her brother, the faith in Jesus issue to the point that she is soon to leave for Nigeria. Perhaps, with your help to serve children to help educate pour into some of the poorest of the poor so will come back with Joanne's amazing story. If you have a Jewish friend that doesn't know Jesus issue a call and tell them to tune in. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends talking with Joe and shakers.

She's a friend of our family and we watched Joanne on an amazing journey over these recent decades and now about to launch out into an even more amazing journey to Nigeria will will tell you about that in a little while but Joanne we first met the home of a Russian Jew, an fairly new believer in Jesus, Yeshua, and he told me because he was he was new to the faith he wanted to explore all the questions was a very intellectual God explore all the questions all the issues and perhaps I can come to his home. If you get some rabbis from Baltimore to come over and we would have a discussion about who is the Messiah.

According to the book of Isaiah's new series that will her duties again when I get there.

There were leaders from Jews for Judaism. They come from other locations that come from as far away as as New York and he handed us a whole program basically a three-hour program of a debate. He wants to have subject by subject and his his thought was that if we came in and prepared he could see who would do a better job but you were there with them now. Joanne, you were raised in a Jewish home. What kind of Judaism were you raised in. I was raised in reformed Judaism. My grandmother was actually head of the Jewish Federation in Niagara Falls are so shoot she was at your grandmother was active but what is it mean to be reformed you. A lot of listeners are not familiar with what that means, basically, there's a it's a cultural Judaism where you have a strong connection with the Jewish people, but you don't necessarily follow the laws and traditions right so you're very much conscious of being Jewish.

Is there a big emphasis on God and relationship with God, not particularly fascia. I was I would say that in the case with many reformed Jews right at some point, though, you become a follower of Jesus, how did that happen while I was it was a pretty long journey. I had been interested in religion and in college and had actually made a profession of faith and started attending church, but very shortly after that I was approached by a young anti-missionary and invited to an discovery seminar put on by an organization called H a Torah that totally shut my faith and led me to a journey to study in Israel. Alright so what when you made a profession of faith in Jesus you got interested religion in college. Did you have a conflict at that point on, I'm Jewish.

How can I believe in Jesus or was it not that deep because you were that religious. It wasn't that deep because I wasn't that religious yeah and the same with me when I came to faith at the age of 16. Alright so then you you you meet a Jewish man. He starts to talk to you brings you to this get invited to the seminar, a shutter raw so it's a discovery seminar what one of the do these religious Jews and are trying to reach out to disaffiliated Jews or Jews and other religions to try to pull back what what kind of presentation to the gift I gave an extremely powerful three-day presentation and what they were presenting, which I had never heard before was the oral law and that's what drew me in.

Because if what they were saying was true, then all of my understandings were false. So by the oral law. You mean the concept that traditions had been passed on to the Jewish people throughout the generations going back to Moses at Mount Sinai and that was the legitimate understanding of Scripture correct. They felt that if you had the the written law without the oral law that you had the notes without the lecture and that there was no way to possibly understand the notes without the lecture and you had to learn the lecture in order to for the notes to bring it back into memory, so these are like chapter headings are news headlines that that needed more information so it says in the Torah don't don't break the Sabbath don't work on the Sabbath. If you work in South to be put to death, but they know or does the Torah specifically defined work so you need allegedly the oral traditions to tell you, correct, and if you look at Jewish scriptures in the Hebrew you'll see a very short passage of Scripture and the entire rest of that page and page next to it is commentary right so what was it at this seminar that was so persuasive to you on it drew me back into the fold of Judaism. It was a very warm and welcoming place and they had very brilliant people doing the presenting from from codes in the Torah that that prove that Christianity is false to strong presentations for the oral law, meaning that you don't know it. Judaism is yet so how can you abandon it and what what about you came in there think you Got proof texts I can demonstrate Jesus is really the Messiah. What happened to that sense of I can really prove this to a Jewish person as you set at that seminar and got totally blown away. And then so you didn't just leave whatever faith in Jesus. You had you started to pursue traditional Judaism Wedgewood Israel, I was invited actually by the president of HI Torah school in Israel to go to their women's school.

He paid my way and said that I didn't like it. There that he would send me to an evaluation I am.

I didn't like it there so I went to a school called Nevaeh which Lyman was therefore believe 10 months to let him in.

The ladies were there. I don't know exactly. Quite a few are up and it was more like 10 or more like 100 more like 100 and and describes the atmosphere there. From the viewpoint of a traditional Jew, what did you do what was the attitude of the women there.

It was a totally embracing environment. I think one of the things that even when I came to faith in Yeshua is when you read acts chapter 2 and it talks about people in a being that the fellowship that they had together. That's what Orthodox Judaism is it is 100% community and your whole life is engrossed with following those those that does traditions and when you believe that those traditions are from the Lord. They put they you have a feeling that you are one with God, one with your community and it's a wonderful thing alright and and basically then your your studying in your praying, day and night with the community of women is that what you're doing, studying, praying, just and experiencing life alright so you come back to the states and how how religious, did you become what happens. Your life is a Jewish person back in the states I took on a completely Orthodox lifestyle. I started teaching at a bilingual Yiddish special education school for children in Brooklyn, I lived in Brooklyn was a completely integrated part of the Jewish community there. What what part of Brooklyn I lived in Flatbush Flatbush alright and 18th between NL okay when you say completely Orthodox. Those that live in in the New York area know that there is there is Orthodox modern Orthodox ultra-Orthodox. There the men with the the black hats in the long beards in the black coats and the women wearing wigs and you completely covered and what kind of environment reviewing. I guess you would call it ultra-Orthodox it was. It was the yeshivas group. It wasn't the Hasidic group. It was the yeshivas good alright so for those those that understand but but from to the to the non-educated observer that it's all the same. The ultra-Orthodox rating not right.

So what was always Sabbath like for you it was wonderful and I got up I went to show you I went to a friends house for lunch will and the Friday night diamond.

The Friday night I went to a friends house for dinner Saturday he went to school and then you join somebody for dinner then you join somebody again for the final meal, and it was a totally communal thing. It was it was it was beautiful and when you have these meals together. Did you talk about the latest movies did you talk about the Hollywood stars to talk about spiritual things we talked about Torah only because it was said that if you have a meal without without discussing Torah no better than a dog having a meal alright so so this this was a serious immersion. Did you find that the people were just hypocrites going through the motions or did you find a lot of sincerity.

I found a lot of sincerity I found. Also, a lot of exclusiveness alright but it is in the midst of it, though, when you gave yourself to it.

You found a lot of people that seem to be devout God-fearing Jews. In other words, you can go through a crisis of everybody here is a hypocrite. Nobody here is serious about got I got a get out here will absolutely not and a lot of times Christians look from the outside they think will that's just what Judaism is.

It's a bunch of hypocrites keeping an external code and and they know it, but did you find spiritual hunger amongst people I found intense spiritual hunger I found intense love for God and intense longing to follow God as closely as possible alright and that's why course of my book or has to stay with blood of of written a chapter called so near and yet so far. Friends are caricatured view of traditional Jews is not going to help us pray effectively reach them with the good news to be sure which which then leads to the question join will take this up, we come back. Why leave then ultra-Orthodox Judaism if you found such great community if you found sincerity hunger for God. Why leave take that off, come back on file light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back 30 I guess Joanne shakers going to Nigeria join before we get back to your amazing story and and how God brought you to full Jewish faith in Yeshua the Messiah would you be doing in Nigeria. I will be training teachers and working with children.

I was therefore on eight months doing that 2010 2011.

Went back for a follow-up last summer and got call me to be there permanently in your house for sale your time on a major move later in the broadcast of where describe what you going to describe the, the living conditions but friends.

This is an investment you want to make you want to stand with Joanne if you want your money to count helping people experience the love of God in a tangible way and some of the poorest most difficult parts of the world. Here's a Jewish woman going to be a light to the world instead of thinking ahead so I could be retiring from teaching in the states in 10 years or five whatever she's going to go to fire international double please drop this down fire and just look for Joanne shakers CHINK ER S there is an email address. There can we give that as well. For folks or should we just send them to the far international site you think about alright so get behind to become a monthly supporter. You will be thrilled with where your funds go help with a one time gift to launcher there.

I'm send you directly there. So 100% of what you send will go to these endeavors.

Alright Joanne, your your leading out religious Jewish life. You are in fact concerned about Jews who believe in Jesus not happy with this. You hear radio broadcast on the art of the very station run in New York City right now your radio broadcast to nice Jewish guys consider Jews who believe in Jesus and what happened while they mentioned that there was a Bible study right in my neighborhood and that kind of horrified me so I decided to attend. Choose believing in Jesus in your neighborhood at Bible study so you showed up that you infiltrated.

I suppose you, that yes okay and what is your purpose.

My purpose was to see if there were in fact Jewish people there and to lead them back into Orthodox Judaism alright and somebody gave your cassette tape. I guess after two or three times. They decided that I was too confusing for their people and said that they prefer that I not come anymore but handed me a tape called are the rabbis right by somebody named Dr. Michael Brown think I remember recording that when I lived in Maryland in the days we had cassette tapes so you and enfold you listen to it free online on my website or the rabbis right so you listen to that but you you were pretty immersed in this.

At this point I me in your thinking person you been to seminars you had. You love the community but a lot of this appeal too intellectually the arguments that it may raise the interpretation of Scripture, and so on. You were not going through a crisis in your life at this point in some emotional crisis or some type of break downward fighting addiction or we just get rejected by community your right midstream here. What happened when you listen to the tape. It was the first intelligent argument that I had listened to to refute the oral law.

It was respectful, but it was very intellectual, which appealed to me.

I didn't agree with that. I wrote you a letter but that they address on the tape is all the letter was returned to me the week that the letter was returned to me gentleman from Jews for Jesus mentioned that he was going to debate a man named Dr. Michael Brown and I decided Jews were Judaism is a slip of the time, less anxious, Richie's husband out of it that Tonya Sosa was Jews for Judaism said he would. So he knew he was going to debate me yes okay and Moses name Toby Singer. I had just heard him mention some of our friends were Jewish believers said there was a young County missionary Rabbi named Toby Singer so I heard his name. I didn't know who he was and again I was going to this house think I was talking to some rabbis from Baltimore have a casual conversation about who's the Messiah. According to the book of Isaiah, but Toby had heard that he was going to to debate me, so what happens next. I told him I was coming alright and take it from there and we got to the debate, and it was a very distressing time because there was Tobia and he later said he wasn't feeling too well and that's what he was off of his game. However, he said some things that were I thought blatantly untrue and I thought well either. He doesn't know that he is misquoting or he knows it includes deceptive either one is not acceptable and he was talking to the crowd in born-again Christian terminology nearly very emotional baby like 2025 fans squeezed into the house there for this debate that I realize was was going to happen so so you left at the end of that night, a little shaken, very shaken because you are they are just very calmly and going back and forth easily from paper to English and explaining your point of view and he was using emotionalism and some deception and everybody in the car was either discouraged or angry because they felt that he had not done well at all, nor represented use for Judaism well at all.

Alright so so this was by the way friends.

We recorded that night, but a Tobia's request. We do not distribute those tapes just to be straightforward with you. However, we did a subsequent debate you can listen to it for free on my website to just go to start to brown the organ type in the name Singer you can listen to the debates and Roth moderated it, and I've invited Tobia many many times through others. He's been invited to debate me many many times that the door remains wide open for us to have a debate because is an eloquent spokesman for his position love to do it again on this radio station or in a neutral setting. So I've not avoided the sub of look forward for 20+ years, but I remember you came up to me. That night with some very serious questions and I guess you re-handed me the letter that had been sent back. I did and that then began a whole new journey. How long did that journey last of seeking and studying and living in the Orthodox Jewish community and then praying before you came to absolutely no Jesus Yeshua for yourself two years two years pretty intense.

Two years very intense, very a lot of suffering, a lot of struggling right so it was not some convenience thing that this case you had to leave everything at that point that was your life to to come to faith. Alright friends. There is a lot more to the story and I want you to to hear how Joanne connected with Nigeria and poor I'm talking about the poorest of the poor went when she would send her letters from Nigeria her emails.

Nancy would really suit we gotta save these and she needs to. She needs to write a book that's the type of stories.

That's where she's going to live and I will encourage you to get behind her in this endeavor. Fire and friends stand with us as we launch our new Jewish outreach TV series. Your gift of $50 or more. Want to send you a signed copy of my Jeremiah commentary it's over 900 pages together with the commentary to seek a Lamentations sign with a special note of appreciation hears the call one 800-2789 978-1800 278-9978 friends reach out to know it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speed and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you know, I've been having some interesting interaction on Twitter, of all places with atheists during the show. The second hour yesterday I was talking about atheism and Matt sent me a bunch of real neat quotes on atheism, one of which was the CS Lewis in I posted it last night and well it started spreading atheists express their rage against God alone. Their beauty does not exist. Some angry tweets of people expressing their rage and say that's not true that self of interacting with a bunch of folks in just now during this break so another another little comment on Twitter but hey May the the goodness and light and truth of God touched many an atheist. In these days. I believe it is harvest time in the atheist community for God's love and truth to be made manifest is Michael Brown.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday I'm sitting with a dear friend of our family. Joanne shakers getting ready to go to Nigeria she's selling her house. She saying goodbye to what she's known here in America for her life in an wanted to spend years pouring into children, educating, helping some of the most needy kids and so the most needy environments were at work will tell you some stories about Nigeria friends is as a Jewish person goes to be a light to the world and and you'll be on the edge of your seat and your interest will be here so stay tuned tightly 866-34-TRUTH otherwise given out the number, amount, plan on taking calls this next half-hour anyway but Joanne, you were raised in a liberal Jewish home so it was more cultural Judaism in college you got interested in religion your interest in Christianity and Jesus made a profession of faith wasn't that big a deal to is a juke joint that religious along the way started sharing the gospel with a religious Jewish man, you end up getting invited to Orthodox Jewish seminar there. You're presented with evidence that traditional Judaism was right that Christianity Jesus phrase always is false. Leave whatever faith in Jesus you have you become a culture very Orthodox Jewish woman living in this environment community among many Jews with what you see is intense spiritual hunger desire for God.

Along the way end up getting presented with a message of mine.

I done the teaching of the rabbis right right challenge artist to come to a debate you hear me debate account Commissioner Rabbi that shakes even work if you see he he did not have the truth on his side and then you have a two year intensive journey.

Before you know that you know that Jesus Yeshua is our Messiah and we talked many times during this, and I prayed for you during that time. What was the nature of the struggle join paint a picture of what was going on inside of you during that time. Well I think part of the struggle was just the fact that I was part of an incredible community traditional Jewish community and I was if I were to take the step toward Christianity. I would basically be disengaging myself from everything I loved and everyone I love and and it wasn't a matter of I'll be more Jewish, shall be among other Jewish believers in the shoe.

It's a matter of I leave Judaism and I going to Christianity. That's part of what you're wrestling with.

That's part of it. And part of it was simply what does God require and one day I was asked to babysit for some friends a babysitter suddenly couldn't make it for them and they had a special anniversary date and I read a book when I put the kids to bed.

I read a book called helpless busty throat which is laws for the daughters of Israel, and I realized, except for the laws regarding married women, which I wasn't. When I was following everyone, but in reading that book I started realizing these are laws, but they're not God's laws. They were given by men and, in other words, the great majority of the laws that were kept during the day is an Orthodox Jew were not found in Scripture, human tradition, so either God was in this tradition or somebody was adding to the law, which is a serious issue.]

Find out what happened next and how Joanne finally took the it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown yeah it's it's a thoroughly Jewish Thursday and you know there is something about Jewish culture.

That's not just intellectual. There is something very emotional very much that pulls at your soul and for someone who's living as a traditional Jew is not just a matter of tackling intellectual questions about who is Jesus Yeshua, but it it is a matter of I'm part of this people on part of a chosen people with a mission in the earth, and in that mission is lived out through keeping God's commandments. If I leave that I'm betraying God. My guess Joanne shakers went through that that very challenge living as a traditional Jewish woman. Enjoy and how long did you live that lifestyle.

Seven years, seven years she had deep close friendships. I did and this was obviously a habit of life and you did certain things even though there more requirements for traditional Jewish man, there's a ton for traditional Jewish woman. So this is fully lifestyle for you at this point complaint and did did you hate the traditions like now I gonna do this and I can't do this in a candy distant have to eat this or did seem to be incorporated as a way of life for you know I absolutely loved it because everything I did it. If what you're doing is an act of obedience and it's an act of worship. So everything you do makes you feel closer to God so that that's how traditional Jew would would be feeling so in the midst of this, now you're challenged with the authenticity of the oral law going back to Moses and friends of of put a volume together and massive detail deal with these issues. Its volume 5 of my series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus. If you want to find out more about the oral law and issues that we have with the idea of an authoritative or low going over back to Moses, so as you are now struggling with the issue of could it be that Jesus Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel. Could it be that the oral traditions as beautiful as they might be, do not actually go back to Moses and Ann are actually adding to the law you read a book about laws for for living for Jewish woman and usually realizable that almost all of this is external to Scripture, and can't even really be derived from Scripture what affected that have on it was it was really earthshaking and I started purposely reading Scripture without reading any commentary along with it and I started realizing that the things that I were doing was it what they want wrong, but if they weren't from God. They want necessary, and if something drew me to God. Okay, it was okay if I did it but if it if it didn't draw me towards the Lord and it wasn't from him. Things just started crumbling all right. And then what was the thing that you could've just left that though you can the symbolic. These are sincere people. I was sincere, but I don't really believe it's true. What then causes you to make the jump or take that next step to putting your faith in Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel that that debate did a big thing okay so my debate with County missionary Toby and Singer back around 1991 and reading the New Testament and I started attending messianic congregations, but I will tell you that I had.

I made a profession of faith when I realized intellectually that Jesus was the Messiah that Ms. all went together, but I don't know if you remember when you preached and little Pentecostal church on Long Island. Yeah, remember, I really believe that was the night I got saved because it wasn't this whole intellectual thing of it is just Jesus the Messiah and accepting him it was realizing what he did to accept me while and then what happened in your life at this will take one more minute on this and then I want to talk about Nigeria or our listeners need to know about this world that you're going to as it Jewish representatives of the Messiah being a white to the world. What was different now. Now that you were quote born again and that wasn't just you went from one system to another system, one religious group to another religious group and if you're looking for more community in the church that you had the traditional just really to find that because everything is done communally pray together each you know just scooter lifestyle in traditional Judaism.

All right what what happened in your life, either in terms of relationship with God or forgiveness of sins or something that you could say now I know now I'm home because it wasn't. It was a 100% the card to permit the cards were laid out on the table know some people come to Jesus because they want this to be fixed or that to be faxed to beef forgiven of their sins. I was willing to serve him whether or not I went to hell because he was worthy and because of what he did and for me it was easy because I was getting letters pushed under the door. I was getting challenges from my landlord. I was getting phone calls from Israel, I had to be firm and be determined from the get-go and I think that I wasn't. I didn't have well now you come to Jesus in life is wonderful and it was now you come to Jesus and nobody's talking to you and is he worthy yes he is yeah and was there anything that the when you prayed when you talk to God when you're the Scriptures that was different on this side of things than before, way different. Because now instead of obeying him from afar. Kinda its upcoming God has called us to partner with him and his purposes and life has meaning where we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do the work that he prepared in advance for us to walk in it's it's it's a living relationship is a living partnership so I was talking to an Orthodox rabbi versus your man one time and he I asked him how does he describe think of my relationship with God because he believes them to see believing in Jesus and civil since Adam ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Everything is mixed to have some truth you have some error you have some right beliefs and moral beliefs. And it's a mixture and he said he said to me how to how I describe his relationship with God. I said you're standing outside the door knocking. You can hear the voice calling you on the other side asking you in but you can't get all the way it set up. I'm in there you're trying to get in that he was hurt by that that we were both being candid with each other, but that description of the earnest seeking the desiring the prayers that are prayed. It's always an earnest yearning for something yet to come, and will, of course, we want to see Jesus return and we want to see the end of suffering on the earth, and so on.

But on the other hand, we have already received wheat we are ready inside the tort design analogy some fairly it does all right so now you've worked with special ed kids you had a heart to work with folks.

A lot of people just walked by for many many years. How in the world do you end up going to Nigeria on your first trip while the missions pastor from my church was Nigerian and he introduced me to a man who ran a missionary organization there who challenge me to come and at the time I was taking care of my mom and I couldn't but after she passed on.

I didn't have any excuses and selling 2008 I went for a 10 day exploratory trip to Nigeria and in the state. Really nice hotels when you're there. No, sir.

All right give me an idea of what the exploratory trip was like wild exploratory trip actually was a lot higher standard than the 10 month trip because people when you go for a short-term mission trip anywhere they kinda shield you from a lot of things right and you can't you can't take it anyway. Not sure right okay so what you go back for 10 months. Who are you working with this know what is been there. You're gonna paint a picture of what a village looks like or say a school went with the school look like we are helping these kids while I went to an interior region and not throw a state.

The town was called Jenna. It's in north central Nigeria and it was with a tribe that had been decimated 10 years earlier by the radical Islamic neighbors and some of them to come to faith miraculously been brought to their land, and an organization called Christ to the rural areas missions had just built them a school on there is no running water there.

There is no electricity. There was no network so basically I lived in it was a concrete structure that I lived in and they had actually built a shower and a toilet that was just no water okay slight side problem. I walked 2 km to school. The school was unfinished. It basically was a concrete building. It had openings for windows and doors. There were two benches and half a chalkboard in each room and that was it for materials and today have chocolate. They usually had started I had shock all right and and how many kids were there about 100 and come from like wealthy families with no the limos drop them off and saw no most of them couldn't pay school fees. Teachers were always going hungry because they weren't getting salaries because school fees were being paid. All right you're here so the other side of that friends Joanne selling her house and moving.

There were some of these people come back I will enlist your support to help her get to Nigeria to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my guest and shakers of Jewish woman leaving the comforts of America going to Nigeria to serve poor poor kids to help teach to help revamp the whole educational system. There going as a follower of Jesus as a light to the world really wanted to invest years of her life there, and I want to encourage you to get behind her, only to be sent on Facebook and Twitter. Just a note as to how you can stand with her. If you go to fire fire and just search for Schenker's CHR I and KRS or Nigeria you'll you'll find out about Joanne and George can become a monthly supporter of the work there 50 or hundred dollars even 10 or $15 a month goes a long way and then some initial funds to help her get over there that that would be amazing. So Joanne the environment where urine you've got like witch doctors. You've got poisonous snakes do it every just again paint the picture of what life was like we were 10 months. The temperature was often upper 90s low hundreds day and night because he couldn't go out at night where it was a little bit cooler because that's when the snakes came out and everyone was venomous. There was no medical facility anywhere nearby, and what about that your air-conditioned suite. My air-conditioned suite.

Actually, the concrete held in the heat and so it is radiated that the walls were hot to the touch. All right, so Siegel from the hot water incident to the hotter and that's recently bugs those kind of things. Malaria was rampant.

Typhoid was rampant. We lost three women in one week in childbirth. I had a little boy dying a sickle cell crisis on the floor of his hot because there was no medical treatment. I saw a lady who had been run over by a truck brought to a clinic on a motorcycle and she died. The suffering there is incredible all right. Why, then, from your typical American Christian what's in it for me mentality. Why would you leave America and you got a job career here in your your you're not a young woman. It's not like you're 20, just cannot shoot over there for couple months and come back. Why go to a place like that.

Joanne, because I believe that's what God's called me when I went there for 10 days. It was because of a man when I went there for eight months I spent my entire inheritance. I built desks and chairs will hire carpenters to do it.

I bought reading books.

I wrote 200 pages of detailed lesson plans to go along with them. I spent hours and hours and hours training teachers and doing model lessons in the classrooms and when I came back a year later one of the biggest things I that spoke to me was the headmistress who was one of the worst. The educational system, there is is very rough. Beatings are very commonplace and these children they don't want. They've never heard a word of English in their life. All the instructions in English and all they do is sit and recite recite recite and copy learn nothing when I came back the second last summer a little boy came up to me because I had bought books there thousand books from that I collected from friends in a books for Vaasa project I want to be one of auntie's books he picked it up and read it. The headmistress told the other people you know sister Joanne. She changed my life. She taught me how to love my parents beat me very well so I beat my students very well. She taught me to love them and have a relationship with them and you know they like me better now while Mason and so many of us spend our whole lives and don't have the that level of impact in a lifetime. So Joanne you going back would you be doing when you go back in with your your immediate needs and your long-term needs. I'm going to be setting up a teacher trainer center in Chapel which is in car estate, and more in the southern portion of Nigeria. I'm going to be bringing teachers in for two weeks at a time for intense training, then I'm gonna follow them back to the blush and work with them in their schools to do model lessons and to make sure that what what they were taught is instilled in them. My immediate needs are to purchase educational materials that aren't available there and to raise the funds to ship a container of things over there alright so your your mute you have personal immediate needs are going or you have your your funds raised to get you over there. My funds are raised to get me over there right what about what you did. You need more support. I definitely need more support. And I definitely need help with the initial set up costs right and so everything you're doing to try to raise funds to help therein and how far does hundred dollars going Nigeria compared to here most of the teachers don't make that much in a month all right that that's just friends get behind Joanne and shakers as as one having the privilege of being involved in her own testimony of salvation is a Jewish woman coming to faith in Jesus. Now going to give herself to the children and people of Nigeria. I'm so moved by the sigil and you got a come on the radio with me and every gem on the radio we have to raise funds for being on the radio because of the cost of being on radio, which is our joyful privilege to do that but I felt it was more important.

First and foremost to to say get behind Joanne and what she's doing. If you follow me on Facebook or twitter sues ever break I'm going to send out a specific note about this, Matt. Be sure that all the contact info is on line of fire is as well, but if you go to fire and just typing Nigeria shakers joins listing CH I NK ERS you can see more of what she's doing.

You can give directly their this is this is all missions organization she's going out as part of organization fire international which oversees or missionaries or grads from her school are missionaries around the world, or join, just give them your email address to Gmail again. It's Jake RJ is in Joanne shakers CH I Do not email her with prayer requests or with arguments about the Scriptures email her saying hey I want to stand behind you. I want to get behind you want to help send you to Nigeria. Of course Joanne will be standing with you and helping you in and out once we get enough of these emails and newsletters, and then the lettuce get your book out with amazing stories from Nigeria it's it's been great to see the journey thus far, and in the best is right around the corner for you.

Thanks for joining us today. Thank you all right, friends of we also want to invite you to to get behind our TV outreach is also an amazing thing answering your toughest question, starting with 32 weeks on answering Jewish objections to Jesus for the first time. This is been done on national TV. Your gift of $50 or more will send you a beautiful hardcover volume I Jeremiah commentary which is 550 pages plus a commentary in Ezekiel one Lamentations was over 900 pages in the postage for the syllabus 50 phosphorus. It's an amazing volume beautiful hardcover I'll sign it with a special gift of a note of appreciation for you stand with us. Help us as we reach out on the airwaves number to call one 800-278-9978 1-800-278-9978 one more time. That's 1-800-278-9978. My bottom line today.

Jesus saves a Jewish person.

He often sends them to be a light to the nations everything recalled

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