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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 22, 2017 5:21 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 22, 2017 5:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/22/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

I'm ready are you ready, let's do it. You got questions, we've got answers for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends, welcome, welcome to the line of fire. Great to be with you today on the air. I'm here to answer your questions. So right now phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 8784 you've got questions, we've got answers anything you want to ask me that there's nothing off limits. If it's appropriate for Christian radio Christian TV public social media that it's appropriate for the broadcast I just advise you to ask me questions and areas of expertise that I have this narrative never study very, completely foreign to me. You got no business asking for opinion because is worthless. But if at some have looked at study considered some and we talked about on the air you want take issue with me. Want to probe.

You have a question, by all means give a call can be spiritual, biblical, theological, linguistic and cultural moral love to talk to answer questions 8663 for 87884 we start with an email question from Manuel shalom just wanted Dr. Brown's honest opinion about David Stern's complete Jewish Bible translation good or bad, of course, you only get my honest opinion you'll never get my dishonest opinion only my honest opinion. So here's the history Stern UCLA professor gets born again learns Greek learns New Testament Greek and does a brand-new unprecedented translation of the New Testament called the Jewish New Testament. A unique translation that was groundbreaking in many ways it was straight from the Greek into English and instead of Jesus. It was Yeshua instead of Messiah was Michiana instead of Miriam. It was just a season instead of Mary. It was Miriam instead of James and Jacques Cove instead of Pharisees. It was pushing and on and on instead of law will store raw so on the one hand it opened up the Jewish background of the New Testament in incredible way instead of Holy Spirit is rococo – and on and on like that.

So it was brilliant.

It was pioneering it was.

It was opening up new ground. It was reminding everyone of the Jewishness of Jesus in the Jewishness of this Jesus movement and its origins are on the negative side, you could say it was so Jewish that you know even a letter to the Corinthian sounded so Jewish that you have to look in the glossary to get some of the words right and there were things more controversial.

For example, translating instead of faith using trust or using a different word for acrostic seek to be more historically accurate, so there were criticisms on that level but an absolutely pioneering important new work that whether you use it as your primary Bible just as a secondary study Bible has great value and then other things like he would bring in Yiddish and later Jewish language just to kind of give a Jewish feel like I use the word serious in Matthew six sufficient to the days of the service you get that the troubles from human sorrow but in unison comes into English.

We would sit service that some would use the word so he makes a very Jewish and conveys this, but there's a purpose to. He then took the 1917 JPS version, so this is a traditional Jewish translation of the Old Testament which is in public domain took that as a basis and then revised change Moses to Moshe made improvements in certain places. I think you did a very good job with that. So it is an excellent resource highly valuable to this day, but for many because of the intensely Jewish nature of it which can even go over and above the way it would've been in the first century to help us regain Jewish roots in that sense he could go too far for some. If that's the case, and you're looking for another messianic Jewish translation than the tree of life version done by a team of scholars that participated on as well. You might prefer that.

But the Stern translation has its enduring place. It is of great value, and yes, David's personal friend of mine as well write back with more vehicles for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown are listening live to this broadcaster. Watching her lifestream.

It is September 22, 2017 and only don't give dates of the air because many people listen by podcast afterwards. Are you watching on TV afterwards could be a week later to be a monthly could be yearly, but I just want to point this out. If you're watching this, it means that I was right that Jesus was not coming back. September 23, or that that was not the end of the world. So just want to say there's a reason I announced in advance. He's not coming back as a temporary third 2017. Another failed date, another failed prediction and I'm telling you that in advance. Right we will go to the phones will start in Draper, Utah Thomas, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hello Thomas are you there your computer.

Can you I Thomas is gone. Let's go to Michael in Germantown, Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire.

I like hello Michael, yes. I then go.

He had lesser go ahead yet. I have a question I was looking through a sermon last night and it was from an evangelical pastor and yet you talking about Michael d'Arc and Joel B. Basically one and the same as either not now. I've heard that the guy was doing this, but never heard it on evangelical half will thought that's bad that's that's scary. That's while yeah I'm aware in the world with when you get that from Michael is clearly an archangel he's identified as such. She's is clearly separated from the Lord.

He he is is never identified his deity in any way is the son of God's creation doesn't come through him or by him. He's not to be worshiped, so I I've got no idea where someone would get that from, but that if he was actually saying that Jesus is Michael the Archangel, and that that's just one way that is appears that that's a serious error on many many levels and yacht of heard from Jehovah's Witnesses and that's among several tragically wrong beliefs they have.

That's one of the most ridiculous, but for an evangelical pastor said did did he give any proof or argument for the context for you then I have to look good again Mark yeah right cry.

But it was actually on the pain they ought your program on one of 5.1, a privately urethane something like Africa. Early yet what you yet, it is definitely a reason for concern and I wonder about that person where there will are coming from and where they're getting this from noticing in first Thessalonians 416 for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first. So the Lord is coming with his angelic host, but the Lord is not his angelic host. The Lord is not the Archangel. So yeah good reason to be concerned night I chewed a letter to the station and just asked them about it. Make sure you understood it rightly. But thanks for raising a concern it's it's worthy of concern, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Don and Hanson Massachusetts. Welcome to want to fire Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call. Talking to?

I question goes around down island.

The other line of fire podcast with minuet at a hell you're talking about Ezekiel and the language that the use of like they even love poetry like value and I think constantly. Your your pressure form your beautiful. It allows and very targeted in my mind about like in a particularly how God used Israel.

I got a few people and is wanting get your comment. Your critique on think they have been thinking about when I'm God called Israel and their worshiping other gods because the harlot her boredom. So my thinking is there basically mingling with other demons and collect the debt as spiritual boredom, I question does not presuppose any Particular Way, God looks at worship himself, not according buttercream at worship with a kind of an committee yes yes sincerely Don that's that's an important point.

God sometimes uses extraordinarily vivid language in the Old Testament. Ezekiel 16 be one of the strongest passages to talk about Israel. His relationship with Israel as a bride Jeremiah to GE bemoans Israel's unfaithfulness and pictures are in the most graphic terms of committing adultery and and and Horton being out of control and this is done to convey things to us as human beings as a husband can relate to that a wife could relate to that, the spouse committing adultery. The spouse who was physically and emotionally join together as one now going out and joining with others the jealousy of the shame, the anger so God is using those images to convey to us some very, very spiritually intense truths that we are a spouse to him that yes, our love for him is intimate is not sexual. We understand it is intimate. It is beautiful. It is covenantal. When we worship him and give our hearts to him. That is something very, very holy and just like a man having sex with a woman. It's something that God gave that is beautiful, but only within the confines of that covenantal commitment. So super super important that we understand the intensity of God's passion. The intensity of his jealousy is that what it says.

The 10 commands that he's a jealous, zealous God, is that repeated by them elsewhere in Scripture and in. That's what Paul writes in first Corinthians 6 using similar expression that if we been joined together with Jesus and that we join ourselves with a prostitute, maybe a temple prostitute at some pagan temples of like that that were taking the members of Christ and joining them for prostitute how could we possibly do that. So yes, that's how deeply God feels about these things and he conveys that to us in vivid terms in the word which appreciated 866-34-TRUTH.

I backed it. Thomas, I actually cut your officer in Draper, Utah.

Welcome back to the line of fire.

Marco, you bet here's my question coming up this from a Pentecostal. Medic point of view been researching walking in the power of God being God actually do miracles and everything not been expressed in the PICU. There used to be two camps. One one camp. All these things are in a lay hands on it by faith in Phoebe things happen together can do if the adjustment to become impartation from somebody authority walking in the infidelity impartation document to be a little out there. You know you may be overdone. I don't keep them from clarity on certain so let me answer the three levels one.

It's good to always grow in faith.

Our whole life in God we should be growing in faith. We should be able to trust him more readily should be able to believe him for more things as we grow in God. So always we want to be growing in faith, not depending on a special gift or impartation anything like that. This number one number two. We should not go seeking impartation. We should not go. I want this with the pray for you that we pray for me so I can get what they have because where instead of seeking God and sing God give me everything you have for me so I can be used to the full to touch a dying and hurting world and to glorify Jesus.

Instead of that we were seeking. After this toucher this wanted this anointing. And yes, as you say sometimes it get far out there were abuses with it. So that leads to number three impartation though is a real thing. Paul wanted to get to Rome to import some spiritual gift to the Romans.

Once he mentions the gift that was imparted to Timothy when the elders laid hands on him in first Timothy four laying on of hands, as is often symbolic for impartation through the whole word and see how it laying on of hands brings a certain impartation so if in the will of God.

He wants to impart something to you through a brother or sister with a particular gift and let God be God that's wonderful and sometimes just being in an environment maybe you believe God wants to heal the sick, which is never really seen it and now you're in the environment. If someone was a gift of healing and you see people healed left and right.

You've never seen anything like it in your life and praise God just being in that environment. Faith grows in you. Or maybe there's something solver that person says hey I want to pray for you. I feel the Lord wants to import this gift to you wonderful but number one we grow in faith. That's the first thing depend on what's written in the word and grow in faith, in a relationship with God in every way including, pray for the sick, but in every way number two don't go around from meeting to meeting place to place seeking impartation all the time but number three. If in the will of God in a certain spiritual setting must report something to you and through you to another brother's gifted flows and certainly wonderful.

It's certainly biblical in that sense validity both that growing in faith people impartation supernatural impartation to minister tomorrow will be right back where we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again, Dr. Michael Brown got questions, answers, hate do you get my emails to my regular emails every week the end of the week. We let you know if you're all the articles of written could be for five new articles and we deal with key issues going on the world around us. We cannot new videos every weeks every Friday. Send out your synopsis of the articles, videos, this what you don't miss a beat. Also, we have special resource offers we put together few.

Every single week and often tremendous packages that are a great blessing to many, many people so be sure you sign up and end please when you do this to go to asked Dr. Cascade your when you sign up if you're watching a show on NRB to be.

That's how you heard about click click that option. Let us know if you heard of us to light a fire radio that's how you heard of us, or articles online, let us know.

This way we can see how we are reaching the most people, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Canada Reese. Welcome to the line of fire. Are you doing well. Thank you, you wonderful prickling they really love the life yeah we're working on getting that up on a regular basis center if I want talk about your interviewing up a rabbi, on the golf program yet. I'm just wondering I listen to it and I was wondering first of all you believe other than a bullet in their working and thinking of all why why does it are only positive America rather than Canada or Nigeria killed in battle anything about exit point of the yeah yeah great great questions quick questions and I'm glad you're enjoying the lifestream so not number one. I I guess toasted from my friend Sid Roth and interview Jonathan Connor is also a good friend about his new book the paradigm they had read the paradigm yet. I I got a synopsis of what the book was about a very detailed synopsis and I was thoroughly prepared for the interview but I know Jonathan well and and I know where he's coming from so first thing do I believe that the Bible prophesied in detail the presidencies of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and references Hillary Clinton as well. And if this is prophesied in the Bible.

Note notes quote course.

Do I believe that there are striking parallels between things that happen in biblical times and things that happen in later history, and sometimes those parallels jump out music while workout is like déjà vu. This happen again or this liter he's like a Hezekiah but but Hezekiah some was Manasseh look we got this godly guy than this ungodly guy in succession, and we we apply the principles yeah I am all for that and and it seems this Jonathan is digging through the word that he found this striking parallel that look you've got Ahab, who is this this wicked man himself, but really led astray by by his wife Jezebel and and then you know that little bit after that you have J who who's this Allison is getting everything done but can out of control and boy it sets like this seems like the parallels Bill Hillary Clinton and and and parallels Donald Trump and and then you've got more details with different enemies raised up. It I've got no problem with that and is available. Jonathan, he's a God-fearing man as he reads the words he's looking at these things and thinking wow is God speaking to us through this so I know that others maybe watching the show or may be used to very sensationalistic Gasson and things, and the like. While I know what I make of this is this is this real or not.

Is this too supernatural for me and I understand to give you a lot of different things discussed in a show like that. My goal was to interview my friend Jonathan, a God-fearing man and to say hey lately out your case lay this out and this is fascinating and just like there were some who prophesied that Donald Trump would be our president. When I didn't see it didn't want to happen, but I was saying God.

They see something I don't see and they said he's a Cyrus like for you, he doesn't know God, but God's going to use him for good purposes. So the same way a J who figure know how does that play in it and, out of the blue and and zealous, but may be out of control and rough edges. It's another way to look at things.

So that's the only that I took at is as a paradigm, not a prophecy, that's the title of the book paradigm now would say this if I lived in another country and I was studying the word, and someone came and said in our present leadership. It's very much like this leadership in the Bible and God could well be Ovitz is not just Americans going to be singled out if if America recently had an eclipse that was only seen in America enters total solar eclipse and I was for the first time since 1776 yeah that can get our attention in a valid way. I would say so. But it happened in another country or some massive natural disaster.

ITS questions there so God is not just focused on America, you may get that idea from south of American preachers but that's not Jonathan's heart as well. If I did know Jonathan, I might think on sensationalistic or with the sentences prophecy, but as I know him and understanding would be talk privately. That's what I understood. And that's how I did the interview pay. Thank you sir for the good questions 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Amanda in Thomasville, Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown ever can you hear me yeah I discovered he recently and I'm impressed with your very practical approach very solid deprived.

Thank you for that you work on you is and your opinion or your fault or whatever own people who have related their NDE near death experience in book and on you to and to let you know where I'm at with that first.

I'm a little bit on the fan, especially with the and I talk about going into hell and Eric. That is related, but had had individuals who are just common people by capital) people that have now like it. Let me just jump in because I've got a little over a minute. I know you want to explain where your background, but make sure answer your question, I believe some of the experiences a real I know one man in ministry. He was in a terrible plane crash earned over his whole body and he went to hell. God basically said you come back and serve me, which you can go through hell on earth. And because he was Bernie's disfigured but that was the turning point in his life and he gave his life to the Lord, and he served God ever since I know others know their pagans don't know the Lord blaspheme God and all you had this near-death experience was this beautiful light that was in this beautiful press I just look at that is either some hallucination in their brain or some satanic deceptive lie that here there and some beautiful place where is there there God rejecting people so number one of the experience lines up with Scripture. It could be true.

Number two. If it has a powerful effect on the person's life for the glory of God and alliance of the Scripture really could be true violates Scripture if it's something that's clearly contrary was written the word I just dismiss it needed to some mental whose nation or demonic deception. But you people have these experiences sure, why not. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals Meagher and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire broadcast is Friday which means you got questions.

We got answers. I point this out.

It's Friday, September 22, Jesus is not coming back tonight or tomorrow. It's not the and of the world.

How I know it because the Bible tells me so. There are things that will happen before he returns. We can predict the day or the hour but there are certainly times we know he's not coming all right at Ed here looking like this. Flights delayed your you're not sure it's it's coming over from Singapore right Escambia 14 Ellis is coming over from Tokyo say to the states. Direct flights can be a 14 hour flight. It's been delayed.

In fact, you get a call, we may not make it out here for another day. This bad weather.

Flights canceled Lord we don't know you don't know is good ever arrive.

Maybe 18 hours. 20 maybe two days but you know what socket to come in the next 10 minutes because it's the hasn't left yet is over 14 hours away. So I'm just telling you in advance in the world is not yet here we have no guarantee that will breathing of the breathalyzer in God's hands, and I live in readiness for the Lord's return. Always and I will see him in my lifetime is my asked my great goal see Jesus return in my lifetime but I can say this is bogus is not biblical suck prophetic. Is that accurate. All it does is bring reproach to us. We predict these dates which come and go and things reproach to the Lord, 866-34-TRUTH we will start in Midlothian, Virginia Clifton, welcome to the line of fire.

Hello hello hello I don't I'm doing good man a ball about love you man in the, what to do effectively. I wanted to ask you about your opinion about be equally yoked and married I met beyond a you is and you know our religion is pretty much infinitesimal.

There's not many like you would yet be a Christian American woman would have been Jewish Jew and marry a Jewish woman out of that work yet sure thing so obviously Paul writes a prescription. Seven.

If you're married, let's see you and your wife were both unsaved you get saved in your life not saved while and then since you're not equal your principal. Don't don't leave for you to be the means to saving her or she if if she's the believing or not she can be the means of saving use of the unbeliever wants to stay together you stay together and and Paul writes that the children in that case are considered holy in God's sight they cannot marriage your praying about marriage. I would look at this with just like every other area.

In other words, if you know that you know that you know the God's call to be in traveling ministry right and your wife knows that she's the woman that wants to marry. She knows that she knows that she needs somebody that's home all the time.

It is not on the road. What you got a really pray that through and get counseling is like a work if you say luck I will have any children. I just wants to serve God and be free and and she says the hot all my life I've dreamt about.

I'm Joan Gus Columbia mother will have a big family. What you have to work that through you in harmony or not.

The same way if if your spouse says I once Israel stuff I wanted to do the messianic target finals going backward to me you are celebrating the Sabbath or thing like no way no how will then you have a conflict right on the flipside, doesn't matter if the person is Jewish or Gentile. If they love the Lord and have a like heart. The majority of people infected messengers. Carnations in America or Gentile. Discuss demographics and where things are so perfectly fine persons that have to be Jewish if there believe are the key thing is to marry a fellow believer who shares the same life perspective, the same larger vision there tons of things in my life. Nancy is no interest in in terms of things of study looked at her she could care less about a Babylonian inscription and she might be really into gardening all enjoy the garden but don't ask me. God help. I want to do that with the right some of the book, but we are an essential fundamental harmony in terms of our lives together so you don't want a situation where your wife must be in church messianic allegation will be harming on the Gentiles. All she loves the Lord shares that same Hartford Jewish roots, you're in good hands.

Then good shape will be right back watch on YouTube. Check this out her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back got answers, a couple quick email questions.

Brian where is the devil in the world world was covered with water. He got no wings off first thing is spiritual being first and who says he has no wings as an angel you could well have had wings and flown as a fallen angel and is a spiritual being is he limited by what's on the physical earth. And who's to say that he was physically on earth. Initially, of maybe he was somewhere else so worried about that DeAndre what he placed black lives matter in the category of a hate group.

I see their marches have knowledge of the incidence of violence, which the group quickly disavowed which is different. What happened in Virginia.

This was back in August.

Please give some clarity.

Why does a black lives matter as a whole is a hate group. I say that there are some within it that are driving it in the radical left hateful way that are not seeking to be constructive. They also have radical agenda like radical gay agenda radical transcend her transgender agenda and other things like that and there's really hateful elements that gladly chant the chance of their chance at hating cops and wanted to see cops killed and things like that. That's hate, that's hate. So if you look at the origins of black lives matter. If you look at some of the radicals leading it you'll see a lot of hate a lot of disgusting rhetoric that's ugly. That should be renounced just like we renounce violence and hatred on all sides. River comes from. But there are many fine people who identify with the call for justice. I agree with that and where there is injustice against Blacks in America with her systemic racism really exists in the courts and in other ways, but to be exposed in the prison system. Let it be exposed. But I find radical, destructive, harmful elements in black lives matter the too much more harm than good.

866-34-TRUTH all right. Let us go to Duncanville, Texas, George, you're next on the line of fire around. They work on.

Thank you for everything you do.

You're very welcome sir.

Question is a bit of an talk to the guy and keep telling me that the the Septuagint did not contain the book of Isaiah that the original Septuagint was only the Torah and my argument was well when it was completed in 132 BC, it did contain those books, but for some reason they got there okay and sent it here. Here's that here's the confusion that they have okay the Talmud Jewish tradition coming in the centuries after Jesus recognizes the inspiration of the translation of the five books of Moses and the Septuagint, and even even believes the myth that these different Jewish scholars all went into separate rooms and translated the five books of Moses and came out and it was letter for letter identical is complete myth that the letter sooner wrist is that is statistically complete myth. Okay, we know there are different hands involved with the translation of the five books of Moses by these Greek Jewish scholars and we know that it's not a perfect translation right so that's a myth, but the Talmud is negative on the rest of the Septuagint. We know for a fact that the Septuagint which which in Hebrews target should be and that the translation of the 70 we know that the Septuagint itself contained the entire Old Testament and the apocryphal books there's a little scholar in the world. The questions that we will know that's how it was passed on. That's was in your hundred percent right. We know the exact you give the date of completion on the exact date but it's it's it's completed hundred 50, 200 years before the time of Jesus. And this was the Bible used by Greek speaking Jews around which the world it was the Bible used by the early Greek speaking Christians and and then of course the Jewish canon ultimately did not include the apocryphal books and then there were other Jewish translations that were done to quell Seneca's Theodosia.

These different translations that were done, but the Septuagint absolutely contained the book of Isaiah.

Just like every Bible in English or any language in the world of the full Bible contains the book of Isaiah, but traditional Judaism only recognizes the, the authority or the quality translation of the first five books and rejects the rest that and your friends were laboring under some confusion there. That's why they made that complete 100% misstatement. Thank you sir for the question of let us go to Houston, Texas rushing hate first Rashida how you guys do and thereafter the hurricane while we all company but what people know I pick up a hockey player who not been helping my family, my heart thing in my comic right develop a people without a doubt the bacon time not applauding.

But you know if of the time with the chart you could be in on an active yeah only going better right now so I put a prayer and and other state yeah yeah thank you center your question, I'm glad to hear that, in and of course those that have helped those who don't dinner country like Puerto Rico now just absolutely ravaged our hearts go out and this of course is where the church really shines in acts of compassion and help and support in and because people are so generous, so, but I'm glad personally that that you and your family came out well.

Yes, your questions are yeah well you know my English is really about them during the saw that it might yet your English is better than my Spanish was he went forward yeah go ahead. I believe in American how we way. In the Bible. I wonder what the number of their praying and look at all and to confirm our pampered Chronicle if the thing story about the acutely fivefold important baby that he feel and one bookplate 100, and they all on paper Honda are generally a topical microfiber living nightmare and Pete in the house somebody somebody hold that the fate because he played many companies in the Bible. I tried to explain a couple of those. But I don't know how the brain of the when we are contradicted up and when the number, so please let the much brain… Loud and clear.

So just explain first was spent by inerrancy that would say that the Bible has no errors in the original manuscripts that the original manuscripts preserved perfect truth without error. Therefore, if the Bible said that 311 people died in this battle. And that's how many died. If the Bible made a historical statement that so-and-so was the king at this time than that's what what is accurate. If two different accounts seem to contradict each other. The contradictions are only apparent if we have more information will see that they're not contradictory. There are some who believe in the infallibility of Scripture and don't quite hold to inerrancy and they would say Scripture is infallible and all that it intends to teach meaning it's teaching us about God is teaching us about faith. It's teach us about how to live is 100% infallibility communicates there, but it may just use an account in "historical account 311 people died in battle and with that account is accurate or not is not a concern because that South doesn't affect my life with a 300 people died in that battle.

3000 years ago or 3200 does affect my life today and people symbol in the Bible's unreliable. How do I know what affects my faith and what doesn't in the Bible is a historical book of Exodus didn't happen the way were told of Jesus didn't rise from the dead that we were told how can we trust the work so there's a very strong arguments for the position of inerrancy was truly inspired and has to be totally reliable when it comes to the numbers. Rasheed, you have this a lot of times you do have, would seem to be blatant contradictions and numbers between different books, especially in the Old Testament and the normal answer is simply this.

Those are errors in our current manuscripts as we have more manuscript evidence will see that some of those things were later scribal errors. Now it's interesting, sir, is that when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the 1940s there were things that scholars had conjectured about for years. Like for example he bore these two words that were joined together by the scribes is actually one word resist one word and strive separated into two words I wonder and then discoveries were made in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

And lo and behold there was in Hebrew the way scholars thought it was so that's the one thing we don't have the original manuscripts and it's possible that some especially numbers are easy to make copy errors and things like that normally would. You would expect is, as we have more and more manuscript evidence. Some of those things would turn up yet. See here it is. This is the original or you know I can figure out how the scribe made that mistake so sometimes with full intellectual integrity.

We can say it looks like a scribal error here or he copied this re-added this year and and we know errors that scribes tend to make on a regular basis.

Just like when I write certain words I write I misspell all the time by habit, but you can see how you make that mistake others. The chart contradictions are only apparent like if it says after six days on the eighth day they can be the same thing right. I start counting today. Then after six days, 66+17 the next day is the eighth day I can be saying the same thing different ways. Sometimes that's the case, but received. Here's what I said.

Overall, we know the clear trustworthiness of Scripture for a thousand different reasons and we know the historical accuracy of Scripture and many many hundreds of different ways where we have questions that we can reconcile just say that's a question I don't know which of these is accurate. I'm not exactly sure will have to wait till we have more manuscript evidence, but on the piece until then and try to twist it make it fit to save. I don't have an answer for that yet because I'm so sure about the rest.

Sure will get an answer. Thanks for the request for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown that I've shot taking place. Listen I don't believe scripturally, Jesus could come tomorrow scripturally I believe he lays out various things that must be happening in the world. First, even I'm not pretrip. But even if I was pretrip I would not believe Jesus could come tomorrow just to make that clear to you and remember best thing is if you can call in 866-34-TRUTH 7884 but shout out to everyone. Yeah just just keep watching.

We plan to live stream on YouTube every day of the week if we can over as much as we possibly can. And of course everyone listening on radio all the same. You get everything word for word just the same. So look saving a sick America. My new book comes out on Tuesday. I want you to work with me to help spark a revolution of hope in America you I'm a realist year. A lot of bad news first for me. You know what's wrong in our schools and what's happening with radical leftist agenda and moral problems and social problems and spiritual bonds. We are totally honest, I'm introduced every day is your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution armies were talking about issues and I'm writing about issues and things that are wrong in error and confronting it day and night, so I am a realist.

I met my head in the sand and filled with hope that as sick as America is, God has given us the prescription for moral and cultural transformation. If you want to preorder the book saving a sick America go online. Amazon review order and they go to saving a sick right when you there watch the trailer. "If you have a watch if you're on YouTube you just thought there on YouTube and when you preorder the book so the couple more days to do that.

Just come with your order number back there to the saving a sick website and you download for free. My new e-book on five ways to pray for America. It's free. They are not available elsewhere but lectured his arm, asking every want to do if we been a blessing to you. I miss you to do something, won't cost you a dime. But I miss you to do this with me. All right, here's the sign up for my Facebook page or my twitter feed you do it right now and asked her to escape your Esther Karen on Facebook Dr. DR Michael L. Brown on twitter but it's all there. So there. My website just click on the icon sign up if you're not part of our social media family because on Tuesday gobbling September 26 I'm going to be sending out a link that just says it's not too late for America. God has given us a prescription for moral and cultural transformation. Share this link with a friend and that's it. That's all I'm asking you to do. I want to shout out to the whole world.

It's not too late. It's a sober time. It's a trying time.

It's a desperate time but it's not to late and you're watching this thing from another nation.

Say what about my nation blessed God has said it's over and it's too late and and don't even pray like you did for season with with Judah. What will then it's too late, but I don't hear God saying that you got say now is the time to repent. Now's the time to turn back desktop to humble yourselves and cry out, 866343 linkages many calls as I can will start in Durham, North Carolina James, welcome to the line of fire glacier turmeric. Are you are you working where vendor name AA Allen a great miracle mile rate on our boat is like a generational thing for me.

It seemed like it comes in cycles of 30 and 50 years or something like that that these great ministers raise or whatever their name is unknown. It's like come and go store.

And then it's, like a clock. Or something that all clubbing merit go into revivals again yell or alert you know the healing ministry, or in the salvation ministers comfortable but why oh why did you think it would be that way. Is it because of the people's heart they don't want to be there, but all of the spirit, so they just want to purchase can something that they have the spirit you not moving in their life and give you give them our jump in just his time is short and and I'm sure you saw amazing things. AA Allen was used amazingly by God but what we understand there was some failures as well.

Some moral weaknesses, putting a yellow side. We know that some of the key people use them was called the healing revival 1940s 50s fell into sin, the adultery be financial send the line manipulation. Whatever it was, and some of them were cut down on the way. One of the most famous died before he hit 40 years old and one leader said God made it clear don't pray. From these he sends he's under judgment. And someone else was close to that ministry said I saw with my own eyes tell me sit with my own eyes I saw that some of the most outstanding miracles you could possibly imagine any said, but I also saw the sky lie and manipulate and and he died young. Another guy told me that she said with my own eyes I saw this other evangelist who was not familiar with.

He said they brought in a child is a Greek family brought in their child.

The child was completely smashed stick they did near the arms and just hanging and drooling any said in front of my eyes that could reseal the sympathetic I committed adultery. This ministry was never the same from what I can see Sir, the vassals were not ready for the power and the glory. Because of this there had to be somewhat of a pulling back from the superstar preacher. The good news is God's been feeling and working miracles around the world powerfully and it's happening more through churches through individuals through people on the street and not so much on TV that kind of thing for the whole world to see as much is God just doing it. Among hurting people. But I think often the vessels are ready either in character or the word because of which the power is withdrawn. Hate listen.

Here's what to do for all the calls I'm looking at right now because I don't have time to bring everyone on Brooks in San Antonio. How should you approach having dinner tonight with a rabbi. Well if you talk about Jewish rabbi that is not a believer in Jesus is not a messianic rabbi, I would. I would just approach you try to win this person, but by arguing or debating that you as a Christian want to express your love for the Jewish people and appreciation for Israel and just answer my questions left the rabbis in a debate you say I'm not here to debate if you want to debate.

I know some you can debate and offer them to debate me okay but I would ask questions and it will how you relate to God. Give a personal relationship with God you feel that your sins are forgiven witnessing about the Messiah what you think Jesus is just ask questions honestly learn what they believe, and perhaps to develop a relationship or you could be a blessing and this person's life of Andrew North Alabama. The rabbinic rebuttal of Psalm 45. Imagine a particular the words Kisa follow him along Voyager throttle goes forever and ever were. Some translate your divine throne of your throne is from God. Clearly the most natural interpretation of the Hebrew is your throne. Oh God, that it is deity being addressed. And yet this deed is anointed by God, and that's why we say points to the divine nature of the Messiah.

I take that up in volume 2 of my series on answering Jewish objections, Jesus is for Revelation 12. I do not see that as being prophetically fulfilled the weekend of September 23, 2017 all right be back with you on Monday. Have an awesome weekend

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