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Refuting Myths About Israel and the Hebrew Language and Taking Your Jewish Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 16, 2017 5:11 pm

Refuting Myths About Israel and the Hebrew Language and Taking Your Jewish Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Yet there are just so many weird myths out there about the Hebrew alphabet, the Jewish people will refute some of them today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and resident of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown if there's any way that you can get your computer or cell phone and turn on the live video stream and try to illustrate something all paint a word picture for you but try to illustrate something for you that that if you see it it'll be great if you can. If you camp, you listen now you'll be able to watch it later, but we are live streaming on YouTube greetings to everyone watching live streaming on Facebook audio only greetings to everyone listening there and everyone over radio land and listing out all kinds of other devices run America around the world. Welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday yeah I want to dispel some myths and analytical little more time to try to illustrate this myth about Hebrew pictographs having ongoing meaning in biblical interpretation. It is absolute ridiculous nonsense. I can say that with complete total authority without any fear of being rebutted or refuted and I'll illustrate that for you in a little while.

I was prompted to bring this up again when I saw an utterly ridiculous post on our YouTube channel. Responding to the video that we posted about who are the 144,000 in the book of Revelation the seventh chapter and when I told a person with the Rosalie linguistic nonsense. They then came back with even more nonsense will if I'd known this or that complete other rubbish, and I urge them to quit while they were ahead while while they were behind as much as they were quick before they got even further behind. So what talk about that and some other myths G skews me. Do you know that there were times past in Jewish history that people believed in Christian communities, and elsewhere. The reason that Jewish men covered their heads was to cover the horns yeah I was a little yarmulke doesn't that if you had had some kind covering it. It's a cover the horns will talk about some things. But if you have a question any Jewish related Hebrew related messianic prophecy related Israel related question of any kind. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 7884 before we get into any of that. Let me start with a sober word here as we are watching the ongoing charges against Judge Roy Moore now charges against Sen. Al Franken The Bodyguard is come for routers for the Secret Service with Joe Biden with horror stories from him allege this is all alleged and give we we don't want to downplay with someone who's been abused or victimized has to say some there is proof I mean people of admit like Al Franken admitted partially to the guilt. Others are just allegations, but were hearing more and more reports the more Hollywood stars and now reports of payments that were made within Congress to settle abuse cases and things like that. What's gonna happen when things come to the surface.

This is not a time to sit and gloat. If one of your political enemies or adversaries or ideological opponents or someone you don't like takes a fall' don't be so self-righteous good time to examine our own hearts good time to examine our own lives. If you got some skeletons in the closet. Get right make this thing right confess to him you need to set the thing right. And if you follow Jesus, things to be repented of done rightly restitution made grid needs to an end.

Things to be under the blood and you move forward and or trophy of restoration and redemption bliss such as sit around and gloat the self-righteous way. Let's examine our lives were this is a shaking, this is a serious shaking. Is this part of the larger trump phenomenon. Everything gets shaken your house them in my house then goes the questions to ask the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast 866-34-TRUTH, yet someone asked what horns what were Jewish men allegedly covering up account horns devil horns.

That's why some people in the past actually thought that you Schmidt had horns, and then because of a misinterpretation of the board. Karen, which can mean horn, but can also refer to a radial referred to you to sign up glory so so horns of life coming from Moses that mean at horns coming out of his head is some artist depicted him. Rather, these were like rays of light rays of glory. But this is how myths happen. Myths spread and there's one I hear all the time. Some of settle yet a prominent Bible school guy uses this.

He teaches us have got to get him and Telemann is nonsense and and a minute illustrate to take a few minutes and illustrate things for you and and I think this will really really be helpful. But first, let me reread this ridiculous comment.

It was on our YouTube channel S. Dr. Brown right posted a short video try to do these in three minutes or less. Now a short video on who are the hundred 44,000 sealed the 12 tribes of Israel. In Revelation 7 and why is the tribe of Dan missing which is a mystery, and scholars have different answers someone posted this the tribe of Dan is not there because they are hidden.

Dr. Brown would notice no, I don't know this D is dollars, which is a door and all the a, then none and so on.

A.m. is hidden behind the dollars door wrong. There is no Allis in the spelling is doll.

It none DN there is no Allis in the Hebrew spelling. Not only is this ridiculous and completely impossible in terms of understanding the history of the Hebrew language and how the language is used and preserved, as I will show you shortly, that spelled wrong. It would be like making a major case about the spelling of Michael and explaining what the case stands for all. There is no K in the name so III rebutted this and it's this whole theory here and and Danielle L is God's of Danniel is that and is hidden in God behind the door. I mean this is gibberish gibberish with capital letters gibberish. God says I am but Dan is and he is a man like God but is not God goes all the manner similar to the Emma's amounts of God is saying I am would be saying I meaning me a strong M mountain. I am a strong set non-sense Danniel is my God is judge my God judges. There's no mystery here whatsoever and we know when the child was born in the.

The name was given to him Don that was tied in with the root for judging in justice. Not this is nonsense. I I might as well tell you that the word nonsense.

Actually, the end stands for noodle and the O stands for omicron and the next and stands for Nick Nick so it is little omicron Nick and the S stands for Santa and the E stands for reveal and and then you have another and that stands for Nancy my wife because she's so important then that and then you have another asked that stands for shout because I want to shout about how special she is had his accident with nude Nick needle and omicron old why of the secret is nonsense. So II out of his long post okay so II finally went. I finally went on in and said no insult intended. But this argument is completely was to gibberish, utter nonsense. In terms of the Hebrew letters to start with.

Donna spelled without and I'll have your argument goes downhill from there.

Sad to say so. He writes back or she writes back. Some people that I had quit.

Some people don't realize is ran into a wall, a dead end response you would be 100% correct.

If the alphabet came exclusively from Hebrew, which it does not, came from both Greek and Hebrew. All of his Hebrew, but the English is alphabet which alpha is Greek boy here is the deal. The Phoenicians developed the alphabetic that was then borrowed by the Hebrews and borrowed by the Greeks, which is why the opening letters of the Hebrew alphabet are all the bait gimbal dollar opening letters of the Greek alphabet are alpha Beta Gamma Delta and that's why almost transfers exactly over the English through Latin etc. ABC DI measures what is really bit people now go back to the Hebrew Bible and I will illustrate this for you and take a few minutes and lay it out. People go back to the Hebrew Bible as well. All of officer.

The accident oxidant be the Byatt date. Those originally the head to the house doll do the war and you don't love wow that was a good and and they try to come up with meanings using the same 22 symbols define hidden meanings in each of the words. It is absurd. It is crazy. It is bogus.

It is a misuse of the Bible you get it is no more accurate and relevant than what I just did with the word nonsense.

Okay, the word boy will if you really studied to see the boards of being represents Boris in the hallway. The all represents all lawyers in Yiddish. Oy vey, and the Y represents the New York Yankees because there is a hidden connection between Boris Yeltsin's expression. Oy vey, the New York Yankees, proving that the Jews rule the world I'm in, it would be that idiotic and stupid.

See Dr. Brown getting worked up over this for good reason people are butchering the Bible and making up ridiculous things about the Bible with zero substance for it what so ever enough with the madness. Please that nice polite ending. Please 866-34-TRUTH let's get to some of your calls will start with Lou in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Very currently have acquired training or required.

And daughter and what your take on that is suing in Genesis the sixth chapter assume we we've been asked that question a lot and it's it's one that keeps coming up. If you'll go to our website. Asked Dr. and just typing Nick feeling and E PHI L I am the feeling that's a keyword that used in Genesis 6 doesn't mean fallen ones does it mean to those who fall on others.

Is it just sees me referring to a race of giants. My best understanding of the text is that it does refer to angels taking on human form.

Being able to procreate taking women for themselves and bearing children that were giants, and that were there before the flood, and that would seem to explain. If this happened again after the flood. Why you had the honor came the roof I in these races of giants that the Israelites may have well wiped out. You say could just refer to the godly line of Seth, in contrast with the wicked line of Cain. There is no hint of that in the text. There is no indication that that union would produce something so ugly that God had to bring judgment. There is no evidence that daughters of man is anything evil or wrong sons of God in contrast with daughters of man, daughters of man meant a wicked line of Cain when it referred them in some wicked way, or daughters of wicked people rather than just daughters of men, so the contrast there really doesn't work.

It sounds odd to people with this could've happened, but this seems to be supported by a second Peter and Jude the Angels that left their first estate that are punished the angels that sinned at the time of the flood. This seems to be what it's pointing to. So again to find out more go to asked Dr. ask if your typing Nick feeling and E pH ILIM also while you're there check out in our digital library my teaching about the hundred 44,000. See what you think about it I just lay out my thoughts. In brief, so that's all in the digital library. The hundred 44,000. Many, many other related subjects. Thank you sir for your question out. There's always pushback on that. Understandably, people, so how can angels procreate fair question, though, only humans procreate solicit angelic beings taking over human bodies. These are fair questions to ask, but the most basic reading of the text to me and one that was widely believed in the ancient Jewish world of Enoch, etc., is that these were fallen Angels Angels that sent, I will come back with your calls and a few minutes to graphically illustrate how we got our Hebrew alphabet.

In our English alphabet error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown tells you it is Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH that is number to call if you got Jewish related questions. If you want to find out about myths that you've heard all behind everything happening in the world today. It's not just the illuminati it's Rothschilds, it's Jewish bankers and they are underwriting all the evil in the world that there up there people that really really believe it, and because Jews have had success in thanking them for the small percentage of Jews in the world. We have a lot of influence that lends credence to Gino II I've read in years past that Jews responsible for the spread of AIDS.

The Jews control the Vatican and some things are so crazy.

I mean how do you how you refit how I refute right now that I am not in a Martian alien speaking to on the airways and with human powers and that that I've infiltrated the world is your stomach had taught refute that to someone who actually believes this kind of nonsense. You know how do you refute that there are not Jewish spirits from the past. Running the whole world would be IMing people can believe all kinds of craziness for those who are thinking. Please understand that more lies, more myths are constructed about the Jewish people than any other people and our great weapon is truth, truth, truth may take time truth will triumph, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Marcus in Glendale, California.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown, are grateful to produce remarkable vision order order of Israel McDuck clear up front will thank you.

Circular art and that's what I'm coming to you because I believe that the you have the truth so I'm asking about Hosea 111 and up on asking looks to me like the first part of that person talking about modern Israel. Do you think it is Hosea 111 unfamiliar with this course, the whole passage. This limit should have the right first. If you put Judah and the people of Israel will come together, they will .1 legal cup out of the land for great will be the date of Jezreel but it's it's debatable.

It's debatable in context. Hosea was speaking about the scattering of northern Israel about judgment that would come on Judah in a day of restoration beyond anything that we've seen thus far.

That's why some have thought well that the return of the Jewish people to the land to modern Israel. It's not really a divine restoration because it's not glorious enough. It's not spiritual enough. It was started in a by a theory, atheists and Communists and others in. How could it be a divine regathering and yet we have other passages that say that the Jewish people will be returned to the land in unbelief, preaching the 1800s. Bishop JC Ryle said there will be a restoration of the Jewish people back to Alanna from what he could tell they would come back to the land in unbelief. First before turning to the Messiah so has this happened yet. Maybe the early stages of it but in terms of appointing one leader coming up out of the land great will be the day of Jezreel.

It's still something to happen in the future I would say things are in place for it to happen, but this is not yet happening was being described here are tried to tell you wire question please please okay because I recently found out that 2000 to connect elect the president of Israel every seven years and and I also work study and found out the there actually has been a true president acting two weeks in your 2000 that help you learn the important in the future.

The critical political reason for Knesset may elect a non-Jew at their head and I know that's for good mentor and Jesus, when he was rejected by the Sanhedrin, the official official by another company in their own name. They will be receiving some concern that a non-Jew of the worst kind may be put in place but know that only hypothetical, but I stand there some looking in antichrist figure that reenrolled the Jewish people and embraces well on so there's all kinds of fears about that but as for us and anything happening in this regard, with the president. In that role is is symbolic is probably the head of the nation in any way at and I don't see someone coming in from outside of Israel being appointed.

So I appreciate the concern is excellent and will see that prophesied their Hosea 111 but thank you, thank you for raising the question, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Trey in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thanks for having me on your welcome.

So question Cory O'Regan in Numbers chapter 4 the other day and looking at the numbers of the different branches of the Levites and the duties that they have been appointed to and at the end of it is roughly 8500 of them that were to carry out the duties between the ages and I guess just my natural reasoning I was coming to the conclusion it does not feel like there was very much for them without people logical standing around with the size of the tabernacle of the house have I just thought that was an interesting dynamic lot on this one is about want to take a look at Leviticus chapter 10 right. Take a look at Leviticus chapter 10 and notice of verse eight the Lord said to Erin your sons not you drink one of the fermented drink goes on.

This is a listing audience or the ordinance for the generations to come stance that you can distinguish between the holy and the common, between the unclean and the clean, and she can teach the Israelites all the decrees the Lord has given them through Moses. Remember that the Levites, the, the priests involved in teaching the people as well. If you take a look in Deuteronomy chapter 17 Deuteronomy 17 it it's tells us beginning in verse eight of cases can be for your courts that are too difficult for you to judge with bloodshed, lawsuits or assaults taken to the place the Lord your God will choose go to the Levitical priests into the judge was in office at the time so they would also be teaching people.

They would also be adjudicating cases member, Moses set leaders over the people for your 50s and hundreds and thousands to settle disputes so they have a lot of other things to do and then we know later on. For example we get to Luke's gospel, but there were shifts, there were times when they would be doing tabernacle ministry and their other things they would be doing in their local communities. So they were full-time in that regard, but were they all active at the tabernacle of the same time, it would it would seem not just mean they were doing anything but it's it's a great question to ask that most people would read it, not even think about it so I appreciate your figure all right, 8663 for 87884 we come back I will go right back to the phone so stay right where you are. I've and I'm going to get into a full-length expression of expression explanation of the nonsense saying the Hebrew letters today have pictographic meaning and all they really don't. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer joining us on the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown I am delighted to be with you that music told you that it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday that I say God to be with you which go to be with you with with you if you got a Jewish related question this is the great day to call it in a moment you do my best to explain to you how pictographs became the alphabet that we use not just the Hebrew alphabet, but the Greek alphabet and everything based on the Latin alphabet. So many of our languages around the world are European languages largely based on the same script which ultimately comes from pictographs. I explained that you in a few minutes. First, your calls, and especially as we are debunking myths about Israel and the Jewish people. Let me tell you about one that's still alive and well. It is the blood libel that every year at the time of Passover. In particular, the Jews will kidnap to be a child not to be a Muslim child in times past would be a Catholic priest or Catholic child and that they would torture the person and then train their blood and use their blood in the making of matzoh unleavened bread. So of course nobody would ever believe that oh yes Jewish communities were tortured, were burned at the stake for these alleged crimes. In centuries past and there is it always recent years in Syria when I was doing research for hands are stained with blood in the early 90s a best-selling book in Syria had turned that into a novel and there was a TV series in Egypt that memorialize that and I continue to see propaganda comes out from radical Islam and comes out from neo-Nazis or other groups that that points in the same direction. People still believe this, I remember hearing about was a friend or friend of a friend that I forget. It's many years ago, but the details are. Remember that there was someone there to come over from Eastern Europe, a Gentile Catholic Orthodox back from whatever was to come over to the states, and it was Passover time and once they come about matzoh they would know know it's mixed with blood. They actually believe they actually believe that because they heard that yet. And this is somebody in our lifetimes, friend, and there are many you be shocked, still believe the infamous blood libel out of research several books on documenting through the centuries, 86634 let's go to our friend Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown my quick coming from chapter 28 of the York Gutenberg live as the anointed cherub who covered and I understand I know what the chair of our barre that I like what they've like what or who they had moved to the recovery of the anointed cherub yeah it's it's really not so easy in the Hebrew. To be honest and is and just getting the the Scripture up there so it's of course it's an Oracle SQL 28 is an Oracle against the king of Tyre and then behind his pride and exposé of Satan and his fall. That's the best way to understand it, but beginning in verse 11, you were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom, perfume beauty, you were in Eden, the garden of God.

Every precious stone adorned you carnelian, chrysolite, Emerald, Topaz, etc. your settings trick was made of gold you were anointed as a guardian cherub for so I ordained you are.

That's the way verse 14 is translated say in the NIV if we look at some other translations always to see the ISV and see how it's translated there. This is you were a guardian and this so you were the anointed cherub haven't been set in place on the holy mountain of God, to say the cherub that covers is only one possible translation of the Hebrew certainly no indication whatsoever that was accurate translate what the cherub was covering probably not the best translation anyway. Her plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to take a minute to illustrate for you how we got the alphabet that we have today.

Originally, you had things called pictographs. People would draw a picture that represents the sky represented a person represented different things, she would have thousands of signs like this. That's why say in Chinese which goes back to pictographs you have so many signs Egyptian hieroglyphics. They are those pictures right and and that's where it starts up.

So for example show you something if you're watching this would be an in Sue Marion so it if if you picture try to make us start this with lines like one down and stroke across the diagonal strokes. This is basically what it would look like this stood for honor on new sky or heaven, but it also stood for the Samaritan word for God finger alright so this was a pictograph when this pictographic script so can you have thousands of different pictures that represent different things. Then over period of time, it can represent a picture or it could represent the sounds behind that picture. So this represents Geyer have any could represent the sounds on the on you, so you go from pictograph to syllabary alright and alphabet is just letters, consonants and vowels okay but a syllabary each thing represents not just say the B but the sound the or boo or by okay or go something like that so when the pictographs from the Sumerians were adapted by the Assyrians and the Babylonians in their language that we call Acadian. They began to use this cuneiform it's wedge-shaped if you're missing it looks like like chickens, you know, chicken feet, so they they had adopted it so that, for example, initially the star would look like. These wedge-shaped just one going horizontally are 23 horizontally and one vertically and then ultimately basically one vertical, one horizontal little extra wedge on it but but in the Akkadian language not only with this represents the sounds on your new, but it could stand for danger God or in Acadian in blue God, alright, which would mean this, that the word following is a reference to a deity that the word following speaks of a deity or it could be that the word is loop which was God in Acadian or on new that's outer to be ill or it could be lunar to be honored to be new sets complex yeah of course it is.

But just realize what your alphabet you get used with this case a syllabary which had over 600 different signs to be learned. Acadian is a tough language to learn was well more challenging for the most challenging language I learned in in in grad school and it has 44,000 different variations depending on when you're looking at the strip at 600 different signs in a syllabary so pictographs that's drawing a picture okay this looks like a man. This looks like a woman. This looks like a child. This looks like a goat's looks like a box of six like a horse. This looks like a star. This looks like the sun and that's how you would communicate, and then it gets more sophisticated from their video from that twist syllabary instead of just pictures what sounds to the picture stand for but simplify instead of thousands let's get down to hundreds and then ultimately let's make an alphabet that covers all the basic sounds that we make one letter can stand for a couple sounds like we have that English right in the word garage were G you have a hard G and a soft G John Lord Circus writing English you have a soft see saw an a and a hard C cup Circus which are used to it because you spell it right and so it in the same if I say this versus thank the same pH 1.

Sounds like the and the other sounds like the but were used with its natural for us. So the same way when the alphabet was originally developed and is the one that the Hebrews of the Greeks borrowed not necessarily every sound was represented by a different letter. Sometimes you have a couple different sounds represented by the same letter so for example, the Phoenicians developed the alphabet that was borrowed by the Hebrews and that was borrowed by the Greeks. So the all if the first letter of the alphabet. But, like for us. Now the letter a on its side with a line through the top going a little bit longer now. It's interesting in modern Hebrew script and and the way it's been written for many centuries.

If it got separated, so you have with what looks like a backwards C and then a line straight up next to it but wasn't go back to originally will it it goes back to Ridgely anoxic is also here for you if you picture the letter a but make it more like a you and take that line in Nikki, Kirby across the top.

There you have ahead with the horns coming out side I just do something right. Put eyes and there to make clear or here's another version of an ox had just just picture a picture if you look at the Longhorn a Texas Longhorn of picture what that would look like alright so so let's let's go back to this for second.

This this ox had again if you turn it this way.

It's our letter a right it's our A so so what happened.

This alphabet was borrowed by the Hebrews and it was then also barred by the Greeks. That's why the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is all if in the first letter of the Greek alphabet is alpha, and ultimately we get through Latin into English, a and and the second letter in Hebrew is late, which comes from Byatt for house and what is it in Greek beta was in English be so the, the, the Byatt debate.

The second letter came from something that that look like an enclosure had to do with the house and enclosure and when you look at the original you can see how it comes to be our B very easy connection. Okay, so what's the point to the point of a simple, you cannot now reduce thousands and thousands of pictographs into a 22 letter alphabet and say oh you just now used 22 pictures to convey meetings. Ox heard house door Hawk and and and what is each letter stand for no known owner. No, all that is is the sounds associated with the picture so all of his sound so it's a somewhat silent guttural and and Byatt date house is a bus sound and dollar door is a descent they no longer mean door ox head or house when there are people now with the soul.

You have to know the pillow he rescript you think we don't all know the Perio he rescript you think we can all learn that we learn Hebrew and academic studies of Hebrew, what, when I was getting a bachelors in Hebrew, the PhD and in near Eastern languages lurch.

If you think we can look at payload he rescript and look at ancient inscriptions written Perio Hebrew and like them. The Phoenician inscriptions in the ranges of course we looked at all these things. This is no secret, but the pictographic meaning was long-lost.

These are just sounds and if you want to try to import pictographic meanings then go back get on my look at just search for meaning of pale Hebrew letters then take that city oxide that comes into English as a right and be that's goes, the house comes in at as house B and try to make sense of the English language that using the no try to put a pictographic meaning on the English language right we say her ABCs will really mean as well. Ox had house and try to import that into English. It is idiocy. Okay how sincere someone is. It is idiocy and people are doing it with the Hebrew Bobby could even get the dictionaries with the will to show you each word and break it down for you and line by line and elk… Ox said this is a power God is in his dream name is importing meanings that are completely foreign to the text say it once more. The pictographs were no longer pictographs.

They had not been for centuries. When they were put in alphabetic form. They were just sounds so they took the main consonantal sounds that they had found other ways ultimately to represent vowels that developed as well so that they would be used more and more certain letters to represent vowels, it's that simple. They are just sounds.

That's all they are just sounds a is a and B is be all if is all the thin bait is bait and alpha is alpha and beta is beta, there is no hidden meaning in them. I implore you trash this stuff.

Tell all your friends trash the stuff.

It is utter nonsense and a great path for spiritual deception and weirdness. Alright, we come back going straight to your calls. So stay right there are bunch of folks on hold will get to decide we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on July 1 hate.

I just want to alert you something listening on radio listening on our Facebook audio feed. I was actually holding up some pictures we may do this with formal illustrations at another time put on a separate video but II just drew out some things with markers before I was holding them up and showing everyone watching on YouTube could see that you thought I can't watch on YouTube with that great great. Will post the whole show little later today. It's on our YouTube channel so that's asked her to run a SK dear Brown on YouTube and were doing this through your help.

If you go to war go fund me page so that is go fund me.calm/asked Dr. Brown studio.

Ask DR Brown studio go fund Dr. Brown studio you'll find out what were doing and your gifts are helping us do so much more to convey everything we can in the clearest possible terms of thank you for your partnership on Facebook. Samuel asked can I address the black Hebrew Israelite movement. We've done several whole shows devoted to that with a special guest. In fact, that is been a great help and blessing to us.

So if you just go to S. Dr. and type in Hebrew Israelite or black Hebrew.

You'll find whole shows we've done and we plan to do more roughy on YouTube. Thanks for appreciating the channel we are going for a patent rally and just to answer your question quickly of the book of Joshua Yost, or should it be in the Bible we don't have it. We don't have. There is a book that was written many centuries after the Bible claiming to be the book of the Osher but we don't have the original if God wanted us to have it. We would've had its quoted its reference, but other books ancient books are quoted in reference we don't have them. It was not God's purpose for us to have them through ever discovered. Some are fine, but this is the so-called book of Joshua see online to that's that's not the original. That was something written many centuries later, and your Kia name of God. Proper translation transliteration. Yahweh or Jehovah or Jesus Yeshua if you go asked Dr. you will find full explanations of the right transcription and the right trends transliteration and pronunciation of those names. All it asked Dr. let's go over to United Kingdom James welcome to the line of fire our room. You carry 100 and a certain amount of child how the question about bonding your how Christians should be Israel, the relationship between Israeli and Palestinian knocking out on the street doesn't really know what to think of the right about the situation very, very mixed feelings. Do you think it's possible to consistently love and care for the pool.

The Israeli people without necessarily supporting the institution of the state of Israel.

You could love Israelis but you can be undercutting them at every turn. By not recognize the legitimacy of the state is can be very hard to understand why they take the security measures they do why the home and so important to them. If you don't recognize the legitimacy of the state, yet you can still love Israeli people, I would. I would suggest you a better path is to recognize that God has restored the Jewish people back to the land that it is of critical importance to God to the world and to the Jewish people as happened with that you can before it Israelis and for Palestinians and for justice. At the same time. I have friends of mine in Israel that work closely with Arab believers of that support justice for Palestinians and that are 100% standing with Israel so so here's here's why believe it so important James number one scripturally. The only way Jewish people to be back in the land. Today 6 million strong is of God regather them. Because when God blesses no one concurs when he curses no one can bless when he smites and can feel when he heals them can smite opens the door.

No one can shut it when he shuts the door. No one can open it and when he scatters don't you regather only way that we been regather having the seven God's wrath is not by our power by the will of man by the will of God. We also very clear prophetic Scripture. See Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14. Among other passages that Jesus will return to a Jewish Jerusalem that Jewish Jerusalem would be attacked by the nations of the world that can only happen if the Jewish people are back in the land and have sovereign control over Jerusalem.

Not only so, but only the Jewish people of the long through the centuries be back in the land of his who live there never made it there. Their official homeland or state there was no such thing as Palestinian really before the Six-Day War, and after that in 1967 of those that identify before his Jordanians now identify this Palestinians before that if you spoke of the Palestinian people, your time, Jews because there was living in and in Palestine that it's of this is our homeland out when a Muslim prays say living in Israel, a Muslim could have their back to Jerusalem because they're facing Mecca Jews around the world of predators.

Jerusalem and and you have of the physical nation of Israel is about 1/650 of all the surrounding Arab and Muslim land so you trauma one sliver of land for Jewish people, almost wiped out by the Holocaust and this is in keeping with prophetic Scripture. I say plainly it's God who brought the Jewish people back. It's the devil who wants to destroy them. Therefore, it's imperative that we recognize that and stand with them also understand the horrible history of oppression and also understanding that Jewish people would love to live in harmony with their Palestinian neighbors. They don't want to be a constant war. They don't enjoy sending older kids male and female into the Army for three years for men and two years for women. They don't enjoy having spent so much on security and and having to go to a mall and nephew through metal detectors. Note that they don't enjoy that. But they have to do it because the radical Muslims and those who want to destroy them. Dictum remains true that if the Palestinians put down their weapons. There be no more war if the Israelis put down the weapons there'd be no more Israel. So we stand with Israel for many reasons, but if Israel is mistreating its Palestinian neighbors of Israel is not doing what is right and fair for its Palestinian neighbors that we call Israel to account because we want justice for all and if the surrounding Arab nations had absorbed the Palestinian refugees we Israel observed Jewish refugees, you would've had no problem whatsoever, but this was a specific plan in the 1950s, the Arab League specifically said we will not we will not bring in any of the refugees. Why this must be a lasting blight and a lasting indictment against Israel. That's why you even have in the Palestinian territories and countries like Syria and Lebanon. You still have Palestinian refugee camps among their fellow Arabs because they're just not letting them settle so this is the reality to this moment. There's there's a great book 2 by David Prague that we just get the title for you if I can call it up David Prague and I it's it's one of the newer ones that addresses this be ROG reclaiming Israel's history roots rights in the struggle for peace. Davidson, Jewish person, not a follower of Jesus.

I think you find it helpful.

David brought refining Israel's history, roots, rights, and the struggle for peace. Hey, I'm out here back with you. Take your questions tomorrow

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