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It's Chanukah on the Line of Fire!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 14, 2017 4:51 pm

It's Chanukah on the Line of Fire!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 14, 2017 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/14/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

It's Hanukkah today on the line of fire and anti-Semitism is rising again in the world stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown okay are you ready for this ready for this.

We wished everyone a happy Hanukkah, a couple of days ago as the Hanukkah celebration began on Tuesday night. We posted on our S Dr. Brown Facebook page.

Happy Hanukkah, the darkness is fading and the true light is already shining so wish you happy Hanukkah, but also a quote from first John two pointing to Yeshua in the very first comment that we got on our Facebook page and start regular witches could reach people over 1/2 million and millions reach through it, but the very first comment we received was this, we will call kill all the Israelis one by one. Our dream will finish soon.


Palestine, free yet so that's what's out there friends that continues to be the sentiment of many Jew haters around the world, not just Israel haters. But you haters.

The good news is God's kingdom and purposes will triumph in the world this is Michael Brown. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind question about Judaism or Jewish tradition, a question about Israel today a question about the Hebrew Bible or the Hebrew language or messianic prophecy or Jewish background to the New Testament or anything like that. That is Jewish related, we take those questions specifically on Thursday so give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 8663 foray 87884 a lot to cover a lot of interesting things to discuss with you today but let me start here. I've been doing a lot of reading about ultra-Orthodox Judaism specifically Hasidic Judaism in recent days topic I've read on much over the years and I was reminded by how many of the very, very religious Jewish leaders, Hasidic leaders, other ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders in the late 1800s and then specifically in the early 1900s strongly opposed the Zionist movement as it really began in the early 1900s. They strongly opposed they saw it as godless.

They so the leaders behind it as godless and they were very, very few religious Jews involved with the Zionist movement of modern Zionist movement at the turn of the last century and they also saw it as preempting the work of the Messiah. This is when the Messiah comes, will regather the exiles and to try to do that prematurely is to is to get in the way of God's plan that will even increase worldwide anti-Semitism this were similar concerns or the biggest concerns was you don't want Israel that is not a Torah observant Israel.

You don't want Israel that is not a religious Israel and this is largely a secular movement now a lot of their concerns have proven true, and in point of fact, although Orthodox Judaism is growing rapidly within his respect because of high birth rates among the very religious fact is, it is still largely a more secular than religious nation but over the decades the views of many traditional Jews changed why what the Holocaust and they realize that this could be God's plan to bring Jewish people back to the land and to have a place of refuge for the Jewish people, and that this was part of the paving the way for the Messiah to come. The many Christians who see it the same way they recognize it Israel today is not a perfect state by any means they recognize the Jewish people there and the Jesus yet.

They recognize that God is at work in the midst of it. Part of his larger plan of entire restoration and ultimately preparing the way for the Messiah, we return.

I want to take issue with some extreme remarks from a Muslim leader in America number gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown broadcast music and he remind you that it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown here. Happy Hanukkah to all of our listeners and viewers remember there's no chest sound in Hebrew, if you're a CCH.

It is not shop 866-34-TRUTH with your Jewish related questions. Couple things before I get into remarks that I want to take strong exception to looking at our YouTube live chat a question from redeemed, will you ever going to update your show music. Change the world so is getting sold. How about submissive Jewish worship, like Paul Wilbur something up. We use Paul Wilbur's music. Sometimes on Thursdays thoroughly Jewish Thursday. It is Jewish themed hence using it on thoroughly Jewish Thursday but change the world unless I get all that's our overall theme Jesus revolution your voice of moral, cultural, spiritual revolution, a second old number one theme songs you stay with them for years and years and years because they're just that theme songs shake the nations take the gospel to the nation say that's who we are.

That's what burdens us day and night. Someone said something to me about my book. Whatever happened to the power of God that came out in 1991 and is to that which you could just stay with that message until we changed. In other words, the books important that week. We haven't changed at all course, we stay with the message. The book stays in print. We keep getting it out, but all the more we can keep singing that song until we see change come to the world. All right, let me change topics that I know that there are many peaceloving Muslims in the world today whether you consider them to be true authentic Muslims or compromise Muslims is a totally separate issue. I know that there are many peaceloving Muslims in the world today. I know there are many who are poor, the violence associated with radical Islam and, in the name of of a lot today.

They report they hated their embarrassed by it. I know many who are devoted to their families. I know many who in their own way are God fearing God, let me know. I believe there in error, and they need the Lord Jesus. Of course, but in their own consciousness.

There trying to please God and serve God.

I know there are many people who are fine citizens of their nations were Muslims. I understand that. So I am not blasting all Muslims here. I want to speak specifically to some comments made by the Executive Director and founder of care which is the Council of American Islamic relations listen to these comments that he recently made for revenge.

I think I was somehow God, and I think is right. Occupational reach.

I hope it even God and injustice against the Muslims waving him following condition just extremism in the United States is the musical name will will will will. If you are an evangelical Christian.

According to the Executive Director and founder of care Council of American Islamic relations.

You are extremist you are religious extremists.

If you believe that the Jewish people should have their own homeland in territory that is one, 650th of the largest running Arab Muslim territory. If you believe that they should be allowed to go back to their own home, and if you believe that the UN was right in recognizing Israel's right to a homeland then you are a religious extremist and obvious.

This is on the heels of Pres. Trump saying that yes we will officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital which it is. It is a functioning capital of Israel has been since 1950, and before that going back to 1000 BC and it was never a functioning capital of Palestine or the Muslim or Arab world before that fact. These are simple facts. Let's go a little further here. To say that what this gentleman is saying is that the Jewish people should not be in Palestine. This is what is actually say they should not be there the whole thing in his view is in occupation. Notice he spoke of Palestine as a whole and in suppressing Christians the fact of the matter is, Christians have more liberty in Israel than they do under Hamas and Gaza Strip or into the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, or in any surrounding Muslim country. Christians have far more protections far more liberties and any surrounding areas. If you convert from Islam to Christianity. You can be killed in Israel and convert from Islam to Christianity, Christianity, Islam and the governments I could do anything because that your white right to do what you want to do. Let's also remember that care by a court of law was found to be working with groups like Hamas. This is as far back as 2009, 2010 limit. Let me share a little bit more with you about care here in the hot water was head of care. August 22, 2014 it was reported that he stated that is real, not Isis or other global toll groups quote is the biggest threat to world peace and security. It targets civilians has weapons of mass discretion discretion, and doesn't respect international laws ready so Israel, not Isis, not other terrorist groups Israel is the greatest threat to world peace and security extruder was also extraordinary major poll just taken in Israel and the sizable majority of Israeli Arabs were proud to live in Israel and proud to be called Israelis striking. Isn't it a Deborah Weiss who has been outspoken attorney outspoken against care for some years said this care. Again, this is the counselor Muslim American Islamic relations care appears to have three main goals. One is to silence all criticism of anything related to Islam, including Islamic terrorism. Second, it seeks to Islam awes the workplace.

And third, it works actively to hamper American national security and as I looked at care. My concerns have only increased so to the leaders of care, I offer you a public debate.

Let us have a public civil moderated debate on whether Israel is the real threat to world peace and security, whether evangelical Christians or religious extremists or whether care supports religious extremist. You have my open invitation today. All right, 8663 for 87884 is the number to call with your Jewish related questions.

This looking at some of our YouTube conversation. Remember, if you are watching on YouTube. Normally I'm not able to respond to comments or questions that are posted there but phone numbers open for all of you to call in 866-34-TRUTH. Let's get back to Hanukkah for a moment what you have to realize is that as Hellenism was spreading the great appeal of the ancient Greek world as Hellenism was spreading. There were many Jews that bought into many Jews who did not want to be separated from the rest of the world. Many Jews who really were, were not interested in, and having a religion that was different than ever. They wanted to be like the nations they wanted to fit in and and as bizarre as this seems it in the ancient world. There were Olympic type games and and they that the men would be competing often in the nude and that meant that if you were circumcised you would be standing out as a Jew around others who were uncircumcised and is even more bizarre this sounds. There were Jewish men, then who, through great pain and effort had under circumcision operations. In other words, skin graft it on so it would look like they had not been circumcised so they could publicly compete and look like the rest of the world and there were others who wanted to maintain Judaism.

But in a syncretistic way, meaning that it would bring, and with it other other expressions and other religious insights and things like that and thereby dilute it and compromise and polluted. So it was, it was only a godly remnant that was willing to fight back at the cost of losing life and that's why we celebrate Hanukkah.

That's why we celebrate the Maccabees because in order to go against the mighty Greek empire against all possible laws and when you did not have even the whole nation of Israel standing up together for you in order to do that. It meant a lot of sacrifice a lot of suffering so Hanukkah is not remembered, without blood. There was blood that was shed. There were people dying for their faith. This is not the first time this happened, Jewish history as a precursor to much of it would have been in subsequent centers on file name the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown a lot of fire on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday as we celebrate Hanukkah. The festival of lights, the word Hanukkah means dedication celebrating the rededication of the Temple Caleb one of our great A/V technicians here working with us told him that he saw me earlier. How do you explain Hanukkah to a non-Jew. Well, it's like having 10% showing on the battery life on your cell phone and yet it lasts for eight days we should say eight days with full usage for all those who are watching on YouTube are going to see this radio broadcast later today unrestricted on YouTube channel. I did.

I just want to put this on the screen for you. This was from Facebook.

This is when we put up our happy Hanukkah greetings couple days ago. The darkness is fading and the true light is already shining. We we blotted out the guys name. He subsequently bought four page but I don't want you to try to look him up or bombarded with negative stuff. This is the very first comment that came in after we posted the happy Hanukkah greetings. We will kill all the Israelis one by one.

Our dream will finish soon. Promise.

Palestine, free now here's what I want to emphasize your mites. Okay that's ugly that's despicable that's inexcusable but it's not seeing Jews it's saying Israelis. I understand that but let's remember when Pres. Trump officially declares Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and says we can remove our embassy there. What happens there is a bombing of a synagogue in Sweden and they're gonna kill all the Jews. This is some of the rhetoric coming forward so here's here's the here's the issue right peers is the issue that as as this is going on.

It's not just Americans being attacked or present Trump that's being attacked, that that's not what's happening what what's happening is that Jews are being attacked, not not just Americans present Trump not just Israelis but Jews. Why, because often anti-Zionism is just a mask for Jew hatred in general. Let me illustrate something for you Palestinian authority of Mahmoud Abbas has recently made some comments about Jews are faking history Mr. Carranza. Sue is not just talking anti-Israel is talking anti-shoe okay and there is an article on Palestinian media watch Powell watch.calm and it it's it's a website you want to visit regularly because it just tells you what Palestinian Authority was Hamas with a are actually saying in publishing and posting and promoting.

So here here's a statement against is on Palestinian TVP ATV posting a 32-bit Jews have no history in Palestine.

Trump's decision on Jerusalem aligned with the false Zionist narrative. They claim Israeli archaeologist of search for the last seven years and have not found a single archaeological remnant related to the temple or to Jews in Palestine in general.

They claim there is no documentation.

The Western Wall was ever a place of worship the Jews before the Balfour declaration was issued in 1917, but my for the buses advisor quote.

The Jews have no connection to this land not religiously or historically, Palestinian Authority minister, Israel's claims regarding the finding of Jewish antiquities are a clear falsification of the city of Jerusalem history PLO official Jewish historical ties to the land or a Zionist invention, Jews are in Palestine only because Europe wanted to get rid of that that friends this is some of the other absolute nonsense lies falsehood, lies anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish lies not just anti-Israel, but anti-Jewish anti-submitted.

Remember, this goes back to the car. This goes back to Jewish rejection of Mohammed as the last great profit.

This has been found in Islamic history for centuries. But the lies often get more exaggerated the more truth that is against them.

The more exaggerated the lies often get 866-34-TRUTH let us go to David in Baltimore, Maryland. Welcome to the modifier.Brown America you will enjoy the moment you do, but I grew up, and we love the Jewish people, but not fully sure what exactly the love you gave me a meal with you due to my ignorant and un-unknowledgeable about involving our probes.

Jewish people in an emotional way, and I don't believe it ever guarded beware rest of my doctors are much doctors of Jewish income stream to be Littman from Stockton up a little bit but I'm just confused back benefit and not listen to you and listen to what you stated and been looking at things, realistic point of view of life and you address system to flout the low bid document really not sure what to do this week and I ran into a actually Jewish person actually believing that she would never the maven but due to the situation I wasn't able to really talk to them. Yeah, I understand, but luckily she saw stated.

First, I believe it's God that that put that love in your heart and the fact that you didn't have a lot of knowledge behind it indicates that that was something that the Lord dropped in other words, it's not that you thought about thought about it and then manufactured some feelings that that this is something your heart.

You didn't even know where it came from or why. Let's remember that Scripture indicates to us that the vast majority of Jewish people worldwide do not believe in Jesus, Yeshua, and that there's a hardening in part over the nation of Israel and and if Jews are raised to religious homes there raised very devoted to Judaism.

But in a way that completely excludes Jesus receiving very negative on Jesus. If he does mention the church history has often been very ugly so that Jewish people have been driven away from Jesus through through a hypocritical church in many ways so it in point of fact, it's not like every Jewish person that you just reach out to with love is is immediately gonna say okay I will hear your message this it was Gentiles you witness the plenty people in all and only a certain amount could say but what I'd encourage you in this is this David number one pray regularly for the salvation of Jewish people. There were several hundred thousand Jewish believers in Jesus around here so we are a sizable remnant by God's grace. So pray for the salvation of Jewish people pray that God would open our hearts and minds of those that don't believe that that they would come to faith and then just keep walking and love you never know the seeds that you plant. You never know what what your kindness reaps what you're showing love and many Jews don't know the Christians love them.

Some of you still think that all Christians hate them is a great opportunity if you say no. We would love Jewish people and care for Jewish people and and pay him I'm a Christian and what I like to do. David to send your free copy of my book are hand sustained with bloodsoaked stay right there are call screeners just gonna come on when I can put you in a mailing list or anything like that but I want to send you a free copy of my book, our hands are stable but I think it'll deep in your heart for the Jewish people and give you further insight to who we are as well say children it's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you thank you for letting us or in the second day of Hanukkah entering the third day, solicit documents, a Merry Christmas all what we get closer. Wish you a blessed Christmas season.

Right now it is Hanukkah. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday I'm about to go to your Jewish related calls so is usually the question you may call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but since we come your way, not just on radio but via the intranet or broadcast goes live over various Internet outlets and Internet radio stations.

We broadcast the live audio feed on our Facebook page, rebroadcast a live video feed on our YouTube page. There is some breaking news.

It is not Jewish news, but it's breaking news today so I just want to address this. If you haven't heard the F. C. C has repealed net neutrality rules not right before last vote was cast. There was a bomb scare place was evacuated and then found out everything was okay but reading from an article by Cecilia Kong of the New York Times, the federal communications commission voted on Thursday today to dismantle landmark rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the Internet, granting broadband companies the power to potentially reshape Americans online experiences. Now where is this going. I don't know I am not expert in these things I do my best to comment on things that I know the most about have the most burden in order for an and have insights into this is not one of them. What from what I've read here that the concerns let's say that you have one intranet carrier that you are using or one intranet service that you are using and someone else's broadcasting that you you get theater TV shows or broadcast whatever through that they disable. We want to have a surcharge for that honor. And that was that they can do that they could not do that you say will will I don't know. I don't know, again, not expert in and I'm not sure if people think it's wise to notice and it was Mr. pricing out the other and then squeeze the thing into oblivion. But there are concerns about censorship that if you don't have net neutrality that if it's not just treated as a public utility that you could potentially have censorship of ideas that are not like and when you have so much of the Internet controlled by giants like Google/YouTube and Facebook and things like that. Should that be a cause for concern. I'm sure will be addressing this again, but if you can hear the news. I just want to make sure you were aware of it all right to the phones will go to killing Texas or French or Kia. Welcome back to the line of fire Hanukkah Dr. Brown thank you sir for taking my call. I have a question that really bothered and have to do it. You know the Torah and I thought I would really appreciate your help. You go off will progress with regard to slavery in the Bible. I don't understand the concept of why God would you know delivered the Israelites late at been allowed to with like Gentile pocket about slavery of that you connected 21 but it will dedicate 25, 44, could you elucidate that because it really bothered by the young and sac that would be the key passage that folks would find troubling. In Leviticus 25 that if there is more that you engaged in you. You capture people from the nations that that you could potentially enslave them so let's do this. On the other side of the break. I want to address the question but that would be the most difficult single passage because slavery within Israel for Israelites humanitarian was an economic saying was more in the way of indentured servitude than slavery as we know the horrors of city African slave trade survey for questionable addresses.

On the other side of the number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back Hanukkah season, you may not know it but when you see the candles being late for Hanukkah. That's technically not call the menorah.

The menorah was that the lampstand in the temple with seven branches right. The Honda Kia has nine branches, so one normally in the middle.

That's called the Shaw mush, so that's that the servant the helper candle and you like that first and then you like the other eight candles remembering how the little amount of oil lasted for eight days, miraculously, supernaturally, when it should've rarely lasted for one this is that the temple was being rededicated. That was just one small sign of God's gracious favor.

Remember that that the Greeks had the gall to sacrifice a pig on the Temple altar in Jerusalem and and to forbid various Jewish practices.

This is what prompted the Jewish revolt and then the raising up of the Jewish Commonwealth so that you had an independent usual for period of time before the Romans become the next ruling power over the Jewish people right so as to Cherokee's comments questioning about slavery under the law. Let's first say this, I found it very interesting. In my most recent reading through Exodus that Exodus 20 you have the 10 Commandments and then some basic laws. After that, and then the very first laws that start annexes 21 they have to do with slavery, Israelite slaves and and what struck me was this was because God wanted the Israelites to get it right here because they had just come out of slavery. In other words, it wasn't a bad thing but a good thing to say okay this is still part of the culture. This is still part of the way that things are done and because of that, here's your guidelines to make sure you do it well that you do it better than the world around you in the world out of which you came so the laws are put right up front to say get this right. Of course you have it. It's an economic thing within the country and within the world. It's a way that poor can serve etc. will pay off debts or whatever, but you do it right. But what you do with verses like Leviticus 25, beginning in verse 44 is for your mail and made slaves who will be with you.

You may by male and female slaves from among the nations. You may also buy from resident aliens who live among you and their families who are with you, whom they fathered in your land, they may become your property. You may give them his inherited property to your children ask you to own his properties in perpetuity. You may make bond slaves of them, but no one is to rule over this fellow is really with horses. So I mentioned before the break in times of war, things like that. This, that even in times of war missing under the law. This could be done. My answer to that search it to be is as honest and candid as I can.

Is that as Jesus told us in Matthew 19 that that God gave Moses laws about divorce because of the hardness of human hearts. I believe this is part of God's judgment on either worshiping nations, but in itself. It's something that is not ultimately God's ideal or what is right, which is why the law ultimately gives place to the gospel.

It paves the way for the gospel and gives place to I could only understand it ethically as God's judgment on sinning foreign nations, and part of Israel's dominance is the chief nation but on the larger ethical level. It certainly fall short of God's ideal and in terms of not bringing judgment of being liberty and bringing freedom and bringing restoration. So if someone criticized it, I would say is from our vantage point it seems wrong and unacceptable. But this was not forever. This was part of the Sinai covenant part of Israel's dominance over the nations and this ultimately gives place now to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament were such things are not taught and not reinforced ideas on honest and candid as I could of looked at it over the years. I don't feel that there is like something in there that that if we could just see it.

We understand it better to me. It's part of Israel's dominance in the ancient world. God's judgment on the nations, and this would be right in that context God's ideal is for the gospel to come equally to all people that would be my honest answer real quick like would not apply like a Gentile who converted to diet while in the ancient world. Yet if if if if a Gentile became part of the people of Israel and generations go down, he's he and his descendents.

Just like the people of Israel. So could they own slaves like that yes what would happen to a Gentile slave that converted to the faith of Israel. The text doesn't tell us, except you could Intuit from it that since you couldn't treat fellow Israelites harshly or or keep them in perpetuity like this that perhaps he could lead to their freedom under the law. Eventually, thank you, thank you for asking the question, that's my very honest answer. All right.

Let's go over to Texarkana, Texas hunter walking to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown hearts America is I may enjoy myself. I believe that your sure is our Messiah, the Savior of the world.

The king of the universe and one of the things that are 20 calls. I'm having a very difficult time with other believers who may not necessarily know whether their messianic Jewish mother Baptist. Whatever when you talk to them about the things you were talking about today. It's almost like an immediate wall goes up and you know you ever seen a kid with her fingers in the air. You know span a hiker what you're saying but it greatly because I try not interject my own. You know commentary.

I go to the Scriptures okay will.

Let's look at what the apostle Paul said in Romans chapter 2 I mean, if anybody was a Jew. You know Paul was a man who was a Pharisee. But even here he states who is and who is in a Jew and I'm kinda in you and when you talk about the transformation of you know, the renewing of our minds by renewing our hearts by trusting in Yeshua and believing that he saved us first and you know you are a new creature is that it says right here who truly is a Jew is not just a little further with that if you read all of Romans. Every time before that and every time after that, he says Jew he means someone who is a descendent of the Jewish people with physical descendent and right if he's making a point there that the real Jew is one whose one internally part of the better argument is between two Jews, who's the real Jew, one whose only circumcised outwardly or one who's also circumcised inwardly but nowhere in the rest of the New Testament does he call Gentiles Jews, so that it right okay so be clear so what I suggest is this hunter that I you can only do what you do in terms of opening up the Scriptures right but if title can start to recognize okay. Jesus himself is to know that right okay his name was Yeshua, nor his mother's name was not Miriam yeah and you know what Christ means was meant Messiah.

So he's Yeshua the Messiah son of Miriam and in you know that James is really Jacobs.

Let's read the letter of Jacob or some of the disciples.

Their names were like the Cove, which is Jacob for Johan Shimon and signal in the New Testament the never heard of Easter, but the practice Passover and Paul wrote to the Corinthians in first within five about Passover you civil King James and in acts 12 mentions the stress is the mistranslation that shouldn't be there to to say Passover so I I think many people feel some type of connection to Israel and the Jewish people as Christians they may not know why some wrongly think that the church is the new Israel. But if you can get understand hey Jesus issue. It is called Rabbi not Rev. and he didn't come to start a new religion called Christianity, but to fulfill was written to Moses and the prophets of people it starts to open up you say when a target Gentiles become Jews. That's not the goal or say that the Gentiles have to keep the law of Moses, but rather realize you are grafted into a tree that historically is a Jewish Israelite treatment. You have my book, the real kosher Jesus. I do not, Dr. Brown I Tete what since were getting close to the holidays on the send that to you as gifts or so can the real kosher Jesus. I want to send that as a gift to Hunter. Hunter stay right there sues cam or call screener has a moment he's going to go and get your home address or business address whatever I want to send you that not only will it give you more insight and information, but it it's a great tool to give to a Christian to help that person understand the Jewishness of Jesus is my number one book just to give to a Jewish person to help them understand Jesus as the Messiah. My number one book to give to a Christian to show them the Jewish roots of their faith. Write some more calls.

In fact, regular Germany next taking calls from Germany and beyond the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends joyous and fairly Jewish. There's a just a reminder, the first of the year regularly using a new clock. Those that begin listening at the top of the hour so 3 o'clock Eastern standard 2 o'clock Central standard etc. we really be starting three minutes into the hour after Salem radio news or a certain news really be starting right after that and then were going to have more radio time and less breaks. Same thing if you start listening at 330 Eastern standard or 230 central standard etc. 230 will be a three minute either news or whatever the local stations are airing and then three minutes and we start with more radio time and less breaks. Also, if you're watching on YouTube now or if you are listening to the live audio feed on Facebook. It's through the generosity of many of you who stood with us and helped us. I want to thank you is were coming to the end of the year. Thank you for your support is not enriching any of us. It's enriching you as you give to us.

We can reach you with more resources in higher-quality ways.

If you haven't joined us yet. Can I refer you to go fund me page go to go there, go fund Dr. Brown studio that's a SK dear Brown studio. All right, go fund Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown studio as you go there, watch the video and share with us your gifts.

Make a great difference and there's was a whole lot more were about to step into with your help with your generosity. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Our goal is to minister you and serve you and make an impact, you're helping us when you amplify my voice your amplify our voice together all right. Let's go over to Germany. The Quito welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for calling Brown are going doing well thank you Bernie.

I have a friend and from Lebanon and cannot understand why I worked on it in under 11 real without pump that the light from the characters on the capital Israel and want to call or profit of United date and if one declared capital of the public won't be allowed entered quietly yes it was a limit, yet limp limited to address this. Okay number one. Jerusalem has always been Israel's capital through history. Jerusalem was the capital of United Israel, beginning under King David. 1000 BC.

It has always been the recognize capital of the nation. So, in exile, Jews pray every year to return to Jerusalem and since 1950s immediately after the birth of Israel of Jerusalem was declared the capital and it is the function capital. That's where the parliament is that's for the Supreme Court is is the function capital of Israel. So number one.

Every nation on earth gets to pick its capital and the rest of the world addresses it recognizes it so this is Israel's capital wasn't the rest of the world recognizes first. The second thing is that in negotiations about his roots always been recognize that Jerusalem what was Israel sit in. In other words, for many many years. Jesus said, United undivided Jerusalem will be our capital Jerusalem has never been the capital of a Palestinian state.

There has never been a Palestinian state. Jerusalem has never been central to the Muslim faith.

Yes, it's a holy city and it's got some important shrines, their Al-Aqsa mosque and dome of the rock. But if you live in Jerusalem and veered near those holy places you pray with your back towards those facing America were Jews or other will pray towards Jerusalem. And when East Jerusalem was under Arab Muslim control and in the war that ensued in 1948 the Jewish holy sites were defiled, cemeteries were were destroyed and Jews were not allowed to access the place at all. When we regain the territory. 1967.

It is since been open to everyone.

Muslims have safe protection can go to the dome of the rock and nobody can hurt them because they're under Israeli protection. Nothing has changed. Israel has made 100% clear that the status quo remains the same. So these are just lies that are being circulated. Christians and Muslims have freedom to practice their faith in Jerusalem because Jews control it ever was controlled by Muslims that wouldn't be the case so this is just propaganda. The only way to have pieces to recognize reality.

Jerusalem is Israel's capital is never been the capital of Islamic or Muslim or Arab state ever and is the reason for it to be there now except to try to divide against the Jewish people. So simple answers the question is will they take truth of what your friend take truth but hey thanks for listening.

From Germany and calling for their appreciated. God bless you hate limit limited to students real quick. I know I know time is short. There's a Facebook question asking stomata mission to address spiritual warfare gifts of the scroll's in the gifts of the Spirit believes that prophecy will be an infusion of prophecy of the messianic era there some text that with point in that direction, and it does believe in the demonic realm, but spiritual warfare. The way taught in the New Testament know that that wouldn't be a concept that's found in Talmud or mission okay report.

There is an article posted a charisma news by Michael Snyder how the number seven biblically links Trump and Israel as it is interesting.

It's interesting.

I don't know what to make of it, but it's interesting that limit his reader for a few parts from it a down about five paragraphs the year 2017 is exactly 7 years from 1947.

Many are drawing parallels between that period of time in the seven year Babylonian exile that we read about in the Bible all right skip down a little bit.

Donald Trump won the presidential election on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seventh year, seventh month, and seventh day in office diving verify this am just sharing a Trump's first full day in office.

He was seven years seven months and seven days old and it happened year 5777 on the calendar. Donald Trump was born exactly 700 days before Israel declared independence on the 14th 1948, one who finds a stuffed 777 days after Trump's birth. Israel was exactly 77 days old. Israel's 70th anniversary will come exactly 700 days after Donald Trump's 70th birthday and all these remarkable members of the be the result of random choice. Michael Snyder says maybe but I don't think so here is my official position.

I don't know. It's interesting though is interesting and I haven't verified this okay but I just I just thought the other day and thought I'd mention since we talked about you is not that that is that tie-in with any decisions that we make no no no no no no always the old sevens and therefore makes his basement known, of course not courses. It is interesting. It's interesting now. Maybe if you look for patterns of six is your find I don't know. Again, I'm not letting credibility to I'm just sharing interesting information. Hey friends, pray for me. We are in the midst of major preparation for Jewish outreach videos with Mr. Woody next week.

Pray for anointing for clarity, for wisdom for the salvation of many. Have a happy lesson,

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