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Debunking Bible Myths

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 19, 2018 4:21 pm

Debunking Bible Myths

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 19, 2018 4:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/19/18.

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I mean this is the Bible enough is is it rich enough and deep enough. Do we have to come up with all these wacky interpretations stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have president of the fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown first saw him. Today is going to explode.

Some myths today. It's because we love the truth here on the line of fire Michael Brown.

Welcome to the broadcast will focus in on some wacky methods of reading the Bible some alleged secret meanings that are found in Scripture want to sort out the difference between fact and fantasy here, open up the phones if you've heard something I heard this taught that the Hebrew releases. I heard the Greek says it I heard that we can get there Bible codes or we can interpret the Bible in America. I've heard these it is. Is it true, by all means give me call you don't have to mention who said it.

My goal is not to embarrass certain people, my pastor's name is such and such. Note where the goal is not to embarrass people. The goal is to set the record straight and to help dogs people stay away from error and deception using the call 866348663487884. What got me thinking about this more was looking at some of the reaction to this 20+ minute video that we put together debunking the idea that when you read the Hebrew Bible that the words there can be traced back to individual letters that have an original pictographic meaning. In other words, each letter stands for a picture. And when you put these together you get all the secret meanings of Scripture that is 100% bogus. Even though it appears that the letters go back to pictures, originally by the time they just became letters. That's all they were letters dislike our English alphabet ultimately goes back to pictures through Latin through Greek to Phoenician to pictures before that pictographs it no longer has a pictorial meaning because it is an alphabet. We painstakingly spent over 20 minutes going through this debunking the myths and yet some people a minority, but some civil I got great spiritual insights habitus you just are following the spirit or you're just look at this in the natural, you know that's like. That's like me talking to you now, but because you think that that all of my words are so spiritual instead of hearing what I'm saying you now turn this into a promotional video for salmon fishing in Alaska because that's the insight you got out of we can't play games with God's word like that and a lot of these methods. A lot of these lid secrets. They are nothing more than playing games. People may be sincere. They may find certain scriptural truths reinforce but they are reading them into Scripture. Rather than reading out what God put in Scripture.

Now people so what gets upset about what gets aggrieved over I get grieved over it because it is deception.

I get grieved over it because people are putting words in God's mouth that he never said I get grieved over it because it opens the door to all kinds of speculation and spiritual fantasy. And I've seen this in non-charismatic circles of seamless and charismatic circles of sin.

The errors throughout the body are seen these errors in traditional Judaism with all kinds of mystical beliefs about the Hebrew letters and things like that. This of you may have heard of called the Montréal whereby every letter has a numerical value and now you compute the numerical value of a word and come up with all kinds of secret methods of interpretation. Now we do know that somewhere around the time of Jesus are little bit before the Hebrew letters also took on a numerical function. Before that, the best we can tell they were just letters dislike the letters of her alphabet, or just letters but if used, for example, Roman numerals, some of them can also be used as numbers so at some point in time. Apparently little bit before the time of Jesus. The Hebrew letters were also given numerical value. In other words, after the Hebrew Bible was written after the Old Testament was written. That's when they were given these values so to go back and to try to find numerical meanings and all that the words you can find anything in the world you want to why because all kinds of words.

If you add up the numerical value of the letters. Let's just say a equals one and B equals C and B's equal CAC close flat was broken a equals one and B equals two and C equals three and D equals four, and so on right so dad, right dad would be 1+4+ 4D plus a plus.

The one +4+49. Now you find okay let's go through this ABC DEF GH I okay I this is not the number nine letter in our alphabet so I dad see a works saying I just proved it to you. There is a secret numerical value in the English alphabet. It's that silly but will hang on, what if it's the woman saying on my mom won't mom as much time on this and equal not right so you get the point.

So people can find anything they want to find with this method of interpretation and is nowhere found in terms of what God gave us Scripture interprets Scripture in Scripture does not interpret Scripture. In these ways, even if the Bible recognizes that letters also had numerical value. By the time of the New Testament. It doesn't mean that you now go back and use this as a method of interpretation to discover secret meanings and I've I've seen everything under the sun come up with this because you can come up virtually with any thing and that's not how God spoke. That's not how God communicated use of the Bible is inspired yes it's inspired in terms of its message. It's inspired in terms of its message. It's not inspired in terms of well the script that was used in writing. The Bible is especially inspired script and it will snow these were common scripts that were used in the ancient world aright will Greek New Testament Greek is Holy Ghost, Greek, and it know it was the Greek that was used of that the day in Greek with Jewish influences, and things like that. Anyway, we were going to debunk some of these things were going to get specific were going to get into some wrong ways of thinking, but if you've heard any of these if you've heard about alleged secret meanings in the Hebrew or Greek or secret methods of interpretation or new revelations and insights and by all means give us a call 866-348-7884 and I was sent a link by my friend Dr. James White very serious and intense link about an Anabaptist, so this is in the days of Martin Luther and the Reformation, a man who, by reading the Scriptures. Luther's translation of the Bible to German became convinced that baptism was for believers, not for infants. As a result of which she was put in a horrific seller made a hole in the prison and and brought it there till he died a minute was horrific.

Setting spent seven years there, and would never recant his position. Dr. White sent me this video film on-site. There is a jarring four minutes long and next to it. II saw a link of a critic of Dr. White. Some guy with a few hundred views on his on his YouTube video I did look into who he was, that I really want to give any credence to that, but this is one reason that Dr. White and I are friends we get attacked and crazy ways we relate to the insanity and inanity of some of the attacks, but I just want to show you one of the other bizarre sayings that's out there. Let's let's take a look at this clip attacking my friend Dr. James White list of all the guys and even save multiple workspace gospel music Calvinist believe that a ton of heresy. One of the top thing that angers me about this guy.

Of course his war against the King James Bible. But beyond that when you really look at what this guy is and what he thinks of what he says. Dr. White is someone that you know Ashley called Dr. why don't even know why is running around calling himself a doctor see that's just proof of the point about to make white believes he's gone, he's on record saying that he could do a better job translating the Bible than the King James translators guy thinks that he is God is a God complex. He thinks he's so smart. He read the King James illegals will according to the Greek.

That should be translated that because I'm a pseudo-intellectual I know that is to be translated simply I am laughing and smiling, but it's utterly pathetic. Dear anyone speak like that. It's just laughable.

It's so incredibly ignorant but the idea that someone thinks there God because when they read the original text that God gave us he didn't give us the King James Bible in Paul's day, or Moses day give us the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

He gave us the Bible in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek aright, and he preserved manuscripts rest today. King James translators if they were alive today, they'd be leaping for joy and even in the preface to their translation make clear that there always looking for improvements they be leaping for joy because we have so many more ancient manuscripts to look at and so much more evidence of what words meant in the language meant and so many improvements that we can better translate the Bible into English for people that they be leaping for joy they be the first want to say what you're reading a translation of its 500 years. Are you crazy, let's update this thing look at all the evidence God's given us. But this mythical. This is one of these wacky ideas. This mythical thing that the King James English translation is the authority of course leaves out the rest of the world. It doesn't speak English right but II got attacked by somebody at and found that there were did series on Twitter were for my 63rd birthday. I just for fun. Let me read Psalm 63. As well as favorites. Also the reading he revenges could translated into English, just as it is a blessing and to share some 63 together and solicit one read the Hebrew text. We have the King James you kidding me.

If you love the King James great memorized thousands of verses of the King James wonderful great I just is using updated version you can James modern English versions of like that but the idea that you think your God. When you go back to the text, God gave us the original text or the copies of the original. You go back to that and you take the time to learn to read it because this is how God gave it that you think your God, but try to accurately read and understand the biblical text.

This is one of these crazy everybody say with me crazy notion that's out there these bizarre myths.

Yikes people actually believe it. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer to someone for 866 spelling some common myths. Some prevalent myths and growing Internet myths smooth around for while some are new, but secret meanings of the Bible are the things relating to the Scriptures. Just a question during a break on YouTube that I said I was going to do various shows on different Bible translations and strengths and weaknesses in things like this. I did one on the King James, not three shows I did one full show on the King James talk about the strengths of the King James and the weaknesses.

I also did one entire show just on paraphrases modern paraphrases and spend some focused time on the passion translation which is where the newest paraphrases so I have done some more, just not as much as I want to but I do want to get back to those thank you for asking. 866-34-TRUTH. Let me be as plain as I can be all right.

God's word is more than enough for me but it do I mean if you're hungry and you need a meal. The gods were loose and not know why, I mean in terms of what God's word is intended to do.

Do I mean that that if you having struggles in your marriage and and or your praying to be married whenever family that the Bible is enough you don't need a family.

I know I mean God's word is enough for what God gave it to us to do and if you will study Scripture and spend your life studying Scripture you will always unearth new treasures.

Look, I would hold, turn Job.

I translated Joe from Hebrew into English that the toughest book of the Bible to translate. I think by far honestly and and not you keep look at the translation before before we send the book officially to the publisher of this sharp in this letter there so much in Job there so much incredible stuff to discover there. I don't need secret meanings. I don't need hidden hidden codes. What's there is enough if you want really want to dig then then read the Bible it in your native language.

Over and over and pray for insight. Ask God to open your eyes and study in context and you deep studies in word studies and things like that you will be enriched and studying and learning for the next hundred years.

If you have and if you're able invest the time and energy to learn the original languages all the more we discover more and have more questions. This is something we do for the rest of our lives and and for those of us were charismatic Pentecostal went out looking to the Lord for revelation or insight to supplement the Bible know were praying the Lord you wants to go into this missions outreach year board. How can we most effectively interact with his generation was wisdom Lord were praying for insight into how to how to deal with this kid that's trouble when a trainer supplement the Bible the Bible sits over here that's just the dead learner. We need revelation. Those who think like that in serious error 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Eric in Boston walking to the line of fire and got around by the way, I might my YouTube name is the Greek name are Christopher cannot be always interacting with you guys a bit yesterday and the Pentagon audit.

Okay, yeah, I don't interact in the comments there, but I got involved this time and I did see your Greek name are great to Okay great, yet so I'm hundred been with you on that.

But here here's one that I've heard before… Kinda compelling the people. It sounds like something there. So the name Yahweh group got a five page write you out of your yard and follow great a part of the spelling but it like a hand great male grace or something like that right don't sound like oh okay you have a hand great in the mail at the cross right but it sounds like an engineer connection to like sometimes I can come up with really compelling people to how you interact with, but that what you what you think on that.

Yeah it's it's fantasy, it's it's make-believe and and here let me show you what happens to Lynn explain what Eric is saying and and again, if you haven't watch my video.

Please take the time it took us a while to put this together for me to put the notes together and get the graphics were in for a team to put together properly right and it's over 20 minutes long and it's in-depth so was once and for all. To put this baby to sleep right this mythical baby to sleep or this baby mess. The sleep all right here is the argument that the Hebrew alphabet richly goes back to pictures. That is the same for the English alphabet got that same for the Roman alphabet the Greek alphabet. They all go back originally to pictographs pictures all right. Once the pictures become letters and alphabet. That's all they are is letters but the mythical argument says this the wrong argument. The thing that we debunked on the video that the Hebrew letters because this is divinely inspired. The Bible is full of rich meaning that they contain pictographic meetings, so whatever you see, the all of which is the first letter of the alphabet from once we get our foot in Greek and the a in English.

But if you see that it stands for an ox or ox head, but that could also mean strengths are also main leader in so completely bogus. In terms of these meetings being found so what we hear about Yahweh. Now Eric heard that it means hand grace nail grace. There is the gospel. What had gone on. I I saw someone else say that the pictographs mean hand behold nail behold which means going in the opposite direction course that he was written right to left, not left to right behold nail behold hand or behold hand behold nail switch the order out completely since the gospel bogus. You want to suit you read anything you wanted to. Hey, let's grab that second video clip guys to someone else arguing for hidden meaning in the name Yahweh. Let's take a look at this just another website on which the ministry is at all and you gonna try and embarrass people. We display the clip for you. This is alleged hidden meaning and Yahweh consists of four letters beyond pay five hey let's see what happens when we translate it back to the original ancient Hebrew straightaway you can see that there are two figures in the name of God. This is none other than the father and the words Hebrews 13 declares that yes you and Jesus. The word of God is the reflection of God's glory and the exact likeness of his being all right you say will is that a good truth.

Hebrews .3 is a glorious truth.

But the idea that now we do see Eric hear someone else try to say what you see the hey that's like a man with his hands raised, will that goes back to a hieroglyphs when it was written and pay their Hebrew ancient Hebrew script, it doesn't. It no longer looks like a man with with hands lift and in fact, scholars aren't exactly sure what the hey may have originally represented so you have some argument, behold, because that's a hieroglyphs man with his hands raised that actually speak of a man in high spirits and hieroglyphs and now here would being told. It's just a man. Figure you have two men in Yahweh. That's the father would. You can read anything in the world you want into this. That's the whole problem again.

It's just like if I take Eric and then I go back and see with the ER. I see originally went back to the original office which was borrowed in the try to find pictographic meanings I can find out that Eric lives in Boston I could come up with anything I could say your pet you can come up with a meaning related to being a patriot Eudora. Maybe it is the same number value was Tom and Tom Brady played on the patriots that's doing when in Boston, there's confirmation, it's that crazy.

It's that arbitrary so everyone we don't know for sure what the hey actually meant. Number two, the good, the why there is simply the product that the the prefix when you when you have third person masculine singular imperfect verbs in Hebrew.

You have that thousands of times it all in verbal form being used and that the H a WH is just from the verb Chava hi yacht to be what's the meaning of it.

Exodus 3 tells us the meaning of it has nothing to do with a hand and has nothing to do with the cross. So once again, the people can even agree on what they think it means. Now we find at least three different alleged ways to read it with hidden meanings, none of which are true.

So Eric, what you need to say when someone comes up with this civil let's do the same thing with Elohim. Let's do the same thing with Adonai, let's do the same thing with all the alleged names in order hidden meanings of day and and the immediately when you try to do it. Everything instantly breaks down. The only limitation to this stuff is the interpreters own imagination so we are departing from Scripture getting involved in fantasy and coming up with all kinds of supports for which God did not asked for, and God did not give us, and again it doesn't even work when you say with behold hand, behold, nail notes, that's the wrong order. That's out of order that's out works means and crucifixion didn't exist and that they either sold the let's pictographic men would have no meaning to anybody anyway. Anyway it's it's all it's all based on the amount of sand, and when the water truth comes in and washes away instantly that's listed on the video people putting this stuff out. Even if you major ministry based on if your website is based on this if you have books on it. Even if you do speaking tours on this your pull it up. My friend Jonathan Burness Jewish voice broadcast actually had modern Hebrew professor on his on the show to talk about this and mentioned some some other books were they get into this a shot of the note last night said hey you, you may want to watch this video he put out. He said all that was brought to my attention several months ago. We pull that video we don't recommend any of those materials anymore. In other words a little bit of truth will set us free so. But let's keep interacting which scares me. Though Eric is when people say, but I was blessed by what I learned that blessed whatsit it was sent.

True, don't we want to base our laws on truth rather than spiritual fantasies who keep plugging away, sir. And little by little truth will prevail. I appreciated all right 866342. I want to get to every call that I can in the next half hour, so stay right there. If you try to call Regatta line or two that is open right now. 866-348-7884 come back old. Let's talk about the hidden gospel message in Genesis 5. This is really there are on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown in my hands letters the mystical meaning of the Hebrew alphabet.

It's based on Jewish tradition and you can read just about anything you want into spread any word into any letter and again the sky is the limit with this and that's not how God communicated to us in his word and speak in those ways he did. He didn't speak in these ways were words did not mean what they said where I could say to you, let's go get lunch together. What I really meant was, let's build a spaceship that will go back in time to look at dinosaurs. All right, you know, when you read in the Greek Jesus wept and in you can learn Greek, you will learn that the Greek says Jesus wept not. And Jesus began to cry tears of the cheers were roughly the size of golf balls in the golf ball size cheers quickly filled the valley in the Valley began to overflow to know now what it says so is someone called to study the Bible in depth and original languages. These mystical meanings that are read into Scripture always concern me and always frustrate me on a certain level that people keep going for it. Now look on the positive side they think man. The Bible's amazing dentist full of treasures and riches which it is but the riches and treasures are found there is God intended it, not through us reading into it. Whatever in the world. We think Savior about the Bible culture knobs. I heard about the Bible codes being used for years to convince secular Jews that the Hebrew Bible is real and in the midst of these Bible codes to show that Jesus can't be the Messiah. All because I read Bible code saying he was the site.

Well, how about we just use with the Bible says about Jesus and not this other stuff. If you have a question if you heard some interpretation, some wacky thing that's out there you'd like to get the record set straight give me call 866-34-TRUTH when I finish radio today go over to another office to begin signing several hundred copies of my new book, playing with holy fire wake-up call to the charismatic Pentecostal church comes out April 3 for all those who preordered we just got them. It's gonna take us several days to get everything signed and numbered ready to send out so hopefully end of this week or early next week everything to be shipped out to see you still get it well before the April 3 lease date. All those who preordered, but I have a whole chapter in the book on celebrating doctrinal deviance and little later in the show. I want to get to an error that I've seen a lot in charismatic circles but but but how about this one out. Let's let's grab a clip number three all right clip number three just working with our team here on this. This is the alleged gospel message hidden in the genealogy in Genesis 5 were told if we look at the names there. Genesis 5 look at the Hebrew names so of same in English, Adam, Seth and Auch can hollowed out Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamb of Noah that will see it's actually hidden gospel message man appointed mortal sorrow, blessed God shall come down teaching his death shall bring the despairing rest or comfort while gospel is preached, no, no, it's genealogy.

It's a genealogy and that's what it's intended to be, is genealogy. That's number one number 27 names you have to have a mistaken idea of what the name actually means.

For example, Methuselah. His death shall bring. This is not what it means it most likely means man of the spear. It could have another possible meaning to it, but the first part the mid to part it is actually man, not death. All right. Is it man of the river is in some other me there. The speculation about that for sure it doesn't mean his death shall bring this a misinterpretation of the Hebrew surveillance breakdown as well. The point is it's it's not there.

It's a genealogy learn what it's therefore all right but am finally gospel it will what you could find the gospel and in the phone book. If you look for look for it the way God intended that there is enough depth there enough treasures.

If will do that we don't need to engage in spiritual fantasy, 866342 of its go to Stockbridge, Georgia James, welcome to the line of fire around the did go ahead question charismatic movement, but also the factor is portly for rail equipment. Follow hey James and hang on for one second I'm alert you speaking directly into the phone, but I have a real hard time understanding is so this make sure you're not on speakerphone or anything like that and let's give it one more shot.

Yet right to strike and go ahead Galatzer grab that. Not now. I, yeah, ultimately groups are the throughout the Old Testament and the new song of Solomon is been a popular book of been interpreted many ways that your marriage Israel is the wife of Yahweh the church as the bride of Christ, individually or corporately. There are more commenters written on the summer Solomon and any other book in the Bible other than the Roman and many notable church leaders through the ages have dissipated and held a allegorical interpretation is not met under Jan watchmen may present people like Brian Simmons who did the crescent passion translation.

His first book. Currently, Mike Mickle out his religion.

The how prayer movement with trauma from but it's all done from allegorical thing and with that, with a admit this is what's funny to me that they admit this is an order staying but this is sort of what it could be exciting and you can apply in ways other than his natural interpretation what you think of ever got together what is not all the way out.

Really really strange that would not what exactly centerline a year yet for sure. James a great great question number one. As far as the way the passion translation which is again paraphrase stick the way it understands song of Solomon to me was too far with all respect to Brian Simmons and all the years he's he's put into the Scriptures and the languages and and certainly a lover of the word about disputing that.

But to me that's that's giving you too much that's that's really putting your interpretation on it and and in the name of the translation to be goes to Ford. We need to be more restrained and and how we would present that again my view, with all respect to the hard work, darkness, insist on his translation that that's that's one of two. We do know that in the Bible, God often uses the metaphor of him being the husband of the nation of Israel in front throughout the book of Jeremiah, just read Jeremiah chapter 2 defunded very vividly in the book of Ezekiel and chapters like Ezekiel 16 things again with the language is very vivid and very sexual graphic and gated speaking of God's relationship, spiritually speaking to Israel for Israel to commit idolatry was to commit adultery to commit spiritual adultery so you do have a pretext within Scripture to interpret song of Solomon, potentially, is also between God and Israel are from a New Testament perspective, we have the over teaching Ephesians 5 of Jesus being that the groom and the church being his bride, and in that sense again, spiritually speaking, so you that's why church leaders have gone back and interpret spiritually and there is the well-known account from the early second century, when there is a dispute whether the song of songs in Hebrew song of Solomon: English, whether that was fit to be part of the Hebrew Bible because of the word was that it was being used that that the prostitutes were quoting verses from within, and brothels to the man because it was just widely use the sexual literature and Rabbi Akiva who is the greatest traditional leader of the day traditional Jewish leader made the comment that, no, no, no, God forbid that we miss.

It is said that all the Bible is holy, but the the song of Solomon is the holiest of all, it's the love song of God in Israel. So there is an ancient method of interpretation that understands like that. Do I see it as the primary meaning of the Scripture.

No, I do see it as as a love song asked to extolling the beauty of of male-female relations as God intended, extolling the beauty of of marriage and in the inning and in very clear physical terms as well. That's how I understand it, however I cannot say that God did not intend more based on these other examples. Okay, so read all of Jeremiah to read all of Ezekiel 16 then go from there. Song of Solomon say. Could it be that there is more there were not reading something to the text that doesn't exist.

Okay when I like with alleged pictographic meanings and come up with in a pulling a rabbit and a thin air right doing that reticent hear the words here's the meaning. How shall we apply it now. Some take the bridal paradigm for the older going to marry Jesus and and is a fraction of a ceremony and marry Jesus while you spend the rest your celibate in Owen sound is married to the Lord just belong to the Lord will have a ceremony marking that you know it's between you and God are but normally this song of Solomon is been interpreted either on the corporate level.

The church and Jesus.

Israel and God or the individual level of a love song between human beings is not normally taught interpreted in a marital level between the individual and God. That would be a little bit different. It's it's a fair question and I think one that we need to look at honestly and evaluate thank you sir for calling 866-34-TRUTH. I don't put this in the category of myths that need to be dispelled by possessing the question of legitimate Bible interpretation questions 866-34-TRUTH we go to Tennessee Bob. Welcome to the line of fire. Dark brown they will make it quickwitted, reports. According to the number 40 are not relevant in both old and new Testaments. You take that literally no damage mentioned. But the bigger question is a binary number 29 the Dana talked about on the serve on the show by the pastoral center started out 15 bowls and general ammunition that in the next day with 14 goals and then you've also got travel numbers always heard Hebrew had difficulties in translating members of Shelton help me out with the notice notice no problem number and I think it's 650 business 13 starts with Italy and the members on their but no, you can write you to write words that convey numbers right.

Hebrew has words, it's a 1312 1110 five 5000 dresses words didn't have original numerical values of these the letters of the alphabet later came to be numbers also but they want original. I'll explain on the inside it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

This will explain again. You can express numbers could say on 1050 right Genesis 1, you have day one on the second day the third day, which you can do all that you write it out just like I write out one day all and E second ASC CON D rights.

You could do the same thing in Hebrew, but the letters the Hebrew letters.

Many centuries later little bit before the time of Jesus. What we know also became used as numbers as well like we write the number one or the number two right so that's the difference. But as far as expressing numbers is no problem doing that they had the word sports just like we do. 866-34-TRUTH let me give an example of doctrinal deviance or spiritual fantasy that we find in charismatic circles. I addressed it in writing. Well over 20 years ago and I mention it again in my book, playing with holy fire, which comes out April 3. I mentioned that there in the chapter and celebrating doctrinal deviance.

It's this idea of a double portion anointing rights… This is taking a verse where Elisha asked Elijah all right can I get a double portion all right from you.

I want to double portion of your spirit or double portion of your anointing can I get that and likes to be best for hearts limit. If you see me go up. You can get it right so there's this idea based on the misinterpreted misinterpretation of the text that I that I can now pray for someone else in the same way to get a double portion of what I have so how can you give that how can you do that you know isn't the biblical principle, Matthew 10, such as freely received, freely give X.3 what I have I give you. How can I give you twice what I have five $10 in my pocket. Can I give you 20 all right so Mike Shreve whose Pentecostal charismatic believes in and the things of the spirit wrote an article where he debunks this, and it was on a charisma news website and and this is what he points out and I pointed this out as well as to take a look at what he says he he's he says just posted some participates in 20 different double ports and services over printed 20 years with either the promise of a double portion of the ministers anointing will pass to them, or double portion of their own anointing will take place if this terminology is to be taken literally every time was prayed for his or her anointing should be double twice as much as the previous measure the northing therapy so the second time. His prayers pray it will result in a double portion of the previous double portion.

Then the next time double portion would be doubled, and so on. Here's a math representation of this with the number one represented the person's original anointing, then doubling that 20 times she go from 1 to 2, 2 to 4, then eight and 16 and 32, 64, one 2256 five 12,024 2040. I just did this at a servicer is preaching there. They give example spiritual fantasy 4096 8192 by the time you end up your at 1,048,576 times the original anointing.

This is just fantasy thesis about the time the believer goes through 20 double portion services with a fiery large Elisha message being referenced over million times greater anointing should manifest than he or she started out with. Can you see the absurdity of this idea just on the basis of this mathematical calculation symbol was double portion mean simply this twice with the other disciples would get. That's a double portion right so you come through the the line in the cafeteria and everybody gets this portion, but it's your lucky day you get a double portion so they give you twice as much. That's what it means and and by the way, it's based on Hebrew laws with the firstborn son, so the book of Deuteronomy. If a man has two sons. He does not divide his inheritance equally between them. The firstborn son gets a double portion. It's a saying that states used all right. It's literally two thirds gets a double portion wasn't okay divide the inheritance instead of into two parts into three parts, and the first son gets the double portion he gets two thirds of the holy gets twice with the other ones that and that's what Elisha was asking for. You say, but you'll see that Elisha perform twice the amount of miracles of the larger perform utility that in biblical history.

Elisha was twice as significant as Elijah twice as influential as Elijah twice as important as logic twice is used by logical quite obviously not. So you can't give what you don't have. Just another example of spiritual fantasy. Micah said is in charismatic circles, is it not charismatic circles and I asked the question, aren't the truths of Scripture enough aren't the things that God is speaking and doing enough. Must we engage in spiritual fantasy save. I don't know how to tell the difference. I'm in somebody's interpretation seemed really good. All right then.

Check this out see if there any recognized translations uniting major translations that back the position you can find it. I didn't look for academic commentaries was solid so see if any of them even reference the stuff that'll don't find it that I found an interesting Internet that okay if it's allegedly with the Hebrews as the Greeks as you would think that a Hebrew scholar, a Greek scholar might know that right says it all rely on scholarship. No, no, but if you're trying to figure out the Hebrew, the Greeks and alleged esoteric meanings. It makes sense to check with those that know the languages and work with the pictures. Another thing just above the trip itself. In that way.

Is there any example of Scripture interpreting Scripture the same with yellow. Revelation 13 it says the number of of management of the member of this B is anticrisis 666 and okay what exactly does it mean it still debated. We still don't know for sure exactly what was being said or exactly how it worked itself out was equal to the numerical value of Nero in Greek is that what what is it is a something element there still debate envisages 666 meaning one step beat be short of perfection of God.

777 these things are all debated but nowhere does it say now go back and find numerical meanings of all the words in the Bible and come up with interpretations 866-34-TRUTH that is the number called let's go to Carlos in Atlanta. Welcome to the line of fire how you doing today very well thank you Dr. question. It would include auction.

It came about earlier today on the quiver of the people you work the better is to prevent it from Colossians 1 1500 image of the invisible God. One of our current thinking about me that you can look great is so so that that's that's that's a very valid question so that's not one of the wacky strange interpretation things. It's a very valid question and the question is does firstborn mean firstborn of all creation that he is the first created being.

That's 1 Possible Way to read it or that she is the firstborn over all creation, the firstborn, meaning the one who has preeminence, the one who has rulership in leadership and authority over which is also how firstborn can be used when you see that is the image of the invisible God, that he was one tells us he is the expert express representation of his very character, we see that Hebrews 1 also tells us that he himself is called God. We see in Colossians 2 that it says that the fullness of the deity dwells in them in bodily form when we see that both the father and the son in the book of Revelation say I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the and. All right, then obviously cannot be a created being. If you like the father is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. So based on that evidence and the potential meaning of firstborn, it's best to say he's the firstborn over all creation. That's the meaning of the firstborn of all creation in the firstborn over all creation as opposed to the first created being. But that's is a good example of a valid question of biblical interpretation, which we then look at with the Greek says how the word is used in the New Testament how it's used in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, how it's used in ancient Greek literature.

We look at the grammar there that we look at other scriptures that would help us interpret of the Scriptures and then from there if you look at say 10 different versions of all take a look. For example, the Colossians 116 and just look at it in a bunch of different translations and these are various translations mainly evangelical and looking at but from various perspectives.

All right, let's just see yet. Verse 15 skews me verse 15 so if I look at different translations, King James, the firstborn of every creature. New King James CSV CSB firstborn over all creation. ESV firstborn of all creation. NIV firstborn over all creation. Same with and ET our the LLC which is a mild paraphrase, existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation. The ancient Greeks depreciate the says that he is the firstborn of all created complete Jewish Bible. He is supreme over all creation. You see these various translations that this is a legitimate way to understand the text to friends. Let me encourage you strongly go to my YouTube channel today asked Dr. Brown ASCII dear Brown watch the 20+ minute video that debunks the idea that the Hebrew letters in our Bible can be traced back to pictographic meetings with the pictographic meaning still maintaining value and meaning we debunk it. It's a myth. It continues to spread. But it is not based on facts. Let's go back to fax the truth and the let's plunge in for the riches of God's word also no longer taking preorders for the new book, playing with holy fire order it on Amazon and other locations out April 3.

Not tomorrow

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