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What’s Happening with N. Korea and Iran (and Your Calls)

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 1, 2018 4:51 pm

What’s Happening with N. Korea and Iran (and Your Calls)

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 1, 2018 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/01/18.

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So what in the world is happening, North Korea, Israel, Iran is God moving supernaturally stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. It is a joy to be with you today. I'm coming away from all the Dallas Texas area sitting in the office of one of our grants from the Brown's revival school ministry, which today is fire school of ministry and he is leading an evangelism school with in an Assembly of God University folks are planting churches and going out within the lost. So I'm here with him. If you're in the greater Dallas area check by Terry because of the speaking at a church in Dallas gobbling tomorrow night so check asked Dr. If you've got a question for me 866-34-TRUTH if you were listening yesterday when the folks that was critical of what we're talking about has questions about so-called nor new office. Dallek Reformation and we said there is something called by that name. Critics have values that name for everything that they seem to differ within the Pentecostal charismatic movement.

We address it with the Joe Matera but if you were trying to call called into late. I will take calls on that today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but halfway through the show when speaking into my friend James Robison haven't spoken with him for a while but not get an evaluation on how Donald Trump is doing that and I just want you to stop and think for a minute if if you were looking at headlines that you know removing the embassy to Jerusalem. There is the talk of of where embassies are going to move notice of other countries remain the other countries in a regular move our embassies as well, to Jerusalem, you need a hole at embassy Roy Kevin in DC if you're been to Washington DC, you've got streets we get embassy after embassy so you need room for that but one suggestion is that they would name the area. Trump town Trump town.

How crazy is that.

But that you get that going on. Then you've got Iran being exposed Israel with 100,000 documents and all the stuff that they were able to get out from Iran.

It's mind-boggling they will reduce a haven lie about the nuclear program and and then what's happening with North Korea. I mean, this is really really mind boggling stuff. And if you saw the headlines a few months ago, or see that now I can't be, but it's happening and I got a new article if you haven't read it. It is called. Are we witnessing a miracle in North Korea. I want to talk to about that a little bit give you a spiritual perspective and take your calls as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and hang on. I just need to adjust one setting here and right. Hopefully that will help him on the road here and we've got a whole broadcasting set up so Matt let me know if that is better now but I just want to read a comment to you that was posted by someone using the name Silverlining to the interview I did yesterday with Dr. Joe Matera NSA: but if you can call it only read this on the air so here's the question how can the so-called expert talk about my friend Dr. Matera talk about not knowing what they mean about dominion. It's what Dr. Matera set up a prelude in hearing that there are many different variations. There are people who are post-millennial, with various different understandings and people who preach dominion theology with different understands. He could tell you here five or 10 different variations.

The say don't know exactly what some people mean by it. That's what he was saying, did he ever read Cipro Agnes McCall dominion is did you Dr. Brown. No I didn't but I'm not a dominion aside, I don't agree with it. I've heard some of the teaching of Dr. Wegner on that and that was one of the areas where I disagree with him, and to the extent that was considered part of quote new apostolic Reformation. He was leaving. I differed with that true Dr. Matera's more familiar with it in detail. If you did you have your deceiving your audience by failing to mention that when you minimize Cipro Agnes Parton finest move you've got this exactly opposite the whole point I'm making is that new apostolic Reformation is something that Peter Wegner did give definition to and lead which has nothing to do with 95% of what the critics are calling the new apostolic Reformation that is the whole issue he missed in his book that he change the term to new apostolic Reformation because of all the flak he got over the term dominion is how can this may be highlighting his shows and authority was familiar with to see Peter when he does not notice Sir or ma'am, I have no idea what to make of your comment because of the fact that he has written a whole article saying here's where we differ with Peter Wegner's new apostolic Reformation.

Dr. Matera would only leave the organization when they change certain fundamental things. That's the whole thing were trying to convey.

Yikes. I don't mean to be disparaging but all I can say is yikes Dr. when he stated he was apprenticed. If you know what that is.

It would be a good study as of the prevalent theology. Many churches today after the sun would be shocked to find out that this is the theology of their past. Yeah, I strongly oppose predators in adult debates against predators. I just endorsed a book coming out a few months called debunking predators was to write a book on it myself. This book is really good job of it, see Peter Wegner also stated in this book that he believed that the church and to take over the world to prepare for Jesus to come back and that is one of the things first.

For example, Mike Baker was allegedly a leader in, nor right, Mike Bickel repudiates this had on him allegedly in the leader nor I repudiate this had on that is the whole issue. The critics miss using a term and putting everybody else under that. In any case, I been heavily involved in the circles of pastors who claim to be part of the apostolic Reformation. I've turned to proving everything according to Scripture, I realize that much as taught by this part of the church that is not scriptural, read your Bible and the critical uninformed and started my Bible and read and research the subject out some I then you should know that critics referring to the so-called nor that has Hill song and it that has 24 seven prayer � that includes groups that are anti-dominion asked is a misuse of the term, so let's use it the way Peter Wegner did. I was never part of that I had strong differences with it, but I believe in fivefold ministry today is this Dr. Matera that's the whole thing were try to clarify Dr. Brown you're using heavily emotional negative words like conspiracy and critics and fear to put an end when they vocalize these trees.

No, I am addressing those that are manufacturing something that doesn't exist. I'm calling you conspiratorial because it is conspiratorial here. I let let me read to you again. What wretched radio claims the world's fastest growing sect of Christianity is not Christian at all okay. Did you get that not Christian at all, and chances are very high that your child in church are getting infected. This is what they say the new apostolic Reformation movement and the Jesus culture worship bands boasts of 369 million.

Here's where they get that number from this fear mongering quote the new apostolic Reformation worships God drunk in the spirit they teach scant amount of truth.

Christians do not need to be aware of each and every false teacher on the planet with new apostolic Reformation is the most influential aberrant movement.

The church has ever seen this this fear mongering. This is the stuff on exposing rightly so, as a watchman on the wall and trust me of studying the Bible at least as much as you study the Bible yeah I'm into that serious about that as well.

Here, another website stated these things repeatedly read my article.

It's up now dispelling the mess about. Nor here's the claim. Are you ready supernatural signs and wonders. Dominion is an A movement jewels on a set amount mandate third-grade revivalism IHOP international has a per Bill Johnson's Bethel church that also near Empire.

These are all a part of the shape shifting movement in one way or another is gulping of churches and deceiving billions who don't even know they become part of an apostate and time falling away.

That is the thing that I am refuting got that that is the stuff that should rightly be debunked because it is false F AL SC. There is nothing joining all these different disparate groups together and if you say well they're all dominion, is there not most of them are not dominions, while they all believe in apostles today.

Some do some don't need to find them differently. Anyway, people usually put down those who disagree with them when they can't fully back up there. I miss my fax. I am exposing error meticulously and getting mocked for it by those either who willfully don't understand or simply are not getting read the latest article right make things clear. As we commented people are still either mishearing intentionally because it gets in the way of their agenda, or mishearing because they're generally missing things since Ms. Christian church is being blinded and deceived over in the time of the great falling away. I grieve over the state of much the church that same year.

I grieve over the state of the non-charismatic church. I grieve over the state of the traditional charter grieve over lots of things yeah and and overmuch it's in the charismatic church also rejoice at the amazing things that God is doing everywhere I go see hunger and thirst, and desiring people serious about the Lord who don't want to play games any longer, fun, challenging not to delete my comment will see what was there to delete.

But what was there to delete it and break any of our rules use profanity. You stepped over long trips misjudging certain things in terms of your why I'm using certain words but you didn't engage in personal attacks. We welcome disagreement what it why you think I have a live radio show where people can call in okay enough with that if you get in your critic and you call that some of the different strongly and more able to get through still have a few more minutes for calls 866-34-TRUTH 7884 so I want to rejoice in what God is doing. I want to rejoice in the amazing things that the Holy Spirit is doing around the earth. The multitudes that are coming to faith the people that are being set free those that are hungry and thirsty for the gospel.

Those who are willing to lay down their lives for the gospel is as I look up on the road I see a different screen than in my normal studio and I can just see the names of those watching on Facebook so great to see true rules. One of our grads find man of God serving in Norway keep the fire burning their man, so sorry for the little shot out, could resist the grad and served in our team with distinction for number of years but but friends I want to encourage you not just to look at the problems and you know we talk about the problems, have a whole book, playing with holy fire just cannot deal with problems. A good number of my books just like what when biblical authors were addressing things we have we have the letters because they were addressing errors so all along one end of writing I am writing to address errors in the church comparing myself to the biblical office, but you understand the point Paul was addressing our errors and current errors in Galatian.

That's how we have a lot of the sink so a lot of what I write is addressing errors is addressing the issues and I can do it all the more when it's in my own circles follow me IQ. For example, I can address messianic Jews as an insider, more strong than an outsider. Or I can address a white evangelicals or American churches or charismatic movement. I can address those more as an insider. That's why most of what I write has to do with issues in the my own house, but I want you know I'm encouraged by God by day, encouraged by God night by night. She's moving and is working and we have fellowship back.

I want to talk about. Are we witnessing him go there today.

Stay right here with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, so I'm wondering about or we witnessing a miracle in North Korea is is what's happening in front of her eyes of staggering imports out.

Honestly, I don't know yet what's can come out of this. In other words, is this a tease and then the separation can be there again is this the beginning of something momentous in the unification of the country.

The reunification of the country. We shall see. But what's happened so far is utterly remarkable.

What's happened so far really is mind boggling. I mean mind boggling that the pictures of the leader of Korea. North Korea, the president of South Korea, smiling holding hands, arms up, walking over the border one direction over the border. The other direction hanging out joking and laughing. I never would've expected to see this end and look the reason I asked forthrightly if we witnessing a modern-day miracle in front of her eyes, is because of been to Korea a dozen different times. My last trip 2016, I participated in an international prayer meeting right on the DMZ. The monitor is a right on the border. We had special permission to gather there. There was worship.

There was prayer and and Korean South Koreans have been praying for decades, day and night for their brethren in the north. They had been interceding number one they care about their brothers and sisters in the north. They grieve over their spiritual lostness. They grieve over the persecution of Christians suffer. There they grieve over the difficulties of life, and they also know that North Korea's had a very strong military and that over the years when they do computer similar simulated wargames and things like that. Generally speaking, but often happen when it was that it would be clear. South Korea would lose in an award to North Korea said also praying for their own protection and safety and and and nobody that I know of the world. Praise like the Korean Christians pray. So he got a few things you've got, how dark is North Korea never seen a satellite shot at night just get online and look for satellite nighttime North Korea and Indio state. You'll see all the surrounding countries and lit up in an North Korea just little dot with light that's that the capital and the rest of the nation. Dark. It is such a picture of the nation is been rated the most difficult country for Christian difficult country for Christians living for years now is not just brutal persecution. It is state sponsored persecution and this is very, very serious, intense, heavy stuff. Whole families can be imprisoned so there is a father caught in reading the Bible. He can be in prison with his wife with his kids with his parents and and that the dictator Kim Jong-Il as as he's engaged in atrocities. I quoted one article that mentioned David Welch writing in Globe and Mail in January, said Mr. Kim is clear that a run-of-the-mill leader. He has assassinated his brother executed his uncle had senior military officers killed by antiaircraft fire for no more reason than failing to stand up quickly enough when he entered the room, or nodding off in a meeting and remember it's just a few months back that he's threatening war and he's threatening nuclear attack and he's gonna strike America and you've actually got American General's talk about this located and what if they invaded soul there they bombed, sold, invaded South Korea and so on and I mean and and Donald Trump, fighting back ago yeah you got a button on your desk.

I got a bigger button you got nuclear revs. I got more you want to mess with me and some people think he's crazy what Trump is doing is crazy. He's provoking a madman and other people saying this is just what the Korean leader he needed some of so you think you're crazy I'm crazy or you want to mess with me. Won't happen. Next thing we hear that there is probably a secret meeting with Mike Pompeo and North Korean leaders and then North Korea a few months earlier. They said they end up last minute sending a delegation to join the South Korean Olympics team and to participate is one and then these pictures is mind-boggling.

Now when I said I will only want to praise like the Koreans they've had incredible tradition of prayer and just a couple of examples that stand out to me.

I was speaking at a conference. Years back for nationally respected pastor there in Korea and I think the church is that he was over network of churches, about 70,000 members and he told me that for decades he led the 6 AM prayer meeting at his church personally led for decades. Alright so 6 AM prayer. He said, and also he led the early morning prayer.

What we 6 AM, prayer is Natalie McDonnell.

The 4:30 AM prayer. That's the early morning prayer. He led that for decades, and in this example and and literally you know is you have a driver and we be driving the car sitting in the Bakken and if if you stop talking for long start to fall asleep. I mean this is how hard he pushed.

I'm not saying it's the way for everyone to live him to send this is a strong prayer, tradition, or one of my trips.

The first meeting I did in the day started seven in the morning. The last meeting started at 10 PM.

This was a mega-church with a membership of about 100,000 through all their different buildings that they met in this main building, maybe got about 3000 people and so they had multiple services there are multiple services in the locations so it was the all-night prayer once a week.

All-night prayer meeting started at 10 in the evening so they had a time of worship that I preached and then they asked me while everyone sat in the pews. They asked me to go and lay hands on every single person. The building's Presbyterian Church vertical, but they're very open to the things of the spirit so think of walking through the hole began to lean over it, just touch each one. Pray blessing on each one so takes a long time.

I remember they had they had people walking with me. Some of them had a glass of orange juice that I could drink. As I was getting tired and then the others had like 800. A wet small town. I could have Pat my brow Evans.

It was a long time praying and there was one woman she looked like she was from America she was more made up with a little bit more worldly and and she had her eyes open. But out of everyone else 3000 people.

I did not see an eye open and took a long time to get through that whole building and pray for everyone.

Everyone to spring every eye close. Just pray and then I want the nursery to pray for the mothers that had taken their kids out there crying itself and there they are. They been the whole time on ice) 45 minutes, an hour before I got there holding their baby's crying and then that was just the beginning of the night. Once I left. They then pray through the night and and a lot of what they've prayed for about millions of people praying hundreds of millions of prayers saying God unite our nation. God reunite our nation. God save those in the North. Now you see this happen.

Could this be something supernatural again. We don't know we don't know exactly which way things are going so some some quotes here. Condoleezza Rice said the North Koreans have a tendency whether under pressure under sanctions to come to the table to go on a charm offensive that's that's possible.

That could well be exactly what's happening. And and and again we don't we don't know for sure what's coming next. We don't know if this is just some kind of game but here's what we do know this is the first time the first time in 65 years that the leader of North Korea has stepped over into South Korea. Think about that.

That's significant. Is it not again. What was that the cause for I don't know. But here's it reminds me of a story reminds me of a story I told before near an old lady destitute and this old lady is is no groceries, no money. She sees desperate and she's alone in her home will know to care for and she says oh God, I know you care for me. I know you gonna help me. I know you could meet my needs. So God I'm just asking you work a miracle golf honesty under walking to town.

When I come back. Lord let Mike let my kitchen be filled with groceries and she walks out. While there is a prankster teenage boy in the neighborhood happen to be near her house and hurt her praying and thought, you know what autoplay joke of the slate he hustles into town on his bicycle gets all these groceries drives them back holding the bag, climbs in through a window into her house.

Chris is an old ladies can be a while before she's back in the stocks that you know that the refrigerator leaves these groceries on the table and then stands outside waiting, so you can laugh in mock stands outside waiting and lo and behold she comes in she opens the door so she starts weeping and they all wore off all your wonderful your work miracles. Thank you for setting the for. Thank you, thank you and the boy yells at through when the lady God to bring that food you I brought it and she shouts out Autocare if the devil brought it God sent it. So again I don't know what's motivating your Korea. Yes, he's been a brutal dictator and I remember what I think was his grandfather died and that the people in North were weeping as if as if a dog died and he was everything to them and their weeping and wailing and I was with some friends in the South this it was breaking our hearts to see of the sea that is our family up there so I just wonder is God doing something supernatural. Hate very important announcement every body that would love to have intimate time or I can sit with you and pour into on the leadership level and I can answer your questions more intimately in a way I can't do on radio or rely Facebook event sign up for my monthly leadership forms.

They start a week from Thursday, May 10 we packaged everything as inexpensively as we could to reach as many people as we can, but it's a formal class and you sign up for it you register for do it one month at a time. If you don't know you can do it every month and I'm gonna be doing high-level leadership to chumming things a God shared with me. I can't share with everybody but I want to share with you that are leaders are leaders in training leaders in the making and and it's can be about 90 minutes. Some some weeks. We may go longer but go to my website now asked Dr. Brown the Lord ask ADR Brown dog org and you just see the banner on the homepage for the leadership form so unlimited you teaching the first one is that God knows how to promote you and get your message it. It is some some lessons God has taught me of great importance on the witness so that's where only store great time and then a limit to questions and interact questions so sign up today starts a week from Thursday to start to round out or check out the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. You know the saying that stranger fiction tell you if if I got up to crowd, say four years ago and said, which is more likely all of America will be ablaze with the fire of revival Donald Trump will be our next president people to said all of America be ablaze with the fire revival.

We were used to the fact Donald Trump is her present some ecstatic, some not happy at all, but used to that fact. But come on, four years ago if I told you three years ago it was you would laugh me to scorn if I told you he would be elected largely with the help of white evangelicals because he would be such a strong pro-life candidate and a champion of religious freedom you'd left me to scorn all the more it if you told me that not only would be elected in that way, but that the Prime Minister of Israel would himself, like in Donald Trump to a Cyrus type of figure who helped the Jewish people rebuild Jerusalem. You wanted put me in a loony bin summer you would see your crazy man was happen to you, and yet all these things have happened and now news with North Korea. I mean it look like Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Il were were about to press buttons to to blow each other's worlds often, and now you've got, you know talk about meeting together and in the north is come to the South for the first time in 65 years, stranger than fiction, so it now seems to be a good time to step back and said okay so what's up with Donald Trump in his presidency no better person I can think of doing that with the my dear friend James Robison. James, thanks for joining us again today on the line of fire. We are witnessing part of people who understand that we are here as representatives of the King and his righteousness.

We pray for and a fervent prayer. People recognize source of righteousness moves mountains and what's happening in North Korea and South Korea and in Marymount. It seems like an impossible and yet it is happening and we kicked by Dr. there was a man at all.

Were not going to let you read my we know he wouldn't abuse the terminology bigger. But you got bigger bombs you've got.

When we say that doesn't sound right but but in this particular instance it might've been the only right thing when you understand the we have very very sick nation and the enemy about their pop tart for over plated sleep. The manipulator, but the buyer destroyed father of lies and murder has revealed it so clearly anyone with common stamps looks out please. What's going on but don't like anybody don't think Mr. drunken sailor bad about Babbitt feel about what's wrong what they don't realize that correction comes by the move of Almighty God the father. Why write freedom and and that bothered Lance and the birds of his people and were seeing a miracle and an God Kidman missed, according to the prayers of the righteous people were good things happen and when good things happen to the fathers by we can all give thanks and we need to. And yes, we can acknowledge together God's use of mandatory unflappable and unshakable. Spirits. He's not worried about losing somebody's God, I spent enough time with him about that this man was not binding about the future of his spine and his personal well-being felt secure about his personal well-being. He was concerned about the lack of well being a part of the American people. He was concerned about us having poor orders that were allowing people to come in earlier damages who could literally lower our economic standing. He was concerned about excessive regulation of overreaching government spent so much time talking to it and not one time more than 12 months of consistent communication. Did I ever hear a reference to any concern for his well-being allowed for his family, but were concerned about how the they were going to be all that everything was going to be great," go ahead happens to the best.

I want to apologize for that direct the way all of this was going all in an and in.he was seeing things from you was not wrapped up one moment in Excel and you. You wouldn't think that a man that's very bombastic braggadocio as was explained to be would not always be concerned with himself but opposite was true. He was partly concerned about the urban community vitally concerned about the downtrodden vitally concerned about the failure of our spoons. I was amazed. Here's a command that you would think would not think about any of the public.

I believe God was answering the sincere serious prayers of committed Christian and if we committed Christians will continue to buy a block. I am stop arguing among ourselves and the world would anybody support this plant were supporting what needs to be done and think that here's a man who says he wants to do.

It seems Baptist to do it and the willingness to sacrifice his own comfort to do it and I despite we are buying you and I put it conversations you and I both would not have chosen this is our our candidate. We had plenty of friends we admire, but I know you saw those you talk to me. I was spinning so much time with you and talk with so much. I think you begin to tune your antennas a little bit and say buddy. Maybe something positive could actually happen, and I actually watched you begin look at things from a little different.

Am I correct about that 100% absolutely and in fact I had some other friends that had prophesied about him being a Cyrus figures someone who didn't know God. The guy was going to use and that he would be our 45th president. I remember this is when I was one of the sea to Chris Perez. I was II got on my knees and us got I don't see it. I just don't see it. I can't see this guy. I mean I don't trust him on trust as morals is a narcissist with his pasties been Democrat Republican back-and-forth on the how deep his conservatism runs as he just try to get votes as the II don't see it so I told got honest.

Am I missing something, and then of course you know it it's like a comedian you think is not funny, but he's good standing room crowds every night and people are hysterical, his jokes and you figure 7 point okay, I must not be getting the joke because I wonder O'Casey tricking every body is are all these people.

That's stupid that her because I was my first Sam people do stupidly following him and I thought that the judging others in there so many people seem to be decent people think he could be the man. So I was flatly looking at it in the natural in them when you got my year, after spending tolerance of Mike sums up here God's doing something that's when I really step back so that we have all the reservations based on what we see in the natural and yet God is clearly been doing something in the supernatural and look you been on a long time.

You know all these presidents you are close with some of them move the embassy to Jerusalem.

It never happens. It's happening just a few days well. Great great great what were witness supernatural answer prayer is not political even pump all people (and distraught go back and TrackBack here all the people I know in Washington and the president of all the terms cannot describe how how are how are Marianne Washington really yeah how raptor hurt protecting these agencies They they are dangerous to the well-being of country when they were established to protect us and they can and maybe working have the right spirit, but overall there is a lack of spiritual discernment and sensitivity. There is a lack of a spiritual or Christian worldview is almost Amtrak is the man expected or likely been happening in Great Britain that we just witnessed another atrocity. What is happened. Buyer okay here we are. When I go back and I looked all obits track Pompeo is probably the most serious thinker of the mind and heart of God abated one of them to get out return been closer to know them very well. No ramp all the numbers that are there leadership. I have a respect for husband and of time, but I know many of your well odor seeking.but if you pick the person that article by contract which really trying to hear the mind of God and the prayer punch around it so every pre-Christian audit shall have alluded that God there right now and the way Mr. states there is this little girl is in love with Jesus. I mean this girl is become like that's the prayers of God's people. She's been treated so often in God with her dad. Mike got the years like something's family to pay their old family. I know these people. We've got some people better for God in all of this respect my bike got for there are some people up there really been seeking God and we are give God praise and thanksgiving for that why positive things are happening in those positive things are affecting borrower. You don't have to wonder if these people speak like to hear about it when I was with them and always will.

And he knows that there are people that are doing more of these big bear answers to people's prayers are today, and they're having their prayers answered to by being in a place where they can leave.

I am so excited about what the stage is set. All for us if we as Christians will stay together and keep praying and trusting and exercise the fate that we claim to have an believe them. But God, for whom there is nothing impossible in know that he can part the sea can lead us into a random report and he can teachers, love our neighbor as we love ourselves because we love him with all our heart, and the only way were going to love each of the way we should use the love the father like son.

Jesus loves the father and recognize his love for us and been, we began to love one another because we recognize we got the sprained father were part of the same family and our father hears our prayers and honors that and he welcomes us to present so that we can approach him the throne of grace with boldness because it breaks and we have a father loves to bless his family and bless the nations of the war proved that spam am excited about the mercy some friends in a nutshell were putting our trust in God answers prayer is answered please James, thank you for your insights spirit of faith. I love you man appreciate that so real and I it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line so wrong. Iran lied to the Prime Minister Netanyahu knows how to do a press conference doesn't so he reports Iran is now exposed documents that America claims are authentic hundred thousand files documents this incredible cash of of material that Israel is able to smuggle out of Iran basically saying this, that, all the while leading up to the agreement.

The miserable agreement that America made with other nations and Iran an agreement with which they Iran also received back frozen assets tends tens of billions of dollars hundred 50+ billion dollars that put back into their accounts in this devil uses his rehab before meaning for terrorism support Hamas and Hezbollah, and other groups like that will continue to do that will continue support terror in the region and beyond. So as we were making this miserable agreement with them.

They were lying to us about nuclear development and this is what Israel claims to have documented now I've been on the road, flew back from Toronto Sunday afternoon flew out to Dallas after my radio show yesterday.

Going to Dallas last night and started speaking this morning so I have not been able to do deep research on this, beyond the headlines and some of the stories and reports. I just finished reading a book. I will five 600 page book about Mossad and shin bait and these other Israeli organizations and IDF in terms of targeted assassinations of terrorist leaders and things they've engaged in. Based on the Talmudic dictum that if your enemy comes to kill you rise and kill him first and just amazed at the way that Israel would infiltrate would assume would set up an identity and go in and out of the country and then build relationships and ultimately just do espionage gather information or turn someone to be on their side and and how it was done so what it took to do this in Iran. You had to be working with the rain if you had to have Israelis who were living as Iranians. You had to have a radiance on the inside who turned and realize that what Iran was doing was wrong and wanted to expose it, and everyone risking their lives and what they do. So it's it's really it's really quite an extraordinary event and again I've not seen a lot of pushback from those who were pro-making this deal. I have not seen them answering these charges. I mean look. I'm not saying that it was in the mind to Pres. Obama giving Iran a free pass in the minds of those who support this. This was guaranteeing that Iran would not have nuclear weapons for X number of years but is really saying what you're saying they will eventually have weapons. That's remember Sen. Cruz when he was running for president, said the first day in office he would tear the agreement up and we know that Donald Trump consistently called it a really bad deal you here he is Mr. art of the deal. This is a really bad the bad bad deal.

So now he's saying like I was vindicated.

Italian never deal. They were should be made so we shall see where this goes.

The headlines are pretty wild.

These days are thing from Iran to Israel to North Korea. So we are praying and this is James Robison's point, we are praying for it. Forget the people being used okay. Forget the people being used.

We know through biblical history that God use some very saintly people and some very un-saintly unsavory ungodly people and what happens is if God uses an ungodly person then at a certain level, there can be more judgments on them. Ultimately, or their weaknesses can be all the more exposed we can work through pagan King like Cyrus that Osiris didn't just tell the Jews to go back and rebuild their temple this was that the policy of the Persian Empire basically that the Syrians and the Babylonians ruled by force and they kept everybody down and oppressed and then they would exile populations so let's say would be like taking people from Mexico and putting them in Canada and taking people from Canada putting them in Guatemala and you do this to try to break the spirit of the people and break patriotism and nationalism and things like that. That's how they ruled the Persian civil will resettle people, let them go back to their homelands. Let them rebuild the temple to their gods let them pray to their gods for us and will tax them and will have trade routes so we can just go through their countries at will and will tax them and this is how all will do it so that's what the person is ended up doing that now you can just be a secular historian and as a secular historian, you could say hey that's just the Persian policy, the biblical authors make a big fuss about the biblical authors say that this was really the hand of God and was just a policy. The Persians, you could say that or you could say God put this into the heart of Cyrus to fulfill his promises to Israel when you have the prophet telling you in advance that the exile will only last for certain.

I think I need to write on a section by little articles when you have a profit telling you the exiles, only last a certain number of years and the exiles will return which in the natural is not can happen your unit die. There and your descendents are to be absorbed and become part of that other country and that's that and forget everything about your home as a people wanted to hear.

There is people won't happen. The prophet Jeremiah declared it would give a timeframe for other prophets declared it would happen so now what King is raised up and does it afterwards. Motivational sonic if we did it for 10 others on the be shouting and say hey that's God.

That's the hand of God. So I think we need to do is see us on the one hand, God is working all the time and in a few minutes after the showing energy.dry my friend Dr. James White do a Skype interview with him on my book, playing with holy fire and James is a Calvinist would say well, God is working day. And of course I believe is working day and night, but James would say the big news this moment. Scott is working. The good news. The bad news. God is working and one thing is not necessarily more of a miracle than another because it's the hand of God orchestrating the world, according to his plant and I understand that I don't deny that God is constantly working behind the scenes orchestrating all kinds of things. But then there are other things that we would call a miracle.

Other things that are above and beyond the norm. Other things that we say okay this looks like supernatural divine intervention. For example, for example, your driving in your car right and suddenly a car swerves in front of you and you hit the brakes and you just miss crashing into it by an inch since thank you Jesus thank you Jesus for your being grateful to God are thankful she should be, but it was not necessarily a miracle because with the reflexes you have in the time you had an affected your driving alertly in your brakes work. They should've stopped with a stop seizure grateful to God, but chuckling in America. However, if that same car swerved in front of you and there was no time to hit the brakes you're going to have a head-on deadly collision, and suddenly you're sitting on the other side of the car as if your car passed through that car.

That car was picked up off the ground and you 100 that would be a miracle. And that's what I'm wondering about asking about are we seeing miraculous things take place in front of her eyes when it comes to North Korea is this political posturing is that they're under pressure. Does it have to do with China. What's the relationship with the wrong how much is due to to president from saber rattling don't know.

Is this a ploy to to put South Korea to sleep in all I know is for the first time in 65 years, a leader from North Korea has crossed over the border, not the way it's probably be reported within North Korea is of the great triumph in South Korea's bowing down the narrow who knows the way things being postured but the fact it even happened to me is is is mind-boggling, especially for me two years ago July 2016 I was part of an international prayer meeting and there's been prayer for decades and decades and decades under me in our prayer meeting was the big thing. I just know we were one little part in this giant cog going around but pray right there, the DMZ, and it was spooky, uses this as long braids you just you just look over the bridge and that that's North Korea and the people there in such a close world of living in such darkness, wow another leader crosses over and has a meeting with South Korea to me something that solicit check out my article and Esther to Are we witnessing a miracle North Korea. Also, if you read the article came out yesterday on there's nothing funny about abortion that's gone viral and then one more articles we posted three in two days for you, dispelling the myths about the new apostolic Reformation. I hope you can get some clarity from that the memorial reminder a week from Thursday.

I think it's 730 in the evening Eastern standard Time 90 minute leadership form.

If your leadership if your friends leadership that would love to be mentored by me in an online setting.

If you are leader in training then sign up May 10, a week from Thursday will be starting these and I'll be doing teaching opening things up in a leadership level things that the Lord's really show me that I think will be of great help to you and then feeling your questions as well and pray for us. We are on the front lines, seeing amazing things couple came up to me on the placed it independently sit on the plane going to Dallas and the guy comes walking by me just grab told Mrs. God bless you for all you do and then the baggage claim. There was a woman and she just came over asked to get off the plane, we started chatting and she said to my husband and I really appreciate you and Ann turns out they were husband and wife and I met it was was talking to them, but is she said hey you're your take a lot of hits and we appreciate it so solicit we do we take hits day and night. But the fruit we see the lies maintain smiles on their faces. There worth it all. Your prayer support helps carry assist them with us back with you tomorrow.


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