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Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 14, 2018 4:30 pm

Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 14, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/14/18.

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The moving of our embassy to Jerusalem, to the possibility of a coming world revival will come your way today. Start the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always. 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown wrote it is a very very big day of very historic day.

The moving of our embassy to Jerusalem this Michael Brown you are listening to, watching, taking in the line of fire broadcast. If you're watching you see there is a brand-new look so you send your comments on that were working with the new Mike arrangement, hopefully even enhancing the quality of what were doing over the radio number. Call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878841 article yesterday answering the question. Can we use ancient text, speaking of ancient biblical texts can we use ancient texts to deal with geopolitical issues today, a man that I'm looking forward to meeting later this month in Bethlehem Rev. Luther Isaac takes issue with that.

He is a Palestinian Christian and feels that many Christians, evangelicals, American evangelicals, in particular, is the Bible to say what Israel has rights of the Lamb of Israel as God's chosen nation. Israel can do whatever it wants to do and there's very little concern for justice is very little concern for the plight of the Palestinians and because of that, he feels that the techs are being misused.

Looking forward to dialogue with him face-to-face.

We just exchanged some emails.

Moments ago and we have some strong differences but I believe our hearts are both to be peacemakers rather than troublemakers and hence will have some face-to-face dialogue but how we address that question. Can we look at what the Bible says and interpreted with reference to things happening in the Middle East today, but what if people said while America was prophesied in the Bible. So whatever America does against China whatever America does against Russia wherever America does against Mexico or Canada.

It must be right because Americans in the Bible… Would have a notion like that though I was to be wrong give you my take on that how it's both prophetic and pragmatic, how we do use ancient texts to address this issue because these ancient texts are biblical texts, biblical text, they are divinely inspired, they are not just some text from the ancient world.

They're not just someone predicting things zero Nostradamus of the ancient world. These are God inspired text at the same time you have to be very, very, very, very careful when it comes to interpreting prophetic seasons and times the prophets themselves.

First Peter one tells us often got things wrong when he came to prophecy that they they were expecting things to happen in their lifetimes and the spirit revealed to them. Know this is not for you. This is for future generation so's notoriously difficult in terms of understanding times at end, and even to this day, when God speaks something to your heart and he knows from the Lord, we can often get ahead of things and misunderstand time so we need wisdom, we must do this carefully with the same ancient texts that lay out Israel's future are the same ancient texts that call Israel to behave ethically. That's why say it's not either or, it's not prophecy or justice. It's both add we'll talk about that an article I just wrote earlier today and and these are on the website asked her to Brown dog Ward article wrote earlier today Jerusalem, the beautiful and the ugly talking about the significance of what happened to the interest of how major it is, how massive it is 70th anniversary of Jerusalem of the embassy is finally moved mantises massive by the world's greatest superpower.

This is big. Pres. Trump did with President Clinton signed into law but did not act on the delayed the implementation of this and there is a congressional congressional loophole where every six months you can delay the implementation so President Clinton put off the move of the embassy over and over and over again and then Pres. George W. Bush, his entire eight years. He put off the moving of the embassy and then Pres. Barack Obama. He put off the moving of the embassy and it's only the highly controversial Donald Trump was actually acted out. I remember during the campaign, perhaps early in the presidency was a commentator on CNN basically said look, everybody talks about it but nobody is actually doing any promises that the numbers can act on it in here, of all people controversial president, the man who makes his many enemies as friends.

The man who does something amazing one day and puts his foot in his mouth the next day. He's the one.

It's just made history this a coin that's been printed Israel with his face on it. I believe the train stop train station named after him. As can be part of the embassy neighborhood named after him. In fact, let let's put this graphic up here legally grab this.

These are on the wall.

City walls in Jerusalem's old city and… Thank you Pres. Trump.

They even have slogans making Israel great again if you want you can see this. Thank you, Pres. Trump by the way, if you're fairly new to the broadcast may not know that we have a live stream going right now we can watch everything you can watch over at YouTube. Are you too, Esther Cabrera asked Katie or Brown or you can watch over at our Facebook page also asked her to run a escapee or Brown. There's a chat going on. People interacting, sharing their viewpoints, so this is a great way if you're able to turn not on your cell phone or tablet your computer, watch or if you prefer to listen. Keep listening 866-34-TRUTH. Do you believe do you believe that the move of the embassy to Jerusalem is of prophetic significance is of biblical and prophetic significance of fact soon as I get a break here in a few minutes on a put that pole up on twitter and Facebook and asked that question, but I'm asking everyone now 866-348-7884 so a reporting on the event of the dedication of our embassy quotes from the prayer of Pastor John Havey. So here we are in Jerusalem. He really read some of this to you.

Pastor Havey, a strong supporter of Israel sometimes criticized as if he believes in a dual covenant, the Jews can be saved outside of Jesus.

He said things that give you that impression to my face. He said that's not the case with this is part of his prayer. We thank you Lord for presidential Pres. Donald Trump's courage and acknowledging to the world, a truth that was established 3000 years ago that Jerusalem is and always shall be the eternal capital of the Jewish people. The use of this Rose becomes a long torch of freedom in the Middle East because of God's everlasting love for the Jewish people. They said Jerusalem is the city of God. Jerusalem is the heartbeat of Israel.

Jerusalem is where Abraham place to sit on the altar.

Jerusalem is where Messiah will come and establish a kingdom that will never end. For those who curse Israel. He had a clear message with the word go forth to Jerusalem from Jerusalem today.

This relives but every Islamic terrorist here. This message is relives the word go forth today. That is relives because he to keep with Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. II agree with Pastor Havey that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. I agree with Pastor Havey that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed believe the ancient promise given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob applies to Israel to the state, not because of Israel's good deeds, but because of God's covenantal love affect Israel as a nation has suffered more severely than any other nation with if you think of it. The Jewish people of the more scattered as a nation more dispersed, more without a homeland.

Yes, different people groups have suffered tremendously. Yes, there has been ethnic cleansing and genocide in different countries atrocities have taken place over a period of thousands of years.

The people are suffered more than the Jewish people. It's often been pointed out that our heritage is as old as the heritage of India and China as people and yet both of those nations are well over a billion people. If you look at those related to Chinese and Indian worldwide menus about 1,000,000,000 1/2 of each and Israel's what maybe 14 million Jewish people around the world.

We been decimated much of it is been under divine judgment, much of it is a bit it has been under the wrath of man, much of it is has been saying try to wipe us out Amos three God's. It is really only have I known of all the Dems of the earth therefore punish you for your iniquities being chosen as come with a price and I believe that God's hand of preservation has been on us that he has into being that the only way to understand Jewish history is through biblical lands. Our history is unique. Our origins are scattering or preservation in the midst of the nations. Our reading gathering and I put this forward. Many a time and not yet heard a coherent response. Logical response which is the simple question who regathered Israel when God blesses Noah concurs when he curses Noah can bless when he opens the door.

Noah conclusively closes the door in the Lincoln opening went when he scatters no one can gather when he gathers the Lincoln scatter when he smites the look and feel when he feels no one can smite these are all things laid out in the toilet out of the Sinai covenant elsewhere in Scripture. So simple question. We agree that God scattered the Jewish people in his wrath. Yes, all right will then who regathered us, will people and people did it and and Alfaro declaration European nations after World War I also Britain, Great Britain, European nations, America have the power to overthrow God's edict. No kid would Satan regather Israel as an anti-deception so Satan can overpower dog with the Jewish people themselves. The technician also you can just on curse yourself. God scatters you and judgment you can just undo that God scatters your wrath.

You think that undo that we don't like that.

God's motorists would discover sociability doesn't work like that. The only way were regather and if you have any sense of the sovereignty of God. You have to have to say okay to my guns in this this is that in Gaza the Holocaust and in some way. It's mysterious there many more questions than answers, and in no way what I say will Jews over the Holocaust considerably feasible use of it WAS there when news is that will do suffered in the Holocaust was a dazzling bed explained that to the million half babies and children that were slaughtered in cold blood, though I can't fully explain this one.

Rabbi Frank said to me I can explain the Holocaust with God, but I can explain the Holocaust without God remains a sound common to the stake this much I know God has been active in Jewish history and there are no two ways around so we think waiting on you to Facebook, they are as well is diluted with embassy to Jerusalem today of biblical significant line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, as his friends along 5:866487884 this during the short break that we have. I posted this question is our moving of the embassy today to Jerusalem of biblical and even prophetic significance on Twitter give up to four responses so I asked yes no not sure on Facebook you can only give two responses/yes or no doubt, I just clicked on it to run the pole.

Unfortunately it's gonna run for a week, 24, David Facebook, the default is a week twitter it's a day so this can be up there for a while, but by all means respond and way and now of course many critics of Israel are saying that this is the big news moving ever embassy's prayer is provoking tensions in the Middle East and scores and scores of Palestinians in Gaza killed today least over 4000s injured to see if you got about a recent update on that of your list. Let's see if we can look at that article on NBC news.

That's a Palestinians prepare major, major move.

This is a major protest that was carried out today and yes so going back for a few weeks at least 90 demonstrators have been killed 1100 11,500 wounded by Israeli forces during protest since March 30, according to Gaza's ministry of health and if you take those figures with a grain of salt with a lot of people and then as of today.

Okay number updated from last time I looked at least 52 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces and was 1960 others were wounded Monday today after thousands of protesters converged on the razor wire fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel is the US Embassy opened in Jerusalem is really defense forces opened fire on protesters approaching the barrier accused Hamas of leaving a terrorist operation under the cover of masses of people Internet firebombs explosive devices as well as rocks would be thrown toward the barrier book. This is a tragic loss of life. These people created in the image of God's people loved by God. These are people for whom Jesus died. They are sons maybe some daughters of parents. They are brothers. Maybe some sisters probably many men getting killed in this they are fathers they are husbands. This is tragic but it is also the fault of Hamas. Did anyone make them protested. Did anyone make them engage in acts of violence.

Did any of them make them try to breach the security fence. Did any of them make them anyone make them a participate in exercises where Hamas promised death to Israelis.

It's an unfortunate loss of life did Israel handle every shot exactly well. We don't know there will be investigations was there excessive use of force. We don't know. There always investigations when Israel does what it does. The bear line. If you are a Palestinian Muslim living in Israel. Under Israeli leadership, you could stand outside your house today and burn Israeli flag in protest Israel's moving United States with the embassy to Jerusalem and you're not getting it shot by Israeli forces.

If you're Palestinian Muslim, a Palestinian Druze or Palestinian Christian or Palestinian atheists living in Israel under Israeli rule to not living in the so-called West Bank under positive authority not living in Gaza Strip under Hamas, which are living under Israeli rule. You can protest, you can be a member of Parliament about 10% of parliament, as is Arab Palestinian you can be a member of Parliament. You can get up on the parliamentary floor and denounce Israel in the harshest terms and denounce Prime Minister Netanyahu in the harshest terms and call Israel a fascist, even Nazi regime and you're not going to get shot for doing it right here thrown in jail or torture redoing it because there is liberty. And there's freedom. In fact, you can be a left-wing Israeli part of a group like but seldom, and what you do is document.

Would you believe are human rights abuses by the Israelis and you can do that actively you can try to undermine his review could be a professor and an Israeli University and call for the boycott, divestment and sanctions. You can call from BDS boycott investment centers of Israel as an Israeli professor and not lose your job.

There is tremendous freedom of speech in Israel. In fact, to a fault, you think our elections get bad you think our elections get ugly thought Israel trust me really it is a democracy to a fault. In those ways.

So all that to say why are these really shooting protesters down within Israel.

If several hundred thousand gathered in Tel Aviv to protest with Israel. Israel B shouldn't know and less there is an attack unless there is an actual violence, threat, so this is something provoked by Hamas at Emerson. I can't say I know this for a fact by having read specific strategies but I can tell you I'm virtually certain that when Hamas provokes something like this it provokes it with the expectation that there will be casualties. Hamas is not going to out bomb Israel.

Hamas, no matter how much money it spends on terror titles and bombs is not going to defeat Israel in a in a military war. The only way can defeat Israel is is and a popular war propaganda war oppressed war. So the more Palestinians that die and, of course, promised heaven as martyrs on their suicide mission for all law dying with the Chronicle's ability loss either.

It is been in the it in the.

The path of Allah are so you're guaranteed heaven, so who knows what was said those what was offered with this much you know the Israelis are terrible their enemies there bad, they're harsh in every way and we need to fight against them. So gather and protest. This is your sacred duty and then the the celebration was called a lack of a the disaster. This is the this 70th anniversary of Israel. Palestinians morning is the seventh anniversary of the disaster, the catastrophe in the modern state of Israel and then we going to Ramadan right so I mean you're in a pretty intense time right now a pretty intense time at end, and a time when we need to be praying God your name be held in the Middle East, Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done.

But make no mistake about it this is a massively big and important event, and in my view, one here your view, but in my view, one that is also of biblical and prophetic significance. While I say that because the Bible not only speaks of Jerusalem's past, but of Jerusalem's future and in several key and time passages like Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 which clearly have not yet come to pass, we see that there is yet a future promise to Israel that there will be a Jewish Jerusalem that welcomes the Messiah back. In fact, we find this implied fairly fairly clear implication. At the end of Matthew 23 versus 37 to 39 where Jesus pronounces woes of the city of Jerusalem. Mrs. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, used all the prophets and kills those sent you how often I would've gathered your children together as a hen gathers her chicks and Lewis but you were willing to behold, your house is left to desolate for you will not see me again meaning as a nation as a people, until you say speaking to Jerusalem roof above Oshima than I blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord while this is he who comes in the name of the Lord. So this really is highly highly significant in Jewish Jerusalem will welcome back Messiah in the book of Zechariah tells us the truth will be a city of controversy for the whole world and the nations of the world come up against Jerusalem.

We get today is a little foretaste of the world shaking that comes over something like this and other embassies will follow again.

This is both right and righteous. This is the historic capital of Israel. Jerusalem is never been the capital of any Palestinian state, and even though it's of significance it and in Islam the city from which allegedly Mohammed ascended to heaven on his on his horse that the fact of the matter is that Jerusalem, the Quran has no importance as it is an Islamic city that has importance it's it's it's recognized as the historic place of the temple in Jerusalem. Even though Palestinian propagandists deny that today that's that's fairly well-known and established evil within Islam, and not only so, but if you're a Muslim and you live in Jerusalem you pray with your back towards Jerusalem in your face towards Mecca worse Jews for centuries have been saying next year in Jerusalem and pray daily for the coming of Messiah to Jerusalem for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the nation and Israel's repentance so Israel is yet to repent. Israel must still repent Israel still needs redemption. Hence my article today Jerusalem, the beautiful and Jerusalem.

The ugly but make no mistake, this is a great import, so does this tie in directly to end time prophecy by this.

What we don't know we don't know that would be speculation, but the fact that it is pointing electric.

The fact that in Jewish Jerusalem.

Welcome Jesus back and that our president has made this move to me, that gets my attention right off of the phones for your questions.

We come back 8634. Truth is the number to call and this is a great time to sew into our Jewish ministry were about to launch a Jewish outreach radio show in New York City. God is provided funding for the airtime for year but we have many, many other costs, make your scanner. This will help reach Jewish people with the use of this site access the ultimate issue Jews and Gentiles. The Jesus issue safe will be with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown facilities line… Voicing down the thousand 18/70 anniversary of the modern state of Israel in the day that we moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Thank you, Pres. comp for this courageous move 866-34-TRUTH hey I got some good news for you at some guess that within a come on the show today that canceled out last minute because of which the phone lines are open for your Jewish related questions. I know it's Monday, not Thursday. Don't get all disoriented. But here's the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 with your Jewish related questions on a Monday now. Not everyone is happy with this new there are Palestinian Christians who are upset with this move. There are Christians in different parts of the world who hold to what is called replacement theology in one form or another. Ultimately, believing that the promises once given to ancient Israel now belong to the church today.

They're not happy with this, there are others Muslim world. Not happy with this.

By and large other nations feeling it's it's unnecessarily provocative Tory and II want to look at the comments of one British Christian leader Stephen Sizer who is one of the most staunch opponents to the state of Israel today as fulfillment of prophecy. He's even been accused of being anti-Semitic. Fact is a is a vicar in the Church of England. He was given an ultimatum stop speaking about Israel stop posting about Israel or lose your position that he did that for some years is posting again this that mean he's the one with the Church of England.

That is certainly possible, but let's look at some of which he has to say about this. Stephen Sizer Jerusalem eternal city of faith. And if you're watching them scroll down the page there so you can read along with me. I think we just froze and therefore a second on my screen but according to Stephen Sizer Israel today is in no way a fulfillment of prophecy and the Jerusalem that the Bible speaks of is one that's going to be a place of prayer and blessing for all nations. So he is absolutely against this happening and feels that it celebrates an apartheid regime regime that is guilty of terrible crimes against humanity.

I had a brief debate with Dr. Sizer some years back on movies up for debate program and you can watch that or listen to it over to our YouTube channel.*Brown SK Dearborn on YouTube just click on a Sizer SIs CER you can listen to us, and in fact I gave him a quote something he said in. He denied ever saying it because it was a really bad quote and then I gave the exact time and date when he said he was well, I'm at home with that isolate let's set let's go through some of what Dr. Sizer said in his article present Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem destroyed in the stroke of a pen, any lingering allusions of the shared city student. The two state solution or an independent sovereign Palestine, Jewish and Christian sinus regards Jerusalem as the exclusive undivided eternal Of is used to justify the annexation segregating segregation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Okay this is a perfect illustration of why I reject his words is ugly and dangerous and destructive Israel is not involved in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine that is ugly, libelous charge. It is full of falsehood. In point of fact, the 200,000 Arabs.

None of his Palestinians who stayed in the state of Israel after it was formed in 1948 are now more than 1.5 million people. I from 200,000 to 1.5 million. As for the Palestinians in Gaza and the so-called West Bank biblical today and Samaria. Their numbers have grown exponentially.

Where is the ethnic cleansing in point of fact, moving the embassy to Jerusalem does nothing to impact the two state solution because Jerusalem does not have to be the capital of a Palestinian state, even if folks argued for two state solution Jerusalem does not need to be the capital of a Palestinian state. Why should be. It's never been before. There's never been a Palestinian nation before Jerusalem is the one and only capital in Israel's history in terms of a major function center from the days of David seven years and have grown and loose to Jerusalem 33 years there and that becomes the capital of Israel through history. The only capital's resume had and the functioning capital just like DC is the functioning capital of America is the function capital of Israel.

All is doing is recognizing reality (rhetoric like this from people like Sizer. It's so damaging an inflammatory many Christian service Israel apartheid state Israel practicing ethnic cleansing. Israel guilty of genocide Israel was in the Nazis. This is ugly has Israel been perfect in its dealings policies no of course not.

But let's put things in context from home right Israel a great national cost polls out of Gaza under oriole Sharon and obviously under pressure from America pulls out of Gaza and leaves gauze in the hands of the Palestinians to administrate and lead and they elect Hamas in the Hamas has an educational wing a humanitarian way, antiterrorist way they elect Hamas now that Gaza Strip is under the control of terrorists is undertreated, eternal, and is a strata smuggling weapons and Otero terrorism to Israel. You better believe Israel's, blockade Egypt is even blockaded Gaza Strip income loss in many ways because of their dealings so Israel says here, go ahead. Let's live in peace side-by-side have the lead and Terrace taken over how is it Israel's full house it. Israel's fault that Israel's fighting against hers is a yeah but that wallet. Israel will first its 95% fence, 97% fence 3% all separation barrier, but that's there also looking Terrace and with his wallet.

Is there permanently to keep snipers out.

Is it wrong for Israel to try to keep murderers out of its own country. Is that wrong.

Would America be expected to do any less then that if there were people coming in daily try to kill us in and snipe us kill our children are women or men. You say we wouldn't do the same or even more in. Let's take Israel's last war with with Hamas in Gaza first reports Israel engaged in horrific horrific war conduct and butchered Palestinians in cold blood and killed children will upon further investigation by critics of Israel and saying that this was the most carefully carried out war in recorded history in terms of casualties. Civilian compared to combatant a and NII know young man in the Israeli army any time of the first few weeks you study ethics and you can't leave.

You can't leave the base without without your photo ID and without an ethics card reminder of how you have to treat those with whom your ear engaged in battle and they're always risking their own lies to avoid civilian casualties that are there Israelis that hate Arabs. Yes. Are there settlers who are anti-Palestinian and ugly violently. Yes.

Are there times when Israelis overreact and go treat their neighbors fairly absolutely and is a friend of Israel called to account for that. But Israel is this tiny tiny democracy in a sea of a hostile almost all Muslim world surrounding it with many of us running nations people like Iran wanted to see Israel destroyed so Rev. Sizer on the wrong side not just of the Bible and God.

But the wrong side of justice as well. 86634 let us go to Nevada Ajay, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brandon, you're welcome Myron Hunter never heard a lot of different in kind. Great confusion on I would rendering any actual biblical support to the property that one day there will be a temple dealt at her temple dealt an interim yes this seems to be some clear biblical support for that not let me say that beyond our age.

Now many before the return of Jesus. You can make a strong argument that there will be a temple in Jerusalem, and the millennial age Isaiah 2 references the house of of the war, the mountain of the House of Lords is the temple being exalted in Jerusalem and at passages like Ezekiel 40 to 48 point to a future temple in Zechariah 14 as well. The millennial kingdom. The question is, will there be a temple built before Yeshua returns and I believe that Scripture points in that direction how it will happen in the natural is another question. Because of the presence of the dome of the rock drill Richardson with his Islamic antichrist theory has the idea that what will happen is that this Islamic antichrist will barter deal with the Muslim world and the Jewish people that hate you can you can destroy the dome of the rock Al-Aqsa mosque and build your third temple there should be an extraordinary active and that that's that's how he would be a false Messiah.

It's it it's as good a possibility something of her.

I have no idea. Otherwise, how would happen but you can make a case were based on Matthew 24 saying it so the all of the discourse.

Matthew 24, Mark 1321 you could say that there it speaks of events that will happen before the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 and other events that will happen before Jesus returns at the end of this age to make a very good case, especially Luke's gospel. He seems to divided so that does speak of a future temple. Second Thessalonians.

The second chapter speaks of the man of sin is antichrist figure as setting himself up in the temple of God as God. So is that referring to little temple you can make a good argument for, especially since the temple was standing in Jerusalem when Paul wrote about it so I'm not dogmatic about it. I'm certainly not one of those whose focused on the rebuilding of the third temple in all the activities surrounding it and the fact that the that the Levites and priests have been trained and they've had the garments made in that the objects of the temple, made in a study the loss of sacrifice, looking for the restoration but I do believe that much of what was happening in the New Testament will be recapitulated so look at it like this focus on living a godly life. When people with the gospel and being a disciple.

Pray for the salvation of Israel nations and look for his return. And then within the midst of that. Keep your eyes open as if there is a temple rebuilt me know that we getting closer and closer to the end they thank you for the call again folks are really encourage you to listen to the debate I had with Dr. Stephen Sizer.

It's brief but severe.

The key points that were made go to the digital library asked her to Brown a SK DR become a digital library to search for Sizer SICE all I love have a formal two or three hour lottery for him to check out done already a Mac with export.

It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown see believer break the broadcast here so hundred 79 votes. No hundred 93 votes of four on Twitter, 46% yes, 20%. No.

26% not sure but see over on Facebook where I posted it as well on her ass.

Dr. Brown page C with the responses are there.

Let's see about same number votes.

So for a have two choices on Facebook so it's yes or no in 3% said yes 17% adult. Isn't it interesting that my constituency on Twitter is little different than my constituency on Facebook when you're free to break down all the demographics in detail. There so before I go back to the phones on this historic day and were opening files like we do early on Thursdays. Usually questions you really have to marvel at things with Pres. Trump. We consider all day and talk about his shortcomings and talk about ways that he's hurt America or profaned our national dialogue or degraded the office of the president or from the political debates to now, you end up tight about sexual things any looking talk about some of that stuff as well. I can get details (one of the debates never anyway we talk about all that and would be true. And yet the man is doing things of great historical importance. The move to Jerusalem is something that Pres. Obama did not make for eight years.

Even though it was our books to do so. Pres. George W. Bush did not make that move for eight years. Pres. Bill Clinton was the one that signed the bill into law for us to a room succeeded act on it from the time he cited the rest of his presidency. It took someone with this audacious who cares what you think attitude to get done took a bull in a china shop to get done to get our hostages back from North Korea to have a situation now where this could be a sonic with North and South River ever ready met and present constantly face-to-face with the leader of North Korea in the stepson of even participation with Saudi Arabia and Israel assert levels. This stuff is unheard-of and is open standing for religious liberty and is pushing back against various forms of LGBT activism and his appointive Kilgore such an and quite a few other strong conservatives to federal benches. He's a historic president with all kinds of baggage that have to look at this like Martin Luther was used as a world changer and have all kinds of baggage looks like we have someone like that today. Now the goal is that we pray for him to really come to the Lord and to become Christlike to get rid of some of the bad baggage, but to be a strong and decisive and fearless as he is often the you get one with the other meaning when the tractor comes to do home improvement at this demolishes the home. You know that there is a whole talk that the Pres. Trump would be a divine wrecking ball or gauze chaos candidate some of the future Bush. Some of my small muscle from Jeremiah Johnson different voices that that's what he's been so you want to do the wrecking ball thing for renovating the room in your home. If you do want to do the wrecking ball thing for lack dental building and the surgeon is not a wrecking ball. The wrecking ball is not a surgeon us were really to pray because wrecking ball could straw several other world wars wrecking ball. All of the world wars I'm appreciative for the amazing things he's done while on open and candid about the shortcomings as our ongoing prayer for him but let's give the man is due. In this respect 866-34-TRUTH of its go New Jersey Keith is Madonna, maybe not let us go to Fort Worth, Texas Joseph walking to the line of fire. Very well, thanks. I had a question on record about the approximate ouster. I've heard a lot of other teachers talk about it being basically denying Christ and I was just curious to what may be like the Jewish perspective of what Boston would've been because he would've been interviewed in the dues that bring in Mike whether or not that actually a fundamentalist burger now. Yet Jesus is to totally digital library Esther today on the Lord SK dear Brandon or just isinglass me. You see a short video teaching on done this as well, seeking check that out. But when rescue from the Jewish perspective blasphemy laws were fairly wide blanket. There were various things that we consider Glaspie others not with the same Hebrew and Greek words that are used for blasphemy are also used for slander and in other words, when you're blaspheming God or slandering God.

So even though we could argue that the ultimate blasphemy of the spirit is the rejection of Jesus the Messiah. Really, that's not what blasphemy is that this is the ultimate sin the ultimate party of our hearts with blasphemy is speaking against blasphemy is reviling right so if if I slander view in the ugliest terms and said ugly false things about you publicly defame view that that would be what people do to the Holy Spirit. So in context we have in Mark three that the Jewish religious leaders. When Jesus was healing the sick and driving out demons by the power of the spirit. They said he has a demon and that's the direct context.

The direct context for Yeshua teaching on the blasphemy of the spirit. He said this because they said he has a demon that he's driving out demons by Beelzebub the prince of demons so in short, Glaspie of the spirit is to knowingly attribute the works of the spirit to say to that is reviling the spirit that is speaking evil of the spirit that is blasphemy of the spirit can have meetings. Beyond that, perhaps, but that's in context. What we see and remember it is actually speaking against the spirit.

So why that worthless because the father the son because the spirit is the one who comes and brings the Messiah to us the spirit is the one who comes and reveals Messiah to us in an and the one that we reject when we reject him, so that's why it seems there is an even greater emphasis put on this symbol about people today Christian leaders who who mock with charismatics, reviewing and mock the healings and lock the tongues is the lesson the spirit, no doublethink in the stars because of folks are doing this if they if they love the Lord they're doing it in ignorance. It takes a hardened heart tremendous significance, a hardened heart to get to that point to say knowingly I see with the Holy Spirit's doings glorify Jesus.

But I'm gonna call it the work of Satan publicly on speak that out.

That's blasphemy of the spirit and the consequences of that or horrific.

Eight. Thank you for asking. One more reminder friends just a few weeks from now. We plan to launch a Jewish outreach radio show in New York City focus one hour a week on a station that will blast all across the city at night with reach to a couple million Jewish men and women to incredible open-door opportunity that the shows will be focused and edified great listening for Christians, but we are asking to pray for the Jewish people. God is provided the funds for one year of radio in advance. He's provided the funds. However, we have many, many other costs related to we just have airtime because we have many other costs related to and much we need to do to improve our Jewish outreach website so now's a great time to sew into a ministry and in doing so, help us really bless the lost sheep of the house of Israel go to Esther to Brown, the Lord SK dear Brown, double-click on donate.

If we been a blessing to stand with us in reaching the Jewish people today and let's just take one more call 866-34-TRUTH. Also Fort Worth one meter welcome to the line of fire undercurrent.

Our car and. Thank you for your share really enjoying iron morning here rewrite on your report for president current any good thing during our docket things and bad things and I care and grateful to hear Tommy Hocking and our president in a positive light coming in after bashing him and brought human comic mistake and you get an ad and I just thank you, for reiterating to get think that he is doing you you are very welcome in yellow ones that have to be one of the other. What was it has to be that one day one day we say hey this is great. What he did and we appreciated the next day we were disappointed. What can we do that, you know, when you're raising the kids when you're interacting with your spouse when you talk to someone you work with when it yeah that was great. Really appreciate that an athlete, great play bad play. Why does it have to be either that the guys the worst thing ever and you just mock him and attack him all day long like Salida liberal news or that is some perfect saint in flawless and it's it's forbidden to criticize him. I voted for him with concern because I didn't know what would happen.

And so my worst fears have been realized and some of my greatest expectations have been realized if the elections were they. I'd vote for and with even more confidence.

Yeah hey thank you Juanita. Let me let me in the broadcast and read this to Isaiah chapter 2 verse two through four. It shall come to pass in the latter days the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mouth shall be lifted up above the hills and all the nations shall flow to it. And many people shall come and say come the scope to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God of Jacob that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths of Zion shall go with her on the word of the Lord from Jerusalem for good relations side displacement because they should leave their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning of nation shall not lift up sword against nation, that's what were praying for ultimate size. Return status is based in

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