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Why Are Other Religions More Devoted to God Than We Are?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 23, 2018 5:10 pm

Why Are Other Religions More Devoted to God Than We Are?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 23, 2018 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/23/18.

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It's day one. Come your way from Israel stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown befriends Michael Brown got to my hotel with our little team old, probably about eight hours ago got a good night sleep healthy breakfast and ready to start our day with a very different time zone so I am speaking to one time zone. Here you'll be hearing me at our normal times, but I won't be taking calls. I will be taking questions posted on social media. So each day at different times of the day I'm going to post if you'd like your Jewish related questions answered they could be anything to do with Israel. Modern Israel today biblical Israel. He related question messianic prophecy Jewish background to the New Testament like we taken early Thursday through Jewish Thursday show every day that I'm able. I'm going to be taking your questions so it will be like calling Bobby taking your questions. If there's breaking news taking place while in Israel will cover that as we always do and I may have some special interviews. It all depends on who I'm with and what the schedule looks like, but God willing every day for the next.

Let's see, it's what is wise they correct yeah Wednesday, Thursday, for should be about the next eight days or seven days away from Israel. So I want to talk to about the children of Abraham want to talk to about Muslims yeah Muslims then want to get to your Jewish related calls when many Americans think of Islam. They think of terrorism, they think of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Caliban, Hamas, they think of fanaticism. They think of people blowing themselves up.

They think of all types of abuses of religion done in the name of the Corolla and have a law in the name of Mohammed and on the one hand, that is a very real expression of Islam. That expression has been with Islam in certain ways since it's inception as Mohammed is my friend Dr. James White often points out, was first a spiritually than a political leader that a military leader is a military leader engaged in all types of horrific acts of war. So this is something that finds justification within Islam and that when radical Muslims want to do with they do there. There brutal murderous acts they can claim justification in the Quran or in the life of Mohammed or an Islamic history and tradition. Many others would say no, that's not valid as long no more than it would be valid Judaism about Christianity to redo what Joshua didn't go on conquered people in and seek to wipe them out and the vast majority of Muslims that I've met over the years would utterly repudiate this expression of Islam.

The violent expression of his long now you might say will they're just nominal that really committed Muslim so I've I've met many serious muscles you might say that their version of the faith is not the historic version of the real version you can debate that the semi my purpose here. I want to give you a glimpse into another side of his long or give you a glimpse into a side was lawn that will convict you and that will cause you to pray.

I hope, with greater burden and perhaps even look for more open doors were you can share the good news with other Muslims. All right get picked up at the airport last night so probably about 1230 at night so little past midnight late Tuesday night early Wednesday morning and as I'm talking to the driver just based on his accent and the way he speaks Hebrew might my modern Hebrews is weak by biblical Hebrew strong but I know I can converse and often understand enough to recognize immediately that he's in Arab-Israeli that he speaks Arabic and Hebrew, there is there is a way that an Arabic speaker will pronounce certain Hebrew letters that in effect may even be more in keeping with its historic pronunciation, but in any case, it's perhaps a distinctive way so as were talking. Okay so your your SUVs a Muslim yes well it's it's Ramadan right it's Ramadan and during Ramadan. You don't each or drink anything from sunrise to sunset right so from sunrise to sunset. You don't eat or drink anything. Say what about water no no no you don't eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset so we're driving and use again now. It's fine he can know you can eat and drink so you he's got some water in the car some drink and he disappoints to that and he said yeah he said that from for something in the morning when the sunrise until 705 at night is not every day is a little bit later, the sun sunset know the date they don't even atheists. And you have a big feast of the and another is that the tradition of feasting at night and Ramadan, but that was not the big thing to him, not out, here's the he did not present himself as an ultrareligious Muslim. He was friendly.

He works with Jews with Christians. He likes living in Israel and Jerusalem etc. there just would seem like a typical married man with a couple of kids in an usable Muslim and this is what Muslims do this.

What Muslims do that they they one of the pillars of Islam is that you fast during Ramadan, so everybody does night. Obviously a people at sneak meals or do things not supposed to do and you have totally nominal Muslims who don't fast during Ramadan, but the Muslims committed at all. This is part of life and I'm sure it is peer pressure to do it all up at here's the point I want to make that it is a natural form of devotion for them. It is a natural discipline praying five times a day.

If you don't do that you're still more likely to fast during Ramadan consensus of the Muslims do and I was just struck by this again and I asked myself the question, not in a legalistic way, what Christians were so devoted to their faith to their God. That one month out of the year from sunrise until sunset. They didn't eat or drink anything and it was just a discipline for one month out of the year. So, as is legal is a menace is negligent. I hang on hang on, don't go there. That's not my point right for this man, this is a way of life for him. This is bad. This was something sacred and this is what you do is Muslims and it wasn't that big a deal. The way we were talking. He was very nonchalant about it.

I don't mean about its seriousness, but that's just hate that was normal for him in the hotel room staying. I asked them last night.

Hey, I'm on a special diet that's just the way I say it because of eating only healthily and things like that but I want to know how serious it is, say you have a microwave oven in the building because II I'm on a special diet so I travel with these these healthy soups and I need the heated up on here and he said what's in it is a dairy. Is it is me that's a no-no it's vegetable you sure yes vegetable said okay and then today having breakfast. I asked if they could be one of the soups up for me.

Same thing and it is these were not religious Jews asking me but because they have to follow certain religious Jewish laws they want to make sure okay because you can put make certain things, etc. so if if you have dairy here. You cannot meet here you have separate separate acts and kitchens etc. all of that to say all of that to say that it's just a way of life that you say get that's legalism. Jesus came to set us free for legalism.

Listen, that's not the point I want to make the point I want to make is that for religious Jews and religious Muslims living with certain disciplines living with certain devotions. That's just normal. That's just the way you live. That's just what you do and you do it out of love for God. You do it out of devotion for God. Your religious Jew you get up at the crack of dawn to pray every day. I was interacting with the religious friend of mine time we were really going back and forth and it was late at night or religious Jewish friend and I said you have much time to sleep.

Do you because I was in get to sleep in us and you have much time to sleep. Do you and he said that whatever is getting up at five something in a again that's just what he does as a religious Jew and what struck me many many years ago was yes there is leaderless and yes there are people that do what they do out of our motivation.

We at we understand that we understand that's there. However however, there is an aspect of simply being very devoted to God in the way you understand the way you understand what he requires and what he desires and in Jesus. Yeshua called his disciples he didn't call for a lesser devotion.

He didn't tell his disciples say you can be less devoted than the scribes and the Pharisees said note yet from even more devoted not in a legalistic way been a way of absolute heart surrender to God and said if you want to come after me, you have to deny yourself and take up the cross and follow me. And this means death to my own agenda as well as it means death to the lust of the flesh as well as it means death to living for the praise of man as well as it means death to wrong attitudes and desires. It means a life yielded up to God.

So here's my question for how is it that we have been saved by grace, that we who been brought from death to life, that we who been set free from sin through the blood of Jesus, that we who been indwelt by the Holy Spirit that we had our sins forgiven and know God is our father that we who been called to take up our cross and follow Jesus and leave everything and be his disciples that we can often be so casual about our faith and so carnal about our faith. I'm going to do a TV fast this month. Not I understand that for some that's a big thing that it's it's it's a major step in its serious but it's funny that that that's the kind of thing we fast meaning that were so absorbed with things as well on a fast video games this week. I'm okay. I'm for some that's big sacrifice.

But the point is we have just gotten so used to the things of this world and living like the rest of the world lives that for us.

You know, fasting is this these little steps to not be as worldly as we normally are.

I am not saying that God sitting there with a logbook I mailed you to pray how many chapters and read in the Bible know he's not what we relate to the sons and daughters were part of his family the way he commands us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbors are self what is that look like what does that look like wink when he when he he tells us to lay our lives down on the altar as living sacrifices was that look like Romans 12, Colossians 3, you died in your life is now hidden with God. And so what is that I was seated :-) it's not the house of God by the seal does not have write back from Jerusalem. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown join his friends.

I want to fire Michael Brown coming out the window room from which I'm recording this show now and I see Jerusalem stone. If you come to Jerusalem you'll see that you get to the old city and the walls around it have a certain look certain stone and when new buildings go up, and Jerusalem be they apartment buildings or government buildings when they go up they have that same look Jerusalem stone so I don't know exactly what I'm looking at now out my window but I know that I'm in Jerusalem so welcome, welcome to the broadcast look, friends, can I speak plainly to so many times we say only legalistic I will be legalistic. I will be legalistic simply because we don't want to kill the flesh.

Listen legalism doesn't kill the flesh in a spiritual way it it just puts religious rules on people that bring about a certain outward discipline but don't change the heart legalism is lost without love rules without relationship standards without a Savior. Legalism judges from the outside in. God changes us from the inside out. The grace of God is, is anything but legalistic, and yet what the law requires is less than what grace requires that the law can only require a certain amount from us. Where's grace transforms us so that the whole of our lives are caught up in God I'm reminded of the late evangelist TL Osborn talking about his experience going to India as a missionary with his wife is a young man would barely 20 years old. I think and he's struck by the Muslims that he met in India praying five times a day and even pray five times a day and he came with his holy book and they had their holy book.

That's when I realize that that he needed to bring the gospel in the power of the spirit not become a hallmark of of his ministry, but the fact is, he was provoked by the devotion of Muslims I been provoked by the devotion of religious Jews and ultimately what draws me is love for God ultimately what draws me is is the new life of Jesus.

Yeshua inside of me sensitive rules and regulations that draws me and yet I recognize that under the law, the children of Israel were called to love God write the half that are not a heck of a call of cover, cover, that you love the Lord to God with all your heart, with all your soul Lord with all your might. That that that was a call of a hostile or if a commotion you love your neighbor as yourself.

This was a normal life calling. So under grace or we called to love less a recall to be less devoted was a fascinating thing being in Israel, when you think that children of Abraham right Judaism, Islam, Christianity that that all three face look back to Abraham as their father. They look back to Abraham is the father. Faith isn't remarkable to just think of it, think of it when when Abraham is just a solitary man without any children right 75 years old and his wife Sarah Baron and he has no children that at that stage. God says your offspring will be like the sands of the seizure of the stars of the sky which cannot be numbered. And if you've ever been in a part of the world where there hasn't been pollution and when you look up at the stars that you they are innumerable mean that's that's what Abraham was looking at. That's what he was being exposed to is that incredible, and God brought that about no, I'm not saying that God is looking at all of Judaism, Islam and Christianity as the offspring of Abraham but I'm saying that this can all be traced back to physically or one man, these re-world wide pavement makeup or what have the population of Europe is, isn't that utterly while think about all trades and shows back. This will man what Paul tells us in Galatians 3 that all who are in the Messiah are children of Abraham by faith examination. I only get to some of your questions on my can be taken calls but respond to question seven posted on social media. So let's start with this question from Gyro who asked this can Gentile Christians where colleagues. Jesus was believed to also wear one or is this commandment from God, not necessary anymore white. First let's look at what Gyro is talking about in numbers chapter 15 God said this to the children of Israel, your sub really commanded in Deuteronomy but in Numbers the 15th chapter it says that the children of Israel were to wear this in verse 37 the Lord said to Moses, speak to the people of Israel and tell them to make tassels on the corners of their garments throughout your generations at about two record of blue on the castle of each quarter and shall be a task you look at and remember all the commandments of the Lord to do them to follow after your own heart and your own eyes what you're inclined to horror after juice you remember in your my commandments to be holy to your God. I am the Lord your God who brought traveling to Egypt to be your God. I am the Lord your God now initially what this meant was that the garments the Israel war scorecard garments would have the strangest least hassle, so this should be for male Israelites's ultimately help interpreted in terms of the mail are in traditional Judaism is not apply to women, but you could question origins what is that women originally but as this is been lived out over the centuries.

The Jewish man would have on the fringes of his garment. These tassels with a blue royal blue. It's often called Hamlet and Hubert which called royal blue because it was came from particular diet was very expensive.

It was associated with worldly so it was something to make the jewelry Israel. Remember, remember, you are designer garments on top remember who you are and when you see these when you look at that and be reminded to keep the commandments.

Now this was not a special or separate garment that was worn okay.

This is not a separate garment that was worn.

This was part of the out outer guard of male Israelites and and in Greek is crossed, the God while I mentioned that the Greek New Testament tells us, for example in in Luke the sixth chapter that people were just touching the cross with all the friends of his garment rough in your hand, but it's possible to meet him, but it's more likely meant friends ritual French music did have holy powers are unlikely that that was it, but rather, that was the furthest extent not just the hem of the robe range coming from the hand that that's the furthest thing even granting that people were Geo and the same with them over the issue of much of this would've been to coordinate usual war. Now you say should Gentile Christians where the 12. I don't see a reason why there were outward things that God gave Israel that would help them remember certain commandments and now God is written things in our hearts and end with the new covenant written things in our hearts so that these changes are hard in nature, but now desire to live for God and please have their head as always feel like that of our our to be reminded better all reminders greater.

This was never commandment that was given for all Gentile Christians decide not using religious Jewish men dressed like that today. Because the style address change traditional Jews would then wear a man. Where was Hotel beat Qatar, so this is worn by can save over your undershirt or an undershirt type of garment and on the engine. Are these white fringes there than not it in certain ways to symbolize the 613 commandments are now here is what really really interesting.

So what had happened there white not blue well the rabbis determine that the only way to get this particular guy with was this particular stale cookie was only sick again anymore, and therefore the center-right will make things white set out right when you think should exist and will and his logic or color like that. That's all purpose it you will find some religious Jews who believed that they rediscovered the die and or they can re-create that same color and they wear the great blue fringes.

But that is the tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny fraction of minority movement that pushes for all that to say I don't see any reason for Gentile Christian to you that God laid on your heart fine, but because that's not garment that we wear today because it's like the outfit that we worked it.

If you are looking for something equivalent remember when something a little bracelet had Scripture records or talk about where wearing a wristband reminded you to be holy or something like that in an obviously dressing modestly as opposed to immodestly, but if you feel that whatever you could do to help you remember whatever you can do that help you focus on the Lord's commandments. Great, but to me I just want to give my input is a Jewish believer in Jesus. Yeshua is confusing when the Jewish community sees Christians keeping of commandment here, not commandment their and I I thought your Christian, yet your Christian Yangon Christian okay well why why are you wearing the fringes of either glow well you know II believe I should keep the Commandments are seeking all the dietary laws. All of you and and you the new moons in their status and administered all through more and more commands and either your graph all the way of legalism and yet we keep all this and put yourself back under the Sinai covenant or you to show that you pick and choose which case it brings reproach to the frame though I do not see any command for Gentile Christian where these somehow you feel the Lord laid on your heart.

It's productive. That's between you and God. I'm just saying your witness to the Jewish community, they will find it confusing especially when push comes to shove, you don't live by everything under the Sinai covenant and you relate to God differently because of what the Messiah style across so that is the answer to your question are come back with similar Jewish related questions and share more with you from Jerusalem and as soon as unable per se, here were like undressing while knowledge of those that I publicly gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown Jerusalem yeah I posted a picture you were coming out of the airport in Charlotte. We system the Robin producer Matt myself a little team in Israel.

Now so this is my 15th trip to Israel double like a hobo holder's repudiation turn around and go to Italy for my 26 time to Italy later in the year should be going to India for my 26 time should be going in July 2 London so I will insisting Todd England II counted up before four by now and I think this is overseas trip somewhere around hundred 60 I was well over 160 outside the country will probably over hundred 80 or 95 include Mexico and Canada but anyway all that to say it's always a privilege never gets old. Yeah, hours, hours, travel and now were seven hours time differential from where we started, but it's a privilege to be on the front lines in the service of God.

It's a privilege to be an ambassador for Jesus. Yeshua and I'm eager to be interacting with lots of Israelis. A man is of came laden down with camera gear was his best to get all the interviews, you can all the footage you can people on the streets and cylinders shall be doing I'll be able to share more with you later in the week doing some things behind the scenes so keep praying. If we come to mind.

By all means pray for so I am not taking phone calls but I am answering some questions that have been posted on social media, here's a question from Tyler on twitter with the Jews except Jesus. If he returned with a just try and continue as a cultural herd to preserve what they see is power and pulpit talent that's that's a very interesting question. We phrased it. It makes some very, very serious assumptions.

I assume you make it with a sincere heart but the assumptions are very very very wrong assumptions. The primary reason that the great majority of Jews around the world do not believe in Jesus has nothing to do with preserving power and pulpit. It has to do with not knowing who he is and it has to do with not being exposed to the true message. It has to do with being so devoted to their own traditions that they are not aware that what they're doing is outside of God's plan and that they are rejecting the Messiah so when he comes in the clouds of heaven. They're knocking to be rejecting him going on. That is the end of the world. At the end of the eight okay so that that's not gonna happen. You either bow down and worship, or you falling judgment.

Those are the only alternatives when when he returns. I do believe that there will be a welcoming back of the Messiah. I do believe that the Jewish people will turn in repentance at the end of this age and welcome back Messiah. I see that thought quite a few passages of Scripture that being said, why is it today that Jews don't believe in Jesus. What I wrote five volumes on it and answering Jewish objections to pieces series so it's obviously something we've expanded our life and yes it is true that there were Jewish religious leaders in Yeshua's day that rejected him, and a large reason for the rejecting him was spiritual jealousy were not willing to lose their place of prestige or power which is the same with other people be at some worldly person.

I remember in archaeology, teacher, woman, that was a professor in my archaeology class in college and a friend and I were witnessing to her Christian friend and I and and she said I'm not willing to get off the throne of my heart yet mentally said Northeast & you know what it means that you're not just praying a prayer that you have to surrender your life to God and he becomes the Lord. So yes you can be an atheist and that's the case you can be a religious hypocrite that's the case you can be a party animal that's the case you can be a religious leader of some of the group and that's the case you're not willing to lay your life down. You're not willing to lose your power, your prestige, whatever it is that is all very true.

By if if I went today for example and talk to 10,000 religious Jews in Jerusalem, one after another after another value sure negotiation when I speak to them, they would have no conception of who he really not at all and and every reason they would have rejecting him would be in there. My loyalty to God in their my devotion to God that to follow him would be to believe in another God or follow him would need to break away from the Torah and and every fiber of their being is how they should follow God and Esther on this review was a religious Jew so best not to caricature things in his village as a cultural herd and power but I appreciate I do appreciate the question. All right, let's let's go over to the Esther to Brown Facebook page and let's see Ellie Friedman asked this on Facebook was a good way for having off the claim that the church has replaced Israel.

Also, how is the Israel sinus belief different from the Native Americans campaign for autonomy and exclusive travel rights to land. I'm not in favor of the latter, but I'm being challenged by some on the left. You brought this up.

I Eli or Ailey in Hebrew. Ellie, there's so much to say about the idea that the church has replaced Israel and I would encourage you to go to my website Esther asking your brown or and just look look that up. Has the church replaced Israel in our digital library use the articles that I've written on that you'll see long teachings on downhole radio broadcast devoted to it and then I would strongly encourage you to get my book, our hands are stained with blood. The tragic story of the church and the Jewish people.

Our hands are staying with blood which goes to church history shows the harmful consequences of the idea that the church has replaced Israel and that opens up the Scriptures to say it's not so I would simply say with someone and read through Romans 910 11, where Paul explains how the promises remain to the people of Israel even in their unbelief, Romans nine, four and five.

I would show how although only a remnant has received grace through the Messiah.

Romans 96 through eight that the promises remain to the nation as a whole, even in unbelief. I would read right after Romans 11 verses 28 and 29 that say it explicit. I would also look through other passages I would go through promises in the Old Testament. Psalm 105 regard promises the land to the patriarchs and this is for a thousand generations not based in obedience or disobedience, but based on the promises of God #covenant is in obedience or disobedience. But Paul writes in Romans 317 that the law which came 430 years after the promise cannot negate the promise. It doesn't negate the promise of I will I would show how wall the church as a whole, Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus, how it takes on many of the characteristics of Israel in terms of being a priestly people and a light to the nations that the promises to Israel remain are taking to Jeremiah 31 verse 35 to 37 regardless of Israel. No matter what no matter what. I will keep the promises I made to preserve Israel as a nation.

Now as for the question of Israel sinus belief being different than native Americans. Number one, we recognize injustice has been done to Native Americans and we need to do better than be done with this putting on reservations over the years and depriving them of of equality in other ways and making them second-class citizens.

We need to fix that. However, we can fix that but when you're talking about the children of Israel you're talking about God say have given the land to you. That's number one and number two in the late 1800s when the children of Israel and the Jewish people began to come in larger numbers back to the land that is they begin to develop of the Arab population began to grow. There's plenty of room for everybody right plenty of room for everyone and is about five declaration. There was an explicit commitment under the British mandate, so after World War I and the different places parts rolling parceled out by the various nations for oversight. So to the British mandate there was to be a home for the Jewish people side-by-side with the Arab people when when the first initial offer was given which was very gracious. The Jewish people of this is not a plan. Absent this amount of land. The Arab leadership said no really violent attacks against the Jews. Jews accepted Arab leadership said no. Now both populations are growing, there's always been a Jewish presence in there's never been a sense of your Palestinians among the Arab people there was every Palestinian state. Great Palestinian homeland or anything like that right you got some very different than it Native American claim to different parts of the land, but having said 1947, the partition plan is phase 2 narratives try this again like this is what the Jewish people have. This is what the Arab people will have and it was it was again favoring the Arab people and you really had Jordan. All right, so this whole area now is is is going to be from the Palestinians, they were called that one and again the most leadership said no will drive the Jews into the sea. So then Israel fights defensive war 1947 9048 fights defensive war when the nation's birth and and the partition plan was rejected and then again has to fight for its own life.

In 1967.

The Six-Day War takes extra territory now were still trying to work out with everyone of the millions of Arabs living your notice Palestinians today how to work all this out how to have everybody living together is under one big roof one state solution or two states and you just leave Gaza Strip to to to Hamas or whoever those are questions to be answered but this is the historic homeland of the Jewish people. There has been a Jewish presence here. Through the centuries. Okay.

And since we go back to its original client. So again, there are parallels Native Americans, but very few really the one thing is with Native Americans.

In many ways did get shafted by our country and we have still not fully made things right. I get back with more of your questions on the other side of the break and becoming away from Jerusalem. You know, Psalm 122 Schaller shalom usual lion which is is see or ask for, pray for the peace of Jerusalem some savings inquire as for the house without Messiah will last right back here on the one in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome from Jerusalem Western few Jerusalem Western this is Michael Brown you are listening to the one. If I were on your own. Watching on YouTube watching your you're watching avoid that there are wave gadget I am on smiling and waving at the date were unable to bring all of our building of the we are unable to bring all of our equipment and workout schedule every night with ethernet connection and everything we need to do a quality live audio and video from Israel will be doing that in some places other parts of the world and of course across America. I'm talking today early in the broadcast of the children of Abraham about the different Abraham's faith by the devotion of people in other religions to God and how it often shames the devotion of Christians who are so caught up in its own grace, that we forget were called to serve God with all of our heart and mind and strength and life. All right I will get back to some questions have been posted on social media. Daniel Ron one are Jews who do not did not confess Christ as Messiah a will, there can they inherit God's kingdom to Israel to sign in the end days were the signs in Israel that were close to rapture. Daniel dons the judge a very individual are not the judge and you're not the judge, yet the Scriptures do tell us certain things plan example in first Corinthians 6. Paul speaks of people who live a certain way. If you live like this is the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God reiterates that it many passages in the New Testament in Yeshua. Jesus says in Matthew seven that everyone existed more bored with, but only those who do will of my father and in Hebrews 11 tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. So we know that as human beings we fall short. Romans three tells us that all sin and fall short of the glory of God. And Paul also tells us that the gospel is salvation is God's Gentile. Having said that, he writes this Romans to six God will render to each one according to his works. To those who by patient smoldering seek for glory and honor and immortality of your eternal life. For those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness. There will be wrath and fury will be tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil. Did you first and also the Greek glory and honor and peace promoted is good that you first and also the Greek God shows no partiality. So first part of answering your question Daniel is that everyone if you can make good enough in your own works to be accepted by God. If you could be good enough in your own works that God says I receive you when you first viewed in the Gentiles. The question is, can any of us be good enough in our works are we not all ultimately fall short in her own work. You will not all ultimately lack without all ultimately find ourselves in need of mercy, the answer is yes, of course, is that mercy come to us through the cross. Yes, and have what if I refuse that mercy.

Can I still get in now know so a Jewish person rejects God's mercy across is as lost as a Gentile you save up money for a Jewish person doesn't stand with the only thing they know of Jesus is his associate Jesus with Nazis. The Holocaust may so associate Jesus with crusades. They associate Jesus with the anti-Semitism of Martin Luther and that's all they know about Jesus everyday there crying for mercy and regain their confession of faith in the coming of the Messiah. One of our Bible God is their job. My question is on what basis will they be saved as they reject cost basis will exhibit. I don't really understand because I was never on what basis you say that because there is not a special covenant with the Jews. God does not have a separate covenant for the Jews sin against God does not have a separate covenant produced.

There are some prominent Christian leaders have taught this for years was in a very liberal but some that you profess to be evangelical saying that God made the Sinai covenant with Israel. That covenant remains an effective Jewish personal fear God and honor God and keep commandments and pray for mercy.

With fall short that God will receive yesterday receive people in the Old Testament. I see zero Scripture support that the Messiah has come to the world. First, you enter data that's why Paul's heart was broken, briskly, then I'm not the judge, very individual. If I needed religious Jewish person and and they talking about their faith in God and their trust in God and their love for God and his love for them and his grace and his mercy and favor God is that persons judge not me, but I will urge them that, in themselves, they still fall short. I will show them Scriptures showing how we all fall short or polluted by sin and how we need mercy and salvation. I will point them to the one on the Savior and then leave them to God, but no, there are not two covenants God not make special covenant Jews that remains to this day, and they don't need Jesus. Jews without Jesus you are lost. Anyone else I can answer to the second question I don't believe in a pretrip rapture personally.

Many of you know that Dr. Craig Keener and I have a book coming out in March. Uncle not afraid of the antichrist why you don't believe in a pre-tribulation rapture is not about wearing others, we respect others beliefs both both came to faith in churches, our first in churches or came to faith in churches that believe in a pretrip graphics of the finest Christians on the planet do, but I'm looking for the second coming of a nonexisting staple of the rapture looking for the second coming, at which point were caught up to meet the Lord and return to earth together with him. One of the same event, but what would say they were getting closer to that event okay. On the one hand, being here Israel. I'm not hearing date set with anniversary of Israel talk about this on the day 70th anniversary, and you could make all of this generation and always hi I like your date set. I will even do that knowingly. I can do it Scripture I but here's what I can to. Here's what I can tell you there were things that were not in place hundred years ago for 200 years or 500 years ago that are in place today. I have one guest on my show that this would through a litany of things and say with the first generation see this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this person or agency in any of these things and and it doesn't mean that Jesus is coming in 50 years is certainly within six months.

But what is me is that we are positioned in a way that no one else has ever been position. That's what it does mean it does mean that, for example, the Jewish people being back in the land. This is clearly something that had to happen, not just a little render living here, but a Jewish Jerusalem and the Jewish population in the land. This is often the end time prophecy clearly presupposes, so this must be. This must happen right so for a Jewish Jerusalem to welcome the Messiah back these things must be in place. Also, it's on the heels of the fullness of the Gentiles coming in the pulses Israel will be saved. In Romans the 11th chapter about when I was answer your question earlier about the church, not being the new Israel, a here's a simple soundbite is the church. The new Jacob whoever says that now, of course not. Well Jacob is Israel. If the church is not new Jacob, the church is not the new Israel and there are many glorious promises to Jacob/Israel in the Scriptures, and that's just a little Sinai and put that in my previous answer, so the fullness of the Gentiles. The massive harvest Gentiles around the world in the Hindu nations in the Muslim nations in the Buddhist nations and in and in the midst of the simple pagan world. This massive harvest of souls, and among other religions.

This is unprecedented in world history.

This level of people turning to faith so we are at a place now where the gospel has been preached widely around the world are still perhaps 2 billion people in heaven heard the name Jesus. But the number of distinct people groups without a witness in there.

There own people group is getting smaller and smaller and smaller the window and assets of the unreached is shrinking as much as the world population is growing so we are at a place now where the gospel being preached in all the world as a witness to all nations necessarily happen that no other generation before has actually seen. They haven't had this opportunity so best friends is in fact unique and wonderful and glorious, and the Jewish people being back in the land and the Jewish Jerusalem and welcome back the Messiah and the whole world and out for about Jerusalem friends. These are things that are so rich in biblical significance and end time biblical prophecy that we dare not close our eyes to them or just mark them some type of sensationalism or dispensational fascination with prophecy.

Look, there are extreme but let's not react and go from one extreme to another extreme is that too much to ask our friends. I am out of time. I'll be taking more Jewish related questions on social media in the days ahead you come your way from Jerusalem and then from Bethlehem. Please be praying we really need your prayer strip if you like to help us run away from doing other ministry are now preaching and receiving offerings for the ministry and in raising funds to help with our worldwide outreach.

If you want to help us reach Jewish people with the gospel. What better thing to do than to bring blessing on you stand with us today. Here is go to ask Dr. Brown no SK ER ground level at the Gonzales back with you tomorrow

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